enevera · a day ago
CONGRATS ON 100!!!! mayhaps this goldfish boy n bby suguru ?
Tumblr media
bby suguru and his fishy friend <333
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blitzy-blitzwing · 5 months ago
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I love minibots. ♡♡
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kiwimidnight · 9 days ago
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bubupop · 6 months ago
Wakey wakey, MC! (obey me)
I just couldn’t wait to post this one, I am in a rolllll. Anyways hope you enjoy it ! <33333 didn’t even proofread or anything so he he he
➙ Lord Diavolo and Lucifer entering your room. They meant to talk with you about a project coming up that was meant to better the relationships with the human realm. Lucifer had told you earlier in the day and you said you’ll be there and that you’d be studying. ➙ The fool, he trusted you. Really, he should’ve known better. He should have texted you as soon as he was approaching the house of lamentation. When you failed to show at his office he was concerned, at first. Maybe his brother's shenanigans? Maybe you were too engrossed with your studies.Then again, he reminded himself who you are, little trouble maker making his hair turn white,, at least he would match with Mammon ??? he still adores you tho.
➙ He tried consoling himself, nice thoughts puppies and his brothers all behaving like productive members of society, a normal human and a normal boss... He waited some minutes more and then the ticking bomb of his patience finally kboomed. He stormed to your room, Diavolo in tow. How dare you human make the Lord of the Devildom wait?! Unacceptable, really. ➙ He enters the room, no knocking no nothing. Wow, rude much, old man. To be fair he was expecting you to be studying, not in the middle of a blanket cocoon, face planted in your pillow, sleeping. You, poor thing, completely unaware of the boiling rage of the demon, still in dreamland. Maybe you shouldn’t wake up at all?? ➙ Ok, but he was dumbfounded. Lord Diavolo thought you looked cute. Like a little smashed fruit. The men both walk away from your room, thinking of what to do. The Lord says it’s no big deal, maybe he can come later on or even tomorrow? No biggie, really. He wishes he could nap, too! Everyone deserves to rest a little from work, you should rest, too, Lucifer. Don’t wrinkle further your beautiful face, it would be bad for the Devildom to see you wither! ➙ Well, maybe he can reschedule??? No !! How! dare! the! puny! little! human! darling! embarrass! him! like! that! He would not stand for that, his pride wouldn’t let him. But, to his credit, he wouldn’t demand such a thing for you on a normal day but this meeting was for the sake and future of your realm, for hell’s sake! and the Lord himself came to see you and hear YOUR opinion about it! Dammit, MC! You do look cute when you’re sleeping but this isn’t the right time !! ➙ Still outside your room, thinking on how to wake you up Satan showed up. He questions him like Lucifer isn’t his father older brother. He reminds him that humans need sleep and it’s vital for you to be well rested. Lucifer scoffs, you could have chosen any other time or day to nap, besides, this was more important. Missing one nap wouldn’t hurt you… right??? Either way they need to stop babying you too much or you’ll get bad habits, they coddle you too much! Satan shrugs and leaves, not his problem and he doesn’t wanna be involved in this mess. yet. ➙ So, Lucifer is about to enter your room again, Diavolo watching from the sidelines. He kind of wants to see where this is going. This is fun! Hey guys we should do this more often, am i right or am i right??? Now Lucifer, he’s standing before your fragile form. His frown banishes for a second only to scrunch again but pitifully, like, when you’re about to do something you don’t want to do, for a second maybe you can even see a tender look in his eyes. You look so peaceful and he kind of wants to just stare at you. Your breath is stable and you're calm, not a feral baby like you usually are when you’re around his brothers. But he likes that side of you, too (you’re his little gremlin<33). He feels bad, he feels he’s kicking a puppy. A stinky, slightly dumb one. Tsk tsk, you’re too spoiled. He can’t allow himself to lose this one tho, he. must. persevere. kick. the. puppy……….. ➙ He was just about to move when your room is invaded by yet another troublesome spoiled baby, whose it is?? It is Asmo, yay!! He whines as soon as he sees Lucifer about to wake you up. First of all, Asmo, dear, if you don’t wanna wake up the human maybe don’t screech?? He starts babbling about how he shouldn’t, can’t, wake you up!! Humans need their beauty nap ! wow thanks, because they were not born beautiful like him !!! wow rude. Wait, how does Asmo know what was about to transpire?? Mammo— No, wait, Satan !!!>:((( He snickers from the door frame with Diavolo, who seems confused but he;s having a good time, he has the spirit! ➙ At some point your blankets begin to move and all the men freeze in their places. Did they wake you up? Oh no ! I mean, yes, ye, everything was perfectly calculated, you see, Satan? Lucifer will always win in the end, mua ha ha ha. Then Belphie comes from under the blanket cocoon. Ah, another spoiled brat. He was glued to your body under the cover, turns out you’re a human radiator and he was a poor man with no heat who was mooching off your warmth. Ok but wasn’t it Mammon turn to sleep with you?? Wait, you guys have turns ??? Diavolo wants in too): Share the human pls pls ➙ The chaos has calmed down a little. Now everyone is staring at you, eerie quietly. What a bunch of weirdos, really. Well everyone but Belphie who is now sleeping again before he is dragged and knocked off the bed by Asmo. Ahh, he jealous jealous now. Now Beel comes in, looking for Belphie. Wait, how does he know that?? Do you guys really have a schedule for NAPS??? Why wasn’t Lucifer aware of this, I mean it’s not like the man has time to nap but it would be nice to know he has a turn, too, you know… Anyways now Beel is looking through your candy stash and nobody is doing anything about it !! Wow, ok, I hope you get a tummy ache then. Now, how does one wake up a human?? Maybe leave the human alone?? No, Lucifer refuses to lose, to admit that they’ve got him wrapped in his little pinky finger. He! would! neverrrr! never everrr neverrrrr. ➙ Maybe if the human smells the candy they’ll feel hungry and wake up? Well now everyone’s just experimenting with you, vvery impolite, no? Either way they try, but now you seem to be dreaming something about food and Beel is jealous, no fair, him too!!!  Now the brothers group chat is flooding with videos and pictures of you Asmo had secretly been taking of the whole ordeal. Diavolo asks if he can get some, too, for his album! Well, of course you polite hot man. Now Levi spawns out of nowhere. Gosh, you almost gave Asmo a heart attack you big dumb meanie !! Well it isn’t fair how you all are spending extra time with MC!! I mean you aren’t even aware of what was going on around you but ok, go off i guess ?? ➙ Now that we talking, where Mammon at? Huh??? Where was this so-called first man ??? Oh, he surely is getting into some trouble, that moron ! Good for nothing—! And he walks in with fire noodles for him and… MC probably?? Let’s recount, ok? You were studying with Mammon, not really you were play fighting and got hungry and he, like the great bestest best man he is went to make something quick and in that span  apparently you fell into a coma and the whole house decided to make your room some kind of meeting area?? Ah, they’re trying to wake you up. Weird flex but ok. ➙ So he walks up to your bed, his noodles inhaled by Beel who was just done with the stashed candy. He looks at you for a second, and then takes a deep breath. He throws your zombie iguana plushie off your bed, le gasp. They all kind of just look around, ok what now?? How is that supposed to work??? Then you start moving, like some kind of curse you realize that out of all the things in your bed the lightest one that wasn’t even close to you, is missing. Who dared—??? Still eyes closed you feel around for your plushie and then eventually feel up the floor, it is cold and no iguana in touch. Finally, you slowly open your eyes like a snail. You ugly thing, they just love you goofball so much. Mammon, how dare you…? Wow, there’s a party going in your room and you weren’t even aware of it??? Thanks for nothing I guess, it’s your fault for expecting that much respect in your own space, ok, ok, you guys continue you’ll go back to sleep as not to bother them,,, jk, guyssss, at this point you are aware you have no privacy in this house he he he *laugh thru the pain, MC, just laugh it out….. ➙ Anyways you ended up getting scolded, you sit through a meeting with dry saliva in your mouth and finally you were hanged to the ceiling with everyone but Lucifer, jokes on him he is missing the party woo, let’s swing guys! guys ?? At the end of the day you found more zombie iguanas in your bed with different ribbon colors, that’s cute, no?? You love your little weirdos<3333
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arunima · a year ago
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season one episode one
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orphyd · 4 months ago
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Theyliens 👽🖤
I was privileged to test @lamatisse lovely new occult skin tones and also put the new pronoun update to good use!
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enderstarr · 11 months ago
“ and somehow i’ve managed to find six people that, aren’t going away, that aren’t gonna go away any time soon... they just...
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thingsarenotgoinhwell · 13 days ago
you all moved on...
but i stayed here
Tumblr media
i will literally never get over this.
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lonelyrat15 · a month ago
i love you scary eyes in hands guy from pan’s labyrinth i love you scary floating guy in the scariest episode of buffy i love you baron afanas in wwdits i love you fish man in shape of water I LOVE YOU DOUG JONES
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thatbuddie · 2 months ago
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evan buckley + favorite lines (season 1 edition)
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nhipen · a month ago
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JAYKE @ Dodger Stadium
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bellatrixscurls · 7 months ago
sub!jamie thoughts <333 just some thoughts that could make your night a little better
letting sub!jamie cum all over you and then getting all pouty cus he ruined your clothes. you don’t actually mind, but james feels so bad.
“oh, jamie... you ruined my favourite dress, baby” you pouted at him, biting back a wide grin when you heard a little whimper come from him.
“m sorry, mommy. i-i swear i didn’t mean to, ‘m sorry! i’ll fix it for you, i promise” his muscular arms pulled you closer to him as he used his shirt to wipe his cum off your dress. he was sniffling and mumbling apologies the whole time as you smiled triumphantly.
having a foursome with james, remus and sirius, and you ignore james on purpose because you want him to get even more desperate for u <3
“mommy... w-what about me?” his pout was deep as he pawed gently at your bare thighs. you were enjoying the attention of the two boys too much to care though.
“can’t you see she’s busy, prongsie?” teased sirius as his hand squeezed lightly at the base of your neck, “remmy makes her feel so good with his cock. don’t you feel good, princess?”
“mhm” you murmured deliriously, too lost in the way remus’ cock dragged against your walls.
but what pulled you out of the trance was james’ little sniffle, and as you turned to look at him, he was rubbing at his eyes. “i can make her f-feel good too. ‘s not fair... jus’ want mommy to l-love me.”
“oh, jamie...” you whispered, your heart aching at the sight : a very much insecure james trying not to have a mental breakdown right there. “of course you can, baby. you always make me feel so good. come here, bubba” you opened your arms and james threw himself at you, wrapping his muscular arms around your waist, “i love you, bubs.” “love you.”
teasing him in public <3
“y/n/n? that tickles” james giggled as he squeezed your hand on his upper thigh. it only made your grin widen as your hand slid higher until it reached his clothed sex.
“oh,” he gasped, becoming aware of your intentions.
“just stay nice and quiet f’me, okay? you don’t wanna make me mad” you whispered quietly into his ear, finally releasing his cock from his boxers, giving him light strokes at first.
“nice and quiet, y/n/n. just f’you” he hummed back, blinking blearily as you noticed his glazed over eyes — he was about to shut his mind off. you smirked.
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roobgumball95 · a month ago
seijoh 4 on a road trip:
oikawa: chronic snacker. eats all the snacks in the first three hours. is either awake and causing annoyance or completely racked out against the window. has to pee at the worst possible times. always wants to be on aux but nobody likes his music except him. sometimes takes pity on iwa and plays the alphabet game with him. tries to help iwa change a tire but has no DIY skills. he gets shotgun
iwaizumi: the constantly exhausted driver. hates every song that plays except “””the classics””” (zztop, ac/dc, etc.). loves playing “the alphabet game” but no one ever wants to play with him. can and will do the “dad hand” whenever someone has snacks in the back seat. complains about oikawa always being asleep but smiles over at him napping when he thinks no ones watching.
hanamaki: in charge of the aux and refuses to take requests from oikawa. absolutely will not play the alphabet game. would not help iwa change a tire. “are we there yet???”. was in charge of packing drinks, did not pack drinks. always wants to stop at every scenic outlook just to make fun of oikawa taking a billion pictures. is always either playing footsie with mattsun or putting his legs in mattsun’s lap. he gets backseat
matsukawa: wanted to be in charge of aux, instead iwaizumi made him in charge of directions. doesn’t know his rights and lefts so he just points as says “that way”. buys snacks every time they stop. refuses to play the alphabet game with iwa. would help iwa change a tire. only falls asleep on makki’s shoulder and nowhere else. brings cigarettes just to make iwa mad for smoking in the car. he gets backseat
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bee-from-a-shroom · a month ago
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sir. your gender. hand it to me.
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ofkimtaehyung · 11 months ago
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# H A P P Y J I M I N D A Y
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saturnvs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
eve traces shapes into oksana’s back until she falls asleep
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