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Tweetsongs' Tyranny
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ash-curses · 3 days ago
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im like a week late to this trend but heres fanart noone asked for :3
adventurestalk by milli-shadewhisker
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milli-shadewhisker · 13 days ago
Tweetsongs' tyranny part 2
Tumblr media
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milli-shadewhisker · 12 days ago
are fandomstar and adventurestalk dating
I love how this is the first ask I've ever received. Probably only one too.
But no, they aren't. Fandomstar is supposed to be the catification of the concept of fandoms and adventureStalk is supposed to be the catification of the Homestuck fandom. At first (cuz yes i was thinking of lore for this shit beforehand. It will probably never get used cuz the tumblrclan meme is already dying) i wanted to make Fandomstar all the fandoms' dad but then i realized that would be weird so he isn't anymore. Since I'm going off of Fandomstuck logic, Homestuck and Hetalia were dating. So now in current TT lore, Fandomstar isn't related to anyone, he's just a weird rando who decided to make a clan filled with even more weirdos. He wasn't originally the leader but took the role after multiple incompetent ones. You can ship them if you want though. adventureStalk has been really lonely ever since Earthpelt (hetalia) mysteriously died.
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