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The Next Supreme
Cordelia Goode x Mina Venable x Reader
Tumblr media
You walked into your room slamming the door behind you. Fresh tears fall from your face as you make your way over to your bed. You knew better than to leave class. You knew you'd be in trouble for your behavior but at the moment you didn't care.
This is bullshit you think to yourself. Sobbing quietly, as your brain replayed your Auntie Myrtle’s words. A knock on the door pulls you out of your thoughts.
“Go away!” you shout.
“Love. It's me. Let me in please.” the soft voice calls behind the large oak door.
You sighed waving your hand to unlock the door. The blonde steps into the room closing the door behind her.
Sighing she makes her way toward you.
“I curse the day your grandmother taught you how to lock doors.” she chuckles.
You grunt looking out the window avoiding her gaze.
“Your Auntie Myrtle tells me you left class early and caused quite a scene. Is that true?” she asked.
“Because she's a liar!” you screamed.
“Volume sweet girl. I'm willing to talk but you will not yell at me.”
You sighed looking up at her with tears rolling down your face.
“She said that one of us will be the next Supreme. That when we do you will become weak. She said you will die. Is that true?”
The blonde sighs nodding her head slowly. “Yes.”
“That's what's happening to Fiona, isn't it? As you get stronger she dies?”
You chuckled shaking your head as more tears fall.
“Why did you lie to me?”
“I didn't. I just didn't tell you yet.”
“Same thing! I’m not a kid any more mom. I’m 13! You should have told me.”
“Your right. I'm sorry. I should have had a conversation with you.”
“Aunite Mrytle said that I have the talents to be the next supreme.”
“I know she told me.” She says with a smile.
“Did she also tell you I told her to shove it up her ass?”
“Yes, she did. Luckily she understands the Influence your grandmother has had on you.”
She chuckles.
“This isn't funny mom!” you shout.
Cordelia sighs walking up behind you. “Being the Supreme is a great honor. If Myrtle sees it in you already that means you're truly gifted. It is extremely rare for a supreme to be succeeded by her own daughter once much less twice. You would be the most powerful supreme to rise.”
“I don't want it. Give it to someone else.”
“Why not?”
“Because I don't want to be the one that kills you..” you cry.
Cordelia sighs gently tugging you into her arms.
“Sweet girl listen to me. One day you or one of the others will rise and grow in power. And when that time comes my time will be done. It's not fast, it takes its time. But until then you and the others will continue to learn and practice until it is your time. That's the way it's always been.”
“But why? Why do I or any of them get that kind of power? To take your life. I don't want it, mom. I don't want to lose you... to kill you. Please. “
“Honey there isn't anything I can do to stop it. It's the way it's always been, love. “
“Well if it's me I won't take it! I refuse!”
“I'm afraid it doesn't work like that sweet girl.”
“If I am so powerful then it will,” you state Stubbornly.
Cordelia smiles shaking her head. “ You’re a stubborn child you know that?”
“She gets it from you dear,” Mina says as she walks into the room. Cordelia smiles at her as she looks back at you.
“ She’s right. You have a lot of me in you. Y/n I know it’s scary and sad. I know that you don’t want to lose me. But when the time comes that’s what will happen love. And the sooner you accept it the sooner we can enjoy the time we have left.”
You cried harder listening to her words. You knew she was right. You’d seen how Fiona has declined once your mother found out she was the next in line. You turned wrapping your arms around her neck as you cried. Cordelia sighs pulling you in close.
“I know my love. I’m sorry it’s like this.”
“I can’t lose you, mom. Please. You’re all that I have.”
“That’s not true. You have this coven. You have Mina. And I will always be with you. No matter what. I love you, baby.”
“She’s right little one. Even after your mother is gone I will be here with you. Right by your side.” She smiles through her tears.
“I love you.” You cried squeezing Cordelia tight.
After a few moments, you let go looking up at her. She gives you a small smile as she wipes your tears away. Leaning in she kisses your forehead.
“One day you will be the greatest supreme this coven has ever seen. And I will be there right beside you watching you lead these girls in every way possible. I want you to remember this when I’m gone. I will always be there watching over you. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mom.” You cried hugging her once more.
You sighed as you pulled away from her falling into Mina’s arms.
“I love you, Momma.”
She smiles “ I love you too little one. Even though I don’t want to lose your mother either I can’t wait for the day to watch you lead this coven.”
Cordelia smiles as she pulls you both into a hug.
“I love you both so much. But now you have to go apologize to your Auntie Myrtle.”
“Aww really?” You asked looking up at her.
She nods her head.
“Y/n you heard your mother,” Mina warns. You sighed grumbling as you walked past them.
The two women laughed “We definitely have our work cut out for us.” Cordelia chuckles.
Mina smiles pulling her in for a kiss. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
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Our Little Secret
Cordelia Goode x Mina Venable x Reader
Tumblr media
It wasn't uncommon for witches to develop new powers as they grow and unfortunately for you, one has just turned up. You groaned as you woke up hearing a thousand voices in your head. Your head hurt from the overwhelming feeling. This is torture you thought to yourself.
Reading minds wasn't a very common power and only a few witches could do it. While some may think it's cool you'd give anything for peace. While this gift made its appearance a few days ago you have yet to tell your mothers. You didn't know how they would react. Especially Mina. She was a very private person.
Walking down the stairs the voices grew louder as you could now hear them all at once. Entering the dining room you take your seat next to Zoe.
“Good morning y/n” she smiles.
“Morning Zoe.” you smiled back.
- She looks like shit. God, I hope she's alright.- you hear Zoe's thoughts.
Looking across the table you see Madison admiring her fresh set of nails.
-I wonder if I will hook up with Matt tonight. God, he is so hot. I'd kill to lick those abs.-
You groaned quietly rolling your eyes as your mothers entered the room.
“Good morning girls.” they greeted cheerfully.
Mina smiles at you as she takes her seat while Cordelia sends you a wink.
Once the food was severed most of the voices died down which you were thankful for. You tried your best to eat as you looked across the table at Mina. She smiles warmly at you.
-I love this little girl with all my heart. I can't believe how lucky I got. - she thinks to herself causing you to smile.
- And Cordelia. God Cordelia. Her beautiful smile and those soft lips. That tongue that makes me weak in my knees. God, I love her tongue. I'd give anything to have her between my legs right now.-
Suddenly you choked on your food causing the whole table to look at you. Your mothers looked at you with concern.
“Are you alright love?” Cordelia asked. You coughed some more nodding your head as you took a sip of your water.
-This can not be happening right now. I can't hear this!- you screamed in your head.
Cordelia looks at you and her eyebrows raise as she studies your face.
-y/n?- you hear a voice call out to you in your head.
Looking around the room you look for the source.
-y/n can hear me?- the voice says again.
Again you looked around the table searching for the voice until your gaze meets Cordelia's.
-y/n can you hear me right now?-
-I don't know. I just woke up one morning hearing the entire world around me. Hold on how can you hear me?-
-I'm the supreme darling. How do you think I know so much?-
You watch her smirk as you look at her with wide eyes. Mina watches the interaction cutting off your thoughts.
“What's happening,” she asked looking between you two.
The two of you looked at her and Cordelia asked you both to her office. Once you were all inside she shuts the door.
“It seems that our daughter has developed a new power.” she smiles. Mina smiles brightly at you.
“What is it?” she asked.
You sighed as you looked at her. “I can hear people's thoughts. Trust me it isn't that great,” you mumbled.
“What really? So now you both can read minds?” she asked looking at Cordelia.
“Hold up! You knew mom could hear our thoughts?” you asked.
“Well, I didn't at first but I found out rather quickly,” Mina says.
“Hmm, I wonder why,” you said sarcasticallyy.
Mina looks at you confused and then at Cordelia whose cheeks are pink and it clicks.
“Oh my God,” Mina says turning pale.
“Yeah. Your thoughts are loud,” you said.
“Oh. My. God.” she repeats.
-So she heard what I said at the table?-
Mina thinks to herself looking at Cordelia.
“Yes, I did. And I would like to un hear it,” you whined looking at Mina.
Mina looks at you with wide eyes. “I'm so sorry. I didn't know.”
“I know.” you sighed.
“Mom how do you do this?” you whined looking at Cordelia.
“There are so many voices and they're loud! They never shut up. My head is killing me. And if I have to hear Madison’s play-by-play on her hookups one more time I swear I'll kill her.”
Cordelia chuckles.
“I know it can be overwhelming but once you learn how to control it you can cut those voices off. You'll be able to block them out unless you need to hear. “
“Can you teach me? Because I love you both but there are things I don't want to hear. Like ever. No offense.”
Cordelia chuckles “None taken.”
“Wait! Do you listen to me?” you asked.
“No. I only listen if I need to.”
“Then how did you hear me?” you asked.
“I felt your panic and tuned in,” she says.
“I can't believe this. I'm so ashamed.” Mina says.
“Momma it's okay you didn't know. And while I don't want to hear it, see it, or know about it I'm not an idiot. I know you guys have sex.”
“Oh my God!” Mina groans.
Cordelia laughs “It's not the end of the world love. I will teach her how to block them out. Until then just try to keep your thoughts at a minimum. “ she says winking at the redhead.
Mina scoffs “Easy for you to say.”
“Believe me Momma I've heard worse. You don't want to know what some of these girls are thinking.”
“Worse than what you heard from me?”
You chuckled nodding your head. “Madison is always thinking about sex or her old TV roles. Zoe thinks about butterflies and fucking rainbows. Misty thinks about Stevie constantly, and I've even heard some of the girls thinking about the two of you.”
“Oh?” she asked.
“Yeah, let's just say they're very interested in your sex life. And some of them even like you guys and no offense but I don't want to hear my friends thinking about how hot my moms are,” you said causing them both to blush.
“ Well, at least I feel a little better,” Mina says.
You chuckled “Yeah it was just a shock. But mom said she would help me. So I'll try very hard to not listen. I don't want you or anyone else to act weird around me like I'm invading your privacy. “
“Actually...” you said looking at Cordelia.
“Is there any way we can keep this between the three of us? I don't want others to act differently around me. It's already hard enough being the daughter of the supreme. No offense Mom. I love you dearly and I'm so proud of you. Both of you. But it's already hard enough to fit in.”
Cordelia smiles as she cradles your face in her hands. “Aw, sweetheart I know it isn't easy for you. And I understand why you'd want to hide this power. No one other than your Momma and You know about my ability. It will be our little secret. “
“Thank you.” you smiled hugging her tight.
“Your Welcome my love. Although I am so happy your powers are growing. You've got to stop growing up so fast. I want you to stay my baby forever.”
You chuckled “ I know.”
Mina smiles as she watches the two of you. You smiled at her as you pulled away from Cordelia.
“Promise you won't pull away from me because of this.”
“Of course not!” Mina gasped pulling you in for a hug.
“I would never. You're my world little one. Never forget that.”
“I know. I heard you remember. And I think I'm the lucky one. I got the gift of two amazing mothers. “
Mina smiles as she kisses your forehead. “I thank the gods for you every single day.”
You chuckled as you held her tight.
“As do I,” Cordelia says as she wraps her arms around you both.
You sighed into your mothers enjoying their warmth and comfort. With them by your side, there wasn't anything you couldn't do.
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The Witch Bitch From New York.
Cordelia Goode x Mina Venable x Reader
Tumblr media
At the age of 13, you knew that Mina was different than most. You always knew she needed the cane to walk but didn’t exactly know why until one night your mothers explained it to you.
Mina was worried that you would see her as a monster like most people do but you couldn’t. You could never look at her that way. She was your mother after all. Not many of the other girls at the academy knew about Mina’s condition and while some did they didn’t dare speak about it.
Walking into your next class you sit down waiting for Myrtle to begin. Zoe sits to your right while Madison is on your left. While you and Madison didn’t always get along she always had your back and vice versa. The three of you grew up together in the academy and your bond was strong.
Behind you was a group of newer witches. They were a couple of years older than you and arrived a couple of months ago. Maci was a redhead from North Carolina she was all bark but no bite. Emily was from Ohio and she had long brown hair and was dumber than rocks. They were Heather’s lapdogs as Madison called them. Heather was from New York City and she made sure everyone knew it. She had long blonde hair and sea blue eyes your typical mean girl. She was very popular at her old school and her parents had more money than god. Heather was just a bitch plain and simple. You tried to stay away from them as much as possible because your mother would never forgive you if you set one of them on fire.
As you waited for class to begin you could hear them gossiping behind you.
“Did y’all hear apparently our dear supreme is a dyke.” Maci says.
The other two girls gasp in fake surprise.
“Yeah, I heard her type in women was Halloween,” Maci adds with a chuckle.
You griped your notebook tight as you tried to ignore them.
Zoe is quick to grab your hand offering you a smile.
“They aren’t worth it.” She whispered.
“Ohh y/n..” Heather calls out. You turn in your seat facing her.
“Is it true Mina is a freak of nature?” She asked.
“Hey!” Madison yells turning in her seat.
“Back off bitch.” She yells in Heather’s direction.
“Or what?”
“Or I’ll beat your ass you trophy wife in training,” Madison smirks.
Heather chuckles as she returns her gaze to you.
“I heard Mina is like Frankenstein and she has a few pieces sewed together like an art project. Is that true?”
“Fuck you, Heather!” You yelled at the blonde.
“Awe poor y/n it’s got to suck being the daughter of Frankenstein and a dyke. Do you have to help her oil her parts or is that Cordelia’s job?” She asked with a chuckle.
The next thing you knew you were across the table knocking her to the ground as you land punch after punch to her face. The class gasped as they watched.
“Yess! Beat her ass!” Madison cheers.
“Girls! Girls!” Myrtle screams as she pulls you off of Heather.
“That’s enough! Both of you go to Cordelia’s office. Now!” She screams pointing down the hallway.
You growled as Heather walks by holding her bloody nose.
“Looks like daddy’s going to have to buy you a new nose.” Madison chuckled giving her a small pout.
“Madison!” Myrtle warns.
You’ve been waiting outside Cordelia’s office for the last hour. She’s spoken to Heather, Myrtle, and all of the other girls in the class. Heather insisted on calling her parents so Cordelia had to speak with them as well. Finally, the door opens as she allows Heather to exit the office.
The girl smirks as she walks past you. You glared in her direction.
“Y/n!” Your mother calls out to you. You sighed making your way into the office seeing Mina sitting in the chair across from Cordelia’s desk.
Cordelia sits in her chair shaking her head as she looks at you.
“What do you have to say for yourself?”
“She deserved it.” You grumbled.
“Y/n,” Mina warns.
“Well, she did! She is a grade A bitch and she’s always saying nasty things about both of you! She and her lap dogs called you both dykes and called momma Frankenstein! I tried I really did but that was the last straw so yeah I beat her ass. If you want to punish me do it! I don’t care but if she does it again I will beat her ass again. Hell, she’s lucky all I did was hit her because I could have dropped a house on that bitch!” You yelled as you dramatically threw yourself down in the chair next to Mina.
Mina couldn’t help the chuckle that escapes while Cordelia ducks her head so you can’t see her smile.
“Nonetheless you can’t be violent towards the other girls.” Cordelia finally says once she’s collected herself.
“If it means protecting the two of you I will do whatever is necessary. Ask Madison and Zoe she had it coming.”
“That may be my love but the fact of the matter is you broke her nose and bruised both her eyes. I can’t allow that type of behavior even if you are my daughter. So because of that you and Heather will both be punished.”
“Fine.” You mumbled.
“Now as your supreme I am very disappointed but as your mother, I am extremely proud of you.” She says with a smile.
You looked up at her in shock.
“You are?”
She nods.
“Little one,” Mina calls out to you.
“Thank you for being so protective of me. I know it’s hard when the girls talk about things they don’t understand. And while I appreciate your protectiveness can we not go around punching people or dropping houses on them.” She adds with a smile.
You chuckled. “Yes ma’am. I’m sorry. She just made me so angry.”
“I understand. But you don’t always have to protect me little one. I can do it myself.”
“But you're my mom. I want to protect you…both of you. You two are the best mothers I could possibly ask for and it upsets me when others talk badly about you. And I know how you feel about your back and I don’t want anyone to make you feel less than what you are.”
Mina chuckles as tears roll down her cheeks. “Come here, baby.” She says softly as you sit in her lap.
“There will always be people who say mean things, especially about me. However, their opinions don’t matter. The only people I worry about are you and your mother. Okay? You don’t have to protect me all the time. While I am thankful you love me so fiercely I can’t allow you to put yourself in harm's way because of it. So no more. If something is said you come and talk to us. Do you understand me?”
“Yes ma’am.” You sighed. She smiles hugging you tightly.
“I love You.” She says as she kisses your forehead.
“I love you too Momma. And I’m sorry.” You whispered. She nods her head.
Cordelia clears her throat gaining your attention. You smiled as she sends you a wink. Getting up from Mina’s lap you walk around the desk to sit on Cordelia’s.
“My sweet, protective girl I love you so much. And believe me, I know how hard it is to listen to people talk about your Momma. But we must learn to compose ourselves. And because of that you and Heather both will have extra chores for a month and you’re to help Misty with the littles as well.”
“Yes ma’am.” You whispered.
She smiles kissing your cheek softly.
“I love you, sweet girl.”
“I love you too.”
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I just want a MILF that loves me. Like is that too much to ask for??
Tumblr media
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Why Don’t You Like Me?
Cordelia Goode x  Wilhemina Venable x Fiona Goode x Reader (Daughter/Granddaughter)
Tumblr media
Your mother has been dating Wilhemina Venable for the last eight months. At least that's what your mommy said. You were only six so none of that made sense to you anyway. While you liked Mina you also feared her. She was tall and demanded the room. She had bright red hair and she walked with a cane.
You liked her cane you thought it was cool. But she never lets you play with it. That's dumb. Not only that but she rarely spent time with you unless Cordelia was around. But unfortunately, your mother was going to be gone for the next two days. Leaving you in the custody of Fiona and Mina. Your Auntie Myrtle went with your mother to New York to find a young witch.
The first night was hard without your mother. Fiona didn't do half of your bed routine claiming it was for babies and Mina was nowhere to be found. You sighed to yourself as you sat on the swing outside enjoying the last few hours of sun. Silently tears fall from your cheeks as you wish for your mother's comfort.
“Why are you crying child?” Fiona asked as she sat next to you lighting a cigarette.
“I miss mommy.” you cried.
“Oh now dry your eyes. She'll be home tomorrow.”
You sighed as you wiped away your tears.
“Fiona,” you called out to the older woman.
Fiona sighs rolling her eyes “Yes, child? What is it?”
“Why doesn't Mina like me? She likes mommy and mommy likes her and mommy likes me so why doesn't Mina like me?”
“Why do you care if that mortal likes you or not?”
You shrugged your shoulders as your head hangs low.
“Honey not many people like children. I myself despise them. They’re loud, whiny, and sticky. I mean really what’s to like?” She asked looking down at you.
You cried harder at her words wishing your mother was here.
Fiona sighs “Listen, child, many people in this world aren't going to like you so you best get used to it,” she growls walking off.
As she walks away more tears fall from your eyes as you sprint towards your bedroom. You were halfway up the stairs when you ran straight into Mina. You gasped as you looked up at the redhead. Before she could even speak you started to cry harder.
“I'm sorry!” you sobbed before running off to your room. The woman is quick to follow you barely making it into the room before you shut the door.
She sighs as she sits next to you on your bed. “Y/n? What's the matter?” she asked. Getting no response she tries again.
“Is it about your mother? Because she’ll be home tomorrow..”
“Why don't you like me?” you yelled cutting her off.
The woman stares at you in shock. “What do you mean? Why would you think I don't like you?”
“Because! You don't play with me. You only play when mommy's here. You don't talk to me and Fiona said so.”
“Fiona told you I don't like you?”
“Yes! And you don't!” you cried.
The redhead sighs as she scoots closer towards you.
“That isn't true little one I adore you. Sometimes I just have a hard time showing it. But I promise I will try harder.”
You looked up at her “You like me? Like you really like me?”
She smiles “ Very much.”
You smiled crawling in her lap as you hug her tightly.
“I like you, Mina. A lot. And mommy does too. “
Mina chuckles “Well that's good because I love you both very much.” she says as she kisses the top of your head.
“Why did Fiona lie?” you asked.
“I'm not sure little one but I will be sure to get to the bottom of it,” she says.
You smiled “Okay.”
She smiles as she moved you off her lap headed to the door.
“Mina?” you called out once more.
“Will you put me to bed tonight? Fiona doesn't do it right.”
Mina chuckles “ Of course little one.” she smiles as she walks out of your room.
Once the door is closed her face changes to anger. Walking down the stairs she sees Cordelia and Fiona.
Cordelia smiles “Surprise I'm back early. Where is my baby?” she asked. Mina ignores her as she walks straight to Fiona smacking her hard across the face.
The women gasped.
“If you ever lie to that child again I'll kill you. Do you understand me?” Mina growled.
Cordelia quickly pulls the redhead back taking mina to her office. Fiona stands there in shock as do the other witches staining in the entryway.
“Shows over folks fuck off!” she screams as she heads to the bar.
Once Mina has calmed down she, fills Cordelia in on what has happened. The blonde is furious.
“I can't believe her!”
“I can. Your mother is a bitch.”
“But....” Mina sighs. “This is partly my fault as well. I haven't shown y/n the affection she needs. And that is because I'm afraid.”
“Afraid of what my love?” Cordelia asked.
Mina sighs as tears prick her eyes. “I've never been in love before. No one has ever loved me unconditionally much less two people. I'm afraid if I open those doors I will lose you both. And if that were to happen I wouldn't survive. Because I love you too much and I love that little girl so much it hurts sometimes.” she cries.
Cordelia gathers her in her arms as she rocks her back in forth. “Shh, my love that won't happen. We both love you so much. And I know y/n adores you. Don't let Fiona come between us. You're the most important person to me aside from y/n of course. I will do everything in my power to keep you both safe, happy, and loved.” she says with a smile.
Mina nods her head as they share a kiss.
Cordelia sighs as she pulls back. “Okay now let's go surprise my baby I've missed her.”
Mina chuckles as she follows her to your bedroom. They open the door watching you play happily on your bed until you look up.
“Mommy!!!!” You shout running towards the blonde.
She smiles as she catches you in her arms lifting you up. “Ohh, my baby! I've missed you!”
“ I missed you more!”
“That's not possible sweet girl.” she chuckles.
“I'm happy your home.” you smiled.
“Me too baby.”
“Mommy? Can Mina still put me to bed?” you asked.
Cordelia smiled looking over at the woman. “If she wants to.”
Mina nods her head” Of course, I do little one.”
“Yay!” you cheered causing the women to chuckle.
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marchtomydrums · 28 days ago
She Gets This From You.
Cordelia Goode x Wilhemina Venable x Reader (daughter) 
Tumblr media
“Ughhh!” you screamed slamming your mother's office door behind you. The two women jumped at the sound both looking in your direction.
“Sweetheart are you alright?” Cordelia spoke first looking at you with concern.
“Can I kill Madison?” you screamed.
“Absolutely not!” Cordelia answered.
“Well...” Mina chimes in.
“ Wilhemina!” Cordelia gasped looking over at the redhead.
“Well, she is really annoying.”
“Thank you!” you agreed looking at your redheaded mother.
Cordelia shakes her head and sighs “Y/n I understand Madison is an acquired taste but she is still a part of this coven and you can't kill her.”
“Aw come on mom! What if I promise to bring her back after??” you whined.
“Y/n.” The blonde glares at you sending you a warning.
“Ughh. Fine. “ you huffed sitting down in the chair next to Mina.
“I guess she gets to see another day,” you grumbled causing Mina to chuckle.
Cordelia glares at the redhead as she sits back down in her chair.
“She gets this from you!” she says pointing at Mina.
Mina smiles proudly “Yes she does.”
You giggled as Mina looks back at you and winked. Cordelia shakes her head as she lets out a chuckle.
“What am I going to do with you two?”
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marchtomydrums · 29 days ago
Run For Your Money
Cordelia Goode x Wilhemina Venable x Fiona Goode x Reader(Daughter/ Granddaughter)
Tumblr media
“Come on honey you’re going to have to try harder than that.” Fiona chuckles baiting you into fighting her.
“I don’t want to hurt you, Fiona.”
The older woman laughs. “Oh, child you can’t hurt me. I’m the supreme. Now come on let’s get to it.”
You sighed to yourself looking around for your mothers. Cordelia would be able to talk Fiona out of this while Mina would threaten her if she hurts you. But they’re nowhere in sight so now you must fight your grandmother.
Taking a deep breath you channel your magic waiting for the right moment to release. Finding that moment you do so sending a wave of energy Fiona’s way. The older woman blocks it easily sending it back your way and sending you flying into the bushes.
“Mother!” Cordelia screams running down the front porch steps of the academy.
“Delia. You’re just in time.” Fiona chuckles.
Cordelia sighs as she helps you out of the brush.
“What is the meaning of this mother?” She asked glaring at the older woman.
“I’m simply trying to train her so that if she has to fight someone she won’t get killed. Believe it or not, I am rather fond of your spawn.” She says with a smirk.
“So fond of her you sent her into the brushes. Yes, that makes a lot of sense Fiona.” A voice calls out from the top of the stairs.
Looking up you see your red-headed mother glaring at Fiona. You smiled looking back at Fiona.
“This doesn’t concern you, Wilhemina.” Fiona draws.
“She is a child Fiona,” Mina says.
“She's seven years old. And again this matter doesn't concern you.” Fiona says challenging the redhead.
“Shes a child nonetheless, and I will not watch you bully her when we all know your magic is much more powerful than hers. Or should I say was..” she says looking at Fiona.
You didn’t exactly know what she meant by that but Cordelia tensed beside you. Fiona glares at Mina as she walks forward.
“Listen here you Frankenstein Bitch. I will do as I please with my granddaughter. And if you don’t like it well you can kiss my….”
“Ahhhhhh!” Fiona screams as she goes flying across the yard. Once she lands she looks up in shock seeing both Cordelia and Mina staring in disbelief.
A figure hovers above her as she looks up into your eyes.
“Apologize to Mina.” You said glaring at Fiona.
Fiona smirks “Well I'll be damned. I knew you had it in you sugar.”
Fiona smiles as she finds her footing. “Cordelia this one is going to give you a run for your money,” she says smiling at your mother.
Fiona tries to walk past you but you block her glaring up at her once more.
“Apologize grandmother.”
Fiona sighs looking past you to address Mina.
“I’m sorry Wilhemina.”
The redhead smirks “Thank you, Fiona.”
“I need a drink.” Fiona huffs as she walks past you.
You smiled running up the stairs to Mina.
“Did you see that Mina?!”
“I did little one. Your powers are growing.” She smiles.
“Which means you need to be attending more classes to learn how to control them.” Cordelia chimes in as she walks up the stairs.
“Are you mad at me mommy?” You asked looking up at the blonde. She smiles shaking her head.
“Of course not sweetheart. Fiona got what she deserved. But we can’t have you throwing people around everytime they say something you don’t like.” She chuckles.
“I know. I’m sorry.”
Cordelia smiles as she picks you up settling you on her hip. “Don’t be sweet girl. Your grandmother was very impressed by your power. I think you might have even scared her a little.”
You giggled hugging her neck tight as she and Mina walk back inside with you.
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marchtomydrums · a month ago
The Parent I Needed
Cordelia Goode x Wilhelmina Venable x Reader (Daughter)
Tumblr media
You sighed into your pillow as you listened to your parents scream. They have been going at it for hours blaming each other for whatever they could come up with. You're sure the other girls could hear as well which only made you more upset.
Zoe tried to comfort you but you immediately dismissed it sending her back to her bed on the other side of the room. You hated Hank, he was an asshole. He didn't even deserve the title of being your father. He wasn't around for most of your childhood, and he always made your mother cry. He hated being around witches. And he hated your mother's girlfriend Wilhelmina. But he loved tearing down your mother. He would go out of his way to see her cry. And he loved to throw digs at Mina.
Usually, Fiona is around to knock him down a few pegs but she’s been gallivanting across the world with her new boy toy. You missed her even if she was a stone-cold bitch.
You could hear the three of them screaming at each other and you couldn't take it anymore. Getting up from your bed you go to the door.
“Y/n?” Zoe calls out to you.
“It's okay. I'll be right back,” you whispered. The girl nods “If you need me..yell.”
You smiled nodding your head as you walked out the door. Slowing walking down the stairs you make your way to the kitchen. Standing off to the side you watch and listen.
“My daughter doesn't need to be here! She is better off with me.” Hank yells.
“Our daughter Hank is a witch and she is better off with her coven!” Cordelia yells.
“You will not keep her from me! You and this...this monster will not brainwash my daughter,” he screams.
“Brainwash?” Cordelia chuckles. “You haven't been here since she was three. You left hank! I didn't keep her from you! And don't you dare drag Mina into this. She's been more of a parent to y/n than you have.”
The man chuckles walking towards your mother inches from her face. “If you think I'm going to let this freak of nature raise my daughter you have another thing coming.”
Finally, you heard enough walking forward to make your presence known.
“Get out!” you screamed standing in front of the women.
“Y/n?” the women gasped in the Unison.
“What?” he questioned.
“You heard me get out!”
He smiles “Honey I just want what's best for you.”
“Like you'd know what's best for me.” you chuckled rolling your eyes at him.
He looks back at the women in anger. “See you've already turned her against me. You and this damaged freak...”
Extending your hand, you cut off his words sending him flying across the room into the wall. Walking forward you hovered above him.
“Don't ever talk to my mothers like that again. Get out of my house or I will throw you out myself. “
Hank struggles to his feet as he tries to speak before you cut him off once more.
“Get out! And don't ever come back,” you screamed. The man nods his head as he walks to the door letting himself out.
When the door closes Cordelia is the first to pull you into her arms.
“I'm so sorry sweetheart. You weren't meant to be a part of this.”
“It's okay Mom it's not your fault. He's an asshole.”
She chuckles as she holds you tight in her arms. Looking over her shoulder you see Mina standing off to the side with her head hung low. Pulling from Cordelia’s embrace you walk towards her.
“Mina?” you called out to her. The redhead looks up at you with a sad smile.
“I'm sorry for the things he said to you. None of it is true. “
She smiles as tears prick her eyes. “Thank you little one.”
You smiled pulling her into a hug. “I love you, Mina. Thank you for being the second parent I needed. No matter what Hank says you're my mother too.”
The redhead chokes back a sob as she tightens her grip on you.
“My love you don't know how lucky I am to have you as my daughter,” she whispered.
Cordelia smiles as she joins in on the hug. “We're both so lucky to have such a beautiful and brave girl.”
You smiled pulling back from their arms. “I can't wait to tell Fiona I threw him into the wall.”
Your mothers chuckled.
“Yes, your grandmother will be sad she missed it.” Cordelia laughs as they pull you in for another hug.
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Wildcard 18
Sorry, it took so long. 🙃
Alex’s POV:
It's been about two months since you left. Olivia has slumped into a depression. She barely speaks, she barely eats, she's lost without you. She hardly ever leaves the apartment unless for work and even that has taken a hit with her attitude and disconnected demeanor. Fin has agreed to step in and take over for the time being until Olivia can get her head on straight.
I’ve tried to be supportive from a distance trying to give her time to figure it all out. As of right now, I feel like I’m dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t. My presence angers her but so does my absence. So I’ve tried to only come when I’m needed or when I haven’t heard from her in a while.
Over the last two months, I’ve felt incredibly guilty for how this all went down. Casey and Delana have both told me how they felt about my part. And they’re right I’ve been selfish and stubborn and because of that, you’re in pain and now so is Olivia. I never wanted to be the cause of that but yet here we are.
I’ve tried to reach out to you a couple of times but each time I’ve been met with silence. I don’t blame you but it hurts. It makes me feel worse about everything. I have to figure out a way to make this right.
I sigh to myself as I walk into the apartment I'm met with darkness and silence. The once cozy and bright home is now a dark hole that houses only Olivia.
“Liv,” I call out as I place the grocery bags on the counter. When I received no response I decided to search for her. Walking into the bedroom I find the brunette passed out on the floor surrounded by photos and empty beer cans. Bending down I pick up a photo of you and Olivia. You're smiling wide as Olivia kisses your cheek. I smile at the photo as tears prick my eyes. Sighing I look down at her as I try to coax her out of her drunken slumber.
“Liv. Olivia.” I whispered shaking her. She groans looking up at me.
“What do you want?”
“You need to get up and shower. Come on. I'll clean up in here while you wash up.”
The brunette groans snatching her arm from me.
“Just leave me, Alex!”
“No! Come on get up!” I shout grabbing her arms to lift her.
Finally, I get her to her feet as she yanks herself away from me stumbling backwards. I lean forward reaching her just in time before she crashes into the bedside table.
“Liv.” I sighed.
“Just leave me here Alex! Just go!” she screams as tears fall from her eyes.
“I'm not going anywhere so you might as well just give it up.”
She sighs rolling her eyes at me.
“Just leave Alex. I won't hold it against you. Everyone always leaves.” she cries.
Her words break my heart. I've never seen her so broken. Olivia is always the strong one. Always the one in charge, always the rock for everyone to lean on. It's hard to see her this way.
I shake my head as I lift her chin. “I'm not going anywhere. I want you to shower, brush your teeth, and comb your hair. I'm going to clean up this mess and then I'm going to cook some food okay?”
She nods as she stumbles toward the bathroom. I sigh as I look around. “I've definitely got my work cut out for me.”
Readers POV:
Every day seems harder than the next. Alex has reached out a few times but each time you ignore her. It's not that you're trying to be rude to her but you need space. Olivia has called, texted, and emailed whatever she can to try to get in touch with you. But again you've given nothing but silence.
Casey and Delana have been nice enough to share their home with you for the last two months. Watching the two of them together has given you mixed feelings. Partly because they're just so cute and so in love and it makes you miss Olivia. But it also makes you angry to think about how you two used to be before Alex.
When you met Olivia she was a breath of fresh air. You have never had someone in your life care so deeply for you. Protect you. Love you. Olivia saved you from the darkness that was your life. She gave you hope, love, and happiness. And now, it felt like the darkness has returned stronger than it was before.
As you lay in bed scrolling through your photos you come across one of your favorites. Olivia is kissing your cheek as you smile into the camera. You release fresh tears as you think back to that day.
Back when Olivia was the sweetest, most caring, and most attentive partner you ever had. Back when it was new and fun. Before all of the drama, insecurities, and Alex.
As mad as you were at her you still craved her. You still wanted to be near her. The distance made you feel as if a part of you was dying. But you knew you needed a break from it all.
A knock on the door gains your attention. You sighed as you dragged yourself out of bed. Maybe Delana and Casey forgot their keys. You hoped at least because you weren't in the mood to deal with people right now.
But you were shocked when you opened the door to see Alex.
The blonde gives you a small smile and whispered “Hi.”
“Can I come in for a moment?”
You nodded your head stepping to the side allowing her in. She smiles looking over the apartment as you close the door.
You turned to her giving her an awkward smile.
“Soo. How have you been?” she asked.
“Just peachy Al. You?” you said sarcastically.
“I've been better,” she says.
You chuckled shaking your head. “Why are you here Alex?”
The blonde sighs “Because Olivia has fallen off the deep end. She hardly leaves her home. She drinks every night. She doesn't work. She barely speaks to anyone. She's lost y/n.”
“And you want me to do what?”
“I want you to talk to her. Please. I know you're upset and you have every right to be but this isn't like Olivia. I'm scared y/n. She's either sobbing in my arms or screaming at me until I walk out the door. I don't know what to do.” she says her voice cracking with emotion.
You sighed pulling her into your embrace as she cries trying to hold back your own tears.
Alex relaxes in your embrace holding you tight. “We both know that she's never wanted to be like her mother. Alone and always drunk. Angry and abusive to herself and others. I don't know what to do..”
You sighed pulling back from her. “I'll talk to her. But I want to make myself clear that this doesn't mean I'm coming back. This doesn't change anything.”
The blonde nods “I know.” “I'm so sorry. I know that I played a part in this as well. And I'm sorry you got hurt. And even though I shouldn't I do miss you.”
You give her a small smile “I know Al. I miss you too. Ironically we've become great friends in all of this mess. And while you did play a part my problem isn't with you it's Liv. She has to decide what she wants. As much as I care for you I can't compete with you for Olivia anymore.”
“Compete?? Ohh honey I never even came close to her loving me the way she loves you. She felt that our relationship was jaded and saw an opportunity to fix it. But she's never looked at me the way she looks at you. I really hope you two can work this out. Because you two are made for each other.” she says with a smile.
“What about you?”
She grins “I'll be fine. Olivia and I are better as friends and so are we. I don't want to lose either one of you that way no matter how this ends.”
“Well I can't speak for Olivia but you won't lose me. “ you said giving her a small smile. She smiles back pulling you in for a hug.
“I'm so sorry.” She cries.
“I know.”
Clearing her throat she pulls back. “Okay, well I will get out of your hair. Thank you for opening the door.”
“You're welcome. And I will text Olivia maybe we can meet for lunch or something. So we can talk. ”
“Great. I hope she will listen to you. Good luck.” She smiles heading to the door. Before she leaves she looks back at you with a sad smile.
“See ya around?”
You chuckled “I’ll see you soon Al.”
She smiles shutting the door behind her.
You sighed as tears streamed down your face. Pulling out your phone you sent Olivia a text.
-Hey it’s me. Meet me tomorrow at the diner at noon.-
A few seconds later your phone chimes.
-Ohh okay, I’ll see you at noon.-
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marchtomydrums · a month ago
You're My Mom
Alex Cabot x Reader(Daughter)
Tumblr media
Being the daughter of a lawyer and the caption of SVU has it’s ups and downs but you wouldn't have it any other way. Both of your mothers love their jobs and work hard every day to get justice for the victims. It's inspiring really to have two strong and independent women as your role models.
Today was like any other as made your way off the subway to visit your mothers after school. Once you learned Olivia was out on a call you decided to visit Alex first. Making your way to her office you heard chatter amongst the other lawyers. They all looked pissed off, to say the least, and were mumbling words like bitch and some other words you weren't allowed to say.
Rounding the corner to your mother's office you see a tall man inside the room with her. He was screaming at her. She looked thoroughly pissed off matching his volume. You've seen this man before his name is Jim. You didn't like him. He was always hanging around your mom and called you kiddo even though you were 16.
Stepping off to the side you listened to the adults bicker back and forth until finally, you heard Jim scream.
“You know what Alex I thought once you got older this whole Ice queen phase would end. But I see I was wrong, you're still a heartless bitch!” he screamed as he slammed the door behind him walking back to his office.
You waited a few moments for a snarky comeback that your mother was famous for but nothing came. Peaking into the office you noticed her hands cradling her head as the tears fell down her cheeks. Alex never really cried in front of you. She always had this calm demeanor about her unless you made her mad. You didn't know why Jim had called her heartless because she was anything but.
Walking into the office you quietly closed the door behind you making your way to her.
“Mom,” you called out.
Alex jumped looking up at you.
“Y/n? I didn't know you were here.”
“I know,” you said giving her a small smile.
She smiles hastily trying to wipe her tears away. You give her a sad smile as you grabbed her hand causing her to look up at you.
“Mom don't listen to him. He's an asshole. “
“Well, he is. He upset you and said things that aren't true. You're not heartless, I've seen you work countless hours for these victims. I've seen you pour your heart, soul, and all of your energy into your work. He doesn't know what he's talking about.”
Alex smiles pulling you into her lap as she hugs you.
“Thank you,” she whispered as more tears fall.
“Well, it's the truth. And I don't like when people are mean to you. You're my mom so I'm allowed to call them assholes. “
She chuckles “ Yes I am. And don't worry about Jim he'll calm down eventually.”
“I really don't like him,” you grumbled making Alex laugh more.
“Your mother isn't a fan of him either.”
“Yeah if she knew he made you cry she'd kill him.” you laughed.
Alex laughs nodding her head. You smiled leaning in deeper into her embrace.
“I love you, mom. “
“I love you too sweetie.”
“But..” you said pulling back to look at her.
“If he makes you cry or calls me kiddo one more time I will drop-kick him. I know how Uncle Fin taught me.”
Alex laughs loudly shaking her head at you.
“Okay honey I'll let him know.”
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marchtomydrums · a month ago
Dark Day
Cordelia Goode x Reader (Daughter!)
Tumblr media
For you and the others girls, today was just like any other. You wake up, had breakfast, morning classes, lunch, afternoon classes, and then free time before dinner. However, for your mother Cordelia today was a dark day. A day of mixed feelings and misplaced anger. Most of the girls knew better to stay away from the supreme on this day. You, however, were always the exception always there to help her through this day.
You smiled at the girls as you passed them in the hallway making your way towards your mother's room. You opened the door before quickly and quietly closing it behind you. Making your way through the dark bedroom you find the bed crawling behind her wrapping your arm tight around her waist.
The older woman sighs turning over to see you. You smile at her causing her to do the same. She reaches out taking your face in her hand.
“My sweet girl,” she whispered.
“Are you okay?” you asked.
She nods with a small smile. “I'm much better now that you’re here.”
“Sorry. Class ran long today. One of the younger girls accidentally turned her roommate into stone.” you chuckled.
Cordelia gasped sitting upright.
“It's okay Mallory and Zoe fixed it. She's good as new,” you explained easing her back down.
Cordelia slowly lays back down beside you.
“I'm sorry,” she whispered.
“For what?”
“I'm supposed to be the strong one. The mother of you and the others. But yet here I am laying in my bed crying over someone who didn't give a damn about me. I'm letting you down. I'm letting everybody down..” she cries.
You shake your head moving closer to her.
“That's not true. Mom, you're strong and you take care of all of us every day. You're allowed to have one day to yourself. Even if it is this day.”
She sighs shaking her head. “She wasn't worth my tears.”
“That may be but she was still your mother. Fiona had her moments though they were rare. Where she made you feel like the most important person in the world. I know it's hard. I miss her every day even though she was a bitch. She was still my grandmother. Your mother. We're allowed to grieve. The girls get it.”
Cordelia sighs nodding her head. “I know. But I don't want you to feel like you have to take care of me. I'm your mother, not the other way around.”
She chuckles rolling her eyes. “I bet Fiona is having a field day watching you take care of me. Having to do what I did with her.”
“Stop it!” you shout catching her off guard.
Cordelia tries to speak again but you cut her off.
“No! You're allowed to be upset and to miss her. But I will not stay here and listen to this. You're nothing like Fiona. I should know I've met her. I've heard the stories mom. You're nothing like her. You're the best mother I could have ever hoped for. And you're a mother to every single girl here. They love you, they support you. They want to be better because of you. You've shown them a love that most of them didn't even think was possible. You're nothing like Fiona and I hate when you compare yourself to her.” you finish as tears roll down your cheeks.
Cordelia sighs pulling you into her and laying your head on her chest.
“I'm sorry. My sweet girl, I'm so sorry. “ she coos trying to calm you down.
“Mom I know you're sad and you had a fucked up history with her. But don't ruin what you have now because of her. Please. I don't know how long I have with you. Please don't waste it.” you cried.
Cordelia pushes back sitting you both upright as she takes your face into her hands.
“Y/n I love you so much. I'm so sorry. I never want you to feel like I'm not grateful for my life. For you. For the girls. Because I am. I promise you this is the last time I will spend this day like this. And you don't have to worry about how much time you have with me. I will always be with you. No matter what. I love you more than anything. Do you hear me?”
You nod your head giving her a small smile.
She smiles back pulling you into a hug.
“You're the greatest gift I have ever been given. Don't you ever forget that,” she whispered.
“I love you, Mom.”
“I love you too.”
You chuckled as you pulled away from her.
“You know even though Fiona was a bitch to you I'm thankful for her.”
“What do you mean?”
“Even though she put you through hell it made you work harder. To be kinder, to be more loving, and understanding. She was the worst mother ever but because of that, you are the most wonderful mother to me. And to the others.”
Cordelia sobs happily as she kisses your forehead.
“Thank you, my love. But having you as my daughter makes it easy,” she says with a smile.
You chuckled “Yeah that's what happens when you're the daughter of the Supreme.”
Cordelia laughs loudly as she tackles you back down to the bed to lay beside her.
“I love you, sweet girl.”
“I love you too.”
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marchtomydrums · a month ago
Just Takes Time
Cordelia Goode x Reader! Daughter
Tumblr media
“ God dammit!!” you shout slamming your hands against the table in frustration. You hear a deep chuckle behind you. Sighing you turned around looking at the blonde.
“Aw. Poor Y/N. Maybe your mommy can help you learn the spell.” she teases.
“Fuck you, Maddison.”
“You wish bitch.” she chuckled walking out the door causing you to roll your eyes.
You sighed looking over the spell once more wondering where you went wrong.
“Don't worry y/n you'll get it,” Zoe says with a smile.
You nod your head “Yeah I know. Just sucks when everyone compares me to my mom.”
Zoe nods “It's got to suck being the supreme’s daughter.”
You chuckled “You have no idea.”
Hours later you were still in the basement trying to get the hang of this spell. You missed lunch and dinner forcing yourself to focus on the task at hand. You tried once more breathing slowly as you started. And....nothing.
“Stupid fucking candle!” you screamed throwing the candle at the wall.
“Wow, you must have learned that language from your grandmother.”
You gasped turning around to see your mother looking at you with a smile.
“What are you doing down here?” you asked.
“Trying to figure out why you missed dinner. And then Zoe mentioned you were down here.”
You sighed sitting on the stool hanging your head low. Cordelia walks towards the table reaching across to lift your chin with her fingers.
“What's the matter, sweetheart? “
Your eyes filled with tears as you finally broke down.
“I'm never going to get this! “
“You will honey it just takes practice.”
“No! I'll never be enough. I'll never be...” you stalled casting your eyes to the ground.
“Be What?” she asked.
“Like you.” you sobbed.
Cordelia shakes her head as she rounds the table pulling you into her arms.
“Oh, honey. Listen to me okay... I know it's hard being the daughter of a supreme. But you don't have to be like me or anyone else. Because you're enough...more than enough. Everyone learns differently sweetheart.”
“But I'm supposed to be better. I'm your daughter. I'm supposed to be great. But I'm not and they all know it.” you cried into her chest.
Cordelia pulls back lifting your chin once more. “Look at me. Y/n you're the greatest gift I've ever received. You're smart, kind, and generous. You're my beautiful girl and you're amazing. Who cares what they think? I know and you know what's in your heart. You will get it I promise. You just have to give it time.” she says with a smile.
You nod your head as you try to slow down your sobs.
“Let's take a break tonight. Okay?” she asked.
You smiled nodding your head as she helps you up.
“Yes, honey.”
“I love you.”
Cordelia smiles wrapping her arms around. “I love you too. Let's go to bed sweetie.”
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marchtomydrums · a month ago
Cordelia Goode💜
-Cordelia Goode x Reader
Just Takes Time
Dark Day
-Cordelia Goode and Wilhelmina Venable x Reader (Daughter)
The Parent I Needed
Run For Your Money
She Gets This From You
Why Don't You Like Me?
The Witch Bitch From New York
Our Little Secret
The Next Supreme
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marchtomydrums · a month ago
Summer Fun
Olivia Benson x Alex Cabot x Reader
Tumblr media
With summer coming to an end your wives promised you a mini vacation to celebrate. Olivia and Alex both have been working nonstop with some hellacious hours so there were days your paths didn't even cross.
However, Alex was now home and waiting in the bedroom for you to show her the bathing suits you ordered for the trip. The blonde beauty was in the middle of packing while she waits. Olivia strolls in earlier than usual smiling as she sees Alex.
“Hi, baby.”
Alex lifts her head smiling at her “Hi. Your home early.”
Olivia nods “Yeah Fin said he's got it covered. Besides we leave tomorrow night. Where's y/n?” she asked looking around.
“In the bathroom. She ordered some bathing suits for our trip and wanted to see how they looked.”
Olivia sits on the bed taking off her shoes along with her badge and gun as she listens to Alex explain.
“So what your saying is I made it just in time for the show?” she asked raising her eyebrows.
Alex chuckles “It would appear so captain.”
Their playful banter is interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening. Stepping out you smile at them both. The color of the suit made your skin glow. And with the tiny strings, there was no way you were getting tan lines.
You smiled at the two women whose mouths hung wide open.
“What do you think?”
“Turn around.” Olivia orders.
You smiled turning for her.
“Your whole ass is out!” She shouts.
You chuckled turning back around.
“Well duh. It’s a thong Bikini Liv.”
“There is no way you’re wearing that.”
You rolled your eyes “Well sorry to tell you MOM but I am.”
“You’re not walking out on the beach for the world to see your ass.”
“What does it matter?! It only belongs to you anyway!” You shout back at the brunette.
“Hey!” Alex shouts with a pout.
“And you.” You chuckled winking at the blonde.
“Baby please don’t wear that. I’ll have to fight off gross men all day. I’d like to actually relax on this vacation.” Olivia whines.
You giggled walking towards her straddling her lap.
“Olivia. I promise you the only person I care about looking at me is you and Alex. Okay??”
The brunette nods her head and sighs “Yeah okay.”
“You really don’t like it?” You asked.
“I love it, baby. Just not for others to see. You’re mine.”
“Your right I am yours. So think about it like this. All of those people who look my way they only get to look. You on the other hand…well you get to do much much more.” You husked rolling your hips in her lap.
She chuckles smacking your ass cheek hard with her hand causing you to gasp.
“Fine. But if someone touches you I swear to god…”
“No one will touch me. Unless it’s you.”
“Hello!” Alex shouts once more.
You chuckled rolling your eyes at her.
“You know what I meant.”
The blonde chuckles “Yes I do. Now come over here so I can see that ass up close.”
You giggled crawling across the bed to her. She smiles spinning you around so your face is buried into the sheets and your ass is on display for her. She looks you over one good time before smacking your ass hard causing you to moan.
The blonde smirks looking over at Olivia.
“You have to admit it Liv…her ass looks delicious in this suit.”
Olivia chuckles shaking her head “Yeah that’s what I’m worried about.”
Alex laughs giving your ass another hard smack.
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marchtomydrums · a month ago
Winter Wonderland
Alex Cabot x Olivia Benson X Reader
Tumblr media
Walking towards the window you couldn't help the big smile that spreads across your face. Running towards the bedroom you jumped on the bed heading to the brunette first.
“Liv!” you shout shaking the sleeping woman.
She groans rolling away from you.
“Livvy! Wake up! Liv!” you shout continuing to shake her.
She groans once more burying her face in the covers. “no!”
You rolled your eyes looking over at the blonde shaking her as well.
“Lex! Lexie! Wake up!”
“What!!?” she whines rolling over to face you.
You smile “Come on get up I have to show you two something.”
The two older women groan as they watch you leap out of the bed running into the living room. Following behind they yarn and stretch as you stand excitedly by the window.
“Look.” You say pointing out the window with a smile.
The two walk closer to the window looking down to see the streets covered in thick white snow.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” You whispered in awe.
Olivia’s gaze travels from the streets back to you with an adoring smile.
“You woke me up for snow?” Alex grumbles.
Ignoring the blonde you look over at Olivia.
“Can we take a walk through Central Park? I saw some people headed that way.”
“You seriously woke me up for snow?!” The blonde shouts repeating herself.
Giving her a small smile you nod your head but your smile fades as you see the look of annoyance on her face.
“I umm…I’m sorry I didn’t think. I forgot that you two got in late. I shouldn’t have woken you.” You stuttered feeling silly for waking the two women.
“I made coffee. You can have some if you want or just head back to sleep. I’m going to throw some clothes on.” You mumbled walking towards the bedroom.
“Y/n,” Olivia calls out.
“No, it’s okay. I umm I’ll be right back.” You said giving her a small smile as you walked off.
The brunette sighs looking over at Alex.
“Nice going Alex,” she says shaking her head.
Olivia walks past her heading your way when Alex stops her.
“No. I’ll go. It’s my fault. Will you make my coffee please?” She asked.
Olivia nods kissing her on the cheek.
Alex smiles as she walks into the bedroom. Knocking on the bathroom door she waits for you to answer.
“Yeah?” You called out.
Alex walks in while you brush your hair. She gives you a small smile.
“Hey.” You smile back as you look back towards the mirror.
Alex sighs “Baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you.”
“It’s okay.”
“No, it’s not. I didn’t get much sleep on top of already not being a morning person but that is no excuse. I shouldn’t have snapped at you. Especially when you were so excited.”
“No big deal.” You smiled walking past her.
“Do you still want to go to the park?” She asked following behind you.
“I can go on my own. I understand if you guys need more rest.”
Alex sighed walking forward and reaching for you as she halts your movements.
“Hey. Look at me please.” She says softly.
You sighed dropping your shoes as you looked up at her.
“I’m sorry. I really am. And I would love nothing more than to walk with you.”
“You don’t have to…”
“But I want to.” She says cutting you off.
You smiled leaning in to hug her.
Alex smiles hugging you tight against her.
“I’m sorry if I was overly excited. It’s just... I’ve only been in New York for a few months and where I’m from we rarely get snow. Hell, I’ve only ever seen snow four times in my 27 years.”
“Really?” She asked.
You nod “Yeah. And I’ve never seen it like this before…so I was excited…and I didn’t think before I came running in here. I forgot that y’all are used to this.” You rambled on and on as Alex watches with a smile.
Finally the blonde ducks down pressing her lips to yours silencing your rambles. You moan into the kiss causing her to smile more.
Leaning back Alex looks at you “I love you.”
“I love you too.” You whispered.
She smiles leaning in once more for a small kiss.
“Just let me change and we will go.” She says walking towards the closet.
Once she was changed she smiles taking your hand in hers. “Come on let’s get some coffee before we head to the park.”
You smiled letting her lead the way as you walked to Olivia who was all ready to go with three to-go coffee cups.
“We good?” She asked.
The blonde nods. “Yup. Let’s go see some snow.” She smiles taking the cup from Olivia.
Olivia chuckles as she walks past her. She looks back just in time to catch your eyes.
“Here you go, sweets.” She says handing you the warm cup.
“Thank you, Liv.”
She smiles “Your welcome. Come let’s go.”
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marchtomydrums · a month ago
The Moment I Knew
Request: Reader is a lawyer and Casey and reader meet at svu for the first time.
Casey Novak x Reader
Tumblr media
Between the roar of cars and people on the streets, the tall buildings hovering above you, and the fact that you're moments away from your new job your anxiety was at its peak.
It wasn't too long ago that you were in school stressing over exams and the bar and now here you are...in New York City. Not only that you're working under the best of the best. In a department, many wouldn't dare enter especially fresh out the gate. SVU was not for the faint of heart but you knew you could do it.
Finding your building you took a deep breath as you entered. Following the signs to the elevators, you find your floor. Once the doors open you feel the overwhelming need to vomit. Trying to push it down you put one foot in front of the other as you head to the front desk.
Clearing your throat you smile at the elderly woman behind the desk.
“Hello. I'm here to see Casey Novak.”
The woman smiles “You're right on time. Have a seat hon.”
You smiled and thanked her before taking a seat. A couple of minutes passed and you waited patiently.
The sound of heels clicking against the floor piques your interest. Looking up you're met with the most beautiful green eyes and red hair.
The woman smiles extending her hand out.
“Hi. I'm Casey Novak,” she says with a raspy tone.
“H..hi.” you stuttered.
( End of Flashback)
“And that was the moment I fell in love with you,” you tell your girlfriend of now four years.
Casey laughs shaking her head.
“No way! You're lying.”
“No, I'm not.” you chuckled.
“Y/n there is no way you fell in love with me the moment you met me.”
“But I did.”
“I don't believe you.”
You smiled straddling her lap as she leans her head against the headboard.
“I love you, Casey Novak. And I've been in love with you since the moment I met you. Honest.”
Casey smiles shaking her head.
“I don't know how. I was a total bitch to you in the beginning.”
“You were my boss. My superior. I get it. But once you got to know me..you were kind, funny, and sweet. All of the things that further proved to me that I could see myself with you.”
The redhead smiles leaning in for a soft kiss.
“I love you.”
You smiled against her lips.
“I love you too.”
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marchtomydrums · 2 months ago
You made me dependent on you.
You made me feel less than.
You made me feel unworthy.
You make me feel like I’m only needed or worthy on your time.
You wanted to keep us close for you.
You wanted us to need you. And only you.
Because you needed us. And now….you don’t.
You no longer need us.
You don’t need me.
Unfortunately I still need you.
I still look for your guidance.
Your love.
Your support.
Your approval.
You may not need me but I still need you.
So where does that leave me??
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