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“Will men ever believe that a strong man can have a woman’s heart and the wishes of a lonely child?”
— Bram Stoker about himself in his 1871 diary, indicating that he may have thought himself to have the same gendered heart/brain configuration he attributed to Mina Harker.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“look to our lord in heaven
this is a hell on earth!
her soul must be delivered
pray to god for all you’re worth!”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“all women are queens” vs “if she breathes she’s a thot”
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Tumblr media
Of the Line of Durin…
Kíli, Prince Under the Mountain.
Kíli, son of Víli and Dís, brother of Fíli, nephew of Thorin and Frerin, grandson of Thráin and Frís, great-grandson of Thrór and Hrera.
Killed by Bolg in the Battle of the Five Armies.
Lived 2864 - Died 2941
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
not sure what made me decide to draw this but it’s nice to know jonathan isn’t the only Idiot Protagonist
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Sudden Death
Well, I guess the First Mate jumped ship, but I did at least find Mr Swales.
Tumblr media
He’s just resting, I’m sure.
Oh, look at that! Here are the results!
Tumblr media
The winner of the Sudden Death Tiebreaker is The First Mate of The Demeter!
Congrats to him, wherever he may be. 
Wait, that can’t be it. What happened to the other 13%?
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Idk why Quincey couldn't have shot OUT the window rather than running all the way outside and SHOOTING INTO THE ROOM WHERE ALL HIS FRIENDS WERE like god bless you crazy cowboy but what the FUCK
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Our crowdfunding campaign to fund this podcast goes live Oct 1! We’re counting down by sharing teasers of our cast. Here’s a clip of the man the vamp the legend, Dracula! 
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If I was physically capable of writing wholesome stuff I'd write a little ficlet about Jack and Mina working together on editing the cylinders and like, the diary starts much earlier than the events so they quickly sort through, jumping from one to the other, and then they start getting close to relevant dates and they have to listen more carefully.
And of course Jack being Jack shows through. Jack is sort of mortified at the start, but Mina shows him some parts of her diary she self-censored and while of course shess still leaps and bounds cooler than him he realises shes laughing with him not at him and cracks a couple self deprecating jokes and soon enough they are giggling together at the whole thing.
But then they get to the entries were Arthur introduces Jack to Lucy and he talks about falling in love with her and they both fall silent. We know Jack can spin a good sentence when he's inspired, and few things in his life inspired him as much as Lucy. They hear his voice describe the way she hid a bit behind Arthur when she first met him, but soon she was hooking her arm with his without a care, how they danced together one evening and he was surprised and endeared at how bad she was at it, how she laughed in a different way when a joke was mean because she was forcing it to be polite, how she said she hoped she afforded him a good study and he died a little inside because he could indeed look at her forever and never tire, but the gallant answer never comes when he's in front of her, only when he's alone with his phonograph.
After that, they're silent for a minute. Then Mina grabs his hand. "My apologies. I shouldn't have listened to this."
"I gave you permission."
"And yet I feel as if I am intruding."
"Madame Mina, if what Lucy said to me about your deep friendship is true, then there is only one person in the world i would tolerate hearing this, and that is you."
Mina smiles weakly. "Your kindness knows no bounds. It's true, you know," she adds after a beat. "She was a being of grace in all things, but she could not dance to save her life."
Jack snorts. "Two beautiful, perfectly formed left feet. A medical anomaly."
Mina laughs now. "She truly was an unique subject of study!"
They waste a whole evening, at a time where every hour could be important, talking about her. How warm she was, how bright, how she never took offence or meant it, how she was tired sometimes and melancholy but never ever forced her bad moods on anybody, how they both wished sometimes that she would.
They tacitly decide they can leave all of this out of the final typed version, and move on.
Later that evening, Jack finds copies of the letters where Lucy talks about him, laid out in neat type on his desk.
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Also, in today's entry The Vampire Formerly Known As Lucy refers to Arthur as "my husband" and, on the one hand, they were engaged and that night (because the entry is describing the events of the night before) would have been Arthur and Lucy's wedding night; this could just be her creative stab at manipulation (bringing up what should have been and all that).
But Arthur did go on at the funeral about how he felt the blood transfusion had married them in the eyes of of God, and I wonder if Vampire!Lucy didn't even have to think it up herself
I wonder if she just heard him
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Thankfully, when he woke drenched in sweat and shaking like a leaf in the wind, it was in silence—no screams echoing against strange window-panes or sobs tearing out of his throat like a wild thing.
Only his thin, ragged breath marred the silence. Jonathan did not have to fear that anyone could hear it, whether the Billington’s servants would gossip about the strange Mr. Harker who in a day inherited a practice better than himself and who howled like a demon in the night.
For a long, terrifying moment, he did not remember where he was. The bed was too soft to be his own—no, he no longer lived in the cramped flat in Exeter with the creaky doors. The blankets were plush in his white-knuckled fists. He was alone. His breath froze in his throat as he half-expected to taste the tang of iron and the damp of aging stone if he inhaled. A grandfather clock nearby ticked the shuddering seconds away, and…no. There had been no clock in his room, then. His mind may have been slower to break if there had been a way to count the hours.
Jonathan dragged his hands over his face. He was supposed to be better. Had he not just told Dr. Van Helsing that he was cured? Had it been an empty boast, buoyed by the heady rush of truth and hope? (Would he ever be better?)
This was a mistake, staying overnight in a strange place. He’d known this the last time he traveled, fleeing home long after dark instead of accepting his client’s hospitality. And now, shivering in the dark, he wished he’d done the same again. Shame curled sickly in his stomach. Rushing home like a frightened child, so Mina could break her sleep to soothe his dreams. At least he wouldn’t burden her tonight with his terror—
—No, she’d hate to hear him speak of himself this way. And even when he didn’t voice his thoughts aloud, she could somehow tell.
He had to…had to think of something else, push through until morning. Then he could smile and bow like a man sane and whole, collect his papers, and take his leave of the Billingtons. The younger would shake his hand and bid him safe travels, unknowing that the letter on his desk was penned by a devil.
God in heaven, wasn’t that a thought— To be ignorant and free of this whole business, to let a stranger bear the duty and the dread. To sleep through the night without weeping.
Yet…no. The thought could not be borne. This knowledge was truth dearly bought. If there had been any purpose to his life being spared through fiend and forest and fever, it was for this. And he could not wish any of it on the other young man, sleeping soundly a few rooms away, unknowing of how near hell’s grasp had reached.
Inspired by @astrangergivingthestrangewelcome ‘s post and @organchordsandlightning ‘s tags, linked in reblog!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
i don't know anything about catholicism
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When Van Helsing starts using the Host to make vampire proof putty:
Tumblr media
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I don't even know where to start with today's Dracula. We've got
Van Helsing backpedalling ALL his progress from the last couple of days by breaking the bad news to Arthur in the WORST WAY IMAGINABLE
Quincey being Laconic (tm)
Vampire Lucy and her angry kitten routine
Five (5) separate counts of voluptuousness
Two separate counts of Arthur having to be caught by his buds
Quincy being like "...did you do that?"
Eucharistic desecration (it's okay guys, I have an Indulgence [I am SURE he means Dispensation])
Pounding (tm) - Sorry Children
(Why did you have to make it Weird Bram???)
Van Helsing? Letting? Lucy? Eat a child???
Mina "while you were out doing whatever it is you people do I was studying the blade Count" Harker ladies and gentlemen
Jack/Mina meet cute and smashcutting so hard into RomCom that I might be entitled to financial compensation
She's got a guest room at the ASYLUM???
Jack "it has literally never occurred to me how I would get my data out again once I entered it" Seward, early adopter IT bro extraordinaire
Mina: I need your vampire records for my vampire hunting project. Jack: ...but...the Horrors...
Mina inventing Dracula Daily in direct response to Jack being cringefail
Meanwhile Jonathan violates attorney client confidentiality EVEN HARDER and all it gets him is extremely solid confirmation that there are EXACTLY 50 boxes of dirt.
Yet another person having to buy a drink for Dracula's box movers because that stingy SOB never thought to do it himself
I am terrified to look at the tag
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Nevermind screw domesticity did Quincey just fucking take a shot at Dracula
I got home at five o’clock, and found that Godalming and Morris had not only arrived, but had already studied the transcript of the various diaries and letters which Harker and his wonderful wife had made and arranged. Harker had not yet returned from his visit to the carriers’ men, of whom Dr. Hennessey had written to me. Mrs. Harker gave us a cup of tea, and I can honestly say that, for the first time since I have lived in it, this old house seemed like home.
This is such a mundane bit compared to the larger plot of y’know, everything, but gosh if I don’t love all these small moments of like. The characters reveling in domesticity? Having felt the isolation of living in a dorm away from family, returning from a long tiring day to nothing but a small dark room, Seward’s happiness at feeling the warmth of a full house is so painfully relatable.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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