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Willamette Valley Dream Clinic
pages 1-10
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Tumblr media
February 2022
Rate Her 1-10
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Here’s a random ask for ya! How much sleep do you get?
on a scale from 1-10,1 being I never ever sleep,and 10 being I sleep all the time
5 on a good day
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Rate my OC's Charlotte and Victor!
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1-10! Explain WHY-
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Tumblr media
[ Start ID: A purple and white toned pencil style sketch of Sloane and Hurley from The Adventure Zone. Sloane is a lithe, tall half elf with long, smooth straight black hair and a deep skin tone. Hurley is a muscular halfling with short, curly hair and pale skin. They are sitting together with their backs to the viewers, Sloane has an arm around Hurley and Hurley is pointing outward. They are sitting on a roof, and beyond them are city lights, casting a white glow around them. There is the darkness of a mountain peak breaking up the star filled sky. End ID ]
1-10-21 || Hurloane for the soul, star gazing on a rooftop in Goldcliff. Surely it isn’t the only plateau in the desert. Mostly I wanted to draw Sloane’s hair.
Please don’t tag as kin/me/id/etc.
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i-hate-liking-batman · a year ago
Chaotic bnha fic recs
Some of these I've finished others I haven't kept up with but I definitely had invested in them at least in the beginning. Summaries I wrote don't have enough info so please check the tags once you click a link. Some of these fics are very popular since I made this for a friend who was new to the fandom. This list is definitely a mess it's more like Russian roulette. This list currently has 83 fics. Enjoy!
Assassination classroom crossover!!! First fic basically goes over the anime with shinsou and Midoriya in the story. This is good for people who haven't watched! People who have watched should probably still read it (like me) bc everyone has quirks. I really recommend reading this fic since it makes the next fic that much better!!!! The second fic made reading the 140k of this one so worth it.
Yu yu Hakusho crossover- tododeku. The start is a bit confusing but this fic is amazing!!!! No knowledge of the anime is necessary but it definitely helps! The world building here is insane. Complete at like 470k!
Non crossover fics:
Hopenight- fic where izuku trains the first quirkless hero (heartwarming and a series)
Where class A are delinquents going through reform and izuku is their quirkless leader 
Viridian green guide: quirkless izuku is a vigilante to try and die in a heroic way, ends up becoming really good! Is kamideku but only really happens at the end of the story
Same author as above- izuku goes into support! A fun time but ship is izuku with mei
Heroics and other things that don't require superpowers- a great fic where izuku becomes a quirkless hero with the help of mic! Todoshindeku. Has a different fic I enjoyed where Izuku was raised with the league but escapes to become a hero
Inheritor- izuku has a mutated version of AFO where he can pull the quirks of dead people and give them to others. Becomes known as the giver as he secretly gives quirks to other quirkless people. Is a series- endgame tododeku
LOVE THIS FIC TO BITS- is a spinoff of simkjrs fic but is actually complete HAH. Izuku can see the spirits that give people quirks- which gets him into a lot of shenanigans.
Unfinished at 100k but is a classic- quirkless Midoriya one punch man au- no ships but with art!
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Any other chronic pain people have like a new pain scale? Because I’ve lived at a 6/10 for so long that I’ve had to come up with what my partner and I call “revised pain scale” where I sit at a 4/10 every day. Because before the revision I had nowhere to go. No numbers to explain the pain. So while the severity of the pain hasn’t really changed. My flares are now worse than I’ve ever had and getting worse each time.
So on a revised pain scale I now flare at a 7/10. Which might be a 10/10 on my old scale. But is now my new “oh fuck this hurts”
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here's the test
ᔑ ʖ ᓵ ↸ ᒷ ⎓ ⊣ ⍑ i ⋮ ꖌ ꖎ ᒲ リ 𝙹 !¡ ᑑ ∷ ᓭ ℸ ̣ ⚍ ⍊ ∴ ̇/ || ⨅
[Here's a post. Test test test. ⚌ ⚍ ⚎ ⚏ ⏑ ⏒ ⏓ ⏔ ⏕ ⊕]
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Reasons to live 1-10:
Travelling to new places
Eating your favourite foods
The smell of the ocean
Oversized hoodies and T-shirts
The stars on a clear night
Falling asleep to the sound of rain
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1-10 how can the fnf crew(any charecter from FNF) handle their spice 1 being they once ate a hot cheeto and then had a heartattack and 10 being they can eat a grime reaper pepper and not feel a thing and in their past time they like to eat taco bell diablo sause as a snack
Hmm, interesting question.
Boyfriend - 7, although he tried a ghost pepper once and cried.
Girlfriend - 9, she loves her spice.
Daddy Dearest - 3, he's sensitive to spice.
The Mom - 6, but doesn't like spice in general.
Skid and Pump - 4, but their spice tolerance is growing, so it'll probably be around 7 when they're adults.
Pico - 5, he loves the kick he gets from spice.
Senpai - 8, he's got high tolerance for most things.
Tankman - 6, but he tries to avoid spice.
Lemon Monster - 1, the smell of spice makes him gag.
Henchmen (because why not) - 10, they can eat lava and not flinch.
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since i’m nosy too (but i don’t wanna take up all of them) can i ask for 1-10 🥺🥺
Seeing as @polskasroka asked for 7 and 8, I'll combine the two here! ❤️
Tumblr media
I couldn't pick just one for some of them!
1. Season - Autumn, 100%! The colours, the weather, just the overall feeling. It's just cosy and comfortable 🥰
2. Food - This is a tough one. I love a good burger, but I'm gonna go with Pad Thai and a side of Chicken Satay Skewers!
3. Hot Drink - A builder's tea. Unless there is a McDonald's nearby. Then it's their Hot Chocolate.
4. Soft Drink - Fanta Lemon
5. Place - Anywhere there is woodland. I love walking through the trees 🥰
6. Movie - Van Helsing, closely followed by the Paranormal Activity series.
7. Band - Fleetwood Mac, closely followed by ABBA, then Little Mix
8. Book - The Celestra Series!
9. Animal - Tie between a fox and a cat.
10. Colour - Teal; any shade
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Who wants a blog rate?
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tsjadventuresgifs · a year ago
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emersonfreepress · a year ago
How resistant would the RO’s be to admitting they’re in love with MC? Like on a scale of you have to be on death’s door for me to even thing if saying it to I’m gonna admit it the second we start dating (1 to 10).
on that scale we've got
Vi | 1. They refuse. Even though it's obvious and written all over their blushing face.
Kile | 2. Good luck lol
Jessie | 5. it's nerve-wracking, ok?
Jack, Rain | 6.
Gabe | 7. If he likes you that much, he tends to be straightforward about it.
R | 8. They know they're constantly on the verge of blurting something out way too soon.
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zilinks · a year ago
BSD Dead Apple Manga Chapters 1-10 (inc)
translation by buraihatranslations :>
4.2 is from welcome to draconia
no imgur link for 5-6, it's on mangadex
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solobreakfast · a year ago
Yo if you automatically rate my burps than you're upgraded from cool to prEttY furkin FANTASTIC
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thatweirdoshep · a year ago
Things To Comment On A Post You Liked [If You Don’t Know What To Say] #2
1. Thank you for creating this masterpiece. I recommend adding the 🙏 emoji so it doesn’t sound as formal(? Idk) 
2. I’m speechless. Chances are if your reading for this list, you often find yourself not knowing what to comment, which means technically you are speechless. Good things to add to this are why you’re speechless. For example, “I’m speechless, that was such a plot twist.” or “That was sooo Ah! I cant describe how much I loved it, honestly I’m kind of speechless.”
3. I’m in tears. Depending on whether it’s sad tears or bursting out laughing tears, you can also add emoticons too, such as ““I’m in tears, bro.T-T”
4. Not me sitting in bed crying at [Insert time you should be sleeping]. Don’t act like you haven’t read at least one fic and balled your eyes out when you’re supposed to be sleeping. I know you have, we all do it. There’s no shame in it so just tell the artist that you balled your eyes out to their angst fic or sad animatic sitting in bed at 12am when you should be sleeping.
5. Who hurt you? And why’d you have to share the pain with me ;—; . Stumble upon a particularly sad post? Did the craftsperson of said work just rip out you heart and dance on it? Tell them about it.
6. Okay I see how it is, so you’re just going to rip my heart on and tap dance on it ;-;. Playing off the last one’s commentary, described how the artist tore out your heart and danced on it. You can also add your own flare by change the dance or what they did to it[example; tore out my head and threw it in a thorn bush].
7. Got me crying in the club. A good old classic
8. I live for this stuff. Good for any genre and pretty customizable too. For instance, ““I live for angst ngl”, “Fluff? 
9. @____ . Tag someone! If you know someone who you think would like the work, then tag them. It brings more love to the art and shares it with someone else who can enjoy it just as much as you. Also, I recommend adding a little “look at this it’s great” with the tag, because, although optional, it can help people who overthink things know you’re tagging some actually share it and not make fun of them.
10. I’m in love with the way you write/draw this character.
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