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what to wear in a depressive episode 馃 november haul
i'm so very tired everyone! so let's cut through the shit. 馃挅 shoutiest of shout outs to the cc creators @aharris00britney @sentate @trillyke @rimings @xiuminuwu @madlensims @jius-sims @gorillax3-cc @helgatisha @rustys-cc striked out cc just means it's from before november. don't ask me wcif, it's all linked.
hair. earrings & necklace. poses. 1. jacket. acc top. shorts. socks. boots. 2. top. jeans. boots. 3. top. acc top. no pants. socks. boots. hat. 4. top. skirt. boots. bag. 5. top. skirt. stockings. boots. 6. top. skirt. stockings. boots. hat. 7. dress. stockings. boots. 8. dress. stockings. pumps. 9. dress. acc top. pumps.
follow @fakeyfinds for an archive of all the cc i use. 馃拰
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honeyl2v 2 days
i love when people say call me or can i call you
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medley 3 days
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crochet tulip flowers
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sugawarassoulmate 1 day
hii, i've recently been into your works and honestly they're addicting to read. i've been more into your loser! kuroo works and wow that man is just *chef's kiss* i recently saw a tiktok (don't have the link sorry) and there was this gf who let other girls flirt with her boyfriend and did nothing about it cause she was confident in her relationship and just walked off laughing and her bf came after her like a lost puppy so loser Kuroo I think??
mean!reader who mellows out a bit after marriage doesn't get pissed off when another woman looks at kuroo bc she's got him locked down for life and his loser ass ain't going NOWHERE
but now...husband loser!kuroo who twitches when reader laughs a bit too much at her co-worker's joke and gets a bit antsy like "why tf is everyone looking at my WIFE?"
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yonglixx 1 day
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Look at this adorable squishy boy 馃槶
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馃槱I wanna squish he looked so so so pretty 馃ズ馃挄馃挄
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wvterways 11 months
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this is so important
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ninoalheli 7 months
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POV we live in a little cottage and spend our days baking 鈾
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05112005 3 months
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(thank u @spitscasually for consulting with me on these lmao)
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lovewounds 3 months
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Your presence is always enough for me
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mirkwoodmunson 3 months
Eddie crushing on a girl and then after a long time he finally gets to see her naked and he can't help but say "oh wow" all soft cause of how breathtaking he thinks she is..............
i cant let this just sit in my box beep u are So Right
18+; minors dni
eddie munson x gn!reader
tw: cursing, perceived nudity
Eddie Munson鈥檚 head over heels dumb for you the first moment he sees you, before you鈥檝e even spoken a word 鈥 and he knows already that when he does get to talk to you it鈥檚 gonna melt him like smooth chocolate on his tongue.
In fact when he finally gets the guts to approach you 鈥 leaning against the side of your car with books cradled in your arms 鈥 he tries to play it cool when he rests his hand against your vehicle to prop himself up, just by your shoulder, but truth be told your first uttered syllable (Hi!) had just made him that weak in the knees that he needed the support.
After that, he couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about you.
Well, he already couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about you 鈥 but now he could put a voice to all those imagined scenarios and it made it so much harder not to daydream about resting his head in your lap while you told him about your day and stroked his hair.
Couldn鈥檛 stop stealing glances when you weren鈥檛 looking. When he thought you weren鈥檛 looking 鈥攂ecause of course you鈥檇 noticed the boy from Hellfire Club looking at you all the time. Of course you were looking, too.
Even when you guys started 鈥榟anging out,鈥 (both of you too nervous to say dating) Munson couldn鈥檛 believe what he鈥檇 landed. Couldn鈥檛 stop gazing, had to keep reminding himself you were real and you liked him too and you really truly wanted to spend every moment of your days with him.
How could he not?
It was the way everything about you was just, right. It was so easy to get lost in appreciating the way your soft hair fell around your face when you hung your head over your current focus, brushed away occasionally to show concentrated eyes lightly hooded, obscured by dainty lashes.
The way 鈥 christ, just the way you breathed; everything about you was so gentle and he often found himself just watching the steady rise and fall of your shoulders, or the smallest jerk when you sniffled. When you鈥檇 pull in a steady deep breath he鈥檇 watch them riiiiise and then relax as you exhaled, finding himself to be subconsciously breathing with you.
The way when you looked up to catch his gaze, a little blush would spread over your nose and cheeks and your smile would reach and fill your eyes, crinkle the corners, and you鈥檇 giggle 鈥 god that little laugh made him weak; made his eyes soften and made his hands ball up with the ache of wanting to run them all over you, use them to still your cheeks so he could kiss you.
And when he finally does kiss you鈥
His tummy does somersaults, fireworks behind his eyes, a longing buried in his bones 鈥 a longing for you. A longing to tangle himself with you, hide away in your presence and live there forever; he wouldn鈥檛 have pulled away if not for his head swimming for air. That soft, heady gasp that you breathe against his puffy red lips eliciting a murmured groan from Eddie as he dips back in and sinks into your soft, soft skin.
He learns quickly after that 鈥 after finally getting to kiss, to touch you, Eddie learns that you harbor an equal hunger for him. He learns that when he kisses you you melt, you have to find purchase against him, you need him to hold onto you tight lest you pool at his feet. He always notices that your hands fist into his shirt, that when you pull away for air you鈥檙e gazing at his lips for more, that when he teases his tongue against yours it makes you mewl into his mouth as your eyelids flutter.
Eddie knows he needs to take it slow, needs to be careful with you. He wants you to feel safe, wants you both to feel like it鈥檚 right 鈥 that you鈥檙e both ready.
It鈥檚 one of those nights at his trailer 鈥 alone together, hidden away in the hazy-warm glow of Eddie鈥檚 bedroom; it had started as distracted kisses during Exorcist but now Eddie has you propped up in his lap with his hands smoothing slowly over your thighs, yours knotted into the front of his shirt as you sigh pleasantly into his mouth.
Eddie鈥檚 been happily following your lead, but when your hold on his shirt turns into a tug 鈥 when you do that little grind with your hips 鈥 he bites back a groan and stills you, nudges his nose against yours.
鈥淵ou g鈥 you gotta calm down, baby,鈥 he breathes, and in turn you fuss impatiently.
鈥淓d lemme, I wanna~鈥 it鈥檚 all you can muster in a whine, foggy with need as you pull at his shirt again.
He huffs laughter but it鈥檚 drowned out as you kiss him again, before he allows you to pull off his shirt.
It鈥檚 an awkward shuffle as you both move about removing each other鈥檚 clothes, trying to steal kisses in between tossing things aside, bumping and fumbling and little curses and soft laughter 鈥 awkward but you鈥檙e both so comfortable with each other it鈥檚 easy at the same time; you鈥檙e in no rush.
Certainly not when Eddie finally, finally has you bare, now beneath him with your knees pulled up between his, shyly hiding your crotch while your fingers fiddle together at your chest. You look at the ceiling, the walls, Eddie鈥檚 hair. But when you hear him say,
鈥淥h鈥 wow鈥︹
His voice is so, so silken and gentle that you whimper and blush, biting your lip quickly to swallow any further sound which prompts Eddie to cradle your cheek in his hand, thumb brushing a line over your lips to ease them, encouraging you to relax, to look at him.
When you do, your muscles lax under the heady puppy-eyed gaze of Eddie, viewing you with such bare affection and tenderness like he was first realizing his most favorite work of art, hearing his favorite song the first time, weighted in place with need to appreciate the shape of you for as long as he possibly could.
He鈥檇 be embarrassed to admit how often he鈥檇 thought of this but he never realized he鈥檇 be so taken off-guard by how god-damned breathtaking you are.
You look at him too 鈥 the tousled curls that hang around his face as he leans over you, falling over shoulders that are stronger than you鈥檇 thought, arms that are thick but gentle with you. And those eyes. So intense the way he looks at you and it makes your heart pound, makes you tremble a little but with the need for him to touch you more.
鈥淧retty Eds,鈥 you murmur shyly, reaching up to push fingers into his hair which he leans into, raising his brow as he laughs.
鈥淚鈥檓 pretty?! Sweetheart every time I blink lookin鈥 at you is fuckin鈥 wasted time,鈥 he breathes it softly and you giggle but it tapers into a shy mewl as you pull your hand away and hide your rosy face in your palms.
鈥淣o no no!鈥 Eddie eases with an audible grin, gently prying away your wrists and holding them together into the sheets above your head, his other hand at your knees still pressed together.
鈥淧lease don鈥檛 hide that sweet face away.鈥
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dulcesi7a 9 months
m谩ndame m煤sica diciendo q la letra te recuerda a mi
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the blueprint 馃啋 august cc haul
it鈥檚 gonna be 115 degrees today which means it鈥檚 still legally august, so i鈥檓 not late! ima give a lil smooch to the cc creators @nsves @aharris00britney @trillyke @sentate @serenity-cc @rimings @nucrests @jius-sims @madlensims @caio-cc @gorillax3-cc & poses from @dearkims don鈥檛 ask me wcif. i鈥檓 not wcif friendly. in fact i鈥檓 wcif hostile and will link you to bullshit! check out @fakeyfinds tho
1. top. bottoms. shoes 2. top. bottoms. shoes 3. top. bottoms. shoes. 4. top. bottoms. shoes 5. top. bottoms. shoes 6. top. bottoms. shoes. 7. top. bottoms. shoes 8. top. bottoms. shoes 9. top. bottoms. shoes.
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guillerhomo 1 year
trophy wife and house husband couple. nobody does anything but clean and have gay sex
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medley 2 days
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stacaesar 3 months
hey im not super familiar with the whole satoryuga situation but ive seen a lot of concerning terf stuff surrounding her? can you explain or clear that up
"concerning terf stuff surrounding her?" you mean when she was doxxed by a transwoman, a transwoman sent her information to the MRA of her country who then severely assaulted her to the point of possibly losing sight in one eye, is/was harassed for months by trans people who graphically tell her how they want to rape her and kill her or hope South Korea gets bombed, while girls in the fandom who defend her also get graphic rape threats from those same people all because satoryuga blocked a transwoman who was sexually harassing her in her messages which somehow makes her evil when in actuality she's the victim and no one else? are you talking about that "concerning terf stuff" surrounding her? full offense but if you're "concerned" about radfems talking about wanting to help a victim who i guarantee you is definitely very traumatized by all this instead of being concerned that said woman was doxxed and assaulted and the group that did that is threatening to make it happen to other girls in the fandom too, you're pathetic and you hate women, full stop. go be a misogynist somewhere else because on this blog, we love and respect satoryuga鈾
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yonglixx 2 days
So I just a saw one of those cool fan made movie posters with Felix on it right? And the first thought I have is: I鈥檇 watch a documentary about socks if Felix narrated it
Tumblr media
is that even a question!!!! id literally let him explain math to me (math is a foreign language to me ok i won鈥檛 do it ) 馃槴馃槴
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