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wani-zame · 10 months
Julieta and Agustin's wedding day! I thought they would have blue accents like how Pepa and Felix have yellow ones
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huneyyy · 8 months
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part 2 of my loves
Julieta was 100% the initiator of their relationship, though she can partially attribute her confidence to Bruno's vision, that was done post-relationship! Agustin's interest was always obvious, and she would try her best to make hers as well in desperation for him to make a move.
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 6 months
Bruno: Welcome to Fucking Applebees, do you want apples or bees?
Agustin: Bees?
Agustin: Wait-
*Felix approaches, shaking a jar of bees menacingly*
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joyoushuracan · 9 months
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I saw someone on twitter saying that Julieta would be this type of flirty and I just had to do it
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ravnhov · 8 months
Let's take a second to appreciate Agustín Madrigal, a living meme and really wholesome dad
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
These are literally two of my favourite scenes from the whole movie
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thepandafangirl · 10 months
(personal headcanon that Agustin is a super graceful dancer but the minute the music stops or when they step off the dance floor, he immediately faceplants)
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fandom-took-my-sanity · 10 months
No amount of Julieta’s arepas can cure the Madrigal’s emotional damage
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magicalmadrigals · 5 months
Because some of you told me you would love some abuela Julieta and abuelo Agustin and you know I aim to please ;)
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magnificentpeachnerd · 6 months
Mirabel’s twin x Madrigal sisters head cannons!
Authors note: Sorry for not posting in a bit! But Im back and happy to write, so send requests on your way! I’ll make a separate post with rules later. Anyways, enjoy!
Reader is the older twin, and they have the ability to create bubbles
Tumblr media
You didn’t dislike Isabela the way Mirabel does, but you and Isabela aren’t best friends either, especially because of the way she treats Mirabel.
One day, she find you outside of the Casita, in tears.
She becomes concerned, and asks what is going on
You tell her that you’re naturally a bubbly person, and since happiness is usually associated with bubbles, you’re expected to be the happy, out going one,
You also tell her you feel pressured by Abuela, you don’t exactly have a certain service to the village, but you do keep the kids entertained. Abuela constantly tells you that you need to make an effort to serve the village and to quit messing around. She makes you feel like your gift is useless
Isabela understands your pressure of having to be happy and bubbly all the time, and reassures you that your gift is useful! She also ends up telling you about her pressures and problems. You realize how similar you two are, and helps you two grow closer to one another!
She makes you flower crowns, and sometimes you two have sleepovers in each other’s rooms
Tumblr media
Worried about her 24/7
You notice that all she does is work
You urge her to take a break, but she smiles at you and reassures you she's fine
You help Luisa out whenever you can, trying to ease her load a little bit
She pushes you away, saying she's got this, she fine, etc, but you're just as stubborn as her
Helping Luisa nearly everyday because it's the only time you feel like your gift is useful
When she gets nervous about the magic fading, you and Mirabel try to get her to open up
She does, and you and your twin give her a huge hug, which she returns, crushing you two
You become protective of your older sister, trying to force her to relax
"But he said he needs help with the donkeys-" "Luisa I said TAKE IT EASY"
Tumblr media
Even though you both are twins, you were got a gift, and she didn't
The night she didn't get her gift, you comforted her, and refused to stay in your new room, wanting to stay with Mirabel
You didn't use your gift for a while after that
You two are close, you are rarely seen without each other
You always tell her she's special just the way she is, and shouldn't let anyone else think otherwise
You stick up for her when Abuela makes her feel left out, but unlike Juileta you're a little more aggressive
"Mirabel! I don't know what your doing, but stop it!" "Abuela, quit being so hard on Mira!"
You always know when Mirabel feels sad
You tell Mirabel that she is exactly what the family needs
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aceofstars16 · 10 months
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Happy Valentine’s Day! I drew my favorite Encanto ship 💕
Art c) @aceofstars16
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strawberico · 9 months
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androgynousblackbox · 10 months
More Evil Familia AU characters:
Evil Félix Madrigal:
He is the son of a important gun distributor and he himself is a gun/knives expert. He is still a pretty chill guy who loves to dance and a good party, but you better be on good terms with him if you ever want to give him your back or who knows what could happen to it. Crazy in love with his wife since the night he saw her creating a storm to destroy the bowling place where the employees were assholes to her. Since the relation between his family and the Madrigals was a favorable one, Abuela approved him quickly into the family.
He has teached all his nieces and children capoeira to defend themselves even on the event of being unable of using their gift or not being useful on a direct hand to hand combat. Of everyone, Dolores was his best student and she had helped him with the rest.
Every morning he makes sure they all have at least one knife with them before letting them go up their day. Only Pepa, Abuela, Julieta and Bruno have their own guns. Insists that Isabela and Dolores can have their own when they turn 25, maybe, if they pass his tests, but they are taught to use one since a young age in case of an emergency. Agustín had his own too until he almost shoot his own foot and then a knife was good enough for him.
Evil Agustín Madrigal
A enthusiast scientist that came to Encanto to talk with Julieta about her research on poisonous plants and it's effects on human beings. However, because of a misunderstanding that was mostly because of him not being clear enough, Julieta thought that he was coming to try to uncover her for any of her victims on the town and poisoned him. On the time where the poison slowly worked on him, Agustín revealed that he was actually a great fan of her work, stuttured that she was a brillant and amazing woman that he would love to help on any way he could before he passed out and Julieta realized her mistake, shoving the antidote down his throat to bring him back.
Now he does small inventions to try to disturb the town as well, almost all of them complete failures that explode before doing anything to anyone, but he is mostly being the assistant of Julieta. When he is not doing either, he likes to play the violin or take care of the dangerous plants of Isabela on the green house.
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cataclysm-noir · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 9 months
Y/n: You know these things will kill you, right?
Pepa & Julieta: *Pouring another glass of whisky* That's the point.
Felix: *Smoking a cigarette* We're trying to speed up the process.
Bruno & Agustin: *Nods while eating a raw cookie dough* Mhm
Y/n: ...
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tickling-giggles · 10 months
Hey! I love your work! I was wondering if you're up for it and not too buisy if you could write an encanto fic where Bruno is asking people around casita is any of them had seen his rauna but then he finds camillo with it and decides to give him a tickly punishment? Compleatly platonic ofcourse but I think that would be super cute
Feel free to ignore love! ❤
A/N:Don’t worry I’m not busy I was gonna make a Valentin tk fic but idk what fandom and who I should do 😭😭 (love me some lee bruno any day of the week)———————————————————————-
Bruno woke up in a good mood that was until he couldn’t find his rauna. He started getting worried and thinking “Oh my gosh oh my gosh where is the world is my rauna I swore I took it off and hanged it up”.
Julieta called him down for some breakfast “BRUNOO BREAKFAST IS READY!”. “Coming!” Bruno says laud enough for her to hear since he doesn’t like yelling. “OK” Julieta responded.
30 minutes pass by ass Bruno was still in his room searching for his rauna. “Bruno qué pasa you ok you’ve up here for like half an hour” Julieta knocks on the door before opening scaring Bruno.
“GAH um what oh nothing is wrong everything is peachy” Bruno obliviously lied. “Bruno” Julieta raised an eyebrow. “Fine I can’t find my rauna and I’ve looked everywhere ” Bruno confessed. “ have you asked your nieces and nephews maybe Camilo took it by mistake” Julieta suggests. “No not yet have you seen it?”bruno ask before exiting his room. “No”. “Alright thanks sis” Bruno smiled as he left.
Next person he was goin to ask would be his other sister Pepa. “Hey Pepa” Bruno knocked on the wall letting her know it was him. “Yes Bruno woah you look different new style” she turned around from the dresser.
“No I can’t find my rauna but I had it last in my room and it’s not there I was wondering if you’ve seen it” Bruno asked looking everywhere but at her.
“No sorry I’m been doing laundry all morning if you can’t find it you can ask Mirabel to make you a new one” Pepa explained. “Oh ok thanks” Bruno turned around and left.
Next was Felix. “No but like there should be less bee hives” Agustín explained to Felix. “Hey Bruno what happened to your rauna got something on it?” Felix noticed.
“No not really I woke up and I couldn’t find it I was wondering if either one of you’ve seen it or knows where it could be” Bruno asked. “No sorry haven’t seen it” the both answered. “Alright thanks” bruno says slightly losing hope.
He went to look for luisa and found her outside with isabela gardening some plants. “Hey tío bruno” luisa turned to him. “Hey have either one of you seen my rauna” he asked already knowing the answer.
“No sorry tío” luisa slightly frowned. “But if I do see it I’ll bring it to you asap” luisa tried to cheer him up. “Hey I think Mirabel might know I think she was washing everyone’s clothes maybe your rauna got washed” Isabela remembered. “Oh really Thankyou Isa” bruno happily left regaining hope.
He immediately ran to find Mirabel. “Hey Mira hav—“ he was about to ask. “Oh my goodness I’m sorry tío I meant to tell you that I washed your rauna I’m sorry If I spooked you” Mirabel apologized. “It’s ok kiddo do you know where it is now?” Bruno reassured. “Yeah it should be in the washing room downstairs on a hanger” she told. “Oh thank you Mirabel” he thank her as he gave her a quick hug and flees downstairs.
But when he got there it wasn’t there. Bruno was confused until he remembered what Julieta said earlier “Maybe Camilo took it by mistake”.
“That cheeky little OOOh” bruno snapped his fingers as he went to look for Camilo found him right where he started in his room and by no surprise he had it. “Geez tío took ya long enough” Camilo chuckled.
“Ha Ha Camilo you sneaky chameleon”bruno sarcastically clapped. “You should be more careful of your rauna” Camilo smirked. “Your prima Mirabel washed it for me” bruno explained. “Yeah but a great rauna comes with great responsibility” Camilo said with such a teasing tone.
“Camilo no don’t you better nohohot Nohoho” bruno tried to escape his fate but was too late. “My my tío I expected much better”he taunted as he repeatedly squeeze his uncles sides.
“Gahahaha cahahahmilohoho” bruno giggled as he kicked around “trying to get away”. “Aw tío don’t go away so soon should I go up or down” camilo offered him a choice.
“Dohohown”. “Alrighty you got it boss” camilo winked before clawing at his tummy. “WahahaHAit CamIHiLohOhO!! plEahEheHES!” Bruno pleaded. “Ok ok I’m done”he lied to help his uncle before pinning bruno on his stomach.
“Ahaha camilohoho”. “Hmm let me try right here” camilo says as he drills his thumbs into his lower back. “CAHAHAHMILOHOHOHO” bruno voice cracked.
“That’s my name” he smirked moving near his shoulder blades. “Whahahat camilo pleHEHEASE NAHAHAHAHAHA”. “Aw bad spot” camilo poked out his bottom lip as he teased his boulder blades. “CAMILO PLEAHEHEHESE!!” Bruno squirmed and wiggled to try to get him off but to no avail. “AHAHA CAMILOHOHOHO PLEHEHEASE ITS SOHOHO BAHAHAHAAD”
“You okay tío?” Camilo asked coming to a stop. “Yohou yohou are soho gonna get ihit” bruno giggled as he got up and started chasing him.
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Throwback to last week when I said I wanted to get high and write a fic about the Madrigal adults smoking Isabela’s weed.
Turns out I needed some help because writing while high just doesn’t always work lol
@lariskapargitay and I wrote this fic together! Well.. I *helped*
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