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Thoughts on someone requesting somnophilia?
The thing is consent is very important especially to someone like me, I do like this type of sex but only concerning sleeping individuals who can wake up. It's just, it's has to be between consenting individuals who've talked about it, the parties wholeheartedly agree and are willing to stop if one asks for it, it's just r*pe otherwise.
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Heyy, i saw that your requests are open sooo can I request isabela x fem readerr? Isabela being careful (or not at all careful) taking off F!reader's shirt because F!reader is extremely ticklish. Thankyouu! Enjoy writing:))
Hope you enjoy, I added both because yeah. Oh yeah a bit NSFW that's obvious so say away kiddies.
You were hidden in a dark corner of the village, blocking in by multiple walls around you and closed off from unwanted eyes as Isabela tried to caress your upper half, the main point here is that she tried, her hands were under your shirt and she was gently grazing her fingers over the flesh of your waist which caused you to giggle up a storm and no matter how much she shushed you, you couldn’t stop, “stop it,”
“I can’t, you’re being too gentle,”
“All I want right now is to be soft with you, so shush,”
“I can’t not laugh when your tickling my sides,” continuing to snort as Isabel’s fingers lingered on your skin she glared at you, “please shut up, do you want someone to catch us,”
“Of course hahahaha no no, I don’t please stop, I’m sorry,” covering your mouth you struggled against Isabela as she trapped you against the wall, “are you? sounds like you don’t,” poking out her tongue she pressed herself up against you as her fingers purposely tickled your sides, “really sounds like you’re not sorry,” giggling along with you she held your struggling arms with her vines as you begged, “stop please, I’m sorry stop!”
“(Y/N), is that you?” Isabela’s hands froze at the voice of her sister, her smile dropping, “everything good in there?” being able to breath you pointlessly looked over to where Luisa’s voice came from, “yeah, I’m ok Luisa, I’m just-”
“Being a jerk and keeping secrets, and I’m just trying to get it out of her,”
“Ah, well good luck (Y/N) she won’t stop until she gets what she wants,” you heard Luisa stomp off and once the footsteps disappeared Isabela went back to your sides, kissing your neck as her fingers slided up and down your sides, “you didn’t even try to get help, seems like you do like this,”
“No, I don’t, I hahaha,” you spent a few more minutes pushed up against the wall getting your sides violated, Isabela only stopping when tears streamed down your cheeks and you were struggling to breath, brushing away your tears Isabela smiled down at you, “you ok?”
“I, don’t, know,” wheezing out your words Isabela rubbed your back as she held you against her, straightening back up with a deep breath you turned to Isabela, “ok, I’m good,” smiling to her Isabela smirked back at you, shoving you back up against the wall, “well seeing how I can’t be nice, I’m going to have my way with you and you better be able to keep quiet through it,” pressing her nose against yours Isabela’s hands drifted down your body, “oh ok, just don’t touch any sensitive ski-heen,” wheezing as Isabela’s nails grazed up your thighs she gave one of your thighs a slap, “sorry sorry, you just caught me off guard,” brushing your hand over her hair you watched as she sat down onto her knees, pushing your skirt up higher, pushing the fabric up into your waiting hands.
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Hello, can I request an isabela x fem reader? Isabela cuddling with a body pillow, pretending that it's F!reader...realizing that cuddling won’t satisfy her needs soo she did some sexual things w the pillow. Thank you!
I hope yo enjoy and as normal anyone under 18 don't read, this is NSFW so please shoo.
For everyone above 18 hope you enjoy.
Flopping down onto the powdered rose sheet Isabela stared up at the ceiling, memories of that day filling her mind, talking with her abelua, hanging out with Mariano, filling the streets with flowers and being with you, forcing you to tell her about the strange plants you owned, again, gossiping about the townsfolk, listening to you ramble about Hernando who tried asking for your hand in marriage, again, sharing a box of chocolates for lunch and the hug you shared when she had to return home, smiling she reached behind her line of pillow and pulled the longest one out and into her arms, holding it on top of her she caressed the back of the pillow above her head, smiling into it.
Her mind went back to the hug from that evening, she could feel you pressing up against her with your arms wrapped around her neck,  how you pressed your chest up against her’s and gave a sigh that she thought was adorable.
Shaking her head Isabela sat up looking away from the pillow, giving her face a little slap, hugging the pillow once more she started thinking of you again, remembering some random memory of the two of you trudging through the forest before her mind flashed her a different image, one that happened a couple of weeks ago but it was incredibly clear, you were drenched in some liquid that stuck the top half of your dress against your chest, whether she actually saw it or just made it up she focused on the outline of your bra, her lips going dry as the fabric wrapped around the shape of your breast. Kicking the pillow away from her, she rolled away from it, holding her hands away from her body, “she is your best friend, don’t you dare disrespect her,” closing her eyes Isabela tried to fall asleep but no matter how much she wanted to the burning between her legs wouldn’t let her, no matter how much she gave herself a quick rub with her legs or grinded her hips against her fist it just wouldn’t go away, “oh fuck you (Y/N), fuck you, you gorgeous bastard,” turning back to the pillow Isabela eyed it before pulling it back into her arms, “it’s not like it’ll hurt her,” wrapping her legs around it she gave the fabric closest to her face a kiss before shoving the middle of the pillow into her crotch.
Leaning deeper into the pillow she bucked her hips into the solid cushion, the folded mound grinding up against her clit, “(y/n),” rolling her hips Isabela’s breath became ragged, pleasure pulsing through her, “you sweet little thing,” huffing into the pillow she sucked the fabric into her mouth, repeatedly biting it’s plush surface.
Rolling herself up on top of the pillow, she gripped the sides of the pillow with her thighs and used the back of her legs to bury the pillow deeper into her core, her thrusting became more intense as a bulging grew in her gut, “good girl,” riding the solid mound she let a smile cross her face, enjoying the pleasurable burning in her cunt. As she continued to grind herself against the pillow it quickly became harder for her to move, her quivering thighs almost stopping her from thrusting into it but she shoved herself forwards and back, dragging her clit against the bend until her body erupted into a tingling mess, her back arching, her toes curling and her fingers losing their grip.
Steadying her breath Isabela felt small droplets of sweat roll down her face and the numbness in her fading away, cooing Isabela could feel the slick from her core fill her panties, the liquid seeping down through the layers of fabric, falling off the pillow Isabela laid there staring at the pillow before pulling it into her and burying her face in it and covering it with her body, “that’s my good girl,” signing into it Isabela was able to drift off, her mind still lingering on your image.
Opening your eyes you looked up at the pillow you used as a stand in, caressing the spot next to your head, licking your lips you started moving the pillow down before forcing yourself to move it back up, “no, Bel wouldn’t stoop that low so neither should you, come on you gotta be good for her,” shoving yourself back down against the pillow you mumbled into the ‘chest’ and curled your legs together, laying there, trying to sleep.
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hey there, could I request a luisa x female reader where they're both in her room cuddling or something and then abuela walks in wanting to check on luisa after a long day of chores,
and then reader starts freaking out bc its the matriarch of the madrigal family but she just looks at the reader and says she's been wanting to meet them for a long time
Hope you enjoy, I am currently sleep deprived so sorry for any mistakes.
Pressing your hand against Casita’s doors’, whispering to the house, “hey Casita, I’m here to see Luisa, can I please come in,” the door quietly swung open, a few tiles lifting up and guestering you inside, “thank you, you are the greatest, if there’s anything you want I will give it to you,” tiptoeing through the passageway you crawled up the stairs, watching the glowing door on the furthest side of the house, reaching Luisa’s door you let out a breath ready to enter the room but was stopped by an all too familiar ‘hmp’, painfully turning around you saw Dolores standing outside her partially open door, a biscuit hanging out of her mouth, putting your hands together you ‘begged’ the older girl as you moved one of your fingers up to your lips.
Dolores stared at you as she tore a bite out of her biscuit, slowly moving inside her room, twisting the doorknob you walked backwards into Luisa’s room, your body immediately untensing as the calming wave of Luisa' room hit you, walking over the stone flooring you made your way over to the large bed that sat under soft purple bed hangings, pulling the curtain back you found Luisa sprawled across the bed, her hair flowing down her chest and across the pillow, dressed in a lovely lavender nightgown that held her perfectly and fast asleep with a pillow held to her chest. Climbing up onto bed you laid down next to her, watching as she snuggled into the pillow and pressed a ‘kiss’ onto it, “(y/n),” shuffling closer to her you grabbed ahold of her face, caressing her solid cheeks and rubbing her lips beneath your thumb, moving down to her cheeks you leaned closer to her, “Luisa,” you started by whispering and shaking her face, but you got nothing, “Luisa,” getting louder you slapped her cheek multiple times, “Luisa!” shoving her onto her back Luisa jolted awake, throwing her pillow back into a vase, knocking it over onto the stone ground, “(Y/N)?”
“Hi, did someone have a busy day today, you fell asleep fairly early,” Luisa hummed in response, falling back down onto her pillow that was still on her bed, shoving yourself under her arm you hugged yourself against her, rubbing her hip and the parts of her back you could reach, “naw my tired little cachorro, you can go right back to sleep I just wanted to get into your arms,”
“Oh, were you jealous?”
“Of course, these are my arms and I will not let some soft bag take my place,” leaning up you captured Luisa’s lips with yours, sucking on her bottom lip you were rolled up on top her, her hands relaxing down your sides, “Luisa are you alright, I heard a crash?”
“Yeah I’m ok-” hearing the curtains swish you shoved yourself off of Luisa, with you off her she was able to see her abuela standing right next to the bed, looking at the two of you confused, “Luisa, is there something you need to tell me?”
“Uh we were just hugging, I told (Y/N) I wasn’t feeling too good so she came over to hang out, and she was just comforting me right now,” Luisa gripped the fabric of her gown, almost tearing it as she held her head down, “I’m sorry, I know I should’ve asked,”
“Luisa, don’t lie to me, I raised two girls who would hide partners, I know what I heard,” sitting up you looked up at the woman, “Senora I- we’re only- shit,” a lump got caught in your throat and tears pooled in your eyes, “what are these tears for, there’s no need for them,” the older woman brushed her thumbs over your eyes, brushing away the tears from your eyes, “it’s ok dear, I’m only questioning Luisa,”
“You’re, you’re not upset?”
“Well yes, I would’ve loved to have properly met you before I found in my granddaughter’s bed,”
“You don’t mind me being?”
“Luisa’s girlfriend? No, you’re a nice girl who is hardworking and you care about your family, what more could I ask for?” Alma watched as silent tears rolled down your cheeks, happily accepting you into her arms as you slumped into her, “seeing that everything is ok, I shall head back to bed, please don’t make me regret leaving you two alone,” laughing you pulled yourself away from her, wiping your stained cheeks and eyes, “you won’t, we’ll go straight to bed, promise,” pressing a kiss to your forehead Alam turned to Luisa, “goodnight my dear, make sure to bring (Y/N) down to breakfast,”
The two of you watched as Alma made her way over to the open door, the moment she closed it you fell to your side, letting out the air that was trapped in your lungs, “why did that go so well?” with choked laughs Luisa grabbed you and pulled you into her arms, rubbing her tears into your hair while holding you like a teddy bear, “she, she doesn’t care, I thought she get mad, but she, oh she likes you,” Luisa brought you down with her, again treating you like a teddy bear by squeezing you against her, “she likes you and as my girlfriend, now to see how everyone else will take the news,”
“That’s a problem for tomorrow, right now I just want to pass out,” moving into the little spoon position Luisa continued to mutter, before the world went blank you heard her giggle, “she doesn’t care, no more hiding,”
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Can I request a isabela or dolores x male reader
If you need more to work with he can be meeting the family sorry if this is a bother
I decided to go for Isabela cause I haven't done her yet, hope you like it. And writing for others is no bother.
You couldn’t keep your eyes off the two across from you, they were muttering and loudly whispering to each other with giggling stuck in between, clearing your throat you looked over to Isabela, her giving you a similar uncomfortable look, “must they be so loud,”
“They’re a giggly couple,”
“Mmm, but seriously you’d think they’d calm down after 6 months,”
“But with seeing how they are normally, they’re gonna be like this when they’re greying,” with a scoffing laugh you turned to the blue cladded man sitting besides you, him giving you a wiggle of his eyebrows, “you know you can’t just talk behind someone’s back when they’re in front of you,” Mariano brought your attention back to him, seeing that he was trying to stare you down, “yes I can, I was just doing it and I’m gonna keep going, you gonna stop me,” you stared back at Mariano with your chest puffed out, “you really haven’t changed, I don’t know if that’s good or not,” relaxing back into your chair you went back to eating, smiling at the man you watched as Mariano slowly leaned back over to Dolores, about to whisper into her ear, “must you,”
“We’re just talking, can we not talk?” Dolores turned to Isabela, waving her hands around,
“Well yes but not to the point where you’re making the atmosphere so awkward that it’s weird for everyone else to talk, this is suppose to be about (Y/N), my boyfriend, meeting my family,”
“Well this is normal new couple stuff, it’s weird you two aren’t all over each other you’ve been dating for a shorter amount of time than me and Mariano,”
“Ha no, we’ve been dating for about five years now and going just as strong as we stra- Bel why are you kicking me?” Mariano’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes darting around as if he was counting, “I was dating Isabela since she was 17 and we only broke up 6 months ago,” you saw the gears in his head snap into place, Mariano jolting up from his chair, “you were cheating on me!” Isabela gave him a ‘kinda’ gesture,
“Well I was dating (Y/N) first so-”
“So she was technically cheating on me,”
“We were still in a relationship, and for a decent amount of time, I thought what we had was real,”
“Well was it really when the only thing that kept your ‘relationship’ together was perfectionism and a need to impress,”
“What’s that supposed to mean!”
“That being an accessory isn’t being a boyfriend,” smirking at the man across you played with the vegetables in your ajiaco, your smirk only growing as you gained a small snort from Camilo, “you know I hate being cruel but I love being honest so much more, you were nothing more than a shiny toy to please the head honcho, and I bet she’s glad that you’re so starved for a romantic relationship that you immediately went for her other granddaughter when she said she loved you,”
“Shit!” slamming back into your chair you sent yourself down onto the floor, dodging the glass cup that was thrown at you, smashing against the wall behind you “hey!’
“Hey yourself, he doesn’t get to insult my boyfriend!”
“Well you can’t just attack mine!” you laid on the ground listening to the ensuing argument, trying not to laugh at the chaos you caused. After a few minutes of yelling you felt a vine wrap around your waist, it lifting you up into the air, “this was lovely but I can see (Y/N) and I aren’t wanted, so we’ll be going to bed,” you heard the rest of the family calling out to Isabela as she carried you away, smacking you against some walls and the staircase as she stomped her way up to her room, reaching the plant covered door she threw you through it, tossing you into one of the bushes in her room, you watched as she slammed the door behind her, stomp past you and marching over to her bed. With a bit of struggle you got out of the bush and made your way through the succulents, other bushes and random plant life in her room, sitting in front of Isabela you rested your chin on her knees, looking up at her as she glared at you “it seems that I have fucked things up,”
“Yes very much so, to the point where Dolores, my closest friend and basically my twin sister hates you, and I don’t think an apology will solve things,”
“Will anything?” she pressed her finger to her chin, playing with her bottom lip as her glare on you softened, “maybe, but it would be very slim, try kissing up to her,”
“You know there’s only one woman I kiss up to,” grabbing your face Isabela pulled you up to her, brushing her lips over yours, “then fake it for me,”
“As you command mi amor,” capturing her lips you pushed her down onto the bed, holding her beneath you with your hands as they explored her colourful dress.
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Truely SuperNatural
Please tell me if I got anything wrong, I did my best to research but I'm literally on the other side of the world when concerning Colombia and other cultures surrounding it.
But other wises enjoy. :)
Your body felt like it was on fire, your body almost suffocating itself as you writhed against the solid bed, snapping awake you felt all the pain fade, leaving you cold atop the sheet, gasping for air you squeezed your eyes shut, turning you tried grabbing onto one of the bodies next to you but your hand landed flat against the mattress, feeling nothing. Looking tears flooded your eyes, Dolores and Mariano were right there, holding each other as they peacefully slept with your arm going right through them, unable to touch them.
Crumbling back in on yourself you watched the fluttering golden speaks float around you, randomly dancing in the air. The more you looked at the two the more your chest tightened, your throat clamp shut and the more tears run down your cheek bones, you broke into a fit, loudly sobbing and trying to grab Dolores and Mariano but no matter how much you tried you couldn’t touch them, your bones clawing at the mattress until you collapsed in them, Mariano’s body engulfing you as you continued to sob, only straining your cries when Dolores began moving, trying to cover her ears.
With your head bowed you walked behind the pair, following them outside where breakfast was set up, you watched the family enjoy their meals and talk about the going ons, “bad morning?” Pedro walked up beside you, smiling at his family, “I thought I was alive again,”
“Ah, I felt like that yesterday, Día los Muertos must be coming up, I can’t wait to feel them again,” grabbing the hand of the old man he leaned his head against yours, chuckling as he saw you watching the tiny boy dressed in red struggle to get into his chair, “he’s getting a bit bigger, hopefully time will help him,”
“Oh! my little Samael, he’ll be turning five, on Dìa los Muertos,”
“Ah yes, another gift for the family, I can’t wait to see what he’ll get,”
“... but he’s mine, why would he get a gift?”
“Cause he’s a Madrigal, that didn’t come into the family after five,”
You stood slightly behind your past partners, your hands resting on Marinano’s shoulder and on Dolores’ waist as you watched your small boy dressed in a beautiful white suit stumble his way towards his door, almost tripping on a loose brick, taking too big of a step on the stairs and as he grabbed ahold the candle he stuttered as he took the family oath. When he grabbed the doorknob he was quickly overtaken over by golden light that soon died down to show his glowing door, Samael stood there waiting for it to change and show his gift but nothing happened, “Mama?”
“It’s ok, it takes a bit, just feel,” Samael stood there, waiting for something to happen, a burst of energy, an eruption of emotions, a compelling need to help someone but he felt nothing, turning towards his mother and father he stared up at them scared with growing tears but his face changed to one of confusion as his eyes drifted over to you, “Mami?” he took a few steps towards the three of you, his arms slowly reaching out towards you, looking at Pedro he shrugged his shoulders before gesturing to the boy, walking towards him you reached for him, “Sam?” his tears bursted out of his eyes as he ran towards you, somehow grabbing onto your skirt, “MAMI MAMI MAMI!” he was somehow touching your skirt, pulling on the ‘fabric’ and using you to hold himself up, “Mami, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry,” hesitentily reaching down you tucked your hands under his armpits, able to lift him up into your arms, you stared into his eyes before pressing your forehead to his “my little angel,” he grabbed ahold of your cheeks, the two of you crying into each other.
When he grabbed your cheekbones a swirling mist surrounded you, your form becoming visible to the living around you, their gasps inaudible to you as you pressed kisses to Samael’s face, him giggling in response. As he did his door lit up even brighter, his glowing form becoming etched onto the door with faceless people surrounding him and marigolds on the edges. You watched as Pedro pushed Samael’s door open and entered the dark room, following after him the room began to expand with Samael's presence, the massive room coming to life with colourful flowers exploding out of the walls and floating candles appearing out of nowhere, lighting up the room as they flew around the room.
Looking around the forming room you saw multiple copal incense ignite, their smoky sweet scent flooding the air and drifting out the bedroom door, hearing muttering behind you, you turned expected the living but you got the dead, their golden skeletal forms gaining more colour and becoming more solid, they even regained their flesh, as the unliving walked around the room marigold petals appeared under their feet, covered the floor in the orange petals in just a few minutes. “Where is the music, we must have music,” Pedro waved his hands to the dead, some materialising instruments and beginning to play, with the room filled with music and the scent of copal you began dancing with Samael, twirling as you held him up against your waist.
As you turned towards the door you caught a glimpse of the first living near the room, Alma standing there holding her chest, giving her a smile you walked up to her, grabbing her hand you lead her inside the room, “it’s nice to hold you again Abuela, and I think there’s someone else who wishes to hold you,” as you lead her in, the living slowly made their way into the room, gawking at the glowing people around the room, “hola abuelo, I have someone for you,” after passing her hand over to Pedro’s you went back to dancing with Samael, smiling at them. You were soon crashed into by a smaller body, looking at the person you saw your past wife, her shaking with her face buried into your back, “Doll, you ok?” Dolores looked up at you, showing you her ruined makeup that ran down her face, lifting her up into your arm you nuzzled your cheek against hers, her hands grabbing ahold of your head and tightly holding you against her, “aw amor, I missed holding you,” Samael reached for Dolores, taking her cheek in his hand and moving her to face him, “did you see mama? I brought mami back,”
“Yes mi amor and you did great,” she lifted Samael out of your arms, hugging him close to her, “I’m so proud of you,” sighing in pure joy you felt a large body hug your waist, their face buried in your hair, turning your face was met with a orange guayabera, “hey Mari-” he cut you off by lifting you up into his arms, looking down at her you caressed his face, pulling him up, “hey handsome,” pressed your lips to Mariano’s quivering lips, as he set you down he added Dolores into his hug, holding the three of you against him, “I missed you,”
“Oh my dear,” the four of you stood in the middle of the room, holding each other until Felix ran up to you, yanking Samael out of Dolores' arms and tossing him up into the air, “my boy, my fantastic little man, you are simply incredible!”
“You fantastical boy,” after catching him Felix pressed a kiss onto Samael's cheek, “such a great gift for a great boy,” leaning against Mariano you watched as the rest of the family ran over to Samael, the happiest being Bruno who was surrounded by at least a hundred golden rats who were flying around him. “I hope I get to stay for a while,”
“Why would you say that,”
“The living and the dead can’t stay together forever, I’ll have to go eventually,” Dolores grip on you tighten, her breath becoming shaky, “I’ll still be around, you just won’t be able to see me, or touch me, and we won’t be able to properly talk, I miss being with you two,” collapsing into them the three of you stood together, watching Samael dance with his tios.
Flopping onto the large bed you sunk into it’s soft surface, Dolores crawled up next to you, her face buried into your side and her fingers findeling with your neckerchief, Mariano flopped next to you, bouncing you and Dolores up into the air before he wrapped his arm around your waist, your lips attached to the man’s, him gasping at your mouth until you heard grunting from your left, the three of you turned to the noise and saw Samael clammering up the bed, making it up the bed he climbed over Dolores, lifted and went under Mariano’s arm and ended this by laying on top of you, “oh hello, I thought you wanted to stay up late,” he huffed and dropped his head onto your chest, gain a more happy tune as you petted his hair. Mariano chuckled as the small boy nuzzled into you, shuffling closer to you and pressing a kiss to your cheek, “goodnight my love,”
“I’ll see you in the morning,” turning to Dolores you found her sleeping, gently snoring, “aww, sweet dreams dear,” getting comfortable you slowly dozed off, your body becoming light and numb.
Dolores opened her eyes, her gentle smile intensely turning sour as she didn’t see you in front of her just seeing Mariano’s sleeping face, about to turn over she caught a glimpse of Samael, floating in the air and slowly moving up and down, brushing some of his loose hairs behind his ear, “my lucky little boy,”
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random-fandoms-fanfics · 6 months ago
Can you do a short story of young bruno (like in his twenties) meeting fem! Reader. They become friends and as the years goes on it becomes more. When he disappears she sad and cant come near casita. When he comes back, he goes and sees her and they have a happy ending. Please❤️
Hope you enjoy, even with how much there is.
You wondered around the village looking at the cracks and hidey holes hidden all over the village, all the while ignoring the yells of your father, making it to the town square you sat down on the fountain ledge, watching the people around you going along with their day, going from person to person your eyes landed on two green eyes, smiling you waved your fingers at him, him shyly waving back. A girl dressed in yellow walked up to the man, pushing him towards you and gesturing for him to keep going, the young man marched over to you with his hood over his head, he sat next to you, sitting their slightly until he turned to you, “hello I’m Hernan-Bruno, I’m Bruno,” you watched as he jerked his head back, tossing his hood off his head,
“My name’s is (Y/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you,” holding your hand out Bruno grabbed it, shaking it with vigour, “who was that girl, the one who pushed you?” looking back over to where the girl stood you saw her whispering to another girl who was handing out food to injured people, “my sister Pepa, she’s always trying to help me make friends,”
“So kind, I wish my sister was like that, she’s overly protective,”
“Why? did something happen?”
“Well I was born early and very weak, I’m still affected by it,”
“Well I could see if you last to old age,” looking up at him you cocked your eyebrow, you looked away from him for a second, seeing if someone heard him, “pardon?”
“Well I can use my gift to look into the future to see if your birth defect will majorly affect your life,” you only became more confused, scooting away from the man,
“are you saying you can predict the future?”
“Well yeah, do you not know who I am?”
“I know you’re Bruno but I just learned that, am I supposed to know more?”
“Well yeah I’m a Madrigal,”
“A what?” the two of you stared at each other, Bruno becoming confused before smiling, sitting up straighter and closer to you “oh, oh well then let’s not talk about my family and just talk about something else, do you like plays?”
Busy at your desk you heard a squeaking next to you, looking beside you, you saw a little brown rat sitting up on its hind legs, “hello sweetheart, what are you doing here?” scratching her chin the little rat enjoyed your touch before showing you the note attached to her back. Grabbed it you read the small note, ‘let’s meet up at the boulder stack this evening, I stole some treats from my sister and I got a bottle of my mother’s wine’ laughing at his note you grabbed a small piece of paper, answering him and attaching the note onto Cariño’s back, after handing her a corn kernel, “such a good girl, now run back to Bruno and don’t get lost,”
Jogging up the hill you made it to the stack of boulders, “Bruno, are you already up?” with a smile Bruno’s head popped over the side, waving to you before lowering his hand down to you, taking a few steps back you ran at the pile, grabbing Bruno’s hand as you ran up the side of the boulder with him pulling you up. Reaching the edge of the top boulder you were flung you up on top of Bruno, the two of you crashing against the rough surface, looking up you crossed your arms on his chest, resting your chin on your arms, “hey,”
“Hello,” laying in silence you smiled down at Bruno as he gazed back up at you, your moment interrupted by one of Bruno’s rats crawling out from his hair and ‘kissing’ your cheek, “oh hello baby, where were you hiding?” as you nuzzled the white rat Bruno gleamed up at you.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
With stained cheeks you sat on top of the boulder pile watching the sun set with a big fat black rat in your lap boggling as you pet his head, out of the corner of your eye you saw Bruno sit besides you, looking away from you and fiddling with a little gold chain necklace, “hey (Y/N),”
“Hi,” the two of you sat there in silence for what felt like hours, you refusing to look at him with Bruno unable to look at you, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to blow up,” humming in response he turned to you, “I don’t even know why I said it, I was just,” Bruno slammed his hands down against the large rock, trying to dig his fingers into the solid surface, “I’m sorry,” as you leaned your head against Bruno’s his shaking breath got sucked into his throat, hesitantly leaning back against you and grabbing your hand, “did you mean what you said?” he emitted a negative noise with his head slightly shaking, “then why did you say,”
“....cause how could someone like you love me back,”
“Because you’re funny, incredibly sweet, I just love being around you, I also love your creativity like how you do those little things with your rats, how could I not love you,” turning to Bruno you smiled down at him, seeing that he had turned to you, peering up at you with big teary eyes, “you love me?”
“Of course,”
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Pulling your eyes open you looked around the room you were in, you could barely make out the brick walls and the furniture strewn about, yawning you pushed yourself up onto your elbows getting ready to leave but you were stopped as you felt the bed move, looking down you saw a man beneath you, his curly black hair strung against the red pillow and his stubble moving with the man’s gentle breathing, cupping his face you gently caressed his cheek and watched as he subconsciously nuzzled into your hand, “oh gatita,” Bruno’s eyes slowly opened with his brows furrowed, his face relaxing when his eyes landed on you, “morning,”
“Good morning dear, was your sleep ok?” Bruno shrugged and rolled onto his side, burying his face into his pillow, laying back down you spooned him from behind, your head buried into his neck, “just for a few more minutes ok, we can’t stay here forever,”
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Waking up hot and sweaty you looked around your room, seeing Bruno resting his chin on a crib with a massive smile on his face, “gatito,” his head snapped over to you, quickly jumping over and engulfing you in a hug, “mi amor my sweet angel, you did incredible, mi cariño,”
Humming Bruno looked down in the crib, his fingers wiggling before reaching down into the crib, pulling out a small bundle wrapped in a lime green cloth, reaching for it Bruno placed the bundle into your arms, watching you mutter sweet nothings to the babe, you were expecting Bruno to come over and enjoy the moment but he went back over to the crib, pulling out another bundle wrapped in green, but it was much darker, “Bruno?” He placed the second babe into your arms, looking down you saw a copy of your first baby there, but unlike your first it was staring up at you with brilliantly green yet unfocused eyes, “Honey did the baby get their gift early, there’s tw- oh there’s three,” Bruno had another baby in his arms, this one wrapped in a maroon cloth and one of their arms free, waving all over the place, their tiny fist almost hitting Bruno, “no? you birthed all three of them remember,”
“All I remember is a lot of continuous pain,”
“Well they were really close and you did pass out right after, um surprise we have three baby boys,”
“Boys, three boys, we have three boys to raise at once,” sinking into the two boys in your arms you heavily sighed, “fuck,”
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
You sat on Bruno’s bed, fiddling with one of his spear ruanas and staring at the small family photo that sat across from you, “Mama,” looking down you saw your oldest, Desmond, dressed in maroon he smiled up at you, your face didn’t change and you simply turned back to the picture, he grabbed onto your sleeve, pulling himself up besides you and hugging your side, wrapping your arm around the small boy you held him close to you as you focused on the picture of the smiling man who once held you.
“There is no reason to leave, what if the boys’ gifts are effect,”
“I don’t care, I can’t stand being in this house and neither can the boys, we’re leaving,” standing above the old woman she shrunk away from you, “please,”
“I can’t, it feels wrong being here, I wake up sick, I live parinoided, I can’t sleep, I just can’t,” the old woman grabbed your hand, pulling you closer to her and rubbing your back, “I just don’t want the family to split,”
“The boys will still come over, I can’t stop them but I, I just can’t be here anymore,” looking up at her you kissed her cheek, pulling away from her and leaving Casita with bags in hand, standing just outside the front doors you watched your boys, them hugging their cousins, tias, tios and their Abuela goodbye before following after you with their own bags, them waving to the family as the four of you left Casita, the house shaking with each step you took away from the house.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
“Mama!” groaning you turned away from the cupboard, looking down at your youngest boy he fiddled with his shirt, “I can’t find Mrs Revuelve,”
“Where did you lose her?”
“I don’t know, I can’t find her,” Chico began tearing up, his voice cracking, hushing you brought him into your arms, “it’s ok, can you please think about where you left her,”
“I don’t, maybe in the nursery,”
“Are you sure you didn’t leave her somewhere else, did you take her on a hike,” he shook his head, wiping the tears in his eyes, “do you really need her tonight?” he nodded, grabbing onto your shirt and yanking it, “ok, mama will be back, just stay with your brothers,” removing his hands from your shirt you pushed him towards his room and left the house, your legs immediately going weak as you stood outside your door, taking a deep breath you forced yourself forwards, stumbling towards the magical house on the hill.
Pressing your hand against the door you steadied your breath, “hola Castia, um, can search for my boy’s toy, he thinks it might be in the nursery,” you waited there, watching the unmoving house before it cracked one of the doors open, “thank you,” sliding through you crept through the house, your breath went back to an uneven mess as your eyes darted around the house. Making your way up the stairs you walked towards the nursery door, stopping and jolting as a loud creaking came from behind you, staring at where the noise came from you stood there few a good minute or two, looking to your sides you rushed over to the door knocking on it, jittering as you waited for a response but when you got nothing you entered the room, finding it incredibly messy with toys and clothes strewn about, craft items like paint, brushes, paper and glitter where in the centre of the room like Camilo and Mirable had to leave it in a rush.
Scrambling around the room you searched through the toys and under the clothing that littered the room, peering under Mirable’s bed you saw a familiar lumpy shape under it, reaching for it you grabbed it’s soft body and pulled it into your chest, there was the capybara toy, her makeshift face smiling up at you, “come on ms, let’s get home,” cracking the door open you peered out, waiting for a few seconds before crawling through the gap, sighing you turned around and saw Pepa standing there, confused, “(Y/N)?”
“Hey Pepa, Chico left Mrs Revuelve here and he really wanted her back,” Pepa walked up to you, wrapping her arm over your shoulders, “you know you don’t have to explain yourself, you know you can come over whenever,” she held up close to her as she led you down the stairs, about to drag you over to the dining room but stopped herself looking to you, “do you want to grab some dessert or go right home?”
“Home please,” leading you to the doors Pepa began gossiping to you, whispering you all of the things you knew Dolores told her over the week, you became engrossed in Pepa, telling her your own gossip and random stories about your boys.
Before you knew it you were in your house, drinking tea and eating biscuits with Pepa as you continued your conversation, “Mama?” turning you saw Pedro standing at the bottom of the stairs with a blankly, “oh sweetheart you scared me, you ok?”
“You woke me up,”
“I’m sorry, let’s get you back to bed,” grabbing the boy’s hand you led him back to his shared room and helping him back into his bed, “Ma did you get Mrs Revuelve?” looking to Chico you nodded and pulled the stuffed animal out of your bag, “please make sure you always have him if you take him somewhere,” he snatched the toy from you and held it to his chest, rapidly nodding, “that’s my good boy,” you gave each boy a kiss on the head you before you rejoined Pepa with a hushed voice.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Rubbing Julieta’s arm you sat her down, holding her against you as she lightly shook, “they’re going to find her, Mirable couldn’t have gotten that far,” Julieta looked up at you, going to say something but was cut off by the neighing of a horse, Julieta ran out of your lap calling out for Mirable, you ran right after her, watching as the two embraced in front of the destroyed house.
You held onto Pepa she led all of you inside the rubble as she followed Mirable, you were calmed by by her singing, turning to the old woman you watched as Alam came through the door, singing her part of the song and gesturing behind her, looking over to where she was pointed all of the air exited your lungs, the scrawny man dressed in green walking closer to the family and waving to his sisters who ran at him with two of your boys, them lifting Bruno up into the hug. As you struggled to keep your breath calm Desmond came up next to you, holding you against his chest, “mama?”
“I’m going home,” yanking yourself out of his grip you left the crumbled house, Bruno watching you as you walked away, growling at his father Desmond marched right after you.
Bruno excused himself from the family song, running after you with Chico and Pedro behind him, “(Y/N)!” looking behind you, you saw Bruno running towards you with a smile on his face, frowning at him you quickened your pace, as you sped walked away Desmond turned around, going for Bruno but was stopped by his brothers restraining him, running past the three Bruno was catching up to you, “(Y/N)!” you kept trying to run away from him, ignoring him until he grabbed ahold of your forearm, stopping you from moving, “(Y/N), mi… amor,” you turned to him, frowning down at his crumbled form, “Bruno, you’re looking terrible,” he shyly smiled up at you, his shoulders still hunched together, “well yeah, what you get after living in the walls for ten years,”
“You what?”
“Lived in Casita’s walls for ten years,”
“You disappeared for ten years, making me think you were dead and all this time you were hiding in Caista,”
“You bastard, you left me and you were right there in that house and you didn’t tell me,”
“Yeah! I know you, you would’ve wanted to come along and you didn’t deserve a day in those walls plus you shouldn’t have to deal with my problems,”
“You didn’t deserve to live in there either gatito, and don’t think I wouldn’t have helped you with anything,” grabbing his face you pulled him closer to you, your forehead resting against his, “my dear Bruno, a man as sweet as you only deserves love,” he wrapped his arms around your waist, burying his face into your shoulder, “please forgive me,”
“As long as you don’t leave me again, do it and you’re dead,” pulling back from Bruno you caressed his cheeks, “understandable,” smiling at him your eyes drifted over Bruno’s shoulder, seeing your boys awkwardly standing a few feet away, reaching for them, they ran over to you, almost sending the two of you to the ground as they wrapped you and Bruno in a hug.
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Biting the Hand That Feeds You
@maximuscofi, hope you enjoy
“Hola Judío,” Julieta turned away from the line, seeing you standing behind her with cuts, bruises, twigs in your hair and a bloody lip, “oh mi amor what did you do?” Julieta scrambled over to you muttering under her breath, checking you over and brushing her fingers over your bruises, “I was searching for lulo,”
“Were you at least successful?” nodding you lifted up a basket of the orange fruit with your good arm, “that’s my girl,” Julieta shoved a polvorosa into your mouth, rubbing her thumbs over your cheeks as you munched on the biscuit, sighing as you felt the pain surging through you quick disappearing, “excuse me can you get back here or do I have to serve myself,” a woman clutching her burned hand, tapping her foot “we are in pain here,” Julieta turned back to the line, looking over at the people staring at her. Kicking a chair out from under the table, Julieta shoved you down into it before turning to the villagers, “don’t move,” snatching another snack from the table you watched Julieta serve the other villagers, with her periodicity reaching over to you and brushing her fingers through your hair or over your skin.
Even as the hours ticked by the line of injured individuals never ended, Julieta only being able to shoo away the remaining people when she ran out of food and the sun began to set, “can I move now?”
“Yes you can,” jumping up you wrapping your arms around Julieta’s waist, resting your chin on her shoulder, as she wrapped her arms around your neck you could feel Julieta sigh into you with her body going limp, “you really gotta slow down, you don’t have to care for every single bump and bruise people show you,” pulling her back with you, you sat the young woman down in your chair, passing her a slice of lulo that you had cut up earlier before packing up the plates and bowls into a crate, “it’s what mama wants and I can’t not help people,” huffing you turned to her, grabbing her face and pulling it closer to you, “you look so tired, you’re bags are so deep and I think you’re greying, you shouldn’t be doing that,”
“Cooking magical food is long hard work, even with your help,”
“Amor I can’t even remember the last time you fell asleep in my arms, you can’t help others if you keep hurting yourself,” Julieta scoffed, poking your forehead and getting off the chair, walking off towards her home, shoving the rest of the dishes into the create you ran after her with said create, “I, have a duty to this village and if I have to work for multiple hours to complete it I will,”
“God you’re stubborn,” stopping in front of Casita’s doors Julieta turned to you, "oh but you love it," reaching over to you Julieta pulled you into a kiss, accepting it the two of you stood there giggling into each others lip until the doors flung open, Pepa standing there with a growing cloud and her arms crossed, “(Y/N),”
“Hey Pepa, how’s the mood?” her storm grew extensively and her face turned more sour at your words, “yeah sorry ha sorry,” ducking your head you sped past the erratic woman, your back slamming into the kitchen door as you tried to rush into the kitchen, “Pepa!”
“She started it,”
“That was ten years ago, she apologised and she’s trying, can you please try back,” huffing Pepa left the doorway, trotting up the stairs and towards her room. Julieta watched her sister trot back to her room as she walked to the kitchen, sighing before rushing to the kitchen door and throwing it open when she heard the clattering of pans, “(Y/N)!”
You were standing the middle of the kitchen rubbing your head with pans surrounding you, “oh dios mios,” Julieta searched through her draws, pulling out a bottle filled with some liquid, “here drink up mi amor,”
“Ah no, you’re not healing a little bump,” running away from the woman you put large table between you two, moving around it as she tried to reach you, “yes I am, you’ll be whining all night,”
“Because that’s how it works, you’re suppose to deal with little nicks and bumps,” tipping over a pot you scrambled back on your hands and knees, your back pressing up against the bench as Julieta came right after you, “it’s easy just, take a sip,” covering your mouth Julieta pressed to bottle to your fingers and her body pressed up against you, trapping you against the wall, “please, it hurts seeing you in pain,”
“It’s ok, the pain’s gone,” Julieta pulled away from you, corking the bottle and sitting back in your lap, looking down at you, “why won’t you let me help you,”
“I don’t want you worrying about little things, plus I ain’t drinking any magical potion that smells off,” uncorking the bottle again Julieta put it to her nose before gulping some down, “taste perfect to me,” groaning you grabbed her face, “it still stinks, there better not be a stench lingering on yours lips,”
“Why don’t you check,” pulling her down you pressed your lips to hers, pulling her hips closer to you, you could feel her smile and turn her head, without thinking you copied her actions and opened your mouth for her but instead of a tongue you got a bitter tasting liquid poured into your mouth, “traición,” as you spat the liquid out Julieta laughed, her hand patting your head, “usted burro obstinado,”
“At least your head doesn't hurt,” Julieta pressed a kiss to your head before burying her face into your hair, "even if I stop healing bumps I could never stop healing you, my precious girl," Julieta began kissing along your face, moving from your forehead, to your cheek, the tip of your nose and finally to your lips, where she pulled you up into her, huffing up into her your hands roamed her back, grabbing at her dress and pinching the skin hidden underneath, about to bite her neck the two of you were interrupted by a cough, "uh Julieta,"
"Bruno! did you need something?"
"Oh Oro wanted some galletas, and mama's needs the kitchen for dinner, I'd suggest you move," getting up with Julieta still in your lap you jogged out of kitchen, running past Alma who stared at the two of you with concern.
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I’m sorry for the really long delay, I just started Uni and I have to deal with a really busy orientation week. With uni stuff will take a lot longer to get out, so again sorry.
Like any other day in Encanto the day started calm, peaceful and almost perfect, but when the sun was at its highest point in the sky this calm day was disturbed by loud music, a rapid amount of the banging of metal and the yelling of people that filled the air. Just as a few members of the village were about to investigate the commotion a crowd of people wearing strange clothing entered the village, some exploring the village and talking to the village after some confusion, while the others examined the village and some of the villagers, it wasn’t until the Madrigal family approached the strangers did things become clearer.
The group claimed to be a family of explorers who wanted to discover every secret in the world and Encanto was their latest discovery, the family consisted of you, who wasn’t there, your mother and your father, your two sisters, your brother, your uncle, his wife and their three boys, plus your crazy grandfather who was the one who forced all of you to go on these adventures with him.
“Hey hey hey I wanna talk to you, please just a few minutes,” a young girl about Mirable's age jumped out in front of Luisa, stopping her in her tracks, the strong woman standing still before nodding at the girl, “what’s your name?”
“Luisa Madrigal, nice to meet you…”
“Hidie (L/N), the nurse of my family, so what do you do around here?”
“Well I retrieve the donkeys when they get out, I fix sinking houses, carry building material,”
“So you’re the town’s muscle,” Luisa nodded her head, watching Hidie grab onto her  skirt and trot beside her, “have you ever dated anyone?”
“No, I never had time for a partner,” lifting Hidie up onto her shoulder Luisa lifted a barrel filled with water up into her arms, “did you ever have a crush, there’s gotta be a cute boy or girl who caught your eye?”
“Mmm, well I’ve had a few but I’ve never gone for them, you know,” Luisa patted her arms and side, “oh, I’m sure there’s someone who like big woman,” Luisa scoffed, dropping Hidie off her shoulders and picked up more barrels, Hidie soon running off “ok I’ll be back,”
The sun was just beginning to set when Hidie re-found, convinced and led Luisa to the campsite where your family was set up, leaving Luisa to run around the campsite and rip open the doors of some of the tents, yelling out for you, “(Y/N) where are you! I want you to meet someone!” the two could hear a loud groan coming from one of the largest tents with a ‘go away’ after the groan, Hidie immediately running over to the tent and shaking it, yelling for you to ‘get up’, the two standing outside heard a large thump along with a yelp from you. Scrambling up onto your feet you ran for your tent door, ready to grab Hidie, “you little shite, I’m going to throw you off a cliff,” bursting out of your tent you went to grab your younger sister but instead you ran into the shorter women standing besides her, the force throwing the two of you onto the ground.
Pushing yourself up onto your elbows you looked down at the stranger, admiring the small freckles that adorned her face as you laid on top of her, “Luisa this is (Y/N), (Y/N) this is Luisa, I thought you two might get along so, get to a-chatting,” as you got off Luisa you saw your sister leave out of the corner of your eye with a smirk on her face and a thumbs up towards you. Holding your hand out for Luisa she hesitantly grabbed it, surprised when you were able to help her up on her feet, “so, you’re the woman I’ve heard about, you certainly live up to your tales,” Luisa looked you over, viewing your muscular form under the massive crinkled shirt that hung off you “I do? which lies has my sister told you?”
“That you’re a giant who’s strong enough to lift a tree with a single arm,”
“Huh that seems truthful enough, Hidie normal hypes me up when she wants to set me up,”
“What?” laughing up patted her shoulder puffing out your chest,
“She wants to get a girlfriend and with you being a beautiful and strong woman, I can’t blame her,” grabbing her chin with your fingers you lifted it up, looking into her eyes as she stood there with a mouth agape, the two of you stood in silence staring at each other until you pulled away from her, your face burning, “you do like woman right, Hidie didn’t just bring you here without asking?” Luisa just stared at you not saying anything, which just scared you even more, “oh god I am so sorry, I’ve told her about this sought of stuff but she barely listens, sorry,”
“No it’s just surprising, I didn't think you'd stay long enough,”
“Well maybe you'll be able to convince me to stay,” holding your hand out to Luisa you waited for her reaction.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
You held Luisa in your lap, her laying back against your chest as you brushed your fingers through her hair, braiding some of the strains as the two of you enjoyed the peaceful quiet in Luisa’s room “you seem to be liking Encanto?”
“Yeah it’s really nice here, plus it's better than travelling with gramps,” burying your face into her shoulder and wrapping your arms around Luisa's waist, you felt her chest rumble, “oh yeah?”
“Yeah, sitting with you is much better than getting sore feet travelling everywhere,” Luisa turned in your lap, lifting your head out of her shoulder and pressing her lips to yours, holding you there until you had to separate for air, “you know you don’t have to try to steal my breath,”
“I know,”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look at this little shit, he's the one who begs for attention when I'm trying to write
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I loved the poly relationship of Dolores x reader x mariano, could you do the three of them playing in the rain, I think it's very cute 'w', please?
Dolores’ hand ran through your hair, holding you against her as she hummed along to the tune coming from Mariano’s guitar, in this moment everything felt right, you were shaded by the trees above you, serenaded by the the soft strings and the churning of water and cooled by the gentle breeze rustling the trees around you.
Snuggling into Dolores you felt peace come over you
, enjoying everything until you were brought out of it by tiny droplets of water falling onto your face, opening your eyes you looked up at the sky that was now covered by thick clouds, you watched as they swirled together, growing darker with each second that went by, “what are they staring at?”
“The clouds, looks like we might get some rain,”
“I wonder if it’s your mama’s doing,” Dolores shrugged as she stuck her head out to let the increasing number of raindrops fall on her face, “must be a happy storm with how gentle it is, someone might have another brother on the way,” Dolores shivered in disgust, pushing herself deeper into her seat, “if so I’m staying right here,” chuckling Mariano moved closer to you and Dolores, protecting his guitar from the rain that was now drizzling down.
The three of you sat there admiring the rain until you pulled yourself up out of Dolores’s lap, walking out from under the tree protecting you and letting yourself get drenched, “(Y/N) get back here,” Dolores beckoned you over with her finger but you just turned away from her, happily dancing in the rain, “no thanks,” they watched as you danced in the rain unable to take their eyes off you, smiling Mariano got up, “alright you, time to get back under cover,” he jogged over to you with his arms outstretched for you, turning your head towards him you flinched and ran away from the man, this caused him to pause for a few seconds before he began running right after you trying to scoop you up into his arms but at every turn you evaded him, “you can not stay in the rain,”
“Yes I can,” ducking under his arm you slipped on the wet grass, landing on your back and knocking the wind right out of you, you laid there trying to suck air back into you, Mariano quickly bending down and sitting you up, “my love, are you ok?” getting air into your lungs you leaned against Mariano, “I think I’m good,”
“Perfect,” Marinao wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you for a few seconds before standing and lifting you up into his chest, “aye no put me down,” you struggled against him, kicking his legs, bashing his shoulders and wiggling your entire body just to try to get out of his grip, “let me stay in the rain,” pressing your feet against Mariano’s legs you pushed yourself away from Mariano, grabbing a nearby tree branch.
Holding yourself against the tree Mariano struggled to pull you away, just as he was about to yank you he suddenly dropped you with a yelp, taking this chance you scrambled away from him and behind the tree. Looking back you saw Dolores behind Mariano, her giggling up a storm as she scurried away from the man, “Dolores how could you,” he grabbed ahold of Dolores, bringing her to his chest and shaking her from side to side, “I trusted you, you little- aha,” digging your fingers into Mariano’s sides he dropped Dolores, her immediately running away from him but she only got a few feet away before you scooped her up into your arms, carrying her away from Mariano.
“don't worry my lady, I'll keep you away from the killjoy,” now with steady feet you ran away from Mariano who was right behind you, even after dodging him with the help of some trees he tackled the two of you, mud splashing up and covering all three of you. The three of you laid there for a few seconds before you buried your face into Dolores and Mariano buried his face into you, doing your best to muffle your laughs, “you ass,” you flicked the wet hair hanging off Mariano him simply hitting you with it, “you started it, if you stayed under cover you wouldn't be dirty,”
"Oh I'm always dirty," pushing off Dolores you faced the Mariano cupping his cheeks and bringing his lips to yours.
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Can I request a male reader bonding with isabela luisa and mirabel? (And can he be in a poly relationship with julieta and agustin)
“Mi Mariposa, where are you?”
“Up here Papa!” looking up you saw the young girl standing behind the rails, covered in dirt and plant life, “there you are, papa has been searching for you forever,” jogging up the stair you rushed over to the small girl, lifting her up into your arms and carrying her to the nursery, “what did you get into this time, a beehive?”
“No it was a tree that had fallen over, and it had these like bumpy plate things on them and I wanted to see what they were but I tripped and broke some off, so I grabbed some and now it’s on my shelf,”
“Mariposa you grabbed mushrooms, again, stop bringing mushrooms home you have enough,” sitting her down in front of the vanity, you plucked the items from her hair while looking at the collection of plants on the vanity and surrounding shelves, “but they’re so pretty, I can’t help it,”
“I know but you have too many, we’ll talk about this later but for now we have to get you cleaned up, your abuela wants you to look decent in front of her friends,” she blew a raspberry before reaching into her draws, pulling out a comb and handing it to you, “I know but your Abuela loves you, she just wants to show you off," after pulling out the last big twig you combed the piece of wood through her hair, watching small bits of dirt fall out of her hair "hey once her little party is over we’ll get papi and drag him into the forest and have a little adventure,” braiding her into two and tossing them over her shoulders chuckling at her bouncing “oh yes please, can we search for the glowing mushrooms?”
“As long as you don’t take anything, we can do anything you want my fairy,”
“Mariposa, can I have a word with you?” Stepping into the flowered covered room you made your way over to Isabela’s bed, looking all around the room to try and find her, “Mariposa? Are you here?”
“Yes papa I’m coming,” the young woman walked over to you, wearing a beautifully pink dress, the shoulder straps covered in flowers and slowly fading out as it went further down the fabric, you couldn’t help but frown at her hands as they scrambled around her body, constantly trying to fix, “did you need something?”
“Well me and your papi are going on a walk in the forest and we wanted to know if you wanna come, I know this little cave filled with glowing fungi,”
“Sorry papa I’m actually going on a date, Abuela set it up and she says he’s a really nice guy so wanna give it a try,”
“Oh ok, are you free any other time, I really miss our walks?”
“Ah no I got a lot going on and I just don’t have to time to go on silly little walks, I’m sorry,” your smile dropped for a second before being replaced by a forced smile, “no it’s fine, you’re nearly a grown woman and you should be able to do what you want, have fun on your date my fairy,” smiling she wrapped her arms around your chest, the gentle smell of moss radiating off her “I will, I love you papa”
“I love you too,”
Closing the door behind you, you felt a hand grab your shoulder, it turning you to face the loveable man dressed in blue, “what happened to my little girl who loved playing in the trees and exploring every nook of the forest,” holding your face Agustin brushed the tears that hung in your eyes, “she grew up and changed, every kid does it,”
“Not this drastically, she loved mushrooms, the bark off trees, moss, dried sap, pretty leaves and funky rocks, and she liked me brushing her hair, I can’t remember the last time she sat in my lap to get her hair done,”
“As you said she’s nearly a woman, sometimes they get too big for mama and papa,”
“Guess that’s why it hurts,”
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —— — — — — — — —
Lifting a crate filled with chopped logs up into your arms you gave Agustin a kiss on the cheek, telling him to be careful as you left for the houses that ordered wood.
“Thank you (Y/N),”
“No problem senoria,” picking your box back up you continued your job, reaching the open pathway you began humming something as you walked down the cobblestone path, soon picking up on the pitter patter of small feet next to you. Looking besides you saw your youngest with three logs in her arms and a determined look on her face, “what are you doing love?”
“Helping,” you watched her struggle with the logs, not only with just holding them up but she kept dropping them, at first one but then she would drop another as she tried to pick up the one that was already on the ground. Once she got all three logs back into her arms she would scramble back up next to you, her little legs moving unreasonably fast to just catch up to you, after the third time this happened you stepped in, reaching over to grab the logs from her, “poor thing you can barely carry them, let papa help,”
“I got it,” she pulled the logs away from your grasp, almost falling over as she moved away from you, “Luisa you can’t over work yourself like that,” picking up two logs from her arms you added them in your pile causing her to pout, “don’t worry, the stronger you get the more I’ll let you can carry,”
“Of course, I’ll need a lot of help in a few years and getting it from my little cariño would be the best,” you started out serious but your tone quickly turned babyish, her whining and running ahead of you.
— — — — — — — — — — —
“You good papa?” Luisa appeared besides you, a crate filled with wood in her arms and a brow cocked, “yep, just struggling a bit,” jumbling the logs in the crate held in your arms Luisa worryingly looked down at you, reaching over to you and into the crate, “here let me help,” Luisa grabbed a few logs from you, chucking them into her crate, sighing in relief you smiled up at your second eldest before letting your head hang and whispering to yourself, “god I’m getting weak,”
“You know I have a few exercises that could help,” chuckling at her you looked down into your box, frowning at the small amount of logs, “while I love you sencerness cariño I doubt it will help, you can’t lift age away,”
“Oh, well at least you can still do it,”
“Not for long, your mama is getting more serious about me not lifting any more, so she limited my arepa allowance, I only have three left for my back, after that Julieta won’t give me anymore,” leaning back you heard your spine crack, “I’ll actually have to deal with back problems if I don’t start lifting better,” she patted your back, her hand resting on your shoulder blade, “I could teach you some lifting methods, so we can keep delivering wood together,”
“That would actually be really nice, thank you mi dulce niña,”
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
You walked into the nursery with a plate of food and a smile but it instantly dropped, as the only one you saw in there was Camilo playing with a couple of wooden toy men, “oi camaleón, where are my girls?” he shrugged before going back to his toys, placing the plate down on Mirabel’s desk you left the nursery. Standing there you looked around Casita from your position, seeing a little face watching you from around a corner, “oi what do you think you’re doing?” stomping over to her you watched as she was pulled away, making it around the corner you saw the floorboards moving underneath her, “Casita give me back my daughter,” running after the giggling girl you tried scooping her up into your arms but every time Casita would either pull you back or jerk Maribel away.
Just as you were about to grab her Casita jerked Maribel away again but this time Casita did it too hard, tossing her over the balcony with you going right after her, pulling her against her chest and rolling over onto your back, you expected to fall flat on your back but you were caught by Casita, it safely sliding you down onto the ground. Panting you stared into the sky, feeling the small girl wiggling against your chest, she appeared above you giggling in your face, “papa!” her hands pressed up against your face, grabbed at the hair on your face, frowning you lifted the girl up over your head, “you little menace stop doing that,”
“But it’s fun,”
“Getting tossed off the railing isn’t fun it’s dangerous, do it again and I’ll telling your mama,” she gasped in shock she pointlessly kicked at you, “you wouldn’t,”
“I would,” getting up you carried her back to the nursery as she tried hitting your face, “meanny, we’re just playing,”
“You don’t play games that include people throwing you, just play some safer games with Casita please,” reaching the nursery you sat her down next to Camilo, the young boy handing her one of her toys, grabbing the food that was now picked at you sat on the ground next to Mirabel, passing her the plate as you sat with the two.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Knocking on the nursery door you called out to Mirabel, hearing a rustling coming behind the door, “Miraboo?” about to open the door Mirabel opened it instead, widely smiling at you, “hey papa, what’s up,”
“Look I gotta ask you something, may I come in,” she moved to the side allowing you into the small room, you watched Mirable move over to her dresser and lean against it, “ok, what are you doing asking about Bruno?”
“Oh I’m just curious, there’s just has so much interesting stuff about him,”
“Mirabel don’t lie to me, you asked Pepa and Felix about the meanings behind Bruno’s prophecies, what are you doing, you know everything surrounding Bruno is really dangerous,”
“Well yeah I kinda figured that out from experience,”
“What does that mean?”
“I went into Bruno’s room,”
“YOU WHAT, Mirable there’s a reason we closed that door off, you could've died!”
“I know, everything was crumbing under my feet and I was almost drowned in sand, pretty dangerous place,” she stood there confidently, it quickly fading as she noticed your rapid breathing, “papa,”
“You were almost killed! you were, trapped under sand, in a place we never would have found you,” she took your hands in hers, peering into your eyes,
“Why did you do that? we could’ve lost you,”
“I just wanted to figure out my prophecy,”
“Your prophecy? our kids only have their prophecies told at ten and Bruno left when you were five, how could you have one,” staring down at her she gulped, she lead you over to the dresser and removed the clothes on it, revealing the green glass plate sitting there, brushing your fingers over the green glass you slowly turned towards Mirabel, you were about to yell at her but was stopped by the door flinging open with Agustin happily dancing in but froze in shock when he saw the glow of the glass he, standing there as you, Casita and Mirabel tried to block his view.
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random-fandoms-fanfics · 7 months ago
Hi so I don’t know if you’re taking requests right now I couldn’t see anything that said you were or weren’t so you can just ignore this if you aren’t but I was wondering if I could ask for a luisa x trans male reader? like Luisa and the reader have been secretly together for a while and luisa wants to introduce the reader to her family I imagine this happens a year after the events of the movie. if you don’t feel comfortable with writing this that’s totally fine I understand again I didn’t see anything that said you weren’t or were taking requesting so if you aren’t that’s totally fine.
As long as it an't some deplorable shit I'm comfortable writing anything. I hope this is good and you like it, if you don't just tell me.
Encanto was the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen, a paradise hidden away by massive mountains and a dense jungle, you found it three days after you, and everyone in the city you were currently in, saw the massive mountain in the distance split in half, heading off to figure out what the strange movement was.
Inside the mountains you were met with villagers who were friendly towards you, even with the confused looks they gave you and the whispers they had behind you, only revealing the truth of your origins when an old woman named Alam confronted you. Even though they were suspicious of you they invited you into their village, wanting to help you find somewhere to sleep but you simply took up residence next to the most remarkable part of Encanto the magical house on the hill filled with equally magical people, your tent outside the window of a certain someone who wooed you on your first day in the hidden town.
You were getting water from the river when you first saw her, carrying a entire bridge in her hands and placing it right next to you, this demonstration of strength marvelled you, you gawking up at her from your spot on the ground, this made her self conscious as she never received a look like yours, running off with a blush.
Everyday after you would admire her from afar but with how she saw you she would become even more bashful, thinking this man who was rumoured to come from beyond the mountains was judging her. After two weeks you finally decided to do something about your infatuation with the powerful woman.
“Hola señorita, may I talk to you,” you ran towards Luisa, carrying a large wicker basket with you, “please just a moment,” huffing Luisa turned to you with a donkey on her shoulder, “hey, do you need something?”
“I wanted to give you something, then ask you something,” holding the basket out she looked at it suspiciously, lifting the lid she peered into the basket, dropping the donkey she reached into the container and pulled out a large plush bear, “I hope you like him, you seem like a teddy bear person,” she hugged the bear close to her with a soft smile on her face, “he’s adorable, thank you”
“It’s alright, Luisa?” she nodded, moving the bear to her hip and smiling down at you, “ok, Luisa, would you like coito with me,” her face turned into shock before snickering, “I said something wrong didn’t I,”
“We can have coito after a few dates, we can get something comerse tonight,”
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – — —
Making it up the hill you saw the large woman sitting on a blanket looking over the town, “hey,”
“Hi,” her arms wrapped around your neck, nuzzling her nose against you, “how’s my handsome man?”
“Not the best,” her smile turned into a frown and her brows furrowed, her face now one of concern, “what happened?”
“Nothing it’s just, I really have to talk to you about something,”
“Did I do something?”
“No love, it’s something, I haven’t done,”
“What is it?”
“Remember yesterday, when we were just cuddling next to the river then things got, intense,” her face snapped into a look of realisation and her hands pulling away from your waist, “I scared you didn’t I, look it’s ok, I not upset,”
“Oh nonono it’s just, I didn’t want to scare you,” she blinked before her eyes snapped down to your crotch and back up to you, “oh um it’s not big, I don't even have one,”
“Luisa I,” sucking in a breath you held it before letting it out, “I was born a woman,”
“I wasn’t born with a man’s body, only with the mind of one,”
“So you have boobs and a?” she lifted her hand and spread two fingers, you grabbing her hand and shoved her hand down, “Kinda, I got my breast cut off,” unbuttoning your shirt you held it open, puffing out your chest you showed off the symmetrical discoloured marks under your pecs, “these are the scars from the surgery I had to remove them,” her fingers grazed over the scars with a soft look on her face, “I always wondered what these were from,” her hand moved up to your chin, pressing a kiss to your lips, when she pulled away you looked up at her blinking and with your mouth agape, “you don’t care?”
“You’re mi vida, (Y/N) (L/N) right,”
“Then I don’t care,”
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – — —
“Just please be nice to him,” Luisa whined as her sister tugged some of her hair into place, “why wouldn’t we,”
“Because you scared the last one off,”
“I’m just protecting my little sister,” pulling her up Isabela dragged Luisa down the stairs, “and I’m just protecting my sweet little cousin,” the second eldest grandchildren hugged Luisa's other arms, helping her cousin drag Luisa down to the dining room, where her mother was waiting, “mi niña, you look so beautiful,” she pulled her daughter’s face down to hers, covering her daughter's face with kisses “mama,”
“You’re right mi amor, she’s looking incredible, this boy must be really important,”
“He’s my boyfriend of course he’s important, where’s Abuela I wanna see her before he arrives?”
“She’s already at the door waiting for your boyfriend,” a rhythmic knocking sounded out right after Camilo, Luisa ran out of the dinning room to see her Abuela standing at the door and watched her open the doors to come face to face with you holding a bouquet of orchids.
Grabbing ahold of her hands in one of yours you pressed a kiss to her old knuckles before you focused on your words, “hola, señora, por favor, disculpe mis palabras, todavía no son las mejores,” the older woman smiling up at you, “your words are better since we've last talked, come dinner is nearly ready,” she threaded her arm with yours she led you towards the rest of the family.
Ushering you into the dining room she turned to Luisa, giving her an approving look before walking in to see a vine loosely hung around your throat, Agustin shaking your hand and holding his fingers between the vines and your neck, "hey love, I don't think your sister likes me,"
"Isa let him go," she ripped the vine, letting it fall to the group as she pulled you into her chest,
"Él no se puede confiar en él,"
"What did she say?"
"Nothing true,"
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random-fandoms-fanfics · 7 months ago
An Reception of Three
NSFW again, so stay away children, reader is female. Sorry about the wait. I got distracted by baking, video games and my dog going for my hand. Still, hope you enjoy.
Dolores’ head rested against your chin and shoulder as the two of you swayed to the gentle music, slightly opening your eyes you looked down at her before looking over the crowd, seeing Alma standing besides Pepa and Felix who we’re holding each other and being rained on, Isabela was standing with her sisters, a large smile on her face and her hands on her heart, Camilo had Antonio on his shoulders, the younger boy waving whenever you and Dolores turned to face him and finally there stood Mrs Guzmán with Mariano beside her, you could see the love glowing in his eyes and almost melted as he raised his hand and gave you a bashful wave.
You were pulled away from your people watching and back to Dolores as she spun you around as the music ended, everyone applauding the two of you before joining the newly wedded couple on the dance floor, before you were able to bring her knuckles up to your lips you felt someone tap your shoulder, “mind if I steal your dance partner frijol?”
“Of course suegro,” handing Dolores’ hand over to her father the two of them started their own dance, staring at them you felt arms wrap around one of yours, turning to Pepa you bumped your head against hers, resting before pulling your arm out of her grip, “it’s ok, I’m ok, I just wanna sit down for a bit,” giving you a hug Pepa hesitantly left you, joining her sister and brother who were busy dancing.
Sitting down in your chair you watched the crowd move to the music that was at the requested level, looking into the swarm you saw the Madrigal family, all of them around Dolores with the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. As you watched them you barely noticed the man sit down in the chair next to you, only turning to him when he wrapped an arm around your shoulders, “what?”
“You look absolutely stunning my little angel,”
“You really don’t know how nice that is to hear,” leaning up against him his arm moved down to your back, rubbing small circles into you, “remember they are the ones in the wrong,”
“Yeah I know, but you know how they are,” he lifted your chin up to face him, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips, his tongue instantly pushing past your lips and into your mouth as his hands groping your thighs, “someone’s excited,”
“I have been craving both of you for so long and I intend to completely give into my cravings,” purring you dove back into him, both of your hands roaming around each other, pulling one other deeper into your touches, this was until you heard the music get progressively louder. Pulling away from one another you watched as some of the crowd members coaxing the band to play louder and the band happily complied, as the music began to blare the two of you jumped out of your chairs, Mariano running over to the band and you pushing your way through the crowd, your arms wrapped around Dolores’ waist once you found her, “you ok querido?” with her ears covered Dolores shook her head, looking towards the band you saw Marianio arguing with the drunken mob, “alright we’re leaving,” grabbing the fabric of her dress you dragged Dolores away, “let’s get you somewhere a bit more quiet,”
Slamming Dolores' door behind you you're newly wedded wife held your shoulders, "it's ok, I don't mind,"
"This was supposed to be our night, I didn't even get to dance with Felix," Dolores cupped your face, lifting your head up and squishing you cheeks, "I'm sure he'll come in later, drag you out onto the courtyard and give you your dance,"
"Sounds about right, that's why he's my second favourite man," looking into her eyes Dolores she gave you a smile and leaned forwards, pressing a sweet kiss to your lips that quickly heated up, her arms resting over your shoulders and her fingers reaching down to fiddle with the zipper on your back, your hands held onto her waist, one searching for the opening on the side of her dress. Finding the hooks you began unlatching them, once opened you were able to pull the white dress up and over Dolores' head, revealing the white lingerie accented with gold hidden underneath, “my my someone was certainly expecting fun tonight,”
“Am I not allowed to dress for my amors on our night,” your hands wrapped around her waist, roaming around her laced undergarment, “I never said it was a bad thing,” pinching the flesh on her neck you grabbed the zipper on her back, dragging it down and letting the white lace fabric drop to the floor, “slow down, you haven’t even removed your dress,”
“That’s a job for the stallion once he gets here but currently I need to pleasure my mare,” pulling her hips against yours you pressed your lips against hers, biting and sucking on the muscles that were covered in raspberry red lipstick. Turning your head you stuck your tongue out and slipped it in between her plump lips, Dolores happily opened her mouth to allow your tongue to explore her mouth, pulling you with her she lead you back towards her bed, sitting down on the large bed she held your waist with her legs and pulled you against her.
Your fingers glided over Dolores’ sides, tracing gentle patterns over her skin that sent visible shivers down her spine, releasing your kiss you travelled down painfully slow, pinching the fat on her chin between your teeth and decorating her neck with bitemarks and light hickeys before moving down to her chest, you’re tongue swirling over the discoloured skin and your teeth pulling on the erected nub before moving over to the other nipple and your hand moving up to knead the now wet mound of flesh. Keeping your hand on her breast you moved even lower, planting kisses along her stomach as you made your way to the final  fabric covering her. Reaching the edge of the bed you sat down onto your knees, grabbing ahold of Dolores’ thighs you yanked her towards you, shoving your nose into her clothed core and sitting her thighs up over your shoulders.
Your fingers hooked under the band of her underwear, pulling it down her thighs and over your head, attaching your mouth to her soaking core, your tongue lapped up the salty liquid that flooded her folds and dipping into her entrance every few licks, reaching up to the bundle of nerves you began sucking it up into your mouth and grazing it against your teeth, these action forcing gentle moans out of Dolores’ mouth.
Devouring both Dolores and the noises she made you felt two things happen, the most noticeable being Dolores pressing her feet against your back to lift her hips up into you and on the opposite end was the slight ruffeling of your dress, you paid it no mind until you felt a cold breeze hit the back of your legs, you tried fixing your dress but it refused to move back into place, about to turn and look at the problem you were pushed back down against Dolores by two large hands on you hips and something trying to push past your underwear, “WHO IN THE HEL-oh hey baby, what are you doing?”
“Giving in,” Mariano pulled you further off the bed until you had to rely on Dolores to keep up on it, your arms tightly wrapped around her hip joints and your face shoved deeper into her crotch, “someone's nervous," humming in agreement he pressed a kiss to your shoulder, his hands rubbing your waist "just tell me if it's too much, I don't want to hurt you," lifting your head and swallowing you turned to him, giving him a shy smile, "I'm good, just please be careful," nodding he began swaying your hips and pulling your underwear down with his thumbs.
Freeing your core he reached under you, grinding his finger against your clit and rubbed his cock in between your bottom lips, it threatening to slip inside you multiple times, through restricted moans you told him again to "be careful,"
“Don’t worry amor, I’ll be gentle,”
“No, just don’t go i-,” you were cut off by Mariano shoving himself inside you, squeaking as he stretched you wide, “mierda,” he started slow, sliding in and out of you with his hand still swirling your clit, whining in time with his thrust you placed your face back into Dolores’ core, moaning into her as you went back to eating her out but at a more sloppy pace, “so precious, you dared to keep this away from me,” his hips began to move rougher against you, quickly increasing his pace and the strength behind his thrusts until he was rocking you up into Dolores and back down into him. You thanked the heavens that the Reception was in town, if any of the family was near Dolores’ room they would have heard the slapping of flesh, the sloshing of thick liquids, muffled moans and the huffing of the large man behind you.
As Mariano rammed up into you, you felt Dolores’ thighs squeeze your head, looking up at her you saw her shivering and her hands groping her breasts, moving your hand up her body with your fingernails grazing her skin, you grabbed ahold of her hand, threading your fingers with hers, she smiled down at you before tossing her head back and tightening both of her grips on you. Giving her clit a twist Dolores let out a high pitched squeal and held you against her, with her body twitching and jolting before going limp, her ankles now just hanging around your neck as you limply licked her throbbing core.
Mariano thrusted into you a few more time before planting his hips against yours, you could feel him bend around you as he released inside you and you could hear him muttering something, as his panting became more stable Mariano slunk down on top of you, his head resting against yours, confused you slapped his cheek, bringing him out of his little doze “hey, I didn’t cum,” while still inside you he lifted you against his chest and laid you down on top of Dolores, his arms planted in the bed and on either the sides of your head “do you really think we’re done, I have all night and I have been craving you for so long, I’m going to take full advantage of this situation,”
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random-fandoms-fanfics · 8 months ago
Request Closed
I wanna get through my requests so I’m just gonna close my inbox for now. Once I get through everything they’ll be back open. 
I love all of you, y’all have given me so much more confidence in my work, please hang around for more fics.  
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random-fandoms-fanfics · 8 months ago
your writing is so so good luisa is the love of my life. i just can’t help thinking about a friends with benefits with her and then it gets to be too much and you guys have to confess that they love each other
just oh i love her so much
Here you go, hope I gave you a good Luisa fic. This starts off as NSFW so stay away children, 18+ only.
Luisa’s large hands gripped your hips, pushing and pulling them to force your core to grind against her flexed thigh that was coated in the slick juice that poured out of you, “Lisa, I’m, oh god,” each stroke brought out struggled whines and made your muscles weak and spasm against her movements, feeling your back buckle you grabbed ahold of Luisa’s loose locks and you pulled yourself closer to her, your forehead pressing up against hers and an arm hooked around her neck in an effort to hold yourself up, “Lisa,”
As a breath got caught in your throat your was sent into a spasm, your legs clamping around Luisa’s thigh as your body was rocked by the electricity coursing through you, as your body relaxed into Luisa’s larger form you found that your mouth was dried out, your legs felt numb and your nails were dug into Luisa’s skin. You sat there, trying to stabilise your breathing as Luisa held you by the waist, her head buried in your neck and trying not to cover your flushed flesh with kisses, “thank you, I needed this, so much,” patting her shoulder she pulled back from you, easily lifting you off her thigh and laying you down on your bed beside her, you watched as Luisa turned her back to you, her legs hanging off the side of the bed with a hunched back “you ok?”
“yeah, I’m good, you have the water ready?”
“Bucket is next to my dresser, jug is on the dresser,”
“No problem,” you watched her bare form walk over to the dresser, as she put the jug to her lips you saw her body glistening in the sunlight from the dried sweat that covered her body and you could see the light highlighting the few non-dried droplets of sweat running down her muscled body, as you dragged your tongue over your dried lips you were shook back into reality, “hey don’t drink all of it on me,” she turned back to you with a snort, filling an empty glass before gulping down the last of the water, “god how much water do you need?”
“Liquids are my everything, half the time I think my strength relies on it,” once Luisa handed you the glass you brought it up to your lips, gulping down the cool water with Luisa beside, her arm leaning against your back, “so what happened, was it your papa or just in the mood?”
“Papa needs me to work extra hours, someone’s asking for a bunch of jackets and he needs my fancy stitch work,” giving your fingers a dazzling you reached back to Luisa, threading your fingers through her loose curls, “well your skills are incredible,” thumping your head into Luisa’s chest you thanked her, the two of you sitting there until Luisa got up, picking up her clothes from the floor and dressing herself, “I better get back to work,”
“Hey come on my parents won’t be here until an hour or so, we got time,”
“I know but, I just want to go back to work,” pulling yourself off the bed you stumbled over to her, grabbing ahold of her arm, “are you ok? I didn’t do anything, did I?”
“No I’m good, just feel like working after a good time together,” staring at her in confusion, you watched her dress, only moving when she gave you her goodbyes and left your room.
A few hours after she left you went to find her but she promptly ignored you, once you were able to force her to notice you she barely talked soon rushing off, saying she has to reroute the river, your decision to follow her was ruined as she disappeared around a corner and you were unable to find her. This went on for weeks, either you constantly trying to hang out and help her but she’d tell you that her chores that day would either ‘hurt you’ or ‘be too difficult for you’ or she'd just flat out ignored young disappeared, but today was the day you were finally able to keep up with her and try to figure out why she was avoiding you by literary treading on her heels and shouting so she couldn’t blatantly ignore you, “Luisa please just talk to me!”
“There’s nothing to talk about, I’m just really busy,” with a barrel over her shoulder Luisa bumped a building back into place before trying to run off, “Luisa, I know you please don’t lie to me!”
“I’m not, I have a lot of work to do and you’re just being clingy,” jumping in front of her you blocked her path and looked up at her, seeing her eye slightly twitching, “I knew it Lisa, just please tell me what’s wrong!”
"Nothing's wrong just leave me alone,"
“Tell me what's wrong!” she stopped, shoving her face into yours with her teeth bare “I love you!” she stood there puffing before she yanked herself back with an apology, “sorry I exploded like that, it just came out,”
“You what?”
“I- I love you, I've always loved you, that’s why I agreed to do those things with you, it feels like you love me too,” she looked ashamed, her head held low and taking a few steps away from you, “Luisa I do love you but not like that,”
“Why what’s wrong, am I not feminime enough, do I scare you, am I just not that pretty?” grabbing her hands you looked up at her, clearly seeing the distress on her face, “no no Lisa, you’re incredible and a complete catch, it’s just,”
“What?! Why don’t you love me?”
“I don’t know, you’re my friend, I’ve never thought of you like that before,”
“What can I do to change that?” cocking an eyebrow you shrugged your shoulders, unsure as to what even say, “how about a lunch date,”
“Please just give me a try,” she crumbled into herself with tears in her eyes and her breath shaking with fear, cupping her face you directed her head up to yours, staring into her glassy eyes, “alright, tomorrow at that little restaurant near the edge of town, I’ve always loved their sudado de pollo,” her arms latched around your waist, lifting you up into a bone crushing hug, which you've grown attached to after a few years, "thank you,"
"Anything for you Luisa,"
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random-fandoms-fanfics · 8 months ago
Hello! I came across your stories and I wanted to say I love them. I was wondering if you could do a Luisa Madrigal x male reader. If not it's okay.
Keep up the fanfics!
Have a great day!
Hope you like this my friend, and I'm more then happy to write for Luisa.
Holding up a pair of golden semicircle earrings you curiously stared at them, too focused to notice the woman standing next to you, as she tapped your shoulder you jumped, quickly turning you smiled down at her, “how much for these?”
“One thousands, nine hundred and sixty pesos for those, so thirty two thousand nine hundred and twenty seven all together,” (about $1595 us, I think) after giving her the right amount you placed the earring back into their container and left the store, boxes in hand and gleaming at the three pieces of jewellery.
“Hi,” standing up straight Luisa looked around her, spinning the donkey that was on her shoulder until her eyes landed on you sitting on a brick wall with a jitty smile on your face, “hey you,” placing the donkeys down she walked over to you, her arms resting on your shoulders as one of your hands grabbed her waist “what are you doing here?”
“Can’t I just see my amazing girlfriend,” removing an arm she held her hand out with a cocked eyebrow, “I know, I know but I think you’ll like these, they’re nice and a plain rose gold,” pulling out the blue box you opened it up, showing her the pair of earrings, “a bit big,”
“They were the smallest size they had, but they’re a nice size for you, I assure you they’ll look perfect on you,” she rolled her eyes at you before removing her studs, placing the hanging earrings in, “happy?”
“You're such a dork,” as you threaded your fingers with hers she pressed a kiss to your cheek and nuzzled her nose against hers, “but you love this dork don't ya,”
“mmm,” sitting there for a few seconds the two of you enjoyed each other's company, until Luisa pulled away, fiddling with the new jewellery, “so you’re bringing dessert tonight?”
“I’ve been practising Alma’s favourite for months, of course I’m bringing dessert,”
“You try way too hard to impress her,”
“I have too, she’s old, basically royalty and has magnitudes of power in the palm of her hand and I’m dating her most prized granddaughter,” she rolled her eyes before pulling away from you and walking back to the donkeys, “fair enough but now if you excuse me I have work to do and you have bribery cookies to make,”
“Guess who brought polvorosas,” Casita bursted open it’s door, dramatising you and your mothers’ entrance, “(Y/N) mi querido,” Julieta came up to you hugging your waist before turning to your mother, “Mrs (L/N), you’re looking incredible tonight,” as she led you to the dining room, she whispered into your ear, “you ready querido?”
“Ready mama,” entering the dining room you saw the whole Madrigal family standing there, waiting, as you sat your mother in the chair next to Alma, you placed the plate of biscuits down on the table, passing one of the polvorosa over to Alma, “early polvorosa senora?”
“Oh, thank you (Y/N),”
“No problem Abuela,” sitting in between your mother and Luisa you felt your hands covered by their hands, giving your mother a smile you turned to Luisa, seeing her decorated in some of the jewellery you’ve gotten her over the years, an extravagant bib necklace consisting of blue beads with red and green bead highlighting it, a pair of matching earrings, three gold bracelets on one wrist with one having an emeralds embedded in it and one bracelet on the other wrist embedded with aquamarines.
Your mother, Julieta and Abuela were deep in conversation, something about the future and grandchildren while you were talking with the rest of the family, the typical topics were discussed until Bruno cleared his throat, “so (Y/N) are there any plans for marriage? the two of you have been together for how long now?”
“Friends since ten, together for about three years, that’s a decent amount of time, right?”
“Yeah a really long time, too long, so are you ever gonna propose or?” Camilo rolled his hand, stopping himself from saying something his shouldn’t, “I will propose when I want to,”
“I bet you don’t even have a ring yet,”
“Jokes on you I got one this morning,” the room went silent with everyone staring at you, who was now standing, frozen in your victorious pose, “you what?” turning your head to Luisa you could see the blush covering her face, “I bought a ring this morning along with your earrings,” your eyes looked around the table, seeing the older members of the family egg you on, “and I made plans with your mother and abuela to ask for your hand in marriage,” pushing your chair out further you hoppled down onto your knee, “but it seems like those plans were ruined,”
“By your big mouth,”
“By my big mouth, um so Luisa Madrigal, um,” stumbling over your words, you pulled out the small black box hidden pocket in your jacket with shaking hands, “the love of my life, my ray of sunshine, would you do me the honour of becoming my wife,” opening the box you showed her the rose gold ring with an aquamarine as its main gemstone and small diamonds surrounding it as a halo, “I know it’s a bit big but-,”
“It’s a nice size for me, plus it’s beautifully simple,”
“Just how you like them,” she leaned down, grasping the box and your hands with her own and pressing her lips to yours, not only was it the confirmation you craved but it feel incredible, somehow betting your first, in the background you could hear her family celebrating and feel flower petals falling over you, pulling away you stood, plucking the ring from the box you slipped it on her large finger, holding onto her jewelled hand you admired her as the rose petals falling around her until she pressed her forehead against yours, resting there before she looked into your eyes, “happy?”
“You dork,”
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