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I’ve got something sweet for you 💞
(I may or may not have posted my first ever slow motion tiddy drop here…)
Tumblr media
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rin gets u an anklet with his initial on it :/ kisses right next to it when he has u in a mating press :/
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They asked mahmoud darwish : Do you love her to death?
He said : Speak of her over my grave and watch how she brings me back to life
..... 🤍🌸🍃
سألوا محمود درويش : هل تحبها حتى الموت ؟
قال : تحدثوا عنها فوق قبري وشاهدوا كيف تعيدني للحياة
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Waves of you
Chapter 2
"The beginning"
The morning came like any other. Raven got up, dressed normally, woke up her little girl, made breakfast, and at 8:30 they were already outside the apartment, knocking on her neighbor's door.
The white door opened before them, but Raven saw nothing until she looked down to find the youngest of the house. “I'm almost ready. Mom fell asleep."
"I didn't fall asleep, the baby fell asleep." A voice was heard from the back of the apartment.
“Steph, is everything okay? Need any help?" She got inside the place, but almost immediately the blonde came out of the kitchen, still wearing her pajamas, a disheveled bun, and a superhero lunch box in hand.
“I have everything under control. I fell asleep for 5 minutes and you are an angel for taking Bobby today. Hello Ami." She greeted the little girl, as she handed the backpack over to Raven. “Honey, remember that today you are leaving with Aunty Raven but mom is going to pick you up, okay?” The boy nodded before Stephanie wrapped her arms around him, showering him with thunderous kisses all over his face. "Thank you, Rae." she said she was once at her feet.
"It's no big deal. Hope everything goes well with the doctor." She smiled observing the bulging belly of the other woman.
They quickly settled in the car and left for the kindergarten, like every morning. She watched the infants rush into the school, and she felt her heart clench as Amira turned with a city-lighting smile to wave her hand in the air before disappearing behind the doors.
But her charm was soon interrupted by the insistent humming of her cell phone. A call which she did not answer. With resignation, she got into the car and left until she reached her new destination.
“Miss Raven, Mrs. Goodness is waiting for you at…”
"I’m coming." She said, without stopping, through the corridors of that building. She really didn't want to be there right now, but she had to face it.
“A cookie, dear? Coffee? Tea?" The platinum-haired lady offered with apparent kindness as Raven took a seat in the boardroom, but Raven cut her off, getting down to the business of the meeting.
"I don't have anything." She said without softening her words, and the old woman's face hardened, her smile not disappearing, giving her an unsettled air. Raven remained motionless in her place.
"Oh, Raven, my dear and sweet Raven..." she approached like a hunting animal towards the black-haired woman. "We recently released the special version of 'Through the Sea', being a great success as expected, despite having been released almost 3 years ago. You're supposed to have something by now, anything from the sequel." Mrs. Goodness sat down next to her, looking intimidating. “Remember that we gave you a generous check in advance in return for your services. Something we don't do with such new writers, but we did it for you."
Raven calmly took a piece of paper from her bag, and planted it on the table. “Here is your check. Take it and let me go in my own time.”
Goodness bit her lower lip. She couldn't remember a writer who had kept a check with that amount of money intact for so long. She looked at Raven closely, trying to decide her next move.
“My dear, let's not go to irrelevant extremes. Take the check, save it, invest it in a good deal, how about a new apartment? Your daughter's college? Whatever you need. Keep it and just give us something, anything, a title, an idea, whatever you feel ready to offer. After all, we don't want to disappoint your audience, right?" She said, sliding her check over to her, but Raven didn't take her gaze from her.
"I don't have anything." she repeated firmly.
“You're a writer now, Raven. I'm sure I don't need to send you to a desert island to think about the second part. Take the check, go home, relax and I'll see you in a week with a title picked."
Mrs. Goodness walked out of the conference room without letting Raven answer, and she stood there, her editor's words in her head.
She sighed, overwhelmed by her own emotions.
"What are you thinking?"
Her eyes blinked repeatedly, regaining awareness of where she was. She had left the publishing house hours before, and between errands and stumbling, it was time for lunch. Across from her was Zachary, watching her with a raised eyebrow. What were they talking about?
"Sorry, I got lost for a second." She shook her head before taking a sip from her glass.
“Our whole meal, I’d say.” Zachary was offended and didn't bother to hide it. Raven tried to rescue some words of what he had told her, but her mind kept thinking about Mrs. Goodness's words, still overwhelmed by the melancholy of the night before.
"I am sorry. I had a meeting with my editor earlier.”
"Well, that explains everything. Mrs. Goodness is terrifying.” He said, narrowing his eyes in disgust. "Let me guess, she wants the manuscript of your new novel by yesterday, right?"
Raven dropped her head on her hands, applying pressure to the crown of her head before straightening up again to look at her partner.
"She suggested throwing me on a deserted island if necessary."
“Method actors do it. Surely when they make a movie of the novel, the actors are going to do it. Maybe it's not such a bad idea." He laughed, but Raven held her serious gaze.
“It is not about going to any island. It's…” She hesitated for a second. "It's what happened there."
Zachary took her hand, in the middle of the table. "You made it, all by yourself. You had an unique experience and you turned it into this amazing story. Maybe you shouldn't think about it so much and just let your imagination run like the first time.”
A knot formed in Raven's throat, but she couldn't get a word out. How could she? The truth behind her fame was a secret that, even though she was sick of keeping it, no one would believe her if she told her story exactly as it happened.
She let out the air that she had kept in her lungs, and forced a smile. "You're right, I'll… try." The boy smiled widely, still with his hands intertwined with hers, caressing the torso of his hand.
“How about I ask for the check and we go to your apartment and I give you a massage to help you relax?”
If it had been another day, she would have accepted his generous offer without a second thought, but right now, being with someone who thought could understand her was too much to handle. So instead, she released her grip on him, leaving his hands on the tablecloth.
"Not today."
The rain fell torrentially against the window, and the sky lit up from time to time with lightning. Out of nowhere the sky had turned gray, she had barely had a chance to say goodbye to Zachary and get to her car when big drops began to fall from the sky.
It took her a little longer than usual to get home, but once there, she hurried to the neighboring apartment, where her friendly neighbors were already waiting for her, with a hot drink while the children continued their nap.
"An island is much of an exaggeration, but if you should get out more, drop your slightly sullen habits."
"I'm not judging her, Cass, I'm just saying that she can't have inspiring experiences if she's cooping up, dumping her boyfriends every 2 weeks, or friendzoning them like Zachary."
The black-haired women remained silent watching Stephanie drink from her glass of water. Cassandra returned her gaze to Raven, shrugging her shoulders with some embarrassment.
“First of all, my relationships have lasted over 2 weeks, and second, I didn't friendzone Zachary, we have an agreement as two mature, responsible adults.”
"Aha." It was Cassandra's turn to react, biting her lip as she realized her honest reaction.
“I don't need a relationship, and if I don't have one right now it's because none of it suits me or my daughter's needs.”
Stephanie opened her mouth, ready to answer back Raven but a thunderous bolt of lightning silenced her, as the lights flickered until it was in complete darkness for an instant. As soon as the light returned, they immediately heard the crying of the kids who woke up scared from their nap.
That was Raven's cue to return to her apartment with Amira clinging onto her.
"It's okay, baby. There is no reason to fear the rain.” Amira nodded, wrapped in her bear towel after her hot bath, but Raven could still feel the fear in the little girl. "Can I tell you a secret?" She said with a warm smile, the girl lifted her little head towards her mother.
“Rain indicates the start of something new.” Raven took Amira into her arms and walked to the window, watching the raindrops permeate the city. “The bigger the storm, the bigger the change. So I want you to close your eyes…” The little girl squeezed her eyes shut. "And make a wish, from the bottom of your heart, and so with the sun your wish could come true."
Amira kept her eyes closed for several moments and just as she opened her eyes, lightning struck in the middle of the sea, far away but so bright that it illuminated the entire city. But Amira was no longer afraid, and she watched in amazement as the light reached every corner of the dark city.
After a few moments, Raven returned the youngest to the bed to tuck her in and prepare her for sleep, unaware of the fury that was unleashed in the sea that raised the highest waves and crashed against the stones on the coast with voracious force, while a whirlpool made its way where seconds before that lightning that had marked the beginning of the change had fallen.
"I'm scared of the sea."
“You went into it to help me.”
“That was because I thought you needed help. But if I have learned anything, it is that the sea is too vast and unknown.”
"Do you fear me?" She kept silent, looking through his too deep eyes.
“I am not afraid of you either, your world is just as vast and unknown to me as mine is to you. This is an opportunity for you to discover it for yourself.” He extended a hand to her. "I'll protect you."
And she believed him.
Her trembling hand took his, but the firmness with which he held hers restored some confidence. Little by little she went deeper into the water until it covered her entire body except for her head.
"Trust me." He said, dipping his head, Raven followed him, her eyes narrowing, as she felt Damian's touch and opened her eyes, finding a desert of sand and water crystal clear but with an emerald tint like Damian's eyes. Suddenly the fear was fading.
They surfaced to give Raven a breath and dove once more, Damian guiding her across the wide fields of the sea. Fish of all colors glittered like diamonds below, and the corals that appeared, each one bigger than the last, suddenly didn't look so scary anymore with so many creatures coming and going between them.
She covered her mouth with her hands trying to stifle a cry, but Damian caught her shoulders and stopped instantly.
"It's harmless." he whispered against her ear, pointing to the creature that continued to make its way inattentively around her. “I would worry more about the fish swimming next to him.”
Raven narrowed her eyes, envisioning the remora clinging to the shark's back. Doubt filled her gaze and Damian smiled back. “One can stop even the biggest ship.” That answer only increased the questions. "Look."
Damian pointed ahead, again at the shark that had risen to the surface and its smooth skin glowed in a different, extraordinary way with a crystalline green. The fear had not disappeared but she was beginning to understand Damian's words. It was a different world, and perhaps, she did want to know more about it.
She suddenly felt Damian's hands encircle her as she was lifted to the surface. Her curiosity and surprise had made her forget to breathe, but she hadn't even noticed.
She took a deep breath as she emerged from the water, and when she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was Damian's emeralds on her. They were mesmerizing, deep as she had never seen before, and at the same time so transparent.
She was beginning to believe that the sea was green, and little by little, her heart was too.
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Tumblr media
Kirstie + Elliana  ❤️
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Alan during In Your Room (Live in Miami 1993)    
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where do I put this 🫀
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Period care:
The cramps and bloat filled midsection made you miserable through the night. Tossing and turning because heat flashes, flashed every 10 minutes and not to mention the back pains you had from the heavy flow. Your boyfriend Harry worked at the cake shop not to far from your loft.
You had called him up and explained that you would be cancelling your date due to the intensity of your vexatious, arduous menstrual cramps. "Oh my poor bunny. I'll be right over." Before you could protest, Harry had already clicked off. You didn't feel like entertaining any company, but Harry coming over wouldn't be any trouble. You hoped. 
Harry knocked on your door a few minutes later. You opened it to find him standing there with 3 big boxes of cookies, cupcakes, mini cakes of all types. "Hey baby, I know you're not feeling good, so I decided to whip you up a batch of some homemade day old pastries."
"Oh Harry, that's so thoughtful!" You let him inside and helped him with the boxes and made some tea to go with the sweets.
"I can finish up, you go rest." Harry said escorting you back to your bed. He tucked the covers around you like a warm memory on a cold dark day and then he pressed candy like kisses to your forehead. "Call me if you need anything." He said with soft like bird chirp voice. 
He exited your bedroom, heading back downstairs into the kitchen where the tea kettle was hissing aggressively. Hearing it turn off, you knew it was Harry turning off the stove and pouring water into your cup and adding 6 sugars with the tea just as you liked it. The sound of plates banging against the table and the box opening, most likely unraveling a scent of sweet doughy smells that only a bakery can hold inside it's packages.
Big footsteps clomped up the stairs with the sound of rattling tea cups and plates clinking together. Excitement aroused as you were curious as to what your boyfriend was bringing in to serve you.
A gentle knock at your door alerted you to accept his invitation. "Hey baby, I made you some tea and added some cakes too." Harry set the smorgasbord down on your lap that was covered by your blanket. "Anything else?" You smiled and shook your head and then took a bit out of a cookie. "Thank you." Harry leaned in and kissed your cookie crumb covered mouth. "I love you."
"I love you too babe." You truly had the best boyfriend in the world. 
Sorry this is short!!! :(
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Peachy baby!
[id: Audrey, the cream and orange western hognose, being held by Juniper, looking around and flicking her tongue]
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Sweater Weather
Sweater Weather by Honyasbookshelf
"'You're looking meow-velous this evening, Milady,' he said, taking her hand and kissing it gallantly. He paused halfway back up, still holding her hand. 'Actually, you're feline a bit chilly. Are you okay?'
'I'm f-freezing,' Ladybug shivered, not taking her hand back. Her partner's warmth was a welcome relief from the cold around her.
He pressed his lips together thoughtfully, looking down at her.
'You must be. Your lips are pawsitively blue. Wait here.'"
On a cold winter's evening, Chat Noir loans Ladybug a sweater, never imagining that that, of all things, would be the thing that would reveal their secret identities to each other.
Words: 1959, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Minor Characters
Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug
Additional Tags: Romantic Fluff, Fluff, Romance, accidental reveal, Identity Reveal, wearing each other's clothes, Humor, Cat Puns, so many puns, Happy Ending, Adrien Agreste is a Ray of Sunshine, Adrien Agreste Is a Little Shit, Hot Mess Marinette Dupain-Cheng, they work it out, Marinette Dupain-Cheng Exhibits Ladybug Characteristics, Protective Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Love Confessions, Not Actually Unrequited Love, First Kiss, Feelings Realization, did I mention puns?, Really They're Terrible
Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/43384806
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Tumblr media
blue hour
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aaomeanie · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve had this comic half-finished for so long. Enjoy my Magnum Opus.
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Tumblr media
via polinatammi on instagram
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xeptum · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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belphego-or · 3 months
when you catch them staring gn!reader
LUCIFER doesn’t let the surprise show on his face when you turn to meet his gaze, as if you could almost feel the way his eyes had been piercing into you. he offers you a smile, and a soft feeling pools in his stomach when you offer one back, with a wave.
MAMMON's eyes go wide, and his cheeks tint red. his mouth runs with excuses about how you have something in your hair, and no he wasn’t just staring at some human! he thinks he’s smart when your attention turns back to what you were doing, completely oblivious to the fact that you know he’s staring.
LEVIATHAN thinks you look pretty sat next to him in his room, controller in hand. his mind wonders, and he doesn’t see the big ‘YOU DIED’ message on his screen and only snaps out his trance when you ask him if he’s okay, waving a hand in his face. he flushes red, says he’s fine and tries to play it off.
SATAN thinks he's subtle with his staring, but the book he's pretending to read on the same page for the past ten minutes isn't what gave him away. when your eyes meet, his widen and he tries to give you a small smile with pink blossoming on his cheeks.
ASMODEUS doesn’t care if you notice his blatant staring. he’ll give you a wave and a wink, and if you catch him a second time he bounces up to you to compliment you and strike up a conversation… which is only hinting at about how you two would look so good together.
BEELZEBUB isn’t the type to stare often – but the cheeseburger in his hand looked so appetizing and yet somehow you looked so much better than anything he would ever eat. he’s almost drooling, and when you turn to lock eyes with him he wipes his mouth, turns a light pink and continues to eat.
BELPHEGOR is a proud starer. he’ll stare at you with an almost coy smirk on his face, sprawled on the couch. if you catch his eye, he’ll raise the blanket beel had placed over him and silently offers you to come join him.
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