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Tumblr media
     “Man, it feels like I’ve been slacking...” He muttered to himself. Although he’s been doing his usual training it just didn’t feel like enough, plus on his down time he’s been lazing about more so than usual. Which in of itself shouldn't have been a bad thing but ever sense he had settled back down in the village he wasn’t use to not traveling around so much.
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The Chronicles of a bookworm ninja
Tumblr media
Word count:  2829
An episodic series of chapters telling the odd tale of Rin Kikumoto, the last political book carrier and her misadventures in becoming a ninja.
If you’re curious about what the Kikumoto clan is exactly then this bio here should explain everything.
    Rin Kikumoto lived an utterly peculiar existence, she was the type of person to spontaneously do things for the sake of quick and short excitement. As well as the kind of person to just always be around asking questions, a kid, nine years old to be exact, should never be wondering. Living on the only standing house in the crumbled compound of the now-disbanded Kikumoto clan, you could say it was an odd house for an odd girl. But now this odd girl would be attending her first day at the ninja academy, something her older brother was solemnly against. He simply hated the mere thought of having his sister be a part of what he thought to be "another pawn of the military complex." 
But it would get her out of the house, and she argued it would do her more good than the negatives that came with it. She'd have to start late, however, since she was already nine and the rest of the classmates have been at the academy since age six, but she was a fast learner, well... She had to be. The reason being was the very same reason she was well odd, she was what the village called a political book carrier. The position was one of knowledgeable importance, as it was an old position, and it even went back to the first Hokage, this position was one of four now-disbanded positions the Kikumoto clan occupied. 
A position that detailed the tasks of carrying knowledge, secret knowledge, the kind of knowledge that was best left to be forgotten. And Rin had to carry all of it, libraries worth of secrets and information of all types to be stored away within the depths of a large sketchbook. To be sealed by the strength of her soul, to be remembered but never talked about again. For even if she wished to forget the village needed someone to remember, for what if the Hokage required information? If she never remembered then, the Hokage surely wouldn't, and the village would suffer. So cursed with the seal mark of the black chrysanthemum, she for the rest of her life would bear the knowledge of the village by sealing it in the book that was her soul. 
But it didn't matter now, for, with jello-like legs, she stared at the oddly shaped building looming in front of her. As she felt her muscles tense up, it made her realize that she was about to enter an environment in which she could socialize with others. Other people who weren't her brother and other people who all had differing opinions, opinions as well as feelings different from her own, something her brother said was the bane of their existence. But if she was to learn how to understand others and become friends with any of them well, she'd have to try. So with reluctant steps, she walked forward into the building that would become the start of a life she couldn't even begin to think, she'd have. 
"Alright class, today we have a new student who will be joining us..." Iruka Sensei now told the class, to the response of nods and a couple murmurs for who this newcomer could possibly be.
"Excuse me, but you're going to have to enter the classroom first," Iruka Sensei said gently motioning for her to step through the door, so lost in her thought that she forgot to enter the classroom entirely. But with cold feet, she stepped into the classroom, there were a lot of people, too many people. All of which stared down to her on high wooden benches that made everything seem so much more intimidating. "Alright, why don't you tell the class your name?" Iruka Sensei suggested with a smile, and with a nod, Rin complied.
I could walk into that classroom with an identity entirely different to my own, and no one could tell, I'll just say I'm so-so, and everyone will just believe me, and I'll have to live a lie for the rest of my life. Rin gripped her book, a book she should have kept in her back pocket, for the book not only carried libraries of information but her soul as well. But at times like these, it always seemed to calm her down when she held her book close.
"Is there anything you would like to say about yourself? A favourite colour perhaps?" Iruka Sensei suggested yet again breaking her train of thought, for little did she know as all this thinking was going on, she merely stood statue-like.
"Greetings or salutations, my name is Rin Kikumoto…" Rin said with her voice surprisingly steady. Look at the faces, study each one, remember what brother said, everyone feels something and all of it can be displayed on their faces. Perhaps someone is just as nervous as me? I know practically every dark secret in this village, something like this shouldn't scare me at all! It shouldn't scare me at all… Even if everything about this is new and new is a change and change is well, uncomfortable. Rin's obsidian coloured eyes darted back and forth, it made her eyes look like two little kaleidoscopes that seemed to draw you in by pure curiosity. She didn't find anyone, in particular, that was nervous, all except one girl, and she looked plain antsy with her blank pupilless purple eyes, eyes that were the mark of the Hyuga clan. 
Ironically she would have preferred world stumping mind bogglers, she was used to those, her brother would always give her one every week, and at the end of the week, they'd have a debate over it. Those questions were easier in a way since they were always open-ended and allowed room for an answer longer than a sentence. How was she supposed to form a meaningful opinion with a sentence? 
Favourite colour? Well, white reflects the sun and looks really lovely but it also stains easily, black is beautiful but plain dreadful in the summer, purple is majestic, but it's too expensive. Blue is so basic and red is far too strong, green is different enough to make me seem unusual, but the colour itself reminds me of puke. Grey is dull and brown feels like cheating because it's all the colours just mixed together, orange never looks good on me, and yellow makes my eyes hurt. Pink is sweet, but everyone is probably expecting me to say it and big brother always talks about how we have to break the "stereotypes' ', so it's out of the question. And what if someone in the class is colourblind, then I'll just sound like a jerk regardless! Rin was yet again looking towards the floor, typical softball questions that anyone could try and answer seemed like world stumping mind bogglers for her. 
It was only now that she realized she never answered Iruka Sensei, nor did she say anything at all, the realization of which made her sink slightly into herself. "Can I sit at my desk please," Rin asked awkwardly, re-evaluating my life is more like it.
It was then that she noticed the Uchiha insignia on his back, so he's Sasuke Uchiha the lone survivor of the Uchiha clan, well the personality checks out at least… Peas and carrots. Rin felt bad, Even if his personality made her think less of him. Being a book carrier meant she had to know a lot about this village, even tragedies he'd never know, but it weirdly comforted her. It's easy to understand someone she had records on, easier than having to get the information herself anyway. 
"Of course, there is an empty seat near the back where you can sit," Iruka said motioning towards the only free desk available. I guess I'm already the problem child or at least a timid emo kid, please believe me when I say I'm an entertaining and chill person! Wait, they can't hear me. Rin made her way to the back, it wasn't as bad as she thought it was, just well, really far away from the front. Sitting by the window in the seat next to her, was a cantankerous looking boy with short jet black hair in the shape of a duck's butt. "Guess we'll be desk buddies then," Rin joked offering her hand to shake, and telling by the irritated glare he shot her the joke didn't land.
With the proper information, she could empathize and formulate the best way to converse with the person for the best outcome. Even if in the process of knowing their records and files, it had the potential of making Rin feel guilty. But at the end of the day, she didn't know Sasuke, not enough to really care about him anyway. And by the looks of it, Sasuke would rather the world burn then talk to her, so as long as it stayed that way, Rin would never even worry about the potential guilt she might feel.
The rest of the school day wasn't much of note, she tried to talk to people during the break period, but with everyone in their own cliques, it was a pointless endeavour. She couldn't even sulk on the swingset because some other kid was using it, and she couldn't talk to Sasuke because he was being... Well, a total dill weed. She tried to find the antsy girl she noticed previously, but she looked busy as well, for that same girl was staring at the kid on the swingset. Rin believed it was because she wanted a turn on the swingset as well, but she didn't ask. So she spent her break sitting in the shade sketching the other kids in a smaller plain white sketchbook different to her large floral decorated sketchbook. Her goal was to have drawn and made a personal file for every student in her class since baby steps were required if no one wanted to talk to you.
"Um, excuse me," A shy voice called, and as Rin looked over to see who it is, she was surprised to find the same antsy girl who was watching the swingset from before.
"Yes?" Rin called a little louder than expected, happy that someone approached her at all.
"Well um, I don't mean to be rude or forward or anything, but I couldn't help but ask… You just seem really invested in that drawing and well..." The girl fumbled around with her words, in fact, she fumbled so much you might as well call it a literary train wreck. Wait she's really not making any sense, so that means she's nervous… I was nervous earlier today, and it caused me to be embarrassed… Wait is this empathy? Well, sweet dango on a stick, I'm empathizing! God, empathy feels fantastic! Rin was correct, she really was empathizing, but in the process it caused her to stare at the girl. Which caused the girl to become so nervous she simply excused herself and left, leaving Rin alone yet again. 
Before she knew it, it was the end of the day, so with her book in hand, she left to go home skipping as she went, only stopping when she reached a small ridge to the side of the sidewalk, green grass and little white clovers painting a scene of contentment. Taking a slight detour, Rin began to pick the white clovers, tying them into a crown as she went scrutinizing the ridge for more of the prettiest and most delicate of clovers. "Well don't you have great eyes for flower picking?" A rather confident sounding voice called, Rin looked up from her flowers to find a girl with platinum blonde hair tied into a short ponytail. "I'm Ino by the way, and you must be Rin, right?" Ino said, offering her hand to shake.
"Oh, hello Ino… Wait doesn't your family run the flower shop?" Rin asked excitedly, shaking her hand back, she loved to go there and get flowers every Sunday. 
"That's right, my family runs the Yamanaka flower shop, but enough about me, you were recently given a seat next to Sasuke, right?" Ino asked to which Rin nodded.
"Well you don't really seem to like Sasuke, so I was wondering if you'd want to change seats with me?" Ino asked Rin's confusion.
"Wait, do you like Sasuke?!" Rin exclaimed, surprised to which Ino laughed.
"Yeah, and who doesn't?" Ino asked, and when Rin pointed to herself, Ino laughed "And I'm taller than most of the girls in our class."
"Still it doesn't make sense though, I tried talking to him, and he's well very distant, to say the least," Rin responded, confused to Ino squealing.
"But that's what makes him so cool," Ino gushed.
"Cold is more like it," Rin responded, still confused and even more confused to find Ino irritated.
"Well you're still new, so maybe you just don't understand Sasuke at all," Ino huffed, turning around to leave, forgetting about what she was going to ask Rin in the first place. Rin was still confused, what was there to understand about Sasuke, even without records Rin could feel the hatred steaming off the boy. He was rather one-note in that regard, to curse at the rest of the world is to ignore everything else about it, including the complications that make life a greyish mix of exoticness. But she wasn't one to judge, she didn't have the best first impression either, and telling by everyone's reaction to her, she probably wasn't liked either. So for all, she knew he too had socialization problems and wasn't that why she was here in the first place, to understand others? And how could she understand others by writing them off?
Maybe I don't really know Sasuke all that well either, I mean Ino has been in that class since she was little and I've only just joined... Wait, that's it! To properly understand someone I have to befriend them, I mean to call someone a friend is to understand them. That's what I'll do! And with that, Rin got up determined and marched on with a flower crown in hand.
"I'm home!" Rin called as she took off her shoes to find her brother on a chair near the door. "I made this on my way back home," Rin said, giving him the flower crown she made previously.
"Well, doesn't this look nice on me," Her brother said, gently placing the crown on his head as if it was his own personal coronation and with a thumbs up from Rin he ruffled her hair.
“It was…” Rin trailed off, how was her day? She couldn't really put a finger on how she felt about it. It was different to say the least, but it wasn’t a bad difference going there made her feel like a scientist sent to study a different land from her own. “I’m not sure, but I think I want to go tomorrow,” she did want to go back, even if it was odd but where there was oddity, there was a way to understand it. And that’s what she was here to do.
"Maybe one day, you could come with me to pick the flowers?" Rin suggested, trying her best to ignore the slight grimace in his eyes, her brother hated leaving the house. Something he hadn't done since she was six, after that he just came home one day and never left. 
“When the flowers grow in the backyard, we can pick them together,” He suggested a small smile on his face, that was enough for Rin, it was her first day of school and she was simply too tired to get into yet another argument. “How was your day at school?” He asked carefully, Rin found him studying her face, a habit her brother always had when he felt Rin wouldn't tell him the whole story.
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can be used for rp   &   non-rp blogs to get to know a bit about the person behind the screen   !
1. FIRST NAME:            Megan
       My family has designated animals to them and mine is the Duck
4. A FOOD YOU COULD EAT FOREVER AND NOT GET BORED OF:              Pasta and or rice
5. A FOOD YOU HATE:            anything spicy
6. GUILTY PLEASURE:     Doughnuts, oversleeping, cussing at the walls when I get mad
7. WHAT DO YOU SLEEP IN:           a baggy t-shirt and pj shorts
8. SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS OR FLINGS:            I am a divorced survivor of domestic abuse. I don’t do romance in my personal life. That may change in the future once my cynical tendencies temper out. But I don’t do flings or approve of them at all.
9. IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN THE PAST AND CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOUR LIFE, WOULD YOU AND WHAT WOULD IT BE:             Yes I would. I’d go back to when I was 20 and have a full restart of my life. Which would include never getting married, finding my online friends a LOT sooner, and getting a leg up on my finances and job. But I’d most of all go visit my grandparents as much as I could.
10. ARE YOU AN AFFECTIONATE PERSON:         I used to be. I gave hugs a lot and was a cuddle bug. Now. I avoid people like they have the plague or are going to throw me into a volcano.
11. A MOVIE YOU COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN:          Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro.
12. FAVORITE BOOK:            Winter of Fire by Sheryl Jordan. The Merlin Effect by T.A. Barron. The Argeaneu novels by Lynsay Sands. But my favorite books to date are the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.
14. TOP FIVE FICTIONAL SHIPS [IF YOU ARE AN RP BLOG, YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN SHIPS AS WELL]:  Not in any particular order. This list could go forever, but these are the ones that I never fail to actively search for.
Addy x Jigen (my OC and @the-demon-gunman )
Addy x Dr. Franken Stein (my OC and a muse from my mutual on Facebook)
Kiritsugu Emiya x Irisviel from Fate / ZERO
Shirou Emiya x Sakura Matou from Fate Stay Night series
Archer Emiya x Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay Night series
15. PIE OR CAKE:            pie
16. FAVORITE SCENT:            Petrichor (the scent after it rains) as well as freshly baked bread
17. CELEBRITY CRUSH:             my very first crush as a child was Brent Spiner.
18. IF YOU COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD YOU GO:           Ireland. China. Japan. The Netherlands. Hawaii. New York.
19. INTROVERT OR EXTROVERT:            Introvert
20. DO YOU SCARE EASILY:            Not really.
21. IPHONE OR ANDROID:              Android
22. DO YOU PLAY ANY VIDEO GAMES:             Yes. Right now I am playing Story of Seasons and PSO2
23. DREAM JOB:               Being a world renown author. Or a genius painter. Or both.
24. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A MILLION DOLLARS:             Set half aside for savings. Donate some of it to specific charities. Then I going to Japan!
         The first that comes to mind is Captain Kurosutchi from Bleach. Next is Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. Then Grell from Black Butler. Last I’ll mention is Saber Arturia from Fate.
            Fairy Tail. That fanbase community has proven repeatedly to be highly toxic. Which i find ironic considering the series is so into “friendship” and all.
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Tumblr media
     Sasuke had opted to stay awake though the night, it had just one of these days where he knew the night wouldn't go well for him if he did end up sleeping. He breathed in the air, it was a lot cooler when dawn started to peak. The Uchiha seemed lost in thought as he watched the sky slowly change color. 
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Tumblr media
     “It’s sinday already? Now it’s my time to shine~”
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Naruto snatched a cookie from the tray Sasuke had and stuffed the entire thing in his mouth. "No clue what they're talking about, these taste fine to me!"
Tumblr media
"Oh for the love of god Naruto, don't talk with your mouth full!" Despite Sasuke scolding him he had a grateful smile, though it was hard to see if you didn't look close enough.
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All 4 Uchihas are here for sweets Sasuke.(Madara Izuna Itachi and adult Sasuke)
Tumblr media
Sasuke couldn't help but stare for a second before handing them each one. "...It's okay if you don't like them."
That's as close as a thank you as the teen was willing to say.
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Tumblr media
     It was a quiet day, one where he had to close his shop early. And although that was a bit of a bummer it was nice enough to go or a stroll maybe spot a few new flowers along the way. Expectedly it did, and he couldn’t help himself from getting distracted crouching down to examine them. 
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Tumblr media
     { Like this post for a starter with Sasuke length and verses will vary unless stated otherwise }
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Open Starter
Tumblr media
     Sasuke had to wonder if he did the right thing, becoming Hokage was something Naruto wanted to be. However aspirations changed and here he was in charge of an entire village that was in desperate need of change. Of course, he was slowly changing things for the better but it wasn’t changing fast enough for him. The first thing he did was make things ten times better for the kids who were forced to live on the streets by building an orphanage, made sure the staff was up to snuff too.
     A stressed sigh left his lips as he walked out of the office, he was starting to second guess himself. Even though he gained the trust of the village, worked his ass off to gain this position did he really deserve the title of Hokage? 
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Tumblr media
       It wasn’t like Sasuke hadn’t been on the surface before, although this was the first time it was of his own volition. Of course, he was in his human disguise, his real form would not only turn heads but cause a panic. He wasn’t here for a reason really, Sasuke just decided to poke around on a whim.
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Tumblr media
     Did he see that right?
     “Hey, wait!” Sasuke tried to call out, but he was already trying to get away from him.
     Was he a threat? Was he just lost? The Uchiha just couldn’t risk that chance, pushing his insecurities it the back of his mind he crouched slightly. Pushing chakra into his feet he took off like a shot, it didn’t take much to catch up with the stranger either. 
     “I said wait! Just stop!”
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