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Things I sent to my friends Twst related
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should I post more?
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These hands are not for praying, its for fighting god.
If I die, don't photoshop me as an angel in the clouds. Put me in heaven wrestling jesus himself.
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Lord forgive me for I have simped
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SPOILER Groovy card vargas camp for Trey and Vil
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Crowley: Oh, you want to cook me food? That is very generous of you! What are you going to make?
Mc: Fried Crow
Crowley: Eh?
Mc: *Takes out a flame thrower and aims at Crowley as he scream in fear*
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I find it funny how I kept making memes and stuff of other twst characters (mostly Malleus x reader stuff), yet I am a Trey simp.
Like I love Trey; he is my favorite and my comfort character in Twisted Wonderland. I just couldn't think of any scenarios or writing to share with.
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Twisted Wonderland: A Twisted Halloween event, but Mc dresses up as Emily from The Corpse Bride.
AN: Mc is a female here for obvious reasons
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Mc, lifting her veil and revealing herself: I do
Twst boys: *sweats in Ghost Wedding event*
*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*
Mc: Hello Idia-
*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*
Vil: So prefect, what's the story behind the character you're dressing up as?
Mc: *Explains Emily's whole story*
Vil: ...
Twst boys: ...
Ace: Yep, sounds like the ghost bride alright...
*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*
Speaking of the ghost bride, Eliza approves this costume
Eliza: Go get your man!
Mc: 😉👍
*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*
Grim: Since you're dressing up as a bride, who's the lucky groom?
The boys were silent for her answer. They were hoping she would choose one of them...
Mc, blushing: Well... I'm not sure about who shall be my groom. But if you're talking about the groom in the movie, the groom's name is Victor. He is tall, slim, pale, and has dark hair.
Twst boys:
Malleus: fufu, it seems today is my special day.
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Ruggie is that one person who got into a coma then woke up after hearing someone mentioned "chicken fillet"
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Ruggie:*gets into a coma*
Mc: Such a shame. I have these warm, yummy donuts that I made just for him. I guess I have to throw them away-
Tumblr media
Leona: OH SHIT
Tumblr media
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Imagine this...
| Twisted Wonderland |
While being taken by the ghost and talking to the ghost bride, she insisted to be your wing woman and look for your perfect partner date.
A/N: The reader will be female in this scenario. I apologize for the gn readers. Also, I made the reader a hopeless romantic here. Shout out to my hopeless romantic peeps out there.
Tumblr media
Before you and Grim could evacuate with the others outside the campus, the ghosts took you both to be part of the wedding. It turns out both you and Grim were perfect to be a bridesmaid and a ring bearer. The ghost threatened, leaving you two no choice but to follow along. 
Now here we are, you, in your white bridesmaid dress, helping the bride get ready after she slapped the boys. You strike a conversation with the bride to buy some time for the wedding crashers. Turns out, the both of you grew close and became friends. It is rather refreshing for you to finally talk to another female since you’re stuck in an all-boys school.
She began chattering about Idia and how she's finally marrying the prince of her dreams. You had no choice but to agree since you didn’t want to end up petrified with the boys. It was then you started rambling about yourself with romance.
“You are lucky to finally find someone you believe is perfect for you, your highness. I’ll be honest I am quite jealous of you. You see, I am a hopeless romantic myself, and just like you, I’ve always dreamed of being with someone who truly loves me and is always by my side. Although, I am afraid I may choose the wrong person or wouldn’t find anyone at all, and you know how some boys are. Usually, I have some types and even imagine myself in a perfect relationship, but I thought it would be better to drop my expectations low and just go with the flow. Although there are times that you may believe that the person you’ve liked is the one, it turns out they aren’t. That happened to me once, which is how I grew afraid to confess or make a move. Or maybe, the one was right beside you the entire time but didn’t notice. *sigh* Maybe one day, I’ll be able to find the right person and live happily ever after just like how I dreamed.”
You stopped and looked at Eliza, who was listening in awe. You began pleading, “I am so sorry for rambling, your highness! This day is supposed to be about you. We should’ve talked about you, not me!”
She grabbed both of your hands, “No no! Your words are truly beautiful and aspiring! My friend, you reminded me of myself, and I want to help find your true love! And I think a bridesmaid like you deserve a wonderful date, and I know just where to look for one!”
You flushed in embarrassment and shook your head, “H-Hold on! That won’t be necessary! What about your wedding!?”
“Well, I supposed holding the wedding late won’t hurt. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must find your perfect date!”
“W-W-Wait! Your highness!”
Before you could protest, she flew out of the room. You place your blushed face onto your hands and let out a sigh, “I guess that’s one way to keep her from starting the wedding soon.”
*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*
All of the boys were still petrified in the cafeteria that is holding the wedding, with a scowl, and impatient faces. They didn’t want to be here in the first place, but they have no choice just to keep their reputation safe. The door opened to see Eliza swoop into the room, and float in front of the boys with a huge smile on her face.
Leona scowled, “Oh, it's you. What do you want? Don’t you have a wedding to get ready for?”
“I do, but I have a lovely friend to help.”
“Okay, but what has it to do with us then?”
“I will give you boys another chance, but this time it is not for me.”
“Huh? What do you mean?” One of them asked.
“You see, my bridesmaid needs a date and I want to help her find one! Since you’re not fit to be my husband, I supposed you’ll be a rightful partner for my bridesmaid.”
Suddenly, the three ghost guards barged into the room, “Your highness! The groom wouldn't stop yelling and the maids were trying to calm him down. And the little cat monster manages to escape!”
“Oh, at this very moment when I need to do something?! Find that little beast immediately!”
“Yes, your highness!”
The three rushed out of the door to search. Eliza groaned and faced the boys. “Excuse me, I’ll be back after I check on my beloved future hubby.” She then flew out.
Vil raised his brow, “A date? For her bridesmaid?”
Azul then followed, “Little cat monster? Could that be…?”
“Oi! Down here!”
They all looked down to see Grim, wearing a white bow and a tiny hat, hiding under the clothed table.
“Thank goodness I found you guys. I manage to lose the ghosts after they chased me. I manage to sneak in as that ghost bride walked in here. Why are you all standing like that?”
“Grim! It's a long story, but we’re stuck frozen,” Jack replied. “What are you doing here? Wait, where’s the prefect?”
“Yeah, isn’t (y/n) supposed to be with you?” Cater followed.
“Now that I remembered,” Deuce called out, “You and (y/n) didn’t make it out of the campus when the ghost chased us out of the building. What happened?”
Grim sighed loudly, “Before we could get out, the ghost took us to be part of this dumb wedding. They made me the… Erm, what do you call it? The one who holds the rings?”
“The ring bearer?” Jade answered.
“Yeah that. And they made (y/n) the bridesmaid. I don’t know where everybody else is.”
“Wait, did you just say (y/n) is the bridesmaid?” Vil questioned.
“Yes, I did.”
“Didn’t that brat bride say she’s looking for someone to be her bridesmaid’s date?” Leona called.
“Indeed she did,” Azul answered, “If that’s the case, that means she is planning to search one of us to be the prefect’s date.”
“Is that so?" Vil smirked, "I supposed I’ll take that role flawlessly.”
“Hah?” Leona snarled, “You seriously think you’re perfect to be (y/n)’s date after you got slapped by the bride?”
“Didn’t you get slapped first?”
All the boys started heating up after learning about Eliza’s plan for you. They wanted to take this opportunity to be your date. The verbal fight caused the ghost guard to barge inside the cafeteria to see the commotion. One of them happens to spot Grim’s tail under the table cloth and snatched him out.
“Gotcha! You little beast!”
“Fnyah!” Grim tried to wiggle out, “Unhand me!”
“Resist now or you’ll end up frozen like these boys by our highness!”
“Mrrr… Okay okay, I’ll stop now.”
The ghost bride and the other guards soon went inside the room.
“Your highness!” A ghost guard called, “We finally found the ring bearer!”
“Well done!” Eliza beamed, “Please secure him somewhere and make sure he won’t escape again.”
“Yes, your highness!”
The two guards walked out with poor Grim who let out a quiet scowl. Eliza turned to the boys and set them free from her magic. The boys moved around and stretched, getting ready for judgment one last time.
*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*
*Slap* *Slap* *Slap*
Multiple slaps were heard throughout the cafeteria, and the boys have been slapped once again. Eliza started yelling at them about how they aren’t fitted to be her bridesmaid’s suitor. Although in the boys’ defense, she gave them a similar test from earlier.
“Shame on you, all of you! Not only you aren’t fitted to be her suitor, but also annoying, terrible gentlemen. Now that I think about it, you were willing to be someone’s date after I rejected you all. I can’t believe you’re trying to play the girl’s heart. I’m starting to believe you boys don’t know how to treat a girl properly. I don’t understand how she can put up with you all. I've only met her today, and I could tell she has a good heart. I couldn't imagine how you all treat her after everything she done...” She then listed all their flaws one to another, “Firstly, you with small cute ears are rude and not princely-like, and you call yourself a prince. And you, you have a very loud mouth. You are way too timid. And you act like you have a massive ego...”
The boys could only listen and let out a frown, believing every word she puts out to them. Now that they think about it, they remember all the times you have treated nothing but like an object. You always treat them with kindness despite all the trouble they gave you. Ever since you arrived in this world, you, including Grim, were the only ones dealing with every single overblots that happened. And they never gave you a proper “thank you” or anything rewarded but more chaos. The boys could only feel shame and guilt.
*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*
Fast forward to the end, you’re wearing a bridesmaid dress with a red rose on your ear. The ghost bride finally found her true prince and announces that she and her ghost guard, Puffy, will get married. She then set the boys free from being frozen and to Idia for all of the trouble. After that, she flew towards you, grabbing both of your hands. 
“(y/n), my dear friend, I want to thank you for helping me find my true prince.”
You looked at her confused, “Me? But I didn’t do anything.”
“When the boy with the heart mark said all those words, it reminded me of what you said earlier. Thinking about it, I only have high expectations of looking for my true prince because of my obsession. When I was a little girl, I read books; fairytales of princesses being saved by their princes and living happily ever after. I’ve read so many to the point I fantasize about what my prince should be. I was blinded, failed to realize my one, true prince was beside my side all along. You helped me find out and set me free.”
“O-Oh, it’s nothing, really, your highness… Even though it was all Ace who did the talking.”
“Please, just call me Eliza.”
Eliza lets go of your hand and walked toward Puffy. She grabbed a flower bouquet that was dropped to the floor and turned her back towards everyone. She then threw the bouquet behind, and the bouquet flew straight towards you. You grabbed the flowers without hesitation.
Eliza turned facing you, “I hope you find your true prince someday, or maybe a princess.”
You softly smile, “Thank you, Eliza.”
She and Puffy gave everyone a farewell and waved goodbye. They and the rest of the ghosts faded away, entering the afterlife. You looked at the bouquet in your hands, “My true prince…” You turned to all the boys who looked at you, then looked away with their cheeks tinted pink. You glanced at them confused, “Are you guys alright?”
“Erm, yes…” one replied.
You noticed that some have eyes on whatever your hand. You looked down to remember the bouquet you have caught once more, realizing what it meant. “A-Ah… I see now.”
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I just learned that they changed Trey's V neck shirt on Vargas camp
Tumblr media
I dont know why they changed it since the v neck looks good on him. It's quite unnecessary if you asked me.
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Imagine going shopping with Trey and you see these bad boys
Tumblr media
Mc: Haha... What if we get these matching toothbrushes? 👉👈
Later at the cash register
Trey, dropping every matching heart toothbrushes at the conveyor belt check out: I'll buy your entire stock
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I heard my mom told my dad to see the eye doctor and my dumbass mentally said orthodontist
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I forgot I made these a long time ago
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It's finally done! 5 of the Great 7 as the Muses from Hercules! (+ Scar and Jafar)
Original post and inspiration by @mashed-potato101
@kalu-luwa (because you wanting to draw this pushed me into wanting to draw it too)
(this quickly turned into a design challenge)
Tumblr media
Scar and Jafar + close ups under the cut
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Imagine walking into Who is the prettiest contest and see these 4 fuckers...
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yoink they're mine now
Tumblr media
may eel wanters be eel havers
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