#??? im pretty sure this sums it up
psycha-porp · 4 days ago
Just to keep everyone on the same page:
Twitter: on fire
Tumblr: collectively hallucinating a movie that doesn’t exist, and yet somehow has cohesive plot worthy of in depth critical analysis and a sound track. Thriving. Business as usual.
TikTok: overrun by cats starting a dabloon economy that crashed almost immediately because of rapid inflation
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gikairan · a month ago
Two different journalists from two different publications (one being Jason Schreier) have sources (that are not employed by Platinum Games) saying the Bayonetta voice actor was NOT offered only 4k to reprise her role
She was offered at LEAST 12k. 4k per session in the recording booth, with the expected number of sessions being 4.
And look, I don't know how much that is for a VA. and VAing in general is a very disrespected profession
.... But she is either actively lying to people, or she didn't understand the terms of the contract she was offered and has broken NDA based on her misunderstanding....
Neither of which are good looks for her....
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pcktknife · 6 months ago
i got ei but i dont play genshin what is she like
depressed like so soooo depressed
#shes pretty complex and probably is one of the if not The best written character currently in the game#like people were upset with inazumas storyline but when eis second quest came out multiple ppl were like 'oh this might saved this arc'#shes not really a good person but she isnt totally bad either#how to sum her up#lost p much all her loved ones (one of which died by her hand others possibly preventable) bc of that she locked herself in her mindscape#isolated herself and built a puppet stand in of herself to run her country to make sure it never changed (keep it the same for an eternity)#and like any threat to eternity gets eliminated thrown in jail vision stolen etc etc her ppl love her but like her fear of change is bad#really bad for everyone#like the country is shut down no one in no one out theres people being displaced theres a war its alot and its all cause ei cant really#move on i think yae and ei herself even says she was being selfish and childish to an extent#you eventually go into the mindscape and yae (pink fox lady probably eis last living non human friend actually) shows up like bitch get up!#youre lonely this isnt healthy girl!!! and eis like damn youre right im still not ready to move on so i think i need to reflect on shit wow#her first quest was her seeing how her country changed and getting out of her head for a bit second quest was her actually facing the#trauma she experienced from all her loss and also fighting her puppet replacement to get it to chill out w the whole eternity thing and#reuniting with her dead sister for one last time it was actually like super beautiful almost cried#i said id give u a summary and just gave u the whole story sorry shes just like a super compelling character 💀#genshin fandom had probably still has a hard time understanding her as a character cause shes not textbook evil woman#people often hate her or glorify her but i feel you wont understand her if your too far on either side of those#tldr: shes complicated a traumatized woman who made poor choices because of it and shes not perfect a bit far from it but shes trying to..#get better and be better for the sake of the people she'd been hurting and being kind of a shitty god to#also shes gay but thats neither here nor there#asks#anon#lucky you getting the genshin character i apparently seem to know the most about#i was going to bed and you activated my brainworms 😭
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girlucifer · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ok yeah of course this was coming
#OK time to talk about deltarune on my om! sideblog#so. i am going insane about it because HELLO we love to see the main gang's bonds deepen!!#kris <3 and susie!! and ralseiiiii and NOELLE?? yea she's my fave this chapter because i love the damsels in distress#she emphasized over and over how she is pretty scared most of the time. how her dad mentioned how her mom is hard on her#how she doesnt get to see her older sister any more !! [potentially bc she died?? is missing??]#and how her only friends seem to be interested in her status as one of the smart cookies#she obviously deals w lots of pressure & many eyes on her. its no wonder she fell for the class bully who seems to have everything#together & doesn't care what others think!! plus the whole idea of queen looking at noelle & being like ok going to protect this#little deer thing forever now#OMG and voice acting for queen was SO fun [i played w my brother so i couldnt finish until lyesterday!]#bc we would just give her those ai voices. so much fun <3#and naturally. the ending gave me many questions BUT it also cleared some stuff up?? like kris rips out the soul &#engages in their own stuff. maybe they went out to get sum dinner or smth :)#i dnot think theyre evil. im sure deltarune has to be in essence an origin story for gaster or smth... theres just so much to point to him?#guys ii literally am very well versed in undertale lore [not really] like i would spend hours upon hours a few years ago on this#like. i was insane. now that obsession shifted to om! but yknow. WHATEVER!#doodles#idk what the even. what to even tag this#obey me!#deltarune spoilers#SPAMTON & MAMMON sorry i think i really like this hair#like on god. i almost wanna fuckign CHANGE IT BC he looks so good?????#obey me mc
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halethkickass · a year ago
Hugurinn segir háskóli, en hjartað segir einangraður kindabóndi á Íslandi.
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ranocchiowo · 11 months ago
since @windfaemaiden asked here are my top 5 artists on my spotify wrapped!
Tumblr media
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jrueships · 5 months ago
forgot about their beef look at maxeys face LMAOOOOOOOOO
Tumblr media Tumblr media
#maxey from dallas he KNOWS how to spot disrespect when he SEES is#clutching his pearls#cus he know if smthin starts hes GONNA have to instigate it into smthin bigger than it has to be#thats just how them folk do i swear the heat makes ppl's crave for violence skyrocket#he was waiting for some swings#but YEA jalens beef with cade is 😭 on sum different level shit#they WERE friends n im pretty sure they were friends here ... but then competition for first pick kinda ramped up#n jalen was getting criticized for a slow start while cade was gettin praised... n he got a pistons win over jalen so#... i dont think theyre so close anymore 😭 and everything cade related has turned sour in jalens mind#like Everything. no matter What#nothing an aquarius remembers more than wrongdoings i Swear bro. they can be 65 yrs old n see an old middle school classmate#n recall with the exact distate as they had the moment it happened to them the one tiny slight that person accidentally did to them#and Hate them#they wont like DO anything about it besides shit talk to friends or the person if they feel powerful enough but still#they be rememberin#example.. klay lol#jalen n klay are serious abt their hatreds of ppl it's hilarious 😭 i remember in a gup green live#marvin bagleys lil bro trashtalked jalen like. twice. . n the whole LIVE jalen was sayin bagleys lil bro was trash n a bum#n gup wasnt even enticing the roast he was barely energetic in it jus kinda questionin but that didnt stop jalen 😭#went IN on that man 😭 insane#and poor ty had to witness the eternal fury brewing around inside the storm that jalen calls his mind...#theyd be a dangerous duo 😭 gup too positive with givin others a chance unlike maxey who loves action wherever he can find it#CRAZY vid thank u for showing it to me! this is crazy x2 wow.. baby on baby crime#baby cade doesnt even look like cade.. looks like pauly D#sucks he cant be playful like this no more with jalen... it's not safe no more LMAO#ted asks#green#maxey
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ks0o · a year ago
why the hiatus :((
this is gonna be a long answer so ill leave it in the tags to not clog up the dash
#so like its a bunch of reasons but the main one is that this is my last summer cause once i start med school we dont have proper summers#just like 2 weeks off between semesters then you go back to the hospital or uni or whatever#and ive basically wasted a good month and a half of it on this site#like its gotten pretty unhealthy i refresh my activity every like 10 seconds to see if i got any new notes#its super addicting and i honestly knew but like i was just in denial#second thing is kpop#so im 19 right now and the thought of still being a kpoppie in my 20s horrifies me like no offense to all my 20+ yr old kpoppies#but like i expected this phase to end a long time ago and honestly like#when i was still in uni and able to see my friends i rarely ever used tumblr or kept up w kpop which just confirms to me that#this was just an escape out of boredom and like not a productive or good one it just feels like im throwing my life away#and its so easy to like obsessess over parasocial relationships and project traits that you like onto idols and its just#so creepy? like idk its normal for a 14 year old but come on im an adult like...#another thing is that i want to go to the gym cause i have like this event thing and i need to look sexy for it#also just in general i want to be the hot sexy doctor that everyone loves....so yeah#and on that note.#i also want to like strengthen my islam ive been meaning to read quran and memorize this juzu for a while now but i keep putting it off#and lastly...i want to learn french again but im sure this is the least likely one for me to continue#so just to sum in general i feel like im not having as much fun on tumblr as i should be given the amount of time i put into it#and a lot of the friendships i make here are very surface level except for a few people (u know who u are xox)#i wanna improve myself n i feel like spending time here is counter to that so yeah.#i mean like if you see me here tomorrow dont even be surprised cause i have the will and self control of an infant#but yes....thats the plan....if you read this far i feel obliged to give you something else to contact me on so feel free to dm me#in case my escape plan succeeds#ok love u all...💕#this was kind of rushed since im literally in like an uber typing this out omw to my friends so i might edit it later ok xox
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punkcherries · a year ago
that was definitely a movie
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maladaptivedaydreamsx · a year ago
Tumblr media
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grass-s0fa · a year ago
hey *throws these funky pics at yall and seeps into the ground*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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warrioroflondonbelow · a year ago
//After all this time I just realized that the best way to sum Richard up would be: “The Idiot Who Not Only Brings a Knife to a Gun Fight but Tries To Stupidly Fight The People With Guns Because He’s Too Stubborn To Admit His Mistake Before Realizing He’s F-ed Up”//
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familiaanteomnia · 28 days ago
am stands for active muse hours
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chemicaldecomposition · a month ago
headmates r funny bc they'll literally relapse and put out the cigarette on the place ur finger was amputated at in canon knowing you'll find it funny. like yes I'm pissed, yes everytime I look at it I laugh bc it's so stupid to laugh at LIKE imagine hating this 15yo so much u burn the bodies finger
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henbased · 4 months ago
🎧 personality - lloyd price
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catboycreampie · 9 months ago
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