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9-1-1 (2018- ) | 3.10 Christmas Spirit
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incorrectbuddie · 10 hours
May: Is this your plan B?
Eddie: Technically, this is plan P
May: Plan P? Is there a plan M?
Eddie: Yes, but I marry Buck in plan M
Buck: I like plan M
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me every time eddie diaz opens his mouth
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Gifs for the meta I wrote at a wonderful Nonnie's request to compare Buddie with Fried Green Tomatoes’ Idgie and Ruth
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monstatrbl · 2 days
Okay so I said I would pen some of my 911 thoughts so here we are with my main thought.
I think we’re at a pinnacle point in the show where an executive decision needs to be made (if it hasn’t been already) in the writer’s room about whether or not Buddie will go canon. I do not think they can continue to make the show without making a concrete decision. The main reason being where Buck and Eddie are in their character development. Seasons 1-5 have been about the past for them; about confronting and working through their past traumas. Season 6a on the other hand has clearly established that we are now looking towards the future. For Buck, he’s at a point where he’s starting to question his life and what it means to be happy. It means examining his current life and looking at what he would need/want in the future to attain what he eventually deems as happiness. Clearly a big part of that happiness will be being a father; they wouldn't be doing the sperm donor storyline if it wasn’t.
For Eddie, he’s at a point where he’s gone/going to therapy and is in a good place. He’s learning to live for himself, especially now that he has more time to himself as his kid is growing up and seeking independence. With this time to himself will come with questioning what he wants out of life; what’s his happiness.
Clearly both of these characters’ trajectories are going towards the future. With the way the writing has been going, it would be very easy for the writers to make these two characters’ desires of the future be interconnected. I personally think that’s the way to go with the story, considering, whether intentionally or not, they’ve already set the groundwork. However, if they really do not want to go in this direction, I think now would be the time to decide. While a solid argument can be made that they queer baited their audience for 4 whole seasons if they choose to go with the “band of brothers” route, I think with some directional and writing changes, they still could establish Buck and Eddie as ride or die friends. But, imo, they truly cannot continue with not making a decision and stringing along the fans knowing that they’re intentionally baiting them by giving them hope that Buddie will happen. It just doesn’t do justice to the characters, the show, or their audience.
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make-me-imagine · 18 hours
Headcanons: Love, Intimacy and Kissing (Lou Ransone)
Headcanons: 'Love: Ways they say or show they love you.' + 'Intimacy: How they show intimacy; physical and not.' & 'Kissing: Do they like kissing? How do they kiss, when, etc.'
Requested by: @will-grammer
Pairing: Lou Ransone x Gn!Reader
Warnings: Somewhat detailed kissing, but nothing further.
Tumblr media
Before Lou ever confessed how he felt about you, he would show his feelings in a variety of ways. Whether you knew what these things truly meant or not.
Bringing you tea/coffee in the mornings or during long shifts.
If he buys a pastry or snack he always gets you one too.
Driving you home when you don't have your car, to make sure you get home safely. He always walks you to your door, or waits in the car until you get inside.
Watching your favorite shows and movies, listening to your favorite music, or reading your favorite book so he can talk to you about them and bond over them.
Making sure he is always stocked up on your favorite snacks, teas/coffees, and drinks for the days you may come over to his house when you are working on a difficult case.
Staying close to you in a crowded space, keeping his hand gently wrapped around your arm, or on your back as you move through crowds.
He continued to do most of the things listed above once you were finally in a relationship. But, he found other ways as well.
Keeping spare toothbrushes, soaps, conditioners, etc, that he knows you like so you can use them when you stay over at his place.
Making you breakfast or dinner, often surprising you with them.
Gently holding your head, before pressing a kiss to your lips, cheek or forehead.
Lou is not afraid of saying the phrase 'I love you', but other phrases he uses that hold the same feeling are: 'I'll be here if you need me', 'Don't be long', 'I already miss you'
Gently brushing his fingers over your arms, legs, thighs, and stomach, as you lay together at night.
Running you a bath after a long day, or if you get hurt.
Taking care of you when you are sick or injured. You never have to ask him to do this, he is already prepared and willing.
Intimacy (Physical and Non)
Physically, Lou does not shy away from intimacy.
If you could always be in his arms, he could be content.
He loves to kiss you (but we'll get to that).
He likes holding you to his chest to comfort with you or him.
Lou does not partake in PDA for the most part. But an arm stretched across your shoulders or around your waist is a given.
And he will hold hands, and give you the occasional quick kiss on the cheek and sometimes lips. But most of his physical intimacy is reserved for behind doors.
Emotional intimacy is important to Lou. He knows communication ad openness is important to a relationship.
He will always keep you informed about how he is feelings, and he is always open and ready to hear you.
Lou is not afraid to cry in front of you, knowing that he can be his most vulnerable.
He never judges or represses your own feelings, and is always there to help you embrace or heal from them.
Part of your bond is formed through work.
You work together and see the same things, you go through trauma and good days together, and this brings you closer than ever.
To quote one of my favorite Jane Austen novels: “There could have never been two hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison, no countenances so beloved."
Yes Lou does enjoy kissing, but as previously mentioned, not often in a public setting.
He loves slow kisses, he wants to make it last. Often until you are both breathless.
He often kisses you while both of his hands are cupping your face as your head is tilted back.
This often leads to him trailing kisses down your cheek and neck, and then to your shoulder.
Lou is so fond of kissing other parts of your body as well.
Kisses on the back of your hand, wrist, your cheek, temple, behind your ear, your neck, etc.
Kisses to your stomach and thighs if they are exposed when you are lying in bed.
Lou adores when you initiate kisses.
You are probably shorter than him. So if you grab him by his collar and pull him down into a kiss, it is hard for him to repress a grin.
He finds it adorable if you step up onto something to be his height or taller to kiss him.
This can lead to him grabbing you and setting you on the counter, as he stands between your legs to continue kissing you.
If you are a giggler when it comes to kissing (super ticklish), he will take advantage of this, I can guarantee it.
Lazy kisses in bed as you drift to sleep. Or soft kisses in the morning to wake you up.
Since you are co-workers who are also in a relationship, he has to resist the urge to kiss you at work.
Sometimes he can't help it, and will get you alone in a hallway or his office with the blinds shut and kiss you.
Always saying he can't resist. Or not being able to kiss you could be classified as a form of torture.
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they may be a comedy, but they love you so much, buck
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GIFTOBER 2022 ✿ DAY 31: FREE DAY (Co-parenting)
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Maybe he has separation anxiety...
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incorrectbuddie · 1 day
Bobby: What did you two do?
Bobby: You’re not in trouble, I just need to know if I have to lie to the police again or not
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#buck to the rescue
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matan4il · 3 days
One of my favorite metas you wrote was addressing Buck and consent. I wish the show went a little deeper into the subject. I understand though, there is only so much time.
However I laughed because I was wondering how much of Bucks extreme consent type behavior was written in and how much of that was Oliver being Oliver. I loved how he made sure to put his hands behind him. It also made the do you always sleep nude question exactly that. A inquiry into making sure she was OK, not an opportunity to point out her naked form.
With Ryan, Aisha, and Oliver though I always wonder how much they improvise because they seem so in tune with their characters that they add alot of small choices and I love that for them.
Hi my lovely! :D I'm so happy to hear from you! I'm sorry when it takes me a moment to reply, work has been getting stressful again and it's not like other stuff relents when it does. But just know that simply seeing your url is making me smile so wide! So thank you, just for being here and being you! *HUGS*
Oh, I'm so happy you enjoyed reading my Buck and consent meta! I honestly thought I was posting it for three people. I'm hopeful that at some point before the show is over, they will address this issue.
But yeah, exactly! It's very obvious that, along with Eddie, Buck is not being a creep on any level, he's just honestly trying to be as helpful as he can be in a very delicate and awkward situation. IDK how much the actors improvise, but I have no doubt that their personalities do inform the characters, whether it's through their own acting choices or, as work on the show progresses, more of who the actors are and what they've brought to their role bleeds into the writers' work. I love that for them as well! I'm positive that had he been played by another actor, Buck wouldn't be quite the human teddy bear that he is. A kinder, gentler version than who we met in 101 for sure, but not quite who Oliver shaped Buck into.
Thank you, darling! Hope you have a wonderful day! As always, here is my ask tag! xoxox
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tripleaxeldiaz · 2 months
“this storyline doesn’t make any sense” do u think that maybe…just maybe…it’ll make more sense…after you see the 14 episodes remaining in this season
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