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Grapejuice - Harry Styles
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This is our cat Wangji and this is Niall from One Direction on this leg
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He said happy 1d anniversary you all [x]
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"We were always lucky that we had each other to share the experience with. I think we were the lucky ones. We could have all lost the plot because of all the madness that was going on around us. But we were all very good at calling each other out and we genuinely got on, were able to know each other's boundaries and suss each other out" — Niall Horan.
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It would really put a bow on the top of things
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“I think we were the lucky ones.” - Niall Horan
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fool-for-harry · 10 months
~Just another list of my favorite Harry styles imagines/fics~
(This is my second rec list! I made this one cause I reached the limit on the other one.)
Smut: 🖤 Angst: 🤍 Fluff: ♥️
Let Me Feel You - Harry coming home from tour and not being able to wait to get you home before having you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Good morning - morning blowie for the bday boy 🖤(@watchmegetobsessed)
To Be So Lonely - You find a way to convince Harry to finally add TBSL to the setlist. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
Ripped And Ruined - You steal Harry’s tights and he totally ruins them... and you. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
A good morning indeed - slow, half asleep, sloppy sex with harry 🖤 (@harrygivenchy)
Let Hurt Tonight - Harry keeps a box of memories in his closet, but those memories are from his ex. 🤍 (@alltheloveflowerh)
Love boner - Harry being horny for his wife while she is with the kids ♥️ (@meetmymouth)
Loving You Is Art - a painting day night turns playful 🖤 (@let-me-write-shit)
Soaking Wet - In which you’ve had a horrible day, and Harry just wants to make you feel better. 🖤 (@trulymadlysydney)
“That’s my spot” - H pressing down on y/ns tummy while fucking 🖤 (@jarofstyles)
Pool day - Harry fucking you quietly. 🖤 (@harrygivenchy)
Eating Out - Harry eating y/n out 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
I’ve Got You Baby - in which y/n loses her dad. ♥️🤍 (@hstyles-1994)
Pretty Please - in which Harry has baby fever ♥️ (@hstyles-1994)
Cockwarming - y/n and harry love cockwarming (@haroldloverboy)
— - him begging for praise 🖤 (@stellarboystyles)
A Little Bit of Jealousy - Hardly anything upsets Y/N as much as when her Harry is being hit on. ♥️ (@harryimaginedstories)
10 minutes is all I need - they can’t have sex while their families are visiting 🖤(@harrywritingsbyme)
Be honest - they’re in a fight 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
— - Harry and y/n find themselves in a really sandy situation 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
Cafes and Poetry - Harry reads you some sexy poetry in a little cafe (@blessedbyharrystyles)
— - in which Y/N is never usually one to spit and Harry can’t stop laughing 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
All To You - Harry gives it all to you 🖤(@confidently-dasiavuu)
Kale Juices Make Me Gag, But Not You - y/n is horny 🖤(@harrysbubba)
Ruin you - Harry makes you squirt 🖤 (@aqua-harry)
Protective - the one in which he is protective and you are drunk ♥️ (@blackmilkshake)
Rape - (TW! Rape and SA) Y/N sees her rapist in public, but Harry has no idea what she has been through. 🤍 (@imaginexxharry)
— - Y/N and Harry have been arguing for a couple days, they both find new ways to make up for their arguments. 🖤 (@harrystylesistheonlyone)
Tulle - you and Harry come home from a posh event 🖤 (@bfharry)
— - Shower sex 🖤 (@bdeharry)
Bite - A quick little blurb about biting bum’s and scorching heat and whiplash that leaves you breathless. ♥️ (@stylesunchained)
Morning BJ - waking Harry up with a bj 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Rings - it can never just be a relaxing cuddle, can it. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
— - Harry cumming inside you for the first time 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
have your way with me - in which you’re horny and Harry’s little black lace ensemble for the Met Gala isn’t doing you any favors 🖤 (@hazzasgayvodka)
Tell Me - What Harry is like after a show when he’s high on adrenaline and high on you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Luna de Amor - 🖤 (@svnflowervol666)
pillowtalk - in which nighttime is the most peaceful ♥️ (@autumn-sunflowers)
FEAR BEFORE VICTORY - Harry is afraid to go on stage and looks to you for comfort. 🤍♥️ (@satanhalsey)
Only Angel - In which Harry comes home late and tired from a full day of filming to see his angel dressed in a nightgown and ready for bed, but decides to tarnish her halo a bit. 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
I Show You My Heart - “The sentence that comes after is simple in construction but holds the complexity of the universe: ‘I want to make love to you.’” 🖤♥️ (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
Waking Up Beside You - Harry wakes up with a little (not necessarily) problem. 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
Locked Out Of Heaven - 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
BRING BACK MANLY MEN - You have to comfort Harry after Candace Owens has insulted him for dressing up as he likes. 🤍♥️ (@satanhalsey)
Drunk in Love - In which Harry is drunk and cuddly and you, being the wonderful girlfriend you are, are stuck taking care of him the whole night. ♥️ (@trulymadlysydney)
Beg - Begging harry to cum deep inside you 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Positions. - Harry’s favorite sex positions. 🖤 (@mindofharry)
Get in character - Harry tells Y/n he was casted as Eros and they have their own little commemoration 🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
Lover - Soft sex with boyfriendrry after the show, plus some domestic love ♥️🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
Smug - Harry gets quite cocky after a fancy dinner, when him and reader get home they have sex in the kitchen. 🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
My muse - Harry is in a fake relationship with another singer. After the show, reader and H get into a fight because of it. 🤍♥️ (@harryhoney-bee)
Scratches - y/n scratching Harrys back during sex ♥️🖤(@harrywritingsbyme)
My Birthday Girl - it’s her birthday ♥️ (@harry-writings)
— - Horny harry trying to turn you on, but you're being a tease and ignore all his efforts ♥️ (@hxarrysbabe)
The one where Harry & Model Y/N do a interview together - ♥️ (@hwrryscherry)
Right here Right Now - 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
Right Choice - Harry has a moustache now and you want to get it sticky. 🖤 (@stylesberries)
Heat - Your boi’s too vanilla for your liking. He refuted that tho. 🖤 (@stylesberries)
Attention - he’s being clingy ♥️ (@in-the-name-of-styles)
Masterlist - @svnflowervol666
Masterlist - @watchmegetobsessed
💛🌟🌻Masterlist 🌻🌟💛 - @harrywritingsbyme
my stories - @harryimaginedstories
Masterlist - @blessedbyharrystyles
Masterlist - @harryhoney-bee
Masterlist- @confidently-dasiavuu
Masterlist - @aqua-harry
MASTERLIST: - @harrysbubba
MASTERLIST ☻︎ - @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
MASTERLIST- @blackmilkshake
Masterlist - @stylesberries
masterlist - @crowdedimagines
Masterlist - @iguessweallcrazyithinktho
Masterlist - @twohearts-hs
masterlist - @autumn-sunflowers
MASTERLIST - @gucciharrywritings
MASTERLIST - @jarofstyles
MASTERLIST - @shawnsprincesse
masterlist - @hstyles-1994
masterlist - @heartbreakweatherharry
Masterlist. - @all-my-love-for-harry
Masterlist - @harrystylescherry
Masterlist - @hes-writer
If anyone wants their fic to be taken off this list, message me and I’ll take it off immediately. 💕
My other Rec List
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dylflms · 4 months
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baby, you were the love of my life.
⌗ volume one , volume two , volume three | masterlist
Tumblr media
— one sweet day by @sunfleurry
─ darker days ( before brighter days ) by @wroteasongabouther
─ there’s no us by @wroteasongabouther
─ for the kids by @wroteasongabouther
─ heartbreaker by @wroteasongabouther
— second guesses by @nvrrmiind
— don’t you love me? by @gucciharrywritings ❪ part two ❫
— narcissistic behaviour by @hazzmedicine
— two ghost by @meet-me-in-the-kitchen ❪ part two ❫
— the lonely hearts club by @meet-me-in-the-kitchen
— where’s your heart? by @meet-me-in-the-kitchen
— composure by @kwritingbooks
— three years by @kwritingbooks
— why did you leave me? by @knowiloveyoubabe
─ secret by @watchmegetobsessed
─ minecraft beds by @barkrry
─ one angry voicemail by @sunflowerkissess
─ weird cravings by @enchantedsoulofmine
— dorthy by @thismaydestroyme
— hair clip by @cherievol6
— be easy on yourself by @kwritingbooks
— first time for everything by @gremlinvanfleet
— dodgeball by @watermelonsugacry
— cant sleep without you by @stylesharrys
— late night talking by @watermelonsugacry
— crying in love by @satanhalsey
— rainbow cardigan by @stylesberries
— kisses by @harrysfolklore
— my love by @sweetsbfreex
— hypothetically by @stylesmygucci
— miles high by @loveletter4harry
— tiktok duets by @astranva
— car sick by @sunflowerkissess
— love on the brain by @sylvierouge
— untitled by @jarofstyles
— hands of gold by @antiodote
— her beautiful, ruined boy by @cinnamongirlrry
— little bird by @wroteasongabouther
— theadora by @meetmymouth
— the best man by @glutenfreepeach
— dadrry by @shroombloomm
— songs of hers by @chaoticloving
— lia and harry’s story by @narryfdreaming
— the sun will rise by @watchmegetobsessed
— jealously by @kwritingbooks
— a deep dive by @daaydreamy
— one ❪ @stylesmygucci ❫
— two ❪ @meet-me-in-the-kitchen ❫
— three ❪ @sunflowerkissess ❫
— four ❪ @gucciwins ❫
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completed | © dylflms 2022
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Cardigan my beloved 
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The fact that 7 years after they broke up, 1D still make up 5 out of the top 7 really says something X
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nobody talk to me
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— nicole scherzinger.
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Guess what moment is turning 10 years old today?
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“When was the last time you liked it?” 🤭🤭🤭
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I just love this Harry face lol 🤭🤭
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Now some bonus reactions:
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Priceless. (March 11th, 2012)
✨ 10 years ago today ✨
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