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Currently thinking of giving birth in a sundress.
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I’m new here, been watching from another blog but decided to have one of my own to write drabbles, requestions, fics and roleplay. I wanna follow another birth kink blogs, so please like or reblog if you’re one of them and please, don’t be shy and dm me, send asks, anything will do!
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Ooh, I'd love to see a heavily pregnant sub laboring for their dom, panting through contractions and tensing as their water breaks and their first baby begins to stretch them out, but still blushing hard and drooling desperately through it all, eager to please.
"Green, fuck, still green..."
I felt you stroke my cheek approvingly, and I writhed excitedly against my bonds again. Everything was going perfectly so far, just as we'd had planned for months now.
Once we'd confirmed that I really was in labor, you'd gotten to work on trussing me up nicely; my wrists cuffed above my head to the headboard and my knees kept apart by a spreader bar, to top it off you'd securely blindfolded me, making it so that I could focus even more on the pleasure and pain.
This also meant that I had no way of knowing what you would do next, which is why I let out a surprised yelp of delight as I felt you run something firm through my soaked folds, pressing the head of what I quickly identified as our favorite vibrator against my throbbing clit.
"Please, sir, pleasepleaseplease..." I begged mindlessly, rocking my hips as best I could. The weight of my belly, which seemed to have only increased since it had dropped hours ago, limited my mobility along with my bonds. You chuckled darkly, stilling your movements before carefully pushing the length of the vibrator inside me, and my cheeks flushed an even deeper pink as I could hear the wetness of it entering me.
"Now, what do we say?" you asked condescendingly, before using the small remote to turn it on, clicking through the first couple speeds quickly.
"O-ohhh!! Thank you, thank you s-so much, sir...!!" I mewled, shivering with delight as I felt my cunt clenching around the length of it, the vibrations nestled perfectly against my g-spot. To add to the intensity, I could feel another contraction coming, and I panted hotly as I felt the dull pain overtake me. It melded perfectly with the pleasure you were currently inflicting on me, and before it had the chance to fully dissipate, I found myself howling pathetically as I came.
"Good, pet, you're doing so good for me," I beamed at your praise, still panting hotly as the vibrator shifted into the next highest speed. Moaning loudly I threw my head back against the headboard, feeling an intense pressure beginning to build up inside me. It felt an awful lot like another orgasm, but also different somehow. I didn't have time to analyze it, though, as my belly tightened with a fresh contraction. Crying out pathetically, I let myself become totally lost in the sensations overwhelming my body, the pressure building, building, until--
The faint sound was accompanied by a torrent of clear fluid gushing between my legs, soaking the sheets beneath me and continuing to drip steadily from my pussy. We were both stunned into silence, until I let out a soft, shaky moan as I felt you ease the vibrator out of my cunt, another small gush of my waters following after it. Shutting it off, you gently pressed your fingers inside of me, eliciting a whine from me as you carefully felt deep inside. A pleased smile that I could not see spread across your face, and you made a sound of approval before slipping your fingers back out and starting to rub soft circles around my clit.
"You're so close, my pet, do you know that? So close to birthing for your master," you murmured darkly, and my heartbeat quickened at the thought. "Now, you are fully dilated, but you will not push until I say you can, understood?"
"Y-yes, s--IR!!" As if you'd timed it that way, I felt a new contraction mounting from within me. Now that my water had broken the pain was much more intense, but no matter how badly I wanted to give in, I wouldn't. You watched as I held my lower lip between my teeth, my poor body trembling as I kept myself in check for you, the tension visible across the span of my belly.
I couldn't even wrap my head around how much time had passed before the contraction finally let up, and when I felt your hand on my cheek again I nuzzled against it. A small reward, but not the one I sought.
That reward wouldn't come for a little while longer; two contractions came and went, but you still hadn't given me your permission. By now I was starting to wear down, cheeks flushed and mouth open, practically drooling as the intensity of not being able to fully give into my labor started to overwhelm me. Another contraction was already coming, and just when I thought I would break and beg for you to let me, I finally heard what I'd been hoping for:
"Push, my pet."
A relieve sob tore from my throat, and I did just as you said; tucking my chin tight against my chest as I finally bore down, wailing through the pain. Behind the blindfold my eyes snapped open, as I was caught off guard by the sensation of my cunt already parting to make way for our baby's head. Despite not being able to push until now, it had gradually been inching its way down purely from the force of the contractions, and only now that I was finally pushing could it make serious progress. Not about to let up, I kept pushing until the contraction had well and truly gone, and by then I'd gone from a small sliver to a full crown.
You continued to shower me with praises, one hand resting on my sweat-slicked belly while the other carefully felt the mass of our child's head keeping me open. When the next contraction came, you prompted me to keep pushing, both hands now dedicated to helping ease the baby out. Breathing steadily yet shakily, I obeyed, moaning through the pressure of the shoulders beginning to emerge. Stretched to my limit, I grunted loudly with relief as one shoulder finally slipped free, the other following soon after. In a sudden, hot rush, I felt another gush of my waters leaving me as I fully birthed the rest of our baby.
Once you'd made sure everything was fine, I blinked in the sudden light as you removed my blindfold, and I grinned brightly as I finally saw my baby.
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20~ "You look so cute when you're pushing."
one sentence birth prompts
20. [insert your own]
"M-mnnngh!! Hooohhh..." I exhaled shakily, my chest heaving as I finally let up on the push. My back, slick with sweat, was pressed firmly to your chest as you supported my laboring body in your lap.
"Good, you're doing so well for me," you cooed in my ear, your fingertips gently tracing over my belly as I tried to keep breathing evenly.
"Not s-sure about that...it doesn't feel like I'm making much progress at all," I pouted, although I was being rather unfair to myself. You thought so too, and shushed in my ear softly.
"It's not a race, baby, remember? However long it takes, I'll help you as much as I can," Again your hand resumed its movement, now caressing the sensitive underside of my belly, making me shiver. "Even if it takes all night, I don't mind it one bit. After all," you let out a seductive chuckle as we both felt another contraction constricting my belly. "You look so cute when you're pushing..."
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Tumblr media
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i wanna crown with your baby in public, my big low hanging belly finally contracting hard, the only thing stopping me from giving birth right now is the underwear. im your broodmare and you wont let me give birth until you say so.
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midnight swim, skinny dipping and you go into labor two weeks early. everyone's asleep, so no one can help assist in your water birth
"Ohh, this feels so nice..." I murmured, resting my head against the dock, letting myself float in the shallow end of the lake. Today had been fun and all, but also way hotter than I'd expected. It was to the point where it was starting to give me cramps, but I kept that to myself out of embarrassment. Instead I hatched a little plan, one that I could finally act on once everyone else in the cabin was sleeping.
Sneaking to the short dock, I'd carefully undressed, leaving my pajamas and underwear in a pile before lowering myself into the now-cool, refreshing lake water. The temperature soothed my belly, and the buoyancy blessedly relieved me of the pressure of my heavy baby. I just tread water lazily for awhile, until another cramp passed over me. I nervously rubbed the underside of my belly, hoping it'd go away. Narrowing my eyes a little, my hand slowed its motions. Was it just the water redistributing the weight, or was my belly sitting lower than it was earlier...?
"It's fine," I muttered to myself, trying not to get caught up in the anxiety. "It's still too soon, you're letting yourself get worked u-uuhhn...??" Another cramp, a bad one, this one felt like it was actively squeezing my middle. To make matters worse, once it let up I felt something shift inside me, felt the water between my legs get warmer.
"B-but it's not time yet, wh--mnh!!--why now...??" I wailed softly, still not wanting to wake anyone. I didn't want to think about how they'd berate me for being so foolish, as if I had any way of knowing I was gonna go into labor this early. So instead I clenched my teeth, hoping being in the water would help as I felt what I now knew was another contraction coming on. This one was more intense than the last, and my thighs spread involuntarily as I felt the urge to push come over me. I resisted, I knew I'd have to wait as much as I could until I was fully dilated, although I had no idea what that would even feel like.
By the time two more contractions had come and go, I was sweating just as much as I had in the summer heat earlier in the day, and I couldn't take much more. Fully dilated or not, when the next contraction came I pushed. Hard. I pushed until I felt my thighs start to cramp from how much they were tensed up, and only then did I stop. Panting harshly, I glanced over my shoulder to make sure no lights had come on in the cabin. Luckily I was still in the clear, and soon enough I found myself bearing down hard with another contraction. The cool water soothed my poor cunt as it stretched around my baby's head, and after nearly passing out with the effort I let out a victorious moan at feeling my baby's head fully emerge.
I didn't have long to recover, though, and I struggled as silently as I could to birth the shoulders. Finally I felt one give, then the other, and I quickly moved both hands between my legs to catch my baby as the rest of it was born. Pulling it up from the water, I held it close as it began to wail, finally prompting one of the lights in the cabin to turn on.
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A kinky but really soft and sensual labor and birth? More specifically, the pressure of the baby's head feels a lot better than it should?
I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong, or something very very right, because I was almost positive that being in labor wasn't supposed to feel this good.
Despite this being my first baby, I'd stuck to my guns and opted for an unassisted home birth, no matter what anyone tried to recommend instead. Maybe that was what was making this so oddly pleasant; just me by myself, in my dimly lit bedroom, just letting the sensations of every contraction wash over me without any distraction or interruption.
I breathed carefully, my hands running over my body, over my tight sphere of a belly, over my swollen, leaking tits, over my widened hips and down between my legs, my clit so sensitive that just brushing over it nearly made me cum. Selfishly I gave into the feeling, rubbing slow, firm circles around it, my moans filling the space around me. My hand quickened its movement, my heavy hips lifted, and I felt the combined pressure of a contraction and my impending orgasm melding together deliciously, mounting higher and higher until I nearly squealed as I came, squirting messily as I kept rubbing myself. The pleasure didn't let up for a second, and before I could even register the faint pop from within me I was gushing fluid again, but for an entirely different reason.
My cheeks flushed deeply as I realized that I'd cum so hard I'd broken my waters, but I didn't have long to think about it before another contraction started to mount. Carefully I used my headboard for support, sitting upright against it and spreading my legs, my hands grasping the underside of my knees to keep them held up. As soon as the contraction truly began I let my body tell me what to do, giving small experimental pushes to start with. It was barely perceptible, but the feeling of my baby starting to inch downward sent a shudder of pleasure through me. When the contraction let up I was almost sad, but I didn't have long to feel that way. It seemed like the whole thing about your first labor taking the longest was proving to be false, not that I was complaining one bit.
This time when the band of pressure circled my swollen belly, I bore down much harder, pushing for real this time. Again, that feeling of overwhelming pleasure rushed through me, and it took me a moment to register what was happening. As I felt the incredible pressure of my baby moving down my canal, I also felt the pressure of what could only be an orgasm. Panting hard and heavily, my eyes nearly rolled back as I gave in, more amniotic fluid dripping from my overly sensitive cunt as I kept pushing.
For what felt like hours I luxuriated in contraction after contraction, orgasm after orgasm. My voice was nearly hoarse as I moaned loudly, bearing down harder than I ever had, panting as the pressure of my baby's head pressed perfectly against my g-spot. Practically screaming with delight, I squirted messily as I felt the head stretch my cunt open. The tension hardly hurt at all, and instead only spurred me on as I kept going with the next contraction. I pushed and pushed, my heart racing as I started to feel the progress again, inch by inch, until with a hot rush of water and cum my baby was finally, finally born.
If this is what labor really felt like, then there was no way I was about to stop at just one baby.
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Can you do a birth livestream where she is crowning and gets money for each push
"F-fuck...!! Not much longer now..." I gave a sultry purr to the camera closest to me, my face flushed as I felt my freshly-broken waters still dripping messily out of me. The other camera aimed between my legs captured the sight for everyone tuned into my livestream, and the chat was moving faster than I could ever keep up with.
Shifting slightly, I looked down at my overdue belly, framed by my legs being held up by the stirrups I'd set up just for the occasion. Movement shifted under the taut skin, and I whimpered softly as I felt the head of my baby pressing firmly against my cervix. Before another contraction could start, I looked to the face cam again, grinning excitedly. "Alright, now's really my time to shine. I'll start pushing with the next contraction, and you guys donate according to how well you think I'm doing, deal?" Again the chat imploded with responses, which just made me chuckle. My expression shifted after a moment, and I let out a soft moan as I let the contraction wrap my belly in delicious pressure, my thighs tensing as I gave in to the need to start pushing.
"O-oohh...th-that felt so good, chat, you have no idea...mnh, I can already feel another one coming!" Grasping the sides of my belly, I bore down hard on the next contraction, my eyes snapping open as I felt my baby move further and further down, the head feeling like it was right behind the lips of my cunt. "You guys aren't gonna believe this, but she--UHHNN!!--she's already s-starting to crown...!"
Above the blood rushing in my ears I could faintly hear the chiming of donations coming in left and right, and my heart swelled with excitement and pride at how well I was doing. Before long another contraction rippled through me, and I moaned freely as I bore down into it, the lips of my pussy gradually parting to make way for my baby's head. Determined to give a good show, I didn't let up until the contraction had dissipated, and I shuddered with delight feeling myself at a full crown.
"Mmnh, she's almost here, chat...being stretched this wide feels incredible, oh my god....!" To punctuate I lifted my hips slightly, the intense pressure of my baby's body making me moan loudly again. "Alright...I think this next one is gonna be it!" I shakily announced, tucking my chin close to my chest as I prepared myself. My belly, shiny with sweat, visibly shrank in on itself as the contraction came, and I gave it everything I had. Moaning, screaming, swearing, I gave in to every urge as I pushed hard, until at last my eyes snapped open as I felt the rest of my baby slide free of my pussy, another hot gush of fluid following after. Luckily I'd gotten a separate mattress specifically for giving birth, because now it was completely ruined.
Once I could think straight I carefully maneuvered to bring my baby to my chest, still panting softly as I skimmed through all the donations and messages. "H-hah...you haven't even been here for 10 minutes, and your college is already paid for, love."
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"We're Live!!!"
“C'mon guys, make her pop!” Lena said as she rubbed her fluid slick pussy with one hand and stroked her Wife’s tight baby bump with the other.
Her wife, Tiana, was reclined all the way back into her gaming chair. Her entire body was shaking as the bluetooth vibrator rattled. Her large, egg shaped, stomach was constantly seizing as she flowed in and out of orgasm and pain. One hand gripped the top of the chair over her head and the other grasped her stiff, baby filled stomach.
“Oh god, it’s coming! I’m gonna-Fuck!” Tiana’s fingernails dug into her belly and her back arched. Her head rolled back as she felt the vibrator stimulate her harder and faster. A sharp pain suddenly coursed through her cervix and the base of her belly.
Keep reading
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Hellooo!!! I am nit dead! Sorry for not talking, I've just been busy and a bit lazy at times.
Sending hugs to you! 🐈anon!!!!
Hello 🐈 anon! Don't worry, I've been picking up a lot of extra hours at work so that hasn't left me much downtime lately. Always nice to hear from you, though!
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You're trying on pre-pregnancy clothes just to show off how big you've grown. You try too hard and really squeeze yourself into some tight pants. You try to take them off but can't. Then you feel the baby coming.
"Wow, hard to believe I ever fit into these!" you huffed with amusement, looking first to your full length mirror and then to your laptop, currently set to stream your little fashion show. Almost as soon as you'd announced you'd be posting pregnancy content for your subscribers, you'd gotten this request again and again; wait until you were fit to pop and then see if you still fit into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe.
You'd managed most shirts and skirts without issue, but the pair of high rise skinny jeans you were currently stuffed into had presented the most challenge thus far. You'd barely managed to fasten the buttons over your belly, and it was safe to say you were winded. "Wooh, gonna need a breather before trying the others on, just sit tight, babes!" You grinned brightly into the camera, before glancing at the chat and taking stock of the donations that had come flooding in. By the time this stream was over, you could probably afford an entirely new wardrobe if you wanted it.
"I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this, I think we're ready to move on! Just lemme...mnh..." you let out a soft grunt as you attempted to undo the buttons. Your belly strained so tightly against them, however, and you weren't able to make any headway. Still you kept trying, wincing softly as you felt pressure.
"H-haaahh, sorry you guys...I guess these aren't going without a fight! Just hoping I don't have to cut them o-ooo...ff...." Your sentence trailed as the pressure suddenly crested, then released, and your impossibly tight pants were suddenly drenched with your waters.
"W-well...I guess now that's the least of my problems, huh guys?" you joked weakly, offering a nervous smile to the webcam before moaning loudly, your contractions beginning in earnest.
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Been loving a scenario of someone being secretly in love with a handsome friend and having a wet dream about having sex with them while staying the night at their house, only to be woken up by the pain of contractions with a sudden full term belly of twins and hiding in the bathroom to give birth to a set of babies that are definitely their crush's, magically manifested at full term as though they got knocked up from the dream
"Mnh, you've wanted this so long, haven't you?"
"Fuck, you're so perfect like this...can't wait to fuck you full of my seed..."
"Gonna breed you, make you swollen with my babies..."
You cried out softly, waking yourself from your intense wet dream. Really intense, in fact, the first thing you noticed was how slick your thighs felt. If you didn't know any better you'd think you squirted in your sleep. Coming down from your dream-high, you sighed defeatedly. It was bad enough you were tormenting yourself by agreeing to sleep over at your crushes place, but to have such an intense dream about them while there? You could only pray they hadn't been woken up as well.
You groaned softly, your stomach suddenly cramping up. Probably from bucking your hips during the dream, you thought with a fresh wave of embarrassment, and you hefted yourself off the bed and shuffled to the en suite bathroom to clean yourself up.
Flicking on the light, you were sure you had to still be dreaming.
After all, you'd gone to bed with a perfectly flat stomach. Now here you stood, mouth agape as your eyes roamed over your very swollen, very pregnant belly. Your hands shook as you pressed them to the stretched, taut skin, feeling a subtle shifting within.
"H...how is th--!!" Instinctively you slapped a hand over your mouth, muffling yourself as a new cramp made itself known. No, not a cramp, a contraction. It seemed like the dream version of your crush had made good on their promise...
Before you could try rationalizing any further, you whimpered into your hand again. Your newly manifested babies were very eager to meet you, and it wasn't long before you hurriedly dragged a small pile of towels under you, carefully pulling yourself up into a squatting position. You couldn't help moaning with relief as you felt your heavy belly hanging low between your spread thighs, the position already working wonders. Muffling yourself by biting down on a washcloth, you finally bore down hard, the first of your babies inching its way through your birth canal. Grunting and screaming into your gag, you pushed and pushed, until finally you successfully birthed the head, then the shoulders, at last throwing your head back as you felt the hot rush of the rest of your baby slipping out of your poor, swollen cunt.
Amid the adrenaline of giving birth and the feeling of your second baby beginning its descent, you barely noticed the bathroom door being flung open, your crush standing there with a look of dazed wonder at your laboring form.
"Y...you had that dream, too?"
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Birth denile where they close their legs to make the baby not come? Preferably clothing birth not in public tho by themselves at home
"O-oohh...not yet, baby, just a little longer..." I cooed, grunting softly as I attempted to soothe my child by rubbing my heavy, overdue belly. I was nearing 3 weeks past my due date, which I honestly couldn't have been more thrilled about. I'd grown to adore every facet of my pregnancy, and wasn't ready for it to end just yet.
This morning I'd awoken to two sensations; first was a band of incredible pressure pressing my belly from all sides, and the second was the gush of my water breaking, the sheer volume of it making me wonder if it had just been building up more and more the longer my labor had been delayed.
Hospital was out of the question; even if I had wanted to let my labor progress naturally, it wouldn't be in such a fluorescent, clinical setting with others fussing over me. No, I was content to stay in my plush, comfortable bed, still in my sleep shorts and cropped pajama top, stroking my swollen belly as it tense and contracted again and again.
Hours in I began to get the primal urge to start pushing, but I pointedly avoided it. After all, the sooner I started pushing, then the sooner this would be over, and I intended to luxuriate in the feeling of being in labor for as long as I could. Carefully I managed to cross my legs, my body trembling with a need I would not satisfy just yet.
By the time night started to fall, I'd reached my limit, and my body seemed to know it. As soon as I uncrossed my legs I was hit with an incredibly powerful contraction, and I moaned loudly as I let myself push, bearing down against the pain. It wasn't long before I felt my baby's head bulging against my pajama shorts, coupled with another small gush of fluid. When the next contraction came, however, I found myself resisting again, and smiled to myself.
Just a little longer.
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Imagine being clueless you were even pregnant, thinking you were just gaining weight, and halloween rolls around toward the end of your pregnancy. You've been feeling achey and cramping all day, but your friends convince you to go to a really hardcore haunted house. The cramps are getting worse, when one of the actors scares you so bad you fall over- the impact with the floor making your water break as you're suddenly giving birth alone in a dark misty corridor with a terrified masked stranger
The cramps were from anxiety, they had to be.
Despite loving all the festivities that came with Halloween, you'd never been the best at handling haunted houses. The rest of your friend group, however, found them no issue at all, so you were vastly outvoted when they decided to go to one of the more extreme haunts that had popped up in the area.
It was one where not only did you have to go through by yourself, without the safety of numbers, but the actors were allowed to touch you. You grimaced at the thought, a hand absently rubbing at your stomach. As if you didn't already have enough to worry about with this seemingly unending weight gain you'd been dealing with lately, the idea of some spooky stranger poking and prodding at your rounded tummy wasn't the most fun.
Still, peer pressure prevailed.
You did your best not to let it show just how much your stomach was hurting while waiting in line; the last thing you wanted was for your friends to get on your case for chickening out at the last minute. When it was finally your turn, you let out a shaky breath before stepping inside, into a dark foyer. It was barely visible in there, so you quickly crossed the room. Nothing jumped out, but you could've sworn you felt something touch the back of your neck. By now you were panting quietly, half from fear and half from how much the cramps were ramping up. There was a wicked pressure as well, and you wondered if you might throw up.
Your thoughts were quickly interrupted by someone in a horrific mask jumping out at you, letting out a guttural snarl as it loomed over you. A strangled yelp left you as you lost your footing trying to get away from the creature, and ended up flat on your ass. They cackled darkly, clearly loving your reaction, but something was off. Instead of getting up, you doubled over where you lay, moaning lowly. Your hands gripped tight at your belly, and your eyes shot open with shock and embarrassment as you felt liquid gushing from you, soaking your woolen leggings.
Before you or the actor could say anything about your little accident, a bolt of pain shot through you, more powerful than any of the previous cramps had been. Fumbling their mask off, their eyes widened as they got a better look at your predicament. "Uhh, did you miss the rule where pregnant people aren't allowed in the haunt??" they asked, having dropped the monster pretense.
"B...but I'm not--"
"Your water broke all over my fucking scene, what're you on about?"
Your response was cut short by another gripping pain, and you started hyperventilating. Everything started making sense, the pieces clicking into place under the worst possible circumstances. Absently you babbled that this wasn't happening, you couldn't be having a baby, no way, no--
"F-FUCK...!!" Doubling over as much as you could, you felt yourself giving into the overwhelming urge to push. Your screams only added to the haunted ambience playing throughout the place, but only you and the actor were aware of what was truly happening. They stammered something about getting help, and were gone before you could stop them.
"D-don't go, hang o-ooOOHHHN!" Another contraction, another frenzied push, and it was this one that reminded you of yet another crucial detail; you still had your leggings on. Before you could try to shove them down, the next contraction hit you like a bus, and tears prickled at your eyes as you gave in, grunting and moaning as you messily crowned into your leggings.
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Imagine waking up 9 months pregnant. How all the extra weight would feel, a wonderful pressure in your belly. Having trouble just sitting up in bed, struggling to find clothes that will fit, and then before you can even think- your water just breaks.
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Are you the same blog that use to go by thepumpkin72?
I am not, no.
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