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heizours · 9 months
Loved revoked privileges! I couldn't find whether you accept requests, but if yes: If/when you have time, could you do the revoked privileges for Kaeya, Zhongli, Xiao (I kinda see him breaking it off tbh not out of spite but just he's seems flighty lol, but eh who knows), and maybbbeee aether?
revoked privileges (ii)
Tumblr media
summary. taking away their cuddling privileges for a month after a fight had happened
cw. usage of call signs, couple fights, angsty with happy endings
note. i'm happy u liked it dear anon!! thank u for the request, i hope u like it and finally here’s the part 2 u requested for!! <3
[୨୧] — feat. kaeya, zhongli, xiao, aether
[୨୧] — tags. gn! reader, grammatical mistakes may occur
[୨୧] — part one / part two
Tumblr media
will probably drown himself at work
petty fights are bound to happen once you got in a relationship with the cavalry captain as he sometimes has a playful demeanor, though they aren’t as bad as you thought and will just mostly end in playful fights. however one night a fight had occur wherein kaeya crossed the line by telling something back at you, that he thinks as a ‘joke’, when in reality it wasn’t funny at all in your perspective. so when you backfired at him, that’s when the playful glint in his eyes was gone and was now replaced by annoyance
he argued of how you can’t take a little joke which of course angered you more about how he cares more about what he said rather than what you felt when he said that. emotions were scattered all over the place and rational thoughts were thrown out of the window that you shouted at him that he’s not allowed to cuddle you for a month, that you’re revoking his privileges
before he can even get the chance to comprehend what just unfold in front of him, you’re already walking past by him and making your way to your shared bedroom as the loud bang of the door brought him back from his thoughts. he was now left all alone and just let out a tired sigh. he just hopes that you will forget about what you said tomorrow, and the both of you can apologize sincerely to each other. but what he expected to happen, didn’t happen at all the next morning...
as per usual he was the first to wake up since he still has something to do at the favonius headquarters, and as per usual after being all dressed up ready to go outside, he didn’t forget to place a ‘good morning’ peck on your cheek but when he was a few centimeters away from your face you turned your back on him leaving the poor man frozen in his place like his vision. it was then that he realized that you are serious about it, still frozen in his place he slowly moved away from you before leaving you all alone in your now shared bedroom
the knights have took noticed of a slight change in their captain’s behavior but didn’t dare to know more about it further, the grandmaster tried talking to him what’s wrong but all she just got was a laugh, hell even the almighty librarian is starting to worry what happened to him all of a sudden. it was when you paid a random visit for jean, when they started connecting the dots together by how you chose to ignore him as he threw subtle glances at you before focusing again on his work, and how his hands are tempted to be placed on you when you’re in close proximity
as we all know he tends to pay visit at the tavern and as usual diluc was about to tell him off again when he noticed there was a gloom persona surrounding his brother. never was the red haired man prepared for the day he’ll see his brother all bothered up by something, that he dropped off his statement and let him order whatever wine he wants. when the month is over, expect that he will take a whole month day-off from his duties which of course a granted permission from jean as she understands what had happened between the two of you
the moment you wake up the next morning after the whole revoking month ends, you will find kaeya’s side of the bed empty but then the bedroom door will open and there he was carrying a breakfast tray with a small bouquet of calla lily flowers. you felt bad for what you did, that you couldn’t help blurting a sincere apology at him, only for the both of you to apologize at the same time before laughing and smiling once again as he finally wrapped his arms around you letting out a contented sigh. the both of you started the month with a whole cuddle session on the bed as he will hug you and spoon you from time to time. let’s just say that he isn’t planning to get the both of you out of bed together because he’s going to savor this moment from morning till night, until you have to drag him that the both of you also need to eat and take a bath
of course with kaeya being off duty from being the cavalry captain of the knights, similar to diluc he will follow you around like a lost puppy while his hands are all over you. every second, minute of the day you will be hugged and cuddled to the very max, to the point that the both of you will end up in the couch as he nuzzles his face at the crook of your neck while peppering you with kisses every now and then, his teasing personality will be back again however his teasing is a little more on the cautious side, as he is careful not to repeat the same mistake again. he definitely became a spoiled brat for your cuddles the rest of the following days
“Considering that you made me suffer last month, I believe it’s time I get to be pampered and spoiled. Don’t you think?”
Tumblr media
will subtly pamper and follow you around
zhongli is a mature and a patient person, he keeps his rational thoughts in line whenever fights will occur between the two of you. it’s not often that the two of you fight, but when it does come around the both of you were quick to resolve it considering that the both of you are willing to see the bigger picture. as we all know, zhongli was a rather different person in his archon days so it was a surprise it came back again that time of the fight and it’s also not often that he’s busy doing his job at the parlor, however one night he came home unexpectedly late after a stressful and tired day at the parlor only to be met by you, who’s arms are crossed and are giving him the strict parent look like “where have you been? and why are you so late?”
he tried to brush you off, and told you that he will tell you the reason tomorrow because all he needs at the moment is to rest and sleep, but of course you aren’t going to let him off the hook that easily. before he can even move to the direction of the bedroom, you continued to block his way while still interrogating him with questions that he got to the point where his patience had slowly run thin that he lashed out on you with words that he didn’t even mean, you maintained your ground however you can’t help but feel hurt by his words that you shouted at him that fine you will leave him alone now, but expect that you’re taking away his cuddling privileges for a whole month. 
zhongli ignored what you backfired at him before also storming off from you and slamming the bedroom door with a loud bang, he can last a month with that, for now the objective here is he won’t last without a sleep. meanwhile you remained frozen in your place still replaying back the scenario that had happened. you weren’t even aware that a stream of tear left your eye, and it was not good to say that the night ended with your side on the bed empty, as the both of you slept separated with aching hearts
when he woke up during the morning, he expected to open his eyes with you on the bed, he expected you to exit the bathroom the same time he wakes up, all his expectations during the hours of his morning routine with you were all gone, he looked around the room and that’s when it hit him about what happened last night. 
soon guilt started appearing on his face, as he didn’t waste any moment to get out of the bed, frantically looking for you all over the house. his hopes are slowly fading away, as he starts thinking that maybe you did left him for the better, that maybe you deserve someone better, that- his thoughts were cut off with the sound of the front door opening and closing. man practically dashed to your direction, and when he was about to engulf you into a hug you moved away from him before telling him that you’ll just be in the kitchen, cooking breakfast
the silent between the two of you were too tense, that even the people in Liyue passing the both of you by can’t help but give the two of you questionable and concerned looks. however you ignored them, as you do your own things also ignoring the fact that zhongli has been following you around wherever you go, even though you already told him you will be fine on your own. he continued to dismissed that and whenever something eye catching will catch his attention that reminds him of you, he will ask the kids who are playing around in a nearby area if they can give this to you with a little letter with it, it’s either a compliment or an apology letter. deep down there is this temptation inside him of how just wants to hold your hands and kiss your forehead, muttering every now and then how sorry he was but how can he? how when you literally said a two meter distance between the two of you? poor zhongli forgotten his work just to get back his privileges
 first thing in the morning you will be treated like royalty, as he’s already sitting up on your side of the bed with a prepared tea on the bedside table. when you open your eyes, you will see him having an apologetic smile on his face as he sits you up before grabbing the both of your hands and kissing it, then kissing your forehead after, followed by a peck on the tip of your nose, as he apologizes to you that the both of you spend inside the bedroom for almost an hour. and when he finally gets to get his cuddles back? you bet that he’s ready to jump on you and give you the longest hug as if the both of you haven’t seen each other for a very long time, though he had to restrain himself for a moment as he doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable by the sudden action
when the month’s over you will find yourself in a stuck situation, and by i mean stuck situation you won’t be leaving zhongli’s side anytime sooner. oh he has work? don’t worry, it’s not like he’s planning to make an excuse that your presence is “needed” when he’s doing his job. oh you’re going somewhere? it doesn’t matter how far or how near where you are going, the former archon is already standing up and is having a look in his eye that he’s waiting for you to lead the way. every now and then, he will constantly hold your hand in public however when it’s just the two of you behind closed doors, he will bear hug you. trust me he will, sometimes you will have to tell him that you can’t breathe as you’re head is placed on his chest
“My dear, you have no idea how I missed you so much. Work has been tough lately.....would you mind accompanying me?”
Tumblr media
will try to break if off spoiler: it didn’t work, second option is will act that it doesn’t affect him at all
xiao was new to relationships especially when he made it official with you, his mind was on set on making sure that whatever arguments the both of you will come through, as he is determined to make it end well. you were the first person to ever make him feel this way, which is why he tries and avoids to make misunderstandings with you as much as possible since he can’t bear the thought of what will be it’s outcome. but sometimes our emotions takes the lead before our brain can even process it, so when a fight had occurred between the two of you, what you think was a minor argument turned into something bigger
the sincere hearing of both sides turned into shouts and lashes of words that weren’t even connected to the fight, that it had come to the point that xiao was so done of it that he shouted at you if you can be quiet for a moment while he gathers his thoughts, but because you were determined to defend your point, the emotions got ahead of you that you complained that he’s always like this and that, before shouting he’s not allowed to physically touch you for the whole month as you walked out of the room
xiao was left standing there all alone with his eyes wide open like a scared cat, all gathering thoughts were thrown out of the window as he looked outside the inn searching for you and when he does caught sight of your figure, he didn’t waste no time teleporting to you then and there as he tried to grab your hand in hopes of changing your mind, that the both of you can still work this out. but when he saw the tired and hurtful look in your face, he retreated his hand that maybe.....the both of you needs to have a space for the meantime before seeing each other again
he stood there once again outside of the inn, as you walked away from him. the only time he left that position was when he made sure that your figure was nowhere to be seen, that you really don’t have any plans of turning back and crashing into his arms. the outcome xiao had feared and prevented from happening, had still occurred no matter how much he avoided it
the following days was painfully slow for him, as he tried to do his usual errands. if you’re not close to the adeptus you will most likely think that nothing’s wrong with him and his just normally in his usual self, but if you look a little closer you can see how there is a pleading and desperate emotion behind his eyes, as every now and then you will see him looking out for you, looking for any signs if you will visit him in the inn like how you always do. he tried to act that there’s nothing wrong with the both of you, he tried to not let his thoughts and emotions be affected of what happen, he assured himself so many times that maybe you’re just lying about what you said. when he had caught sight of you walking to Liyue to do your usual daily errands excluding the routine of visiting xiao in the morning, he may or may not have followed you all the way despite his dislike in being caught in large crowd. he’s hands are aching to hug you, he’s aching to put and hide his face under the crook of your neck, he has to restrain himself all the way not to hug you, because he respects what you had decided on
to your surprise you may have caught sight of him being in the same place and time as you, and whenever you will just shrug him off before doing your own thing, he will stare at you. yes, he will stare at you until he finds himself pouting on his lips as if he’s telling you that he can no longer pretend that this doesn’t affect him, that he needs his cuddles right now because he feels as if there is a missing part of him
once the month ends, don’t be surprised when he’s suddenly at your doorstep or maybe had teleported in your bedroom. archons you thought that someone was trying to get inside your house past midnight but when you opened it, you didn’t have the time to react who’s outside when you were tackled to the floor. you were about to let out a scream if it wasn’t for xiao mumbling on the crook of your neck that it’s him, your favorite person in the world. the both of you stayed there for a moment before xiao let out an apology while hugging you tightly, you felt bad for what you did to him that you played with his hair as you hear him let out a sigh. a sigh that finally the suffering he had gone through is finally over, that finally this is the outcome he got. you had to tell him that you can both move to the bed because who would want to do their cuddles on the cold and hard floor right?
after the whole fiasco, do you expect to leave that bed? no, you will be not leaving that bed anytime sooner and if you complain that you need to use the restroom he insists that he will wait for you outside of the door, and when you open the door he is carrying you back to the bed before wrapping his arms once again. he will be with you wherever you go, teleportation be damned. every now and then he will link your hands together or he will constantly stare down at you as if it’s his way of telling you that it’s cuddle time for the 5th time of the day , if there will be times where you will fall asleep on his chest or when he’s spooning you, you will be able to missed out how his eyes will soften while smiling down at you genuinely. if he was to be asked, he really doesn’t mind cuddling and hugging you all day if it means he can repeat this moments again and again. he will never get tired of the sight of it
“You and I, will make sure that something like this would never occur once again.”
Tumblr media
will probably take it as your way of breaking up with him
fights with aether will probably happen very rare since most of the time he is composed and is always trying to seek what you’re trying to point out. if ever, sometimes the fight gets too heated that it really needs for the both of you to cool-off and recollect of what you just said to each other, paimon is ready to step in and stop it if she has to. it was one of those days again wherein a small fight had grew big, you see the fight was about how he won't take a break from taking commissions at the adventurer guild, even though he gives you the same reason that it will only be quick, and paimon is there with him, when at the end of the day he'll come back with scratches. he tried to calm you down that it's no big deal and he became used to it, but no this doesn't sit very well with you, knowing that his main objective here is to search clues for his twin rather than being an errand boy being bounced back and forth.
even paimon sneaked in and told him that maybe the next day, the both of them can stop taking commissions for a while and use it as the time to make it up to you, for the lost time he wasn't there for your side. aether really tried his best to not scream at you but your constant nagging was the last straw that he just let it all at the both of you, shouting words that wasn’t even meant for you in the first place. it was quiet for a moment before your emotions had also went ahead of you that you backfired at him that you’re taking away his cuddling privileges for a month before dragging paimon away from the scene. not that the little companion was complaining as she also feels terrified by aether’s sudden outburst. you know that was a childish response, but who are you to be blamed? you’re just trying to look out for him right? 
and just like that aether was left all alone once again, he was frozen for a moment and soon his own thoughts started clouding in his mind, that what if what you meant is your way of leaving him, but this time for good? are you two really done now? does that mean he’ll lose you just like how he lost his sister? what about paimon? does that also mean paimon will not be his travelling companion again? 
his whole body started shaking with fear and anxiety that he had to be noticed by venti who was just randomly passing by. venti who took noticed what might just happened asked him what’s wrong and where did you and paimon go, he wanted to speak but his mouth was shut as if the moment he starts speaking it will be turn into stutters and sobs. he had to be escorted by venti to a safe place so that he can calm down and as for the bard for once, didn’t dare speak a word about it
the next morning aether will feel lost, so lost that he felt as if his whole world was falling apart. he feels those burning tears again trying to escape his eyes, but no he has to remain strong. he has to, for the sake of both you and his sister. everyone in mondstadt were giving him worry and concerned looks, as their honorary knight seems out of character and he doesn’t show any signs of smile or laugh that it had gotten to the point that jean needs to step and intervene in what’s wrong. but when she noticed your and paimon’s absence, that’s where she starts to connect the dots
you and paimon may never noticed him, but the both of you will feel his presence as if he’s peeking in a hidden corner if the both of you are doing okay, that both of you are not in danger. man definitely pulled a kazuha and muichiro, as he even managed to follow the both of you till springvale. when you’re not looking, his eyes are soft but it holds a desperate emotion as if his telling you that maybe he can still fix this, he will if he has to. sometimes when you do get a glimpse of him, he will look away as if he’s scared to face you again, as if he’s ashamed to face you again
when the whole month’s over, you will see aether standing in front of you but he made no action of running towards you. his eyes are darting to anywhere but you, and his palms are beginning to get sweaty. you were so guilty for how much you made him think that you opened your arms as if you’re encouraging him for a hug. he widened his eyes as he hesitated but when he saw the look on your face, he literally dived in your arms and hid his face in your chest. his arms were wrapped around you that you had to barely whisper him it’s too tight, as he let out a soft apology before hugging you again but this time it’s more comfortable. the atmosphere was silent and aether took a shaky breath as if he’s ready to apologize but when he received a shush from you, you mouthed at him “it’s okay, neither the both of us wanted it to happen” and just like that you have the outlander full on sobbing at the crook on your neck
i’m pretty sure you’re already expecting a clingy aether attached to your hip 24/7. for the next few weeks he refused to do any commissions, as he gave you all his attention. he will follow you around everywhere with either his pinkies or hands linked with yours, and when he’s feeling like it he will hug you, burying your face on his chest while his chin is placed on the top of your head as he will sway the both of you side by side. hell he will even let you do his hair in any other hairstyles you would like to see him in it. aether may never say it out loud but right now all that matters is you’re with him, that both you and paimon are with him. once the journey to finding his sister ends, he’s sure she will like you and he will not hesitate to ask for your hand in marriage. after all he might have brought a ring that’s been kept by him for quite a long time, and he’s sure that it will be more prettier with your finger on it
“Once our journey ends, I am anticipating to start a new life with you.”
Tumblr media
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garoujo · 2 months
I hate ego’s slippers
he’s wearing CROCS
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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chuuyaswtt · 2 months
Tumblr media
request from anon: mizuki x reader; both at school, (name) being mizuki’s childhood best friend!
reader: gn, ‘they/them’.
genre: fluff.
summary: you are mizuki’s childhood best friend. since elementary school, they both go everywhere together. however, mizuki begins to question their feelings for you, discovering that they really are in love with you. To thank you for everything, they decide to take you to spend the afternoon with them. To end, declare their feelings towards you.
a/n: oh my, I love this request・・・ considering mizuki is my fav character and my biggest kin (w mafuyu), im gonna enjoy this!!! Ty for the request, anonymous!!<33
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mizuki knew something was up, feeling like this for so many days was not normal. They sat on the edge of the bed and looked up; in an attempt to order the things that were going through their mind.
Had they always been so nervous around people? No, only with you. Have they felt that flame that says they want to have a life together with anyone? No, only with you.
They looked to the side, already sure of what was happening. They were in love with you.
“And now.... (Name), would you be by my side until fate changes plans?” they said looking at the mirror. Sigh. They turned around to take their cell phone and send you a message, because now you were in piano class and they were going to pick you up.
・mizuki !!!<3 sent: hey (y/n), are you still in class?
・(username) sent: mizuki!! hii!
・(username) sent: yyyeah. but there are about five minutes to go, why? plans?
・mizuki !!!<3 sent: yep!! i’ll go for you!!!!
・mizuki !!!<3 sent: how about we spend the afternoon?☆
・(username) sent: oh, sure!! see u soon!(⌒▽⌒)
They turned off their cell phone and put it in a backpack that they had already prepared, they quickly changed their clothes to put some ornaments in their fine hair. They looked at each other in the mirror for a couple of seconds, so they could smile and leave the house.
Getting off that subway, they ran to the door of your academy. They sat on a nearby bench there, touched their face with their hands; covering it. They were more than nervous because today they were going to declare themselves, today was the moment in which they would tell you their feelings.
“Wa-Ah!” they quickly calmed down as they smelled a familiar scent, that pretty peach perfume that adorned your body (or rather, your hair).
“(name), hello!” a smile appeared on their face, touching your hands as they felt their cheeks burn. “Come on, (name)! We still need to shop somethings!!~” they said while letting out a small giggle. Causing you one too.
“And tell me, Mizuki, why are you so nervous?~” you said in a teasing tone. Oh wow, they fell in love again.
“Hehe, well... I have to tell you something, but I won’t tell you until we leave!” they said to stand up and hold your hand, leading you to a drink and ice cream shop. You smiled, if only they knew that you loved them.
The afternoon was, for you, the best afternoon you could have. You shop there, you shop here. Even them and you bought some makeup sets, lip glosses, clothes and more. They decided to rest on a beautiful white bench with swan decorations so both could talk about any topic, in that; Mizuki already had a plan to be able to propose. It was almost 11 at night, time you had to go home by order of your mother. Mizuki had their head resting on your shoulder, resting their eyes and wishing their plan would go well.
Your cell phone vibrated for a message, you quickly opened it to see a message from your sister; «miiya❁ sent: (name), don’t forget not to be late! remember we have to go to (f/n)’s house!!»
You quickly answered, putting your cell phone back in your backpack as you called Mizuki. “Hey Mizuki. I have to go, but first... what was it you wanted to tell me?”
“Eh— I— Thank you, thank you for everything. I— I really don’t know how to thank you for everything you've done for me, since our childhood you’ve been someone fantastic and I really want to tell you that I— I love you!” they swallowed as they took a deep breath to continue “You don’t need to accept me, I just wanted to tell you—”
They were quickly interrupted as they felt your lips on theirs, their cheeks burning. They even looked like they were going to explode, is this happening? It’s.. it’s really happening.
“I was thinking of confessing my love tomorrow at school... I love you, Mizuki!” you kissed their lips again, they really were so nervous that they couldn’t even form a single word.
“Huh— (Name), go! You’re going to be home late!” they yelled to push you slightly to say goodbye, still red-faced. You just giggled, walking away with a hand to your cheek. You turned around, took a deep breath and opened your mouth.
“Until tomorrow, my love!” you yelled, smiling happily as you watched them turn around to see you.
They looked at you surprised for a few seconds, until they spoke. ”W-We are a couple?” they said in a low voice but audible to you.
You nodded quickly, with your hand you sent them a kiss to run to your house (which was not so far away).
They finally found someone with whom they can show their true feelings, someone who won’t judge them for being themselves. Light tears came to their eyes, as they ran to go home in a short cut.
They finally found love.
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If we don't split a factive of [metal singer] I will cry
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eonianism · 9 months
AYYYYYY BESTIE GOT A HEADCANON IDEA IN MY MIND. So, how would Rook, Jade and a character of your choice react to hearing that their crush had slept with someone else. Their crush is not actually interested in that person and they only slept with him to make said boys jealous but then they felt guilty and decided not to tell them. Too late though. The rumors have already spread and the said boy wants to confirm it. Then their crush screams at them saying that they just wanted their attention
hello ! as stated in my rules, i don’t really accept requests within the premise of cheating. tho the reader is just a crush, im not rlly comfortable writing this still. eitherway, i don’t really think jade or rook would be condoning behavior like this from someone that they like and see romantically. it would just be a betrayal of their trust and feelings.
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fairyfuyu · 6 months
oooo congrats on the new job!!!!! so exciting! and im happy things are on the up for you and that youre feeling better!!
ive never watched or read wotakoi! would u rec??
ABSOLUTELY its one that just makes me all 🥰🥰 inside but also… the relationships between all the mc’s are just so good.. like i will audibly LAUGH while reading and get all blushy n shit its just …… ugh i love it
AND HIROTAKA <33333333 he’s perfect. his inner dialogue is just.. perfect. and him and narumi i just—GOD I LOVE THEM
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toranekooo · 7 months
alas i am still wide awake and i snuck my phone in while my nurse isnt looking LMAO anyway
im making a ship whitelist so feel free to send me your favorite genshin rarepairs! as usual, yk, nothing with the kiddo characters and no discourse, just some fun and cute ship dynamics!! go go go!!!
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Can we have a fit check bestie 🤲💛
i’m wearing a silk dress! it’s a pretty sage green with a semi deep v line < 3 hopefully it won’t get cold >o<
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floraheartt · 1 year
Tumblr media
an anon asked: What is Aerith’s favourite flower? 👀 for science..
ooooo!!  this is a good question and it’s also one that’s really hard to answer because my brain is like “give her ur fav flower” and that’s not how this works.  my favorite flowers are camellias, for the record and aerith really likes them too, but her fav is probably lilies or amaryllis.  it appears to be what we see her carrying around and selling most often and aerith is def the kind of person who would grow more of what she likes.  but i think she probably also likes strelitzias, because they’re symbolic of freedom.  not exactly the kind of flower that you would sell but def one that she has an attachment to.  there’s this... visceral draw that she has to the concept of freedom.  it seems very illusive to her and she’s always desperately chasing it but it’s always just out of her grasp.  
anyway. lilies, amaryllis, and birds of paradise for her.  specifically red amaryllis and yellow / white lillies.  
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anantaru · 27 days
୨୧ how long they last during no nut november feat. childe : ayato : kazuha : cyno : kaveh : diluc : al-haitham : scaramouche x fem! reader
୨୧ WARNINGS: nsfw
Tumblr media
the first time you suggested to him to participate in it, childe blatantly refused, he was very much aware that there wasn't a chance for him to win in the slightest. Yet after giving it some thoughts he decided to give it a try, he's never running away from a fight and this in particular, was a fight on its own. It wasn't until the first day hit him, when he saw you. You had just woken up, the sleep still visible in your eyes as you greeted him lovingly.
who thought it was a good idea for him to sleep next to you? not to mention that you were wearing nothing more than your underwear, those tiny panties hugging your figure perfectly. "what is it?", you murmured softly towards his direction, a small smirk prancing over the corners of your lips. "fuck it." ajax was sexual excited in an instant, even though his brain told him to back off he just couldn't as he walked towards you, wrapping his arms around your body before kissing you starvingly.
he didn't waste any time to slide his cold fingers past the elastic of your panties, dragging his digits over your folds. You gasped out, questioning the man in front of you if he perhaps forgot that he was actually planning to pull through that annoying little competition of yours, "this is torture, please don't make me do this again." he whined out in between kisses, his fingers working in tandem as you let out a breathy laugh, hugging him back into your embrace.
ayato wasn't sure why you would possibly think he'd actually fail the little competition you had prepared for him. He was busy all day, barely able to see you during the day and surely at night time he'd be too tired for anything more than a few cuddles anyways. What for some reason, he did not take into his calculations, was the sudden rush of frustration prickling through his veins like an electric current, he was powerless against it, couldn't turn those feelings off either.
he slid under the soft blankets after showering, his muscles sore from being at work all day while his hair was slightly damp, sticking on his forehead. You waited for him, as always, his arm wrapping around your waist as he laid his head in the nook of your neck, taking in your scent. Ayato started to get nervous whenever you'd shift in the bed, you weren‘t facing him as you talked about the various things you did today with the plush of your ass brushing over his member.
he closed his eyes, cursing himself underneath his breath, trying to not give into the sensation that was building in his gut right now as he added more strength to the grip on your hips, fingernails digging into your soft skin. His stomach was tightening, blood rushing through his veins when you noticed something rather hard poke at your ass, "are you?" you questioned in a low tone, yet it was immediately noticeable how hilarious you found the situation. Ayato groaned as a response before humming into your neck, the vibration traveling from your ear to your body, leaving a soft trail of kisses before sinking his teeth down, "i don't think i can do this all month."
kazuha's love language was always physical touch, it didn't necessarily had to be sexual, most of the times it was him holding your hand in his or simply lazily looping his arm around your shoulder to keep you close. Of course, he figured, it wouldn't be a problem for him to still do those things, but damn, you made it so incredibly difficult. Your eyes wandered over his face, a light curve in your lips as you shuffled in your seat to sit more comfortably.
his thoughts were scattering to sinful desires upon seeing your dress slightly draped up your hips, exposing just a bit of your panties to him. Kazuha swallowed thickly, his heart thumping in his chest as you noticed the way he'd nervously chew on his cheeks, face flushed a faint layer of redness. "oh, sorry." you giggled, pulling down your dress as he took another deep breath before reaching his hand over to you. The expression on your face was confused, tilting your head a little before standing up regardless, walking towards him to take his hand in yours.
your chest heaved as he abruptly, drew you on his lap, caging you in with his hands. "you did that on purpose." he whispered, low and heavy as you shook your head, yet your smile made it more than obvious that you were not saying the whole truth. Your eyes widened as kazuha bucked his hand under your dress, cupping your heat, "i thought we said we'd never lie to each other?" his chuckle formed into a purr, voice breathier than you knew it, his fingers scraping over the spongy flesh to stimulate you, "even if i lost, i count it as a victory."
"i was so close." cyno muttered, his warm breath hovering over your wet core before your muscles tensed, digging your heels into the bed to slightly lift your hips up to him. Your body jolted forward into his mouth, cyno was devouring you, flicking his tongue over your folds to finally taste you again. It has barely been two weeks, yet it was so incredibly stressful, his body getting off from merely your voice, all form of self control turned into nothing.
"you did a good job." you chuckled, biting and chewing on your lower lip to muffle a moan as he continued to map it out, leaving nothing unturned with his tongue. you could sense a little sting of his sharp teeth grazing over the pulsating flesh, his brows furrowing in concentration when he circled his arms around your hips to have a tight grip on you. Cyno truly couldn't take his eyes off you, your folds glistering as he began to suck on them, humming in pleasure when his spit melted with your essence.
sweat was beautifying your skin, your mouth hanging open with every moan falling to deaf ears. Cyno fluttered his eyes open to look at the sinful expression on your face, his cock throbbing in his pants, waiting to be finally freed by you. It was painful to him, the last time he actually had an orgasm was weeks ago, involuntarily humping the mattress underneath him as every nerve in him felt like on fire, catching his breath before grinding his tongue into your cunt again.
"fuck." kaveh cursed out in between making out with you, "i was so close baby, i really was." he complained, digging his fingernails into your hips while rutting himself into your heat. "but it got so unbearable, you don't even know half of it." you couldn't help it but laugh at his words, he was so overdramatic, wrapping your arms around his neck before slightly repositioning your hips. You bended your knees a bit more so he could reach further into you, your legs spread open.
kaveh sank into your hole, his cock twitching against your walls when he dropped his hips into your warmth. "that's so much better, don't you think?" he questioned with the answer clearly displayed on your expression that showed nothing but pleasure. You sighed out, lowering your eyes as you watched him through your lashes, his pace becoming even with shallow breaths tickling your neck.
kaveh felt how you clenched down around his girth, how you whined at every thrust forward as he looked in between your bodies, quickly licking his thumb before placing it on your clit to swipe it over the sensitive nerves. Your body jolted forward, tossing your head into the pillow as you cried out his name in fast chants, your legs shivering around his body. Your noises turned into cries, melting and unraveling underneath him as his grip on you tightened, not giving a single fuck anymore that he lost the small competition between the both of you.
by the end of the month, you're going to be a whiny little mess while diluc will simply sit next to you, bright smile, with a triumphal expression painted on his face. If he's determined to do something, he will push through it until its done, there was no losing in his eyes, only victory to be claimed. Contrary to popular belief, your boyfriend had a sense of humor, even though he didn't show it often he wouldn't pass on an opportunity to joke about it to you in a lighthearted manner.
he had you spread on the bed by the end, his breath hot on your shoulder as he licked all the way down to your collarbone, biting down. "how did i do?" he asked cheekily, flashing you his canine teeth with a smile, your lips pouting as you whined out, the words dying in your throat. Diluc hummed, moving closer to your ear while spreading your legs so he'd rest in between them.
"i'll give you what you want now." he promised, rolling the words off slowly as he slid himself in, your cunt sweet and tight taking him all in. You arched your spine into his body, tossing your head to the side when you moaned his name prettily. You weren't able to understand how diluc seemed to have gotten through this month without a slip up, his determination was otherworldly as he decided for a slow but deep pace, your mind empty as your body grew hotter, warmer with a prickling sensation dashing through your veins.
"you did so well." you cooed into al-haitham's ear, pecking his rosy cheeks before kissing his lips, muffling the tiny groans that escaped his throat. Your hand caressed his soft, pale skin, trailing your fingers over the aching muscles of his chest all the way down to his stomach. Al-haitham slid his hand into his hair to smooth it back, watching you work on his belt to free his cock from its restraints.
his eyes met yours in full force, "i told you I'd pull through." he proudly stated his victory, before his breath hitched, getting stuck in his throat. your hand was wrapped around his shaft, his pants pulled down to his knees as you didn't bother to fully getting rid of them. You spoke in low whispers, sweet chants only for him to hear as you circled your wrist around his shaft, fisting his stiff cock.
playful rubbing turned into skilled stroking, his hips bucking into your hand each and every time. "fuck, i missed that." he admitted bluntly without a care in the world, the curve in his lips evident as his breath came out in fastened spurts with a sigh of relief accompanying them. The sweet tenderness of your hold on him was to die for, his muscles turning tense as he moaned out, gasping frantically as he came, the warm white ropes of cum running down your knuckles. His his hips stuttered, continuing to buck into you when convulsed in great pleasure.
there's no way in hell he would've ever lost, not in a million years, scaramouche was pulling through that rough month with a determination you've never seen before. "you didn't think I'd actually win, admit it." his smirk was wide, his voice hoarse with a sprinkle of lust in it. He was watching your every move, a wry smile on his face with an amused twinkle in his eyes, the way you squirmed underneath him was making him lick his lips in anticipation.
"don't worry, i won't tease you tonight." your face was clouded in confused upon hearing him speak his words, not buying it, "i can be nice too, you know." scaramouche spread his fingers to brush them over your belly, feeling your skin underneath his pads. His eyelids fluttered low before pressing himself on top of you with one of his hands right above your head— so you wouldn't hit your head on the headboard. You bent your knees, spreading your legs wider so he'd be able to thrust his hips better into you, his tip already prodding on your little hole.
the stretch was painful at first, you missed that feeling and so did he, truth was, scaramouche simply couldn't tease you tonight, it had nothing to do with him being nice for once. He was more than riled up, frustrated and annoyed with the burn that would always occur in his legs and never fade away. Scaramouche placed his lower lips in between his teeth, his brows furrowing in concentration as he slid himself in until fully sheathed, splitting your cunt open and fuck, he dreamed about this every day, the overbearing sensitivity only adding into his play.
Tumblr media
do not! share, copy or repost my work. ✎ ©ANANTARU 2022
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heizours · 10 months
take me into your loving arms
Tumblr media
summary. when you ask for a hug during the days you need to be comforted and assured
cw. reader has a mental breakdown, emotional, slight self-blaming, slight mentions of feeling suffocated/suffocation, sobbing, slight screaming
[୨୧] — feat. diluc, xiao, zhongli, kaeya, childe
[୨୧] — tags. gn! reader, grammatical mistakes may occur
Tumblr media
Ever since you came back to the winery, Diluc had quite noticed that you became more quiet?
Look he doesn't mind whether you are loud or there comes a time where you will just quietly accompany him but this silence feels just different that it give shivers down his spine
He was doing paperworks and no matter how much he wants his attention to be on it, his focus brings him back to you. He has been observing you for quite some time now, and he is planning to talk to you later and express his worries on you
As he was lost in his thoughts, it was cut off when you suddenly barge in the room causing him to look at the person who didn’t knock without his permission to enter
When he looked up from his table, he stopped his movements when he saw you looking at the ground, not daring to move an inch
"Love? Is everything alright?" he asked you, as he was debating whether to stand up to approach you or wait a little. The moment he looked at you, he can already sense that something will happen
You let out a shaky breath before looking at him and raising your arms open
"C-could I have a hug?" you let out a shaky breath, the tears that were threatening to spill at the corner of your eyes is now spilling endlessly
The moment Diluc saw a tear drop and your crying pleads his chair fall down from standing up too fast before walking fast towards you
He grabbed your open arms and let them wrapped around his torso, as he wrapped his arm on your waist and the other on your back, patting it gently while his head was buried in your hair as you sobbed in his chest
"Let it out love, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, do whatever you want with me at the moment. I’ll not let you go until you’re okay" he shushed you as your face was still hidden in his chest
He spent the rest of his day, comforting you with assuring words and never left by your side as time passed. His paper work for now forgotten, for he wants his whole attention to be on you, his partner, his greatest love
No matter how many times you feel like your whole world is falling, no matter how many times you feel like you're about to burst into tears, Diluc will always be there to catch you. He will make sure, you will not lose yourself this time. He is going to keep the two of you together
Tumblr media
Your breaths were going uneven, and your eyes started to get blurry
'Why?' the only thoughts that are running through your mind
It's as if you were already blaming yourself from what happened even though other people you have talked to assured you that it's not and maybe you are just overreacting
But no, that's not how you feel at all
You were drowning from your thoughts, you needed to breathe, you needed someone to pull you up from it, but who?
You were zoning out on your own that you didn't see nor felt Xiao's presence, with a face of concern all written on his face
"[Name]?" he called out to you which made you snapped back to reality. As you turn your head to look at him, there he was standing in front of you holding a plate of almond tofu
Your emotions went ahead of you when you spoked
"C-can I have a hug?" and there it was, all tears started coming out of your eyes with your arms raising open
The plate in Xiao's hands dropped to the floor, not giving a care about it and he rushed in your arms, engulfing you into a hug as he kneeled in front of you
You were sobbing on his shoulder, and Xiao was slightly panicking how to comfort you but he managed to calm his composure after. He wrapped his arms around your waist more protectively as he caressed your hair
"Whatever it is, It’s not your fault. Don’t continue to blame yourself, because it was never your fault nor your intention in the first place, Alright?" he said as he continued to let your tears wet his shoulder, not caring about it as he rubbed circles in your back to assure you that this rain you’re going through will stop soon
‘You're too precious for this world' he thought, as he continued to hug you tighter, as if he was scared to let you go
The both of you spend the night with the two of you in each other’s arms, when you fell asleep, he didn’t moved from his position he was in and instead continued to look at your peaceful form. Seeing the rising and falling of your chest, was enough for him to be at peace as well
Xiao often has a hard time expressing his love for you, but expect that he will shield you with his arms, everything he has got just to protect you from the harm the world will bring you, whether it will be physically or emotionally. You're his home after all
Tumblr media
You haven’t returned yet, and it was safe to say that Zhongli was starting to get worried. He decided to take a day-off from the parlor, hoping to spend some more time with you, but it was met by the opposite he had hoped
He was asking and assuring you if it was okay for him to accompany you, but instead of expecting a nod from him, he got a polite decline for you. Soon after that, you left without a word before he can even say something
Zhongli was so into his thoughts that are only filled by reasons he can come up with why were you acting strange today
‘Why did they act like that?’ ‘Is there something I should know?’ those were most of the thoughts running through his mind right now
He was interrupted when he heard, quiet sniffles outside of the door. Standing up as soon as he can, he slide the door open and was met by you, looking at the ground and was letting out pained whimpers and quiet sobs
Meanwhile, you were focused on not making any noise that you weren’t aware it had already been heard by your lover. Too embarrassed, you forced yourself to look at him and you were met by his eyes that hold a concerned emotion
It was that moment, that your finally done with everything. It was that moment, that you needed something, something that you want to wrap and burry your head in it
Opening your mouth, and stuttering over your words you had spoken
“A-a.....hug? please” you pleaded, as the tears you tried to stop from spilling, you didn’t want him to see started to spill on their own
Zhongli didn’t waste no time in wrapping his arms around you, as he buried his face in your hair, and peppering it with light kisses. One of his arms wrapped around your waist and the other was holding the back of your head, protectively
There were no words spoken after that, however Zhongli came into a realization that you both are still outside, so he lift you up in his arms as your legs instinctively wrapped on his torso
He sat you both on a chair, and there you sat in his lap as his arms continues to be wrapped around you while he stayed silent. Waiting for your episode to end
When his guts told him, it was the time for him to speak, he made your head looked at him, as his finger held your chin
“My dear, everything will soon be okay. You are more stronger than you think and I’ll be here with you in every step, I know it’s hard but don’t forget that I’m right beside you, guiding you” he said before placing a tender kiss on your forehead
When the episode ended, he made you some tea and he showered you with love and affection. He almost never left by your side after that, and every time he comes home from the parlor, he will always have a different bouquet of flowers in his hand, that he says it reminds him of you
They say that even the strongest shield can’t protect their loved one, yes they were right, he might have did it once in his past. But now he is going to prove that wrong, that even the strongest shield will protect their loved one
Tumblr media
It was one of those days again where Kaeya is hanging around the tavern with Venti, even though he was banned many times by a certain red haired man from entering his bar 
He wasn’t that drunk yet, which made him to still be aware of his surroundings. Venti was chattering with Diluc, as he was half listening to him and the other half was doing his tavern duties. Well, those were interrupted when the door opened and closed indicating that someone entered
“Welcome to An-” Diluc didn’t managed to continue his sentence, when he saw you there just standing and looking at the ground as if you were lost. Knowing that you are Kaeya’s significant other, he turned his head in the direction where he was in and all he can see was Kaeya standing up from his chair once his eye laid upon you
Before continuing to walk over to you, Kaeya made his way to Diluc as he asked for permission if he can take you to the second floor of the tavern
Earning a nod from Diluc, which was quite a surprise for him, he turned his feet again and as he continues to go towards you, he is sensing that something is definitely not right, observing how you looked like just now
He gently grabbed your hand, before bringing the two of you upstairs. It was a good thing that the second floor will only be occupied by the two of you
As he finds a vacant spot, he sat the both of you as he took hold of your hands and rubbing it as an assurance that it’s okay to talk to him now. Letting out a shaky breath, you made eye contact with him and he looks at you expectantly 
“I-i just want your hug.....please” you pleaded, and as if he already knows what you want before you can even spoke, your head was placed hidden in his chest as you feel his arms wrapped around you securely
That was your final breaking point, when your quite sniffles were soon replaced with sobs, as Kaeya let you wet his clothes with your tears, not even giving a care about it. As he continues to trap you in his arms, he places kisses on your head, and when the time has come your sobs has come into a stop, returning again to sniffles he made you look up at him
“I want to let you know that you have me, okay? It’s alright to cry, no matter how deep it affects you just come into my arms. I’ll always make sure it’s open to catch you” he spoked, as he placed a tender kiss on your nose
Unexpectedly, the both of you decided to just stay together on the tavern’s second floor as he continues to rock you in his arms. Diluc, who took noticed of it and being kind for a moment banned the new comers from going upstairs, knowing that this might be one of the chances he can subtly show his love for his brother
Kaeya already lost one, he can’t bear to lose another. Just seeing you crying in his arms, was enough for him to be more attentive to your problems and he willingly will listen to it no matter how busy he is, no matter how many times you’re going to say it’s nothing, he will listen to you. After all, sometimes we just needs someone to listen to us right?
Tumblr media
You kept walking and walking, not even caring where your feet is going to bring you. You were feeling suffocated inside, so when you decided to step out of the house, thinking it will make you feel more free it instead got more worse
You don’t even know how you managed to be in this state in the first place, you were just bored and stared at the ceiling but the longer you stare at it, the longer thoughts came into your mind, and now here you are outside going to who knows where
There is this burn inside you that you just want to scream it all out to lessen the pain, but there is a force stopping you from it. Not paying any attention to your surroundings, you bumped into a hard chest and fell on the grass
You didn’t bothered to looked up and was expecting them to just mumble an apology and leave you, but when the feet of the unknown stranger remained in front of you, you were met by your lover’s eyes
Childe doesn’t know what face is he making right now, but seeing you looking at him as if you were just begging to be held made his emotions go on a rollercoaster. He first thought was anger, thinking if someone did this to you but seeing you in this state were it’s a battle between your emotions and mind made him angry to himself for not noticing it sooner
“C-can I get a hug? I-i just really need it righ-” you didn’t have to repeat yourself twice, when he wasted no time kneeling in front of you and wrapping his arms around you protectively
And that’s where your self restrain was thrown out of the window, as you let out loud sobs mixed with screams, Childe who has holding you just kept quiet and continued to hug and protect you in his arms, letting you use him at the moment as your crying shoulder
When your episode ended, now replaced with quiet sniffles and the heavy feeling you felt before was now replaced with a more lighter one, Childe opened his mouth to speak
“It’s okay, you’re safe here in my arms. Cry and scream as much as you want, use me, use me until you’re satisfied” he spoke, feeling your arms starting to wrap around him made him feel that he won’t let something like this happened anymore
‘No one and nothing is allowed to hurt you, not anymore, not on my watch’ he spoked to his own thoughts, and made a pledge to himself on that day
Childe is a different person when it comes to love, he is the type of person who would want to protect them at all costs no matter how much it will cost his life in return. And he will, he will do anything in his power, let it be his own life just to give you the own happiness you had always deserved
Tumblr media
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garoujo · 2 months
emmie i just wanna say that your selfship posts are the cutest things ever and i love to see how happy they make you <3
truth be told, they’re very much inspiring me to do some with itto >////<
sobbing cause wat did i do 2 deserve u ૮ ๑ˊᯅ ฅ๑ ა pls this makes me sooooo ! happy ! cause i’m like wow my moots are probably like oh . fuck she’s spiralling again like yes ;> i am help i can’t help it ! pls write sum 4 u & itto i will literally die happy ! i luv seeing people talk about their selfships sob <33
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chococolte · 2 months
☼ — calling them a good boy II
word count. 3k
characters included. kazuha, scaramouche, heizou, diluc, kaeya
୨୧ — ꒰ cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive & obsessive thoughts/behaviors, religous + cult themes, sagau + cult au, etc. g/n reader. i do not condone yanderes irl.
୨୧ — ꒰ a/n. part one here! requested by nonnie <3 yes these are a *lot* longer, i wrote them in my notes app and 4 some reason that equals me writing more words??
Tumblr media
Kazuha shudders, swallowing hard as you run your hands along his cheek.
"So cute," you say, your smile audible in your voice. The tips of your fingers twirl his platinum blonde hair. "And all mine." Your breath is warm on his face. With you so close, he can almost smell you, if only he leaned forward some more. Your hands glide across his skin with the gentleness of a blade of grass brushing against his legs. Kazuha repeats your words in his mind until they're etched into his memories, until he can look back upon them and feel the heat of your breath.
Your touch is soft like a zephyr, calm and comforting. Your smile is like that of a breath of autumnal air, warm and mellow. Your presence feels like the vernal embrace of the sun's warmth, so perfect and soothing. To exist next to you is a blessing unto itself, to partake in the air you breathe euphoric. Kazuha's cheeks turn a dark sanguine, burning with heat. Your laughter is full of mirth, ringing out like bursts of gales. The sound of your happiness, to know that he is the cause, even at the expense of his dignity, is worth more than the skin on his back or the vision at his hip. All of his power is meaningless in front of you.
Kazuha shivers when your hands move downward. He's sure you can feel his Adam's apple bobble underneath your fingers, the sweat coating his skin. You retract your hands and rise all to quickly for Kazuha's muddied brain to catch up with, and he barely stops himself from whining at the lack of contact. Leaving him kneeling, Kazuha watches your figure, draped in silk and rich fabrics, as you turn and sit back down on your throne.
You take a moment to properly position yourself, then look at him with an expression of gaiety. You tap your lap languidly with half-lidded eyes, and Kazuha uses every muscle in his body to stop himself from pouncing forward. With shaky movements, Kazuha crawls toward you and carefully, tentatively, raises himself to his full height; his hands tremble as he, for only a moment, is above you. You look up at him expectantly, and slowly, with his heart stuck in his throat, Kazuha rests himself on your lap. His heart threatens to burst from his chest as your hands instantly coil around his form, keeping him locked against you. He's sure you can feel his pulse from how close you are, sure you can hear how loud is heartbeat is. You smile knowingly, rubbing soothing circles onto his back.
"Was that so hard?" You whisper against his ear playfully. Your lips brush against his earlobe. He takes in a sharp breath. "You're such a good boy for me... and it's just for me, right?"
There's a slight warning in your tone, a tiny edge. Kazuha flushes at the implications. He nods eagerly, staring at your cheeks instead of your eyes. He can see from his periphery your eyes crinkle at his movement, your smile widening.
"Good," you say, and trail a hand up his leg. Kazuha holds his breath, watching your hand sluggishly move upward. Your movements feel like torture. "Since you're my good boy, I think you deserve a reward, don't you?"
You squeeze his thigh, and Kazuha whimpers.
Scaramouche is weak to you in particular, it seems.
"Sit next to me," you say, patting the spot next to you on your bed. Your voice is soft, almost a whisper. Scaramouche shuts his eyes, allowing himself another second of reprieve. You have commanded him, and as your puppet, he must listen. He can imagine how smooth your silken sheets are, how they'd feel against his skin. Mostly, he thinks about how they must smell like you, by now. Perhaps you'd let him lie down, surrounded by your scent, your warmth. But to think that way was shameful, so he grips the thoughts tightly in his grasp; the ideas, the visages of you, the gentle mirages of you and him, and he rips them to pieces. He will not allow you to have this hold over him.
You repeat yourself at his silence, patiently waiting for him to follow. Your voice lingers in his mind for a moment, flittering like a current of electricity; his body moves on its own then, his own will lost.
Maybe this is his true will, somewhere deep inside. The thought is off-putting, though he know it likely true. Either way, your soft hands stretch away from you as soon as he's within reach, grabbing onto his thin wrists. You direct him next to you, but keep his hands within your own. Scaramouche stares at your face, your eyes, your smile; you know what you're doing as you return his gaze, taking his hands and moving them to your lips. You lay a small, benign kiss on his skin, looking up at him with a knowing smile. Scaramouche tries to snuff out the feelings that burn in his chest— happiness to be in your presence, blissfulness to be so close to you, euphoria to have your lips upon him, even in such a small way. He douses them, but the flames climb higher. He rips away their oxygen desperately, but still, the fire roars; unbidden, unstoppable.
"My good boy," you mumble against his skin, kissing his hands again. "You know that, don't you?"
Scaramouche nods his head, even though he wants to rip his hands away and ask you to stop. You look at him like that, as if you truly care— but he knows you don't. You can't. No one has cared before, and you will not be any different.
You drop his hands, setting them carefully back down. Your every touch is soft and calculated, touching him as if you're scared he'll run. He has thought about it before, so you're not entirely wrong. Slowly, you reach for his face, cupping his cheeks in your hands. Scaramouche feels his pulse quicken beneath his skin, his face heat up from your proximity. You run your thumbs over the apples of his cheeks, and Scaramouche is unable to stop himself from leaning into your touch, from eagerly lapping up the scraps you've deigned to give him.
"I think I need to tell you again," you say softly, keeping your eyes locked with his own. "You're my good boy. Only mine. I won't let anyone take you from me." You lean forward, and Scaramouche is almost overwhelmed by your scent. You're everywhere, surrounding him— he wants to grab onto you and never let go, to hide in your comfort. Your lips brush against his cheek, and his breath hitches in his throat. You kiss his face gently, then lean away.
A small part of Scaramouche wants to ask you to do it again. He wants to ask you to run your fingers through his hair, to allow him this one moment of peace where he does not need to concern himself with worldly affairs. But to ask would be selfish; to ask would mean demanding more from you than you've allotted him. He must be grateful for what you've given him so far. The rest of him wants to ask you to stop already, to quit pretending like he matters to you.
You hum, and gently push him into your embrace. Scaramouche shudders and closes his eyes.
Maybe, he can allow himself this small moment with you.
To Heizou, you are everything.
You are the opposite of sin. You are light, bereft of all evil and darkness. You are purity itself, a paragon of virtue: you are what every being should strive to be. You are beauty itself, ethereal and kind— you are incapable of vice, of committing the same evils as mankind. Heizou will listen when you call for him, when you ask for his presence. You can do no wrong. Anything you touch, you purify. Your mere presence could water any wilted flower, resuscitate any withering life form. To Heizou, you are the earth that holds up the world and the sky that contains it. You are the ground he walks upon, the mountains he climbs; you are infallible, immune to temptation.
As your hands run through his hair, Heizou has to stop himself from begging for more. Your touch is holy and sacred. To feel your fingers, your hands, your warmth— it’s a nauseating pleasure. Heizou feels almost drunk on you. He can only barely resist the urge to grab your hands and force them down his body, until every inch of himself is coated in your light— until he’s entirely yours, both in body and mind, until any being could look upon him and know who has marked him.
He shivers when your hands brush against the base of his neck. Heizou makes a small sound of obedience, looking up at you on your throne through half-lidded eyes. A part of him feels slightly embarrassed that you’re seeing him in such a pathetic state, but the rest of him can feel only pride as he stares at his reflection in your eyes. You’re staring at him, no one else. Your hands are tangled through his hair, intermittently tugging and pulling; you’re doing this to him, not to another. Nobody is worthy of you, not even him— but the rest only worship you in name. None of them strive to be like you as he does, not one of them understands your ideals as he does.
“You’re such a good boy, Heizou.” You run your thumb over his lips, laughing at his imploring gaze. Heizou feels adrenaline rush through his veins at your praise. He’s done good by you! You praised him! His greatest wish has always been to please you, to leave you satisfied with him— to hear your voice say what he has only imagined you saying before leaves Heizou breathless.
“Such a cute boy.” A playful smile tugs at your lips. Heizou’s heartbeat quickens at your words, his face bursting with color. You cup his face in your hands and he leans forward, smiling at your touch. "I want to hear you say it. You're only my good boy."
Heizou's smile widens, his eyes looking up at you with awe. His heart clenches and threatens to burst at the thought of announcing he's yours. He has only dreamed of you claiming him, of entering your fold and becoming yours entirely. He wouldn't mind it if you changed parts of him to better fit your preferences; anything until he's truly worthy of you, anything to deserve your eyes on him, for him to continue to breathe in your presence.
"Only yours," he says, voice weak. "I'm only yours. Only your good boy."
Diluc shuts his eyes when you call for him.
It's not that he doesn't desire to look at you. No, it's that he can't tear his eyes away from you once he does. You are everything— perfect in every way. You do not desire anything from him, only that he worship you. In return, he receives your love, your guidance. Diluc doesn't know what he's done to deserve your preference, but he would not deny you anything he could provide for you. If you ask for his presence, he will arrive at your beck and call. If you want to touch him, Diluc will lay still until you've had your full. If you desire for his eyes to look upon you, he will open them, however reluctantly.
As Diluc takes in your form, his heart roars with all the strength of a wildfire. Your throne is etched with intricate, glistening jewels; multifaceted and multicolored. The loveliest riches can buy; yet, they still look so lacking in comparison to you— beauteous and heavenly you. You will always stick out in Diluc's mind. He has long etched your appearance into his memories, long unforgettable no matter how many years past. He could spot you, even if he's long since weathered from old age and if he's forgotten who he is. He could never forget you, his god; the one he worships above all else.
"Come here, won't you?" You say coyly. You phrase it like a question, but Diluc knows it's an order. His legs move him towards you before he even has any time to fully register your words, so used to following your orders. Diluc is only this complacent for you. He has thought about telling you before, uttering every thought he has of you, of showcasing just how much you consume his every waking moment. But he's sure you must already know, which is why you tap your lap.
"Rest your head here," you say. "You've been working so hard for me, haven't you? I think you deserve a break."
Diluc's heart stutters in his chest. His body awkwardly kneels before you, and with a small pause of hesitation, Diluc slowly lays his head on your lap.
You hum in contentment. "Good boy," you say, and with no prior warning, untie his hair. You move with no rush, slowly threading your fingers through his bright red hair. Diluc, however, is still reeling from your words, repeating them to himself like a mantra. Good boy? If it were anyone else, he would've found the words distasteful, almost mocking. Perhaps he would've gone so far as to completely cut off whoever would dare to utter such a thing to him. But from you, the words spark a desire. A desire for more, a desire for you to stay with him for a little longer. Diluc does not like to be without you— the comfort you bring like the warmth of a familiar embrace. His eyes flutter close when your hands find a particular sensitive spot, goosebumps lining his flesh. He hides his face in your lap before his brain can catch up with his movements.
Just as Diluc almost scrambles away and apologizes, you laugh. He freezes at the sound, face burning at how angelic your laughter is, then shudders as you resume playing with his hair.
"Good boy," you say again. "Just my good boy."
Diluc gulps loudly, averting his eyes. He leans into your lap again.
Kaeya should hate that he can't bring himself to detest you.
You are perfection personified. You are virtuous, kind, and loving. Once, Kaeya hated you. He hated your image, your faux benevolence. You were the cause behind his suffering, the perpetrator; if you held even an inkling of love for him that so many claimed you did, none of what happened to him should've come to pass. Yet, they did, and there were only two logical conclusions: either you did not exist, or you did not care.
Kaeya denied you entry. He refused to allow himself to just be mere entertainment to you. He refused to let you diminish him to nothing more than your plaything. He would not be thrown away, used and discarded. He would not let his years of guilt, regret, and sorrow be reduced to something you could just gawk at. His pain was not for you to see. His grief was not for you to analyze. It was his own, not yours. If you were real, you would have to prove yourself to him; not the other way around.
"Kaeya," you coo. He snaps to attention, shuddering from the softness of your voice. Slowly, like he is truly afraid of upsetting you even in this small way, Kaeya raises his head. Kneeling before you should feel shameful, after everything. He should be ashamed to kneel before the one person responsible for everything he has endured. But Kaeya has long since accepted the way you make him feel, that absolute sense of security. He has long since foregone his own ego, pride and dignity. When it is just the two of you, Kaeya is nothing more than your sick, devoted worshiper.
"Kaeya," you say again, a small chuckle leaving your lips. Kaeya's mind feels dazed, almost, the sound of your voice saying his name leaving him weak. He wants to ask you to say his name again, and again, until he can never forget it. Until it's so embedded into his mind that even when he dies, he'll hear it clearly, ringing out like a loud clap of thunder. He never wants to forget the way you make him feel. "Come here to me, my good boy."
With an almost puppy-like eagerness so unlike him, Kaeya moves toward you. Your words, your praise, your attention; all of it is directed onto him. To be the only one standing in your gaze, the only one in the reflection in your eyes, feels more right than anything else in his life has felt before. To imagine being beside you in such a way leaves Kaeya yearning. All too quickly, Kaeya is kneeling directly at your feet.
You tap your lap. "Sit here."
Kaeya blinks. Then, he smirks. "What's this about?" he asks, but he's hurriedly moving on his feet to do as you ordered, excited at the prospect. For the one moment where he rises above you, Kaeya finds himself feeling vaguely sick. Such a position is unnatural. To be above you, even in this sense— is wrong. He quickly bows his head as he settles himself into position, and leans into you when you snake your arms around his waist and tug him closer to your chest.
"Good boy." You praise him so easily he almost feels silly for getting so happy about it. But still, Kaeya's heart thumps in his chest and melts when you rub the sides of his abdomen. This warmth, this affection; this safety and peace that only comes when he is around you. This is why Kaeya has found himself unable to hate you as easily as he did in the past— he realized as soon as he could comprehend the love from your control— all of his suffering, his pain and agony; all of it was meant to lead back to you. If Kaeya had to live through all of it again for you, he would.
You are heaven given form. To worship you so closely; nothing would be too much of a price.
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autisticyaoi · 29 days
*happy stimming* I’m watching Madoka again!
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ohsatori · 5 months
I loved your riding gojo! now, I present to you: riding sakusa!!
sighs I am a sucker for this man...
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut (mdni), pet names [baby], soft sex, slight cockwarming, f!reader
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 0.8k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I've been waiting for this all day," Sakusa lets out a low groan, punctuated by a swift jut of his hips. You settle down fully on him, a soft moan falling past your lips at the sweet stretch of his thick cock.
The intimacy of it all is what is most dizzying, most pleasurable, Sakusa thinks. He moans when you start to roll your hips, a shaking hand flying to catch at your hip. Sakusa softly shakes his head, instead tugging you down to lean over his body.
"Let's just stay like this for a bit," he sighs, voice thick with want and love as he pulls you into an embrace. His arms around strong yet gentle around you, your bare chests pressing together as you still your movements. It is wholly private and personal, how Sakusa trails his lips down your cheek, the softness of his mouth brushing against your ear. His steady breathing is comforting as his breath fans across the nape of your neck, one of his hands affectionately cradling the back of your head. Encouraging you to rest your face against the crook of his neck, Sakusa trails his fingers across your back, drawing teasing, loving shapes against you.
"Feels so good," you murmur against him. Sakusa lets out a soft hum, and you can feel it against your chest. The action is soothing, further intensified by his hands running down your body, coaxing you against him.
His fat cock is hot inside you, pressing against your most sensitive parts, stretching past the aching throb of your walls. You can't help but whimper a bit as you shift your hips, burying your face in further against Sakusa as his tip nudges against that one spot that has you rolling your hips ever so slightly.
"Shh, it's okay baby," Sakusa soothes, rubbing his large hand over your back. The pads of his fingers are slightly coarse as they dip across your every curve, adoring the feel of your body against his as he holds you.
His touch is addicting, causing a spark of fire to flare bright inside your chest. Your heart swells as a million butterflies pound against your chest, the warmth spreading across your body a testament of your love for him.
A soft gasp of his name falls past your lips when Sakusa's hands move to your hips, slowly, gently rolling them over his aching length. The airy gasp that spills from his tongue as you grasping at him, gripping onto his broad shoulders as you lick and kiss at the skin of his neck.
"T-that feels good," Sakusa groans your name, his eyes knocking back to the ceiling as your soft lips work over his skin. He feels you tenderly bite down against his collarbone, tongue laving over the spot just as quickly, and pleasure shoots down to his cock at the sensation.
"Are you okay?" your lover murmurs, soft curls brushing against your face as he leans down a bit. His lips, always so gentle when he makes love to you, graze across your forehead, and you clench down a bit on him at the breathless moan of your name that he whispers against your skin.
"Always," you reassure him, nudging your nose against the column of his throat. Sakusa has always been so pretty, with moles and beauty marks decorating his pale skin. While you continue slowly, gently, grinding your hips over his cock, you begin pressing languid, drawn-out kisses to each individual mark on his shoulders, his neck.
As your lips drag across his skin, leaving fleeting, delicate kisses against him, the musk of his cologne invades your senses. It's mature and slightly dark, and the presence of it lingering on his skin has you moaning, rolling your hips a bit faster.
At your sudden actions, Sakusa's hands fly to your hips, attempting to ground himself. The sheer pleasure of being buried inside you, your tight, wet heat sucking him back in over and over, is overwhelming. It's nearly enough to knock the air out of his lungs, and Sakusa is sure the room is spinning when you start lazily bouncing on his cock, sweet whimpers of his name being brushed against his ear.
"You okay?" you moan against his ear, lips pressing there for a soft kiss. You never halt your motions, slowly sinking down on his cock, then rolling your hips in a loose circle, intent on feeling all of him. His fat shaft drags along your walls, stretching you out in the best possible way as a broken moan of your name is shuddered between shaky breaths.
"N-never better," Sakusa grits his teeth, groaning as your tight heat gushes around him, walls fluttering as if attempting to milk him dry.
And Sakusa continues making love to you, the darkness of your bedroom shrouding you both in a comforting embrace—almost as soothing as his own.
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taurusbae222 · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
guys i found a new technique for manifesting that has been helping me with my limiting beliefs
Tumblr media Tumblr media
what has helped is when a negative thought pops up and arises, i say either in my head or in the mirror ❝whenever i think negative thoughts i attract miracles and positive experiences into my life❞ and just even with legit anything or this is just something i do for anything to feel like i attract my desires more for example: whenever i breathe, blink, drink or walk, $1000 flows instantly into my account why? because i fucking said so. and just affirmations like this so i can believe it more i guess just finding a affirmation that you can see your self actually believing in and constantly feeling this thought as true, then fucking do it.
although, if you are the type to stress about to when and the how when manifesting and questioning the law, this is what you should not do and common error a lot of ppl do: do not feel like you HAVE to constantly say your affirmations, visualise your dr, constantly switching back thoughts from your dr to your current reality, checking tumblr all the time for new methods that work like “magic”. this will just drain you and make you feel separated from your desire. instead trust the fucking law. if you feel triggers on trusting the law ask yourself why? question your beliefs take some time later throughout your day when you have finished work or whatever, a time when you are alone to journal or meditate, whatever you feel comfortable doing to really think deep on these limiting beliefs you are currently having about this desire. for example you desire to have $1,000,000. but when you think about manifesting those high numbers you start feeling triggered because that does not feel reachable you to have this. if you feel triggered, answer questions like this:
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚。⋆
“why do i feel like this desire is entirely unattainable for me?”
“what are the limiting beliefs i have on receiving this manifestation, what do i feel like caused the way i think?”
“do i feel like i deserve to have my desire?”
“do i feel secure in this aspect area of my life to manifest? how can i ensure i feel more secure and ensured on receiving what i want?”
“when i think about receiving my desire, what emotions am i feeling, what do i picture in my head?”
“how can i change the way i feel and this about achieving this desire?”
“what actions can i do in my daily life to build my self concept on getting what i want”
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚。⋆
once you have figured out the causes and how you can change your mindset upon them, go live your life living as if you already have whatever you want. if you need time to cool of the tension and exhaustion from putting so much energy to manifest, do it. take a few days or a week to not think about that burning desire and just live your life and then just decide you have and it’s yours.
happy manifesting i wish you all the best of luck. i really hoped this helped anyone -taurusbae222 ♡
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