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Could I maybe ask something? I saw a couple of times drawings of Apple!Farmer Varian. I sometimes read that Varian was originally intended to be a country boy owning an apple orchard and that he was supposed to be older than Rapunzel. I also once read that this concept was deleted because they didn't want another potential love-interest for Rapunzel. But I never saw any of these original designs or read the original concept. Could you maybe have a link for that?
According to a Q&A with Ricky Roxburgh (one of the writers for TTS) Varian didn't originally have an age per se, but he also wasn't originally written to be a teenager.
Q: What did you think of him (Varian) when he was first thought out and how his story progressed? A: Well, when I first got there he was just a name on an index card. And his trajectory was roughly laid out in that he would start out a friend but end up a foe. I didn’t think of him as a kid initially, that came from someone else (either Chris or Shane) and I remember being worried about making such a young kid a villain because…and this is going to sound weird, but I was like “Can we punch a 14 year old in the face? Because if he’s a villain we might have to do that.” So I was skeptical at first, honestly. But the more we got into how he behaved and how quirky he was he just became super fun and sweet and then he fit naturally into the world.
Additionally, a Q&A with Kay Ritter (a TTS storyboard artist) in a Tangled Discord session had them reveal that Varian's age flip-flopped between being a full-fledged adult and 11-12 years old.
Tumblr media
There is also a piece of doodled artwork by Wendy Sullivan (a TTS story artist) from a concept meeting that portrays Varian looking somewhat older (though this could simply be chalked up to art style).
Tumblr media
However, Varian being aged down to avoid him being a love interest for Rapunzel isn't likely the sole reason for him being younger, though it can't be said that it wasn't one of the reasons. We may never know that one for sure, but it sure would make life easier for us shippers if he hadn't been! Gotta do all the aging up around here ourselves.
The rumor of Varian originally being slated to be an apple farmer seems to be more word-of-mouth intel within the fandom than anything, though it was mentioned in that same Q&A with Kay Ritter and they didn't deny it.
Tumblr media
But aside from that, there are no readily available official sources (such as social media posts by crew members) that state it as fact. That being said, there’s also nothing to disprove any of these the theories either, so it’s still perfectly fair game to speculate about. 😉
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My baby boys🥰🥺
I finally watched vld
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Some fans think it was unreasonable for Varian to expect Rapunzel to drop things to help him with the amber situation. I kinda agree but only for the day of the storm and the days after it. I have seen Rapunzel defenders say that Varian and Rapunzel were close enough friends to each other for her to drop things for him even after the storm and that Varian's expectations of Rapunzel were unreasonable. Thoughts?
Whether or not they were “close enough friends” is irrelevant to the situation. Varian is a civilian in danger and while it was understandable that she couldn’t drop everything during the storm, there is no reason for her to do nothing until Varian had to actively reach out to her a third time.
And yes, I said third because Varian told her things with the black rocks at Old Corona was getting bad, then he rushed out into the storm to beg her for help because his dad was in danger, then finally he has to send a secret letter to her just to get her butt moving. This isn’t a matter of them being close enough friends or not. Rapunzel and the other members of the royal family have a responsibility to look after the well being of their people, and actively ignoring the serious plights of their people, especially in a matter they actively caused (Frederic for taking the sundrop and Rapunzel, albeit accidentally, activating the black rocks). This is a human decency issue because while Rapunzel is doing whatever in the castle for a prolong period of time, Old Corona is in shambles, their leader is incapacitated, and their people are without homes. This goes beyond Varian, although just leaving teenager alone after two disasters situations (the blizzard and the rocks) is very irresponsible.
Personally, I don’t have to be particularly close to a person to offer them aid during times of disaster.
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Honestly, obsessed with AUs where Varian finds out that he's magic and he hates it so much
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Rapunzel and Eugene’s goodbye (Concept vs Final)
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Rapunzel and Eugene - Concept vs Final Scenes (4)
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Rapunzel and Eugene - Concept vs Final Scenes (3)
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Rapunzel and Eugene - Concept vs Final Scenes (2)
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Rapunzel and Eugene - Concept vs Final Scenes (1)
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Proud Of You
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Taking a break from my s3 rewrite. Decided to write another tf Varian fic. Check it out on AO3.
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stop putting touchscreens and membrane buttons in shit bring back tactile buttons that go click or ka-chunk when you push them
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Just a boy trying to remember something important.
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I finally watched The Sound of Music and like I get it now, I get it. 
It’s a beautiful two hour love story of a strict man finally opening his heart again and then a fifty minute public service announcement to hate the nazis. Brilliant.
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Tangled doodles! Or what I imagine some characters to look like post series
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Phantoms of the Past: Chapter 38 - Ransoms and Romance on the Range - Part 3
Tumblr media
 Honey Lemon, Gogo, and Krei were jostled around in the back seat while the jeep drove off road. To say it was a bumpy ride would have been an understatement, and there were no seat belts that they could find. Honey Lemon held onto the handrail  above the door, while Gogo braced herself in the middle. Poor Krei was having the worst of it as he had fallen into the floorboard between the seats.
 Then the vehicle lurched to a sudden stop. Everyone tensed. They heard footsteps and the bandits yelling at one another, though they couldn’t make out what was being said.
 Honey Lemon jumped when the door next to her opened.
 "Well ‘princess’, I ho- “ The man stopped talking as soon as he saw her. She was staring face to face with one of the hired hands from the ranch. He had thick black hair with a light curl and deep brown eyes. Rather than come to rescue them, he seemed in shock.
 He turned to the bandits behind him. "I thought you said you got Allen’s daughter!?”
 "We did.“ The tallest bandit whined.
 He pointed back at Honey Lemon. "This ain’t Allen’s girl!”
 "Well she was the only girl that was out riding on the field when you said she would be!“ The other bandit protested.
 Honey Lemon had had enough. As soon as the traitorous ranch hand turned back towards her she kicked him square in the face with a high-kick. The cowboy went flying and landed on his back, hard.
 Honey Lemon hopped out of the jeep and pulled Gogo out, while Krei opened the opposite door. Only their getaway was short lived when the leader of the bandits pointed a gun at them.
 "I wouldn’t try that again ifin’ I was you missy.” He growled. “Alright, everyone hands up, single file.”
 He ordered them to march to the back of the jeep. It was still dark out, and Honey Lemon couldn’t tell where they were. It just looked like a wide open grassland. There were no discernible landmarks breaking up the darken skyline. The only light came from the headlights of the villains’ hovercraft and which they pointed right at the prisoners’ faces.
 The three of them squinted their eyes at the bright light as the leader of the outlaws decided to interrogate them.
 "Okay, who are you, and why were you at Allen’s ranch?“
 'Who am I?” Krei huffed indignantly. “Why I’m Alister Krei, CEO of KreiTech, and you guys are in big trouble.”
 "What tech?“ The tallest bandit shrugged, and whispered to his silent friend.
 Krei rolled his eyes. "Kreitech! You know, we’re on the cutting edge of technology, the top experimental facility in the country, and third in electronic sales world wide.”
 "I know who you are.“ The former ranch hand sniffled as walked up. "That’s that company that makes all the crappy cell phones.”
 Then bandits ignored Krei’s protests.
 "He’s one of Allen’s rich friends, come to visit.”
 "So he’s worth money then…“ The leader surmised. "Who’s the other two?”
 The cowboy shrugged. “Just some kids he dragged along with him… They ain’t related to Allen though… Hear tell, most of them is just employees of KreiTech.
 "So.. worthless then…” The leader grumbled. “Dang it! And we were this close to a pay day.”
 "You wanna us to get rid of them Joe?“ The final bandit asked.
 Honey Lemon was startled to hear him finally speak. His voice was cold and emotionless, but more frightening still was when he cocked his gun and took aim right at her and Gogo.
 Then to her surprise Krei stepped between them and the mercenary.
 "Worthless!? Well that’s a fine way to talk about 'my daughters’.” He tilted his head back and winked at them. Gogo stifled a groan. “If you must know, I’m Allen’s nephew, on my mother’s side, and we were having a nice family gathering before your three barged in.”
 "You don’t look related.“ The tallest bandit innocently commented.
 "We’re adopted.” Gogo said flatly.
 The outlaws shared skeptical looks with each other before the leader sauntered up to Krei and placed a gun right up against the billionaire’s face.
 "And whatcha plannin’ to offer us?“
 Krei gulped before squaring his shoulders. "I can offer you more money then you ever dreamed of, but… if you harm any single one of us you won’t see a penny.”
 The bandit seemed to consider his words for a moment before lowering the gun. “Alright, tie 'em up. We’ll take them to the hideout. Allen might just show up with the ransom money yet.”
 As the rest of the outlaws moved to tie their hands behind their backs, Honey Lemon heard the leader call out a final warning. “Oh, and Mr. Krei…. I can dream of quite a lot.” He gave an evil laugh as the three of them were led back to the jeep.
 "Well, what’s the plan now 'dad’?“ Gogo sarcastically quipped as the jeep started to move once more.
 "The plan is to stay alive until someone can come rescue us… ooooff…” They hit a rock and Krei bounced in the seat, bumping his head against the car roof. “ugh.. That depends on convincing them that we’re valuable.”
 "I’m… ooh… I’m sure our friends are on their way r-right now.“ Honey Lemon encouraged as she placed a foot against the seat in front of her to keep from sliding around as the truck raddled on.
 Gogo sighed. "Yeah, but the question is how long is it going to take them? They had to have used an EMP to take out Baymax, and that probably means our supersuits are a no-go too. Argh! Stupid leather seats are so slippery.”
 Honey Lemon frowned as that inconvenient reality came crashing through her optimism. Meanwhile Gogo crashed into Krei as the jeep took a sharp turn.
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