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Flowers for Date
Florist!Reader x Sebek
Summary: A knight of Malleus kept visiting your flower shop every now and then had asked you out on a date, would you say yes to it?
"EHEM!!" a loud voice announcing his arrival almost made you drop your freshly cut bouquet of daisies because of surprise
you place them on a decorated vase near a shelf and made your way to the counter to happily attend to a special familiar costumer
a familiar face you always recognize indeed
"a bouquet of roses... for Lord Malleus Draconia of Thorn Vall--" he didn't even have to finish his request since you already have his roses already prepared
you smile and told him that he had the same order of bouquet of flowers ever since the first time he came here
you say it's also the same everytime on his frequent visits
"f-freqeunt visits? don't be such a fool human, i am only here for the flowers because the young master likes them so much" he stammered, a slight blush adorning his face as he averts his eyes from you
you released a beaming smile, you told him how thankful you are for him telling his young master about your flower shop and always buying the flowers he uses at his castle from you
you are more than grateful to have the Malleus Draconia and his attendant to be your loyal costumers
heat rises up to his face as he place the madols on your counter as he treaded outside the shop almost bumping into one of the hanging pots near the the door
you could still see the blush on his face as he walked past by the glass of your shop
he's cute
"you seem to be having fun with that florist" not only the click of Malleus's teacup back to it's saucer but also his words that caught Sebek's attention
"i-it's nothing like that Lord Malleus, it's just for the flowers you truly like, I've heard they are you favorite kind of flowers" he defend
"Sebek, you bombarded my castle with the flowers you brought everyday from the human florist, and I didn't even order you to do it this time" Malleus responded shaking his head in frustration
"oh, I didn't mean to do such offending thing, FORGIVE ME LORD MALLEUS!!" he was just trying to be thoughtful for his young master, he did not mean to offend or anger him in any way
"Oh it is fine, i found the smell of roses divine after all" Sebek sighed in relief as his generous master have forgiven him already of his actions
"but you know, if you truly like the human florist so much why not ask them to go out with you this weekend? to go on a date the youngens say these days?" Malleus asked with puzzlement, Sebek seemed to have the human in his liking very much so why wouldn't he, the Demanding Sebek himself couldn't ask the simple human to a dinner?
"I'm supposed to be guarding you Lord Malleus, i am not free of charge to.... to even ask them out to have dinner with me" Sebek lowered his head down shyly
"oh please Sebek, i have Lilia and Silver, a one day off to have fun with your human isn't going to hurt wouldn't it?" Malleus retorted, although he did not mention it, he does not believe in Sebek's reasoning for he knows Sebek is still a young man, of course being shy to ask someone out of the blue will be a problem to him
"i guess you are right Lord Malleus, since it is your order then i will--"
Sebek tensed up as Malleus waves his finger at Sebek looking quite annoyed
"No Sebek, don't tell the human it is an order of mine, because in general it is you who would go out with them not me" Malleus had his arms crossed at the tense young man
"and it is not an order, you are free to do whatever you like"
Sebek gleamed in surprise, his young master is so generous and kind to give him a day off, the human better appreciate this but...
he wonders if the human would accept his invitation
Sebek inhaled and exhaled for the 20th time now, he was outside around the corner of your shop which is surprisingly isn't very busy at this moment, perfect time for him to get in to ask you out
but he is quite the nervous one, this is his first time asking someone out after all
okay, he can do this it's just asking you to have lunch with him this weekend and maybe some time on the nearby carnival port
now that he'd mention it, would you even agree to this? what if you reject him? oh god what if you reject him? his pride can't handle that
no, there's not much of people around, he can accept the rejection if it's only you on the shop at this time
he straightened his posture and walked in to the flower shop
the bells rang of joy as you turned your head to the guest but the familiar visitor isn't as loud as he was announcing himself before
he looked around and checked if there are people around the shop and when he confirmed there's none other than you, he stepped right in
you waited on him at your counter as he trudges his way bashfully to you, red once again blemishing his face once he arrived
he opened his mouth then closes kt and then once again opening it after swallowing a lump in his throat
"w-would you care to... um... go on a dinner with me? OR..!! OR UHH just go together on the ferris wheel on the carnival port?" your eyes widen on surprise, is he asking you out on a date?
noticing your expression he fumbled in anxiety and thinked of the a quick excuse so he won't embarass himself
"W-we can go as friends!! if that's what you're more comfortable with!!" he waved his hand on agitation, he did not want to make you uncomfortable with this after all
you broke into a small laugh, it shaken h a bit he thought you are be looking down on him, but you are not
you told him you would've prefer going with him as a date if the offer is still up
he nodded aggressively, the red in his face is now slowly depleting
you've accepted his offer
he coughed and tried to compose himself once more
"be here on Saturday around 4:00 p.m. d-don't be late" he's trying to be demanding but failed miserably because of the upward twitching of the end of lips
he's way too happy and stiff to be taken seriously but you didn't mention any of it, instead you just waved him off as you give your number to him exchange of his
he strided quickly outside of the store as soon as you say see you soon quickly vanishing from your sight
what a cute crocodile he is
Outside, here is Sebek walking a few step away from your store and then squatting down as he covers his face with his large hands
he was screaming inside
you've accepted his offer
other than that he managed to get your number
you've accepted his offer
he repeated the word inside his head amd even pinched his cheek to make sure it was all true
well of course you'd accept his offer! after all no one could not turn down his lord's order, this date would truly be fantastic under Malleus's guide
date huh?
oh man what should he do, he is way too giddy to function
it took him a few minutes to actually to be composed and calm again whilst still getting excitement shivers when he thought about your date
he was still shaky when he got back home
A/N: thanks for reading this lmao, il my Sebek favoritism is showing but i just love the idea of a dork in love with somebody and being shy asking that somebody as their first date, man i would love to be also somebody's first date
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Why the NRC Vice Housewardens Have a Grudge with Your Cats
Notes: This is an addition to the 'Why the NRC Housewardens Have a Grudge with Your Cats' post I made. Ruggie and Jamil are my favorite characters so I was pretty excited to write them, but I have far less experience writing with Trey, Rook and Lilia, so I hope it turned out okay!
Side note--Jade's part turned out way too long and I couldn't figure out how to shorten it. That most endearing enigma of an eel baffles me to no end.
I attached the intro again below. Also, the link to the Housewarden part can be found here.
That is all, enjoy! ♡
You are a proud cat parent, and no, the cat in question is not the talking fire weasel known as Grim, nor did you adopt Cheka or anyone else affiliated with the Savanaclaw dorm. 
In fact, the cats you are a parent to don’t talk, nor do they attend school, do magic, or any other remarkable anthropomorphic thing. These cats are state-of-the-art housecats, found and raised in your very own Ramshackle dorm. 
You had found them around the perimeter of the dorm not too long ago, just a group of mewing kittens with no mama cat in sight—your logic didn’t really have a say in the matter because your heart adopted them immediately, so much so that you didn’t let Grim so much as complain about his new dormmates. 
Once you were certain they were abandoned, you went to great efforts to make sure you could keep them. Crowley conceded only after you promised they’d be your responsibility, and after you reminded him that he’d placed you--a harmless and helpless student--in life-or-death situations daily (you reckon some of your pals in Octavinelle and Scarabia would have been quite proud of you for that argument). 
You also went to great lengths to make sure the kittens were well taken care of, and since Grim wasn’t going to let his tuna budget budge one bit, you took a few sacrifices upon yourself. You cleaned up a nice little room to keep their litter box in, purchased fresh litter from Sam, cleaned it, made sure the kittens were bathed, got beds for them, made them towers and toys from the scraps, fed them from your own plate… 
Having gone above and beyond for the little guys, it became quite obvious that even the grumpiest of them was smitten with you. They ran to greet you at the door as you returned from class, cuddled with you whenever you were available, and meowed whenever you felt like talking to them. You took good care of them and kept them out of harms way, and so far no NRC student had a bad encounter with them. Most who had pet your cute little dorm mates actually found them to be quite endearing, although one person in particular was not too happy with them at the moment… 
Oh, why you ask? Well, it just so happens that...
...Ace and Deuce claim to be cat dads.
Was that the cats' fault? No. Was Trey going to be petty about it anyways? Absolutely.
Don't get him wrong--he wasn't mean. In fact, Trey went above and beyond to fulfill the cat dad role, so why was it Ace and Deuce who got the title?
He supposed his ire should've been directed solely at Ace and Deuce, but jealousy just made him all-around irritable. He'd be hanging out with you and your cats one moment, and in the next that idiot duo would burst in, pick up your fur babies and confidently declare 'daddy's home!' as if they'd just returned from their day-job in a world of 1950s stereotypes.
Ace even got in the habit of kissing you on the cheek. Trey was going to lose his mind. What is with all this domestic roleplay??
Obviously the cats were the catalyst (or should he say cat-alyst?) to this madness. Was it something about their adorableness that made Ace and Deuce want to blur the lines of platonic affection between the three of you? Or did they just want to confuse everyone else and make Trey's life miserable??
Trey couldn't help it--he was down bad. And now he's gonna have to suck it up and watch your cat children project their need for another parental figure on the two most questionable choices in parents known to man.
Whatever--two can play that game.
Trey's unique magic turned out to be quite handy with that--after all, any baker worth their salt would know how to bake cat-friendly treats, and it just so happened that Trey could make it taste or smell however he wanted with his signature spell.
Did your cats like tuna? Chicken? Turkey? Beef? He was certainly going to find out.
The next time Adeuce waltzed in and tried their little act--they had to be doing it on purpose, Trey decided--Trey simply opened up the container he'd brought and let the smell of the treats speak for themselves.
You watched in wonder as your cat children wriggled out of the arms of Ace and Deuce, promptly flocking to Trey in alertness and excitement. Trey shook the little dish in front of them, coaxing all of them to come closer....
...and suddenly he's looking at you, smirking like he'd just won something. You had no idea what that was about.
"Dude," Ace crossed his arms, scowling. "Not cool. What, are you trying to be the cool uncle or something? Deuce and I were petting them."
"Cool uncle?" Trey hummed absentmindedly. "No, I don't think so. That's not quite right."
"But we're cat dads..." Deuce mumbled quietly, looking at you to sort out the conflict. Instead, you shrug.
"My babies will do what they want to do. If you want them, call them over. If they don't come, there's nothing I can do."
At that, Ace and Deuce immediately began to beckon the cats over. "Come to daddy!" and "Pspsps" were just a few sounds that left their lips, and they went so far as to drum patterns into the floor as if it would intrigue the cats enough to separate them from Trey.
It didn't. Trey had never felt so victorious in his life.
...they're expensive to take care of.
Respectfully, Prefect, Ruggie is now certain you have no self preservation. Absolutely none.
You weren't seriously feeding them off your own plate, were you? And buying them all that stuff--the litter and litterbox and other essentials, that money adds up you know!
Look, from one penniless person to another, you need to get it together. He's genuinely concerned that you're going to run yourself into some sort of debt you can't get out of, whether it be getting yourself in some cat-contract with Azul or just damaging your health by giving food that was meant for you to a bunch of cats you just met.
And yeah, the cuteness factor wasn't about to work on him. You were cute, did that mean he was always gonna listen to you?
...well, he didn't always listen to you, did he?
...okay, fine, the cats were chipping away at his resolve. But someone between the two of you had to be the practical one!
Eventually Ruggie gives in--fine, he'll support you and your cats the best he can. He can do a babysitting job here or there, he'll fetch food for you guys, he'll even help with the litterbox if you get overwhelmed.
He won't even charge you for it--remember this generosity when he asks you out on a date, okay?! Or just the next time you have a donut.
The idea of the two of you sharing like this actually makes him... kind of happy. He likes the idea of this unspoken partnership with you--sharing food, sharing life, sharing responsibilities.
You're a very sweet person, Prefect--only a bleeding heart like yours would take in a bunch of kittens when you live in conditions like these. It's not his thing, but he admires you for it.
Even more, he loves that selfless kindness you've always shown him too. It was one of those things that first caught his eye about you.
And hey, let's not forget--Ruggie doesn't mind using situations to meet his end goal. This time it just so happens his goal is winning your heart so... what an opportunity, isn't it?
Don't forget, Prefect, you can always rely on Ruggie Bucchi if you need a hand with your cats. You might have the self preservation skills of a deer on a highway, but that just makes him all the more perfect for you.
...they make you homesick.
Yes, Prefect, he can tell. He sees it in your eyes—one moment you’ll be all smiles and giggles as you smother your cats in affection, the next you’ll get all quiet and stroke their heads from a distance with a feather-like touch. Usually these mood swings come as you’re gushing to them—telling them all sorts of happy things from your homeland until suddenly it hits.
He’s the same way. Well, he doesn’t spontaneously lament as often as you do, but he will come across things in Octavinelle that remind him of home, and for moments he can’t help but wish he could return for just a little while. You—who had no idea if you could even return to your home from here—must've felt awful when these feelings arose.
He considered suggesting that you stop with your affectionate rambles, but he can’t blame you. Once you started calling your cats ‘family’, it was inevitable that you’d think of your family back home. Not talking about it—even if all you did was talk to your cats like a crazy person—would just suppress the feelings that would be there either way.
Still, he regretted that it had gotten this far.
What bugged him most, however, was that the source of your amplified homesickness was also your source of comfort, and thus whenever Jade visited it was your cats that you held so closely, so carefully—not him.
It was to your cats that you confessed your feelings, murmuring to them all your shy little secrets. Not him.
It was—well, you get the gist.
Jade certainly understood privacy and space—he craved plenty of it for himself, in fact, but he supposed it was his fault for thinking you might somehow see him as a source of comfort—one that could compete with adorable land creatures such as your cats.
Then again, he and Floyd had been awfully delighted to harass and scare you upon Azul’s orders that one time… maybe your distance was understandable.
Still, he was capable of fulfilling that same role your cats did, and there was nothing wrong with letting you know that, right?
That’s why the next time he saw you get that far-off look in your eye, he wasted no time in waving your cats off your lap and insisting you follow him. You were shocked (and a bit irritated to be separated from your fur babies), but you followed willingly.
You didn’t even ask him what was up—that part made Jade very happy, it was clear you trusted him. Or maybe you just knew him well enough to figure out what he might be doing. You looked pretty unsurprised to be dragged into the Mostro Lounge, though that expression changed when Jade pulled you into Azul's VIP room, whispered something in his ear, and then watched as the housewarden pushed up his glasses and left.
"You're alright with a little privacy, am I correct?" Jade asked charmingly, silently urging you to sit down. You do so, not without caution.
"Depends if you're going to murder me or not."
He placed a hand over his heart. "Oh Prefect, how could you accuse me of such a thing? First of all, I would never intentionally harm you. Second, I wouldn't take you here if I had any intention of murder--we've been seen together now, so that's too many witnesses. My alibi would be in shambles. Do you think me so careless?"
"I think it's curious that you'd choose to bring me here so suddenly. Did you want to tell me something?"
"I suppose you could say that. Rather, there is something I'd like to show you... wait a moment, please."
He promptly left the room, leaving you alone in Azul's VIP room--the very place Azul had such tight security on not too long ago. In your mind, you could have done anything--snooped around, checked for contracts, wrecked some havoc... no wonder you and the Leech twins got along.
You just sat there though. Jade returned with a large glass filled with a magical-looking liquid--nothing different than what was regularly served in the Mostro Lounge, though this was clearly personalized for you.
"Ah, poison," you say. "Interesting choice. I always thought you'd find a way to take me out with mushrooms, but..."
"You are so silly. You do know how endeared you've made yourself to me, do you not? With my legs I find every place outside the ocean to be positively fascinating, but there's no place I enjoy standing more than by your side, so..." He caught on to the look of wonder on your face, chuckled, and poked your cheek. "Do stop with the poison jokes, please."
"Yes sir..." you mumble dumbfoundedly. You accept the drink, giving it a sip; it tasted light and mellow, infused with all the sweetest flavors you liked best, refreshing and satisfying down to the drop. "Wow. So, uh... why are we here then, Jade? You wanted to show me something?"
He nodded. You waited expectantly.
"Answer me this first," Jade said finally. "Who do you trust more, me? Or your cats?"
You give him an incredulous look. His visage, however, reflects nothing but seriousness.
"My... uh, you?"
"You hesitated."
"I'm not sure where you're going with this," you admitted. "Do I gossip to my cats every secret I've ever held close to my heart? Yes--but would I, say, let my cats make me a drink?" You sip the drink Jade brought you in emphasis. "Definitely not." "Then allow me to ask this--what is the key to having access to your secrets? To the trust you give those cats?"
His stare was intense, but after processing, you couldn't help but laugh. Jade blinks at you, not understanding your reaction.
"You... haha... are you jealous of my cats or something?" you snicker. "You don't want to hear those secrets, Jade. I talk to them about my home--the place I come from. It's all pure nonsense, you know everything about me that's important. You probably know too much, actually."
Jade pouted at that--actually pouted, in a way his brother Floyd might. "What if I do want to hear? Prefect, I brought you here to say you can trust me." He closed his eyes. "You always seem to get homesick with your cats around, but you talk to them so much anyways. I could be your solution to that problem. I love to listen to you, so it would be a win for both of us."
"I get homesick because I'm away from home, Jade," you giggle. "You see me get homesick around my cats because when my cats are around, it's usually just the two of us. I trust you more than nearly anyone else at this school, Jade, that's why I feel safe to show my homesickness around you, even if I don't exactly talk it out. My cats don't make me homesick--they're part of my home here, part of the cure to my homesickness... and so are you, so don't worry."
"Is that so, Prefect? Do you really mean that?"
You grin, lips partially stained from the decorative drink he'd made you. "I do."
Jade smiles. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, Prefect."
...they get too much of your attention.
Oh, and yeah, he's jealous. He's done trying to hide it. He puts on enough fake smiles for the rest of Scarabia--now he just scowls when he sees your cats around, even more so when he sees you coddling them like a mother hen.
You know, with all his chasing Kalim and with all your running around the school on Crowley's orders, mutual free time between the two of you is something he considers precious. Do you just not feel the same, ooooor?
Of course, you--in all the joys of being a new cat parent--hardly let his sour mood and stinging comments sour your happiness. Not only do you spend your free moments smothering your cats in affection, you drag him into it as well!
"Truth or dare?"
"Prefect, they're just cats, they can't play-"
"Hush, Jamil, it's not your turn yet."
Jamil scowls at you. One of your cats meow at you and you boldly translate the sound as 'dare'.
"I dare you to come show Jamil how cute you are," you tell your cat. Noticing your affectionate tone, the cat in question naively wanders into your lap, only to be lifted up in your arms and held Lion-King-style in front of Jamil's face.
"So cute, right?" You giggle. Jamil sighs, rubs the cats head for a moment, and glares at you again.
"What is the purpose behind these games, Prefect?" he drawls. "Do you never tire of these childish games? Or are you so in denial that you think your pets are capable of listening, understanding, and feeling? They're cats--just pets, and pets that could never be capable of caring about you the way I--ahem, the way people can."
The look on your face tells him he's already taken his criticism too far. He opens his mouth to apologize, but you cut him off--not unkindly, but with determination.
"Maybe they are childish, you're right. And no, I don't think they're capable of a human's range of comprehension and emotion, but I do love them a lot, so I enjoy doing mindless and silly things if it means bonding with them. I invite you along because if anyone deserves a break its you, and I enjoy doing mindless and silly things with you too. Are you saying you no longer wish to join us?"
"No!" That's not what he meant at all.
"Okay? Then what am I doing wrong?"
He didn't like how you worded that question--you said it like you felt bad, and that was never his intention. As a show of good will, he picked up one of your cats and got to explaining.
"It's just that... you give these guys so much attention," he said, holding up the cat in his arms. "I'm not sure how I am to compete with them."
"Well, that's why I combine these moments! So I have more time with both of you!"
"Yeah well... what if I want more alone time with you? Just the two of us?"
You tilt your head. "Just the two of us?"
He hates how long you take to ponder the statement. A minute later, you smile understandingly.
"Okay, sure! I appreciate you telling me, Jamil. Let's spend more time alone together! I'll get a babysitter for these little guys."
"A babysitter? They're cats!"
"Baby cats!" you argue. "I still have to make sure they're taken care of. I'll let them alone a little more as they get older, but... my efforts to extend our time together start now. Thanks for telling me, sweet pea."
"Don't... don't 'sweet pea' me," he muttered, sounding secretly pleased with the nickname. "And you don't have to--aah!"
He stood up suddenly, backing away quicker than you'd ever seen him move before. He stood on the couch, pointing to the ground with a shaky hand.
"Kill it! Kill it now!"
"Kill..." you look at the ground, and find a little bug scurrying along the floorboards. "Aah!"
"Aah? What do you mean, 'aah'?! You're not scared too?!"
"Scared? Jamil, they're gross!"
"So I don't wanna kill it!"
"Kill it anyways!"
"I don't want to-"
You cut yourself off when one of your cats lurches forward, pinning the bug in one go. Dutifully, it picks up the critter in its mouth and carries it over to you, dropping its corpse at your feet with a cocky swish of its tail. Jamil gags.
"Oh. Good... good boy?" You say confusedly.
Slowly, you find a paper towel and remove the creature from the floor. Jamil reluctantly comes down from the couch, gazing at your cat with a new look of appreciation.
You turn to see him holding the bug-killing cat in his arms, scratching it's ear and cooing over it just as you had been a while ago. He looks at you, clearing his throat.
"Let's... Let's hang out with your cats more often."
...they're wary of him.
Trickster, he loves you dearly, but--please don't laugh! This is serious.
It's like someone told them he was a hunter or something--and they understood?? Was it Ruggie? Leona? His money was on Leona.
While he did get theatrical about it (mostly to make you laugh--in his opinion, it was the most beautiful sound in the world), he still considered this fact quite soberly.
Did you agree with your little ones? Were you wary of him as well?
Upon his dramatic laments (which he had no problem spontaneously declaring outside the Ramshackle dorm, might you add), you had assured him that your opinion was not analogous to your cats and, in fact, you felt quite safe around him.
You had no idea why your cats were so timid around Rook either. You playfully suggested that maybe they were bashful because he was so handsome, to which he laughed and swept you up in his arms.
Still, he never quite got over it... until.
"Oh, mon petit jouet, is that for me?"
Presently, you were asleep on the Ramshackle lounge sofa, studying for an upcoming potion exam Rook offered to tutor you for. He'd been opting to let you rest for a while he watched a few of your cats play.
The cat that had a dead rat in its mouth. It was lucky you weren't awake to pay attention, or else you might have freaked out upon seeing such a creature in Ramshackle. Rook simply plucked the corpse from the mouth of your pet and congratulated it with its hunt with a pat on the head.
"It seems you are not so scared of me anymore, are you little one?"
He disposed of the animal before you could worry. When he returned, more of your cats were standing in front of him, tails flicking.
"Oooh, do tell, little ones," Rook grinned. "You mean there are more little pests to be hunted?"
The cats meowed at him--the same way they meow at you when you talk to them! Rook was absolutely delighted.
"Then allow me to get my bow. Let's deal with this problem before our sweet little trickster wakes up, okay?"
By the time you woke up, Rook and your little fur babies had already taken care of the problem. Upon peeking your eyes open, you saw a sight you didn't expect--Rook, sitting cross-legged on the floor with your cats climbing onto him, begging for attention as if you'd never pet them in your life.
"I think they like you more than me," you say, voice still a bit groggy. Rook looks at you with stars in his eyes.
"You think so, mon cœur? We had a little bonding time while you were asleep." Dismissing your cats, he crawls over to place a delicate kiss on your forehead. "How was your nap, trickster dearest?"
You smile sleepily. Had you not just woken up, you might have been more flustered by the action. "Lovely. Where were-" you cut yourself off with a yawn. "-where were we? In studying?"
"We were just talking about the chemistry between you and me."
"The... chemistry..." you repeat sleepily. "Wait, wha-" "Nevermind that now, trickster. Let's get back to studying for that quiz, oui?"
Ortho (platonic):
...they've officially made Idia go insane.
Since when?? Since when has Idia had the courage to leave his dorm and visit yours without any further prompting from his little brother?? Since when??
Ortho is confused. Pleased, yes, but also very confused.
Had cats really been the solution all this time?
Ortho was used to fighting tooth and nail to get his big brother to go out, interact, make friends and be more confident. Sure, the easy solution was as genius as it was pleasant and practical, but now that he no longer had to fight that battle he wasn't really sure what to do with his time.
Actually, now he had a new problem on his hands, which was that Idia has turned your Ramshackle dorm into his new hideout.
Literally. It's a techno-wizard's paradise in there. You went from barely having proper plumbing and heating to having a multi-monitor gaming setup just sitting out in the dorm's guest room, i.e. Idia's room part two.
Ortho, however, was a pleasant and happy soul. He wouldn't be deterred by this rapid change of events. Instead? He would just overcome and adapt.
Sorry Prefect, but now you have two people moving into Ramshackle. I hope your ghost friends don't mind.
Ortho finds that he gets along with your cats really well. They're still essentially kittens--they have a nosiness and curiosity that makes them come across as friendly, and in terms of boundaries they didn't seem to mind a good cuddle now and then.
Sure, Ortho got mad when they ran away from Idia a few times, but he supposed he understood... Idia had a tendency to smother your children almost as bad as you did--you were like two freakishly happy parents in a bad sitcom with the way you treated those little guys.
No, seriously, Ortho could hear the laugh tracks when you guys made cat puns or spat off a cheesy Disney-channel-esque line. You were like that cliche couple that worked at a funeral home and made death jokes whenever the opportunity presented. You and Idia should not be that happy-go-lucky, it was kind of freaking Ortho out.
Anyways, for being kittens your babies were suprisingly tolerant of Idia's cat obsession, so Ortho supposed all was well in the world.
Besides, Idia staying over meant both of them got to get a new sort of sleepover experience--Ortho loved spending the time with you and your cats!
...they're overprotective of you.
Look, Lilia gets it. As a parent, you want to protect your family with everything you have--but as someone who is capable of taking a metaphorical, as the youngsters call it, 'chill pill'... your children need to calm down.
It's like trying to get past an army of tiny, furry Sebeks--except instead of worshiping Malleus they're instead obsessed with you, not letting anyone or anything touch you that isn't themselves or their food.
Apparently this has been a problem for multiple people, Lilia has come to discover. Your friends Ace and Deuce could no longer hug you in the Ramshackle dorm, nor could Grim curl up on your lap or receive any pets. Strangers weren't even allowed to walk near you, lest they face the wrath of your oh-so-scary kittens.
Lilia was so cute! Why did they think he was such a threat? On top of that, he's just so sweet and lovable and an expert with kids, furry or otherwise, so...
Why wasn't he an exception? True, he was glad that they weren't particularly scared of him compared to everyone else, but...
He missed the way things used to be, okay? Him popping up from behind you or above you, giving you a little fright and then making it up to you with a hug....
Or just showing up in front of you, kissing your forehead or cheeks just to watch your face crinkle in mock-annoyance...
Or even... popping out of nowhere to say hello. He's lost his surprise factor, because every time he tries to sneak up on you in Ramshackle your kittens alert you with a dramatically loud meow!
He had to come up with a plan. Something to get that physical affection from you he was desperately lacking.
"Lilia? What are you doing?"
"Prefect! I was just..."
...not trying to lure your cats into another room, that's for sure. He would never shut the door on him just so he could attack you without warning. Never.
"...bonding. With... them." He decided. You giggle, crouching down next to him and petting one of your kittens.
"Awe, are you really? How sweet!" you pick up another kitten and rub your nose against theirs, and... seriously, Prefect, when is it Lilia's turn?
"When is it my turn?"
"What?" You look at him, and suddenly, he's looking away, grinning and chuckling like he'd just told an inside joke to himself.
"Do you want an eskimo kiss too?" you say playfully. Lilia--who's not very used to being caught off guard--freezes when you lean a little bit closer, noses almost brushing....
And there goes your minions. Oh well--at least you tried.
"Hey," you huff at your cats. "Don't be stingy. Lilia's sooo sweet, he deserves all the love too, okay? Behave."
You give it another try--cupping his cheek and leaning in—and Lilia can feel his heart pounding. The cats hiss again, this time coming in between the two of you as if they could separate you by force. You sigh and pull away, and Lilia starts to feel irritated by your cats (despite how much as he adored them).
You grab him by the wrist and drag him outside. Once there, you shut the door behind you and throw your arms around him, finally giving him the eskimo kiss he'd been wanting.
"Being a parent is so hard," you whine. "I'm soooo touch starved! I expected to lose finances and food and all, but not affection! I'm literally losing my mind..."
“Oh? Kheeheehee..." you feel his arms sneak around you, pulling you closer. He has a playful smile on his face, lower lip tucked under cute pointy teeth. "I think I might be able to help with that, Prefect."
Oh, and nevermind on the cat thing. They can be as overprotective as they want, so long as he gets to be the one you go to for your affection refill ♡
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mrs-schoenheit · a day ago
HAVING AN ARGUMENT WITH TREY the rest of the day was filled with nothing but ignoring each other's presence because of the unresolved fight that you two had.
And here you are after a long day from school, standing underneath the roof of the school as you watched the heavy rain pouring down onto the cold ground.
You were just about to head back to Ramshackle after helping out with putting the equipments back in their proper places in the laboratory and talking to the headmaster, but you got a lot in your mind that the sound of the rain didn't reached your ears until now.
You shut your eyes, sighing, frustrated. Knowing you didn't bring an umbrella with you.
The only good thing about this is you had Grim go back to the dorm first. At least he won't be complaining about getting his fur wet.
But Grim would definitely be hearing complains from you once you get back.
You didn't want to stay in school for too long, so even if you have to bear the heavy drops of rain soaking your uniform, you'll run through it.
Stepping away from the protection of the roof from the rain, you immediately feel the coldness on your skin when the drops of rain finally hits you.
It's cold, but you'll bear with it. All for the sake of getting back to your dorm, to your room.
You didn't risked the chance of slipping and falling on the wet ground, so you maintained a moderate pace with your walking.
While you're walking under this cold and harsh weather, shivering and holding yourself in your arms, you didn't really expect to see someone to be walking out here.
Trey, who is walking back to the school building to go back to his dorm—is holding one umbrella on his hand, while the other holds a plastic bag tight on his grip. He seems to just got back from buying a couple of things from Mystery Shop.
Your eyes instantly met, as you two are about to passed by each other. But as fast as that happens, so was you tearing your gaze away from him.
.... You looked down to your feet, avoiding to have your eyes meet again.
You passed by him, seemingly tightening the hold in your arms that are wrapped around your shoulders. The only comfort that you could have at the moment, as you two pretend to be strangers.
You continued walking. You didn't stopped. You didn't looked back.
But what you didn't notice is how your moderate pace of walking is slowly turning into running.
And it was only then when you tripped and landed face first on the cold ground that you finally realized—you were already crying.
Broken sobs, that eventually got louder and louder, broke out from your body; you attempted to get up... but realized that you just didn't have the strength to pull yourself together. Your heart aches.
You missed Trey.
You sat yourself there in the rain, crying your heart out. Both of your palms are pressed against the wet ground, trembling, as the heavy drops of your tears and rain landed on them.
Because of your pained cries, you failed to hear it—the call of your name.
Trey have dropped the plastic bag and umbrella on the ground, rushing and kneeling to your side as he pulled you in his arms.
He hugged you close, hushing your cries as he rubbed your back and pressed a long kiss on your head. His heart ached at the sight of you like this. He blames himself, closing his eyes as he started crying.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry..." His voice cracks, kissing your temple after each apology.
Sobbing, he buried his face at the crook of your neck.
"I'm sorry... I'm here now. I love you so much..."
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Oh ok!
Then can I request sexual harassment comfort with octanivelle?
Tumblr media
A/N: apologies if this sucks absolute ass, I do not in fact know how to write this properly and I can barely remember the last time this happened to me cause I was panicking
Prompt: none
Pairing(s): Azul Ashengrotto x reader, Jade Leech x reader, Floyd Leech x reader
CW: sexual harassment
Notes: gn!reader, comfort
Tumblr media
You bounded into the Mostro Lounge, a grin stretched across you face as you looked around for your boyfriend. It was a pretty busy day, so it was a little hard to find him in the crowd! Your eyes darted around, scanning the sea of people, before catching a glimpse of him, talking to a customer by the bar.
Slipping past a couple people lingering near the entrance, you weaved your way through the crowd, albeit a bit clumsily. You could hear chattering all around you, the ambience oddly comforting, as it was annoying.
Suddenly, a sharp whistle cut through the noise. No one else seemed to notice except you, and you quickly turned around to identify the source of the sound.
"Hey there, pretty thing!" A group of Savanaclaw boys whooped as one of them called out towards you.
You ignored them, turning around to start walking towards your boyfriend again. Surely they weren't speaking to you, right?
"Nice ass!" Another one hollered, earning a rowdy laugh that rippled across their table. "Why don'tcha come sit with us, yeah? C'mon, we don't bite... hard!"
The table erupted into laughter as you began walking faster, heart pounding. You couldn't hear the rest through the subzero panic that flowed through your veins.
Tumblr media
AZUL turned to you once you caught up to him, smile quickly fading to a look of concern. Bidding a short goodbye to his client, he pulled you behind the bar, looking into your eyes carefully.
"What happened, my love? Are you hurt?" He asked, holding your hands in his, searching your face for any sign of pain.
"A-Azul... no, I'm- I'm okay, there were just some..." you paused, selecting your words cautiously. "...weird guys at a table. They- they said some creepy things to me and- and it just made me... feel a bit uncomfy."
His soft gaze hardened as he pulled you closer to him, beckoning the Leech twins over.
“Yes, sir?” Jade arrived first, followed by an irked Floyd.
“Find who did this to them.” Azul spat the command with venom. “Do whatever you need to make them atone for this.”
“Yes sir.” The twins grinned, wide, sharp grins stretching across each of their faces. “You got it, boss.”
You looked up, confused. “Wait, Azul—“
“Don’t worry, my love, we’re closing early today. Let’s let Floyd and Jade handle this, alright?” He kissed the crown of your head. "We can stay back here and do whatever we want, how does that sound?"
Tumblr media
JADE had already seen you coming, casting a well-masked worried glance in your direction. Putting down the drink for the customer, he ended the conversation, pulling you behind the bar with him.
"Floyd and I saw all of it, I'm terribly sorry that I didn't interfere." He deflated a little, pressing a soft kiss to your knuckles.
"Jade, it's not yourー" you trailed off, seeing his pupils contract, a menacing aura radiating from his magick.
"I will take care of them, I promise you." His eyes flickered up to meet yours. "Though no good will come from Floyd and myself mindlessly attacking a group of students from another dorm... I suppose I'll just let Azul handle it."
At the mentions of their names, the two slinked into the room with matching grins. "Did you call us, Jade?"
He drew himself up to his full height, hand still loosely holding yours. "Azul, will ensure Floyd doesn't cause any problems while he... does what he needs to?"
"Of course." Azul pushed his glasses up. "In return, you must take good care of them."
Jade's mouth stretched wide into a sharp grin. "Excellent."
He kept you close as he worked, scanning the crowd of customers every now and again, laying kisses on your temple periodically. Oddly enough, Floyd was missing and Azul would peek into the staff room with exact ten-minute intervals...
Tumblr media
FLOYD had already cut through the crowd, running straight for you with a grin. "Shrimpy!"
He pulled you into his arms, spinning you around, before setting you down again, kissing your nose. Once he noticed how fast your heart was beating, he paused for a moment, confused.
He blinked, following your gaze to the table behind the two of you. As they quieted down, his eyes seemed to glint with anger.
"Shrimpy..." he repeated, pulling you in again, this time rather protectively. "I wanna squeeze a little sea puppy right now... have you ever seen one before?"
His eyes were glued behind you as he talked. "They're cute and pudgy, and they've got these big black eyes they stare at you with... sometimes I just wanna squeeze 'em till they pop."
"Floyd, what are you talking about? Haha... you can't hug seals like that, silly, that's gonna hurt them!" You laughed nervously, tugging him back towards the bar he'd left unattended. "Come on, let's just go, Jade's working the bar and serving drinks at once! You know we're understaffed todayー!"
"Jaーde!" He called in the direction of the bar, a toothy grin plastered on his face. "Y'need any help?"
His twin smiled back at him from behind the bar, shaking his head.
You watched as he moved towards the group, the Mostro Lounge dead silent by now, the only sound being the popping of Floyd's joints as he readied his body for a fight. He conjured something that looked oddly similar to a sock with something in it.
With a loud smash, he brought the weapon (?) down on the table, denting the spot right next to one of the boys' hand. The group jumped up, scooting away from where he stood.
Tossing whatever he just used at them, he brought a hand behind your back and under your knees, lifting you up to carry you behind the bar.
"Floyd..." Azul rubbed at his temples, sighing. "Good job, but next time, don't destroy the lounge's tables. MC, are you alright?"
A short laugh bubbled up in your mouth. "Yes, I'm alright now... but I do have a question."
"What is that?"
"Did Floyd use a sock to break a table?"
Your boyfriend kissed your cheek, nuzzling against you. "It was Azul's, don't worryー!"
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mrs-schoenheit · a day ago
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Floyd, Jade)
The Leech twins are very particular about one thing in specific: anything that's boring is a big no. That includes their dating life.
NOTE: I only write for female reader but everyone is welcome to read it!
There we go, folks, I finally opened my Elvis playlist after resisting for so long. It's like I haven't learned anything in all my past Fandoms. Also... second part, maybe?
The eels call each other "other half" because I think it's cute
ANGST. But not just for Reader ;) With a hopeful ending? Maybe?
— (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)
— Floyd
Floyd's relationship is going well. So well that it's a problem. Now Shrimpy is old news, and will willingly show Floyd everything she is and does, taking away the thrill of hunting down that information.
And worse, Floyd has become predictable to her. She can tell what he is feeling and what he'll do just as well as Jade, which takes away the fun of being a wild card, even if most of the time she lets him do whatever he wants.
Differently from Azul, the eels, and specially Floyd, do not enjoying the curse of knowing. The unexpected has always been more interesting.
But now he's bored of this relationship. And Floyd is not one for sticking around to boring things without knowing they'll have interesting results.
"Shrimpy, let's break up," he bluntly tells her as soon as he arrives to their usual lunch spot at the Monstro Lounge. "You're no fun anymore."
The girl stares up to him, and he feels a rush of pleasure at the whirlwind of feelings in her eyes betraying her blank expression. Oh, at least she gave him a last moment of enjoyment! Maybe, if she keeps showing all those feelings, he'll keep her around as a friend–
Then she blinks and the feelings are gone, all replaced by a calm tide of understanding and kindness. She smiles at him, her usual gentle smile back in place, and gets up, leaving her half drank drink and some money on the table.
"I understand, Floyd," she says, and her voice trembles a little before steading. Shrimpy gently takes one of his hands and squeezes between hers. "Thank you so much for all those happy memories. I hope we can still be friends and that you find someone who will keep you entertained."
Then she drops his hand and scurries off. Floyd is left in the middle of Monstro Lounge, silent and frozen, the warmth on his hand slowly fading as time moves on. It takes him another minute to snap out of it, and now he's in a terrible mood and he doesn't even know why. He was supposed to be happy! The boring thing was taken care of! He's free! Free!
Except he spends the rest of the day sulking. Except he ends the day depressingly throwing himself on the bed and clutching his pillow with trembling hands. Except he tosses and turns and dreams of (Y/N). Except he wakes up grumpy. Except he does terribly at classes and gets scolded. Except he works terribly at Monstro Lounge and gets scolded. Except he doesn't even feel like getting annoyed at the scoldings. Except he spends the rest of the day sulking. Except he ends the days staring at his ceiling with a blank expression. Except he starts the days grumpy and tired. Except he skips classes because he feels like breaking something. Except he gets scolded every day for missing class and being late for work. Except
"Floyd, this is enough," Jade appears in his line of view, openly worried as he leans down to look at his twin. "What is bothering you so much? You're tearing up."
Floyd blinks, finally noticing the wetness in his eyes. Jade sits on his bed and Floyd sits up to stare at him. This is not a scolding. This is an intervention, one of Jade's rare moments of care, where he drops all his lies and half-truths.
Much how his Shrimpy used to do.
"Floyd..." Jade murmurs, hands cupping Floyd's face and thumbs catching his tears. "What is the matter, my other half?"
"... I broke up with Shrimpy," Floyd sobs, not holding back his tears or his words. "I thought... I thought she was boring, and she was! There's never anything interesting anymore, so I– I broke up with her, but... Hic...!"
With a wail, he throws himself at his brother's arms, squeezing him with all his might, hiding his face in his neck. He's crying harder than he has in years, the last time being when they were children. Jade only hugs him back, hand soothingly rubbing his back, knowing exactly what his twin needs. Floyd sobs out more words, some he can't even understand himself, but his other half only listens, nodding every now and then to assure him that he's being listened to.
Once he's done crying, he's so tired that he doesn't protest when Jade lays him back on his bed and then takes his place by his side. Sharing a bed comes naturally to them, and so does the cuddling. Usually, Floyd would tease Jade for being a softie, but he doesn't have the strength to muster even a huff.
"It seems, Floyd, that your feelings run deeper than just interest," Jade says after a moment, ungloved fingers running through Floyd's hair. "You probably... no, you definitely like her, romantically. Maybe you even love her."
"I don't love boring things!"
"I can't believe I'm saying this, but she is not a thing, brother," Floyd can't believe that mister schemer said that also, but Jade's words are upsettingly making too much sense. "She's a girl you seem to hold dearly."
"But, then, why was she boring?"
"... I can't answer that, my other half. I'm not even sure you were bored. Every time I saw you with her, I thought you were at your happiest."
Floyd deflates even more, cuddling his brother for comfort, wishing he was cuddling his Shrimpy. She'd always let him cuddle and squeeze her, and giggle when he'd knead her sides or nip her shoulder. It was... nice. Not exactly fun, but nice. Made him feel warm. Warm like when she'd bring him food she cooked herself. She'd repeat the dishes he liked, and it was... nice. Warm. Like her kisses, always so gentle and sweet. Expected. Nice.
Not really fun. But really nice.
It didn't make his blood pump, but it warmed him. Made him... satisfied.
"... I wanna my Shrimpy back."
"Fufufu... should we prepare then?"
— (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)
— Jade
"I'd like to talk to you later."
Her eyes widen for a moment before she nods, and Jade relishes in the nervousness creeping up her back. A very rare feeling when it comes to his girlfriend lately.
(Y/N) was the most interesting person when they first met, and in all aspects but teir relationship, she still is, what with her lack of magic, her determination and her pechant for getting in troubro helping others. But months into a relationship, and Jade has found everything there is to find about her. Sure, the shenanigans she brings are always entertaining, but he doesn't need to be more than a friend to be part of those.
Doesn't need to waste effort into maintaining a romantic relationship.
So he won't. Jade loves being efficient, after all.
Which is why there's already a paid drink on the table when she arrives at Monstro Lounge. If he wants in whenever shenanigans happen, he needs to at least be liked and trusted enough to be an option in case things got bad. So a proper, honest break up is the best. He even lets her take a sip of the drink and swallow it before opening his mouth, to avoid her choking.
"I'll be direct, since I don't want to drag such unpleasant moment much longer," he starts, staring right at her eyes, "The truth is... I'm breaking up with you."
"C-Can I ask why?" (Y/N) stutters, playing with the drink's straw. "Did I do something?"
"Oh, no, you did nothing. And that's the problem. You see, me and my brother... we don't like boring."
He knows he's being cruel now, but he wants to finish this quickly. Jade is the type of person with much to do and very little time, so every minute is precious.
"Oh..." she mumbles, taking a deep breath before mustering up a smile. It looks a bit crooked, but it is still as kind as always. "Right. I understand. Thank you for being honest, Jade. I hope we can still be friends...?"
"Of course, I'd love that."
"Right... right. I'm gonna- I'm gonna go now, ok? Thanks for the drink."
She runs off, no doubt going to tell her friends about the break up. If it's her usual group, then she'll be fine. Jade takes the glass, finishes the drink in one go and immediately moves to the next task on his long, long list.
Jade does very well the days after the breakup. He excels at work, he excels at school, he excels at keeping his brother from bothering others too much, he excels at taking care of his terrariums. Truly, he's so efficient, one would believe he is the one with either ten limbs or a cloning magic. He's so effficient that he... doesn't have as many tasks as before.
And without tasks to fill in the time, it becomes obvious the holes in his schedule. Without a girlfriend to walk to class, he has to wander the hallways alone. Without a girlfriend to cook with, he has to cook and clean alone. Without a girlfriend to tutor, he doesn't know what to do but sit on the library with his textbooks open, all assignments completed to perfection. Once the amount of tasks went down, his time alone went up, and he has no idea how to feel about it.
He knows even less how to feel when he sees (Y/N) talking with that Savanaclaw first year—what was his name again? Jake? Jack?—animatedly, touching his arm and even leaning on it, sharing with him her pretty giggles and shining smiles while the boy drinks up her attention with a bright blush and a fake scowl. They walk off arm in arm, and Jade stands there, stupefied, feeling something inside him tear like paper.
"Other half, what is it?"
Floyd approaches with uncharacteristically worried eyes, hands raising to cup his face. Jade allows him, only to flinch back when he feels a thumb smear something wet on his cheek.
"... who did this?" Floyd growls, and Jade is warmed by the knowledge that his brother, his twin, his other half, is always willing to fight in his name.
"I did this to myself," he admits quietly, stepping closer to the other. Floyd is clearly confused, but accepts his brother in his arms nonetheless, understanding that Jade is feeling a bit too vulnerable at the moment. "It seems not even I am safe from stupid mistakes."
"Of course, you silly fishy~" the other pats his back lightly, squeezing him with all his might in an attempt to comfort. "What did you do?"
"... I broke up with (Y/N)."
"Oh, that's stupid."
"It's the truth," Floyd shrugs, now patting his head. "You really love Shrimpy, though. Always beaming near her, why did you break up? Did she do something? I'll squeeze her for you!"
"No, no, I just... Thought it was boring."
"... Huh. I didn't have that impression at all. If anything, you always look happy near her, like she hung the moon and stars. It's even sappier than when you're looking at mushrooms."
Not when he loves her so dearly, and still broke up with her.
Jade chuckles softly, knowing that he has no way of denying it. Not when he still spends time to wait for her between classes only to remember the two are not together anymore. Not when he cooks for her and then has to eat it because she's not there anymore. Not when he wants to fight that wolf boy for daring to take away her attention, despite knowing he also has no right to it anymore.
He needs to get her back.
"... Floyd. Would you like to join me in my next plan?"
"What's the plan? If it's fun, you can count on me~"
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mrs-schoenheit · 3 days ago
hi hi! im back again to bug you >:)) /j so i had i really specific idea for a scenario: what do you think of an aladdin-like MC? like in the ‘one jump ahead’ scene, MC gets caught stealing food from the mystery shop and riddle or one of the stricter housewarden/vice head wardens catch them, and a full chase sequence unfolds? if this is too specific i sincerely apologize! i hope you have a nice day/night/ect!!!
Tumblr media
note after writing;; i hope this isnt too long, i had so much fun writing this (*^^*)♡
Tumblr media
your heart seems to stop temporarily at every little noise you hear, you knew you were guilty... but you were also hungry. tucking the wrapped food item into your blazer pocket, you walk around some more until you decide it's alright to leave. grim is at your side, a look of slight disappointment on his face... even if he was the one suggesting that you steal. as you were about to reach the door, a hand roughly came down on your shoulder. you jumped and grim sqeaked; spinning around, you meet the eyes of riddle rosehearts. his blueish-grey eyes are piercing as he looks directly into your soul. "(name), i watched you slip that food item into your blazer and i assume you're about to leave without paying, no?"
you breathe out shakily before smiling. "i mean... we are in a villain school, no? when in rome, do as the romans do..!" you smile before shaking off his hand, dashing out the door with grim right after, making some remark about needing a fast get away. you could hear riddle shout, but you payed no mind to it as you kept on running. grim looked back and suddenly screamed. "he's hot on our tails!" you looked back as well and there riddle was, running after you as quick as possible... which wasn't very fast but he WAS after you and grim. you bent down to scoop up grim and you continued running until you reached the botanical garden, where you and grim ducked behind a large plant. you could hear riddle panting and calling for you both, but he kept walking straight past you. feeling a warm sensation on your neck, you turn around to see... "ace?!" you whispered.
ace put a finger up to his lips and giggled quietly. "aha, never thought i'd find you hiding behind a bush. let me guess, riddle's after you?" he asked, scooting closer as grim nervously looked for riddle once more. "yes, he is.. why are you hiding..?" you asked back and got a simple answer of "i thought he was after me". you sighed in relief before riddle once agian yelled for you. "(name) and grim, you thieves! return your stolen goods at once!" he said, looking behind plants and getting closer to your hiding spot. ace gasped. "whaaaat? you stole something? man, i was not expecting that from you!" ace said, a little too loudly. riddle stood straight and walked to where you were. "damn it, ace." you let go of grims mouth and shot up, jumping over the plant and continuing to run.
now ace and riddle we're running after you. ace was in for the thrill and riddle was still angry as ever. on your run out of the botanical garden, deuce and jack had seen you all and joined the chase. "what did they do?" jack asked, ace piping in to tell then about your crimes. deuce gasped, much like ace had, before going on about justice and his future career and ... blah blah blah. as ace, deuce, and jack chatted, riddle had to stop and catch his breath, which infinitely helped you both. reaching the inside of the school, you ran straight into a crowd of students in the hallway. ace, deuce, and jack all stopped running to look for you. deuce has passed by you multiple times, put with you pressed against floyd, he didn't even notice. "eh? shrimpy wants a hug~?" he giggled, before you shushed him. "not now, in trouble." but floyd does NOT listen! he picked you up and swung you around, making sure to accidentally hit like 4 people, including jade.
"there!" jack yelled and ran towards you, politely pushing through the crowd. floyd saw the tall beastman run towards you, and on impulse, floyd flipped you onto his back and made a run for it, grim clinging onto your blazer hopelessly as he flailed in the wind like a cartoon character. floyd managed to run you and grim all the way to the area right outside of crewel's room. setting you down, he smiled and asked why you were suddenly being chased. with an annoyed eye roll, you just said "i got hungry." before you could say anything else, you saw epel and sebek appeared behind jade. "I DEMAND YOU TO STOP RUNNING!" sebek screamed, scaring epel a little bit. you deadpanned, wondering if he knew you were a thief too. "RUNNING IN THE HALLWAYS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! I WILL ALERT-" "AHA! GOT YOU NOW!"
you turned away from sebek to see jack in his wolf form with riddle ontop of him. ace and deuce jogging slowly behind to catch up. "woah, what in tarnation is goin' awh?" epel asked, confused. you sighed heavily, taking the stolen food out of your pocket. "man, i'm just hungry." you said tiredly and then proceeded to open the package, causing riddle and sebek to scream. "NO EATING IN THE HALLWAYS-" "-YOU DID NOT PAY FOR THAT!" with riddle exposing your crime to everyone, you stood in the middle of the hallway. tearing a piece for grim, you fed him your stolen food to take a bite. everyone watched in silence, including floyd? as you were about to ask why they all went silent, you looked behind you to see crewel standing in his open doorway. "(name), grim. my room, now."
you gulped loudly, putting the food back into your pocket. "yes sir...!"
Tumblr media
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mrs-schoenheit · 5 days ago
you want to pierce your ears, jade offers to do it for you.
— warnings: mention of needles, ears being pierced of course, semi proofread
— characters: jade (ft. azul)
Tumblr media
when you first complained about wanting to pierce your ears, jade offered to do it for you. immediately, you shot him down. it would be stupid of you to accept an offer from jade leech of all people to pierce your ears. the possibilities were endless. he could pierce the wrong part of your ear. he could end up making too big of a hole. he could make too small of a hole. you knew none of the staff would be impressed to see you walk in to the infirmary with your ears in dire need of first aid. however, you seemed to underestimate jade’s persuasive skills. that was your biggest and most costly oversight.
since, before you knew it, you were sitting in front of jade, after hours at monstro lounge, as he was readying himself to pierce your eyes. “are you sure you can do this?” you nervously asked as you watched him slip a pair of latex gloves on. at least he acted like a professional piercer. 
Keep reading
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mrs-schoenheit · 5 days ago
Adeuce : We are not paying for that
Floyd: *annoyed* why not? you ordered 42 coffee
Adeuce: We said 4 tea 2 coffee
Tumblr media
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mrs-schoenheit · 5 days ago
The Key to My Heart (Housewardens)
Reader has a secret she keeps locked in her chest. He knows he has her pure, full love when she gives him the key
NOTE: I only write for female reader but everyone is welcome to read it!
A bit, uh, macabre. Little bit of body horror. If you know Pirates of the Caribbean... Yeah. That.
— <3 <3 <3
— Riddle
Riddle has always known of the existence of the chest. He remembers clearly the orientation day, the girl dressed in baggy cerimonial robes, holding a small chest for dear life.
He hadn't seen it after that, though. Even when he went to Ramshackle, the chest was nowhere to be seen. Even when they started dating, he would never see it. Not that he wanted to pry on her personal matters, of course, but he couldn't help but be curious.
And his patience is rewarded eventually.
The two alone in her room, Grim gone for the day, the door and windows firmly locked. Riddle knows whatever it is she'll reveal, is extremely important and must be kept a secret, and he's touched by her trust on him.
He's less touched when he sees what's in the chest she placed between them on her bed.
A living, beating heart greets him, sounding like a constant drum.
He doesn't know how to feel. He has seen hearts, of course, he's the son of great healers, human anatomy was the first thing drilled in his mind.
But still, there's just something... Something raw about it. Something... Ironically visceral.
"This is my heart," the Prefect explains. "My only weakness. This body of mine cannot die unless my heart stops."
That... makes so much sense. Definitely explains her recklessness when it comes to overblots. She can't die by normal means, no. Not without a heart.
"And this... This is the key to this chest. The only one in existence. I carry it everywhere," she shows him the old key, and he does not has the mind to process its intricate details. "But I want you to have it."
"... W–what?"
"Riddle Rosehearts, this is the key to my heart, and I want you to carry it, forever."
— <3 <3 <3
— Leona
Leona honestly has no idea what's going on. He thought the worst when his girlfriend suddenly asked him to come to Ramshackle so they could speak alone. Thankfully, she's not breaking up with him.
But the chest sitting in front of him on her bed is not making him any less confused. Specially since he can hear... Soft heartbeats coming from it? And muffled by the material of the chest is the scent of meat, fresh, living meat.
"This is my heart," the Prefect states, nimble fingers doing a quick work of taking a heavy looking key from around her neck and opening the chest. "This is why I can't die. While this heart beats, I shall not die."
"... Why?" Leona asks instead of cursing like he first planned to. Give him a break, even he hasn't seen this amount of... Of gore. He's not sure if he's asking why her beating heart is out of her body or why she's showing it to him, and he'd appreciate either question being answered.
She chooses the second one.
"Because... It is yours. I'm giving you the key to my heart, to keep."
— <3 <3 <3
— Azul
Azul has heard the stories of sailors. Human sailors. Despite the merfolk's slow but sure integration on land, the good part of the population is still pretty wary, so he always had to sneak out to go listen the drunk sailors tell stories about gold and jewelry and treasure beyond comprehension.
So when he saw the chest on the hands of the mysterious magicless girl, his first thought was that one tale about the man who fell in love with a Sea Goddess, only to then get stuck with a dreadful job after her bitter betrayal. A man who, in his suffering, ripped out the tormented heart in his chest and locked it away.
Needless to say, he doesn't need to be given context for it when she finally shows him the chest, alone in Ramshackle. He observers the beautiful carved images on the sides, commits the texture of the wood to memory, caresses the time's scratches and bumps.
He refuses to let her open it, mentioning the tale of the sailors. He feels like he'll faint if he actually sees the fragile thing that keep her loving existence with him.
But the key he accepts gladly. Azul will wear that around his neck until his very last days.
— <3 <3 <3
— Kalim
Kalim is no stranger to fear.
Some may think the contrary, what with his sunny disposition and optimism, but Kalim is no fool. Only fools have no fear.
And more than that, Kalim is way more self aware than people give him credit for, or at least he has working arduously to be so after being part of the reasons behind Jamil's overblot.
So when his girlfriend, his lover, his love, hands him the key to the chest where she keeps her heart, Kalim is consumed by fear.
Fear that he'll fail to protect the heart. Fear that he'll forget is somewhere and leave her vulnerable, fear fear fear
But then she grabs his hand and places the key to his hand and oh. Oh.
— Vil
Kalim swears on everything he has ever cherished that he will not fail at keeping her heart and her safe.
— <3 <3 <3
— Idia
Vil plays with the heavy key in his hands, the silence between the two thick as he processes what his girlfriend just told him, what she just gave him.
The key is honestly beautiful. A bit on the older side, but the intricate arcs of its head are elegant and, dare he say, noble. A skeleton key like none he has even before. Worthy of her ethereal heart.
All his life, Vil has been playing the villain. All his life, people have feared his cursing touch. Including Vil himself.
Yet here she is, his beloved, giving him the two most important things in her life —no, giving him her life. Trusting him to guard it, to care for it. Accepting whatever he might do with it.
He could reach in and stop the beating so easily.
But instead, Vil kisses the key, and then its previous owner.
— <3 <3 <3
— Malleus
Curses. Idia is particularly... Acquainted with curses. So he immediately knows.
"It's warm..." He mumbles, a finger gently touching the beating heart, curious eyes watching as it speeds up.
"For I am alive."
His girlfriend doesn't need to say anything else. He knows. He understands. He gets the concept. He can even go beyond his gloomy disposition
and muse that maybe, maybe it isn't a curse, but a blessing, for nothing could kill you.
He'll make sure of it.
— <3 <3 <3
Malleus holds the key without gloves, even after his girlfriend warns him that it is made of iron and it shall burn his hands.
He does not care, however.
Not when this piece of iron and a wooden box are the only things between then and their life together forever. A fragile, human heart inside a box, defenseless, even a pencil could do the job. And then she'd be gone.
He feels his eyes water when she places the key in a little bag and then gives it to him, the fabric protecting him from the burns.
Her heart in the open, and all she can think of is his well-being.
He truly chose the most peculiar human to love.
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mrs-schoenheit · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[id: screenshots of tiktok captions. the images say, “but the only reason we still love princess diana is because she did not have the time to disappoint us.”]
begging queer kids to read up on princess diana’s involvement with the community. yes, she was a rich, pretty monarch. yes, she died young.
but the reason why queer people love her is because she used her privilege during the aids crisis to advocate for sick queer men, when very few others would - much less someone of her status.
diana spent years advocating for the health and care of queer people with hiv/aids. in 1987, at the height of the epidemic, she opened the first specialist clinic dedicated to treating aids patients (the first clinic of it’s kind in the uk).
she also fought public hysteria by hugging and shaking bare hands with aids patients, at a time when aids was thought to be spread by skin to skin contact. not only that, she visited patients in the clinic regularly and even comforted them through their sickness.
and when queen elizabeth told her to try focusing on “something more pleasant”?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
diana ignored her and kept fighting.
and this is only her work towards the aids crisis. she publicly called out the royal family, brought attention to numerous world issues, and was known as an advocate for empathy and kindness. she’s known and loved as the people’s princess for good reason
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mrs-schoenheit · 5 days ago
The Butler Types (Jade/MC/Barbatos)
Jade has no fears. What is it? There's a demon butler visiting NRC? Jade has one fear.
NOTE: I only write for female reader but everyone is welcome to read it!
I'm bitter because it's my birthday and Halloween Jade refuses to come, so I'll celebrate it with the better butler boy. *glares at Jade*
— (`⌒*)O-(`⌒´Q)
Jade is not one for fear.
Sure, he has his fair share of them. One simply does not grow up in Coral Sea without developing some. But one also simply does not grow in Coral Sea without losing some.
So Jade isn't one for fear.
But why does it have to be a butler type?
Jade can only watch, eye twitching in a nervous tic he got from Azul, as his crush ogles at the demon butler in front of her, hanging at his every word and blushing under his gaze.
His name is Barbatos, he is the loyal butler of Lord Diavolo, the Crown Prince of Devildom and the Headmaster of the Royal Academy of Diavolo, one of the few schools that might be older than NRC and even Crowley himself.
And he's exactly (Y/N)'s type.
A good looking, devilish butler with a gentle appearance and behavior who hides something darker and dangerous behind his tea brewing skills and overall otherworldly excellence? Big hell yes from her.
Why does Jade know that? Jade knows everything he possibly can about his crush, including the knowledge that he is exactly her type.
Or, at least, he's the closest anyone at NRC can get to her type.
He understandably did not account for possible visits from the Devildom, a Kingdom that has kept to itself for most, if not all, of its existence, and now he's paying the price. Floyd, the menace, is having a field day, watching from the bench they share as his other half gets more and more agitated while the demon charms Shrimpy.
"Oh, I'm sorry, am I holding you up? You must be busy with Lord Diavolo– I mean, with helping Lord Diavolo," Jade feels like eating glass at the enamoured look (Y/N) sends the demon, clearly not wanting to part but also not wanting to be rude.
"No need to worry, my lady, the Young Lord has given me some free time while he speaks with Lord Crowley," Barbatos gives her a smile the eel just knows is making her legs weak. "And I'm enjoying your company very much."
Barbatos is particularly hateful because he's actually being nice. His niceness is inherent, not trained like Jade's. And the eel can tell the Prefect can tell, she's good at judging one's character. It's one of the reasons why they get along so well, she can tell when Jade is being genuine or not, a skill very few have.
If only that skill wasn't helping the green haired demon get closer to her.
"O–oh, I see..." The girl places her hands on her burning cheeks, and Jade feels another bitter sting. That is his face, that's the face only he can get from her when he compliments her. "Thank you for your kind words."
"All of them true, I assure you."
"Oh, stop it, I'm already blushing."
"It was not my intention to make you uncomfortable, my lady, but... I must admit you look very lovable," Barbatos offers a hand to her, one she shyly takes, only to then squeak when he places a soft kiss on the back of her hand. "Please, allow me to be selfish and keep you by my side for a few more moments."
Jade walks so fast, it almost feels like he's swimming through the air. Floyd's loud laugh follows him like a predator, together with a playful "go get'em, tiger shark". As soon as he reaches the duo, he takes a silent deep breath, making sure his usual smile is on his face as he takes (Y/N)'s other hand, a privilege he earned, and brings it to his chest, right on his beating heart
"There you are, Prefect. I've been looking for you."
"J–Jade!" The eel is more than please to see her eyes completely leave the other to focus solely on him, the blush on her pretty face now all his.
When he looks up, mismatched eyes meet green eyes, and he can tell Barbatos has been fully aware of his presence from the very beginning. A sharp—quite literally—smile forms on his face at the annoyance in the other's eyes.
Ah, the greed of a servant who finally found something they want to be selfish about.
Would be entertaining if what the demon wanted wasn't Jade's already.
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Octavinelle Boys reaction to you asking for an angel shot with ice
Summary: One of the busiest night of mostro lounge led you to a group of students who can't take no for an answer which led you to order an angel shot. what will be their reaction?
A/n: For those who don't know, an angel shot is what you say to a bartender or server if your date is not going well or you feel unsafe because of another person. The server in turn will assist you depending on what kind of angel shot you ordered Angel shot neat = you need assistance to your car Angel shot with ice = You need the server to call you a taxi or uber Angel shot with lime = The server/bartender needs to call the police
Tw: Sexual hints and harassment. (it's not that graphic but please do proceed with caution), Minors DNI
Tumblr media
Azul takes pride in the fact that mostro lounge is a place for any student to relax in. That’s why the topic of security is always taken seriously by him. Even though the mostro lounge gets rowdy sometimes, Jade and Floyd will always be there to stop the chaos. Chaos is always expected especially since they are in a school filled with boys and Azul is a shady businessman. You were always comforted by the fact that there will always be eyes watching you just in case something goes south.
But it might not always be the case. As you sat there at a table with some scarabia students trying to hit you up.
“Come on, just for one night prefect” the tall one said as he scooted near you again for god knows how many times for tonight. You’ve tried telling them no and that you weren’t interested but that didn’t stop them from still asking and bugging you.
“Prefect, we will make you feel good.” Another student added, making you feel more uncomfortable as the minutes passed by. You kept eyeing whether anyone you know is near you, but tonight luck isn’t on your side. Tonight is one of the busiest night of mostro lounge, making any staff busy to oversee every corner of the lounge. You haven’t seen your boyfriend for a while now because of the amount of work he needs to do. You have tried everything you can to at least seperate yourself from this group but they follow you everywhere. In fear for your safety, you stayed in the lounge. You didn’t want to risk them following you to your dorm. The thought makes you shiver in fear.
After a few more minutes you heard a familiar voice nearby, you glanced behind and saw your boyfriend near the bar. Hope and a bit of relaxation filled you as you can finally attempt to stop this.
You stood up, earning a bit of complaints from the group you were with. “Where are you going? We are not done yet.” “Eager are we?” “Are you finally caving in?”
Disgusting. Truly. You faced the group and gathered all your strength to show that you weren’t bothered at all. “I'm just going to order a drink boys! Then we can talk more.” You smiled at them then proceeded to walk towards your boyfriend. He greeted you with a smile. But you weren’t smiling back. Your face was laced with worry and fear as you told them
“Can I have an angel shot? On ice. Please”
Tumblr media
- Azul is the owner of the lounge. He has heard about the meaning of angel shot from his research and as well from the tweels - Was shocked at first when he heard those words from your mouth, but the worry in your face was enough for him to go into action asap. - He wasted no time to call for jade and floyd, muttering the words angels shot with ice as quietly as possible. - The tweels already know what it means. The three turned to you waiting for the description of who is the threat. - “3 scarabia students. Table 9.” You whispered quietly. But that was enough for the tweels to start giving those men a bad time - No one messes with Azul’s angelfish - Azul then started escorting you towards his office, the lounge can run without him for the rest of the night. - Azul asks you for anything you want for the night and offers everything you might want. - You want to cuddle with him for the night? Sure! You want your favorite food? Azul will ask jade to cook it asap! Just ask and you shall receive. - Azul knows this can be a traumatizing experience for you so he will be there every step of the way to help you forget about it. - As for the 3 scarabia students, well consider them dead for Azul has bended and manipulated every string he has to force Crowley to expel them. - Anything for his angelfish - Also you won’t be alone in the mostro lounge anymore honey. Where Azul goes, you go. - He won’t let this happen again.
Tumblr media
- When Jade heard you say those words he instantly asked for the description. - “Table 9, the 3 scarabia students” you said with your head hung low - Jade instantly sent Floyd there to give their unwanted guest a big old hug - Safe to say those students are in the hospital after that - Jade also asked Azul to give him the night off. And he wasn’t going to take no as an answer - Jade will probably take you to his room, he doesn’t trust anyone tonight after that incident. - Jade will focus on you and your needs. He will provide you with everything you want for tonight. - It was his responsibility to ensure the safety of the customers of mostro lounge but he failed to do so for you. - Even if you say it’s not his fault he won’t listen. - Sadly, he doesn’t have the same power as Azul where he can force the headmaster to expel those disgusting excuse of students - But he will make their lives in NRC hell - Expect to always be seated at the table the nearest to his station for the night every time you are in the mostro lounge.
Tumblr media
- Floyd’s smile instantly turned into a frown when he heard angel shot with ice leave your mouth - 'Who in the goddamn fuck messed with MY shrimpy' - You won't even be able to finish your description honestly. As soon as you said table 9 he is already walking towards that table with no mercy in his body. - Floyd won't even alert Jade and Azul, the two will only find out once they see Floyd already breaking bones. - Jade will be the one to comfort you for a bit while Floyd is doing his job. - Don’t get him wrong, he wants to comfort you asap! He just needs to teach those 3 students a lesson. - Azul will probably have to step in and stop Floyd at some point, 20 minutes have already passed and Floyd wasn’t satisfied still. - Once Floyd comes back to you, it will be jades turn to take revenge. - You are family at this point - Floyd wont ask Azul to leave, he will just straight up leave with you and maybe take a few snacks just for you - Once you both reach his room he will cuddle with you and let you do anything you want. - If you cry he will pat your head and rub your back. "Just cry it all out shrimpy, its ok." They’re hospitalized at this point so you won't see them for a while - Like jade, Floyd has no power to expel the students. That's why he squeezed extra tight so that it will be a while until you see them again - And don’t worry. If they do come back, he can always go for a round 2 - The news of the hospitalized students will be enough to make anyone fear doing anything bad to you. - Even so, Floyd will still be hanging around you every time you are in mostro lounge - At the end of the day, he isn’t scared to make another example on what students are facing if they mess with you
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mrs-schoenheit · 7 days ago
Here’s a process video(?) of how I made it
Info post about the Childe dating sim here
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Yuu: Okay Yuu you got this just— JUST BE LOWKEY OKAY?!? *deep breaths*
*Azul walks in*: Prefect are you he—
Yuu: I am inlove with you
Azul: …what..?
Yuu: I mean what’s up?
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mrs-schoenheit · 8 days ago
Yuu : You know what?
*points at Crowley*: Fuck you
*points at the dorm leaders except Idia*: Fuck you
*points at Idia*: Fuck me
Idia: (´⊙ω⊙`)
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— making/buying earrings to match the tweels
Tumblr media
—you get an earring to match your favorite tweel. he reacts.
gender neutral (written in second person, for my friends and i. the most you have in this post is an ear, congrats)
jade & floyd l. mostly fluff
Tumblr media
—jade leech
his narrowed eyes and close-lipped smile are a clear sign that he's analyzing the thing dangling from your ear and probably has already figured it out himself
"my my, did floyd lend you that?"
now, he knows you didn't buy this in the coral sea and he definitely knows you didn't fight a sturgeon for it
when you tell him it's handmade he... definitely thought it a possibility, but is still somewhat surprised. my, are you trying to join the family?
after that, jade likes to pretend that nothing has changed
any octavinelle student will know otherwise though, as he watches you come and go like a cat to a mouse
he was merely teasing before, but... what if you did join the family?
Tumblr media
—floyd leech
he's ecstatic!!!
"did koebi-chan go after a sturgeon for thiiis...?"
he's clearly joking. thinks you got it as a souvenir from the coral sea
once he finds out they are handmade, he laughs and squeezes you.
koebi-chan got a replica of their earrings to match him! how cute is that?
he doesn't let you go for hours after this. he likes the texture of your earring and plays with it a lot while you try not to burst in flames at the fact he’s really close to your face
for the next week or so, floyd's eyes follow you everywhere, when he doesn’t follow along himself.
anyone who sees the earring will clearly get the message, right?
mess with the prefect and you might find yourself having some trouble from a certain duo of brothers in octavinelle.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! 🐙
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Tumblr media
Begging and pleading and on my knees
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