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The 43rd Annual Fettig High School Career Fair
Mr. Wehmhoff
Mr. Wehmhoff was never particularly excited to go to Fettig High School. No one is ever thrilled to go to work, and if they are then there was surely something wrong with them. Being employed at a high school was the same as every other job: annoying coworkers, same clientele every year just dressed differently, and similar problems repeating themselves. Once and a while something new would surprise Mr. Wehmhoff, but during his six years in the school district he’d found that most issues could be resolved quickly with little to no impact. One issue that had eclipsed this theory however was named Jackson.
After college, Mr. Wehmhoff had been immediately signed on as a history teacher at the high school. He wasn’t a favorite of the students, but they respected him enough to do their work and put in effort. He also wasn’t a favorite of the staff, but he did what was requested of him and got a fair reputation. Mr. Wehmhoff didn’t even stand out in terms of looks. His 5’11 figure had some meat on the bones and the short curly locks/youthful face combo gave him points, but the smaller-than-average dick brought him down multiple pegs. So when Mr. Wehmhoff was promoted to an assistant principal position, it was a little surprising. 
“Really?” Mr. Wehmhoff had replied, more stunned than honored. “But I’m not even 30?”
“We believe it might be best to hire someone of a younger age who may be more in touch with our students,” one of the other principals replied. “Think of it as a trial run.”
As it turned out to be, the trial was based around a student named Jackson. Mr. Wehmhoff was familiar with the student from one of his history classes, but he hadn’t watched how the high schooler had grown up since. Jackson may have been noticeable as a freshman, but as a senior he was now a force. He had the looks, the attitude, and the crew to follow his every step. They copied his tucked-back hair, they copied his attire, and they unfortunately copied his ideology towards school. It wasn’t long until more and more students were experiencing lower grades due to Jackson’s influence, so it became Mr. Wehmhoff’s mission to find a solution.
Mr. Wehmhoff had already tried multiple tactics. Immediately, he had a lengthy conversation with Jackson in private, but after multiple closed answers and scoffs the assistant principal knew the discussion would go nowhere. He observed from afar, taking field notes like an ethnographic researcher. He even conferenced with other teachers around the state who had experienced similar issues. It wasn’t until someone suggested interviewing one of Jackson’s crew that Mr. Wehmhoff felt like he had found a lead. The idea was a good start: ask the student why they followed Jackson and what they found so captivating about him.
And that was how Jacob had ended up in the assistant principal’s office during the 43rd Annual Fettig High School Career Fair. He sat across from Mr. Wehmhoff, uncomfortable at the questions being asked of him.
“Jacob,” Mr. Wehmhoff tried to sound reasonable. “All I’m asking is why?”
“’Why’?” Jacob muttered. The 18-year-old certainly wasn’t as charismatic as Jackson. Pimples covered a portion of his face, and he hid his runner’s build underneath a bulky sweater and expensive joggers. His body and outfit would have put him as a jock, but his submissive personality damaged that classification.
“Why do you follow Jackson? What makes him so attractive?”
Mr. Wehmhoff had meant the word in a magnetic application, but he was surprised to see the high schooler take it differently. A scarlet blush pierced through Jacob’s cheeks. Realizing what he had done, Mr. Wehmhoff immediately opened his mouth to correct his error, but he wasn’t fast enough.
“I…I need to go-”
Jacob was already out the door before Mr. Wehmhoff could stand up. Quietly muttering a few cuss words, the assistant principal walked to the door and followed the student. He wasn’t going to run in his sweater vest and slacks, but Mr. Wehmhoff was able to speed walk briskly down the halls of the high school. It was thankfully empty from the fair, so finding Jacob wasn’t that hard. The student was sitting alone on a bench in front of the school’s gym, his body facing the glass window looking inside. 
Approaching the 18-year-old like a frightened deer, Mr. Wehmhoff slowly sat down on the other side of the bench.
“Jacob, I-”
“When I ran away I thought my message was pretty clear,” Jacob spat, each word coming out like an individual bullet.
“And when I called you to my office I thought my questions were pretty clear,” Mr. Wehmhoff fired back unprofessionally. He gazed at the boy, who’s own eyes were currently focused on the teenagers working out in the gym. Sensing the boy was close to a breakdown, Mr. Wehmhoff took a deep breath and followed the boy’s example.
“Jacob,” Mr. Wehmhoff started as softly as he could. “My choice of words were insensitive. I didn’t mean to expose you in any sort of way. If that’s something you ever need to talk about, my door is always open.”
Jacob didn’t move.
“But I’m not here to interrogate you, I’m just trying to understand Jackson’s dynamic. I want to understand why you students find him so…” Mr. Wehmhoff carefully annunciated his next word. “engaging.”
The two continued to stare into the gym, watching different high schoolers make their way around the sets of equipment. The silence sat with them for a while, stubbornly not moving from its position on the bench between the 18-year-old and the assistant principal.
“I don’t know,” Jacob finally whispered, finally releasing his tense spine. “Jackson’s just got…he’s got a combination of…engaging things.”
Mr. Wehmhoff delicately turned his head to look at the student. “A combination? Can you go into a little more detail.”
Jacob turned his head to face away from the gym. Mr. Wehmhoff wondered if he was trying to hide another set of pinkened cheeks.
“If you don’t want to talk about Jackson, then let’s pretend I’m someone you would identify as a good leader,” the assistant principal offered. “If I was to be a popular kid at Fettig High School, what would I be like? What would define me?”
Jacob wasn’t entirely convinced of this idea at first, but after another minute Mr. Wehmhoff was happy to see the student’s head turn back to the gym.
“Well, I think you’ve already got the height down,” Jacob remarked. “But another inch would help out just a little more.”
Mr. Wehmhoff nodded, seeing an even 6 foot as reasonable. The women he’d dated had always remarked that he had barely hit the standard by making it just above 5’11, but he’d always taken that as a compliment.
“You’d be much more focused on your body.”
“In what areas?” Mr. Wehmhoff asked, standing up to get a better look at his own stature.
“Uh…” Jacob muttered. “Everywhere?”
“Oh.” Mr. Wehmhoff tried to keep his irritation from leaking into his tone. “Everywhere?”
“Your legs for sure.” Jacob pointed to the poles encased by the assistant principal’s straight pants. “Everyone always jokes about skipping leg day, but you’d make it a priority. You’d have muscular calves that were obviously given special attention, and thick calves from all that time spent curling and raising.”
“Makes sense,” Mr. Wehmhoff remarked, lifting up each of his legs to confirm Jacob’s points. The assistant principal did have a unique passion for leg day, spending an abnormally large amount of time on the machines. His trunks basically made his trousers look desperate to rip open, and unfortunately after a few washes they always would. No matter how tough the fabric, nothing could stand his monstrous legs. Even the pants Mr. Wehmhoff had on now appeared to be in pain trying to hold in all of the mass.
“Gotta work on that chest too,” Jacob answered flatly. “A torso that even out of season is still in its best shape.”
Mr. Wehmhoff rightfully agreed. Although he hadn’t played any sports since his college days, he still coached a few teams at the high school. That meant he had to stay in shape, a shape that would inspire his boys to do the same. He couldn’t help but stare down proudly at his pecs, which forcefully pushed the argyle pattern of his sweater vest out into two mounds. Underneath the pair were the beginnings of a muscle gut, something he’d been afraid of when he was younger but was now proudly making strides towards.
“Oh! Arms too!” Jacob announced. “I’d want you to have arms so bulky that people could hang off of them.”
Mr. Wehmhoff struck a pose for the student, his biceps and triceps creating bulging hills inside of the sleeves of his dress shirt. The assistant principal couldn’t help but gawk at the way his muscles moved, for if he focused enough he could see his own veins move.
“’Want me’?” Mr. Wehmhoff noted, rolling his gargantuan shoulders back to stretch his delts.
“I…I meant I’d follow you…” Jacob quickly corrected. 
“Right,” Mr. Wehmhoff reinforced. He tried to cross his arms over his chest, but he found the maneuver particularly difficult.
“You’d need to have a better style too.”
“Really?” Mr. Wehmhoff replied, thankful they’d gotten off the topic of his body for now.
“At least in high school, people dress how others want to see them, not how they want to see themselves.”
“That’s very intuitive,” the assistant principal replied. Uncrossing his bare arms, he gave the student a thumbs up. He then gave a quick tug to his metal necklace, which was thankfully exposed due to his tight red tank. 
“Style isn’t the only thing other people want,” Jacob huffed, looking back at the gym.
“What do you mean by that?” Mr. Wehmhoff questioned. He followed the high schooler’s gaze while readjusting his long, pulled-back hair underneath a backwards cap, making sure the straight follicles were still fluffed out in the back.
“I…I guess…I mean I…” Jacob stuttered again, the familiar red color flooding his cheeks. This time however, he didn’t turn away. “If you were to be popular at Fettig, people would be…engaged…by you if you had all three major aspects.”
“’Three aspects’?” Mr. Wehmhoff replied. “Like a Triple Threat sort of deal?”
“Yeah, that would make sense.”
“So, what are the three?”
“First off the group,” Jacob sighed. “Gotta have a crowd that follows you everywhere.”
“Reasonable enough.” Mr. Wehmhoff waved off a few of his friends who were approaching from afar. He forgot how hard it was to just have a one on one.
“The looks too.”
“And you’d define that as…”
“Oh, um…” Jacob gulped. “I…I obviously don’t think of guys as um…attractive…but um, if I did…I would say…”
Mr. Wehmhoff listened along as Jacob listed off a large list of items relating to the high schooler’s definition of attractive for a male. While he took in the 18-year-old’s answers, he fidgeted around with a few different things. Ever since he was little, he always needed to do something. Maybe that was why he had always done so poorly in school, but then again he was never the smartest kid anyway. Not only that, but as soon as he hit puberty he was too busy getting laid with some chick every week to do homework. 
No one could resist Mr. Wehmhoff’s beautiful body with his classically-jockish face and body, silky young voice, and 8-inch snake of a cock. He quickly gave his pouch a tug, freeing up his boys as well. Girls were always asking to touch his low-hanging nuts. Those or his Size 14 feet, or get a sniff of his hairy pits, or actually just lick any part of his well-built body. The assistant principal was a ladies’ man, and if the ladies and guys kept coming to him then he wouldn’t stop. Sex was sex, right? If the people wanted him and he wanted the people back, then he wasn’t going to say no! Just, no to girls–Mr. Wehmhoff had come to the realization long ago that only men could properly please other men.
“And third?” the assistant principal asked.
“And…and third?” Jacob’s stutter had switched from one of anxiety to one of nervous excitement. The student only now realizing how perfectly Mr. Wehmhoff represented an embodiment of the word attractive.
“Third…third is the character.”
“The character, huh?”
“Yeah,” Jacob confirmed. “You’d be a high school senior, right? So you’ve got to have all that cocky, confident, hot youthful arrogance that Jackson has.”
Mr. Wehmhoff smiled, cupping the bulge in his loose sweats once again. This time he found himself rather hard, having only now noticed how cute the little twink in front of him was.
“Oh really?” the 18-year-old replied. “And what would my popular name be?”
“Well,” Jacob felt his dick quickly rising. “What’s your first name, Mr. Wehmhoff?”
“Then Alex, just Alex.” Jacob nodded his head quickly, tucking his head down in order to stop furiously blushing at the sight of Fettig’s hottest senior in front of him.
“Luckily for you, I do go by Alex already,” Alex responded before stepping right in front of the other boy. “And I’d say I fill your other criteria as well: cocky, confident, and youthfully arrogant.”
Alex then knelt down in front of the other student and placed a meaty hand on Jacob’s bulge. He felt it pulse beneath his fingers, rock hard and begging for release.
“I’m pretty sure you defined those words as ‘hot’ earlier too,” Alex smoothly stated. “Funny, I would’ve used ‘hot’ to describe you.”
Jacob knew it was totally a line, but he was also totally about to blow a load.
“I’ve gotta squeeze in a quick workout, but I’ll meet you in the locker room in half an hour.”
Jacob said nothing as Alex got up and made his way to the gym door. He then grabbed the first set of weights he found and made his way to a machine. Smugly, he began curling his arms up and down, watching the boy squirm outside the glass windows waiting for the thirty minutes to be up.
Tumblr media
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Damn all my favorites in one post
Sometimes it's best to leave things as they are, including leaving some geeks and nerds as....well.....geeks and nerds, and not some bloated muscle bull or as-hot-as-pornstar individual. When it's not coupled with the right mental change, well, havoc would certainly ensue, especially if those geeks and nerds turned out to have repressed issues that now unleashed when they are turned into fine piece of meat. These are some of the stories (TW: Dripping Toxicity)
Start a Brand New Life
Timothy dreaded the idea to go back home to the States after a very eventful summer trip all across Europe, all by himself. Yes he might not get laid, but he learned a lot of things and experienced various culture
Nah, who the fuck is he lying to? The whole trip indeed seemed like one picture perfect trip but as a 21 years old soon-to-be college senior in the following term, still remain a virgin is definitely not in his Eurotrip itineraries. He loathed the way he looked like in the mirror and the way a lot of European males looked stunning as heck even in their casual clothing, t to mention the one who literally made the city as their runway, put him into huge disadvantage as his clothing screamed "backpacker". Add his inability to speak any European language beyond its basic level, he basically cockblocked himself.
His train to Rome from Bolzano is going to come in a couple minutes after the endless delay, but he's desperately in need to hit the toilet. Well, the train might be delayed for yet another time though and there's no way in hell he will miss this one as the sign shows that he at least has 10 minutes, so he heads to the toilet. He stumbles into a very tall Italian guy as he walks into the toilet and the scruffy tower of man just glared at him while cussed him out in Italian. What a way to ruin my mood, Timothy thought
As he enters the cubicle, he found a phone-like device left in the toilet. A growing smirk appears on his face as he realized the gem he currently holds. He flushes his pee down the toilet and then decided to start ripping through reality right at that stall with the Chronivac in his hand.
On the train to Rome, Timo decided to checks on his body. He didn't have the time for it back in the restroom because the announcement clearly stated that the train had arrived right after he finished altering reality to what he saw fit. And to immortalize the moment of revelation, he pulled out his phone and decided to record it so he could admire the fine physique he built for himself
Well, that Chronivac spatial scanner feature really came in handy. He did try to built a tailor-made perfect physique, but he has so much dilemma, he lost 10 minutes not making any changes to himself. In the interest of time, he decided that the jerk he stumbled with when he walked in the bathroom, Massimo Bertolotti, would be enough. So he swap all his physical characteristic with that Massimo jerk while tweaking his identity from Timothy Morrison into Timo Morelli, a 28 years old bisexual Italian man, owner of a tattoo shop and also working as a personal trainer in a boutique gym in Rome. And Massimo clearly didn't disappoint with his scruffy abs and pecs, and this huge growing monster hidden underneath the jeans he's now wearing.
Tumblr media
As his recording session continued past the 1 minute mark, filled with lustful gasp and moan that is clearly audible to everyone in his train, he realized that the lady in the seat across from him stole some glances. Is she disturbed, or is she aroused from seeing this fine body getting a worship it deserved, thought Timo. Well, whatever her opinion, that lady is gonna be one of the fucks out of many he'll get during this train ride as he embarks to his new life in Rome. There's no way anyone gonna say no to Timo Morelli
Tumblr media
Inner Self
"Now tell me, who's gonna take care of the baby?" He said while choking his wife
Tumblr media
"Well, isn't that easy? Are you fucking out of your mind? Me, handling the baby? What am I? A pussy? I'm not gonna stoop that low and let myself handling the domestic chores when I'm already putting my ass off day in and day out, working, while you are simply exist in home,"
She almost snapped back with, "Wow, sexist much?" but then she realized that she's nowhere near a good position to say such things. She didn't know that by letting her husband inner-self to came out, it means that she unleashed one heck of a berserk of a man with classic boy next door look. He's a quiet guy, never raised his voice to her and clearly tried to be a good father, but he's definitely struggling to tell why he's so reserved around the kids, having a hard time to bond with them or why he never shared about his past life too much. Turns out, this inner self of her husband shaped from his thirst to get fucking big and intimidating so no one could push him around like his elder brothers and father, or undermined him lile all the jocks and popular girls plus the teachers who thought he wouldn't be smart enough to went to Ivy League. There's a lot of hatred towards control or directives he hated to do and he wanted to be able to do things on his own accord. Welp, that's certainly a recipe for disaster
Time to Return Them Back
Benjamin, or Benji as he preferred that name from the time he was a sophomore in junior high breaking athletic state records left and right, looked to the cramped backseat and sighed. The amount of sorority girls and some twunks from last night that he and his friends fucked till passed out were staggering. This is his 3rd delivery to drop the piling amount of pussies to their respective sorority houses front lawn or their dorm entryway, and there would be 2 more to come after this, as at 20, he's the youngest member of the Chi Sigma Sigma, a totally created out-of-thin-air frat house that used to be the university's chess club, and this is his job
Tumblr media
One of the brunette bimbo in the back is Dorothy Webber, the formerly nerdy tech girl who fucked her own brain with her weird experiments and work with synapses, electric jolt and AI that resulted in the alteration of the chess club into Chi Sigma Sigma. Of course none of the Chi Sigma Sigma and Dorothy remembered their past life, for them, they always been like their current form and this is just yet another typical weekend in their university town
Up Close and Personal
Being inside his bodybuilder uncle, Kirk's horny mind reeling from all sort of excitement and sensation as the feeling finally sinks in
Tumblr media
He's powerful now, and he can make anyone he wants submit to him. A single flex to the webcam, and the receiving end will certainly beg to be able to have a chance to worship his Adonis physique, that's for sure. Aunt Lydia certainly has an impeccable taste on men, because Mansour here is a fucking powerhouse that followed up from Leslie, that fine black stripper she met during her 40th birthday, or Jakub, that Polish muscle monster with the sweetest personality. Too bad Kirk only learned about his power just recently, but Mansour ain't a bad starter for a body to possess and control. Now, he cannot hold himself from ripping through this grey tank and flex the hardest he can, but a sudden beastly surge like that could cause suspicion so he cut Mansour's workout even before an hour and simply head to the locker room where he will have time to learn more about his new uncle up close and personal
Testing Ground
Tumblr media
"Now Jeff, I know your maw and paw ain't inside and that fucking pecker of you certainly begging to break free from its cotton confine, so you'll let me walk into your house and breed your ass in that fucking couch, do you understand me now?" Said Wesley, or Wes, in this reality, as he forcefully make his way into the house of the former football team captain in the town's highschool, Jeff Whitmore. Only in this reality, whereas he was still the former football team captain, he's also a closeted bottom frequently taking dick up in his ass as a way to make the local PD let him smokes and sell marijuana, which is illegal in his home states. Wes, the outcast of Donny's batch in high school, recently hit the "jackpot" when he was kidnapped by a secret service ran by the government in their small town. Turned out, their town has been a subject of various behavioral research commissioned by countlessn unheard and remain-hidden part of the government, and this time, Donny was picked up as one out of many to assemble a corrupt local PD. He went through intense physical and personality change for several days and upon release, he has no recollection of his time in capture and his past life as Wesley. He only remembered all the things stuffed by the scientists to his mind and the role ascribed to him.
So Gullible
"Hahah, why would you think we would let you suck our dick off, Meyer? Fucking gullible nerd, you really deserved that nickname, you know,"
Tumblr media
Stephen Meyer can only cry as he realized that he just wasted all the potions only to get betrayed by his best friend. Or maybe, they really lost themselves inside the two jocks?
"Guys, wake up! I know you are there, please, beat them and come back to me,"
"Hahahah what the fuck are you talking about, nerd?"
"You know what, Meyer? Keep crying, I somehow feel so pumped seeing you cry like that, fuck, no wonder they enjoy teasing you off and fuck up with you, it really is a power trip to bash and bully the school's top candidate for valedictorian who feel oh so untouchable in the safetiness of the classroom. Well, sucks for you, you ain't safe when your owner ain't around, you teacher's pet,"
"But you two were also---"
All in a sudden, the long-haired Josh, controlled by Reese, shoved his cleats right into Stephen's mouth
"Now shut the fuck up and listen. We are Josh and Declan, we've always been. You, nerd, well, you are the bottom rung of the food chain, look at you getting a hard on from being treated like dirt by your bullies. Totally disgusting. We only used you and your sick fantasy to get what we want, societal climb, too bad for you, you are so fucking gullible, you didn't notice it,"
And just like that, Josh grabbed a fistful of Stephen's hair and pull him away from his cleats as he let out a thick dollop of spit on his face
"The fact you didn't even stop degrading yourself by keeping my cleats in your mouth with no rejection, and even fucking chewing it, you are truly pathetic,"
Thorough Background Check
"And why would you give such sick bod to me?"
"You said it yourself, you want to keep your little sister safe. Well, there you have it, a set of body that will certainly keep your family safe. Also adding this extra umphh so you can get Pam, or anyone else that you lay your eyes upon, I know you really are desperate to settle down due to the pressure given from your family,"
Tumblr media
Pat doesn't see it, but deep down, Donovan is grinning ear to ear with mischief as he admires the brick-like built suddenly given to him out of the blue. Yes the background story injected to his mind certainly surprised him as he's now coming from an interracial family rather than plainly Caucasian blood mixture, or how his name is now Dashaun. Pat really neeeds to stop being too easy to give out his blessings, especially when he barely knows the person. Chronivac truly is a blessing, but without thorough background check, Pat might just created a big time manipulator who will do and say whatever he could to lay his fat pipe on any holes.
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In Bloom
(4K Post!!🎉)
Late again, AS USUAL, but that’s my brand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Here’s the one I mentioned a while ago (+ in my last post) that didn’t really start out as but definitely ended up as a sort of Superfood (I & II) prequel. Lmk if you catch when the connection is made 😉 Thank you SO MUCH again for 4k followers!! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
“What the hell is this place?”
Lance wiped his brow on the loose arm of his flannel and looked around as Samuel followed along closely behind him, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the tail of his button down, exposing his pale skin and the slight paunch all non-athletic twinks eventually grow around their midsection. They had stumbled across a structure in the middle of the woods on the second day of their weeklong hike through a small section of the Appalachian Trail.
The Appalachian Mountains are perhaps the most ancient mountain range in the world; there’s no way to describe how beautiful the nature is, but there’s also no way to describe the unknown, unseen, forbidden things you’re likely to come across buried deep, deep in the woods and sloping, rocky terrain. Places that existed long before the Europeans began their terrible sweep across the continent. Places that existed before any kind of settlement, really. Places that existed even before recorded history. Places, perhaps, like the one the two friends had just stumbled across.
After traveling through a ruined hall and navigating through some overgrown flora, they came into a large, 4-walled room, devoid of a roof and carpeted with moss and other greenery. It’s walls were too sheer and too tall to be naturally formed, and there were glyphs and symbols painted on its surface.
“Far-fucking-ooouuutt,” Samuel marveled, looking around and taking in the natural and unnatural beauty around them. He puffed a heavy hit of one of the spliffs he and Lance were nearly done sharing and passed it back to his friend, taking a few steps further into the structure.
Lance pinched the end of the filter and dragged in what was left of the bud and tossed it to the ground, stepping on it to extinguish the ember, following his friend further into the structure. The roof was missing, letting in a picturesque smattering of sun rays filtered through the light tree canopy overhead.
One word passed through Lance’s mind: idyllic. And it was! He was glad to get out of the city and into nature, he was coasting pretty splendidly on the high he was cooking, and there was a peaceful reverence in the air he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Not to mention, he was enormously happy to be spending time with someone some dear to him.
Both of them were pretty fresh out of college, both stuck at a job they didn’t much care for that didn’t at all pay them enough to live even moderately comfortable lives. In the impoverished hellscape of rural Appalachia, it was leisure activities like hiking, camping, singing, shooting, fishing, playing instruments that gave life any worth living, and Lance and Samuel were committed to such leisure. If only to escape the ennui of unhappy, unfulfilling employment.
He heard Samuel’s foot slip and turned around to catch a glimpse of his friend mid-stumble, but Samuel regained his balance and corrected himself before falling. He flashed a goofy smile and a thumbs up at Lance, who grinned and rolled his eyes, turning back around to continue his own exploring and studying the symbols on the walls.
He’d known Samuel since they were boys; they’d grown up on the same block and played the same games and shared the same interests. As both of them were the only-children of their respective families, each other was the closest thing either of them would have to a brother. Yeah, Lance loved Samuel in his own way, perhaps even more than loved. Samuel could say the same, but it was an unspoken thing between each other. Their church-going, conservative families were likely to be unsupportive and react strongly. Plus, why complicate a good thing with romance?
“Hey, check this out,” Samuel called from the center of the structure. Lance made his way over and saw what Samuel was looking at: an overgrown, chalk-adorned altar. In the middle of the chalk ring dotted with runes and glyphs sat a collection of little figures and shapes made of twigs and mud.
Lance leaned in to get a closer look at the ruined setup, trying unsuccessfully to decipher what could be written. What made him think he could read it in the first place? It’s not like he had even an iota of knowledge about the occult—if this even was occult in nature. He had to guess it had something to do with the typical ancient witchcraft techniques and their purposes. Guaranteeing a healthy harvest. Warding off evil. Offering to the gods. Inciting certain weather patterns. Fertility.
However, scattered around the circle were a collection of clay jars and bottles, some corked with stoppers and some the looked like they had been left open 100 years ago.
In the center of all of it was a large, glass jar, about as tall as a bankers tube and about as wide as one too. It looked to be a kind of mason jar, with the flat piece covering the opening and a top that was heavily sealed with wax. However, the jar was opaque, with what looked to be moss and mud lining its sides. He didn’t know whether it was because of the way the light was shining through the canopy or if it was a trick of the eye, but he could swear that there was something illuminated or glowing within, mostly obscured by debris inside.
“Curiouser and curiouser,” Samuel quoted Alice in Wonderland, butchering a high-pitched English accent. He chuckled and propped himself up on his knees into an upright position. Lance picked up the large jar in the center and turned it around in his hands, inspecting it further.
“You think people still come here? Looks like this place hasn’t been touched in a millennium.” Samuel asked, looking around some more, half expecting to see some kind of booby trap set up that he and Lance could’ve triggered on their way in. The place had that kind of energy: a fascinating, ethereal otherworldliness mixed with a forbidden, foreboding sacredness. He felt somehow simultaneously honored and warily anxious to be inside the structure.
“Who knows?” Lance responded, still looking closely at the jar. “I’ve heard so many weird ass stories about what goes on in these mountains, it’s hard to say what’s verifiable and what’s not.”
“True, true,” Samuel responded absentmindedly, trying to match Lance’s bookishness. He always was the nerdier of the two.
Samuel began to turn around but suddenly lost his footing on a slope he hadn’t seen due to the floral overgrowth. “FFFfffuu—!!” He barked as his arms pinwheeled wildly trying to find footing. In the second and a half it took for him to lose his footing, Samuel crashed down into the underbrush at an awkward angle, landing on and twisting his ankle.
“ARRGGHH!! Fuck!” Samuel cried out, bringing his knee up to his chest and wrapping his hands around it, keeping his ankle hovering. Just from a half-second glance and the awkward angle of his limb, Lance could see that it must’ve hurt Samuel to move his ankle at all.
“Sam—!!” Lance moved quickly to stand but dropped the jar from his hands, shattering on the ground. “Shit!” he hissed as he knelt to recover the damage. He quickly hunched over the shards and debris inside not a moment after it had shattered, trying to scoop the mess back together.
Suddenly, from the broken mess, a plume of pinkish-red, glowing, fuzzy orbs wafted into the air around Lance’s face. One word flashed through his mind with blinding, code-red alarm before he could even comprehend what was happening: SPORES. Before he could react, he gasped and inhaled nearly all of the spore cloud that had burst from the jar, while some others floated to the ground and dissipated into the soil.
Lance coughed and swatted the air in front of his face and wiping at his upper lip, attempting to brush away any of the remaining spores around his airspace, but all had drifted into his nasal passage. It smelled strong and earthy, botanical and perfumed, flowery and slightly musky. It smelled… actually, it smelled fuckin’ good.
He continued coughing a little bit, sniffling and breathing heavily, wiping his face obsessively. He didn’t feel ill or like he was being harmed, but it was as though something had lit a fuse to his senses. His nasal passage seemed to dilate extremely wide, his sinuses clearer than they had ever been and smelling scents he couldn’t remember smelling before. His entire body felt jittery, numb, and excited, like he’d pounded a massive Red Bull and full canister of pre-workout, noticeably trembling and shaking. His eyes had widened like dinner plates, and he looked around in delighted awe as his eyes caught the light in ways he’d never before experienced, not even during legendary weekend music fest drugged-out benders with Samuel and their mutual friends nearly every summer. The light mingled and danced in his vision and the colors seemed to swim and stand out more vividly.
Still on his hands and knees, the vibrating in Lance’s appendages started to intensify, and he dug his fingers into the soil while he was racked with tingling energy. While his fingers sank into the dirt, Lance felt something utterly unreal and completely extraordinary. It felt as though the tips of his fingers were.. drinking—probably the best way he could put it—from the earth. It was like his fingers had become straws sucking something from the earth and feeding it into his body. Looking down, with his mysteriously enhanced eyesight, this was confirmed as he watched throbbing, slow-moving, slightly-glowing pulses moving through his fingers, through the veins in his hands, up the veins in his arms, and into his chest. He could feel it spreading within him. He could feel it mingling with the rest of his anatomy. He could feel it fucking everywhere.
Lance took in a long, sharp, shuddering inhale with a wide grin plastered on his face. “¡¡Ayyyyyy benditooooo…!!” He groaned deeply as he arched his back and chuckled slightly. He could feel something monumental coming.
Samuel’s face was still contorted in abject pain and agony at his twisted limb, but he curiously noted Lance’s change in demeanor. He propped himself up on his elbows, still panting in pain, “Lance??”
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malemusclegrowthfanuk · 3 months ago
The Boss
A/N: That’s right! I’m back by popular demand! By who you ask? Um… myself. I wrote this story awhile back, but I only recently went back had someone proofread it then, read it again myself. And I bet there’s still a thousand mistakes.
Mr. Perkins and his son were having the best night. Like usual, the two had settled down on the couch. Silas, in his pajamas, was snuggled up to his dad’s side. Turning on the TV, Mr. Perkins set the channel to his son’s favorite TV show, Planet Earth. Mr. Perkins didn’t understand why his son loved the nature documentary series, but this was their nightly ritual for Friday’s at 9PM. Since there was no school the next day Mr. Perkins didn’t mind his son staying up later than the norm.
“Dad, can we have some ice cream?” Silas gave his father puppy dog eyes moving even closer. Mr. Perkins held back a laugh. His kid was a master manipulator. Other than that, there wasn’t much difference between them. Both had red hair and warm brown eyes. The two probably could pass for brothers with a wide age gap. The father sighed standing up and raising his hands in defeat.
“You do realize this means double vegetables tomorrow?” Mr. Perkins got up winking.
“Nooo!” Silas cried out as his dad walked into the kitchen.
Once in the kitchen, Mr. Perkins began scooping out vanilla and chocolate ice cream into bowls for both of them. He looked over at the clock. His older brother had sworn to visit them tonight, but there was no way he was showing up now. Not that Mr. Perkins was that concerned. His older brother Alan was always getting into trouble, whether it was his gambling addiction, forgetfulness, or just plain laziness. Mr. Perkins figured he could call his brother in the morning.
Walking back out into the living room, bowls in hand, Mr. Perkins handed one to his son. The boy graciously accepted, not even waiting for his dad to sit before digging in. Silas devoured the sweet treat with no remorse. Mr. Perkins sat back mouth agape as his son scarfed down the food.
“Slow down there Silas, it’s not going anywhere.” Mr. Perkins began eating his. There was a knock at the door. Mr. Perking groaned. Must have been his brother arriving late. It would have been better if he arrived after the ice cream was gone. Mr. Perkins got up, sighing making his way over to the door.
“No, you can’t have any ice cre—
Mr. Perkin’s speech to his brother was cut off when he realized his brother was not standing there. Instead, there were two male bodybuilders wearing all black. Their arms were humongous, and their thighs looked like watermelons had been packed into the back of their pants. They had adorned objects like rings, watches, and even gold bracelets on their thick arms and fingers. One was brunette, the other was blond, other than their ages, that was the only difference.
“Mr. Perkins. We’d like you to come with us.” The blond spoke. His voice was stern and cold.
“What’s this all about?” Mr. Perkins’ sense of danger was on high alert. Men coming to his house late at night asking him to leave? Nothing but BAD NEWS written all over it. Though no matter how many scenarios he ran there wasn’t an easy escape. The men’s bodies easily blocked the front door and the time it’d take to grab his son and sprint to the back also made the back door a non-option.
“Forgive my partner’s over eagerness. He’s Clyde and I’m Ezra. We’d like to know the whereabouts of your brother.” The brunette’s voice was much warmer, but no less demanding.
Mr. Perkins got a better look at them in case he’d have to remember for later. The blond was younger, having less wrinkles on his face than the mature brunette. That’s probably why the brunette man was so calm and collected. He was a veteran at whatever this was, and the blond was new and trying to show off. That was Mr. Perkins’ guess anyway. His brother Alan had gotten into trouble before, but nothing ever this bad.
“He’s not here. He was supposed to be but never showed up.” Mr. Perkins tried to shut the door, but a hand came out easily stopping it.
“Well, that’s a problem for us. You see we work for the Esposito family and coming back empty handed is not an option for us. If you don’t agree to come with us. We’ll have to take you by force.” Ezra smiled, as if he was daring for Mr. Perkins to fight back.
Esposito family? What the hell was that supposed to mean? Obviously it wasn’t good news. Were these men in the mafia? Mr. Perkins’ mind was on rapid fire. He thought of his son still eating ice cream on the couch. How was he going to get them out of this?
“Daddy you’re missing the show,” His son cried out.
“Shit!” Mr. Perkins thought rang throughout in his head as the two goons realized there was another person there. The father tried with all his might to close the door again, but it was no use. The men forced the way in. Then total darkness.
The next thing Mr. Perkins remembered was waking up in a dark warehouse with a single light above him hanging down from the ceiling. He was held tight to a chair with his hands and legs bound by. His clothes had been stripped, leaving him in his blue boxer briefs and socks.
A strong smell of mold hit Mr. Perkin’s nose. The entire area was depressing and bleak. Water flowing echoed in the distance. Mr. Perkins tried to think about what body of water or river could they be close to. He looked around that darkened room, desperately trying to find his missing son. Where could they have possibly taken him? Mr. Perkins thought to himself.
Ezra stepped out of the shadows. Had he been standing there the whole time? It seemed their dark clothing choice was much more than a fashion statement. Ezra’s gaze was cold, locked on to Mr. Perkins. “Your son is safe. So, don’t bother asking. But we can’t guarantee he’ll stay that way.” Ezra tilted up Mr. Perkins’ head. “So, tell us where your brother is. And we’ll let you and the boy go.”
“I don’t know.” Mr. Perkins stated once again.
His head was let go in frustration as Ezra stroked his own chin. The muscled goon struggled with whether to believe the father’s words or not. Regardless, he’d know the truth by the time this night was over. It was just a matter of how long it would take. “Here’s why I don’t believe you Walter. Your brother took out a loan from our bosses, a big one and the family says it’s time to collect. When he signed our deal. Did you or did you not sign the papers stating you were good for it?”
Being called by his first name stunned Mr. Perkins, where did the stranger get info like that? “I never signed any papers. He must have forged my signature, or something.”
Shaking his head, Ezra tsked, “I hate to do this, but you leave me no other option.” The large man snapped his finger and in walked Clyde carrying Silas. The boy was strapped to a similar chair, having also been stripped down to his socks and cartoon bear underwear. Clyde set the chair down across from Mr. Perkins so the two were staring face to face. Silas’ mouth had been gagged with a cloth wrapped around it. Clyde untied it, pulling the cloth out.
“Daddy, I want to go home!” Silas cried.
“Aw the baby boy is scared. Don’t you think it’s time you told us the truth now?” Clyde said, teasing the duo.
Ezra rolled his eyes, “You’ll have to forgive Clyde. He was a former school bully, but the Esposito family put him to good use. Though he can’t help if his old personality slips in every now and then.”
Mr. Perkins was beyond pissed; he didn’t want to hear their childhood stories. He just needed to save his son. Though it was clear the Two men were convinced Walter and Alan had a close relationship. Sure, Walter cared for his big brother, but they weren’t truly friends. And after tonight they probably never would be. 
“Doesn’t seem like you’re going to help us.” Ezra backed up, disappearing into the darkness. When he reappeared, he held a small treasure box. He walked over to the small boy. Holding up the box he spoke. “This was handcrafted by the family’s ancestor’s way back in Italy.”
Struggling against the ropes, Mr. Perkins tried to break free, “Get away from my son. Don’t you dare hurt him.” His blood was rushing, but no amount of strength could break his restraints. What kind of torture devices where in there?
“Hurt him?” Ezra’s eyes went wide. “We’d never hurt a kid. Heck, all we did to you was bring you here.”
“But there are other ways to get the information out of you two.” Clyde crossed his arms smiling, like a child on a playground who knew a secret the other kids didn’t.
Ezra opened the box, showing it to Mr. Perkins. Inside the father expected to find various small torture devices, but that was not the case. The box only had peculiar things.
Trinkets, to be exact. Mr. Perkins was confused. He spotted a necklace, a watch, and a ring along with a few other items. They were all various colors in design but even seeing them Mr. Perkins knew there was one thing in common. All the items were expensive, possibly equal, or more than years’ worth of his paychecks. How were these items supposed to get the truth out of him?  Maybe they were going to twist it into their skin or something?
Shuffling through the box Ezra spoke. “Man, this really is the good stuff. They didn’t use it on lackey’s like us.” He looked up at Clyde then turned to Mr. Perkins. “I guess your brother really pissed someone off at the top.” Ezra picked up a necklace astounded, “Look at this,” the gold shimmered even with the little light it had. Ezra’s free hand flew down to his belt and traced along the buckle.  “Ya, know the men in this family pass down these objects to their sons. Some generations will wear them, others won’t. With each man the object becomes more imbued with their family line.”
“Us on the other hand we get the cheap crap.” Clyde snorted, “A generic serving of the family’s gifts.”
Ezra was silent, nodding his head. “That’s right this stuff is more distilled, straight from the main family’s male line. I feel honored they would trust us to use it wisely.”
“Yeah I mean, what if we had grabbed just any rando off the street.” Clyde snorted.
Mr. Perkins had no idea what their two captors were going on about. The men seemed lost in their own world. Whatever was going on he was sure he wanted no part of it. His son sat a few feet away doing his best attempt at not crying, but the men’s crazy talk was not helping.
Bending over, Ezra held the box close to Silas. “Well kid, what in here do you want?” He dumped the necklace back in. To do this in perfect form, the boy would have to choose. “The sooner you choose the sooner your father and you can leave.”
“Really?” Silas looked over to his dad. His father said nothing and only had a worried look on his face. They were still prisoners. Mr. Perkins didn’t see a reason to defy their captors so openly, especially over something miniscule wasn’t smart.
“Go ahead. Do as he say Silas,” Mr. Perkins stated.
Silas looked into the box, “That one.” A rattling sound came from inside the box. The silver ring with an amethyst jewel and engravings started to vibrate.
“Good choice. This was last worn by the previous head honcho. Didn’t think it’d be back on the street so soon.” Ezra handed the box off to Clyde who stepped back into the darkness. Leaving three people in the warehouse. Moving behind the kid,  Ezra placed the ring around the boy’s fingers. The ring was several sizes too large to even attempt at staying on. With a Smirk Ezra placed the ring in the boy’s hand, and closed it. “I’m sure you’ll want that for later.”
Ezra walked back over to Mr. Perkins, bending over, “Where is your brother?”
Mr. Perkins shook his head. Did these fools just want the same answer over and over again? When would they understand the answer wouldn’t change? He happened to look past Ezra’s shoulder to his son and the father’s eyes widened. Silas’ leg muscles were moving under the skin as his feet stretched further down and widened. His right leg was ahead in the race as it became larger first, then in an attempt to catch up, his left leg jutted out.
“What the?” Mr. Perkins said. Did they slip him drugs while he was passed out? He was hallucinating.
“Daddy, what’s happening to me?” Silas cried and Mr. Perkins snapped back, there was no way this was a dream. His boy’s spine grew, shooting the boy up as the rope held firm. Curling his toes Silas feet grew bigger, pushing his socks to the limit until they burst, toes wiggling in the night air. His thighs slammed onto the chair increasing in mass as huge logs. Then his calves got in on the fun reforming to a version that would turn runners and swimmers green with envy.
“Stop! What are you doing to my boy?” Mr. Perkins cried. His son was looking like a malformed teenager.
“Shhhh,” Clyde came up behind him, “This is the fun part.”
Silas’ ass pushed him off the seat as it gained a firmness and buoyancy.”Mmmmpfh” Silas grunted uncomfortably, biting his lip. His ass was digging into the back of his chair. It demanded more, growing wider but there was simply nowhere left to go. The slightest shift of his big butt would have had him off the chair, had he been able to move. Still his ass kept going peeking out the back of his cartoon bear underwear.
The front was just as bad. Mr. Perkins was forced to watch as the front of his son’s underwear began to inflate. There was a cock, a man’s cock. growing under the same briefs he had put his son in that night. The shaft grew thicker and longer, pressing against the fabric of the briefs while the head stretched out one of the cartoon bears’ faces.
Silas eyes went wide, he met his dad’s eyes. “Don’t look, dad.” However, Mr. Perkins’ eyes had already lowered slightly. Underneath the cock were Silas nuts pulsing bigger and heavier. They were being aged to maturity and filling up with however many years of age Silas was gaining. Pubic hair spilled out over the top of the underwear. Mr. Perkins’ mouth dropped, the hair was a dark black color.
“It felt good dad. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want you to look.” The voice that left Silas mouth was not the one of a boy or teen, rather a young man. Clyde was about to say something smart, but Silas cut him off, “Leave him alone.” His voice was commanding  even though it came out through a moan. Clyde looked at Silas and backed up from Mr. Perkins. The two men stood beside Mr. Perkins silently.
The father watched as his boy continued to change. Silas threw his head back as the changes entered his upper body. There was a series of loud cracks that traveled up his spine. His shoulder grew broader  as he gained the stature of a rugby player. Silas was sweating now. Abs appeared growing big and thick with no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Suddenly Silas’ chest lurched forward as if something was trying to burst from inside of him. It caused the body to jerk until Mr. Perkins realized  his son’s pecs were growing. It seemed to be completely involuntary as the pecs bounced on their own. With each jiggle the slabs of meat became more defined, harder, and firmer. His nipples grew bigger pointing downwards. Finally, he had the best chest in the state, lugging around the twin pillows.
His arms casually flexed as Silas fell victim to the changes in his body. Next, his biceps bulged as the forearms followed suit becoming broad and tight, pushing the growth into his hands.  Even his finger stretched and cracked turning the hands into massive catcher mitt hands. The rope holding Silas’ hands snapped. Silas unleashed a deep guttural roar as he flexed his freed arms.  Every vein flowing from his powerful shoulders to the back of his hands were on display.
Silas throat didn’t stand a chance as it thickened, further cementing his voice into a low register. Mr. Perkins had to watch as his son’s cute round face get targeted next. The boy’s jaw dropped and stretched to a sharper form. His chubby cheeks were lost and traded for thicker lips, while his small eyebrows grew bushier.
There was undoubtedly a man sitting where Silas had once been. The new Silas sat back in his chair flexing his arms, while fondling his chest. His cock began twitching in his underwear. Black  hair started to spread up from his crotch along his torso forming a treasure trail. Upon reaching his chest it spread out amongst his pecs giving him a light dusting of fur. Dark stubble appeared along his jawline as his red hair went pitch black.
“Gggguhhh!!!” Silas’ masculine voice cried out as his cock twitched. He started shooting huge volleys of cum into his little undies. Then his spunk poured through and ran down over the front and even spilled onto the side of his legs. He thrusted with every shot his cock released. The chair he was in fell over, but thankfully Silas’ massive hands stopped his fall. As his orgasm died down his legs finally won out against the rope. He was free.
Sitting on the floor, the new Silas picked up the ring and put it on. Sweat was gleaming across his body as he lifted an arm and ran it through his hair. As he stood up, the underwear he had on morphed. The cartoon bears faded  as the fabric became a navy-blue color and the leg holes stretched down the massive thighs. They were turning into boxers. A black line formed on the boxers, tracing along the crotch area. The line formed into the outline of a grizzly bear’s face.
“That’s one big boy.” Clyde whispered to Ezra and Mr. Perkins.
Silas snapped his fingers,  “Get me my clothes.” he pointed to Clyde.
The blond man looks over to Ezra, confused. Ezra simply nodded for Clyde to comply. “Yes Sir!” The blond stated before disappearing into the warehouse.
“How are you feeling, sir?” Ezra had a confused look on his face. He hadn’t meant to call the man sir.
Studying his palm, the man looked at his finger, then closed it into a fist. “ I feel…” Silas touched his head as memories began to pour in, all concerning the Esposito family. He wasn’t just a lackey for them like Ezra and Clyde. Silas Esposito was one of the male heirs to the group. The entire west coast was under his thumb. Memories of his new father and family filled his head. He had been raised with an ethic to succeed. There was nothing his men wouldn’t do for him.
Mr. Perkins had lost his voice, only watching as Silas stood reformed and reforged. Ezra held his head beside Mr. Perkins. The goon’s own mind was filling in with new memories of years of working with Mr. Silas Esposito; no doubt the same thing was happening to Clyde. This would become the two men’s new reality; neither would remember that Silas had ever once been a boy.
However, Mr. Perkins was painfully aware he was staring at his son. Whatever had reorganized the muscular men’s minds seemed to have bypassed him.
Clyde came walking up to Silas carrying his new boss’s former child pajamas. “These were the only clothes I could find. I didn’t see your clothes boss.”
“These will do fine.” Silas stated, reaching for the pajama bottoms. He held them out in front of his massive body. Lowering them to the ground he tried to force his foot through. There was no way the small clothing could handle a man. Silas grunted as he tried to push his foot through the leg hole. There was the sound of a tear, then Silas’ massive foot ripped apart the pajama leg like shredded paper, toes out in the air. But for the most part it had worked. It was on his leg albeit ruined. It would not stay that way though as the bottoms turned black and grew longer, engulfing Silas’s leg and foot. The man had jumped about trying to realign himself. Creases formed on the pants legs as Silas’ foot popped back out of the resized clothing. Only this time his toes were hidden within dress socks.
This had to be some insane nightmare. Mr. Perkins was sure he would wake up and find his son in bed. His older brother was probably asleep on the couch. Boys didn’t become men in a matter of seconds. The older Silas lifted his other foot, stuffing it into the changing pants. His foot emerged encased in a dress sock. Next, he took the pajama top and tried to fit over his massive head.
The poor top ripped down the middle. Then, as if on cue the top began to change. Turning white it separated into two halves as buttons and holes grew on the right and left respectively. A dress shirt was appearing as Silas forced his large arms through the new sleeves. Though once the shirt was on and he began fastening it was obvious his large chest would never allow it to be fully closed. Silas sighed, rubbing the back of his head. He decided he could let his cleavage show.  Suspenders shot out from Silas’ pants and wrapped around his strapping shoulders.
Mr. Perkins had been so busy watching the suspenders he never noticed. When black dress shoes appeared on Silas’ feet.  Ezra walked over to his boss carrying a blazer, which he hung on his boss’s broad shoulders. Mr. Perkins was lost. Why was no one freaking out about any of this?!
Silas made sure the coat draped off him properly. “That’s better,” he smiled.
“What should we do with him sir?” Clyde motioned his head towards Mr. Perkins. Then Silas looked towards Walter Perkins still sitting tied up. “Cut him loose. He doesn’t know anything.” He stepped towards Walter.  “Sorry about all this,” He lifted up his fist and brought it down.
Walter was out like a light once again.
When Walter woke up, he felt the familiar feeling of a mattress and sheets. He smiled to himself. It has just been a dream. He opened his eyes to  a brown cover that was not his. The side of his face was throbbing. Where the hell was, he?  He sat up in the bed looking around. He was in a living room and there was a waterfall in the middle of the house cascading down eloquently. The whole house had modern design.
 “What the?” This was not his home. No way. His wallet was burning just thinking about it.
 “You’re awake?!”  A voice cried out and Walter turned around.
 Standing there was the man Silas had become. Walter’s heart dropped everything at the warehouse had happened. Silas’ suspenders were down around his waist, walking around in his socks and every button was undone, leaving his bare chest out. In his hands was a small tray with a lapis teacup and teapot  set with a bottle of pills. “Daddy! I’m so sorry!” The huge man set down the tray and bounded over to Walter. He hopped in the bed, landing on the man. “I’m so sorry, I had to hit you, or they’d never leave you alone.”
“Silas, is that you? Really you?” Walter brushed a hand against Silas’ stubble. Silas nuzzled Walter’s hand. all the coldness and authority he had before melted away. “What did they do to you?”
 Silas smirked. “They made me the boss.” His voice started gaining strength and confidence, sounding less childlike. “Well, one of the bosses. It’s sort of an Esposito family thing,” Silas turned the ring on his finger around, playing with it. “Though guys like Ezra and Clyde are just workers. Me? I’m one of the sons of the current head of the Esposito himself.” He spread his arms out, turning around to show off his body to Walter.
 “But you’re my son.” Walter muttered.
 “Uh yes and no,” Silas rocked his head side to side. “You see, this ring poured generations of Esposito essence into my kid body, aging me up to be one of their heirs. Their family history and other knowledge flowed into me.  I went from Silas Perkins to Silas Esposito.” He walked back over to pick up the small tray he had been carrying earlier.
 “So, my son’s just gone? And for what, we didn’t do anything to deserve this?”
 Silas sighed sitting on the side of the bed with the tray. “It was for a few reason’s really. We needed information, if you knew where your brother was. Seeing your son change most likely would have made you shout the truth to stop it. You never did, so odds are you didn’t know his location. Two, it’ll send a message to your brother when he finds out. Three, every generation our family need’s new blood. In my opinion, they were waiting for your brother to screw up.”
 “Wait so my son—
 Walter winced as his face throbbed. He brought a hand up to feel it, more pain.
 “Drink this and take these pain killers.” Silas handed over a few pills from the bottle and gave Walter the teacup. When Walter was settled Silas spoke again, “Your son isn’t gone. He’s me. I’m like a mixture of the boy you were raising and everything the Esposito family values. That’s the difference between me and Ezra and Clyde. As a family heirloom, this ring is much more powerful than the common items our family uses. I remember who I used to be and everyone else in the family and employed by only remember who I am. ” Silas looked up at Walter, tapping his head. “Best of all I know how to turn it off.”
 What happened was subtle, but Walter caught it. Silas’ body language changed, becoming less aggressive as his perfect posture turned into a slouch. Silas’ eyes began to well up.
 “Are you okay?”  Walter asked. That’s when Silas wrapped him in a hug, laying his large upper body on his former father.
 “Daddy, I’m so sorry I hit you! But I had to.” Silas nuzzled into Walter and his stubble tickled Walter’s neck.
 “Let me guess Esposito related reasons?” Walter asked and Silas nodded, not pulling away. Walter sighed, consoling his now adult son.
Walter Perkins was in shorts, sitting on the couch in Silas Esposito’s living room. The man had two bowls of ice cream in front of him.  He looked over to the clock, 8:58 pm. The door to the house opened and Silas strolled in. Silas was moving at a steady pace until he spotted Walter on the couch “Am I late?” His eyes flew to the clock.
“Oh shoot!” Silas took off running to his bedroom pulling off his clothes.
Walter Perkins had long understood he didn’t want to know what this version of his son did at “work.” It was probably more gruesome and gorier than he had the stomach for.
Silas came trouncing down the stairs with heavy footsteps. He was in a fancy back ivory two-piece night attire set. The open part of his collar was nothing more than his own pec window. He plopped his huge ass next to Walter grabbing a bowl of ice cream. He laid his head on Walter’s shoulder and laid his lower body across the couch. Nights like these were the best.
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malemusclegrowthfanuk · 5 months ago
Carl nervously pushed the set of glass doors in front of him with his hands, once he had entered the large and open space that was home to his college's private gym he stood there motionless as his eyes observed the new and somewhat foreign environment he now found himself in.
Tumblr media
As far as his eyes could see there were dozens of exercise machines and gym equipment of all shapes, sizes, and functions.
-"So this is where all the tuition money is invested..." Though Carl while frowning as he finally started walking away from the entrance and into the exercise area.
Despite the room being filled with the noise of some obscure electronic music, Carl could still hear the grunts of a few men doing their routine exercises and the sudden metallic noises produced by the weights they were using.
Tumblr media
Carl recognized a few men from seeing them around campus close to their frat houses or when they were practicing at the football field that was close to the almost rundown art faculty building where he studied at.
From afar it was hard to really appreciate how muscular these men were but now that Carl was almost face to face with them his eyes almost bulged out once he saw them pumping their muscles and flexing their biceps at each other.
-"Don't be too obvious..." Carl said as he glanced back and forth at the men, he noted that the vast majority of people at the gym were men while there were only two women present -"I can't blame them" Carl thought as he slightly cringed at the bro-ish ways the men were acting while still admiring their muscles -"They are probably avoiding these chads and their lazy pickup lines".
Suddenly while Carl was distracted his body collided with what at first appeared to be a rigid wall but then as he recuperated from the collision he quickly noticed that the wall was in actuality a heavily muscled jock that looked just like one of the guys from earlier.
His towering frame made Carl look like a midget, the muscles he had were out of this world and completely exposed as the guy was only wearing a red tank top and a pair of baller shorts, his face was incredibly chiseled and overly masculine which made Carl gulp in fear as he thought that the guy would probably act like a complete douche over the simple mistake he had made.
Tumblr media
Memories of being pushed around by the other jocks in high school made Carl's nerves even more alert but what came out of the jock's mouth completely stunned him.
-"Hey brah you look kinda lost, do you need any help?" The guy said with his deep baritone and dumb-sounding voice.
-"I um..." Carl said as the smell of musk combined with axe deodorant invaded his nose -"Im new here... Where can I sign up..." Carl added unsure of the nice way the muscular jock in front of him was acting.
-"Great!" The guy said with a cordial smile as he signaled for Carl to follow him which he promptly did -"Bt-dubs I'm Drake, I work here so if you need anything else once your registered don't mind asking, I can even help you with some tips on what each machine does or how to use them".
-"Thanks..." Carl said in a quiet tone as he still grappled with what had happened.
After a short walk, Carl found himself standing at a round desk which had a few large computers placed on it, meanwhile, Drake continued walking until he reached one of the computers and started to type something Carl couldn't fully see.
-"Can I have your I.D brah?" Drake asked as he extended his hand.
-"Sure..." Carl said as he slightly wrestled with his pockets in order to reach for his I.D -"Here it is!" Carl said relived as he gave the small plastic card to Drake.
-"Thanks bro" Drake said as he pressed Carl's I.D into some sort of scanner that glowed bright green.
-"Huh, your from the art faculty?" Drake asked in disbelief.
-"Yup" Carl said blatantly as Drake released a dumb-sounding chuckle that quickly transformed into a laugh.
-"Wow we don't normally get people from that faculty here..." Drake said as stopped laughing and passed the small plastic card back to Carl -"Congratulations thought"
-"Thanks!" Carl said as he stored his I.D back into one of his pockets -"I guess the free gym membership for students pushed me to try it out, that and I really want to look better".
-"Nah it's okay bro, you don't look half bad yourself"
-"Really?" Carl asked as a small blush formed in his cheeks.
-"Sure your not like me..." Drake said as he flexed his biceps in a cocky manner -"But your not fat nor ripped which is okay"
-"Thanks!" Carl said as he looked down at himself, he was feeling better thanks to Drake's compliments -"But your right I'm noting like you..."
-"And that's why your here brah" Drake said -"Don't worry before you expect it you will be as ripped as me..."
-"Sure..." Carl said not too convinced of Drake's statement -"So um where should I start?" Carl asked as he turned around and looked at the dozens of machines and equipment that surrounded him.
-"Id say cardio but I think we gotta solve your bag situation" Drake said as he moved away from the computer and yet again instructed Carl to follow him.
-"What's wrong with my bag?" Carl asked.
-"Well nothing but it's kinda dumb to carry your bag everywhere you go so I think you should store it in the locker room" Drake said as he reached a set of double doors.
-"Oh that sounds okay" Carl said as Drake opened the doors.
-"Here is your locker key, one of our team members is injured so his locker has been pretty much sealed shut for the last few weeks, there are a few things in there but other than that it's ready for you to use it," Drake said as he passed Carl a small key with a green tag which had written on it L-32 in yellow font.
-"Thank you!" Carl said as he gladly received the key and immediately recognized that the tag had the colors of the college's football team.
-"Aren't there any other lockers I can use?" Carl asked as Drake was about to walk away -"I mean I feel like it's a little bit of a breach of privacy knowing that there are some things in there that are from another person".
-"I wish dude but ever since the dean offered free gym access this place has been filled in with membership requests, so for now you'll have to use the one I gave you as the other ones are already reserved, people haven't arrived yet to use them because it's still early" Drake said in a reassuring tone.
-"Okay then..." Carl said as Drake walked away
-"I'll be waiting outside for you so that we can get to it" Drake said as he flexed his right bicep and closed the double doors leaving Carl completely alone.
Carl looked around the room and quickly started to search for his locker, the task wasn't easy as the room itself was pretty big. Carl could count at least a dozen hallways that all looked the same which made him even more confused and disoriented.
Tumblr media
-"Okay, L-32...." Carl said to himself in repeat as he walked through the locker room.
As Carl reached what he thought was his locker he couldn't ignore the stench of musk that permeated all over the room.
-"Augh what smells that bad!" Carl thought as he finally reached locker 32, he then proceeded to open the locker with the key.
What can only be described as a potent punch hit Carl's face as the musky stench was finally freed from its prison.
-"What the?" Carl asked while covering his nose as he noticed that inside the locker there was a football uniform, a red cap, some training clothes, an axe deodorant and a stained used jock.
-"Should I take this out?" Carl thought to himself as he lightly touched some of the clothes which were soaked in sweat.
-"Eww," He thought as he pulled his hand back quickly -"I can't put my bag in here! There isn't even any space!".
After a few seconds of hesitation, Carl pushed his bag into the locker, once the bag was fully inside one of the stained jocks fell to the floor
-"Great!" Carl thought as he grabbed the jock -"Now I'm going to have to wash my stuff and my hand a few million times to get the odor off"
As Carl was about to put the jock into the locker he suddenly felt the compulsion to move it closer to his face, once it was in reach he took a deep sniff, at first a sense of disgust invaded him but with each second he sniffed the smell became much more appalling.
-"It isn't that bad..." Carl thought as he removed the jock from his face, this time he had a new desire, a desire to use it.
Before Carl could even register it he had already pulled down his shorts and carefully removed them without taking off his shoes, he then did the same thing with his underwear leaving his small manhood out in the open.
As Carl was about to put on the jock he felt like he was doing something he shouldn't be doing, after all the jock was someone's else property, furthermore, it seemed like it hadn't been washed in weeks.
Despite these facts, Carl pushed the jock into his shoes and up to his legs, the seemingly warm material the jock was made of finally enveloped Carl's dick in a musky and warm cocoon.
-"Fuck" Carl said as his whole body became aroused, his dick immediately shot up in attention just as both of Carl's hands were inching closer to his erection.
-"What's happening?" Carl suddenly thought in his mind as he was about to commit an indecent act in a public place, even though a part of him tried to fight back Carl's hands quickly found themselves inside the jock he was now wearing, his hands then grabbed his dick and started gently playing with it.
-"Oh God!" Carl said as he masturbated, the pleasure and lust he was feeling were incomparable to any other sensation he had felt in his life, it was amazing, and he wanted more of it.
As Carl increased his pace he didn't notice that his dick was getting bigger with each pull he made, as the seconds flew by his dick increased into a monstrous eighth-inch bear can, below it Carl's balls had also grown and were now filled with sperm ready to be liberated.
While that was happening Carl's whole body grew towards the ceiling, this sudden growth spurt only stopped when his height had increased to six feet five.
-"Can't stop..." Carl muttered as his scrawny body started becoming a greek piece of art, his legs which at this point were having issues in supporting all of the new weight on top became reinforced by pounds of strong muscle, as seen by the growth of Carl's quads, hamstrings, and calves.
Not only that but his feet grew larger which almost busted his shoes, thankfully for him, his shoes seemed to adjust instantly to his new foot size while also transforming into a pair of jordans.
As Carl continued to masturbate he felt like the jock he was wearing was suddenly becoming tighter than before, a sudden snapping noise was then heard as the straps of the jock were pushed outwards by Carl's growing ass.
Carl momentarily moved his hands away from his needy dick and towards his ass which made him grunt as he felt the weight and shape of his larger glutes that gently bounced with his every move.
After Carl was finished playing with his larger ass his hands found themselves playing with his large dick again which reactivated the changes his body was going through.
A mixture of pain and pleasure then invaded Carl as his waist seemed to become smaller and more sensual while his upper body expanded sideways into a v-shape.
Meanwhile, Close to Carl's new wasp's waist a set of bulges started to pulsate into existence around his abdomen area, these bulges solidified in seconds and before Carl could even register it he was now the owner of an incredibly defined eighth pack.
-"Shit!" Carl thought as he saw his abs, he touched them slightly with one of his hands, especially through the crevasses that separated each bulge from another, the sensation his body gave in response was amazing.
While Carl continued masturbating with one hand and feeling his rock-hard abs with the other hand he suddenly felt a pressure in his chest, like somebody had grabbed it and wasn't letting go.
This was then followed by a pulling sensation as Carl's flat chest was pushed out by an invisible force forming a pair of large yet symmetrical pecs, Carl's nipples also grew slightly in size which added up nicely to his new pecs.
As the changes continued climbing through Carl's body a sudden cracking noise reverberated in the room as Carl's back became straight and heavy with muscle forming all over it.
By the time Carl's shoulders, neck, and traps had puffed up thanks to the new stronger muscle fibers now filling them his arms were already going through some changes of their own as seen by the appearance of waving veins on top of rapidly growing muscle.
While Carl pleasured himself in an almost oblivious manner by pumping his large shaft up and down his arms quickly developed large perfectly sculpted delts, biceps, triceps, and lower arms that seemed to be growing even larger as Carl continued masturbating.
Finally, Carl's face started changing in order to match his new muscled body, any acne scar or imperfection was cleaned leaving behind smooth skin.
Carl's facial features became much more accentuated as seen by the strengthening of his chin and jaw, the development of large cheekbones, and a perfectly new sculpted nose that gave Carl the face of a God.
The shadow of a large beard also appeared on Carl's face giving him an even more masculine look, this wasn't the only hair growth that Carl experienced as his hands which were still pumping his erection were now surrounded by large and thick hairs from his crotch and his pits were now covered in a heavily forested patches of hair.
Lastly, Carl's large set of wavy hair slowly retracted onto his scalp leaving him with a buzz-cut haircut that perfectly suited his new body.
With the changes now fully completed, the immense amount of lust Carl was previously feeling seemed to have wained slightly, this gave him the chance to stop masturbating before he blew his load as his hands quickly receded out of the jock.
-"What the...?" Carl said in his new deep voice as he looked down at his body, everywhere he looked he found huge muscles, from his arms to his legs which were hard to view thanks to his oversized pecs.
Curiosity got the best of Carl as he grabbed his phone from his bag and quickly opened the camera app, as he switched to selfie mode his jaw opened wide once he saw his new face.
It was perfect, handsome, and manly, things Carl knew he wasn't in any way yet there he was with the face of an adonis displayed on the screen.
Suddenly as Carl continued to look at his face a message from a contact he didn't immediately recognize appeared on his screen.
-"Hey bro where you at?" The message said.
-"Tanner, who the hell is tanner?" Carl said as he quickly opened the guy's Instagram profile which was filled with pictures of him flexing his muscles in an uncountable number of different places, partying with a group of equally muscled jocks, posing in very explicit sexual positions with different girls, gym pics, football training pics, and every conceivable act that could be considered gay at a first glance but by rest of the pictures Carl concluded that the guy was probably straight yet playful with his fellow man.
As Carl continued scrolling he found an image that surprised him, the image was that of a frat party in the frat house close to his dorm and next to the football field, in said image Drake was holding a beer can while flexing his free arm while Tanner was kissing in a fake manner another muscled jock.
When Carl looked closer at the image he almost dropped his phone to the ground, the guy that was "kissing" tanner was him, or well the new transformed him.
Carl looked at the area below the image where he found the tag "My Boyfriend @Chad 😜", once Carl clicked the tag a new profile opened that wasn't that different from the previous one, but this time reflected on the screen was his face.
-"Shit..." Carl thought as he looked at the bio below the photo and was surprised to see a few changes, not only did it reflect the changes in his body but it also pointed out that this Chad guy studied business administration and that he was Bisexual.
Carl immediately searched through the pictures and felt a sense of dread as he did, there were counties pictures of him with dozens of women and a few men doing the same sexual innuendos as that of Tanner's profile.
-"But I'm supposed to be gay?" Carl thought in alarm while not noticing that his dick was slowly rising in his jock -"And I study art, what the hell is this bullshit?".
As Carl continued to scroll through the profile his dick kept slowly rising and the lust-filled sensation from earlier came back.
Thoughts of men's pecs, asses, and dicks were complimented by images of sexy women.
Their large breasts bouncing while on the bed, their petite yet large asses pounding on his large dick, the sensation of said dick when it entered their warm and thigh vagina, the more Carl tried to think of men to counteract the thoughts he was having the more memories of equally fucking women appeared on his mind, and the idea that at the end day a hole is a hole no matter what gender has it.
-"Fuck!" Carl said while grunting as his right hand reentered his jock and quickly started playing with his dick.
With each stroke, Carl's newfound attraction for women cemented itself, and more worryingly new memories started replacing his old ones.
Instead of being an average student in school the new him was much more lazy and dumb to boot, the only reason he graduated each grade was thanks to his old coach who helped him negotiate with the school.
Instead of hours of drawing and watching art programs in his free time, Chad would prefer to go out and exercise at the local gym with his fellow school jocks, any sense of artistic sensibility Carl has was erased, the only art he would draw from now one would be dick drawings on his wasted bros at the hundreds of parties he was invited to in high school, after all, he was the most popular guy in school.
A deep love for football then manifested itself in Carl's head, since he was a kid he liked it and entered the school's football team, years of experience and deep knowledge of the game were the ones to replace the nerdy and artsy parts of his old life, football was everything, it was the only reason he was in college as his business administration grades weren't particularly good but the dean of the faculty was an ex-jock who was all too happy to help a few guys of the football team to pass each semester.
A new sense of confidence and importance invaded Carl as he was not only part of the football team but he was also the standing quarterback, the most important player on the field, and if you asked around college the most important and biggest jock of all, the guy who was at every party, who had fucked almost every guy and girl in campus, the guy that would turn heads when he walked around with his strong muscles exposed for everyone to see, and the guy that was idealized by both men and women alike.
As the last parts of Carl's new identity replaced his old ones he momentarily looked down at his body while continuing to masturbate, despite wanting to go against what his new memories were saying he understood that the body he now had was deeply connected to the identity of the new him, his new muscles were everything and the only thing that mattered, from his strong arms perfect for throwing and catching balls on the fields, or his powerful legs that propelled him away from the other players to his large dick that earned him a fun reputation with whoever he encountered on the bedroom.
Finally, after much teasing Carl cummed into the jock, and with it, the last vestiges of his old life, a permanently dumb expression set itself on Chad's face, his eyes acquired a glassy look as all intellectual and rational thinking was replaced by pure instinct and pleasure-driven needs.
-"Brah are you at the gym?" The new message from Tanner said which immediately distracted Carl as he responded back.
-"You know it brah 💪🏻" Carl replied while also sending a picture of his cum soaked hand and jock.
-"Ew brah wtf, don't be doing that gay shit on me".
-"Says the guy that sucked my balls..." Carl responded while grinning.
-"It was for a bet!".
-"Don't know bout that, you sucked me like a pro that time at the frat house, is there something I should know, are you experienced? 😈".
-"Fuck off bro you know am straight".
-"Sure 😏".
-"Anyways I might be going to the gym later...".
-"Great I'll see you later then, I have the whole day off so Im going to be here training until noon.
-"Nice 😎"
With that out of the way Chad cleaned the cum he had on his hand with one of his old clothes that were stored in the locker, he then proceeded to change into some of the clothes he had in his bag, said clothes had been transformed in order to better fit his new body and persona, a red cap that was turned around, a golden necklace that curved around his large muscles, a grey sleeveless shirt that completely exposed his upper body, and a pair of dark grey joggers that accentuated his ass and showed his large obscene bulge.
Before Chad left the locker room he smelled his pits which were at this point creating a heavy amount of musk, despite liking it a lot Chad found himself applying some axe deodorant that didn't help him much as his musk combined with the smell of cum were now also combined with the scented deodorant.
Chad then grabbed a pair of headphones and placed them on his ears, he then took a picture of himself and posted it on Instagram with the caption -"Gym Time 💪🏻👈🏻".
With that done, Chad closed the door of his locker after he had stored all of his other stuff and as he walked away he didn't notice the weird shimmer that surrounded his locker's registration number, L-32.
The people that had just arrived at the gym early in the morning would be surprised at the set of double doors that led towards the locker room as they opened and a tall mountain of muscle walked out.
Everyone kinda stopped what they were doing as Chad walked through the gym, the new men and women that had just started exercising gazed at Chad's muscles which glistened by the glow of light combined with his natural sweat.
Chad knew he was being observed but unlike his previous self he liked the feeling, the feeling that he was an idol to be adored by everyone, and as he swaggered towards where Drake was standing he couldn't stop himself from winking to a few of his admirers.
-"What took you so long brah?" Drake said as Chad had finally reached him.
-"Nothing bro just having fun..." Chad said.
Drake immediately understood what Chad was implying and laughed in a dumb manner.
-"Were you thinking of me brah?" Drake said as he stood closer to Chad.
-"Maybe brah" Chad said as he blew a kiss and got himself settled into one of the different gym machines in order to train his arms.
Tumblr media
-"Ready for the day?" Drake said as he situated himself next to Chad in the other machine.
-"You know it brah!" Chad said as he flexed his left bicep, he then proceeded to train one of his arms, the weight of the heavy metallic plates being pulled up by the sheer titanic strength of his arm aroused him immensely.
Tumblr media
And that's how it was from here on out, Chad's life was a repetitive routine of training, having sex, playing football, and barely passing, he didn't care at all as he felt happy with his life and he didn't remember anything else of his previous one, but this didn't matter as for Chad this was his only life, and the most perfect he could ever wish for.
It's been a long time since I've written an explicit football jock-type story, hope you guys like it! 😎
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malemusclegrowthfanuk · 6 months ago
Matt Experiments with the Chronivac: Roommate Temptations
Tumblr media
“Dude! Look at you!” Matt exclaimed as he walked in the door.
Henry quickly tried to cover himself up by grabbing a pair of his underwear. He held them over his naked body. “I can explain!” he quickly said. The football frat bro looked embarrassed as he struggled pulling the underwear over his legs. He was always fairly fit with a decent six pack and some good muscle on him. Just a little bit of extra weight from all the parties that he went to covering it up. But right now he looked absolutely jacked. Barely even a couple of percent of body fat and still just as heavy as he had always been. Now his muscles were fully visible.
“Explain?” Matt twisted his head slightly. One of his hands was down in his pocket while, holding onto his phone.
“Yes! Look! It was an accident!”
“Accident?” Matt repeated. A sly smile appeared on his face as he watched Henry pull the gray underwear over his legs. It stretched against the muscles in his legs.
“Look! I don’t know what happened okay?!” Henry stomped his foot. “I was just jerking it to some porn and then I started to grow bigger. So I… Jerked off again. And then I grew even bigger. God damn! It felt so fucking good! I just couldn’t stop… And then I did it again. My clothes kept getting tighter. But it felt so damn good…” a deep moan rolled out of his mouth. His shoulders relaxed and he almost looked like he was about to fall. “So I… Did it again. Before I knew it my shirt was shredded on the ground and then you walked in.”
Matt stifled a giggle. His face seemed to be turning red as he pulled out his phone.
“Don’t take a picture!” Henry quickly covered his lower half with his hands. He tried to shrink down as much as possible as to ruin the photo.
The smile on Matt’s face only broadened. “I’m not taking a picture.” It seemed accurate as his thumbs were working overtime as though they were writing nearly a paragraph of text. “So…” he paused, looking up from his phone. “You were jerking it to pictures of me?”
Henry’s face dropped. “Yeah man… Sorry! It’s just that I couldn’t help it! I just saw a picture of you and… Uhmph!” he grunted out. His whole body seemed to jerk as his body flexed. “Damn it…” he added as he felt his dick harden. The outline of his cock grew far more visible and a bit of a stain dripped at his tip. “How am I so fucking horny..?”
“Is it because you’re around me?” Matt pried.
“Dude! No way! I’m st-straight,” he said. Though his stutter over the word ‘straight’ caught him off guard. “I like having sex with women. Seriously!” Yet, somehow his mind was playing tricks on him. He couldn’t stop staring at his roommate.
Matt stepped forward sending a shudder down Henry’s spine. “Except me?” he pried further. One of his fingers landed on Henry’s firm chest. “Hmmm?” Matt broke the almost all of the distance between them. Their faces were merely inches apart.
“It’s—It’s not like that,” again the stammer. Henry never did anything like this. Especially around someone like Matt. But he couldn’t help it. His mind and body kept sending all kinds of wires were being crossed.
“Really?” Matt eyed Henry closely. He backed off for a second. “Flex for me.”
“Flex more me,” Matt repeated. “Just trust me…” The smile on his face only grew as Henry raised his arm ever so slowly and flex his bicep. The muscle tightened into a thick ball. “Woah… So big…” Matt uttered. A bit of red filled Henry’s face as his dick hardened even more. The small stain on his underwear started to grow as more and more pre dripped out of him.
Henry quickly pulled down his arm. “What the fuck..?” Confusion hit him as he didn’t understand why he was so turned on. He’d never found another man the least bit attractive. Hell, he’d never even thought about Matt. But today he couldn’t get enough of his roommate.
One of Matt’s hands landed on his chest, gently caressing it. His palms were unbelievably soft. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “I know it feels a bit weird the first time, but it’ll feel good. Promise.” That’s when he shoved Henry down onto the bed behind him. Matt was quick to join him. His hands landing back onto Henry’s hard body.
“What’s–!?” Henry’s confused expression was interrupted as his hips thrust into the air. “Fu-uck!” he panted. His heart was beating wilding and he could barely catch his breath as Matt’s soft hands ran down his chest, over his abs and into his underwear. He watched as his dick sprang to life as Matt unwrapped it like a Christmas present.
“So excitable,” Matt mocked. “Hopefully you don’t have a hair trigger…” He lowered his lips down giving the tip a kiss. Henry’s entire body flexed. He gripped his bed for as much support as it could give him. Just feeling those lips against his tip sent him to another realm. But then they spread open engulfing his dick.
Henry let out an unfathomable grunt. Any conscious thought had given away to desire. His body no longer listened to him as he lay there. Every muscle in his body flexed on its own causing him to twist and turn. He barely even noticed as Matt’s hands were holding his firm ass. Slowly they were crawling their way to his anus. Then two of his fingers touched the sensitive spot. Henry’s body bucked. His cock throbbed with excitement as they pushed further in. He clawed at the sheets. But it was too much. There was no stopping it as his body released into Matt’s mouth.
But with each thrust, his body grew more and more. The 190 pound jock’s muscles quickly added more size and definition. Thick corded veins ran down his arms as his biceps bulged with more power. The same was true with his forearms as they nearly doubled in size and his hands as they grew thick and meaty, built especially for lifting heavy weights. Henry’s chest barreled out in front of him as his pecs nearly doubled in size. Hard muscle packed onto what was already there.
That same hard muscle ran up and down his legs as well. The underwear that already seemed to have had a hard time holding onto his legs completely gave up as thick quads filled out even more. The seams couldn’t contain the amount of mass inside them. “Woah…” Henry breathed heavily. He could barely even look over his chest as with each breath, it rose in front of his vision.
It took him a few seconds to reorient himself and prop up onto his arms. He recognized that he was significantly heavier. Probably closer to 215 or maybe even 220. And somehow his skin became far more sensitive than it had been. Even with the light touching that Matt was doing, Henry could feel himself being turned on despite just having the best climax of his life. However, when he finally looked at Matt, he was a bit confused. Matt was looking down at his body as though he was expecting something. “What’s up?”
“I just… I was supposed to change too. When I sucked you off, I was supposed to become your perfect boyfriend…” Matt muttered.
“Dude… You’re already perfect…”
Matt stared at him for a second. Then belted out a laugh. “Gay!” Henry felt his face go a bit red. He’d been trying to be a bit genuine but Matt seemed distracted. He continued laughing but pulled out his phone. “I guess that’s what I typed wasn’t it. Guess I’ll just have to experiment a bit more with this a bit more…”
more stories over on my wordpress
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malemusclegrowthfanuk · 6 months ago
John’s Lucky Underwear
Tumblr media
John had been bragging about his winning streak for too long. Brian was sick of it. There was no way that guy got so good at sports in such a short time. John was athletic, sure, but not nearly as good as he had been. Somehow every day on the field he’d find himself in the perfect pocket to catch a throw. Or maybe he’d be just close enough to a fumble to grab it and start running the ball back. But it was getting annoying.
“Just my lucky underwear,” John would say whenever anyone would call him out on the sudden skill. Most of the guys would laugh. Others would keep trying to get a real answer. And the coaches didn’t care as long as nothing came back on any tests. As long as John kept winning, they were perfectly happy with the outcome.
None of that convinced Brian. He waited until it was only the two of them in the locker room. “What’s your real secret?”
“I told you. My lucky underwear,” John said.
“Quit playing dumb,” Brian said. “I know you’ve got to be on something. Or hiding something. No one gets that good in that short a time.”
“I’m not lying,” John said. However, there was almost a twisted smile on his face as he spoke. His voice had a strange, almost jovial lilt to it. “You wanna try them?”
“Ew! No!” Brian pushed John out of the way and started going through his locker. “It’s got to be here somewhere.” He pulled out his uniform and then his duffle bag. But nothing out of the ordinary. There wasn’t anything other than a change of clothes, a football and some of his books for class. “What the hell?”
“I’m telling you. It’s my underwear. Want to try it?” John had pulled them off and held them at arm’s length.
“What the hell!?” Brian swatted at the dirty underwear.
“Finally!” an unknown voice echoed off the walls. “I was wondering when I’d get to have some more fun.”
Brian looked around. He’d made sure that it was only the two of them in the locker room, yet there was a third voice. And one he didn’t even recognize.
“Down here,” the voice said. “You humans are just so damn tall…” he complained. But the smile on his face seemed to have other intentions. Brian looked down to see an incredibly short man dressed in all green. His head barely came up to Brian’s waist, so he hoped up on a bench. “’Ello, I’m the reason John’s so good at football.”
Brian looked down at the strange little man, then back up to John, then back down at the little man. “What?” it was just as much a statement as a question. He knew he hadn’t seen this guy before. And the way he walked and talked was all the more strange. Not to mention how John hadn’t said anything since he’d shown up.
“It’s magic. I’ll grant wishes, but in return I want to have a little fun too,” it said.
“A genie?”
“Not quite that powerful. But I got some magic in me. Maybe I need to give you an idea,” it continued. “See, this dope wanted to be better at football, so I granted his wish and then I also made him better at catching too.”
Brian thought back. “Yeah… John has been really good at catching the football… But–”
“But nothing,” it said. “I granted him his wish and then I got a little one in return. That’s one of those rules of life.” He snapped a few times. “Equivalent exchange or some shit. You can wish for many things. Wealth. Power. Girls?” He paused watching for Brian’s reaction. “All that is required is that I get a little something too.”
“But you used you’re wish on John…”
The little guy’s smile only broadened. “That’s only because I’m such a nice guy! Maybe your happiness is my happiness too. You know?” Brian mulled it over for a second. “Besides,” he leaned in for a whisper. “I’m required to serve my master. If I do anything against him, I’ll be poofed out of existence.”
“Really?” Brian looked over to John. His eyes seemed to be screaming something.
“Really,” the little guy wandered back over to John. “Just see how jealous he is that I’ll be granting someone else wishes. He probably wanted to keep this all to himself but now that you’ve touched the underwear, you can see me too. But if you want a wish you’ll actually have to put it on.”
Brian stared at the underwear. Never in his life had he thought about putting on another guy’s, but this was different. If he was able to actually get wishes granted that would mean he could do just about anything that he wanted. Feeling another guy’s sweat stains for a few minutes would be worth it. Right? He grabbed the damp underwear, dropped his own shorts and underwear, then pulled them up over his legs.
“Perfect!” the little man said. “Just remember, no backsies.”
However, John quickly interrupted. “You idiot! Do you know what you’ve just done?”
“Don’t be jealous,” the little man stepped between them. Brian echoed the sentence. “Let the man make his fist wish. What is it?”
“Hmm…” Brian took a second to think. “I wish that I was more naturally gifted at sports.”
“Ooo!” the little man’s chesire smile broadened. “I also wish you were more naturally gifted!”
Instantly Brian felt a wave stimulate his body. Each of his muscles suddenly flexed then released. Almost like they were breaking down and reshaping to be more functional. He could almost see his fingers lengthen and thicken to be better at catching a football. And his feet suddenly felt cramped in their shoes. But the tingling seemed to focus on his ass and asshole a bit more than he would have thought. Looking behind him, it looked like he’d been focusing a bit too much at the squat rack.
“Idiot,” John scoffed.
Brian shot him a cocky smile. “Don’t be jealous that I finally found out how you got so good all of a sudden.”
“Exactly!” the little man jumped in. “Now another wish?”
“Yeah!” Brian said. “I wish that no matter what I wear I look sexy.”
“Ooo! I wish that everything you wear is extremely tight.”
Again, Brian felt a surge of power around his body. But this time it was focused more on his clothes. They no longer looked as dinky or cheap, but rather fit his body perfectly. Then they shrank almost a half of size. His shirt compressed against his shoulders and chest, while his shorts seemed to focus around making his butt look as pronounced as possible. However, he couldn’t deny that he still looked sexy in them. His average athletic build looked just a bit more imposing with his clothes clinging to his body.
Brian pumped his arm a few times, watching the sleeve strain against his bicep. “Damn! Look at that. Now that I got the body, I just need the brains. I wish I could pass any test with an B or better without studying.”
“I wish you had a stupid jock type personality,” the little man added.
“Eh? Bro! You for real?” Brian grunted. His speech had slowed while also sounding a bit more airy than before. However, the deep cadence in his voice had stayed. “Aww fuck man. Now I sound all stupid!”
“Is it really that bad?”
Brian gave it some thought. It felt a bit harder to think but he couldn’t really come up with anything. “Nah man. It’s not that bad, I guess. But I wish I was more built. I can’t shake that feeling that I’m small and shit. Woah!” He chuckled stupidly as a wave rushed through him. As he finished his wish, it was granted and a wave of muscle started rolling through him.
Every muscle in Brian’s body started to bulge out from him. His shoulders grew wider and into thick round balls. Two massive pecs pushed out in front of him while his lats spread out wide, tearing his shirt asunder. His biceps nearly doubled in size as more and more muscle added onto him. It was the same with his triceps as they formed massive horseshoes on the other side of his arm. Brian clenched his fists as they grew lager and thicker, more built for lifting even heavier weights. Deep veins protruded from his skin up and down his arms.
Brian’s legs quickly followed suit. Quads grew big and defined, filling his shorts. His butt swelled up behind him while his calves formed perfect tear drops. The shoes he was wearing were just as lucky as his shirt as his feet grew far too large for their confines. Thick meaty toes poked out from the front while the rest of the shoes seams tore from the pressure of his feet.
“BRO!” Brian bellowed. His arms instantly went into a flex showing off the massive nature of his new body. At 6’2” he’d always been a pretty big guy with a decently muscular body. But this was different. He must have gained at least 20 pounds of muscle and lost almost all the fat. “BRO! Look at me!” he went into another flex. “I’m fucking massive!”
“I wish you had a tiny dick.”
The excitement in Brian’s voice dropped. “What?” he uttered as he looked down at his shrinking cock. It was already hard to see over his chest. But he could feel it pulling closer and closer to him. He reached down and with his bigger hands it was even harder to properly grab. Even as he rubbed it he could feel that his thumb was nearly as large as it was. “You can’t do this! I thought you couldn’t disobey your master!”
“Correct. I can’t,” the little man said.
“Then I wish that women would still find me sexy!”
“I wish you could only get hard for men.”
“I wish I could sexually satisfy any woman!”
“I wish you could only be satisfied by men.
“I wish that women wouldn’t mind.”
“I wish that you would.”
Brian grabbed the little man by the neck and slammed him into a locker. “Quit with the bullshit!” he ordered. “Change me back.”
“Sorry. No backsies,” the little man said. A poof of smoke appeared in Brian’s hand and the little man was gone. “Besides. Master is almost here.” His voice appeared behind him.
“Shit!” John body went stiff. He almost looked to be shaking a bit.
“Gollabar!” a somewhat familiar voice called out. “Gollabar! Where are you?” Sam walked into the locker room and the small man rushed over to him. “There you are! Have you been getting yourself in trouble?”
“No sir!” Gollabar smiled. “I just got you another one!”
“Another—” Sam looked up to see a hulking shirtless Brian standing in the middle of the locker room. “One…” His surprise turned to a shy smile and face turning red. “Hey,” he forced out.
“Yo,” Brian said back. “You gonna change me back or what?”
“Or what..?” Sam asked. “Didn’t Gollabar tell you no backsies?”
“He did say something like that,” Brian got closer to Sam. Something inside him felt a bit off. He couldn’t quite understand it. “But if you’re his master… Maybe you can do something?” he flexed and watched Sam’s eyes light up.
Sam’s mouth went dry. “Sorry… Don’t think I can…” He reached out and grabbed the massive arm. “So big…” he moaned. “You’re so big…”
“Mmmhhmmm…” Brian nodded. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ he wondered as he felt that small hand grip his bicep. Sam clearly used all his strength but he could barely feel it. Only the soft hands trying their hardest to actually move the arm. But moreover, a different feeling running through him. Even as Sam’s focus moved from his bicep to his chest, then to his abs, he didn’t tell the other man to stop. If anything he wanted more.
“So big…” Sam continued exploring Brian’s body. His hands felt so small as they ran over and squeezed different parts of his body. Brian found himself flexing more. Showing off more. Watching as Sam giggled and enjoyed himself. “Oh? What’s this?” His hands dipped down into Brian’s underwear. One gripped the hard throbbing cock. “So big,” he teased.
Brian jumped back. “Woah! Wait a second,” he’d realized what was going on. He was turned on. And bad. Even as he looked down at Sam he felt the distance between them. Something inside him was telling him to get closer. To let him keep exploring his body. “What’s going on?”
“It’s one of my wishes,” Sam said. “Whoever uses the underwear finds me unbelievably attractive.”
“But—” Brian tried to stop himself but the more he looked over Sam the more turned on he got. A distinct stain was already growing in his underwear. And he could feel just how hard his cock had become. More worrying was the strange emptiness he felt from behind.
Sam quickly closed the gap. His hands rested on Brian’s massive chest. The big guy backed up into the lockers. “Shh…” Sam put a finger from his mouth to Brian’s. “It’s alright. I promise.” His hand lowered back down into Brian’s underwear. It was so soft compared to his own. With a simple tug, Brian’ nearly burst. His hands grasped at the metal lockers behind him. His nails tried to dig into them. “Feels good?” Sam mocked.
All Brian could give was a disoriented grunt. Each tug seemed to have sent him a little bit further over. What was bothering him? Why was he so upset? Pleasure rocketed through him. Why shouldn’t he enjoy this from Sam? His small hands made him feel even bigger. Even if he was barely over three inches he actually felt like there was something there. “That’s it big guy,” Sam complemented.
At that Brian couldn’t control himself anymore. His body jerked and thrust as he finished in his underwear. He came back to through a dull consciousness as the afterglow took over.
“Good one Gollabar,” Sam said. His attention turned back to Brian. “I didn’t think you’d enjoy it that much, but I don’t mind. Maybe we’ll have even more fun later tonight.” His hand firmly slapped Brian’s ass. A tingle washed through the man. “Come to my room and we’ll make sure to get plenty of use out of it.” His attention turned back to John. “You too stud.”
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Brotherly changes
"Ok, so just add this to me and then I put them on," said Austin as he applied the potion to his crotch and thighs before putting on his brother's shorts. Austin was the older brother of him and Dylan. Dylan however, was superior despite being younger. Dylan had been blessed with good looks and golden curly hair, whereas Austin’s face had gone rugged from the lack of sleep, and his once blonde hair had gone dirty brown and grown out a fair bit. Dylan got praised for every little thing he did and got gifts from their parents, while Austin worked himself to death. Dylan was incredibly well built and had become something of a star on the pitch and on social media where he had a large following. It was large enough he was given contracts and paid to post selfies for all the thirsty people out there. Austin had twiggy arms and a slightly fat belly, he couldn’t afford to workout and had no desire to. Dylan was also very popular because of this, he had parties lined up nearly every weekend, and from whispers, Austin had heard, he had been with at least a cohort of girls. Austin had a few dates over the years, but they all disappeared. Since then he barely tried as every date ghosted him.
Dylan was infinitely superior to Austin, and they both knew it. Whenever they met, Dylan would always open by mocking his brother for being a loser. Austin though, knew how to hit back at his fragile ego. Dylan would always then finish off with something homophobic, before shutting up and then repeating the process thirty minutes later.
Dylan’s homophobia was definitely one of his less attractive traits, but it was only one of them, and somehow, despite being open with it, people just ignored it and loved him regardless.
Austin had had enough though now, he wanted a piece of his younger brother, so he could finally stand up to him. Austin, through various conspicuous connections, had found his way to a secret site. The site sold various items, some illegal and some weren’t even known to authorities. One of the items, which he had taken a special interest in though, was a formula that when applied with someone else's DNA, would let them add part of that person to themselves.
It was a perfect time too, as both were back at home. Austin had the house to himself now, as the parents were out together and Dylan had probably gone to the gym, he didn’t care. He stole one of his brother's sweaty pairs of grey workout shorts and put them on before applying the formula. Surely his brother's sweat would be enough so he could get his strength?
Everything was set and ready to go, and yet he had no idea what came next. Austin sat in his bed waiting for something to happen. He felt tingles and a breeze brushing his skin, but it went nowhere.
“Fuck I knew it was to be good to be true! I’ve been scammed!” he yelled to himself in frustration. He sighed a deep breath and stared at himself in silence. Unbeknownst to him, someone was still in the house and enjoying the disappointment of Austin.
“What's going on, dipshit?” Came Dylan’s youthful and cocky voice. Austin was taken from his haze and stared at him in shock. He thought he was out?
“What are you doing here? I thought you were out?” stuttered Austin, who was trembling at the thought of what Dylan could do.
“Wandering around my parent's house, fuckhead. What are you doing in my workout shorts?”
“Ughh…” Austin stopped as he realised how awkward the situation was. Dylan smirked and started laughing though when he saw the bottle of formula.
“Haha, you fucking bought it, bro, you fucking dumbass. You really are that sad aren’t you,” Dylan jabbed. Austin was nearly tearing up at how awkward this was but also at how real Dylan's words were.
“Fuck you, Dylan,” Austin said quietly
“What was that?” replied Dylan
“Fuck you,” he said louder
“Haha, you are such a loser. I know you hate me, but fuck, look at what I get for a brother. You’re useless and I’m perfect. Honestly, changing you if or the better,”
“Well, as you see…” Austin was about to rebuttal his brother, but Dylan cut him off.
“Don’t speak,” Dylan ordered, he glared at him for a second. Austin sat in amazement, as he stared back, his brother's golden curls then began to glow brightly for a second. As this happened Austin felt as his mouth shut and a weighted feeling locked them together.
“Finally got to use that on you. I don’t why I have this lit power bro, but it's amazing. I’ve had it all my life and no one knows. It's how I’ve achieved so much bro. You see, whenever I talk and force a command on someone or tell them to change, my hair glows and it just happens, how lit is that?” Dylan explained. Austin sat in confusion as he tried to understand, he wanted to ask more, but his jaw was sealed shut still.
“I don’t why but it’s never worked on you, and I dunno if you ever had it. But it works on everyone else. When mom and dad bought me my first car, when I got that sponsor-ship when I got those high grades while barely studying, and pretty much getting everything I ever wanted!” He continued. Austin lay there in amazement, it was so stupid and fantastical and yet it seemed so real. Dylan wasn’t dumb, but he didn’t exactly have the brains to pull off straight As. And it was true that he got everything he ever wanted for no reason at all.
Dylan gleed in triumph at finally getting his secret out, as if it did anything. Austin would have no power in stopping Dylan as he could just convince people that Austin was mad. He started flexing and looking over himself, admiring his body before smirking widely at Austin.
“You might want to brace yourself for the next bit, but this body wasn't all hard work,” he said as if setting up a huge twist.
“You remember your first boyfriend, Riley, right. Well, I fucking hated that flamer, more so than your other faggy boyfriends. So one day while you were out and he was waiting here, I wanted to get rid of him, I ordered him into my room and I don’t know how I did it, but I joked that he was a part of me,” Dylan began laughing maniacally as he readied for the punchline.
“AND HE FUCKING BECAME PART OF ME, BRO!” Dylan roared. Austin sat bewildered by what was going on and yet there was some truth to it all.
“He just fell onto my chest and in a few seconds sank in. Afterwards, my body was twice the size and far more muscular. I did it to all of them, well except Jacob. When my mate, Jake fucked off, a couple of years ago, I took the liberty to turn Jacob into an exact copy of him so he would still be here with me. The best thing is that all those fags were forgotten about completelyl, well except for you and me,” Dylan went, on laughing as he explained how he had secretly and yet obviously been tormenting Austin.
Austin sat there, unable to speak and absorbed all the information. All these years it had been his brother fucking him over. And now that he thought about it, he remembered Dylan talking about Jake leaving, and yet he still hung out with him last week. This fantasy of Dylans was real and Austin went from bewildered, straight to angry. He jumped up to go over and hit Dylan, maybe even kill him. But Dylan saw this and smiled at him.
“Go lie down bro,” He said swiftly before his golden hair glowed brightly. Austin's legs stopped walking forwards, and uncontrollably started walking him backwards. Despite his rage and anger, and his desire to hurt his brother, his body seemed to obey his brother's will like a slave. His body went and laid back down on the bed, while Austin tried to push against it. But his body was kept in place by an invisible force.
“Haha, you can’t do shit now big bro, I don’t know why I can do this to you now but it's great,” Dylan mocked again, he seemed to be enjoying it. He went over to Austin's phone and whispered to himself that he knew his code to enter, his hair glowed gold and just like that he accessed it straight. He began scrolling through his dating apps licking his lips.
“Oh, bro I have access to a whole load of tasty meals, which should I go for, do you think, Tim… or Colin?” He joked, Austin was unable to do anything and so looked at him, despairing at his brother for such cruel games.
“Haha, don’t worry I’m gonna share em,” Dylan finished, putting the phone to the side and focusing on his frozen brother.
“You're not the only one that hates their brother, Austin. I thought having a brother would be cool or some shit, but your boring as fuck. All you do is sit at a shitty job and complain, and now you want to be like your little brother. Well don’t worry bro, cos I feel the same and now I’m going to make you just like me!” Dylan yelled at his inanimate brother. Even though it was Austin's plan to steal parts of his brother, he felt terrified of his brother changing him. Austin only wanted his strength so he could stand up to him, but with his brother in charge, there was no way of knowing how much he could change. Would he still be like he was now or an exact copy of his brother?
“Oh yeah, I’m gonna make you so much more like me and we’re going to do everything together, like actual bros. We’re going to work out, party and have damn lit time, and we’ll forget all about this shitty version of you. I’m even going to give you the same power and hair I have, just to add to our fun. College is going to be a fucking blast together,” Dylan went on. There was an excitement to his voice, in that he truly wanted to turn Austin into a better brother, one that closely resembled himself. Austin however didn’t feel the same way, the idea of being 20 again made him sick. He thought he had an ok 20s, studying and doing other various nerdy stuff that he loved. He didn’t party or anything, but the idea that that would be what he would do for the next few years unsettled him. But then again, Dylan would make sure that the new Austin would love it.
“And don’t forget with our hair and power we can be like this forever, partying forever, changing people into whatever we want forever, getting whatever we want forever, being young forever, we can do everything and more, bro,” Dylan teased, he knew Austin hated the idea of becoming like him. Austin was absolutely terrified of becoming just like Dylan, but forever, that instilled a chilling fear in him. Dylan stood up and smirked down one last time at his brother.
“You ready bro, time to get you freshly minted as a young hot jock bro like me,” Austin had no way of replying or pleading as Dylan had left him permanently silent and inanimate.
“Oh fine, I’ll let you beg for me to stop, but only so I can enjoy ridding the world of you. Speak”
“Oh fuck, PLEASE, I don’t want this, I’ll give you money, anything,” Austin screamed.
“Haha, bro haven’t you been listening, I can get everything I want, it's time to let go of being a loser. Time to change,” Dylan finished, this time for good.
“I wish my brother was more like me,” He said before his head glowed bright gold once again. Austin instantly felt as his body began to heat up.
“Please, no,” Austin begged.
“That reminds me, I’ve got a party after this, perfect to introduce you to people and this girl I think you’ll want to fuck…,” Dylan went.
Despite being able to talk again, Austin was overwhelmed by the heat that was coming from his skin. He didn’t sweat, nor feel dry anywhere, but it was like he was in the middle of the desert.His skin was the first to change, as the heat sent a bright rose colour across his chest before spreading to the tips of his fingers and toes. As the heat intensified, his body began to inflate in size, ballooning out his fickle frame. The bulging fat then changed into muscle, his arms and legs were ripped, his stomach settled and a six-pack rippled unto them, while two ballonish pecs softened into big pillowy cushions. His body was exactly like his big bros now. As the heat began to move, quickly erasing all of Austin, he found that his skin was now softer and far more youthful. His brother's shorts fit him tightly now as his body was the same size and build.
“Go on bro, give your body a feel,” said Dylan. Austin’s arms then moved uncontrollably, feeling over the new body. Austin gasped in horror as he felt muscles and young hairless skin. It was just like his brother’s.
The heat now moved down to his hands, which both expanded from tiny, wrinkled things into large, protruding claws. The heat also moved to his feet which exploded from size 9s out into monstrous size 13s. The heat then moved back to his flat butt, blowing it into a large round bubble butt that would have any top drooling over. However, as it grew, his loose hole from old dates and hook-ups tightened and closed up, ensuring nothing could penetrate it. The heat then went for his crotch next, heating up his bush and turning from brown into golden blonde, while his shrivelled up slug of a dick began to feel a pulse going down it. Each one expanded it further and further until it reached his brother's size of a solid and firm, 10”s.
“You’re almost looking just like me bro, gotta change your face now, but keep a little different to mine,” said Dylan, his hair yet again glowing.
All the heat now shot up to Autin's face, erasing years from it and infusing him with my energetic look. His blotchy stubble vanished, while the rough skin softened up. Soon his chin and cheeks were delicately smooth and soft with a smidgen of fat. This wasn’t all though, the proximity of his eyes, shape of his nose were altered, becoming similar to his brothers. His hazelnut eyes squinted without notice, gaining the same light blue colour as Dylan. His long and sharp mouth shrunk in width before turning pouty, so he could give off that cute fuckboi look. Austin saw a stray hair fall just in front of his face. One hair came out at a time at first, but as he uncontrollably pushed his hand through his hair, it all came out in clumps. In its place, new fairer and cleaner brown hairs began to sprout. Instead of growing up straight or flopping to the side, they gained the same curly texture and style as his brothers, though they remained a light brown colour. Austin began feeling up his face and hair. As his meaty fingers got caught on a curl, knew that the changes truly had consumed every vestige of his old self. Dylan sat back in an armchair and continued to smirk at him, smugly looking over his new brother in triumph.
“What have you done to me?!” He yelled, before realising his voice had gained the same silky masculine tones of his brother.
“I turned you into me, bro, don’t worry I don’t intend to leave you like this, bro,” Dylan replied calmly.
“So you can turn me back?”
“Oh no, I mean to wipe out your personality bro, it's in dire need of updating, with some of my personal touches,” Dylan joked. Austin gulped, head changed so much already, it was clearly possible now that he was going to change further.
“Make my brother Austin, be more like me,” Dylan spoke again. His hair continued to radiate some magic as it glowed. Austin then fell back to the bed grasping at it as a headache shot through him.
Austin struggled on the bed, grasping at his head, trying to save his damned intelligence and personality from being twisted into what his brother wanted. There was no build-up or preparation for what came next. Austin instantly realised as his memories and thoughts were washed away, draining away until he forgot every part of his old life. New memories then began to fruit in his head, each one he thought of or remembered, he knew it was wrong. The memories were not what had happened, but what Dylan wanted. Some were twisted re-imaginations of him and some were completely fabricated out of nothing. His old rivalry with Dylan was no-more, now the pair were almost inseparable. They would do everything together, studying, working out, parties and gaming. Where they had brotherly fights, they had brotherly shenanigans, where they would do all kinds of pranks. The job which Austin slaved away at, was gone, now he spent his life working out for the brother’s shared Instagram account where they had millions of followers who adored them and their bodies. He also had the same vain aspirations as Dylan, no interest in anything that didn’t involve their bodies, which meant sports, working out and their social media influence. All these memories and aspirations built a new foundation for a life similar to Dylans. Of course, he couldn’t truly remain at his old age, and with each memory added, his age was reduced by a year until he was 21 again.
Austin no longer felt horror or fear as his changes became his reality. He took in the sight of his body once again, but now it filled him with arrogance and cockiness. He was a sexy stud, who gained influence and importance from his body. He no longer had any aspirations, all he wanted was to party, fuck, workout and make easy money.
“Haha, now you're thinking right bro. I gotta get rid of that gay bit and add a few more touches of myself to you and then you need to get rid of your old self,” Dylan proudly added, as Austin began flexing and smirking to himself.
Dylan’s hair then lit up once more, and Austin felt eager to let his brother change him further, despite not realising how much of him was going to be changed. This time, the heat was centred around the top of Austin’s head, primarily in his hair, which tingled. But this wasn’t the only place heating up and tingling, the same sensation was felt down by his crotch. Austin couldn’t help but shove his hand in his shorts, before pulling out his jackhammer. He began to rub at it, soothing the pleasure that now infested it.
At first, his head went to his usual fantasies of college guys and bears. He continued for a while until he realised they weren’t doing it for him anymore. Bears repulsed him as he hated the idea of associating with anyone that wasn’t fit, beautiful, and young. To him, fat people were a waste of a potentially beautiful person, if they put in the hours to become like him.
Then college guys felt weird to him. He no longer felt an attraction to them, rather found them cool to hang with and would enjoy partying with them. In a split second, the idea of college bimbos was forced into his mind before taking over. A new feeling overcame him, he couldn’t help but feel uncontrollable lust towards dumb bimbos with big tits. Austin had the desire to fuck as many as he could, it wasn’t as if they would say no to him, and if they did his bro could make them do anything. Any attraction towards men now dissipated, and the same dumb horny straight boy thoughts as his brother were what he strived for. He strived to be just like him, he wanted to bang as many chicks, no, he wanted to bang more chicks, as they had a contest between them. Austin rubbed harder, his balls filling with old memories and thoughts, as he persisted towards becoming just like his bro. He expelled any desire towards men to his balls, and now he openly allowed his brother's deep-rooted homophobia to take him, feeling the same repulsion his brother had towards it. Of course, his brother and he could change them however they wanted or maybe devour them for bigger muscles, the options were endless.
“TITS, FUCK TITS, NEED TO FUCK…” Austin moaned as his dick was ready to go. As the last traces of old Austin flowed into his balls. His brown hair then began to glow as he became infused with the same power his brother had. Austin couldn’t imagine being anything other than being a hot sexy jock bro like his brother. He pumped harder now that he desired release.
“FUCKIN TITS, BROOOOOO” His dick exploded, expelling his old life from his and allowing the new douchey Austin to take full control. As he lay there out of breath, the glow from his hair faded. Instead of reverting back to his natural brown, it was now the same perfect golden blonde curls as his brother.
“You had a good time bro,” Dylan smirked
“Fuck yeah, bro, I need more though” Austin replied as he got up.
“Don’t there's gonna be plenty of pussy tonight big bro,” said Dylan as he put his arm around his big bro.
“Thanks, little bro, not sure what I would do without you,” Austin finished, smiling at his bro now that they were best bros. The two would get anything and everything, fuck any girl and be great players on the pitch, Life was gonna be lit.
Tumblr media
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malemusclegrowthfanuk · 8 months ago
New Year Review
for Chroniweek by @agmsye​
Tumblr media
Ken was a bit nervous as he sat down in front of his computer. It’d been a while since he’d actually talked to his boss and doing it over the internet was always so uncomfortable. There was just something so informal about it. And with how many things could possibly go wrong, that only made it all the worse. However, he had to do it.
He booted up the program his boss told him to and then waited for the call to start. It rang almost instantly, startling Ken. He quickly pressed the accept call button and his boss’ face appeared on the screen. “Hello Mr. Stanton.”
“Hello there Ken. How are you today?” Mr. Stanton said. Despite being a bit older of a man, Mr. Stanton had kept an incredibly handsome face. It must have been all the working out he did as his fit body also caught the attention of all the women and even some of the men in the office. Somehow, the old man seemed to have kept everything together, which was more than Ken could say.
He’d been slowly adding more and more weight onto his frame. And with the ability to stay home all the time, he’d taken complete advantage of it, compounding the problem. “Go-ood,” Ken answered. “I’m doing good. How are you?”
“Fantastic,” Mr. Stanton smiled. His full white beard seemed to upturn, extenuating his handsome smile. And the confidence he exuded only helped to put Ken at ease. “But I think you know why I’m calling. We need a report over what has been happening over the last year. Mind you, I know you’ve been doing a wonderful job. However, I still need to report it. Understand?”
“Yeah,” Ken confirmed. But when he heard Mr. Stanton start typing something he quickly changed it to, “Yes sir.”
“Very good,” Mr. Stanton said. He had a strange almost knowing look about him. Almost like he was staring all the way through Ken. “Now, I must also say, if at any point in this conversation you feel uncomfortable, simply say so and I’ll move onto the next question. Understand?”
“Yes sir,” Ken said. It came more naturally this time.
“Very good. Now, you’ve been with us for five years now?”
“Yes sir,” Ken answered.
“This year has been quite different than any other. How has this affected you? Good or bad,” Mr. Stanton asked.
Ken let out a bit of a gulp. How could he already be feeling uncomfortable? It was the first question, yet he was already starting to sweat. Maybe it’d been because Mr. Stanton was already typing. Almost like he was judging Ken before he was even able to give an answer. “G-good,” Ken forced out his answer. A bit of a pit formed in his stomach as he said it. Was this what his boss would want to hear? But he also felt like he shouldn’t lie. “I’m able to keep a better work life balance. You know? I don’t have to spend 45 minutes in traffic in the morning and evening and I can do just about everything I need to from this computer.”
Mr. Stanton was still busy typing away. A devious smile seemed to took over his more disarming one. “Oh? And you’ve been using that time to be more productive?”
“Of course,” Ken said.
“I can see that.” Mr. Stanton added a wink to his statement.
“S-sir?” Ken was sweating even more. He felt like it was starting to run through his undershirt and onto his dress shirt. He pulled at the collar trying to let some air in, but his entire body felt a bit weird. Almost like his clothes didn’t quite fit him right. And even stranger, very sensitive.
Mr. Stanton finally stopped typing for a second. “Sorry, this dirty old dog tends to notice stuff like that.”
Still Ken was a bit confused. This wasn’t exactly the kind of talk he was expecting, but the way his boss was looking at him, for some reason he wasn’t really against it either. Part of him actually was enjoying it. Ken squirmed a little in his seat as he felt that discomfortable feeling grow. He bit his lower lip trying to contain himself.
“You’ve been using that time to work out,” Mr. Stanton continued. “It looks good.”
“Working out??” Ken looked around for a second, unsure what his boss was saying. Yet, at the same time, there was still the discomfort he was feeling all over his body. Over the last year, his clothes had been starting to get a bit tighter. They strained around his growing belly so he’d wear sweats and bigger clothing around the house. Even as he put his dress pants and button up shirt on this morning, he had to suck in pretty hard to be able to get those bottom buttons buttoned. It was the same with his pants. Yet, now they didn’t. If anything, they almost felt like they were hugging his body in different places.
“No need to be modest boy. I can tell you’ve been training incredibly hard. Just, if we come back to the office, you’ll have to find something that fits a bit better,” Mr. Stanton laughed. “Not that I mind, mind you.”
Ken felt a smile peak out of the corner of his mouth. Never in his life had a boss ever been this brazen with him. But the natural and familial way he spoke put him at ease. Though, the tightness of his shirt was getting to him again. He pulled at the collar. It felt tight around his neck. His fingers could barely even squeeze in there.
“Are you uncomfortable?” his boss asked.
“Uhhh…” Ken felt himself sweating a bit more. “A bit…” he answered.
“Well, I know being out of the office you’ve probably undergone a few changes to how you dress. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable.”
Ken felt like he choked on something and let out a bit of a cough. “Sir?” he pried for conformation, but his boss simply sat there. Mr. Stanton’s fingers interlocked as he stared at the screen watching him with full intent. The silence seemed to answer him. Slowly, Ken started to unbutton his shirt. Starting from the top, he set himself free. The first button allowed him to breath again. Then the second allowed him to feel at ease. No more pressure squeezing at his firm chest. But Ken continued.
Each button removed made him feel more comfortable. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. He let out a heavy breath as the shirt came undone, quickly sliding it off his thick arms. Looking down, he almost wondered how they were able to fit inside the sleeves. He’d been working out a while now and they’d developed into some real machines.
“There you go,” Mr. Stanton said. He quickly started typing away again. “You look so much better than I expected.” The compliment made his heart sore. And at the same time his dick started to harden. Ken squirmed in his chair, trying desperately not to take the praise too inappropriately. But Mr. Stanton noticed. “Are you still uncomfortable?” There was an almost knowing smile on the older man.
Instantly, Ken straightened up. His massive legs slammed together, causing a bit of pain to what was between them. “No sir,” he squeaked as the pain ran through him.
“Now,” Mr. Stanton’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t like it when my employees lie to me. Are you still uncomfortable?”
“Yes sir…” Ken admitted. His posture slouched. He didn’t like being called out like this.
“Then go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Any way you see fit.”
Ken looked at the screen for assurance. His boss simply nodded at him. Ken’s hands went to his belt, undoing it. Then he undid the rest of his pants and dropped them around his ankles. A bit of a cold breeze ran against his legs. However, he noticed that he wasn’t wearing underwear, rather a dirty jock strap. But his mind quickly squashed the discrepancy as he knew nothing else would be able to properly contain it.
His hand pawed at his crotch. “MMPH” Ken grunted at the feeling. Every one of his muscles tightened at the sensation. It felt better than usual. He fished it out of the jock. “Woah…” he smiled at his own size. Somehow it felt gigantic. Even with his massive hand, he felt like he could barely control what was between his legs. A dazed look came over his face as he began to stroke the solid 10 inches.
Every stroke made him drift off just a little bit more. His other hand explored his body, feeling his strong muscles. They felt more sensitive than usual. His cock throbbed at the tingling running through his body. Ken bit on his lip to keep himself going. But nature was rapidly taking hold on him. He could only hold it back for so long. He focused more on the tip. “Oh gawd!” he cried out.
It came faster than he expected, coating the computer in front of him. He let out a heavy sigh, then straightened back up when he realized his boss was still on the other side of the screen. “Very nice,” Mr. Stanton smiled. “Are you feeling more comfortable now?” Ken nodded. “Well, I’m glad. But…” he paused for a second, “with a show like that I’d be a little disappointed if you didn’t come back into the office.” And added a wink.
“Well,” Ken felt his face burn red. Then quickly added. “We can still talk about it.”
“I hope so,” Mr. Stanton said. “Then I think that concludes our meeting. I think you still have quite a bit of stuff to do today.”
“Yes sir,” Ken answered. The screen went black and he could still see the mess he made. Though he didn’t feel any embarrassment. If anything, it was a sense of pride. He quickly cleaned it up and then turned around to grab his clothing on the floor. They felt far larger than it had before. “Strange…” he muttered to himself, looking around the room. He felt like he had a lot to do for work, but when he saw his weights lining up against the wall, all he could think about was working out. “Well, Mr. Stanton does want me to look my best… I think that counts right?” he said as he pulled out his timer on his phone and started to work out.
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Role Model
24th of May
*Knock* *Knock* *Knock* Christian and Stephen stirred awake in their beds. A quick look at the alarm clock showed 2 AM; who in the actual fuck would be knocking on the front door at this time of night? The two brothers stared at eachother in the dark room, hoping that the visitor would just go away. However, it was the click of the lock and the heavy swing of the front door that make the two worry. The sound of his mother and father gasping was the final noise before the house fell silent once more.
"Christian..." The 18 year old twin voice shook in anxiety, hoping his older brother would relieve whatever terror he had. It had always been that way with the two: Stephen would wake from some night terrors and Christian would always be there to snap him out of the stupor. This night, though, Christian sat silently under his covers- he had no idea what was happening. Before he could even begin to speculate, there was a gentle knock on their door.
"Boys?" The sweet voice of their mother rang from the hallway, before the door quickly opened. As their mother flipped on the lightswitch, the room was brightly illuminated. The twins shielded their eyes as they adjusted to the blinding light, and once they reopened, their mother's smiling face greeted them and leaning against the doorframe was the massive frame of a man. He was at least 6'9, and built like a professional athlete. His off white tank was drenched in sweat; the individual drops pooled underneath his massive, beat up trainers. Neither twin knew who this guy was, though for whatever reason, when they looked into his deep brown eyes, there was a peculiar sense of familiarity.
Tumblr media
"Boys, look its your brother! He's going to be visiting for a few weeks, and so he'll be in his old bedroom." To any brother, this would be such an exciting development, but to Christian and Stephen... Something was wrong. They had no other siblings, at least to their knowledge.
"Mom, what are you talking about? Who's that?" Christian pointed his bony finger at the hulking man in the doorway, confusion overwhelming him. The man smirked at the two boys and sauntered into the room and with every heavy footfall, the pungent scent of masculine stink grew stronger. He sat onto the foot of the bed, and playfully gripped Christian's leg.
"Damn you must have been in a deep sleep, bro. I know it's been a few months but it's me, Luca." It was strange, what began for the duo as concerned confusion grew into an ominous suspicion. Every breath of the pungent musk Luca emitted placed foggy memories into the two boys, seeing their oldest brother lifting weights in the guest room, kicking around the soccer ball in the yard, even the brotherly pranks he'd play on the two... Yet, hidden beneath every single one was a missing link, one the boys couldn't explain away and let them know something was off.
"You two go to sleep, you'll see him in the morning!" Their mother smiled, as Luca rose and walked out of the room toward the guest room. The lights switched off, and the lingering scent of Luca hung low in the room, marinating the two as they tried to sleep in considerable discomfort.
25th of May
Sunlight peeked into the room through the drawn curtains, enough to stir Stephen into consciousness. He rubbed his heavy eyes, having had a rather restless night of sleep. Turning to his right, he saw that his brother's bed was completely empty. Stephen slipped on his slides and walked out of the bedroom toward the kitchen, the salty smell of cooking bacon luring him. Sunlight shone bright into the kitchen, as his Dad cooked breakfast as he always did. But there, sitting in the little breakfast nook was Christian and the shirtless stranger, Luca. The two sat there, eating their bacon and eggs as if nothing was off.
"Stephen! You want a double order of bacon? Your mom had to leave for work early today, so I have an extra portion. Otherwise it'll go to your brothers!" Stephen could barely respond, the sight of Christian sitting next to that... impostor had his concern growing tenfold.
"Christian..." His twin brother turned to him. It was so evident that whatever worry he had last night was long gone. Luca smiled, tossing his muscled arm around Christian's shoulder.
"Ay, Stevie! Better grab that portion if you're gonna come with me and Chris to the gym!" Stephen grimaced, Christian was looking at him as if he were seeing a three headed cow. It was a twin thing for the two to completely understand eachother, and yet... When he looked at the brother who'd supported him his entire life, that essential connection didn't seem to be there any longer. Stephen bolted out of the room, locking himself in the bathroom. Hyperventilating, he hovered over the vanity and looked into the mirror at his red face. There, on the shelf where there used to be spare q-tips and cotton balls now sat Luca's toothbrush, a stick of Old Spice deodorant with castaway pit hairs sticking out from under the top, and an open box of extra large ribbed condoms.
Angrily, Stephen swiped his arm against the shelf, knocking all of the contents to the tile floor. He stood there, breathing slowly with intent and rage. He would prove it to his family that this guy was NOT his brother, at whatever cost. Heavy footsteps from the hall signaled Luca's approach, but to Stephen's horror, the lighter steps of his brother was right alongside. He braced himself at the door, pressing his ear against the hollow wood.
"Hey Luca, my workout clothes are in the bathroom, and... Stephen is in there right now..." Steve's stomach shot to his feet, Christian truly didn't see anything out of place with him in the house. He remembered knowing him, it was clear that Luca had already dug his thick fingers into Christian's brain...
"You can borrow some of mine, man. They'll be huge on you, but you'll grow into them someday." Luca's hearty chuckle made Stephen incensed. "Listen, bro. He's just adjusting to having me around again, ya know? He'll come around. Just give him some time." The two entered Luca's room, and the door shut. Stephen cracked the door open to the hallway, and seeing it empty once again, he bolted to his bedroom.
The two left for the gym shortly after that, leaving Stephen to seethe by himself in his locked room. Hours passed, and the sun went down; the two hadn't returned. Stephen was all but clawing the walls waiting for their return, just for a moment to pull Christian aside and recite the speech he'd been rehearing to himself all day: Luca is evil, he's got you around his finger, he's fooled mom and dad... yada yada yada.
The lock loudly clicked, and the front door swung open. Stephen, in righteous fury scurried to the living room, braced and ready to confront Christian; he froze in place as he turned the corner. In the doorway stood not two but three men, one of which was all but hanging off Luca's arms. Christian casually acknowledged his brother, dropping his gym bag to the floor.
"Uhm, Christian, I need to talk to you. Like, right now." Stephen and Christian excused themselves to the dining room, as Luca and his trade retreated into his bedroom. It was only now that Stephen got a good look at his "twin" brother. Christian was clearly taller, he was bulkier in his physicality, and he was no longer the awkward, lanky teenager he'd left the house as. Perturbed, but driven by an unhinged focus, Stephen did his best to snap his brother out out of this whole nightmare. The conversation went about as well as could be expected, with the pair leaving the dining room feeling quite a bit heavier. They went in opposite directions, Stephen angrily stomping out the front door, and Christian walking past the moans and sounds of smacking flesh bellowing from Luca's bedroom and into the bathroom to shower. The two did not speak for the rest of the day, and after a tense dinner the household went to bed.
26th of May
Stephen groggily awoke to the sound of sizzling bacon yet again, though this time, it wasn't the savory scent of bacon that tickled his nostrils. It was that musk, the ripe sweaty scent that dripped from Luca's body, but it wasn't Luca who was drenching the room in his smell. To his right, Christian slept twisted in the sheets, now a size just big enough for his feet to cascade a bit off the end of the twin sized bed. From those sweaty, enlarged feet came the wafting musk once only associated with Luca. A crumpled up and unrolled condom lay castaway at the foot of his bed, and Stephen couldn’t help but notice the three or four under the dust ruffle. Christian slowly slapped the blaring alarm off, and pushed himself up in the bed.
"C... Christian..." Stephen couldn't rectify it in his mind, his brother was changing before his eyes, and he couldn't even see it. "You look taller... And bigger... C'mon Christian, he's doing something to you and you don't even know it!" His brother turned to him, outwardly irritated.
"Steve, you need to get over having Luca around again. I don't know what your problem is with him, but you need to figure it out. I don't need my younger brother and my older brother in a pissing match." Stephen stood there slackjawed as Christian pushed past him and ruffled through the laundry basket. Nothing seemed to fit him, as Stephen well knew was due to his inexplicable overnight growth. He spun around in a huff and out the door the went in only a pair of undersized whitie-tidies.
Of course, Luca offered to clothe Christian before they headed off to the gym, the black Nike shirt and nasty white vans still swamping him in size, though quite a bit more well fitted than the day before. Stephen grasped unsuccessfully at his brother as the two walked out the door, Christian literally pushing his face away while Luca disappointedly looked on. The door slammed shut, leaving Stephen alone in the home once more.
His head whipped toward the shut door of the guest room, and with no one there to stop him, he stomped with a rage unbecoming of him down the hall. The door to Luca's room swung open easily, no booby traps or hidden figures guarding the door, and into the wafting scent of armpits and gym shoes walked Stephen. The room was covered in sports regalia; soccer jerseys emblazoned with his family's name, trophies from whatever college he crawled out of, and most disturblingly, photographs of his family all with Luca included. Used condoms littered the floor around the bed past various mounds of rank clothes. Extra large and ribbed. The room felt as if it were this way for quite some time, and with every inhale of the sweaty scent, Stephen began to believe it had.
His phone dinged, an Instagram notification. He gingerly pulled out his phone, and unlocked it. There, on Christian's profile was a post from the gym, a picture of himself on the lifting bench. He was unrecognizable. He filled out Luca's clothes as if they were made only for him, and his resemblance to him was now undeniable. There was little, if nothing left of the brother that Stephen knew, only this lugheaded himbo wearing his brothers likeness.
Tumblr media
Deep down, Stephen knew he was too far gone- beyond any hope of restoring him to his former self. He accepted that Christian was now the middle child between the three, he accepted that Luca was his brother, he even accepted that it had always been this way. Yet, be it stubbornness or a last stand, Stephen decided then and there to leave. He'd run away, find help, surely someone would help him, though he wasn't entirely sure how.
His brothers came home, another sidepiece sliding with Luca into the bedroom while the Christian showered. Stephen packed his bags quietly, gripped in frantic paranoia. He'd wait for everyone to go to sleep, and he'd slip out in the night. He simply had to play it off as if everything was fine. He apologized to Luca at dinner, his brother earnestly thanking him for finally welcoming him home. He even hugged the smelly prick, taking everything he had to fake a congenial smile. After promising to go with his brothers to the gym in the morning, and the family finally turning in, he laid into his bed. His phone was ready with a 1 AM wakeup, so with confidence and assuredness, Stephen dozed off.
27th of May
The phone vibrated, and Stephen's eyes shot open. The room was still dark, but it was not silent. In the abysmal dark, he could hear the creaking of the wooden floorboards. Playing sleep was the first and only idea that came into his mind. He slammed his eyes shut, trying to control his breathing as the creaking grew closer to him. The sound got all the way to the foot of his bed, then continued until it stood behind him beside the bed. Finally, the room was silent, and all parties involved waited for someone to make the first move.
In that moment, Stephen tried to think of a way out, be it through the door or through the window, but such thoughts were cut short. He felt intense pressure against his chest, as if someone was pressing down on him. Opening his eyes, his heart sank- it was Christian. He had a maniacal smile on his rugged face, something behind his eyes signaling to Stephen that he wasn’t just under some hypnotic spell- Christian was doing this of his own accord. At the foot of his bed stood Luca, his hulking frame barely backlit by the faint light of the hallway sconce.
“We’ve had just about enough dude. We saw your suitcase under the bed. We know what you’re doing.” Terror gripped Stephen under his former twins considerable weight. “Do you think Christian is this way against his will? He asked me to make him this way, and he wants you to be a part of this family again. Consider this some tough love from your older brothers, Stevie.” He pulled out one of his used condoms, filled with the spunk blown into some himbo’s tight hole.
“Stevie, it feels fucking amazing. We’re gonna be the biggest guys on campus, every guy in class is gonna catch a whiff of you and cream his pants. They’re gonna feel your massive arms and they’ll worship your pits; even without deodorant. And if you take to them, you can have them join us too.” Completely overwhelmed with shock in what he’d just heard, Stephen hadn’t paid enough attention to Luca, as he slipped the condom onto his limp dick.
The moment the chilled creamy cum touched his head, his body shivered and he became vehemently erect. Smiling, Luca began to stroke him, pleased with the sight of his seed once again coating another converts hard cock. The faster he stroked, the more breathless he became. The feeling of his brothers potent seed sloshing around his dick was too much for him to bear.
“Unghhh. Oh… oh fuck… I’m…. Anggghhhhhhh!” Stephen bit down on his lip as he blew his load into the condom while his brothers smug, smiling faces looked down upon him. As his balls emptied out the last of his cum, he felt his slit slowly stretch open wide, giving just enough clearance for Luca's to rush into him. Orgasmic waves washed over him as his balls inflated with the sticky white slime, and as they began to throb and stretch, Stephen finally submitted. He admitted defeat to himself, and allowed his veins to pulsate and his muscles begin to grow. Closing his eyes, he knew the morning light would bring better days.
28th of May
Light peeked in once more through the curtains in the dank, cavernous bedroom. The humid, wet smell of masculine sweat and testosterone hung in the air like fog over a wide bay. Stevie slapped the blasting alarm off, and stretched his massive arms above his head. Chris lay sprawled out atop his sheets as usual, still fast asleep. He wouldn’t mind if his little bro snagged his compression shorts and some socks to wear for breakfast. In their family, what’s yours is your brother’s as well.
He stumbled out into the hallway, his brothers crusty, ripe socks looked massive on his size 11 feet, but give it a few months of growing with Luca and Chris and their baby bro would fit in them like a glove. In the kitchen, his dad had three protein shakes ready to go for his boys on the way out to the gym. Luca sat awake, feet propped up on the table, sipping his coffee.
“Ayy lil bro! How you feeling this morning? Was an intense workout last night, huh?” The two slapped hands, pulling each other close in an embrace. The three Masterson boys were as close as brothers could be, and were not inseparable; on the lacrosse field, in the gym, on their longboards on Esplanade Avenue, or tag teaming some twink in the sauna. Life was simple, and it was good- thanks to a certain oldest sibling who certainly cared for his younger two brothers.
“Don’t forget to take progress pics for the OnlyFans man, after you get pumped. Core day today, bro.” Stevie smiled at his brother as Chris sauntered in rubbing his eyes, already in his well worn gym clothes. “Dope. Stevie boy, go get dressed, aight? Let’s lock and load, boys! The audience awaits!” Slipping on his own tight fitting gear, and his trademark blue and red hat, Stevie joined the two walking toward the car, all three sipping their protein drinks and thinking about the shenanigans that would soon ensue.
Tumblr media
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The Husbros & Son
Hey guys! Hope you have been enjoying some of the shorts this month. Now I know I said I didn’t have time for stories, but surprise here’s one! For those of us that live in the US think of it as a Thanksgiving eve present for you this holiday. For everyone else it’s just because I like you all so damn much.
“Again, thank you so much for the place Mr. Hedge.” Daniel Moreno shook the older man’s hand in front of the beach house.
“No, trust me you’re saving me. The people I let stay here up and left, leaving the place a mess. But the summer season is the only time I can make money on this place.”
“If you don’t mind asking, any reason why they left so suddenly?” Steve, Daniel’s husband, asked,  picking up their son out of the car and carrying him. Justin had been completely wiped out from the trip. The family car was parked in the overhead area on the right side of the beach house.
“Yeah, they said they decided to go to Cancun.” Mr. Hedge was beyond pissed, then he motioned for the fathers to come closer, “Guess I should also mention the people renting the beach house next door aren’t exactly great neighbors. My tenants told me they had noise complaints and other disturbances. That’s probably why they left now that I think about it.” The overweight older man looked off to the other house. “Before that my previous tenant during the spring also said he had noise complaints, but he was mostly a shut in.”  He turned back to the family. “All this to say they’re a bunch of college assholes.” Daniel reached over, covering his sleeping son’s ears.
“I tried to talk to my friend Ronald about it. He owns the house over there, but I had to deal with his son. Apparently, he’s in charge now. Didn’t even know my friend had a son. Then again, he did always have a wandering dick, so I’m not surprised.”
“Can’t imagine them giving us too much trouble. We’re just two boring dads.” Daniel said.
A huge understatement, no doubt Mr. Hedge had let them Airbnb here because they were a safe option. Two gay men with a kid probably wouldn’t get up too much trouble. Mr. Hedge led the couple into the two-story house. The walkway was aligned with small bushes on both sides leading to the front door. The back of the house sat out over the beach, supported with stilts in the sand. The first floor let in a lot of sun. The back wall was modern age window walls, While the front half was wood. Though all the family had to do was draw down the curtains to change that. The kitchen was an open area that shared space with the living room. Besides that, a closet with cleaning supplies, a bathroom, and the deck. That was it for the first floor.  Upstairs lead to the bedrooms about 4 each equipped with its own bathroom. The couple only needed two, one for them, one for their son.
 At the end of the tour Mr. Hedge handed them the keys. As they all thanked each other.
“So, what do you think?” Steve asked, still holding their son. His own eyes were examining the interior structure of the room. Decked out in a Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants, he looked very much the 53 years that he was. His blonde hair having long since fallen out. He felt it too, even holding his son sometimes could be a challenge, but as a proud construction worker he wouldn’t let that stop him. There was nothing in the world that would stop him from doing everything he wanted to do as a dad.
“It’s perfect.”  Daniel, The 55-year-old writer wrapped his arms around his husband kissing him on the face. At 5’8 he was the perfect match height for his husband. There wasn’t much he’d say about himself. He was an average Mexican-American, who found his interest in books rather than people. Now, if he was asked to talk about a place for a story, that was a wormhole. And this beach house was full of inspiration. He could go on to tell his husband about the smell of the ocean, the crash of the waves against the shore, or the sea breeze all contributed to the atmosphere. However, at this stage in their marriage he knew not to talk Steve’s ear off.
Justin was more receptive to Daniel’s authorial words, but the kid was down for now. Daniel smiled looking at his son. Some days he thought his heart would burst from so much love. One day they’d have to tell Justin just how hard they worked to get him, surrogacy, adoption. So many dead ends and rejections. Being a gay couple wasn’t always easy. Daniel and Steve hadn’t planned on being in their 50’s with a young kid, but life had a way of doing whatever it wanted. That’s why until that day they’d have to work hard to show him how much he was loved.
“Alright, I got to take our little man up to bed.” Steve said, turning away. That meant his back was giving him warning signs.
Daniel walked outside onto the deck that faced the ocean. This was going to be a great place for inspiration. This wasn’t just a simple family trip, Daniel had a new novel in mind and wanted to get some notes down in the moment. He leaned out on the wooden handrail soaking up the sun and breeze.  His eyes scanned around the area. There was a shirtless young man on the sand at the house next door. They had steps that lead directly onto the beach.  He was staring out at the ocean too.
He was a bulky fellow, gifted with broad shoulders, meaty pecs, and at least 6’0ft tall. A strong side profile. Even from a distance his ass was visible. When he turned back to the house, Daniel was sure his ass jiggled. He gave a full view of his handsome face, brown elegant quiff hairstyle, and squared chiseled jaw. Before the young man’s turn was complete, he finally caught sight of Daniel. The older man waved. The young man gave a smile and waved back, before jogging back up into his house.
Daniel smiled leaning off the handrail, “He didn’t seem so bad,” speaking to himself. News about the neighbors may have been vastly overrated. He returned inside to spot Steve in the kitchen.
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malemusclegrowthfanuk · 10 months ago
The Great (Shape)Shift: Turbulence
In an adjacent universe to the great shift is another world where one day everyone in the world exchanged bodies with another. However, unlike the great shift, no locations were changed. Instead bodies shrunk, grew, and changed into the forms of their new bodies. Certain personality traits, accents, habits, and preferences also seem to have changed within these people who shifted as well (some even from sources outside of their new bodies). Minor reality changes were also known to occur. Many experienced these changes in the comfort of their own homes. While others experienced this during travel…
A worried flight attendant runs down the narrow corridor of the airplane! “Sir! Sir! What was that strange patch of air we just flew through?! Some of the passengers are worried and others are… are… changing! And-”
Tumblr media
Just as they open the door they here a low moan coming from the cockpit. It sounded like the captain and when they finally looked up they saw him. The captain was known as being one of the most tenured flight companions that attendant could hope for. His wispy white hair and pale wrinkled skin was a testament to all the sky miles he’d travel. None of that was now reflected on the now young man’s face. Skin tightened around hard expansive muscles that bulged through his uniform. His once doughy face reformed with sharp angles as a prominent powerful nose formed. Even his entire body darkened to a deep tan, where once white skin had been. This captain looked about 20 years younger and decidedly more jacked than what the attendant had come to know!
“I know all about it. It’s happening here too. Do your best to calm people down. The last thing we need is for a bunch of buff strangers getting me distracted. We’re just a few minutes before we can touch down. If we can get through that we’ll be fine!” Captain Garza said, surprisingly all in a thick Filipino accent.
The flight attendant nodded nervous. It had been a normal holiday flight to Kansas for the most part. A few rowdy patrons and some loud families, but that was normal for this airline. What was decidedly abnormal was when someone shouted they saw a strange cloud approaching. Once its strange purple lightning engulfed the air craft a few people began to change.
As the attendant began to leave the cockpit they looked back at the display of changed and changing individuals. The first to start were the obnoxious collegiate debate team. Not only had their former bodies burst with size and strength, but the young men were not making any small show of how much they enjoyed their new size. Nor could they could be considered young men anymore. Along with gaining some bulk they also aged at different rates causing full on beards to grow in a matter of seconds. A few even lost all the hair on their head! Somehow that surge had not only changed their bodies but their accompanying clothes! So as some tore their former nerdy attire to shreds they quickly reformed into large shirts and shorts!
Tumblr media
These guys seemed to have no trouble talking about how much fun they were gonna have now that they were gonna tower over neighboring frats. Their once nasally laughs now low rumbles of laughter. 
“Man, you have no idea how weird is. I don’t know how this happened but I love it! I think I’m even older than my parents now!” the one in the blue shirt said, slowly stroking his goatee, where moments ago was bare pimply skin. 
“You’re telling me. My dad is gonna flip when he sees me. He always said to keep cutting my hair since it was so long, but hey I’m bald now so he can’t complain. Plus I’m pretty sure I’m a lot bigger than him now.” The guy in the gray shirt said.
“You’re all thinking small. Those dumb frat guys won’t be picking on us anymore. We weigh twice as much of them now! I’d like to see them try!” the last one in red exclaimed proudly.
The flight attendant had a feeling no amount of conversation could keep these big men in check, so they quickly passed by them to the next section of people. Then there were the vacation goers and new couples. They recalled seeing one family nearby this section with a rather short son and two very attentive  mothers. However, where that group was now sat one very large man. Probably the biggest guy on the plane.
Tumblr media
“Um… excuse me…. you work here right? I… have you seen my parents? They were just here a second ago.” the large man murmured tentatively with the demeanor of a shy high schooler but the voice of a commanding for horn. 
The attendant  was so caught off guard by this question that they didn’t see the two former women, now young men exiting the airplane bathroom together, flexing their muscles.
Tumblr media
“Bernice! I can’t believe this. Wait till the girls at the home and gardens club see us now. So long weightwatcher! Hello gym!” the former woman in the yellow tanktop said flexing a lean arm.
“Anessa! Do we really wanna waste our time with those old wingdbags. We’re half their age now! They wouldn’t even recognize us as the Asian couple who had the best front yard in the neighborhood!” the one in the mint tank top said.
“Moms? Is that you?” the behmoth of a man said, as he tried to stand, causing him to his his head on the low ceilings of the plane.
“My poor baby!” both (now young) men gushed in unison as they rushed over to comfort their son that now towered over them by at least a foot. 
The attendant rushed away from this family reunion. Hearing low tones of how embarrassed this senior was to have such droughting young men as parents. At this point the attendant was too shocked to say much of anything. All around the plane, mundane passengers seemed to be turning into increasingly attractive men. It all felt like too much until a faint jolt of energy surged through the attendant.
Soon they were bursting from their uniform, as tattered clothes reformed around huge bloated muscles. A once fearful emotional state now becoming more calm and in control. They fell into one of the open seats beside them as they saw their feet grow bigger and bigger, tearing through their formal shoes and reforming into more athletic ones. All the while massive legs surged forth filling the former dress pants to their capacity before tearing into basketball shorts. With each inward breath a unzipped jacket formed around the attendant’s chest.
Tumblr media
With a new surge of assurance the attendant bellowed to the plane. “Please remain calm everyone. The captain has this under control. Remain seated and we’ll make our descent within the next 15 minutes.” The attendant commanded in a low and calming voice that settled the restless crowd. After that the attendant stomped back over the aisles back to the captain’s cabin. Passing new found families, excitable adults, and most importantly, their new reflection. They gave themselves a quick thumbs up and headed inside. They couldn’t wait to land and better acquaint themselves with the captain’s new body.
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Growing Apart
Happy Halloween guys! First I want to shout out @aardvarkia and thank him for letting me reference his Wishing Room series! Which you guys should all check out if you haven’t done yet. Seriously you’re missing out.That being said, I think I’ve kept you guys well fed during this October with stories. So I want you to know I’m going to be taking a break.  I’ve started a new job along with a few other things. Don’t worry too much it’s just with the longer stories. I still plan on putting out shorter stories with pictures. With that said please enjoy.
“Fuckin’ losers,” Adan Marley had his upper body hanging out of the passenger seat of his car giving the middle finger to Kamden and Dion, as he rode past. He wasn’t driving, one of his snobby friends was. The Upperclassmen at St. Gregory’s high school were such dicks. Maybe because so many of their families had money, they didn’t think their actions mattered. Halloween was just one big excuse to get wasted and party. That wasn’t true for Kamden and Dion. They loved Halloween. Then one day a year they could dress up and pretend to be anyone else.
They knew though this year would be their last. Already, 16 they were cutting it pretty close with the trick or treating. However, they hadn’t been invited to any parties either. Everyone at school knew that. Adan was right, they were losers. The two boys didn’t even fully understand why. It’s not like they were nerds, goths, or plain douches.
“Why don’t you two go make out,” Jed Withers shouted from the car, further up the street now.
And there it was. The simple truth. People in this part of town thought the two boys were a couple. Dion had certainly suspected it was what people thought, but no one was bold enough to say it until now. Sure, they’d reference Dion being black and Kamden being white and talk about them being an interracial power duo, or the fact that Dion was chunky, and Kamden was rail thin and short. The problem was Dion was gay, and he didn’t know how to navigate the space high school had created for him.
“Fuck you  guys too!” Kamden picked up a rock and threw it. Didn’t even come close to touching the car. The power of frail arms. He turned to Dion, “Let’s go home.” They’d gotten enough candy for the night walking the streets would only make them seem more pathetic when other boys from their high school would appear going to parties.
“I’m sorry,” Dion sulked as they walked back to his house.
“For what? You can’t blame yourself for their actions.” Kamden marched ahead.
“Yeah but, you should just tell them that you’re not gay.”
“Oh definitely, cause I’m in such a dire need to be their friend.” Kamden shot back sarcastically. He threw his arms around Dion’s neck. Awkward positioning with their 5ft’4in and 5’10 differences in height. They walked back to Dion’s home. Switching into their pajamas when they got to Dion’s room. The only two boys in the county who could have a sleepover on a Sunday night with school in the morning. Their families didn’t care because the two boys lived in each other’s homes.
Kamden grabbed his sleeping bag while Dion sat on the floor with him. They both presented their bags of candy. It was time for their post Halloween debrief. Dion turned the lights off as the moonlight was enough to keep the room lit. The two smiled facing each other as they dug their hand into the candy. M&M’s, Crunch bars, Twizzlers, Nerds, and so much more, nothing was safe from their greedy jowls.
“Why do you want me to tell them I’m straight?”
“I mean there’s nothing wrong with the truth, is there?” Dion shrugged, not making eye contact.
“No, but…” His voice trailed off.  Kamden knew the reason Dion wanted the truth out. Then the bullies would leave Kamden alone. They stop looking at them both like freaks and only move to Dion. That was a reality Kamden could not accept. Before high school, before their stupid all-boys private academy Dion was a different kid. He was the brave one, the one that protected Kamden from the bullies. Kamden had watched the light in his best friends’ eyes go dimmer everyday they had to walk through those halls. Juniors trying to trip him, Seniors saying snide things about his weight. Always the upperclassmen, it was exhausting. They were tougher and stronger than both of them.
“Then you shouldn’t have a problem.” Dion knew his friend just as well. Kamden was sweet, loyal, and kind, but he wasn’t inherently brave. Kamden was terrified of every single upperclassman that terrorized them. He only pretended to get mad and upset so that Dion wouldn’t be afraid. Kamden had cultivated a persona that was defiant and hard edge, but that’s not who the boy was.
Kamden was at a loss for words but he had more to say, “Hey if you could have anything right now, what would you want?
Dion took a long pause, “Do you believe in magic?”
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Daddification Potion
Ethan was beyond pissed. How could Karl just decide to dump him? They were supposed to be starting their lives together. All the planning, all the anniversaries and the friendships. Had it just amounted to nothing for Karl? Ethan sighed sitting in their apartment alone on the couch. The breakup had been so sudden Ethan hadn’t even had time to show Karl the gift he had gotten. Probably for the best, Ethan realizing that it would have just been embarrassing. 
Taking a deep breath, Ethan tried to think of the positives. He was only 26, there was a lot of time to meet a guy. That brought a smile to his face. A frown quickly replaced it as he stared at the vial in his hands labeled, ‘Daddify’. It was supposed to be an inside joke. People online had been saying this could make a guy gain potent enough seed to breed other men. Of course, Ethan knew it was bullshit. Who would believe such absurd stories?  But 2 months ago, at Sheila’s wedding their friend group had been joking about it. Ethan was so sure he’d get a laugh out of Karl for this one.
 “Happy 4 years!” He raised the corked flask and set it down on the coffee table. Leaning back on the couch he wanted to cry. This joke of a drink was going to be an ice breaker to have the conversation about kids. They’d had many surface level discussions, but Ethan wanted to talk about their finances and an actual plan.
 Ethan dragged his hands down his face. He had sent in a strand of hair to the stupid company that made the potion. In their words so they could cater the concoction towards him.  They said the drink itself was like a hormone and the DNA in the hair would make the target attracted to his pheromones. At the time Ethan had nodded his head while on the phone, concluding it was an aphrodisiac. It had all seemed so funny a few days ago while ordering, but now Ethan had wished he’d stopped a second to think.
 The next day, Ethan found himself returning a lot of gifts he had recently bought for Karl, especially the stupid potion. He had boxes spread out on the floor as he threw items back. Where was Karl? He didn’t come back home last night. Apparently staying at a hotel to give Ethan some time to process. Then a spark of inspiration hit Ethan. He could regift some of these. There were some gifts he had been planning to send out anyway. Mrs. Milligan, an old neighbor, was getting married, a new crystal. His little brothers Travis and Davis had wanted that new game. Old man Gil needed a new pair of shoes.  Cousin Paul did need some hair care products.  He sealed up all the boxes, ready to mail the gifts when an idea came to his head. He went and grabbed some pieces of paper.
 He wrote down a few messages for the gifts, posting them on top:
“Sparkle like a diamond sweetie.”
“Sharing is caring boys, don’t fight over it!”
“Go ahead, put them on!”
“That’s right, this is all for you.“
When Ethan went to the mail office carrying the gifts and the items he was going to return, it was with a smile. He happily sent all the boxes off and smiled. Things returned, gifts given, put Ethan at peace. He’d still have to figure out what he’d do about the apartment. Could he even afford that place by himself? Though that was a problem for later.
After 3 days the phone calls started coming in for Ethan thanking him for all the gifts. Mrs. Milligan and her droning on about the old neighborhood gossip.  Old man Gil called wanting to ask when Ethan and Karl could come up for fishing…Ouch. Cousin Paul demanded Karl’s number when Ethan shared the truth. However, it was Ethan’s mom that talked the longest. She had picked up the package for Ethan’s brothers and put it in their room. But she didn’t call to talk about the game he got them. She wanted to gossip too! Her and Mrs. Milligan lived right across the street and talked constantly. Why did they have to bombard Ethan’s ears as well?
 A day later, Ethan had just gotten home, when he saw a package waiting outside his apartment. It was from the same company he brought that stupid ‘potion’ from and was labeled with return to sender. He picked it up rolling his eyes. He didn’t want this stupid thing again. Unlocking the door and stepping into the house, he set the box beside the door. He had to start looking for other places to live.
 He let that box sit there, a whole day. Karl came by to pick up some of his stuff. Ethan made sure to avoid eye contact as Karl moved throughout the place. Easy to do since he was washing dishes and faced away from his ex-boyfriend.
 “What’s this?” Karl said, spotting the abandoned package sitting alone on their coffee table.
 Ethan looked over his shoulders, “Oh, it was a joke present I got for you. Doesn’t really matter now. You can go ahead and look at it and the company wouldn’t take it back.” Karl nodded and Ethan listened to the sounds of the taped being ripped and the box opening.
“No way, you got me Doom Eternal?! That’s so awesome.” Karl let the box fall to the floor holding the game case in his hand. “I’ve been wanting to play this for a while.”
 Ethan spun around abandoning dishes. Sure, enough in Karl’s hands was not the ‘Daddify’ potion, but the video game he had bought as a main anniversary gift. Ethan sucked his teeth, no wonder the company had sent the box back. But thinking about it again that meant he had sent the potion to his parent’s house with his brothers. Ethan waited to bang his head against the wall. That’s what he got for sealing the boxes before writing the addresses on them.
After Karl packed up a few things and left. Ethan killed his mom. She answered and tried to start up a story about what his dad was doing. Ethan skirted around that and got to the heart of the conversation.
“Do Travis and Davis still have that gift I sent them?”
 “I’m sure they do. They wouldn’t just throw away something you sent. Why?” Her voice was a bit curt, upset from being unable to gossip.
 “I’m going to need you to send it back. I sent them the wrong gift. What I sent them was something I was returning.” Ethan decided he’d buy them another game as a replacement since Karl walked off with the original.
 “Oh, I don’t know if they’ve already opened it and went through whatever was inside. You might be stuck with it if they damaged it.” His mom sighed. Ethan knew that sigh, that ‘living in a house of all men is not easy’ sigh.
 “Well could you ask, or go check?” Ethan said.
 “Honey, why don’t you just call the boys on their cell phones and ask them yourself?” She hung up.
 “Call them? Ethan thought. Davis and Travis were 12 and 13. They didn’t have cell phones. His parents said they wouldn’t get some till high school. How was he supposed to call them? Ethan scrolled through his contact list barely entertaining the idea. His face was confused when he saw his little brothers’ names sitting happily in his contact list. Davis and Travis were just both there. Ethan knew for a fact he didn’t have other friends by that name. Perhaps he added some acquaintances and forgot. Wanting to check, Ethan dialed Travis’ number. The phone rang for a while before being answered.
 “Hello?” A groggy voice answered.
 “Hey, this is Ethan. Travis is that you?”
 “Hey Ethan, what’s up? I was just dreaming about you, that’s so weird.”
 “You’re still in bed? It’s the middle of the day.” On a Sunday no less. Shouldn’t kids be enjoying their weekend? Though he didn’t add that last part. There were times when he just needed to sleep.
 “I just had to take a power nap.”
 “Are you feeling okay? I know you said you just woke up, but you sound sick.” Ethan couldn’t believe that his parents had caved and gotten his brother’s cell phones. He didn’t get one until he was a junior in college.
 Suddenly a call came through on his phone. Travis was asking for a video call. Ethan accepted it and watched as his brother’s camera turned on. Travis was laying under the covers with an arm stretched out holding his phone, set on his dresser. From this position Ethan could see the bed, and the back of the room. The last time he’d been in that room on Christmas the walls were bare. Now Ethan could see a few poster’s hanging up. Music bands, Video games, athletes and was that? Ethan squinted, two posters, one of a male underwear model and a bikini model were just cut off by the camera frame.
Ethan couldn’t confirm it but, what else could it have been? He was shocked. Just how free thinking did his parents get after he left the house? No way could he have anything that hinted towards nudity in his room let alone plastered on the wall. He turned his attention back to his little brother. Travis’ red hair was longer than normal and with his head buried in the pillow Ethan could hardly see his face. Though Travis’ arm was looking muscular, not the twigs he remembered his brother having.
“You’ve been working out?” Ethan asked.
Travis smiled, “You noticed!  Yeah, Davis and I have been working out with dad’s weights.” He made a muscle. “And look Davis is getting big too,” Travis turned his phone showing their youngest brother collapsed on top of the bed. Ethan felt disconnected because his brothers were getting big, he had to go visit more.
“Before I forget. I was calling to ask; do you still have the gift I sent you?”
“That? uh Davis and I already drank it.” Travis admitted.
“What…both of you?”
“Well, you did say, ‘sharing is caring’ so we drank it.”  Travis chuckled.
Ethan smacked his forehead. He honestly didn’t know how to feel about that. The company said it was an adult drink, but it wasn’t like there was any alcohol in it. So maybe it was all right if they had some? “That drink wasn’t my gift for you guys, it was an accident.  If you guys start feeling weird. Tell mom and dad to take you to the hospital.”
“Sure, thing bro, I’m going to get some more sleep.”
“Okay, sleep well.” Ethan arched his eyebrow after Travis hung up, “Bro?”
Day 1 - Travis and Davis
On Friday afternoon the two boys arrived back from middle school exhausted. It wasn’t until Their mom told them their older brother had sent them a present that the toy boys’ faces lit up and rushed up the stairs.
“Take off your shoes!” Their mother yelled, but it was too late.
The brothers were pushing each other to get to their room. Even though they hadn’t spent time living with their older brother, they loved him, nevertheless.  He was always sending them gifts and tried to play with them whenever he came over.
Travis was able to reach the bedroom door first, bursting through to find his brother’s gift sitting on Davis’ bed. He ran and picked it up, He grabbed scissors off his desk cutting it open.
“No fair!” Davis whined trying to take the box away. Unfortunately, he couldn’t rip it away from his older brother before it was opened. Travis pulled out the flask from the surrounding padding. Both boys froze for a moment staring at it.
“What is it?” 
“How should I know; didn’t you just see me pull it out dummy?” Travis chided making his younger brother go silent. “It says ‘daddify’, maybe it’s a sports drink?” Then he smirked, “Guess this is mine now.”
“Sharing is caring, don’t fight over it!”” Davis pointed to the message on the box.
Travis rolled his eyes. That was Davis’ way of saying ‘I’ll tell Ethan.’  He definitely didn’t want to get his older brother pissed off. Their older brother was the only cool older person they knew. He liked video games, music and working out. Ethan said he always likes to stay in shape. Of course, Travis and Davis had asked to join but their mom always denied them with “Wait until you’re older.”
“Fine. I’ll let you have half.” Travis uncorked the flask and stared at it.  For a sports drink it was strange, but Ethan would never send them something strange. He threw his head back, swallowing the stuff. The taste was surprisingly good.
“Come on, stop. I want some!” Davis complained. He pulled at his brother’s shirt, thinking Travis was going to take it all anyway. 
And although the drink was wonderful Travis was able to pull his lips away wiping them with his arm and handing the rest to Davis. The younger brother didn’t hesitate to follow his older brother’s lead. He didn’t want to be called a scaredy cat or a wuss. The precious liquid drained from it contained into the preteens awaiting gut. Davis was surprised it tasted just like juice.
 “Ah,” Davis smacked his lips.
 “Woah, getting fat there?” Travis leaned over smacking Davis’ belly.  
 “You’re one to talk,” Davis shot back nodding at Travis’ bloated gut rounding out his shirt.
 “What the?” Travis looked down. How strange, there wasn’t that much of the stuff to drink so neither of their gut should have been sticking out like they ate a good meal. Though there wasn’t much they could do about it and they weren’t feeling bad so they ignored it.
 When their mom called them down for dinner. They race down, not with their usual competitiveness, but an awaked desire to eat. They got to the table and ruined grace with their grumbling guts. The pork, the potatoes, and even the vegetables were mercilessly consumed by the boys. They’d finish one plate then ask for another. Their parents were shocked by the sudden interest in their vegetable, not that they would complain. By the time they trekked upstairs and got to bed, the potion was ready to begin its work.
Day 2
 Davis was the first to wake, when his mom stormed into their room picking up laundry. She walked over to the window lifting up. “Will you two let some air in? It smells like ‘boy’ here. With a huff she left out leaving the door open so a breeze could roll through. Davis got out of bed without much reaction, at 14 what did his mother expect the room to smell, like flowers? They weren’t girls. He walked over to his brother’s bed and shook him awake.
 “What time is it?” Travis reached for his cell phone. Upon grabbing it he paused, something about it being there gave him pause. The sensation of holding his phone felt new, heck it even looked new, but he had this phone for a year. How odd?
 Davis wanted Travis to come play basketball with him at the park. Travis groaned into his pillow he didn’t want to get up. He had slept like a log and wanted to continue to do so. Then again, the idea of getting a bit of exercise did sound good to him. Davis brushed his brown hair after getting out of the shower, while Travis hopped in.
Day 4 – Ethan
 Ethan was sitting at home alone, when the first message came through, Davis was texting him in the middle of the day. Of course, Ethan asked wasn’t Davis was supposed to be in school,  but  Davis replied he was in school. Ethan didn’t think much of it assuming it was lunchtime there or whatever. Though their parents would never have allowed him to text at school. 
However, things got odd when Travis began to text him too. He asked if Travis was supposed to be in class, changing up his question a little. Travis replied he was, but that class was boring him, and he wanted to talk to someone. Ethan told him to pay attention in class Travis sent back ‘Fine.’ Moving back to Davis Ethan asked how he could be texting this much in school. Davis replied he had a lot of free periods.
 “Your middle school has free periods?”
 “Middle school? I’m a freshman, very funny.” Davis replied back.
 Ethan shook his head, his youngest brother’s jokes weren’t funny,  “I know I’m not that old so try again.”
 Two messages came through on Ethan’s phone. One was a picture of Davis  in front of the local high school. The next was a video message of Davis waving his hand at the local high school. Ethan almost dropped his phone. What was his younger brother doing?
 Time to figure out what was going on. Ethan dialed his parents. He wasn’t going to snitch on his brother’s, but he could pry information if he needed it. So, when his dad answered the phone Ethan danced around the topic trying to figure out what was going on. But the more he talked the more it seemed his parents truly did believe his little brothers were in high school.
 Now perhaps if Ethan had been an aloof or detached older brother, he would believe not knowing his brother ages, but he had seen them a few months ago. There was a gift wrapped in his closet for Travis’s graduation. After tapping his phone to his face, Ethan asked Travis to send a picture. Travis sent one of him in class with the peace sign. Sitting down on his couch Ethan scrolled through his camera, finding a picture of his younger brothers.
 “Thought so.” Ethan flipped between the three pictures of his brothers. When he had first got Davis’ picture Ethan had an inkling something was off. Travis’ picture only confirmed that. Their faces had gotten thinner, making them look older. Rolling his tongue in his mouth Ethan dialed a familiar number.
Once someone answered he began speaking.
“H, I recently purchased a Daddify potion and I was wondering… if some let’s say, some teenager or preteens accidentally ingested some of that. What exactly would happen?”
“Sir, our product is specifically produced for adult males looking for a lifestyle changes it is not for others to experiment with. Also please remember we are not legally responsible or able to be held liable for anything that occurs once the product is your possession.” After tersely saying that the woman hung up on Ethan.
Day 5 -Travis and Davis
 Travis woke up before his brother. Leaning over, Travis shuffled through his clothes. He picked up a pair of his underwear, balled it up and threw it at Davis’ head. Davis jumped up in bed, the underwear falling from his face.
 “What the hell!” Davis shouted looking around.
 Travis laughed falling back on his bed. “ Time to get up dumb ass!”  Throwing off his covers and getting up he stretched in front of his bed. His torso and legs began to stretch towards growing him in height. At 18 he was one of the older juniors, but that was just because of his birthday falling early in the year. What sucked was that it was his job to get him and his brother to school. He hated that he had to be responsible but that; what older brothers did. He’d learned that from Ethan  Even though they had a wide age gap Travis always thought Ethan was an amazing brother.
It was only when Travis had the shower running that Davis got up from his bed. He thought he had watched Travis’s body grow, but that had to be a remnant of his waking brain. 17 was really treating Davis’ body well; he was finally developing the stature of a man. After school sports kept him in top shape, though the same was exactly true for Travis as well. That fact gave Davis a headache. Being the youngest for him meant being satisfied with being second best. For once in his life, he just wanted to beat his older brother at something, anything. Then, maybe Ethan would praise him. Their oldest brother had a knack for praising both so that the other never felt left out, but Davis really wanted to get the spotlight. As Davis sat alone on his bed, he never noticed the growth occurring in his muscles.
 Walking into the school, heads turned for the McCallum brothers. The strode in book bags thrown across their shoulder and their after school sports practice equipment in hand. The two moved throughout the crowded halls like princes in the making. Though both had their own special flair.
Travis was calm, collected, and a cool athlete. People loved him. Davis on the other hand was a cocky arrogant jock. He wasn’t mean or even disrespectful, he just knew what his talents were and had no wavering doubts when it came to his abilities or performance on or off the field. Students argued all the time over who was the better brother. Their answers always boiled down to Travis is too much of a loner, or Davis is too jockish. However, ask either of the brothers and they’d say: Ethan.
 Recently, the two had been thinking a lot about their big brother, nothing too important, only that they had been missing him. They started texting him in school just to catch up and see how he was doing. This was against school regulations, but there was a certain air about the boys that made people not want to confront them. The brothers could move through the school in their own harmony.
Today, however, that harmony for Travis would break. He was sitting in Spanish class when he hunched forward grabbing at his crotch. His sack had just expanded along with his cock. Compared to all the other changes it was so forceful he couldn’t not notice. He asked to be excused and rushed to the bathroom. It was an important stage for Travis. It wasn’t just enough for his body to physically change the need to mature in other areas as well. Most notably his libido. He went through high school not caring about the girls, or guys that approached him, but that was going to change.  His cock, his add even his pecs. All of it called out to be touched by someone. And though many images flashed through his head,  only one name came to mind.
However, since he was at school. He reigned in his feelings. Strange they felt sudden and new but also like he battled with them since puberty. Being horny was never a problem; he just needed to put other things first like school, and sports. He tucked his cock away and went back to class no less horny than he was before.
 On the way home Davis could not figure out Why Travis was so grumpy. He rushed them getting changes and then, packing to go home. But Travis was the one who disappeared before and after practice. Even when they got home Travis locked himself in the bathroom. Though Davis needed not worry  he’d soon learn the cause.
Day 6
 The next day, it wasn’t a person, or a pair of underwear that woke either of the boys up. It was a pressure relieving fart that escaped from Davis’ juicy ass. The 18-year-old groaned, while his 19-year-old brother got up, nose clenched. .
 “Dude what the fuck did you eat last night?” Travis waved his nose, his body shirtless with only pajama bottoms. He went over to the window stepping through their discarded clothes scattered on the floor. Putting his head out he took a deep breath. Fresh air.
 “Same thing as you.” Davis chuckled. Travis launched a pillow at Davis’ head with perfect aim.
 Davis got out of bed wearing only his boxers. Scratching his head, he opened the door to their room. The air flowed freely. At night the two teens were forbidden from leaving their door open. When Travis started his senior year, and Davis his junior year the two brothers began lifting. To maximize their gains, they began to ingest copious amounts of protein shakes. Good for a workout, but it gave the two young men quite the noxious gas especially at night. And so, their mother ruled that their door must remain closed.
Flexing in front of the mirror, Davis was pleased with how all his exercising was coming along. His body was getting meatier every day. There was a guy a school stronger than him except for—
 Travis came up beside Davis flexing with him in their mirror. They wanted to get big like their older brother Ethan, maybe even bigger. Davis’ eyes dropped and noticed that Travis was rocking a boner. Then Travis slightly turned his hips toward Davis and his muscular ass released a loud fart.
“What the fuck man!” Davis pushed Travis back, and the older teen fell onto his bed.
 Davis stormed out of the room. Sometimes he honestly hated the way their room smelled but there was something masculine about the stench of a jock that couldn’t be ignored. By the time he came out of the shower Travis had picked up some clothes and threw them into a laundry basket, then left while Davis picked up the rest. Doing laundry was a pain but it was a necessary step in learning to be a good partner, especially for a boyfriend. No guy wants to deal with a man child.
 “Wait, boyfriend?” Davis thought to himself. Was he even gay? He knew he liked girls but guys too. Davis shrugged that just meant he was bisexual then.
 During a free period at school Davis separated from his group of friends, waving goodbye as he entered the bathroom. He walked to a urinal in the middle of two guys. The two were chatting about something, but there weren’t any other options. They stopped talking as Davis smugly took his place in between them. As Davis pulled out his cock from his sweats, he found himself wondering how big the other two guys were. Nowhere close to him probably. A sudden heat, a wave, caused by the potion finally able to start its true process pumped into Davis. His strong legs shook as testosterone filled his balls and veins and carried throughout his body.
The other boys in the urinals left, allowing Davis the freedom he needed. He was getting into being a sexually active young man. Unlike Travis Davis saw no problems with being horny. He was a young man, what young person didn’t think about sex? If he wanted to talk about his cock, who he was plowing, or anything sexual in nature that was his right. Where he was concerned there was no problem showing his sexual desire off. However, there was one person he had to talk to.
A smirk crossed Davis’ lip. Throwing his bookbag off to the side, he grabbed his cellphone from his pocket. With a press of a button, recording he aimed at a mirror. He grabbed at his cock finally being able to access the full extent of what he could do.
Day 6 & 7 – Ethan
 Ethan was freaking out with everything he’d learned the past few days by researching. Turns out taking a hormone meant for fathers can have an…intense effect on young teens. When they first started texting him. Ethan believed they were still his lonely little brothers. And while that may have been true to a certain extent. Things quickly came to light for Ethan. Especially when he had a few quick chats with them. While their brains and bodies had matured, the potion had latched onto an aspect of their personality to influence as well.
Davis to start was full of himself and overconfident. Ethan could glean that just by talking with him. Ethan worried if his brother, as the youngest, lacked self-confidence, but it seemed the potion “fixed” that. For Travis it was a different story, he wanted to be more responsible to emulate his big bro. However, there had been a part of Travis that couldn’t help picking on his younger brother. The potion had a solution for that too. It turned Travis into a mature young man, at least on the surface. Ethan had gotten a few calls yesterday from Travis that said otherwise, not to mention a suspicion that Travis still picked on Davis behind closed doors.
 Laying in bed Ethan couldn’t decide whether to get up or not. He supposed he’d have to call his parents and tell them what had happened. Or would it be more responsible to call his brothers first?  His phone beeped. A video message from Travis.
 Opening his messages Ethan’s mouth dropped. Day six of daddification and Travis has already become 19. He’s eager to breed and knows Ethan’s waiting for it. He’s been enjoying his much larger cock and has been calling Ethan every time he jacks off,  telling him he can’t wait to give his big bro his new son.
Tumblr media
Ethan dropped his phone quickly and that was quite the escalation. Though last night was strange too. Travis had left a message of himself  jacking off. It seemed absurd because there were quite a few, but it seemed Travis had a lot of gas in the tank.
If that wasn’t bad enough, while he was sitting in his apartment eating lunch, A video message from Davis appeared. His youngest brother hadn’t sent anything sexual so, Ethan never expected the video he got, the poor man almost choked on his food. That is to say, day six of daddification and Davis was even more arrogant and cockier with his sex drive awakened. He had probably already fucked and knocked up a few seniors at Ethan’s old high school. If not, he was probably going to ensure he’d be trained for when he fucked Ethan senseless. Had to make sure his balls that just dropped were ready to make babies.
Tumblr media
Wasn’t it strange that his parents or anyone around couldn’t notice what was happening to his brother? Better yet Ethan wondered why he noticed. That company had to have done something especially when they took his DNA. Is that why his brothers were lusting after him? That had to be it but exactly how could he stop this. What should he do? Not like his parents would believe him.
 On day 7 the messages flooded in for Ethan. Davis and Travis were now 18 and 19 horned up douche bros, asking him which one of them should give him one of their boys for Christmas. His little brothers had always been competitive with each other, but the potion had made them alpha dogs bent on breeding, and Ethan was the competition.
Day 10 – Travis and Davis
Travis walked back into his house caked with sweat. He’d had an arduous run, his cock hard the whole time in his blue shorts. Even with all his stopping to take  care of it and calling Ethan, it still hadn’t subsided.  However, this was just a stamina build he was doing for lifting later on. He pulled on his black tank top wiping his face. For now, he just needed to focus on taking a shower. Stomping up to his room he walked inside. His younger brother was standing in front of a mirror, shirtless doing arm curls. Travis watched as Davis’ biceps drew on power, expanding, as did his back grow. Not to mention his ass looked as if someone stuffed a hard pillow down it.
Davis only made eye contact with his brother through the mirror, giving a strong nod. Travis left the room headed toward the shower. The two had stopped talking to each other, they wanted the same person after all. They were focused on becoming the sexiest studs around, no time to be distracted by the other. On Day 7, When they came home the two found out that the other wanted Ethan. At the time, it had erupted into a fist fight, but that had matured since then. They had matured in other areas as well. Their room no longer smelled like a locker room for one. That was a boy’s fantasy of superiority, a form of ”marking their territory.” But now matured they realized they could still smell that way and keep their room breathable.
 High school and college-aged ideologies had to be kicked out. The boys were feeling the full brunt of the potion these days. Travis, now pushing 27 and Davis at 25, fully knew now what was happening to them. Their adult minds could better grasp they were undergoing changes. Of course, Ethan tried to put all blame on himself, he was kind like that, but his brothers saw it differently. They had no problem becoming men, rather daddies. Their bodies were getting stronger, and their minds were gaining knowledge. The kind of bodies that could subdue other men, protect kids with minds that made them parent worthy. Whether the potion could actually make them give Ethan a child didn’t matter, if their potent seed couldn’t do it, they’d just have to adopt one way or another these boys would be father ready.
 Davis had outgrown his outwardly arrogant and cocky side. It was befitting of a father. That’s not to say he wasn’t still arrogant and cocky. He just realized that telling everyone that he was better than them was reductive. Also, that it made him seem insecure. These days Davis didn’t need to say anything because he just knew he was better than others. Why state a fact? When Travis came back, Davis took a good look at his rival. Travis had a towel wrapped around his waist, but anyone could see how the strong curvature of his back flowed into his ass. Those rippling legs that strutted around the room were admirable. His abs were in the process of adding in another row, popping in an eight pack. Every step around the room, Travis’ pecs bounced so full of muscle. All very intriguing, but what had Davis’ attention was that Travis had gone from fresh faced to covered in stubble. Hard to spot at first with his matted down hair, but once it moved out the way Davis saw it clearly.
Day 12 – Travis and Davis
 Travis was the first to notice when his younger brother grew taller than him. He happened to be walking by on his way to the shower and clocked it. Then later that same day it seemed the inches had stacked on Davis. Travis didn’t like it being looked down upon by his younger brother. If that wasn’t frustrating enough, Davis never even drew attention to it. The younger brother, Travis knew would have been more than proud to make his height known.
 When Travis stepped into the room, he noticed Davis lifting weights, back across the bench. The man had grown again outsizing his workout bench. As his arms lifted his pecs pressed against his sweaty tank top, nipples begging to be freed, Davis’ thighs and calves trembled, muscles spasming in order to pack on more mass and size. 
 Davis was fully aware of being taller than his brother and while it brought a slight smirk to his face, he didn’t revel in it the same way. That was childish. As he approached Turing 33 all he cared about was finding the one and settling down. Though he already knew who that one was. Also, his height wasn’t much of anything compared to Travis mass. His older brother was a thick man, stocky all-over carrying pounds of muscle everywhere he moved. Due to his height Davis had to work twice as hard just to make himself appear as bulky and it still wasn’t enough.
 His older brother had muscle tits. The handsome fucker couldn’t even see his abs unless he was straining. Travis’ chest seemed to always be in someone’s face the way it sat out. No doubt even a baby would try to nurse on it. The dude couldn’t wear shirts because his shoulder and chest needed more space and would rip clothing to shreds. For that reason Travis often had to rip his shirts at the collar bit, unbutton them, or go shirtless.
Day 14- The End
 Two weeks. That’s the amount of time it had taken for the potion to work its way through Ethan’s brother’s systems. With regular clients it tended to be a slow maturation over one week or even days,  but for Travis and Davis they had to be jettisoned through the rest of puberty first. Their childhood bedroom once adorned with toys, then weights and posters, now laid bare. The two men no longer existed in their home. They had truly grown up and moved on. However, Ethan never had a hard time finding them. The two never once stopped messaging him. As if he were their secret little outlet for their sexual frustration.
Ethan was on high alert the moment his eyes opened. Something was off. He smelled bacon. That meant someone was in his kitchen and more importantly, his apartment. Ethan quietly stepped out of his room grabbing an umbrella for defense. A stupid choice, but at 8 o’clock in the morning there wasn’t much else. As he rounded the corner, he spotted a shirtless man cooking in his kitchen.
 He sharply turned the corner holding out the umbrella. “Whoever you are, stay right there.” His knees wobbled as his trembling hands reached for his cell phone.
 “Oh, good you’re awake! I made you breakfast before work.” The man said cheerfully. He had a strange hairstyle and bushy beard.
 Ethan’s first instinct was to scream ‘who are you?’ but he got fixated on the man’s hair. The man’s red hair. “Travis is that… you ?” Now that he thought about it his parents did have a spare key to his place.
The huge guy smiled and made his pecs dance. “It sure is big bro. Now come over here and eat!”
 Travis had become a total stud. Now 37 and more than eager to finally give his dad some grandkids and give Ethan a baby boy. His balls had turned from not even dropped to thick virile baseball sized hairy baby makers. He even bragged about how he hadn’t jerked off in a week, and the load he was going to give Ethan was going to be more than a gallon of his little swimmers.
“So, we can even get one in after breakfast or when you’re done with work.” Ethan didn’t even need to ask what because Travis pulled his pants down.
Tumblr media
 Ethan froze for a moment. His body’s arousal had been turned up. Taking a deep breath, he backed up, then bolted out the door grabbing his wallet and keys. He came out onto the city street. He was in shock once again. Standing there blocking his path was a mountain of a man. Ethan felt the Name on his lips, “Davis.”
The man gave a grin, having read Ethan’s lips. Davis had become a true alpha via Daddification. He was showing how much Ethan needed himself to be bred. Davis knew Ethan needed his oven filled with alpha seed. Davis also knew he was going to make Ethan love getting absolutely filled with his dominant man makers.
 Ethan had two choices, run back in the apartment, or try to pass Davis. The hardness of his cock revealed he wouldn’t be running in the opposite direction.
Tumblr media
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malemusclegrowthfanuk · a year ago
Men of the Hour
Tumblr media
The stripper looked over at Landon and gave a playful grin as Landon’s best man, Tim, continued to blow him. The music blared over the stereo, and some of the other groomsmen were drunkenly cheering Tim on and some were looking around as awkwardly as Landon was. Landon was shocked that Tim had bought a stripper for his bachelor party and was even more shocked that it was a male stripper—one he paid handsomely for too, judging by the wad of cash he passed along when the stripper arrived. He knew that Tim was gay, but weren’t best mans supposed to do things for the groom?
“Do, uhh.. Are strippers normally allowed to do this?” Landon asked awkwardly as the stripper panted and rubbed the top of Tim’s head.
“Oh, I’m not a normal stripper, babe,” he panted with a grin and in a pleasured tone.
“What… What is that supposed to—..” Landon started to ask but the stripper immediately began to quicken his pace and gripped onto Tim’s head to pump harder.
The stripper’s face contorted into ecstasy and he moaned slightly as he prepared to unload into Tim. Tim stopped massaging the stripper’s nuts and put his hands onto both sides of the stripper’s toned thighs. Landon and the others were about to learn exactly why the stripper had costed so much money.
With a few pulsating thrusts against Tim’s face, the stripper fired several loads into his throat. Tim struggled at first but managed to keep control as he swallowed more and more of the stripper’s jizz, making his throat and stomach tingle from within him.
“That’s right, eeeeeeevery last drop, bud,” the stripper panted as he finished off inside of Tim.
Tim disconnected with a wet *pop* wiping his chin and stumbling backwards. His face looked red and he was sweating profusely as he took in gasping breaths, clumsily finding his way back to his seat, plopping down heavily into it.
“Niiiice, Tim!”
“Attaboy, drain him dry!”
Some of the other groomsmen drunkenly congratulated Tim as the stripper grinned and cleaned his dick, taking a few big swigs from his water bottle. They carried on for a second but quickly went quiet when they noticed that Tim seemed to be in pain.
He had his teeth gritted and his very slight musculature seemed to be straining all over his body as sweat continued to pour off his beet red skin. To the shock of everyone (well, almost everyone), Tim looked to be swelling like a tick under his clothes. His muscles pulsed larger like a heartbeat in his full-body flex as his clothes grew tighter. He brought his much larger arms up to his collar and tried to pull it away from his expanding neck and jutting adam’s apple but accidentally made it split down the middle. His chest spread wider and pulsed against the torn shirt, spreading the tear wider as his pecs ballooned and thickened against him, his abs thudding to the surface of his skin. He couldn’t help but flex his arms as they continued to pulse larger, his shoulders bulging and his arm muscles packing on massive weight. The seams in his khaki shorts began to pop as his thighs swelled huge, wide, and thick underneath, pushing the fabric to its absolute limits. His shorts and boxers finally burst along their seams as his ass widened and rounded hard underneath him. As his expanding feet snapped the straps on his flip flops, leaving him barefoot with still-growing feet and toes, he tore the remainder of his shirt, shorts, and underwear off, exposing his thick, manly bod it’s it’s nude glory and the light carpeting of hair he was growing all over his body and newly square face. His cock, which had been pointed upwards and drooling insane amounts of pre, began to fatten and stretch higher, his foreskin rising and growing with it but not keeping up perfectly as his fattening cock head poked out from under the skin. His balls sagged and swelled in their sack as they churned up a huge cum load. He lowered his huge hands down to his package to begin stroking himself off and rolled his eyes over to look directly at Landon, now much smaller in his eyes for the first time in their long friendship.
Tumblr media
“Happy last day of freedom, dude!” he grinned stupidly in a much deeper voice. He looked over at the stripper and cocked his head over at Landon. “Hit him up next, he’s the man of the hour.”
“Roger roger,” the stripper fake-saluted to Tim and walked over to Landon, putting his foot up on the couch and letting his hard cock dangle in front of Landon’s face. “What’dya say, dude? Let’s make you the Much-More-Than-Man of the hour…”
Landon looked around in excited confusion at his groomsmen.
“How many times you gonna get the opportunity, bro?!”
“C’mon, let’s see Alpha Landon!”
“Do it, man!”
He looked up at the stripper breathing heavily, who only smiled down at him in return. He smiled back and shrugged his shoulders, leaned forward, and took a cock into his mouth for the first time in his life, egged on by his buddies who cheered in unison as he did. It came surprisingly easy to him, he just serviced it like he would want someone to do to him. The end result was sexy as fuck, but he was finding that he actually… liked it? He went into it with more fervor, reaching around and squeezing the stripper’s ass cheeks. His fiancé was a chill woman, he was sure she wouldn’t mind. And she definitely wouldn’t mind him and his groomsmen surprising her big time at the altar tomorrow.
As the rest of the guys focused on watching Landon work for his reward, Tim was having his own fun. He had been feeling himself up like a madman as he grew, fondling himself and squeezing and caressing his bulging hard curves, but his eyes now locked on Steve, Landon’s former-roommate-turned-model that he’d been eyeing all weekend.
Tumblr media
Steve, who had been staring at Tim the entire time, immediately felt the energy of Tim’s eyes on him. He was used to stares from guys and girls alike because of the hard work he put into his body for his career, but he never felt such an intense level of mutual attraction for his admirers until he saw Tim drinking him in. He was instantly hard and anxious for what could come next.
Tim stood up from his seat, stretching a little with his new donkey dick bobbing stiffly in front of him, passed Landon and the stripper on the couch—each writhing and groaning as Landon expertly serviced his first cock—and went straight to Steve. Steve adjusted himself in his seat, his heart racing as the newly studly Tim approached him, massaging his balls and rubbing the spongy giant head of his cock. He planted his knees on either side of Steve of the couch where he was sitting, straddling his legs and planting his firm ass and his shockingly heavy weight on Steve’s knees and thighs. He rubbed his hands down Steve’s side and felt up his abs and pecs. He could feel the stiff outline of Steve’s dick under him as his own kissed the fabric of Steve’s shirt over his abs, drooling pre out of his foreskin and leaving dark wet marks on Steve’s shirt.
“Wassup, man?” Steve asked with a grin, wrapping his hands around Tim’s frame and grabbing two handfuls of his ass.
“Just admiring how huge you are, dude,” Tim responded, pressing his hands into Steve’s impressive abs.
Steve just squeezed onto Tim’s ass tighter, “Ugh, back at ya, man,” he grinned up at Tim giggling stupidly.
Tim was only just noticing how his pre was soiling Steve’s shirt. “Let’s get this dirty shirt off you, how’s that sound?”
Steve nodded vigorously even as Tim reached down without an answer under the hem of his shirt and lifted. Steve helped out by raising his arms as the shirt came off and he finally sat on the couch in his sculpted, slightly hairy, shirtless beauty. Tim held onto the shirt and brought it to his face, inhaling deeply and savoring Steve’s scent. His cock spat pre all over Steve’s bare abs and he tossed the shirt behind him, bringing his hands back down and caressing Steve’s muscles, worshiping him deeply and rubbing his pre into his rippling bod. He worked his way up to Steve’s pecs, rubbing more of his pre into them and squeezing them firmly, Steve responding by making them dance under his touch. All the while, Steve was doing his own exploration of Tim’s body, feeling up his firm curves and mounds, jealous of the size of his pecs, legs, and his rugged handsomeness. They were both about the same size and weight but Tim’s new hairiness, size, and alpha demeanor—not to mention the fact that he looked older than he did before—had Steve feeling submissive and breedable for the first time in his life. Tim moved up to his shoulders, making his way to Steve’s impressive arms, one of the things about his body he was most proud of.
“Flex,” Tim ordered and Steve flashed a toothy grin and obeyed, bringing his arms up in an intense double-bicep pose, as Tim gasped and began worshipping his arms. He couldn’t even wrap his two newly giant hands around the entirety of Steve’s bulging arm.
After a single look at Steve’s bushy pits, Tim immediately plunged his head into them, licking and inhaling deeply on Steve’s jock musk. Steve’s breathing quickened in excitement and Tim lifted his head back up and planted a firm, sucking kiss on Steve’s mouth, plunging his tongue deeply inside and welcoming Steve’s into his own. Steve could taste his own musk and the stripper’s cock in Tim’s mouth, but he didn’t mind one bit.
Tim disconnected and leaned into Steve’s ear, whispering deeply, “You’re a beefy pup now, but I’m going to make you into a fucking beast.”
Steve moaned and his cock twitched under Tim’s ass as Tim grinned and repositioned himself, lifting himself higher and angling his throbbing, eager cock towards Steve’s face, which Steve excitedly accepted. He sucked thirstily as Tim’s cock as Tim began rocking his hips back and forth, face fucking the model stud he’d been eyeing all weekend. Steve’s eyebrows lifted, not expecting the size or the power of the cock in his mouth, but continued eagerly sucking it, working hard for his reward and enjoying every second of it.
At that moment, Landon disconnected from the stripper’s cock, having drank down every bit of his cum as he could and leaned back in his seat breathing heavily and wincing through the pain, flexing hard as his body began to swell and rip through his already tight, restrictive clothing.
“Fuuuuucck yeeeaaah!!! Fucking look at me!!” Landon bellowed in a deepening roar as he brought his body builder arms up in a strong flex, his his body quickly bursting through his tightening clothes.
Tim had rolled his head back to watch as he pounded Steve’s throat, who was also giving the first head in his life, but doing it expertly. Turns out once-straight guys can become seasoned professionals in just a few minutes when they’re working towards a reward. He’d been friends with Landon pretty much his entire life. They’d grown up having sleepovers at each other’s houses, playing in the same little league baseball team, gone to the same schools, confiding in each other about heartbreaks, family secrets, sexualities, etc. And now to see him like this, to see both of them like this, rippling muscle studs with god cocks and miracle cum, naked and hot, sweating bullets as the bachelor party neared itself towards a full-on orgy, Tim didn’t think he could hold back anymore. He grit his teeth and picked up the pace of his thrusts as his cock head began to swell inside Steve’s throat.
“GGGAAAAAAAAAHHHWWWW!!!” Tim roared as he started to unload into Steve’s mouth. Steve raised his eyebrows again, not expecting the velocity or the volume of the load being dropped into his mouth, accidentally letting a little bit of Tim’s spunk spit out the sides of his mouth, but quickly adjusting as he opened up his throat and quickened the pace of his swallowing. Tim gripped onto his hair and bucked against his face rhythmically as he continued to ejaculate into Steve, his jizz essentially diving down his throat at the speed of a garden hose.
Steve didn’t realize it was happening because of his hyper focus on swallowing, but his arms, legs, and torso shot out longer under Tim, adding several more inches in height to his body, not doubt to make room for what was coming. Tim felt a vibration in his hand and looked down to see that Steve’s head was actually growing underneath his grip on Steve’s hair, not massively different but noticeably so. Steve’s grip on Tim’s ass tightened as his hands got larger and his strength steadily began to build. Now finally tapped out, Tim roughly dislodged his long, thick cock from Steve’s maw, bringing a stringy trail of cum out with it, and Steve took in several heaving gasps of air.
“AAAAAaaawwwwWW FUUCKk,” Steve grunted between deep breaths, his voice diving several octaves from before he sucked Tim off. His breathing picked up in pace as his body began to pulse intensely and swell larger all over. His neck and shoulders thickened with veiny muscle, traveling down his arms and ending at his growing hands. His shirt had become essentially a crop top at this point and everyone else could clearly see his lower torso broadening as his abs were cut into deeper ridges, separating and accentuating with new dark hair outlining his growing muscles, and his treasure trail growing denser and darker. Finally, his shirt tore down the middle, prompting him to tear it off and expose his impossibly huge chest and torso to his buds. He brought his growing hands up to squeeze and fondle his swelling muscle tits, tweaking his nipples and humping the air. His pants had already begun to split due to his growing bull thighs, but the other three unchanged groomsmen would see through his tightening shorts fabric that his cock was swelling at an alarming rate, lifting the fabric higher and higher like a swelling water balloon. He could feel his nuts squeezing tighter and tighter and brought down a hand to rip off his shorts. Now satisfyingly loose, his huge and pendulous balls dropped free of their confines and dangled down onto the couch as the swelled in his sack to the size of grapefruits, his cock pulsing larger and longer over them. Tim busied himself with massaging Steve’s churning nuts and tongue-fucking his drubbing cock slit as Steve continued to writhe and groan in ecstasy, his body swelling into impossibly huge proportions. All of his body grew, swelled, broadened, stretched, and twitched while the couch he was sitting on creaked and cracked with his exponentially climbing height and weight.
Steve was an easy 9.5 feet tall by the time his growing began to subside. He had always been the biggest and tallest of his friend group and this was now again the case, after his title was briefly nabbed by Tim and Landon’s unexpected growth. Tim could tell that he was nearing completion, both of his growth and of what had to have been the most intense session of edging in history. Tim looked back at the 3 remaining groomsmen on the couch, one of whom was openly spanking his meat watching the spectacle unfold and the other two staring with drooling mouths, their dicks noticeably hard within their shorts.
Tim—busy with his meaty arm wrapped around Steve’s 3 foot long and milk jug thick cock, delicately fingering in and out of its massive slit—looked up at Steve with a grin, his newly huge, hairy, and burly lover panting down at him with an orgasmic look painted across his face.
“You ready, bro?” Tim asked up to Steve.
Steve simply looked down as he uttered deep, panting grunts, and nodded vigorously, tightening his eyes closed.
Tim looked back again at the remaining groomsmen with a wild smile, “I hope you boys are ready, too!”
Before they could internalize what he had just said, Tim lifted and angled Steve’s cock directly at them on the couch, quickening his pace as he tugged with his full arm, just as the three began to flinch and squeeze their eyes shut. Then the dam broke.
Steve called out in a deafening, prolonged, orgasmic moan as he fired volley after volley of thick cum out of his unnaturally huge cock at a firehouse’s speed. A part of him knew that he was cumming directly onto his longtime friends on the opposite couch, but Tim’s servicing was too skillful and too intense for him to care one way or another. As Tim painted the other side of the room white with Steve’s jizz, the already intense smell of sex in the room easily quadrupled in intensity and seemed to heat up and humidify with the warm jizz firing out into the room. The men on the other couch were completely saturated with the hot stream of cum being blasted onto them, each attempting to take gasping breaths of relief from the onslaught and inadvertently swallowing huge sums of spunk in the process. Finally, after several twitching aftermath shots from his cock, Steve had finally emptied his balls and Tim let his cock drop heavily from his arms onto the soiled, soggy couch and floor beneath.
The other three on the couch began to wipe themselves clean as they sat. One noticed as he wiped his arm off that his sleeve had torn, not from the onslaught but from his swelling arm underneath. Another one felt something was going on when his button down suddenly loosened significantly across his chest as he looked down to see that his expanding pecs had forced several of the buttons off, his muscular cleavage showing off underneath. The final one—the one who had been openly jacking his meat—began to feel his cock stiffen harder and larger within his grip, spreading his fingers apart, as he watched it continue to swell from within his shorts.
All three of them exchanged excited and eager looks with one other and immediately dove onto each other, lapping up Steve’s cum from each other’s faces and clothes. The stripper was laughing to himself in his chair as he packed up his belongings and threw back on his shirt. As the stripper made his way to the door and the three remaining groomsmen swelled larger as they licked each other clean, Tim sauntered over to where Landon was sitting, still feeling himself over and flexing new muscle groups. He plopped down next to his newly macho best friend, and Landon looked over at him.
“Dude, I don’t know what to say, just… thank you!” Landon exclaimed deeply and excitedly.
“Don’t mention it,” Tim said with a smile and a shrug. There was a lull in their conversation so Tim reached over and gripped Landon’s cock with his warm hands, which prompted Landon to grin and do the same to Tim’s cock. They each started stroking each other off as they leaned back and watched the three men on the other couch writhe and swell with deepening moans.
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malemusclegrowthfanuk · a year ago
Just His Type
"I don't understand what the problem is! Do you really think I'm that ugly? Do you hate me that much!?"
Stephanie was practically crying as she screamed at her boyfriend Derrick, completely fed up with his complete lack of interest in her advances. They'd been together for a long time, and even though she knew they had sex less than other couples, it had always been on the table, but even that had slowly tapered off in the last three or so months.
She only grew more frustrated as he rolled his eyes, looking annoyed as if this situation was her fault, before responding
"Of course not babe! Like I said, you're just my type! You're perfect! I'm just not in the mood tonight. Why won't you understand that? I've been super busy recently..."
He sighed, hiding his face in his palm, before continuing
"Look, why don't I step out for a minute and give you some space? We can talk about this once you've calmed down"
Stephanie, of course, hated this, and although she tried to argue with him to stay, he still grabbed his coat and walked out, leaving her near tears in the apartment.
"I don't understand why he has to be so cruel to me... I'm hot, I'm kind, I'm a great girlfriend! What am I doing wrong?"
As she sat on the couch, feeling sorry for herself, her thoughts drifted wildly, trying to think of any crazy idea in the world to help her in this situation. Suddenly, she vividly remembered a time, only a couple days ago, when she had confided in her elderly neighbor about the situation, and the woman had told her that if she never needed help with that, to come to her. Stephanie had thought it was a bit weird at the time, but didn't focus on it at all. However, now that she was desperate, she quickly grabbed her coat and ran to the woman's door, knocking in it frantically.
As Stephanie pounded on the door, the old crone opened it suddenly, seeing her frantic appearance and immediately inviting her inside. She grabbed the girl a cup of tea and brought it out to her, before sitting across from her and saying
"I assume this has something to do with that little boyfriend of yours storming past my door a half hour?"
Stephanie tearfully nodded, saying
"I don't know what to do... He keeps telling me not to worry about it, that I'm just his type, but then he completely ignores me..."
The old woman sighed, before heading to a cupboard beneath her sink, rummaging around a while before coming back to her with a decently sized jar of pink liquid.
"Remember child, I'm only doing this for you because I like you. This elixir will solve every problem you're having. All you need to do is head home, drink exactly 1/4th of the jar, and think about your boyfriend. As long as you do it correctly, I guarantee you, you will become the exact woman he desires. Understand?"
Stephanie nodded again, taking the vial from her with a quiet "thank you" and heading out of the apartment and back to her bedroom. She stared at the 'elixir' with skepticism, not trusting a single thing that old woman said.
"Am I really considering this? Am I really that desperate?"
Steeling herself after inevitably deciding that she was, in fact, that desperate. She poured out exactly 25 percent of the potion into a small cup, took a deep breath, and drank it with a deep gulp.
The potion tasted bad, almost like an incredibly metallic cough syrup, but she swallowed it down, feeling nothing different at first. However, as she got up to wash out the cup, she felt a crazy rush of heat and pain, and she choked out "Its happening!" before rushing into the bathroom to look in the mirror.
She stared at the mirror in disbelief, watching her once brown eyes switch to a bright blue, and watching her facial features start to shift themselves and rearrange.
"Wow, a lot of facial changes huh? Well, I guess its not so bad..."
She said that before the surge of pain spread downward, flowing through her arms, chest, abs, legs and everywhere it could reach. The energy filling her was almost unbearable, pressing against her skin, as if trying to make more room for itself. She clawed at her skin, her body filled with an insane combination of heat, pain and... pleasure(?), which completely overwhelmed her, and she blacked out, right there on the bathroom tile.
Derrick stumbled back into the apartment two hours later, sighing, already not looking forward to the inevitable nagging that was going to come tonight.
He looked around the empty apartment, surprised thaf his girlfriend wasn't on their couch watching lifetime movies, which seemed to be her default way of cheering herself up. Confused, he called out
"Stephanie, babe? You there?"
While walking further into the apartment. Suddenly, he was interrupted by a deep voice coming from the direction of his bedroom, saying
"So I was 'just your type', huh? Gotta say, I think you had the right idea with this, babe~"
Derrick turned to the voice in surprise, seeing the most attractive man he had ever seen leaning in the doorway, handsome face, bright blue eyes, and incredible body fully on display by the pose he was using.
Tumblr media
Derrick became aroused immediately, feeling his pants tent as he actively had to think about not drooling in front of this hunk, mind short circuiting at the sight in front of him, taking a long time to process what the man just said.
"Wait- babe? Stephanie, is that you? But- how... I don't understand!"
The man chuckled, a deep, sexy low laugh that made him look even more attractive somehow
"Think Stephen's more approriate now babe. And the old lady next door hooked me up, don't worry about it~"
Stephen held up the little vial, waggling it teasingly, while he grinned sadistically
"Now what do you say we use this, add a little meat to those bones, and then after we have some fun, we can share some of this gift with our neighbors~"
And Derrick, despite knowing it was a terrible, immoral ideal, couldn' t deny, that at this moment, turning everyone into their apartment building into hunks just as sexy as Stephen was everything he wanted to do.
The old woman knocked on stephanie's door quietly, waiting patiently for someone to answer the door (she had received a call from Derrick inviting her over just a half hour Go), before a voice echoed from inside
"Come in, its open!"
So she invited herself inside, walking into their living room, but finding it empty, though there was a ton of noise coming from the kitchen. There was a tray of cookies on the coffee table that Derrick quickly shouted to say she should feel free to take, so she helped herself, eating the small confection, surprised at the delicious taste.
As she was eating it, she called into the kitchen
"Did you and stephanie enjoy the gift I gave to her?"
She was genuinely curious, and assumed that this visit was probably as some sort of thanks. To her surprise, however, derrick laighed at that, and almost sounded sarcastic in his response.
"Yeah, 'Stephanie' and I really loved it. We found a lot of uses for that little gift of yours. In fact, did you know that your little potion tastes incredible in any baked good you put it in?"
The second the voice said that, the woman looked down at the tray in horror, getting up to leave and hopefully rush home to find an antidote, but before she could sheheard someone enter from the other room.
"You're not leaving already, are you? Stephen and I haven't even gotten the time to properly thank you. Plus, I just finished a new batch, and I need you to help me hand it out to all the neighbors~"
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The moment Derrick entered, heat rushed through her body, and she sat down, resigning herself to her fate. The last thing she got to see before she blocked out was 'Stephen', looking nothing like the girl she had innocently tried to help earlier this morning, walking in from the bedroom and smirking at her.
"Just give in, Granny. You're gonna love it just as much, if not more than I did"
And when Grant woke up in his own bed later that same day, he had to admit it. Stephen was 100 percent right~
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