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In sooth, I know not why I am so sad:
It wearies me; you say it wearies you;
But how I caught it, found it, or came by it,
What stuff 'tis made of, whereof it is born,
I am to learn;
And such a want-wit sadness makes of me,
That I have much ado to know myself.
this was so sweet wtf 😭 i love poetry and i love you for sending this 💗
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omikazu · 9 months ago
shittttttt i logged into this tumblr after so long, anyways my new blogs are ready, just pm me and i'll give you the users! <3
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hey guys! i really don't like what i've done with the theme of this blog so i'm shifting to a new one soon and once it's all set up, i'll give you all my new url and sideblog, i'm currently in the process of copy pasting sexcapades in the drafts so i can post it again once i delete this blog. thank you to all 1.1k of you who showed me so much love this past two months and get excited for my new blog because along with tr and haikyuu, i'll be writing mha, jjk and csm there too <3
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i'm obsessed with happiness and boys abyss, both really dark and underrated mangas like all recent pictures on my gallery are edited icons from those mangas or panels i liked (which were a LOT)
i really like sub reader smut, i think i'm more of a switch leaning sub too, it's just that for some reason i'm better at writing dom reader cus writing masochistic readers is somehow hard and embarassing for me
i really, really, really love sns, bokuroo, nobamaki and gureshin dynamics <3
i have like 600 pictures of subject related worksheets and question banks and assignments, being a student in my country is super hard whew
i'm a lover of the three C's— cats, coffee and chocolate, like absolutely obsessed
i really like analysing and delving deep into the books and mangas i read and the movies i watch, i'm super into symbolism and theories, like i'm so into them i tend to bore some people lol 😭
tagging @meguryu @s-zu @kazuwhora @iguchiify @blkkeigos @kilcount
tell me things i wouldn’t know about you without looking at your phone (or that i would learn about you) been seeing people do tag games and wanna get involved, reblog and tag your friends and mutuals.
i like anime/manga. i have screensavers as toji and itachi and my photo gallery has several art works/manga panels.
i’m a texter and an audio caller. when i’m too tired to text long paragraphs, i click that little record button and constantly harass people about my ideas and thoughts in messages above 1 minute recordings :)
i work with dogs. they take up most of the storage space in my camera.
i play solitare and aquapark.io on the bus or while traveling and that i religiously use spotify going to and from work :)
i currently have 3,750 photos and a portion of them are screenshots of tumblr and conversations
i also have no photos of my friends, all their contacts are letters (insert danger emoji)
MEMES HELLA FUCKING MEMES (plz add your memes xxx)
@oliverwritesstories @geronimowrites @osmuz @omikazu @riniackerman @nozomiasl @ivoryseia @semisgroupie @indiecursor @getoswhore @hellvillah @nkogneatho @gabzlovesu and anyone else who wants to join <3
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omikazu · 10 months ago
okay come get kisses when you’re done studying okay babe?
i'd love some right about now cus that sociology book is looking a lil too hostile 🤧💞
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omikazu · 10 months ago
good luck on your midterm
thankyouuuuu 💗💗
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omikazu · 10 months ago
lol was wondering why i stopped hearing from you - didn’t wanna be annoying
you're really not i literally love you sm these midterms account for 50% of my final high school grade and i applied to schools that are really hard to get into (like around 7-8% acceptance rate) so i gotta get really good results, that's why i've been off so much whew the mids end the 17th so i'll be back then until the end of january sorry i've been so distant 😭
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omikazu · 10 months ago
heyyy storm, how've you been??? i'm so sorry i've been so inactive, my midterms start in literally 8 hours whewwwww 😭😭😭 seeing you answering asks on my dash makes me so happy tho <3
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omikazu · 10 months ago
still thinking of how it was suguru that stopped satoru from committing mass murder after amanai’s death, how suguru was satoru’s moral compass sometimes and yet how it was suguru that lost it and ended up committing mass murder. the parallels.
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omikazu · 10 months ago
saw this too late but whew suzu got me horny at 5 am with this fic 🤤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre┊explicit smut. [MDNI]
pair┊prof!nanami kento. prof!toji fushiguro. college student!gojo satoru.
tw/cw┊cuckholding, foursome, inexperienced gojo, college au, shy gojo, slight comedy, dirty talk, unprotected sex, a lil bit of manipulation
note┊this a part of my doubltrouble collab. might not make sense cause im slightly exhausted. meh not my proudest work. i hate love gojo sm tbh. also this is to make up for giving up on nanami in my last fic.
🏷 exclusive tags┊@mattsunlovebot @ambrodias @multistan-247
Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend, Gojo, were in a relationship for a few years now. Ever since you third year in highschool when he confessed, your relationship with him was sweet and passionate. It was innocent. Too innocent. You held hands here and there along with a few kisses but it never escalated. And now that you’re in college, you’ve been expecting maybe some progress but you didnt want to pressure him in anyway so you sat quiet, silently hoping maybe he’d start something in intimate moments.
Lately you’ve been trying to be touchy with him to maybe give him hints since you had your needs. Shamelessly grinding on your own thigh whenever his kisses reach your neck or when he slips his tongue inside.
Sighing as you walked out of class after the period ended, you started walking off to the halls to search for your boyfriend in his class. When you reached his classroom, you peeked in to see if he was still there and coincidentally he was, packing up his stuff in his bag. You stared at his figure, so beautiful as the evening sunlight glistened over his skin and white hair. You felt your cheeks heat up when he caught you staring, giving you a sweet smile before speaking.
“Oh you’re here already? Sorry I was late, had to do a lil something.”
You smiled at him sticking out his tongue like a kitten when he looked at you like that while walking towards him.
Leaning against the table, you watched at his evening light glistened figure continued packing his stuff as you waited. Gojo looked so beautiful in front of you like this. White hair messy and his glasses lowered, showing his beautiful blue eyes. His face seemed so close to yours. It was hard to resist, not that you even tried to when you decided to tuck a few strands of his hair to the back before kissing him. Gojo was dumbfounded for a moment before giving in to your kiss, feeling the warmth of your lips which he was starved of for half the day.
Feeling your hand at the back of his pulling him closer, he broke the kiss before you could try anything. You backed away with a slightly disappointed expression until you saw his. Gojos eyes were looking away, lips wobbling with his light skin flushed with a messy colour of pink. That moment you finally realised. You realised the reason why he denied all your physical affection. He was embarrassed. He couldnt handle it could he? Fingers twitching with his eyes looking at the exit door like the most interesting thing in the world. You placed your hand on his cheek, making him face you.
“You’re embarrassed..?” you question, head tilting slightly as Gojo digs his face in your palm as an answer.
“S-sorry..” he mumbles. You’ve never seen such expression from him before ever since you even met him. You’d be lying if you said you didnt take advantage of the situation when you climbed over the table, arms wrapped around his neck as you kissed him again. Gojo had no other choice but to indulge himself in your heat, hesitantly licking your bottom lip like he wanted to enter but was too scared to. Without hesitation your lips welcomed him with open arms, sliding your tongue against his as your hands pull him closer in need and greed. How could you not? You’ve been aching for this closer with him for so long and you finally knew why he held back. Gojos shaky hands held your waist, pulling you closer to him to the point where he brushed his crotch against your clothed pussy.
Saliva dripping at the edge of your lips when you break the kiss to catch your breath, you looked down at his bulge that was rubbing up against you. “Wanna do it here?” you asked, looking up at him. Gojos blush intensifies when he realised what you meant, glancing down at what you were looking at. In the end he nodded, determined eyes looking at yours. Moving your hands to unbuckle his belt, you unzipped his pants to release the cock trapped in his briefs. Soft moans left Gojos lips as your fingers held the base of his cock, admiring the pre cum oozing from his slit. It was so pretty, slender but a few visible veins for you to tease. Your fingers move to slide themselves up from his shaft to his glans, earning a cute whimper from Gojo.
“C-can I touch you there too..?” he whispers hesitantly in your ear, hands fidgeting slightly in anticipation of your answer. You nod almost immediately before telling him a soft ‘yes’ to reassure him. Gojo ran his fingers down to your pants, slipping them off to your knees. His breath became heavier at the sight of your panties as his fingers trail down your waist to slip them off too. When both of the clothes were stripped from you, you widened the spread of your legs so he could have a perfect sight of your wet pussy. He grazed his finger against your spread folds, earning a soft moan from you. Somehow it encouraged him to take initiative and play with your pussy without second thought. Gojo pressed his thumb on your clit as the knuckle of his index finger grinds against your hole that was begging for something to fill it up. Taking in a shaky breath, Gojo finally inserts a digit in, doing it slowly while absorbing your expression, searching for any discomfort during the process. Gojo puts your pleasure and comfort at the most top priority but he cant help but be selfish when you let out soft whines about how he can go as wild as he wants in his ear. It makes him go twice as crazy and a thousand times more aroused.
Just when Gojo was about to enter his cock inside of you after satisfied playing with your pussy with only his fingers, you heard footsteps near the door and soon that door opened, revealing two men talking to each other.
You gasp in fear but was interrupted by a hard thrust made by Gojo, his hips locked into yours so perfectly. In all honesty, Gojo didnt care. All he wanted was for you to feel good, he couldnt care less about who was watching. Student, teacher, he doesnt care.
“And that whe- Oh man what the fuckin’ hell.” a deep hoarse voice cursed. You knew that voice anywhere, it was one of your professors, Toji Fushiguro. You just met him this morning in class.
“What is it? Oh jesus-” another deep voice hissed. Gojo recognised this one. And so did you. He was the last professor that you saw today before leaving class, Nanami Kento.
“Its just some kids trynna fuck. Oh wait nah they already fucking.” Toji groaned, giving Nanami a short glance before continuing to walk towards the teachers desk. Nanami stood there beside him, eyes looking outside the door.
“W-what do we do know?” you whispered to yourself, unaware that Gojo could hear. Gojo tsk’d to himself, thinking how much he’s held back for this just to be interrupted by these men would be a waste. So instead of waiting, he rubbed his tip against your hole, earning a sharp moan from you out of surprise.
“F-fuck you’re so tight even though i barely have the head in ngh-” Gojo grunted, pushing the rest of his length inside of you. You held on his shoulder for your life, digging your nails deeper every time his cock gets sucked in by your desperate pussy.
“Loosen up a lil shit-” he groaned a lil when he felt you choking his cock way too hard he’d be scared to move because it felt like he’d cum the second the does.
“They ok?” Nanami asked Toji who was still shuffling beneath the desk for something.
“Huh?” Toji questions before looking at where Nanami was pointing at. “Pfft poor dude looks like he’s in pain. Too tight for him maybe.” Toji chuckled.
“Loosen up and slow down kid, you’re rushing. Rushing aint good for the pussy hah.” Toji mocked, looking up at Gojo, causing him to blush in embarrassment. Despite the embarrassment, Gojo tried his advise and loosened himself up. Surprisingly your pussy followed, welcoming him in more than before. Your moans soften from the aggressive ones before as his cock slips inside of you with ease. The first thrust resulting a loud lewd squelching noise booming in the room.
“Thats it. Lets go, Nanami,” Toji started to walk towards the door before Gojo stopped him.
“W-wait! Could you..maybe help me through this..? This’s my first time but…I wanna make her feel good too..” Gojo said, shying away as his sentence came to an end. The short silence after was soon broke by Tojis laugh, Gojo looked back at him, wanting to know his answer.
“Fine. I’ll help but only if Nanami joins,” the black haired male glanced behind him. “Huff fine. Nothing wring with a little sex ed,” Nanami responded, walking towards you and Gojo followed along by Toji.
You weren’t quite sure how you felt about having people watch you and lover fuck but since Gojos intentions seemed reasonable, you stayed quiet as a sign that you allowed it.
“Now that your dick’s in, how about you try adjusting your size in her pussy. Make yourself feel at home in her.��� Toji smirked, palm placed on a table near yours. Doing just like he was told, Gojo started moving and your attention immediately returned to throbbing cock inside of you that was stretching your pussy out. Pace starting slow, he had his hands locked on your hips, pulling you towards him. He was feeling it, oh god he was feeling so good but another voice interrupted him.
“You’re just using her as a fuck doll at that point. Stop pulling her towards you but instead, pound into her. Abuse her pussy with your cock by humping your hips, it’ll make you both feel twice as good I promise you.” Nanami said in a convincing voice, eyes on Gojos hands that were gripped on your waist. Gojo nodded as a gesture that he understood before doing exactly that. His hips were rough, balls slapping on your wet skin as his groin brushed against your clit ever so slightly but surely there. Your head thrown back as your moans went wild, hands gripping on the edge of the table.
Still thrusting inside of your red puffy wet pussy, the two men stood in the side lines so far with no other comments beside hums of approval. Both you and Gojo chasing your orgasm, your pussy clenching on his already throbbing cock. You could tell that he was getting so close by the way his moans became louder and breathier, grip on your hips getting as eager as his thrusts. The two men stood unfazed when you and Gojo reached your climax, cum mixing with each other as they seeped out your still cock stuffed pussy.
Trying to regain your composures after reaching your highs, beads of sweat drip from your forehead. After Gojos breath steadied, he pulled out his softening cock from your pussy, sticky white cum oozing out.
“Not bad kid! Not bad at all.. But could be better. Say wanna know how a real man pleases a woman?” Toji started. Gojo turned his head to him in confusion. “What do you mean?” he exhaled, breath still heavy. “Nanami can demonstrate for you. Yknow, so you can fuck her better in the future,” Toji convinced, smirking with his thumb pointing to Nanami was standing beside him. Gojo looked at Nanami to search any sign of disagreement of discomfort but to his surprise, Nanami was completely calm with his arms crossed. Thinking about what Toji said, he swallowed a lump of saliva in his mouth, his adams apple visibly bobbing. He glanced back at you to search any disagreement too but after thinking about it, you nodded with a frown. “Fine.”
Unbuckling his belt, Nanami lets his cock spring out. Gojo was now standing beside Toji, witnessing Nanami prep your pussy up with his fingers. “Dont wanna get you too full now.” Nanami whispered to you, fingers pulling out some of Gojos cum from your pussy to make space for his cock. Pumping his cock to harden himself before entering you, Tojis smirk remain as he lets out a scoff “See how he does it.”
Nanamis cock slips inside of your with ease yet again, whimpering at the difference between his length and Gojos. “Thats it fuck.. Get used to my cock, clench around it just like that ngh-” he groaned, feeling you suck him in so naturally. “Comfortable yet?” he cooed, hips still. You respond with a soft hm after a whimper.
“Lesson 1, always make sure your girls comfortable before moving or at least give her a few seconds to adjust with your cock. Let her have a moment to pray that she’ll have the strength to walk tomorrow,” Toji said along with a laugh after his mocking. Gojo nodded nervously but surely engraving that note into his mind. As Nanami started to move, you began to exhale soft and long moans, music to anyones ears. But as soon as Nanami began to find his rhythm and his thrusts became solid, your moans became louder, the pleasure known just by your voice and mumbles of praise. Soon your voice started to affect you boyfriend too, a dent forming in his pants. Toji knew but stayed quiet, pitying the young man Gojo.
Nanamis thrusts became harder, harsh poundings filling the room again. Your eyes pooled with tears, sight hazy because of them as your head throws themselves back along with your eyes. The sight of you so fucked out and bliss made Gojos cock painfully hard in his pants. Not being able to resist the urge any longer, he started rubbing his cock with his palm before releasing it from its prison again. He felt so dirty, so lewd for fist fucking himself at the sight of another man fucking you so good like that.
Nanami pounding into your pussy balls deep every time by the moment he felt your start convulsing on him to chase yours and his organs that he knew was coming. His grip firmed of your waist, fucking you deeper and deeper as the dirty squelching sounds of your fluids slapping against each other fill the room along with the sound of Gojo fist fucking his precum covered cock and hand. Just with a few more harsh pounds, a string of warm sticky cum soon filled your pussy as the same covered Gojos palm. All three of you exhausted from reaching your highs started panting leaving Toji enjoying the show.
After cleaning themselves up along with you, Toji and Nanami decided to leave considering the light outside getting dimmer. Leaving the door, Toji gave you one last glance with a smile,
“Next time, I’ll have you all to myself.”
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Tumblr media
Shinjuku City is an 18+ (N)SFW + DC friendly discord server for Tokyo Revengers and Jujutsu Kaisen fans. Our goal is simple: make our community more of a community. If you’re a Tokyo Revengers fan, a Jujutsu Kaisen fan, or just the teeniest bit interested in what this server’s all about, come take a ride with us and learn a little more.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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well that's expected, i love agatha and have read like twenty three of her works maybe i'm subconsciously influenced by her style
tagging @meguryu @s-zu @saintmanjiro @haikyutiehoe
Tumblr media
hey writer friends, i remembered this website existed! you can paste some of your writing and it’ll analyze style and word choice to tell you which famous author your work resembles! here’s mine:
Tumblr media
(you can fit quite a bit into the text box btw! i shoved in an entire 3k word fic)
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ily, thanks for the tag bby <3
1. chase atlantic - church
2. alex turner/arctic monkeys - piledriver waltz
3. afi - miss murder
4. daughter - youth
5. nelly furtado - maneater
tagging anyone who wanna do it <3
hi friendsss i wanted to make a tag game, so.. ur top 5 fav musicians, and ur fav song from those musicians!!
1.) Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl
2.) Carolesdaughter - In The Gray
3.) Corpse Husband - Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life!
4.) Ghost - Kiss The Go-Goat
5.) The Cure - Just Like Heaven
taggin - @bl00dyfistz @sanzuology @thesimphouse @lovelyxloli @dilferen @kissmeomi @zaddy-chifuyu @hisvillainess 
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can you put me in the squid game taglist?? idk if it's already out tbh
it's not because my state suddenly announced offline exams but sure i'll tag you when it'll be out <3
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i'm gonna write a haikyuu version of sexcapades soon because i'm uncreative and it's my most loved work so far, first up will probably be msby or adlers 😋
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i like sasuke that’s why i don’t ship him with sakura
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I. Want. To. Be. On. Your. Taglist. For. the outlaws. Please 🥺
sure hon!
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