#* hi hello yes tysm and i hope this is okay.
mklsnh · 2 months ago
sweet metallic taste of blood , pulse of her victim slowing to the point of near death . as it's life ceases , the tribrid has never felt more alive . body falls , and monstrous face fades back into the allure of human facade . slow , menacing turn as she notices she's no longer alone . wicked upwards twist of lips at @sltzetic , fingers wiping blood from them . " sorry , didn't save you any . . . " a beat , swift motion no more than a blur as she approaches . " you're a long way from home , lizzie . "
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6mmad · 19 days ago
is ur request open?? if it is, pls do demon brothers as ur internet boyfriend!! gn!reader, And pls ignore this if the request is closed!
they're ur internet boyfriend!! : demon brothers
yes my requests are open! :-) tysm for letting me write this prompt it's literally so good!! ty once again friend, i hope you like it <:
Lucifer never imagined himself making friends online, much less dating someone on the internet but you truly have him wrapped around your finger
That being said, Lucifer craves your attention, he needs twice as much considering your distance, so expect several missed calls when you forget to give him his "goodnight <3 i love you" text
"Hello? MC, whatever the issue is there's no need to ignore me, after all we're adults who can talk out our issues-.... ..You fell asleep early? ....Oh."
"No, it was nothing, go back to sleep"
Lucifer's favorite mode of communication are phone calls, he'll never admit it but your voice has become his favorite sound in all three worlds
He especially likes phone calls before bed, sure you're far away but laying in bed with you on the speaker phone makes his bed feel a lot less empty if he's being honest.
He looks forward to the day that you two get to meet in person although it's so unlike him, he feels nervous at the thought as well
Mammon is surprised that he bagged such a wonderful person, especially online. I mean, you love and respect him and you're his #1 supporter. It was only logical for him to stake claim.
Of course that's half a lie, he didn't claim you as much as you claimed him, although he'd never admit that out loud.
Mammon is always the first to call and text at every time of the day. He wants to know what you're doing, where, and he wants pictures, lots of pictures.
Obviously he wants as many pictures of you possible. Any at all will make his heart leap out of his chest. Blurry photos, mirror photos, photos of you from far away, he loves them all and he'll set them as his wallpaper.
His favorite mode of communication is videocalls. He really wants to see your face!! What can he say, it's his right as your boyfriend. Expect to hear the screenshot sound several times over the hours.
"Baby, put the sweater on. Huh?! Why not?? ....What?! Im not gonna take a screenshot, literally name one time I've done that"
"..Okay but that was ONCE omg!!"
Levi has always had online friends, that was nothing new, but to know that one of his online crushes was actually dating him now?? He has no idea how he managed that
It comes as no surprise that Levi loves to play video games with you, it's such an easy way to connect and yet he manages to get embarrassed at "physical contact" that is just... virtual
"MC.... Did you mean to put our minecraft.. beds.. together??"
"OMG were wearing the same skin!? Oh gosh, everyone is gonna know you're my Player 2... this is a lot to take in "
Levi's favorite mode of communication with you is through VR Chat. If you didn't have a VR set before, Levi will get you one asap. To him, it's the easiest way to get closer to you without the overwhelming insecurity of video calls ( since he can change his avatar )
He especially loves simulating mundane tasks with you on VR; cooking, having a snowball fight, or running around a flowery park, knowing you're the face behind the avatar next to his own makes his heart skip a beat every time.
Satan figures that perhaps this is a modern day romance. His books detail tragic forbidden lovers whose love perseveres despite all, and well, it's not too different from you two right? There is a wall between you both, or rather a screen.
Knowing this, Satan does his best to keep things romantic for you despite the physical distance.
He loves to have flowers and pastries delivered to your house, hinting to you through text that there's "a special something" at your doorstep and he waits patiently over the phone to hear your reactions
For Satan, hearing your gasps of astonishment and your happy giggles makes the extra effort so worth it. He'd do anything to hear you laugh in excitement.
His favorite mode of communication with you is phone calls, his favorite calls being ones where you can both enjoy each other's silence together, occasionally cracking a joke or affectionately calling out for one another.
"MC?... No, I didn't want to ask you anything, I just wanted to hear you say yes back "
Sometimes he likes to read out loud, not particularly for you to listen to, but just to know that you're hearing him is reason enough
"Hm? You like my voice? In that case, I'll read as much as you want, love :)"
The moment Asmo saw your face on the internet, he knew he had to shoot his shot. Of course, you responded, who wouldn't? But he didn't think you'd literally end up being the love of his life.
Asmo is obsessed with you and he's not ashamed about it. Anyone and everyone has heard about his "lovely MC" and how precious you are.
Of course he wants everyone to know that you two are an item, what if someone falls for you too? So his solution is to post you on his social media everyday. His Devilgram story, tweeting on Critter, all of the above.
Naturally, he wants to be as close as possible so he starts to buy things in pairs. He has a pink shirt and now you do too! Devil MUA sent him their PR package and now you have one too! Knowing you're both matching makes him feel 10x more confident in his outfit and makeup choices since his lovely MC is looking just as good!
Asmo's favorite mode of communication is video calling with you. He wants to see your face as much as possible no matter what expression you're wearing, he'll commit them all to memory
His favorite video calls are ones were you've just barely woken up, hearing your groggy voice and seeing your grumpy tired face never fails to make him kick his feet and giggle. Even you're disgruntled face makes his heart flutter
"Good morning!!! Hehe, I woke you up didn't I? You're looking at me like... Hahaha! I can't say, you're too cute!!! Go back to sleep, darling. I just wanted to see you"
Beel has never been too active on social media so he imagined this scenario would fit one of his brothers better, but after your late night talks and heart to hearts, he absolutely had to ask you out.
Beel is a doting boyfriend, he loves to hear anything and everything about you. What you did today, what you wore, anything at all.
Prepare to have him praise everything you do, even when you weren't anticipating a compliment... He just can't help the fact that you're so damn cute to him! None of your conversations are safe from his doting
"You did your laundry today? Good job, MC :-)"
"You're wearing pajamas? Oh. Well you still look really cute today :-)"
His favorite mode of communication with you is texting. He's a busy guy so he can't always respond but even then he loves to read your texts when he has time. Naturally, He responds to each and every one of them individually, even if you sent over 10.
He especially loves texting you during breakfast. Seeing your texts and messages always make his days start off bright and he always makes sure to send you a picture of whatever breakfast he's eating at the given moment.
"MC, I'm having eggs, bacon, and french toast today. You should try making some :-) then it'll be like we're both eating at the same table, don't you think?"
When his brothers found out that he was in a relationship they were awestruck. Even more so when they found out it was online! What have you been up to, Belphie?!
Belphie doesn't care though, he understood his own feeling well enough and confessed to you despite the fact that you were online. He wasn't about to let anyone else snatch you before he had the chance
In this relationship, you have to call and text first. And although Belphie denies it, you're the only person he actively responds to besides Beel. But not without complaints
Despite that fact he loves getting calls and texts from you, even when he acts like it's no big deal. You'll never have a missed call or text as long as he's around, even if you sometimes get some...questionable half-asleep responses
"MC? Hello?...Yes. Im sleeping. How am I responding? How about, how are you responding?.... Maybe..you're sleeping."
Belphie's favorite mode of communication is phone calls. He doesn't have to painstakingly get up to type and not to mention, he can leave you on speakerphone and listen to you all he wants.
He absolutely adores the phone calls in which you both fall asleep together on the phone. Hearing your voice slowly get sleepier and quieter makes him giggle, how can someone be so adorable when sleeping? You're the only one who'd he stay up for, even if it's just to hear you sleep peacefully.
He makes sure to sleep too, but only when he can hear your quiet breaths over the phone.
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sungbeam · 2 months ago
my face when the request event popped in my notifs: 😍🤭
i would love a slightly suggestive fluff with Jeno (what did we even expect 😪) including the prompts 24, 29 from the other event and 64 from this one, if that's okay and it isn't too much. i am actually very excited for this, thank you in advance Beammie ❤️🤪
[𝟔:𝟏𝟐𝐀𝐌] — lee jeno x reader
0.7k words, fluff, only slightly suggestive (literally mentions that "smth happened last night"), reader has hair long enough to braid (?), like one curse word, neck kisses
a/n: hello chip my luv!! tysm for ur request ^_^ hope u enjoy hehe (i m actually quite satisfied w this one lol)
Tumblr media
The most dreaded part of your morning was always the part where you had to get out of bed. Well, escape was probably the more accurate term to describe the action. It was mainly because of the person clinging to your side, immovable like a sack of potatoes. 
"Lee Jeno, I need to go to work," you murmured drowsily, trying to tug your arm out of his relentless grip. As much as you wanted to sleep in with him, you did have an early shift today. 
He whined, grabbing hold of your upper arm and hauling you back onto the mattress. He flopped on top of you and the air flew out of your lungs. "Over my dead body," he grumbled, warm air fanning your neck where he buried his face. His freshly dyed pink hair tickled your jaw, but at least it smelled nice. 
You knew it was a bad idea to dye his hair so late last night. If the two of you had gone to bed earlier, then he would have been willing to get up with you. While you went to work, he would hit the gym—it would have been a win-win situation. Except… yeah, things happened last night. 
It wasn't your fault Jeno looked good in pink. (A little too good, really.)
You peered over at your phone. You had set your alarm to give yourself a generous amount of time to wake up. Somehow you had anticipated this, in some form. You carded a hand through his hair, feeling his breathing even out and body relaxing. Maybe if you let him drift back to sleep, he would let you slide into the bathroom…
You tensed, the sensation of pillowy soft lips pressing feather-light kisses against your throat. Jeno lifted himself up to hover over you, arms caging you in against the bed. God fucking—
"Are you…" You choked out, trying to channel every ounce of willpower you owned, "... trying to seduce me?" You laughed, albeit somewhat nervously. 
Jeno made his way up your jawline and to your lips, leaving a kiss on your lips before meeting your eyes. Those pink bangs hung in his vision over his forehead; what a vision. "Is it working?" He asked, voice purposely made husky. 
Yes. "No," you smirked and rolled out from beneath him whilst in his shock. You stood up from the bed, and Jeno flopped back onto it, his arms snaking around the pillow your head was on and burying his face into its silky embrace. 
You pursed your lips in adoration. Aw, he was sulking. 
You reached over and ruffled his hair. "You know I love you, right?" You asked him, then made your way around the bed and into the bathroom to get ready. 
The bathroom lights gleamed brightly in your eyes, and you blinked to try and adjust. You could just barely hear a loud, unsatisfied grunt from the bedroom. You chuckled, shaking your head. "Aye, Jeno, love. If you come get ready with me, we can cuddle on the couch for ten minutes."
You could hear the bed creak with the speed at which he rocketed out of it. 
His head poked into the bathroom, and you met his smiling eyes in the mirror. "Why didn't you say so?" He asked, then joined you in slathering toothpaste onto his toothbrush. After he'd put the toothbrush in his mouth, he slung one of his arms around your shoulders. "Au camt beweave you chust rehected me back dere."
You cocked a brow at him. "What?"
He lifted a finger, signaling to give him a second. He took the brush from his mouth. "I can't believe you just rejected me back there. That's rude," he said with a joking expression of disapproval.
If you hadn't been hovering over the sink, you would have gotten toothpaste all over your sleepwear. You snorted. "It's rude to keep me from going to my job."
"Not when my job and that job conflict," he quipped. 
"Uh-huh, and what is that? Your job."
He wagged his eyebrows up and down, then spat into the sink. "Being your boyfriend."
You tried desperately to suppress your laughter, but it was clear by the mirth in your eyes that it would be impossible. You and Jeno shared a look, one of the many things that made you feel connected to him. And before he could make another flirty remark to stall you from getting ready, you asked him, "Wanna braid my hair while I do my skincare?"
His eyes lit up. "You don't even gotta ask, baby."
Tumblr media
a/n: don't forget to rb, comment, etc if u liked it!! :3 (gonna post and then literally crash cuz im so tired)
nct m.list
permanent taglist: @tayunji @im-a-big-mess @staysstrays @y3jiishot @crazywittysassy @seomisaho @stopeatread @enhacolor @yedammi @rnjfy @jaehunny1428 @johlee @justanotherkpopstanlol @frickyratz @liamsholygrail @w3bqrl @got-sum-badhabits @ana-is-losing-her-mind @smolpeyy @hibernatinghamster @babyksworld @otchae @bigballsz @luv4vernon @shakalakaboomboo @thesunsfullmoon @neowritingsnet
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meownotgood · a month ago
Yayyy, could I request a simple, soft fluffy fic of Aki just being a big ol softy/simp for reader? I understand if this isn't your tea, but whether you do or not, thank you for all this content!
softcore. / hayakawa aki x gn!reader, fluff, established relationship
my first suggestion ^^ tysm for requesting! hope you like it!
Tumblr media
It's no secret that Aki is a little bit obsessed with you. Every morning, he brushes his teeth hip to hip beside you, makes you whatever you want for breakfast, and kisses you deeply before he leaves for work. When his lips finally pull away from yours, his gaze is half-lidded and soft, and he can't help himself from kissing you again and again. Just one more won't hurt. Okay, one more after this one. The only reason he stops is because he's already running two minutes late. 
He runs ahead to hold the door open for you everywhere you go, he stares at you adoringly to a degree noticeable by anyone, and he holds your hand tight so you don't lose him in a crowd. His hands manage to find yours anywhere they can, really. Under the table when you both go out to eat, or intertwined with yours as you both drift off to sleep. And Aki knows all of your preferences, down to the very last detail; he'd never forget.
You like your coffee with whipped cream and exactly one and a half pumps of caramel. 
I made something new for dinner tonight, but I took out the onions on half 'cause I know you don't like them. 
He doesn't smoke whenever you're around. If you're tired, he'll offer to carry you. If you're cold, he'll give you his jacket, and if you're hot, he'll take out his hair tie and tie up your hair with it. He gives you his seat on the train, he buys you anything you say you need or even mention, and… Okay, scratch that, maybe Aki is a lot obsessed with you. But how could he not be? You mean everything to him, more than what the stars mean to the sky, or what the waves mean to the ocean. Aki absolutely adores you. 
He's memorized your phone number, too. He doesn't have to think about it anymore when he spins the rotary to dial it. His finger nervously twirls around the phone cord as he waits for you to pick up, and when you answer with a, "Hello?" Aki immediately feels all his stress melt away to the sound of your voice. 
Hey… I can't sleep. I miss you. Can I come over? 
Of course, the answer is yes. So, in a moment of pure tranquility and tenderness and just the two of you, here Aki is. He lays with his head in your lap, staring up at you, dark hair fanned out over your legs and messy as you play with it because he loves the way you run your fingers through. And although Aki tries (and usually fails) to be subtle with you in public, when it's just the two of you, it's a completely different story. 
"You're so pretty like this, you know that? I love your eyes. They're such a beautiful color," He says, his hand reaching up, knuckles gently brushing across your cheek. There's a slight smile on his face, framed by pink blush. "You're always so pretty, God. I can't believe you're mine." 
You giggle, your hand tracing to his jaw, then up to push his hair behind his ears. The television is on, flashing idly as it plays the kind of shitty programs that only come on late at night, when everyone is supposed to be sleeping. It's dull background noise. Neither of you are paying attention to it anymore. Your focus is fully on each other. 
"I missed you all day. I couldn't stop thinking about you." Aki continues. His voice is quiet and smooth, deep tone resonating and familiar. Compared to how he talks with others, he always seems to speak to you much kinder, much more delicately, as if he's speaking from his heart, yet is careful with his words. 
"I missed you too." 
Your hand finds his ear and you fiddle with his piercing. His palm glides up over your arm, leaving goosebumps in its wake, and when he notices, he asks you, "Do you like them?" 
You roll the earring between your fingers. "Your earrings? They're handsome. These ones are new, aren't they?" 
"Yeah. Do you want them?" 
You're hardly given any time to process what he said before Aki is sitting up, getting comfy beside you on the couch while he reaches to take off his earrings. "We can trade," He says with a nod, "Here, hold still. Let me take yours off." 
Aki leans in, warm hands brushing against your face as he carefully removes your earrings while holding his own in his palm. It's funny, even though you and Aki are practically inseparable, there's still something so intimate about how close he is right now, and how he's extra careful to take your earrings off and hold them so he doesn't lose them, while replacing them with his own. 
You can smell the lingering scent of his cigarettes and cologne, hear his deep and relaxed breathing. When Aki leans back to put your earrings on himself, he admires his work with a grin. He was secretly hoping you'd bring it up so he could give this pair to you. 
"Yeah, those look great on you." Aki affirms, and you laugh when he finishes putting your earrings in. 
"Aki, I wear those earrings all the time. Your co-workers are gonna know they're mine if you wear them tomorrow." 
"So? What if I want them to know?" 
You can't argue with that, and anything you were hoping to respond with dies out when Aki holds your chin between his thumb and index finger. There's a short pause, more of the television humming, and Aki takes a shaky breath in before he asks, "Can I kiss you?" 
He doesn't have to ask, really, he doesn't. But he always does. Teasing him a little, you reply, "Didn't we kiss for hours earlier?" 
It's true, when he first got here, your lips were on his for what must have been hours as you kissed to make up for lost time. Lazy and slow, murmuring I love you and I missed you in between each one, his mouth immediately finding your cheeks and your neck when you need a moment to catch your breath. And even still, you didn't have enough of him, and he certainly didn't have enough of you. 
"Just one more won't hurt, right?" 
Tumblr media
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softshiin · a year ago
Hey !! :D
How are you ? I hope you’re feeling okay ! :)
I love your writing, so.. can i request smtg ?
Idk if you write for these characters, if you don’t write for them or don’t like this request you can just ignore it !!
Then, can i request Tokyo Revengers boys (Mitsuya, Rindou, Izana and Chifuyu maybe ?) reacting to their s/o being followed and they just protecting them because theyre a lil scared ? Idk if that makes sense !! (Im french btw so english isnt my first language)
Thanks in advance <33
Tumblr media
summary: what would they do if their s/o is being followed
characters: mitsuya, rindou, izana, chifuyu
warnings: reader being followed by stranger
note: hello nonnie!! tysm for requesting~ and don’t worry for the characters, i write for every of them if i don’t specify it <33
Tumblr media
; you were totally scared, and you could sense that someone was following you since you got out of your school
; at first you tried to ignore it, but then you saw a shadow of a middle aged man behind you
; panic was starting to get into your body and you could barely breath
; “y/n?”
; your boyfriend’s voice reached softly your ears
; slowly you looked into his eyes, scared
; “babe is everything alright?”
; you could still feel a presence behind a corner, so you lowered your voice
; “tsu, listen, there’s this man who’s following me since i got out of school.. c-could we walk a-away from here?”
; mitsuya immediately hugged you, pulling you closer to him
; “stay here angel, i’ll take care of it”
; then he walked towards the man, who instantly looked away, as if he wasn’t following you
; “you gotta a problem with my s/o, man?” your boyfriend asked calmly
; “hm? n-no? besides, who are you? do they really have a boyfriend?” the man sounded so annoying yet creepy
; “yup, and their boyfriend is right here, ready to beat the shit out of you”
; we can all imagine what happened later
;then mitsuya safely escorted you to his house, just in case that creep wouldn’t follow the both of you and know your address
; probably spent the whole night with you in his arms, just because he could feel that you needed it
; “y/n?”
; you heard izana’s beautiful voice approaching you
; you quickly turned your face to meet his eyes
; “why.. are you trembling? did something happen?” you could tell by his tone that he was starting to worry
; you could barely speak, the only thing sure was that that man was still there, and he was coming closer to the two of you
; “excuse me, young boy, do you perhaps know them?” he asked to your boyfriend, who was still trying to understand the situation
; izana never took his eyes off yours, “yes, they are my partner, is there a problem?” he slowly turned to finally face the man
; “tsk” he just said, before trying to casually walk away from the both of you “it seems I’ve mistaken you for another person”
; you couldn’t even look at the man, because you knew that he will be there to follow you for all the following days, as he was doing since two weeks now
; “wait a sec old man” your boyfriend put a hand on the creep, stopping him “i don’t know why.. but my s/o here is quite afraid of you. ‘care to explain’?”
; “boy careful on how you speak to me, you will regret it”
; izana just let out a giggle before landing a kick on the man’s face, making him pass out
; “now then, angel. lets go home! i’ll put outta your school a bunch of my men, just to make sure this dude doesn’t follow you anymore”
; with this said, he placed an arm around your waist and started walking the two of you home
; prob spent all of the next hours with you, playing video games or doing some fun stuff together
; tbh this brat didn’t even see you, since he was walking while scrolling on his phone
; as soon as you saw him, you started walking faster, hearing also the steps behind you accelerate
; “rin! hello babe, what are you doing here?” you suddenly raised your voice in his direction, making him jump on his feet
; “hi sweet cheeks, just got out of school?” he said, placing a quick kiss on your lips
; he immediately noticed that someone was hiding behind a tree not far from you, but still decided to ignore it, maybe it was just a coincidence
; “what are you up to?” you asked with a trembling voice, he raised his eyebrow trying to understand why
; “is.. everything alright y/n?”he whispered
; “no its fucking not. there’s a creep that has been following me since i got out of school.. now that i think about it, i-its not even the first time i see him, he’s always walking around here..”
; your boyfriend immediately embraced you, telling you not to worry
; his scent succeed to calm you down a bit, and when he made sure of this, he quickly took off his glasses
; “can i leave them in your hands for a bit? im afraid they will dirt with blood”
; then he took you to his home, and spent a whole evening cuddling with you in his arms, eventually letting you style his hair
; this boy will stand for you even against 100 and im not joking
; the problem now was that he wasn’t here with you, while some creep was following you
; and he wasn’t even answering to your calls or messages
; you were seriously tempted to call the police, until you heard a familiar voice
; “come here,,, kitty kitty, where are you? I’ve brought you food~”
; you heavily sighed
; “oh my god chifuyu not again” you said to yourself, completely forgetting the old man behind you
; you ran to your boyfriend as soon as you saw him, scolding him because he shouldn’t buy cat food every time he sees one of them
; he cutely pouted at you, faking his sadness “but look at how cute he is!”
; you two ended up staying on the street for all evening, with the cat, being a lovey-dovey couple
; that man probably died of cuteness and understanding that you already had a boyfriend, he never followed you again
; he probably started being afraid of cats ofter this
Tumblr media
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ashthemadwriter · 6 months ago
May I request Chuuya and Dazai x fem!reader (separately, ofc) where the reader has suicidal thoughts due to severe depression? It's okay if you find it uncomfortable, I understand!
Have a good day/night!
Fandom:Bungou Stray Dogs
Pairings: Chuuya,Dazai X fem!reader
Format:Head Canon
A/n: it is hard honestly,but let me worry about that :D
tysm love :)))
Tumblr media
Osamu Dazai
well hes the same as you so he understands what it feels like
hes just good at hiding it,unlike you
but he doesnt really know how to help you get through it.cause...he never tried himself
hes like:
so,wanna commit suicide together?
hes not comfortable while asking you though,cause this time its possible for you to say yes,and that has never happened to him
he regrets it when he sees that you are actually considering it
he'll try to talk to you about it.he knows that talking about it kinda hurts,but it does feel good afterwards(if youre talking to the right guy
he will comfort you.its even possible that he tells you about his own story,if hes comfortable enough around you
i think he will feel better himself after the conversation :)
Dazai is so sad,honestly...i feel really bad for him
now im crying too lol
ahm...so,where were we?
just imagine him comming to you inthe middle of the conversation,hugging you from behind while comforting you
he'll plant small kisses on your forehead to distract you,and he kinda succeded
when hes alone he'll realise something that will made him smile softly...
all this time he was looking for someone to commit suicide with him,andnow that he has found the perfect girl...he doesnt wanna do it.he wants to live.he wants to see her smile happily.he wants to see her face when he wakes up in the morning.he wants to hug her tightly on rainy days,while smelling the coconutt scent thats comming from her hair
bruh i got so emotional LMAO
yeah...so dont worry.with this guy taking care of you,you'll definitely recover soon :D
Tumblr media
Chuuya Nakahara
this ones kinda hard,cause the same crap goes for him too ecxept for the suicidal part lol
so...he comes back home from a long mission,and finds you broken like that,surrounded by your thoughts
hes terrified.he finally found someone who will never betray him,and now hes gonna lose her in another way
is he gonna let that happen?is he gonna let you say goodbye to him that easily?
hell fucking no
he is terrified,but he wont show you that.instead,he comes in your bedroom,sits on your bed while asking you what is wrong with a serious face
"hey y/n! snap out of it! what is going on with you?"
thats when you just start crying.like a bumb which was about to explode,you were just waiting for something or someone to upset you,and then you found it
Chuuyas reaction is kinda funny lol.hes shocked and worried
"im sorry i didnt mean to upset you!hey stop crying!"
after hugging you a bit,you'll eventually calm down.you'll start talking to each other,and that will make you calm down a lot
Chuuya is sad now too
"my poor darling...what have you been through while i was gone?"
he'll definitely make you go talk to a therapist (unlike Dazai,he doesnt believe in them)
with an expert checking up on you and having Chuuya by your side,you'll be ok again not long after that :)
really hope youre ok KitKat,feel free to send me messages whenever youre feeling down
i got you :)
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my-my-only-angel · 4 months ago
hello again <3
could i get james x ravenclaw!reader he’s trying to convince to date him or something w
“there’s no music playing.” “we don’t need it.”
tysm <333
p.s. sorry abt the severus asks again ❤️
Dancing in the dark | J.P
Pairing: James Potter x Reader. Kinda enemies to lovers. 
A/N: ofc you can love! great prompt choice and no need to apologise <3
“The rules of seven minutes in heaven are simple” Sirius said shaking an empty pillow case out “everybody puts in an item of theirs, we take turns blindly choosing one. Then you go into the broom closet for seven minutes with the person whose item you picked.” 
When the pillow case came your way you dropped the only thing in your pocket into it - a tube of cherry lip balm. It hit the bottom with a soft thud and you wondered vaguely if anyone would pull it out. You’d never been to a Gryffindor party before and you didn’t know what to expect. 
Once everyone had dropped their item in, Sirius approached you “Newbies first” he said. You closed your eyes and reached in, fingers brushing across various random items. Finally you found something cold and small that intrigued you, it could have been a marble but you didn’t think so because of the small indents you could feel across the surface. You closed your fingers around it, pulling it from the bag and opening your eyes. Unfolding your hand you saw that a tiny golden snitch was sitting in your palm, the little silver wings slowly unfurling. 
You stared at it, wondering who it could possibly belong to when you heard someone clear their throat. You looked up and James Potter was standing in front of you looking uncharacteristically sheepish. “That’s mine” he said and you groaned rolling your eyes “of course it is.” 
Someone out there had it out for you. They had to, there was simply no other explanation for it. How else had you pulled out James bloody Potter’s item from a bag with over 20 things in? 
James Potter was the bane of your existence, you hated him purely for the fact that you didn’t hate him at all - not really. You’d had an on and off again crush on him since your 3rd year and he’d never looked at you twice. That was until last year when he’d sat down at your table in the library and proclaimed you the most beautiful girl in the castle and asked you to go on a date with him. He was joking of course, you were sure of it. Why would James Potter seriously ask you out? He didn't even know you. He asked you constantly since then and it was such a cruel joke because you really did like him. 
You sighed deeply and stalked off in the direction of the broom closet, anger rolling from you in waves. James followed you, looking disheartened at your reaction. He closed the door behind you, plunging the both of you in darkness and you jumped as you realised in the tight space his body was only inches from yours. You could smell the scent of his soap, the soft cedar of his cologne, could feel the heat rolling from his body. You were glad that it was dark so that he couldn’t see how your face flushed at the proximity. 
“No funny business, Potter” you said sternly “let’s just get these seven minutes over with.” 
James sighed and you felt the tickle of his warm breath “okay” he said in a voice so dejected that you felt a little bit bad for being so harsh. 
“When we get out of here” he said “i'll leave you alone, i'm sorry for bothering you all this time when it’s clear you're not interested I just really hoped you’d say yes one day because I really like you.”
He sounded so sincere that you began to feel confused, hadn’t it all been a massive prank? “You like me?” you asked shyly.
“Why else do you think ive been asking you out for the past few months?” James asked, confused.
“I thought you were trying to be funny, that it was all a prank.”
Even in the dark you saw hurt briefly flash across his handsome features “I'd never do that, why would you think that?” 
“Well Sirius is always standing behind you giving you thumbs up” you defended.
“Because I get nervous asking!” 
“And - and you don’t know anything about me, you didn’t even notice me for years. How could you like me?” 
James cut you off “In second year” he said “you used to wear blue ribbons in your hair, you're smart but you often forget to do your homework, you get really excited when they have pancakes at breakfast…”
Your breath caught in your throat as he listed off all the little ways that he knew you, you’d thought yourself invisible but to James you might as well have been the only person in the castle. 
He reached out and gently traced a line down your nose “and when your nervous” he said his voice dropping to a whisper “your nose scrunches up” you giggled nervously at his proximity, you could see the shine of his hazel eyes behind his glasses “like this” he said tapping your nose “and it’s adorable.” 
“Oh James” you said “you do know me, all this time. I'm sorry I never gave you a chance, I’d love to go on a date with you.” 
James grinned and it transformed his features beautifully “really?” he said and he looked so adorably excited that you wondered how you’d ever mistaken his intentions before. 
You laughed, “Yes really James.”
“What about right now?” he said.
“The game…?” you questioned and James’ eyes took on a mischievous glint. 
“About that” he said and then he reached his arm above your head and pressed on the panel behind you. The wooden back of the broom closet swung open revealing a passeaway out. 
You gasped “James Potter” you chastised “have you known how to get us out the whole time?” 
He grinned, hazel eyes sparkling “yes but I wasn’t gonna show it to you when I had the perfect excuse to stand close to you.” 
You smacked his shoulder lightly and he took your hand in his, lacing your fingers together “come on.” 
He led you through the passageway and all the way to the astronomy tower. You didn’t think about your friends that you’d left back at the party, or about what you were doing; you simply let him lead. 
“The stars are beautiful,” you said softly, looking at the view from the tower. 
“Like you” James said and you looked down sheepishly “oh shut up.” 
“It’s true” he said then he took your hand in his “let’s dance.”
You gave him a look “there’s no music.”
“We don’t need it,” he said, spinning you until you fell back into his chest. 
He gently swayed you across the tower, making you laugh with corny jokes and sweet smiles. The time spent in his arms flew by and soon you’d been there hours, feeling like there was nowhere you’d rather be than here. Standing under a blanket of stars, dancing slowly with James Potter and seeing nothing but each other. 
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glamrockfanfiction · 9 months ago
could i possibly get sick male security guard reader (or gender neutral if u prefer that) headcanons
(like how Freddy and the others would look after you if you are sick) mostly looking for fluff ^^
tysm and have a good day/night whether you do my ask or not :D
Hello! Thank you for the request, dear! I hope this is what you were hoping for, lots of fluff of course because these animatronics love you and only ever want to see you happy and healthy
Warnings: none!
Pronouns: he/him
- "oh no"
- "My boyfriend"
- "he's broken!"
- she's gonna baby you, I'm sorry
- so many cuddles and kisses
- she also doesn't completely understand at first?
- she sees you cough and sneeze, and she's just like "??? Babe?? Humans can glitch out? Are you okay?"
- her first reactions are to feed you, but let's be honest extremely sugary and greasy food (the only food she thinks is valid) really isn't good when you're sick.
- when you eventually get her to understand how human bodies are trash and can hate themselves every now and again, she decides!!
- no!!!
- you don't need to do your job!!
- come CUDDLE AND STAY with her in her room
- sure she might smother you in blankets and pillows and stuffed animals
- but I mean, the alternative is meandering through a giant complex for the entire night, and have some *really* creepy stuff try and crunch your spine like a fortune cookie!
- and hey, getting to cuddle your sweet, weird, girlfriend who doesn't always understand personal space is always a plus
- Vanessa so much as gives you a disapproving *look* when you take sick leave and Roxy will be putting her into her place so damn quickly
- yes she understands that Vanessa has higher authority than her
- no, she doesn’t care <3
- look she doesn't completely understand *what* is going on with you, but she cares about you so much
- you’re her boyfriend, and she really hates to see you sniffling, or looking completely tired, or watching you practically throw yourself to the nearest washroom in a near vomit induced panic.
- so she sees that any managers and bosses don't bother you and she just relaxes with you in her room
- she also sees that *you* don't bother *you* if you are too stubborn and don't want to stop working.
- she also enjoys the fact that Vanessa will have to work all alone for a few days.
- call her petty.
- she wears that shit like a damn badge of honor
- this is one of the few exceptions when she will allow you to be super cuddly with her.
- she really does prefer her personal space, but she also prefers seeing you happy and comfortable??
- so like, she is a big girl, and she can suck it up if it means you resting peacefully.
- even if you're snoring
- and slightly drooling on her shoulder
- and though she won't admit it, you one hand being curled up and running through her hair is *definitely* a plus
- oh he hates seeing you sick.
- he ended up visiting you one morning before a show, coming to the tiny little apartment Faz. Corp. let you take up, and he just sees you all curled up on your couch
- there are tissues everywhere and two empty water bottles and one halfway done, and you're shaking
- he's pretty sure his heart seized at that. He doesn't ever want to see you sick. Ever.
- he tries to take care of you as best he can, but eventually he has to go back and do some shows and parties, but don't think he's doing them because he wants to!!
- no, he'd much rather be sitting with you on that couch, with your legs up on his thighs and messaging you calves.
- eventually when he gets the time to check on you, it's night time. And he comes in just as you're putting on your uniform and grabbing your belt.
- he really tries at first to get you to rest, but if you refuse and prefer to work through it he respects that
- but he's coming with you! He is going to help you as much as he can, whether that be helping check certain parts of the Pizzaplex for you or just keeping you company.
- he's got you back
- if you do decide to stay and rest he is going to end up unconsciously showing you just how husband material he is, even if you aren't one for marrying.
- he's making you tea and filling up you water bottles, taking out clean throw blankets and putting you favorite movie on.
- he is absolutely taking care of you, whichever way you choose, and whatever way he can help
- "bro what the fuck is wrong with you?"
- jk jk
- well
- only a little bit.
- he swears he doesn't mean it in a harsh way, because when he sees you walk into his room in the middle of the night, he is literally frozen with a fucking *couch* above his head at the sound of your sniffles and red puffy eyes.
- at first he thinks you were crying?
- but you rapid coughs that broke a brief glaring contest show him otherwise.
- "Monty I do not have the time for this, put the damn couch *down*"
- he is so tempted to put it down in the most destructive way possible, but he also can't ignore the genuine concern he is feeling for you.
- I mean, you two have been dating for two months now
- and he might like to be a challenging little shit every one and a while, and you might get a bit short with him, but there's a distinct difference between that, and the tired, thick tone you just used.
- so... fine.
- the couch is still functional
- for the *moment*
- when he finds out what you've got he is probably the most chill compared to the rest.
- he cares about you! But also he knows you'd tell him if you were dying.
- You're a big boy and you can handle yourself.
- of course, he still ends up offering a hand
- a hand which, of course, with Monty, turns into two which are wrapped around your thighs as he piggy backs you across the Pizzaplex
- you end up going through your rounds far quicker than you expected
- and than a few more because the two of you are having *way* to much fun causing a slight bit of chaos and zipping around
- Vanessa ends up hearing about how you two absolutely *barreled* through a fence and knocked over like, three giant crates
- and while she isn’t at all impressed
- Monty lowkey scares her more than the others??
- so she ends up just giving you both a glare and telling you to just go clean it up
- which you do, though there is a lot of giggling and messing around whilst doing so
- he can be really goofy when he wants to be, and if he has to up it a little bit to make you laugh while you’re struggling with being sick, he has no qualms to that
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yandere-smoothie · 6 months ago
Hello <3
I was wondering if i can have some HC of a s/o whose an empath with the characters of your choice please, and if you do not wanna do this i completely understand :) have nice day/night!!!
Ej, Jeff and The puppeteer with an Empath S/O
A/N: Ayo I'm back with my shit :) ya'll spoil,, 3 posts in a month - I tried my best to understand this request if this isn't what you wanted I do apologize hehe... Also, I hope these characters were to your liking <3
Pairing: The puppeteer x Jeff the Killer x EJ x Reader (I lost my motivation at EJ so no more characters & this is a pretty long request)
Writing type: angst? , scenario, fluff?, CRACK???
Gender: G/N
Tw: (No yandere) I have no fucking clue
Empath Definition (based on google)
(chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.
The Puppeteer
(🪡) Has no idea why you're always sulking when he's around...But it doesn't take him long to understand what you're doing, yes john is a serial killer yet he has read some books. So he's not fully dumb like jeff. Honestly, he thinks it's pretty cool considering you're like a human lie detector.
(🪡) Thinks you need to deal with your own problems before others, like c'mon at least be a little inconsiderate of others?! He cares about you more than Sally or whoever that person's name is...
(🪡) In addition to my last fact, he feels a sort of relief when he's around you. You understand him and that's one of the only things he's ever wanted, although he may be more withdrawn and introverted he feels calm around you.
(🪡) Following that, He is a narcissist so he really doesn't care what you think, all he wants from you is to sit there and be pretty hot and not to worry about him.
(🪡) He may have some trouble showing it considering he's cruel (yandere verse is even worse) and manipulative but he does care for you,, since you treat him as an equal and that's all he wants.
Jeff the Killer
(🩸) Dumbass mode has been activated. (I bully Jeff too much sorry stans) Gives you a wtf look; has absolutely no clue why you're just standing and/or stressing yourself out figuring out EJ's existential crisis
(🩸) Genuinely doesn't know how you can perceive his emotions and thoughts,, is kinda scared of it too are going insane too?
(🩸) Since this pattern continues repeated he has no choice but to actually ask slender,, so after 5 smacks on the head and breaking down the definition multiple times he gets the gist of your power (at least that's what he calls it)
(🩸) In addition to the last statement, he kinda thinks, no not kinda, he does think your ability is neat! Considering Smile dog can't really talk he'll ask you to use your {forgive me for this} your super ability~ to sense what she or it wants or is feeling like.
(🩸) Following that, it makes him feel a sort of comfort when he's around,, to put it simply he feels as if he's heard considering he prefers to hide his emotions, your ability makes him feel a bit vulnerable yet Jeff can trust for whatever that's worth.
Eyeless Jack
(🦴) Ah yes, another slow one; not as slow as Jeff but it takes him some time to process why tf are you always putting yourself in another person's position; not to say it's that bad it's okay but repeatedly? yea you need to slow down
(🦴) It's not like he'll tell anyone tho,, he's more introverted and withdrawn, unlike the others. Takes him an average of 2 weeks, yeah 14 days to figure out (tysm google ^^) your ability.
(🦴) His opinion on it is every word in the dictionary you can you to describe wonderful <3 He thinks it's absolutely fascinating to sense a person's emotions/thoughts just by looking at them or by their gestures.
(🦴) It's pretty similar to mind reading hence EJ is just astonished by it. Is the one who adores your power the most actually.
(🦴) Much like Jeff he wants you to use your ability on Seedeater since he can't talk either.
(🦴) All in all, EJ loves your capability and wants you to teach him and display your methods; you're a human lie detector too so- yea
Oml I'm done -w- finally I've been wondering what to do for this but I think I didn't do too bad..
Anyways Enjoy your day/night darling!
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tyonfs · a year ago
hi<3 i love your fics they are super good! i wanted to ask something hehe . could you (if you want to ofc!!) make a fic about mark? i mean like you are enemies with him but eventually u fall in love with him and the u guys dating but its almost full of angst then fluff and smut? its ok if you dont want to! i just wanted to ask this<3
author’s note: hello anon !! i’m sorry for getting to this so late 🏃‍♂️ but omg i hope you enjoy this little bullet fic tho! AND TYSM i’m so glad you like my fics 🥺💞
pairing: mark lee x fem!reader
summary: competing with the bane of your existence, mark lee, for a letter of recommendation from the dean was bad enough. on top of that, he was now the manager at your new job.
genres: enemies to lovers, smut, fluff, smut, crack, slight angst, coffee shop au, college au
warnings: profanity, sexual tension!! bc what’s e2l without sexual tension, unprotected sex (wrap before u tap!), hate sex, making out
Tumblr media
finding out the dean only wrote a letter of recommendation for one student every year was probably the third worst news you could have received today
the first being the realization that the dean had to pick between you and mark lee
the second being that you were against mark lee
mark lee: the captain of the ice hockey team, the student body president, and the top student in the english department
he was also a smidge too attractive for his own good which made you want to pull your hair out
hot people with shit personalities should be a federal crime
but your gripe with him right now was that damn letter of recommendation
how Canadian Shakespeare was all buddy-buddy with the dean was beyond your understanding
maybe it had to do with the fact that he was the student body president and a perfect all-rounder student but you were appalled when you walked into her office to see her laughing at something mark said
this was just unfair; she didn’t laugh at your jokes
mark wasn’t even funny! he was just a kiss-up and you were infuriated
“take a seat, y/n,” she said, wiping at the corners of her eyes. “mark was just telling me the most hilarious little tid-bit about edgar allen poe.”
ah, yes. edgar allen poe. what a riot.
mark smiled at you as you took a seat next to him, but you saw past his fake smile
“hey, y/n,” he greeted cheerily
you returned the stiff smile. “hey, mr. president.”
douchebag, you thought bitterly. who was he to say hi to you? clearly he’s working against you. this is his evil plot to watch your downfall.
“so, as you two know,” the dean interrupted your delusional thought process, “i only can give one student a recommendation and you two are my top candidates.”
you were practically on the edge of your seat, hanging onto every word the dean was saying
“so i came up with the perfect solution to decide,” she said. “write me a short paper by the end of next week on why i should pick you, attach your resumé, and then i’ll decide.”
you and mark turned to each other, exchanging a look
this was war
“end of next week? you got it,” you replied, fired up
you were confident you would get it
plus, you could add your new job at the coffee shop to your resumé—the timing was perfect
when you and mark left the room, it was like a switch flipped in him
“good luck getting the recommendation,” he said, raising his brows at you. “you’re gonna need it.”
“oh, please.” you scoffed. “save the attitude for when i get it. now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna go to my first shift. have fun with your hockey pucks!”
you stormed off, enraged
you were not taking shit from a dude named after someone from the old testament
Tumblr media
okay, so maybe the world hated you
“what are you doing here?” you sneered
it was very clear what mark was doing here, actually
above his name on his name tag read manager, and you’ve never wanted to die more
“i’m here for work,” mark replied with a smirk. “excited for your first day, y/n?”
“not anymore.”
“come on, don’t be like that,” mark cooed. “sora here is gonna show you the ropes.”
the perky girl mark gestured to was enough to slap you out of your brooding nature and manage a smile for her
she looked you up and down and grinned. “let’s get you an apron.”
you sighed as she disappeared into the back room
mark leaned close until his lips met your ear before he turned to leave
your stomach twisted from what you thought was hatred, but it felt odd
he whispered, “by the way, don’t think i’m going easy on you today.”
you groaned when mark walked off
your day couldn’t get any worse
Tumblr media
newsflash: your day got worse
who knew making a coffee could be so complex? what the hell was steamed? did people enjoy making their orders longer than the declaration of independence?
mark sighed heavily when he saw you struggling with the whipped cream
“let me show you how it’s done,” he offered
instead of demonstrating like a normal person, mark walked up behind you so that you were caged against the counter, and he placed his hand over yours
this isn’t weird, you tried to convince yourself even though it was very, very weird
“gentle,” he murmured in your ear, pressing against the nozzle to create the perfect dollop of whipped cream over the drink. “got it?”
your heart was going crazy. screw mark lee
“mmhm,” you hummed, not trusting yourself to speak coherent words
you had to remind yourself that this was your mortal enemy, and he was clearly playing mind games with you right now
“so what’s going on between you and our manager?” sora asked once mark had gone to work the register. “i could feel the sexual tension all the way from the blenders.”
“nothing at all,” you replied coolly. “we hate each other’s guts. he’s just trying to break me down, but i won’t back down.”
“that’s a bit dramatic. i think he just wants to fuck you.”
you choked on air, backing away from the drinks. “no way in hell.”
sora laughed. “i’m just saying,” she said, “he doesn’t do things like that to the other girls.”
“trust me,” you replied. “we hate each other. whatever that was is just him trying to get into my head and mess with me.”
sora shrugged. “if you say so.”
you honestly weren’t quite so sure yourself, but if this was just mark’s plan to throw you off your game, you weren’t going to fall for it
and if this was how he wanted to play, you had a few tricks up your sleeve as well
Tumblr media
“i thought you said you weren’t coming to the party,” renjun said as he watched you apply lipstick. “what changed your mind?”
renjun and jaemin were currently sitting in the middle of your room while you were putting on your makeup to go to a party with them
it wasn’t everyday you dressed up this good, but tonight you were ready to kill
but nothing too severe because you still wanted that letter of recommendation
“mark lee,” you replied, eyes practically burning holes in your mirror with how intense your gaze was
“i thought you hated him,” renjun said. “now you want to go to a party for him?”
“exactly, renjun. he thinks he can mess with me so i’m going to fight back.”
“sounds concerning, but you look great, y/n,” jaemin replied, giving you a thumbs-up
you beamed, turning around and placed your hand on your chest in gratitude. “why, thank you, jaemin.”
“but, y/n, what makes you think mark’s trying to mess with you?” jaemin inquired
you raised a brow at him. “you two are his best friends. you know better than anyone that we hate each other.”
“right.” renjun snickered. “and that’s why you’re wearing that low-cut dress?”
“i plan to make my revenge sweet, huang renjun.”
“oh god, they’re gonna fuck,” jaemin muttered
“we’re not gonna fuck, jaemin!”
Tumblr media
jaemin and renjun were under the impression that your target was mark
and he was, but you weren’t going to get to him directly
your plan was to get to him by other means: his friends
there was nothing mark hated more than his friends getting along with his foe
he already had to deal with sharing jaemin and renjun with you, so you figured his breaking point would be if you got closer to jeno or hyuck
but you didn’t even get to carry out your evil plan because mark walked over to you himself
well, that was easy, you thought
his eyes were on your dress, examining the way the material hugged your body
you’d be lying if you didn’t say you were a little intimidated. being under his gaze was a little nerve-wracking
“you’re up to no good,” he observed
you batted your eyes innocently. “what makes you say that?”
“you look stunning.”
that would usually be a compliment but mark made it seem like you needed to be behind caution tape
“thanks? i guess.” you scoffed. “i just dressed up more than usual today.”
“yeah, okay,” mark drawled and looked back over his shoulder, which you assumed was him checking to see if his friends were around. “can i get you a drink?”
hook, line, and sinker
“i’m not drinking tonight, but we can dance,” you offered, slipping your hand into his
mark raised a brow at the physical contact but pulled you over so that you both were closer to the mosh pit
mark didn’t let go like you did; his eyes were serious and studying you like he was trying to calculate your every movement
his lips brushed against the shell of your ear when he leaned in. “i have a feeling you’re up to something, y/n.”
“oh yeah?” you taunted. “like what?”
“i can’t tell if this is about the letter of recommendation,” mark said, “or if you’ve already noticed how badly i want to fuck you.”
maybe it was a good thing you didn’t go get drinks with mark
because you surely would have spit it out all over him
“you want to—what?” you asked, cheeks heating up when your voice started to fail you. “did i hear that right?”
no way. there was no way in hell mark lee thought about you in that way. not after the constant bickering and teasing and—
yeah, no, that just sounds like sexual tension, y/n, you realized
maybe you were stupid for intentionally ignoring all the signs, but that didn’t change much because the guy still pissed you off
even though the feeling of his lips against your skin was absolutely sinful
and the way his thighs looked in those jeans made your head a mess
and his hands on your waist left his touch lingering and left you wavering
the moment was ruined, though, because someone had to bump into you and spill their drink all over your perfect dress
“i’m so sorry!” the person apologized profusely
“it’s fine,” you replied
you’d be lying if you said you weren’t frustrated. how were you going to mess with mark’s head when you looked like this now? plus, you were sticky and felt gross
mark tutted. “look at you.”
something about his tone, about the way he was looking at you, made your stomach flip
mark grabbed your arm and continued, “let’s get you cleaned up.”
you could only follow after him as mark pulled you into the bathroom, closing the door behind him once you were in
“okay, now—fuck,” mark hissed and averted his gaze when you started peeling off your stained dress. “what the fuck are you doing?”
“isn’t that what i’m here for? to clean this?” you asked with a scoff
mark grumbled something incomprehensible and simply manned the door
“you don’t have to keep looking away,” you added with a smirk
“you’ll be in danger if i look at you right now.”
your breath got caught in your throat at his words, but you huffed and continued, “mark, why the fuck do you think i even wore this dress?”
a muscle in his neck flexed and his eyes darkened. it was all so incredibly attractive to you so you didn’t mind when he locked the door and made his way over to you, taking in the way you looked in lingerie
“you’ve been messing with my head these past few days,” he growled. “showing up to work and then dressing like this.”
mark snapped the strap of your bra and traced the fabric down, running his finger over your nipple
you shivered, even more so when he pressed the lower half of his body up against you and placed his large hands on your hips
“you’re one to talk. do you know how i felt when i found out you were the person i was up against for that damn—” you were cut off, gasping as you felt mark’s hand slip into your underwear and slide two fingers against your slit. “h-hey! that’s not fair!”
“you’re wet,” he observed, “and you talk too much.”
“fuck you.”
“it’ll be my pleasure,” mark murmured before he leaned in, kissing you with a vigor you had never seen in him before
you were caught off guard but before you knew it, you were wrapping your arms around his neck and trying to pull him impossibly closer
mark was a good kisser, and it didn’t help that he knew all the right things to do that got you turned on
he held the back of your neck, tilting your head up so he could reach you better, and his fingers wouldn’t leave your slit alone
when his thumb moved to rub small circles against your clit, though, you had to pull back for air, whimpering at his touch
mark smirked and took this as his opportunity to kiss down to your neck
“i should’ve done this a long time ago,” he whispered against your skin before planting kisses along the column of your neck
mark’s hands moved to the back of your thighs and picked you up so you were sitting on the counter
“just fuck me already,” you groaned out, running your hands through his hair
“beg for it.”
“you’re such a prick.”
“i can stop.”
you whined and gripped his shoulder. “please, mark,” you begged, heat rushing to your cheeks at what he was making you do. “please, please, please fuck me.”
mark’s lips curved into a smirk. “that’s more like it.”
before you knew it, mark was ripping off your panties and unbuckling his belt
he must’ve noticed your shocked look when you saw how big he was because he grinned, grabbed the back of your neck, and pulled you in for a deeper kiss
you were so dazed from the taste of his lips, but snapped out of it immediately when you felt him push himself into you
“mark!” you gasped out, breaking away from the kiss to catch your breath once again
“f-fuck, you’re so tight,” mark moaned out, waiting for you to get adjusted and groaning whenever you clenched around him
when you got adjusted to his size, you met his eyes and mark immediately understood
he held your hips tightly and started thrusting, his merciless pace making you moan uncontrollably
“i fucking hate you,” you whined. “stop making me feel so good.”
mark moved one hand to clamp over your mouth. “quiet, kitten. we don’t want people hearing us, do we?”
you nodded, tears springing to your eyes and running down your cheeks as he hit that perfect spot every single time
your moans were muffled by mark’s hand but he got aroused each time regardless
his hand on your hip crept to press his thumb against your clit again, aiding his thrusts by stimulating you more
“c-close,” you whimpered out against his hand, and mark removed his hand just to hold your hips steady so he could go faster. “fuck.”
“you gonna cum for me?” mark cooed, leaning close to nip at your neck. “come on, y/n.”
you were at your limit
your climax washed over you and you came, crying out into mark’s shoulder as you were hit with intense waves of pleasure
mark was at his limit shortly after, groaning and pulling out so he could cum over your thigh
the both of you took a second to process what you had just done, and mark simply stared at you as his ragged breaths turned shallow
“you asshole,” you started, “we came here to clean me up and you made an even bigger mess.”
mark grabbed the dress you had strewn aside to slip over you again. “round two in the shower then?”
“this shower?” you asked, nose scrunching up in disgust
“my shower,” mark said. “let’s go to my place.”
you wanted to outright refuse him, but the sex was so good that you complied
mark’s driving was a bit concerning with most of his attention on you, but the both of you managed to make it to his apartment in one piece
he was ignoring his texts from his friends and you were ignoring yours, but you had no time to feel guilty because mark’s lips were on yours again
and round two was even better
Tumblr media
now you found yourself in a dilemma
hooking up with mark once was fine and all
you both had your fun and sure, you didn’t follow through with your initial plan, but the sex was good
the problem was that it was too good
too good as in you hooked up with mark for six days in a row after that party
and you were currently making out with him in the back room of the coffee shop
too good as in you were starting to soften up to him
like he had gotten you both takeout the previous night
and you kissed him to say thank you
literally who does that?
and later he sent you a picture of his dog because he thought you’d like a picture of his dog
and fuck you, mark lee, you really did like the picture of his dog
you liked it so much that you added a heart reaction
and the night before that, he asked, “are you pissed off with me because we didn’t cuddle?”
he wanted to cuddle? he knew you wanted to cuddle? you wanted to cuddle?
you wanted to cuddle mark lee?
you also had to explain your whereabouts to renjun and jaemin
your friends were hellbent on finding out if you got together with mark or not, but you and mark had to keep your hookup under wraps
but that unfortunately didn’t stop you from accidentally blurting out that sex with mark was really good 
but, to be fair, you were drunk so it wasn’t really your fault 
plus, mark forgave you after you kissed him
this was a syndrome called Down Bad and you were not happy with it
what was this? rivals with benefits? acquaintances with benefits and downsides?
whatever it was, you were not happy
and you ended up pushing mark off of you
“what’s wrong?” he asked, looking concerned at how you withdrew
“what are we doing?”
mark straightened up, running a hand through his hair. “uh, making out?”
“no, like, are we just having fun until we go back to hating each other or what?” you asked. “because if you’re stringing me along, i don’t want to be part of it.”
“stringing you along? how am i stringing you along?”
“i don’t know, maybe you’re trying to get in my head because of that letter—”
mark cut you off with a frustrated sigh. “why is everything about that damn letter of recommendation?”
anger bubbled in your stomach. “how can it not be? that recommendation determines if i can apply to my dream grad school.”
“and you think it doesn’t make a difference to me?” mark asked. “why would i fool around with you right now when i could be writing my paper right now?”
“i don’t know!” you exclaimed. “i don’t know what you want from me. you already have the upper hand.”
mark put his hands over his face and groaned. “god, you really think i just want to play with your feelings and drop you? you know better than anyone else that i take what i deserve and leave behind what i don’t deserve.”
“forget it,” mark grumbled. he backed up and made his way to the door, adding, “you’re working register.”
screw mark lee
screw mark lee for being against you for that damn letter of recommendation
screw mark lee for leaving you like this
and more importantly, screw mark lee for making you cry right now because you cared about him more than a stupid letter
Tumblr media
you did a lot of thinking that night
well, you had to, because your letter was due the next day
but you thought a lot about mark said about deserving things
and frankly, you didn’t deserve this letter
you tried to cheat your way into knocking out your competition
even though that completely failed and you ended up catching feelings
but that was besides the point
you did a lot of thinking
and you weren’t sure if you came to the right conclusion, but it felt like the right thing to do
so you sat down and you started writing
Tumblr media
it had been a week since you submitted your paper
you hadn’t spoken properly to mark since your argument at the coffee shop
sora had asked if there was something up and you ended up telling her everything
she assured you that he’d come back once he was done blowing off steam, but now you had to walk into your meeting with him and the dean
and you were nervous as hell
she was going to announce her decision and you had a feeling you knew who was going to get it
it was bad enough you had to sit through a meeting with mark during that, but did you really have to run into him outside her room?
“hey,” he greeted awkwardly
you froze for a second but greeted back, “hey.”
“hey,” the dean spoke from behind the both of you, a brow raised at how distant you two sounded
you balked and she walked past the both of you. “come inside.”
you and mark exchanged a wary glance before walking inside and sitting in the two seats in front of her desk
she grabbed two letters on her desk and handed one to each of you
“congratulations,” she said with a smile. “two letters of recommendation for the both of you.”
“what?” you and mark exclaimed, taking ahold of your respective letters in disbelief
“i’ve never had two students write papers on the other student, but i was impressed so i decided to give you both a recommendation this year,” she said
you turned to mark in shock. “you wrote your paper about me?”
mark was equally as shocked. “you wrote yours on me?”
“i had a feeling you didn’t plan to bring up each other’s achievements,” the dean said. “that’s all i have for you two, so again, good job.”
you thanked the dean before saying your goodbyes, but mark writing about you was still bugging you
“i told you i didn’t think i deserved it,” mark said once you two walked out of the dean’s office
“i didn’t know—god, i feel like such a bitch right now.”
mark smiled. “well, you kinda redeemed yourself back there. i didn’t see that coming.”
for the first time, you could confidently say mark lee’s smile made your heart swell 
“hey,” mark started, a touch nervous, “do you maybe wanna grab dinner sometime? and go see a movie or something?”
“is that a date?” you asked
“it could be.”
“mark,” you warned
“okay, it is!” he admitted, smile widening. “go on a date with me, y/n.”
you broke into a smile, too. “well, how could i say no to mark lee?”
mark laughed and swooped in to peck your lips
you could practically feel the happiness radiating from him 
“this calls for a quickie in the bathroom,” mark said
“absolutely not.”
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rrazor · a year ago
hq boys post wisdom teeth extraction
tags: fluff, soft boyfies lol
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsurou wakes up and immediately the first thing he tells the professionals around him is that he wants to see his girlfriend because he knows you’re waiting for him and “i love her so much 🥺🥰" he says it a few more times and everyone laughs at how doped up he is both from the drugs and you. when you walk in to take notes on how to take care of him afterwards, he just stares at you as he holds you hand with the SOFTEST LOOK on his face like 🥺😍☺️❤️💕💖💝🥺🥰💖💝☺️
tetsu cannot stop looking at you and u almost have to plead with him to watch where’s he walking like tetsu pls we don’t wanna have to come back to get your front teeth done sweetie 🅱️lease!!!!!! other than that he is pretty easy to reason with it as long as you promise to kiss every part of his face once in a particular order and if u mess up, unfortunately, you’ll just have to start over again sigh it makes his heart go 💥💥💥
bokuto kuroo offers to drive him back home and brings you along to support and comfort him. he helps kou get into the back with you but he refuses and goes “kuroooooo, she’s too pretty, I dun wanna sit next to her ☹️” LMFAO kuroo rolls his eyes and just sits him down and buckles him in despite his protests HA
kou is super nervous and keeps looking over you when he thinks you aren’t looking like 🥺😊 and you decide to play along and ask him how he’s feeling and if he’s in pain and he shakes his head and goes “‘m okay, you’re really pretty though 🥺😍” kuroo snorts in the front seat and you’re trying rlly hard to not laugh at how cute he is so you take his hand and kou lit rally thinks he’s gonna pass out when you call him handsome and ask him out before kissing his cheek. he starts crying as he says things like “kuroo!!!! the pretty girl is my girlfriend now!! 🥺❤️😭💖💕😭😭🥳”
akaashi you’re already by his side by the time he wakes up but he doesn’t remember jack so he goes “hello, have u seen my girlfriend? she looks just like you. can u tell me if u see her? I would like to see her—she’s my everything 😊🥰” UGGHH KISS HIIMMM
he doesn’t remember who you are until the medication wears off but you manage to convince him that you’re gonna take him to his girlfriend so you can take him home 💀 and he spends the whole car ride really pretty quiet until you ask him why he’s so fidgety and then he softly tells you “i… can’t wait to see my girlfriend 🥺🥰💕 she said we’d go on an ice-cream date after🍦i hope she’s not mad that it’s been so long 🥺❤️💗” AHDHJANAA like a little happy babyyyy 🥺😭
oikawa tooru’s procedure finishes earlier than expected and has a dental hygienist watching over him as they wait for you and for some reason he starts to sing, but it’s really out of tune because of all the cotton in his mouth and the dental hygienist is just standing there, taking it. you can hear him down the hall as you walk into his room and he’s so excited to see you!!! “did you hear me sing for you, babe? i didn’t want you to get lost in this maze 🥺🥰” “yes, i did, tooru, tysm you don’t have to sing anymore 😊😇💕”
tries to pull you into his lap as the dentist goes through the aftercare procedures and whines “pleasssseeeee, it huuurrrrrttttts i just want cuddddlllleesssss 😭☹️🥺💕” you opt to sit on the edge of the chair as he buries his head in your back 🥰
iwaizumi YOU try to flirt with hajime because he doesn’t remember that you’re his girlfriend and he’s all like stop!!! i have a girlfriend! 😡 AHAHA so you decide to ask him about his lovely girlfriend and he gets the softest smile on his face omggg and he starts going on about how hardworking you are ❤️, determined 💘, beautiful 💖, how nice you smell 😳
when you tell him its you he doesn’t believe you!!! like stop u r trying too hard, stranger!!! 😠 It’s not until you bring up a photo of yourselves and stick it next to your face does he go all soft again like babe i missed you 🥺 there was this weirdo trying to flirt with me, i’m so glad you’re here 🥰 and you tell him that the weirdo was you and he’s like “no, you’re better than that” LMFAAOO THANKS HAJIME 😭
matsukawa his mom is there to pick the two of you up and he’s holding your hand as he turns to you, super concerned and goes “babe, we forgot my teeth 😞” HWJJCKWJSJEF 💀 he’s all pouty and its sooooooo cute LMFAO WHAT DID HE THINK A REMOVAL WAS??? but you play it cool and squeeze his hand and say “i didnt forget you though 😊” he nods like a little kid and says “yeah” and tries to pull you into his lap so that you can cuddle but his mom is right there and you’re tryna be a good passenger and stop him from unbuckling your seatbelt: issei, we can cuddle when we get home!!!!
this giant dude just looks at you all 🥺 and BEGS like “babe please, just a little, i just want to hold you 🥺💕” he tries to guilt trip you like “c’mon, babe, you forgot my teeth” 😭😭😭 STFU u somehow make it back to his place and he tackles you into the couch and promptly falls asleep in 2 minutes flat 😴 his mom thinks its hilarious and thanks u for taking care of him ☺️❤️
hanamaki straight up asks you if you have a boyfriend. you say yes and he gets REALLY SAD OH MY GOD and is all “oh ☹️🥺” but then you cup his cheek and hold one of his hands and start telling him what your boyfriend looks like and how he has cute strawberry hair and pretty eyes and how handsome he is and talking about his cute little eyebrows and how good he is at volleyball and takahiro is like…. 🧐🤨 is that…… me??? but then he’s like wait it couldn’t be and gets all sad again 😭
you can’t take how sad he is and tell him it’s him!!!!! you give him some kisses as an apology 😭🥺💖❤️ and he’s all really?!!? 🥰💖💕💝🥳💕as he pulls you close to rest his head on your chest. he asks you to talk about how much you love him again 😭🥰🥺 refuses to remove himself from you
kyoutani he’s got this super angry expression on his face and everyone stays a good ways away from him 😬 when you come in, you get the same 😡 but then he chills because you’re wearing that one dress he went out of his way to buy for you when you were window shopping together that one time and he’s like …..suspicious why is she wearing her dress 😒 HAJFKAKSW KENTAROU
but THEN he sees the bracelet he got you for your one year anniversary and takes a whiff of you (um 😷) and NOW he’s all WAIT…… connections r being made—he gets super handsy 😳💕 really likes it when you kiss his forehead 🥺 and glares daggers at the dentist with his head on your chest, arms around your waist as you stand next to him and listen to what the aftercare instructions are because he’s all like grrr my girlfriend!! no touch!!! 😡🤬
daichi omg daichi is SO SHY and BASHFUL like he looks at you all 🥺🥰 and when you look towards him he immediately looks away but it’s so obvious because his ears are red and you can see his blush high on his cheekbones 😭🥺💕 you ask him what’s wrong and he’s stuttering trying to ask if you have a boyfriend and you’re like yes 💔
his face FALLS and it hurts but then you show him your matching engagement rings 💍 like “we’re fiancés, dai 🥰❤️” and he almost cries as hard as when he heard you say yes 😭💖💕 he’s so EMBARRASSED when you show the video back to him 😭 suga and asahi clown him 🤧
sugawara fella wakes up, looks you in the eye and is like “they’ve rebuilt me, babe✨” what? “the technology!!!” ??? “they made me better than i was before: better, stronger, faster 🤖💪🧠" LMFAO thinks he underwent some experiment like no we just fixed your teeth 😌
when you tell him so he gets a little dejected and asks you if you’d still love him without any upgrades with his lips pursed and his cheeks pink as he plays with your hands 🥺💗 like OFC KOUSHI!!! 🥰🥺❤️ really sweet and giggly on the bus ride home—holds you close and draws circles on your skin as he talks about the strangest things 🙈💖
kageyama no inhibitions so tobio is very attached to you!!! when he wakes up to see you next to him, he grabs you in his half-asleep state to leave slobbery kisses all over you like some dog before he falls back asleep again 💀 he wakes up twenty minutes later to see that you’re gone (had to wash off his spit 😬) and he panics when he doesn’t see you 😭🥺
he gets up to try to look for you and the second you come back, he hugs you and is all ☹️ telling you “don’t go too far, i wanna always be able to find you 😠🥺” you rub his back and pinky promise to stay close by and he’s so relieved he falls asleep standing 😴💕 like …..thanks 🤧 asks if he can play volleyball and pouts rlly hard when the dentist says no 😭💔
atsumu atsumu is loopy af and he wanted to go to the washroom so the poor staff had to hull around this 6’2”, 80kg man around but then you walk in just as they’re about to turn the corner and the moment he sees you, he’s goes “BABIEEEEE, I loOoove yoU! 😍” in this super adorable, high pitched sing-songy voice and makes OBNOXIOUS kissy faces at you but it looks so funny because his mouth is full of cotton 😭😭🤧🥴 the nurses tell you he’s a keeper but then he promptly slips and nearly falls on his face trying to walk over to you unassisted 🙄
the walk to the car is SO HARD because he clings to you like a baby koala and whines when you try to get him to loosen up so that you can get better leverage to support his weight like atsumu pls we’re almost there, just let go for a bit and he’s all puppy eyed like “don’t 🥺 ya 🥺 love 🥺 me 🥺 baby???????? i jus’ wanna be close to ya 💔💔💔” JAJCJJWNCMS he denies all of it when he sobers up
osamu all this fool remembers is that he has a girlfriend and that she looks EXACTLY like you but his brain synapses aren’t working like they used to 😔 so he doesn’t remember that YOU are literally his girlfriend so he just sits there and goes all “you look so much like her….. i miss her sm 😢🤕😞” with this faraway look in his eyes AS IF YOU WERE DEAD 💀 THE DISRESPECT
he rlly wants to hold your hand and touch you but like u aren’t his girlfriend right??? but you tell him u are after rolling ur eyes and show him some photos of the two of you as proof and he’s all “oh!” 😳 and he smiles so broad you can see his little dimple on his left cheek 😭💖 because he can FINALLY hold your hand 🥰 no filter so he whisper-begs for kisses throughout the entire time the dentist talks you through his surgery and how to care for him and you’re so embarrassed JAJCJKAKDSS “pls, pls can i have a kiss” you give him one “can i have one here now” “what about here” “pls another one pls” 🥺🥺🥺 at least he’s polite JAJCNKAFB
suna rin remembers you and right when he wakes up to see you next to him he says, “hello, wife 💖" and waits for your response but like wtf do u SAY like you’ve only ever heard him tell you he loves you that ONE time he thought u were ASLEEP!!! and you haven’t even talked about anything beyond dating yet!!! is it the anaesthetic that’s making him say this or is he just fooling you??? 💀😵 a few minutes later, he sighs and goes “you’re supposed to say ‘hello, husband ❤️’….” 🙄🥱
show him the video after the anaesthetic wears off and he’ll sit there looking at you like “….well? i’m still waiting? 😐” ugH modern romance am i right HAHDJKAKSKAA
ushijima wakatoshi thinks you’re another nurse even though you’re dressed nothing like them and he asks you when his girlfriend is coming and if she knows he’s done with the procedure and also “have you met my girlfriend? she is very beautiful and very kind. you must meet her ☺️” he asks the same questions to the dentist who comes in to talk to you afterwards and they’re looking at him like ?????? “isn’t this your girlfriend, ushijima-san?”
wakatoshi just goes 😯, looks at you and says your name so softly and in the sweetest way possible and tells you he missed you and he loves you and he wants to go get curry from that one restaurant later and the dentist tells you they’ll be back later as you sob 😭😭❤️💕❤️😭💖
semi eita thinks you’re one of the office receptionists when you walk in and asks you if you, his girlfriend 💕, had been notified that the procedure was done and you’re all uh yes she does, she’s coming soon!! he nods very cutely and thanks you, handsome smile on his face at the thought of seeing you 🥰 he turns around to look at the window and you just stand there all 😶 he HUMS softly as he waits and it’s that one song he played for you on his guitar HAJXNJSW 😭🥺💘❤️
he turns back around thirty seconds later like “babe?? is that you?? you got here so fast 😍🥺💖😚” as if it wasn’t you THE WHOLE TIME 💀 melts when you kiss his cheeks tenderly 🥰 plays with your fingers as he softly looks into your eyes!! 😍
tendou really wants to get his wisdom teeth back like just because you pulled them out doesn’t make them yours, sensei 🙄 LMFAO the dentist gives him his teeth afterwards and he holds them out for you and you’re like “tysm for your bloody, gross teeth, satori 🥰😬” “AWWW you’re welcome 😊 aren’t they cute? ya think our kids will be this cute? 💖”
many thoughts: 1) oh god oh GOD he wants to have KIDS WITH YOU!! MARRIAGE??!? 😵❤️ 2) y does he think his molars r cute and y does he hope your kids will look like nasty teeth 😭💀 he’s rlly adamant about you lazing around with him. keeps showing u his teeth for some reason but gives the cutest smiles and hums when you feed him his fav chocolate ice cream 💗💗💗
goshiki he tries to flirt with you but its so funny and endearingly awkward because he’s got all the gauze in his mouth and he isn’t that good at it and he’s on the verge of tears half the time and you dont know why??? you ask him and his brows are all furrowed, pout on his lips and says “just wanna be your boyfriend pls 🥺💕” “yeah?” “yeah,” he nods. “i promise to do my best 🥺”
when you tell him you’re already dating, he starts to cry and is all like i have to tell all my friends 😭 tsutomu cries to the dentist like “sensei, y’know, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend 😭❤️” he quiets down when you brush through his hair with your hands ☺️
terushima you walk into his room after he’s done and ask the dental hygienists how he’s doing and he looks at you all confused like 🤨 and asks the hygienists who you are. they think you’re married for some reason and say “that’s your wife!” and you’re so EMBARRASSED but also super happy on the inside HAHA he straight up goes “DAAAMMNNN, I did alright, huh?! when we bustin’ outta here?!” 🤪😜🥴😘 as if he could actually differentiate between left and right, up and down 😔
just in case, he asks you if you’re his wife at the same time the dentist asks if the two of you will be okay from here on out and you nod to the dentist’s question but yuuji thinks it’s for him so he lays back down with this satisfied look on his face like HELL YEAH alright, alright, alright 😌🥰🥴 and does those little nods SIDJAJJDJSJFJR HAHAHAHA
sakusa omi lets you play with his bangs and hands as you wait for the dentist and he LOVES IT softest smile on his face!! RIDICULOUSLY CLINGY!!!! he does NOT want you to leave him at all, will not let you go to the bathroom even though you’re like “omi, please, the dentist is busy with another patient right now, i’ll be back soon before we go through the aftercare stuff” “no” “omi, i have to pee” “do it here” and now it’s you who’s all 🤢
gets really defensive and protective when the dentist comes in and just shoves his head in your chest because he doesn’t want to look at them LMFAO death grip around your waist 🤧 when you show him what he said about you going to the bathroom he demands you delete it “omi, i didn’t know u loved me that much 🥰🥺💕” “…………..🤐”
hoshiumi kourai insisted he was fine on his own “nothing is impossible for hoshiumi kourai, national athlete 😤” when the dentist asked if he needed someone to watch over him and the dentist is 🤨 ok sir and leaves after he falls asleep. when he wakes up, no one’s in his room and he has to use the washroom and he’s like i’ll do just it myself 🙄 he tries to stand and promptly collapses to the floor. he CRAWLS around on his stomach and makes it out of his room just as you walk in and you’re like KOU whY are you on the FLOOR like a ROACH 😭😭😭
it’s like you’re reenacting some dramatic romance movie as kou groans around the gauze and makes poor attempts to stand up, holding onto you LAKDSHLASKAHD 💀💀💀 asks you to get on the floor with him because he honest to god can’t get UP so that he can cuddle with you as the dentist and his assistants stand two feet away 🥰💕 tries to fight the staff when they get too close to you trying to help him get back to his bed HAJJFKAKDMAD
extra: kita shinsuke (lol) when kita finishes his wisdom tooth extraction, he looks at you like this and doesnt remember who you are; he thinks you’re here for another patient and doesn’t say a word to you because his grandma taught him not to talk to strangers.
Tumblr media
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vexlovestamaki · 3 months ago
Hello! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! I have a fix idea I’d like to share!
Deku is in love with the reader but hasn’t made his move, she is a chubby golden retriever girl (You know) And she’s super nice. She has a strong quirk and is friends with the bakusquad, so Kirishima asks to train with her. Deku sees them hang out and train all the time and he gets really jealous because he likes the reader. So it ends up in a jealous confession! (Kirishima isn’t into the reader like that unless you wait to make it like that) 
THIS IDEA YES!!!! I love me some good jealous confessions tysm for the request! I'm so sorry for how long this took, lack of motivation had me in a chokehold for a while. BUT I made this a tad bit longer than I intended to make up for the wait! Hope you like it
Tumblr media
Green With Envy [Midoriya x Fem!Reader]
Content Warning: Cursing, jealous Deku, semi clingy Kirishima and two idiots who keep dancing around eachother
Words: 3415
Authors Note: This isn't at all proof read (literally none of my stuff is...) So if you see any issues lemme know!
Tumblr media
Falling for someone had come so unexpectedly for Midoriya. After being in the hero course he thought nothing could surprise him easily, that being until his new classmate transferred in at the beginning of the year from the general education department.
He'd never forget the day of walking into the classroom his first day of 3rd year. Walking in with Iida and Todoroki he saw all the girls of the class crowded around the desk behind his usual spot. Mina hopped up from the desk rushing over to the trio of boys.
"The new student Mr. Aizawa told us about ended up transferring in!" Her excitement barely contained as she squealed.
"Ashido, please try refraining from getting yourself too excited. We wouldn't want to scare her off." Iida spoke first, Mina rolling her eyes as she turned rushing back over.
"They didn't get nearly as excited when Shinso joined last year." Todoroki comments, looking between Iida and Midoriya.
"Well, we don't have many girls in the class. It's normal to be excited if a new person joins in." Midoriya leans to the side trying to peek past the girls and catch a glimpse of the new kid.
"I suppose." Todoroki replies before walking over to his desk passing the crowd. Momo finally stepped away to greet Todoroki when Midoriya finally saw you.
A beautiful plump girl, sat sweetly smiling at everyone as they doted over her. Jiro leans in saying something causing your cheeks to puff up in annoyance as all the girls giggle. Midoriya couldn't take his eyes off of you, stood frozen before he's nudged by Iida.
"Hmm?" His eyes flick shut and open back up to Iida, the burning of staring too long settling in.
"Can I get to my desk please?" Midoriya turns, seeing Shinso stuck behind the two of them. After a frantic apology and Shinso reassuring him multiple times, finally getting the courage to walk to his desk he doesn't even look at you.
The girls faded away as he sat down getting his stuff set up on his desk when he felt a poke at his back. Turning around he saw your smile again, so bright and angelic.
"You're Midoriya, yeah?" You spoke to him, opening his mouth he couldn't make the words reach his throat. His face lit up in embarrassment as he just nodded "yes" to your question. Nodding along with him you lean in, putting your chin in hand and elbow to your desk.
"The girls warned me about you asking me 100 questions about my quirk. Something about an analysis journal?"
"Yeah!" He choked out, his voice oddly raised higher than he intended to realize as it cracked. Clearing his throat he turns grabbing his notebook out of his backpack along with his pen.
"I know they said you'd ask a lot of questions so I thought I'd just tell you about it now. Is that okay?"
From that point until class started you answered every question he had about your air compressor quirk and how it worked.
And now here he stood in front of the movie theater not too far from campus. You asked Midoriya to come see a movie during Summer break and he was more than happy to oblige.
Unbeknownst to Midoriya... It wasn't just you two alone.
"GIMME MY GODDAMN TICKET!" Midoriya heard the familiar blond yell as he walked into the theater lobby.
"Denki just give him the ticket!" That was Sero's voice followed by a fit of giggles from Mina.
That's when Midoriya finally spotted the group. Mina and Sero standing by the small arcade off the theater lobby as an annoyed Bakugo chased down a grinning Kaminari.
"Midoriya!" Mina notices the green haired boy standing by the entrance and waves him over.
"Hey guys. I didn't know you were coming." Feeling stupid Midoriya smiles, why would you specifically invite him and only him when you could ask your other friends?
"Yeah, it was last minute. (Y/n) invited us this morning!" Mina smiles wider as Kaminari jets past them, Bakugo not far behind, hands popping wildly.
"Where is she?" As if on schedule you walk out of the arcade with Kirishima, carrying a stuffed bear in your arms. The green dress you wore accentuating the curves of your thicker hips and showing a bit of your thighs, a beautiful smile plastered on your face as Kirishima chatters away.
The ting of familiar jealousy hits him seeing Kirishima with you. Something he tries to ignore for the most part, but seeing you with him all the time was starting to kill him.
This has become a reccurring thing with you. Naturally you became fast friends with the girls in class, becoming particularly close with Mina. So after sometime you became friends with the Baku Squad and closer with Kirishima more than any of them.
It drove Midoriya crazy.
Especially when the two of you had even grown closer after learning you had similar interests and binged All Might movies together not long after you joined the class. Him being one of the first to be allowed into your private space, your dorm. Until the familiar redhead barged into your room, uninvited, talking about needing help on the most recent class project. Cutting your marathon short to be helpful, that was only just the beginning.
"Hey Mido-bro!" Kirishima excitedly greets Midoriya, waving as they approach the group. Midoriya politely waves back as you smile wider, walking up to him you lean in.
"Sorry for the change of plans. Kaminari overheard me talking on the phone with you last night and it kind of just spiralled..." You laugh nervously, rubbing your neck. "I hope you can forgive me."
Looking at your sincere smile and kind eyes his heart melts along with any feelings of distaste. He smiles nodding.
"It's okay. You can make it up to me another time." Jokingly he jabs your side with his elbow.
"Oooh." Smirking, you grip the bear tighter in your arms. "It's a date then."
Midoriya feels his heart flutter, not being able to contain his joy he happily smiles. Until the silence broke with the yelling of a blond.
"Ow! Kacchan, that's super uncool!" Turning his head, Kaminari stood rubbing his head as Bakugo glared, gripping his ticket like he'd lose it any second.
"Oh shut the hell up. You're fine Sparky, I didn't even hit you that hard!" Bakugo stuffs his hands in his pockets, grumbling to himself.
It didn't take long for everyone to come together, Midoriya finally receiving his ticket. A movie that just came out at midnight hours before any of them were there. Staring at the ticket Midoriya notices the series of letters and numbers across the bottom.
"Are these assigned seats?" The green haired boy questions, the group looking down at their tickets again.
"Yeah, sadly I could only get tickets apart from each other... But some of us can sit together."
"As long as I'm not stuck with Sparky I don't care where I sit." Bakugo is the first to comment as Mina looks down at her ticket.
"Looks like we're together Bakuhoe!" Mina excitedly exclaims, glancing over her shoulder she smiles at you with a wink as Bakugo rolls his eyes. Grabbing her by her arm he nearly drags her away towards the ticket taker. Midoriya raises as a brow, slightly confused as Sero looks in your direction as well.
"And I'm with Kaminari. Meet back here when the movie is over?" Sero questions, you just nod in agreement before he walked away Kaminari quickly following behind him.
The feeling of dread sunk in once he finally realized.
"So I guess that leaves us together then!" Kirishima smiles, hooking one of his arms through your own. You look at Midoriya offering your arm out to him. He just stares in a mixture of disappointment and frustration. When he doesn't grab immediately he feels you grab his hand and start walking.
The first time you're holding his hand... He feels the familiar nervous lump harden in his throat as he's thrown into auto pilot. So out of it that he doesn't even realize where he is until he steps into the packed theater. Not a single seat empty except for the 3 on the aisle by the entrance. Once you're at your seat Kirishima leans into the space between the two of you to whisper.
"I'm gonna go grab a snack, do you guys want anything?" You smile and nod.
"My favorite drink, you know what it is by now." Kirishima looks at Midoriya.
"A pretzel?" He says, unsure if they even sell them at this theater. Kirishima stands up straight and nods before walking out of the theater.
You were alone... Well as alone as you could be in a theater full of people.
"So..." You squeeze his hand that you never let go, running your thumb over one of the many large scars on his hand. He smiles as your eyes meet, bright and full of life as always.
"Yes Midoriya?"
"Umm..." He swallows the hard lump, finally banishing it from his throat, his mouth feels dry. Maybe he should have asked for a drink instead of a salty pretzel. "It's been a while since we hung out, by ourselves."
"It has!" You lean in closer so as to not raise your voice too much. Midoriya leans in slightly, the sweet familiar smell of your perfume and soap mixing together to create the perfect aroma.
"Is there a reason you didn't actually ask for the group to not come with us or are you just too kind for your own good?" He already knew the answer but prayed you'd say something he didn't expect. Something about you being nervous or unsure of yourself for some reason. But you just sat there, figuratively scratching your chin in thought.
"When I was talking to you last night about coming here, I was on my way to return something I borrowed from Mina. Kaminari came down the stairs at the perfect time and heard me talking about the movie..." You sigh, rubbing the top of the teddy bear in your lap, looking annoyed for once.
"So he asked to go I assume?"
"He quite literally begged. Unless..." Midoriya raises his eyebrow as you look down at your hands, and bit the inside of your lip.
"Unless it was a date. He asked if it was..." Midoriya's eyes grew wide, his cheeks tingling as they burned red hot. The sensation quickly crawls up to his neck as you look at him giggling.
"I should have just said it was a date, but I didn't want Kaminari to run his big mouth around campus and freak you out. But all that conversation turned into was Kaminari following me back to Mina's room, where everyone else was. He started talking about it and suddenly everyone was going..."
"That sounds like Kaminari." Midoriya swallows again as the thought of this being a date roamed around his head freely.
"Bakugo, for some reason, tried to convince them to just wait till tomorrow to see the movie. But apparently Kirishima has to go see Fatgum in the morning and he doesn't know when he'll be back. So they all just tagged along today instead."
Midoriya nods knowing the exact reason Bakugo would do that. He was aware of Midoriya's, albeit very obvious, feelings for you. So of course he'd try to do him an unsolicited favor.
"I'm sorry, I know it's been a while since we got to spend time together alone." You lean on your elbow, placing your chin in your palm. Slipping your hand away, you playfully rub your finger up and down his arm on your shared rest. He feels his spin tingle with a thousand volts of electricity, almost like his blond goofy friend was touching him.
"It's okay! We've all been busy with school. Especially with us just getting on Summer break." You half smile at his understanding nature, he truly was such a sweet boy. Looking at him, he looked nervous. You stop your hand from moving.
"Are you okay?" Your hand lays over his arm as he shifts in his seat.
"Yeah, why?"
"You look uncomfortable." Just as Midoriya was about to reassure you he was interrupted.
"I'm back!" Kirishima spoke, the lights starting to dim around them. Looking up and back to his friends with a pointed smile. "Just in time too!"
Just before he moved Kirishima glances down, his eyes bugging out for a second.
He looked....
Well honestly, just looking at him you couldn't tell exactly how he looked. Confused? Uncomfortable, maybe?
Having a seat, Kirishima distributes the snacks, he opens his own box of candy as you take a sip from your drink. Offering both of you some candy as the lights went completely dim.
Halfway through the movie, Midoriya was silently suffering. His mouth is incredibly dry from the amount of salt on his pretzel and the way Kirishima acted towards you. Uncomfortably he tried licking his lips, glancing at you as your face lit up from the action scene on the movie screen. As if on cue, you turn your attention to him, leaning in with a whisper.
"You need a sip?" He nods as you slip the cup out of the chair arm it was held in. You lean the cup in his direction, moving in he takes a long sip finally feeling the relief of a wet mouth. Pulling away he nods a quick thanks, looking back to the screen.
That's when he heard it. The small giggle from Kirishima. Looking back Kirishima is grinning as you lean in, hiding your face in his shoulder. His hand moves around patting your back softly as you look up at him.
Midoriya turned away, pain filling his chest, behind his eyes starting to feel a familiar burn. He hadn't cried in ages now, no way was he going to do that in a movie theater without a sad movie. Cup met its holder again as your chubby figure scurried past Midoriya and out of the theater. Just as you left your seat, the redhead entered it.
"Enjoying the movie Midoriya?" Kirishima whispers, leaning past the cup in the arm rest, gripping the bear left in your seat.
"Yeah." The only response Midoriya could muster without sounding too irritated.
"So, do you like (Y/n)'s dress? I picked it out for her. I thought she looked great in it." A double pang, you two were on a first name basis in the span of a few months AND he picked out your outfit? Were you two dating in secret so no one could make comments about you?
"She looks nice..." Midoriya knits his eyebrows, the burning hitting his eyes again.
"Honestly, she looks nice in green but I think she'd look even better in red."
Red. Red...
"RED!?" The shout escapes through his lips. Midoriya stands up looking down at the REDhead. Glaring right through him he turns to walk away catching the quickest glance of ash blond and bright pink a few rows back.
Walking into the hall the lights hit his eyes making him squint to adjust. He pulls his phone out, anger riddled face staring back at him on the dark screen. His chest aches as he unlocked the phone to text you he was leaving.
"Midoriya?" He looks up from his phone seeing you step out of the bathroom across from the theater. Staring at your green dress he sighs roughly feeling that pang again. "Are you okay? You look upset."
"I'm fine." His blunt annoyed response unfiltered and dripped in on set rage.
"Are you sure? You sound upset..." Your features harden as you open your mouth again looking frazzled. "Did Kirishima say something?"
"Oh my God..." Midoriya pinches the bridge of his nose, shoving his phone back in his pocket. "Yeah, he did. But I'm going so you don't have to worry about me."
"But I- please don't go! What happened?!" You sound frantic in your questioning. Midoriya turns back knowing he isn't able to stop his word vomit now.
"What is he to you? You're so close and... He's always clinging to you whenever anyone's around and he's just... In the way!"
"In the way?" You repeat back. "What do you mean?"
As if some kind of sick joke, Kirishima walks out between you two. He looks at your expression then to Midoriya.
"Am I interrupting something?"
"Yes, like you always do!" Kirishima shrinks back, looking between the two of you again.
"I'm confused." Kirishima rubs his head, you walk closer to Midoriya.
"What do you mean by in the way?" You repeat, confronting Midoriya head on, face to face.
"He's always moving in on our private time together. Like some kind of territorial boyfriend! Always spending time with you alone, going places together, doing things together. Always! ... Always together."
"Midoriya..." You reach out for his hand where he pulls away quickly. Pulling back you watch as his eyes turn glassy, that damn burning hit his eyes again.
"It's like I don't even exist or something. I see how you look at eachother..." He sniffs eyes getting watery as he wipes his face staring into your soul, you look so sympathetic looking back at him with concern.
"Midoriya... Are you jealous of my relationship with Kirishima?" You speak, studying him carefully. He feels dramatic and unnecessarily emotional. His chest aches as he bites his lip to stop the words.
"Why can't you look at me like that?" His voice cracks, you inch closer grabbing his hands. "I want that kindness, I want that closeness..."
Midoriya's grip tightens around your hands.
"I want you. I've wanted you since we met but... I don't think you'd ever be able to look at me that way." You smile, sniffling and wiping your eyes into your bicep.
"You can have that. You can have me."
"But Kiri-"
"We aren't dating Midoriya!" Kirishima cuts him off, sauntering over with a grin on his face. He chuckles, putting his arms around you both, pulling you tightly to his sides. "Bakugo was right, you're both so cute I swear!"
"Wah?" You look up to Kirishima who smirks down at you.
"Why was Kacchan right?!"
"Bakubro told me about you and our friend here! When he said you had it bad I didn't expect all this!" Kirishima laughs, moving his arms off of you both. "And you don't have to worry about me. We aren't together, we never were."
"But... You're so close."
"Oh for the love of God, please just talk to each other before I burst!"
"Mina!" The familiar voices of Mina and Kaminari carry through the hallway. Stepping towards the theater door out cove the rest of the outing group appears. Mina with her mouth covered, Kaminari shrinking behind her, Sero with a grin and Bakugo with a hand covering his face as he sighs with disgust.
"How the hell are either of you expected to be heroes if you can't keep quiet for 5 fucking minutes!?" Bakugo grabs Mina and Kaminari by their collars. "Raccoon eyes and I are taking you two idiots seats. Come on, Kirishima."
"But we-"
"I don't want to hear another word from either of you until the movie is over!" Mina and Kaminari get dragged back into the theater, Sero close behind. Kirishima looks between the two of you, clearing his throat.
"I believe you left off at admitting your feelings for eachother. Enjoy that conversation and feel free to leave if you both want. I'll cover for you." With his last words Kirishima walked back into the theater, leaving you two alone in the hallway.
"I think it was your turn to pour your heart out." Midoriya jokes, gaining a punch to his arm as he chuckles.
"At least I'm not the one crying over how much I like someone."
"Hey! I saw you getting choked up." You giggle, smiling at him as he takes your hands again, running his thumbs over your knuckles. Leaning down he kisses the tops of your hands.
"Oh, so sweet suddenly huh?" Your eyes fall to a half lidded stare as his cheeks turn rosey. Looking at the theater door he looks back at you.
"We probably missed a good chunk of the movie already... Wanna get out of here?"
"I'd like that."
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straighttohellbuddy · a year ago
if you were church i'd get on my knees {Wilbur Soot}
Summary: Reader co-hosts one of Wilbur's 100 Players streams.
Request: you asked for requests- you shall receive. cc!wilbur x reader fluff in which one of them accidentally confesses their crush on the other somehow? idk, im just starved for wilbur content. either way tysm and have a wonderful day!
A/N: 2996 words. I fully intended on going to sleep but I saw this at 2am and said What If I Write 3k in 2 and a half hours? Is this good? not sure. it's 4am. but also i love this. they're so chaotic. unedited. i hope you have a wonderful day too!! i'm worried this is ooc. anyways.
Warnings: swearing, blasphemy (yes that's a warning lmfao)
Citrus Scale: 🧡 ORANGE 🧡
"- I should have made sure my seat was at the right height before we started," is the first thing the chat hears when Wilbur finally turns on his webcam for his latest stream.
[100 Players Ruled By A Clueless God ft. Y/N] was the title, and the viewers are greeted by the image of you, half in frame and fiddling with the height of your chair as Wilbur gives you a bewildered little smile.
"It's at a fine height, you don't need to -" he's trying not to laugh, tone all kinds of fond and amused, and he casts a glance to his monitor for the moment.
"I do!" You insist, "it's off, I need to be at the right -" but when you look up, eyes wide and serious, your gaze locks with his, "why are you looking at me like that?" Tone suddenly soft, your seriousness melts to something almost flustered, before you catch sight of his chat going off out of the corner of your eye, and you look to the screen, "wait are we live?" And there's that hard edge to your voice again, that seriousness that seems to now border on embarrassment at the realisation that you have an audience.
"Yes, we are," he snorts, turning back to the monitor, greeting the chat, asking how everyone was doing, while you proceeded to go back to trying to find the right height for your chair.
"What is- Y/N explain to me what is wrong with your chair? Why is the height bothering you so much?" Finally, after hearing the chair move up and down at miniscule increments for arguably longer than necessary, he turns back to you, eyebrows raised.
Chat was alternating between asking who in the hell was in his stream, and just spamming your name, but you saw none of this, choosing instead to raise your chair to the fullest height, which put your head out of frame.
"This makes me feel more like a God but I'm out of shot," you huffed, playing at being terribly put upon, "I need to be taller than you here -"
"You don't," Wilbur sighed, "and anyways, I'm your co-God, we can be the same height, it's okay," he tried to insist, though he was still smiling at your antics, reaching beneath his own chair for the lever to lower it, sinking down to the lower half of the video frame, the difference between you two almost comical now, "better?"
Lowering yourself back into frame wearing a cheery grin, you were pleased for all of five seconds before insisting that it now felt wrong, tugging on his arm, insisting that he raise himself up again.
"This bit has been going on for five minutes, do you want to introduce yourself already or do you want me to?" He asked, finally, as you pulled your chair closer to fit into the webcam's frame better.
"Oh they remember me!" You coo with delight upon seeing your name in chat, expression bright and fond as you waved at the camera, "hello to all of Wilbur's dear viewers! I'm the only person willing to come to his office at nine at night to make content!" This, of course, startles a laugh from your companion, who's ducks out of frame while laughing, "it's deeply sketchy," you continue, just as animatedly as before, "I think we're the only ones in the building, so please know that if I don't get home safe, Wilbur has either failed to prevent my murder, or he has murdered me!" And then, finally, "oh, and I'm Y/N!"
"I am already regretting this," Wilbur announces, returning as his laughter dies down, though he's still beaming from ear to ear as he watches you reading the chat -
"Not the kind of content I expected from you guys alone at nine pm..." you read from the chat under your breath before trailing off, and while Wilbur's already reprimanding his chat for the implication, asking them to not be weird, you lean back, eyes glazing over momentarily as you seem deep in contemplation.
Only after a few minutes of speaking to his chat and reading donos does Wilbur turn back to you, asking if you're alright, to which you finally snap from your thoughts.
"Wil, you'd subscribe to my OnlyFans to support me if I had one, right?"
Evidentially it's not the question he's expecting, since it takes him a few moments to process, then respond, though his tone remains light and conversational.
"Of course, and I'm sure you'd do the same for me," he says, despite going pink around the ears.
"Naturally," you agree, before, again, seeming to realise that you have an audience, "not that I have one-" you clarified, sitting forward again, "neither of us do, as far as I'm aware," your smile turns sly as you prop your chin up on your hand, gaze drifting to Wilbur, who looks like he deeply regrets every decision leading to this moment.
"Why- Y/N why would you say that? No, I don't have an OnlyFans," he had to clarify for himself, sighing deeply, and though you opened your mouth, teasing retort clearly on the tip of your tongue, he shoots you a warning look, telling you that he's really not interested in being banned from Twitch today. Closing your mouth quietly, you hold up your hands in surrender.
Of course you know you only get away with it because you've known him for arguably far too long. As a long-time friend and member of the British commentary crew, it was inevitable that you would be pulled into his orbit. His chaotic nature matched your own quiet well, though it seemed that you could pull each other back from being too much, just as often as you could egg each other on.
While at first you had found yourself admiring him for his work ethic and content, it had developed into a strong friendship, and that friendship had quietly evolved for you; you'd never risk your friendship by admitting that you'd developed feelings, you'd rather just enjoy what you had with him as one of your best friends, and hoped your feelings would eventually fade away. So far they most definitely hadn't, but you'd learned to deal with them a long time ago.
You'd been something of a streamer for a few years, mostly to amuse yourself when writing, researching, and editing your main channel videos was getting to be too much, and you were always more than pleased when any of your friends would invite you to be a part of their streams or videos too. Usually it was flash games, or popular, competitive games, and somehow you'd steered clear of Minecraft.
"Don't get me wrong, I've watched a lot of other people play it," you clarified as you and Wilbur were switching seats so you could sit properly in front of his laptop, "I watched you play it a lot -" you say before you can stop yourself.
"You do?" He sounds genuinely touched and surprised by your admission, before clearing his throat, "I mean, I would hope you do."
"Yeah man, your videos are good, you know I think your videos are good," you double down, looking at the laptop keyboard and trying not to look at the little corner of the screen where you can see his smile growing wider as he watches you. You flex your fingers and hope chat can't tell what you're thinking, "what buttons do I press? WASD?"
"God, you're so cute," his voice is so syrupy it's almost comical, and you hang your head so the camera doesn't catch how hard you're trying to repress your smile; he can't just say shit like that!
It's not uncommon for the two of you to flirt and tease each other, which was probably part of the reason your feelings for him weren't able to go away, but sometimes it still caught you off guard.
"Can you not simp for me for like five minutes while you teach me how to play?" You ask, raising your gaze again to the screen where the world he'd built in Minecraft stretches out. You'd managed to school your expression into something of a smirk, looking over your shoulder at him, to which his grin only got wider.
"Only five minutes? I'll try my hardest," and he moves closer to you, probably to get closer to the screen, but with the two of you shoulder to shoulder, his voice warm and kind as he talks you through the basics, you can feel your heart beating hard against your ribs.
Chat is eating your interactions up, and you're not sure whether to ignore them, or feed them more.
The purpose of the stream, like most of Wilbur's 100 player streams, is chaos; this time, the community must come together and create a religion out of you, while you barely know what you're doing, with only Wilbur in your ear to guide you.
"Do I have lightning?" You ask, less than five minutes into the players having arrived.
"You have a flint" Wilbur offers as an alternative, his chin practically perched on your shoulder.
"And slash-kill," you recall, and he chokes on a laugh.
"I thought you meant to start fires in like, a biblical way or something."
"No, I need to smite people," you said with as much seriousness as you could manage.
"Not a particularly benevolent God, I see," you can hear his smile in his words, the very sound warming your own heart, your composure cracking with a grin of your own.
"I'm benevolent if they're good little disciples, but - look, there!" You spotted something in the game, a large 'A' being built in a circle at the top of a little wooden hut. The hut itself read that it was for Atheists, to which you huffed that they were foolish for building an anarchy symbol, and then asked Wilbur how to give yourself a bucket of lava, before declaring that it was time to prove that this world had a God.
Wilbur's pressing his laughter to your shoulder blade, the sound filling the little office, the movement shaking you as you try to keep going, keep your commentary running, though you can't stop yourself from grinning from ear to ear, delighting in the fact that you could amuse him.
"They're building me a statue," you say with faint pride, not long after, and Wilbur hums thoughtfully, tipping his head to rest it against yours. It's a quiet moment, if only because the gentle contact had all the thoughts leaving your head.
"Is this giving you a God Complex?" He asked idly in response, and matching his tone, you'd responded.
With that, he sits forward, breaking the contact between you and gently pushing your hands out of the way of the keyboard and mouse. Making his way to the statue in game, and pouring lava on it, despite your vocal protests, he wears a shit-eating grin as he types in the game's chat 'new god is wilbur soot'.
"You don't need a God Complex," he reasoned, sitting back, out of your space for the moment, though you rounded on him instead of going straight back to the game.
"And you do?"
But his grin just grew wider, and so you pushed yourself back from the desk, partially out of frame, gesturing for him to step up.
"Mum said it's my turn on the God Complex," he snorted hands coming to rest on the keyboard. You shuffled back in beside him, crowding him to see the screen, no longer worried about the clips that would arise, just glad to be close to him.
"I didn't like their statue of you," he muttered as he surveyed the land.
"Jealous?" You asked, and his answer comes so immediately you're not even sure he knows what he's saying.
"It didn't do you justice."
"You're biased," your voice is gentle and fond, your cheek pressed to his shoulder, glad that all he can see of your smile is in the little window in the corner of his stream. You're feeling too sappy by half right now; the room is warm and comfortable, and the sounds of the game and of his commentary are a familiar comfort.
"I am," he agreed easily, "but you're also just objectively leagues more attractive than Minecraft can depict, I think it's fair to say that."
You probably shouldn't be smiling as hard as you should be at that, and you turn to press your grin to his shoulder, which only serves to make him laugh.
"That's what gets you flustered? That I think you're hotter in real life than depicted by a block effigy in Minecraft?"
"What can I say, you really know the way to my heart," you're trying to make your tone sound sarcastic, mostly because you feel kind of foolish knowing he's right, "you tell me I'm prettier than that player skin you have for me and I'll kiss you right now."
"Now that one's a tough one," he muses, tone light and joking, and you turn to see him looking at himself in third person in the game, in the skin he'd added for you.
"You dick," you mutter with a grin, nervous heartbeat calming down somewhat.
"Hey, I never gave the final verdict," he counters, "what's wrong, too chicken to follow through?"
"This really did give you a God Complex, didn't it?" You hear yourself mutter, looking at him in the little window of the stream, and not at chat losing it goddamn mind, "I'm not playing chicken with you on stream, that sounds like a terrible idea."
"You're right," he muses, though his humble tone sounds distinctly like a ruse to someone like you who has known him for so long, "that's what we play on your other website." And there's that grin again, cheeky and knowing, the implication of it all having you sit up, expression playing outrage.
"How come you're allowed to reference OnlyFans but I'm not!?"
"It's my channel," he's wearing a grin that's all teeth, "and I didn't say OnlyFans, you did; I could have been talking about YouTube," his grin grew wider, "get your mind out of the gutter, Y/N."
With that, you huffed through your nose, nudging him out of the way declaring that it was your turn on the God Complex. Wilbur, for his part, was laughing too hard to stop you.
Your little crush on him has never been more irritating... but you can't help yourself.
"So, you never did tell me if I was hotter than the skin," you pointed out, and his laughter quickly died down.
"Well of course you are," leaves him before he'd even had time to think, and in anticipation of this, you'd steeled your nerves, and you lean over to peck him on the cheek quickly.
"I'm not a chicken," you told his decisively as you turned back to the game, and after a beat, he shifted himself out of frame. After a few minutes of silence, you finally turn, and see him bright red and looking at the screen intently.
"You okay?" You ask, tentative and quietly apologetic. He waves you off, giving a thumbs up, and at that you finally muted the microphone, "we're muted, dude, seriously, are you okay? I'm sorry, I should have -"
"No, I'm fine, seriously, I just- I just keep remembering that there's about eighty-four thousand people watching," he says, and you go to apologise again, "no, you're fine I promise, I just... it's very difficult to not kiss the hell out of you already and I--" and then he finally meets your gaze, realising what he's just said, voice faltering, "I should be fine," he says awkwardly, "I just need a minute to bang my head against a wall and pretend I never said that out loud."
"We need to talk about this after the stream," you told him seriously, heart suddenly thundering with vindication, though you were doing all you could to keep your cool.
"No, we really don't; I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything -" he tries, though you look back to the stream, holding back a placating finger to the webcam, as if asking them to wait. Then you stand, crossing to him.
"Would kissing the hell out of you now help you get back on stream?" You asked, glad to no longer have to be coy or joking in your affection.
"What? Yes? Really? Really?" And as you leaned in, he pulled you closer, "oh, we really are going to have to talk about this after," but at least this time when he says it, he sounds delighted by the prospect.
When the two of you are back in front of the stream, but before the mic is unmuted, you carefully ask what he wants to tell them happened; he shrugs.
"I'll say you had cooties or something."
"I cannot believe I have feelings for you sometimes," it feels like a weight off your shoulders finally admitting that out loud, despite your exasperated tone, and it seems that Wilbur enjoys hearing it, judging by his beaming grin. He has to push himself out of frame again.
"That's the kind of thing you can't just say out loud"
"Oh fuck," you realise, hiding your own grin behind your hand, glancing at the camera before your gaze turns back to him, "I'm gonna be real with you, man, I've wanted this for a long time so all our teasing and flirting now is just gonna make me all sappy and make you all red, isn't it?"
Wilbur makes the executive decision to end the stream so you can both hopefully save face, not that either of you really expect it to work. Unsurprisingly, you're both trending on Twitter within the hour for your confusing and chaotic stream with it's abrupt and mysterious end.
Unsurprisingly, neither of you care.
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trsrina · 17 days ago
Hii idk if your request are on or if you do request but if you do can you do a Jo X reader when like someone is flirting with you
(can I be your 🐯 anon?) Tysm
HI YES my requests are open and ofc HI 🐯 ANON thanks for requesting 😭💗
Tumblr media
written in second person pov, gender neutral reader, fluff, established relationship, high school au warning!! asshole who won’t take no as an answer, sexual harassment, protective jo? slight mention of food.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“hey, excuse me, my friends and i saw you over there and we were wondering if we could get your number?”
you were currently outside the gate of your boyfriend’s school, waiting for him to bring you on your date.
jo and you were known as the ‘it couple’ since both of you had good looks and reputation at your respective schools.
people at jo’s school called you ‘the pretty student from the neighbouring school’, honestly you kinda liked the title.
you were spacing out, staring into space until some random student approached you with some bad intentions, interrupting your daydreaming.
“um, hello? pretty student from the neighbouring school?” the guy snapped his fingers in front of you, catching your attention and snapping you out of your thoughts.
“oh yeah, what is it? sorry,” you met eyes with a guy hungrily checking you out.
“i thought you were pretty hot and i want your number,” he bluntly said so, losing his patience, basically demanding you, handing you his phone.
“what? i have a boyfriend, sorry,” you were used to this, having multiple people doing this to you before but this guy was just too stubborn.
“oh come on, yeah i know, in fact everyone knows, you with your loser boyfriend who probably couldn’t treat you better than me, come on, let’s go hang out with my friends, i promise we’ll have a better time together,”
you were flabbergasted, this is the first time this has happened to you and you have no idea on what to do, the guy suddenly grabbed your hand, forcefully pulling you with him.
until your knight in shining armour arrived to save you, “hey, babe,” jo wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him and away from that pervert, kissing you on the cheek.
everyone was basically staring at you three, desperate to know what was going on, murmuring amongst themselves.
“tsk, i was just trying to ask them for their number, what’s your problem,” the guy tsked, shamelessly acting like he did no wrong.
“don’t touch my significant other without their permission, people like you disgust me, back off before i report you to the teachers,” jo threateningly glared at the asshole.
it was the first time you saw this side of him. jo has always been more of a shy and puppy-like boyfriend, you usually took the lead in the relationship.
seeing him being protective and assertive certainly surprised you.
“god, it was just a joke, didn’t have to be so sensitive,” the guy finally left, still being so thick-skinned and feeling no shame. returning to his loser friends who seemed disappointed at him for failing the mission.
“are you alright? i swear those assholes are always like this,” jo worriedly held your shoulders to face you, smoothening your hair with love in his eyes.
“i’m fine, thank you for saving me, i would’ve kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine by now if you didn’t arrive,” you chuckled, brushing it off as a joke, not wanting to worry him even more.
“okay, where do you wanna go for our date today then?” his arm returning to your shoulders, lowering his head to match your height, walking you off the school grounds.
“hm, there’s this new waffle place nearby that i heard was so good, let’s go there?” you excitedly expressed your desire, looking into jo’s eyes, both of you melting at the eye contact.
“sure, lead the way.”
Tumblr media
nfjsjfbsbdhw maybe i went too extreme and turned flirting into actual sexual harassment but so sorry yeah hope you liked this 🐯 anon 😭💗
feel free to interact, i’d really appreciate it if you liked or reblogged. <33 (tumblr’s algorithm is shit)
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teddy06writes · 8 months ago
Everything Falls Apart
requested by this anon who decided to rip my heart out: "hello!! i just finished speed tunning through your account and i love your writing! and im really sorry if this request is too much!! i wanted to request what will the dead poets react to it being y/n instead of neil that y'know y'know.. wink wink☹. i hope it can be more to the romantic side if you dont mind😩. tysm and have a nice day/night!!<3"
The Dead Poets x reader {implied polyamory, if you want separate, let me know and I can make a separate version}
Trigger warnings: character death (yours), suicide, suicidal thoughts, swearing, grief, I'm upset
premise: You were good, you were really good; but that didn't seem to be enough for your father. You're acting debut ended with you being practically dragged out of the theater by your father, with a promise to keep you away from everything- and everyone- you loved, so you could get a useful career. The idea of leaving Welton, of leaving your boys, to go down that dark path you didn't choose- it was too much, and now everyone would feel the affects of your decision.
{please send me fluff requests- I almost broke down crying too many times writing this}
{also I might make a different universe of this version, thats happier, of a poly relationship, cause I feel like that could be good}
Neil knew something was wrong, before the show was even over.
Something about your attitude on stage had shifted, and, when he had the chance, he searched the crowd, finding your father, standing at the back of the auditorium, looking mad.
He'd tried to ask you, between scenes, but neither of you got much time offstage.
"I thought you said you had talked to him?" He whispered desperately, in the tiny break before curtain call.
You were already being pushed forward and the curtain rising again, so all you could give him a tight lipped smile, hoping he would understand.
For a few minutes, he had been able to ignore the feeling in his gut, as he looked out over the audience, the rest of the poets cheering, and celebrating with you and the rest of the cast as everyone swept backstage.
The sinking terrible feeling came back as soon as one of the directors approached, "Mr/Ms (y/l/n)?"
Your head had whipped up, turning away from the conversations, "Yes?"
"Your fathers here. He says it's time for you to go."
You nodded, standing up and beginning to gather your things, and starting to the door, only for Neil to grab your hand, "Wait, I'll come too. Everyone will be waiting."
You could hear the forced laughter in his voice, "Okay. Can't keep Charlie waiting, can we?"
You headed out into the auditorium, hand in hand, but that feeling still never left his gut.
Knox had had a nightmare; something god awful, happening to you, and to the rest of the poets.
He wasn't quite sure of what is was, by the time he had woken up, breathing heavily, the details had slipped his mind, but he knew it was bad.
On the other side of the room, his roommates loud snores continued, so he forced himself to roll over, staring at the wall.
He wanted to go back to sleep, he really did, but something in him wouldn't let him.
He couldn't help but feel as if something wasn't right.
Of course, he was right, and he knew that; you hadn't been allowed to return to Welton, after the play, dragged off by your overbearing father, and not given the time to give so much as a few words to any of the boys, or Mr. Keating.
In his mind he tried to rationalize it, that you would probably be back after winter break, your father couldn't keep you away from the boarding school for that long, could he?
Besides, Knox knew that your father had at least seen part of the show, there was no way he could truly be mad at you after a performance like that.
Still, something felt off.
Maybe it was in the way he hadn't been able to give you the flowers he'd gotten, or the way he knew that the plans the rest of the poets had made to go to the diner in town after the performance had been ruined without your presence.
The flowers he'd gotten seemed to taunt him from his desk, and he wished he'd given them to you before you had reached your fathers car; maybe that would easy the pang in his heart.
~~ Charlie wasn't sure why he had to be the one to be woken up.
At first, when the cold hand had gripped his shoulder, oh so early in the morning, he'd thought it was Pitts, waking him up yet again because he'd thought the sunrise was beautiful, and needed someone else to see it with he and Todd.
Unfortunately, he was met with the deeply set frown of Dr. Hager, Mr. McAlister standing behind him.
"What's going on?" He mumbled, sitting up, unable to stop himself from glancing over to where Cameron was also starting to stir.
"Your going to need to come with us, Mr. Dalton."
Fear wasn't an emotion Charlie dealt with well, so he was quick to get up and follow the man out of the dorm, mind moving a mile a minute, wondering if they had found out about the dead poets society.
Dr. Hager led him down the hall to the teacher office for the dorm floor, offering him a seat across from a desk.
Mr. Keating, too, was sitting in one of the chairs, something Charlie had never seen etched onto his face.
"I'll-" Dr. Hager cleared his throat, uncomfortably, "I'll let you explain, Mr. Keating."
"Thank you, Dr. Hager." Mr. Keating muttered, still staring down at his hands.
Charlie frowned, looking between the adults, "What's going on? Captain?"
Slowly, Dr. Hager backed out of the room, as if he couldn't bear to hear what was about to be said.
Mr. Keating took a deep breath, looking up to meet Charlie's eyes, his own full of tears, "Charlie- we've- we've received some rather- rather unfortunate news."
"What happened?" He demanded, "What's going on captain?"
Keating took a moment to steady himself, "Charlie- the school received a call, late last night, after the play-"
A pit seemed to open in Charlie's stomach.
"It was from Mr. (y/l/n). (y/n)-" He took another deep breath, his voice wavering, "Last night, after the play... (y/n)... took their own life."
It took a very long moment for the words to register in Charlie's brain, "..... What...?"
"(y/n)- is dead." Mr. Keating gulped, hurriedly wiping at his eyes, "Mr. Nolan- Mr. Nolan plans to announce this, and begin an investigation into how it could've happened, this morning."
"Captain- Mr. Keating... please tell my your joking," Tears were beginning to brim in Charlie's eyes, and he swallowed thickly, "Please tell me your joking."
Mr. Keating shook his head, glancing up at the ceiling, "I wish I was Charlie."
"What the fuck- what the fuck- no, no, Mr. K-" He trailed off, looking to where Mr. McAlister had lingered in the room.
The man nodded, slowly, "Mr. Keating thought it best to tell you boys first; what with how close you all were."
Tears were falling from Charlie's eyes now, he was crying, and in front of adults, and yet he couldn't bring himself to care.
"You want me to tell them- don't you?" It was almost a quiet accusation.
He was already getting up, and leaving the room, pacing back toward his room.
Cameron had been half woken by the sound of voices in his room; and now, as he was attempting to fall back into a proper sleep, he was awakened again, by heavy, almost panicked breathing, and the sound of Charlie's pacing.
With a yawn, he sat up, "What's wrong-"
When Charlie turned to look at him, tears streaming down his face, Cameron cut himself off, quickly climbing out of bed, and moving over to him, "What happened? What's wrong?"
Charlie could hardly make eye contact with him, "(y/n)'s dead."
Cameron rolled his eyes, quickly backing away, "Ha. Ha. Real funny Charlie. You had me worried!"
"I'm not joking," It was the quiet, choked voice that scared Cameron the most, "Their dead... Keating- Kea- Keating wanted me to tell everyone."
"Oh my god... Oh my god... oh my god..." It seemed like in an instant, tears were filling his eyes, already threatening to spill over.
Blindly, he felt Charlie's arms wrap around him, "I know... I know..."
He wasn't sure how long they stayed there, but he did know, that now it would be their job to tell the others.
His hand locked with Charlie's as they made their way across the hall, to Pitts' and Meeks' room first.
"What's going on?" Pitts asked with a yawn as he opened the door.
Meeks stared down at the snow, and the ruined and crushed flowers that littered the ground of the courtyard.
Almost distantly, he could still hear Knox kicking at snow, yelling and shouting at Pitts, who was just trying to get him to stop attacking everything.
Slowly, Meeks lowered himself to be sitting in the snow.
They had to be wrong- Charlie had to be wrong- whatever Mr. Keating had told him HAD to be wrong.
You were just here.
You had just been up in his room, trying to explain the meaning of a poem Mr. Keating had assigned.
You had just been squashed between he and Cameron in a diner booth after rehearsal; laughing at some dumb joke Charlie had made.
You couldn't be gone- you couldn't.
Meeks didn't even register Neil sitting down beside him in the snow, until something was pressed into his hands.
He looked down to find the crown of twigs and flowers you had wore during the play; his fingers curled around it tightly.
"They told me to keep it," It was the most broken he had ever heard Neil, quiet and hoarse, almost drown in tears, "They- they were just-"
"They were just here," Meeks nodded, "They wouldn't leave us! (y/n) wouldn't leave us!"
His tears started up, fresh again as he leaned into Neil's shoulder, "They wouldn't do this- (y/n) wouldn't- they just- they loved living too much..."
Todd wasn't sure what was going on anymore.
In fact, he had only registered a few things after Charlie and Cameron had appeared in the door, Pitts and Meeks behind them.
Neil's reaction had been bigger.
Why wasn't his bigger? Why wasn't he crying out, like Meeks? Or angry, like Knox? How come he felt everything- but nothing all at once.
He was outside now, he knew that much.
He also knew he still had the poem he'd written, the one about you and Neil, that his fingers had itched to write throughout the entirety of the play, clutched in his fist.
He also knew that it was too beautiful outside, too beautiful for a sad day.
"Todd- Jesus Todd! Say something! Please..." Charlie was half demanding.
"It's... it's so beautiful..." He looked up at the fat flakes of snow drifting through the sky.
"Todd..." Cameron was still holding onto his shoulder.
Through the snow, he could still see the lake- he could still see the dock, the dock that had been your spot- yours.
Distantly, he wondered how cold the water of the lake was.
He took off running.
Pitts felt like his life was crumbling before his eyes.
You had been the glue that held the poets together.
You mediated Cameron and Charlie's arguments, you stopped Meeks from being frustrated when a project wasn't working, you got Todd to come out of his shell, and you had settled bets between Pitts and Neil- hell you had even managed to help Knox rationalize his thinking.
You had been everything.
And now that you were gone...
Everything was crumbling.
Pitts had only just managed to pin Knox down, stopping his from breaking his knuckles against the brick of the building, even getting punched once or twice in his efforts.
Neil and Meeks were sitting in the snow, some feet away, Meeks still trying to deny what had happened; and distantly, he could see Charlie and Cameron struggling to stop Todd.
He'd had to watch it all, watch it all fall apart... as Neil seemed to grow frustrated with Meeks' rambling, Knox managed to fight his way out from under him, and Charlie and Cameron's argument became louder and louder.
Charlie was shouting at him, to just let Todd be, but Cameron couldn't let that happen.
He watched, almost in slow motion as Todd took off running away from them, down towards the lake.
Everything was falling apart, and even as adults and students flooded outside, some helping to drag Todd out of the water, no one even seemed to care.
God Damn Helton. Damn it to pieces, he thought bitterly.
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sukipuppy · 3 months ago
Hiii, I'm so glad I found you on here, I love reading your stuff on AO3 💜💜💜💜
Can I request 666 with Seb?
Maybe where the reader is getting secretly handsy during pool and teasing him and he secretly likes it? Also if there could be a significant height difference with reader being really short compared to Seb.
She/her is fine thank yoouuuuu 💜
hello!! thank you for finding me on tumblr too <3 happy to have you here!! ur request sounds super fun so tysm for taking part in the event and i hope u enjoy this!! im enjoying the more dominant seb asks recently too (even if he's still a sub in my heart <3)
☆ 666 "I didn’t tell you to stop.” ♡ warnings: exhibitionism, dry humping, size kink
Tumblr media
Sebastian knows the game your playing well seeing as it's one he plays with you all to often in the company of your shared friends himself. A teasing game, one where the winner has the most restraint. It's fun, sure, but he thinks you're maybe taking it a little too far — playing up the innocence factor when you woefully claim "i don't know how to play pool!", pouty lips tugging on his heart strings and yes, his cock too. He's aware you're lying, can pick up on the playful glint in your eyes when he settles his drink down on the table before walking over to you, both Sam and Abigail much too drunk to notice it themselves. "Lemme help." He whispers in your ear when he gets close enough, positioning himself directly behind your bent over frame with such ease given how much shorter you are compared to him. It's one of his favourite things about you, the high he gets from your height difference, the ego rush making him a little lightheaded when your body so easily slots against his. The feeling over towering over you like this instantly going to his cock, sensitive tip brushing against your ass just like you'd like. As you were asking for, right?
"How do I...?" You trail off, unsure as to what you should even ask. You hadn't thought that far ahead, had you? Dumb voice pulling a needy groan from his chest, rumbling against your back from how close he gets. It's okay though, he understands exactly what you mean. "C'mere." He sighs, hilting your ass up against his cock as he leans over your small body further, his head dipping to level with your own, hot breath fanning against your ears when he speaks again. "You're holding it wrong."
Truthfully you aren't doing much wrong. Perhaps a few pointers wouldn't hurt, but he isn't really here to help. Point proven when he can feel the way you shake your ass back against him, his eyes darting to check on his two friends that seem to be preoccupied looking at something on someone's phone. Perfect. All the easier to tease you. His hands move to lay over your own, hips pushed right against your hole to let you wiggle to your hearts content. Feels nice, sighing against your neck when you bounce on your tippy toes a few times, his hands instructing yours on when to go. "That's it, good girl." He all but purrs down your ear, and even he isn't sure if he meant your new hand placement on the cue or your ass shaking against his hard cock. Either way he enjoys the tremble in your body at the sound of his praise, encouraging you to keep bouncing like that when he drops a hand to your lower back. Bending you further, practically simulating sex over the very public pool table. Enough that you immediately shoot up at the sound of Sam's laughter, back straight against his chest and he can't help but laugh at your fear. "You're cute." He mumbles, resting his head atop your own until Sam calms down, watches as his friends go back to watching videos or whatever it is they're doing. He doesn't care, too preoccupied with winning your little game, with dry humping your ass some more. "But, I didn't tell ya t'stop."
Barely finishes his sentence before he's shoving you back down against the pool table, the cue slipping from your grip as he locks your hands above your head as a show of just how much bigger he is than you, how easy it is for him to have his way with you. But most of all, to show you that you're the loser this time round, sadly tapping out the second you hear your friends voices. He's not done yet though, tutting down at you as he continues to grind his cock between against your asshole, moaning low as you attempt to escape his hold. It only turns him on more, the fact that you're so tiny, your little cunt rubbing up and down his length when he decides to shove it between your thighs knowing that it'll leave you restless and yearning, eager to see you try and hide your shameful want for more in front of everyone. Has him rock hard when you whimper, hiding your pretty face against the pool table in a pitiful attempt to shut yourself up. "Little cutie, all bark no bite?" He taunts, happy to hear you struggling to choke your words out, fucking his cock between your legs hard enough to leave you gasping.
Maybe he's taking it a bit too far, given how both Sam and Abi look at him when he finally pays them some mind. Though, he'd never turn down the opportunity to show just how good you are for him, and you could use a little punishment with the way you decided to act tonight. Quirking a brow towards his friends, carefully watching when they nod in return.
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joshuas · 11 months ago
Haiii! Here for the 400! Congratulations!!!
Aside from that, do you have any thoughts on a domestic-style, firefighter-husband, Shua? (I’m honestly just thinking of the arms rn)
not your strength
Tumblr media
wc: 0.8k
pairing: joshua x reader
synopsis: shua can do many things... building ikea furniture is not one of them. at least he looks good doing it, i guess.
a/n: hello m </3 tysm for sending one in :eye: i know your motivations behind this </3 husband! shua let's go <3 also i didn't proofread so </3
400 followers sleepover event: over. i hope you had fun! come around next time <3
"do you think you could help me out a little?" your husband, joshua, called out as you walked past the living room, hoping to escape whatever scheme he was trying to rope you into.
you stopped in your tracks, eyeing him wearily from the corridor. there he was, random bits and bobs of ikea furniture dispersed on the floorboards. the mess wasn't exactly the issue, though. no. the issue was his outfit. there he was, in one of his infamous white t-shirts, arms on full display as he used the screwdriver, muscles flexing.
joshua knew what he was doing. he knew very well how weak you were for him when he wore those shirts, meaning he used every opportunity to tease you about it.
"why do you need my help? i think you're doing fine." you dismissed him, trying to walk away and avoid his pouting, guilt-tripping gaze,
"...fine. what do you need me to do."
"just read out the instructions." he gestured to the mess of papers next to the random furniture parts.
you settled on the floor opposite him, crossing your legs as you read through the instructions, an idea striking you as he waited for your next instruction.
"okay... add this piece here." you picked up a random connector piece beside you.
"really? i just took that piece off." he eyed you skeptically before shrugging and twisting the piece on, your eyes flitting to his arms. it was almost as if he was purposely trying to flex each time, making your annoyance (mostly at yourself for being a simp) grow.
two can play at this game.
"now it says to dismantle this part of the thing and start from scratch because you need to add this piece." you gestured to half of the structure, picking up another random piece for him to add.
he should've known that by asking you to help, he was practically asking for self-sabotage (out of love).
"it's... what? let me look at the instructions." he looked at you confusedly before trying to grab the instructions off of you.
you leaped up, trying to evade the loose pieces of furniture on the ground as you ran to the kitchen, clutching the instructions close to you.
joshua, unfortunately, was not as graceful as you and stepped on a couple of pieces, the pain terribly equivalent to that of lego pieces. let's just say, in that moment, he was glad the both of you had not had kids yet.
you held the papers over your head, despite his obvious inches of height over you, holding one hand out to push him away.
"why don't you trust me?" you asked as he scoffed,
"i think the real question we should be asking is why are you keeping the instructions away from me? are you trying to sabotage our new bedside table? or are you trying to look at my arms for longer?"
you stopped moving, eyes wide,
"that was supposed to be... a bedside table?"
"yes! didn't it look like one?" he said, exasparated.
you avoided his gaze,
"uh huh... yeah... sure..."
"why are you looking away?"
"...no comment."
he pulled you close, arms wrapping around your waist,
"y/nnn look at me. pay attention to me. i need your attention." he whined as you rolled your eyes, begrudgingly looking at your husband.
"tell me why you think it didn't look like a bedside table. i mean before you came and messed with it." he leaned his forehead on yours, his arms still encircled around your waist, as he looked into your eyes.
"look. shua, you're a man of many talents. you can sing, dance... work out... but building ikea furniture? not exactly your strong suit. do you remember what happened with our tv stand? we had to get jeonghan, of all people, to fix it. to be fair, he is quite good at building lego, but still! he lords this against you even now because you used the wrong screws in the wrong places. and don't say it doesn't matter - you complain to me every time we come home from dinner at his place." you explained, stepping out of his arms but he adamantly clung to you, pulling you back in as you sighed, eyeing him expectantly.
"why are you so clingy today, hm?" you placed a hand to his cheek, your gaze softening.
"i wanted to make it for you." he mumbled, your heart physically hurting at his sincerity.
"why did you want me to help, then?" you asked, confused.
"because i know you like my arms and these shirts." you lightly slapped his chest, rolling your eyes,
"aha! so you're clingy because you want me to admit that? not going to happen. good luck building!" you wriggled out of his embrace, running out of the kitchen, again evading the furniture pieces, whilst he remained in the kitchen.
"nooo come back!"
"never. have fun!"
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