bijou-deja · 20 days ago
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“𝐋𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬, 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐨..“ 🔪
(Prints are available in my Etsy shop! @ BijouDejaArt ❗️)
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silvertons · 3 months ago
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And then there's Howie. The best of us on almost every level. He deserted me a few years ago for some cushy start-up job in San Francisco, but he still makes it back every year for this trip. Our bond goes a little deeper than everyone else's for complex, spiritual reasons. And, well... All the obvious ones, too.
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itsaprescriptionsandwich · 3 months ago
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Kitty kat! 😺
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deanandkastiel · 2 months ago
i'm having a pretty rough day and could use a reason to smile, so i was wondering: what're some of your fave cockles moments?
ohh i’m so sorry you’re having a bad day. i hope things are better tomorrow. sending you all my love 💖💖 this might be kind of long but i do hope it cheers you up! also just a side note but most, if not all, of these gifs are by @ne8ula. now. in no particular order….
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this is a little moment but it is so so cute!!! he’s caught off guard and has the cutest smile on his face when he looks back at him. and the fact that misha kissed his nexk so softly like it’s just something they do when they see each other is… everything 🥹
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this kiss takes up about 10% of my brain. he pulled him in, wrapped his arm around him and held him with his finger, closed his eyes and gave him the biggest smooch ever. it’s everything to me. and the hug. oh my god this hug looks like he’s poured every emotion he’s ever felt into it.
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thee 10 year anniversary challenge photos. i’ve made a whole post about this but god. who goes out with their friend and recreates the exact setting and place of a candle lit dinner after ten years of knowing them when you’ve met an entire YEAR before. who remembers the exact date and place of a dinner you had with a friend. i’ve had a friend for 10 years+ and would not do this with them. and considering their memories are supposedly bad and don’t remember things like this…….
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god this picture. this and the story behind it live rent free in my mind 😩 they are practically on top of each other even though they is likely enough space on a boat for them to be sitting separately. and the fact that they were obviously not expecting this photo to be taken and just caught in the moment makes it even more special.
although.. that story they told where misha stripped almost naked to fix something on the boat, until jensen was like hehe i fixed it. so he just wanted misha to strip. not that i blame him.
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these two happened on the same day so i had to include them both. first of all, the look on misha’s face is the most *sigh. i love him* face i’ve ever seen.
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and the second picture is when they were right next to each other on that huge stage the whole time they were up there, laughing with each other and being so cute.
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these idiots. i love them. look at jensen’s shy smile after misha sidled up to him and fixes his bowtie.
they love to fix each other’s clothes whilst pretending as if they don’t love it. when in like 2010 jensen fixed misha’s collar and slapped his ass and said ‘were you born in a barn’ and when in 2019 jensen fixed misha’s jean jacket but misha had the most adorable smile when he saw jensen coming.
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and just look at them laughing with each other in this gif. i don’t even need to say anything about this.
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i loved that they were in their own little world and just laughing and whispering jokes in each other’s ears. and this is in the same panel where jensen calls misha his ‘pebble’ and keeps his arm on misha’s leg for more than 30 seconds. god this panel was full of really good moments. i can’t wait for jib.
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vegastheerapanyakul · 6 months ago
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Happy international women’s day ❤️
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taeyeobs · 2 months ago
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PIXY Wings (2021)
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la-fourmi · 22 days ago
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marytudorbrandon · 2 months ago
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Casual Auggie on a date night ❤️❤️❤️
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monagasque · 5 months ago
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via rolexmontecarlomasters IG stories, April 16, 2022
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knightofleo · 29 days ago
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cenpede · 8 months ago
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bijou-deja · 8 months ago
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A Snaddy doodle- 💕
Hope ya like! 🤗
Also, it’s 1am and I devoted two hours straight to draw this beloved man-
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bettaklainerobron · 7 months ago
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physical touch
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ihaveaterribleheadache · 8 months ago
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Same look, different time—
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whosafraidofthedjd · a month ago
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i love her so much.
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maydayaisha · 7 months ago
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‧₊˚✧ The Hot Barbies/Kens ✧˚₊‧
The dollies that’s unique and ready for the adventures in their creative world
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pragmatic-optimist · 6 months ago
Det. Sarina Washington. Grace. Athena.
I am in my feels over the fact that three confident, strong black women have been the ones to see Carlos, to see his talent and potential.
To remind him that he is more than just a patrol officer. So much more.
To champion him on his journey to detective by trusting his mind (Det. Washington), motivating him into action (Grace), and not letting him sell himself short (Athena).
There aren’t enough words to convey how much I love this parallel.
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