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And Hob doesn't mind being the someone in question...
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There is no point in denying the obvious…
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The most beautiful day of the year
Greg wakes up in the middle of the night and is surprised by Mycroft in the most beautiful way.
Mystrade Monday 3.0 #7 Birthday @mystradepromptsandscenarios
On AO3
Rating G - 521 words
Tumblr media
Greg woke up with a feeling of being watched. He opened his eyes to see on his alarm clock that it was exactly midnight.
He turned and saw that Mycroft was turned on his side, his head resting on his hand, watching him. He smiled gently at Greg as their eyes met.
Greg, surprised, asked, "You don't sleep?"
Mycroft chuckled softly, "Neither do you." then moved his hand up to Greg's face and gently stroked his cheek before saying, "And I'm glad you woke up."
A bit concerned, Greg replied, "You have insomnia? You had a nightmare, do you-"
Mycroft put his finger over Greg's mouth, "Shh... I'm just glad you woke up on your own without me having to."
Greg looked even more puzzled.
Mycroft continued, "Because I had something to tell you."
He brought his face to Greg's and whispered against his lips, "Thank you, Gregory Lestrade."
Greg replied, "Uh...you're welcome."
Mycroft insisted, "I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say."
He pressed a light kiss to Greg's lips and continued, "I'm so glad I met you and that our paths crossed through my brother's unwitting intermediary. I'm glad I made the decision to reach out to you for help."
Seeing the emotion on his lover's face, Greg reached up to grab Mycroft's hand that was still resting on his cheek, squeezing it tightly for encouragement.
Mycroft swallowed and continued, "Thank you for loving me," he said, "and for staying with me, despite the fact that I'm not an easy person to live with."
Greg wanted to protest but Mycroft shook his head and continued, "Thank you for being mine."
He looked deep into Greg's eyes and said softly, "Happy birthday, Greg. Thank you for being born."   
Greg couldn't hold back a small tear from rolling down his cheek, but Mycroft intercepted it with his thumb before pressing a soft kiss to his lips again. Then he wrapped his arms around Greg and drew him against him rolling on his back.
Greg found himself lying on top of Mycroft and, as words failed him, he framed his lover's face between his hands and then pressed his lips to Mycroft's in a slow, deep kiss.
Then, resting his head on his lover's chest, he began to laugh softly.
Mycroft ran his hand through his hair and asked, puzzled, "What are you laughing about?"
Greg replied in a playful tone, "If you're going to make that kind of declaration to me, you can wake me up every night that way."
Mycroft chuckled, "Let's not get greedy."
Greg's expression turned serious again as he replied, "When it comes to you, I'm always greedy."
Mycroft tightened his arms around Greg and, kissing his lover's hair, he said softly, "Be greedy all you want, I'll always give you what you want whether it's your birthday or not."
Greg kissed Mycroft's chest under his cheek, "Just your love is enough for me."
Then, as sleep claimed him, Greg muttered, "...ve you... Myc-" 
If he could have seen it, his best birthday present would probably have been the blissful smile on Mycroft's lips 
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story  🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
Mystrade masterlist here
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Fix-it scene...
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I mean… I'm sure even Fiddler's Green can attest to that...
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You have the right to grieve
Hob has seen so many people die, has gone through so much grief.  He has tried not to get attached to people, but no one can live without letting someone into their life.  So when he is faced with a new loss, he does what he always does, he hides his pain.  He just forgot that he now had a shoulder to lean on.
To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm doing here.  I just often think about the losses Hob has suffered and wondered how he's dealing with the accumulated pain.
On AO3
Rating T - 1768 words
Tumblr media
Hob knew all about grief.
The pain of losing someone you love.
After so many years, he didn't know how many people he had seen disappear.
The strongest grief would probably always be the one caused by the death of his son, followed closely by that of Eleanor and his unborn child.
The hardest part was still not having anyone to share the pain with.
So little by little, Hob had ended up not getting deeply attached to anyone, because at some point the fatal outcome would be there.
Either he would have to leave so as not to arouse suspicion, or he would just have to watch them die from a distance.
As time went on, he didn't know what was harder, walking away or watching the others go.
And all that was left were graves, urns, memorials.
And him, alone with no one to share the pain with.
However, no matter how hard he tried not to get attached, there was always one or another person who managed to find their way into his heart. Even if Hob didn't want to. Deep down, he craved it so much that he surrendered.
So when the principal told him that Carmen, the old volunteer librarian in the school library, had died, Hob had not been ready. Carmen had become a fixture in his life these last few years. A sort of mother figure who had taken him under her wing from his first day of class.
While everyone looked a little strangely at the newcomer, who seemed a little old to be a new teacher, Carmen had greeted him with a smile and made no difference.
So often, Hob would go to the school library, not only for the books, but just for the conversation and the advice of Carmen. One thing leading to another, Carmen had become a kind of grandmother, to whom Hob told almost everything, well everything he could without betraying his secret.
And now Carmen was not there anymore.
Hob was in front of the library door, his hand on the handle. He had to go in, he had to get the books for his next day's class. 
He had no choice.
He entered the library and his throat immediately tightened.
My daily sunshine is here!
He would never again hear those words greeting him as soon as he walked through the door.
He swallowed and greeted Delia, the resident librarian.
She said to him softly, "Good morning Professor."
She rummaged through the shelves behind her and handed him a stack of a few books, "This is what you asked for."
He thanked her with a nod and turned back to the door.
"Professor, wait a minute."
Hob tensed, not ready to have this kind of conversation. He turned slowly and Delia said softly, "I know it's none of my business, but I'm aware that you were close with Carmen. She always said you were like a son to her. So I hope I'm not going too far in offering you my deepest condolences."
Hob's throat tightened so much that he painfully managed to articulate a thank you in a broken voice before he nodded again in gratitude and turned again to leave the library.
He headed for his classroom. When he got to the door, he squared his shoulders, put a fake smile on his lips, exhaled deeply and walked through the door.
Hours passed as Hob put his body and mind to work. He didn't want to go home, he didn't want to think, so he stayed in his classroom and corrected his papers, preparing for the next day's classes. It was only when the janitor told him that he had to clean the classroom that Hob looked at his watch. 
He noticed that it was after 9 p.m. and that he had been at work for more than twelve hours. 
It was only as he began to put his things away that he felt the exhaustion coming over him. He sighed as he walked out the door, the path to the house seeming so far away.
Once in the hallway, he was surprised to find himself facing Dream and was immediately overcome with guilt. He had not said anything to him and had not even contacted him and yet his lover was there.
Dream said softly as he walked toward him, "I knew you would still be here."
Hob had the sudden urge to lean on him, to let go, but at the same time repressed it. Dream had had its share of pain and Hob didn't want to add to it. He would go home, go to bed after a beer and tomorrow everything would be better.
Dream continued, "I know about Carmen."
 Seeing the shocked expression on Hob's face, he added, "Death told me, because she knew you two were close." 
"How?" interrupted Hob.
"Carmen said before Death took her away that she would have wanted to say goodbye to you."
That was too much for Hob.
He stepped forward, pushed Dream aside, and said casually, "I...I can't Dream. Not now. Don't be mad at me. But I just want to go home and sleep." 
Hob, his throat tight, kept walking but Dream grabbed him by the sleeve of his jacket and pulled him to turn around.
He stroked the back of Hob's hand gently and said, "Hey, just listen for a minute. I know it's never easy to lose someone you're close to. Everyone deals with grief in a different way and maybe that's just the way you deal with it, or maybe you don't know any different, but remember you're not alone. All you have to do is call me, just say my name and I'll be there. If you need me, whenever you need me, I'll be there." 
Hob swallowed up in his grief, didn't know what to say so Dream stepped forward, gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead and disappeared in front of him.
During the short drive home, Hob thought about Dream. Even if it was only for a few seconds, for the first time since the news of Carmen's death, he had something else on his mind than his grief.
He had been pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness and gentleness of his lover even though Dream had shown him more than once how caring and protective he could be.
Hob couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for rejecting Dream's support. 
The apartment was empty when Hob arrived home, obviously, but it was as if the silence was more intense than usual. Just wanting this day to be over, Hob threw off his clothes, skipped the beer and threw himself under the comforter, wishing sleep would come as soon as possible.
He didn't want to think anymore.
After an hour of tossing and turning, he still wasn't sleeping.
He went to the living room and, wrapping himself in a blanket, sat on the couch.
As he leaned back, his eyes fell on the open book on the coffee table.
The last book he had borrowed from the school library.
Suddenly, he realized that he could no longer talk to Carmen about it, that they could no longer bicker about their favorite characters, that she would never recommend a new book to him again.
Then tears began to flow from his eyes and he couldn't hold them back. It had been so long since he had felt such pain.
He felt like he was dying, like his heart was being torn apart inside his chest. 
Suddenly, all he wanted was to be held, to be comforted. 
Then Dream's words echoed in his mind.
Just call me, say my name and I'll be there. If you need me, whenever you need me, I'll be there.
Curling in on himself, he whispered, "Dream... please... I need-"
He didn't have time to finish his sentence when Dream appeared in the middle of his living room and knelt before him.
He said softly, taking Hob's hands in his, "I'm here." and confronted with the reality of his presence, Hob wanted to break free and replied, hesitantly, "I... I don't know... I shouldn't have. I-"
Dream shook his head and retorted with the same kind tone, "Shhh- I'm here now, let me take care of you."
Hob wanted to hide his face in his hands, but Dream wouldn't let him. While holding his hands, he sat down next to Hob on the couch and then, wrapping his arms around Hob's shoulders, he pulled him against him and gently traced soothing circles on his back.
Hob tried to hold back the sobs that were rising, but Dream whispered against his hair, "Don't hold back, love. Let them come. Let it go. I got you."
I got you.
Those were the three words that cracked the dam that held him afloat. 
Maybe because he had been holding back from crying for so long, but now that he had opened the floodgates, it was as if Hob couldn't stop.
He clutched Dream even tighter as his lover tightened his arms around him and continued to whisper words of support and comfort against his hair.
When the sobs finally dried up, he whispered in a broken voice, "I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm reacting this way. This is by far not the first person I've lost."
He looked up at Dream who gently stroked his cheek, "Trust someone who has lived much longer than you, no matter how many times you lose someone, it has no bearing on the pain you feel each time. The pain you feel just means that you loved them and that's the most important thing, right? As much as it hurts, that bond you shared with Carmen was real."
Hob straightened up a little to kiss Dream on the lips before resting his head against his lover’s chest.
All his emotions had exhausted him and he couldn't hold back a yawn.
He felt Dream's lips on his hair as he whispered, "Sleep now, love. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here when you wake up."
Hob let out a deep sigh.
Carmen was still dead. 
He still wouldn't see her when he would go to the school library.
He would no longer hear her laughter echoing between the shelves of books.
She was gone for good.
But as he felt himself slipping into sleep, into the soft comfort of Dream's arms, Hob knew he would survive.
He was not alone anymore.
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story  🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
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Dream and Death chatting in front of the New Inn while Hob is waiting for them.
(I had to do this incorrect quotes with them 😌)
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While Dream and Hob are "strolling" in the Dreaming...
(I am absolutely not sorry)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's absolutely what happened.
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Awkward flirting...
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Never alone again
In their bubble at the New Inn, Dream and Hob weren't expecting to see it burst when the first fireworks exploded. Nor did they expect the reaction the fireworks would trigger in Hob.
Prompt #21 -  “This might sound selfish, but I don’t care about the world - I only care about you!” Prompt #33 -  “Keep your hands over your ears, do you hear me? Even when the noises stop. Don’t listen.”
For @ineffabledears
On AO3
Rating T - 814 words
Tumblr media
They had lingered at the inn where Dream had joined Hob, as it happened regularly.
As always inside their bubble, they had not really paid attention to the hubbub around them, to the people coming in and out of the inn. So when the first fireworks exploded, they were not at all prepared.
They both turned their heads outside and saw the people gathered there who were ecstatic with "Oh..." and "Awww." every time a firework exploded in the air.
There was an explosion louder than the others, but Dream's attention was immediately drawn to Hob's hand that had frozen in his.
He turned to him and noticed at once his pale complexion and his empty gaze. But what worried him the most was Hob's jerky breathing, as if he couldn't get any air.
Without letting go of his lover’s hand, he went around the table and knelt down next to him to be able to meet his eyes. 
There was another explosion outside that made Hob cower even more. 
It didn't take a genius to know what those fireworks triggered in his lover. Dream took his hands in his own and said softly, "Listen to me Hob, you're going to do exactly what I say, nod your head if you understand me, love."
Hob nodded slowly and Dream raised Hob's hands to his face and said, "Keep your hands over your ears, do you hear me? Even when the noises stop. Don't listen." 
He waited for Hob to nod again and placed his hands over his ears, then wrapped his arms and coat around Hob, holding him close and immediately felt Hob bury his face in the crook of his neck.
He didn't bother to look around, he would have plenty of time to deal with the rest later. The most important thing was Hob right now.
With his precious burden in his arms, he teleported to Hob's home. 
His lover still had his hands over his ears and Dream did not let him go, dragging him towards the bedroom.
He could still hear the fireworks in the distance and still holding Hob close to him, he got rid of his coat before sitting down on the bed carrying his lover with him.
It is only when he was sure that the fireworks were finished, that he moved Hob gently away from him and put his hands on his, which were always placed against his ears. The contact made Hob open his eyes and they blinked for a few moments to get used to the half-darkness.
Then Dream slowly removed Hob's hands from his ears and kept them in his own between their two chests.
After a few moments, seeing that Hob's breathing rhythm had returned to normal, he asked softly, "Are you back with me?"
Hob simply nodded before replying softly, "Thank you..."
Dream let go of his hands and brushed back a lock of Hob's hair as he replied, "I'm glad I was there at the right time."
Hob slipped his arms around Dream's waist and snuggled up to him.
It wasn't the first time he'd had this kind of reaction, though more often after a nightmare, but he knew now that he didn't owe Dream an explanation. He didn't need to explain what had caused this reaction, because his lover understood and knew. He was the only one who knew.
He kissed Dream's chest under his cheek and rested his head there again, sighing with contentment as the lord of dreams' arms tightened around him.
After a few moments of silence, he realized something, and, straightening up, he exclaimed, "Oh shit Dream, people must have noticed the way you made us leave the inn! Shouldn't we, uh I mean shouldn't you uh... you know, like fix things."
Dream took Hob's face in his hands and whispered against his lips, "Truthfully Hob, this might sound selfish, but I don't care about the others - I only care about you! It doesn't matter if people have noticed or not. It's only you that mattered at that moment and that matters now. I'll have time to deal with that later. For now I'm here with you and that's the most important thing, don't worry about the rest." 
Hob knew when a fight was lost in advance, so he didn't insist. He trusted his lover to sort things out.
He murmured, "Okay..." and simply snuggled back against Dream. 
Thanks to his lover, Hob had learned that he didn't have all the time to decide, to think, and that he just had to let go and be.
It was so new after so many years of moving forward and overcoming one obstacle after another. 
But it was something Hob was getting used to.
The feeling of having someone in his corner.
Even more so, the sweet feeling of having someone who loved him in his corner.
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story  🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They would be the richest couple in the world 😌
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Death, the most supportive big sister in the world..
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Dream never stood a chance…not to get attached
(And to be honest who could not get attached to Hob?)
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Tumblr media
There are many things to comment on this fleeting moment, which have already been commented. But today, I keep staring on the way their eyes do not let go, not even for half a second… Before, I only noticed that Hob was following Dream's movement with his eyes, but in fact, their eyes are locked from the beginning to the end.
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Hope you’re drinking water and taking care of yourself love ya ❤️🫶
Aw thank you so much for caring.
I wish you an amazing day and the same to you.
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You are my only reality
Sometimes memories of the past threaten to engulf Hob in their darkness and Dream is there to help him forget.
Prompt #29 -  "This is real. You're real, I'm real. I need you to come back to reality."
For @virgo-dream
On AO3
Rating T - 782 words
Tumblr media
Hob woke up with a start and looked at his hands, a shocked expression on his face.
He got up abruptly and ran to the bathroom to the sink. He turned on the faucet and set the water temperature as cold as possible. He grabbed a brush and, putting his hands under the icy water, began to scrub them with the brush in an obsessive manner.
He kept muttering over and over, "Blood. So much blood."
He could still see it on his hands. 
He could even smell it.
The stains had been gone for years, even centuries for some, but sometimes Hob felt like they were still there.
Staring into space, he continued to scrub his hands over and over again, not realizing that the skin was reddening under the treatment he was inflicting on his hands.
He didn't hear Dream's voice calling to him from the bedroom, "Hob, are you okay?" 
He continued to rub harder and harder, unable to take his eyes off his hands.
"Blood. I have to get it off."
He wasn't there. 
He was back on the battlefield and all he could see around him was his companions falling under the enemy fire and his hands splattered with their blood. It didn't matter what battle, what side, what time, what place, it was always the same blood. Always the same stains that left as many marks on his skin as in his heart. 
The weight of the survivor.
He survived and carried the memory of the blood of those who had fallen while he remained standing. Not because he had dodged bullets. Just because by some stroke of luck, he couldn't die.
As Hob continued to scrub, Dream's voice came closer, gradually piercing the veil of darkness that threatened to engulf him...
"Hob, my love, your hands are clean. You have to stop, you'll hurt yourself."
He heard the words without understanding them and continued to rub his hands and whispered, "The blood, the blood doesn't go away. It's there. I can't clean it off."
With his eyes still fixed on his hands, he saw Dream's hands turn off the faucet and carefully take his hands and gently wipe them with a towel.
Then Dream took his face in his hands and said softly, coaxingly, "Hob, I need you to come back with me. Here. To me. To this. This is real. You're real, I'm real. I need you to come back to reality." 
Dream pressed a soft and lingering kiss on Hob's forehead before continuing to carefully dry his hands with gentle gestures.
Dream left him for a few moments to go and search in the medicine cabinet and came back with a tube of cream in his hand. Now, Hob was no longer looking at his own hands but at Dream's, he watched them open the tube of ointment, put a dab of it on his own hands and still as delicately applied it on Hob's reddened skin. Dream accompanied his gestures with soothing words that continued little by little to chase away the darkness that tried to hold Hob back.
Then Dream's hands seized his always so carefully and dragged him towards the room where he made Hob sit on the edge of the bed. Then he helped him to lie down and slipped next to Hob before turning to him.
His hands framed Hob's face again and he repeated, "This. This here. This is real. My hands on you, this is real" He gently stroked his cheek with his thumb and continued, "The sound of my voice in your ears, this is real. You're safe with me, in our room, in our home. Are you with me, Hob?"
Hob nodded and whispered, "I am here. With you. I feel you. I hear you." and as a tear escaped his eyes, he breathed, "This is real."
Dream wiped the tear from his cheek with a kiss and replied, "Yes, this is real. We are real."
He wrapped his arms around Hob, and holding him close, he whispered into his hair as he cradled him, "Yes. This is real. Stay here with me." 
Dream's lips brushed his hair as Hob buried his face in his lover's neck, inhaling his warm, comforting scent.
He didn't need to be strong anymore, he didn't need to fight alone, Dream was here and Hob was safe.
Dream was there to anchor him to the present, to reality and to pull him out of the clutches of the past.
Hob couldn't help but take one last look at his hands and saw that they were spotless.
Dream grabbed them and gently kissed each knuckle before murmuring, "This is real."
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story  🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
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