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knightess Marinette
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They’re just kiddos
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Costume designed by Oliver Messel and Adrian for Katherine DeMille in Romeo and Juliet (1936)
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Elonica Mars ➡️ @YoAdrian__
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ace attorney is like here's how we can make good side characters
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Daddy babysitting while Lisa is in the village :D 
Yes, it is considered babysitting when its your own kid >:D
Take this entire batch of sugar for your blood!
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Huevember day 8
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Reading a piano book like its a freaking novel
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A model wearing a gown by Hollywood costume designer Adrian, 1947
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Halloween ask; Staying Home: Jaune's having a fairly uneventful Halloween until the doorbell rings. He's surprised to see Adrian, who's dressed up as his favorite Huntsman...who also happens to be his favorite uncle. :)
Jaune is sitting on the couch in the living room, watching bad horror movies.
Jaune: Fuck me, my friends live in other cities, my online friends are busy, and I'm here watching stupid scary movies that don't even scare a mouse! I'm living the dream baby, the dream!!... I hate my life.
*Ding Dong*
Jaune: Damn, another trick or treater. I'm coming!
Jaune gets up from his chair, grabs the bowl of candy, and heads to the door.
Jaune: *Opens the door* Hello
Adrian: Uncle Jaune!!
Jaune: Adrian?!
In front of him was his favorite nephew dressed like him. His armor is made of cardboard and was very well colored. He had a plastic sword in one hand and a cardboard shield in the other. Happily he picks him up and gives him a hug, which Adrain returns.
Jaune: Oh, my God! What is my favorite nephew doing here? And look at that costume, you look really handsome. Just like your uncle.
Adrian: Hehehe
Saphron: You always say he's your favorite nephew, but he's the only one you have.
Jaune: Oh… you're here too.
Saphron: Excuse me?!
Terra: Saphron relax, he's just messing with you.
Jaune: Hi Terra.
Terra: Hi Jaune.
Jaune: So why did they come? Well besides coming for the candy, don't you think you guys are too far from home?
Saphron: A little bird told me that you were having a bad time on Halloween, so come to visit you. And maybe we can see a Scooby-Doo marathon.
She takes some DVD's out of her purse.
Jaune: Mom told you.
Saphron: N-No.
Terra: Yes she did.
Saphron: Terra!
Jaune: Ahahaha, Thank you guys. Please come in. I have pizza-rolls and candy for everyone.
Adrian: *Happy* Candy!
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This spectacular red gown was designed by Adrian for Joan Crawford in the 1938 film The Bride Wore Red. The gown, which supposedly weighs around 30 pounds due to the weight of all the beads. It is still in existence and in extremely good condition considering its age.
The movie The Bride Wore Red was in black and white and the full beauty of the color of the dress was not able to be fully appreciated until later. The dress made its second appearance in The Big Store in 1941 in a fashion show scene, where it was worn by an extra. Though this film is also in black and white, Groucho Marx does explain "This is a bright red dress" because "Technicolor is sooo expensive!"  In 1943 gown appeared in Du Barry Was A Lady, sans the cape on Inez Cooper as Miss December. This time the dress is seen in color. The gown appears to have been worn by Angela Lansbury for a promotional photo shoot around 1945, and the 1968 film used the dress for promotional imagery for The Legend of Lylah Clare, with Kim Novak as Lylah Clare. 
Costume Credit: Michael, Norman, Tom
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Silly little refs for Los Brujos pokemon versions
Cuz ya know…im always thinking about them, even if they’re currently sharing headspace with train boys. 🗿
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hey demons, it's my boy
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Elonica Mars @YoAdrian___
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