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duckbuttsurvivor · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
     “It’s sinday already? Now it’s my time to shine~”
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aisuru-rivera14 · a year ago
#SHmont2021 día 1: Citas sutiles a su más fino...
"Charasuke y Hinata están saliendo, pero nadie lo sabe.
Hinata lleva a Hanabi a una heladeria solo como escusa para verse con el Uchiha"
#Charasuke #Hinata
Tumblr media
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quiet-kunoichi · a year ago
❅ (konohasflirt)
[ Meme Masterlist | @konohasflirt | verse; harmony ]
“❅ - Charasuke rescues Kimiko“
She really should have thought this through - making two trips surely wouldn’t have been as terrible as she’d made it out to be, at first. Certainly safer than trying to precariously balance all of her salve bottles in a makeshift pyramid in her arms. They rattled their threats of descent with her every step - and the sheer height of her teetering tower of glass made for impossibly low visibility of the road ahead of her. Kimiko couldn’t even announce her presence to fellow pedestrian villagers - for fear that the vibrations of her voice might just jostle the fragile resolve of her fresh tinctures. Besides, she was expending far too much energy with the sheer focus it took to make it across town on foot, there was little chance that she could muster up a single comprehensible sentence without the possibility of doom chasing her soon thereafter.
For the most part, Kimiko could only guess that this shabby plan of hers was going over decently well. For instance, she hadn’t tripped or ran into anybody - at least, not yet. She gives a little wince at the thought and the mounting anxiety that follows it. Perhaps she should set down her stack somewhere safe and make two trips to and fro her little shop, after all.
Just as she made her decision to play it safe, the toe of her shoe catches on an exposed tree root - and propels her forward. “Oh!” She exclaims, stumbling and watching as the unsecured top pile of her glass jars spill over the edge and meet their messy demise. She might have just joined them there on the dirt path, if it weren’t for a pair of arms encircling around her middle. It takes a moment for her brain to register the situation - what was this sudden warmth at her side? Wait, who’s arms are these?
She pulls her gaze from the tragedy of glass shards and wasted medicinal salve and raises them to meet her savior. Yellow medallions blink owlishly up at .. Sasuke? “Th-thank you..?” Her voice peaks (along with her embarrassment) into a question as she starts to notice the stares.. Is he holding her longer than he needs to, or is that just in her head? It would be rude to push him off, but she can’t help but bring her box and what was left of her salves closer to her chest. Her shoulders climb to the height of her ears, and the apples of her cheeks start to burn red hot.
“I should have just made two trips, huh?” She’s broken into a nervous laugh.
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konohasflirt · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Hi. If you like to roleplay with a Sasuke Uchiha/Charasuke from the Road to Ninja movie, please give this a like/reblog. I am crossover, multi-ship and multi verse friendly. Though I'm very selective with OCs. I have several years of experience.
This blog is a sideblog to nvertoolate so followbacks will be from there.
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soulairee · 2 years ago
Charasuke is the himbo naruto universe needed, he need to come back in Boruto and meet Papasuke
Not gonna lie Anon, I really had to look up what himbo meant (I guess we truly do learn something new everyday). But I have to say it seems like a pretty accurate word to use for Charasuke’s character. 😂 I miss him and I totally agree he needs to come back and meet Papasuke in the Boruto verse. What an awesome encounter that would be.
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neblinallameante · 4 years ago
If my last headcanon happened in the RTN verse.
Charasuke: I know that you have 2378 reasons for being mad at me.
Menma: Did you take out the trash?
Charasuke: ... 2379.
Menma: Did you hang the laundry out?
Charasuke: ...
Menma: Did you wash the dishes?
Charasuke: ...
Menma: Did you go to the market?
Menma: Did you sweep the house?
Menma: Did you make the bed?
Charasuke: ...
Menma: Did you at least hang your uniform?
Charasuke: You are not my mother!
Menma: Well I can be both, your mother and your husband.
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kuriquinn · 5 years ago
Oh gosh I'm in love with your latest ssm17, please make it continue for the next ssm17d3 i begging :''
We’ll see about it at a later date, but at the moment I’m halfway through an idea for my next SSM prompt and am not about to go back and change it. 
I may occasionally visit the RTN/Flip Side ‘Verse, but the thing is it’s weird for me to write. I’m so used to Sasuke’s canon personality that writing him all Charasuke-style is difficult. I literally keep checking over my writing in paranoia because he’s so OOC and then have to remind myself that he’s supposed to be that way haha.
So if the idea strikes me at a later date, sure, but there are no plans for it in the immediate future (well, not exactly. I have one fic planned, but it takes place during the teen years and won’t be a continuation of this).
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cheapflirt-blog · 5 years ago
slasher movie verse
prostitute verse 
au where sasuke is a fairy. not like,,, the pretty cute Barbie ones but the ones that are just LOL UR A HUMAN IMA FUCK UP UR LIFE ((; 
team 7 interactions !!!
action threads! 
main!verse people meeting charasuke & just wtf r u 
something with sasuke interacting w/ sasuke idk 
arranged m a r ri age ?? MAybe ??
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duckbuttsurvivor · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
     “What, does no one want a piece of me? Come on I don’t bite~ Not unless you’re into that~”
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duckbuttsurvivor · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
     Sasuke hummed as his reflection caught his eye, he wasn’t a narcissist by any means no, what he was concerned about was this weird cowlick he seemed to have gained overnight. The raven wanted to look his best of course, if he were to meet anyone that caught his eye of course.
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