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Carlos is sitting at the counter cool as a breeze... Which is that man's resting state.
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he’s totally not rage punching ;)
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TK Strand & Carlos Reyes
911 : Lone Star
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you :) could :) have :) died :)
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tk/carlos tk talking about his boyfriend in every episodes ↳ 2.03 · hold the line
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These little moments are so personal to me
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#growth (insp)
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EVAN BUCKLEY & EDDIE DIAZ || 911: Lone Star 2x03 — Hold The Line
(or as I like to call it, very interesting framing)
[Image ID: two large gifs of Evan Buckley and Eddie Diaz from the crossover episode, 9-1-1: Lone Star episode 2.03:
GIF 1: Buck confused by TK's parting words before he startles and turns to try and correct the assumption that he was asking him out romantically. In the background, TK tells Eddie it was good working with him just as Eddie rounds the truck.
GIF 2: Eddie joins Buck, lifting a finger to point at him as he cranes his neck to look around for Hen. Buck is still looking in the direction TK disappeared off to.
/end ID]
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Day 3 - favourite comedic moment
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911COC Week 2022 ⇢ day four: dynamics between characters of color carlos reyes and grace ryder
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obsessed with tk and carlos being that couple…..the way they just get so much out of hosting their friends (family)…..the way they’re on the job and are still able to be unashamedly themselves with the inside jokes/private language only they understand and small touches they share without hesitation in front of everyone……
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TK Strand & Carlos Reyes
911 : Lone Star I 3x18 : A Bright and Cloudless Morning
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tk/carlos in every episodes ↳ 1.05 · studs
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the gif i used is not mine! all credit goes to the owner!
Author’s note: I NEED MORE 126 FICS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH especially with the silly little crossovers between the reader and buck
Summary: You're a firefighter in the 126 and Buck broke up with you in the most hurtful way. But what happens when your life is in danger?
Evan buckley x gender!neutral reader
Warnings: Angst, mentions of blood loss, reader gets hurt, shitty parents
"Goodmorning!" Tk smiled brightly at his team. The tiredness was heavy in the room, but the cups of coffee glued to their hands seemed to make it all worth it.
"Goodmorning." You replied, waiting for you coffee to brew. "what's got you all excited?"
"I have planned the perfect date night for me and Carlos tonight." His face lit up as his excitement grew. You carefully sipped your hot coffee as he told you all about his plans for that night. Marjan and Nancy had giving up their places at the table to join you and Tk in the kitchen. All while Mateo, Paul and Judd were babbling away about a new video game they recently started playing.
"That's so cute." Nancy remarked after Tk finished his plan. "I've heard they have amazing pasta." She added, referring to the place Tk mentioned he was taking Carlos to. "Haven't you been there with Buck, Y/n?"
The mention of Buck's name took you off guard. Marjan and Tk were aware about the ending of your love life with the firefighter. But you forgot that Nancy and some others, hadn't been informed yet.
You met Buck durning the wildfire that took over Texas. Various teams were send out to help the Texas units but the 118 stuck out to you, or should you say, a certian firefighter stuck out.
Evan Buckley.
From the first moment you saw him you knew you wouldn't hear the end of him very soon. When he left back for LA, your nights were pretty much filled with texts and endless facetime calls. At first you doubted the whole long distance idea but with regular visits and long car rides, your relationship grew in the best way possible. Even hitting the 3 month mark.
You never knew buck's parents and he didn't tell you much about them but you noticed his behaviour getting more distant when he announced the sudden visit they were paying. In your last texts as a couple he told you he was having dinner with them and that same evening, late at night, he rang to say it was over.
"Yeah." You faked a smile. "A few weeks ago, I think." You didn't want to make a big deal out of it, not wanting to take Tk's moment and make it about you, but the memory of your ex boyfriend was still something you found rather difficult to talk about. "We broke up." You announced, thinking to better get it over with then to hide the truth. "two weeks ago."
"I'm sorry for bringing Buck up earlier." Nancy admitted. "I should have know."
"No, It's fine. You didn't know." You gave her a reassuring smile before putting on your gear.
"Im here for you, Y/n."
The building before you was bursting into flames as you ran over to your captain to receive your commands. "Judd, Marjan, Y/n. You're on the second floor, there people still in there. Get as many out off there. The building is stable, but for a limited time. Mateo and I have you covered on the ground."
Once you entered the building your only thought were the people upstairs, you carefully followed Marjan and Judd as you shined your light to bright up the room. "I see them!" Judd screamed. The next step went fast as he grabbed the man and woman out of the room, he commanded Marjan to take them outside, which she did without a doubt. "There still 3 people here." Judd yelled. "I'll take the lady and the kid. Y/n, you take the baby."
You gazed over to the grib, checking the ground to make sure it was stable. Judd held the toddler in his arms as the lady clenched on to him for dear life, yelling for her baby before Judd got them out too.
You could feel the air beginning to limit, knowing time was now literally running out. You made your way over to the grib, grabbing the baby and sacrificing your own oxygen mask for his safety. You tried your best to put it on his tiny head without crushing him completely. When the helmet was as good as on, you made your way down the stairs.
Marjan met you half way the stairs, taking over the baby from your arms so she could run outside quicker. The air was limted, smoke clouded your lungs as loud coughs escaped past your lips. Marjan eyes shot up noticing the shock your body was about to go through thanks to the lack of oxygen. You felt the unstable stairs shift under your body. "Go!" You yelled. Marjan was hesitated but the loud cries of the baby signaled it's immediate need of medical care.
"I'll come back for you!" She yelled, sprinting outside. Running after her became impossible with the fire now taking over the stairs. You leaned sideways over the banister. The effect of the heavy smoke and now broken lungs made the thought of jumping over less doubtful. You jumped, crashing into the ground. A heavy pain took over your body as warm red liqued escaped into the ground. You weren't sure where it came from but since your body was already in so much pain, you knew the blood could come from anywhere.
You regretted to fall now knowing the consequences but you knew it was your only way of making it out alive. Judd and Owen came running over to you, praising you on your smart thinking so they wouldn't have to lose more time putting out the stair fire first.
You tried staying calm as they grabbed your body, but the blood loss and the amount of smoke you inhaled was starting to become fatal. Your eyes started to feel more heavy as dizziness clouded your head. "Don't close your eyes Y/n." Owen commanded. "We need you here." The day light hit your face, as you fell new oxygen enter your body.
"Stay awake Y/n. We got you now." Captain Vega assured.
"I can't." You cried out. You were tired and all you needed to do was just close your eyes for a second. "I can't." You repeated but this time more weak. Tk gave your hand a light squeeze as he placed the heartbeat device on your finger. A loud ringing took over in your head, blocking out the panicked discussions of your friends and paramedics.
"We're losing here."
You carefully opened your eyes, trying to take in your surroundings as a heavy shock of pain chrashed through your body. Your head was pounding and all you could hear were devices beeping and the muffled conversation outside. You recognised your friends their voices and the thought of them being here for you made you smile.
"Y/n?" A familiar voice asked. His voice was deep and sleepy. It felt like a dream hearing him here. Your vision was still blurry but you managed to control it after a few rapid blinks. "I'll get someone." His voice came from far. Because of the way the bed was positioned you couldn't see deep into the room except for the sealing and the close bedside chairs.
"It's fine."
You whined at the pain as you struggled to sit up. The voice came running over to you as he helped you sit more comfortable.
It was him.
"Y/n." His eyes were red as tears fell down his cheeks. Looking at the state of him you could tell he has been here a while. "I thought I lost you."
Your mind may not have been clear or working properly thanks to the painkillers they gave you but you still remembered the painful heartbreak he caused you.
"I have heard nothing from you for two weeks, Buck."
"I know." His voice broke, barely leaving his lips with a defeated whisper. "And I am so sorry. What I did wasn't okay. I know that." He paused, trying to calm his breathing. You had to admit that the sight of him truly broke your heart. "I am a shitty person Y/n. You don't deserve me. I got scared. My p-parents they aren't good people and they-."
"Just maybe an explanation could be nice next time. You left me completely in the dark, how was I supposed to feel? You didn't answer my text or calls. I was worried."
"I know." He apologised, too ashamed to fully look at you. Your heart pounded in your head as the conversation continued, all you wanted was it to end.
"I'm not mad. Just disappointed. I mean what do you expect? I hear nothing from you and now you just show up here. You broke my heart, Evan." You felt the tears in your eyes but you were too stubborn to let them show.
Owen was right. You knew it. What Buck didn't wasn't okay and you weren't in the right mind to have this conversation right now. But still you had to stop everything in your body not touch him.
"She's right, Buck." Owen interrupted once he entered the room. "Let them rest first, they aren't in the right mind for this."
"Come see me when I'm better." You said softly. "Then will talk and figure something out."
The shimmer of hope in his eyes didn't go by unnoticed. "I'll wait for you. I promise."
My request are open!
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