#A Valentine’s Day Spent Home Alone
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you wake up the same dysphoric body you always are & kiss your wrists sweetly because no one else is here to do it & you ask god for her blessing, please, one day, here, to be loved & loving & unbodied & she is quiet like she always is
— Silas Melvin, from “A Valentine’s Day Spent Home, Alone,” Grit
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chamomilesteaa · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
taglines from the posters of campy old slashers that i’ve laughed too much at
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help i’m listening to the living tombstone fnaf songs again—
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i-love-tubbs-the-cat · a year ago
i am glad i didn’t call off of work today i think it was like a blessing in disguise
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fkinavocado · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
In which you’ve got textbook daddy issues and when your tool of a younger brother brings a sweet doe eyed girlfriend home for Thanksgiving and you end up offering her a ride home, you meet just the man to fix them.
Daddy issues- Masterlist, Author’s Note & Warnings
Chapter 21 / alternatively, read on wattpad
Chapter 22 (Word count: 4k)
About a month had passed since that very eventful evening. Harry was right, nothing could take away from the joy having told each other “I love you” had brought. Not even all the chaos that had led up to that point. 
Looking back, you remembered none of the bad stuff. You’d been on cloud nine, ever since. Harry wouldn’t even discuss you going back to live in another city when you could work remotely just fine, and in truth you didn’t want to go live 2 hours away from him either. So, at his suggestion, you’d been practically living together ever since that day, more or less straight out of your already impromptu California bag. You didn’t even go back once to your place to get more of your stuff, but you hadn’t needed anything since you were working from home and barely put on any clothes to begin with.
The two of you were acting as though you were on your honeymoon. That’s what it felt like. You’d had a trial run on your trip together but this was something else entirely. Harry sometimes worked from home but mostly he had to go in office, and on site to various projects he was overlooking, and when he’d come back home you felt your heart swell. You’d never imagined you could enjoy this domestic angle to a relationship. But you loved waiting for him to come back home to you. You missed him as soon as he left out the door and couldn’t wait to see him come back to you. You were someone who normally valued alone time a lot, but with Harry you never felt smothered or like you needed time to yourself. You knew it was healthy to spend time apart but you weren’t yet ready to share him with the outside world. You felt it was unfair the two of you had to work when you had much more important stuff to do, like making love all day.
Harry of course was over the moon to have you all to himself. He loved throwing his briefcase on the dining room table when he got back from work, even when you were already on the couch next to it, and yelling “Honey, I’m home!”, the biggest, brightest grin on his face. To which you’d respond in various ways, his favourite seemingly the one where you hitched up the already skimpy piece of clothing you would lounge around the house in, spreading your thighs widely and revealing your naked core to him, and saying “Nuh-huh, daddy. Here’s your home, balls deep inside me”. 
Harry went feral the first time you pulled that stunt on him.
You even spent Valentine’s tucked away from the world as well. Harry kept you in bed all day. He started by having his own “breakfast” in bed. Then he brought you your (actual) breakfast in bed, on a proper tray and everything, even adorned with a singular dwarf sunflower and insisted on spoon feeding you and also that you don’t cover your breasts while you eat so that he can lick trails of strawberry jam off your nipples. 
Then, needles to say you were all sticky and you had to take a shower together so he could make sure you’re squeaky clean, but only after he fucked you silly and let you have your own sticky desert at the end. You then got back in bed and Harry rested his head in your lap (he still insisted you don’t cover your breasts with the bedsheet) reading poetry out loud to you from his favourite author, he’d underlined his copy all week in preparation. You just carded your fingers through his curls and looked at him dreamily, enjoying the slow cadence of his deep voice and that’s how you fell asleep in the afternoon, him mouthing at your breasts to his heart’s content. 
He woke you up though, just as the february sun was setting early, he had more in store for you. He wanted to edge you while you read him back some of the poems he picked, you had to make sure you didn’t stutter, otherwise he’d stop. He didn't let you come for nearly an hour, lapping lazily at your pussy, his head resting in the crease of your thigh, fingers pumping slowly inside you. And after all that, he fucked you- hard, and you soaked the bedding. 
He next ran a bath for both of you, even lit up candles all around the tub, used your special bath bombs and propped up a chair with a rom-com to watch on his laptop as you sat between his legs and he massaged shampoo into your scalp until you groaned in bliss. 
He changed the bed linen and got dinner ready while you blow dried your hair. He made you your favorite, pasta carbonara from scratch and coupled it with your preferred wine but pouted at you for putting on clothes, although he’d also put on sweatpants, as you’d pointed out, so he let it slide. 
Since you were (partially) dressed you asked for a late night car ride and Harry was pleased to indulge you. You held hands over the console while soppy valentine’s day music played over the radio, and you ended up nodding off, your temple against the window. He drove back home, gently took you back into bed and you didn’t wake up until he tried to wiggle you out of your jeans so that you’d be comfy. You were in his arms, ready to fall back asleep but there was just one thing missing, and he was more than willing when you asked to cockwarm him, but you ended up making slow, unhurried love instead.
Needless to say, it’d been a Valentine’s Day you wouldn’t be forgetting too soon.
All in all, living with Harry had been a smoother transition than you’d have ever imagined it to be. You still kept your lease on your flat for the time being, but Harry had been hinting at figuring out something in the near future, a clean slate for both of you. 
Maybe another state, somewhere warmer since both of you seemed to enjoy it better, it was up to your hearts’ desire, really. He felt like there was no real reason to stick around, especially now that Emily was away for college in another state anyway and likely wouldn’t ever move back to her hometown afterwards.
Speaking of Emily, that was the only thing putting a damper on all of this.
Harry tried hiding it from you, but he wasn’t fooling anyone. You knew it was affecting him badly. He really hadn’t anticipated Emily to hold this big of a grudge over the whole thing- she wouldn’t talk to him at all. You tried not to pry, let him tell you what little he wanted to, but he didn’t want to talk about it at all. And you didn’t want to push him. You’d told him you were there for him if he ever wanted to talk about it but he always reassured you it’d be fine eventually and to not worry about it. 
But you were worrying about it. 
He was so sad sometimes that you could hardly do anything to get his mind off things. He had every right to be sad about it. You knew how special his bond with his daughter was, and of course you couldn’t help but feel responsible for all of it.
You, on the other hand, hadn’t spoken at all with your family either but for very different reasons. They hadn’t tried getting in touch either. All you knew about them anymore was coming from Niall, that over the top lawyer Harry had. The whole thing was a legal mess. Yes, Harry had paid a fine for public misdemeanour, luckily your father was alright so there was no solid ground for any further charges against him (he did deliver just that one punch, to be fair-- but luckily the fall your father took hadn’t been fatal or very serious even); but the whole thing with Derek and the drugs he’d planted on Emily was ongoing. These things are slow like that, at least that’s what Niall had said, and Harry was upset that this was hanging over his daughter’s head for as long as it had been, but you had no choice but to go through the albeit slow legal process of it all. Harry had turned in the evidence he had from the private detective he’d hired to keep an eye on Derek (and for good reason, as it turned out), so it was really just a matter of waiting it out, the outcome was surely in your favour but still it was upsetting that it was taking so long.
You hated seeing Harry so thorn over it. But there was nothing you could do except trust him that in time Emily would turn around… though you doubted it. You never told him as much, of course. You had much different issues with your own father, but still you tried putting yourself in her shoes and it wasn’t pretty, you could admit it. Had she not had to find out about it this way, maybe things would have been much different; as it was though, you could imagine the shock Emily must’ve had when it all came crashing down on her like that, and she’d already been quite shaken up about the whole thing with Derek, emotionally, but not to mention its legal ramifications also.
It was with her in mind that you snapped out of your reverie when you heard a loud noise from across the hall. You were home alone that day, working (or supposed to be working when you were not too busy daydreaming about Harry) and with a quick glance at the time on your work laptop you realized he was unusually early. It wasn’t that Harry had a clear schedule, a 9 to 5 job, but you could gauge how long he’d be away by now, and also, he’d usually text you on his way home asking for your preference on what you should have for dinner. He loved picking up fresh groceries and loved cooking with said groceries almost on a daily basis if he wasn’t too tired from work. 
As you were processing all of this the noises got louder and you decided to go see what he was up to, a bit upset that he hadn’t stopped by the bedroom first to check in on you. Usually you would work from the dining room table but today you’d felt particularly lazy and work had been slow. Maybe it was because he disliked it when you were displaying this level of laziness. He’d never told you, but you could tell he couldn’t understand how you could work from bed when he had a perfectly fit office you could use, or the dining room table at the very least. When he worked from home, he always used the office and he would change out of his usual sweatpants he wore on lazy weekends. He didn’t suit up or anything (that would’ve been a touch too crazy, even for Harry’s workaholic ways) but he wore something he would wear on a casual day out maybe, he said it put him in a work mindset. You of course just thought he was mental. But you kept that to yourself, just like he did when it came to your working from bed sometimes. You did wonder whether he’d snap one of these days, the idea too much for his OCD, and maybe today was the day, seeing as he didn’t come to greet you and went straight for what sounded like the kitchen.
You trotted across the hallway and when you realized the kitchen was clear you were scared half to death when a young woman that you then recognized as Emily came out of her bedroom next to it. 
“Fuck! You scared the living hell out of me!” you laughed out incredulously, clutching your oversized t-shirt to your chest over your rapidly beating heart.
Emily didn’t find it funny in the least though, considering the death stare she was casting upon you “You’re here.”
You cleared your throat, trying to compose yourself “Uhm, yes, I am. I wasn’t expecting anyone… sorry” 
Emily scanned you head to toe in disdain “Clearly. Maybe you should’ve. This is my house. Well. It’s my dad’s, but I live here too”
You felt yourself blush. She was right, of course. You weren’t even wearing any underwear, but Harry’s old t-shirt was long enough to ensure your modesty “I only meant… Harry didn’t say you were coming over”
“He doesn’t know I’m here. I came for my stuff. Luckily for you, you won’t have to worry about unannounced visitors anymore, I’m clearing out my room”
“Nope. Don’t wanna hear it. I didn’t see your car up front, otherwise I wouldn’t have come in. Don’t wanna see your face as much as I don’t want to see his”
“It’s… it’s in the shop. Harry insisted he’d have his mechanic look over it…” you cleared your throat, you were rambling “Listen, Emily, I know it’s not my place, but--”
“You’re right, it’s not, so shut it. I’m here now so I’ll just get this over with. Go ahead and go back to laying around half naked all day while my dad breaks his back at work for you or whatever it is you do all day”
“... Excuse me?”
Emily rolled her eyes “I don’t give a fuck. Just get out of my face. Better not find anything missing from my room, though.”
You stepped closer then “Emily, I get that you’re upset, I really do, but this is crossing a line”
“Ha!” she laughed incredulously, getting closer too “Crossing a line, am I? Look who’s talking! Little miss <<let me drive you home and seduce your dad while I'm at it>> herself”
You gasped “I… Wow. I did not-- Emily, whatever you think it is that happened you’re imagining it all wrong. I didn’t set out to seduce anyone! And no one seduced anyone, what do you think is going on here exactly?”
She shrugged “You’re just taking advantage of my dad being lonely. Saw his place, figured he was doing well for himself. I saw yours and know you aren’t, or at least your parents aren’t. Lord knows Derek has been complaining about them not affording stuff for him”
“What!?-- They just bought him a car, whereas I had to take a loan from my father for mine. And this doesn’t even concern you! And most of all- how dare you imply I’m after your father’s money!?”
She scoffed “Why else are you here then? Sure, dad is a sweetheart-- but he’s old!”
“He’s not old, he’s older, there’s a difference!” you furrowed your brows “He had you very young, and I’m not your age, Emily. I’m 26. He’s 42. Sure, there’s a significant age gap, but stop treating him like he’s a senior citizen and I’m underage. You’re blowing this way out of proportion!’ 
“Oh, am I? He could be a grandfather!”
Your eyes widened and immediately dropped to her midsection. You noticed how she fidgeted under your gaze but before you could open your mouth further you heard the front door and heard Harry’s amused voice before you saw him making his way to you “Are you watching those despicable housewives show again? They just won’t stop bickering, huh?”
The sweet grin on his face faded instantaneously as he froze in place the moment he laid eyes on the two of you. Nobody was saying anything so you cleared your throat “I’ll give you guys some privacy” and meant to walk away but Emily snapped
“No, stay. I want you to hear what I’ve got to tell him, too”
“No, dad, you don’t get to sweet talk your way out of this. I came to get my stuff, only to bump into your half naked… plaything! Do you have any idea how mortifying this is? This is my home, too! You were so quick to replace me, weren’t you?! Hell, she’s about my age, why not let her be your new pretend daughter? Ugh. I’m gonna be sick. All of this is sick… You’re sick!”
“Emily.” Harry’s stern voice surprised even you, you could feel your blood freeze in your veins, but to your shock, she continued
“No, no. You are! I was just telling her how sick and perverted this whole thing is! You’re old! Why can’t you act your age? And, are you really that gullible? She’s clearly sticking around for as long as she can profit off of you. What is wrong with men?! I can’t believe you turned out to be just another sick bastard, like all of them! Not only that, but you’re apparently also violent?! What the hell is wrong with you!? My whole life has been a lie! You’re not the man I thought you were, not in the least!”
Your downcast eyes peeped a look at Harry and you could tell that under all that angry facade his heart was shattering. Emily was being brutal. And he had to sit there and take it with a brave face, be the father she was falsely accusing him not to be “You stop this right this instance! I won’t allow it! Like it or not, I’m still your father and you will not raise your voice at me, let alone judge me. You’re wrong, by the way, terribly so, but you’re too much of a child to see it. You’ve done some terrible mistakes, Emily, ones I’ve clearly warned you about, yet you have the nerve to cast judgement on what I’m doing?! Since when do you think that’s acceptable?”
“Shut it. I don’t want to hear it! You’ve said enough. I’m terribly disappointed in you, Emily. I wanted to talk to you, explain all of this in a mature, adult conversation, since I thought you were grown enough to have one, but things that were out of my control escalated in such a manner that you had to see and hear things that you shouldn’t have- not like that, at least. And for that, I’m sorry. But I won’t apologise for my personal decisions, I don’t even have to explain them to you! My love life is none of your business! Whom I date is none of your business! I’m not bringing a woman home telling you this is your new stepmother, something you didn’t second guess as a child when your mother did it- but somehow I’m held responsible now that you’re all grown and away for college? I wanted to tell you because I love you and I want us to always be as close as we’ve ever been. I couldn’t tell you the way I wanted to, but I never imagined you’d end up saying such vile things about a person you don’t even know, at the end of the day!”
“Oh, but I do know her! I know her and her brother and that whole awful family of theirs! They’re nothing but scammers, dad. And you’re falling for it!--”
“I won’t have it, Emily, I’m not letting this go any further. You’re blinded by hatred. I can’t believe half the things you’ve said to me today! This is not the kind, gentle soul I’ve helped raise from as small as my own two palms!” he held his hands before him and you could see he was fighting off tears but was losing the battle 
“And you’re not the father I thought you were! Stop trying to spin this on its head and make me the bad guy! You’ve kept things from me, I don’t even recognize you any more!”
“That’s not true! Nothing changed, if you would just stop whining like a brat and start acting your age I would try talking to you about it! But you’ve hurt me, Emily! This is the woman I love you’re spitting venom at!”
“Love!? Please! Are you kidding me right now? And what about me, your own daughter! You’re really picking her over me!?” her voice was wavering now as well, and you could see tears well up in her own eyes too
“There’s never been a matter of choice, Ems. You’re my kid, I’ll love you no matter what, always, even now when you’re being so awful! But that doesn’t mean you get to say and do whatever you want! Why are you being like this? Do you not want to see me happy?”
Emily groaned in frustration, wiping her tears away “I can’t believe you right now! You are! You are choosing her over me!”
“No! No, no, no!” she shrieked, covering her ears “I don’t wanna hear it! This is sickening! She could be your daughter, what the hell is wrong with you!? Stop it, stop! It’s either her or me! Understand?”
“No, it’s not, Emily” his voice was back to being stern, she was losing her grasp on reality and Harry needed to be a grounding presence so that she could snap out of her histeria “You stop it! You’re acting like a child!”
“I don’t care!” she shouted, stomping past you and into his face “If you have any semblance of decency in you you’ll end this! You hear me? It’s either her or me! I mean it! I can’t be around you when you’re going to act like a sick twisted old man with a Lolita kink! That’s not my father! I won’t accept it!”
You covered your face at her words, it was unbearable. They must’ve just stared eachother down for a beat because next thing you knew you heard the front door again and Emily was gone.
You watched Harry stare at his feet, his hands on his hips, chewing nervously on his lower lip and you finally whispered “Oh my God…”
His eyes snapped back up at you, almost as though he’d momentarily forgotten you were in the room and the more he looked into your eyes  the more you could see his own shine, tears threatening to spill and you quickly made your way towards him, pulling him into a tight hug. He hugged you back just as tight and then you felt him shake violently in your arms, quiet sobs he was trying to muffle rattling through his whole body
“Oh, baby…” you cradled the back of his head in the crook of your neck and tried soothing him, but he was beyond his breaking point. You realized you couldn’t hold him upright anymore and you both kneeled to the floor where you felt you could handle holding his upper body in your arms. He was leaning his entire weight on you, and he was much heavier than you’d ever realized until then. He was truly heartbroken, you’d never seen him like this “Shhhh… it’s ok, it’s gonna be ok…”
He shook his head, and you felt just how wet he’d gotten your t-shirt on that side “She’s never gonna get over it”
“She will. She’ll come around…”
“No, she won’t” he gasped for air and you cradled his face in your hands. His eyes were bloodshot, he looked a mess. You’d never seen him this shattered. You’d never seen anyone like this. It broke your heart in ways you never knew were even possible “I know her. She’s not gonna let this go. She’ll never understand”
You gulped, searching his eyes. He was utterly heartbroken. 
And it was all your fault.
“Please stop crying, baby. I can’t see you like this” you let out a sob you didn’t know you were holding in “I can’t. It’s breaking my heart. Please, I can’t see you hurt like this”
Harry pulled you into his arms then but you could tell he was still crying. He pressed his cheek to the top of your head and you could literally feel his heavy yet silent tears wet your hair “You’re right” he tried to sound calm but you knew he was holding back for you now and that made you feel even worse “She’ll turn around”
But you both knew that was a lie you were telling eachother but not to yourselves. Emily was not going to budge. So much was clear to you both.
He had to choose. 
And he would never make the choice. He’d never be able to live with himself no matter what he chose.
“It’ll be ok. I promise, Harry” you held him tight, squeezing your eyes shut and yet a fresh stream of tears still made their way between your lashes. You knew, in that moment, that you had to make the choice for him. “I love you...”
Chapter 23
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homeofthepeculiar · 2 months ago
Would you write a angst to fluff Steve Harrington request where he was dating Dustin’s older sister since before season 3 and he broke up with her at Christmas before season 4 thinking she deserves better (and regrets it) so when she comes back to Hawkins during spring break to help, they clearly still love each other but shes hurt and dustin thinks it’s mutual so he tries to get them back together?
AHhh yes, I love this!!
I'm not going to add any physical descriptors to the reader so it can be read as like full sibling, half-sibling, or adopted sibling...whatever floats your boat!
I took a few liberties with this but I hope it still holds up to what you were looking for! 💕
I am a firm believer that Boys Don't Cry by The Cure is Steve's go-to breakup song
Good Enough
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!reader
Warnings: angst; Upside Down; breakup; self-deprecating Steve; cursing; canon divergence; Y/N used
Word Count: 2.4k
As always, 18+ Minors DNI!
You and Steve started dating on Valentine’s day…however corny that may be. You had been friends for a while, especially when he started becoming closer to your younger brother. At first, you found the dynamic strange, but you soon realized that it was special. Steve was special. 
Throughout the fight with the demo-dogs, you grew closer, even starting to think of him as your friend. And then when he and Nancy broke up, you were there too. Letting him borrow your cassettes, listening to him cry on the phone, even buying him ice cream. 
You weren’t really sure how it happened…how friendship grew to something else. But when it did, it felt like it had always been that way. 
And you were happy together. Perfectly in love. That’s what you thought at least. 
Once you both graduated, you spent as much time as you could together. You got a job at the movie theater at Starcourt, just the floor above Scoops Ahoy where Steve worked with Robin. 
And even escaping a Russian base and fighting a Mind Flayer couldn’t tear you apart. You thought that nothing could. But something did. 
College. That dreaded institution that everyone found so important. Steve didn’t get into Tech and you told him that it was okay, that he could try again, that you didn’t think any less of him.
When you left for your first semester, it was hard on him. Reeling from the aftermath of the summer, Steve found himself feeling more alone than ever, more down on himself than ever. So when you came home for the holiday break, everything changed.
He ignored you at first, which you found strange. When you would call him, he would come up with some excuse to hang up only a few seconds later. Finally taking it into your own hands, you drove over to his house under the guise of giving him his Christmas present. 
“You deserve better than me.” That’s what he had said. And those words rattled around in your mind constantly. “You deserve someone with a future. Someone that can get you out of this piece of shit town.”
And no matter how hard you tried to argue with him, how much you promised him that none of that mattered, he wouldn’t listen to you. His mind was made up. 
You threw his present at him, fighting the tears in your eyes. “That sweater looks ridiculous, by the way.” It was the first thing to come out of your mouth and it didn’t make any sense. Well, the sweater did look a little ridiculous, but you were grasping for something to say, anything other than the pleading that was trying to claw its way out of your throat. 
The second you walked out of his door, Steve regretted it. He heard the tires of your car screeching out of his driveway and wanted nothing more than to run after you. But he didn’t.
You finally paid passed the county line and into Hawkins, exhaustion from the drive hitting you as you pulled into your old driveway. A week off from school was exactly what you needed. College was hard. It was even harder when you were dealing with your first heartbreak. You thought it would get better with time, but it didn’t.
You barely had time to settle into your room when you heard a knock on the door.
“Sweetie, can you get that?” your mom called out from the living room.
You grumbled under your breath, saying something about you had literally just gotten home, but you grabbed the door anyway. Max was standing there, eyes red-rimmed, a light uptick in her breath.
“Hey, Y/N,” she said, somewhat surprised. “I didn’t know you were back.”
“Yeah, spring break,” you shrugged. “What’s up?”
“Is Dustin here?”
“Yeah, little shit’s in his room,” you said, taking a step back from the doorway to allow her room to enter. “Hey, are you…are you doing okay?” you wondered. Max gave you a tight-lipped smile and a nod. “Cause I’m…You know, if you wanna talk—”
“I’m okay,” she said. And although you didn’t really believe her, you let her go. 
Finally finding your way back to your room, you flopped onto your bed, old stuffed animals crawling into your space. You didn’t really want to be there. It was a small town and that meant an even bigger chance of running into Steve. Something that you really didn’t want to do.
Your door burst open. 
“Hey!” you shouted, throwing one of the stuffed animals at your brother. “Try knocking next time!”
“We need a ride,” Dustin said.
“No,” you responded. “I just drove like 3 hours!”
“Please,” Dustin pouted. “It’s really important. Like really, really important.”
You rolled your eyes. “You’re doing the dishes the entire time I’m home.” He nodded. “The entire time,” you reinforced. “And that doesn’t mean letting them soak in the water overnight or just rinsing them off—”
“I get it, I get it!” Dustin said. “Just drive us! Please, it’s a matter of life and death!”
“God, you’re so fucking dramatic.” You grabbed your bag and shoved passed your brother into the hallway. 
Finally situated in the car, Dustin started to complain about all of the wrappers and discarded cups on the floor. 
“Where are we going?” you asked, ignoring him.
“Family Video,” he said. He eyed you for a second, waiting for a reaction, but you had none. You just made the right turn and headed down the highway. You pulled up to the parking lot and threw the car in park. Dustin and Max immediately got out, but you didn’t. Dustin backtracked, poking his head through the open window. “Aren’t you coming?”
“You’re just renting a movie, Dustin. You’re a big boy, I don’t think you need my help with that.”
“You’d be surprised,” Max commented.
You could see Dustin starting to pout, his eyes widening slightly. “Oh, whatever.” You turned off the ignition and got out, following the two into the store with an already annoyed look on your face. That look only grew when you saw who was behind the counter. 
“Uh…Y/N..h-hey,” Steve said from behind the counter. He pressed his hands to it, one of them slipping, making him stumble for a moment. “I…d-didn’t know you were…back.”
You grabbed Dustin by the collar of shirt and tugged him outside while he swatted at you.
“What the hell!?” you hissed at him. “Why didn’t you tell me Steve worked here?”
“He’s worked here since like the end of summer!” Dustin argued. “I thought you knew.”
“Well, obviously, I didn’t!” you snapped back. “Context clues, Dusty. Why the hell would I drive you somewhere when I know my ex-boyfriend is working there?” You flicked the brim of his hat. 
“Isn’t it nice to see him again?” Dustin asked, flashing a smile at you.
“No,” you said, sneering. “It is very not nice. The opposite of nice!”
“Come on,” Dustin whined. “Maybe this could be a chance for you two to, you know, work out your differences? Maybe…get back together? I’m sure you can fix whatever broke you two up.”
You looked at him, eyes narrowed. “What did he say to you…exactly…about how we broke up?”
Dustin shrugged. “I mean…nothing really. Every time I brought you up he’d just sort of…start crying.”
“Jesus Christ,” you sighed, pinching your nose. “He dumped me, Dusty…Like a pile of goddamn garbage. So, I don’t wanna be here.”
“He didn’t tell me that.”
“Yeah, cause you’d probably hate him,” you shrugged. “I dunno. Can we just go? Please?”
“Look,” he sighed. “We need their phones and computers, okay? It’s important.”
You crossed your arms, standing up straight. “How important? Laundry important or mowing the lawn important?”
“Bathroom duty important,” he emphasized.
“Shit,” you sighed. “Fine.” You pushed him back inside.
When you both got back into the store, Max was already explaining to Robin and Steve everything that had happened. You caught the tail end of the conversation, something about Eddie Munson. You had met him a few times in high school and once over Christmas break when you drove Dustin to a Hellfire meeting, but you didn’t know him apart from that. Why would Eddie Munson be so important as to warrant bathroom duty?
You found out though when Dustin explained everything to you in his nonchalant way. Chrissy Cunningham was found dead in Eddie’s trailer. The cops blamed him. Dustin said he was innocent. Blah, blah, blah.
While they were all calling around to Eddie’s friends, trying to figure out where he was hiding, you were browsing through the movie selection. They only had three phones, they didn’t need five hands. 
“Hey,” Steve said quietly as he walked up behind you. You gave him one look and then turned away. “Listen, I…I fucked up, okay? I’m sorry. I regretted it the second I said it. All of it. I was wrong…Will you—Will you just look at me, please?” he asked, his hand on your shoulder. You swiped his hand away but turned around anyway. “I missed you like crazy,” he said, that small smile on his face that used to make you melt. It still did and you hated yourself for it. 
“Well, that makes one of us,” you lied. 
“Y/N…” he said quietly. “What…God, what do I have to do to fix this? Because I swear, I will do anything.”
You pursed your lips, eyes narrowed. You didn’t get a chance to respond, however, because they had figured out where Eddie was most likely hiding. Reefer Rick’s. Out by Lover’s Lake. 
Memories flashed through your mind at the mention of that place. Parking along the shore, soft whispers and kisses shared between you and Steve. You swallowed down that feeling. The resurfacing need to simply be near him. 
You soon came to realize that something bad was happening in Hawkins again. And you really wished that you hadn’t come home for spring break. You would have slept on the floor of a fraternity if it meant you didn’t have to go through this again. But you did it anyway. Because Dustin asked you to. 
Seeing Max floating up into the air made you realize that you actually did have to be there. You couldn’t just leave these people. They were your friends—your family. So you pulled yourself up by your boot straps and turned on that classic Henderson brain. The one that got people out of a lot of shit. Though you were a little more humble about it than your little brother. 
You wished you had used that Henderson brain a little more when you dove down into the depths of Lover’s Lake, fighting like hell to save Steve from those bats. 
As you walked through the Upside Down, you realized that it was actually a little better than the floor of a fraternity house. Not by much, though. 
“What were you and Eddie talking about?” you wondered as Steve walked beside you.
Steve smiled, a quirk of his lips. “He said that you didn’t hesitate to dive in after me…”
“Yeah, well,” you said, brushing it off. “Anyone would have.”
“Don’t think so,” he said. 
“I’m sorry, okay?” he said quickly, cutting you off. “I got scared. I saw you…having so much fun at school and could just see you…going places. And I couldn’t see myself fitting in there. Fitting into your future.”
You furrowed your eyebrows, thinking in silence. “I didn’t deserve better than you,” you said quietly. “Cause you were…the best, you know?” You gave him a small smile. One that he returned. “You were good enough. More than enough. I don’t know why you couldn’t see that.”
Steve shrugged. “You know…I think my dad had something to do with that.”
“Oh, you don’t say,” you snorted. You knew that his dad was a monumental asshole. “I thought that I told you how important you were to me enough. Maybe I should have said it more.”
He stopped, his hands grabbing your shoulders. You could feel the flashlight digging into your skin, but you didn’t mind. “It wouldn’t have mattered,” he said. “I…convinced myself that I didn’t deserve you.”
“You did,” you said. “You still do…Even if I’m a little mad at you.” You chuckled, a sniffle leaving your nose. You felt him watching you, his eyes flitting across your face. Then another earthquake hit. You were shaky on your legs, all but tumbling to the ground. Steve caught you, holding you to his chest. You could feel his intake of breath against you, the pain from his wounds increasing only for a second. 
As the tremor passed, you stood up straighter and dusted yourself off, as if that made a difference.
“I still love you, you know?” he said quietly. “I always will.”
You felt like there was an invisible force pushing you towards him in that moment and you didn’t fight it. Your lips connected with his, your hand gripping the back of his neck. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him. 
“Good thing I love you too,” you whispered against his lips.
“Yes!” someone exclaimed in front of you. You both turned to see Eddie pumping his fist in the air. “Henderson so owes me!”
“What?” you and Steve both asked. 
“Your brother’s a persistent little butthead, you know?” Eddie chuckled. You nodded. “Wouldn’t be surprised if he created all of this—” he waved his hands around “-just to get you two back together.”
“You were in on this?” Steve asked. “So that whole…true love thing?”
“Well, that was true, but…Henderson just nudged me in the right direction. He promised to boost the base on my amp.”
“Oh, I can do that,” you chuckled. “Once we get the hell out of here. And if Dustin created this place, by the way, there would be tar pits. You’ve seen Neverending Story, right?”
You felt Steve’s fingers interlace with yours, a smile on his face. He kissed your knuckles, feeling content for the first time in a long time. And together, you walked out into the unknown.
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naamahdarling · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Here it is! And I'm gonna tell you a great story about Fancy and her love for it! So read on!
Tumblr media
It's not actual Lisa Frank merch, alas, but the blue and purple tiger stripes definitely evoke '80s Lisa Frank. It's the softest blanket we have.
In case you don't know about Fancy and soft blankets, let me explain.
Story time!
The first night my boyfriend brought her home as a horrifically skinny and detestably stinky kitten, she came out of the carrier, stretched her back legs magnificently, and I said "We'll call you Fancy!", and that was the first thing in her new little life to become hers.
But cats don't care much about that sort of thing, they have their own ineffable, effable, effanineffable, deep and inscrutable, singular names, names that no human research can discover, so instead of appreciating the moment she went exploring and stepped on the soft blue fleece blanket I had put down next to the bathtub
She paused, and a look of sudden and utter peace and happiness came over her face, and she RUBBED her paws in that blanket! Then she started to MASH and she started to PURR, and I burst into tears.
I cried because I suddenly understood that as an outside stray it was probably the softest thing she had felt since her mother's belly. When my boyfriend found her, she was all alone. How long ago had that been? A month? That was a third of her life! How unfair! But now WE were there to fix it!
So we said "Fancy, this is yours now. This is your soft blanket." And then she knew that she had something that was just for her, just hers. Here was something she could feel and understand. She LOVED it. She spent a lot of time recovering on it as her growing body caught up with her.
Baby Fancy, you see, was very skinny, with a body score of 2. The size of a kitten half her age. Since she was so bony and also poorly insulated, we thought it might be more comfortable for her if we wrapped her in a blanket while we cuddled. We wanted another for laundering purposes, so we went to the pet store and got this kitten and puppy receiving blanket and we used it to hold her. It was even softer than the blue blanket!
Then some of you dear readers were kind enough to send a couple of other similar blankets, softer still! She loved those as well, and always had a clean blanket immediately to hand.
Over the next year and a half she had a couple of big surgeries to fix some things that were wrong with her, and then get spayed, and we used all those blankets again to hold her as she watched bird TV with us and rested her tiny, tough as nails little body, napping through the hard first days.
Soft blankets mean love to her. They mean safety. They mean that she has a home and things that she can call her own and humans that will always watch out for her. (She doesn't know that they also mean that she has many loving fans, but she would be so happy if she did.)
Needless to say, we kept her supplied with many soft beds and blankets, and she loved them all. Still, there were dimensions of softness yet undiscovered.
Enter the Lisa Franket.
I saw it at Walmart and touched it and realized it was the softest blanket I had ever felt in 40+ years. I had to have it immediately for my own sleeping purposes. Ludicrously cheap, I insisted that my boyfriend buy it for me as an early Valentine's Day gift, and he did, bless him, and we brought it home, forgetting we had a blanket-loving gremlin waiting there.
About 20 minutes after putting it on the bed Fancy discovered it, and she got that look on her face again, and she rubbed her paws on it. Just rubbed them around in funny little circles. She plucked at it and dug at it. What is this?! How soft!!! And then she began to purr and she began to mash, and I almost started to cry again. This, accidentally bought for her, the softest thing.
So yes, it's hers now. No matter how hot it is, no matter if I'm doing laundry on the bed, no matter if I have my coloring stuff spread out, it always sits on the corner of the bed where she can come and visit it anytime. And she does! Yes, she sleeps on it or plops down to wash, but sometimes she comes in and just rubs her little feet on it for 30 seconds or so, and walks out. Doesn't even lay on it, just comes to visit it the way you would visit a house plant you really liked, or a piece of nice sculpture that you inherited from your grandmother.
How remarkable that is to me. She thinks of it when she isn't in the room, and in her simple way she says to herself, I want to go visit the softest thing that I know. And she does. Then she leaves and she is happy. Fancy, the little queen of Every Soft Thing.
I would move heaven and Earth for this baby to let her know that she is loved and cherished beyond measure.
Fortunately, all I have to move is a blanket.
Tumblr media
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delaber · 7 months ago
hiiii, firts of all i want to say how amazing your stories are, you are honestly one of my favorite writers!! and i don’t know if you take requests but if you ever run out of ideas i’ve thought about a short story where Bucky tries to show the reader how it was like to date in the 1900s (he writes her a letter, invites her to a date with a letter etc.) because the reader asked him one time what it was like back then haha
The Key Jangle (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Story summary: Sick and tired of your many recent bad dates, you’re dreading yet another Valentine’s Day alone. When Bucky offers to show you what a night out is supposed to look like according to him, you get to experience what it’s like to date your best friend.
Words: 9.3K (it got out of hand, sorry!)
Note: Hi anon! Thank you so much for your sweet words and your lovely request! I hope it's okay that I didn't follow it strictly; I just sort of ran along with your idea of Bucky being old-fashioned and sweet, and took it from there. Anyway, this is my shot at a sweet, fluffy Valentine's Day fic before I enter the spring of breaking Bucky’s heart. Hope you enjoy.
Warnings: None. Pure fluff and slight banter.
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Tumblr media
February 13th, noon
You had spent the first part of the morning of February 13th in bed sweating and grieving over the horrible night before. The smell of your latest bad Tinder date hang like a stench over your bed, drenching you in the cheap cologne of the man who online had seemed charming and nice, but in real life best could be described as blatantly obnoxious and terribly self-centred. Exactly where the smell came from, you did not know; you hadn't even brought him home - nor touched him! Hadn't even made it through the main course before his rude behaviour had finally become so much that you had grabbed your coat and left without bidding him goodbye.
It had definitely been one of the worst dates you'd had in a long time, but still, the prospect of yet another Valentine's Day alone hang on the back of your tongue like a thick musk, drowning you in the disappointment of your date not being boyfriend material after all.
Slightly frustrated with yourself and your apparently relentless belief that one day you'd find true love, you buried your head in between the bedsheets and curled up your body, readying yourself for yet another lonely Sunday with nothing to keep you company but your comfort TV show on repeat.
It wasn't until well past noon you were ripped out of your vegetative state by a loud knock on your bedroom door. You heard how the hinges creaked open before you'd even had a chance to reply, but you weren't in the mood to face whoever had decided to disturb you and stayed with your back towards them.
"There you are!" Bucky's voice bounced through the walls as he took in the blob lying underneath a mountain of white bedlinen, a small foot sticking out at the corner. "I've been looking all over the compound for you, have you just been lying in here all day?"
"Yeah," you muttered in a bored tone of voice, your eyes still fixed on the TV screen in front of you.
"Hmm... I guess it's safe to assume that last night's Tinder adventure didn't exactly go as planned then?"
"No, it went perfectly fine, he's actually under here with me," you mumbled and heard how it made Bucky chuckle warmly behind you. "He's just a little shy."
"Well, tell him to come on out!" he chipped in amusement, "I want to meet the man who was finally worthy enough to be invited into your bed."
Slowly, you turned around to face your best friend who was leaning casually up against the doorframe with his big, bulky arms crossed over his chest as his eyes twinkled with amusement.
"Okay, I'm alone in here," you admitted in a small voice and took in the large grin that split his face in two.
"Oh, I never would've guessed," he chuckled and stepped inside your room, closing the door to the hallway behind him, "- what happened?" he sat down next to you on the bed.
"I don't wanna talk about it," you groaned and directed your attention back to your TV, trying to ignore his satisfied smirk and prying eyes.
"Aw come on! You know your Tinder adventure is my favourite serial," he chuckled and searched your face with excited eyes, "how big of a train wreck was it? On a scale from pet-snake Larry to Paul the Magician."
"Barnes..." you sighed again, sending him a stern look as you took in his amused smirk, "I'm happy you find my terrible love life so amusing but I'm really not in the mood to joke about it today, okay?"
He furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head to the side, his face suddenly laced with concern. "Sweetheart, are you okay?" he gently touched his hand to the top of your duvet and let out a low, dark growl, "- he didn't hurt you, did he?"
"No, it's fine," you assured him with a shake of your head and saw how Bucky immediately drew a breath of relief. "He was a douchebag but that's it... I just don't see the appeal in my failing love life when tomorrow is the most romantic day of the year..."
"Since when do you care about Valentine's Day?" he arched an eyebrow at your statement. "Last year you said it was stupid...?"
"I've always cared," you whined and sent him a pained look, "- I've just never had anyone special to celebrate it with."
"That's because you have a way of always ending up with the douchebags..." he shrugged matter-of-factly. "You're setting yourself up for failure time and time again."
"It's hard to be picky," you let out a tired groan, "- there are literally no good men back in the city."
"No good men?" He repeated in mock offence, "oh, I beg to differ! There's a pretty decent guy sitting in front of you right now!" he touched his palm to his heart, pretending he was hurt.
"...What are you saying?" you felt yourself smile for the first time that day as you scanned his curled-up face, "you want to take me out now?"
"Yeah!" his entire face lit up and you let out a laugh at his cute smile. "What's so funny about that?" He poked you in the side with a chuckle, "come on, let me show you what a proper date is supposed to look like! Wouldn't it be nice to actually have a decent night out for once?!"
"Don't be ridiculous..." you rolled your eyes at him, "- what I want is something that might actually advance to more than just a story I tell my teammate to keep him amused."
"Sweetheart, I'm serious," he held up his hands in surrender. "Come on, let me show you a good time tomorrow! My treat!"
You hesitated. A fake date with your best friend wasn't exactly what you had in mind for the most romantic night of the year.
"Oh don't look so excited to go out with me!" He chuckled loudly, his gaze never leaving yours.
"I'm sorry," you smiled, taking in the way his enticing metal hand whirred in front of your eyes as his fingers slightly twitched before falling down in his lap. "It's not that I don't want to do something with you," you fumbled to find the edge of the duvet so you could sneak out your hand to grab the cold vibranium fingers splayed over his muscular thigh. "- it's just not really what I had in mind for tomorrow."
"Hey you're the one who wanted a proper date for Valentine's Day, right?" He smiled softly and gently squeezed your fingers, "I'm offering you one. Come on, what's the harm? We always have fun, right?"
"We do," you nodded, thinking over his proposition, and slowly realising that a night out with him definitely beat another bad Tinder date. "Yeah, alright," you ended up smiling with a hesitant nod, "you have me convinced. It's a date."
"It's a date!" he agreed excitedly and padded your thigh before quickly jumping from the bed, leaving you cold and alone, "you won't regret it!"
"Hey! Where are you going?" You lifted your head from your pillow to take in the significant bounce in his step that he suddenly carried himself with. "Come back!"
"Can't," he spun around and smiled broadly at you, "I have some serious planning to do! I don't want to end up being one of the horrible dates you tell your teammate about!" he winked at you before practically skipping out the room.
February 14th, afternoon
For some reason you couldn't quite place, you'd been nervous about your night out with Bucky all day and it was weirding you out! You'd done plenty of stuff just the two of you before - dinners, movies, drinks - but something about going out with him on a night reserved exclusively for lovers, had you feeling warm and fuzzy as you waited for him to swing by your room to pick you up.
You hadn't seen him since he'd coaxed you into spending Valentine’s together, but he had texted you earlier to 'please wear the red dress' and now you were standing in front of your mirror, eyes hesitantly scanning the tight cocktail dress that was normally reserved for particularly special dates, wondering how Bucky so easily had managed to convince you to put it on for him.
Completely lost in thought, wondering what it would be like dating Bucky, you were slightly startled when there was a sudden knock on your door.
"Come in," you quickly scurried away from the mirror, trying to look as if you hadn't just been fidgety about your special date-night attire and the prospect of a very romantic night out with your best friend - fake or not.
The door opened slowly, revealing Bucky dressed in black from head to toe with a large bouquet of white flowers in hand. The dark colour of his suit and short hair framed his face perfectly, accentuating his clear, blue eyes and pink lips so dreamily that you had to fight the urge to reach out to check if he was real.
"Jesus," he immediately whistled, his entire body tensing as his eyes travelled between your face and hips. "You look amazing!" he said sincerely and ran a hand through the stubbles on his chin, looking slightly taken aback. "I mean... wow!"
"Stop that," you laughed and stepped aside so he could enter your room, "you've seen me in this dress a million times before."
"Yeah," he chuckled and licked his lips, turning around so he could admire you again, "- and you always look amazing, but it hits a little different to know that you're wearing it for me."
"I'm not wearing it for you," you lifted your eyebrows and shot him a dead-pan look, fighting hard to stop the smile that threatened to spring free on your face. "I only put it on because you told me to. I expect there's a reason for us to be dressed so formally," you gestured to his black attire.
"Aw come on," he took a step closer and sent you a cute little pout, "- just let me have one small, tiny win. Tell me you put it on just for me!"
He was smelling heavenly, and he looked terribly cute as he charmingly grinned at you.
"You're insufferable, Barnes," you couldn't hold back the broad smile any longer, "- alright, I put it on just for you," you slowly drawled out. "There you go - Happy?"
"Mmh," he closed his eyes and threw his head backwards with a groan so sensual you had to pretend you were shifting your weight on purpose and not because a jolt of short-lived desire had woken up every fibre in your entire nervous system. "That's my girl," he winked at you, seemingly ignoring your slightly confused face as he held out the bouquet of white tulips. "These are for you."
"You bought me flowers?" you asked with your eyebrows raised high, ignoring the burning sensation on your face. "- Really? No one's ever bought me flowers before..."
"That's what I've been saying, sweetheart," he smiled, looking oddly proud of himself, "- you're dating the wrong guys!"
"I'd say!" you gave the tulips a brief sniff before turning around to find a vase for them to fit in. "That's really sweet of you, Barnes! And on a fake date nonetheless! ...you know, it's funny, but I always pictured you as a roses man."
"Yeah, back in the forties I probably would've bought any girl roses," he sighed softly behind you, and you could almost hear the smirk in his voice as he slowly continued; "- but let's be honest, doll; you're not just any girl..."
"Is that supposed to flatter me?" you laughed as you arranged the flowers in the vase, your back still turned towards him.
"Depends on whether it's working or not."
"Weirdly enough, it is," you chuckled and turned around to face him again only to see how his eyes immediately snapped upwards to meet yours.
From the intense stare he suddenly gave you and the way he slowly licked his broadly grinning lips, you were sure he'd just had his gaze firmly placed on your ass, but you chose not to comment on it. It wasn't exactly the first time you'd caught him with his hand in the cookie jar, but it was the first time you'd felt an odd sensation of pride flow through your body at the thought.
"Do you - uh - do you want something to drink?" you tilted your head to the side, smiling at him as your eyes wandered over the fitted suit.
He was casually leaning up against the wall with his hands buried in his pockets, the confident smirk still in place. "I'm good," he lightly shook his head and pulled up his sleeve to look at his wristwatch, "actually, we should probably get going - we have reservations," he grabbed your woollen overcoat from the coat rack near the door, holding it out so you could easily slip your arms into the sleeves. "- and as much as I'd hate to cover up that beautiful dress, you should probably put this on or I'll be having dinner with an icicle."
"Yeah? What are we doing?" you laughed and gratefully turned your back towards him so he could pull the jacket up your shoulders.
"I'm not gonna say," he teased behind you, the excited smile evident in his voice. "It's a secret!"
"A fake date complete with secret activities?" you laughed and slowly turned towards him again. "I gotta say; I'm impressed, Barnes!"
By pure instinct, you reached up and adjusted the Windsor knot below the collar of his shirt, accidentally staring directly into his beautiful, blue gaze. His breathing picked up at your touch, the muscles surrounding his big doe eyes completely relaxed as he took you in, his wide-blown pupils darting back and forth between your irises.
"Tonight's all about impressing you, darling," he muttered slowly, his Adam's apple bouncing enticingly in his throat as your fingers gave an involuntary twitch atop his sternum.
"Well..." you carefully took a step backwards and gently removed your hands from his chest under the pretence you were busy brushing a stray strand of hair away from your face. "- You're succeeding."
Bucky seemed to recover from the intimate moment between you a lot quicker than you did and sent you his usual charming smirk with the tongue darting out between his teeth to lick his lips. "You ready to go?"
"Yeah," you muttered, still slightly flustered as you grabbed your purse and keys.
"Remember to lock up," he sent you a wink. “Can’t have you come back home to find your door unlocked.”
"Of course," you nodded and turned the key before dumping the bundle down in your coat pocket. "Alright. Good to go," you smiled at him.
"Great," he put his hand on the small of your back, leading you away from your room and towards the steel elevators at the end of the hallway.
Under normal circumstances, you were pretty sure you'd be blabbering away, trying to guess what he had planned for tonight, but right now, all you could sense were the large fingers moving over your lower back, the touch so affectionate and intimate that you felt your cheeks go warm again as you involuntarily leaned into it. Silently, you prayed that Bucky wouldn't suddenly turn his head to look at you and realise how his foreign touch had made you slightly giddy.
"You're being quiet," he concluded after a few seconds of silence as the elevator zoomed downwards.
"Just excited for tonight," you managed to mumble, your voice weirdly thick as he started stroking his thumb over a small area of your lower spine, sending you a happy sideways glance.
The electronic panel of the elevator announced your arrival at the bottom floor of the building with a loud ding, and Bucky pressed in on your back, excitedly urging you to move through the steel doors. "Right over here," he chipped happily and lead you to a dark corner of the parking lot where his motorcycle was parked.
"We're riding your Harley?" you arched an eyebrow, taking in the large machine in front of you.
"Yep," he grinned and handed you a helmet.
"- the exact same Harley you won't even let Sam touch...?"
"Well, you're not Sam are you?" he chuckled and swung his leg over the seat, scooting forwards to make room for you on the back of the bike.
He had his legs spread wide around the stealthy machine, his large hands wrapped tightly across the leather of the handles as he rotated the key in the ignition, making the bike rumble to life beneath him. Grinning broadly, he turned his head to look at you, the dimmed lights from the parking garage making him look dark, mysterious, and annoyingly enticing on top of his black motorcycle.
You were frozen, completely taken aback by how the image in front of you was making your mind hazy, blocking out anything but your best friend sitting wide legged and alluring only two feet away.
"Well, are you coming?" he asked slowly, causing a deep shiver to run down your spine as his voice was even huskier than normal.
"Uh - Yeah..." It woke you from your mind-muffling trance and you quickly strapped the helmet underneath your chin and took the seat behind Bucky so he couldn't see the bafflement evident on your face.
The leather of the seat was soft and pliant against the backside of your thighs, and you easily sank into a comfortable position behind him as you wrapped your arms around his warm waist, lacing your fingers around his stomach.
"You good back there?" he sent you a smile over his shoulder, putting a reassuring hand on top of yours, affectionately stroking his thumb over your wrist.
You could feel his heavy heartbeat in his chest, the hard muscles of his stomach tensing as you wrapped your arms tighter around him, readying yourself for when he turned on the gas. "Yeah," you nodded, wondering if he too could feel the sensation of a foreign heart beating rapidly against his torso.
"Hold on tight, doll," he said huskily as he twisted the right-side handle with a roar of the bike and slowly drove out of the garage and into the night.
For the first few minutes on the road, you were completely overwhelmed by the feeling of absolute freedom that the ride brought you.
Elegantly, Bucky steered the bike through the busy streets of New York, the coloured lights of Manhattan coming closer and closer as you clung tightly to his warm body, your heart beating faster than ever against your ribcage, and you wondered if the high level of adrenaline coursing through your veins was due to the bike-ride, or the way Bucky felt against you as he easily balanced the large machine between his legs.
You rode for about thirty minutes, not stopping until you'd reached an expensive-looking building in Brooklyn Heights.
"We're eating here?" you let him help you off the bike as you looked in awe at the expensive cars parked outside.
"No, sweetheart," he chuckled and put your helmet in the compartment underneath the leather seat before pressing his hand to the small of your back again. "We're doing something far better for dinner. This is just the warm-up. Come on," he softly pushed you forwards and guided you into the lobby and towards the golden elevator at the end where he pressed the button for the top floor.
He was smiling confidently above you, moving his hand over your hips and stepping closer to your body. You were just about to let him know that you liked his touch, that he looked more handsome than ever, but the elevator doors suddenly slid open at the designated floor, taking away your privacy.
"After you, sweetheart," Bucky cleared his throat and let his hand fall to his side, making your body feel weirdly naked without his firm touch.
The place he'd taken you was a prohibition-themed bar complete with gold ornaments, checkerboard tiles and coffered wood ceilings. The atmosphere was warm and romantic, every mahogany table occupied by anticipating lovers holding hands and sipping expensive-looking cocktails.
Bucky made sure to walk close to you as you made your way through the sitting crowd, and you felt a sense of relief wash over you when his fingers occasionally brushed over your dress as he lead you to a table near one of the tall floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the East River.
"Wow Buck," you murmured as you sat down and took in the romantic view before you; how the skyscrapers on the other side of the river rose calmly against the pink evening sky. "This is amazing!"
"Yeah, I was hoping we'd get here in time to catch the sunset," he smiled and confidently leaned back in his chair, his eyes darting between you and the beautiful view outside. "...Would you like a drink?" He asked softly and handed you a heavy leather-inbound cocktail card.
"Thanks," you brushed your fingers over his as you accepted the menu from his hand and had to suppress the urge to let them linger. You only briefly managed to catch the way his chest heaved in anticipation as a breath hitched in your throat, your gaze turned towards the card in your lap.
"Fuck, Bucky!" you let your eyes wander down the list of beverages, "- this is crazy expensive!"
Bucky let out a heart-warming laugh that had your cheeks go so warm that you forced yourself to firmly keep your eyes on the list of drinks in front of you so he wouldn't notice how he kept causing reactions in you. "It's okay, sweetheart," he chuckled, "just pick something you like and don't look at the prices. My treat, remember?"
Slowly, you looked back up at his amused smile, a mild look of shock evident on your face. "What? No! You know I can't let you do that!" You gasped, "It'll be a fortune - and Buck, this isn't even a real date?!"
The words had barely escaped you before the smirk slipped from his face. Trying not to let the disappointment seep through him, he pressed his lips tightly together as he looked at you, his hand immediately going through his hair, slicking it back. "Come on," he sighed briefly and leaned in, forcing out a stiff smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. "Just pretend... please - just for tonight, okay? Let me spoil you," he pleaded quietly, nervously licking his lips.
You almost protested. Almost insisted on paying your own half, but something about the way he was looking at you told you that it wasn't up for discussion - that he had wanted to do this for quite some time.
"Alright," you ended up sighing while taking in his determined face. "Thank you for doing this for me."
"Anything for you," he nodded and sent you a cute smile before turning his gaze back to the menu in front of him. "So... drinks! What are you having?" he smiled softly, his eyes briefly skirting over your face again. "I think I'll go with the Macallan fifteen - How about you?”
"Am I supposed to take a scotch as well?"
"No, sweetheart," Bucky chuckled warmly, "you can have whatever you like!"
"I have sovereignty? Well, this already beats half the dates I’ve been on this year!“ you laughed and danced your eyes over the list of cocktails. "I'll have the Tequila Martini then."
"Tequila Martini for the lady," he winked at you and left for the bar with a certain self-assured swagger in his step you hadn't seen before. He was carrying himself differently than normal, almost as if he was proud to have your eyes on him, and you silently wondered if he was always like this on dates; so confident and enticing that the people he asked out couldn't tear their eyes away from him.
He was standing with his broad back turned towards you, his legs spread confidently apart as he put his weight on his right foot and grabbed the attention of the bartender with a raised hand and a charming smile. After he’d placed your order, he slowly turned around and sent you a blinding smile accompanied by a wink, making your heart immediately picked up its pace.
You had never realised just exactly how high his cheekbones were, the sharpness of his angled jaw, his straight nose. He was without a doubt one of the most handsome men you'd ever laid your eyes on, but it was as if you didn't truly appreciate it until that exact moment.
He sent you a stomach-warming wink before turning back to the bar to pay for your drinks, picking up the two glasses and slowly swaggering back over you.
"Here you go," he slid the tall martini glass over the table and had a sip of his own mahogany-coloured drink.
"Thanks," you sheepishly accepted the drink from him and had a sip as well. "Have you ever been here before? You walk like you own the room."
He let out a laugh, "yeah, funny you should mention it. I actually did live here briefly."
"What?" you raised your eyebrows at him.
"Yeah, the ground floor used to house one of Brooklyn's finest cobblers. I spent a few summers working for him to make a buck or two before I got drafted. Slept in his spare room at night and even snuck out there sometimes," he pointed towards the terrace outside. "- though it wasn't nearly as neat back then."
"Mmh," you twirled the straw of your drink between your fingers, smiling as you imagined a young, starry-eyed Bucky in dirty work rags. "What was Brooklyn like back then?"
Bucky looked away, contemplating his answer for a few seconds before sending you a crooked smile. "Smelly," he nodded, "- but wonderful! You would've loved it!"
"Yeah, I've heard it had a certain charm... I've actually been wondering -" you cocked your head to the side and saw how he leaned in in excitement, "- given the chance, would you go back to Brooklyn in the 40s?"
"...Well, it depends," he drawled, squinting his eyes and looking at you as if you'd just asked him a million dollar question, "- would you be there?"
"Well, no," you shook your head and took a sip of your drink. "I can't go with you since I won't be born until several decades later."
"Then it's a hard pass," he shook his head without taking a time-out to think.
"Really?" you laughed at how resolutely he was looking at you. "I mean that much to you that you'd actually stay here?"
"Sweetheart," he drawled and licked his lips, looking as if he'd won the lottery. "I'd follow you just about anywhere..."
You immediately felt your insides squirm in your belly at his soft-spoken words, his eyes more piercing than ever as he leaned in close with an excited smile on his lips.
"That's really sweet Barnes," you mumbled and tried to hide your flustered face behind your glass as he merely smiled softly at you.
Bucky ended up buying you two more cocktails, the conversation flowing more freely than you'd ever experienced in such a fancy setting before. He told you about his life before the war, stories you'd heard a million times before, but somehow never grew tired of.
Slowly, the night sky outside changed from magenta to lilac as the bar filled up with anticipating lovers, but you and Bucky were far too lost in each other to sense anything else.
It wasn't until the conversation fell on his Ma's cuisine, you realised just how hungry you were, and Bucky suggested grabbing something to eat.
"Aren't we riding the bike again?" You asked curiously when the clear night air of the Brooklyn street hit your lungs and Bucky turned the opposite direction.
"No, dinner's just around the corner," he nodded and waited for you to catch up to him.
"Where are we going?" you asked curiously, happy to see the small smile dancing on the corner of his lips when you interlocked your elbow around his.
"Oh, I have reservations for the finest dinner in all of Brooklyn," he chuckled lowly.
"Another fancy place to impress me?" You arched an eyebrow at him, hoping he was joking.
"Mmmh," he briefly squinted his eyes and tilted his head from side to side, "...something like that..."
He stopped half-way through Brooklyn Bridge Park, a purple food truck blasting mariachi music loudly beside you. He was grinning broadly as he locked eyes with you. "You want veggie or carne?" he asked excitedly.
"What?" You mirrored his laugh, taking in his amused face without understanding what was going on.
"Veggie or carne?" He repeated, this time a bit louder as the smile grew on his lips, "- for your tacos."
"Oh, we're having tacos!" you laughed, looking at the heavenly-smelling truck beside you, your eyes already scanning the different options.
"It's your favourite, isn't it?" He chuckled with an arched eyebrow. "Your ultimate comfort food."
"Yes, but how on earth do you know that?" You grinned.
"I know everything about you, sweetheart," he winked at you with a warm smile. "- and I just thought, since you always order Mexican when you're down, I'd change it around for you; tacos should be a means of celebrating."
"And what are we celebrating today?" You challenged him with an arched eyebrow.
"You finally agreeing to go out with me of course," he nodded and bumped his elbow against yours. "Come on, what are you having?"
"Alright," you grinned, liking his flirty stare. "I'll have two veggie."
"Coming right up, sweetheart," he winked at you and went to get your food while you sat down on a nearby bench, once again looking over at the Manhattan skyline.
"Hope you're hungry," Bucky laughed five minutes later when he sat down next to you, handing you two huge tacos while his other hand was clutching three for himself.
"Like you wouldn't believe," you happily accepted the food and started unwrapping one of them. "So... is this what a normal Bucky Barnes date looks like?" you had a bite of your taco and turned your head to look at him. "Fancy cocktails on top of the world followed by tacos in Brooklyn Bridge Park?"
"No, this is special," Bucky chuckled while looking between you and the Manhattan skyline with a small, knowing smile on his lips. "This is custom-made, just for you."
"Well..." you smiled and bumped your knee against him, "- you did good! This is really, really nice."
"It is," he nodded and slung his arm over the backrest of the bench, finding your body and pressing his fingers into your ribs to pull you a little closer to his comfortable torso.
You couldn't stop the satisfied sigh that left your lips at his welcome touch, and immediately put your head on the top of his shoulder, having a bite of your taco as you looked up at the blinking light atop Empire State Building's lightening rod, trying not to think too much about rhythm of his heavy heartbeat against your spine. "What do you usually do on dates then?"
"Sweetheart," Bucky chuckled above you, the warm sound bouncing in his chest against your backside. "I've known you what - two years now? Have you ever heard me talking about going on a date?"
You furrowed your eyebrows slightly, letting his words sink in. "Hold up..." you turned your head to look up at him. "- you haven't been on a date in over two years?"
"No," he shook his head resolutely and plumped in the last bite of one of his tacos, "- haven't met anyone I want to go out with..."
You blew a raspberry, "that's not true!" you laughed, "what about the girls you bring home from the bar? Don't tell me you haven't invited just a single one of them out afterwards!"
You felt him freeze slightly, his chest suddenly hard and tense underneath the back of your head. "...You - uh - you know about that?" he mumbled quietly as he immediately stopped chewing.
"Yeah, well, we share a wall, Buck" you nodded and looked up at his cringing face. "And it's not exactly as if neither you nor your dates are playing the quiet game in there," you shrugged, trying to push away the small, weird pang of sudden jealousy at the late night memories from your lonely room.
"Yeah, sorry," he mumbled awkwardly and balled up the wax paper from one of his tacos, throwing it in the bin to hide his embarrassment.
"Don't feel bad," you looked up at his guilty expression. "- it's okay... I'm sure you've heard me have sex plenty of times as well."
"Yeah... yeah I have," he breathed and shifted awkwardly behind you, his gaze firmly fixed on the dark horizon, his breathing rhythmless and laboured.
"- I'm just surprised you haven't asked anyone out, is all," you continued, still fighting the envious fire in your stomach. "I've seen how they're all lining up for you. You could have anyone you want!"
"...you'd be surprised," he mumbled, his cheeks dusted a faint shade of pink. "I - uhm - I don't know," he shrugged with a small sigh, "- I guess I just haven't met anyone I find interesting enough to spend an evening with outside the bedroom..."
"…apart from me!" you chuckled, sending him what you hoped was an amused glance.
"Yeah, apart from you, doll", he smiled softly, his body finally letting go of some of the tension it held although he was still sounding wary behind you, "- you're special."
"Likewise," you nodded slowly as the fire in the pit of your stomach finally doused. "...Okay I gotta ask you; when was the last time you had a date?"
"I don't know," he shrugged, "I tried some dating apps a few years ago. Wasn't really my thing. I guess I'm too old-fashioned for the whole online thing. I want a real meet cute."
"Yeah, well you're never gonna have a meet cute if you never leave the compound's gym," you chuckled.
"Hey, I left the gym tonight, didn't I?" he chuckled sincerely, and you were happy to finally feel his chest bounce in amusement against you again.
"Yeah, but do you really believe you're going to meet someone while you're dragging me along?" You laughed, hoping to dear God that he wouldn't.
"I don't know," he ran a hand through his short hair while licking his lips, "you never know when the right person's suddenly standing in front of you. I want to be ready for when that finally happens."
"Can't wait for that to happen to me," you sighed.
"Yeah... Can't wait either," he mumbled quietly and softly ran his thumb over your shoulder.
"Well, we can keep dreaming, the two of us," you looked up at him and softly patted his thigh. "The forever singles."
"Yeah," he nodded before he went quiet, fixing his gaze on the horizon again, taking in the dusk. "You ready for the next part of the date?" he asked after a few seconds.
"There's more?"
"Yeah, of course there's more, come on," he chuckled and wrapped his arm around your shoulders, leading you back through the park to a building opposite the fancy bar where you'd had drinks.
"The Pelican Club?" you read the large neon sign above the brass double doors. "What's this? Are we going for more drinks?"
"No," he grabbed your hand and pulled you inside to a dark room covered in heart-shaped balloons and confetti, a loud band in the corner playing peppy swing jazz for the out-of-breath-people on the dance floor. "We're going dancing!" he exclaimed happily and wrapped his arm around your shoulder.
"Barnes!" You squealed desperately and leaned in close to outshout the loud music, "I can't dance!"
"Neither can I," he shouted back with a laugh, "I haven't danced since before the war!" He grabbed a coat hanger and held out his hand to take your jacket. "...What?" He laughed when you hesitated, "- you'd trust me with your life in the field but not when it comes to something as harmless as dancing?"
You bit your lower lip, taking in how the people on the dance floor moved effortlessly with their partners, sure that you were going to make a fool of both yourself and Bucky.
"- Come on," he interrupted your train of thought with a charming smile, "- you're gonna love it, I swear!"
"Oh God..." you rolled your eyes and shook the woollen coat from off your shoulders, sending him a nervous look. "Alright! But just so you're prepared; everybody's gonna look at us!"
"Oh I hope so," he grinned, "it would be a crime not to acknowledge such a beautiful woman in such a beautiful dress," he drawled and once more put his hand on the small of your back, the pillowy words along with his somewhat craving touch so blinding and desirable, that you briefly forgot he was leading you to a dance floor.
He stopped in the middle of the room, turning around to face you. "You ready?"
"I guess," you nodded, slightly anxious about what was going to happen, but calming down almost immediately when Bucky's right hand found yours. Carefully, his metal fingers grabbed your hip and he pulled you flush against his chest.
You were looking up at him, the expression on his face soft and longing as he slowly moved his fingers over your hipbone, his chest heaving steadily before you. "Just let me lead, sweetheart," he leaned in close and whispered in your ear, his voice laced with thick syrup that melted into your ear canals and made your knees weak.
"O-okay," you nodded and followed him as he took a step to the side, his eyes never leaving yours.
You'd never seen him like this before; so tender and so up close you could take in every small detail of his angled face; the almost invisible small, brown freckles cute and innocently splashed over his straight nose, the fullness of his heavy lower lip and the curve of his cupid's bow contrasting the sharp jaw with the rough stubbles, the splash of dark blue in his otherwise clear, cerulean eyes that were dancing happily across your face.
Why had you never realised how handsome, and masculine, and dreamy he was before he’d coaxed you for a date? All this time you'd just thought of him as your sweet friend Bucky Barnes, never really seeing him for what he truly was; a fucking tease! And as you swayed on the dance floor under his full, undeniable attention, everything inside of you was screaming it at you, reminding you how blind you'd been all this time! A large megaphone ringing in your head; your best friend is the most desirable man in the world!
You saw how the small happy wrinkles around his eyes crinkled as he pulled the corners of his enticing lips upwards, his beautiful irises darting back and forth between your eyes, desperate to take in everything so he wouldn't miss out on the way you were looking at him.
"You're staring, doll," he smirked.
"Sorry," you mumbled and quickly fixed your gaze on the fingers you had placed on top of his shoulder, not wanting him to get scared at the sudden realisation you felt within.
"Don't apologise," he smiled and tilted his head closer to yours to search your face again. "I'm not complaining. I like when you look at me."
Slightly embarrassed by the audible gulp that his words activated in your throat, you carefully found his eyes, savouring the way he breathed in your arms when your gazes finally met again.
"My God," he whispered quietly, "you are beautiful."
"Barnes," you whimpered slightly, looking at his deep blue eyes, your entire body tense as he slowly swung you around.
He moved his hand over your hip, dipping his fingers a little lower than he had before as he leaned in close and whispered in your ear, "I could look at you forever..."
You could feel his breath on your skin, how the words wrapped themselves around you and made your knees feel weaker than ever. Bucky's metal fingers were placed firmly on the lower part of your hip, but you could feel how they slowly started moving up to caress your waist sensually. His aromatic cologne was invading all your senses, filling up your nostrils while his flesh hand slowly caressed your fingers, his dark eyes never leaving you.
You swayed in silence for a while, looking at each other with small, love-drunk smiles playing on your lips, the up-tempo music in the background far too fast for the type of dance you'd engaged in. The megaphone inside your head came in louder and louder the longer you stared at him; kiss him! Kiss him! But you weren't sure if you were putting too much into your dancing, and thus kept your lips at a distance, not wanting to scare him away.
"You - uh," he eventually grinned when the jazz band behind you started playing an even peppier song. "- you wanna get out of here? There's something I'd like to show you."
You merely nodded, completely lost for words as his entire presence had engulfed you.
"Alright," he removed his fingers from your hip and instead grabbed your hand, slowly pulling you to the other side of the dance floor with your fingers carefully intertwined.
Eager for the next part of his plan, you were back in the Brooklyn night air in no time, this time walking towards his motorcycle.
"What do you want to show me?" You locked your palms around his elbow and pressed your hip against his.
"When are you gonna learn that I'm not gonna tell you anything?" he laughed as he flipped open the leather seat of the bike and pulled out a blanket from the compartment underneath. "Have I not given you your money's worth up until now?"
"Oh, you've given me so much more," you chuckled and followed him back up the street.
"Alright -" he shot you a sideways glance and wrapped his arm around your shoulder again, "because you've been so well-behaved and haven't called it a fake date for hours, I'll give you a hint; what we're about to do is my favourite past-time."
"Your favourite past-time? Are we going to the gym?" You laughed, "Or are we annoying Sam? I can't decide what you like the best."
He blew a raspberry and laughed loudly, opening the door to an abandoned warehouse. "You'll see," he chuckled and led you up several flights of stairs, not stopping until you'd reached the roof of the building.
"Is your favourite past time murdering young women on top of creepy old buildings? " You laughed and sat down on a tattered bench leaning up against an old chimney. "Why are there even seats up here?"
"Because this is the prime spot in the city for stargazing," he pointed upwards.
"Stargazing?" You mumbled, your eyes following his. Your mind was immediately taken aback by the sight that met you: the sky had long ago turned from lilac to a deep blue, but now it was lit up by thousands of tiny stars twinkling competitively with the man next to you. "Wow," you breathed quietly, keeping your gaze on the many lights although Bucky's enticing scent was screaming at you to direct your attention towards him instead.
"I know," his deep voice brought you back down to earth as he unfolded the fuzzy blanket halfway and wrapped it around your shoulders before taking the seat next to you.
"As if I'm letting you freeze," you chuckled and unwrapped the other half, draping it over both your shoulders, scooting a little closer to him on the bench so the plaid could reach around both of you. You felt how his fingers hesitantly found your hips, but when you didn't move away as he pressed his fingertips to your hipbone, he snuggled a little closer.
"It's really beautiful out here tonight," you breathed as you gazed upwards. "It's not often we get to see stars this clearly in New York."
"Yeah, we're quite lucky," he scooted even closer to you, his gaze briefly skirting over your awed face.
"Yeah," you breathed, trying to ignore how close his lips were as you took in the beauty of Cassiopeia above you, "I used to sit like this with my best friend when I was a kid..."
Bucky slowly turned his face away from you, letting out an inaudible gulp as he furrowed his eyebrows, the look on his face tender and anticipating as he too looked upwards. "Me too," he mumbled after a few seconds, "- although the sky was even clearer back then."
"You used to watch the stars with Steve?"
"Yeah," he nodded, "we could sit up here for hours, imagining what our lives would be. I guess neither of us quite hit the target."
"Guess not," you grinned and caressed his leg underneath the blanket to show him that you understood. "Do you miss him?"
"Yeah, every day," Bucky nodded, "I wish you guys had met. He would've liked you."
"Me too," you softly stroked your little finger over his kneecap to console him. "He seems like a good man."
"The best," Bucky concluded with a nod, "- but I guess it all turned out how it was supposed to anyway. He's with Peggy, the love of his life, and I'm here with you..." he smiled softly, tilting his head from side to side. "Well - and Sam of course."
"Ah yes!" You laughed, "- let's not forget about the love of your life!"
"Don't tell him I mentioned him," he sent you a crooked smile, "I'd never hear the end of it!"
"I'll try not to," you chuckled and moved your hand over the tense muscles of his thigh. "Did you and Steve take all your dates dancing back then?"
"Of course," he nodded, "I wasn't stupid. Perfect opportunity for prolonged eye contact and a few strategically placed hands."
"Oh my God," rolled your eyes with a laugh.
"You should've seen me," he smirked, "two arms and an undeniable boyish charm. And when I put on the uniform, they didn't stand a chance in resisting me."
"Oh, I bet!" you chuckled, "Did you take them up here afterwards then?"
"Sometimes," he smirked, and you could feel how he his breathing was coming in nervous. "If they were particularly special," he held you a little tighter.
You sat in silence for a while, both of you smiling up at the stars above you, taking in the beauty of the night sky while Bucky's hand softly caressed your shoulder and upper arm.
"Alright," he said suddenly, looking at his wristwatch, "I'm afraid that's it for tonight. A gentleman always has his girl home before midnight," he winked at you and stood up from the bench, offering you his hand.
"Scared that your coach might turn into a pumpkin?" You laughed and let him help you to your feet.
"It's just proper dating etiquette. And I'm showing you what a proper date looks like, remember?" he winked at you.
"Yeah," you nodded, happy that he had decided to take you out even though you'd been hesitant to accept at first. "Of course," you smiled up at him and laced your fingers between his, feeling his pulse in the tips as he lead you back down the flight of stairs and over to his motorcycle.
"Hey, you wanna steer?" he asked suddenly while watching you strap your helmet.
"Steer? The bike?"
"Come on, it's easy," he grinned and swung his leg over the seat, scooting backwards to make room for you in front of him. "Come here," he said quietly as you slowly approached him and swung your leg over the seat as well. Bucky put his hands on your hips to keep you in place and pressed you against his warm chest, a deep flutter shooting through your limbs, fogging up your brain.
"So what you want to do," he leaned in close and almost whispered in your ear, "- is to keep one hand on the throttle at all times," he wrapped his large hand around yours on top of the right handle. "Roll it towards yourself to speed up, the other way to slow down, okay?" He waited for your confirmation before he continued, "- up here, you squeeze the lever to brake the front wheel," he stretched your right-hand fingers and pressed in on them before moving his large hand to your leg, brushing his fingers over the exposed skin at your thigh before pointing towards a pedal by your foot. "- and this one to break the back wheel," he whispered and sent shivers down your spine as he put his other hand low on the left side of your hip. "You shift gears on the clutch up here - and by using the pedal down there, but don't worry about that, I'll do that, you just concentrate on speed and steering... Okay, doll?" He whispered sensually and slowly moved both hands over your thighs, his fingers warm on your skin against the cold February air.
The words were stuck in your throat, and you couldn't move. You wanted to feel his hands on your entire body, not just on the strip of exposed skin below the hem of your dress. "Mmm-hmm," you mumbled, a flush of sensuality settling in your stomach as you took in the way his fingers felt on you.
"Alright, sweetheart," he whispered, his lips dangerously close to your ear, "when you're ready, push the ignition and slowly roll the throttle towards yourself."
You did as he said, feeling how the machine rumbled and spluttered as it came to life between your legs. Bucky had his arm draped casually across your waist and he scooted a little closer to you, making himself comfortable on the leather seat underneath the two of you as you slowly turned the right handlebar and felt how the bike immediately reacted to it and started rolling down the street.
The miles sped away underneath the black tires as you steered through Brooklyn and upstate to the Avenger's compound you both called home. The lights of the city were a blur around you, Bucky's warm breath pleasant against your neck, his lips buzzing right next to the sensitive skin.
"You're doing so well, sweetheart," he mumbled in your ear while gently running his fingers over the soft fabric of your red dress, grinning against your ear every time you gave an unconscious squeeze to the throttle, coaxing more power from the rumbling machine beneath you.
Before you'd really had a chance to savour the ride back from Manhattan and Bucky's warm praises against your skin, you had parked the motorcycle in the garage, had giggled innocently in the short elevator ride to your floor, and were suddenly standing outside your bedroom door, saying good night.
"Thanks for doing this, Barnes, I had a really great time with you.”
"Me too, sweetheart," he muttered and put his head on the wall while looking at you with a soft expression, the air between you more charged than ever. "I hope it was worth sacrificing your Valentine's Day over."
You took a step closer to him and touched the hem of his jacket sleeve, "this is the best Valentine's Day I've ever had, thank you."
Bucky's eyes scanned your face briefly as a proud smile emerged on his lips. "Me too, sweetheart..." he nodded, looking as if he was having a hard time holding himself back from touching you.
"So... how does the Bucky Barnes experience usually end?" you asked quietly, looking up at his piercing eyes.
"Well," he drawled, "...there are a couple of outcomes. And they all depend on the key jangle."
"The key jangle?" you asked hesitantly and furrowed your eyebrows, suddenly nervous you were failing some sort of weird test.
"Yeah," Bucky nodded his head with a chuckle, "- you see; when you follow a woman to her door, and you stand like this," he took a step closer and pointed between the two of you, "she will always either fiddle with her keys or not depending on how eager she is to open the door. A key jangle without an invitation to come inside, means you should just thank her for tonight, turn around and go home. Key jangle and an invitation means she really wants you to come up for a nightcap. And no key jangle at all usually means she wants you to kiss her at her door."
"You can tell all that just from the keys?" you threw back your head with a laugh, taking in how he shifted his weight on his feet and ran a hand through his hair.
"Yeah, usually..." he licked his lips hesitantly, his eyes travelling down to your hands that you had buried in the pockets of your coat.
You knew what he was requesting; he wanted to see if you were fiddling your keys or not.
Slowly, you pulled both hands up from your pockets, laying them flat in front of him and turning them around, showing him your empty palms.
His eyes snapped from your hands and up to your face.
His chest was heaving slowly, his eyes darkening as the pupils slowly drowned out the blue in his irises while he looked at you. "No keys," he concluded quietly, trying hard to fight the smile that tugged on the corners of his mouth. "Fuck me," he smiled broadly, and stepped over to you, putting his calloused palm to the side of your face where he stroked his thumb over your jawline while his lips danced enticingly close to yours.
You let out a small whimper at the soft touch, reached up, and pressed your pillowy lips to his broad smile.
The kiss was short and sweet, but it didn't take Bucky two seconds before he let out a satisfied groan and pulled you closer. "Fuck, sweetheart!" he whispered with a breath heavier than ever before. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this," he growled and put his hand in the back of your neck, his lips urging you to open your mouth so he could slip his tongue past your teeth and into your wet mouth.
He gave out a sensual groan when your tongues finally found each other and happily trailed his metal fingers up your side; touching the exposed skin of your thigh, grazing over the curve of your hip, massaging your waistline through the soft fabric of your red dress.
You pulled your head slightly backwards, just enough to free your lips from his, but the quiet whimper that escaped Bucky's throat when he chased your mouth wasn't lost on you.
"You wanna..." you breathed, taking in his blushed face, his hooded eyelids, his unruly hair, "- you wanna come inside?"
He smirked proudly and leaned closer, pressing a series of soft, wet kisses to your throat that were so sensual and full of lust that this time, it was you who whimpered.
"Yeah, sweetheart," he breathed against the wet spots on your neck, "fuck I wanna come inside!" He growled and resumed his kisses to the thin skin below your ear as you desperately tried to fit your key in the lock.
His hands were snaking around your stomach, his palms pressing you closer to his pelvis, and he leaned in close and whispered in your ear. "Sweetheart, I want to take you out again..." he pulled your earlobe between your teeth.
"Buck!" You gasped when you felt his fingers graze over the skin of your inner thighs.
"Tonight wasn't play-pretend for me..." he whispered, "I want you. All of you. Not just on missions and during training sessions at the gym - all the time."
You fiddled with your keys in the lock, desperate to rip off his clothes, and finally managed to open the door to your room.
You quickly spun around in his arms and felt his large palms dip lower on your hips while he was looking at you with a slightly nervous and anticipating look.
"Okay you got me," you whispered and hooked a finger in his collar as you took a step backwards and hauled him into your room.
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sweetly-yours-and-mine · 2 months ago
Valentine - Oneshot
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steven Grant x Reader
Word Count: 2.6k
Summary: Steven sends you flowers on Valentine's and sends you into a tailspin. Based on this song by Laufey.
Warnings: friends to lovers with Steven Grant, both Steven and the reader are inexperienced in relationships and essentially have really awkward conversations
A/N: Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins make a brief appearance at the beginning of this for all my Parks and Rec fans! I don't own photos, dividers or characters.
Tumblr media
Ann, the office receptionist’s desk, as well as the rest of the office, is filled to the brim with pink streamers, red heart chain links and little teddy bears holding hearts that say they love you. It’s all Leslie’s work, the miracle boss who could transform a whole building level into a Valentine wonderland overnight and still be able to lead the weekly Monday morning meeting with more energy than the whole floor combined. 
So, as you’re passing by Ann’s desk for a cup of coffee, you assume that the bouquet of roses was just part of the charade. Because there’s no way anyone but Leslie Knope would buy a bunch of, if you’re guessing, a hundred roses, surely causing a flower shortage in the greater London area. 
They let off a dreamlike aroma, as if you’re passing the door to another dimension, where roses rain from the sky and into the rivers. You pause, finger one of the blooms, flit your hands over the delicate baby’s breath lining the border of the bouquet. 
“Pretty,” you murmur to yourself. 
Ann looks up from her notepad and smiles at you, “They’re for you.” 
“Yeah right,” you scoff, leaning in and taking a final breath in of that divine smell. “As if.” 
But she barely bats an eyelash, making your heart falter as you look back at the roses and start to seriously consider that she isn’t joking. You feel something nudge your hand, you look down and see Ann holding out a small card for you. 
I love you bunches. 
You turn it around, still blindlessly in hope of some saving grace that will prove it as some sort of running office gag that you had to be at the butt of this Valentine’s day. The florist logo only looks back at you expectantly. 
“Ann, where…” The vase is massive to say the least. The flowers are going to take up at least half of your cubicle, leave alone the fact of how you’re going to manage to take this home on the tube. “I can’t take these.” 
“Well, you’d better!” Leslie’s chipper voice makes you start. She throws an amicable arm around your shoulders, pulls you into her without preamble. “Because if they’re up for grabs then I call dibs!” 
“I uh-” you’re not sure how Steven would feel if you gave his grand romantic gesture away to your boss. Steven loved Leslie, that much was for sure, but that much? You can’t even fathom Steven loving you that much. “I…Leslie-” 
“Ah, just pulling your leg,” she pokes your side, winking at you cheekily. Her phone goes off and she starts running towards the elevators with a, “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” 
You stare at her, stare back at the flowers, stare at Ann. She stares back at you, “Need help getting them to your desk?” 
“I…” the card weighs heavy in your hands. I love you bunches. It couldn’t have been anyone else but Steven. “No, that’s alright. I’ll go clean up some papers and I’ll be back.” 
“Alright, thanks hun.” 
The rest of your workday, you can say for certain, is lost to the wind. As soon as you manage to focus your scattered attention on a document, someone stops at your desk with a, so jealous of you and a lucky lady, reminding you once again of the flowers you’d never really had forgotten about in the first place. 
Previous Valentine’s Days were usually spent by yourself, a couple of other single friends at most. You’d sit around, drink some wine and half-watch a rom-com as the rest of the crew cried their eyes out and stuffed their faces with chocolates, lamenting about how single they were. 
Steven however, loved love. His apartment could give Leslie’s office a run for her money, what with his pink, superfood beetroot lattes, the paper hearts stuck in the windows and the extra pink knackage in Gus’ tank. 
But this?
You turn your chair to get a better glimpse of the flowers. 
This was a gesture that was supposed to be exclusively reserved for the Hugh Grant and Matthew Macfadyen primary male love interests. Gestures that make your friends cry and swoon all night long, lamenting about why they don’t make guys like that anymore. 
Not Steven. 
Your Steven. 
Steven Grant that you’d started seeing romantically for a few months at best. This was a gesture so bold and tacky that you wouldn’t peg it to be him had it not been for the note. At least, it seemed a bit much for where you thought you two were together. 
Your friendship with Steven had years to grow and flourish, having run into him at the gift shop after an exhausting day with your goddaughter. Your romance with him had had much less time. 
It had taken him close to four years to ask you out. He’d rambled and stumbled his way through his sentences on a night where he’d been more chatty and nervous than usual. At first, he was asking you out for dinner, then he’d thought the best of it and said he wanted to go rock climbing. He’d then remembered that his shoulder had been giving him some pain and he was surely the most uncoordinated person out there, so he settled for coffee. 
Steven had paused for maybe a second, before he started to correct himself to make sure that you wouldn’t think he wasn’t serious about this, just because he was asking you for a coffee and not dinner. If you wanted, he would take you to dinner, he had no qualms about that either, it’s just that he didn’t want you to think that he was too serious about this either. He loved and valued your friendship, above anything else in his life, and should love not work out for the two of you, then he’d want to still stay and friends and- 
Finally you had cut him off, took his hand in yours to make him calm down a little and had said that coffee, dinner or even rock-climbing sounded nice. That you’re scared of what this might mean for your friendship, but you’re willing to give it a try. 
Turns out taking a gamble on Steven was the best choice you’d ever made. Now that he had your full permission, he let loose all the bottled up, puppy-like energy he’d discretely expressed in little chunks. It’s a little overwhelming at first, having him not only listen to you looking at you like there was nothing more important in the world, but to also have his hands wander anywhere they wanted, making your head dizzy and fingers jittery. 
You can’t imagine going back to a life pre-Steven. A life where he wasn’t there to quiet down your screams as a fly flew from one side of the flat to the other, with Steven hot on its tail until it was chased out the window. A life where, after closing the window, he’d turn to you, breathless and sweaty, and say, “That ought to take care of it, love.” 
In two seconds flat you were in his arms, kissing him as if he were life itself. 
Two weeks into your relationship he told you he loved you. 
He’d done it at a movie night over at your place, a weekly tradition that hadn’t been broken with the change in your relationship. On habit, you’d drenched the popcorn in caramel. Without a second thought, you pull out a bottle of Irn-Bru, a Scottish drink, a favourite of his from the fridge. 
“Oh, you’re amazing!” he’s grinning wide at you, his whole face lighting up when you press the toxic orange-coloured drink into his hand. “Oh, I love you!” 
When he’d made no move to take back what he’d said, to chalk it up to a long day at work, you pointed it out to him. 
“Did you mean that, Steven?” you swallow thickly, your hands suddenly sweaty. “You don’t have to, we can pretend it never happened.” 
“Mean what, love?” His glasses are on, his left hand already sticky with sugar, his other holding the remote as he scrolls through the options. 
“That…” the words feel heavy and foreign on your tongue. There’s a strange feeling blossoming up inside you, one that you’ve been trying to tamper down for a while now. “That you love me.” 
“‘Course I do,” he says it as if he’s saying that he needs more vegan dark chocolate if you happen to pop by Tesco after work. He looks at you and smiles, half-munching on a mouthful of popcorn, “Don’t gotta say it back or anything, really. Just thought you’d like to know.” 
Truth be told, you’d never been in love. Ever. There were faint infatuations and obsessions that you went through in your life, if the layers of movie posters in your childhood bedroom had something to say about it. When you were older there were a couple of crushes that disappeared the moment they asked you out. Every time love had the faint chance of approaching you, you’d knocked it down. Had kept the walls around your heart tight, though you peeped in through the gaps and briefly fantasised about what would happen, should you let someone in. 
But Steven had already passed through the walls of your heart, had his own corner filled with his niche books and oversteeped, cold cups of forgotten tea. So, when he started to return the subtle affection that was growing inside you, your last line of defence had faded away and you were left with a strange feeling inside you instead. Weird. You felt weird. Steven made your heart flutter in palpitations that almost sent you to A&E, concerned that you’d had a heart attack. 
The feelings return that same night when halfway through the movie, he turns to you and tells you that he not only loves you, but thinks that you’re very pretty as well. 
You weren’t sure what to say back. Thank you seemed too self-absorbed, and Steven had scolded you enough times for you to know that denying the compliment would be worse. He’s looking at you expectantly, and you know that if you don’t say something soon he’s going to burst out in his nervous ramblings again. 
“You’re-” maybe it’s not the right thing to say “-you’re pretty too.” 
“Why, thank you, darling!” He bites his lip, chunkily leans in and brushes his lips against yours in a sticky kiss, smelling of Irn-Bru and love. 
So, though you had no doubt about how much Steven loved you, and how much you’ve grown to care for him in return, you couldn’t wrap your head around his over-the-top, tacky gesture today. Because the rest of your relationship hadn’t been necessarily tacky and over-the-top, and Steven, at least you thought, preferred to love you openly under the soft glow of the TV, behind cracked book spines and barely-there kisses. He shied away from loud noises, from praise and comments about what a lovely couple the two of you were, and turned red if your hands strayed to his lower back. 
The workday ends, though your despair about the flowers doesn't. 
Steven, on habit, is waiting for you in the lobby, his coat unbuttoned to reveal his appropriately matching, heart-scattered pink button down, his hair an unruly mess. He’s grinning as if he hadn’t sent you in a tailspin regarding the very essence of your relationship with him. 
His hug, as always, engulfs you. He leans the majority of your weight into him, presses his face into the side of your neck to murmur, “Happy Valentine’s, love.” Hours spent in his arms feel like seconds. In Steven you feel you’ve found your other half, your missing piece, the pearl to your oyster. He pulls away too soon, holding you awkwardly by your shoulders before he lets go and stuffs his hands into his pockets. “How was work?” 
“Good,” it surprises you that he still hasn’t brought up the rose garden he’d had delivered this morning. “I was distracted all day, however.” 
He pouts, “And why’s that?” 
Leaning up, you twirl a piece of his hair around your finger and shrug non-comitantly, “How was work?” 
“Fine,” you’re hoping he’ll take the bait and go off on a tangent about the new exhibit he’d started exploring on his lunch break, tell you how he’s going to take you to see it over the weekend. “I was distracted all day, however.” He grins when you realise what he’s done and start to hide behind your hands. “C’mon darling,” he gently prys your hands away, ducks his head until you catch his eye. “Didn’t you like the flowers?” 
“I did,” it sounds so shaky and unsure you repeat it over once more for yourself. “I did, really I did, Steven.” 
“But…” he’s fidgeting with the edge of his shirt, eyes flickering away and back to you in nervous movements that resemble a butterfly. 
“It took me by surprise that’s all,” you smile, tracing the edge of his eyebrow, following the line to tuck a curl behind his ear. “I didn’t think you were the type for grand romantic gestures.” 
“I’m not,” his eyes are sparkling. “But, you’re my Valentine, love, that’s what a Valentine is for. Grand romantic gestures and the likes, yeah?” 
Valentine. How did your Steven turn into your Valentine overnight? “I’m your Valentine?” 
“Well, at least I’m hoping you are. You are, aren’t you?” He scratches his neck awkwardly, looks down at his shoes and shuffles his feet together, and back out like a penguin. 
“I’m-” you reach for his hand and intertwine your fingers together, giving him a comforting squeeze. “I guess I am.” 
So many aspects of your new-found love with Steven feel childish, like they belong back in your school days with the harsh eyes of the librarian chaperoning your every move on the gym floor. At times, like right now, holding hands in a semi-crowded lobby filled with your co-workers, it feels just as taboo as it would if you were eleven. 
You decide you like navigating this dance with him, finding stable ground in an earthquake and holding on to each other like nothing else matters in the world. 
“Oh!” His face lights up as he goes digging through his bag and pulls out a pink-coloured box and a couple of other papers from work. It sends the both of you to the ground, him rambling on about his horrible lack of balance, knocking heads as you come back up. “I got these too-” he holds the chocolates out for you “-for you. Happy Valentine’s. ‘Course I told you that already but, ya know, thought I’d say it again. Chocolates n’all.” He averts his eyes away from you and back to his hands. 
“Steven,” you don’t care that he doesn’t look back up. That it isn’t the moonlit, romantic confession you dreamed about giving to your dreamy prince as a child. “Steven, I love you. And not because of the flowers or the chocolate. I just, I really love-” 
The chocolate box drops from your hands, spilling out truffles onto the floor. You don’t pay it any mind, what with your Valentine’s lips on yours, making your head spin and your heart beat erratically.
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you thought of it, it means the world to me! Masterlist here.
Everything tags: @whats-belay
Moon Knight tags: @alicetweven
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lifeinpoetry · 5 months ago
& you say girl the same way sailors name their boats because who can afford a gender these days? & you take your medication with the syrup from a can of oranges & your body is still your body & really, there is no metaphor for that & you wash your hair in the sink for the first time in many days & you are thankful for even that kind of warmth
— Silas Melvin, from “A Valentine’s Day Spent Home, Alone,” Grit
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theewokingdead · 7 months ago
First Look - Frankie Morales x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Francisco "Catfish" Morales x Fem!Reader Summary: It’s your wedding day and there are a few surprises in store for your husband-to-be, Frankie. Word count: 3k Rating: T Warnings: Fluff fest. Language. Benny doing Benny things. You and Frankie have a preschool-aged daughter. DILF Frankie deserves its own warning. No use of y/n. I know very little Spanish. A/N: Valentine’s Day on Morales Monday?! This calls for Frankie fluff! This started as a quick thought and somehow exploded (as my thoughts always do, apparently), and I hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope this warms your heart and soul and has you yearning for our dear Frankie ❤️
Frankie is a nervous wreck, his heart pounding in a way that makes him fear it’ll rip through his chest and destroy his rental tuxedo. A culmination of all things led him right here, to this very moment – when he finally could see his beautiful bride. It’s been a long journey to get here. Frankie can easily navigate a helicopter through damn near any condition, under any amount of pressure – but navigating a relationship? That’s been a damn near impossible feat - one he couldn’t have done without you.
A bead of sweat falls down his forehead, but he pays no notice to it. He fidgets with the finger where the physical representation of your love will soon be placed while his mind runs a million miles a minute, thinking about what he'll say when he sees you; how beautiful you are, how excited he is to finally make you his wife. He’s also reminding himself to hold it together and not find a way to fuck up this moment, this day, because today is all about you, and for that reason alone, he wants everything to be perfect.
He doesn't understand why he’s so nervous. The two of you are already married in every respect except by law: you share a home, you share expenses, and you even share a daughter together. Most importantly, you share a deep love for one another. Even with all the struggles through the years – yours, his, both – your love has never faltered. You were there for him through the cocaine addiction, through the rehab, through the weeks you were home alone with a newborn worrying he was dead in some jungle in Colombia while on that stupid mission with Pope, and through the PTSD he experienced after he returned home. Your constant unwavering support amazes him, along with how fully capable you are to give him a swift kick him in the ass when he needs it – especially when he doesn’t realize he needs one.
What did I do to deserve you?
Dozens of memories of your relationship flood Frankie’s mind as he stands in the clearing of the forest. This place is special to you both, one that he introduced to you and brought you to countless times afterward - and one you brought him to when you knew he needed a breath of fresh air to help clear his mind. Many nights were spent here stargazing in the bed of his truck, flirting, giggling, and talking about the future. Not to mention the unmentionable things you’ve done in the privacy of the forest. It’s where your relationship grew – and was sometimes tested, considering the number of arguments and deep conversations you’ve also had here. Getting married here just made sense.
Frankie senses a figure approaching from behind, drawing him from his thoughts. He quickly changes his posture, but struggles to decide what to do with his hands. He settles on standing with them in front of him, his right hand clasping his left wrist. The photographer snaps away with her camera before pausing to offer instruction, but the words are muffled in his ears. All he can hear is his heartbeat, the pulsing seeming to build in intensity as the seconds tick by.
Finally, he feels a hand tap his shoulder and verbal permission to turn around to see his bride. Taking a deep breath, he turns around, and immediately locks onto a pair of piercing blue eyes.
Wait…those aren’t your eyes.
For a moment, Frankie questions whether he has somehow lost his mind somewhere in the chaos of the day. Had the heat finally gotten to him? He’s looking at a bride, but it sure as hell isn’t his bride. It’s not you. It’s not the warm smile that he’s accustomed to. Instead, it’s Benny Miller smiling brightly at him, wearing an old wedding gown and veil he picked up at the Goodwill when this plan was first formulated. His muscular arms look absolutely ridiculous in the strapless dress, his tattoo on his right shoulder on full display. A hint of chest hair peeks out of the loosely fitted sweetheart neckline.
Realizing what’s going on, Frankie doubles over in laughter, his hands on his knees to keep him from falling to the ground. Benny immediately follows, roaring as he throws his head back. Somewhere in the background, hidden amongst the trees, Will and Santi are howling with laughter, having held it in for so long while watching it all play out. Tears fill Frankie’s eyes, and when he finally is upright again, he flicks them away, feeling the stress of the day fly away with them.
As the laughter begins to die down, Benny grabs Frankie’s hands. Looking deeply in his eyes, he says breathlessly, “I love you. I love you, Francisco. Can I…Can I please make a baby with you?”
Frankie laughs one more, then pulls Benny into a hug, the two men enthusiastically patting one another on their backs as they embrace.
“Congratulations, man,” Benny bids, breaking from his charade long enough to express her feelings to one of his best friends. “I’m happy for you.”
“Thanks, hermano…,” Frankie begins in sincerity. He pushes back to take a look at the man, then adds, “For whatever the fuck this is.”
Benny grabs Frankie’s face with his big hands and turns it to the side, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek, eliciting another big laugh from Frankie.
“Fuck you, pendejo,” Frankie jokes, lightly pushing him away.
“Don’t you love me anymore, Frankie, baby?” Benny teases. He pushes up on the bustline of the dress, which is hanging loosely from his lack of cleavage. Frankie pulls on the neckline, playfully looking down, causing the two other Delta members to whoop and holler in the background.
“Like what you see?” the blond man questions.
“You’re beautiful, baby!” Santi teasingly yells from across the way.
The photographer finally interjects. “Can we do a prom pose with the lovely bride?”
The two men immediately get into position, Frankie standing closely behind Benny, his hands wrapped around the younger man’s waist. Another laugh escapes Frankie’s lips, then he plants a kiss on Benny’s cheek, causing the man to chuckle as well.
“I can’t,” Benny wheezes, breaking away from Frankie. “I can feel your cock on my ass.”
“You know you like it,” Frankie jokes, slapping him on the ass before he’s out of reach.
“Oh!” Benny exclaims dramatically. “You dirty boy!”
“Get your ugly ass out of here,” Frankie commands in a playful tone, shooing him away. “And tell the other two to stop drinking until after the damn ceremony.”
"You can't tell us what to do, Morales," Will shouts.
“Fine! I’ll find someone who loves me for the way I am,” Benny responds, dramatically flipping the veil out of his face and over his shoulder before walking away
Frankie shakes his head, feigning disapproval while trying to contain his laughter, though the stupid grin on his face gives it away.
The photographer instructs him to return to his original position so they can move forward with the first look. He nods, moving to stand with his back toward the way you’d be coming from. Though he’s still anxious, he’s far less stressed than he was before. Gratitude overflows in his heart as he thinks about his friends and their willingness to do whatever it takes to ease tension. He is sure he chose the right people to stand next to him at the altar.
After patiently waiting for a couple minutes, the photographer finally says, “Alright. Turn around and take a look.”
Frankie’s confused at first, wondering why you hadn’t tapped his shoulder, as Benny had. He doesn’t question it though. Instead, he eagerly turns around. Once again, he doesn’t see you. In fact, he doesn’t immediately see anyone at all.
Hearing a little giggle, he drops his gaze and is met with a carbon copy of your eyes, though they don’t belong to you. Instead, they belong to your daughter, dressed in a flower girl dress, a flower crown on her head, dark curls flowing freely. She looks up at her father with a crooked smile.
“Hi, Daddy!” she exclaims.
“Mija!” Frankie cries, instantly dropping to her level, his arms outstretched for her. She happily runs to him.
“Hi, baby girl,” he says, holding her in a tight, warm embrace. He is in shock not just at the sight of her, but how beautifully she’s dressed, like a little lady. “You’re not who I was expecting!”
“Were you waiting for Mommy?” she questions, pulling back and standing with one of his arms still wrapped around her back.
“I was,” he responds, fussing with her dress, trying to fix where it had wrinkled. Then he adjusts the crooked crown on her head. “But I’m just as happy to see you.”
“Mommy’s so pretty!”
Frankie glows. He didn’t need his daughter’s word to know that you’re beautiful. “She’s always pretty.”
“But extra pretty today,” she emphasizes.
“Okay, mija,” he concedes. “I believe you, but I can’t wait to see for myself.”
Her little hands reach out and touch his jacket, feeling the fabric. She fiddles with one of the buttons. “Am I pretty, Daddy?” she questions.
The smile on Frankie’s face widens, revealing his dimple, watching while she examines his black tuxedo. “Beautiful.”
She looks up at him, then touches his freshly-groomed face, giggling as she feels the stubble on his jaw, which relaxes beneath her touch. “You’re pretty too.”
“Thanks, baby.”
“Do you wanna see my shoes?” she questions, backing away and lifting up her dress before he can even answer, showing off her heeled dress shoes.
“Oh, wow!” Frankie theatrically gasps. “They’re so shiny.”
“They make me taller!” She raises her hands in the air and jumps for emphasis.
“They sure do, mija,” he responds. He gazes at her, his eyes shining with pride. How did he have a hand in creating something so wonderful? He credits you, mostly, but he knows if you were here, you’d assure him that he’s had just as much of a hand in forming her.
His pride quickly turns into sorrow as he realizes that one day she will grow up and no longer need him. His eyes swell with tears, listening as she rambles on about her shoes and dress. He quickly wipes away the tears before they can fall, but it didn’t prevent her from noticing.
“Daddy, are you crying?” she asks, looking concerned.
“I’m happy, mija. These are happy tears,” he assures her. “Promise me you won’t grow up too fast, okay? I'm afraid I'll blink and you’ll be a big girl. Then I’ll be walking you down the aisle.”
She gasps in shock. “I’ll get married too?”
“One day,” he says with a nod. “If you want to.”
“Who will I marry, Daddy?”
Frankie hates when he doesn’t have answers to her questions, but he knows that there are some things that just can’t be answered. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I don’t know.”
“I wanna marry you!”
Frankie chuckles. “No, baby girl. I’m sorry…but I’m marrying Mama, and some day, when you’re big, you’ll fall in love with someone and marry them.”
The little girl crosses her arms across her chest and huffs, stamping a foot on the ground. “If I can’t marry you then I don’t wanna marry anybody.”
Frankie chuckles. “I won’t argue with that.” He reaches up and grabs her small, soft hands, caressing them with his large, calloused ones. “That doesn’t mean you won’t have my heart forever, mija. I promise you that no day will pass where you don't feel my love. Okay?”
She nods. “Okay, Daddy.”
He offers his daughter a comforting smile. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
He pulls her to him and she wraps her arms around his neck. Holding her tightly, he closes his eyes, savoring the moment, wishing he could keep her there forever, to keep her little forever, and to protect her from all the things he’d endured in life.
The sudden shriek surprises Frankie, especially because she yelled right into his ear. He winces as he lets go, allowing her to run to what made her so happy: you.
“Hi sweetie,” you greet, bending at your knees to meet her.
“Mommy, you look like a princess!” she says, looking at you in awe.
“Thank you, baby,” you say. “You do too.”
“I know! Daddy said I’m beautiful.”
You giggle. “He did, did he?”
She nods.
“Well, he’s right. Hey…” You quickly change the subject, knowing it’s time for her to go elsewhere while you get some private time with your future husband before the guests start to arrive. “I heard Uncle Benny is trying to sneak a piece of cake. You should go find him before he does.”
The girl audibly gasps, then turns and, after picking up her dress, runs off toward the large tent in the distance. “UNCLE BENNY!” she shouts. “NOOO! No cake!”
At first, you’re proud, thinking you sent her to stop Benny, knowing the little girl always wants to play police and catch bad guys in action. However, when she adds, “Not without me!” you start to question your decision. Those two are trouble together.
Standing straight, watching the little girl run as fast as her little legs and heeled shoes can take her, you cannot help but laugh. She is perfect to you in every way; the perfect combination of you and Frankie.
You turn, a smile plastered on your face as you catch sight of him. He is still, standing with his feet glued to the ground, as if the mere sight of you had turned him to stone. Your heart leaps for joy the moment your eyes meet. He’s so handsome, and looking at you as if he had just seen the face of God.
What did I do to deserve him?
Biting your lower lip, you pick up your dress and slowly walk to him. He shakes his head, as if in disbelief that he’s seeing you. The moment you stop in front of him, he lets out a sob, then turns away and covers his mouth with a fist, trying to collect himself.
“Frankie, baby…,” you coo, reaching out to put a hand on his shoulder.
He lets out a tearful laugh after hearing the pet name. “I wish I could say that’s the first time I’ve been called that today,” he snorts, putting his hands on his hips.
You chuckle, knowing what had transpired, having been in on the planning and watching it safely from afar. “Benny?”
“Benny,” he repeats, shaking his head once more. He inhales deeply and releases it, then finally turns to you. He looks at you with a warm glow in his eyes, tenderness radiating all over him. His eyes are dark and wet, but also warm and calming, like the cups of hot chocolate you've shared here so many times in the past.
“Dios mío…,” he mutters under his breath. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
You giggle nervously. “Not the first time you've said that.”
“You look…” He swallows and furrows his brow, trying to find the right word, but none of them seem good enough. “Incredible,” he finally gets out.
“Really?” you question, never able to easily accept the compliments he so often showers you with.
“Really. Let me look at you.” He extends his hand, which you accept, then he raises your arm and you give him a twirl, allowing him to see you from every angle. After your spin, he pulls you close to him. You let go of him and place both of your hands on his chest while his own fall to your hips.
“Preciosa,” he softly murmurs. Gorgeous.
You look up at him through your eyelashes. “Aren’t you going to kiss me?”
“Can I?” he questions.
You giggle once more, thinking he’s asking permission like some awkward teenage boy at a middle school dance. “It’s not against the rules to kiss me before the wedding. I mean, we’ve done far worse things here.”
The heat instantly rises in his cheeks. A chuckle escapes his lips as he looks down for a moment, before looking at you once more. “I just mean…I don’t want to ruin your makeup.”
“When has that ever been a problem?” you ask.
“You’re not a bride every day,” he insists.
“Frankie…,” you sigh, dramatically rolling your eyes. “Shut up and kiss me.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he responds.
He immediately acquiesces, and as soon as your lips meet, everyone and everything melts away; it’s just the two of you. All you know is the kiss; all you feel is his lips pressing into yours.
You’re unsure how long your lips stay locked, but when you break, he lays his forehead against yours. The two of you stand there with your eyes closed, enjoying the presence of one another.
“It’s not too late if you want to back out,” Frankie jests, causing you to chuckle.
You open your eyes, looking up at him with all the love and adoration you can offer. “Sorry, Morales, but you’re stuck with me.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mhm. Want me to prove it?” you question.
His cocked eyebrow implies he is internally wondering what you are up to. He smiles coyly, then says, “Alright. Prove it.”
The lips of your mouth curl into a sly smile as you gently push yourself off him. He puts his hands on his hips as he watches you back a couple steps away from him. You then extend your hand to him and say, “I’ll marry you. Right now.”
He looks from your hand to the ground, a chuckle escaping his lips. After a moment, he looks up at you, a bright smile on his face, one that reaches all the way to his eyes, causing the skin around them to crinkle. It’s one you’ve seen several times before: when you first agreed to go on a date with him, when you accepted his proposal, when you told him he was going to be a father, and when your daughter entered the world months later. It was filled with love, radiating happiness from deep in his heart’s core, the glow of it warming your own body and soul.
Without hesitation, he reaches out and grabs your hand. “Alright. Let’s go get married.”
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writingsbymarie · 7 months ago
Tangled (Harry Styles x reader)
Pairing: Harry Styles x female!reader tangled AU
Word count: 9.4k words (jeez)
A/n: so this is inspired by tangled, but not everything is the same, plus i’d say this goes into darker detail. Also happy valentines day bitches comments and feedback would be great and my requests are currently open so if you any au idea let me know cuz those are my favorite to write :)
Summary: You have magic hair, your mother who isn’t actually your mother is insane, your a touch starved girl who has been trapped in a tower for eighteen years when a handsome man shows up in your tower changing your life forever.
Tumblr media
Loneliness would be the best way to describe how you felt most days as you stare from the window of the tower you've spent 18 years in.
“Maybe one day it will be safe enough to leave” you spoke to your black cat Loki who blinked at you before nudging your arm with his head purring in an attempt to cheer you up. You got off of the ledge of the balcony your hair in a braid almost touching the ground. Your whole life you had lived in that tower reading books and learning from them being one of the only things you spent your time doing. That and painting the walls of the tower that was now covered in your paintings. You knew staying there was for your well-being. Your mother warned you of the dangers of the outside world, the vicious animals, and other humans that would tear you apart if you stepped out the door. What else was special about your hair was what it could do for others. It could heal any kind of wound or sickness. Whenever you sang your hair would glow and whatever it touched it would heal. You understood that your powers made you different from others, and people would use you for it, but you were so desperate to leave you’d rather be used for your powers than stay in the tower alone. Your mother was all you had, but she wasn’t always around, leaving for days to get supplies. You always begged her to let you come with but she always said she needed to keep you safe, and the only way to do that was to stay in the tower. 
It was almost your nineteenth birthday which was the best day of the year as you got to watch the lanterns float into the sky. You liked to tell yourself that they were for you. That they were your birthday present, but deep down you knew that wasn’t true. You approached your bookshelf grabbing the most recent book your mother had brought home. It was a love story that made your heart yearn for love like that. Books had taught you everything about life from cooking to making clothes, having friends, and love. You lost yourself in love stories as they were your favorite. When you were sixteen you read the first book that taught you about sex. Which then was able to explain the ache between your legs as you read about it. 
Your mother didn’t teach you sex ed, she just handed you a book, which explained everything and taught you how to pleasure yourself, which you did often enough as you were stuck in a tower with limits on what you could do.
Just as you started reading your mother walked in greeting you with a hello. You smiled up from the book one of your hands playing with your hair as you anxiously thought of a way to ask her if you could see the lights this year. 
“Mother can I ask you something” you started standing up from your chair.
“Of course what is it” she replied grabbing both your hands noticing your serious tone.
“Listen I know its dangerous out there, but I’m about to be nineteen, and I can't stay here for the rest of my life I’m miserable, all I’m asking is for you to take me to the lights for my birthday” you spilled your emotions full causing your mother to frown.
“Y/n you know what's out there you are safe up here, they will use you for your powers” she started, but you interrupted her.
“I don’t care if it's not safe mother, I want to meet people, fall in love, I can’t take spending every day in this tower how could they even know I have powers” you cried out in frustration.
“Y/n do not use that tone with me, you cannot leave this tower and that is final” she snarled making tears start to stream down your face.
“You don’t get it, I feel like I’m drowning all the time, I can’t live like this forever, I’m miserable mom please” you sobbed. 
“Honey, I understand, but I can’t lose you and it's horrible out there, every time I go out there for us I risk my life, and I won’t let you just die, I won’t let them use your powers” your mother spoke softly wrapping her arms around your shaking body as you cried into your hands slumping into her as you let out all your sadness.
“I don’t want to live like this” you cried into her arms your breathing erratic. 
“You don’t have a choice” 
The next morning you woke up to see a note from your mother saying she was going to get you your birthday present and would be back as soon as she could. You sighed your head aching from all the crying your hair a mess. You slipped from your nightgown went into your shower washing yourself and your long hair. Your hair took a ridiculous amount of time to wash, It went down to the back of your knees as you hadn't ever cut it since that would cause the hair to lose its power.
Once you were done washing your body and hair you put on your purple sundress that was a bit fitted on top and then flowed out to your ankles. You then braided your hair and sat down on your chair pulling out your book. You read for what felt like an hour until you heard a noise from outside your window almost like a grunt making your heart stop. 
Someone was going to kill you was the first thing that went through your mind. You quickly ran to the kitchen grabbing a frying pan before backing yourself into a corner. Your breathing picked up when you heard footsteps coming from upstairs. You quickly hid behind a chair as the footsteps began to transcend down the stairs. You looked from the side to be met with a young man with brown fluffy hair. He was definitely cute, but you knew he was dangerous so once he turned around you whacked him as hard as you could with the frying pan causing him to immediately fall to the ground with a thud as you went into panic mode.
“Please don’t be dead” you whispered as you bent down feeling his pulse a breath of relief leaving your mouth as you felt his heart still beating. You then grabbed some rope tying his arms together as tight as you could. You then sat down across from him your pan still in hand as you waited anxiously for the man to wake up.
You had no idea how long he was out. When his eyes opened they filled with panic as he scanned the room trying to move his arms, but he stopped thrashing once his green eyes met yours. You were terrified to the point that you were shaking holding up the frying pan.
“What’s going on” he asked slowly watching as you didn’t move a muscle. “listen I’m not opposed to being tied up but not like this” he joked making your eyes widen slightly. 
“You came in here trying to kill me so I hit you with a frying pan” you stammered your body filled with fear. You watched his face contort in confusion at your statement.
“I wasn’t trying to kill you, some guys were after me, I saw this tower so I decided to come to hide in it” he tried to explain, but you shook your head.
“My mother says that everyone outside of the tower is bad, and people like you would try to kill me which is why I can’t leave” you explained and he tilted his head even more confused.
“I mean sure there are evil people out there, but not everyone” he started, and you shook your head.
“No, she said its too dangerous out of the tower” 
“Love, how long have you been up here,” he asked.
“My whole life” you answered and you watched his eyes widen.
“You have never left this tower, how old are you” 
“Eighteen, almost nineteen” you responded slowly lowering the pan as you felt more comfortable. “How old are you,” you asked softly.
“I’m twenty one” he replied in shock wondering why on earth this girl had been raised to think everyone was bad and she could never leave a small tower, but Harry knew he needed to get away, and out no matter how bad he felt for the girl. He was not about to go to jail and possibly get the death penalty for stealing from the king and queen or getting killed by the men he screwed over taking the crown for himself. 
“Why are there people after you,” she asked bringing her legs into her chest.
“Remember when I said there are good and bad people, there are some bad people after me that's why I came to hide here, but if they find me they will hurt me so I need you to let me go” he explained and you shook your head.
“No I can’t let you go, I don’t trust you” you tensed rubbing your fingers on your temples.
“I’m Harry” he spoke up, and your eyes met his. “I know you think everyone is bad, but I won’t hurt you”
“I’m Y/n” you responded before standing up to grab some water. You didn’t know what to think, but you knew you needed to ask him about what it was like out there because right now you were beginning to think your mother wasn’t being honest with you. You grabbed an extra glass for Harry and walked towards him.
“You thirsty” he nodded and you tilted the glass of water into his mouth before sitting on the ground across from him Loki came to sit on your lap. 
“Is it dangerous outside of this tower?” you asked.
“Well it can be, but it is safe more than it is dangerous, it just depends on where you are” he explained and you scrunched your face in frustration.
“So if I were to leave this tower I would probably be fine,” you asked your blood boiling.
“I mean maybe, but you have no perception of life outside of here so yeah it could be dangerous for you”
“Why are their lights every year on the same day” you then asked and he looked at you funny as the question was unexpected
“They are for a princess that went missing a while back” he explained and you nodded, when suddenly you had an idea.
“I’ll let you go if you take me to the lights” you blurted and his eyes widened.
“I can’t do that” 
“Why not”
“Because I don’t have time for that”
“Make time, or you are never leaving and I guarantee you don’t want to be here when my mother gets home” you need him to say yes because he was right, you had no idea how to be outside of this tower, and leaving alone would be a death wish, but maybe with him you could go see the lights and prove to your mother that you can be outside of the tower, and just maybe she would trust you to leave the tower.
Harry felt his body tense up knowing that the risk of him getting caught would exponentially grow if he went anywhere near the kingdom again, but he also didn’t have a death wish and from the sounds of it your mother was borderline insane.
“Fine” he huffed, and she squealed untying him.
“If you try anything I will hit you with the pan again” she spoke, and he smirked.
“Trust me I believe you, and you have a mean arm my head still hurts” he laughed and you frowned feeling slightly bad for whacking him so hard. 
“We should leave right now before my mom gets back” you suggested and he nodded. “How do we get down”
“We climb, but don’t worry I’ll help you okay” he smiled as you walked towards the window. You put your feet out taking a deep breath before turning and grabbing onto a vine slowly lowering yourself down. You couldn’t believe you were doing this right now. Once you were to the bottom you let go of your feet hitting the soft grass below. You looked around taking it all in a smile appearing on your face as Harry dropped next to you. 
“I’m out” you laughed before taking off to run breathing in the fresh air before spinning before falling to the ground looking up at the clouds. You then closed your eyes letting the heat of the sun warm your body. 
“You done” he asked raising an eyebrow. You opened your eyes looking up to see the gorgeous man smiling, and you just laughed shooting up throwing your arms around him. You felt his body tense up as you snuggled into his neck taking in his scent, and the warmth of his body against yours.
“Thank you Harry” you whispered into the hug and Harry felt his heart swell slightly. You pulled away from him still smiling ear to ear, and Harry couldn’t help but think you were beautiful. When he smiled back and you felt your cheeks heat up. He was extremely handsome like the boys you saw in the pictures in your books. The way one curl fell onto his forehead had your knees weak, and his smile just about killed you.
“Lead the way” you blurted out breaking the eye contact that was making you feel a slight ache between your thighs. You knew that you were touch starved, but you wanted to kiss him, and you wanted him to touch you everywhere. You may be a virgin, but you definitely knew all there was to sex because you had read so much about it. It was a guilty pleasure that you don’t regret one bit, and you were now thinking that aside mission to seeing the lights would be to get this man to sleep with you because you weren’t sure you would get an opportunity like this ever again. 
Harry began to walk, and you followed behind him as you felt the adrenaline rush leave your body turning to panic. You suddenly stopped the tower nowhere in sight and you felt tears begin to sting your ears. Harry turned around noticing you had stopped his eyes filling with concern. 
You walked towards a rock sitting down. 
“Hey what's wrong” Harry pried grabbing your hand in his.
“My mother is going to hate me” you choked out.
“Y/n listen, your mother has no right to keep you locked away in a tower for your whole life, you are an adult, and you deserve to make your own choices” 
“But what if I made a bad choice” you looked at him.
“Do you want to go back?” he asked softly. You turned from him looking at your surroundings. Did you want to go back?  
“No” the answer came out before you could even process what you were saying. 
“Can we keep going” he squeezed your hand and you nodded, but this time he kept his hand locked with yours and you began walking through the thick woods.
“Where are we going” you questioned and he turned his head to face you.
“Depends, we can go straight for the kingdom or I could show you what you should be doing as a nineteen-year-old” you looked at him tilting your head. 
“What should I be doing at this age exactly” you questioned.
“Have you ever heard of a pub” he inquired?
“Like one that serves alcohol” 
“Would you want to do that, you don’t have to, but we can”
“I want to, I’ve drunk alcohol by the way my mom lets me drink on special occasions” 
“Have you been drunk before” 
“Yep, sometimes I drink when my mom's gone, makes things interesting ya know” you laughed.
“So you're not as innocent as you seem” he smirked.
“You should see what I’ve read” you winked giggling as shock crossed his face at your comment. “Now let's go get drunk” 
The pub had only been about an hour's walk away, and by the time you got there, the sun had just gone down. You watched Harry approach a tree quickly ripping a paper from it crumpling it up before leading you into the pub. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion wondering what had been on the paper, but the second you entered the pub you could care less. When you walked in music was playing, and people were laughing and dancing. You smiled as you scanned the building. Harry grabbed your hand leading you to the bar area. 
“Harry Styles what do I owe the pleasure,” said a blonde man with a thick accent and a bright smile.
“Keep it down Niall” he grumbled. 
“Not my fault you enjoy doing illegal” Niall started but Harry cut him off.
“How about some drinks for my friend and I”
“Who might this pretty lady be” Niall turned to you flashing a smile. 
“Y/n” you held out your hand to shake his. His grip on your hand was firm and his hand radiated warmth. 
“So what brings you here,” Niall asked, and you felt your body tense up not exactly knowing how to answer. 
“Her mom's insane locked her in a tower her whole life, and now I’m showing her a good time” Harry took over and Niall looked at him with a strange look.
“Seriously” he narrowed his eyebrows.
“She's not that crazy she just wanted to keep me safe” you replied and Niall let out a breath.
“Y/n no person locks their kid in a tower for their whole life because they are too paranoid, your mother has some issues no offense” Harry spoke. His words should have upset you as he shouldn’t be speaking about you mother that way, but you knew he had a point so you shut your mouth.
“Well you've got a lot of life to catch up on so here's a drink” Niall handed you a cup, and you downed the liquid it burning your throat. Harry looked at you with wide eyes. 
“As he said I’ve got a life to catch up on” you shrugged.
“Okay but let's not get so drunk we can’t walk alright” Harry gave you two thumbs up and a smile and you rolled your eyes.
“Another” you put the glass down and Niall nodded filling it up again this time you took a seat deciding to take your time with the drink as the first one was beginning to hit you. You turned your body looking at the dance floor and the band playing instruments to an upbeat tune. “Dance with me” you breathed to Harry.
“I don’t dance darling” he chuckled.
“Well you’re dancing today” you smiled as you took his hand dragging him to the middle fo the dance floor as you jumped and swayed with the people around you Harry just standing there awkwardly causing you to laugh. You then wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer to you, and he started to sway slightly looking down at his feet.
“So Harry tell me about yourself” you asked wanting to know more about the mystery man you decided to risk your life with. 
“What do you wanna know”
“Anyhting like your favorite color, your family, where you live, stuff like that” you swayed playing with the ends of his hair.
“Well my favorite color is blue, my dad left when I was young, my mom and sister live far from here, and I don't really live anywhere I just float I guess” 
“You don’t have a home” you frowned.
“Nope” he shrugged.
“So you’re all alone”
“Well that's a depressing way to put it but yeah I guess” he sighed, and you felt your heart ache for him, but you also related to him. You felt alone too.
“Well guess what you’re not alone cause now you have me” you fell forwards placing your head on his chest. Harry felt his stomach erupt with butterflies at your words. 
You then separate from his chest using his hand to twirl yourself before crashing back into his body his hands falling to your hips making your body feel as if it was on fire. “Can I ask you something, and you can say no” you spoke into his ear softly.
“Ask away” he smiled.
“Can you kiss me” you blurted, and you swore Harry stopped breathing for a moment. 
“What” he stared down at you.
“Look I’m a touch starved girl who has never been kissed, and you are super cute and I want to kiss you” you admitted, and then Harry smirked.
“You think I’m cute” he joked and your cheeks heated up.
“Sorry it was a stupid-” you were cut off by Harry connecting his lips to yours softly. Your eyes fluttered shut as you felt the heat of his palms radiate across your cheeks. His hands wrapped around your lower back pulling you closer to him, and your hands gripped the material of his shirt your stomach filled with butterflies. The kiss was slow and his lips were soft and gentle against yours. You weren’t exactly sure what you were doing, but moving your lips against his felt insanely good, and you never wanted to stop. You felt yourself begin to relax moving your hands to wrap around his neck. As you began to get the hang of the kiss it became more heated his tongue swiping your lower lips before slipping inside of your mouth his tongue meeting yours causing a small moan to leave your throat. Your lips then parted from his, your breath heavy as he leaned his forehead against yours.
“How was that” he tilted his head to place small kisses along your jaw causing your eyes to close.
“Amazing” you sighed as his lips met your neck causing heat to go straight to your core making your thighs clench the ache between your legs more intense than it had ever been. Just as your lips were about to meet you heard the door of the pub swing open causing Harry to curse.
“Shit we need to go” he cursed grabbing your hand and whipping you towards the back of the pub. Harry looked around before opening up a cabinet which turned out to not contain food but a tunnel. He ushered you in and then you gripped your hand, as the two of you ran through the tunnel. 
“Harry what's going on” you demanded in a panic.
“Remember the people chasing me, they are in the pub” he explained and you felt your heart drop.
“Were gonna die” you panicked stopping in your tracks. 
“No, we aren’t as long as you stop panicking and run” he squeezed your hand in comfort as the two of you increased your speed. The end of the tunnel led to a small pool of water. “I’m assuming you can’t swim, but you’re going to have to try,” he said before jumping in the water dragging you in with him as you let out a high-pitched yelped as your skin hit the ice-cold water. 
“We need to swim under to get out and be in the river so we can escape I’ll be with you the whole time okay I won’t let go of you I promise” Harry spoke his face mere inches from yours as you shivered. 
“Harry I can’t swim” your teeth chattered as you heard voices from the tunnel.  
“You can do it, I know you're scared but I’ll be with you the whole time” Harry held your cheeks making you look at him, and you nodded. The two of you took a deep breath and Harry dragged you forwards through the water. You kicked your legs as your lungs began to sting in need of oxygen. Harry then pulled you up and gasped for air coughing as the two of you began floating down the river. Harry pulled your body close to his as he dragged the two of you to the side of the river. He pulled himself out as you gripped the ground for dear life your body in shock. Harry then grabbed your hands helping you out of the water. Harry pulled you into his body as you shivered your body soaked your dress heavily.
“You okay,” he asked softly and you nodded into his chest before looking up at him. His hair was flopped onto his forehead the strands dripping water. His white shirt under his vest became see-through as it clung to his skin revealing the tattoos scatter along his arm. “We have to keep moving can you do that” 
“Yeah let's go” 
After about 20 minutes of walking, Harry had the two of you stop to rest. 
“You need to get some rest, I’ll go get some firewood and start a fire okay”
“Please don’t leave me” you whimpered grabbing his hands. You still weren’t sure if you trusted him and you were scared if he left he would never come back. 
“I promise I won’t be far, but your freezing I need to start a fire” 
“Don’t take long okay” you released his hand bringing them close to your body.
“I’ll be back before you know it” he assured before walking away leaving you alone leaning up against a rock your legs in your chest rocking yourself slightly. Although you were terrified this had been the best day of your life. You never wanted to go back to the tower. You slowly shut your eyes when suddenly you felt two hands shaking your shoulder. You smiled thinking it was Harry but your eyes widened when you saw your mother's angry eyes meet yours.
“We are going home right now” your mother gritted through her teeth pulling you onto your feet dragging you forwards.
“No” you whipped your arm from her grip backing away from her.
“Excuse me” your mother seethed.
“I’m not going home, I’m going to see the lights” you stood your ground crossing your arms.
“With that boy” your mother questioned.
“His name is Harry, and he is keeping me safe” you explained and your mother shook her head.
“Oh my sweet naive girl, he’s using you and he’s going to break your heart” she laughed sending chills down your spine. 
“No he’s not, I’m not going back I’m an adult and you can’t control me” you raised your voice.
“When he betrays you, and you're all alone don’t come crying back to me, I warned you Y/n I kept you safe all these years and this is how you repay me” 
“I never asked you to keep me locked in a tower my whole life” you hissed. 
“Don’t come back to me when he leaves you in the dust because that's on you darling, but your right I can’t force you, you obviously don't care about your mother who raised you, fed you, loved you, but I’ll leave you to it” she hissed stalking forwards causing you to stumble backward. 
“I’m not going back” you spat before turning on your heel to go back to the campsite tears falling down your face. You didn’t want Harry to know what happened so you took multiple deep breaths wiping the tears from your eyes as you heard rustling from the bushes to reveal Harry carrying multiple logs. You smiled at him as he placed the wood on the ground igniting the fire with precision before taking a seat next to you. You then looked down at Harry's hand to see a deep cut. 
“What happened to your hand” you gasped inspecting the wound. 
“I cut it on something in the woods I’m okay though” he assured but you shook your head.
“Listen I know this might sound crazy, but I can fix that” you spoke, and he furrowed his eyebrows.
“What” he questioned.
“Look I know I didn’t tell you, which I did for a reason because it's not normal, and its definitely crazy, but my hair is well” you started not knowing how to explain it. “Magic” you finished your voice cracking a bit.
“Yeah” you replied unsure of how to explain that when you sing your hair can heal things. 
“Okay I’m glad I got you out of that tower because I think your mom's crazy rubbed off on you” Harry laughed but your face stayed serious.
“I’m serious Harry” 
“Yeah okay,” he rolled his eyes leaving back onto the rock behind him.
“Give me your hand” you demanded and Harry hesitantly put his hand in yours. You took a thick strand of your hair and wrapped it around his hand ignoring the crazy look you were receiving from him, but the look was quickly wiped from his face as you began to hum your hair glowing around his hand. His eyes lit up with awe and bewilderment as you stopped unraveling your hair from his hand to reveal the wound to be gone. 
“How did you do that” he examined his hand.
“I don’t know it just does that” you shrugged. “The other reason my mother never wants me to leave is that she thinks people would use me for my hair and turn me into a science experiment”
“I understand that, but as long as you don't go telling everyone you meet you have,magic hair i think you’d be fine”
“Thats what I tried to tell her but she stood her ground” you shrugged Harrys yes scanning your hair in confusion and amazement.
“That's insane, but also amazing” he stuttered looking at you with soft eyes causing you to look down at your hands as his look made you feel dizzy. You felt his fingers under your chin as he tilted your head up so you would look at him. You turned your head towards him shyly nervous to meet his eyes. “You are the most interesting and beautiful girl I have ever met” you felt your heart flutter heat consuming your body trying to speak, but no words came from your mouth as your eyes flickered from his to his lips. You wanted to kiss him again and you had no idea how to respond to his words you closed the gap between the two of you slamming your lips on his your hands in his hair. He moved his lips against yours his hands shooting to your hips squeezing them slightly. Your hands threaded through his damp hair that was still wet from the river pulling his face as close as you could to yours. Your lips moved against each other fast and full of lust. You felt Harry grip your hips lifting you from the ground onto his pulling you close into his body.
Your body was on fire as you felt Harry's hands slip to your bottom squeezing it causing you to moan into the kiss. The ache between your legs was unbearable. You felt your hips move against him the friction of your heat against his pants causing you to whimper your head falling from the kiss into his shoulder the feeling overwhelming. Harry gripped your hips making you grind against his growing bulge causing him to groan burying his head into your neck sucking and biting causing your head to tilt back as you continued to move your hips. It felt euphoric as his hard length rubbed your clit that you never wanted to stop. 
Harry pulled your head back to his connecting your lips his tongue meeting yours immediately as he picked you up gently placing you on the ground crawling on top of you his thigh between your legs. He disconnected his lips from yours, grinding himself against your core causing you to cry out gripping his back.
“We should stop” he breathed into your neck.
“I don’t want to stop” you whimpered as his hard length pressed against your clit.
“You’ve been locked up in a castle your whole life I don’t want to take advantage of you” he closed his eyes resting his forehead on your stopping his movements causing you to whimper the ache between your legs almost unbearable.
“Harry, I have read so much about sex, I’m not some dumb naive girl who doesn’t know what I’m doing” you spoke and Harry buried his head into your neck. “If you don’t touch me I think I might die” 
“Are you sure you want this Y/n” he pulled his head from your neck looking into your eyes his green ones almost black.
“Harry I want you” you whispered and Harry groaned at your words. You reached your hands to the button of his vest pushing it off. You then helped him remove his shirt revealing his tattooed body. You stared in awe running your finger along with the butterfly in the middle of his chest. Harry then removed himself from the top of you and grabbed your hands helping you stand up. He pulled you into his body for a short kiss his fingers going to untie the corset of your dress. Once it was loose you let it slip down your body leaving you in your panties. Harry lightly touched your exposed skin his hand running down your arm his eyes on your breasts. He then dragged his hand from your lower stomach up to your breasts before moving his head down to take your breast into his mouth causing you to cry out. Harry released his mouth from you with a pop before leading you back to the ground on top of him.
You moved your lips to his grinding your aching core on his hard length causing you to whimper at the friction of your panties on your clit. 
“Can I touch you?” he asked his fingers playing with the hem of your panties.
“If you don’t I’ll touch myself” Harry groaned before flipping you over causing you to gasp. He then slowly peeled your panties down your legs his mouth watering as he got a glimpse of your wet core.
“Fucking hell” he breathed as his middle finger ran down your slit collecting some of your wetness bringing it to his mouth for a taste. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he tasted your sweet juices. “You taste divine,” he said before kissing your lips his finger moving to your throbbing clit. 
“Have you touched yourself before?” he asked rubbing your clit in slow circles teasingly.
“I thought I made it clear I’m not as innocent as you seem to think” you moaned out as he pressed slightly harder.
“I need to get you ready for me, can I put my fingers in” he dragged his lips against your jaw.
“Please” you whined bucking your hips desperate for some kind of friction. You moaned when you felt a finger enter your hole making a come hither motion his finger reaching deeper than yours ever could. You felt him insert another finger stretching you out making you grip his shoulders feeling him smile into your neck. He began moving his fingers in and out. He started slowly your hips grinding into his fingers desperate for the release that was building in your stomach. 
“Faster Harry” you breathed, and he picked up the pace moving his fingers in and out at a pace that had your toes curling as you let out incoherent sentences and his name over and over as the knot in your stomach felt as if it was going to explode.
“Are you close” Harry whispered into your ear his fingers somehow moving faster causing you to scream his name and he laughed into lips.
“I’m going to cum” you moaned your hips thrashing against his fingers as the knot exploded whimpers and cries leaving your mouth as he continued moving his fingers to take you through your high. He didn’t stop until you grabbed his wrist slumping into the ground your heart racing and your breath heavy. Harry pulled his fingers from your heat bringing them to his mouth sucking them clean before kissing your lips. You lazily kissed him back wrapping your arms around his neck as your body came down from the best orgasm you had ever had. You were exhausted bu you refused to be done. You wanted him inside you. You then moved your hands to his belt fumbling with the buckle.
“Are you sure you want to, we can stop now” Harry assured but you shook your head.
“I need you inside of me please” you begged shoving his pants down his legs. You then grabbed his boxers and he helped you take them off his hard length hitting his stomach Harry let out a sigh as you wrapped your small hand around his large length. You werent expecting him to be this big. You swiped your thumb along the slit touching the pre cum that was leaking from the tip causing harry to buck himself into your hands.
“Just go slow okay” you suggested and he nodded taking his member into his hands rubbing it along your slit the both of you moaning out with pleasure.
“If you need me to stop just tell me and I will” you nodded and he slowly inserted the tip stretching you out, even more, causing you to cry out in pleasure and pain as he slowly moved into you filling you up until he was all the way in. You felt so full gripping Harry's back as you adjusted to his size. 
“You are so tight I could come just from this” he moaned out causing you to giggle.
“You can move now just slow,” you told him and he nodded before slowly pulling out then moving back in moaning from the feeling of your wet walls squeezing him. He continued to move his pace staying slow as you bit his shoulder to stop your moans. “You can go faster it feels so good” Harry moaned pushing into faster and harder leaving you whimpering sounds leaving your mouth with no control. 
“God you feel so go baby please tell me you're getting close” he kissed your neck his pace growing more erratic.
“Just don’t stop Harry” you mewled as his hand shot down to start rubbing your clit your body jumping slightly at the stimulation. With the fast circles on your clit and the brutal pace of his thrusts you felt the knot in your stomach tightening quickly your hands flying to his hair pulling his making him groan.
“Please cum I can feel how close you are, I need to feel you come around me” Harry begged his climax coming on faster than he would like. You clenched around him his words sending you into your orgasm your legs shaking and nails scratching down his back as you screamed his name. He kept moving in you until your release was over pulling out using his hand to quickly jerk himself off before his eyes rolled back his muscles went tense and the white string of his cum landed on your stomach as Harry moaned out your name before collapsing forward catching himself with his hands. “Holy shit” he breathed into your neck and you let out a breathy laugh before he flopped down next to you. The two of you laid there for a moment in silence staring at the stars until Harry stood up grabbing a handkerchief from his pants pocket cleaning his cum off your stomach. 
“Thank you” you breathed out feeling euphoric.
“Anytime” he smirked grabbing your hands to help you up. Your legs were a bit wobbly but you used harry to help yourself stand feeling a bit sore between your legs. You then bent down grabbing your panties slipping them back on while Harry put his clothes back on. You then  stepped in your dress pulling it up your body. You then felt Harry's body press against yours from behind kissing your shoulder. You leaned back into his touch closing your eyes. You felt him loosely tie the corset. He then sat down against the rock and you took a seat right next to him his arms pulling you into his chest. You closed your eyes quickly falling to sleep in his warm arms listening to the sound of his soft breath. 
The next morning you woke up with your head in Harry's lap feeling his fingers brushing through your hair softly. You slowly sat up and Harry smiled before kissing your lips softly. You smiled into the kiss before pulling away your body sore needing to stretch and move. You slowly stood up the ache between your legs very much prevalent, but you didn’t care.
“Let's get you to the castle to see those lights” he smiled lacing your fingers leading you towards the kingdom. 
The two of you walked for hours your feet aching. When you finally arrived you stared in awe at the castle. The village was beautiful. Harry kept his head down as you crossed the bridge to enter the kingdom.  
“Oh my god Harry this place is amazing” you exclaimed leading him into the main part of town practically skipping with joy. Harry smiled watching your excitement making his heart swell. You were the sweetest person he had ever met, and your happiness managed to rub off on him as your smile caused him to get butterflies. Which slightly terrified him as he had never felt a way towards a woman. He was so used to screwing girls for one night and never seeing them again but her. He never wanted to leave her. Your hair flowed as made your way through the village when three small children stopped you staring at your hair.
“Can we do your hair?” a little girl asked her eyes large.
“Of course” you giggled, and the kids got to work braiding and putting flowers all through your hair. “It’s beautiful” you smiled at the beaming children who were jumping with excitement. You then returned to Harry who had just as big of a smile as you. After exploring the town the sun began to go down and Harry led you to the lake where the lanterns would be. The two of you ducked past the person watching the area with laughter before jumping into the small canoe. Once you were both seated Harry pushed off the deck and used the paddle to take you out to the middle of the lake. As you paddled out lanterns began lighting up the sky floating into the air your eyes wide not wanting to blink taking in everything around you.
“It's more beautiful than I ever imagined” you felt tears begin to prick your eyes not from sadness but from joy. 
“Hey Y/n what's wrong” he shifted towards you placing his right hand on your left cheek using his thumb to wipe the tear falling down your face. 
“Nothing wrong Harry” you assured him placing your hand on his cheeks looking into his eyes that were full of concern. 
“But why are you crying” Harry searched your glossy eyes.
“They're happy tears, every year for my whole life every birthday I would watch the lanterns praying that one day I would be here and now I am, and I have never been happier” Harry’s concern left at her explanation and he felt his eyes fill with tears. He had spent his whole life running, fucking random girls, stealing from people, and for the first time in his life he felt like he had a home with her, and he never wanted to let go. Harry Leaned in pressing their lips together caressing her cheek. She moved her lips against his slowly, and sull of passion. You could taste your tears in the kiss before breaking apart resting your forehead against his before wrapping your arms around him burying your face into his should holding him close as you never wanted to let go. Harry placed his hand on her back rubbing patterns until his heart dropped as he saw the men looking for him outside of the lake. He knew there was no escape this time, and he knew the second you found out he lied to you from the beginning you would hate him. He pulled you from the hug his eyes filled will sorrow swelling up with tears.
“Is everything okay?” you asked him feeling the energy in the room turn from happiness to something that made your stomach clench with anxiety.
“Listen what ever happens just know that I care about you, i’ve spent my whole life running from my feelings and my problems being alone was what i was good at, but now I don’t know how you did it but for the first time I feel like I want to stop running and never leave” Harry confessed as the boat neared the pier of the lake.
“Harry-” you started but were cut off by two large men.
“You’re coming with us Harry the chase is over” one of the men spoke and Harry nodded.
“Harry what's going on, he didn’t do anything why are you doing this” you panicked your heart racing.
“Your little boyfriend here is wanted for stealing from the king and queen, and well from us” the man grabbed Harry yanking him towards him. “We were in it together Harry, but you were selfish wanted it for yourself, well now we will turn you in and get the reward”
“What” your heart sank as everything he told had been a lie. He was one of the bad men. He wasn’t being chased by the bad guys he was a criminal and he used you. 
“Y/n It's not what-” he started
“It's not what it looks like” you gawked at his response. “You lied to me, and you used me to get away with whatever crime you committed by manipulating me” you were so angry all you saw was red. You trusted him and just like your mother said he betrayed you, and now she hated you and you had no one. “I should have listened to my mother” you tried to walk away but one of the men grabbed you. Wrapping your hands in rope tying you to a tree before walking away with Harry leaving you helpless and alone. You could hear Harry begging them to not harm you, to let you go as tears began to flood your eyes as you collapsed to the ground. 
“Y/n” you heard from the bushes your heart fluttering.
“Mother” you cried out.
“I heard them attack you oh sweetheart let's get you out of here” she untied the rope around your wrist. Before following your mother you looked into the distance seeing the men dragging Harry towards the castle. Your heart broke and you ran into your mother's arms sobbing your body falling into hers and you sobbed apologies just wanting your mother. 
The way back to the tower was dismal and horrible. You didn’t utter a word as she led you up the stairs back into the tower locking the door. Loki came running towards you jumped into your arms. You carried him to your bed flopping down covering yourself as tears began to fall from your eyes once again. You knew that you had just met Harry but you fell in love with him. You read a lot on true love, and you were skeptical but now you believed it. You spent two days with him and you fell so madly in love with him and he had lied to you and used you just like your  other said he would. You closed your eyes trying to find peace with sleep but it failed. You were terrified of what would happen to him. Your mother had left the house once more to get fresh water. You grabbed the small hanker chief with a sun you had gotten from the village looking at it. It looked oddly familiar, it had also been on all the lanterns. You gazed around the tower your eyes crossing over your painting when it hit you. That same sun is painted in multiple designs all across your home. You squeezed your eyes shut a memory you locked away coming to full sight. 
You were a baby you looked up from your crib to see a man and woman wearing crowns on their head, and it hit you. You felt yourself stumble your hand reaching for your head as you winced your head aching.
You were the lost princess. It all made sense, the lanterns on your birthday, the suns painted all over the walls from your childhood. Your mother wasn't your mother she was the one who took and she was the one using you for your powers. You felt sick to your stomach you ran to the sink vomiting and coughing. You felt as if you would pass out. Your whole life was a lie. You felt your chest get tight as you gasped for air panic filling your body. Your head was spinning as you hyperventilated as tears fell to the floor. You felt numb your limbs tingling as you failed to catch your breath. You dug your fingernails into your palm begging yourself to calm down. You began counting your breaths finally slowing them as your mother walked through the door making you jump.
“Sweetheart what’s wr-”
“How could you” you sobbed. “You lied to me telling me that the outside world would use me for my powers, but that's what you're doing. It was all you, you kidnapped and brainwashed me”
“What are you talking about” she scoffed.
“I’m the lost princess stop lying to me” you screamed.
“Oh, sweetheart I really wish you didn’t figure that out” her smile was evil as she approached you.
“Get away from me” you cried backing into the corner.
“You have nowhere to go, you think that boy will come to save you” she laughed shaking her head. She looked mad and you were terrified of the person you had loved. “He won’t ever be coming back because he won’t be alive much longer”
“What are you talking about, what did you do to him” you pushed off the wall with anger and concern.
“He’s a thief and death is the consequence especially for what he stole” she taunted, and your heart sank.
“No, no, no he can’t die” you ran from the door, but she stopped you.
“You aren’t leaving ever again” she gritted through her teeth before gripping your arm tight enough to leave bruises throwing you onto your bed. “You need sleep, so get some rest” she replied calmly before walking to her bed. You stared in shock your heart pounding your emotions haywire. You felt dizzy and nauseous as panic filled your body again but this time everything went black.
When you woke up you moved your legs hearing a jangling sound. You shot up to see you were chained to the floor, a cuff wrapped around your left ankle.
“You can’t do this” you cried pulling on the chain.
“I can and I will so eat up darling” she smiled.
“No I will not eat anything, you will never get me to use my hair again I will never do what you want me to do” you yelled as you shoved her away from you causing her to crash into your mirror. It shattered pieces scattered over the floor.
“Fine have it your way” she seethed grabbing a cloth wrapping it around your mouth to stop you from speaking. 
“Y/n” you heard a yell from outside the tower causing your heart to drop. It was Harry. “Y/n please tell me your okay” you tried to yell through the cloth but it wasn’t nearly loud enough. You knew that he started to climb and when your mother pulled out her knife hiding into the shadows you knew what she was going to do. Harry climbed through the window as you screamed through the cloth trying to warn him but it was too late. She came behind him shoving the knife into his back causing Harry to yelp in pain before falling to the floor as you screamed tears streaming down your face. It felt as if everything was moving in slow motion. The way Harry hit the floor caused you to wince.
“Look what you made me do this is your fault Y/n, and now you have to live with the consequences of not doing what I tell you” she hissed as you collapsed to the ground in defeat. You felt hopeless wondering how everything could have gone so wrong so fast. She kneeled down pealing the cloth from your face.
“I hate you” you shouted sobs leaving your mouth.
“I will never stop trying to get away from you, but I will leave with you and do what you say if you let me save him” you pleaded. You couldn’t let him die you needed to save him and if that meant spending the rest of your life doing what this woman said then that was what you would do.
“Y/n no” Harry groaned and you looked at him.
“I can’t let you die” you whimpered. Your mother looked at you before releasing you from the chain.
“Deal” you stumbled to Harry grabbing your hair and placing it around his wound. Your hands were shaking your hair and your hands red with his blood. 
“Y/n don’t do this” he whispered but you just shook your head. 
“It's okay Harry everything is going to be fine I promise” you smiled through your tears slightly trying to ease his pain. You took a deep breath to begin singing when Harry's arm suddenly launched from the ground slicing your hair causing your mother to cry out. You watched as the hair fell to the floor in shock as your natural hair color turned black. You watched as your mother fell to the ground her skin wrinkling her body withering away until she stopped moving. 
“Oh my god Harry no why did you do that” you cried. “I can still fix this I can” you started to sing through your sobs, but it was no use. You fell into his arms your face crying into his shoulder. “This is all my fault”
“Hey, look at me this isn’t your fault, you are going to be okay” Harry smiled tears running down his cheeks his hand caressing your cheek bringing your forehead to his. “You are the only person who ever made me feel like I was home”
“Please don’t leave me Harry” you begged to try to catch your breath as you panicked. As you felt his body go limp his head fell backward. “Harry please wake up” you sobbed your head falling into his chest as he laid completely still in a pool of his blood. Your hands were covered in blood you quickly wiped them on your dress. “Harry you’re going to be okay you just have to wake up okay, please just open your eyes” your tears fell onto his body as you lay against his chest hyperventilating gripping onto his shirt for dear life. You couldn’t save him and he was dead because of you. You continued to cry until you felt his chest move. You quickly shot up looking down to see your tears traveling towards the wound sealing it. You watched as his chest rose once again before he shot up. You felt your heart stop for a moment before launching yourself on top of him engulfing him into a hug.
“How did you-” he started into the hug confused at how he was even alive. 
“I think I have magic tears” you laughed the feeling of happiness finally filling your body again. 
“God you are amazing” he breathed before connecting his lips to yours pulling you as close as possible.
“Now we get to live happily ever after” 
A/n: that took me so long to write and this is definitely my longest fic lmafooooo
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fortuositywritings · 7 months ago
Rain Check
Summary: You ask Wanda to be your Valentine. Just your luck that she gets called on a mission and asks for a rain check, a rain check that lasts way too long.
You've had a thing for Wanda Maximoff since the day you met her. It was hard not to like her when she looked so cute struggling to open the door to one of the offices at the Avengers facility or the Avengers compound as others would call it She grumbled quietly to herself in another language but you could tell she was cursing at the door. You went to help her when it seemed like she was three seconds away from knocking the door down.
“Here, let me help,” you piped up, rushing over to pull the door open for her. She facepalmed, sighing, “I’ve been pushing the whole time.”
You chuckled, “It happens to all of us. Especially in this building. I don’t know who was in charge of the doors, but clearly they didn’t get the memo. When you go into a room, the door is supposed to swing into the room.”
“Yes! Thank you,” she readily agreed. 
You remembered you had a job to do. You smiled at her and offered, “Well if you have trouble with a door again, I’m Y/N and I’m usually working right over there.”
Wanda followed your finger that was pointing to another door down the hall. “Hopefully, I won’t need to but thank you. I’m Wanda.”
You are terrible with names, but you knew this was one that would stick with you. You let her go with a “It was nice to meet you, Wanda. I’ll see you around.”
You spent all afternoon thinking about the pretty brunette. It distracted you from working but since your job was creating aliases and no mission was coming up, you didn’t worry about wasting an afternoon just staring at your screen while your head was somewhere else. 
A knock on your door startled you. You called out, “Come in.”
You sat up straight, typing nonsense on your keyboard to appear busy with work. “Oh, sorry. You look busy.”
Your head whipped up at the sound of Wanda’s voice. She gave you an apologetic look before making her way back out but you stopped her. “Hey, no. I’m not really doing much. Did you need help with another door? Did you try pulling it?”
She rolled her eyes at your teasing remark. You laughed. “I’m just messing with you. Did you need help with something though?”
She blushed almost like she was embarrassed. “It’s my third day here so I don’t know where things are yet.”
“And you’re lost,” you assumed. She smiled sheepishly and nodded. You assured her, “Don’t worry. A compound like this with so many hallways can be intimidating, but you’ll get the hang of it. It took me a whole week to remember where the restrooms were. I would hold it until I got home because I felt embarrassed to keep asking.”
Wanda giggled at your story. She felt better hearing about your experience being new there. You asked her, “Where are you trying to go?”
“The canteen?” she said.
“You don’t sound so confident in that. Is that really where you want to go?” 
“Yes? Honestly, I’m just hungry and don’t feel like making myself food in the kitchen,” she replied.
You laughed, “Totally get it. The main cafeteria is on the first floor on the east wing of the main building. You can’t miss it. It’s huge. There is also a little cafe on the second floor. It’s right in front of the elevators.”
“Okay. Thanks,” she said.
You smiled, glad to have helped. “Yeah. No problem.”
She turned to head out but she lingered at the door.  Before you could ask, she spun around and asked, “Um, do you want to join me? I mean- if you’re not busy?”
You tried your best to act cool and not jump on her offer so enthusiastically, but you failed. “Yeah, I could eat.”
You readily followed Wanda out the door, ignoring the fact that your lunch was in the mini fridge by your desk. Between eating your mediocre sandwich alone in your office and eating decent food with a pretty brunette, you were obviously going to pick the latter. 
And you picked her over and over again. Wanda would come looking for you in the afternoon to have lunch with you. Sometimes you ate at the cafeteria or cafe and other times you would eat in your office, either you or Wanda having brought food for the both of you. 
After about two weeks of this, you got an unexpected visit from Captain Rogers. He claimed to be worried that Wanda might not have been eating because she was upset due to her brother’s passing and that when he approached her about it, she told him that she would eat with her friend - you. 
You confirmed this to be true and reassured him she was taking care of herself. You told Wanda about his visit, which she apologized for, embarrassed that someone had to come talk to you. 
You responded, “It’s never a bad thing to have someone care for you, Wanda, and if you ever need someone to talk to or someone to just listen, I’m always here.”
She took you up on your offer a few days later, venting out all her feelings to you. She was under stress trying to prove to the team that she belonged here because she wanted to help. She was also trying to figure out all she could do with her powers. She still was getting used to moving to a new country seeing that she didn’t have anywhere else to go, and on top of all this she was still mourning for her brother. 
You sat there and you listened and you tried to comfort her. There wasn’t much you could do about figuring out her powers or trying to prove herself to the team, but you thought you could share with her your favorite places in the city and give her a proper welcome. So the following weeks, that is what you did. 
When she had time and wasn’t exhausted from training, you brought her to your favorite spots. The time would fly by when you spent it with Wanda. You really enjoyed getting to know her and you thought she liked being around you too. You always managed to make her laugh which made you happy because you liked hearing her laughter. You realized then, you had it bad for her.
Wanda was ready for missions and though that took away some of your lunches together, she always managed to find some time for you. One time she came straight from a mission to your office still in her suit just to make it in time for lunch with you. That’s the day you hoped and thought that maybe she liked you too. 
Valentine’s Day was coming up in a week and you decided that would be the perfect time to make Wanda aware of your feelings. Two days before Valentine’s, you two hung out in the kitchen of the living quarters making heart shaped cookies. Wanda wanted to give some to the team. It was very sweet.
All day you had been nervous to ask. You even had a cliche note in your pocket as a last resort.
As you were cutting out the shapes, you not so subtly asked, “So, do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?”
Wanda laughed, “Who would even ask me?”
“You’re kidding, right?” you scoff. Her self-deprecating comment makes you halt and give her your full attention. “Wanda, aside from being insanely beautiful, you are one of the kindest and coolest people here. You’d have to be a complete robot to be able to ignore you.”
It’d been a long time since you’d seen Wanda look so shy. You continued anyway, “Actually, I think even Vision knows you are a catch.”
“Well no one, not even Vision, has asked me.” 
You nodded, working up the nerve to ask her. She cleared her throat and asked, “What about you? Do you have anything special planned?”
You had the perfect reply. “That depends on if you say yes.”
She tilted her head curiously, a smile forming on her face. “Are you asking me to be your Valentine?”
You tried to play it cool, despite your face growing hot under her stare. You shrugged. “I mean, if you’re free and I’m free, maybe we could, like, go get dinner or something.”
“No,” she said bluntly.
She didn’t give you time to embarrassingly run out of the room. She continued, “This is the first time someone is asking me to be their Valentine, so you have to do better than that.”
She leaned on the counter crossing her arms, waiting expectantly. You felt so relieved. Remembering the note, you pulled it out and gave it to her. “I hope this suffices?”
She opened the note to see you’ve written ‘Be my Valentine?’ and boxes next to yes and no. You laughed as she ran to find a pen. She came back, returning the note to you. You smiled seeing that she ticked the yes box. 
You smiled in excitement all the way home when you left, keeping the note in your pocket. You spent the next day planning out the date. You still had lunch with Wanda, where she even asked about the plans. She was just as excited as you were. You told her it was a surprise, but to wear something warm. 
Things of course never went to plan. She called you in the morning on that 14th of February. She apologized that she wouldn’t be able to make it because she was put at the last minute on a mission. You told her not to worry about it even though you were very bummed out. 
“Rain check?” she asked. 
“Sure thing. Happy Valentine’s Day, Wanda. Good luck on your mission.”
You definitely jinxed it. You saw it on the news. You tried calling but she wouldn’t pick up the phone. When you heard she was back at the compound, you tried seeing her but she wasn’t leaving her room. The next time you saw her, she was running away with Clint Barton.
“Woah, Wanda. What’s happening? Why are you running?” you stopped her. 
“Wanda! We have to go now!” Clint yelled. 
“I can’t explain now. I have to go. Um, take care, Y/N. I hope I see you again,” she said. 
“You will. You still owe me that date,” you reminded her. She smiled before pulling you into a quick hug and then she was gone.
Half the team became fugitives, so needless to say you don’t hear from Wanda. That didn’t stop you from thinking about her from time to time, hoping she is doing okay wherever she might have been. 
You were in your apartment when it happened. You were part of the unfortunate half that disappears. One second you are gone and then you are here again in the next second. At least that is what it felt like. The reality was five years had passed. 
You were trying to get your life back together those first few weeks. You find yourself under new employment. You are working late one night when Monica finds you and asks, “What are you doing here so late, Y/N?”
“Just wanting to finish this up before I leave.” You point at your screen, showing her your work. “I’m just about finished. What about you?”
“Finishing up the report on Westview,” she replies. 
“What happened in Westview?” you ask, not having heard about this case. 
“I forget you’re new here. Oh my god, it’s insane.” Monica sits down and tells you everything.
“So Wanda gave you those powers?” you ask. 
“The hex mutated my body and now I’ve got these abilities. I’m still figuring it out,” she replies. 
“Where is Wanda now?” 
“No one knows.” Monica shrugs. “I know it sounds terrible because of what she did, but I hope she’s doing okay. I mean, if you had seen what I did. She had built this whole life there, kids and everything and it’s all gone.”
You can’t imagine what she’s going through. You hate to. You’re having a hard time believing she had a whole town under her will. Despite that, you still worry for her. You think about it all night, lying in bed. It gets to your head. You pull the slip of paper from inside your phone case. 
The paper is perfectly intact. You’d kept the Valentine’s note in your phone case and your phone was on you when the blip happened. You never threw the note away, sentimental reasons you guess. Those sentimental reasons convince you to do what you do next. 
Not able to sleep without knowing if she is okay, you use your resources from both S.W.O.R.D. and S.H.I.E.L.D. to find Wanda. A week later you’re knocking on a cabin’s door, hoping you’ve got the right place. 
There’s no answer after knocking three times. Maybe she can’t hear you. You know the door is unlocked because the knob turns all the way round,  but as much as you push, it won’t budge. 
“You have to pull it,” a voice says behind you, startling you. You turn around and there she is, eyes shining in amusement. You stare at her in awe. She has changed so much but she is still as beautiful as ever. Her expression turns serious as she asks, “What are you doing here, Y/N?”
“I heard about what happened in Westview. I came to check on you- to see if you’re alright,” you tell her.
She tenses up and gets defensive upon hearing Westview slip from your tongue. She crosses her arms and raises her chin. “Okay, you saw me. As you can see I’m doing fine. You can go now.”
“Are you serious?” you scoff. You’ve spent restless nights trying to find her and came all this way the minute you thought you did and this is how it’s going? Not on your watch. 
“Yeah, I am,” she replies. She tilts her head, challenging you to deny her wishes. Deep inside Wanda doesn’t actually want you to leave. She was surprised to see you standing at her door, pleasantly so, but you brought up Westview and that reminded her that everyone she cared about is gone. She once cared about you, she still does. She’d rather have you out of her life on her own volition than something out of her hands taking you away. 
She’s still disappointed when you don’t fight her on it and say, “Fine. I’ll go.”
She watches you make your way to her. You pull out your phone. She sees you take something out from inside the case. “But I’ll be back in two weeks to collect your debt.”
“What?” she asks, confused. You hand her the Valentine note from so long ago. She opens it and recognizes it instantly. She’s surprised you still even have this. 
“You owe me a date, Valentine,” you remind her. You make your way back to your rental car. 
“Are you serious?” she calls out. She sounds more amused than upset, so you smile back at her as you open the car door. “Yeah I am.”
Wanda can’t help but giggle. This is all so absurd. However, this gives her hope that maybe people can stay. You’ve come back into her life and it looks like you’re willing to put up a fight to stay in it. 
A honk from the car makes her reign in her focus on you again. You roll down the window and shout, “And fix that door! It should swing into the room!”
She laughs and unbeknownst to you it’s the first time she laughs since leaving Westview. You smile triumphantly at hearing that sound you like so much and leave, planning to return soon. Wanda watches you go and slips the note into her pocket, looking forward to cashing in that rain check. 
Happy Valentine’s Day !! 
taglist: @olsensnpm @chaekhan @dumpaccdontmindme @iliketozoneout @scarletswandawitch @imdreamingblo @anxietyisgreat @xxromanoffxx @romanoffomixam @diaryoflife @natashasilverfox @harleyswanda @gimaximoff @simplysimping999 @cmaysf
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fairyofthestar · 18 days ago
VALENTINE 10: ghibli time
[narration ahead !]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
if you had a dollar every time you discreetly pinched yourself to check if you were dreaming or not, you would probably have at least twenty dollars. never did you think that you would ever get the chance to watch a movie with taehyun in your house, let alone your favorite movie ever.
you were well aware that this arrangement was only because of an assignment but still, it wouldn't hurt to allow yourself to indulge in these few hours and pretend that he was here because he enjoyed your company, right?
it sounded sad, but it was what you had been doing during the past hour.
on any other day, your eyes would have been glued to the screen while watching kiki's delivery service but today, it was hard to focus on anything because of the warmth radiating from beside you on the couch. there was space between you and taehyun and it took you a lot of strength not to slowly close it and cling onto him.
you also spent your time zoning out by trying to figure out what taehyun was thinking while watching the movie. he had been silent so far, letting out a few chuckles here and there. it would crush you if at the end of the movie, he tells you that he found it boring or didn't understand why people liked it so much—why you liked it so much.
you pouted at the thought. you really hoped that wouldn't be the case.
"y/n," taehyun's voice cut through your thoughts and you turned to him with a startle. you saw him holding the plate you were using the entire time, a pizza slice on it. you took the plate and mumbled a quick 'thank you', trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach. he was such a gentleman.
"you're awfully quiet," he pointed out, taking a bite of his pizza slice. "i thought you would be as energetic while watching the movie as you were when you messaged me." you could feel his eyes were on you, yet you kept your eyes on the TV screen.
"i guess i just have a lot on my mind today," you said, taking a bite of your own slice. taehyun raised an eyebrow at this and before you knew it, he took the remote from the coffee table and paused the movie.
"hey?" you exclaimed, frowning at the abrupt pause. your favorite part was about to come up, therefore your focus was slowly going back to the movie. you whipped your head towards taehyun. "what are you doing? press play."
"not until you focus on the movie. you were zoning out the entire time,"
"i've seen this a hundred times now, i can zone out on a few parts!"
"not with me. i want you to focus on the movie."
you grumbled at taehyun's stubbornness. as much as you were glad that you and taehyun were talking, your annoyance was slowly growing. you just wanted to watch your favorite part.
you pouted in defeat, nodding. "fine. i was just about to focus on this next part anyway,"
taehyun tsked. "don't just focus on this part, focus on the rest of the movie. i'm here enjoying myself and my movie partner looks like she wants to go home even though she already is in her home? that won't do for me," the more taehyun spoke, the more he sounded like he was teasing you.
his words made your head spin. his movie partner… the fluttering in your stomach became worse as your mind repeated those words. who knew those simple words could cause such a reaction?
there was also one more thing that not only made your heart flutter, but made you happy as well. "you're enjoying the movie?" you asked, a smile slowly forming on your face.
taehyun nodded, and he immediately noticed how your eyes lit up at the confirmation. "i like it so far. it's a well-made movie."
you grinned at him, your worries drifting away from your mind like a cloud of smoke. "i'm very happy to hear that. i told you you'd like it!"
he let out a laugh and nodded. "yeah, so focus on the movie now!"
"i will, i will. i was worried you didn't like it, so hearing that you do makes me feel better," you said, happily taking a bite out of your pizza. taehyun smiled as he watched you eat, wondering what else could quickly make you happy like this. for some reason, he wanted to see you like this more often.
"i have one more concern," taehyun voiced out. you looked at him with eyebrows raised in questioning.
"why are you sitting so far away from me? don't you want to be near me?"
if you hadn't already swallowed your food, you were sure that you would be choking to near death at what he said.
instead you blinked at him, face heating up and mouth slightly agape. your couch wasn't that big for the space between you to be suspiciously too big, you didn't think he would notice anything. today was a day that you wished he wasn't as observant as he was.
it was hard for you to think of an excuse so instead, you slowly scooted an inch nearer him. taehyun raised an eyebrow that clearly said, 'are you serious?' and you tucked your lips in. you threw your remaining logical thinking out of the window and moved closer to him. your arms almost touched his and you couldn't stop blushing at the close proximity.
"better?" you asked, trying to sound normal. your mouth was slightly pouted and you kept your eyes on the coffee table. you were itching to just go back to watching the movie.
taehyun hummed in satisfaction. "much. you can also lean on my shoulder if your neck feels uncomfortable," he offered.
this man was driving you insane. you didn't understand how he was saying all of this stuff so casually, like any physical interaction with him was nothing special. it was something that you didn't expect from him, since everyone in school knew that he was practically untouchable. the more you got to know taehyun, the more you realized how complex he was as a person.
"thanks," you said, your mind incapable of thinking of anything else to say. it was a known fact between your small trusted circle that taehyun was the only person that could turn your brain into mush and hanging out with him is making it ten times worse.
you just hoped that you could reshape your brain back to its original state to help him with this damn assignment.
Tumblr media
masterlist / previous / next
SYNOPSIS — with her long-term crush on taehyun, y/n finally musters up the courage to try and make the school president fall for her and be his date for the valentine's dance. the only problem was that taehyun was never fond of the whole concept of valentine's day nor the annual valentine's dance. will y/n succeed or will this be another year of watching taehyun from afar?
☆ taglist: @nyangjjunie @ifwtyun @peachy-yabbay @soobpricity @mystiicturtle @ttaekkb0kk1 @allisocks @igotkpoops @hotboyyeonjun @strawbrinkofdeath @shuichi-sama @silvsie @uwubel @fairyoftaehyun @deobijjang @kyanmeai @kikaiceee @starlitskies0 @pr0dbeomgyu @wccycc @dearhee @ameliesaysshoo @foryawnzzn @ioszzn @sulkii @xtra-cheese @ashxxkook @luvsoobs @soobsfairy444 @sunlightwoo @thisisnotjacinta @feline4txt @pb-n-juju @darrensos @sansluvr @soobsdoobs @seeuuns @bibinnieposts @notdrunkbutdazed @yeonyeonyeonjun @milkycloudtyg @mizukiisz @leyss @peachbly @soobsdior @jaxavance @aeminju @a-noona-mous @szxiany @oceanyocean @calumsfringe @esther-kpopstan @ktttwwn @lunaavity
☆ if you want to be in my taglist, please tell me in my asks !!
☆ requests are open !!
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halesandy · 5 months ago
Ana’s BTS fic recommendations - April 2022
Tumblr media
It's been a long time, yeah. Long story short, I'm back.
Here's the list of things I've read in February and March.
Previous lists -> *click*
Enjoy! 💜
Please feel free to send me an ask or a message with your favorite BTS fics or writers, I’ll make sure to check it out and include in future parts. I’m still going to reblog my favorites, so if you want to keep up with my recommendation lists - let me know and I’ll tag you.
💜 Please reblog this post so more people can read good stuff and/or send me new great fics! 💜
Please take a note that some of the works might be for people who reached the age of 18, and don’t interact if you’re a minor, thank you
Make sure to support these writers and their work!
Tumblr media
💜 @ahundredtimesover
How I Love You
M (18+)
Sometimes distance isn’t a space between two people, but cracks and crevices that build up over time. It’s what you learned after being married to Namjoon all these years. But all it takes is a trip back home and the acknowledgement of what your relationship has become, and the realization that it might be the final puncture that would make everything else break.
💜 @realifefairy
I'm Nothing Without You
M (18+)
Most people find their brother annoying. You do, too. Most people also find their brother’s best friend annoying, but that’s where you differ. Kim Namjoon is one of the most important people in your life. After years of hiding your enormous crush on the boy with a dimpled smile, you finally gather the guts to confess before he moves away for university. Only to be rejected.
It’s not until a few years later when you temporarily move in with your brother and his best friend that you two realize that you may have been better together than you were apart.
💜 @sugalaritae
New Books
M (18+)
You used to have mornings like this, wrapped up in each other and drinking each other instead of your morning coffee. the day turns into a day spent together with your boyfriend, looking at books, and admiring each other.
Tumblr media
💜 @hobipost
Friends Get Married All The Time
The silly promise you made ten years ago comes back to bite your asses, and you’re both too weak to pretend it never happened.
💜 @taleasnewastime
Second First Meeting
M (18+)
Four months. You’ve been speaking to, falling slowly in love with, and seemingly getting made a fool of by a man you matched with online for four months. There’s always an excuse why he can’t meet you, always some convenient reason why he can’t make something. But it’s valentines and he’s booked a fancy meal and that’s him, sat at a table, finally ready to meet you. Only it might look like the guy you know but it’s not the person you’ve been speaking to, no, this guy has no idea who you are.
Tumblr media
💜 @wwilloww
The Seventh Muse
M (18+)
As a writer, your favorite place in the world is the library. But you're quickly coming to realize, that it might not be the books that keep drawing you back, but the handsome, smart librarian who always knows exactly what you need
💜 @mypersonmyg
It Comes In Waves
The man who owns the music shop along the shore has long since caught your eye and you wait sunrise and sunset just beyond the rocks to hear his lovely strings OR you certainly hope yoongi doesn’t want to eat you.
💜 @inkofyoonkoo
M (18+)
In which Yoongi loves you but never said it out loud. Sometimes, gestures speak louder than words.
💜 @yoonjinkooked
Watermelon Sugar
M (18+)
Travelling alone to your dream destination had sounded like a good idea at the time. And you don’t regret doing it, of course not - you’re in Greece! The food! The sun! The smell of the sea! The white walls and blue chairs, the hills, the warm days and colder nights. A little company wouldn’t hurt, though. That’s how you end up talking to Min Yoongi, your next door neighbour with whom you practically share a balcony. He’s quiet, he barely leaves his room but when you reach out, he doesn’t push you away. That’s how your Greek adventure begins.
Tumblr media
💜 @crystaljins
By It's Cover
Your annoying little brother Jimin accepts a dare and summons a demon into your living room. There are multiple problems with this.
1) Demons are the most hated species on earth.
2) That demon happens to be Jung Hoseok, the most popular guy on campus
3) The fact that Jung Hoseok is a demon is his biggest secret and
4) Jung Hoseok hates your guts. You’re in for a wild ride.
💜 @kinktae and @httpjeon
Hot Rod
M (18+)
A 1950′s inspired fic where greaser Hoseok can’t keep his eyes, or hands, off the new waitress at his and his boys’ favorite diner.
💜 @ughcore
But Hating You Is Half The Fun
M (18+)
“Do you ever drink actual coffee? Like an adult?”
The voice you knew all too well broke you from the mini-movie in your head, and your shoulders tensed at the infuriating sound of it. Swivelling in your cubicle, you were met with the man, the myth, the disappointment himself. Editorial assistant, Jung Hoseok, all long limbs and quirked brows.
God, how this man managed to get on your last nerve without fail.
“You are what you drink,” You replied in a sing-song voice, your cheerfulness the sure fire way to piss Hoseok off the most, “I guess that’s why you like your coffee bitter”
💜 @yoongiofmine
All It Takes
M (18+)
After months of quietly pinning after Jung Hoseok, your friends decide to give you a little push. Sometimes a New Years Eve party and a round of Seven Minutes in Heaven is all it takes.
💜 @yoonjinkooked
Blind Date
You go on a blind date. The end.
💜 @sunshinerainbowsbts
Cheap Wine & Second Chances
M (18+)
Valentine’s Day has brought Hoseok, your best friend from college, back into your life. Is this your second chance to get the one that got away?
Tumblr media
💜 @personasintro
One Time Thing
M (18+)
What are you going to do when your best friend asks you to have a sex with her boyfriend?
💜 @kaddiiction
Off Limits
M (18+)
You thought your crush on Jimin was long forgotten. If you only knew how wrong you were.
💜 @taegisms
Tumblr media
💜 @kth1
Tanzanite Treasures
M (18+)
You’re met with a handsome man who hands you back your missing necklace given to you by your late grandmother. What you didn’t know is that the necklace holds such a powerful secret about life under the sea.
💜 @lovelytaes-blog
M (18+)
When you meet a little girl at a park by chance, who would’ve thought that you’d be falling in love with the man who had the exact same boxy smile as her in such little time?
💜 @taetaespeaches
"I May Or May Not Met Someone"
How does one find themself in a toxic relationship? And how does one get out? Sometimes, the pain that comes with the love becomes addicting. Fighting becomes an act of passion, cruelty becomes perceived truth, the periods of calm become potential for what the relationship could be if only you could meet in the middle.
Peaches/reader meets someone who she quickly falls in love with. As she grapples with the fact that this man is not who she thought he was, and as her sense of self diminishes as a result of the relationship, her closest friends slowly learn of the toxicity of the union.
Tumblr media
💜 @taeshobipop
I Heard A Rumour
M (18+)
One slip of a finger, and you realize you've liked an Insta photo of college hotshot Jeon Jungkook... from two years ago. You manage to unlike it within seconds, except it's too late - Damn Kim Namjoon and his lightning-fast eyes. Do not tell a soul, you hiss. The man merely smirks. Next thing you know, a rumour is spread throughout campus. Y/n likes Jungkook... and now he knows.
💜 @jeonqkooks
Tongue Tied
“Jeez, you’re acting like I asked to peg you or something.”
Tumblr media
OT7 and POLY
💜 @angelicyoongie
Love Sick
M (18+), yandere!ot7
You dreamed of the day you would get your very own soulmark. Though, you didn't expect to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of your shoulder being dislocated and your forearm fractured. As if dealing with the worst possible soulmark ever wasn't bad enough, you also have to come to terms with the fact that you're being stalked. When the letters and gifts you recieve begin to escalate and the police offers no help, you have no other option than to figure out who's behind it yourself - and hopefully before it's too late.
💜 @sugalaritae
M (18+)
You first see him at the gym, a place that is both a safe and not-so-safe place. you’re used to gym bros staring at you but you’re not used to the way he stares at you. it’s easy for misunderstandings to happen and you’re eventually going to have to let some walls down.
Tumblr media
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ryekoo · 2 months ago
so apparently this is canon ..so i thought of making something out of it :)
itoshi rin (bllk) x gn!reader
not proofread btw
Tumblr media
it’s going to be valentine’s day tomorrow.
standing in front of the kitchen counter, you’ve been debating with yourself whether you should really be doing this or not.
in front of you laid a small white box of chocolates (you prayed they were decent enough to be eaten) that you’ve worked hard to make yet you were hesitating.
confessing to your crush is one thing, but having itoshi rin as your crush? you might as well jump off a building for even thinking of talking to him, let alone confessing your feelings for him.
you’ve heard the rumours, of course. itoshi rin, the incredibly talented soccer player in your school who rejects confessions from girls and boys alike, and declines the gifts given to him yet that doesn’t stop people from doing said thing all the time, valentine’s or not.
as his classmate, deskmate and one time project partner, you can confirm everything about the rumours was true. because you’ve seen it happen in front of your very eyes sometimes.
it just sucks that all those times you’ve spent with him made you develop an embarrassing crush. let’s not forget that you are soon to be one of those who got rejected by rin.
you closed your eyes and bit your bottom lip, your leg bouncing in deep contemplation.
you opened your eyes and glared at the box of chocolates. you know what? fuck it, i’m just going to give this to him and bail. he doesn’t need to know i’m the one giving it to him anyway.
and here you are, staring at rin’s locker after you’ve just put the box of chocolates you made inside it.
whatever happens, happens i guess.. not like he’s going to accept my confession after all. you shrugged before walking off to go back to your classroom after asking the teacher to go to the toilet (you lied, of course).
thankfully rin wasn’t in the current class you’re in and the box of chocolates isn’t too big for you to sneak into your blazer.
breathing out a quiet sigh of relief, you settled back into your seat and went back to focusing on your lesson, not even thinking about the possibilities of rin finding out it was you in the first place.
you cursed out loud.
“why… why now of all times?!” you groaned in despair as you watched the rain poured heavily outside the window of your classroom.
you had to stay back in class since you were on cleaning duty that day. just a few seconds after you were done with your duties, it just had to rain today and you didn’t bring an umbrella with you.
you had insisted your other friends that stayed back with you to go home earlier since the work wasn’t that much to begin with so now you’re alone with no way of going back home.
you didn’t wanna risk catching a flu if you were to walk home in the rain so you slumped back into your chair, head falling onto the desk with an annoyed grunt.
“guess i’ll just wait until the rain stops..” you mumbled, head turning towards the window to watch the rain.
it was silent for a few minutes, and you were almost falling asleep when suddenly a soft thud sounded beside your head.
you flinched in surprise and lifted your head to complain at the intruder but nothing came out of your mouth when your eyes connected with a pair of teal ones.
the itoshi rin was standing in front of you, frowning as usual as he stared down at you.
“stop gaping , idiot. you’re gonna get flies in your mouth.” he snided. flushing in embarrassment, you looked away to hide your reddening cheeks.
“what is it–“ you were about to ask when your eyes drifted down, eyes catching the familiar box of chocolates that rin had apparently tossed onto the desk.
“it’s yours?” rin questioned with a raise of an eyebrow. at that moment you knew that was more of a statement than an actual question. he knew it was you. he just wanted you to say it yourself.
realising you had no way out of this, you swallowed uncomfortably. “it’s fine if you don’t want it, i’ll just–“ your hand reached out to slide the box closer to you, intending to take it back when rin suddenly placed a hand down on the box.
you blushed at the feeling of rin’s fingers brushing against yours.
“i didn’t say i’m returning it, did i? i’m just asking you if it’s yours.” he stated. you furrowed your eyebrows, silently questioning his intentions. “yes, it’s from me.”
you figured rin was satisfied with your answer from the look of his face but you stayed confused nonetheless. so like, is he accepting my confession or he just wants something to snack on..? you didn’t have enough time to ponder about it when rin grabbed the box in his hand and headed towards the door of the classroom. “we’re going home. let’s go.” he called out.
let’s go..? is he asking to walk home with me? wait, no. that’s a little presumptuous of me. you grimaced. “it’s okay, you go on ahead. i don’t have an umbrella with me.”
“y/n.” the teal eyed boy rolled his eyes in annoyance.
“yes?” you queried, head tilting to the side. rin gestured to the umbrella in his other hand.
your breath hitched in your throat as you understood what he was implying. you fought the urge to smile wide but your cheeks betrayed you as they began to flush softly.
why am i blushing so much today? is the flu already getting to me? you wondered mindlessly.
grabbing your blazer and bag, you moved out of your chair to catch up with rin, not realizing there was a bounce in your steps.
and that was how you find yourself walking home together, shoulder to shoulder with your crush (whom you pushed to admit that he did, in fact, accept your confession) in the rain.
unbeknownst to you, rin had the umbrella leaning more towards you, not even minding the fact that some parts of his uniform were getting soaked from the rain.
Tumblr media
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whiskeynwriting · 7 months ago
A New Life
Agent Daddy Whiskey x Female Reader
Word Count: 6.5k
Warnings: 18+ (minors DNI) dirty talk, praise kink, daddy kink (very OBVIOUSLY), vaginal sex, suuuper sweet Whiskey, mentions of engagement and marriage, tons of fluffies
A/N: this fic request was sent in by @lucky-pascal and oh my lord is it SWEET AS HELL!!! I love it so much, Daddy Whiskey will always be Daddy Whiskey and that means his fluffy side will always be here too
Also, for those of you who have read Daddycember (and if you haven’t you should take a gander LOL), this fic is happening after that timeline, so Whiskey and Reader are now engaged
AgentDaddy Whiskey Taglist
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Tumblr media
You’d never done anything too extravagant on this day before, whether you’ve been in a relationship or not. Past partners didn’t make the day special for you; you honestly had the most fun on this day when you were alone. Oftentimes you’d order in, rent your favorite movie, and pick up some ice cream, too. You spent the day making sure you felt loved, making sure you knew that happiness wasn’t found anywhere else but within you. For such a long time, the only reason you believed in love is because you were made entirely of it. You have so much love inside you, for so many people and things. Love is out there, maybe it’s just not meant for you.
At least, that was the way you thought before you met Jack. For a few years before him, you contemplated never finding a partner. You weren’t sure if you could ever rely on someone else to make you happy. But with Jack, you didn’t have to just rely on him. Your relationship grew quickly, evolving into a loving partnership where you were both able to rely on each other while still being your own individuals. It’s something you’d never been able to experience before.
The life you currently have with Jack couldn’t be more different than the one you’d had without him. Your small apartment of a home had been transformed into something much more grand. The penthouse at the top of the Statesman building? Well, that’s Jack’s. And now, it’s yours, too. Before, you’d been driving a 2018 Ford Focus, but Jack insisted that wouldn’t do. The man had enough money to burn, and the next thing you knew, you were driving around Kentucky in a blacked-out Wrangler. It looked quite nice next to Jack’s black and tan Bronco. Who would’ve known some random cowboy would eventually come along and change your entire life?
And, as things continued to change in your life, so did your Valentine’s Day routine.
“Jack?” you say, your tone displaying your confusion.
“Yeah, sugar?” he calls out in return, resting on the sofa in your shared living room.
You continue walking forward, the smooth attire dangling in your hands. As your feet pad across the cold, wooden floor, you follow his voice out of your bedroom, down the hall, and finally rounding the corner to the open portions of the penthouse’s floorplan.
“What is this?”
He looks up at the sound of your voice, much closer than before. When his eyes land on the sight of you holding out the dress in your hands, he grins, immediately moving to stand.
“You like it?” he grins, his hands moving to wrap around your hips.
“Did you buy this for me?” you ask, finally putting the pieces together.
You always insisted he don’t go out of his way to do things like this, it always made you feel a tinge of guilt whenever he spent money on you. But at the same time, it was sweet. Jack was always sweet.
“’Course I did,” he chuckles, raising a brow. “You ain’t got any other men out there buying dresses for you, do you?” he chokes grinning down at you.
You nibble on your bottom lip to hold back your rapidly growing smile, giving your head a small shake. You can’t stop the heat from rising on your cheeks, holding the dress a little tighter in your hands.
“So,” he says again, stepping even closer to fully wrap his arms around you. “Do you like it?”
After you express your love for your new dress, Jack’s grin grows brighter, insisting that you try it on. Because of the floor-to-ceiling windows in your living space, you return to the bedroom to change.
It’s a slimmer fit, one that clings to the curves of your body. It is the right size though, and made of an incredibly comfortable, sweat-like fabric. The sleeves are long, going just a little past your wrists, and the end of the dress touches just a little below your knee. The neckline is high, which you’re surprised by. Usually, Jake likes it when you show a little cleavage, but when you get a glance at yourself in the mirror, you immediately understand why. He wasn’t just getting a good view of your chest in this dress; he was getting a good view of everything in this dress. It’s so tight you think you’ll skip out on a bra when you wear it and simply go for nipple coverings instead.
When he sees you walk back into the living room, he huffs out a contented sigh. He even closes his eyes for a moment, a happy smile slipping across his lips. You giggle as you approach him, seeing his blissful expression.
“Oh…” he says, sighing lowly as his hands return to your hips. They do an experimental swipe, just a quick slide of his palms over the curve of your waist. When he lands on your ass, he gives you a playful tap, grinning wide before saying, “Fits just as good as I hoped it would.”
“Yeah?” you reply, curling in on yourself with a bashful smile in reply.
You don’t often wear clothes as tight-fitting as this. You’d been an “early-bloomer” in life, and always felt a bit self-conscious about flaunting said curves. Whenever you wear tight or especially revealing clothes, you’d get looks. Either good or bad, regardless, you’d get looks. But if Jack wanted to see you in something like this, you were more than eager to comply. As long as you got him to look at you, everyone else’s stares didn’t matter.
“Honey, you look gorgeous in this.” He hums, a deep sound that rumbles across his chest and in turn, rumbles across yours. “Now, tell me the truth. Do you really like it?”
You shrug, your smile still on your face. “It’s not something I’d usually wear, but honestly baby, if you like it, I like it.”
He grins, one hand reaching up to cup your face. Jack’s dark brown eyes scan your face, taking in the beauty of your soft skin and pretty hair, your dazzling smile, your kind eyes and flirtatious lashes.
“Well, I’ve got another present for you.” he reveals, brushing some hair off your shoulders, allowing it to flow down your back. “And one you’re certain to like.”
Tumblr media
You’re not sure how he did it. The last time you’d checked the wait list for this specific museum, it was upwards of two years. They have exhibits you’ve been dying to see, ones surrounding American art from earlier centuries, specific to romantic literature as well as fascinating mythology. There were also galleries with historical artifacts surrounding the Egyptian and Roman empires, topics that have captured your interest for years! Since moving to Kentucky, and then into Jack’s penthouse, you’d been wanting to visit this museum since you stepped foot in the state. And somehow, Agent Whiskey managed to get in.
When you started asking questions, he continuously gave you vague answers, hinting at the fact that he had to pull some serious strings to get in here. And you didn’t really mind his less than descriptive responses. Him doing this was more than enough.
The dark gray tone of your dress perfectly matched Jack’s own choice of attire, his suit consisting of a slightly lighter gray with black shoulder pads. You accented your outfit with a pair of black heels and a simple, black shoulder bag. You both wanted to look nice because in all honesty, this was by far the nicest gallery you had ever been in.
As Jack leads you through the halls, intent on visiting the café for brunch first, you can’t stop yourself from eyeing him. Jack made everything he wore look extravagantly special, his body and personality truly the most magnificent things you’d ever found in this world. The suit he wears cinches at his waist perfectly, showing off Jack’s slim yet built figure. The fabric splays out across his broad shoulders and chest, the sleeves curling lightly around the most prominent muscles in his biceps. His hair, as always, was combed to perfection, his jawline and mustache trim. Jesus, just looking at him made your insides flutter.
“Here you go, sweet pea.” He says, giving you a kiss on the cheek as he pulls out a chair for you.
You hum happily as you take your seat, giddy as a schoolgirl to even be here. The fact he decided to take you on Valentine’s Day was truly just a cherry on top. Honestly, this was the most special event Jack had conjured up since he proposed back in December. You’d never felt more at home than when you were at Jack’s side.
“Here’s a menu honeybee, what’re you thinkin’?” he asks, handing you the folded list of dishes.
After a moment of silence, he looks up, meeting your loving gaze with a smirk.
“What?” he asks with a small shrug.
“I love you so much.” You breathe out, eyes set on him from across the table.
“I love you too, baby doll. You’re the most precious thing I got.” He returns, giving you a small wink.
The entire café is more gorgeous than any restaurant you’d ever visited before. The brick layout along with dashes of foliage along the ground and walls made the area feel extremely refreshing. Jack had taken you over to a table in the center of the room, claiming it would help show off your beauty best. While other women may find this remark a bit controversial, you couldn’t be more opposite. You loved when Jack wanted to show you off.
To your surprise, Jack takes your lead in ordering a mimosa, too, each of you thoroughly enjoying them when the waiter comes back. The standard mix of orange juice and champagne tasted fantastic.
“I can’t remember the last time I had a mimosa.” You smile, turning the glass in your hand.
“You like it?”
“I love it! It tastes so good!”
Jack chuckles at your overt excitement, a hint of blush running across his cheeks. You’d always been a soft spot for him, his only soft spot, as a matter of fact.
“I’m glad you do, sugar. I’m so glad you’re happy.”
“Baby, I am honestly so thrilled to be here.” You grin, your cheeks burning from smiling so much.
During your conversation, the waiter had returned with your meals. You had ordered raspberry crepes alongside a chicken caprese flatbread, one of your favorites. Jack requested he be brought a smoked salmon and egg salad on a toasted baguette, and the two of you were more than happy to dive in.
All around you, people came and went. Couples and friends enjoyed their meals and drinks while you and Jack continued to enjoy yours. This is paradise to you, the atmosphere calming and light yet completed saturated in love.
“I’ve got another surprise for you, darlin’.” Jack admits, wiping his mouth.
“Really?” you ask, raising your brows. “What else could you possibly have planned?”
Jack grins, reaching into his pocket to pull out a map. You watch as he lays it out on the table, displaying to you his second extremely thoughtful gift.
“I printed out a map before we got here, last week, actually. Circled all your favorite spots, ones I thought you’d be interested in, so we know where to go. Over here’s the hall of Roman culture, down here’s the exhibit for the Egyptian empire, and they also have a gallery of American arts. They even have that one painting you love so much, the one of Romeo and Juliet.”
You gasp lightly, eyes immediately moving from the map to stare up at him. “The one made on oil canvas?”
“That’s the one.” He grins, pride bubbling up inside him. Well, that’s a lie. It was bubbling up inside him when he told you about his plans for the day, now, it was spilling over the brim.
After he’d told you about the exhibits, you eagerly finished off the rest of your meal. Your mimosa was served in a wine glass and was nearly filled to the top, so one was more than enough for you. Jack on the other hand wanted three or four more, but if he wanted to be competent enough to show you around, he figured he’d stick with the one.
“Baby, can we go here first?” you eagerly ask, pointing out the directions to the hall of American arts.
“Sure thing, sweet pea.” He returns, more than happy to take you wherever you want to go.
You loop both arms around his right one, holding onto him tight as you walk the halls. It almost feels like you’re in some fairy tale, having never been spoiled so much. You’re in your favorite place to be, with your favorite person at your side. What could ever be better?
You know you’ll make it to the other exhibits and halls but were more than thrilled to see your favorite painting in person. You’d only ever seen pictures of it, you can’t believe you’re about to see the real thing! Jack’s never seen it before either, only photos you’d showed him. He’s excited to see your reaction when you finally walk into the hall.
“Oh my gosh!” you whisper, stepping into the hall.
The painting you’ve been dying to see is displayed in the very center, and you hurriedly haul Jack over with you to see it. The painting was made in 1884 by the artist Frank Bernard Dicksee and has been preserved well enough to retain very few damages and cracks. It’s a fantastic piece, one that displays the love in the story in all its glory. Romeo sits on the edge of his lover’s balcony, visiting her in secrecy. He holds her in his embrace, one hand behind her back, the other holding her arm as it loops around his neck. Their kiss is tender yet passionate, Juliette’s vintage-white dress displaying her purity in the moment. The detail in the surrounding architecture is astounding, it’s mesmerizing, and you can’t look away.
Jack can, though. In fact, he’s barely looked at the painting since you walked in. Because, of course, he’s looking at you. It almost brings a tear to his eye, the realization of the life he now has, the life you’ve helped create with him. He never thought he’d get this again, never thought he’d find a love as true and passionate as you. He’s never met another person who’s matched him so well, in intelligence and wit, in charm and grace. You have everything he’s ever wanted.
And when you turn around to face him, a bright smile plastered all over your face, you’re met with the awe-struck expression of your older lover. You don’t have to ask what he’s thinking about, it’s clear to see. He’s only a few steps behind you, and you close the gap easily, looping your hands around your neck as if he were your own Romeo in that very painting. It’s natural, the two of you leaning in for a kiss.
“C’mon now,” he rumbles against your lips. It takes everything in him to keep his hands at your hips, refraining from diving further below. “Let’s keep walkin’. Don’t make me too impatient to get home.”
Tumblr media
And you did continue walking, Jack took you to all the specific sites you’d wanted to see. He switched from holding your hand to laying his palm over your lower back, thumb rubbing gently along your sides. But when you’d finally made your way back around to the front entrance, you all but jogged outside.
Watching you walk around the museum was torture for him. He honestly thought he’d have a good time looking at the art, but hand to God could not stop staring at you. The way you wore that dress was sinful in itself, your body curving in all of the most delicious ways.
“You look so beautiful in that, sweetheart.” He groans, his hands immediately exploring your body once the elevator doors shut. “You know how much daddy loves your body?”
Jesus Christ, that goddamn word.
“Yes, baby.” You sigh out, feeling his mouth cover your skin. “I know; I always love to hear you say it.”
Jack sighs happily, deeply, upon hearing your words, his gorgeous smile curling along the skin of your neck. Your hands tangle themselves into his hair, pulling him even closer to you. He presses his body against yours, the fabric of his suit beginning to crease but for once, he doesn’t care.
“You have a good time, baby girl? Did daddy make you happy today, honey?” his kisses are heated yet sweet, his hands and lips already beginning to worship your curvaceous form.
“Daddy, you always make me happy.” You breathe out, lifting your leg slightly along his outer thigh.
His low groan of appreciation makes your eyes flutter closed, your hands holding him close.
“Jack,” you huff out, prompting him to lift his head to look you in the eyes.
“What is it, baby?” he asks, one hand lifting to cup your face.
He’s so close, the tip of his nose just barely brushing over your own. Your eyes flicker back and forth between his, dipping down to his beautifully full lips before rising again.
“I love you, baby. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you.”
“Honey,” he sighs, leaning in for another kiss.
And you wholeheartedly welcome it, wrapping an arm around his neck while your fingers continue combing through his hair. The press of his lips is smooth and sweet, the spice of his cologne wafting through the air and tickling your nose.
“I love you, sugar.” He all but moans out, lips mumbling over yours. “Love you so much. I’m always gonna take care ‘a you, you know that?”
“You promise?”
“I promise baby, I’m not goin’ anywhere.”
You already know this, of course, the ring on your finger signifying this, but you yearn to hear him say it. Because, in all honesty, a small part of your brain still doesn’t believe it, doesn’t believe you’re really with him, doesn’t believe this is your life. It’s all you’ve ever wanted, he’s everything you could ever need. You’ve never felt love like this before, you’ve never felt anything close to this before.
The wonderful thoughts swirling in your mind are quickly replaced by the mischievous little devil sitting on your shoulder, or rather, biting on your shoulder. Jack rolls his hips against you, the lift still climbing the multiple floors of the Statesman building. When his hips connect with yours, you can feel him, your playful actions making him so pent up he’d take you in this elevator if he could.
Whiskey is absolutely enthralled with the mere idea of you, your presence doing something unworldly to him. He knew when he’d seen you across that bar on the night you first met, that you’d be someone who would change his life. There was just something about you, the way you smiled at him and the way you welcomed him into your life with such ease. The two of you co-existed beautifully together, and he wanted nothing more than to spoil you to perfection.
His hands continue roaming your body, squeezing the areas he loves the most, but in truth, he loved every single dip and curve your body made. And just as he’s about to slip a hand beneath your dress, the lift doors open, prompting him to haul you up by the backs of your thighs and guide you to wrap your legs around his waist.
“Oh!” you squeal, giggling in surprise as he carries you through to your front door, his smiling lips never once leaving your skin.
“Baby?” you question just as he begins to let you down. “What… what is all this?”
You’d been too distracted by Jack’s impatient movements to notice the setup in your living space until he’d set you down. On your marble island sits a pail of ice, your favorite champagne stuffed inside. Two glasses sit off to the side, with a wrapped present on the other. Further in you see even more surprises, the pathway of rose petals leading your way.
Jack hums happily behind you, pressing himself against your back and wrapping his arms around your waist. He places his chin on your shoulder, gently nuzzling his nose against your cheek.
“I know it’s a little cheesy, darlin’, but you deserve the best.” He coos, lightly swaying you in his arms. “Wanna make this day special for you, want you to know I’ll always do my best to make sure you’re aware of just how much I love you, babycakes.”
“Jack…” you whisper, genuine tears beginning to form in your eyes. You’re speechless.
“I had it set up while we were gone. I hope you like it, sweetheart. You wanna go see your presents?”
“Baby, I can’t believe you did this for me.” Spinning in his hold, your hands slide up his chest to rest on his shoulders, releasing a light laugh of astonishment. “You’re… you’re amazing, Jack.”
He smiles down at you, squeezing you gently as an overwhelming surge of affection blooms in his chest. There are so many things he’s feeling right now, love, pride, and gratitude being a few. But right now, he just wants to focus on you.
“I’ll do my best,” he says to you, his tone quiet and heartfelt. You can see he’s getting choked up, too, taking a deep sigh before he continues. “I’ll always do my best for you, honey. No matter how long we’re together, or maybe even apart, I promise you there won’t be a day that goes by where you don’t receive my love.”
The small tears forming moments before now pool over your lids, a few sliding down your cheeks as you muster up an overwhelmingly thankful smile. Since Jack had proposed, the only thing you were worried about was his work. Being away from him while dating was painful enough, but to go through that when you’re married? You’re worried it will be even worse. You’re beyond relieved to hear him address that, to have him express his devotion to you no matter where the two of you are in the world.
“I’m so lucky to have you.” you return, whispering to him as your hand moves to cup his face.
Jack returns your grateful grin, leaning in to kiss your forehead. When he pulls back, he jerks his head to the side, grabbing your hands in his.
“C’mon,” he says. “Let me show you your gifts.”
You nod, allowing him to lead you over to the living area on the far end of the room. Jack leads you to the couch, quickly stepping back over to the kitchen island in order to bring over the wrapped gift and champagne. And while he’s doing that, you see a few bags set out on the coffee table, too. Jesus, this man already bought you a ring, how much money was he willing to spend on you? And after that thought, you decide you don’t really care. You’ll never be able to stop Jack from spoiling you.
“Here, baby.” He says, handing you the flat, rectangular gift while he begins pouring the liquor into your glasses.
The wrapping is easily removed, instantly showcasing the most thoughtful gift you’d ever received (aside from your ring). In your hand sits a picture frame, dark brown wood lining its edges. Inside sits a simple, white receipt, slightly crumpled. It’s the receipt from the night you’d first met, the only items on it being your drinks and his.
“Oh my gosh,” you laugh. “Is this really the first receipt?”
“Our first ever receipt.” He chuckles. “Want you to have it. I knew you were my girl the moment I laid eyes on you.”
He’s down on one knee before you, just beside the coffee table, and as soon as he sets the glasses aside, you all but leap into his arms. The two of you hold each other tight, both arms wrapped firmly around the other. One of the best things about your relationship with Jack was the fact that this overwhelming love never faded. It wasn’t due to the honeymoon stage or anything like that. Jack was consistent, and that truly mattered to you.
The rest of the gifts are opened after your loving embrace, each of you sipping on your champagne as you go through the bags. He’d bought you a bottle of your favorite wine and a heart-shaped box of truffle chocolates, your favorite. He also got you your favorite ice cream, which is currently sitting in the freezer. To top it all off, he finally got you that cowboy hat he’d been telling you about for ages.
“It’s time you had one.” He chuckles, placing it on your head for you. He smiles proudly, lifting the knuckle of his middle finger to lightly tap the skin beneath your chin. “My beautiful girl.”
It’s black with a few embroidered patterns on it, the only cowboy hat you’d ever really liked. You grin brightly beneath it, blushing like a fool. After you opened Jack’s gifts, you scampered off to the bedroom to find his.
“Darlin’,” he sighs, watching as you shove the packages into his hands. “You didn’t have to do this.”
“Oh hush,” you scoff, lightly rolling your eyes. “You’re the love of my life, of course I’m going to give you a Valentine’s Day gift. Or three.” You giggle, gazing at his blushing face.
He’s thrilled to find a shoe-shining kit inside one, a new bottle of his favorite cologne in another, and finally, a bottle of his favorite whiskey. Statesman, of course.
“Babycakes, you spoil me.” He grins, leaning in for a kiss. “I’ve really been needin’ this. My boots are outta shape.” He claims, already digging in to the shoe shining kit.
“I’m glad you like your gifts, honey.” You coo, tracing the curve of his nose with your pointer digit.
But just as he’s looking through the polishes and waxes for his boots, he looks up, a slightly worried look on his face.
“You didn’t by chance go into the master bathroom when you got my gifts, did you?”
You frown, tilting your head. “No. Why?”
As if on command, Jack’s face lights up, moving to set his gifts on the coffee table and stand. He holds out a hand for you, which you continue to take.
“Got another surprise for you.”
Tumblr media
“Hm…” you hum, an unwavering smile adorning your pretty features. “You perfect man.”
Jack sighs out contentedly, reveling in the feeling of your fingers combing through his hair. His hands rest lazily on your sides, thumbs tenderly stroking your exposed skin. His eyes are closed, head resting back on the edge of the porcelain tub, moaning lightly as you rest above him.
Your eyes scan his naked body, most of him disappearing beneath the bubbles below. But his upper arms, chest, and shoulders are on full display, along with his ridiculously gorgeous neck. The sight makes your stomach flutter, a flustered gasp slipping from your throat when you see him swallow. And while Jack is distracted in his current state of bliss, you slowly shimmy backward, leaning down to lick a gentle stripe up his chest. Another beautiful sigh flows past your lover’s lips, his eyes opening lazily to gaze down at the woman he calls his.
The scene could not be more soothing, the entire master bath lit up with an array of candles set up along the countertop holding each of your sinks. The lights are off, allowing the candles to cast calming shadows along the walls. Bubbles smelling of vanilla and rose fill the tub, the water heated by Jack’s extravagant choice in bathroom décor.
Your tongue traces a path along Jack’s body, taking your time as you soak every ounce of him in. The firm muscles on his chest never cease to draw your attention, his lean biceps and beautifully sculpted neck making your body and mind run wild. His athletic build is suited perfectly for his current occupation, his form powerfully built and more than capable of showing it. The hair sprinkling Jack’s chest always catch your eye, the dark hairs neat and few in multitude. With every deep breath he takes, you can see his muscles flex, can feel them move beneath you.
The softness of your hands trail up his midsection, lightly scraping your nails along his bronzed skin. A few freckles color his shoulders, your fingertips dancing lightly over the brown and copper colorations. You can feel his hands move on your hips as you continue trailing higher, his smile only growing. It excites you, feeling his hands on your skin. They’re incredibly skillful and strong, not only able to read your body like a book, but also able to handle a gun with astounding accuracy. It makes your breaths stutter, the image of him shooting, of him using his lasso or whip. He’s so incredibly talented and hardworking, a man more than worthy of your overt obsession.
Whiskey’s Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows, his tongue poking out to wet his lower lip as he sighs once again. His eyes flutter open, feeling your lips as they continue to trail along his skin. He tilts his head to the side, allowing you to travel further up. When he feels you bite into the tawny skin of his neck, his hands wander lower, gripping your backside as you suck your mark onto his skin.
“Sweet pea,” he groans, feeling your smile as it presses against his skin. “C’mere.”
You lift your head, lids heavy with adoration and lust meeting his own. He leans in, brushing your nose with his, a look of complete focus and desire swirling in those dark brown orbs.
“Give your daddy a kiss.” He mumbles, slightly nodding his head.
The space between your legs flutters, the muscles in your thighs tightening as soon as you hear his words. Both of your arms loop around his neck, leaning in to satiate the incredibly hungry desire he feels to have your lips on his. It’s soft and smooth, the two of you moving your mouths in unison as you melt together in this way. One of his hands remains on your backside, the other trailing up to rub soothingly along your back.
“You’re so beautiful baby,” he mumbles, eyebrows furrowing as his intense love for you grows. “The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”
You giggle girlishly at his praise, both your eyes remaining closed as you continue to mold your lips together. Jack’s tongue lays out, allowing you to rub your own atop it, licking him slowly before eventually sucking it lightly into your mouth as he moans.
“I love you, daddy.” You coo, leaning slightly to the right to plant a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Love so many things about you…”
“Yeah?” he returns, “What might those things be?”
“Hm…” you grin, hoping he would ask. “I love how handsome you are, how fucking beautiful your face is. Love your mustache and how well-trimmed you always are, love how dark and smooth your hair is…”
You can feel him rising beneath you, his erection steadily growing the second the two of you stepped into the tub. He sighs deeply, his skin washed in waves of goosebumps as you lower your lips, whispering along his neck.
“Love how you take care of me… love your body… so fucking sexy, baby.” You confess, licking along his neck. “You’re so strong, so fucking built, I love it, can’t look away from it…”
Jack groans, dragging his blunt nails across your back. He rolls his hips up against your exposed center, your legs tightening around him as you continue to straddle him in the tub.
“And you know what else I love?”
“What, baby?” he tenderly asks, desperate to hear the answer.
You slide back a bit, now looking him in the eyes as your right hand dips down beneath the water line. As you grip him in hand, you hold his gaze, watching as his brows fold up in the center, a small gasp releasing from his throat.
“Yeah?” he asks, his puppy dog eyes absolutely tearing you to pieces.
“Yeah…” you coo, lifting yourself and moving up on his lap.
He watches you with an awe-struck expression, both hands holding your waist as you lift yourself above him. His lips are parted, eyes wide as you move, as you begin to bring his body bliss. Your right hand angles him upward, slowly sinking back down until his hips connect with yours.
“Baby doll,” he groans, pinching his eyes shut and resting his head back.
His hands squeeze your waist, a harsh gasp choked out when your walls flutter around him. You’ll never tire of the sensation Jack brings when he’s inside you, a wild euphoria already bursting in your veins. Bliss shivers throughout your limbs, his own body radiating heat.
Jack’s head quickly snaps back up, one hand rising to cup your face as he rolls his hips up against you.
“Oh…” you whine out, your own lips parting, too.
His tip nudges the most precious spaces inside you, his face so close you can feel his heated breaths.
“Precious thing,” he mutters, eyes scanning your face.
Your hands rise, connecting your fingers behind his neck as the two of you begin to find a pace.
“Daddy…” you whine out, throwing your head back. “Feel s – so good.”
When you do so, your back arches, shoving your bare chest closer to his face. The wanton moan he releases is completely shameless, diving between your large breasts and immediately kissing and sucking up the valley between them.
He nearly cries out when you roll your hips down onto him, the slow drag of his cock against your walls forcing both of you into delirious bliss.
“Come here, baby.” He grunts, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to his chest, holding you close. “Come here.”
You let him guide you, your warm bodies pressing together as you move in synch, the slow rhythm ushering in a small, gentle row of waves around you.
“My precious thing,” he coos, kissing your cheek. “My beautiful girl.”
“Jack,” you gasp, whining out at the feel of his gorgeous muscles tensing and flexing beneath you.
“Gonna make you my wife, babycakes. I’m always gonna be by your side.” he vows, continuing the heated press of his full lips against your jawline and cheek. “The best thing that’s ever come into my life.”
He gasps before you, holding you even tighter against him. “Honey, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“You don’t have to think about that,” you immediately return, clinging to him just as tight. “You’ll never have to; I’ll never leave your side.”
One of your hands lifts to tangle its fingers in his hair, combing through his brunette locks as you hold him against you.
“You’ve given me a new life,” you express, your heart bursting with love and joy. “The best life.”
He whimpers lightly below you, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. His hips continue thrusting upward, your own meeting his movements in perfect synchrony. An excited shiver makes its way down your spine, sending shockwaves out through your limbs.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, baby. The best thing I’ll ever have in my life. You’re the love of my life.”
“Honey,” he moans, burying his face even further into your neck. He kisses you there, his lips parting slightly against your skin as he speaks. “You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.”
You’re overwhelmed by the meaning behind his words, gasping out lightly as you’re overcome with intense emotion.
“Look at me, baby doll.” he begs, lifting himself from the comfortable space near your neck.
And you do, your eyes immediately meeting his.
“You’re so beautiful, baby, make me feel so good.” He huffs out, his breaths coming out in harsh pants as his hips move faster and faster. “You feel good, sugar? Am I making you feel just as good?”
“Fuck yes. Yes, baby, you always make me feel good.” You almost cry out, the multitude of intense waves becoming all too much. It’s euphoric and emotional, all at once, and you’ve never felt anything better than this in your entire life. You’ll never feel anything better than this, than him.
He releases a quick breath at your answer, a grateful smile forming on his face.
“Baby doll, want you to cum.” He grunts, “Want you to cum with me.”
He holds your face in his one hand, the other staying cemented to your hip. You nod, gazing lovingly into his eyes. It’s clear he’s close, not only by his words but by the expressions on his face.
The peak of your passionate actions is so much, your bodies shuddering as you hold one another in your arms. Jack’s brows fold up, his hips jutting up sharply against you before his eyes roll back, a long groan coming from deep in his chest. You release a high-pitched sigh in response, fingers tightening their hold on his smooth locks as you unfold together.
You breathe through it, your body shaking in Jack’s hold. And even though he’s attempting to ride through his own high, he keeps you in mind, carrying you through yours, too. Both of your hips grind harshly together, his cock reaching as deep inside you as it can get. Before you know it, you’re both crumbling, your body falling back onto his and resting on his chest as your panting breaths begin to subside.
Your head swirls with thoughts of Jack, of the wonderful man beneath you, holding you against his bare chest. His heartbeat thrums below, the steady pulse of it a constant reminder of his strong and unwavering affection. And as you both come down, you rest in the silence, in the aftermath of your love. Because you know it’s still there, it will always be there.
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