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Details from Sacha Goldenberg's “Flemish Painting” series. x
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Oh lord he found me
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Hey writers! Everyone has their own style and yours is great. Some people’s writing is lush and descriptive and emotional, others are sparse and sleek and powerful, and others still are fast-paced and immediate and visceral. They all have their merits. No style is better than another. It’s all fine.
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Stop calling them enemies to lovers if all they do is Hallmark style argue.
They must have deep ideological differences, such as, one believes the other should be dead, and the other one is like, actually you should be dead.
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Sometimes, fucked-up little stories work as social critique and, sometimes, fucked-up little stories are just fucked-up little stories and that's okay.
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would you like a nice glass of
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I made this callout meme for me and me specifically
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More favourite tropes:
Extreme measures to address apparently minor threats
Oddly specific precautions without explanation
Weird incidents referred to as though you already know the details
Clinical tone as a vehicle for ironic understatement
Complicated jargon describing mundane objects and phenomena
Really stupid sounding shorthand versions of said jargon
Standard procedures for very unlikely events and outcomes
Unreasonable quantities of otherwise reasonable things
Offhand remarks that raise more questions than they answer
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Talking to people about your characters really is a game changer. You'll start saying things about them you didn't even know you knew.
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I vote that more hero/arch nemesis duos should be divorced-with-children. I want to see a cgi heavy superpowered action scene take place against a backdrop of custody & visitation negotiations.
"a fucking DEATH RAY, are you SERIOUS with this trite supervillainry bullshit, listen you impotent little cold sore i am notifying my lawyer and YOU ARE LOSING WEEKENDS"
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not to be controversial but ''do whatever you want & what works best for your story'' is how you should approach all advice that says to avoid clichés or overused tropes because that's what it's about
whether you want to be ''original'' or not is up to you (and honestly i think the current discourse regarding originality in writing should fade out because originality isn't based on what tropes you're using, nor is your entire story suddenly unoriginal because you chose to use a sentence that's been used in many stories), but your focus should always be on what's best for your story and characters and sometimes that means using a popular thing or two and you know what? that's 100% ok. like. do what you need and do what you want
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writer’s block (dry) = no desire to write, no ability to write (bearable)
writer’s block (wet) = HUGE desire to write, no ability to write (very evil)
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Seven years after, I see you again 😚
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it's not cringe ❤ not if it's you ❤ not if we're mutuals 🥰
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