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What Type of Jewelry Is Used for a Tongue Piercing?
"The most well-known jewelry utilized is a ball-molded piercing, with cone and barrel shaped being undeniably more uncommon," says Dr. Ilyas.
Free weight: A free weight is, at the fundamental level, a metal bar with a little dot attached on the two closures; commonly one is removable and one isn't. A hand weight is embedded in a tongue piercing by pushing it through behind the needle. For tongue piercings, hand weights should be straight: "Any tongue piercing that would require a bended free weight just shouldn't be done in any case," says Faris.
What Jewelry Material Is Used for a Tongue Piercing?
"We utilize careful grade ... treated steel free weights or ... embed grade titanium free weights whichever clients [prefer]," says Dohoney.
Embed grade hardened steel: The most widely recognized kind of metal used to make jewelry for piercings is tempered steel, explicitly embed grade. There are next to no issues with utilizing tempered steel, and it comes in such countless varieties, so it's endured by most. In any case, those with a nickel sensitivity ought to keep away from this metal, as it could disturb their skin. Titanium: Titanium doesn't contain nickel, so it won't make any disturbance the piercing site or other hypersensitive response. Titanium additionally comes in different shadings and styles, is lightweight, and will not erode.
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