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☂ // @ sasuke ;P
send ☂ for our muses to play around in the rain
Tumblr media
     This was so stupid! Naruto had dragged him outside...to play in the rain!? Such a child, what made the blond think that he wanted anything to do with playing in the rain?!
     On the other hand, Sasuke couldn’t exactly say no when Naruto pulled out his pouting face. 
     Damn it, why did this idiot have to be so cute? He would go along with him, if only for the moment.
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Series - Post 4 in What's in This For Carlos?
Post 1 is here.
Post 2 is here.
Post 3 is here.
If you are finding sentences cut off and you are using the tumblr app, please keep refreshing until it sorts itself out.
So the second agenda he has is the PR relationship. This is mostly Isa's domain. She is the one that seems to instigate a lot of it and so she should. It is what she is getting paid for. Doing those ads she does on Insta only pays so much. Those of us who have helped out or worked in setting up PR relationships or helped sell narratives have seen how these types of relationships come about. Usually those wanting to go down this particular road of infamy gets themselves on a list organised by specialist agencies. The general public obviously don't hear about these agencies - you have to be in the biz. They offer a price for their services which can range from anything around $30 000 minimum for maybe a few weeks work to millions over several years. It can be quite lucrative. The famous person looks at the list and their dossiers and picks who they believe they can work with. Then the PR starts. Could be something as innocent as a few Facebook messages that happen to be public or made public by leaking them through social media (hello! That's where some of us in InfandousTruth come in). Maybe even a few comments on Insta. Then a few pap shots sold to the tabloids. Then the articles come about confirming everything. Considering she has a degree in Communications she may have seemed on paper to be a good choice.
Who usually organises these contracts and set ups? Usually the talent's managers. In Carlos's case - Caco. Caco seems to know what he is doing but make no mistake - he is assuredly his uncle's lackey. She may have been more appealing to someone like Senior who is more than aware of her families ties. We will address this more in the Monaco post.
One thing we will give them both - you never see Isa in an ep of Dont Blink. Because it would be so easy to point out how awkward they are and it would show. Refer back to the birthday cake vid or any interaction of theirs ever on video. They know this. This is the smart play - keep to still photos. He can't be himself around her because it's so awkward and neither can she. I mean look at this:
Tumblr media
There are not enough words in any language to help describe how cringe that is. Just. Wow. This pic should be labelled - PR Relationships: What Not to Do. EVERYONE is looking at the camera. Except her. Why?! Seriously... why? It makes zero sense! It's so try hard it hurts! And Carlos's upper body is like 'oh please don't' and is leaning away. Leg is out like he's trying to push her away. About 55% of communication by able bodied people is non verbal. 38% vocal and 7% just words. But as I said, that's with able bodied people. 2 of us don't necessarily subscribe to that number. We believe it to be much higher. We just like that statistic because it's 55. 😂
Now that we've said this, watch her appear in an ep of Dont Blink! 🤣🤣
Carlos has always struggled to sell the narrative. Now to drop a secret we've been keeping. We have a body language expert as one of our researchers. We know some people claim to be an expert, but this person gets paid to do the job they do and are very VERY good at it. They have studied these two and have found that Carlos always seems closed off to her. Was going to harp on here about things they have done in the past, but just look at the last 24 hours. Carlos at the Ferrari fashion show and Isa at whatever it was she was at. She was the plus one of Anna Padilla (not there on her own star power, as a plus one, and with a little bit of Google-fu found that Anna's mother is friends of Mama and Papa Sainz. Links links everywhere). She sold it though. We will give her that. She was also getting quite chummy with someone not her supposed boyfriend, so there is that as well. Carlos however looked so out of his depth and at some points was showing signs of barely contained rage according to our expert. Oh dear. We will be doing a separate post on these two events because according to our expert there is A LOT to sort through.
Back to the past though. There are photos of when they were relatively new and were attending promotional events and he looks anything but impressed. There is a pap op that happened on a boat back in 2017 where Isa is hugging him from behind and he does his thing of only touching her with his middle finger on one hand - something he does when he is anxious. She has most of her body away from him which is a sign she does not want to actually touch him, but paps. Need to get paid. It's his body language that gives him away the most so that could also be another reason why they post being in the same location, but not in the same photos.
It's also been noted that since this blogs inception combined with the Brazil rumours they have seriously stepped up their PR game. The amount of asks we have gotten in just the last week is proof that we are not the only ones who have noticed. This is because as we have stated before that high profile talent have PR teams that scour socials to see who is saying what about them and act accordingly. It's why we put that little message to Isa in Post 2 - we know it will get back to her in some capacity. The fact they have gone so hard in short little time? Tells us we are DEFINITELY on the money.
So ultimately, Isa controls the PR relationship narrative, Carlos just does what he is told. Even with them doing two separate events in the same 24 hour period is a form of PR for them. She actually followed through with some advice we gave! Not saying we had a hand in that because she more than likely already had that organised, but that is exactly what she needs to do - attach her claws into someone else's coattails because Carlos will not get her to where she wants. Carlos does well with people he is comfortable with and they have had more than enough time to sort that out. 6 years! If they can't sell it by now, stepping it up like they have just shows how fake it is. I mean there is 200 of you here now and a lot more traffic than that through the blog so something tells us we aren't the only ones who believe so.
So to summarise all 4 posts in a short paragraph - Carlos can sell it with people he loves and is happy with. She is a mess, but controls the PR relationship aspect. He's in it as much as she is. What does he get out of it? People off his case like the crazies and keeps sponsors happy. Otherwise he just wants to focus on driving and for people to leave him be.
So that's it for this series. We do have another series planned, but we will try and keep that short. 🤣
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Pumpkin spice
🎃 Halloween special
Pairing: Gerard x Reader Word count: ~ 3 000 Genre: Fluff / Comfort Warning: Light fake knife fight (fake knives, no blood) Summary: Gerard gets a job at the mall with (y/n).
Tumblr media
“You’re still such an idiot,” I shake my head to myself as I light a cigarette. “When I tell you that I can handle things, it means that I can handle things.” Gerard rolls his eyes and takes the lighter from my hand; even after blowing a drag of his own cig, he never answers me. “Not going to say anything in response?”
“Sometimes we have nothing to say, (y/n).” He shrugs. “As simple as that.”
“Oh, really?” I raise an eyebrow, leaning back against the tree. “No ‘oh, I see, Imma drop it’? C’mon, I don’t want to drag you into this!”
“You’re not dragging me if I’m tagging along willingly!” Gerard exhales sharply and glares at me. “And you’re not a burden if I’m the one deciding to get involved! I want to be there with you, so I’ll be there with you, huh?”
And to think he really cares. Sometimes it’s difficult someone actually cares whether I’m going to be fine or not – right now, not a lot of people care about how I’m in a rush to gather all the money I need to go to the college I want because I can find everything I want right here in my city or whatever, but it’s never as easy as it seems. Some situations need you to leave everything behind and go somewhere new because you hate being trapped inside this hell while everyone else seems to get free so easily.
Gerard understands me, on the other hand, stupidly enough willing to take me along with him to New York, but as much as I judge it all to be stupid, I don’t fucking know what I would be doing without him. Maybe I wouldn’t even be here. There’s something about how he looks at me as if I was worth something and how I just need to be around him. It’s happening right now. His hazel eyes observe me with so much care behind all of the apparent annoyance and I would go running after him if he decided to just leave, which I always keep in mind even if he would never do this.
“I hate it that I love you.” I sigh, bringing the cigarette to my lips.
“I hate it that I love you,” he breathes, “even if you’re the best that’s ever happened to me.”
We look at each other for a moment, but there’s not really anything showing besides the whole annoyance even if I can feel my heart fluttering and Gerard’s not that cold as a person to not be feeling the same and I know he’s feeling the same because he kisses me back just as lovingly as I kiss him.
The rest of the school day goes by, well, not fast, but more of like a blur. October can be exciting, but also has this weird depressive feeling always following us around. Meeting Gerard outside after the last hour, however, does improve the day.
“Let’s go.” Gerard holds his hand out for mine, pale fingers sticking out of the fingerless gloves.
“Yeah,” I mumble, placing my hand in his with a playful glare. “Y’know, my friends are bugging me that I should go to this halloween party this weekend and take you.”
“Don’t they, like, hate me or something?” He raises an eyebrow at me. “Because I steal you from them or whatever?”
I snort, rolling my eyes. “You’re the backup in case they decide to leave me behind again or something. The only reason why I don’t complain about them leaving me behind in that party last year while I knew no one there is because I met you there, nothing else. But I’m not going, not like any of us likes that kind of thing. And I’m not lowering myself like that after what they did last year.”
“And they’re still called friends, so good ones,” Gerard says sarcastically, twisting his mouth.
“Not actual friends, but…” I shrug. “Whatever, we talk.”
The mall isn’t that far, so the walk isn’t that long.
The best I could get was a part-time job at Spirit Halloween at the mall and, honestly? It’s better than nothing. Gerard didn’t have the same ‘luck’, though.
I run a hand through my hair lightly to make sure it’s alright before I walk to the front of the store again then out of it. It’s only been a week, but it’s enough to have the whole Spirit Halloween glow to wear off with how I have to tell stupid people to stop messing with things if they’re not up to paying for whatever they damage and also hear weird comments about how the store works for the devil every two seconds, without considering the amount of pick me girls I have to deal with.
Of course, there are the positive sides, which include me having discounts, so I did take a few things, items that are generally just goth and punk instead of the wear-once-in-a-year thing, but the best of it all may be when the store is going slow and the cafe across the store is also going slow because then Gerard and I can hang out.
“You look ridiculous, you have no idea.” I look at Gerard from head to feet, observing how weirdly the purple and orange striped apron looks on him as he approaches. As a bonus, his polo shirt is also a vibrant orange.
“Aw, really?” He raises his eyebrows lightly and leans back against the wall along with me. “Can you go on for a day without telling me about it? I mean, it’s not like you look good in that apron either, but–”
“No, you’re not allowed to complain about me because at least I don’t look like a weird pumpkin, y’know?” I chuckle. “I still can wear my usual clothes under this thing.” Gerard glares at me, eyebrows furrowed. “I still love you, don’t worry, you’re a very beautiful pumpkin! If you were in a pumpkin patch, I’d choose you!”
Gerard giggles, cheeks gaining a light red tone. “That’s stupid!”
“Whatever you say, pumpkin,” I tease and can’t help but to internally melt at how he giggles more, shaking his head whilst his eyes drift down. “Want to wander around the store? Just to pass the time.”
A hum comes from Gerard as he narrows his eyes, looking at the cafe for a moment before he nods with a shrug and follows me inside the store.
“I don’t think I actually came here at some point,” Gerard says, “I mean, aside from when we came here for the interview, that is.” He stops walking, observing a few items hanging on the wall, just a lot of random goods varying from bracelets to wigs and clothes.
“No, like, there are actually a lot of nice things.” I smile, grabbing a pair of fingerless gloves with a spiderweb pattern. “The bad part is being tempted to take all of these home, though it’s not as bad as dealing with some customers. Like, there was a woman around some days ago complaining about how the whole store is a work of the devil. She kept crossing herself the whole time. Like, dude, the exit is right there!” I chuckle, vaguely motioning towards the exit and entrance door while putting the gloves back on their place.
Gerard chuckles, too, then gasps. “Oh, fake blood!”
“You always have some of these around, Gerard!” I furrow my eyebrows, placing my hands on my hips.
“But you know how they’re especially cheap during this season.” His bottom lip sticks out in a cute pout. “Or more expensive. I swear I saw some place sell a simple makeup kit for more than fifty dollars.”
“Yeah, but I can fix some of these for you.” I nod towards the flask in his hand and move to grab a few more of it since it’s not like they’ll expire soon and Gerard tends to use a lot, even more with the oncoming Halloween gigs. At least I hope this is the real washable kind of fake blood and doesn’t leave these awful stains behind on clothes.
“Thanks, daddy,” he teases and I can’t help but to immediately snort a laugh .
“Stupid.” I playfully glare at him and make sure the flasks are safe inside my apron’s pocket before we can continue walking, eventually arriving at the fake weapons area.
“(Y/n),” Gerard says with a deep voice and I turn around to see him hold a rubber knife in front of his chest, having a poor attempt of a dark look on. “I’ll give you five seconds before I actually do anything.”
“Oh, true?” I narrow my eyes at him, taking one of the retractile plastic knives from the box in hand.
“This is a dangerous place, (y/n), think well.”
“I know.” I nod. “Everything here can kill you, but I can do it the most efficiently.” I adjust my grip around the knife.
We stare at each other, in silence – or at least as much of silence as it's possible with the spooky music playing in the background and a lot of people walking past the store talking – until I’m lunging at him and he actually squeals instead of fighting back, only starting to clumsily start to fight me after he loses his balance lightly with taking a few steps back, soon falling to his knees.
“Do you give up, coward?” I raise an eyebrow, holding the fake knife to his neck.
“Never!” Gerard exclaims right before gasping with how I pretend to stab his chest and holding back the laughter at watching how he falls back to the ground is absolutely the most difficult ever. No matter what he says, he really was a theater kid in middle school and it fucking shows.
“Uh, excuse me,” a voice catches our attention and we turn to see two people standing there, trying to act as if nothing was happening. “Um, where can I find the makeup? I’m looking for some eyeliner…”
“Oh, right! They’re just down that aisle!” I smile, pointing to the next one. “You can find them next to the lipsticks!”
“Make sure to get liquid eyeliner!” Gerard says from the ground. “And waterproof.”
“Shut up, you’re dead!” I glare, nudging his foot.
“Trust me, they work better!”
A sigh escapes my lips as I shake my head. “Can someone kill him again, please?” I ask no one in particular, making my way over to return the knives to their right places. While the people don’t reply, Gerard laughs loudly whilst bringing himself off the ground. “If I’m fired because of you, I’m setting you on fire!” I laugh too because I just can’t erase the two’s faces from my mind, the way they weren’t even sure whether they should ask something or not, but I was probably the only worker around.
“Ugh,” he sighs with a roll of eyes, approaching me, “can’t even like pretty stones and make a spell that everyone already wants to set you on fire.”
“You’ll save yourself if you really have powers,” I tease and we’re quickly bursting out in chuckles again. We’re too stupid. I smile, cupping his face to bring him in for a kiss – he hums softly against my lips, returning the kiss.
By the end of the day, Spirit is closed and we are the only ones in the cafe. Most of the other stores are already closed and I think only the cinema is actively working right now, with the late night exhibitions. Gerard ended up being in charge of closing the place again and I decided to keep him company – not like I would leave without him, anyways.
I sigh as I sit on the counter, just scrolling through the messages I couldn’t see earlier while Gerard messes with the keys, though a sudden sound coming from the back has both of us looking back at the same time then sharing a look.
“I’ll check it,” he says with a sigh, leaving the keys on the counter on his way to the back.
Everything is fine, quiet for a while, then the lights start flickering on and off. I mean, of course it’s Gerard trying to pull the same prank on me for the thousandth time, but what if it’s not? It’s the fucking mall and this place is cursed sometimes. No, that’s bullshit. I groan, letting my phone down, wondering why he doesn’t just drop it.
“Gerard! Stop messing with the damn lights, it’s not funny!”
At the same time, the lights immediately stop flickering and Gerard’s laughter echoes through the place. “You get scared so easily!”
“Ah hah, so funny!” I scoff. “You gonna end up with the lights burnout and I don’t even work here to have any morals with your boss in case you get in trouble! By the way, I do not scare that easily– Ah!” A scream leaves my mouth and I almost can feel my heart stopping for a moment, but when the fuck did Gerard get right behind me? “Gerard, you goddamn dumbass! Are you trying to kill me?”
“You needed to see your face!” He bends over laughing, holding onto the counter for support, and I know it’s the best to just let him laugh it all out at first because he’ll laugh for even longer if I try to fucking stop him. “No, of course you don’t get scared easily!” He laughs more.
I stare at nothing while waiting for him to stop and I hate how difficult it is not to laugh along with him. Such an idiot, then again, my idiot, above all.
“I love you, okay, I love you,” Gerard chuckles, hugging me from behind, and presses a kiss to my cheek.
“Sure you do.” I hum. “But I love you. And for real, okay?”
“Don’t be evil, you know my love is real, too!” He sniffles, pretending to wipe tears away from his eyes. “Anyways, let’s go! I’m dying to lie down for a bit.” He throws his bag over his shoulder and gets the keys again, offering me his free hand.
Halloween is actually tomorrow, but we decided to make a small gathering today since we’re going to party hard with Frank’s birthday tomorrow, after all. It’s not much different from the normal, honestly, since every weekend we’re at someone’s house to binge watch movies, listen to music together or even gather up before going to a concert if they’re not the ones having a gig.
“What did you get me, (n/n)?” Frank smiles as he scoots closer, sitting beside me on the carpet. “Are you going to buy me a new guitar? Oh, you want to buy me that guitar so bad, (y/n), so bad,” he says, practically having his forehead pressed to my temple and I can’t help but to laugh, leaning back against the couch.
“It’s a surprise.” I smile, pulling him for a hug. “You’re going to find out tomorrow, okay?”
“You’re lucky I like you,” he grumbles, leaning against my side.
“Hey,” Ray says as he walks into the living room. “Isn’t Gerard coming or something?” He looks at Mikey, who sits on the armchair, but he only shrugs.
“I guess he’ll be arriving in a bit,” I say, glancing at the clock on the wall, “he needed to work for longer since he’s got the day off tomorrow and today there are more customers or something. He couldn’t switch to the morning shift like I did.”
“He better be here soon or else he’s not having the cookies.” He exhales, shooting a look at the bowl on the coffee table.
“Mikey made these, he’s just going to spit them out, dude!” Frank rolls his eyes, throwing a hand in the air.
Mikey narrows his eyes as he glares at Frank, arms crossed over his chest. “For your information, my mother helped me with these and I don’t remember ever preparing something bad, okay? You’re just an asshole.”
Frank sticks his tongue out at Mikey and whatever answer he has ready to pop out is interrupted by the door swinging open and letting the cold wind get in for seconds before it’s closed again. Gerard stands there, hair all messy and face half hidden under his scarf. “Pumpkin spice latte, anyone?” He smiles, holding out the cup holder with six cups in it, which already makes me think about the possible fight for the last cup in case the coffee is actually good.
“Thank hell, dude!” Ray grins as he takes the cup holder from Gerard to put it on the coffee table – everyone immediately reaches for it. I wrap my hands around the cup. It’s still nicely warm.
“There were even more customers than we had planned,” Gerard says a bit out of breath. His boots are left aside and he hangs his coat and scarf before joining us. “But I’m still making some extra money from this, so…”
“Pumpkin,” I tease, earning myself a glare, but it doesn’t last for long since he’s placing his bag on the couch and changing his shirt to another one he pulls out of it – he usually changes before leaving the cafe, but he certainly didn’t have the time to today.
He sighs, shooing Frank away so he can take his seat. “What did I miss?”
“Aside from Frank torturing everyone just to know what we’re getting him for his birthday?” Mikey asks, twisting his mouth bitterly at the suspiciously nice look Frank shoots him. “No, nothing, really. I’m starting to think we should’ve done this at Ray’s place and not invited Frank or anything instead of meeting in Frank’s place because it was like cutting our own throats.”
“You’re uninvited to my party!” Frank almost cuts Mikey off.
“It’s not gonna be a party, it’ll just be us eating and drinking until we pass out!” Mikey snaps back and the two seem to be the only ones taking it seriously because Gerard, Ray and I can’t stop laughing.
“Tired?” I raise an eyebrow at Gerard, pressing a kiss to his cheek and reaching a hand to try to fix his hair at least a little.
“No, not really.” Gerard shakes his head, smiling. “I was just excited to come over, that’s it.” He raises his eyebrows lightly as his eyes land on the bowl in the coffee table and immediately takes a handful of the cookies.
Mikey and Frank continue bickering in the background while Ray puts on a movie, but the two eventually fall silent as soon as the movie’s name shows on the screen in classic horror letters. I sigh softly, leaning comfortably against Gerard – he looks at me with a smile, pecking my lips.
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Betelgeuse Above The Horizon
Pairing: Cordelia Goode x Fem Reader
Request: “don’t cry” and “this is all my fault” for delia x reader?
Summary: reader comforts Cordelia after she failed to rescue Queenie from the Cortez
A/N: thank you to the anon who requested this <3 I hope you’ll like it. No warnings ; this is your typical hurt/comfort fic
Word count: ~ 3 000
You closed the back door behind you as gently as you could. It was a hot summer night, and most of the girls slept with their windows open. No one liked to be awakened at 2:30 am.
You looked up at the clear sky and flashed a wistful smile at the stars. The moon had set half an hour ago and there was a perfect spot behind the greenhouse that blocked most of the city lights. You walked quickly, the cool grass tickling your bare feet, clutching a pillow to your chest.
You had been suffering from insomnia for the past couple years. Some nights were fine, but there were others when thoughts would keep buzzing and buzzing in your head and sleep would elude you entirely. So on those nights, you had taken to study the stars.
It was beautiful, looking up at the darkest time of night to see the twinkling, jeweled immensity of the sky. It soothed your heart.
You had barely got any sleep in the past week. Too many thoughts. Most of them were about Cordelia. Yet again tonight you had lain in your bed turning and tossing and seeing her face behind your eyelids, remembering something she had said to you today, or how close her hand had been to yours when she had put her empty glass in the sink. You were falling hard for your Supreme and it was driving you crazy.
You had contemplated making a move a few days ago, but rather quite abruptly changed your mind. For Cordelia had come back alone from the Hotel Cortez.
She had been gone longer than expected. When one of the girls came into your room to tell you Miss Cordelia was finally home, you all but ran downstairs to welcome her. When you reached the landing of the stairs it dawned on you that the girl had not mentioned Queenie. A feeling of dread settled in your chest, and expanded when you took one look at Cordelia. Her shoulders were slumped, her face pale and sad. She looked so exhausted you were afraid she might collapse where she stood, so you rushed to her and laid one hand on her shoulder for support and comfort. She met your gaze briefly, and your heart broke at the sadness and shame you could see in her eyes.
Cordelia was always so strong. So brave and so powerful. She was the last light to shine when everything else had succumbed to darkness. To see her look so defeated did not only sadden you; it felt terribly wrong.  
Zoe walked in with a bright smile on her face and sang, “Welcome back Queenie!” She had meant no harm, of course, had not yet realized. Cordelia’s face fell, and so did Zoe’s. Your grip on Cordelia’s arm tightened.
Cordelia lowered her eyes. Her chin trembled. Then she glanced back up at Zoe, eyes watering, and shook her head.
She did not say much, merely asked if she was needed for anything before she announced she had sleep to catch up on. You followed her up to her room without thinking, stopped awkwardly in her doorway. She turned back to look at you, patiently waiting, and your heart broke again at the sadness that was her smile.
“Er, is there anything I can do… ?”
She shook her head. Her hair was duller than usual and looked thinner around her tired face.
“Thank you, Y/N.”
You clutched your pillow tighter as you walked along the greenhouse, and sighed. There had been a constant, dull ache in your heart ever since Cordelia’s return, that you could not get rid of. It tinted everything you did, thought and felt, covered the world in a clear, grey light like the light in winter and lent it sadness. You flashed another wistful smile at the stars.  
You rounded the corner of the greenhouse and suddenly stopped. A light was on, and you could just see the shape of a woman sitting among the plants. You heard a voice, too, a faint mumble, and a few notes of mellow jazz music.  
You hesitated, stroking your chin on the top of the pillow as you stared at the shape. It was barely visible, but your heart recognized it.
You set the pillow down by the door and walked into the greenhouse.
Cordelia raised her head at the sound of your footsteps. Her eyes were red as if she had been crying. You offered her a smile as you walked up to her.
“Hey,” you said.
“Hey there.” The smile she gave you in return had none of its usual warmth. If anything, it made her look sadder still. “You’re up late.”
You shrugged. “So are you.”
She was leaning over a green plant in a pot, her fingers distractedly stroking one of the long drooping leaves. You gestured towards it.
“What’s this?”
Cordelia took a long time to answer. “A friend of mine once told me she thought those leaves have healing properties. That they could soothe, any kind of ache.” She paused, swallowed. When she spoke again her voice was higher and trembling slightly. “I tried brewing them in multiple ways, but all I can make out of them is bad tea.”
“Um,” was all you could answer. The sadness in her voice was like a slap in your face. Again it hit you, how wrong it was, how terribly wrong it felt. Shame and defeat should never have anything to do with Cordelia.
You dug your fingers in your arm to stop yourself from pulling her into your arms.
“It’s too bad that friend of mine isn’t here anymore,” Cordelia went on. Her hand tugged at the leaf, so hard you thought it would tear. “Misty, was her name.”
“Where is she?” you asked carefully.
Cordelia lifted her head as she gave a sad, almost cruel, little laugh. Her eyes briefly met yours, big and dark and lost.
“Why, she’s dead. Another girl I couldn’t save.” Cordelia slammed her hands on the table, making you jump. “Another girl I failed. You know, sometimes I do believe my mother was right about me. She would have been able to save them. I know she would.”
You swallowed around the lump in your throat, watching her, at a loss for what to do or say to comfort her. She was your strong rock, she had always been so. Now all you could do was stand still as your heart clenched for her and your brain grappled with words.
Cordelia closed her eyes, forced herself to take a deep breath. She opened her eyes again and gave you another sad smile. A tear rolled down her cheek, which she quickly wiped with shaky fingers.
“I’m sorry,” she said with a sad laugh.
Before you knew it, your hand was extending towards her.
“Come on,” you said. “Come with me.”
Cordelia’s eyes widened in surprise. She looked like she was about to protest, but then her hand slipped into yours. You gave her fingers a squeeze, the warmth of her skin spreading all the way to your heart and head.
You shut the light in the greenhouse, led Cordelia out and into the starry night. The air outside smelt of grass and of that distinctive, earthly smell that always comes with summer.
You picked up the pillow, and led Cordelia to your usual stargazing spot.
“You know what I do when I can’t sleep?” you asked in a whisper.
You dropped the pillow, gestured for Cordelia to sit down. In the dark her hair glowed faintly. There was a glint of light from the stars in her eyes.
“I watch the constellations.” You smiled, not sure she’d see it, but knowing she would hear it in your voice. “I’ve become quite good at finding them. I could tell you.”
There was a pause, silence only broken by the fastening beat of your heart in your ears. The darkness seemed to have sharpened your senses, for you could feel Cordelia’s presence as if it were hugging your soul.
You waited nervously, until finally came her answer: “I’d love to.”
You beamed.
“Ok ok,” you said, “lie down, use the pillow for your head.”
You lay side by side on the grass. It tickled your neck and ears, and you had to readjust your position several times until you were satisfied. Your arm touched Cordelia’s. You contemplated removing it, chose not to. Cordelia did not move either.
As children do, you pointed out constellations to her, trying to give precise directions but failing miserably. The tightness in your throat relaxed when Cordelia, unable to find Capella, finally let out a genuine laugh.
The touch of her skin against yours was like a fire in your arm, but a fire that causes no pain, only brings warmth.
“Scorpius is my favourite,” you said, tracing your finger over it.  “Especially when it’s so close to the horizon. It looks like the tail of a giant animal hiding behind the Earth.”
Cordelia laughed again. You heard something move, and then felt the warmth of Cordelia’s fingers as they laced with yours. Sparks flew to your head, and your heart purred.
“I didn’t know you were so well versed in astronomy,” Cordelia whispered. “You put your own Supreme’s knowledge to shame.”
You didn’t miss the bitterness in her words, the way her voice wavered slightly at the end of her sentence. You gave her hand a squeeze, and moved your arm so that more of your skin was touching hers. Something warm fizzed in your stomach.
“You know what?” you said suddenly, without thinking. “In all my time of stargazing, I found you in the sky.” You pointed across the sky from Scorpius. “See Orion here? See the bright orange star on the left? That’s Betelgeuse. That’s you.”
Cordelia scoffed sadly. She raised her free hand to wipe her cheek.
“You’re the arm that raises Orion’s weapon,” you told her, a soft, dreamy smile tugging at your lips, “one of the biggest stars we know of, and the day you turn into a supernova – which will only be in a few thousand years, a blink of the eye, mind you – you’ll be visible from Earth even by day. You’ll shine in our sky and everyone will look up at you in wonder.”
There was a pause, as you absentmindedly stroke your thumb over Cordelia’s and grinned at the star, and then a sob burst out of Cordelia, low and painful. You turned to her quickly in confusion.
“Oh, no, no,” you mumbled, propping yourself up on your elbow, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean – oh, please don’t cry.”
Cordelia was swiping at her eyes urgently, probably unwilling to let you, one of her girls, see her in that vulnerable state, but the tears were coming too fast, and her shoulders were shaking with sobs.
That was the last straw. Before you knew it, you had scooted over and she was in your arms, one of your hands coming to rest on her back, the other one running gently in her hair. She didn’t protest, and hid her face in the crook of your neck.
“Poor Queenie,” you heard her say. She wasn’t trying to control herself anymore: her voice came out weak and broken, heavy with guilt. It made tears pool in your own eyes. “She trusted me to get her out of that horrible, satanic hotel. She looked so relieved to see me, so confident, and I… I failed her,” she finished in a breath. You felt her tears on your skin and held her tighter.
“Now she’s trapped for eternity, just as Misty is, because I was too weak to save them. I can  – “ She choked on a sob, let out a pitiful wail that clawed at your heart. “I can f-feel their despair and anguish and it’s all my fault.”
“Hold on, no.” You pulled away a bit too abruptly to look at her, and cupped her face. Her skin was wet and hot under your fingers. It took all of your self-control not to kiss it dry.
When you spoke, your voice was firm and verging on angry. “Now you listen to me. None of it was your fault. Bad things happen all the time, and sometimes they simply cannot be fixed.” You paused to take a breath, stroked your thumb over her cheekbone and caught another tear. “You cannot save everyone, Cordelia. It already means so much that you try.”
“But I – “ Cordelia started. You cut her off.
“And your mother, Cordelia, your mother.” In the dark you rolled your eyes and winced. “I didn’t get to know her, but from what I’ve heard she wouldn’t even have tried to save any of them. She wouldn’t even have cared. “
Again, Cordelia’s mouth opened to protest, but you had had enough. So, without thinking, you leaned in and kissed her silent.
It was nothing more than a peck, a mere touching of lips, but it felt better and sweeter than any kiss you had ever given. You pulled away, baffled by your own action, to blink at Cordelia. Her eyes were wide, mouth slightly opened. It seemed to you she had stopped breathing.
“I – “ you started, but words vanished from your brain.
Cordelia blinked. Another tear rolled down her cheek. You leaned in again, kissed it away. Her skin was soft and warm and smelt like summer.
Slowly, Cordelia tilted her head until her mouth met yours
It seemed to you the world had stopped turning. The stars had frozen in the sky and held their breaths as they watched.
You pressed closer into Cordelia, one of your hands coming down to grip at her arm, the other cupping her cheek, wiping the tears that were still clinging to her skin. Her lips were soft and wet and more intoxicating than the most intoxicating of wines. It made your head spin. Or maybe it was just the world, which had started turning again.    
When Cordelia broke the kiss, you kept your eyes closed for a few seconds, savouring the taste of her still on your lips. Afraid you would open your eyes and find her gone. That had happened so many times before when you had awakened from dreams.
But here she was, her hair a faint halo in the dark, her eyes bigger than the sky, and oh, how your heart swelled when her lips curled up into a soft, fond smile.
You cleared your throat. “Well,” you said, your voice husky. “That was unexpected.”
Cordelia chuckled. She bit her lip, raising one hand to touch your face.
“I’m glad you couldn’t sleep,” she whispered.    
“Um.” You kissed her palm. “Me too.”
For a while you kept silent, staring into each other’s eyes, a goofy smile on both your faces. And then Cordelia’s smile flickered, and here was that sadness again, clouding her eyes.
“Hey,” you whispered, lifting one hand and running the pad of your index over her brow. You leaned in and kissed it until the creases of worry disappeared. You cupped her cheek and smiled at her. “It’ll be okay. None of this pain will last.”
For a moment Cordelia just stared at you, and then she gave one almost imperceptible nod. One of her hands slipped behind your neck to pull you close and plant soft, chaste kisses on your lips. Again, the stars held their breaths. From somewhere far away came the sound of fireworks, or maybe it was just your heart celebrating. Cordelia nibbled at your lower lip and gently licked it, her tongue hot and wet, and she released a breath through her nose that tickled your cheek and sent tingles down your spine.
She closed her eyes and rested her head on the pillow, and you lay yours on her chest, humming contentedly as you listened to her heartbeat. Around you all was quiet. One of Cordelia’s hands absently ran through your hair.
“I’ll visit her once in a while,” Cordelia whispered. “Queenie. To make sure she’s okay, and that there’s nothing more I can do.”
You hummed. “I’ll come with you if you’ll have me.”
Your eyelids were getting heavy with sleep. You pressed your nose against Cordelia’s chest, breathing her in.
“We should stay here and watch the sun rise,” you mumbled after a while.
Cordelia dropped a kiss on your forehead. You kissed her chest in return.
“Even though I may fall asleep,” you added.
She chuckled. “That’s alright. I’ll wake you.”
You lifted your head to look at her. She was staring at Betelgeuse, and she must have felt your gaze, for she tilted her head to meet your eyes. Slowly, like the sun or the moon rising, her soft, warm, glorious smile crept up her lips and chased the sadness from her eyes.
“Here we go,” you grinned, reaching out to caress the corner of her mouth. You propped yourself up and kissed her. “No more tears tonight. Let me love you under the stars.”
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petitelepus · a year ago
His Beloved And More, Part 9 FINAL
Brainstorm tries his last chance to unite with you.
Quick thank you for all you Readers who liked my dark love story! This was a pleasure to post and I’ll focus on my “Detroit Become Human” story, alongside with the requests!
Happy Midsummer everyone! <3
"Tell me Rodimus, why you wanted us to visit this trader comet?" Megatron asked from his co-captain who was munching on a rust stick. The bright red mech glanced at the former warlord and shrugged. "No clue. Brainstorm told us that he had to pick something up from there."
"He has been down lately. More than usual after the liaison's demise." Megatron pointed out and Rodimus picked another stick. "What do you want me to do about it, he hasn't left his habsuite other than to work, and even then he has been playing with lab rats."
"How do you know this and why wasn't I informed?"
Rodimus shrugged, "Didn't know you cared?"
"That I don't care about a mech who build a time machine in order to alter the timeline and possibly kill me in favor of saving a mech he had a crush on? Rodimus, what do you think he would do if he lost a lover, not a crush!"
Rodimus stared at Megatron quietly and after a minute he bit his rust stick. "Scrap. That didn't cross my mind."
"Of course it didn't..."
On the trader comet, Figaro 19-4, Brainstorm had left the crewmates and friends that had insisted on joining him on what appeared like any normal shopping spree, but it was more to the brilliant scientist. When Nautica and Rewind dragged others to look at the alien pets in the display window, Brainstorm left the group and sneaked into the dark alleys of the trader comet.
The flyer looked around, reading the virtual map he had gotten from the darknet, and followed the trail until he stood before a shady door. Brainstorm inserted the key chip he had gotten when he had first shown interest in making a deal with this mech and the door slid open, revealing a wine red con with yellow optics.
"You SpaceBrainiac?" The con asked and the scientist nodded. "That would be me. You must be CopperJack."
"Yeah. You came alone, right?" Jack asked as he looked around the alley as he ushered Brainstorm inside before closing and locking the door.
Ultra Magnus, Rodimus, and Megatron stared at the scene unfolding before their optics at Swerve's bar. Everyone had gathered around this table in the middle of the room and they were shooting questions left and right at this new mysterious femme that none of them had seen before.
Rodimus blinked and rubbed his optics before taking another look like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. A sleek femme bot that had a black and lilac paint job, the yellow cockpit on her chest, wings sprouting from her back, and glasses close to Rung's own over her crimson optics. What Rodimus and others couldn't believe was the similarity.
"She is like a spitting image of liaison," Rodimus whispered, and Megatron and Ultra Magnus nodded beside him. The similarity was almost eery. Suddenly Brainstorm noticed the three mechs and excused him and the femme from the gawking Autobots and friends to bring her to captains and Ultra Magnus.
"Captains and Magnus, I would love to introduce Lunarwing to you!" Brainstorm cheered and pointed at you, "She would love to join our crew if that is okay with you captains!"
"Depends..!" Rodimus scowled and looked at her suspiciously. "Were you a Decepticon who had a change of Spark and are now looking for a meaning all around the universe?"
"Not as far as I can remember." You replied and the Autobots glanced at each other before looking at you again. "You don't know if you were Decepticon or Autobot?"
"Oh no, I remember being in war... I just can't recall my position..." You murmured but then you brightened up and wrapped your arms around Braintorm's arm. "But I remember Brainstorm and how he makes me feel safe!"
The flier followed the Decepticon into the dark halls until they came to an open space, filled with rows and rows of Cybertroanians' frames in comatose. Jack laughed and motioned the scientist to approach them. "You came for a living sex doll, didn't you? Well, here is my warehouse! Take a look if you want, they're all first-class frames!"
"So you said all these bots and cons are prisoners from the time during the war?" Brainstorm asked as he took in the frames frozen in time and tried one's servos. They showed no signs of being damaged or treated badly. They were as good as the day they were back then when they were shipped into front lines.
"Well, after my squad got there it became 'lost in war'." The con revealed and laughed, "They were captured by high ranking Decepticons and trusted my squad to take them to Grindcore. You know, the prison camp? Ever heard of it?"
How could he had not heard of it? It was the very same camp they took his beloved Quark to. Brainstorm grunted, memories of his beloved hunting him, just like memories of you did. The scientist nodded grimly. "I've heard of it."
"Honestly, I did these guys a favor! That camp was a deathtrap! Now they can live!"
"As someone's sex doll?" Brainstorm asked and glanced at the con. The violet mech shrugged and stopped smiling. "Life is tough. It doesn't matter if they are aware of it. Now, are you picking one or should I kick you out?"
There was a clear warning in the mech's tone that Brainstorm didn't miss. The flier shook his head and the con grinned again. "No harm, no foul. Pick one that pleases the optic most."
Brainstorm nodded and walked down the lines of war prisoners. He looked at each one carefully, but none were pleasing him as he would have liked to. Too tall, too small, too thin, too thick. Nothing pleased him enough to buy... Until he came upon this gorgeous femme's frame and when he looked at her face he saw you. The brilliant scientist blinked in shock and turned to look at the Decepticon selling the frames.
"How much is she?" He asked and the con chuckled. "Aah, the good old femme fatale. She costs 30 000 Shanix."
Just about how much Brainstorm had. The flier nodded and gave the seller a chip filled with the Shanix needed. The con checked the chip and nodded, pleased with the currency that switched owners. The purple mech flicked his hand and long needless that mnemosurgeons used to alter their patients' minds and more sprung out from the tips of his fingers. "Mind to give me info on what you want?"
Brainstorm nodded and picked up a little note that had everything he wanted from the shady Decepticon. The con took the note and read it over before giving hie looked at the scientist, "You seriously want your toy to have its own mind? They can go and fall for someone else than the master, aka you, if you let them wander."
"She." Brainstorm corrected the con with a weak glare, "And she has every right to do what she wants with the memories and personality I gave you."
"Okay," The con nodded and sank the needless into the back of the femme's neck, "Just so you know, it's your funeral."
The captains accepted Brainstorm's story about you, though alarmed but the scientist knew they had no evidence about his plans, both failed and successed. As soon as they left you two alone you looked at your lover with your bright crimson optics gleaming behind your glasses.
"Yes my beloved?"
"I don't remember much... But I feel like I've always known you." You confessed to Brainstorm and the scientist smiled behind his mask as he took your hands into his, "I know and I just want you to know that I love you also."
You smiled and leaned in to kiss his mask's edge before pulling back with an honest and loving smile. "I really do love you." You confessed and Brainstorm smiled.
Deep down the brilliant scientist knew that he had to let you go... Or, your memories of Earth and everything that happened at least. He did donate your personality to the comatose femme and make you love him once again but this time he wouldn't let anything or anyone come between you two. After all, this was all for the sake of love.
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sword-dad-fukuzawa · a year ago
3 for the meta asks!!
Meta Asks
3. What is that one scene that you’ve always wanted to write but can’t be arsed to write all of the set-up and context it would need? (consider this permission to write it and/or share it anyway)
Well, as it happens, I have one such scene written! Warnings for mildly gory thoughts because Jiang Cheng happens to have a lot of pent up rage and aggression. This is supposed to be in the feral cats 'verse (with all the warnings that entails lmao) but I never got the motivation to flesh out the fic I had planned around this scene.
“I’ll kill you,” says Jiang Cheng hoarsely.
His teeth are mere inches from Wei Wuxian’s throat. He could do it. He could lean forward, cross the space between, and tear at those fragile veins pulsing so close to the surface of his skin. He wants to, he wants to so badly he can already taste Wei Wuxian’s blood in his mouth and feel it running down his chin. Let him sink his teeth into his brother’s throat, oh God, because he wants it more than he’s ever wanted anything.
But Xue Yang’s shadowy restraints are firm and unyielding. Jiang Cheng can’t cross that divide no matter how he struggles, and Wei Wuxian looks at him with a wide-eyed expression of hurt. Good. He knows that Jiang Cheng means it.
“Don’t make a decision you’ll regret,” Xue Yang says lowly, and Jiang Cheng has just enough leeway to turn his head slightly. He glares at Xue Yang, who glares right back at him with a fierce, unyielding expression.
“I do what I damn well please,” Jiang Cheng breathes. Summoning all of his considerable strength, he tears at the restraints made of resentful energy. They’re made of grief and anger and bitterness, aren’t they? All the failures and the regrets and the terrible, heart-wrenching agony of living.
Old friends, Jiang Cheng thinks grimly, and for the first time in his life, grasps hold of those emotions and pulls.
It’s the closest he’s ever gotten to demonic cultivation. But it pays off, and the restraints loosen for just a moment. He sees Wei Wuxian’s red eyes widen, sees Xue Yang stumble backward in surprise, as he lunges forward. He doesn’t even have Sandu at the ready. Zidian is too slow. All he has are his teeth and the burning, incoherent rage he feels, that he’s felt since Wei Wuxian toppled off the Burial Mounds so many years ago.
But at the last moment, he reconsiders. Jiang Cheng can’t say why. Maybe it’s the astonished, frightened look in Wei Wuxian’s eyes. Maybe it’s the inarticulate cry of frustration from Xue Yang, so utterly out of character. Hell, for all he knows, it’s the way the sun glances off the lake at the last second, blinding him slightly. Whatever it is, Jiang Cheng’s teeth snap shut just before the skin of Wei Wuxian’s neck and instead he twists forward, throwing his entire body weight behind his fist. He punches Wei Wuxian so hard there’s an audible cracking noise, throwing his head to the side and sending both of them stumbling.
Jiang Cheng’s knuckles sting in an entirely too satisfying way as he drags himself upright. He’s breathing heavily, like he’s just finished some long, harrowing race. He looks at Wei Wuxian and flexes his hand once, twice, just to make sure the knuckles are still working properly.
“You’re so fucking righteous,” he growls, and punches him again.
Jiang Cheng knows on an intellectual level that Wei Wuxian is a Devastation-level ghost king who can probably teleport out of the way of his silly mortal punches. He knows, then, that Wei Wuxian is allowing himself to be hit. And he knows that Wei Wuxian is exactly the sort of self-deprecating bastard to genuinely accept that getting hit is his due.
This does not pacify Jiang Cheng. In fact, this makes him want to punch him harder.
But he’s gotten in two very sizable down payments on the debt that Wei Wuxian owes him for breaking too many promises to count, and so after the second punch, Jiang Cheng lets himself stagger and fall on his ass in the dirt. His knuckles hurt, because Wei Wuxian has an unreasonably bony jaw.
“I hate you,” he tells Wei Wuxian, because he feels like it needs to be said. But it comes out more exhausted than vitriolic. He feels so, so tired, down to the bone.
Wei Wuxian, rubbing at his jaw with a slightly dazed expression, nods. “I didn’t expect any less,” he admits absently, and Jiang Cheng suddenly finds he absolutely has the motivation to get back up from the ground, lunge forward, and grab the collar of Wei Wuxian’s robes in his good hand.
“Then why,” he spits, full of a wild rage even he doesn’t understand, “did you come back?”
Why did you come back late? Why did you come back dead? Wei Wuxian, you son of a bitch, why didn’t you ever ask me for help back then?
Wei Wuxian’s hazy red eyes seem to focus on him then, and Jiang Cheng is subjected to his serious, deadset expression. But then he smiles, ruining it—because Wei Wuxian’s smile hasn’t changed a bit since they were children.
He still shines like the sun.
“Jiang Cheng, didn’t you know?” Wei Wuxian asks, his voice light and teasing somehow. “Lotus Pier is my home.”
Jiang Cheng finds, upon hearing this, that there’s a lump in his throat he desperately tries to swallow down.
“Wei Wuxian,” he curses, and looks away.
He’s not crying. He’s not. He’s the sect leader of Yunmeng Jiang and—
And he’s had a long day, and his brother is still dead even if he’s somehow standing right there, and he’s going to commit a murder. At least one murder. And Xue Yang will help him because he is definitely extracting recompense for that stunt with the restraints.
Jiang Cheng is not crying, and so he buries his face in his sleeve to hide the fact that he is not, in fact, crying.
Blessedly, Wei Wuxian doesn’t say anything. But Xue Yang has no such tact. He walks over, and Jiang Cheng can tell it’s him by the light, skittering way he walks.
“Jiang Wanyin, how did you break out of Xinyi’s restraints?” he asks.
Jiang Cheng doesn’t reply. But he hears a quiet thunking sound and a grunt of pain from Xue Yang.
“I stopped him from killing you,” Xue Yang retorts, presumably in response to getting whacked.
“Leave him be,” says Wei Wuxian, and the tenderness in the words nearly makes Jiang Cheng get back up to punch him again—sore knuckles be damned—but Xue Yang lets out such an obnoxious snort that he chokes on a wet laugh instead.
“‘Leave him be, Xue Yang,’” parrots Xue Yang in a high-pitched voice. “‘Save me from Jiang Wanyin, Xue Yang. Explain your Skull-Piercing Nails, Xue Yang. Lick my—”
Then there’s a sound like fabric rustling and Xue Yang is making muffled shrieking noises. The next thing Jiang Cheng hears is an indignant yelp from Wei Wuxian and the distinct, delighted sound of Xue Yang’s laughter.
“He bit me!” cries Wei Wuxian. “Are you—is he your guard dog?”
Jiang Cheng sighs, long and loud, and lifts his face carefully from his sleeve. “Down, Xue Chengmei,” he says, and Xue Yang smirks at him in a distinctly cat-like way.
Wei Wuxian squawks in outrage and Jiang Cheng, hearing that familiar sound, feels boneless and light. There’s a weight off his shoulders that he’d never noticed was there. Like he can breathe again.
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royadventures · 6 months ago
march 12th, 2022--11:05am
previous log
we're seeing astro tomorrow... how does any of this make any sense 😭
on march 9th, Dami, T and i planned to meet up with someone we met at a chicken restaurant. we went to have pho (which i couldnt eat, cause i was fasting T.T gosh, i miss out on a lot of good foods these days because of that but it's okay ♡) and then T had to leave us while we went to the han river and then hongdae. we didn't stay at the han river for long, but it was busy and pretty ! it was a holiday that day because of the election :]
in hongdae, we went to a twosome place for me to start eftar and so Dami and chicken boy could have some coffee. i had a royal milk tea smoothie and it was good! but again, a twosome place do be expensive 😭
we tried to go where Dami, T and i went last time in hongdae and had that great meal, but there was no room to sit, so chicken boy took us to a chicken place! i think the chicken there was honestly the best i've had so far--the skin was so perfectly crunchy!
we then went to an arcade where i was so tired out since Dami and chicken boy just didn't want to leave. after that, i mentally clocked out as we trailed home, only after chicken boy found another game to play in the street (balloon darts!) and won teddy bears for Dami and i. glad i have something to hug to sleep, but she do be very firm.
we went straight home and thank god for that--it was a tiring and draining day.
on march 10th, i had a chill day. my classes drained me and T had to meet her buddy in the evening, so i kept myself company by going to the convenience store for some ramen (i bought bibimyeon, which Meiqi, an artsci friend, recommended, but it wasn't the most enjoyable thing for me.) and rice. then i was like... the weather is so nice! and i walked around the neighbourbood for a bit. caught this [polluted] view on the way!
Tumblr media
back at home, i had my eftar and when T got back, we went to the main street near our house to find something to do. we mostly went to a few stores and then to karaoke! it was a 연습장 karaoke, which meant it had mic stands! but it was still cheap, since its a coin karaoke ^-^ ₩5,000 for 15 songs--cheaper than the one in Busan but more spacious!
these were the final scores! and i got that 100 after singing ex by stray kids. of course i got 99 on the racket boys ost >.<
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yesterday, march 11th, T and i went to the han river again because the weather was nice. we walked around for a bit before going to hyundai mall. it's a very very luxurious, high-end mall where there's even someone holding the door open for you.. i just know my mom and aunt would love it there. it has 6 floors!
i had to leave in a hurry then return in search of pads since i got my period--pads here are way too expensive and of such poor quality :c i should've brought more from home! it was around ₩8, 000 for maybe 10 pads?
we returned to the han river and rented a tandrm bike for 2 people. ₩6, 000 for an hour which is super reasonable ! it hurt a lot but was super fun!! a bucket list item crossed off: biking by the han river! but i recommend getting single bikes over the tandem ,, we just had to try it tho heh.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
we had some candied strawberry (i forget the name) but it was super pricey (₩8, 000 for 2) and way cheaper in hongdae (₩6, 000 for 3). i noticed there were no prices written on stalls anywhere, so the vendors could've literally told us any price they wanted. i was worried they bumped up the price because we were foreigners, but oh well!
we also had the classic ramen by the han river, but it was so busy and people were so loud, i felt anxious and uncomfortable. we had to eat on the ground because all the picnic tables were taken, and as good as it tasted, it was kinda pricey for a pretty bad meal (₩11, 000). i was glad to leave.
we met Dami on the subway home and had some bingsu!! we tried matcha this time and i loved it. it's definitely a favourite for me and preferable over the mango.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
anyways, today we're supposed to go to myeongdong to get T an astro lightstick for tomorrow. she's supposed to come shower this morning so i havent left my room yet and forced myself awake at 9am even though i slept at 3am, but she hasnt replied to my texts so i think i'll put on some clothes and go for a walk!
+ some photos of my room in case you were curious. i hang up my clothes there because theres no dryer !
Tumblr media Tumblr media
next log
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katiea03 · a year ago
Tumblr media
❣︎Order #4~ Rum Cupcackes ❣︎
❣︎Menu Here❣︎
❣︎Warnings❣︎: Cursing, Alcohol (and the mentions of sex once)
❣︎A/n❣︎: I’m finally back!!! It’s been like a month but that’s okay! Hope you enjoy this bit of crack byeeeee ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You adjust your black slip dress as you walk down the street silently cursing yourself for wearing the most painful shoes in your entire closet. But at least you looked hot. You swing open the bar door and look into the dimly lit room to see Yachi and Kiyoko already there and saving a table for you.
The girls stand up as you come to the table squealing in excitement. There’s a mix of hugs and kisses on the cheek before you all sit down together.
“Suga and Daichi aren’t here yet?” You place your small handbag besides you.
Yachi leans forward on the table. “No not yet, but I think they will be here soon.” You all begin to make small talk; asking about work and how everything has been as if you guys didn’t text almost every day anyway. There’s a small silence that lingers as you guys wait for the drinks as you wait when Kyoko finally asked,
“So do you wanna talk about the whole thing with the strawberry shortcake guy?” You lean back in the cold leather seat crossing your legs and arms.
“Honestly no, that guy ghosted me after making me think we really had something. I came out here tonight to forget about him, and his stupid strawberry shortcakes.” The waiter comes back with the drinks and with a small thank you, you quickly swallow your drink.
“Fuck him.”
“Yea fuck him!... Who are we cursing out again?” Sugawara and Daichi slide into the booth you guys are in.
Yachi whispers to Suga not so discreetly, “Strawberry shortcake guy.”
Suga slams his hands on the table, “ Yea fuck that guy! Lets chop his dick off!”
Daichi smacks his chest lightly, “Babe, lower your voice.”
“So why were you late?”
Suga leans back against Daichi, “We had something to take care of.” He gives the girls ‘the look’ and they knew. Small giggles were shared and Daichi looked away embarrassed
You laugh and order another round. This was going to be a very long night.
Who knows how many drinks later and everyone, other than Daichi is some level of drunk. Most of the night is trying to hold Yachi back from dancing on the bar table and trying to get Suga to lower his voice. After enough pulling, Kiyoko manages to get Yachi to stay seated.
“I- I just don't know why he wouldn’t call me you know… I’m hot, funny, and smarttt. I own a very successful business for fucks sake!” You wail over another drink leaning against Suga’s shoulder.
“Yea! He’s just a prick. Just forget him!” He harshly pats your head.
Yachi turns to you, and gives you a deadpan expression. “Bitch you just met him. How are you gonna cry over a dude you don’t even know”
“Don’t be mean Yachi! Heartbreak is heartbreak no matter how small!” Suga goes to take another sip from his almost empty glass when he notices a guy across the room.
“Oh my god guys, HOTTIE ALERT! That man over there talking with the guy in blue jeans. Mannn he's really cute, but he’s probably straight.” Suga’s words are slurred by this point but not inaudible.
“Babes, that’s Daichi… You know, you’re boyfriend?” Kiyoko looks back concerned.
Suga looks again and lazily smiles, “Oh yeaaaaa. I love him you know! We just moved in together. It’s really stressful but the sex is great!”
Daichi looks over and parts ways with the guy he was talking to and comes up to the table.
“Babe I want at least 3 kids I hope you know!” Suga grabs Daichi's arm.
“But you hate kids?” He looks down at Suga amused.
Suga pulls away to look up at Daichi and mumbles something, “yeaaa but kids with you wouldn’t be so bad!” Suga stands up and clings to him lovingly.
Daichi looks at the rest of you and decides everyone has had enough for one night.
It was a struggle to say the least but he somehow managed to get you three drunk girls, plus Suga, home safe.
“Now nobody leave, and just go to sleep okay?”
Suga peaks out from behind Daichi, “Oooo, what are those?”He points to your kitchen countertop.
“Rummm cupcakes!” You slur out.
“Oh-oh-oh I want one!” He goes to reach for one but Daichi pulls him back,
“No! No more alcohol! We’re leaving now, goodnight ladies. Stay safe!”
You girls wave goodbye and Daichi locks the door behind him.
You all sit there for a while talking about who knows what. Yachi threw up and you were crying about how pretty your friends were.
A good two hours later they only slightly sobered up. You all were splayed randomly amongst your living room floor, you sit up and ask,
“So what’s married life like Kiyoko?”
There’s a long pause before she answers “Honestly, it isn’t easy… I love Tanaka with all that I am, but being married so young is a lot harder than it looks. No one told us that the minute you say ‘I do’, all these crazy responsibilities pop up and suddenly it feels like you’re 20’s are gone… but I don’t regret it. I just think about it sometimes…” Kiyoko dazes off a bit and lazily smiles, “but what about you guys?”
Yachi stops spinning on the computer chair and lays her head in her palm.
“I can’t even see myself getting married. I can’t even be in a serious relationship for too long. I'm too anxious of them leaving, so it's just easy to not let any of them get on close. Oh my gosh… I‘m turning into my fucking mother!”
Both girls comfort her in unison, “ No you’re not!”
“I’m gonna die alone!” Yachi yells out before joining the girls on the floor.
With her head in her hands,” Your turn Y/n.”
Y/n sat there for a moment, trying to collect her thoughts despite the drowsy and spinning buzz within her. “ I don't know, I guess I’m just scared I’ll never know what true love really feels like.”
You’ve had a couple s/o’s through your life but could never truly say you were in love, hence why they never lasted. Your mind wandered back to Tsukishima. You knew you were crazy for being hung up on a guy you had barely even known. But as you reminisced on that night in the bakery, your heart swelled.
That warm and oh-so comforting feeling felt real again, no you knew you weren’t crazy. Something special was there. You awake from the daze you landed into to see Kiyoko and Yach lying down looking like they are about to pass out.
“I should text him right?”
Kiyoko leans her head back and mumbles something of a ‘do it girl’ and all Yachi does is give you a wonky thumbs up before they both pass out.
You were gonna give that man a piece of your mind!
You woke up with probably one of the worst headaches in your life. But at least the room wasn’t spinning anymore. You sit up to see Yachi and Kiyoko still asleep. You look around for your phone and open it. It opens to your messages and your whole body cringing within itself and there’s nothing you want to do more than just dig yourself a hole and die.
“Fucking shit!”
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Tumblr media
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Thelreads, Vigilantes 51, Replies Part 1
1) “And oh boy, it seems like its time for the guest heroes to save the day. Really, what the fuck was McBee even thinking with that one?”- He was thinking he’d be able to rely on the Deathtrap design of the murder Dome to lock everybody inside it and Isolate CC from reinforcements at the same time, since it seems that CC is the only hero that has the necessary combination of stable flight and super-strength enhancement to keep the dome stabilised when the supports get damaged- and it’s kinda telling of how powerful CC actually is that it takes something on this scale to force him to utilise enough of his quirk that his main body is vulnerable.
Granted, the prerequisite for this entire situation was that he’d be able to lure CC out alone before the other heroes could interfere, but perhaps he had some plan in mind to achieve that- and he lucked out anyway, but it doesn’t really hide the fact that, meticulously as he’s crafted this plan to weaken CC, he is nevertheless flying by the seat of his pants to pull it off so successfully up to this point.
Well, at least everybody that can fly, that is.:-  Sadly, Tensei isn’t high enough on the hero board to have the necessary clout to craft a plan of attack with people who outrank him, despite having significant leadership skills and good coordination with his many sidekicks, but luckily, it seems teamwork is another specialty of the soon-to-be deadest Jeanist in the house- which makes sense when you consider that his resent incarnation was depicted as attempting to mould Bakugou into a cooperative team player when he interned under him
3) “YES, PLEASE, CHECK OUTSIDE. HOW DIDN’T Y’ALL ALREADY DONE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? THERE’S LIKE, THREE PEOPLE HERE THAT CAN FLY. I can understand the ones that can’t fly staying behind, but the ones that do should already be out trying to check what’s happening, considering how many villains we have roaming the streets.”- On the other hand, none of them know that there’s currently a fight going on in the skies outside the dome, with CC last having been seen inside the interior, and none of them having witnessed the explosion that gave him his exit window, odds are they probably assume he’s somewhere still inside the building, and thus none of them know they’re needed outside- plus the fact that they can’t communicate with him right now, it’s taking them a few minutes to re-contextualise their current situation from ‘natural disaster’ to ‘imminent ongoing terror attack’, until Scarface makes thing really obvious with his EMP attack
4) “Alright, the other remaining Nomu showed up, and I’m already am not sure what he’s gonna do besides the fact it won’t be good.”-Well, he killed the Wifi, so now we’re mere seconds away from a full-blown mass panic in the Murderdome.
5) “Ragdoll, why are you looking so happy?! They just down the internet with an EMP pulse, this is time to be freaking out you know!?”- Heroes always keep a smile on during the worst of moments after all… that, or her face is just Like That.
6) “Yeah guys, is it time to go outside and check what’s going on or are y’all still gonna be sitting around for a few more minutes trying to figure out what the next step is? No hurry there, we just have a hero being murdered, no biggie”-Well, Jeanest certainly believes in having a plan of attack, and luckily for CC, Koichi already has a plan: Attack
7) “Anyone interrupting the fight you say? Anyone like the 10 or so heroes that are just a few meters up from said fight? Two of which can fly and at least one of which could completely immobilize the Nomu without much trouble? Is that what you’re saying McBee? Those interruptions you say? Because I doubt that after an EMP pulse knocked-down every electronic in the building they ain’t gonna rush outside to check if it isn’t a villain.”- Not like they can if they want to, since the point of the EMP pulse was more to lock the exits and activate the in-built murder features in the dome than it was to obscure communication and prevent others finding out what’s happening. 
Kuin might have wanted to avoid a large-scale spectacle and specialised in not being seen or heard, and preventing anybody understanding that she was present in many of the crisis she caused, but Scarface is all about the exact opposite, having a loud and dramatic fight scene worthy of the big screen, and his only concern is making sure there’s no unplanned interruptions before the climatic hero’s death scene. Pity he forgot the background character of Koichi….
8) “You know what, can somebody just call OSHA? Those people are out to just kill as many people are possible it seems”- It seems that, because of the lack of traditional comic-book supervillain lairs and their accordingly poor health and safety standards, the workers who would have helped build those shoddy death-trap buildings have instead been commissioned to help build many urban areas and buildings, which might explain why so many of them get easily destroyed in fights with villains.
9) “No Best Deadnist, McBee is not even the one getting credit for this one, there’s some civil engineer or architect that is a double agent for the villains and is just subtly designing things as to make sure the biggest amount of people will die in case of an emergency.”- Whilst he definitely planned around utilising the poor OSHA standards of the Murderdome against the heroes, I do wonder how Scarface ever would have planned to circumvent CC’s defences if he didn’t have a 300 ton building he could drop on his head that he could also conveniently lock every nearby hero in the vicinity inside of at the same time. Really, there’s luck, and then there’s this plan, which has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. It’s a miracle it’s going so well.  
10) “This is not the time for puns Best Deadnist, this place is under attack, I think its time to send everybody that can fly outside, even if you have to blow a hole on the wall to get there.”-It’s kinda weird how they changed his hero name from ‘Death Arms’ to Desutegoro, to accommodate the electricity-style pun in his original hero name, because it honestly sounds worse off now. But yeah, puns and wordplay are just a thing Jeanist does, he can’t help himself any more than Bakugou can stop being an explosively-tempered teenager.
11) “The “Worst case scenario” mentioned meaning, of course, that he’s already dead. The same way that the rest of them will be a few minutes.”- Yeah, if CC bites it, then pretty much everybody in the dome who can’t fly or easily exit to the outside is shortly going to follow him. Man’s literally got 50 000+ lives riding on his shoulders, and I have to say, whilst it’s no Kamino, this is nonetheless an impressive heroic feat for somehow who initially seemed like a sleaze ball and a faker at being a ‘real’ hero.
12) “Look Best Deadnist, I think that right now what they can do is blow up a hole on the side of the building and send the flying heroes outside. Miss Kobayashi there can probably carry either you or Midnight to help immobilize the villains, but other than that the rest of them can only sit around and calm the people, maybe reassure them that at least the end will come quickly once the Egg comes crashing down.”-  It’s neat, and slightly appropriate, that a man so focused on fabrics, made from interlocking and weaving threads into a complicated pattern to make a complete picture, would have a corresponding focus on tight teamwork and leadership skills, even amongst his fellow-ranked heroes. He was the hero right below Hawks and Endeavour back during the age of All Might in his prime, and here we get to see that the position was only because he has such outstanding pears to work alongside, not due to any deficiency in his hero skills or leadership ability.
13) “???
Alright? I mean, I never got much of Miruko‘s personality in the main series, but I can say that I wasn’t expecting exactly… that? Okay? A bit weird, to be honest, even more with how excited she seemed about it? huh?”- She’s sorta like a mellow Bakugou, being focused on fighting and proving herself in combat- hence why she was excited to face off with Dabi despite only having close-range skills against his AOE fire, and he decided to get the hell out of dodge before she had a chance to get close to him- but a lot less abrasive to others she has to work alongside, hence her joyful admittance that she hates teamwork but she’ll work alongside them for the good of the civilians in danger despite that, whereas Bakugou would have told everybody to shut up and follow his lead to resolve the crisis. There’s a lot of people out there who’d love to see her mentor Bakugou honestly, just to see what kind of chaos would unfold.
14) “And now for the announcement of impeding doom, courtesy of our dear loud friend Present Mic. Alright dude, remember to make sure they all know where the emergency exits that they can’t use are, and that they keep their wallets close by to facilitate identifying the bodies later on.”- Plus, if Mic shouts enough, he might make enough noise to cover the concerning sounds of explosions happening outside the dome, or his fellow heroes none-too-subtly blasting their way straight out the side of the building
15) “Not that this would reassure them that much, considering they are hundreds of meters up in the sky in a death trap of metal and concrete, and they can’t even go out even though the ground is shaking beneath them- You know what, I think that now they would panic.”- Earthquakes are a frequent occurrence in Japan, so they’re probably more used to them than, say, Europe, but on the other hand, I see that as an excellent reason never to go up a tall building in japan lest you be in the worst possible location when a nasty one hits. The fact this place doesn’t have any windows to see what’s going on or have an easy way to get outside and is basically a massive sealed Coffin-to-be at the moment only compounds the feeling. @thelreads
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CHAPTER 9 - Light
Words count: 5 000 + Warnings: cursing, hints of sex Author’s note: 1) I am sorry for The Queen references, it was not planned at all but I got carried away 2) Chiara has Ethan saved as “Jonah” in her phone, because she always forgets her phone at nurse’s station and E.R. and Donahue’s, everywhere, and so to decrease the chance of exposing them, it’s Jonah 3) I didn’t check the mistakes yet, so I am sorry for them. ENJOY!
-------------    LIGHT    ------------
For the first time ever, their lips met in a kiss that didn’t taste like regrets, doubts and sorrow.
For the first time ever they kissed with hope and promises and happiness.
Their lips met in a newfound feeling of odd security, something that has never happened before, as the threat of regrets always hung over their heads. The kiss started out as almost shy, Ethan’s lips brushing Chiara’s ever so softly, afraid of ruining the sacred moment if he allowed his yearning to take a full lead. But soon it was Chiara who opened her mouth slightly, inviting him to make sure that she still tasted like the Chiara he kissed at Mass Kenmore all those months ago.
The concept of time long forgotten by the couple of doctors as they discovered their new normal, kissing until the air around them changed, until the heat their bodies produced was enough for them to finally break the connection. With their cheeks flushed, hair dishelved, the buttons of Ethan’s shirt undone, they looked at each other intensively while catching their breaths.
„I think we should stop here,“ Ethan broke the silence at last.
„Are you already stepping back?“ Chiara asked with a teasing smile, which was supposed to hide her tremendou fear that Ethan actually was stepping back.
He chuckled at the question and took her hands into his, slowly running his thumb along her knuckles.
„I screwed up a lot in the past. I simply want to make things right this time. And taking you here at my couch when two hours ago I didn’t believe you would ever want to forgive me again, that doesn’t feel right. We still have a conversation to make. And I would like to at least make you a dinner before we take the… next step.“
„Good old fashioned lover boy, huh?“ she couldn’t help but tease him again.
„Are you seriously quoting Queen on me now? You know I am Under Pressure.“
„You know Queen lyrics?“ she laughed and decided to continue the little game. „That is, indeed, Miracle.“
„You underestimate me, Rookie. The show must go on.“
„Oh, Ramsey, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into with this little Queen references competition. My dad loved Freddie Mercury. I know every single lyrics. Don’t stop me now.“
„I am afraid I have to. We seriously need to talk. But you are still my Killer Queen,“ he smiled as he kissed her forehead.
He leaned back into to couch, pulling Chiara towards him, until her head rested on his lap and he could play with her hair. Her hands rested in her own lap, fingers nervously fidgeting at the thought of another serious talk. No matter how hard she tried to trust him completely, the little part of her was simply too afraid to do so. Tha little part expected to hear that it was a mistake and they needed to be professional again.
Ethan observed Chiara’s furrowed brows and her slightly shaking hands and how she kept biting her lower lips and he hated himself, knowing that she was this nervous because of him. Because he hurt her and left her and pushed her away so many times, that she couldn’t trust him fully anymore. He hated every part of his own self and he knew he deserved the hate.
„As I said previously, I want to make things right this time, Chiara. Which means that we need to talk even about uncomfortable things and that I want to stand by your side every step of the way and that I never want to hurt you again. Never in my life have I felt this way, not with Marial, not with Harper, never. And honestly, Chiara, it terrifies me. These feelings, I am so scared. I have always believed that I know who I am, that nothing can surprise me anymore and then you walked into Edenbrook and… well, I was fucked. I found out that I couldn’t recall who I was anymore, because I was changing and as a man who hates change, I fought it all I could. Until I could. And I can’t anymore, I can’t fight against you, but this new reality, it still scares me.“
His voice was trembling now, thick with emotion. He wanted to say so much more, he wanted to tell her how sorry he was that she had to deal with this broken piece of man, that he knew he would hurt her again despite his best efforts to not to. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her. So desperately did he wish he could just express how he felt, but all the words got stuck in his throat and so he just stared at the black screen of television in front of him and hated himself even more.
Chiara wasn’t staring at the ceiling anymore, rather watching Ethan’s expressions as he finished his speech. She reached his left cheek with her hand and caressed him softly.
„I am here, Ethan. No matter how scary it gets, I am here, okay? You don’t need to tell me everything now. Or ever, for that matter. I know.“
Finally he looked down at her and the intensity of compassion in her stare made him want to cry.
How did I ever deserve a woman like you?
He cupped her hand on his cheek and leaned into her touch, closing his eyes to compose himself.
Clearing his throat to make sure he wouldn’t actually start crying, he decided to start the uncomfortable conversation.
„I want to be with you, Chiara. With my whole being, I wish to be with you. But your career is only starting and you are more than just brilliant doctor. You are destined to be the best one of your generation.“
He felt Chiara tense in his lap as she opened her mouth to fight him.
„Just let me say this, okay?“ he stopped her before she could say anything. „Being with you is not illegal. It’s not even fobidden and we both know that Naveen would never disapprove of our relationship. It’s unprofessional and probably unethical, but that doesn’t matter. If we decided to go public, it wouldn’t cost you – or me – the job at Edenbrook. And as someone who has worked there for eleven years now, it would hardly affect me anyhow. But you, Chiara, your reputation…“ Ethan ran his free hand through his hair before continuing. „At the moment, everyone at the hospital knows that you are amazing doctor. Fellow residents, nurses, even attendings, they respect you, because you earned it. But if they find out about us, no matter how hard you worked to earn that respect, it will be forgotten. You will be the resident that’s dating Dr. Ramsey and therefore gets the special treatment. And nobody would give a damn about the fact that I am harder on you than on anyone else. Nobody would care, because rumours are rumours and all the respect that you earned, it would be gone. I don’t care what they have to say about me, but you are young and promising and I can’t let my need to be with you officially stand in the way of your progress. Obviously, I am not letting you go either and so one of the options is for us to be in a secret relationship until your residency is over.“
Chiara raised her eyebrow at him and asked: „One of the options? I don’t think there are any other options.“
„Of course there are. I get that keeping this a secret will be hard, that it wouldn’t be the relationship you deserve. So if you are not willing to do that, which I absolutely understand, I will transfer into another hospital.“
„What?“ Chiara all but shouted and abruptly sat up, looking at him with wide eyes. „You would never do that. Edenbrook is the best hospital in Boston. It’s your life. You belong to Edenbrook.“
„I like to think that I belong to you, Chiara,“ he smiled. „Yes, Edenbrook has been my life for the past eleven years, but it’s caring about the patients that brings me joy, not the hospital itself. And there are patients in other hospitals in Boston. Nothing in Edenbrook makes me feel as happy as you do, Dr. Ray. Just say a word and I’ll be gone.“
Since when are you such a softie, Ramsey?
„That would be so stupid, Ethan. It’s just a year and half until my residency is over. I think we are both capable of keeping things secret for that long. Iť’s not like we would make out in the waiting room anyway.“
Ethan let out a whole-hearted laugh, tension leaving his shoulders. He was serious when he said that he would leave Edenbrook because of her, but knowing that she didn’t want him to, that she respected his career as much as he respected hers, brought him soothing sense of relief.
„There is one thing, though,“ Chiara said. „I am okay with keeping things secret with most people, but if it’s alright with you, I feel the need to tell my friends. My roommates and Bryce. They are the people I trust with my life and I know that they would never spread the rumours. It would be much easier for me if they just knew, if I didn’t have to make up excuses about where do I spend my evening or a weekend. But only if it doesn’t bother you.“
Ethan shrugged, not surprised by her suggestion. Her friends were her supporting net and ever since the accident, he could see just how much they meant to each other. And for that, he was happy.
„I honestly believe that they already have their ideas about us. If you trust them, then it’s okay by me.“
Chiara smiled at him and raised from his lap, so that she could kiss him. With one hand on the back of his neck she straddled him, her free hand drawing teasing circles on his bare chest. His grip on her hips got stronger and his resolution to make it right this time was slowly decreasing with every swirl of her tongue in his mouth.
„Do you want to stay a night?“ he whispered when he pulled back, his voice raspy.
Chiara laughed softly and shook her head, wanting to ask him if he would cook the dinner now, so that they could finish what has been started.
„Sienna would go crazy with fear if I didn’t come home tonight and I don’t want to tell her I am staying with you through the phone. They all have a day off tomorrow, I’ll tell them at brunch we have planned.“
„Yes. Sure. That’s… reasonable. I am working tomorrow, but I have a free Sunday, so what do you say about me picking you up tomorrow evening, making you a dinner and you staying here for the night and then on Sunday?“
„That definitely sounds like a plan,“ she grinned and crashed his lips with hers once again.
The brunch was reaching its end, all the spinach quiche has been eaten, mini chocolate tarts made by Sienna in the hands of young doctors and Chiara still couldn’t find her courage to tell them. By the look Sienna gave her last night when she got home, Chiara knew that she was waiting for some kind of explanation and as much as she trusted them to be supportive and happy for her, she felt extremely nervous to drop this bomb.
„Guys, I.. uhm, well.. I kinda have to tell you something. I’ve got some news.“
„Are you moving out?“ Jackie raised her eyebrow.
„Don’t tell us you are transferring to Mass Kenmore too,“ Elijah added.
Chiara laughed and looked at Sienna, who – with a smug smile on her face – nodded softly, sign of encouraging her to simply say it.
„No, I am not moving out and I am not transferring. It’s about Dr. Ramsey.“
„What about him? Is he transferring?“ Elijah gasped again, eyes wide with shock.
„You really haven’t gotten past my transferring E, have you?“ Aurora chuckled.
„He is not,“ Chiara took a deep breath. „Last night he gave me a ride home from the party and we had a chance to talk about… lot of things and we decided to give it a shot. To give a relationship a shot, I mean. We have had feelings for each other for some time now and he never wanted us to be more than collegues but now he kinda changed his mind? However, it needs to be a secret until I am an attending, but I needed to tell you because I can’t keep secrets from you and I love you and I just want you to know that I am dating Ethan Ramsey.“
She expected them to be shocked. Maybe to tease her. She expected the long stunned silence she knows from movies. Despite her hope, she even expected them to be angry or to despise her. What she didn’t expect was their soft laughter and Jackie’s question: „Okay, and now the news? I thought you wanted to share some news with us.“
„That is the news!“ Chiara exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.
„Oh,“ she breathed out and then added. „I think I am saying this for all of us Chiara – coming clear with your feelings and making things official between the two of you, that’s great. Really, good for you. We are happy. But saying that it’s news? Pleaaaase, we all have known for some time now that you two had something going on.“
„She is right,“ Aurora nodded, grinning.
Chiara sat there with her mouth open, looking from one face to another and really, they all simply smiled knowingly, without a sign of surprise or anger.
„We are really, really happy for you, Chiara. You deserve to be happy and so does Dr. Ramsey, I guess,“ Sienna smiled and hugged Chiara tightly.
„But if he ever hurts you, I am going to kick his balls,“ Jackie couldn’t help but add, joining the hug. Soon, they were all hugging and suddenly, it wasn’t about Chiara and Ethan at all, it was about the friends that support each other through thick and thin, it was about the love they shared.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
  Chiara couldn’t suppress the smile that spread across her face as she read that one text over and over again.
She would swear that Ethan didn’t really have to get back to work and only wrote that so that he wouldn’t have to carry on with the conversation. She could just imagine how hard it must have been for him to write those words to her and was pretty sure that his cheeks blushed the bright pink colours she adored so much.
As he promised, Ethan parked his car outside Chiara’s apartment at six and since all her roommates have already known about them, he decided to pick her up instead of just calling her to come out.
No matter how many times he told himself that it wasn’t such a big deal, that she spent the night at his place already, he still felt incredibly nervous. What if she didn’t like the dinner he would cook? What if she realized that she actually didn’t want to spend her night and Sunday with him? What if she started to feel the same hatred he felt for himself, because he wasn’t capable of telling her how he really felt while looking into her eyes?
Shaking his head abruptly to get the thoughts out of it, he knocked on the door, hoping that it would be Chiara who opened them.
It was Sienna.
„Dr. Trinh,“ he nodded towards her and seeing her expression, he corrected himself. „Sienna. Good evening.“
„Nice to see you, Dr. Ramsey!“ she smiled. „Come in, I’ll go tell Chiara you are here.“
He stepped into the apartment, watching her back as she walked towards Chiara’s room. Before she could step in, she turned at him once again and added: „I am really happy for you two, Dr. Ramsey.“
„Ethan is just fine, Sienna,“ he said, right corner of his lip lifting softly. „And thank you.“
Soon, Chiara stepped out of her room and smiled oh so brightly when she noticed him standing in the hall. Before she approached him, she hugged Sienna quickly and whispered something into her ear, at which Sienna grinned mischievously.
„Shall we?“ he asked as he pressed his lips against her temple. Chiara simply nodded and followed him into his car, suppressing the need to pinch herself to make sure that any of this was real.
After they finished the dinner – Georgian stuffed chicken, which he promised her all those months ago – they found themselves tangled on his couch, glasses of fine wine in their hands. Chiara insisted on talking about work and Ethan insisted on talking about anything but work.
Before they could argue about why they should or shouldn’t talk about work, they weren’t talking about anything anymore, using their lips for much more pleasing activities.
Covering her petite form with his body, Ethan broke the kiss only to continue pressing his lips on her jawline, on the spot behing her left ear that he knew would make her moan and then sucking on her neck gently. His hands roamed her torso under the sweater she was wearing and just as he was about to tuck the sweater up, Chiara opened her eyes and pushed his hands away.
„Don’t,“ she whispered, shame written all over her face.
Ethan’s brows furrowed at the sudden change in the mood, but of course he immediately stopped in his tracks.
„Sure. Yes, I am really sorry, Chiara. I didn’t intend to be inappropriate. I am really sorry.“
„It’s not that, Ethan,“ she breathed out, her voice so small he almost missed what she was saying. „It’s not about me not wanting… you. Just… well, the accident and then the surgery left me terribly scarred. There are hideous scars all over my stomach and some on my chest too and I don’t want you to see how ugly it all is.“
His chest tightened at her words and he caressed her cheekbone so softly she felt like she was making the touch up.
„Oh, Chiara,“ he whispered. „Don’t ever say something like that ever again, okay? Nothing on your body is hideous. Could I see them, please?“
She nodded and closed her eyes as he rolled her sweater up to her breasts, not wanting to see his expression when he’d see how destroyed her body was.
Keeping her eyes shut, she couldn’t tell if he even looked at her at all, but the fact that for a moment there was no movement around her and no sound that would break the heavy silence of the room was enough for her to think of the worst.
He is disgusted by how I look.
The light warmth of his fingers on her stomach made her open her eyes.
Ethan’s gaze, fixed on her abdomen, was so intense and so adoring it brought tears into her eyes. He traced every single one of her scars with his thumb so softly, so gently it almost tickled. After observing her, he lowered his head and put a feather-like kiss on the first scar while whispering „you are beautiful“. Then the second one („and you are beautiful“) and the third one right over her left breast („and you are beautiful“).
„And you are the most beautiful,“ he whispered as he raised his eyes to look into Chiara’s green ones. She had to close them again, overwhelmed by the gentlesness in his voice and his actions.
Returning to kissing her fiercely, Ethan ran his hand up and down her thigh while sucking and biting the soft flesh above her hip.
„That’s going to leave a mark,“ Chiara all but moaned.
„Nobody will see it here,“ Ethan murmured, not concerned about her words at all. „Or will they?“ he added quickly, looking back at her, his eyes dark with lust and also… was it possiblity of jealousy?
Shaking her head, Chiara got rid of her sweater and started to work on the buttons of Ethan’s shirt, not patient enough to be teased without feeling his skin on hers.
Taking a clue, Ethan ceased the movements of his mouth on her hips only to take her into his arms and bring her into his bedroom, so that they could finish what they started in the comfort of his king-sized bed.
Monday morning came all too quickly for their liking and as excited as Chiara was to get back to work, the comfort and security of Ethan’s apartment were enough for her to complain when she had to leave it.
Ethan and Chiara drove to the hospital together, however once they’ve gotten to the parking lot, Chiara decided to leave the car first while Ethan waited some time longer, so that they wouldn’t raise a suspicion. Once seated in the diagnostics office, Chiara sent a quick message to Ethan that it was safe for him to come to work now.
The door opened after a while and in came both male doctors of the team, Ethan’s expression neutral, while Baz Mirani almost jumped of joy when he noticed Chiara behind the round table.
„Oh, my favourite doctor is back! I am so happy you are here now, Chiara, working with those two grumpies without you was a torture!“
„Excuse me?“ Ethan raised his eyebrow at the remark.
„I am happy to be back too, Baz,“ Chiara laughed, ignoring Ethan’s (pretended) offended expression and stood up to hug Baz tightly.
„You still have a cane?“
„Yup. hopefully not forever, though. It’s more an accessory now,“ she grinned.
„Cool!“ Baz exclaimed. „We should call you Dr. House while you have it! Right, Ethan?“
Ethan’s confussion – unlike his offended face – wasn’t an act when he innocently asked: „And why would we do that?“
Chiara and Baz exchanged an amused look at Ethan’s hopeless unfamiliarity with mainstream hospital dramas, while he watched them both with his brows furrowed, knowing too well that they would tease him for it for days.
˜ Weeks turned into months and by March, Chiara felt as if the accident happened years ago. She didn’t need the cane anymore – which made Baz both happy (for her) and sad (because the Dr. House jokes had to stop) – and with the amount of nights she’s been spending with Ethan, even her nightmares have seemed to disappear.
„Dr. Ray,“ Ethan acknowleged her presence as he reached the nurse’s station. „I was about to page you. We have a patient to see.“
Without saying a word, Chiara followed him to the room, listening to the information he was sharing with her: „Ellie Barnes, five years old. Losing weight, severe headaches, stomach cramps. Her mother brought her here this morning with fever.“
With the list of possible diagnoses in her head, Chiara walked into the room, ready to talk to the little girl. However, before she could open her mouth, Ethan approached the bed Ellie was laying in and smiled down at her.
The little gril with wide smile and curly blonde hair, dressed in pink pajamas with Rapunzel on top of the shirt, was hugging her princess doll tightly, while her mother kept stroking her hair gently.
„Hello, Ellie. I am Dr. Ethan and this is Dr. Chiara. We will take care of you while you are here.“
„Are you my prince?“ Ellie asked immediately.
Ethan laughed softly at the proposition, but shook his head.
„I am afraid I might be too old to be your prince, but I could be your knight. What do you say about that? I will be the night that will fight all the bad things that are making you feel sick now.“
„Okay,“ Ellie shrugged. „Knight sounds good.“
„In that case, Princess Ellie, we will need to draw some blood so that we can discover the villain in your body and fight it.“
„Will you hold my hand, Dr. Knight Ethan?“
Kneeling next to her bed, Ethan took her small hand into his huge one and smiled even wider at the princess girl.
„Of course I will. And Dr. Chiara here, she could be the fairy in our story, hm? Well, she will draw the blood and talk to your mom, okay?“
Ellie nodded, hugging her doll even tighter with one hand, while Ethan rubbed the other with his thumb.
„You were pretty good with her,“ Chiara said as they left Ellie’s room to run the tests.
„I am pretty good with all my patients, Dr. Ray,“ Ethan grinned.
„Well, yeah, you are, but you know what I mean. I have never seen you with kid patient before, I guess. It just surprised me to see how natural you were with Ellie.“
„I like kids.“ Ethan shrugged, not knowing how to react to Chiara’s compliment.
And I can never give them to you, she thought bitterly, biting her lip so that she wouldn’t ruin their day by the remark if she said it aloud.
That evening, Ethan found himself sitting on his couch with Jenner’s head in his lap, reading a medical journal, when the comfortable silence of the apartment was disturbed by ringing of his phone.
„Chiara? Is everything alright?“ he picked it up, horror audible in his voice.
„Yes, sure. I am fine. I was just wondering if I could come in tonight?“
„Aren’t Tuesday nights reserved for your roommates?“
„Yeah, but they decided to have a group date night and since Elijah is taking Phebe and Sienna is taking Danny, I can’t bring you with me and I don’t feel like going alone. So, um.. I thought that maybe you wouldn’t mind if I came?“
„Of course you can come. Do you need me to pick you up?“
„Nope. I’ll be there in an hour.“
„Okay Ethan, I need you to tell me what’s wrong. Did I interrupt your peaceful evening? Should I go home?“
Chiara’s been at Ethan’s place for more than an hour now and his mood was only getting worse. Not wanting to talk about it, he left her in the dark, only guessing what was wrong.
„No, don’t go home, please,“ he finally responded. „It’s not about you. Just… argh, I am just so angry.“
„With me?“
„No! With myself. With circumstances. With life.“
„Did something happen at work?“
Ethan sighed, running a hand through his hair. Wearing a gray Henley t-shirt with dark jeans made him look younger, more relaxed and yet, at this very moment, Ethan Ramsey looked simply… defeated.
„After you called me, I had to think about what you said. That you can’t bring me with you because there are people who don’t know about us. And it got me thinking, it made me admit the one thing I’ve been so afraid to admit.“
„What are you talking about?“ Chiara asked gently, taking his hand between hers.
„I am so scared that you will sooner or later realize that you could have so much better than me, Chiara,“ he whispered, voice heavy with fear and vulnerability. „That you deserve so much more. You deserve a relationship in which your man takes you out for a dinner and holds your hand in public and kisses you in the middle of the street. You deserve to be able to bring your boyfriend with you when meeting your friends. You deserve so much more than sneaking around and having dinner at my apartment, making sure that nobody sees us holding hands or being careful to not to stare at each other for too long in the hospital halls, because that would be suspicious. And I can’t give you what you deserve. Lahela could give you that. Aveiro could give you that. Goddamnit anyone could give you that, anyone but me. And I dread the day you realize all of this and leave me. Because neither of us got what we deserved. You’ve gotten much less with me than what you deserve. I, on the contrary, have gotten so, so, so much more with you, than what I deserve. And it’s not fair.“
There was a long silence. All Ethan could hear was his drumming heart in his ears.
„I knew what I’ve gotten myself into when we agreed to give us a try, Ethan,“ Chiara broke the silence at last, her voice barely above whisper. „I know who you are and I am very aware of what we can and cannot be. I am also aware of what I could have with other boys. I am a grown woman, Ethan, I can make my decisions and I realize the consequences of them. And I need you to listen to me now. I want to be with you, Ethan Jonah Ramsey. I would rather sneak around with you and hide in your apartment than hold my hands in public with anyone else. I chose you and I keep choosing you every day. You need to start believing that you are good enough. Not only for me, for everyone. Because you are enough, Ethan.“
The next moment, Chiara felt like she was being crushed by the force with which Ethan hugged her. She could swear she felt his tears moisten the skin under her hair, however before she could confirm her suspicion by looking up at Ethan, he cleared his throat and gently pulled away, standing up from the couch.
„I’ll be right back,“ he murmured and left the living room.
When he got back, he played with his antique phonograph for a while and as the room was filled with gentle tones of one of Frank Sinatra’s songs, he lit up three candles and switched the lights off.
Only then he approached Chiara, still sitting on his couch and with almost shy expression that adorned his face, he asked: „Can I have this dance?“
With a brught smile, Chiara stood up and took his hand, the other one landing on his chest.
„I would never believe that Ethan Ramsey owned candles,“ she teased him.
„In fact, I like candles very much. I enjoy staring into the fire and since this apartment doesn’t have a fireplace, I light up the candles from time to time and just look at them while listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.“
She smiled at the picture forming in her head, Ethan’s relaxed form with glass of whiskey in his hand, softly humming into the tones of violin, thoughtfully looking into the small flame of a candle.
They slowly swayed in the middle of the room, Chiara’s head resting just under Ethan’s shoulder, while he kept kissing the top of her head, his eyes closed.
How did I get this lucky?
The thought ran in Chiara’s head over and over.
What did I do to deserve this? was the one Ethan kept replaying in his mind.
„Thank you. For having me,“ he whispered into her hair.
„Thank you for letting me have you.“
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WIP-in a day
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Tagging: @mc-flurrie @athenalillystar @queenofhollandvalley @mrsladydiana @hoesephseed @gamer-purgatory @oorah22 @thewanderer-000 @strafethesesinners
I enjoy writing alternate universes/timelines with my OCs and other canon characters.
Working at a prison wasn’t always an easy job, maybe not for Katella Winchester because she’s very well liked throughout the prison and with its inmates. 
Because she was always very sweet, and humble with them, and they loved her for it.
She was working at the Montana State Penitentiary in the Psych Ward where she was loved throughout the prison before she was transferred to the Arizona State Prison in Buckeye. Her home state, and she was relieved to be back home, and only an hour drive away from Phoenix, her hometown. 
After a few weeks of working at the prison, she was given a list of patients since most of the Doctors were given a roster to do their rounds, and check on the inmates.
They got transfers of new inmates that day, and Kate along with her fellow colleagues got their updated roster list.
She walks in through the employee entrance being greeted by the two guards. They scan her ID card, and buzz her in. Going over their usual protocol.
She walks down the hallway to the administration office to sign in on the sign in sheet, and her boss, Warden Cromwell approaches her.
“Doctor Winchester?” he calls her.
“Yes Warden?” she responds, turning to face him.
He hands her a beige paper folder, “Your updated roster. Since we're getting more inmates in this morning”. 
She takes the folder from his hand, “Thank you” she responds. 
“I noticed your roster is a lot bigger than the other Psychologists” he says, stuffing his hands in his pockets.
Kate lets out a short laugh, “Yeah I noticed that too. Probably because the inmates really like me, and how I do my sessions”.
“Well whatever it is, keep up the good work, and maybe these people won’t go back to their old lives if they get released”.
He’s about to turn around, and leave when Kate stops him.
“Warden?!” she softly exclaims.
He turns to face her, “Yes?”.
“Would it be okay if I have next Friday off? It’s my daughter’s birthday” she says.
“If you can find someone to cover your shift then it's fine with me” he responds. 
He turns around and walks down the hallway towards his office. 
A few hours go by, and Kate is working with her next patient. A new inmate who was just transferred from Montana State Penitentiary.
She walks into the room where she condones her sessions.
A metal table that is almost 4 feet in width, to give a safe distance between her and the inmate. 
Her sessions are always monitored for her safety, but no audio is heard from the guards point of view. 
She enters the room, and takes a seat at the table, waiting for her next patient.
She checks her roster, her 10:30am-11:30am session with a new inmate. 
Flipping through the pages of her folder to check her new patient, and she feels her heart drop when she sees the name.
“What?!” she whispers, feeling like she’s gonna vomit, “No, no this can’t be happening”.
John Seed is the name. An old lover to Kate. They had broken things off a few years back when she was living in Hope County, Montana. 
Him, his brothers Joseph, Jacob and sister Faith ran a cult called The Project at Eden’s Gate. 
To make all this short and less painful, they killed and kidnapped people into joining their cult.
Kate dated John for 7-9 months when she lived in Hope County, then she moved back to Jackson, Wyoming, and when her older sister moved to Hope County, Kate moved back to Montana, where she had another encounter with John, and it wasn’t as good as it was the first time.
A few weeks before him, and his family were arrested. 
They had sex for the last time, and unknown to her at the time. John had put a hole in the condom he used, and impregnated her.
So her daughter Daenerys is the spawn of John Seed, and her 1st birthday is next week.
The last thing she wanted to see was that psychopath, but she’s a psychologist and it’s her job to see those types of people.
She reads through his file. 
Name: John Seed
Age: 34
DOB: 07/27/1986
Place of Birth: Rome, Georgia
Height: 5’10
Weight: 165
Transfer from Montana State Penitentiary.
She gets thrown off when the loud buzzer goes off, the red light, and the metal door on the opposite side of the room opens loudly.
John steps in, wearing an orange prisoner jumpsuit, his hands cuffed together with a guard behind him.
He looks over, and his eyes light up when he sees Kate. He never not once looked away from Kate’s eyes. Like they were locked together.
She can feel her heart pounding against her chest, her palms turning sweaty. Shaking her leg in nervousness. Her anxiety through the roof. The guard releases one of John’s hands from the cuffs, and locks him to the table. 
“I’ll let you take it from here Doctor” he says to Kate.
She nods her head in response, a slight smile and the guard leaves. Leaving the two former lovers together. She looks down at the file, trying to figure out what to say to him that is relatable to her job.
“I never thought I’d see you again Katella” he purrs, leaning over the table towards her.
She clears her throat, “I could say the same about you”.
He leans back in his seat, and chuckles, “Doctor huh?”.
She nods her head, “Yep, okay so, Mr. Seed I’m gonna ask you some questions, and I want you to answer them as honestly as possible. Okay?”.
“John” he says, “You can call me John. We both know who we are. I mean I took your virginity and made it mine”.
Ignoring his last comment, “Okay John, tell me how are you feeling today?. Any negative thoughts?” she asks, going through her usual route with the other inmates. 
“I’m doing great now that I’m here with you” he flirts, "Negative thoughts? Maybe about the lustful things we did in the past". 
Trying her best to stay professional, and not be rude. 
“That’s great to hear. How are you adjusting to your surroundings?” she asks.  Nervousness, and shakiness in her voice.
He cocks his eyebrows at her, and leans forward.
“Let me ask you a question. Is this what they’re paying you for? Sit around and ask questions?”. 
She takes a deep breath, and says slightly aggressively “Just answer the question”.
He raises his eyebrows, and smirks at her, “Feisty huh?. I like that”.
He places his hands on the table, “I’m adjusting greatly. I have my own cell. A comfortable bed, I get 3 meals a day, and I get to see you for an hour everyday”.
Kate gets goosebumps throughout her body, her stomach in knots and she feels like she’s gonna vomit.
She looks down at her questions in her folder, “How do you feel about being here? What could you have done to prevent yourself from ending up here?”.
John laughs softly at her questions, “Katie, darlin, my love. You should know why I’m here. You were there when they took me away from my brothers and sister. There is nothing I wouldn’t have done to keep me out of here”.
Kate sighs, scratches her eyebrow. Looking down at her folder.
“How do I feel about being here?. Hmm? Let me think” he says with his finger to his chin, scratching his beard, “I hate it here. That’s how I feel about it, but the thought of me seeing you everyday makes me love it here”.
Kate is about to ask her next question when John gives her a question of his own.
“How’s the little one?”. His eyes staring intensely at her, almost piercing through her. If looks could kill she'd be dead.
She stops what she’s doing, and looks at him in confusion.
“What?!” she asks, acting like she has no idea what he’s talking about. 
John lets out an exaggerated sigh, “If I can remember. I knocked you up before I was taken away. So how's our little boy/girl?”. 
Stammering over her words, “Oh I-I uh I lost it, at 3 in half months” she lies, her eyes wandering away from his gaze.
Kate was always a really good liar, but she was never able to lie to John for some reason. 
“Bullshit” he snarled at her, “You claimed to be a good liar, but you were never able to pull it off with me sweetheart. So let me ask again, how is our child?”.
She feels herself go pale, her hands go numb and sweaty at the same time. Scratching the back on her neck.
“That must be a lawyer thing” she chuckles, "Detecting lies".
John stares at her with those intense piercing blue eyes. Those same eyes that their daughter had inherit from him.
“Daughter” she mumbles, looking down at her hands.
‘What was that darlin?” he teases, leaning closer towards her.
“We have a daughter, her name is Daenerys, and she turns a year old next Friday” she says. 
He leans back in chair, staring at Kate, and asks “Who does she look like?”. 
A little off that, that's his first question regarding their daughter, “Like me, but she has your eyes” she responds. A slight smile appears on his face. 
“I notice you don’t have a ring on” he says, “Single mother?”.
Kate nods her head in shame, she wasn’t able to keep a relationship because of her job, and with her daughter, they were both her number 1 priorities. She was okay with being a single mom. Her best friend Morgan helped her out, watching over her when she was at work. Sometimes her mom, or her sister Paige, Sarah, Alissa or any of her friends watched over Daenerys.
On her days off she spends time with her daughter, sleeping in and catching up on her tv shows.
He sighs loudly, catching her off guard. “We would’ve been perfect parents. The best parents, our little girl would be spoiled rotten. Maybe along the way I could fuck our next child into you. I do miss feeling that tight little pussy of yours, and you begging me to fuck you into the mattress. Making you sore, and unable to walk properly”. 
Kate clears her throat, feeling a bit uncomfortable, and a bit turned on at the same time. She hates herself for it, she hates herself in general.
She hesitantly asks her next question, “How would you better yourself for those you care about?”.
John raises his eyebrows at her question, and scoffs “Really?. That’s your question?. Okay” he shrugs. Going along with her "little game".
“I would better myself by being myself. But since you asked for those I care about. I would better myself by being a less shittier person, and maybe if I were to meet our little girl. Then maybe I will better myself for her, and maybe for you." He pauses for a moment, and Kate is about to continue with her session asking more questions, and John interrupts her.
"Just to keep in mind, I think I’ll touch myself tonight, thinking about you. I wasn’t planning on it. Imagining me destroying that pretty little tight pussy of yours, making you scream and beg for me”. 
Kate sighs in annoyance, she knows this session is gonna be a long hour of John flirting with her, telling her all the things he would do to her. 
Finally an hour later, 11:30. John's session is complete for the day. 
A buzzer goes off, followed by the red light on the wall going off, and the locks on the metal door make their loud clanking sounds informing them that they’re being unlocked. 
John looks Kate in the eyes and says, “If there were a prison riot, and all inmates ransack the joint. Keep in mind I’ll be coming after you, and I won't stop until I find you, and do God knows what to you. I know how you like it rough, and hard".
He winks at her, before getting taken back to his cell by the guard. Leaving Kate in the room by herself. 
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4dtk · a year ago
THE VIEW :000 i definitely will check it out !! asdjskfj i don't know when i'll be going back but TAKE ME WITH YOU
holy shit the roadside stinky tofu OMG UGH THEY ARE 😩
sigh americans :( you too! hopefully all of this will be over soon fingers crossed :)
i also just realized i never responded to your last ask I'M SORRY 😭😭😭
IT'S OK!!! <3 i hope u had a good rest :3
IT'S SO NICE RIGht shfjej ID TELEPORT U THERE LIKE GOJO IF I COULD BC ITS SO BREATHTAKING (๑>◡<๑) plus yes! let's go to taiwan together AHHHHH that would be so fun TT i've never been able to go on a trip together with friends ahfjfjejd i want to so badly, even if it's somewhere near by
i also really LOOVEEE the like... chicken at the night markets - like the crazy seasoned ones, oh my gosh eating that in cold weather is just >>>>>
rlly hope so </3 i want to see my friends more too!!!
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rollercoasterwrite · a year ago
I’m So Curious [Chapter 3]
Prompt : Jjong is a college student with tight money, but manages to get into a prestigious uni where he becomes friends with Taemin. One day, Tae asks him to go out on a blind date with his cousin Jinki, a notable lawyer who still hesitates about dating someone. Jjong refuses, but the amount of money Tae offers is a sight he can’t ignore. Jinki adores him immediately and after several dates, Jonghyun falls in love with Jinki, but he doesn’t know how to tell Jinki about his agreement with Tae.
Pairing : Jongyu
Genre : romance, fluff, angst, smut 
Word Count : 10 000 ~
Links : AFF & AO3
Special thanks to Cheryl, my beta once again!!!
"When are you going to tell him?"
The question hit the unaware blonde like a ton of bricks. The hand that held his debit card froze mid-way as his head turned back towards his friend. 
"What are you talking about?" he feigned, trying to keep his face under control. 
"Riiight," the brunette scoffed, rolling his eyes. "What in the actual hell am I talking about?"
The other’s derisive tone couldn’t be missed, but Jonghyun let it slide to go back to completing his transaction. 
Once that was over, they walked out of the store, both of them carrying two bags in each hand. 
"You would’ve never bought a pair of pants worth two-hundred dollars before,” his friend bluntly pointed out as their footsteps synced on the sidewalk.  
Jonghyun felt his jaw tense up, but kept looking ahead. "And your point is?"
"My point is that you seem to be enjoying that prostitution money."
That stopped him dead in his tracks. 
"Excuse me?" he hissed, feeling his internal volcano awaken. 
The younger one turned back to face him. "I said what I said."
"Do you have a fucking problem, Kibum?"
"I do, actually," the other fired back. "That’s not you at all, Jonghyun."
The blonde’s sudden surge of anger fell prey to a wave of guilt, leaving him speechless for a moment. 
"The money was just a one-time thing," he simply said before picking up the pace again. 
"I know, but your relationship isn’t," his friend returned as he settled right beside him once more. 
Jonghyun could feel his face burning, but he wasn’t sure if it was from the sun beaming over their heads or from the cocktail of frustration and embarrassment that was forming inside him. 
"We’re not…"
"Don’t say that you’re two aren’t in a relationship," the brunette cut off. "How many dates has it been now?"
Five. "I don’t fucking keep track."     
Kibum clicked his tongue. 
"You’re so ridiculous, I swear.” 
Jonghyun chose silence this time, hoping that would be enough to make the conversation die. But of course, it wasn’t. 
"You’ve never stuck with someone that long before," the younger one went on. "So you’re going to tell me that it’s nothing special?"
Jonghyun took in a sharp breath, suddenly regretting inviting him out. 
"I’m not going to say anything, actually, because it’s none of your fucking business.”
The conversation lulled for a moment as they rushed across the street to make it before the light turned red. 
“Well, whose business is it going to be when the shit hits the fan, huh?" Kibum picked right back up. 
"I don’t know why you’d think that would become your business if anything were to happen," Jonghyun threw back with contempt. 
The other snorted loudly at that. 
"You like to act like a tough bitch, but do I have to remind you in whose arms you usually end up landing when the going gets tough?" 
The blonde glared at him as if the intensity of his gaze could end a life right here and now .                                        
"And do I have to remind you whose fist can land on your pretty face?"
The younger one rolled his eyes again. "Always threatening with violence, but never actually following-" 
His breath was cut short as he was hit square in the chest with one of the bags the older one was carrying.
"What was that?" Jonghyun asked, smirking, as he watched the younger one bring a hand to his heart with a shocked expression. 
"You know what? I’m not doing this anymore," Kibum settled before quickening his step to move past him. 
The blonde cocked a brow in surprise. When he saw that the brunette wasn’t actually turning back, he followed suit, having to jog to catch up with him. 
"Yah, Kibummie," he hailed as he tried to match his frantic pace. 
No answer. 
"Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re really mad now," the blonde half-taunted, half-inquired. 
Still no answer.
Jonghyun frowned, feeling his frustration grow. He was tempted to just dump him in the middle of the street, but he knew better than to make the situation worse right now. 
"Okay, I’m sorry," he forcefully apologized. 
He was again met with silence, but the look of contempt that was thrown his way at that moment did manage to spark some hope inside him. 
"You know how I get when we talk about that stuff," he tried as his expression grew softer.
That did the trick. 
"That stuff?" Kibum echoed, confused. "You mean love?"
Jonghyun’s eyes grew wide at the sound of that word. 
"The hell?" he all but yelled as his heart started thumping against the confines of his chest. "When were we talking about that?"
"I don’t know how many times you’re going to make me roll my eyes at you… it’s really getting tiring," Kibum said, annoyed. 
"It’s one thing to talk about our…" Jonghyun paused, taking a quick inhale in before pushing out the dreaded word. ""Relationship", but it’s another to talk about love."
"Okay, I can get with that," the younger one accepted. "But can you admit that what’s going on here is not like the other times?"
Jonghyun averted his gaze, concentrating on his feet and keeping a diligent focus on their cadence for a few seconds before nodding in response. 
"Good," Kibum acknowledged, satisfied. "More reason for you to be honest with him if you’re getting serious about this." 
"But what good will that do, huh?" Jonghyun promptly reacted as he looked up again. 
Their eyes met for a second before they both focused their gaze ahead again. 
"Do I really have to paint a picture here?" Kibum said, baffled. "What kind of healthy relationship are you two going to have if you’re already keeping secrets from each other?"
Jonghyun snorted. 
"You’re one to talk…"
The brunette’s mouth dropped open in disbelief. 
"How dare you?" he spat. "That’s not even comparable!"
"Yeah, okay. Whatever," the older one gave up as the onset of a headache began to tug at the corners of his temples. 
"Don’t try to get off topic," Kibum reproved. 
"Yes, Mom," Jonghyun said, derision weighing heavy in his tone. 
"Immaturity isn’t a good look on you, Jjong," the brunette sharply replied. "I can see he’s changing you for the better, so please don’t ruin it."
The blonde’s brow cocked. His curiosity was piqued. 
"What do you mean?"
"You smile more, you’re more outgoing, your energy feels…" Kibum paused, searching for the word. "Lighter," he pinpointed after a few more seconds. 
Jonghyun felt his face burn up once more. 
"Ah, well…"
"I can see you like him," Kibum said. "Like, a lot."
His heart responded with a somersault. 
"Well… if any of what you’re saying is true, I can’t afford ruining things by telling him the truth."
The younger one sighed. 
"Maybe I should be kicking Taemin’s ass for putting you in this mess."
Jonghyun couldn’t help but chuckle.
"The kid means well."
"Yeah? Why does he always have a satanic way of showing it then, huh?"
The blonde shook his head, lips curved into a crooked smile.
"It’s part of his charm, you know?"
Kibum snorted.
 "He must suck dick really good for you to be saying that."
There was a brief silence. 
"And then you wonder why I don’t want to share anything personal with you anymore," Jonghyun snarled, glare weighing heavily on his face. 
"Gosh, you really can’t take a joke, can you?" the younger one grumbled in annoyance. 
"If that’s your idea of a joke, then I’m clearly not the one at fault here," the blonde shot right back, effectively silencing his friend for a few seconds as the latter looked back at him, mouth agape. 
"You’re insufferable!" the younger one ended up spouting in anger. 
"But yet, you still hang out with me," Jonghyun casually pointed out. 
"Don’t think I’ll tolerate anything just because it’s you," Kibum warned. 
They slowed down a bit as the bus terminal finally came into view. 
"Are you still coming back to the dorms with me?" Jonghyun asked, somewhat worried now. 
A heavy sigh crossed the other’s bowed lips. 
"You really don’t deserve any more of my time, but tonight’s a big night, so it’d be cruel of me not to help you out."
Kibum could be a pain in the ass a lot of the time, but it was in moments like these, that Jonghyun was reminded why having him as a friend was a true blessing. 
"Thank you," he uttered with sheer gratefulness as they made their way to the bus stop.
They didn’t have to wait long for theirs to arrive and soon enough, they found a comfortable seat at the back, their legs lining up unconsciously against each other’s. The twenty-five-minute drive had them falling into a trance, calming down their overactive minds as they enjoyed a shared silence. 
It almost felt like a crime to get up and move, but they did nonetheless as their stop came about.
Silence stretched out throughout the five-minute walk to the dorms and throughout the additional minutes it took to reach the seventh floor. 
A sigh of relief left them both as they finally entered the blonde’s lair and put their bags down. 
"I need some water," Kibum said, voice slightly hoarse. 
Jonghyun didn’t even bother to answer, knowing the other would just go on ahead to quench his thirst. 
As he heard the faucet turn on, he walked to his room, closing the door behind him as he undressed.
He gave a quick look to his alarm clock as he tugged down his pants. 5:17. 
There was a little less than an hour before he would have to be on his way. That was plenty of time in a practical sense, but very little in an emotional one. 
His heart jumped as his mind dragged him down the possible paths this evening could take. It was the first time they were going to be alone and he couldn’t help but feel nervous, a little giddy, but also excited. 
He didn’t want to expect anything, but he was also ready for everything. 
He finally made his way to the bathroom and into the shower, sighing in relief as the hot blast of water drenched his skin. He ran his hands through his hair rhythmically, giving himself a good scalp massage, before bringing his shampoo and body wash into the mix to wash up thoroughly. The small space was soon filled with floral scents that tickled his nostrils and subconsciously brought a lightness to his tight neck and shoulders. 
He took a little more time than usual to clean up if the sudden knock on the door was any indication, but he let himself bask some more in the soothing atmosphere he had just created for himself. 
It was another few minutes before he finally stepped out of the shower and wrapped one of his towels snugly around his waist. Water droplets fell to the floor with his every step while some clung on for dear life as they slid down his skin.
He finally reached his room again, gaze falling upon an obviously annoyed Kibum. 
"You could’ve told me you were going to take a shower," the latter said. 
"I thought that went without saying," Jonghyun replied matter-of-factly. "I can’t show up all sweaty and gross."
At that, the brunette’s face brightened with mischief. 
"So… it is going down tonight," he gathered, a sly smile gracing his lips.
A flash of heat coursed through the blonde’s belly. 
"I… I don’t know…" he uttered as his mind started to drag him elsewhere again.
"This guy must’ve had enough of waiting," Kibum observed. "He’s not a fucking priest, for god’s sake!"
Jonghyun chuckled at that, relieving some of the tension that had found its way into his body just now. 
"That, he isn’t, for sure."
"But seriously, Jjong," Kibum started again. "If you do end up fucking, you at least have to tell me if he’s good."
The older one rolled his eyes, silently imploring whatever gods were out there listening to help him bear with his friend’s stubbornness. 
"Fine," he conceded with a sigh. "Now, can you help me pick out an outfit?"
"Of course," Kibum agreed as he sprung up from the bed to land on his feet. 
His hand reached quickly for the wardrobe’s door, sliding it further open to get a view of what he had to work with. 
Jonghyun could only see the back of his head for the most part, but the rustling sound of clothes being sorted through filled in the gap. He knew it was only a matter of time before an inevitable critique would roll off the other’s tongue.  
"Oh, thank god!" Kibum sighed in victory. He made a snap turn around, holding his hand up to show his discovery. 
The blonde cocked a brow. 
"That’s just a T-shirt." 
His words were rewarded with a scowl. 
"No. That’s not just a T-shirt."
A sigh of despair left the brunette as he closed his eyes to muster some patience.
"It’s a white T-shirt!" Kibum tried again. 
Jonghyun was even more at a loss. "Okay?"
At that, his friend’s expression grew even more frustrated. 
"You’re so fucking dumb, I swear," he groaned, dropping onto the mattress again. 
"Okay, let me try to put this simply," he started as he laid the t-shirt right beside him. "Most of your fucking wardrobe is on the baggy side, which, if that’s the kind of look you want to sport, then fine," he interjected with a bite of judgment. "But if you actually want to have some shape and appeal, we need to tighten your shit up."
"Okay… I get it… but why white?" Jonghyun asked. 
He wasn’t against brighter clothes, heck, that was his shirt after all, but he did generally lean towards darker clothing. 
"Seriously?" Kibum deadpanned. 
The silence that followed was the only answer needed.
"I fucking swea-" 
The younger one cut himself off abruptly, realizing it was no use. 
"Because that will actually show off all of that," he all but cried out as he gestured to Jonghyun’s uncovered chest vigorously.     
Jonghyun’s head immediately dropped down, gaze steadying on the planes and dips that stretched out to his towel. 
"I’m not sure I get what you mean…" he half-feigned, half-inquired as he looked back up. 
Kibum rolled his eyes this time.
"Give me a fucking break," he squarely dismissed. "You’ve obviously been hitting the gym more, so why not show off for once?"
Heat rushed up to the blonde’s face at the thought.
"I guess…"
"Seriously, you’d be so lost without me," the brunette asserted before standing up again.
Jonghyun waited to have his back to roll his eyes.
But he was quick to realize that he would’ve indeed struggled so much more if Kibum hadn’t taken charge. Instead of having to go through the pain of second-guessing every one of his styling choices, every decision was made for him in a matter of twenty minutes, even down to the way he should style his hair.
"Forget the gel and leave your bangs down," Kibum immediately said after he finished drying his hair off in front of the mirror. "We still want you to look casual and comfy.”
Jonghyun nodded in approval, always happy to keep things as simple as possible. 
"So what pants did you end up picking?" he asked as he turned back around. 
The younger one huffed at that.
"You’ve seriously not made my job easy with that non-ass of yours."
A frown creased the blonde’s brow as he glared at his friend.
"Smaller asses are valid, too, you know?"
"Oh, I agree," Kibum instantly acknowledged. "But that’s not what we are dealing with here," he added without blinking.
A three-second fantasy of landing a good punch on the other’s face flashed behind Jonghyun’s eyes, but he refrained from acting on it, because he really needed his help. 
"Stop running your mouth and just show me," he said, annoyance spiking his words. 
Sharp slanted eyes shot daggers at him before they moved to the bed. 
"Those tight denims should do the trick," the younger said before throwing the pants at him.  
Jonghyun caught them easily, instantly nodding at the sight of the darker blue shade. He didn’t wear them often anymore, but he could definitely agree that they were probably the best choice for tonight.   
"And it might be kinda chilly outside by the time we step out, so bring this with you, too," Kibum said as he indicated the black leather jacket in his hand.
"Good," the older one approved. "Shoes?"
"Your black Timbs.”  
Kibum’s lips stretched into a sly smile. 
"Time to get some dick.” 
Jonghyun’s eyes brushed over his friend’s face with a wince of disgust, but somewhere in the middle of his lower belly, there was also a soft pang of approval. 
Jonghyun was nervous. 
He hadn’t realized it at first, but the feeling hit him on the road as he got closer and closer to his destination. By the time the car’s engine fell silent, his hands were shaking. 
Why am I so nervous?
The question rattled around in his mind as he let his head fall on the steering wheel. The thought fired through every synapse in his brain, but still failed to resolve itself with an answer. 
After mentally running through more of the same, he lifted his head up again, groaning at his stressed out and frustrated state. Realizing it would only worsen if he stayed immobile, he finally made a move to open the door and step out of the car.  
Once the door was locked, he looked up, taking in the tall condominium complex that stretched out before him. If he were being honest, he had expected something with a more grandiose look, but it wasn’t any more different than others he had seen in other neighborhoods. Somewhat though, that managed to calm his nerves a bit.
He finally started walking, momentarily leaving behind any thought that could’ve glued him into place. His pace was brisk, almost as if he were trying to outrun anything that could attack him from behind. He quickly had to stop again to put in the code that the brunette had sent him the day before. He punched in the numbers with one finger and let himself in as the door buzzed.
The elevator was only a few steps ahead and not long after, he stepped inside, pressing the button for the third floor. A quick thought about taking the stairs flashed through his mind, but he quickly dismissed it to focus back on his breath again. A deep inhale graced all corners of his torso before an exhale emptied it out. He repeated the process once more just before the elevator doors opened. 
His feet were now gracing the limestone floor, the sound of his heels clicking against it filling up the silent space. Every step he took was accompanied by a quick glance to each door as he searched for the right one. His venture ended up bringing him to the end of the hallway, right in front of a white door adorned with a shining number 11. 
Jonghyun just stared at it, mind empty, heart going crazy. 
"There is no turning back now."
His hand made its way to the doorbell on its own accord, his index finger pushing against it while his mind went blank.
His eardrums caught sound from the inside, but it was all too muffled to get a clear sense of what it was. 
Jonghyun stood there anxiously, silently wishing for this nerve-wracking anticipation to be over with. The sound of the door being unlocked a second later seemed to come as an answer to his prayers, but when it was finally pulled open, another draft of anxiety hit him square in the gut.
"I’m-I’m sorry," he stammered, embarrassed beyond words. "I think I’ve got the wrong place."
He immediately stepped back to make a quick exit, but the man’s next words made him halt just in time. 
"You’re Jonghyun, right?" he asked. 
"Uh… yeah…" the blonde confirmed, confused.
A wide smile spread across the unknown man’s face, making his large eyes narrow and crinkle at the corners. 
Who’s he? Jonghyun thought as his gaze scanned the sight before him. He’s gorgeous. 
The prompted thought only made him even more nervous which translated as a deep frown on his face. 
Before he could investigate what he was dealing with, Jinki finally joined in, pulling the taller man away from the doorframe to stand in his place. A mutter of protest came from the other, but the brunette casually ignored it.   
"Jjong!" he sighed, his breath a little shaken. "I’m sorry about that. I was finishing up in the kitchen and Minho got to the door first and…" 
A hand lifted to the back of his neck as his eyes darted down to the space between them. 
"Things aren’t really going as planned."
Jonghyun wanted to wrap him into a tight hug and let him know that he didn’t care, but a more pressing issue was toying with his mind. 
"Who is Minho?" he couldn’t help but ask.
 Jinki had mentioned him as if it were the most natural thing in the world, but this was the first time Jonghyun was hearing anything about that man. 
The brunette’s gaze shot up under his bangs and his eyes grew wide with realization. 
"Right… I never actually told you about him, huh?"
Jonghyun shook his head. 
Jinki sighed, more at himself than anything else.
"Come in. I’ll introduce you properly."
He stepped away from the doorframe, leaving an opening for the blonde to pass through. Once the door was locked and Jonghyun had taken off his shoes, he finally ventured into the brunette’s home. There was a subtle burnt smell in the air, but he chose to leave the matter on the back burner and instead give inquisitive looks to his surroundings. 
The apartment was a typical open concept loft, uniting the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room into the same spacious space. The set up was modern in style, the combination of wood and metal surfaces effortlessly complementing the cream-colored walls. Jonghyun wasn’t one to truly pay attention to details of this sort, but he could appreciate how everything seemed to work in unison to give a homey but classy feel to the apartment. He especially appreciated the fluffy white carpet that stretched out before one of the living room’s couches a few meters away. 
"So what do you think?" Jinki inquired as he followed the blonde’s gaze. 
The latter snapped back to attention, a slight shrug of surprise gracing his shoulders. 
"Ah… it’s very nice…" he awkwardly uttered as he let his eyes drag away from the living room and settle back on the brunette. 
It was just then that he noticed his all-black attire, consisting of a tight t-shirt and form-fitting jeans. It was the most casual he had ever since him, but somehow, that made him even sexier. 
"You have a lovely apartment, " he added quickly to avoid selling himself out as a prying pervert. 
A beautiful grin answered his compliment. 
"Thank you," he said. "Although…" His gaze scanned around. "I really had nothing to do with it. Minho chose it and perfected it to what it is now."
Jonghyun’s brow shot up in response, his shoulders tensing. 
"Oh, so he lives here, too?"
"Well, yeah," Jinki replied, not noticing the sudden edge in the other’s tone. 
A clench graced the younger one’s jaw. Oh, well, that sure reassures me.
"Ah, he’s coming back," Jinki said as footsteps resonated from the hallway to their ears. 
The man in question came into view again, now rocking a striped marine suit that somehow made his legs look even longer. 
Jonghyun couldn’t help but frown at the sight. Tall bastard. 
"Sorry for the disturbance, I’ll be leaving now," the young man informed as he gave them an apologetic smile. 
"Good, but first, let me introduce you properly," the eldest followed up. 
"Aaah, right, right." 
He was quick to close in the distance between them, stopping right in front of Jonghyun. 
"So this is Minho," Jinki started. "He’s my-
"I’m his best friend, roommate and law firm partner," the other swiftly interjected with a liveliness that made Jonghyun want to wince. "Is he a hyung?" Minho then asked, gaze moving to Jinki. 
"No, no," Jinki answered with a chuckle. 
"Aaah okay, I can relax a bit more then," the other noted with an easy smile. "I’ve heard a lot about you, Jonghyun. I’m very happy to finally meet you."
Taken aback by the frank response, the blonde missed the blush that crept up the other’s neck at that exact moment. 
"Ah, um," he started uneasily. "It’s nice to meet you, too," he reciprocated despite his reluctance. 
Cackling in response, the tall brunette said, "That doesn’t sound too convincing."
Jonghyun’s eyes widened, stunned by his lie hitting him back in the face.
 "It is, I-"
"Don’t worry," Minho cut in, still laughing. ""I wouldn't be very warm, either, to someone my boyfriend's apparently close to, but that he never mentioned before," he then reassured, not without the double intent of throwing a jab at his friend too. "Choi Minho," the eldest loudly protested in response, not noticing the bewildered expression that had just settled on the blonde's face. "You're making it sound like I was trying to hide something."
As interested as Jonghyun should've been in the course the conversation was taking, everything that followed was lost on him. He could hear their voices, but none of the words reached him. Not after a single one had rendered his senses useless. Boyfriend. The word rung loudly inside his head, replaying again and again in a reckless loop as his heart raced. 
He managed to turn his head to give a look to his right, searching for a hint of what he was feeling on the other's face. But all he could see there was the frown that had settled deep between his eyes. Not used to seeing that expression, his newfound curiosity for what was causing it was what managed to make him leap back into reality.
There was a brief silence and suddenly the giant's eyes were on him, twinkling with mischief. "He's really cute after all," the latter said as his eyes travelled along his body. Jonghyun's reaction was innate, lips parting to give the other a piece of his mind. But he wasn't quick enough. "I wouldn't be worried in a million years. Trust me," Jinki all but snarled.
That was enough for Jonghyun to lose all bite. Instead, his teeth sank into his bottom lip. Shit. He is being hot again. 
The tallest smirked.
"As spicy as that would've been, you know I would never." He then looked straight at Jonghyun, a pleased smile still dancing on his lips. "I'm glad Jinki finally stopped acting like a little virgin. I have to thank you for that." "Can you just shut up and go now?" Jinki burst out as his skin flared up again. Yup. My sentiments exactly, Jonghyun silently seconded, his impatience growing by the second. "You were the one who wanted us to get acquainted," the younger one retaliated, eyes almost popping out of their sockets. "Well I think Jjong has a good idea of who you are now," Jinki indicated. Yup. An unnecessarily tall and annoying prick, the blonde kept on in the secrecy of his mind. "If you say so," Minho dismissively acknowledged. He didn't waste a beat of silence to continue on. "So, how do I look?" The smug smile that followed did nothing to help his case in the blonde's mind.
"Good, as always," Jinki replied, a lace of exasperation tugging at his words. "Thaaaank yooouu," his friend voiced excitedly. "You know tonight's a big night," he added with a wink. "Aren't you just seeing Yejin?" "Meeting her parents tonight actually," his friend filled in as he tugged on the front of his suit to straighten it out more than it already was. "Not worried though," he instantly added. Suuuuure, Jonghyun derided. It was a miracle he managed not to roll his eyes. Jinki was more patient, obviously. 
 "No?" he questioned, doubt raising his voice. "Nah," Minho assured. "She told them I was a lawyer and they apparently screamed from joy." A grin stretched out wide on his face. "So imagine when they see how handsome I am, too." If there had been a camera in the room, Jonghyun would've surely stared into it to display his sheer annoyance at the other's inflated ego. "Riiight," Jinki said, seemingly as annoyed as he was. It didn't go unnoticed by the tall brunette. "Okay, enough about me," he settled. "I'll leave you lovebirds alone now." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys before giving a lazy wave their way. Before he could exit through the front door, Jinki spoke up again. "You're spending the night at Yejin's, right?" Minho turned back around, meeting the question with a sly smile. "Of course." Jonghyun's heart jumped as his eyes grew a little wider. Calm down, calm down. "Good," Jinki voiced in satisfaction. Oh. Fuck, fuck, fuck. "Have fun," Minho said with a wink before finally leaving. The clicking sound of the door closing sealed those words dramatically, making them suddenly aware that they were very alone. Jinki made a move first, turning his body towards him so he could look at Jonghyun properly. "I need to apologize," he prefaced, expression guilt-stricken. "Ah, it's fine," Jonghyun quickly dismissed. "We all have annoying friends." Jinki's brows rose, mouth agape. "That's not what I was talking about..." The blonde froze as the words struck him like a bucket of cold water being thrown in his face. "I'm...I'm sorry, I didn't-" The other's laugh cut him short. 
"Don't worry," he reassured. "I know he can be a lot sometimes, but he has a good heart." At that, a frown creased his brow making the brunette laugh even harder. "I swear," the latter defended despite it. "If you want, I can tell you about how he actually saved my ass in a big case." Jonghyun snorted. 
"Does it involve him sleeping with someone?" Jinki blinked. 
"How did you know?" The blonde shrugged. 
"He strikes me as the type." "He really didn't make a good impression on you, huh?" No. "I mean... If he's your best friend and you live with him, too, I bet he has redeeming qualities," Jonghyun conceded despite himself. "You are the worst at hiding your emotions," Jinki snickered. "But I'm glad, actually", he went on more seriously. "Minho can be quite the charmer and maybe a small part of me was scared he'd charm you." The admission came with a sheepish smile, sending Jonghyun's heart into a furious race again. "He's not my type," he said without hesitation. "What is your type?" Jinki asked in a cheeky tone. You. "Aah, you know... Guys that..." His eyes shifted as if an answer was floating around. "Um…" "Guys that get so nervous about a dinner at home that they burn the meal?" the other chimed in, giving an embarrassed smile. 
Jonghyun’s gaze settled back on the brunette, wide with confusion. 
"I really hope that type of guy is your type," Jinki continued. "Or else… I’m screwed."
A nervous laugh followed and Jonghyun’s heart fluttered. 
"Don’t worry," he said. "I think that kind of guy is cute."
There was a lull of silence, during which Jinki turned redder than he had before, making the blonde melt and simultaneously cringe at his own corniness. 
"So, um," the brunette cleared his throat. "I was thinking we could order some food instead." 
"Yeah, sure."
"What would you like?"
"I really don’t mind."
"I really don’t mind, either."
"So how the heck are we going to solve this, huh?"
"Hmmm, what haven’t we had yet?"
They both pondered on the matter, reviewing all their previous dates. Apart from the fancy restaurant that had brought them together the first time, they had kept it pretty casual, eating at different local restaurants whenever they felt hungry. Jonghyun wasn’t much of a foodie to begin with, but Jinki was on the other end, so he usually followed in whatever craving the older one had in the moment. 
"What were you cooking earlier?" he thought to ask. 
"I was trying out a Coconut Shrimp Curry recipe."
"Mm, that sounds good. Why don’t we order that?"
"Yeah," the other agreed. "And we can pretend I actually made it while we eat it, too."
Jonghyun smiled at his silliness. 
"Okay, I’ll go find my phone so we can check out places," Jinki indicated, already turning to move. 
But before he could take a step, he was halted by a firm grip on his wrist. 
"Wait," the blonde said as he turned him back around. 
He stepped closer, slow and measured, his almond shaped eyes flicking upwards once there was nearly no more space between them.  
The other’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he gazed into those criminally pretty eyes, waiting. 
"You haven’t kissed me yet," Jonghyun finally said, tone expectant. 
A breathy laugh met his skin.
"You’re forever impatient."
"That’s been established already. So, don’t make me wait any longer."
You’ve made me fucking needy, you bastard. 
Jonghyun was expecting to be left hanging, just to get him frustrated to no end, but before he could prepare any argument in retaliation, the other’s soft lips caught his breath, melding their bodies together. A sigh of contentment left him; it was like everything was right in the world again. 
Jinki held him, arms hugging his waist under his jacket as they shared a soft and sweet kiss. Despite his eagerness, Jonghyun didn’t push for more, knowing well that everything he wanted would come in time. 
"Happy?" Jinki asked as he pulled away, eyes lingering on the lips he had just made pinker. 
"Mmhm," Jonghyun hummed, chest heaving slightly. "For now, yeah."
That made the other laugh again before he stepped back.
"Well, let me get my phone before we actually get to dessert."
He disappeared, leaving a baffled Jonghyun to wrap his mind around what he had just said. Knowing the man a little better now, he knew how purposefully confusing he could get. There could literally be a real dessert waiting ahead without any real prospect of something more. But fortunately, he hadn’t forgotten the exchange that had happened between him and his friend earlier.
He wanted to make sure we would be alone for the night.
That thought alone was enough to make him hot all over again, prompting him to take off his jacket. He walked to the hanger near the entrance and hung it on there before returning to his spot in front of the kitchen island. 
Jinki came back almost simultaneously, gaze fixed on his screen. 
"Hmm… I’m not sure we’ll find what we are looking for…" He lifted his head up. "Maybe we should-"
The pause was abrupt, weird even. But the brunette’s gaze gave it all away as it settled on the other’s chest before traveling further down. It wasn’t the first time Jonghyun was at the receiving end of the taller one’s hungry eyes, but it never failed to make him feel like a blushing schoolgirl. 
"Maybe we should what?" Jonghyun reminded with a thin voice as he tried to distract himself from his own desire. 
Jinki’s eyes shot back up to his face, confused. 
The blonde cleared his throat.
"You were talking about the food…"
"Oooh, right," the older one said, face lighting up with realization before he looked at his phone again. "Um… so yeah, it seems like no restaurant near here makes that type of food, so it would take an eternity before it arrives here."
"Aaaw, that’s too bad," Jonghyun expressed with disappointment even though in truth, the matter left him highly indifferent. 
"So what do you want to do?" Jinki asked, a slight pout curling his lips. 
That on the other hand, didn’t leave him indifferent. 
"Hmm, how about pizza?" he proposed as he thought of the last time he had ordered in. 
"Yeah, pizza’s good," Jinki agreed. "I haven’t had that in ages actually," he realized upon further thought. 
"That’s perfect then," the younger one settled with a soft smile. "I’m bringing you back to basics."
"Definitely," the other chuckled. "You better not judge my choice of toppings though."
"As long as it’s not Hawaiian, you’re good."
Silence followed. 
"Oh come on, really?" Jonghyun exclaimed in disbelief. 
"What if it is?" 
The blonde crossed his arms resolutely.
"Well, I’ll judge you for sure."
"That’s it?" Jinki taunted, amused. 
"Well, yeah, that’s it," Jonghyun threw back, annoyed. "I’m not going to leave or something. That would be dumb."
The other’s amusement morphed into a full-blown laugh.
"Thank god you’re not that dramatic."
The blonde frowned.
"Is that sarcasm?"
"No, sweetheart. Of course not," Jinki kept on, giving him a sweet smile that made his words ring even more insincere.
"You know that I hate you, right?" Jonghyun threw right back at him.  
"I can live with that," the older one brushed off as he redirected his attention to his phone once more. "Plus, I hate Hawaiian pizza."
“Oh, thank the fucking lord," the blonde sighed out, relieved. 
Jinki shook his head at that. 
"You are truly something else."
"I just have good taste, that’s it," Jonghyun shrugged off. "So what are you ordering?"
"That Meat Lover’s one sounds good."
"And that’s when I remember whose cousin you are."
The older one laughed. 
"We gotta have some things in common."
"That’s really all I hope you two have in common," the blonde scoffed. 
"Are you really friends with Taemin?" the other taunted in reply. 
"Depends on my mood, really."
That was met with more laughter, but Jonghyun hadn’t really meant it as a joke. He did love his friends, but he also truly hated them sometimes. 
"So, what kind of pizza do you want?" Jinki asked. 
"All-dressed is fine."
"I thought you would’ve preferred Bare-Naked…"
Jonghyun frowned, confused, but caught up soon enough when he recognized the pleased smile the other was sporting.  
"Your jokes are just getting worse and worse," he voiced, scrunching up his nose in disapproval. 
"Oh, and I thought you said you had good taste," Jinki struck back before the same smile stretched even wider on his face. 
"Fuck you."
"Wow. Best comeback ever."
The reaction was immediate. Anger flared bright and hot inside the younger one as his jaw tightened and his hands balled up into fists. He was ready to go off the rails and rage, but before any words could come out of his mouth, the adult in him spoke up. 
Let it go. 
The voice was firm and resolute, decided to not let his weakness overcome him. 
If it were anyone else, he wouldn’t think twice and would freely let himself throw a tantrum, but he had enough conscience to not want to self-sabotage in this moment. 
"Whatever," he grumbled instead, crossing his arms over his chest. 
"Ah, please don’t be mad at me," Jinki implored as he caught his surly demeanour. "I’ll make my bad jokes worth your while, I promise," he added with a smile that could redeem a million sins and that instantly made the other’s heart somersault. 
“You'd better," the latter grumbled between his teeth before the brunette went on to call the pizza place and put in their order. 
"They said it’ll be here in twenty minutes," Jinki informed as he hung up. 
"Good," Jonghyun answered absent-mindedly. 
His attention had already been caught by something else in the time their conversation had lapsed. 
"Is that a piano book?" he asked as he pointed to the living’s room center table. 
Jinki’s brows shot up with surprise before his eyes followed a few meters ahead. 
"Oh, I forgot to put that away," he realized with some embarrassment. 
"So you’re learning to play piano?" Jonghyun pursued with inquiring eyes that bore into the taller one’s profile. 
"Yeah…" Jinki revealed, the scrutiny making him uncomfortable.  
"Since when? How? Where?" Jonghyun went on eagerly, obviously unaware. 
"Um… Just started a few months ago…" Jinki cleared his throat. "I take a class every Sunday and practice with a keyboard at home whenever I have time."
The blonde’s brows formed a tight frown over his bewildered eyes.
"Why am I learning this just now?"
"Didn’t really think you’d be interested…"
The muttered answer didn’t go unheard. 
"Not interested?" the younger one exclaimed a little louder than intended. "You know I study in a Music program, right?" he tried to say in a calmer tone despite his growing frustration. 
"Yeah, I know…" Jinki sighed, making the blonde’s brow cock upward. 
"So what gives?"
"Nothing," the older one quickly answered. "I didn’t think it was anything important, it’s just a little hobby I picked up again."
"Again?" Jonghyun immediately caught. "So you played before?"
"You’re into music!" 
Exclamation points were flashing in the blonde’s eyes, that piece of information alone firing up all his synapses. 
"This is one of the first things I should’ve known about you!" he reproached despite himself. 
"Like I said, it’s not that important in my life that I felt it was worthy of mentioning," Jinki reiterated, a bite of annoyance marking his words. 
"Not important, but the book is on display in your living room?" the blonde challenged, unwilling to let it go. 
"I just forgot it there."
"Well I’m glad you did, because from what I’m understanding you had no intention of letting me know about this," Jonghyun threw back, feeling more and more cheated. 
"That’s got nothing to do with us," Jinki said, trying to keep his tone even. 
Any kind of restraint the other was trying to keep over himself flew out right there and then. 
"Are you serious right now? How is something we have in common not relevant?" he went off, voice not far from a shout. 
"Jjong," Jinki warned. "Drop it."
"Or what?" he scoffed. "It’s not like you’re going to kick me out or something."
Despite his best efforts to keep a neutral expression, that was the brunette’s final straw.  Hard eyes looked straight at the younger one. 
"Don’t think I can’t."
Jonghyun’s frown deepened, jaw clenching with tension.
"You gotta be kidding." 
That clearly wasn’t the best thing to say. 
"Not this time." 
The brunette’s tone was sharp, unarguable even.
If Jonghyun didn’t know any better he’d think it wasn’t the same man before him. This man he was looking at was almost scary. 
His own tone faltered under the weight of the other’s gaze, sounding almost meek. This wasn’t at all how he wanted the night to end. 
There was a pause, a quiet exchange through their locked gazes. Despite it, Jonghyun couldn’t for the life of him guess what the other would say, but he was praying with all his might that he hadn’t screwed up this whole evening. 
Just as the guessing game was getting the best of his nerves, a sigh broke through the dense silence. 
"I don’t want to kick you out, Jonghyun,” was the first thing the brunette said as his whole demeanour softened.
Thank god. Jonghyun’s shoulders relaxed.
"You fucking scared me for a sec."
"Did I?" Jinki questioned, surprised. 
"Of course!" The blonde gave him an astounded look. "You look fucking scary when you’re mad!"
Jinki chuckled.
"Oh, well," His mouth stretched into a pleased smile. "I guess that’ll teach you."
The blonde’s lips parted, but no words came out. Who the fuck are you? 
"Look." Jinki stepped closer to him, his expression having regained some seriousness. "I’m sorry I reacted that way." 
Jonghyun jumped slightly as a warm hand cupped the side of his face. It wasn’t long before he was melting under the gentle caress.
"No, I’m the one who’s sorry."
"Sorry for?" the older one teased with a soft smile which made the blonde scrunch up his nose in annoyance. 
"Sorry for pushing it," he said, disgruntled. "But you can’t blame me for getting passionate about you playing an instrument," he quickly followed up, arms crossing one over the other. 
The other’s hand dropped down.
"You know that any kind of justification following an apology makes it sound fake, right?" 
The playful jab drew out a scowl on the smaller one’s face. 
"So be it, I’m not taking that back."
Before the brunette could retaliate, he plunged forward, planting a kiss on his slightly parted lips. A barely audible sigh met the gesture before their lips locked fully, bringing a heightened sense of warmth to reverberate through their bodies. 
Jonghyun was not going to play nice this time. His tongue spoke for him as it swiped across the taller one’s lips, asserting its will. Being shown no resistance, he let it slip in with ease, claiming the mouth he had become so addicted to. Desperation and pleasure coiled inside his stomach as the brunette fought back with more passion, pressing their bodies together with a firm pull around his lithe waist. 
The blonde whined against him before one of his hands shot up to the back of his neck while the other gripped on the front of his black shirt. A groan answered the gestures, vibrating low and sensual through the kiss. Clearly, he had struck the right chord, because a moment later, the hands around his waist moved further back. 
A gasp escaped him, his eyes shooting wide open as the brunette’s hands squeeze his ass hard. Their gazes locked as the other checked for a reaction, a self-satisfied smirk breaking their lips apart for a second before he dove back in for seconds. 
Jonghyun moaned again, holding on even tighter to the taller one’s shirt. He was clearly losing the power he had first asserted. But he didn’t mind it. He wanted Jinki to show himself impatient; to show him how much he wanted this, too. 
And impatient he was. Before Jonghyun could get accustomed to the feeling of having his ass cupped by resolute hands, he was suddenly submitted to the delicious pain of having a crotch fully pressing against his own. By the way Jinki was pushing against him, he knew this was no accident. He was finally showing his hunger and the blonde was beyond delighted. 
"Jjong…" Jinki breathed out, barely pulling back. His mind blanked as the other’s tongue poked out to lick at his bottom lip, pupils blown out wide. "I…"
The aborted statement emboldened the smaller one, the grip he had on his shirt finally letting up as he slowly slid his hand down his covered chest, not missing the shiver and the clench it provoked on its way down south.
He tugged on the taller one’s belt, eliciting in him a poignant sense of déjà-vu. Their eyes locked again, making Jonghyun’s heart race from the implications he could read in the dark depths facing him. 
Gaze unwavering, his hand went to work, sliding the belt’s tongue out of its metal buckle with a ringing sound that cut through the heavy atmosphere around them. 
Watching the taller one’s Adam’s apple respond with a slow bob up and down his throat, gave him the last push he needed not to hold back anymore. He dropped to his knees unceremoniously, not minding the dull pain of landing on a hard surface. 
There were more important matters at hand and Jonghyun was going to make sure to give his full attention to them. The first being to close the gap between his first fantasy and reality. His eyes focused on what was before him, the thought of what he was about to uncover being enough to make him lick his lips again. 
Maybe he should have been questioning the fact that he felt hungrier for dick than actual food, but that was going to have to wait for another time.  
Without hesitation, his index finger and thumb pinched at his zipper and unfastened it, letting the curve of a bulge peek out from behind another layer of fabric. Jonghyun was impatient for sure, but he also liked to tease a bit. His hands tugged at the edges of the other’s jeans, sliding them down until they collapsed to the floor on their own. 
Meanwhile, his mouth moved forward on its accord, going straight for what it wanted. A hissing sound and a grip on his hair graced his senses as he took a light bite at the clothed erection that was already swelling up before him. 
He gave another bite, this time harder, and the hiss turned into a curse. Jonghyun smiled, pleased at the power given to him after such a long time. But he wasn’t without being bothered himself, feeling his own pants tighten. Want was coursing through his body making it tense and heated and focused only on making it reach its apex.  
Conscious again of the hand buried in hair, he looked up to see the upstairs result of his ministrations. The sight made his heart skip a beat. The man hovering over him had an expression of troubled lust, brows kneading tightly as his mouth hung slightly open. 
He had seen that face before, but he didn’t want a repeat of previous times. Jonghyun knew what he wanted to see this time. Looking back in front of him, he started kissing at his clothed erection, mouth and tongue traveling along it with languid strokes. He only stopped when he felt a harder pull on his hair, the dull pain making him moan. 
"Jjong…" The brunette halted, voice shaken by a quiver. "Wait, please…the pizza…"
The blonde’s brow arched up in disbelief. 
"You’re fucking kidding me," he spat out. "I’m about to suck your dick and you’re thinking about pizza?!"
"It's not that," the brunette quickly defended. "But the delivery guy's com-"
His brain short-circuited as he was suddenly bared of his underwear, leaving him hard and exposed. He didn't dare look down, an acute sense of discomfort seeping through the excitement that was spreading throughout his body.
"You're fucking kidding me," the blonde repeated, sounding breathless.
A beat of silence followed before his mind spoke on its own.
"You're fucking huge," he said louder this time.
He was too focused on the monumental piece of hard dick before him to notice the blush that had spread across the other's face.
"Fuck..." he let out, mesmerized. "Your hotness just keeps on giving, huh?"
Before the brunette could offer any input, lips suddenly took him in, giving a tentative suck to the crown of his dick already salivating with pre-cum.
His hips bucked, instinctively pushing more of himself into the tight warmth offered to him. The gesture was welcomed with a moan that vibrated through him and made him weak in the knees.
A resumed grip on the other's hair steadied him enough to withstand the subsequent assault. As he felt the base of his dick being squeezed by a firm hold, the blonde pulled back only to leave wet strips on the underside of his cock with an obviously experienced tongue, making him whimper at the bottom of his throat.
"Jjong..." he breathed, lids fluttering over his eyes.
The blonde's answer was sucking at his balls, giving them each their moment of glory inside his mouth before he moved back to the main course.
This time, he didn't test the waters. No, this time, he instantly took the dive, plunging the erection he had been sizing up deeper into his mouth.
Any restraint the brunette had tried to keep over his voice collapsed as the sensation sent a loud moan flying out through his parted lips.
"Fuck..." he cursed out as he finally looked down, hand softening a bit in the other's fluffy hair.
The blonde was covering him almost completely, cheeks hollowed out to accommodate more of him inside. The sight almost made him cum, the familiar pang in his lower belly hitting him deep.
His throat tightened around a groan as the one he had meant to warn began moving up and down his length, bobbing his head in a slow but steady rhythm.
A satisfied hum graced the motion, breaking the suction sounds that were filling the room. It wasn't long before Jonghyun picked up the pace, finding a perverse kick in almost choking every time he deep throated the other.
His pants became unbearably tight, but he didn't tend to it. He could probably get off just by sucking him off.
The curse above came with a rougher tug on his scalp.
"Jjong, I'm-"
But words came a little too late. A forward thrust in brought him deep inside the other's mouth again, letting it all go with a grunt.
Suddenly, warm and thick cum was shooting at the back of the blonde's throat, making him wheeze, but he stayed put, welcoming it with all the greed that had built up inside him throughout these past weeks.
And from the load he was drinking in, he could tell the build-up was reciprocal. Jinki was just giving him a taste of it right now, leaving him wanting more.
As the brunette slowly pulled back, releasing his spent dick from his mouth with a wet pop, Jonghyun's gaze shot back up to him like an expectant dog looking at its master.
Jinki met his gaze with a mix of fondness and embarrassment, simultaneously flattening his hand over his bright shock of hair to gently comb through it.
"Sorry..." he quietly said.
Jonghyun almost swooned under his touch, but the apology instantly pulled out a reaction from him.
"What are you even apologizing for?" he retorted, annoyed.
The brunette looked away, averting further scrutiny. 
"I don't know, just..."
They were pulled out of their bubble by the sudden buzzing sound at the door, reminding them of the world that existed outside of them.
"Oh shit, the pizza," Jinki shouted out in panic.
Quickly rushing to get fully clothed again, he then ran to answer through the intercom at the door, leaving an even more annoyed Jonghyun to frown at the interruption.
"Tell me we are not really going to stop to eat pizza now," he verified as Jinki walked back up to him.
Confusion spread across the taller one's features.
"Well I already buzzed him in..."
Jonghyun rolled his eyes.
"I know," he huffed. "But that doesn't mean we need to eat it now."
"But then it'll get cold..."
"Are you fucking serious?"
An apologetic smile crept up the other's face, frustrating him even more.
"I'm afraid I am," he said, before holding out his hand for the other to take.
Jonghyun was tempted to ignore it, but finally grabbed it and let himself be helped up to his feet.
As soon as they were at eye level again, Jinki kissed him, soft and easy, tasting himself off his pliant mouth.
Pulling back just an inch, he said, " We've got all night to ourselves."
Jonghyun shivered, the words settling his impatience just a bit.
"Also," Jinki added. "If I don't eat before, my old bones won't be able to keep up with your youthful vigor."
His words were met with a distinct eye roll that made an honest laugh rumble out of his chest.
The doorbell ringing broke them apart and Jonghyun used that opportunity to take a trip to the bathroom. He ventured into the hallway in search of it, but before he could get there, he couldn't help but peak into a gaping door, the outline of a bed catching his attention.
He pushed it further open as his nose took note of the whiff of savory flavor coming a few meters away.
Even if he couldn't have been sure of whose room it was, what he found on the bed gave him the answer. From head to foot, the whole mattress was covered in white peonies. His eyes widened and mouth fell wide open as his heart thumped loudly inside his chest.
He was so stunned that he failed to hear the footsteps that were getting closer. It was only when a hand settled on his shoulder that he got abruptly pulled out of his trance, jumping in surprise.
Darker eyes met lighter ones as the blonde turned back slightly.
"I decidedly can't do anything right tonight," Jinki uttered, somewhat dejected. "I should've known to keep my door shut."
Jonghyun was immediately punched in the gut with guilt. 
"No, no, it's my fault," he immediately countered." I shouldn't have been snooping around, I just wanted to go to the bathroom..."
"It’s alright, really," Jinki halted before looking back at the bed. "So, what do you think?"
Jonghyun followed his line of sight, once again taking in the angelic sight the petals formed on the bed. He had seen such gestures being made in movies and had always thought they were over the top and cheesy, but to actually have someone do that for him...
And they weren't anything generic like roses, they were actually his favorite flowers.
"I... It's... It's..." He swallowed, feeling his throat tighten. "It's perfect."
The words fell out of his mouth with an unfamiliar quiver, prompting him to clear it out with a cough.
"I'm glad you think so," Jinki welcomed with a huge grin. "I remembered you mentioning these were your favorites when we were walking through the national park."
Jonghyun blinked at him, surprised.
"Wasn't that like weeks ago??"
The brunette laughed.
"I know I'm old, but I have a good memory."
The younger one's mind blanked again at that, dumbfounded by the gesture.
"Are you okay?" Jinki couldn't help but ask with a chuckle after a whole minute of silence stretched between them.
"Yeah..." Jonghyun breathed out. "It's just..."
He inhaled deeply before looking straight into his eyes again. 
"Why would you do something like that for me?"
Taken aback, the taller one answered on the spot.
"Why wouldn't I?"
When he saw the unchanged expression of confusion and astonishment on the blonde's face, he went on. 
"I thought I had made it clear that I really like you."
Jonghyun's eyes darted away, embarrassed.
"No but," Jinki interjected. "I know that's not what you're used to, but I want you to know how much you mean to me."
The confession made his heart somersault. He felt an overwhelming warmth spread through him and suddenly, it all felt too much.
"Jinki..." he started faintly. "I don't deserve this."
As he watched a deep frown crease the other's thick brows, he went on.
"You've been so sweet and attentive, and I've just been..."
An asshole.
A liar.
"I've just been..." 
He wanted to say the words, but they felt stuck.
"You've been just perfect," Jinki filled in, giving him a loving look that only made him feel worse. "I don't know where this is coming from, but-"
"I've been lying to you," he blurted out as a window of imminence opened wide before him.
The other's gaze widened before narrowing under another frown. "What..."
Jonghyun's heart flipped, stomach coiling with anxiety.
"There is something I need to tell you.”
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newagesispage · a year ago
                                                                        MAY                 2021
The Rib Page
George Takei is sweatin’ with the oldies. He stars in a fitness app for gay seniors, Bar Belles. It was his April Fool’s day joke.
Fox will bring us Crime Scene Kitchen on May 26 with host Joel McHale.
Joel Hodgson has launched a new kick starter to create a new independent season of MTS3K, The goal is $2mil.
Bob Odenkirk will release: Comedy, comedy, comedy, drama: A Memoir on Jan. 18 2022
Leslie Jones will host the 2021 MTV Awards.
$3 mil was raised for Next for Autism with help from Conan, Kimmel, Charlize, Chris Rock, Jack Black and Sarah Silverman.
Have ya noticed that Gayle King looks great in yellow.
Some people are not too happy that Elon Musk will host SNL on May 8. Miley Cyrus is the musical guest.** Musk tweeted: Let’s find out just how live SNL really is. Cast member Bowen Yang tweeted back, : What the Fuck does this even mean?
Oh Seth Meyers: Every time I see the sea captain on your show, I miss him so much!!
There is a spotlight on Foxconn which made a big splash for Trump at the start of his presidency. The company has done a lot of nothing but still gets tax cuts. Homes were demolished, roads were widened to nowhere and money was spent. Wisconsinites are upset that this big business is just folly and a big glass orb.
Mike Lindell is a kook but he did try to appear to be a good sport on Kimmel.
When will weed be legal on a federal level? When will drug testing for employment be illegal? We hear so much about personal rights with the gun laws and vaccines and masks. What about the right to do what we want with our bodies when we are not at work. Think of the administrative costs that could be saved if we just removed drug testing. Our experience and work ethic should mean more that what we do with our free time. This is not a problem at all companies. There are places in this country where it is near impossible anywhere in your area to get hired without a drug screening. One joint on a random Saturday night could keep someone from a great opportunity. A person in pain who reaches for an edible might miss out on the job that saves their lives.
NASA sent the first flight to another planet. The Mars flight made history with the 30 sec feat.
What? The Menendez brothers are popular again? From the Ramsey case to the Manson murders or Bundy, it all comes back around again.
The Lizzie Borden house just sold for $2mil to Lance Zaal of U. S. Ghost Adventures.
Quarantine and so much television et al proves one thing, the pharmaceutical and insurance companies have way too much $.
Trump told everyone to boycott Coke and is later seen drinking diet Coke.** Trump sent out a statement about how bad the Oscars are. They threw it right back in his face. ** Federal agents have searched Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment. It stems from the 2 year investigation into activities in Ukraine.
X-VP Pence is said to have pressured the Navy to reinstate former Mo. Gov. Eric Greitens. Greitens was accused of tying up, blindfolding, taking explicit photos of and blackmailing a woman.
There is a crisis in schools with the lack of civics and history being taught.
Hulk Hogan was hit with a chorus of Boo’s at his latest event.
The latest sexual harassment news: Matt Gaetz  is being looked into for sex with a minor and sex trafficking.  Bill Barr opened the investigation.** Tom Reed has been accused of sexual misconduct by former lobbyist, Nicolette Davis.** Marilyn Manson has been sued by Game of Thrones, Esme Bianco for sexual abuse.
What is going on with Bank of America? I am hearing from multiple people that often they do not get their statement in the mail. Is this a bad Postal service? Is this bad business practice? How many late fees had to be paid because of this? Not everybody wants to pay their bills online.
Jack Hanna has revealed that he has dementia.
Tiny Tim : King for a day is a new doc I must see. The film contains footage shot from Warhol’s Factory. There are excerpts from Tim’s diary read by Weird Al Yankovic and the story of how Tiny’s friend, Bob Dylan wanted to make a film with him.
Lindsay Lohan’s Father, Michael has been charged with 5 counts patient brokering and 1 count of attempted patient brokering. This is an apparent scam of steering addicts into rehab for cash.
Aaron Sorkin and Paulina Porizkova are dating. Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor are dating.
JB Smoove has a new podcast brought to you by TeamCoco.
Hey.. People working on the new Law and Order: Organized Crime….. TOO MUCH MELONI!!
Zach Avery, actor, was arrested for his participation in a $690 mil Ponzi scheme.
President Biden has restored aid to the Palestinians.
MLB put up a wall in Georgia but the Masters stayed.
Hank Azaria has brought Brockmire to a new podcast.
Tommy Chong isn’t allowed on FB because of his weed posts but they allow an imposter to use his name to sell weed.
Pennsylvania is trying to push thru 14 voter suppression bills.
Joe Manchin. Ugh!!** Marjorie Taylor- Greene has let go of her America First caucus.** Ted Cruz has allegedly used $154, 000 of his campaign funds to buy up copies of his book to boost sales. This is an old trick but still illegal.
For the first time, The Carter Center became involved in a U.S. election. They published videos and live webcasts as well as deploying observers across Georgia.
Most health programs in Uganda, Nigeria and Ethiopia have resumed after Covid.** Tom Vilsack from the Dept. of Agriculture has announced the USDA will provide assistance to 30 million kids.** It is sad to me that we have to entice people to vaccinate. Football games, Church’s and shot for shot in bars?? Really? Saving the lives of others should be enough. WTF?
Alec Baldwin, Alec Mapa and Kelsey Grammer are shopping around a new comedy that ABC decided to pass on.
Chauvin was found guilty.
Days alert: C’mon Ben, calm the fuck down! Don’t prove how out of control you are like everybody thinks. ** Xander is so funny right now.** How many people will Kristen be and how many times can one person melt down?? **Bring Carrie back!! **Jackee’ seemed a bit nervous in the beginning but she is fitting right in. More!
The SAG awards came and went. With the Trial of the Chicago 7 winning best ensemble, Michael Keaton is the first person to be in 3 best casts for SAG’s.** Other winners include Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman, Daniel Kaluuta, Youn Yuh-Jung, Mark Ruffalo, Anya Taylor- Joy, Jason Bateman, Catherine O’Hara, Schitt’s Creek and The Crown.
The Oscars were held on April 25. It was a bit of a yawner and why would a show set themselves up for an awkward end?? There was a commercial from P&G right before the broadcast that stated, “ Widen the screen so we can widen our view.” Nice sentiment.  Mank had so many noms and only 2 wins. People looking their best to me were Leslie Odom Jr., Glenn Close, Riz Ahmed, LaKeith Stanfield, Colman Domingo, John Batiste, Mia Neal, Questlove (gold crocs and a mask!), Desmond Roe, Travon Free, Trish Summerville, Marlee Matlin, The Lucas Brothers, Andra Day, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Seyfried, Nicolette Robinson, Regina King and Margot Robbie. Laura Dern looked like Big Bird, there were just too many feathers. Tiara Thomas had feathers but they looked great.  Angela Bassett had some power sleeves and Tyer Perry looked like a little boy.  Hooray for Emerald Fennell for her win for original screenplay but not sure about the dress. And Viola Davis?? Dana Murray?? Ashley Fox?? Hmm?? Winners seemed to have trouble getting to the stage. They often refused the steps or the walkway and sort of climbed up the side. I did love the intimate setting and it did remind me of the old clips of years before. Sound of metal and Ma Rainey both won. Tyler Perry and for the first time, an organization, the motion picture and television fund, took home the humanitarian award. I was thrilled to see My Octopus Teacher win for Doc. I loved Crip Camp too, that was a hard category.  The acting winners went in all directions.  Many critics complained that the films were real downers . Nomadland won best picture. Michael Moore put it best I think. Of the films this year, he said, “They force you to look backward with 2021 eyes.”
Why the Fuck do we need a militarized police force?
R.I.P. victims of the multiple mass shootings, victims of police shootings, the crush in Israel, Cosette Brown, Midwin Charles, DMX, Paul Ritter, Ethel Gabriel, G. Gordon Liddy, Buddy Peppenschmidt,  Prince Philip, Anne Beatts, Diane Adler, Vartan Gregorian, Monte Hellman, Jim Steinman, Michael Collins, Michael wolf Snyder, Johnny Crawford, Eli Broad and Walter Mondale.
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that-wasnt-so-bad · a year ago
So I'm now on year 2 of Stardew valley, Sam's my man, I'm friends with his mum and little brother (those three are darling nennenenjwnwb), already got a plan to buy a mermaid pendent ready for 17th day of summer to go 'lol, Sam, how's marriage sound?' (that's his birthday, I can't help but be a romantic. Haven't really talked to his Dad (it's literally day 1 of spring year 2 so he just got back from the war) but from first chat (ie when he came to my day to say hi) I'm neutral. But I need to be his friend too so I'm. on good terms with the fam-a-lam.
I got a notif (on the screen whilst playing - an in game notif ad it were) saying that Terra, my dog, loves me and it was 2am and I was sad and I cried because my doggo loves me.
Sebastian is an absolute mood.
Robin is the sweetest and I'm really annoyed I missed her birthday.
I finally figured out how to fish. Very proud of myself for that.
Also the ten heart event with Sam is the freaking cutest. A note saying 'meet me outside my place at 8pm'? Alright I'll be there. ITVS cold and sneaks into his room? Sure thing. Hiding from his mum I'm his bed and he's freaking sweating like 'uh oh uh oh uh oh' but his mum and me are friends so I doubt she'd mind? Hsjwjjwjwjw honestly that's just cute.
Anyways moving on from that:
I'm. hoardinf all my conserves, jams, honey and any alcohol (if I knew when I unlock 'Keg' to make booze that would be nice) for winter because I can't grow anything. Honestly good thing I had 30 salmonberries and 60 odd blackberries plus four of those barrels to makes jams and things to get me through. I had literally started winter with the first house upgrade (literally first day of winter wad the day the upgrade was finished) so I basically only had two grand to start off with.
Focused on fishing but I really need to write a list of the fish, where they are, and what seasons/weathers/times of day I can catch them.
Apparently whenever I talk to Alex my energy actually goes down and it humours me because if I had to talk to someone of his personality (sporty plus popular) I would have no energy (in fact I had plenty of those kids in my school and I would from 10 spoons to - 10 spoons in two minutes of seeing them after eighteen hours. Mood).
Whenever I get something that isn't a fish when fishing (also when checking my crab pots too), the -_- is also a mood.
The music is easy listening music that is actually easy to listen to and not war grinding (ie, it reminds me of simple pokémon villages and its very soothing to my soul.
I once fell asleep outside at 2am and the doctor charged my 500 gold for literally doing nothing. Nwnjejeisjjwjejw. The following time I olla oded at 2an to sleep my, I was literally a step away from my bed.
Terra the doggo totally put me in bed. With the house upgrade now, he's more often to sleep at the foot of my bed and it's the cutest thing and makes me miss my doggo in a good way (like a smiley sad heart melt way not in a depressing way).
Currently saving up for a coop to get some ducks or chickens (whichever ones available) as well as the mermaid pendent. But the hoard sell of all my jams and things I was holding onto got me past 10 grand of gold (part of me wants to say I have 17 000 now}.
I should also really make some paths so tree don't block my path. Very annoying when you've just been to an event or mismanaged time so your hours are ticking away but you're path is literally blocked by trees.
Sometiems I hear Terra barking but I literally cannot see him and I get worried. He's wither hidden by all the trees and I have to cut my way to him so I can pet him and give him an exit, or he's disguised by grass.
This one time it was raining and thundering and he fell asleep next to his dog bowl outside and I was just like 'what you doing you silly bugger' and walked into my house and he was right there in front of the fire sleeping and my heart melted.
I cannot help it. It's a doggo.
I see bunnies and squirrels going to into bushes or up trees and have heart melts. Sadly one of the bundles to in the community centre requires a rabbit foot. I got very sad. Stop wanting the footsies of animals for your charms. They need those!
Going back to same tho, the eight heart event with the concert and him saying to applauding my character was nenejejejjwbwjsjskwkwjne. Also he's a good big brother since his little brother wants to be like him and that's the cutest damn thing besides little BRO Vincent liking flowers and gems.
Do I have a thing for nitwits (affectionately) who love their family and friends with their entire being whilst also being a little down on themselves? Yes I do.
Also found Granddad's shrine and I'm scared for day 1 of year year 3. I don't want him to miraculously turn up and terrify me to death.
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kyrrahbird · a year ago
Ky’s 琅琊榜 Nirvana in Fire/Lang Ya Bang liveblog experience
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Time for episode 2!! the one you should really stick around for!! Altho ill be honest, episode 3 is when it really really gets going. this ep is still introducing more major characters LMAO
We left ep 1 finding out about a competition for Nihuangs hand. thank god ep 2 picks up with a discussion about that
The princess is a marquess general rank and has made it on to the Langya martial list
have i mentioned i LOVE HER
unfortunately the emperor is very paranoid
(summary of the whole drama)
and Nihuang is apparently too powerful. hes trying to limit her power with marriage
Tumblr media
I love this intro. Crunchy knuckles man
Bamf and ominous!!
little did I know!!
They also casually drop that Xie Yu controls the capitol patrol guards
i sure do hope that doesnt become relevant later
I still do not like prince yu. hes trying to control Nihuang :(
Mei Changsu has disappeared!! Right under their noses!!
He’s already delighting me
“Even though Fei Liu has mental insufficiencies, he has a good temperament” I CACKLED
Tumblr media
Great father-figure, just letting hes souped-up superhero kid wander wherever
But thats okay, we now get to see Commander Meng and Fei Liu battle it out
Fei Liu is HORRIFIED that there might be someone he cant beat
All the fight scenes serve multiple purposes too. Xie Yu is Judging™
Commander Meng “I wouldn’t have dared say I could have won within a hundred moves” 
Cut to Xie Yu’s double take 
you used the Su Zhe alias for like 1 day tops and its already nearly useless
It’s solely to confuse first time watchers
Tumblr media
Fei Liu being depressed against a pole im dying
(MCS said he couldnt have beaten Commander Meng)
Im not making a comment about that quote
youre making a comment about that quote
But Xie Bi is onto MCS secret and runs straight to prince yu, while Xie Yu runs straight to the crown prince LMOA
So predictable
“Openly yet discretely took discretely took up residence in my househole”
Yeah it wasnt that discreet 
Also love how Xie Yu goes “yeah no we’re probably gonna have to kill him”
Tumblr media
i love how hes just so,,, fucking blunt
and terse
absolutely no social niceties
Xia Dong just stares off into the middle distance and refuses to acknowledge him
“This wouldnt be another big conspiracy case would it?”
i didnt even know what was going on the first time and i still figured out that was a pointed dig. Xia Dong’s look of outrage is priceless
So Lin Xie (our mc’s dad) apparently killed Xia Dongs husband and that was part of this whole big Chiyan conspiracy that resulting in the army being massacred and mcs falling off a cliff and not dying
But Prince Jing and Nihuang dont believe it. dun dun dunnnn
Tumblr media
I remember the first time i watched this and i had the thought that this dude is just. dead inside
I was not wrong
His life sucks rn
And his father and brothers are making him stand outside for hours
thank god for gao zhan the eunuch
His dad FORGOT about him
His brothers piss me off soooo much. i can just see his desire to sink into the floor and/or throttle them both and I CONCUR
And here we have Jingyan’s mother!!!
Tumblr media
The real mvp of the show
shes also absolutely gorgeous
And sad that her son didnt visit :((((
Jingrui protecting mcs from his mother and the empress is precious and absolutely breaks my heart
“There’s nothing moral about needlessly placing a friend in a difficult position” AAAAAAA
The thing i loved was that foreshadowing was always evident (through the music and stress and long stares) even if u had no idea what was being foreshadowed 
They’re deliberately late to the fight show so that they dont end up in the boring procession
We (briefly) see Mu Qing who is Nihuang’s lil bro and a Whole Idiot. I love him
But then we get the gr8 scene of the Crown Prince and Prince Yu blatantly jockeying for MCS’s favour
MCS manages to deftly deflect all their gifts
its incredible
Yujin and Jingrui are just looking on like o_o’’’
ooooh no
we’re going to meet the grand dowager empress (the emperors grandmother)
“She is the most peaceful grandmother on earth” oooo my heart
I LOVE THIS bc i was not entirely clear on the family relation here the first time but i still knew EXACTLY what this meant to mcs
she doesnt remember any of them ;;n;;;
Tumblr media
u just know this is important. that this recognition is everything hes lost (his family, his friends, his fiance)
but his great grandmother still recognises him
She remembered his favourite sweet too TAT
Tumblr media
oh no
and MCS grips nihuang’s hand!!!
Jingrui had to remind him to leave
im so sad :((((( 
I feel bad for his great grandmother;;;
And then he goes back to lying
Why you always lyyyyinggggg
Nihuang asking the pertinent questions like “why tf would you come to the capital, where all the politics are, to REST?”
She may have a point
This ep ends with a slave boy being whipped when spills a bucket of water :000
Which means next ep is the MEETING
I said this one would be shorts and it....nearly is. Apparently i have a lot of thots on Every Scene /surprised pikachu face. 
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