sesshoumarusama · 2 years
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Sesshomaru as a worried husband but it's canon 😭🤧✊ he’s there for her 😭
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#When You’re Both Worried But Also Proud Of Your Wife 
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allgremlinart · 8 days
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screaming chanting MARRIED!! MARRIED!! MARRIED!! 
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quieteeks · 10 days
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zombo apocalypse AU roundup (for nowwww.)
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loveandthings11 · 8 months
Jeremy on playing Vinny Daniel in The Big Short:
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laskfkfsaldf guys, this is just who he is ok
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sunnibits · 10 months
You see what I love about Desmond Hume is that he is simultaneously absolutely insane and like, the most sane person on the island. Like he’s the craziest fucking dude you’ve ever met, he has so much wild shit going on but he’s also overwhelmingly Just A Normal Guy. He’s one of the few people in the damn show that does not give a SINGLE shit about the drama or the mysteries of the island, my man literally just wants to go home to his girlfriend and take a nap!! But he’s also had like 20 jobs and he’s time travelled (but only in his brain really) and he’s selected to be the fucking Island Prophet or some shit and he’s the singular chosen one who’s immune to electromagnetism but at his core he’s simply a Dude, he’s a damn magic leprechaun but he’s also just kind of a sad loser, You Know???
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dystopiagnome · 4 months
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Giving 11 flowers to his fiancée because the 12th always goes to his lover, what a guy.
Doodle based on the previous past lovers thing
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bumblingbabooshka · 4 months
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Misc Doodling of Femme Tuvok
#Tuvok and her transfemme swag...off the charts#Tuvok is trans in all directions that's the beauty of Tuvok#I really like transfemme Tuvok....I like the thought of her discovering it while on Voyager#and veeery slowly experimenting with only her own knowledge of what's going on#letting her hair grow a little...maybe wearing a necklace under her uniform...tiny things that feel monumental#worrying about how she'll be perceived...both aboard Voyager and home - if they ever get there#she might never get to show this new her to her wife and children and that must be difficult to!! Her family is a /part/ of her !!#Seven and Tuvok's gender.....I am playing with them...like kinetic sand#anyway#Tuvok hot#Tuvok pretty#I think she wouldn't have long hair but I like drawing it v_v#I can picture her tying it up in a series of intricate buns#and also Chakotay watching her hair come undone for some reason and being like fuck goddamn it I have a type FUCK#his type is thus: Hair in bun comes undone (intentional rhyme)#and also of course the lesbian or bi janeway / transfemme tuvok romantic tragedy of course of course#st voyager art#st voyager#but also imagine transwoman Janeway and transfemme Tuvok........yes#-squeezes Voyager until women come out- (<- in every way that could be read) yessss#bea art tag#doodle page#I wanna know about alien transness so bad and it shows#picturing Tuvok walking in and stiffly sitting in her usual spot with her hair all long and makeup extra done and Neelix bounding over#and being like 'Good moorning Mr.V-' (a pause. Tuvok doesn't look up and Neelix is confused at first but then delighted) 'Ms.Vulcan-~!?'#he guesses and Tuvok pauses before saying 'Mrs.' because she's married#she receives a 'Congrats on the Gender!' meal of course v_v#if transfemme Tuvok were real she and Seven being on screen together would kill me instantly
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maschotch · 2 months
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whumpypepsigal · 7 months
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Counterpart s01e10: “That wasn't suicide. You had your seat belt fastened. You were trying to give us an alibi, weren't you? Because you've chosen to protect our family over everything else.”
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tteokdoroki · 11 months
katsuki’s wife got him on a leash !! he don’t go nowhere unless she knows which friends will be there >:( got everyone he knows calling her miss and ma’am ! his friends try to tell him she’s crazy but he’s all doped up, in love and pussy whipped </3
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highqueenmorrigan · 2 months
Hm tbh still don't understand saying Rhys doesn't like powerful women, as if his court isn't made up of powerful women, he lost his mind (positive) every time Feyre started exploring her power, and has the utmost respect for and fear of Amren pre-acosf
*edit: I saw amren specifically because she seemed to be significantly more powerful than rhys
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kkeke99 · 3 months
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Suggestive themes ahead, also implied cheating but not in the way you think. Have fun!
He always has to take off his wedding band. He doesn't know why - it's not like the little object or its implication even matter all that much to him - but he cannot have it on when he goes there, even if they both know he's married already.
It's a mental barrier of some sort. He has to take it off, otherwise he won't go in and he won't drink and he won't ask for his favorite dancer and he won't take him back to his favorite luxury hotel suite to spoil him rotten.
But he wants to do all those things, he's been thinking about them for days now, wicked desires breaking his focus at the worst times - so he slips the golden ring off his finger and hides it into his pocket, loosens his tie and starts the car, the motor humming lowly at the command.
He's quick to send her a text. A lie, just like always. A covert "do not ruin this for me by reminding me you exist". A simple, formal "I will be working overnight. Do not wait up."
It was just common curtesy, letting her know he won't be home that night. The reason may not have been honest, but alas. He cannot be hung up over lying of all things - adultery is a lot worse, after all, and he's not particularly fussed over that, so what's a little lie compared to it?
Driving is boring. Functional, but boring. He doesn't have particular feelings about it, though he likes reminscing about the many times he used the car's backseat for a whole lot of purposes that it had not been created to. He could be a quite impatient man, after all. And he could afford the dry cleaning afterwards anyway.
The club is a familiar sight, enticing red neon lights and faint music escaping through the walls. The same image, every time. The bouncer knows him already, lets him walk right in, no queueing, and receives a generous tip every time.
It's the same chaos of light and darkness, flashing colours, special effects and loud music. Dancers entertain the crowds, money flies at their feet like they're gods. Debauchery. He's quite a hypocrite to judge, he's there too, isn't he?
The bartender hands him a glass of fine whiskey, on the rocks. The usual. And he downs it at once before the bartender tells him where to go.
The room is the same too. A comfortable plush sofa, dim lighting, a stripper pole in the middle and a personal bar. He sits and waits, basking into the prickly warmth of the alcohol being processed into his system. He feels warmer by the minute, and eveb more impatient. More aroused. He's two buttons down on his shirt now, debates undoing the third.
The door to the room opens, and the enticing, scantily clad silhouette of his favorite dancer walks in. He's wearing a pair of knee-length leather boots, heels so high it must be painful, and a pair of tight, black shorts. Nothing else. Except for a pair of nipple pasties, of course. Black, X-shaped. His hair falls down his back, untamed.
"Wei Ying."
"Lan Zhan! You're early today! I've only just started my shift!"
The man seems pleased with the knowledge.
"So, what do you want me to do for you?"
Lan Zhan looks at him, hazy with desire and alcohol. "Surprise me. I will reward you if I like it."
Wei Ying thinks for a moment, then rushes behind the bar to turn on the music, change the lighting and pick something up.
A sensuous beat fills the room seconds later. Lan Zhan cannot focus on the lyrics, all he wants is Wei Ying.
As if reading his mind, Wei Ying walks up to the pole and, swaying his hips, moves around it with elegance and sin, practiced confidence entwined with the desire to earn his partner's enjoyment and a reward for himself.
The metal shines into the red light, and Wei Ying nimbly climbs it, his muscles straining with the effort of the erotic routine he's performing. Lan Zhan cannot look away, wouldn't dare to, his eyes following every one of Wei Ying's suggestive movements, the curve of his spine as he arches against the pole, the tantalizing glint in his eyes, the flexibility of his legs as he effortlessly spreads them out.
Lan Zhan lights up an expensive cigar on a nearby table, without breaking his eyes from his own little show.
Then, as the song ends and transitions into a different one, Wei Ying crawls up to him, dripping sweat and lust, and produces a long, pristine white ribbon from his back pocket, smiling seductively. "Tie me up?"
It takes only a second for Lan Zhan to hoist Wei Ying up on his lap and kiss him senseless, hands traveling over the expanse of his skin, mindful not to burn him with the cigar.
Wei Ying moans softly at the stimulation, seeking more, and it takes just another second for it to be granted to him. It seems like he earned his reward after all.
When Lan Zhan finally pins him against the couch, ready to devour him, Wei Ying's eyes catch onto something shiny falling from one of his lover's pockets.
It's easy to guess what it is.
Wei Ying smiles, satisfied, cat-like, and lets himself fall.
The song on his playlist changes.
Mommy don't know, daddy's getting hot
At the body shop
Doing something unholy...
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sasukeless · 10 months
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naruto when hinata doesnt want to wear the sasuke costume when they to to sleep:
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preacherboyd · 8 months
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Person of Interest | 1x03 Mission Creep
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