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"You seems very quiet these days. What happend?"
Tumblr media
The teenager sighed when the lil friend from the library spoked with them.
"Nothing. That's.....What I usually try to be normally..."
Was notable that something was wrong. No mask on. An upset expression.
Something clearly was bothering them.
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Doll would it be a lil upset today.
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4 Words 4 You Starters
“Hey, get back here.”
“You know I love…”
“What you up to?”
“Well that’s just funny.”
“Did you need something?”
“I’m here, you know?”
“You have no control.”
“I’m perfectly fine, okay?”
“Kindly fuck right off.”
“I won’t be going.”
“You won’t believe this!”
“Tired, exhausted, the usual.”
“I’m gonna do it.”
“You and me. Now.”
“Aw, come over here.”
“Brought snacks and… snacks.”
“No. Cold. Begone you.”
“You want to… y’know…”
“I cannot believe you.”
“Of course you’re cool!”
“And one crisis later…”
“Care to explain that?”
“I shan’t be going.”
“Persistent and very cute.”
“Here, just take this.”
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What is a Kodo?
Tumblr media
"A dark creature from the second line. Not everyone can see or touch them, but in case of passing through them can make you shiver a lil. By being made from the people ambitions or curses, they're always hauting around lonely people or problematic groups. The only things that they avoid is trouble with the Dark Lord, stronger Kodos and positive events."
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Tumblr media
"Never on life I had to make something so fast.....Hope that the glue dried out already."
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A collection of cookies are in a basket addressed to Doll, ranging in a wide variety of flavors. A bag of eyeglass care items is beside it. They have a card on top that reads 'Merry Christmas' but without who they are from.
Tumblr media
"Omg. How I didn't saw this here?!"
They asked themself while would pick the basket.
"Ai. Espero não ter estragado....Caso contrário, vou me culpar pela eternidade!"
Doll would noticed the card on the top, and with not thinking much they knew who gave that basket, but to avoid breaking the fun, would pretend that didn't know.
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Tumblr media
Listening this music for the next 24 hours
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[ images being done]
Doll Whisper Amon
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[image being made]
Name: Alex Sabino
Nickname: Doll
Age: 17 y
Height: 1,70 | 5'5
Gender: They/She/He | Non-Binary
Sexuality: Demisexual ( on a relationship)
Alex is a teenager that tries to get along with the society that they lives in, but no matter how hard they tries, they can feel that won't fit. They don't do much or just try to do something normal at least, what kinda goes wrong sometimes by how careless and clumsy they can be.
By that some people tries to avoid them, what kinda upsets them. Even not doing on purpose they kinda feel that is their fault, you know?
What else? Yeah, they can see some dark creatures walking around too. Not ghosts, but curses and greed. You know, 'be careful with what you wish for'? Kinda that. Strong wishes can create dark monsters. But to avoid repeating 'dark monsters' everytime, we call them Kodos. Don't forget that.
Where I was? Oh- yeah.
Doll is kinda of a persona that Alex have created, but nothing changes, is literally the same person. No acting included. But they like to believe that they're more brave with the mask on.
- Portuguese Speaker. [ Will swear on BR and u will never know. ]
- Always walking with bandaids in their pockets.
- Their natural hair is black.
- Hates running.
- Clumsy.
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1. Minor Mun
I’m 17 y old. Birth June 2th. Being direct and honest in case you guys wanna celebrate my 18s with me XD.
2. SFW Blog
How I’m a minor, NSFW are not accepted in here. In case of breaking this rule with comments or asks, 2 times, I will have to block you. On cases of triggers like blood, I will post with a #tw as warning.
3. Muses
Part of the muses are original characters of mine. I have plans on projecting comics or books for them in the future
4. Posts
The time of posting depends on my internet, free time and mood. Has a battery symbol on the blog’s page that will show how are my mood.
This is a RP and ASK blog, so sometimes will have comics, rp icons and drawing of scenes. All the icons and drawings are made by bincaconfusa ( me ).
In case of I didn’t answer or reblog a thread for more than 2 days, give me a signal! Sometimes I can forgot. But not everytime, 3 signals is enough for me to continue.
I will not accept reblog of my rp and meme posts from anyone, just if you was mentioned on it or wanna do a continuation of a thread or open starter.
Spam will only be tolarated with mutuals and rp partners. Because will not only disturb the mun, but will also be a problem to the mun to continue a thread. In case of breaking this rule, the person will be blocked for some days. If repeats, will be a permanent block.
5. Mods
Godmode will not be accepted here. M!A is accepted but in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone. But of course, sometimes It’s need a drama.
6. Playlist
I don’t know if is just me. I love listening to musics while reading or writing, so in case you want a mood to follow while reading in this blog, in the blog’s page has the link for the playlist on spotify. Hope ya guys enjoy :3
7. Events and Communication
I’m not good on doing events and starting a conversation on dm. In case of ideas for future events, call me on dm or discord where I’m more free to talk. In case of the discord, I will pass the nick only on dm.
Depending on my mood, I can anytime just give up on a thread. I really love interacting, but if I see that I’m not into it, I will end in a minute.
8. About the Mun
- ADHD (behind help)
- 5 years on MSA fandom
- brazillian, artist, pansexual ( On a relationship)
9. Interactions
As the RP goes with other blogs, the status of the muses that I interact with will be on RELATIONSHIPS on the blog’s page.I will always send asks with my main account @/binaconfusa ( Feed difficult to see posts ). But of course will have the name of the blog next to the question for know that I’m in character.
10. Now that you Read all the rules
If You read all of this post, send “Nice Mask” to give me security.
If you send without reading the rules, I have nothing to do, I just hope that you change beyond your lie.
Tell me in case something “wasn’t so clear” in this post, I will fix it with no problem! :3
That’s all! Have a nice day!! ^w^)/
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Rules - Muses - Playlist - Creator - Partner Blogs
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[| ~ OOC post
Hello. It's me! I'm not dead! :'D
Sorry about my non-existence here. Have been struggling with writing focus what have been worrying me lately, and now after some break from school I can finally come back with calm.
So, before I start doing something here, I'm giving warnings. That's valid for everyone. Muses, Muns, Readers.... or just followers.
Please read the things below if you still curious or interested on this blog.
Tumblr media
- The main muse of this blog, Doll, will pass through rough changes.
Why that? I don't know if you guys have noticed that since the start of this blog Doll had a confusing backstory, that's is bc Doll never was suppose to have one actually. By now, I'm avoiding making new stories for them, just until I have sure of their universe line what will be challenging.
For those that had interactions with them in these weird phases, I will not be surprised if you guys prefer to remake the relationship with them after the changes. But if prefered a continuation, I will make the muse complately forget what happend and a lot about the muse, as forgetting things is part of the character and also, weird events with them do not surprise them at all.
- New icons!
Some of the old icons will stay, but with changes in the model as the program that I used before was FireAlpaca and I had trouble with pixels there.
- Partner blogs!
Isn't a surprise for those that follows @/detectivekingsmen that I'm making conections between them. And now in this month a new one will be conected here. @/binaslibrary where Doll will give some headache for being careless.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Name: Alex Sabino Age: 17 y
Birthday: October 10th
Gender: Lost it :]
Height: 5,5" (1.68)
Sexuality: Demisexual
Specie: Not Human
Job: Paranormal investigator and conector
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, skateboarding and watch people.
With only 15 years old, Alex got their friends and city on chaos because of a contact with the unknown paranormal world, all just by the follow of their friends that was a gang that liked to break creepy rumors about the city.
They saw themself facing the own leaders of the other line, that was kinda upset about not being able to fix Alex's life. Because of the contact with the chaos maker, Alex was corrupted by the darkness, something that could consume them bit by bit if avoiding the other line's life.
Alex had to choose.
Live both lines like two lifes, having to lie to friends and family about their missing sometimes, or live both lines as one, being able to conect and destroy conections between lines but with the thing of being haunted by spirits and curses.
They choose the second choice, but with a thing. Their friends and family should be spared by the other line's dangers. So in action of protecting the people that they loved, by the other side's help, Alex fake their own death. Like this they could draw all the danger from the city when they leaves the place.
They watch their funeral and after, leaves their old city with the only thing that would remind them of home, the mask.
After all these events, Alex follow their life avoiding making conections with other people and started to be called by Doll, the character that they named for the mask, their comfort zone and memory of home.
Abyys event
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reblog this if your muse is Not Straight
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Tumblr media
👁 - Alias / Name: Bina, Llama, Baby
👁 -  Birthday: June
👁 -  Zodiac Sign: Gemini ♊
👁 -  Height: 5,4" (1.65) Idk
👁 -  Hobbies: Skateboarding, drawing, create new stories, play games, roleplay and cosplay.
👁 -  Favorite Color: Yellow Orange, Red, Green... I can't choose just one.
👁 -  Favorite Book: Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde - The Doctor & The Monster.
👁 -  Last Song: Pega Rapaz - Gui Boratto & JUNIOR_C Remix brazillain music
👁 -  Last Film / Show: JungleCruise. I loved this movie so much, but not just because the story pass on my country. I'm a story lover, and just to see how was Porto Velho at that time got me amazed. And curse stories are my favorites.
👁 -  Recent Reads: Nothing so wonderful. Just school books because of High School.
👁 - Inspiration: MSA of course. Some musics and rain sounds, bc here on my country was winter. Artists that I admire, some of them are my mutuals and friends, ILY guys <3. The Landscapes that I leave that OMG, just with photos bc I can't describe the beauty. And for the end, my ADHD making me brainstorm every single time.
👁 -  Story Behind URL: Arthur Kingsmen being a charming and gently Detective X'D sorry, I wasn't so creative on it.
👁 -  Fun Fact About Me: My interest on learning engilsh came bc of MLP and MSA comics that I saw on yt, I started doing rp on google plus and after that on amino regret and I'm interested on going to a visual arts college.
Tagged by: punsandfuturekingsmen
Tagging: @talesofnovembria and uhhh, anyone who wants to do it? <:'3
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mask3dkid · 1 year
Blog passing for some changes....
Old bios.
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mask3dkid · 1 year
Hello again! Sorry for the missing around here. Because of school's homeworks and some problems that have been attacking me lately, I couldn't be active on both rp blogs. Also the old plot that I was trying to give for one of my muses wasn't going as I planned, so my interest in here was kinda gone.
For my and the others happiness, I'm coming back with new ideas and a good plot for my muse. Because of this, the blog will pass for some changes. Rules, muses bios, URL and icons, all of this will be changed.
The interactions that the muses had? Will have changes?
No, it will not! Just Doll that will have some changes because of the plot. But don't worry, will have a post explaing what happend with them and why they will not remember the last interactions from the last months.
The blog also will have some collabs with the detective's blog ( my second rp blog), hope that this doesn't confuse the people here.
That's all by now. Sorry for the confusion and the changes, I'm not good at keeping a plot for so much time <:'3
Hope y'all a nice week!
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