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support · 4 years
Everything okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, you are not alone.  
If you are in the United States, please try:
National Eating Disorders Association (support, resources, treatment options)
If you are outside the United States, visit IASP to find help lines related to eating disorders for your country. 
For self-help courses on body image and general peer support, please try Koko. 
If you need some inspiration and comfort on your dashboard, follow Post It Forward on Tumblr.
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pneumonox · 7 months
this is your (tw) ed reminder
that you should not weigh yourself right after/day after intense working out. my weight is 50 kg, but today it was 54 kg, because i burned 1000 calories yesterday. it might be water or your muscles are sore. so please, tell it to your ed friend, so they don't have to freak out.
stay hydrated, luv yal'l
also, i am starting 30 days Thinspo Challenge, so stay tuned today !
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lanadelrexiaa · 7 months
i want to be the dainty bambi-eyed heart throb you see at the cafes, delicately spreading butter over half a toasted fruit bun just to take one bite and discard it because i have such a small appetite, leaving lipstick stains on my coffee cup, just sitting their looking pretty, skinny, loveable.
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yuhdasme · 8 months
I don’t know, I like looking at myself in the mirror and saying:
“Look how pretty you are now compared to when you began! So beautiful!
But you can get even prettier. You just need to restrict more. A thigh gap would make you look so much better! And slimmer arms. You’re beautiful, but if you restrict more, you’ll be perfect!”
And that works for me. Meanspø ain’t my cup of tea some times I guess
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vacantandstained · 9 months
low cal garlic veggie soup!
For @briskwalkingdoll​
This is a super easy recipe makes about 2 cups but can be diluted more :)
Total is 46 cals but 23 per serve
1 stock cube (7 cals)
2 cups water (0 cal)
1 egg white (17 cals)
30g carrots *about half a regular carrot (12 cals)
10g spinach (2 cals)
1 garlic clove (4 cals)
5g chilli, garlic and onion paste (4 cals)
How to
dice the spinach and carrots to preferred size (I like a mix of cubes and slices)
crush garlic
put a pot and frying pan on the stove and turn them both on low
In the pot add the water and stock cube and stir 
In the frying pan add garlic, chilli paste, carrots and spinach and mix
Cook until the stock cube is dissolved and the carrots have softened 
Add egg whit on top of the ingredients in the frying pan and start mixing fast
Make sure egg is cooked thinly and into small chunks
Add contents of the frying pan to soy pot and continue to stir over heat
Pour into 2 cups and enjoy :)
I know it sounds weird but the egg takes on the flavor of everything else and it’s so nice. The chilli, onion and garlic paste I used is from Woolworths and the brand is ‘stonemil’ it’s really good for flavor at 4cals-5g 
Sorry for bad pic, Let me know if you try the recipe and what you think of it :)
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thelightmfbutterfly44 · 7 months
Life doesn't give me lemons but it gave me binge & starve circle.
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edjournalupdates · 10 months
Some small tips that might be common knowledge or not, they just help me
- listen to music to distract from emotional eating. Can’t shove your face full of food if you’re grooving too much.
- watch shows with actors/actresses who have your ideal shape
- do that assignment you’ve been ignoring
- watch YT videos. If you’re focused on them, you won’t think about other things.
- take a nap in a sunny spot. It just feels nice and you deserve it. Hell, open the curtains. Pretend to be a plant getting your nutrients through photosynthesis.
- go on a walk around the block a few times. It passes time if you’re close to the end of your fast
- stay hydrated. If you want flavor, low cal - no cal beverages or koolaid with artificial sweetener or other low cal drink powder mixes help. My favorite ones are mango
- smoke. It puts flavor in your mouth (be it tobacco or e cigs with fruit flavor). I personally struggle with bouts of either Ana or BED and that seriously satisfies my oral fixation. Smoking is not the best answer tho, but it can be a short term solution if you don’t mind a nic addiction.
- set timers on your phone. Just counting it down can help.
- read a book that invokes a strong emotional response. If you’re too busy gushing about cute characters or crying about their sad situations you won’t think about other things.
- stretch! It’s not intensive in the same way as a workout, but if you’re a lazy fuck like me it certainly feels great with minimal effort. Also any movement is better than no movement.
- online shop, or if you’re broken just add shit to your cart that you’d wanna wear once you’re skinny enough. Don’t buy it though, as you should wait for you to reach goal or for the item to go on sale.
- video games. Although they sometimes make my BED worse, they can also contribute to my Ana if I ignore hunger through a boss fight. If they get too stressful, put them down. You don’t want to stress eat. Play something that could never frustrate you.
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tarantlo · 6 months
To my Ana’s worried about loose skin when you reach your ugw:
Try doing 2-3 day fasts for a bit. Your body reaches autophagy (literally cells self-eating) at 24 hours of fasting, and the rest is spent eating unused cells (such as loose skin and fat cells). There’s a reason why Angus Barbieri was able to lose 276lbs and not have any loose skin.
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ssyyrupp · 7 months
I need an anacoach or anabuddy like soooo bad
Im like soooo bad at losing weight n I have no self control lmao so like help 🥲
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littlghostboy · 7 months
Tumblr media
I’ve started this and it’s easy but effective 🥰
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romyseeee · 7 months
who wants to do the deep diet with me? start tomorrow (05/06)
🪷 the plan!
- day 1 ; 200cal ;
- day 2 ; 150cal ;
- day 3 ; 100cal
- day 4 ; fast ;
- day 5 ; 25cal ;
- day 6 ; fast ;
- day 7 ; 50cal ;
- day 8 ; 75cal ;
- day 9 ; 150cal ;
- day 10 ; 250cal ;
Tumblr media
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boringbitchshi · 7 months
My routine
Bringing back my Ed because summer is a month away
Wake up: blog on ed tumblr
Breakfast: Celsius ( energy drink) 10 cals
Stretch & Workout (in photos)
Evening/ bedtime
Clean bedroom
Bath and blog
Tumblr media
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violetkcals · 8 months
yes i do think i will be the prettiest girl alive when im at my ugw, and what r u gonna do ab it?
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atouchofsuga · 8 months
For those of you who have made your weight loss last, of for those of you who found a system that lets you restrict longer periods without frequent binging, what are your tips?
I'd love it if you could share your experiences and advice in the comments so those of us with more volatile habits (I'm the worst for over restricting then binging big time) can learn a more centered and sustainable approach.
If you don't feel comfortable sharing publically then please feel free to DM me and I'll make a post with all of the input! Thank you 💕🦋
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iinllou · 8 months
Learning how to distinguish hunger and boredom is the first step to achieve ur dream body.
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if you can’t stand looking at your self in the mirror, just imagine how others must feel while looking at you.
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