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#the king of walking #HE WALKS SO WELL what’s that all about  (part 2) SEBASTIAN STAN as James “Bucky” Barnes in the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE (2011-2021)
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#Supportive dads <3
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#his faces are everything to me
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Eddie Munson and his stupid, tiny waist
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Incorrect Steddie 8/?
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#Eddie the banished poet
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→ “That’s why we play!” ← EDDIE MUNSON | THE HELLFIRE CLUB [4.01]
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Stranger Things + textposts part 2/?
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I would love the idea of eddie x dustins big sister who is also a metalhead. They never met each other but everybody says that they would be perfect together. She plays in a band, wears band shirts, is absolutely crazy like him. When they met, they fell in love immediately but nobody knows it. After a long time of dating, they find out that they love the same things in bed. She is very loud in real life but a sub in bed. Maybe a bit with chocking, slapping and dom!eddie. I'M ON MY KNEES FOR THIS!
Anon, I fucking love this, I am making this a series. You absolutely genius this is SO GOOD
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“I think I’m the proudest of Eddie, really. I'm very proud to be a part of Stranger Things. I'm relieved that Eddie hasn't been laughed out of town.”
JOSEPH QUINN for 1883 Magazine
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Steve n garf
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a genre
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Two Years Late (Ch. 3)
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
Chapter Genre: Angst/Smut vibes I guess idk how to classify it lol
Chapter Warnings: Slight bullying, sexual tension, strong language, PTSD flashbacks, mentions of blood/injury
A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who has shown interest in this series, I'm really proud of it and where it's going even though it doesn't get nearly as much attention as my one-shots do ♥️ if you'd like to be added to the tag list let me know! PS idk how D&D works, sue me lol
Tag list: @soapbar99 @avengersmarauders @senkobingus @httpjiikook @jessyballet @nanocoool @lightupmyjass
Chapters 1 & 2: X X
Tumblr media
Chapter 3: The Dungeon Master's Queen
Before you could say goodbye and get the hell away from Eddie, Lucas, Mike, and Dustin appeared seemingly out of nowhere, crowding around the both of you. Mike and Lucas were giving Eddie fist bumps and loudly raving about his latest campaign, while Dustin was busy staring at you with confusion written all over his face.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Dustin asked, catching the attention of the others.
"I, ah," You began, fumbling for an explanation that wouldn't make things more awkward than they already were. "I came toooo... pick you guys up!"
"But we have Hellfire tonight," Mike said, his tone perplexed. "You know we have it on Mondays and Fridays."
"Oh, is today Friday?" You half laughed, trying to carry out your lie. "I totally forgot, I guess I thought it was Wednesday or something. I'll be back later to get you guys then!"
"You should just hang out with us!" Lucas said, "Aren't you always complaining about gas money? Why waste the gas to go home and come right back? Just come hang out!"
You and Eddie both looked to each other, then back at the kids.
"I don't think that's a good idea-" Eddie started, but was soon interrupted by a chorus of complaints that filled the air from the three kids surrounding you, making you wince at their pitchy voices.
"Y/N, you never hang out with us anymore!" Dustin complained.
"I hang out with you guys, I drive you home all the time!" You defended.
"Driving us home isn't hanging out with us," Dustin went on, "You only ever hang out with Steve and Robin, it's so not fair!"
"Maybe if you spent less time making out with Steve, you'd actually remember what day of the week it is," Mike added. Your jaw dropped at his statement, a scoff escaping your throat noisily.
"I do not make out with Steve," You said, giving Mike a very stern look. "If you seriously think there's something between me and your sister's ex-boyfriend, you are delusional, Wheeler."
"Wait, Steve Harrington?" Eddie asked as if he'd just pieced the puzzle together, "You hang out with Steve 'the hair' Harrington now?"
"Hang out? They're inseparable," Lucas replied to Eddie. "She's always at that stupid video store with him."
"And Robin, too, don't forget Robin," Dustin chimed in.
"Robin Buckley?" Eddie asked, a laugh laced in his words.
"Oh my god, yes, I hang out with Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley!" You shouted at Eddie, throwing your arms in the air and letting them fall back at your sides. "Jesus, if I stay, will you guys shut up about Steve?"
The three kids made the same motion of zipping their lips and you let out another deep sigh. With a lot of reluctance, you agreed to stay, following the four back into the high school and dragging your feet the whole way. Eddie led the way, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin following him closely and rambling on about monsters or something; you couldn't tell what. It all sounded like jumbled, made-up words.
When you arrived at the theater room, you found yourself an old, cushioned chair, placing it at the furthest end of the table from Eddie between Mike and an older kid you didn't recognize. The mystery teen gave you a dirty look, making you snort and laugh under your breath. You had to remind yourself that these were high school kids, and you were an adult. The only other person in the room on even remotely the same level as you was, unfortunately, Eddie.
And even that was a stretch.
"Are we letting women join Hellfire now?" The teen said, folding his arms over his chest and staring you down. It took everything in you not to burst into laughter.
"Yeah, what the hell, Eddie?" Another boy asked, "You know the female brain can't understand the complexities of this game. She'll probably ask too many questions and ruin the immersion."
For a moment, you thought to defend yourself, but decided it was pointless. It was hilarious how wrong they were, but you didn't feel the need to prove yourself to a room of sweaty high schoolers.
"Hey, you guys shut the hell up," Dustin said defensively from the other side of the table, pointing an accusing finger at the two boys. "She's cooler than everyone in this room combined."
"Hardly," Mike muttered. You kicked his leg under the table and laughed at the annoyed look he shot your way.
"It's true!" Dustin went on, standing from his seat.
"And what makes her qualified?" One of the boys asked condescendingly. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. Qualified? To watch a board game? Annoyed at the amount of teenage entitlement in the room, you raised your hand slightly above your head.
"I don't even wanna be here," You said, but your words fell on deaf ears. No one was paying attention to you. No one, except Eddie, who was leaning back in his chair and staring you down like a hawk. One of his legs was crossed over the other and his mouth was pursed in a thin line, his chin turned upwards slightly to reveal his jawline. You did your best to ignore him, but couldn't help squeezing your legs together when he saw you staring back and smirked at you.
"She fought the Demogorgon," Dustin declared with a clap of his hands, refusing to back down. "It was so badass. She has this crazy sc-"
"She did fight the Demogorgon," Lucas interrupted quickly, looking over at Eddie. "In a campaign, I mean. It was awesome. It was like, years ago."
"Yeah, years ago," Mike repeated. He and Lucas looked uncomfortable, likely due to the fact that what Dustin said wasn't untrue. The most unrealistic part of it was calling it a fight rather than a bloody massacre. You were sure the other two boys wanted to get off of the subject before Dustin said too much. He had a tendency to get carried away, and the last thing you needed was for him to ask you to show off your gnarly scar.
It was a little hard to explain away without completely confessing the story. "Oh, this old thing? Yeah, damn near ripped my whole torso in half in one swipe. Talk about a tear-able workplace accident!"
Yeah. Not happening.
Eddie was leaning forward in his seat now with a taunting smile on his face. Your heart thumped hard in your chest, but you couldn't tell if it was from excitement or anxiety. "I didn't know you played D&D, Y/N."
All you could do was roll your eyes.
"Wait," One of the older boys said, "Y/N? Like, Queen Y/N, from your last campaign?"
"Gentlemen, I always hoped this day would come," Eddie addressed them, dramatically standing from his throne to approach you at a deviously slow pace. You shifted uncomfortably as he rounded the back of your seat, placing his hands firmly on the chair. "Queen Y/N, in the flesh."
The room erupted in discussion and surprise, which made you feel more inclined to sink into your seat as low as you could. You wished you could just slip between the dusty green cushions, never to be seen again. Eddie was still behind you, lurking like a shadow, now crouched to your level.
"Would you like to address your loyal subjects, my Queen?" He whispered in your ear, his tone teasing and his breath hot against your neck. "They all fought for your honor, you know. It was pretty courageous, actually. Gareth slayed a whole Wyvern for you."
"Fuck off, Munson," You hissed through your teeth. The others were busy in conversation, laughing and reminiscing about the campaign you were unknowingly a part of in the past. It seemed that it did the trick, though, because no one was complaining about your presence anymore.
"As you wish," He replied, pulling away and returning to his throne. The game began and you sat quietly, watching as they played. You stayed quiet, watching with little interest. Sleep deprivation was really starting to set in, and your chair was starting to feel especially comfy. You decided to rest your eyes while the group played, but couldn't find sleep as they conversed and shouted over each other.
At one point, the whole table was looking to you expectantly. The silence that fell over the room encouraged you to look around, only to be met with several prying eyes.
"What?" You asked, sounding more annoyed than you intended.
"The Queen has to make a choice," Eddie said, leaning over the table with his hands splayed over the old wood. "Do you slay the intruders, or show mercy?"
"I don't even know what's going on right now."
"A group of pillagers broke into your kingdom," Dustin explained, "Are you going to make us fight, or kidnap them?"
You furrowed your brow. "I thought I was a queen in a different story."
"Campaign," One of the teens corrected.
"We decided to revisit your kingdom," Lucas said, "We thought it would be fun, since you're here, y'know."
"Um, I dunno," You shrugged, sitting upright. "Are they evil?"
"They're trying to burn down the orphanage you built when you became Queen," Mike said dryly.
"Oh, then yeah, fuck 'em up, boys," You said with a wave of your hand.
"You have to say it like you're in character," Dustin whispered across the way.
You sighed heavily, sat up straight, then attempted your best regal voice. "Kill them all, brave soldiers. Bring me their heads, take no prisoners, whatever."
"Good enough," Eddie said with a nod and a large grin.
After about an hour and a half, things started to slow down and the group decided to call it a night. You watched as the older kids quickly made their exit, leaving Eddie behind with you and the boys. He was still sat on his throne, eyeing you like a hawk. You tried your best to ignore him, standing from your seat and stretching your arms over your head.
Mike, Dustin, and Lucas gathered their belongings and stuffed them inside their backpacks before slinging them over their shoulders and walking as a group to the doors. They were lost in conversation, but Dustin was quick to realize you weren't following them. When he did, he stopped in his tracks and turned around.
"Y/N, come on!" He called out, "I promised Suzie I'd call her when I got home!"
"Yeah, yeah, I'm on it, just a sec," You said, your voice strained as you stretched.
"Go on ahead, guys," Eddie said, standing from his seat and making his way over to you. "I'm gonna talk to our Queen for a minute."
The boys looked between each other before shrugging and exiting through the noisy double doors. Silence fell over the room the second the doors shut, leaving you alone with Eddie once again. You leaned back against the table, resting your palms on the edge to support yourself. He came to stand in front of you, his arms crossed tightly over his chest. Your thoughts wandered as you avoided meeting his gaze, wondering what he could possibly have to say to you that he hadn't already.
"Those kids really respect you," Eddie said, making you scoff.
"Yeah, right," You laughed, "I couldn't get those shitheads to respect me if my life depended on it."
"I just meant- I dunno," He went on, "It just seems like you're really close with them, that's all."
"I guess, yeah," You shrugged, "I grew up with them, I basically helped raise them. Saved their asses more times than I can count."
Eddie pursed his lips and stood beside you, crossing one leg over the other. "You mean, in D&D?"
"Yes," You said quickly, "Yeah, in the, um, in the game, yep."
"What was your class?"
"Ah- my what?"
"Your class," Eddie repeated, "What was your class and level in the game? You know, the one where you fought the Demogorgon."
"Oh," You said, desperately trying to remember what that even meant. "I was... Um... A wizard? No, a mage. Definitely a mage."
"Y/N, when are you gonna stop lying to me?" He asked impatiently, turning to look at you. "You hated D&D. You used to tell me how fucking boring you thought it was, and refused to ever play it with me. I know you've never touched the game. Why the hell would they say that you played with them if you haven't?"
"Look, Eddie, I don't know why they do the things they do," You sighed, giving up the lie. "Maybe you should ask them. It was probably just something they made up so the other kids wouldn't be mad that I was breathing the same air as them."
"Jesus, you are impossible," He groaned, running his hands down his face in exasperation. "Why can't you just be honest?"
"You'd hate me more if I was honest," You said, flashing him an empty smile.
Eddie looked over at you, his mouth turning downward in a frown. When he spoke, his voice was small, and sounded hurt. "I've never hated you, Y/N."
"Yeah, right," You said with a loud laugh, "You hate my guts, Eddie, you've made that pretty clear. Now who's the liar?"
"I'm being serious," Eddie said, his voice stern.
"So am I," You replied with a shrug.
As if his well of patience had run dry, he came to stand in front of you in one swift movement, his eyes boring into yours. You tried to move backwards away from him, but you were already backed up against the table as it was. Try as you did, it was impossible to get away as he leaned forward, both of his open palms landing on the table behind you and trapping you between his arms. He was dangerously close and smelled like ash, his hair wildly hanging in his face and giving him a mysterious look. Those gorgeous eyes were locked on yours, but would stray away every few seconds to gaze at your tensed forehead or your frowning lips. Unrecognizable heat burned in the pit of your stomach.
Eddie had that effect on you, and it drove you absolutely up the wall. He infuriated you to no end, but at the same time, he made you feel warmth, anticipation, and this undeniable arousal that made you both excited and sick to your stomach at the same time. For the second time that day he had you in a tricky spot where he had closed in on you, and you couldn't tell if you wanted to punch him in the face, or kiss him like it was your job.
It would be easier if you knew which reaction he was trying to draw out of you in the first place.
"What are you trying to do, Eddie?" You asked, "If you're trying to scare me, it's not gonna work. We went over this already."
"Who said I was trying to scare you?" He asked in response, "Maybe I'm just trying to make a point."
"And what, exactly, is that point?"
Eddie closed in even further, his lips centimeters from your ear. His breath was hot against your skin, making you shiver once before you forced yourself to still. The last thing you wanted was to show him exactly what he was doing to you. Your nails dug into the wooden table as one of his hands came to rest on the small of your back, sending a jolt of electricity up your spine. It felt like a lost cause trying to steady your breathing at that point, especially when you could hear just how breathless he was as well.
"My point is," He said softly, "You're a shitty liar, and you always have been."
"Fuck you, Munson," You breathed out, taking in a sharp breath as he pulled you closer against his body. Your back was basically arching up into him, your chests touching ever so slightly.
"You know, if you hate me so god damn much," He went on, "Why aren't you fighting me right now? You sure don't seem to be upset about this for someone who supposedly hates my guts. That's what this is all about, right? Don't you hate me? Or is it something else, but you just don't want to admit it to yourself?"
"What the hell are you even talking about?" You asked angrily.
Eddie moved away from your ear to look you in the eye, his pupils blown and his mouth turned up in one corner. The way he was looking at you was absolutely sinful and made a knot form in your gut. "I just think it would do you some good to be honest for once."
God, you wanted to kiss him. His lips were right there, just begging for you to lean in and close the small space that separated you. You couldn't seem to look away from him, your lips parting gently the longer you held each other's gaze. You wanted to say something, or do something, but it felt like you were frozen in place. Your heart was pounding against your chest so heavily it felt like it would bruise you from the inside out. The silent tension in the air made you dizzy, and the longer he stared down at you like he was going to throw you onto the table any second, the less and less you could breathe properly.
By now he was basically on top of you, the only thing keeping you upright was his arm that was snaked around your middle. Your feet nearly went out from under you as he closed in, and you stumbled, but Eddie was quick to scoop you up and place you on the table. He made himself comfortable between your legs, his hands coming to rest on the table beside your hips. He was mere inches from you now, the tip of his nose nearly touching yours. For a moment, it felt like your lungs weren't working anymore.
Did you want to kiss him? You really, really did. At the same time, you also wanted to rearrange his teeth. But Jesus, the way he was looking at you was so devilish and full of lust that it was hard to keep it together. One of his jeweled fingers trailed up the side of your arm, leaving goosebumps in its wake. You shivered against his touch and clenched your jaw, lowering your gaze and doing your best not to lose your mind.
"Look at me, Y/N," Eddie demanded, his voice low.
When you looked up again, Eddie was gone, replaced by the snarling, bloody, faceless monster that haunted you day in and day out. Its mouth opened with a disgusting, wet noise, rows of teeth glistening in the colorful lights of the theater room. You gasped and tried to move backwards, but it was holding you in place, claws ripping through your clothes and drawing blood. You began to fight back, pushing and shoving on its chest and felt the urge to cry out, but the shock of the situation rendered you silent. The Demogorgon screeched above you, making you push harder until you finally broke free.
You bolted for the door, but before you could make your escape, a hand grasped your wrist and forced you to turn around. You fought against the grip, but when you turned, Eddie was standing where the Demogorgon had previously been, looking very frightened and shocked. His eyes were wide, his hair wild, and his mouth agape.
"What the hell was that?" He asked, sounding breathless.
"I don't-" You started, gasping for air. You began looking around the room frantically, eyes darting to every corner to see where it went. You wondered why Eddie wasn't freaking the fuck out. "Where did- Where did it go?"
"Where did what go, Y/N?" Eddie asked, sounding exasperated.
"You didn't see it?" You asked in disbelief.
"See what?"
When you looked down at your torso, you found that you weren't bleeding at all, and your clothing was perfectly fine.
It wasn't real.
None of it was real.
With a sigh of relief, your shoulders dropped and you felt an overwhelming sense of exhaustion wash over you. You were beyond tired, now to the point of seeing things. You couldn't get away from it, even in the real world. Tears stung in your sore eyes and you rubbed them away. Eddie was still grasping your wrist, his grip loosening as you calmed down.
"Y/N, you're scaring me," Eddie said after a moment. "What did you see?"
Swallowing hard, you blinked several times and avoided Eddie's gaze. "It's nothing, I just... Forget it."
"No, do not do this again," He warned, pointing a finger at you. "You're telling me what the fuck is going on, right now."
"I can't, Eddie," You replied, looking up at him with tired eyes. "I don't know how many times I have to say it. I can't tell you."
"Bullshit," He spat, taking a few steps closer. "It's not that you can't, it's because you won't. I'm done with these stupid games, Y/N, tell me why you were so scared you about knocked me on my ass."
"I... get claustrophobic," You lied with a shrug, "You were in my space, sue me."
Eddie stared at you for a moment, shaking his head. He looked both sad and disappointed at the same time, making your heart twist in your chest. "You're a shitty liar, Y/N."
After pulling away from Eddie's grip, you pushed past the doors, taking long, quick strides toward the exit and desperately trying to force thoughts of Eddie and the Demogorgon out of your mind.
Why the hell would you see it here, now? How were you supposed to get better if it never went away? On top of that, what was Eddie doing in there? He was all over you, acting like you hadn't just been fighting hours prior. How could he just pretend everything was fine? Angrily shaking all questions from your mind, you pushed your way out of the school doors and marched into the parking lot where you found Mike, Lucas, and Dustin waiting at your car.
"What the hell took so long?" Dustin asked, impatiently pulling on the handle of the door. "It's freezing out here!"
"Sorry," You said, searching your bag for your keys. "I didn't think I'd be that long."
"Did you fight with Eddie again?" Mike asked.
"Wait, again?" Lucas asked Mike, picking up his backpack off the ground and slinging it over his shoulder.
"They had a fight last time she came to pick us up," Mike explained as you continued to desperately search for your keys. "If you hadn't ditched us for Jason and his loser friends you would've known that."
"What kind of fight?" Lucas continued questioning Mike.
"I think Eddie just doesn't like Y/N," Mike said.
"That's not true, he literally named a character after her," Dustin retorted. You were still frantically looking for your keys.
"Oh, yeah, I guess that's true," Mike replied.
"Maybe they used to date or something," Lucas said with a shrug. " A 'Lover's Quarrel', or whatever it is my mom says."
"My mom says that too," Mike laughed, "Can you imagine Eddie and Y/N being like our parents?"
"Don't be gross, guys," Dustin gagged, "If Eddie and Y/N got married, they'd be nothing like either of your parents."
"Hey, guys," You said impatiently, "I'm right here, okay? Quit talking about me like I'm not standing five feet away, or I'm leaving you shitheads here."
"Kinda seems like you'll have to," Dustin said, gesturing to your bag. "Where are your keys?"
"I don't know, okay?" You said, exasperated. "They were here earlier, I swear. Maybe I just, I dunno, dropped them in the woods earlier. I'll be right back, okay? Just go wait inside or something."
As you turned to begin the walk down to the clearing, you bumped into something solid, forcing you to take a step backward. Eddie stood before you like a towering tree, looking down at you with dark eyes.
"Having some trouble?" He asked, his tone scratchy. The kids were deadly silent behind you, as if witnessing Mom and Dad fighting again.
This day couldn't possibly get worse. Not only were you beyond exhausted and seeing things, but you couldn't seem to get away from Eddie. Your feelings about him felt muddied and blurred after everything you just experienced back in the theater room. It was hard to determine which you felt more; longing, or absolute hatred. Either way, you had reached your breaking point and just wanted to go home.
"I can't-" You stuttered, covering your mouth with your hand and fighting back tears. "I can't find my keys."
Eddie looked back at the three boys who gave him friendly waves, and he sighed, turning back to you.
"Alright, come on," He said, gesturing for you and the boys to follow him.
"What?" You asked.
"You can't drive without your keys, and I am not hot wiring your car," He explained as he began walking off into the parking lot. The kids followed after him, giving you apologetic smiles. You trailed behind them, desperately praying the day would end soon.
Dustin stayed behind with you, matching your pace as the others followed Eddie like lost puppies. You couldn't help smiling when they began rough housing, Eddie picking up Mike and throwing him over his shoulder like a sack of flour. Loud protesting and laughter echoed in the parking lot, Mike shouting at Eddie to put him down and pounding his fists on his back.
"Eddie's a good guy," Dustin said, "I don't understand why you guys don't get along."
You sighed and crossed your arms over your chest, staring down at your feet. "We used to be friends, but when we got into high school, he decided he didn't want to be anymore."
"I don't get it," He went on, "He talks about you like you never stopped being friends."
"Well, we did," You said, "And it was his choice."
"Okay," Dustin said, "But is it still his choice? Or is it yours now? Because I think he wants to be your friend, but you're pushing him away."
You scoffed and smiled over at him, messing with the hat atop his head. "You take too many pages out of Harrington's book, Dustin."
When you finally made it to Eddie's van, the boys piled into the back, leaving you with the passenger seat. As badly as you didn't want to be near Eddie, the idea of sitting in a car and getting at least a little shut eye seemed pretty appealing. Once inside, you buckled your seatbelt and turned to face the window, resting your forehead against the cold glass and closing your eyes.
Eddie started up his van and turned up the heat, his music blasting through the speakers at an annoying volume. After a quick glance over at you, he turned the volume down, much to the dismay of the boys in the back of the van. Eddie gestured to them with a finger over his lips, then pointed at your tired form. After that, there was only the sound of the road and soft music, which was enough to let you drift into sleep with ease.
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multifandombitxh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
seeing this made me realize that his wounds weren't even that bad.
you're telling me that steve survived after the demobats strangled him & ate a pound of his flesh but eddie died after being bitten a few times here and there????? that's batshit.
(see what i did there? i'm in my dustin henderson era)
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multifandombitxh · 2 months ago
thank you for taking the time to write overflow. my breakup happened just last night and i found your writing and it’s already been a huge help. bless 🥹💖
I'm so sorry :( But I'm so glad it helped. I'm working on some more hurt/comfort stuff for Eddie and maybe Steve so if you think it'll help you feel better you can keep an eye out for it ♥️ take care of yourself!!
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multifandombitxh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
joseph quinn as eddie munson in stranger things 4 vol. 1 (2022)
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