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Have a merry boba christmas!! 馃イ馃巹
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These scrunkly lil guys sleep with their precious mc 馃Ц馃挄
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Satan, the night after the birthday
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Incorrect quotes#680 Only Cebby!
When The Demons managed to piss you off...So you decided to end their whole careers
Mc*Sitting in the demon king's throne*LISTEN WELL!
7 Brothers*On their knees with backs straight and hands on their knees*...
Mc: The only one!...THE ONLY ONE!*Pointing demon king scepter at them*WHO I WILL BEG IN THIS LIFE! TO FOREVER STAY WITH ME! WILL BE MY PUPPERS!*Points at Cerberus*
Cerb*Wags tails faster as he lifts their heads high proudly*!!!
Mc*Hugging Cerberus while glaring at the demons*NO ONE ELSE!
Tumblr media
Diavolo, Mephisto & Barb*Also on their knees like the brothers*...."Why am I also here?"
Hot Demons come and go...but helldogs STAY FOREVER!
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Solomon, standing infront of a balcony as he looks into MC鈥檚 eyes: I鈥檝e loved you for a million lifetimes.
MC: And in everyone of them you鈥檝e failed to correctly cook.
MC: It鈥檚 probably so many lifetimes because I鈥檝e died from your cooking in each one.
Solomon, attempting to be dreamy again: A million lifetimes.
MC: correctly cook.
Solomon: Wow. can鈥檛 I just have a moment, MC? >:(
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Tumblr media
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The Demon Brothers + Their Love Languages聽
How do the bros show they love you?
genre: fluff聽
content/warnings: none, just tooth rotting fluff
like my writing? i take requests! NSFW or SFW for any fandoms in my bio!
Lucifer: Acts of service聽
Lucifer knows how it feels to have too much on your plate. He knows how exhausting it can be, both physically and mentally, and he has the gray hairs to prove it. He likes to do favors for you when he has the time, even if it鈥檚 something small like cooking dinner for you or running an errand when you don鈥檛 have time. He鈥檒l do whatever you鈥檒l allow him to to cut down your work load.聽
Mammon: Gift giving聽
Definitely the most obvious one. His spending habits are already less then desirable, but he only gets worse with a partner. Every time he sees something even tangentially related to something you like or sees something that makes him think of you, he HAS to have it. After all, who wouldn鈥檛 be happy to receive a gift from The Great Mammon?聽
Leviathan: Quality time + Physical Touch聽
Sorry, I just couldn鈥檛 choose between these two. They both fit Levi so well. For physical touch, he鈥檚 very touched starved. Any sort of touch from you is more than enough to have him melting against you. His favorite things are when you scratch his head, or when you slip your hands under his hoodie when you wrap your arms around him. He loves having your hands all over him, and not even in a sexual way. The intimacy of having your hand under his shirt or on his thigh is so blissfully intimate.聽
For quality time, Leviathan bonds through parallel play. You can play video games with him if you鈥檇 like, or you can do your own completely separate thing on the other side of the room. No words needed. As long as you鈥檙e together and enjoying yourself, Leviathan considers it a date.聽
Satan: Quality time聽
There鈥檚 nothing Satan loves more than curling up with a good book. Well, besides doing it with you. He loves laying and reading together, commentating on the events of the chapters, theorizing and trying to predict what will happen next. He could sit and talk with you for hours about his favorite series and never get tired.聽
Asmodeus: Physical touch + Words of affirmation
Asmodeus may be the horny one, but his touch has its tender, sweet moments as well. There鈥檚 hardly ever a second when he doesn鈥檛 have his arms around you, or at the very least is holding your hand. He likes to hold your face too, and run his hands through your hair. He just thinks you鈥檙e perfect all over, and perfection deserves to be admired!聽
Speaking of which, he is going to tell you how perfect you are all. The. Time. Every second of every day he鈥檚 reminding you how beautiful you are, how smart you are, how talented you are, how utterly in love with you he is. Asmodeus holds the cure to all insecurities.聽
Beelzebub: Acts of service聽
Beelzebub is the easiest brother to ask for help; he鈥檚 not as abrasive or difficult as some of the others can be, and he鈥檚 hardly every busy besides when he鈥檚 eating. Why wouldn鈥檛 he help? Besides, the look on your face when he lifts the couch for you to retrieve a lost item or when he helps you put together IKEA furniture is more than enough payment for him(although some food in return wouldn鈥檛 hurt).聽
Belphegor: Physical touch聽
Belphie absolutely loves both using you as a pillow and being used as a pillow. When he鈥檚 laying on you, he can snuggle in close and get comfy. He can take in your warmth and lay his head on your chest to hear your calming heartbeat. When you鈥檙e laying on him, it鈥檚 like having his own personal weighted blanket. The pressure is calming but not restrictive, a constant reminder of your presence.聽
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Brushing and styling their hair after showering
First of all, it would be very hard to get him to comply
His pride will allow no such things
But for the sake of content lets say he lets you do it a few times after days of begging
He wouldnt want to admit it pridey mc' prideface but he actually loves it when you do this
It relaxes him a lot
Wont actually ask for you to do it, though, you'll have to bring it up again and maybe he'll allow it
Comb through his hair in front of a mirror, whisper sweet little praises as you do so and he'll subconsiously melt into you
If you dare speak of it though, he'll takeaway your hair styiling privelages
Do it
He will happily agree, if you promise to make it look good
If you style it well, then, congradulations, you've just got yourself a job as his personal hair stylist
Would definetly brag to his brothers that he got the MC to do his hair and now it look so much better then theirs
"Oh hell no"
Is what he thinks at first-
The thought of him, fresh out of the shower and you? Styling and drying his hair?
Doesnt this only happen in anime?
Would think he would somehow mess up even if theirs nothing to mess up
But, after you reassure him, he'll comply
Absolutely beaming at the resoults
Doesnt matter if you totaly fucked up his hair or if it looks like something only a proffesional could do. He loves it either way
His answer depends on whether you have experience with it or not
Or so he says
He'll find a way to agree with any answer you give
You have experience? Sure, then he knows itll look good
You dont have experience? Then you can practise on him
He would get a book and read it to you while you style away
Also very happy with any resoults
Hes been waiting for this day since you arrived
No complains or second thoughts, its you after all
Will ask to do yours as well
Will either have a specific request for his hair or just let you do what you want
"Im beutiful anyway, so it doesnt matter if you mess up . You cant mess up bad enough to make me look bad"
Sure, if you can reach him
He'll offer to sit on the floor while you sit on a high chair so you can work comfortably
Also doesnt care how it turns out
Snack breaks. Every few minutes.
Though hes just the sweetest little babe, he'll feel bad for getting up every minute or so for snacks
So, what does he do? Shares his food of course
Proud of you no matter what you do to his hair
Absolutely not
Its nap time after showers , not 'let MC style your hair for an hour' time
If you beg him enough and throw in a new pillow, he'll comply
Doesnt matter what you do, he doesnt care
Not that he doesnt take care of his hair or doesnt care if it looks bad- he just wants to sleep right now
A/N: this is probably bad, my brain has turned to mush as i have been writing this from 4:36 am- 5:09 am, so sorry lol
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Obey Me Brothers Reacting To You Kissing Them/Their Neck When They're On A Call Pt 2
Part One: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi
Notes: y'all know the drill, i saw a tiktok prank and decided to do this for OM so here's pt 2
Warnings: n/a
Characters involved: Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Gender-neutral reader, you/yours
Just like Lucifer, Satan is probably on an important call when you do this. Which is why your little prank can go one of two ways.
Either he's in a playful mood and keeps you by his side while continuing the call and occasionally planting a peck or two on your lips while the other person speaks, or he gets annoyed and shakes his head at you to indicate he's actually busy.
No one would be stupid enough to actually persist after the second result, but if you do, be ready for a genuinely annoyed Satan who chastises you quite a bit.
For Satan, the line between endearment and annoyance is one that's very thin which is why you really need to read the room before you make a move.
Regardless of what he thinks, Satan will definitely be flustered and even try to get you back for your little prank, so don't be surprised if you're walking around the house on a call and suddenly get pulled into a long drawn out kiss.
He's kind enough to not say anything and let the person on the other side of your phone know what happened, but the way Satan winks and softly pecks you again before leaving is probably worse as it does nothing to quell the sudden storm of butterflies holding your stomach hostage.
Thinks you want to do something dirty.
He's the avatar of lust, what did you even expect? Of course his first thought goes to some unexplored voyeurism-esque kink of yours that you want to explore.
But Asmo is quick to realise the sly little smile on your lips is more innocent and playful than lustful, which is why he simply tugs you to his side and casually continues the call while occasionally kissing you through it.
Even if he was having a serious discussion Asmo doesn't really care, after all, he's done worse things while on a call. (no I will not explain this).
If you still persist and try to distract or annoy him with affection, it really just backfires since Asmodeus is quick to flip the situation and try and make you flustered.
"You can do whatever you want, love, but don't blame me if my editors hear you scream for me."
He might come off as smooth, but it's very easy to flip the situation. After all, Asmo's always willing to have you on top of him.
The only way he'd actually get mad is if he was doing a serious call and saying something important and you kissed him, but even then he just sends you a glare and keeps you by his side so that he can ensure you don't try anything till he's done with the call.
Overall, Asmo's probably the only one who would receive your prank well regardless of the circumstance.
This oblivious baby-
Beel really doesn't think much about your prank, he just presumes you wanted a little affection which is why you decided to kiss him.
At first, it seems like he's unaffected but once Beel's done with his call he'll turn to you with a small smile and ask if you wanted affection and offer to cuddle.
He doesn't really get that it's a prank, since Beel tends to just randomly kiss or hug you whenever he feels like it so he thinks you're doing the same thing.
If you do mention it was supposed to be a prank/you wanted to see how he would react then he's just genuinely confused because why would he ever be angry if you kissed him?
Beelzebub is honestly just too understanding and sweet to really get annoyed over such things.
If somehow you do decide to do this prank during the off occasion that something serious is going on, which probably just means one of his brothers was injured/Belphie got caught up in a fight, then Beel finds your action more comforting than annoying.
Belphie doesn't really do calls, so you best expect that if you ever catch him on the phone something is either terribly wrong or Lucifer decided to annoy him inform him of something that is in dire need of his attention.
If the situation is the former, then Belphegor's menacing aura will be enough to scare you off and swap out your playfulness for concern.
But if it's the latter, then Belphie will be happy to have you distract him from his brother's droning complaints.
When you first joined him on the bed to plant a quick but passionate kiss on his lips you had expected at least a bit of visible annoyance if not a pillow thrown in your face.
However, what you hadn't anticipated was the sly smirk that tugged on his lips as Belphie pulled you down in his lap and all but made out with you.
He doesn't even bother moving the phone away because he wants Lucifer to hear the small whine you let out as he kisses you like his life depends on it.
"Sorry Lucifer, my baby was being needy."
Doesn't even care that Lucifer called the two of you to his office and gave you an earful of what is and isn't appropriate behaviour when on the call. In fact, that only heightens his smugness.
You can't even say anything because Belphie is quick to throw you under the bus and say he was simply satisfying your needs.
It's safe to say you never think of pulling such pranks on Belphegor. Unless, of course, you are needy.
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Obey Me Brothers Reacting To You Kissing Them/Their Neck When They're On A Call
Part Two: Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Notes: SO i saw the tiktok prank and I was thinking you know what? it's been a while since I've written for OM, and I love writing posts like these, so might as well!
Characters involved: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan
Gender-neutral reader, you/yours
Lucifer's the one who's most likely actually be on an important call, which is why when he feels you come up to him and wrap an arm around his waist he knows something's up but chooses to not speak to you yet.
It's only when he feels you break away from your quick little embrace (that you only did in an attempt to make your success rates higher and actually be able to kiss him) that Lucifer turns to you with a stern glare.
However, no amount of glaring could have stopped you from placing a quick peck on his lips before racing out of the room to hide in your bedroom for the remainder of the day.
This obviously wasn't a very effective plan.
After a moment of dazed confusion and clearing his throat even as a soft blush dusted his cheeks, Lucifer couldn't help but internally coo at your cuteness, however, he was quick to return to his conversation the second Diavolo stopped speaking and asked why he had suddenly gone quiet.
Once he's done with his call Lucifer is quick to abandon his office to go find you.
He isn't as mad as you thought he would be, and actually just teases you about it.
"If you craved my attention that badly you could have just asked, darling."
For once he doesn't bother with any punishments, and the two of you either end up cuddling for a bit before he needs to return to work or he drags you to his office and the two of you just hang out while he works.
Lucifer might be a little annoyed when he finds out you weren't actually being cute but trying to be a menace, but he finds it easy to forgive you after an hour or two of hanging out with you in his office.
In fact, he makes a bargain with you that as long as you spend time with him in his office more often, then he won't punish you.
Unlike Lucifer, who tends to be on calls for important things, Mammon is on calls when he's arguing with people.
More specifically, people from his work as a model or someone he owes money to.
This usually results in him being pretty loud and annoyed, probably pacing around and running a hand through his hair as he tries to both settle the situation and let out his anger.
However, once he notices you hesitantly approaching him he can't help but wrap an arm around you or play with your hand while he talks.
If you make it clear that his loudness or just being around him when he's arguing with someone is getting to you then he's quick to let you go so you can wait on his bed or couch until he's done with the call.
But if you're fine with it and still try going through with the prank then Mammon will all but freeze the second he feels your lips on his.
For a second he can't even process what happened, but then the other person starts saying his name so he can't help but snap back to the conversation, but this time his voice is lower.
Might even lean in to steal a quick peck while the other person speaks.
Your kiss helps calm Mammon during his argument, and unlike normal, he finds himself easily wrapping an arm around you and pulling you into his side, seeking comfort in your embrace while he sorted out the issue.
Once he's done with the call he goes into Great Mammon mode and brags about how you of course needed kisses from him.
But what he doesn't talk about is how much your presence helps calm him and how it's nice to know that you sometimes miss him and his kisses/touch just like he does you.
Mammon actually knows about this prank, because he's an avid user of Deviltok, but he doesn't think that you were taking part in the prank which is why once you tell him it was a prank he gets pretty pouty.
Levi doesn't do calls. He just doesn't. If it's his brothers, he'll just text them or at most send a voice message (that he will probably delete once they hear it) but calls are a big no.
However, he does keep his mic on during games that he needs it in, which is why that's the closest thing to a call you can get.
When Levi's in a game he also gets very distracted which means this is the only time you can get away with being physically close to him without him jumping away in alarm.
So when you initially wrap your arms around him and bend down to nuzzle into his neck Levi's first instinct might have been to jump up in his gaming chair, but he's quick to relax and get back into his game once he realises he's just you.
Is he blushing like crazy? Of course. But does that mean he's going to let himself die so that the squad can blame him? Hell no!
You'll have to wait until he finishes that round and is going to start a new one before kissing him, because otherwise you might risk distracting him and making him lose.
When Levi does feel you kiss his neck he's quick to jump up in surprise and whisper-whine about it, yet he also can't risk getting caught by his teammates so he has to be sort of quiet as he tries to reason with you.
Once he can actually unmute Levi's quick to go on a rant about how you could make him lose, but place a kiss or two on his lips and ask him about what he's playing and all is forgiven.
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Obey Me! Demon Brothers Imagine: The Moment They Realize They鈥檙e In Love With You
Tumblr media
Lucifer: When he finds himself constantly considering your opinion
Lucifer never needed to take anyone鈥檚 opinions into consideration. Well, he was concerned with Lord Diavolo鈥檚 plans for the Devildom, but when it came to his day to day life, he lived only for himself. He never changed his routine. That was how he liked it. But when you came along he found himself adjusting his schedule, listening to new records, going to new places, trying new foods鈥 and it didn鈥檛 bother him. It actually made him happy to do the things that you liked. Now before he did anything, he鈥檇 think to himself, 鈥渨hat would Y/N think?鈥 One night, you had wandered into his room while he was playing piano for a late night chat. While you were rambling on about this piano piece you liked, he was looking at your admirably when he started thinking about why he was so lost in your words in the first place. He realized then that the only way pride himself could care so much about someone else鈥檚 opinion, is if he was in love with them. The thought would catch him off guard for a moment, then he鈥檇 chuckle to himself. You stopped your rambling to ask him what was so funny. He pulled you into his lap and tilted your jaw up to look him in the eye.
鈥淣othing is funny about how in love I am with my human. I take you very seriously, my darling. I just found it amusing how long it took me to realize it for myself. Who would鈥檝e thought that I could ever be so hopelessly in love?鈥
Mammon: When you defend him against others, even when he鈥檚 not around
He knew that eavesdropping was wrong. He knew that Lucifer despised it and reserved his worst punishment for it. He knew that you would be upset if you knew he was pressed up against the office door listening to your conversation. But he couldn鈥檛 help it! Diavolo and Lucifer had interrupted your study session and dragged you off to the office for some sort of important discussion, and the whole thing was just too damn suspicious. He could hear Lucifer going on and on about all the debts Mammon had racked up that week, all the tests he had failed, all the rules he had broken鈥 Diavolo was just trying to explain to you that he was concerned about Mammon鈥檚 performance, and was hoping you could be a good example for him. You were respectful of Diavolo鈥檚 intentions, but you were pissed at the way Lucifer was talking about his younger brother. How could he call him worthless and compare him to scum so cruelly? You snapped and went off on him despite how much more powerful he was than you, fearlessly telling him that if he talked about your demon like that again, it would be the last time he鈥檇 speak the name Mammon. Mammon couldn鈥檛 hold back anymore after that. He burst open the doors of the office and ran in, taking you into his arms.
鈥淢C, I love ya so much! No one ever sticks up for me! You鈥檙e my favorite person in the whole world!鈥
Leviathan: When you show up to his room in cosplay as an apology
You had broken one of his Ruri figurines, and you felt absolutely terrible. The thing was, he wasn鈥檛 even angry with you! He insisted that accidents happen and that it could be replaced. But you saw the way his lip quivered and how his hands trembled when he cleaned it up. You knew him too well to just brush it off as a mistake. You realized you couldn鈥檛 replace the figure, but you could make it up to him somehow! You immediately went to work on your cosplay as Ruri鈥檚 sidekick, then knocked on Levi鈥檚 door to surprise him. You announced that you were there to deliver an apology message from his dear friend Y/N. He was absolutely overwhelmed with appreciation at your kind gesture that he wasn鈥檛 even expecting, the smile on his face so big you thought it would break his face. How could you be so perfect, he thought to himself. Levi pulled you into the toughest embrace and buried his face into the crook of your neck, wanting to hide his blush and the small tears in his eyes.
鈥淥h my god MC, I love you so much. You鈥檙e so amazing, please stay with me forever.鈥
Satan: When he sees you care for a stray cat
You were walking back to the House of Lamentation from a shopping trip to the book store, when a little black cat had wandered over and pawed at your legs. You both knealt down and played with the cat for a while, rubbing its ears and stroking its back. You went to look at its tag and saw that it didn鈥檛 have an owner. You started vocalizing your concern for the poor kitty, worried that it wasn鈥檛 going to get dinner that night or have a warm place to sleep. You insisted that you had to sneak it into the House of Lamentation, just until you could find it a good home. The way you didn鈥檛 even hesitate to take the little kitty in was so admirable to Satan, especially when he considered Lucifer鈥檚 distaste for cats. Seeing you care for such a helpless creature out of the kindness of your own heart broke something inside of him. He鈥檇 stop right in his tracks and wait for you to turn around and look at him.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e wonderful, you know that? You have such a good heart. I鈥檓 so in love with you it hurts.鈥
Asmodeus: When he can smell your perfume/ cologne in a crowd
Asmo was known for his intense shopping sprees that resembled an olympic sport. He lugged around carts full of his shopping bags and left no stone unturned in every single store. Naturally, you needed a break, and decided to go take a breather while he was distracted looking at some shoes. When he turned around to ask your opinion on one, he panicked upon not seeing you there. He immediately assumed the worst and bolted out of the store, calling for you and running around frantically. The mall was crowded, and everyone was moving so fast he couldn鈥檛 see anything clearly! Suddenly it hit him. Your scent. You were nowhere to be seen, but he could smell you in the middle of all these people. He followed the smell and found you passed out on a bench, sleeping peacefully despite all the noise around you. He giggled at how cute you looked and placed his sweater over you before sitting down next to you.
鈥淢aybe I鈥檒l take a break too MC. You have such good ideas, that鈥檚 one of the things I love about you. Did I just say that? I guess I did. I love you. I鈥檒l make it more romantic when you wake up, I promise.鈥
Beelzebub: When you take care of him while he鈥檚 sick
He couldn鈥檛 help it, Hell鈥檚 Kitchen had a special on his absolute favorite burger and he was just so excited that he overate. His belly was so swollen and upset, and his fever was so high he couldn鈥檛 even get out of bed. After he didn鈥檛 come to breakfast, you showed up to his room and found him curled up in bed holding his stomach. After he told you what was wrong with him, you insisted that you both take the day off so you could take care of him. He initially protested, saying he had Fangol practice and student council after school, and there was no way Lucifer was going to allow it. You told him you would take care of Lucifer, and that there was no way he was going out in this condition. You put a cold towel on his forehead to help with the fever, and a heating pad over his tummy to aid in digestion. You had him drink plenty of water and get lots of rest, and when his tummy ache was gone, you told him to take a nice long nap. Once he was asleep, you made him a light soup and a cup of tea. When he woke up from his nap, groggy and half delirious from the fever, he caught a blurry image of you dunking a wash cloth in cold water while arguing on the phone with Lucifer. The tray of his meal was sitting over on his nightstand, and a humidifier was running in the corner. You had taken care of everything, making sure he wouldn鈥檛 worry about a single thing beyond getting better. He didn鈥檛 know what he would have done without you. You were the most caring person in the world to him without being obligated to. Why were you so worried about him? You didn鈥檛 even hesitate to miss all your commitments for the day just to help him. You must really love him. Probably just as much as he loved you, he thought. You hung up the phone and turned around to see him staring at you with a crooked smile. When you asked him what he was smiling about, he sat up and chuckled before answering.
鈥淵ou, you鈥檙e so in love with me. It makes me happy, because I鈥檓 in love with you too. I know I鈥檓 kind of out of it from the fever, but I鈥檝e never been so sure of anything in my life.鈥
Belphegor: When he doesn鈥檛 mind sacrificing his sleep for you
The brothers were absolutely baffled when they saw the youngest demon rising early and staying up late to spend time with you. On one particular night, they burst into the attic expecting to find him asleep, only to find him awake, typing away on a computer while you were passed out on the floor next to him. You had been working particularly hard on a student council project for the festival, and practically collapsed on him from exhaustion. Belphie insisted that you get some rest, saying you deserved it and that he would finish the work you were doing. At the noise of the intrusion, you woke up to see him angrily shooing his brothers away, saying they were being too loud and would wake you up. When he turned around and saw you awake, he got worried, telling you to go back to sleep and that everything was taken care of. You laughed and apologized for making him miss his evening nap, to which he just tucked your hair behind your ear and smiled.
鈥淣o, I really don鈥檛 mind it at all. The others were surprised but I鈥檓 not sleepy. I just want you to get the rest you deserve. Because I鈥 well, I love you. And I want to take care of you. That鈥檚 all there is to it.鈥
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My most favorite tiktok video about lucifer 馃様馃挄
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Mammon, up to his shit again: Are you religious? I'd like to introduce you to my religion
Lucifer: What are you-
Mammon, showing a picture of MC: this is my religion
Lucifer: .....I'm interested.
The brothers: we are interested
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Tumblr media
It鈥檚 late but鈥 Can I come in?
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