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Comments on House of the Dragon s01e07
Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen
They can't take eyes of each other. And about their sex scene, I like how all of the sex scenes of the show so far tell us something, its not there just to be pointless nudity, its there to tell us something and they also are beautifully shoted.
Rhaenyra is a better mother than Alicent will ever be. Mostly because Rhaenyra loves her kids and don't simple see them as objects to play in the game of thrones.
I loved Emma's single tear in the "now they see you as you are" moment. Earlier this episode Nyra stood by Alicent, saying she wouldn't go that far as kill someone and all and then boom. She realizes she was wrong and that's what the tear mean. In that moment she realizes that as much as she tried to keep things good and hold no hate for Alicent, Alicent hated her. Her childhood friend hated her simple because she didn't have any choice in her life so for her , the fact that Nyra could be living free and happy was the biggest affront ever.
Daemon stood by his Queen. I love how he stopped Sor Criston. And it's funny because only know the other kingsguard fellas hold him off, not when he was murdering Joffrey in the royal wedding....
The Kids
Rhaenyra sons love each other, while Alicent sons hate each other. If it wasn't for Alicent, the kids all would have been good friends and none of them would need to die.
I still don't get why Vhagar choosed Aemond, maybe because she thought he was brave enough but damn, she is so old that poor dragon started to get dumb. Aemond is a racism pig, I fucking hate him. Should have lost both eyes. Another character I will be happy to watch die but I didn't like how quick he turned into all that, I get that he my wanted to show off to Jace and Luke but Rhaela and Baela never did anything to him for him to treat them like that. Give someone's power and he will show who he really is.
Jace and Luke protecting their cousins. Such precious kids. I will cry so much when they die
The way Aegon was talking about Haelena, poor princess is there just to suffer
Alicent and Otto Hightower
It wasn't the House of the Dragon who would kill itself, but yes two assholes who seek power for themselves and let the world burn as result. When Alicent realize the shit she did, it is already too late and I'm so here for it.
And she should e be banish for treason for everything she did the this episode , her and Sor Criston. That's what any good king would have done
Alicent is still a young girl wanting to have a life of her own. But cannot because of her believes, her father believes. She really is just like those religious extremist who live in a world of paranoid and resentment
So, Team Green has racists, sexists, hypocrites and homophobics and they still think they are the right ones.
Criston Cole
Fuck him. Can't wait for him to die and I hope he's death is gonna be cathartic as Joffrey and Ramsay death was.
The Velaryons
Laena funeral was sad but would be heartbreaking if the show had given us time to actually bond with her character.
Laenor lost her sister , why can't people give him a break. At least he will leave freely and happy in Essos.
And I love how nobody cares about Rhaenyra's boys don't be Laenor's. They just accepted and love them no matter what.
Viserys Targaryen
No but why on earth he would wanted Otto back as Hand?
Finally Viserys did something other then die slowly. But I wish he would say to his Kingsguard "of Sor Criston touch his sword, kill him" when Criston shows to be ok with assaulting the heirs to the throne. This times is when I mis my Lannisters blonde bitches, Tywin would handle it
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hi do you have any hcs about sebastian? or just the ass squad in general (abigail, sam, sebastian) :D
Of course, anon! Gotta love the ass squad lol. Thanks for the ask. :) Spoilers for the ass squad obviously.
Sebastian and ASS Squad Headcanons!
It was actually Sebastian that inspired Sam to start a band! Seb knows the keyboard by the time Sam is wanting to start a band, and I imagine it was him playing something for Sam that sparked the idea!
Speaking of the band, poor Abigail had to sit through hours of Sam going on and on about what it would be like when they're famous before she eventually gave in and joined (it's not like she didn't secretly like the things Sam was talking about nooo never).
I'm on the fence about Seb being a natural ginger or not, but I do think he dyes his hair a lot. Whether it be highlights or his whole head, he and Abby do it all the time together. He mostly dyes it red or blue while Abby is emptying her bottle of purple hair dye for the tenth time that week.
Seb has modded Prairie King for Abigail to make it easier for her. She repaid him by still failing the game.
Sam annoys the hell out of Seb by calling him emo - turns out he actually finds the word annoying. It's mostly due to Sam not shutting up about it, but he also dealt with a bit of bullying in school for it. He'll still use it himself though when he's making jokes.
He does really care for Maru; he just hates to show it. Demetrius is still rotting in hell, but deep down he knows it's not Maru's fault. He takes a lot of inspiration from her inventions and has made a few models of them.
Sebastian gets along with Elliott surprisingly well. it mostly started over Elliott hearing him play keyboard and asking him about it, and from there they grew kind of close! They won't really hang out, but they talk at the saloon on Fridays, catching up on how the other is going.
Thanks to his unlikely friend, Seb listens to classical every now and then. Sam found out and has not let it go. The only reason they aren't being blackmailed into doing all his bidding is because Sam is so forgetful.
Sam is banned from Abigail's kitchen. Let's just say he set the toaster on fire, because that's exactly what happened. Abby walked in like "I smell something burning. Sam?" to see their friend freaking out trying to blow her toaster out like it was a birthday candle. He got a massive talking to after and isn't allowed within two feet of the kitchen tiles.
Sebastian has had multiple pet frogs. The kicker is nobody but him knows about them. When he was a kid, he took one home and put it in a cardboard box under his bed. It lived surprisingly well for being fed leftover dinner.
Seb is 25, and Maru is 21, so he spent very little time with his father. But the memories he holds of him are very strong. When he and Maru were little, they were a ride-or-die pair of siblings. They helped each other cheat on tests all the time. It's only when Demetrius found out and only got mad at Seb did a rift begin to form between them.
If Seb could have any other job, he would want to participate in motorsport races. I mean, he has a bike and he's Sebastian. You can't tell me he hasn't broken a few laws doing tricks.
He used to have a little thing for Sam when they first moved to the valley. He got over it pretty quick though and moved onto Abigail. But it was his "Ah shit, I'm gay" moment.
He has heterochromia. I mean this HC is mostly because his eyes don't match on his different sprites, but his right eye is green! It's usually covered by his hair, so people don't tend to notice.
One reason he hates the beach is because he got stung by a jellyfish. It hurt more than normal because he's extremely sensitive to pain. It wasn't that bad, but this HC is coming from someone who got 1 cm worth of stray jellyfish bits on the webbing between their fingers and cried. God bless the ocean.
Also, he's autistic, with a special interest in programming. This is coming from an autistic person, btw.
Tada! I hope you like these headcanons, anon. I worked hard on them. :) Also, thank you for being the first person to ask for a HC post!!
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swimzliveblogs · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is still like. the funniest thing ever
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welcometogrouchland · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: digital fanart of Luz and Eda from the owl house set after the season 2 finale King's Tide. The image depicts a crying Luz, sat on the floor and holding an acoustic guitar as if to play it. She's looking down with a frustrated expression, and a dark shadow is cast over her. Behind Luz and faced away from the viewer is Eda playing the lute and kneeling down. She's smiling and is drawn with lighter colours and lineart. There's a soft light coming from off screen illuminating Eda and Luz. The background is white, except for a minimalistic depiction of a floor, which is done with a peach gradient. End ID]
It's not time to make a change / Just relax, take it easy / You're still young, that's your fault./ There's so much you have to know
Things she never got to teach you
based on the HC of Luz having learned guitar from her dad, and me realizing how similar it is to Eda's lute. Perfect recipe for musical angst </3
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Fic idea: Arrowfam but instead of being superheroes or anything they just hang out,,, and love each other,,, wholesome TM
I don't know if this is necessarily the wholesome-est content, mainly because I don't think the Arrows ever actually do chill, but here's them playing the Oregon Trail card game. Hope you enjoy, anon! It's under a read more because it gets a little long.
"Ok Ollie, you need to name your character."
"Not Robin Hood."
"Or other variations."
"...Fine, Mia. Let me think."
"Buttmuncher it is, Ollie."
"Real mature."
"Would you rather have the return of Hobin Rood, Connor?"
"...Fair point."
"Alright everyone, if we have all the names, let's get started."
"Good to go."
"Alright, Pioneers! Let's get ready to forge the Oregon Trail!"
"Are you going to talk like that the whole time, Ollie?"
"When do I get to give someone dysentery?"
"That's not how this works, Emi."
"But I can pass it on right?"
"But it's a disease-"
"ANYWAY, someone play the first card."
"Roy's the rules stickler, got it."
"We haven't even started yet, how am I the rules stickler?"
"I'll put down a card."
"Thank you Cissie."
"We don't get to look around Independence?"
"It's a card game Ollie. You play the cards."
"I thought you said this was historical."
"In the vague, fun way. My turn I guess."
"Here's the die."
"Alright...and it's....even!"
"You made it!"
"Now it's Emi's turn. Place a card."
"This one says press space bar."
"Congrats! You get the first calamity card!"
"Dysentery! Dysentery!"
"You will die immediately."
"Boo! ....This says bad water. I need a clean water card. Anyone got one?"
"Nuh uh."
"Roy's being suspiciously quiet."
"No I'm not."
"Do you have the card?"
"You don't need to know. Oh look I've already played my turn."
"You know, if you actually shared your cards, we could win for once."
"I'm not letting the manifest destiny fuckers win."
"You're the one who picked this game??"
"He has a point."
"Just put down your card Ollie."
"Alright. This also has the space bar thing."
"Here's your card."
"Snake bite?"
"You're dead, draw your gravestone."
"RIP buttmuncher, you will be missed."
"Do I have to write that on there?"
"It's his name, don't be rude."
"So no one else has a water card?"
"Well I'm dead too, I'm making popcorn."
"You better make enough to share!"
"Alright my turn!"
"Another river! Good luck Mia!"
"...Well there go my supplies."
"Didn't you have the oxen card?"
"No! Not Barbie and Skipper!"
"You named them?"
"Of course I named them! They're part of the party!"
"....Moving on, Cissie."
"Ok...I also lose supplies."
"Oh no."
"Roy did you plan this?"
"How would I plan this?"
"Nope I'm losing stuff too."
"...I made it!"
"Ok Mia your turn."
"I'm getting a card too."
"Looks like it's dead oxen."
"I thought they already died?"
"Those were your spares."
"They were important too, Roy!"
"Oh no, seems you don't have any replacements."
"You're way too happy about this."
"Let's keep going, shall we?"
"Yeah whatever."
"Anyone else still have an oxen card? ...No? Alright, total party death then."
"Why do we even have this game?"
"Serves you right, Roy."
"You didn't have to dump all the popcorn down the back of my shirt, Emi!"
"Kind of a waste of popcorn."
"Oh he had it coming, Cissie."
"Can't argue that!"
"Can't we ever have a calm game night?"
"Maybe next time you'll pick a game we're allowed to win."
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risaonda · 20 days ago
venuss can u give me your thoughts on desth stranding..i'm gonna start watching a playthrough soon but i want to know ur opinions on it first
Tumblr media
(sorry this emoji image is so big btw)
game of all time i love to deliver my silly little cargo and me and my bb are best friends and everyone hates me for it
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dimiclaudeblaigan · 10 months ago
ngl joe zieja saying “i hate this fucking route” about cf after seeing dimitri’s death scene with dedue is so cathartic
that man ain’t even played dimitri’s route yet and he still nopin’ out on seeing dimi die with a smile on his face and dedue being there for him as he dies
#tbh I 100 percent didn't expect him to see my comment about that ending#bc I thought he was focusing on the game but then he was like#I'm seeing talk about a special ending and I was like OOP but like look#I'm so happy he got the ending bc I don't expect him to ever play the routes twice (on stream or not)#and with how he's felt throughout this route I feel like that ending fits for him better#I think in general it fits the route better anyway bc Dimitri wasn't unhinged in that route#Just because he still has trauma doesn't mean he's unhinged or that he lost his sanity#it actually makes less sense to /not/ get that ending bc it's like wait he wasn't unhinged ALL THIS TIME#and now suddenly he is? it would work in AM but not in CF#and I feel like that CG ending only exists to try to justify Edelgard ''having'' to kill him#bc like literally you get the option to spare Claude and she offers Rhea survival via surrender#she also considers this in a question way back like when students approach you to ask a question#but she doesn't even consider sparing Dimitri and straight up says at the start of the battle not to leave anyone alive#least of all King Dimitri so like... she can offer Claude and Rhea survival but refuses by any means to let Dimitri live#I really can't see the CG ending actually making sense for any reason whatsoever except#to try to make Edelgard look justified in killing him bc generally speaking most players are gonna get that ending#Joe probably would have too if I hadn't mentioned it in the chat and he hadn't been looking at the chat at the time#like it's understandable that most players get that one but the CG ending makes it seem like they just needed a reason to#make Edelgard need a reason to kill Dimitri i.e. randomly make him unhinged when he showed /no/ signs of that the entire route#imo the alternate ending with Dedue is the only one that actually makes sense bc he was still dying with all friends having died already#and he wasn't in a state to be looking for survivors. Dedue found him first and he still failed at everything he wanted but#died more at peace in that version when it was the exact same situation. in the CG they just kinda#made it look like Dimitri was the bad guy and Edelgard was right in killing him but it still doesn't fit with that route#in both situations he still lost everything and was dying and didn't know even Dedue was still alive until Dedue found him in the alt ending#so he was going to die sane either way in that ending. not that I think Joe would have liked Edelgard /any/ bit more#if he'd gotten the usual ending but I'm rly glad he got the alt ending bc it fits more with Dimitri's canon and isn't just#there to justify Edelgard. another case of bad writing honestly bc it was just thrown in in a situation that made no sense for Dimitri#but also it makes me very glad to see Joe being upset abt the route bc of how sad it is and how much sadder that ending makes it#also hey my brain can i write a post in peace without you running 1000 MPH and turning into a rant in my tags???
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datastate · a year ago
honestly it's shit like that stuff with radi that makes me want to finish this thistlewind/markoth fic and seer character study that much faster.
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illdothehotvoice · a year ago
I love that i’ve just. Put finishing my ace attorney games on hold for the moment. It’s only because I REALLY want to beat at least one of the M&L games i started almost 2 years ago now (I can’t believe i’ve only beaten superstar saga) and those are my insurance to make sure i don’t start hyperfixating too hard
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inknopewetrust · 2 months ago
oh, baby.
Summary: You and Eddie raise a baby… however, you’re not a couple and the baby isn’t real. Pairing: Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader [WC: 7k ] Warnings: takes place at the beginning of season 2, language. Quick Links: Masterlist
Tumblr media
"And this," Mr. Allen walked up and down each row with the most serious face. Everyone else, all the students, were plagued with potential trauma at the preface of the assignment; "this is your only priority for the next week—including this weekend and the next."
You felt a cool breeze waft as he walked past your desk, continuing on forward as Steve Harrington audibly protested his instruction. The supposed "King of Hawkins High" wasn't impressed with having to take care of a child… well, a plastic one at that.
"Mr. Allen," he began from his spot in the second row from the door. All you could see was the brown poof of hair that he had become notable for. "I don't see why we can't just start this on Monday. We've got plans… there's a football game tonight!"
There were a few agreeing hums, mostly from the said football players in the room, but it wasn't as though they would be taking part in the assignment when they were on the field. Their partners would be left alone to deal with an unpredictable toy while they tossed pigskin for three hours for fun.
"And besides," Steve continued as Mr. Allen walked back to the front of the room, setting the baby down on his desk and grabbing two plastic bowls he had scavenged from home, "Halloween is next weekend! I bet we all already have plans…"
Steve turned around in his seat and looked around the room. He saw his peers watching him carefully, some in support and others in vague concern that he would get them in further conflict by having the task take up the whole month instead of a week and a half. He glanced over you hoping that being Nancy's childhood friend would spur a call within you to support him but alas, you would not give him the satisfaction.
In the back of the room, Steve's eyes landed squarely on one sole person. He chewed on his lip before turning around.
"Hell, I bet even Munson's got plans. You know we're all busy when he's actually doing something."
At that same moment, Eddie Munson had been sitting with his legs extended through the empty chair in front of him and his arms crossed against his chest. Even if he didn't want to be there in the slightest, Steve Harrington going on a tangent in the middle of senior health class intrigued him. And when his name slipped past the hair's lips, Eddie's face contorted. Eyes narrow and slightly offended. The new kid, Billy Hargrove, laughed as he twirled his pencil. He had been there for two weeks and had swept Eddie’s weed supply clean in a matter of days.
Eddie actually didn't have plans other than Hellfire on Friday, but he couldn't say that out loud. In fact, he didn't say anything. He had an inkling someone would call him to deal at whatever party everyone was going to, but unless it happened, he was staying in and getting stoned himself.
Everyone's head turned toward him and he forgot the real reason he didn't skip that hour. They were all judgemental. He was an oddity to them. You even glanced over your own, three rows in front of him and to the right.
When he caught your gaze, you were the only one to look at him like a real human being, a person, not a freak. Just simple curiosity because everyone else had. You gave him a tiny, empathetic smile before turning back around and he found himself staring at the back of your head after it happened. It made his heart skip a beat.
"Mr. Harrington," Mr. Allen placed one of the bowls he was holding onto Steve's desk, "Nothing's changing. I've conducted this role-play for ten years and it is not changing because you, or anyone else in this class, has plans that don't fit the lifestyle of what it means to be a parent."
He pointed to the bowl before placing the other on a girl named Lisa's desk, "Steve, you pick the boys and Lisa here will pick the girls," he turned his attention back to the room as Steve ran a frustrated hand through his hair. A couple of the girls around you groaned, whispering to one another that the system was rigged because they knew they could no longer pick their partners.
"No picking partners. I'm letting the magic bowls choose them for me. No debating, no arguing. I don't care if you think your partner is bad or not, you will complete this task together. Who knows," he laughed at the looks of the students, "maybe you'll find a new friend through all of this."
“Go ahead, Steve,” he ordered, leaning against his desk with ankles crossed and an amused smile playing at his elderly lips. Glasses perched near the end of his nose, Steve huffed at him and tucked his hand away into the bowl and ruffled the slips of paper.
And like luck, Steve Harrington pulled his own name first. Eddie smiled in satisfaction at that–knowing that there was a chance Steve would most certainly be paired with someone he didn't want after he called him out in class. He hoped Billy would have the same fate too. Hell, everyone who looked at him like he was a fucking Martian from planet Mars.
The irony that Hargrove listened to the same music, smoked the same dope, and drove his car just as recklessly but remained at the top of the food chain at Hawkins High hadn’t escaped Eddie. Girls liked Billy; he played basketball, gave them cheeky smiles, and certainly did not play a fantasy game for fun. He was the antithesis of Eddie’s existence–but a bully and raging asshole too. Billy Hargrove was a piece of shit and it had taken Eddie two days in class to figure that out.
“And Steve will be paired with…” Mr. Allen waited for Lisa to mimic Steve’s draw and she unfolded the paper.
Lisa drew Tammy Thompson's name which could have been worse for Steve. It took 3 minutes for Steve to pull Billy Hargrove's name who was then paired with Kennedy Walker, the school's future valedictorian. The look on the poor girl’s face was sadly hilarious. Hargrove winked at her and she turned such a shade of red that she looked like a balloon. But before Eddie could ponder what an interesting pair that made, Steve sighed and pulled another name from the bowl.
Steve crinckled the thin strip of paper in his hand before tossing it onto his desk, "Munson," he looked at Mr. Allen who nodded as he did with each name.
"And the lucky partner?" Mr. Allen had to have been joking except there wasn't an ounce of teasing in his words. Lisa picked the name out of the bucket and unfolded it with her candy red nails. Then, she laughed. Her eyes crinkled at the side from what you could see as she sat in the first seat beside the door. She looked over her shoulder, directly at you in her line of sight and smiled like a wicked wench.
"Y/n L/n." Shit.
A few of the girls giggled, a couple of the guys whistled which had bristled the compass within you south. You didn't care that you had been paired with Eddie because of what people thought of him–the primary reason they were all bemused with the pairing–but rather at the possibility that he couldn't give two-shits about the assignment. It may have only been October but you had already caught him before two different classes being chastised by teachers for not doing his work. If he kept it up, they said, he wouldn’t graduate with his class.
"Off the hook, ladies," one of the girls on the cheer squad laughed, "Y/n's got him."
Tumblr media
Lunch could not have arrived fast enough.
You rushed to the front of the line, grabbed your tray, and made a straight shot for the table you had taken an unassigned assigned seat at. Nancy wasn't there when you arrived so you just picked at your food, rolling the grapes in the small section they had been dumped into and watched the entrance like a hawk. Your leg bounced under the table with a tinge of nervousness, but the aggravation of failure was starting to eat you alive and it had only been an hour since Mr. Allen screwed over your grade. Slowly, the lunch room came to life and Nancy held her calculus book in one hand and purple lunch bag in the other.
Even she had a sour look on her face. Lips pursed and brow furrowed, her hand tightly clenched around the bag as the small gold promise ring from Steve shined in the harsh lighting of the room.
"You'll never believe who Mike gave my number to," Nancy huffed as she sat down; her lunch bag filled scarcely with a peanut butter and jelly and a bag of Cheetos. She had four sticks of cut up celery that you gagged at, not understanding how she could enjoy the stringy vegetable for fun.
"You'll never believe who I was partnered with for Allen's baby project," You stopped pushing around your food and she looked at you with heeded interest, her eyebrows drawn together and her wide eyes concerned.
"You first," you pointed a finger at her as she shifted in her seat. The others at the table started to sit down and engage in their own conversations–you had totally forgotten about watching the doorway to the lunchroom. "Keith?"
"From the arcade! The one who always," she scrambled her hands in front of her in frustration before letting out a groan, "he's always got his dirty fingers on the buttons and offers the kids soda way past a normal time."
There was not a day that went by where you did not think that Nancy Wheeler lived with the silver spoon, nay, stick, up her ass.
"All because of someone who broke Dustin's record of Dig Dug. Who does that!?" Nancy unzipped her bag and sure enough, a PB and J with a bag of Cheetos as a side with sticks of celery tucked in a plastic baggie.
"Maybe he's just playing matchmaker…" You stabbed a grape and popped into your mouth with a smile. "Steve was being an annoying shit in class today, so maybe, just maybe, you should be searching for someone else."
"When isn't he like that?" She laughed, "He's Steve Harrington for God's sake."
"Well, I think he's to blame for the luck I had in class today."
"Luck? You were just on the verge of complaining," she glanced quizzically at you, looking over your shoulder when a paper ball went flying in the direction of the table. "left," she said and you tilted to the left as the wad went flying past both your heads and ended up by the science club's table. It was a daily occurrence. "So, who's your partner?"
"Eddie Munson."
Nancy stopped trying to open the bag of Cheetos. "What?"
"Be glad you're not a senior yet, Nance… this project is going to be the death of me, I swear," your head found a home in your hands as you pushed the tray away from you.
"I'm going to fail it! There is no way I can get an A without a capable partner and then what? Will I have to repeat senior year because I failed health? HEALTH?" You exclaimed.
"You won't fail," she conceded. Placing the snack onto the table, she reached out and patted the side of your arm. "If it really gets bad you can always ask Steve."
"He's partnered with Tammy Thompson. There is no way he'd help me with what Allen said about these babies."
"What did he say? Where is the doll anyway?"
"Eddie's got it. Maybe I'll never see it again if I'm lucky," you removed your hands from the table and folded them in your lap as you told her the assignment requirements and what Mr. Allen had said to expect about the baby. As you talked, she picked at her food and the fruit off your tray as some of the girls from newspaper filled the seats around you.
"At least it doesn't actually, you know, pee or anything."
"But the sensor doesn't know that it isn't real. I don't even know how he got dolls so advanced… I had a flour baby when I was a kid and this is as close to a real baby as possible except it doesn't blink."
"Creepy," she mumbled before picking the bag back up.
"Very," you agreed and took a second to glance around the room. Some of the partners were already facing their first challenges. A few were trying to quell the crying, a couple sat together planning their week out so they could work together and have equal time, but when you looked at the table that normally held Hellfire, Eddie wasn't there.
"They all laughed when my name was called," Nancy's head quirked back up at you, "I don't care that he's my partner; that's not why I'm complaining, but this isn't going to be an easy week."
That was the truth—you didn’t care that Eddie was your partner because as a person, Eddie was not as bad as everyone labeled him to be. He was actually, in an admission that you’d take to your grave instead of tell Nancy, fairly handsome and interested the hell out of you. It was the work ethic and motivation that concerned you.
"People are just mean, Y/n," you nodded in agreement, "you just need to focus on the assignment and if you're lucky, like you always are," she peered into your soul with that jealousy, "everything will go swimmingly."
Nancy Wheeler knew she spoke too soon when the doors to the lunchroom flung open with flair. She jumped and turned around in her seat when she saw your soul escape from your eyes.
"Hey! Mama!"
Jesus Fucking Christ.
He was holding the doll by its back leg, letting it dangle from his hand as if it were that black, metal lunchbox you convinced yourself had drugs tucked away in it. Eddie was looking directly at your table as though he had been searching for you for hours.
“Did he just—“ Nancy cut herself off as she watched him make his way toward the table. A group of preps flipped him off on the way and he gladly returned the bird with glee.
“He just called me ‘mama.’”
You put an arm defensively covering your face, shielding your eyes away from him as the Hellfire table furthered his amusement by cackling at him. Nancy whipped her head back around to you and felt the embarrassment roll off.
“It’s only a week,” she reminded you, “only about a week.”
Eddie’s feet landed at the end of the table and the girls at the end went silent. He was standing there, holding the doll by its hind leg, and quirked his head to the side. His eyes were entertained at the way you had blocked yourself away from him. The call of ‘mama’ making your skin crawl and elating him from far away. He could push a few buttons without feeling bad about it.
“You embarrassed of me, L/n?” He feigned hurt, “what’s our kid gonna think when he learns his parents don’t get along?”
“It’s a doll, Munson,” your hand that had been blocking your face hit the table hard. “It has no memories and will certainly, never, ever, grow up.”
“If Allen heard you say that he’d give us an F,” he walked around the table and took a seat beside you, legs spread as they caged you in from the side and he plopped the baby on the table with a thud. Its head face down on the table as its poorly drawn on strands of hair faced the ceiling. He was wearing double denim. A jacket filled with pins and patches, a chain hung from one loop of his pants to another and the red flannel he wore underneath it was left open to reveal a t-shirt for a band you had never heard of—holes littered the neckline that sat beneath a silver chain.
Across from you, Nancy sat rigid as she watched the way Eddie’s eyes watched you. A small smile playing on his face as one of his hands found themselves in his lap and the other elbow perched on the table beside the doll.
“We should probably talk about this, huh?” He asked, surprising you by actually wanting to talk about the assignment. You turned your head and looked at him, eyes bemused by his willingness to do so. Eddie recognized that, scoffing and reaching inside of his jean jacket to grab a pack of cigarettes before tapping one out. He slipped them back in and stuck the one he plucked from the pack between his lips.
“You know,” he glanced at you, then Nancy, then back at you, “when a teacher tells us we have to work together, I don’t expect to do all the talking.” He lit the cigarette with a puff and the girls at the end of the table began to complain. No one was allowed to smoke in the cafeteria—only the teacher's lounge and well, that was reserved for teachers.
“How do I know you actually want to talk about this?” You countered. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you turn in an assignment before.”
“You been takin’ notice of me, L/n?” He smiled wide, grabbing the cig with two fingers and tapping it onto the floor. “If you wanted to talk to me you could just do it, ya know? Don’t need to stare at me.”
“Wheeler,” he looked at Nancy who drew her brows together, the tight contortion of her face judging him without words. “You know your friend has been watching me? Should I put an ad in the paper for a bodyguard to protect me from my stalker?” Nancy didn’t reply because she had never held a conversation with Eddie before. She didn’t understand his humor, let alone the levity of his words as he blew smoke in her face and sat next to her best friend like a suave Casanova.
“Eddie,” you sighed, letting your gaze drift around the cafeteria and caught a few interested stares along with way. One teacher, Ms. Kirch–the freshman biology teacher with a hard-on for students willing to press her buttons—was walking around the perimeter on the other side. If she saw Eddie smoking, they’d both make a scene.
“I know you think school’s a joke but I’m not failing this just because you don’t want to do it.”
“Who said I don’t want to do this?” He furrowed his brows, shaking his head at you as he put the cigarette back to his lips. The red burning as he breathed in.
“Oh I don’t know… your attendance record, report cards, all previous group projects that I’ve never seen you show up for.”
“Those are all Ms. O’Donnell’s,” he defended, pointing a finger at you, “She’s a bitch and has it out for me.”
“I just want to know for sure that if we do this together, I won’t be left to do all the work at the end.”
Eddie saw the honesty in your eyes as you admitted it. He never truly understood what it meant to be an academic because it felt superficial. The attachment to good grades and praise that he never got, so, naturally, he never comprehended. You were a good student—a good person, rather. When he heard your name called after his and the snickers that followed, Eddie was reminded of the fact that you didn’t treat him like a ‘freak’ but a person. And hell, there was a first time for everything when he wanted to try something new. Completing a project because his partner didn’t treat him like dirt? Eddie could at least try it out.
“Why do you think I’m here?” He tapped the cigarette and the ash fell to the floor again. “If I’m going to graduate, I’ve gotta get this done too.”
You nodded slowly in observation. Eddie did not appear to be lying. That blasé attitude he had walked in with gradually decreasing the more you talked. Glancing again at Ms. Kirch who was directly across the room from you beside the table of jocks, the details of the week would be limited to a few seconds before she came charging over and causing a scene. You turned to the small stack of one notebook and history textbook that laid next to your tray. Ripping a paper out of it, you stole the pencil from Nancy’s stack and wrote down your address on it.
“Here,” you handed it to him and he looked over it with a smirk, “that’s my address and phone number. Kirch is going to bite your head off in a minute and we don’t have time to go over all the details so if you’re free later, stop over after school and we can divide everything out.” He knew where you lived. Three doors down from Gareth—his friend and band mate and also, another one of Hawkins’ finest on their way to repeating their final year of school and he was only a sophomore.
“Your parents aren’t gonna beat my ass or anything when I get there? I know I have a bit of a…” he clicked his tongue, tipping his head to the side, “reputation.”
The shrug you gave did not ease his concerns right away. However, the comment that followed made him realize that actually attempting to complete this project with you was a good thing. Maybe luck was finally giving him a chance.
“Not everyone in this town thinks you’re a freak, Munson,” you gave him a small smile, pointing your own finger to one of the buttons on his jacket, “besides, my dad’s favorite band is WASP. I think he’d like someone to talk about it with—even if just for a second.”
He smiled and Nancy Wheeler was taken aback by the scene in front of her. Seven minutes ago, you were in distress with the idea that Eddie Munson was going to be the worst partner imaginable and the cause of failure in senior health class. Now, you were offering him kind smiles and an invitation to your home with so much as his own words being enough to convince you that he wouldn’t leave you high and dry with an unpredictable doll.
Eddie grabbed the doll by its leg again, ready to escape before Kirch made her way but you could already hear her footsteps coming barreling your direction.
“I’ll take it now and bring it over later,” he nodded, sticking the cigarette between his lips again and letting it dangle there, “we should probably give it name instead of referring it as an ‘it.’”
“Mr. Munson!” That shrill voice made him cringe.
“Think about it. We’ll talk about it later, yeah?” He rose his eyebrows at you as if asking you to agree. You nodded, giving a small ‘yeah’ in response before he shot out of the seat.
“Mr. Munson, smoke outside if you must! Do you not understand the rules of this school?”
Behind you as he stood, Eddie turned toward Ms. Kirch. He let out a puff of smoke between his lips as her hand batted the fumes away from her face. The doll hanging on its one limb and swinging left to right as Eddie taunted her.
“Ms. Kirch,” he swooned, a few amused giggles sound from the tables around you as your head tipped over your shoulder, Eddie’s eyes flashed to yours as he played into her hand. “If you wanted to compliment my ability to break those so-called rules, you could at least have sounded excited to say it.”
“You put that out right now or you’ll be spending after school in detention and it’s going straight onto your record!”
“On my record!?” He laid his free hand on his chest, slowly backing up from where he was standing. Eddie was going to bolt because the old woman wouldn’t run after him. “Ms. Kirch, you know how much I respect my record,” he shook his head dramatically, hair vibrating with the shake as the bud sizzled again. “But, I have plans tonight so…”
The cigarette fell to the floor from his lips, cooling against the white tile as she went to protest. Eddie’s shoe squished it, extinguishing it, and once his foot lifted from the flattened cig, he ran. Ms. Kirch walked no more than two feet as brief laughter erupted in the area—sure they all made fun of Eddie and ostracized him from normal high school life but hell, if he didn’t bring a bit of joy to them when he pissed off the old lady that watched them all like a hawk in their freest period. A chuckle slipped out of you and she turned to you with a glare.
“Do you find this funny, Ms. L/n?”
She smelt like stale flowers and her lipstick was pearled in some spaces on her lips. Kirch was haggard and growing older every day.
“No, ma’am,” you shook your head at her and turned back around. Nancy was sitting with wide eyes, scared of the woman who lingered for a moment behind you before running off to find a janitor to clean up.
“Shit,” Nancy muttered quietly.
“He’s deranged, Y/n. Deranged.”
“It’s only about a week, right, Nance? Only about a week.”
And that week would be the most interesting week of your life.
Tumblr media
Eddie came over as he said that afternoon after school. At your kitchen table before your parents got home from work, you both devised a plan on how to go about taking care of the doll—and as Eddie had asked, you tried to think of a name but that was harder than it proved to be. He said the first thing that popped into his head and that was unfortunately, Bilbo.
Bilbo. A doll named after Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit was the baby you had to take care of together.
It did not even matter that the doll was plastically formed with female anatomy because he said: “What’s in a name, anyway? It’s just a doll.”
So, Bilbo it was.
And Eddie offered to take it for the night because he had Hellfire on Friday’s when you had nothing, therefore you could swap in the morning and you’d go about the plan when the weekend arrived. The plan, however, was more than what you had originally believed needed to take place for the assignment. Nancy called you Thursday evening after Eddie had left to complain that Steve would be spending all of his free time helping Tammy with the doll and was blowing her off until Halloween—a whole week later. You hadn’t fully realized that what you and Eddie had planned to ensure that you’d both pass health this semester was essentially spending all of your time together [sans Tuesday when his band played at The Hideout and Friday when he had Hellfire].
You slept well Thursday with those thoughts lingering in the back of your mind. Nancy’s concerns were her concerns. She had confided in you that she and Steve were having issues anyway, so one more nail in the coffin did not appear to be as detrimental as she complained it was. If Steve and Nancy were on their final string, the end was imminent. When you woke on Friday, the first thing on your mind was how the night had gone for Eddie and if what Mr. Allen said was true about the babies, had he had an absolutely awful night being a ‘parent’ for the first time?
That question was answered rather quickly as you entered the hallway at seven-thirty.
“Mary! You can’t just leave me with the thing!”
“I am not taking it tonight!”
“It wants food and there’s no way to feed it!”
There were ‘couples’ fighting at every turn. As you passed Tammy Thompson’s locker, Steve looked like he wanted to pull his hair out.
“I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” He complained to her as he held the baby on his hip. It was a sight. Steve in his tight jeans and blue jacket, striped polo, to have a doll perched on his hip like it was real. Everyone was taking it seriously which made the entire situation feel less awkward and daunting.
You reached your own locker, twisting the combination while trying to snoop on Steve’s conversation five lockers down on your left.
“This thing never shuts up! I got no sleep last night and I don’t think I’ll even be able to go to the game tonight because I’m dragging ass!”
“Steve, come on…” Tammy trailed off because she had to sing the national anthem and could not bring the doll with her. But she should have—the doll could probably sing better than her.
“It’s not fair, Tammy!” Steve’s voice began to dwindle as he looked around and noticed people staring at him. He locked eyes with you over Tammy’s shoulder and sighed heavily.
Suddenly, the textbooks and folders in your locker became interesting—far more interesting than all the arguing going on in the hallway. Mr. Allen had made everything difficult intentionally. Splitting up groups so one person cared for the doll at a time before each group realized they couldn’t do it alone. The tactic was good, great even. The responsibilities of childcare and parenting obvious to those who had terrible nights and to those who hadn’t had realized it yet, the feelings were inbound.
As was Eddie. Charging down the hallway after barely hitting a gaggle of kids heading to the middle school in the parking lot and the doll, Bilbo, once again hanging from its hind leg as it swung. He called out your name so loud that even Steve had shut his mouth and stopped talking to Tammy. Eddie had one of those bad nights too. He strode right up to the side of your locker and had a crazed look on his face.
“What the fuck!?” He exclaimed, bags under his eyes. You couldn’t answer the question because you weren’t sure what had gone on.
“What do you mean, ‘what’!? This thing,” he held it up like a captured possum, “kept me up all night with its relentless screaming and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off!”
“I don’t think you can turn it off,” you commented, grabbing your science book and folder as your bag hung from the hook. “That’s not the point of the project. The point is to learn how to care for it, not turn it off.”
“Well,” he laughed cynically, “we were given a devil child. Literally the spawn of goddamn Satan because it doesn’t want to be cared for.”
“I thought we weren’t calling it ‘it’ anymore. Bilbo, remember?”
“Bilbo is too kind of name for this thing. It’s Lucifer… fucking… Sauron!”
“I can’t get on-board with Sauron,” you bit back a smile at his suffering, “But your duty is over now, right? Just leave Bilbo with me and we can meet up tomorrow and swap.”
“You’re not going to be able to do it alone,” he said it honestly, like he was terrified of the watermelon sized piece of plastic. You glanced around the hallway and saw all the partners having conversations similar, but all the same different, like the one you were having with Eddie. He was having an internal battle with himself—realizing that he actually had to do this and that when looking back on his own life, if this is what having a child was like, he could not imagine how his parents got through high school having him at sixteen. He had just turned eighteen and could barely keep it together and it was a doll named after a character from a children’s book.
“Do you not believe I can?” You questioned him yet he shook his head, taking note of the things in your locker instead of looking at you.
“That thing is a monster and if it’s not waking you up, it’s eating away all your free time. If it’s not eating away at your free time, it’s taking up all the time spent doing things that matter. It sucks the joy out of life without even taking a real breath.”
“Those are harsh words, Munson,” a sigh left your lips as you gripped your locker door. He was looking at the two Polaroids that were stuck on the door with tape. You and Nancy on the Fourth of July and then you with a group of little kids a few Halloween’s back dressed as character’s from Star Wars. You were hugging a curly haired Han Solo that had no teeth. “But maybe you just don’t have the parental touch that it needs.”
“What are you saying?” He narrowed his eyes, “That I’m neglecting Bilbo’s needs?”
“Maybe,” you shut your locker, “But either way, you have Hellfire and I agreed to take ‘em off your hands today so,” you grabbed Bilbo from him and perched him like Steve had perched his doll. Something stuck inside Eddie in that moment. It was a goddamn doll and he was sleep deprived, so he conflated his bubbling feelings of whatever the hell spurred inside of him to that. You looked cute holding the doll like that.
“We can talk about it tomorrow, alright? If anything needs to change, we have time to discuss it. Don’t get all worried.”
Eddie shook his head, running both of his hands through his hair and over his bangs before bringing them back down.
“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, mama.”
And then he walked away. You didn’t know what you were getting yourself into, but, certainly it couldn’t be as bad as he was making it because sometimes, people could be dramatic—and Eddie Munson was the dictionary definition of the word. Always had been, always would be, and maybe, he was playing with the truth.
For three hours it had gone swimmingly. Bilbo made no noise.
But the minute Mr. Grosso put the Spanish test on your desk, the doll wailed so loud it made a girl scream from the other side of the room and you missed the test because it cried for thirty minutes in the bathroom before you could calm it down.
Tumblr media
You swore you could hear the popping of his muffler three miles away. The blinds on the living room window comically split into two by your fingers, you peered out in anticipation you had gone to sleep feeling. Not quite butterflies but a nervous, anxious energy that kept you tossing and turning through the night. Along with Bilbo—the baby had kept you tossing and turning to the point where you felt crazy.
When you got home, you realized that the doll had smelt like weed and cigarettes but the distinct smell of Eddie’s cologne tried to cover it up. He had sprayed that doll with so much liquid that it had become ingrained into its clothes and soft body. You ripped off the onesie it was wearing and dunked it in the laundry immediately. And again, for the first few hours you managed to get your homework done for the weekend without much interruption until your parents got home.
They were utterly amused with the project and kept repeating that it was good for “skill building and responsibility.” You rolled your eyes and told them what Eddie had said about his night, expecting the same for your own and sure enough, it was like walking through the pits of hell.
Bilbo’s journey, Frodo’s journey… neither of them had the same horror of the screaming baby doll sitting on your comforter at two in the morning. Hour after hour, all you wanted to do was cry because it wasn’t responding to any of the tactics you had used when you would babysit. No rocking, no shushing, no gentle strokes, and just as the others complained in the hall, you couldn’t change its diaper or feed it. The solutions to ease its complications were non-existent.
Eddie rung you at eleven thirty saying he’d be over ‘in a bit’ and you stood at the window in your living room while your dad watched TV and your mom cooked lunch. The doll laying quietly on the sofa beside him for the first time in a half hour.
“So,” your dad cleared his throat as the program changed at noon, “what’s Eddie Munson like as a partner? I know his uncle Wayne from the plant.”
“He’s fine thus far,” you muttered, not tearing your eyes away from the window.
“You know this doll smells like a skunk.”
“It’s weed, dad,” you said so casually his eyebrows rose, “and it’s Eddie’s, not mine. And no, I don’t smoke.”
“I wasn’t going to ask,” he laughed but he would have. Not that he cared in the slightest if you did, that was all mom. Mom cared about reputation and manners and whether or not you’d have yellow teeth by the time you’re fifty. “But is he treating you alright?”
“What do you mean?” You looked away from the window and back at him, “We’re not really a couple, you know. It’s just a project,”
“I know, I know,” he clarified, waving you off like you had taken the comment too seriously, “as a partner. Not making you feel uncomfortable or anything?”
He might know Wayne, but the label of ‘freak’ extended beyond school. Eddie Munson flew around town in his beat up van playing his metal music at the highest level, smoked and loitered outside of stores, and very frequently, jested with the people of Hawkins to amuse his merry band of oddities.
“Eddie’s a good guy, dad,” you lamented, “so what if he likes metal and plays D&D.”
“Yeah,” you furrowed your brows at him, “what did you think he did? He literally named the doll after Bilbo Baggins.”
“I thought Hellfire was…”
“What the mothers at the grocery store say it is?” You scoffed and turned back to the window, Eddie’s van turning the corner at the end of the block. “It’s a D&D club. I told him he’d probably get along with you too so try not to accuse him of worshiping the Devil, ‘Kay? That’s like… the furthest thing from the truth.”
He just nodded as you defended Eddie, a little smile on his face because he knew you so well. You were a good kid, a smart kid, but oblivious sometimes. If Steve Harrington had been your partner and he inquired about Steve’s role as a partner, you would have rolled your eyes and ended the conversation there. Eddie pulled into the driveway and you grabbed the baby off the couch, marching to the door. Opening it wide, he hadn’t even exited the van before you were standing there. Split between the wooden door and the glass one, pumpkins littered the small deck and a wreath rested on the door behind your head.
You had a cute house. It was simple and friendly, something his trailer was not. Eddie saw you standing there with a flat face and Bilbo in your hands and he laughed in his car. You could see his elated face burst with laughter; it irritated you but you couldn’t help thinking the sight was special. How often he had been smiling and laughing in your presence and a little butterfly sprouted in the pit of your stomach.
Eddie tossed the keys between his palms as he lazily approached the door, a smirk playing on his lips.
“Looks like someone had a rough night,” he commented a few feet from you as you unlocked the glass door and propped it open. “Didn’t believe me when I said it was Satan?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you lied, putting on a face for him to prove you could handle the stress of taking care of a plastic doll. “Bilbo was a saint. Slept through the night.”
Eddie reached the door, holding onto the silver handle so you could let go.
“Yeah?” He questioned, “tell that to your face, sweetheart. You got no sleep and you look like you walked through Mordor.”
“Do you always reference Lord of the Rings or is it just to prove you read?” You squinted your eyes at him.
“One, I do read,” Eddie entered your house and stood across from you in the small doorway. The doll separating you, he looked down, you looked up. “And two, Bilbo likes it when I talk about familiar things,” He gave a wide, toothy smile before grabbing the doll out of your hands and moving into the entryway.
“You know, this kind of feels like how I’d imagine kids of divorce feel.”
“Like being pawned off by their parents every other day because rules told them to?” You shut the door behind you, pressing it closed with the thud. You pointed to his shoes and directed him to take them off to where a mat sat beside the wooden table with a mirror hanging above it.
“Mhm,” he hummed as he slipped them off. He was wearing matching socks. “Poor ‘lil Bilbo Munson-L/n… separated by the rules written on the back of Mr. Richard’s history test.”
You scoffed, walking past him and down the hallway as he struggled with his right shoe. In a matter of seconds, his socked feet patted against the wood flooring and caught up with you.
“My parents are home so don’t be weird or anything,” you muttered and he caught himself nodding at the direction instead of responding with the sarcastic remark because of the way you said it. ‘Don’t be weird or anything,’ as if he was not already labeled that way or saw himself as ‘weird.’ Yes, Eddie was unique and full of a million things you weren’t sure fit a narrative of ‘normal,’ but it didn’t mean he was weird. He was just Eddie.
You rounded a small archway that revealed a living room and an older man sitting on the couch watching the tv. His eyes left the screen and met Eddie’s—who was immediately more reserved than he had thought he’d be. He was nervous, suddenly. Standing in your home, with your father in one room and mother in another, with the task of caring for a baby together looming over his head like a cloud. It was ridiculous and confusing but all the same exciting and challenging for him.
“This is, um,” you glanced at Eddie to put him on the spot. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out at first. He was holding the baby like a real baby and moved it to extend his hand to your dad.
“Eddie. Eddie Munson. Thanks for letting us use your house,” he said as cool as he could. Your dad looked at his hand, taking not a second later to grip it strongly and shake it.
You noticed the way Eddie’s eyes lit up at being welcomed. His hesitancy dissipating as your dad asked him a question, yet all you could do was watch him. The feeling was odd. Watching Eddie interact with your father was like watching a significant other be terrified to meet the parents for the first time. It was terrifying how quickly that idea not only came to your mind, but felt normal.
Conversations between the two of you before being assigned partners had been totaled at three.
And now Eddie Munson was talking to your dad about their shared connection to Wayne Munson in the middle of your living room.
And for some reason, the sight of it was something you wouldn’t be mad about becoming a normal occurrence.
“I hear you play D&D?” He asked Eddie who glanced at you, already looking at him, before nodding and turning back to your dad. He hadn’t expected you to have talked about him at all.
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“You know,” Rising from the couch, “She babysits some kids that play it. They’re quite the rambunctious bunch but have nothing on that… what did you say its name was?” He asked you, but Eddie answered at the same time you did.
He laughed, repeating the name as he turned toward another archway that led to the kitchen and tipped his head in that direction.
“We never had to do a project like that but I think it’ll do you both good.”
Your mom was standing in the kitchen making grilled cheeses and stirring tomato soup on the stove. She turned her head over her shoulder and gave Eddie a smile. He returned it as his eyes flicked all over the space. He took in the pictures on the wall, the types of plates your family used, the way the sink had a window overlooking the backyard and there was a dog outside on a leash laying on the brick patio. Eddie didn’t have this life. He walked to the patio door and looked out at the yard.
“You gotta pretty nice house here, L/n,” he mumbled as you came to stand beside him. His fingers digging into the plush body of Bilbo as a bit of his hardened shell began to tell him he was out of place.
“It’s nice, yeah,” you admitted, “but it’s a carbon copy of all the houses in this neighborhood.”
He hadn’t put two and two together and noticed the layout was similar to Gareth’s down the street.
“You con your parents to be nice to me too?” He glanced at you as if looking for a conspiracy. That somehow, nothing in his life was this easy. That there was a superficial reason talking to you came easy; that there was a mysterious reason your parents accepted him even if he wore a leather jacket and Motörhead t-shirt and a spattering of rings on his fingers. You weren’t necessarily friends in any way, but he felt comfortable. He looked into your eyes and felt secure because of what? Kindness? The noticeable attention of a girl finally making him soft?
“No,” you said honestly, “just told them a bit about who you were. That’s all. Are you going to stay?”
“I just thought,” you felt your mouth go dry with his question. Perhaps you were being too forward or not thinking clearly because the sight of him being domestic with a doll had awakened a sleeping giant inside of you. His big, brown, cow-like eyes scanned over your face as you stuttered. “I just thought it’d be easier for both of us the longer we did it together.”
“Oh,” was the sound that escaped between his lips and you immediately began retracting your words. Your parents watched the two of you from the other side of the counter with knowing looks in their eyes.
“It’s fine!” You laughed nervously. “You don’t have to stay. I was just shooting the shit; you know? I’m not trying to keep you from your plans or anything… my mom makes a real mean gc and—“
“—I’ll stay.” Eddie cut in and you stopped rambling, letting the words fall from your lips as he nodded. “I want to stay.”
“O-Okay, um,” you looked into those brown eyes a second longer than you should have before peaking past him and to your parents who tried to appear occupied with cooking. “Eddie’s gonna stay for a bit, if that’s fine.”
“Yeah, hun,” your mom kept her back turned to you and stirred the pot. “He’s always welcome.”
Always welcome.
He had to have hit the lottery with this one. A good, pretty partner and a space to escape to that welcomed him without judgement? He was either in the first circle of Hell or ascending to peace yet his feet were planted on the ground—not a foot from your own.
Eddie spent the entire afternoon there. When the sun fell and the moon rose high, you yawned on the floor of your basement and he knew that it was far past a normal time to spend sitting around, laughing and trying to sooth the unexplainable outbursts of Bilbo. His face hurt from the stupid smile that he couldn’t wipe from his face once the two of you had figured out that the doll had sensors under its arms and swaddling helped stop the crying until another unexplained outburst required attention.
When he walked to his van with the doll swaddled in his arms like a real baby, he turned back as he opened the door and shot one last look to the house where you were still standing to bid him goodbye. Eddie didn’t want to leave. He felt his heart squeeze when you gave him a small wave, illuminated by the yellow lighting of the hallway behind you. Shit. He got into the van and sped off before pulling into Gareth’s driveway and pounded on the door.
You shut the front door and with a lock, your dad turned off the tv in the living room before walking into the hallway to meet you there. Both headed to bed, he put an arm around your shoulders and squeezed.
“We gonna talk about that or no?” He asked.
“About what?”
“That!” He laughed as you felt your face heat up. Rising on the Kelvin scale, you felt a spotlight shrink itself onto you. “You gotta little crush there, darlin’ and to be frank, I think he might too.”
“Dad!” You complained, jostling out of his grip and walking more quickly toward your bedroom. “I don’t like Eddie!”
“Yeah, sure you don’t,” he chuckled as you pushed opened your bedroom door and slammed it closed in embarrassment. “But really, you do.”
Tumblr media
Eddie pounded on Gareth’s door for three minutes but no one was coming to the door. Desperate, he put his ear to the wood and heard the distinct thumping of drums echoing throughout the house and contemplated for a moment. He could keep knocking and draw the attention of the neighbors and get the cops called on him for suspicious behavior, or, he could go around to the back and knock on Gareth’s window in hopes that it was closer and louder.
He jumped off the stoop and made for the window. Inside, Gareth was head banging as he played Iron Maiden on his drums and had a literal lava lamp reflecting off the symbols. Eddie put his fist to the glass and waited for a break in the beats to thump. Gareth jumped, a scream emitting from his mouth as his sticks went flying across his room and Eddie waved a hand at him from the other side.
“What the fuck, man?” Gareth opened the window and nearly shivered at the cool, October air. “Why are you here? The cops after you?”
“I just spent eight hours in Y/n L/n’s basement taking care of a goddamn baby and eating her mother’s food.”
“Shit,” Gareth laughed, “that sounds like a fuckin’ dream if you ask me.”
“It’s a nightmare, Gareth. A fucking nightmare.”
“Why?” The floppy hair Gareth had been sporting fell into his eyes as they contorted in confusion. “She’s a nice girl. Her old man helps mine when the cars busted.”
“Of course he does!” Eddie pushed off the windowsill and put his hands above his head, breathing in deeply.
“What? He threaten you or something?”
“No, they were,” Eddie’s face scrunched as if it pained him to say the word, “perfect.”
“Then…” Gareth motioned with his hand for Eddie to continue.
“That’s it! They were perfect! She’s perfect, man!” Then, he let a slew of curses leave his mouth and disappear into the night sky. Gareth laughed, letting a long ‘ahhhhh’ direct itself toward the guitarist.
“Eddie Munson,” he leaned into the bedside table by the window, “in love with the girl next door.”
“FUCK!” Eddie yelled with his hands in his hair.
And he still had a week left to take care of Bilbo with you.
Tumblr media
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reformedmercymain · 11 months ago
Really wish my brother would abuse his friendship with the lone echo devs to get me a free copy of the new one
#i don't even own the first one tbh. fucked up and evil moments#i rlly don't have a lot of VR games bc I don't have a lot of space available to play in my house#if i didn't have dogs i could use the living room but i can't sadge#and to be fair lone echo would require being hooked up to my comp and i can't run a cable that far and idk if my internet would play nice#enough to even let me run it smoothly via whats it fuckin called#c talks#so envious that my brother used to work for oculus ages ago. he has the like original demo product somewhere in storage. he could probably#sell it for a lot to some Brand Fanboy type person#it's so weird to now be on the low end of PC graphics. at least for VR that is.#my 1080ti used to be king. but now it's like entry level for the best VR games#however even Back In The Day™ subnautica melted peoples 1080ti's and they had to like. lower the shit down so it wouldn't do that#(even when it wasnt vr)#why do i get so rant-y when i'm tired. i can just talk all night to myself in fuckin tags#if he still worked for oculus we could probably get some badass deals on vr shit but nah#at the time he lived in a house made up of like entirely other employees at oculus#I got to go into Facebook HQ late at night to sign NDAs just to play with shit that they hadn’t even began to whisper about to the public ☺️#but I actually respected the NDA bc it was my brothers job who’d be on the line. but it drove me crazy to not tell people about how it#felt to use vr controllers. since they didn’t exist back then#it was like a year before anything was announced to the public too#fuck Facebook but I will say the headquarters campus was p nice
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nexyra · 4 months ago
A detail I love about this finale episode is King's choice of a game to play with the Collector aka...
The Owl House
In universe, it makes perfect for King, a child, to choose his house & family aka his life that he loves as the subject of a game. Why wouldn't that be the first thing to come to his mind ? (outside of Fetch of course)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But from a viewer perspective ? That is such a double entendre. Because WE play The Owl House. We watch Luz, Eda & King adventures on the Boiling Isles, with an island worth of characters and "players". The Owl House IS a game that requires an island worth of players (and even more with the Human realm) and it IS a game that requires the Collector's help in order to keep going. Because if the Day of Unity goes on, it's game over. We'll lose that game too.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And I think this double-entendre is reinforced by the fact that we have all our children character concurr that The Owl House is a great game. With memories that will last you for a lifetime, that you play everyday. Because The Owl House is their *story*, it's their life with Luz these past few months. (and we have Hunter barely managing a squeak because he hasn't had great run of it these past few months. although he got all these friends and Darius out of it at least) It's a game but also not, and wouldn't it be amazing if this was foreshadowing for what the Collector ends up actually "playing" ? Life ?
Tumblr media
On top of that, I'm a big fan of the theory (based on King & The Collector parallels) that they could genuinely become friends. So I hope this is foreshadowing for the Collector to genuinely play "The Owl House" : to be added to Eda's ragtag of misfits, raised and taught right from wrong like she did to King, to find a family as a child that felt unwanted by the world like Luz did. To go on all these silly adventures, to play the game of Life.
Tumblr media
Look at him. This child might be too powerful for his own good, but he doesn't have the same malicious intent that Belos does. It seems far more likely to me that he's simply disconnected from other people. Amoral instead of immoral. Too strong to realize what he's doing, and how what he does affect other people. Desperate for company as well. A child with godly powers.
Tumblr media
They're terrifying, and we get why King's dad might have emprisonned them. "You're on timeout, get on top of the fridge !" Except it clearly didn't WORK, this child is as excited as ever. And why wouldn't they ? Stick an ADHD child in a dark room with no one to talk to and no way to play, see if that helps them settle down. I don't think it will.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Maybe he'll simply be the final Antagonist and hurt too many people for that to happen. But I think that would be nice, and come full circle with that game of The Owl House.
To live and grow and play and love and stick together in this game of The Owl House.
Tumblr media
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medschoolash · 21 days ago
My two cents on Daemon and Rhaenyra's Sexual encounter
I'm nobody but I have a lot of thoughts about what went down between daemon and rhaenyra and the motives on Daemon's end so I'm just gonna put it all down here because why not.
So I've come to the conclusion that Daemon's actions are not abusive (contrary to what the creators said), not about a quest for the throne, and not completely without malicious intent.
I think to truly understand it all and how it fits into the story you have to understand a few key things:
Daemon has psychogenic erectile dysfunction ( more on that later)
Daemon has an unending desire to upset Viscerys but he actually does love him
Daemon cares about Rhaenyra deeply and always has
Daemon is sexually attracted to Rhaenyra
Daemon is impulsive and manipulative but he's not a complete idiot
When you combine all of those character points for Daemon his behavior this episode makes a lot more sense to me.
(if you know me from other fandoms you know I'm long winded so proceed at your own discretion lol )
Let's go back to the very beginning of the episode. Daemon returns from the stepstones. He's now a war hero. He's known as the dragon that conquered the narrow sea and saved the realm a headache. This is the most praise and adoration he's gotten in a long time. He makes a show of giving up his crown to Viscerys and pledging fealty to him once again and he smugly looks at otto when he's embraced by his brother again.
To me this is important because I believe Daemon's actions here are genuine at that moment. The creators said in this scene Daemon seems like a changed man to the audience which I can see on casual viewing BUT is he truly a changed man? The narrative proved that to be a huge no and really that was the only conclusion when none of his actual gripes with Viscerys have been resolved. Plus what's so different about Daemon now? When has Daemon ever not supported Viscerys's claim as king? When has he ever publically done anything but swear loyalty to his brother since he was crowned (no comment on dead baby aegon, he got no love from daemon lol). Nothing about it truly screams Daemon is changed so why does he do it? My opinion is that it shows he didn't actually go there to be duplicitous. He didn't return pretending to be someone he's not to deceive everybody. That's important in the bigger picture.
So Daemon hasn't changed BUT something has in fact changed in King's Landing. Rhaenyra.
Rhaenyra is happy he's back. She actually follows him in the throne room. She wants to see him. In the garden, she approaches him first with the giddy but tries to play it cool presence of someone with a huge crush. She is starry-eyed in his presence and is eager to engage with him. Daemon looks at her walk away in the garden. His eyes are on her in part because he's curious (he noticed her stiff interactions with her father) and because it's the first time he's seen her in years and she's a woman now but he doesn't follow her. I think they deliberately showed us that in most ways that matter before the sexual encounter Rhaenyra is the chaser, not Daemon. That matters. Later Rhaenyra finds him again and he's soaking in the air in KL, another indicator that Daemon is possibly relieved to be home and is not here to cause chaos. Rhaenyra even straight up asks him why he's there because she knows him, she knows he likes to play games with her father so there has to be an agenda but is there? He says the comfort of home. I personally don't think there is one on his mind at that moment. The key part is he acknowledges her maturation for the first time and he discusses it in the context of physical appeal. She's blossomed into a beautiful young woman entering the stage of courtship. He notices. She realizes he notices.
They've always had a bond. She's always had a special hold over him and she's always looked at him like he hangs the moon but it was never something with any real clarity for Rhaenyra and never something that Daemon would ever acknowledge or act on but that's changed it has been 4 years. She's at least 18 now. She's at the stage of life where romance and sexual curiosity makes a bit more sense now even if she's still unsure about how to navigate that as a woman in westeros. So yeah It's different between them. Rhaenyra has changed and most of all they are both curious about what this tension is between them and how far it can go.
Before I move on to my next point I want to make sure I'm not misinterpreted here. I'm not saying Daemon has been creeping on her this whole time just counting the days until she's of age. I don't think he's ever said to himself "when she's 18 I'm totally gonna have sex with her". I don't think he has the thought to go there sexually with her until the moment he actually sees her again after she's matured.
That brings me to their one-on-one in the garden. This is an important part because I feel like Daemon's intentions after this conversation can make his actions somewhat within reason or absolutely horrible. Rhaenyra is very candid with him about her frustrations with having to marry. She feels like a broodmare with no sexual autonomy at all, just a pawn to be sold to the highest bidder for the use of her womb and her title. She feels like no one cares about what she wants, what she wants to do with her body. She's so averse to the idea that would prefer to live a life completely alone over having to marry and have all of her stripped away for duty. Daemon tries to assure her that all is not lost for her. Yes, it's a political contract but he basically tells her she does have power and autonomy within the confines of a marriage. She can do whatever she wants. She can control what does and doesn't happens to her. Having this power is clearly important to her. He also genuinely tries to alleviate her fears about having the same fate as her mother. He was there, he knows her grief and pain. She wants to take that trauma and become a recluse. He doesn't want her to fear a fate she can not truly control because it prevents her from ever experiencing the better parts of life. Solitude is lonely. He himself is married and he's still lonely. He doesn't want that for her. We can say it's familial affection or something even more but the key is I do not think that any part of this conversation, especially the last part, is a manipulative game to him. He's comforting her and trying to guide her in the right direction for her own good just as he's done several times before.
So this is the entire lead-up to their night out and sexual encounter. What part of this feels well planned? what part of this feels like a scheme or anything but a simmering curiosity and moment of honesty between two people who up to this point have only had a familial connection? The answer is none of it feels like a well-planned manipulation, not even in retrospect and it doesn't feel that way because in my opinion, it wasn't.
The first moment you can make a real argument that Daemon has done some plotting is when she arrives in her room and finds the clothing and the note. But even then the question becomes what exactly did he plan and why did he plan it? The more cynical perspectives floating around suggest that everything was daemon manipulating Rhaenyra to open her up to the night on the town, then he planted the clothes and the note to lure her away with the full intention of ruining her reputation for his own ploy for power. To me, this falls apart very quickly as an explanation despite what the creators implied (I'll get to that in a second).
As mentioned above hours ago they had a conversation where Daemon tries to tell Rhaenyra there is a lot more to the world she can enjoy versus resigning herself to solitude and misery. The truth of the matter is Rhaenyra is very green. She has been sheltered in the red keep her whole life. Her mother died at a crucial age. She has had no one to guide her through the confusing developmental aspects of adolescence. Daemon sees his role as a guide to help her reach a new level of understanding of the many forms of sexual expression and freedom that will ultimately liberate her from the confines of her gender and her station that she's been desperately fighting against this whole time. But why does he want to do this? Does he want to do it because her sexual awakening can be used as a tool to rise to power or does he do it because he actually cares about her and want her to actually feel empowered in this important way and he can conveniently also explore his sexual desire for her as well?
This is the most important question to ask in this entire analysis but this is also where the waters truly get murky making it difficult to answer the question. To me the most obvious answer is the latter but this is seemingly contradicted by the creators and by Daemon himself. I would like to argue that it actually wasn't.
Up until the point, he enters the brothel with her Daemon has been a comforting source of familiarity to Rhaenyra. He has shared vulnerable conversations with her. He tenderly held her hand at every moment and took her through the city watching her in amazement as she saw things she's never seen before. He has allowed all of this to go on while maintaining anonymity, which is crucial because it gives her freedom she otherwise would not have had. At no point did he ever come off as if he wanted to coerce her into something, he or was guiding her in a certain direction for a plan. It all seemed spontaneous and about exploration and most importantly they did as much as she wanted them to do. He is fascinated by her curiosity. He is enamored with her enthusiasm. Why behave like this if this was all a power play? if it was because he really really wanted to manipulate her then why would he stoop so low to hurt someone he clearly cares about for a throne he has never actually said he wants?
I've seen several takes that try to connect him taking her disguise off when his plan to expose her but even that falls apart quickly. He doesn't do it until they are deep into the brothel where they are less likely to be discovered. He also takes his own disguise off exposing himself. If he wanted to ruin her reputation all he needed to ensure was that she was seen in a brothel with someone. Making that someone actually him actually works against him in a long game. Even Viscerys points this out later with alicent. There was a small chance that daemon would be able to say "whoops I slept with her she's ruined not I have to be heir" or "whoops I slept with her and she's ruined not we have to marry" but remember my bullet points?Daemon is impulsive and manipulative but he's not a complete idiot. The much more likely outcome was enraging Viscerys who he has only been on solid footing with viscerys for a few hours, not even a whole day. Enraging viscerys would get him absolutely nothing. The only thing he gains is hurting Rhaenyra and Daemon cares deeply for Rhaenyra so it wouldn't be in character. Like I said even Viscerys acknowledges this and he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
So if he gains nothing why is he doing this? How is this a power play for him and a power play he would be willing to engage in at the great expense of the only person he seems to actually care about? Maybe he just doesn't actually care about her that way. Maybe his care is not outweighed by his lack of morals and boundaries or maybe it's none of the above. Maybe there is a much simpler explanation for this entire ordeal.
I believe Daemon fully intended to push her sexual boundaries once they were in the brothel but I do not think his desire was to see her exposed while in that brothel to ruin her. I think he was just caught up in his own sexual desire for her and thrilled by the prospect of her liberation so he was callous about the entire thing and didn't care if she would be exposed because there is no real harm that can come. I don't even think he consciously thought about her being exposed in the moment but once presented with the issue it's never was a big deal to him. He even outright says this to viscerys. People whore, sure not women but Targaryens do. They are the blood of old valyria, they are dragon riders and rulers of the realm. They are above everyday conventions in society. They bed family members because they can. They whore because they can. They start wars because they can. The world is theirs for conquering and every aspect can be bent according to their will, including the truth and the truth is whatever viscerys says the truth is. Viscerys can decree his daughter is a maiden and whoever disputes it is treasonous and no one can defy him because well they have dragons. So no It was not calculated, it was just callous which fits into Daemon's personality perfectly and the difference between those two things is important when you're trying to put his actions into context. Also, if Daemon's plan was in fact to use Rhaenyra to gain power why did he even tell Viscerys he can just make it go away before the idea of a marriage even comes up? See the math isn't mathing.
This brings me to the most controversial part of their sexual encounter but the part that I think it the most fascinating. When Rhaenyra asks what is this place Daemon tells her it's where people come to take what they want. This is important for her because she's never seen sex as something that she can take for herself or as an act where she has power but Daemon takes her to a place where she can. Where they both can. This tells you that this experience is meant to be empowering for both of them but especially Rhaenyra. Being there empowers Daemon to cross a boundary he had not crossed before. He gets to take Rhaenyra. Being there for Rhaenyra empowers her to take control of her sexual expression and seek control, seek pleasure, seek passion, seek something that's purely about want and need and about nothing else. He outright tells her that this is what sex is for men AND women. This directly contradicts the idea that Daemon cares nothing about her awakening and it's a plot.
You could argue he says these things to manipulate her into an act but why chose a form of manipulation that plays into her gaining the most instead of him? A sexually empowered Rhaenyra can navigate her duty much more effectively than before. She can make smarter decisions and stop the tantrums that are holding her back. A sexually empowered Rhaenyra that is bold and unafraid and enlightened can form alliances that will strengthen her claim to the throne. We actually see this happen by the end of the episode when she agrees to marry Laenor without dispute and forces Viscerys to get rid of Otto as his hands. This Rhaenyra does not serve a Daemon who only wants to control her and use her for power, it does the exact opposite.
let's look at how the acts even take place for some ideas about his motives. He doesn't try to overwhelm her. He doesn't hungrily attack her even though he is hungry for her. He also doesn't dominate her completely. She's as into it as he is. She doesn't move a pace beyond where she is comfortable. He doesn't rush her and aggressively try to get into to submit to him. He doesn't overwhelm her with pleasure he gradually builds her up and lets her chase it. They passionately but tenderly kiss. He caresses her hair and her body. She pulls him close for more and doesn't shy away from her. Yes he's the one who turns her and moves towards the wall but she walks with him keeping up with her pace perfectly. Even when she is pushed against the wall she is excited and challenges him, she's not overpowered. He doesn't yank her clothing off he sensually exposures her. One of the best moments was when he takes her pants off. SHE ACTUALLY HELPS HIM DO IT. Her hands move to remove her own clothing and they actually do it together. He does not flinch when she initially changes position, it's AFTER that he pulls back. He's still into it when she turns and kisses him and nothing about the power dynamics in that kiss changed from their previous kisses.
This is the entire reason I don't agree that Daemon ends their encounter because he no longer had control of the sex act which is what pretty much everybody thinks the creators mean when they speak on this part and why he ended it. Is he shocked that's shes so responsive? Yes but I don't think that shock has a negative impact on the moment because he never actually had complete control of the sex act and he wanted her to feel powerful. That was never the point to begin with. Rhaenyra is supposed to take control of her sexual encounter, she's supposed to be an equal participant. She's supposed to seek pleasure and take what she wants. She's supposed to give him as good as she gets. That's the lesson. That's the whole point of the awakening. This entire thing is about empowering them both, not just him. This empowerment is important for rhaenyra for all the reasons I mentioned above and Daemon knows this. He had an entire conversation with her about this. He comforted her about her lack of all these things earlier. We even hear Rhaenyra tell alicent that her hundreds of suitors don't actually want her, they want her name and her valyrian blood. Daemon is supposed to be the exception. He intentionally wants to make himself the exception. So having Daemon have a motive of wanting to dominate her sexual encounter and being unable to do so which makes him abruptly abandon then sell her out to ruin her for a title her would make this scenario even worse than it already is because it means he wanted to completely disempower her all so that he could have a shot at the iron throne that he was never going to get. It's literally making her worst fear, the source of all of her teen angst for the last 4 episodes come to life. This interpretation colors every single one of their interactions with darkness from the very moment he has a full conversation with her this episode and gives him a level of villainy that completely takes away his nuance as a character because this act with this motivation requires selfishness and callousness towards her that crosses a line. Ultimately I just don't think this characterization well supported by the narrative and It would also make it difficult to even sell a later romance between the two of them.
So the math ain't math'n so how can we make it all add up? That's what this entire analysis boils down to based on what I've already demonstrated:
Daemon didn't set out to manipulate rhaenyra and this was not a well-plotted plan to ruin her. He wanted to initiate her sexual awakening for her own good because he cares and for his own selfish desire to have her sexually
He loves viscerys but still has resentment towards him leading to an unending desire to upset him when the opportunity presents itself. He was well aware that his actions would potentially stick a knife in Viscerys's back if he found out about it and he relished it but it was not merely a ploy to piss him off.
He did not go out of his way to ensure viscerys found out about it. He just didn't care about the consequences if Viscerys or anyone else found out. He had no connection to the spy at all. The spy was Otto doing the whole time with the help of mysaria.
He actually enjoyed her having control during the encounter, it made him desire her even more because he has always been enticed by her moments of self-assuredness. It makes him crave her instead of wanting to reject her.
The only reason he could not complete the sex act with her is because Daemon has psychogenic erectile dysfunction for reasons that are yet to be revealed.
Daemon did not pre-plan asking for Rhaenyra's hand. It happened at the moment because for the same reasons he was unable to get an erection.
If you watch the scene just before he leaves the brothel Daemon is very much still into engaging with Rhaenyra when she turns around to kiss him. As I said before he was actually relishing her show of control, not shying away from it. The problem is at the point in the encounter where she turns around he has already kissed her, caressed her body and he has already stimulated her vaginally.
(You can see his hand move from her hip further down when he has her against the wall. It was clearly meant to stimulate digital stimulation but it was purposely obscured by shadows and angles to focus on Rhaenyra's pleasure versus the actual physicality of the act)
When she turns around the next escalation in their sexual encounter is actual penetration. She wants it. He wants it....only Daemon can not get an erection. That's why he pulls away and looks at her for so long. He is hoping her desire, her look of hunger, her hair, anything will get his penis to stand up but it doesn't. She pushes to continue but he can't to he pulls away every time. He even attempts to push through it but giving in to her again but he still can't perform. That's when he finally reaches peak frustration which is both embarrassing and inconvenient so he leaves her to nurse his wound on his own. That is why he see that he ended up passing our drunk somewhere and Mysaria has to retrieve him. The control the creators were speaking about wasn't control of the power dynamics of the act, it was about control of his ability to perform aka exert his power ultimate during the acts.
Daemon has psychogenic erectile dysfunction. He had this issue before Rhaenyra since we saw him in the middle of sex with Mysaria, someone he clearly enjoys but he was unable to maintain his erection and reach a climax. That's why they even showed us that scene. Daemon is not physically impotent, he has no vascular issues preventing erection, and he has no neurologic issue preventing erection. It's purely psychologic. When he retreats from Mysaria he is clearly preoccupied with several thoughts. He is chaotic as hell but he is extremely emotional. The emotions we see most often are just petulance, anger, and resentment. His encounter with Mysaria established that when Daemon has too many emotions and thoughts in his head it interferes with his ability to sexually perform. I don't when this started but that is exactly what happens with Rhaenyra.
Daemon sexually desired Rhaenyra but I think once he started the actual act of being with her sexually he completely lost control of his emotions and his thoughts NOT the power dynamics that that's what rattles him. Maybe a little bit of guilt for attempting to have sex with his young niece in the middle of a brothel kicked in, after all until this point he has only known her as family and despite the familial history of incest he himself has never actually engaged in it before (that I know of). Maybe he feels something because Rhaenyra completely trusts him and that trust is why he's about to take her maidenhead in the middle of a brothel even though that is not how her first time should actually be. Maybe he feels an overwhelming emotional connection to her at the moment that caught him off guard because this was supposed to be about sex. It's probably all of the above really but the idea is these thoughts come up and he can not control them and because he can not control them he can not get an erection to actually do the one thing he truly set out to do which is have sex with Rhaenyra. He also can not tell her this because she has no idea what erectile dysfunction is and he can not explain it to her without being humiliated. He is supposed to be the one giving her a sexual awakening not a lesson on men with broken penises. So he leaves her there when under any other circumstances he would never do that to her.
That knowledge makes the entire puzzle come together because it gives his reaction at that moment some context that fits with the lead-up and that makes his later actions make some sense.
When he is confronted by Viscerys he straight up lies to enrage Viscerys and to cover for his own humiliation. Those are literally the only real things he can gain from telling that lie. Unbeknownst to us all and Rhaenyra, Daemon also had an awakening with Rhaenyra and that's why when the opportunity presents itself he seizes the chance to take her hand in marriage. Through his humiliation, he discovered that he desires Rhaenyra in a way that is bigger than he realized. He doesn't just want her sexually he wants her fully and completely. He wants her laugh, her childish curiosity, her determination, her ability to see right through him, her bravery, her stubbornness, her petulance, her anger, her beauty, her valyrian blood, her claim, her everything. I mean he straight up tells Viscerys he will take Rhaenyra just as she is. That was about so much more than a reputation. It firmly makes Daemon the opposite of the men Rhaenyra hates which actually fits the narrative but makes it even more interesting because Rhaenyra is unaware of all of this so it gives them so much more to explore and play with for the characters and their relationships later.
So no he didn't plot to marry her, it isn't until Viscerys himself presents him with the opportunity that he decides that's what he wants to do. It solves the problem of her reputation and gets him what he wants which is Rhaenyra and the restoration of his house to a level of glory and admiration that he feels Viscerys has sullied with his weakness. That's why I think it's important to acknowledge that Daemon was being truthful about his motivations when he says he can restore his house to glory. That is definitely a part of it. Sure it makes his intentions less pure but it makes them authentic and that's what matters the most. If this wasn't spontaneous he would have tried to end his own marriage before he even brought it up to make it more likely to happen. Instead, he never asks to end his marriage, he only suggests taking a second wife because at that brief moment where viscerys has him at knifepoint it's the only reasonable way forward. He didn't have time to actually think about a more seamless way to have her hand in marriage.
Finally, Daemon actually does accomplish his goal. Rhaenyra leaves their encounter and she feels fully empowered so much so she feels comfortable propositioning Criston for sex AND she takes the dominant position placing her own pleasure above all. Her view on sex and relationships and her own power have completely changed thanks to Daemon. This is further solidified by the fact that when her father tells her she's marrying Laenor she doesn't fight him. She will actually do her duty now because she gets what it fully means and no longer feels like she will be a prisoner in a marriage. She even feels so empowered she challenges Viscerys to get rid of Otto, a man he has been loyal to for decades AND it actually happens. Rhaenyra can now effectively navigate her future because of one intense experience with Daemon that shifts her perspective and I think that's pretty awesome for Rhaenyra and for Rhaenyra and Daemon as a pairing.
So in summary: Daemon Targaryen is a chaotic man with chaotic feelings but he is sprung on rhaenyra targaryen and he is not a cold-hearted master manipulator. Rhaenyra is now a boss bitch. Thanks, Daemon. The end lol
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curseofaphrodite · 7 days ago
Two of Hearts
(mini-series part two) | link to part one; Three of Spades
note; cannot be read as a standalone! There will be three parts in total and the third one will be released sometime later this week :) You can comment if you wanna be tagged in the next part! I made daemon into an absolute simp btw 😭
Tumblr media
Late into the night, you heard knocks on your door. There were persistent and rough, so you already knew it wasn't going to be your handmaiden. With curiosity getting the better of you, you pulled it open.
"Hello," Daemon tilted his head to one side. He didn't appear drunk, and he smelled fine, but something about him said he was intoxicated.
"What do you want?" you asked cautiously.
"I sensed you weren't sleeping and thought we could have a party of our own."
"Be serious."
"I am," he nodded towards your room. "I have much to talk about with the future queen. All politics, of course."
"I'm — Daemon, you can't be this stupid," you sighed. "I am not going to bed you. It's foolish you'd even think I would."
He blinked. "Who said anything about bedding?"
"I don't know what you think about me but I'm not going to be a whore. And if I am, it won't be for a prince who has more tantrums than a 12-year-old."
His puppy dog eyes immediately turned blank. Fear crept inside, because you knew you had finally annoyed him. You preferred him to look actually furious instead of whatever the hell he was doing now.
His right hand reached upwards quickly, grabbing your chin with an unfamiliar softness. While his touch was firmly gentle, his eyes said otherwise.
"Disrespecting me is disrespecting the court," he said sharply, forcing you to look at him. Your heart started hammering for more reasons than one. To add more bad luck, you heard footsteps in the distance.
"Someone's coming," you hissed, not wanting to be seen together in a somewhat compromising position.
"I bet it's Alicent... or maybe Viserys—"
Rumors, rumors, rumors. They had more power to destroy you than fire. You had learned that quickly even before coming to Westeros.
"Now's not your time for games," you said, gritting your teeth. Then you did the only thing you could. You grabbed him by his collar and pulled him inside, shutting the door behind him as quickly as possible. He let go, but he seemed just as surprised as you.
"You can't be that scared of Viserys!" Daemon laughed, but there was a genuine question behind those words.
"I'm not scared!" You plopped down in your bed, looking out the window with a frown. "I just don't know what I'm doing here."
"Don't play clueless. You're here to get the Iron Throne, as foolish as it seems."
"Why?" your eyes turned to him, determined. "Why is it foolish for someone like me to get the throne?"
"You're not a Targaryen. You'll never be a Targaryen."
"Are you calling a war against my house?"
Daemon walked towards the table, then took the chess board which you had brought from your home. You had no one to play it with, so it remained useless. Until now.
Wordlessly, he arranged the wooden figures, then drew himself a chair so he could sit next to you. You frowned.
"Make a move," he asked, nodding towards the pieces. You hesitated before pushing a pawn forward.
"Your house is reputable," he murmured, lost in the game. "But it's not enough. When worst comes to worst, dragons are what people fear. Not the rulers."
"I'd still be a better ruler than you. And certainly Viserys."
Daemon used his horse, so you did the same. The game passed in silence for a while, like he was contemplating more than just the strategy.
"You would be a better queen." He stated finally, looking up. But right as he said that, he also took your king.
Son of a bitch.
He returned the next night. And the next. And the next.
To be transparent, Daemon did have a plan. He would think of the sweetest of things to say to you (anything to fuck up your wedding), yet words failed him every time.
It wasn't because he chose not to say it. He simply couldn't. He'd open his mouth and he'll already know what you'd reply if he called you beautiful. He already knows how you'll laugh if he compares your smile to a winter's moon. He knows you won't fall for any of his tricks.
Simply said, he knows you know him. So he resigned to chess games and talk of books, all of which only made him more restless.
Little by little, Daemon Targaryen found himself losing the act he wrote for himself.
The door seemed to be mocking you.
No matter how many times you've considered knocking, you couldn't bring yourself to do it, nor could you walk away. It was all a blur of wondering if you were crossing a line you'd already crossed. You were contemplating everything wrong you ever did in your life, from birth to where you were standing.
Then, out of the blue, the door opened loudly, startling the life out of you.
"I could hear your existential crisis from inside," Daemon said, his voice monotone. Despite the late hour, he was fully clothed. His white shirt and messy hair stood out against the candlelight. He smelled of sand, making you wonder if he was out by the sea again.
"I—" you coughed. "You haven't come to my room for days."
He raised an eyebrow. "I didn't realize I was obliged to."
"Daemon," you sucked in your breath, wondering just how awkward this conversation was going. "You're the only fr-acquaintance I have in this palace."
"You can say friend."
"Fine then. Friend."
He sighed. "The rumors were getting more complicated. I couldn't tell every person I saw on my way back from your room that I was merely teaching you how to play chess. it sounds unbelievable even to me."
"Since when have rumors stopped you?" you challenged, glaring. "Do I remind you that they're going to spin stories regardless of the facts anyway?"
"Do you really want a chess partner so much that you're willing to lose every night?"
"I'll win one day," you said, glad to sound light-hearted again. "And like I said, I've grown to like your annoying ass. You're one of the evilest men I've encountered in my life, but you're just as entertaining."
"Well then, it'd be rude of me to not invite you to your jester's room." He said, stepping aside. "Which reminds me, I have a particular book you'd love. It's about a queen trapped in a high tower."
"Let me guess, a prince saves her?" you asked, walking inside. Your eyes didn't miss out on anything. His room was different, with a large silver bed and more windows than you can count. Everything appeared regal and expensive, but all of them were just as messy.
"A dragon does." Daemon left the door unlocked, as if it could give you extra reassurance. You internally rolled your eyes.
"Sounds very Targaryen."
"The book is supposedly a Targaryen artifact too."
"I stole the book from the vault when I was 9 years old. It bore the family crest and looked important so I figured what's the harm."
You laughed. "Did you really?"
Maybe you imagined it, or maybe your laugh had something to do with how his eyes suddenly softened. You felt butterflies just by the thought.
"Don't believe me? Check the cupboard. The book's there."
You wandered across the room until you reached where he was pointing at. You pulled it open and saw a mess of decoratives inside; from goblets to jewel-studded rings.
"Don't you ever clean?" you asked, looking for the mysterious book anyway.
"I don't think the servants know this is my room. Who could blame them, I'm hardly even here."
"Yes, I forgot you like to spend your time in others' rooms," you teased, wondering whose room he had been in the last few nights. You were almost tempted to ask.
"I truly am sorry if you were led to think I was mad at you. Forget the rumors, I just didn't want to disturb your duties. You're undoubtedly busy." His voice grew more grave, if that was even possible.
"I'm not sure what you mean."
"The wedding's in three days." His voice came from right behind you. His body was pressed up against yours, and his hand reached over your shoulder to get to the higher shelf.
"The book is up here." He said for clarification. But you didn't move, didn't reply, didn't even take the book from his hands as he lowered it. You simply stood there, registering his words and his warm breath right beside your neck.
"The wedding preparations are done so I'm not busy," you whispered. Why did it sound like you were apologizing?
Daemon put the book back and slowly circled your waist with his arms. It was purely affectionate, and that made you want to hug him and cry. He rested his head in the crook of your neck, taking his time to answer.
"It's a wonder how Viserys gets everything I want. The throne, and now you." He said, and you didn't know what was softer — his touch or his words.
You groaned. "Stop that! Stop acting as if I'm anything more than an unfortunate liability for your throne."
"That's the irony in it," he pressed a kiss against your neck and you melted into a puddle inside. You were dead and resurrected back to life when he dragged his lips across your skin. "We're both traitors. I'm a liar so you can't trust a word I say so if I ever truly love you, you won't believe it anyway."
"Because it'd be a lie."
"I will plead with you just once." He turned you around, cupping your jaw. He stared intently, bravely — as if he was about to do something he never did. "Just once I will beg. Don't marry him."
"Please." He went down on his knees, holding your hands instead. He wasn't even looking up at you, like that would cost him plenty. His voice was shaky and he knew this wasn't just an act. He would never humiliate himself for his tricks.
He was truly desperate.
"I can't back out of the wedding. Viserys would call a war on my house. My family—"
"I know you won't say yes but hear me out, humor me for a minute," He clasped your hands tighter. "We could run away, I don't want the fucking throne. I want you—"
"I have to go," you said firmly, fighting back the sudden urge to kneel beside him and never part. "I shouldn't have come."
You pulled back and he let you go, wide-eyed and surprised. He stood up and watched as you walked off. He followed halfway, then upon realizing you were indeed gone, he slammed the door shut.
"Fuck!" He yelled, kicking the nearby table.
It didn't help. His shoulders started to shake, he was breathless, and before he knew what was happening — he started to cry.
next, final part will be out soon! itll end happy i swear 😭🤌
taglist: @eexphoria @sebastian025 @cecilyjmorgenstern @lilitheal @imnotyourbcbe @loveandlewis-reads @mariamyousef702 @1-800-isabellapotter @skywalkerr27 @ohhh-boo-tiful @paula-lkr @purechaosss @andrea-np @makaramosss @snixx2088 @ephemeralninon @wulfriedxanthene
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welcometogrouchland · 4 months ago
for the toh reqs~
Tumblr media
anyway hope you are having a lovely day!!!!!!!! ty bestie🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💖
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ID: a comic featuring the cast of the owl house, split into two images. The first image shows King holding a pair of uno cards, looking up to the left- towards Luz, who we see in a cut-in-half close up panel of her face, holding three cards in a dramatic fashion. Her face is in shadow and sparkles appear around her eyes. Paralleling her in the other corner is a panel of hunter, holding yellow cards and sweating nervously.
The next image is two rectangular panels of hunter and Luz sitting across from each other with king in the middle, all three of them playing cards. In the background is Gus, Willow and Amity (who is saying "go Luz!"). The first panel is silent, until in the second panel, Luz says "draw 5" with a smug expression. Hunter stands up angrily, his cards flying in the air, and yells "IT IS NOT LEGAL TO DO THAT FOUR TIMES IN A ROW, HUMAN!". king says "haha, yes it is! Loser boy has lost again!" Gus summons a puff of illusion smoke with a scoreboard on it reading "L: 12, H: 0". Amity is cheering and willow summons the word, "R.I.P (again)" in vines and flowers next to hunter. The background is colored with peaches and oranges. End ID]
Frantically ignoring the implications of todays ep. Incredibly funny to me how these bitches ended up actually being siblings
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alloftheimaginesblog · 2 months ago
the bet {e.m}
Tumblr media
Plot: During a Dungeons and Dragons game, everything comes down to you.
Character: Eddie Munson x Plus Sized Reader
Warnings: gets a tiny bit hot and heavy, kissing and a boner
part of my e.m 'pretty eyes' series
Tumblr media
Dustin and Mike were loud, shouting opposing things to you as you frowned trying to figure out what to do. It was a one in twenty chance and you were the only one that could take it. Dustin was shouting 'go for it!' and Mike was shouting 'run! Leave it!'. You didn't know what to do and Eddie Munson, Dungeon Master, was loving your hesitance so much.
"Bit of friendly advice," he said, ducking his head to catch your eyes, "there is no shame in running."
You'd joined Hellfire Club a few months ago upon request of Dustin who knew that you'd be an asset to the team. At first, you weren't sure, you thought it might be silly or childish but after your first game with Eddie Munson leading it, you were hooked. He was addictive, an addictive personality and addictive smile and he had you hooked within the first hour though he could be a pain in the ass when he wanted to be (which was the majority of the time).
Eddie had a massive crush on you. It had been Eddie who pushed Dustin to ask you to join the club, actually. It wasn't a secret that Eddie liked you, he flirted with you so openly all the damn time but you always acted uninterested in him. It was all an act though and Eddie could see through the façade. You had a crush on the wild, curly haired boy who deemed himself 'King of the Freaks'. You had fun with Eddie and he made you feel special but you just didn't know if you were ready for a relationship yet, the prospect seemed quite scary to you but you never minded his flirting or his winks he threw at you every once in a while.
From the moment Eddie saw you back last year in his English class, he was hooked. He didn't speak to you for the majority of the year until you were paired up for a project and he knew that Dustin was friendly with you so that's when he begged him to make you join. Eddie liked your style, he liked that you didn't give a fuck about what people thought of you; he liked that you were a bigger girl and gave no fucks to what anyone said or thought about you. He liked the shape of you, like the wobble of your arms and the jiggle of your stomach when you laughed. He liked your cheeks, he liked your pretty smile and your pretty eyes. You were content with yourself and that's all that mattered. Eddie couldn't deny that he'd looked at your curves, appreciating the way your stomach looked in jeans and the way your ass and hips looked in skirts, he couldn't help himself though he never made you feel uncomfortable. You liked having his attention and he knew it. You would subtly flirt back with him, giving him sprinkles every so often, just enough to make him come crawling back for more.
At first, it was a mere flirtation but when you joined Hellfire and with the more time you spent together, Eddie's flirtation developed into a pretty massive crush. He liked to play with you but he knew where your boundaries lay and he wouldn't overstep.
"Well?" Eddie asked, clapping his hands together, "What are you gonna do?"
He loved the way you gnawed on your bottom lip in deep concentration, "Give me a minute," he quirked an eyebrow up and you rolled your eyes, "please."
"That's better. Sixty seconds on the clock."
You turned to your teammates asking for advice to which you got a 50/50 split of 'do it' and 'don't do it'. Eddie who could obviously hear everything decided that he'd do a little bet with you, for fun.
"I can't help but notice you've got yourself a dilemma," he cut over everyone else. You all turned back to face him. Oh no. You could tell by his smirk that he had something planned. Eddie, who was standing, leaned forwards to press his palms flat on the table. He saw your eyes fleet for a millisecond to look at his forearms and he smirked, "I have a preposition for you."
"Oh here we go."
"If you roll a twenty, you win, you defeat all evil and you win..."
"But if you roll a... thirteen, you get to bring one more of your teammates back to life using a special elixir..."
You frowned, "I feel like there's a catch."
Eddie grinned, "Ah, well spotted, (y/n)... Roll a thirteen and revive a friend but you have to agree to go on a date... with me." There it was.
You gaped at him, eyebrows up as high as they could go as your jaw dropped, "Are you being serious?"
"Sounds like a good deal to me, take it." Dustin grumbled from beside you. You shot him a look to which he rolled his eyes, "Come on, (y/n), it's clear the two of you have the hots for each other. What's the harm in admitting it and going on a date with him? It seems pretty win-win to me!"
You ran a hand through your hair before you had an idea. Two can play at that game, Munson. "Okay, fine, I take the bet."
Eddie knew you better than to just believe it, "But?"
"If I score a six, you let me win and I get to sit on the throne."
There was a chorus of 'ooooooh's. It was common knowledge that Eddie Munson didn't let anyone sit on his throne, those who tried swiftly regretted it. It was his and his alone and if he wanted to play a game with you, you'd happily play right back.
Eddie smirked, god you wanted to kiss that stupid smirk off his stupid face, "Okay, you're on." He tossed you the D-20 and you picked it up, shaking it in your hand.
As you shook it, you honestly couldn't figure out which option you wanted more. Obviously your six was kind of a joke though you did want to sit on the throne but the idea of Eddie wanting to take you on a date so bad he'd make you bet on it filled your stomach with butterflies.
You tossed the dice.
Everyone was tense as they watched it roll across the table, bouncing before it finally landed-
"Yes!" You grinned, hands fist pumping in the air, as the number six faced upwards. Your teammates all cheered with you, high fiving and clapping loudly. You'd won! You'd actually done it!
Eddie, though disappointed, gave a slow clap before he picked up and pocketed the D-20, "Well done, Princess. You've vanquished all evil despite all odds and you," he moved out of the way, extending his arms to gesture to the throne, "have gained access to the King's throne. Enjoy it."
You grinned as you accepted Eddie's hand to help you move from your spot at the table to the throne, he bowed to you as he did so, "Mi'lady."
You couldn't stop grinning as you lowered into the throne, "Oh this feels good," you said smugly, smiling at Eddie who rolled his eyes despite smiling himself.
"Can't deny it," he said with a shake of his head, "you look damn good on that throne, Princess."
It was then Mike realised the time, "Oh shit, we gotta go!" He hit Dustin's arm and the boys grabbed their stuff and quickly left after saying their goodbyes. Jeff and Gareth decided it was time for them to go too so packed up and left and then... then it was just you and Eddie.
"You're that desperate to take me out, huh?" You asked him, finding a new sort of confidence from sitting in the throne. It felt nice to be at this side of the table, to have the power.
Eddie laughed sardonically, "It's not a secret how much I like you, Princess." He almost sounded a little sad, maybe even a little bitter, "It was stupid to think you'd give me a chance." He knew that there was something more between the two of you, you felt it yourself, but there was always something that stopped the two of you from progressing.
You frowned as you looked at him, "We've been through it, Eds, I don't want to be another notch-"
"On my bedpost, yadda yadda. I know. But how many times do I have to tell you that you wouldn't be? You'd be it. I get you and I'm done, I'm finished." He was on the opposite side of the table, where you'd been standing not three minutes previous, "I just wanted one night to prove to you. You're the prettiest damn thing I've ever seen in my life. I love your confidence, I love your body, I love your smile; I can't get you out of my head and I just wanted one goddamn night-"
"Give me the D-20."
Eddie frowned, "What-"
"I roll a thirteen, you take me out, that still the bet?" All he could do was nod as he dug in his pocket for the D-20 before he tossed it to you once again. You didn't know what had come over you, maybe it was the throne, maybe it was his little speech, maybe it was the way he looked at you, maybe it was you just finally being ready to accept your feelings but whatever it was, it gave you the kick you needed.
You picked the D-20 and raised it to your lips before giving it a gentle kiss, never once breaking eye contact with Eddie. He whined, hands clenching into fists, "Goddamnit, Princess," he huffed, "you drive me fucking insane."
You smirked, shaking the dice in your hands, before you let it go, soaring over the table. You and Eddie watched with baited breath, this roll more intense than any other roll, as it tumbled to a stop a few inches short of Eddie's right hand.
Eddie released a long breath as the number fourteen stared face up, "Guess it's not meant to be, Princess." He was disappointed, god his whole self just deflated but you weren't satisfied, not now and not ever, not until you were his, "We better go."
Eddie stood up and grabbed his bag from the floor but you weren't happy with it ending like that. You stood and walked to him, stopping close. He frowned down at you, "What're you-"
"Fuck the bet."
He was confused.
"Kiss me, Eddie." Your voice was a soft whisper as your heart pounded in your ears, "Kiss me."
Eddie wasted no time, he pushed you gently so that your ass pressed onto the table and you swiped a hand over the table, knocking the D-20 onto the floor, before he leaned down and caught your lips in a hungry embrace. His kiss was fast and passionate. God he'd wanted this for a long time. Your hands were tangled in his hair as one of his hands was on the small of your back and the other was on your waist, caressing your sides where your lumps and bumps were. He loved how soft you were under him, loved the way you felt as he dug long fingers into your sides. Your legs pulled him in at the waist, wrapping tight around him, making him groan into your mouth before he pulled away abruptly.
"Princess, I-I can't control myself when I'm around you," he breathed hard and as he stepped away you could see the clear outline of his semi hard cock in his grey jeans, "if we don't stop now, I'll never stop."
You grinned at his words, loving that you had this control over him without having to do all that much. All you had to do was exist and look at him with pretty eyes and he was like putty in your hands. You hopped down from the table, grabbing your bag, before you made your way to him, hand on his chest, "You can take me out after school today. Wait on me outside." All he could do was nod before you trailed your hand down to the top of his jeans.
"Princess." It was a warning, a warning that he wouldn't be able to stop, he would have you here and now if you pushed him further.
You pulled your hand back, winking at him, "Oops... Sorry." With that, you hoisted your bag onto your shoulder and left, leaving Eddie to fall back onto the table, puffing out a long breath.
"She's going to be the death of me."
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harcove · 2 months ago
Hii could u write for billy x reader where reader is part of the hellfire club? Like she's a metalhead and plays dnd and stuff, i rlly can't see how billy would end up with someone like that
A/N: sorry this took a bit, I've been going btwn writing multiple things and ya aaaa I hope this is okay love! Honestly, I personally think Billy could find himself being with most anyone- it all depends!
Pairing: Billy x Hellfire!reader
Length: 2.3k
Warnings: nah, but I'll keep saying OOC Billy so no one tells me my characterization of him is wrong 🤡
Tumblr media
(Not So) Polar Opposites
Billy hated having to be back at the school after hours; the sun had set and there were only a few cars in the lot besides his Camaro. If it weren't for you, he wouldn't have been there.
Billy always picked you up Thursday nights from the school. It was Hellfire Club night, DnD night, the night where you wouldn't drive home with him from school because you were staying back to help prepare for the DnD campaign you were part of.
Hellfire Club wasn't something Billy gave a shit about. It was your thing, a thing that you'd been in before he even arrived in Hawkins. And sadly, it was something that dictated your social standing as being something of a 'freak.'
It didn't stop Billy Hargrove from setting his sights on you however.
Billy was at the top of the social hierarchy that engulfed Hawkins High. What he did, what he said, people ate it up. People like Carol and Tommy. Did they have things to say about you and the Hellfire Club when he showed an interest in you? Yeah. Did he give a fuck? No. And he was sure to let them know that their opinions in his life didn't matter. And to keep your name out of their mouths.
And by proxy, the Hellfire Clubs name. At least when he was around to hear it.
Sure, he didn't get it. He didn't get the whole deal with Dungeons and Dragons. Didn't get what the point of the game was and definitely didn't fucking get what the hell you wrote on those sheets of paper you'd sometimes work on at his house. 'Character sheets,' is what you'd say whenever he asked what the fuck they were.
It went right over his head.
But you enjoyed it. You had fun going to those DnD nights in the school, and enjoyed spending time with the members of Hellfire Club. You especially enjoyed it because your best friend, Eddie Munson, was the head of the club.
Billy knew Eddie Munson.
Not that he spoke to him in school; Billy rarely ever stayed at the school during lunch periods to see you at the table with the other Hellfire members, and he never had reason to just speak to them or him. Most of his time spent with you was outside of or after school.  Save for the fact Eddie was the drug dealer he dealt with. If he wanted weed, it was Eddie Munson he'd get it from.
So, they were on an even groundwork there.
No matter how bizarre it seemed to anyone else that Billy Hargrove was dating you, it didn't matter to him. He wasn't scared of losing his status as the top dog. The guy who scared others, who was the Keg King. He had worse things in his life to worry about. And perhaps, the fact that he didn't care so much is what kept him right where he was.
He liked it.
Where the two of you differed vastly in your free time activity (him enjoying going to a party, you enjoying the fantastical game of DnD) you also had similarities that bound you together as tight as your opposite interests.
You enjoyed metal music; Billy also enjoyed metal music. It was nice to find that he didn't need to change the radio station because you hated the loud music he wanted to play, because you wanted to hear it too. And aside from partying, Billy actually did enjoy simpler things, particularly sitting in his room on his bed reading something. It wasn't something people expected, but when had Billy ever been predictable? You happened to like a good book as well.
So as bizarre as the two of you may have seemed on the outside, you actually clicked quite well together- like two pieces of a puzzle.
But you were taking a real long time finishing up your session, and it grinded on Billy's gears. He just hated being in that school more than he actually had to, even if it was for you. He wasn't mad at you. Maybe mad at the school for even existing in front of him. And for DnD for cutting into time he could be pulling you close.
Fingers tapping on the wheel of his car, Billy let's out an annoyed sigh. Scorpians playing from his cars radio, he moves his body slightly, making the leather of the seat squeak. It's twenty minutes past when you usually finish your session and come outside.
Usually you're quick to come out and greet him. There have been times where you've run a little over time, but those times Billy wasn't as in much of a mood as he was then. And usually it didn't take you more than 10 minutes.
He'd just have to go in there and get you himself. That's what he concluded. He knew you sometimes lost sense of time especially when you were having a good time. It was like wrangling his sister sometimes; but he was pretty sure Max sometimes liked to conveniently "forget the time" because it would annoy him. You never did that.
At least, he was pretty sure you didn't.
With another heavy sigh, albeit this one sounded more annoyed than the last, Billy pulls the key out of the ignition shutting the his car off, stepping out with one feet heavy on the gravel taking a few moments before pulling the rest of his body out; like he's being forced against his will to do this.
No one could force him to do this. But that didn't mean he wasn't allowed to still feel a bit ticked off.
He knows the room you have your sessions in. It's a drama classroom, with a small stage (compared to an actual stage) in a bigger than average classroom. It didn't have a bunch of chairs and desks because, well, it was a drama room. Most of the activities in their didn't require students to sit for an hour.
So it isn't hard for him to reach it in a matter of minutes. The door is slightly ajar and he can hear the lot of you inside, laughing and shouting.
"I can't believe you rolled that at the end," he recognized your voice, it sounded like you were on the edge of a laugh, one of happiness and disbelief, "like, seriously."
"What can I say, but you're welcome for saving the day."
Billy doesn't recognize the voice fully, he doesn't even really care to figure it out; he never spoke to any of the Hellfire members aside from you and and Eddie Munson (barely).
Instead, Billy chooses to wait a few moments as you laugh, continuing your banter. He's not going to knock on the slighy ajar door, that's stupid. So after a few more moments, he's pushing against the door to open it fully. It creaks when he does, announcing him before his own presence is noticed.
"Billy!" You notice him first, before anyone else really does. You always notice him, "what are you doing here?"
In your hands is one of his jean jackets, one you borrowed that morning; the fall weather had been more bitter than you realized that morning. He took it off and gave it to you with the most dramatic eyeroll he could muster. You rush towards him. Being close is all you want.
Billy looks at you, then looks at the watch on his wrist, as if he was really reading it; it was more for the dramatics.
"Just thought I'd see if the school was doing good tonight, y'know?" He's being sarcastic clearly, "I just... Love it here."
You turn your head to look at the clock in the room, noting the time; twenty minutes past when you were supposed to meet him outside.
Awkwardly, you wince and shoot him an apologetic look, smiling at him. You can see it in his eyes; he's not actually too angry with you.
He finds it hard to look at you, happy, enjoying yourself and smiling how you do, and be angry. Annoyed maybe for the wait, but that too slowly dissipates when he looks at you.
Not completely, but just enough.
You act as some sort of balm for his emotions, the bad ones, and an irritant (meant in the best way possible of coutse) for the good ones, amplifying them by just being near.
"I'm sorry," you offer up, genuinely sorry. You don't like keeping Billy waiting, not because you're scared of him or you're doing things on his time- but because you know his father. And you know the times he comes home can set his father off.
And he did this without you asking.
"Mmm... Next time you can walk."
He says it but he doesn't mean it, he wouldn't let you walk home alone late. His voice gives him away too. But maybe it's only obvious to you.
Rather than giving him a response you only smile at him, closing the distance fully between the two of you and wrapping your arms around his torso.
"Ah, Hargrove," Eddie Munson makes his presence known; he always seemed to be bright in a room- he knew how to get people to look hid way.
So did Billy.
"To what do we owe the pleasure?" Eddie bows dramatically. His face plastered with a smirk as he looks between you and Billy who now has a single arm across your shoulders as you keep your arms wrapped around him.
"Munson," his fingers are pressing into your shoulder and his cologne (which you had been privy to all day anyways because of the jean jacket) just smells so much nicer on the man himself than just on his jean jacket, "the pleasure is hers actually."
There's a deeper meaning to that, you know it. A sexual one, most likely. Especially based on the way Eddie cocks an eyebrow when he stands up fully, his smirk widening only slightly
"If he gives you trouble, let me know Lady Ironbark," Eddie uses your Dungeons and Dragons characters last name as he moves around the table to pick up some things, "not sure what I can do against the beast bit, it's the thought that counts."
Billy doesn't take him seriously and you're glad for that. Because if he decided to, you weren't sure you'd like the outcome.
Initially things had been more tense between the two. One being your best friend and the other being Hawkins High schools king after taking it from Steve. Billy was in the perfect spot to beat Eddie down, bully him and the other members like yourself of Hellfire. But he didn't.
Surprisingly, Billy didn't go around bullying people just to have fun. Or just because he could. In reality, Billy avoided interaction people, needless interaction he cared little about the people in Hawkins. But if they just so chose to cross his path or do something to set him off? Well, that would do it. It wasn't like he actively went out of his way to say words to random kids in the hallway.
"...Lady Ironbark?"
Billy says it flat. And really it sounds kind of funny coming out of his lips.But he does recognize the name; how could he not, when he's sat there before and just let you run off about your character for the current campaign.
"My character for this campaign," you respond- thinking he has forgotten about it, but he really hasn't.
It seems like a lot of times the information you give him sometimes just goes in one ear and out the other. It's just how Billy seems. Like he's not listening, but in reality, he retains all of the things you tell him inside his head. And it will be at moments where you least expect it that he will say the things you think hes forgotten.
"I know," he says, unhooking his arm from around you and pulling away to take a cigarette from his jacket pocket, placing it between his lips, "and you can tell me all about them again, in the car, on the way home."
Billy is itching to leave the school; again, the less time he needed to spend there the better.
"Okay," you smile, a genuine and big smile, turning to look at Eddie and the few straggler members from Hellfire finishing packing things up, "I'll see you guys at lunch tomorrow!"
A chorus of see you tomorrow and good nights come from the boys, and you turn to follow Billy out of the room.
"Put that on," he's already lighting the cigarette in his mouth before the two of you have even exited the school; his chin juts towards his jean jacket in your arms, "It's bitter as fuck out. And you're not getting two of my fuckin' jackets in one day babe, no matter how good you look in them."
Giggling, you pull the jacket on, Billy taking your bag lazily and throwing it over his back in one hand, not caring about being gentle with it. He keeps walking.
"I'm sorry again by the way," he pushes the door open with his hip to exit the school, you hot on his tail, "about being late. I'll make it up to you by letting you play your favourite music in the car on the way to my place."
It's funny because, one, you think you're going to dictate what he plays in his car (sometimes you do but its his car) and two, because you literally like the same kind of music. So it's not really making anything up.
You know he's got a small tilt to his lips. And you know he's not mad. You know he's going to keep picking you up even if its annoying sometimes. And you know he loves you and you love him.
Even if you're (not so) polar opposites.
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