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Reading this while listening to soft romantic yearning music was either the best thing I've ever done or the most dangerous BECAUSE I AM A FUCKING MESS!!! THIS WAS SO CUTE! I NEED TO SQUEEZE HIS CHEEKS ASAP
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I felt like that^ while reading this
Would it be possible for a Steven grant x reader where you are stood up for a date the same night steven missed his date with Dylan? Maybe you start talking to each other and it’s like a date? It’s fine if not. Have a nice day!
The vegan in the steak house
Steven grant x reader
Tumblr media
A/N- hellooo! Thank you for the request. Sorry this took forever. I did unintentionally alter the day in which this takes place. In the show it’s a Sunday and he’s supposed to have met Dylan on the Friday. My brain just held on to Friday and when I finshed if mentioned Friday far too many times to bother to change it so. It’s Friday. Anyways. Enjoy.
Warnings: none.
Word count: 5.2k
Masterlist- request open!
Reblogs and comments are always welcome and appreciated!
Tumblr media
Friday nights were one of the busiest of the week. All of the 9-5 office job types, that London seemed to be overflowing with, heading out to relax at the end of their work weeks. You'd always thought that kind of job must be boring as all hell, sitting at a computer all day typing away nonsense emails about god knows what. Though on Fridays you did sometimes wish that was your job.
Rushing around like a headless chicken delivering hot plates of food, standing burning your fingertips off as the customers fannied around about who ordered what, complaining their steak was too cold. Or too hot. Or too small. Or ' not how I usually have it! '. Or when you asked who ordered the side of sweet potato fries and being told ' oh they're Adams!' Like you knew who the fuck Adam was.
You'd kill for a cushy office job on Friday nights.
But thankfully the night was nearly over. You could clock off at 10:30, one of your coworkers wanting the overtime of doing the clean down and close up at the end of the night. Usually you'd have taken it, the extra money was always needed, but you were far too tired today.
You just wanted to drag yourself home, maybe snatch some leftovers from the chef and lock yourself in your tiny little flat until your shift tomorrow. But it's barely 9:30. So it would have to wait just a little longer.
The restaurant was beginning to clear out as close drew nearer, your section empty as you cashed out the last table. There was a couple of tables occupied in your coworkers sections and a table outside. But you guessed you were hopefully done for the night now.
You wiped down the table and debated on asking to leave early seeing as your section was empty, before heading over to the entry desk just to double check no one had a late reservation. That was all you needed. Or the Karen's that liked to appear two minutes before close and demand a table for 12 all wanting steaks.
" table 4 still out there? " you listened in on the conversation as you joined two of your coworkers at the entry desk, making yourself look busy by putting away some menus.
" mhm. He's been there hours now. Kinda sad. Defo been stood up poor guy " she said with a frown.
“ well honestly I’m not surprised. He didn’t even have a reservation. What would he have done if we’d have been full? That’s no good on a date is it “
“ but look at his little flowers! He’s a cutie!”
“ a cutie that’s been stood up “
" what's that? " you asked, curiosity getting the better of you instantly. Your coworker, Amy, turned to you with a sympathetic smile on her face.
" guy out there table 4. Think his date stood him up... thought he'd have gotten the picture by now though. Kinda sad to still wait. She's clearly not coming is she " your eyes followed to where she had nodded. By the window there was a man sat alone at his table. A slightly sad looking bouquet of flowers on top of a chocolate box in front of him.
You'd seen your fair share of poor men and women stood up by dates to recognise one. Sometimes it was quite entertaining to listen in on first dates, cringe at the awkward ones and feel a slight longing at the good ones. You hadn't had a date in... well. You didn't even want to think about how long it had been. Though the poor ditched dates were always heartbreaking to see.
" one of us should go talk to him. Kitchens shutting soon. If he wants food-"
" I'm not doing it " the other waiter said before Amy could even finish her sentence.
" we'll I'm not! Poor little guy. I'm no good with the heartbroken ones. Remember when that one woman started sobbing when I told her the guy had called and cancelled the reservation without telling her? God I’m no good at it " they both glanced at you then. You had a reputation for being so unbelievably nice it was inhuman. Of course they wanted you to go talk to him " y/n? What do you say? Go see if he's alright? You're good with the mopey ones " you glanced back out the window at the man before sighing.
" fine. But but then I'm going home. My sections done "
" superstar! " Amy said and squeezed you in a hug " you got this. I'd probably just make him cry or something "
You grabbed a spray and cloth to clean the tables out there seeing as you were heading out there anyway. And headed for the door to the tables out front, hovering on the doorstep outside when you got a better look at him. He actually looked kind of optimistic still. Like the one he was meant to meet would still arrive. Some poor excuse for being hours late. He looked the type to probably forgive them for it too. It made your heart ache.
You liked to think you were good at reading people. The restaurant offered ample people watching opportunities after all. You could spot the snooty customers a mile off, the kind ones, the couples going through a rough patch, the awkward dates, the good ones. All before anyone ever opened their mouth.
And that hopeful puppy dog expression on the man's face was answer enough for you to decide he was too sweet to be being stood up so brutally.
His leg was bouncing under the table, fingers fiddling restlessly. He was a bundle of nerves clearly. Yet still he had waited for his date to turn up. Your skin prickled with upset. It always hurt seeing people stood up. You’d been stood up a fair few times yourself and it never got any better. Humans wanted to be loved, went on dates to attempt finding love. Only to be left alone. It hurt. It would always hurt.
Maybe that’s why he was still there though. In denial. Desperate to have some chance at love that he was clinging on to a tiny chance his date may appear.
You usually just went home and drowned your sorrows in cheap wine and a Chinese takeaway. To each their own.
You made your way over to the man and put on a smile.
" good evening " you greeted softly " are you still expecting one more? " it felt quite cruel to ask even though you knew the answer already. But you had to be sure. And you couldn't make it obvious you'd all just been watching him and talking about him. He wasn't having a great day as it was. No need to make it any bloody worse.
He looked up from where he'd been staring out to the street, looking for his date no doubt, and your heart practically melted. He looked like a kicked puppy. Big brown eyes filled with a mixture of sadness and dwindling hope that he tried to hide with a small smile, probably starting to feel somewhat embarrassed.
" yeah... not looking too good is it? " he said with a small chuckle but there didn't seem to be much humour in it. Pity flooded your chest and you tried to think of something helpful to say to him.
" maybe give them a call? You know what the traffics like in London" it was a pretty shit suggestion when you thought about it. Yes London traffic was notoriously shocking. But not really at night. Brixton was lively at night but it would be no excuse as to why his date was hours late. Still, he smiled at you all the same and gave a nod.
" yeah... yeah traffic " you excused yourself to clear up the table behind him as he picked up his phone and called whoever it was that had left him sat alone. You tried not to listen in as you sprayed the table and wiped it down. But it was impossible. You were too curious.
" what? What do you mean? It's steak. It's steak time " he said in a joyful voice into the phone. You closed your eyes for a moment, your heart aching for him. His optimism. He hadn’t even said hello so clearly the other person hadn’t either. You wondered what their excuse would be. To be honest you were surprised they’d even answered the phone. Most didn’t " thought we said Wednesday? Wednesday. Today " your brow furrowed. Wednesday? It was very clearly Friday. God if it was Wednesday again you'd slam your head on the table " come on. I think Wednesday still comes after Tuesday doesn't it " was he genuinely convinced it was a Wednesday? No wonder he'd missed his date. No wonder they hadn't arrived.
He brought the phone down from his ear slowly, staring at it for a moment.
" scuse me? Excuse me " he turned to you and you put down the cleaning cloth and headed over. He looked distressed, brow furrowed and eyes slightly wild.
" can I help? "
" what day is it today? " he was. He was convinced it was Wednesday. Was he okay? How had he gotten the day so wrong.
" it's... Friday " you said slowly, almost waiting for him to laugh and say the entire thing was a big prank. You were on one of those 'what would you do' hidden camera shows. But no. No camera jumped out to surprise you. His face just fell, wide eyes going glassy as they appeared to fill with tears.
" Friday " he whispered to himself, looking down at the table and away from you. You didn’t quite know what to say as you stood there slightly awkwardly. He was shaking his head in disbelief, muttering quietly to himself.
You spotted Amy inside tapping her wrist as if to indicate the time and you sighed, closing your eyes again hating that he was clearly upset. Yet you still had to do your job.
" the... the kitchens closing in a few minutes... would you like to order anything or.. " He looked up at you with those puppy dog eyes of his, still glassy with tears that he was clearly fighting to keep in. He seemed to take a second to realise what you'd asked him, before slowly nodding
" yeah I will... I will have a steak " you pulled your pad and pen from your apron, clicking the pen. You watched as he sat up more, still not looking at you but that confusion morphing into a solemn look as he looked out towards the street.
" okay that’s fine... And what cut would you like? " you weren't being as formal as you usually would have been. Talking to him like an Injured animal you weren't a hundred percent sure on how to approach.
" the best bit. I'll have. I'll have the best bit. That's the bit that I want " had he ever ordered a steak before? Or was his upset clouding his thoughts? Either way you just wanted to drop your pad and pen and give the poor guy a hug. He looked like he needed it.
" centre cuts filet? " you asked waiting for him to confirm but he simply sniffled and you realised he really was crying now " how would you like it cooked? " you needed to get away from him before you risked it all and pulled him into your arms.
" very good very good yeah " he'd dropped his gaze to his lap again and you had to walk away before you really did hug him. He clearly needed a moment on his own, needed to gather his thoughts that were clearly so very scattered.
You headed back inside and gave his order to the chefs.
" so? What's happened with him? " Amy popped into the kitchen practically bouncing to get some gossip.
" he. He thought it was Wednesday " you said it as if you didn't quite believe it yourself, because honestly? You didn't. Amy frowned and raised her eyebrows.
" think he's not the full ticket? Bit. You know? " she twirled her finger in a circle next to her head, insinuating he was loopy.
" how should I know? I didn't ask his full life story " you actually felt a little bristled that she'd suggest it. The man out there seemed too sweet, too flustered. Not loopy. Just... confused? Maybe? Either way you didn't think he was crazy.
" how do you think it's a Wednesday. It's Friday. It's like, the best day of the week! Wednesday is like. So shit. Why Wednesday " she popped her head out into the restaurant as your other coworker called for her before sighing and heading back out.
It was odd. Of course it was. Of all the excuses and the reasons people had stood up dates. Getting the day wrong by 2 days had never popped up before. He seemed flustered, confused. 1000% convinced that it was in fact Wednesday. Maybe he'd had a bump on the head. Maybe he was just one of those uni students who crammed revision for hours on hours, simply not leaving his home for so long he really did get the days wrong. You guessed there was many explanations. But you weren't going to accept Amy's suggestion of loopy.
You decided to make true on your statement to leave early and headed for the cloakroom to grab your bag and jacket. Ready to go home and binge watch some shitty tv show until you fell asleep, let the poor man sat at table 4 fade into the mass of hundreds of others you'd seen stood up.
" orders up! " you heard the chef call as you headed back through the kitchen again " oh. For you " he handed you a to go box filled with food. You didn't even need to ask. They knew you too well. You smiled and took the box with a thanks, giving the chef a half hug as you balanced your belongings and your food.
Amy appeared back in the kitchen to take the mans steak out but you stopped her.
" I'll take it on my way out it's fine " you said and draped your jacket over the arm that held your bag and balancing your own food too. You didn't like the idea of Amy giving him the food. She wouldnt be as gentle as you had, didn't know how to handle upset people in the slightest " seriously. I've got it. It's okay " you said before she could even attempt to protest, then taking the man's plate in your other hand.
You headed back out to him, in some mild hope he might have cheered up a little bit. You didn't like seeing people upset. Especially people who seemed as sweet as the man sat at table 4.
" centre cut filet, well done " you said softly as you placed it at the table, but even with your gentle approach he startled slightly as you spoke.
" oh. Oh. Right. Thank you " he eyed your jacket and bag, then his eyes flitted to where your coworkers were beginning to clean up inside " should i get this to go? You're closing " he nodded towards where the final customers were leaving, the waiters inside already beginning the close down.
" no you're alright. I sometimes sit out here and eat after my shift, they clean it last. You've got time " you said with a warm smile. He seemed to be thinking of something, his mouth opening slightly like he was going to speak but was still trying to figure out the words. So you waited. Slightly awkwardly but still. He probably needed a talk after the night he'd had.
" do you.. do. Wanna sit with me? " he asked slightly sheepishly, his eyes flickering down to the to go box of your own food in your hand " i mean. You don't have to like if you wanna go home or something- gods sorry that's so weird innit? Sorry- " you couldn't help the smile spreading on your face as he rambled, sitting down opposite him and effectively stopping him in his tracks.
" thanks " you said and opened up the box containing a baked potato and varying other bits the chef had thrown in " would've been cold by the time I was home anyway. Not the same when you microwave stuff is it? " he was looking at you in a mild awe that you had actually sat down with him, but you tried your best to put him at ease.
" i- yeah. Yeah not the same " now you could get a proper look at him you realised he was actually pretty cute. Definitely your type. All fluffy curls and bronzed skin. Dark bags under his eyes but he somehow made them work. Big brown eyes that caught you in your examination of his face. But you simply held his gaze for a second before he looked away. Almost trying to tell him ' yes. I am looking at you. Your date isn't here but that's okay. There's plenty more fish in the sea that'll look at you and see how pretty you are'
Because. Well. He was pretty. Quite possibly the prettiest face you'd come across in London. And those eyes... it was shocking to think he'd still need to be dating. Surely he'd have been snapped up ages ago. You'd come to discover that all the guys that you find even remotely attractive always ended up being taken already.
Or just complete dickheads.
He was hunched in on himself a little. Almost like he was concerned he was taking up too much space, like he wanted to feel and look as small as he could. Like he wanted to fly under everyone's radar, to appear invisible. Unnoticed. A silent nobody.
Maybe that was why he was single. He was shy. Nervous. And couldn't remember his days of the week
You took a bite of your food and watched as he pushed his steak dejectedly with his fork, his nose crinkling slightly.
" not how you like it? You did say very good I just assumed well done... "
" no no. It's just. Well... m' actually vegan " he said with a slightly awkward scratch to his head and you couldn't help the laugh that left you.
" a vegan in a steak house. That's a new one " his shoulders relaxed a little as you laughed, almost as if he was just waiting for you to make fun of him. And relieved when you didn't. Frankly he seemed to relax a little everytime you spoke " Whyd you get a steak then? We have salads, potatoes. Steaks not exactly vegan is it " he shrugged and cut a small chunk of the meat, examining it on his fork for a moment.
" fancied a change? "
“ I don’t think I could ever be vegan. Chicken McNuggets are my go to hangover food “ you said with a grin that made him divert his eyes from the meat and to you. He was smiling too. And it was beautiful.
“ maybe this steak will convert me back “
“ you never know unless you try “ you said, still smiling as you took another bite of your food.
“ right. I should broaden my horizons, yeah? “ he seemed a little hesitant as he put it in his mouth, seemingly thinking extremely hard as he chewed before giving another shrug. He was trying hard not to scrunch his face in disgust as he broke what was probably a long running stint at living vegan.
" well? " you asked, already knowing the answer but humouring him.
" yeah not bad " his terrible lie had you laughing again, shaking your head slightly as you tucked in to your own food. He was unbelievably cute. You felt his eyes on you as you laughed. He seemed to like it. You got the idea he didn't often make people laugh.
" I'm sorry about your date " you said after a minute or so of silence as you both ate, Steven avoiding his steak and picking at the side salad and basket of chips instead " totally their loss. You seem nice " his cheeks flushed at that, not sure whether it was from embarrassment or the compliment. Maybe both. You got the idea he didn't receive many compliments either.
" my fault. Messed up the day. Wednesday. Brain like a sieve " he mumbled and tapped his forehead with the handle of his fork lightly " forget my head if it wasn't screwed on " now he did look embarrassed, the kicked puppy look gracing his face again as he looked down at his plate.
" me too. Should see my phone. Take a picture of my front door everyday to remind myself i actually locked it. Or my hair straighteners to remind myself I unplugged them. Always forget and then panic I’ve burnt my building down " he looked up again at your attempt to console him, those puppy eyes making you want to melt into a puddle in your seat.
" s'alright I guess. Never been very good at like dating and that " he mumbled with a shrug and pushed the steak with his fork, his nose scrunched up in mild disgust " don't even remember asking her out " you raised an eyebrow at that and took another bite of your baked potato.
He forgets the day. And then forgets even asking her out. A mild concern was starting to mount now. How was one man so confused.
" are you sure you were actually meant to be on a date? " it was a bit of joke but he seemed to take it seriously, his eyes widening and he scrambled to unlock his phone.
" yeah yeah look see. See that? Dylan " he shoved the phone towards you with a contact named ' Dylan ' on the screen " never even spoken to her before but I have her number? Bit weird innit? " he'd never spoken to her. Yet he had her number. He'd seemingly missed a date by two whole days. He was an odd one that was for sure. But he was cute. So maybe you could look past it " I messed this one up didn't I? Bloody useless I am "
" her loss " you said warmly and reached across to give his hand a light squeeze. His cheeks flushed slightly again and you wanted to just jump over the table and squeeze him. Show the clearly lonely, affection starved man that there were people who cared.
" got to talk to you though didn't I? Maybe all worked out quite well in the end " it was probably the most confident thing he'd said all night and it made your heart flutter " might be a bit awkward though with Dylan. Work with her so... "
" where do you work? " you asked, part generally interested and part trying to change the topic of Dylan. You were beginning to like his smile, you didn't want the kicked puppy face back again.
" i work at the National Gallery, y'know in Trafalgar Square? " he has perked up in a instant at the mention of work, clearly very much enjoying his job.
" oh cool, you're a tour guide? " he deflated again just as quickly and you wracked your brains for what you possibly could have said wrong.
" er no. Gift shop. I'm a gift shop-ist " he perked up slightly again " I'll be a tour guide one day though. Know more than all the current ones put together " a smile spread across your face for the millionth time that evening as he spoke " applications open up again in a couple months. Gonna apply again I think. I get to talk to people in the shop, give em little titbits of knowledge you know when they buy something? But I'd love to actually be a guide you know? "
He seemed to be bursting to use the knowledge that was so clearly going to waste in a gift shop, even there in his chair he looked like he wanted to explode and tell you something interesting.
" maybe you could give me a tour " you suggested " if you're not too tired after your gift shop-ist duties of course. Only ever been to the gallery once, school trip when I was 12 " he was looking at you like you'd just told him he'd won the lottery. Dylan was a fool for not meeting up with him, though you guessed it was good in a way. If she had met him then maybe you never would have.
" y- yeah! Yeah I'd love that " he was practically bouncing in his seat, all that knowledge ready to explode right at the table. You wouldn't even need a tour at this rate. You'd know the name of every single Greek, Egyptian and Roman to ever live before you even made it home.
" great. Let me... give you my number " you said and rummaged around in your handbag for your phone, plucking it out and unlocking it before showing him your contact information. He scrambled for his own phone and copied the number in " I don't work on Sundays or Tuesdays. So if you're up for a one to one tour those are the best days for me, If they're any good for you as well "
Your phone pinged as a text came through so that you had his number too
Helllooo. It’s Steven :) ( with a v )
Your cheeks were starting to ache from how much he had made you smile. In fact it simply made you smile more just seeing that Steven was no longer sporting that puppy face.
Dylan long forgotten. Thankfully.
" Sundays and Tuesdays. Got it. Right. Wicked " he was beaming at you, the nerves he'd had all night still very much there. But maybe a little less so now " I think Sundays best? Donna doesn't work Sundays "
" Donna? " you questioned, finishing the last of your food and leaving it neatly for Amy when she came to clean up outside.
" my boss... think about locking her on one the sarcophaguses at least three times a day " he said with a small chuckle, picking up your empty box and cutlery and stacking them onto his own plate. It was a practical wet dream for a waitress to see, a customer that kept themselves near and made the waitress' job easier " always calls me stevie , always yelling at me cause im a bit late sometimes. Bloody annoying "
" don't like stevie? " Stevie actually sounded quite cute if you were honest.
" not when she says it " the slight avoidance of your eyes and the flush in his cheeks, almost told you he may have hated it from Donna. But he'd quite liked it from you.
" we'll do a Sunday then. No Donna " he smiled and nodded, eyes looking over you and cheeks flushing again.
Had you just planned a date? Was that even allowed? For you to go on dates with customers?
That was an issue for future you thought. Right now you were quite content to have someone who was a customer twice your age- or even more sometimes- eyeing you up. And to have someone who was actually decent on the eye. And nice. A shy little gift shop-ist who got his days mixed up and hated his boss.
" y/n? We really need to clear up out here now " you turned you head as Amy stood by the door. You two had been out there longer than you'd expected and it wasn't fair to keep the others any later.
" yeah sorry. We're off now give us like. 2 minutes? " she nodded and headed back inside to grab her cleaning stuff, as you put your phone away and stood up. Steven followed suit and looked down slightly dejectedly at the flowers that were still on the table.
" you can have these " he said softly and passed them over " to say thank you. For being so nice I mean " it was your turn to blush now, a small heat creeping over your cheeks as you accepted the slightly squashed flowers.
" thank you Steven "
" you live near here? Or you getting the tube or? " he asked, fiddling slightly with his hands.
" tube " you nodded.
" can I. Can I walk you there? Bit late innit? Dodgy people around " your heart fluttered at the never ending kindness pouring out of this man.
" I'd like that "
You walked side by side in a comfortable silence as tiredness seemed to creep up on the both of you. You couldn't help but steal a few glances at him as you walked. He seemed even more handsome out of the artificial restaurant lights. The moonlight falling on him perfectly.
Dylan's loss.
You did for a brief moment think about all the questions you'd be asked at work tomorrow. You'd practically had a date with him and you'd only gone to deliver him his food. You knew Amy and the others would have been having a field day watching you, gossiping and spying on you. But that didn't matter right now. Because you'd met quite possibly the loveliest man in London.
“ do you live close? “ you asked as you the tube station came into sight.
“ yeah not far. Like 10 minutes walk. Gonna take you long to get home? “ he asked, hands in his pockets as he glanced at you.
“ no. Streatham “ he nodded and you looked over at him again. You did have the slightest of concern with yourself at how easily you’d let a stranger walk you from work. He could’ve been a serial killer for all knew. But in your defence. He’d been lovely all evening. He was evening walking on the side of the path closest to the road.
Once you reached the tube station you came to a halt and for the first time that evening it was ever so slightly awkward. Neither of you seemingly knowing what to say to the other.
" thank you " you broke the silence " for walking me here. And the flowers. And well, for a lovely dinner. Beats my original plans of eating alone on my sofa " you smiled and he gave a small shrug.
" thank you for saving my evening " he was fiddling with his hands nervously and you had the urge to reach out and hold them.
" text me okay? Still want my tour "
" of course! Of course. Maybe we could do this...Sunday? " you nodded and there was a small silence again. He seemed slightly tentative in asking. Perhaps questioning if you had been genuine. Or worried that you'd maybe meant next week and Not two days away.
But if you were truly honest you'd see him again tomorrow. You'd only spent a short while in his presence and yet you already liked his company.
" that'd be perfect. I'm not doing anything " he seemed relieved at your answer, goofy grin on his face and his shoulders relaxing. Eyes practically glistening with happiness " well. I'll see you Sunday then? "
" yeah absolutely. I'll text you yeah? " you hesitated for a slight moment then leant forward and placed a soft kiss to his cheek. You knew his cheeks would be on fire before you even looked at him again and not to cause him any embarrassment, you turned and headed into the station. Already looking forward Sunday.
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You are invited to participate in the 2022 Spooky Season Celebrations! [October 1st ~ October 31st]
This was heavily inspired by the lovely @stormkobra-5
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I'll try to reblog sleepover ask posts throughout the month and I'll link them to this post as I find them.
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I will be posting Halloween/Autumn themed fanfiction and I'll list them here. I'm also accepting drabble requests based on these posts so feel free to check them out :)
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I believe that’s all <3
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Aaaaah pls 😭 this is so dsjdasldal
To the moon and back
Pairing: Marc Spector x gnReader
Word Count: 1025
Summary: After a fight between the both of you Marc wakes up from a nightmare and doesn’t dare to hold you close as he usually would. You’re there to make sure he’s okay.
Warnings/Tags: angst, fluff, nightmares, comfort, 
Taglist: @in-between-the-cafes​ @unspokenmoon​ @leithatnight​ @verexi​ @n1ght5h4d3-24​ @ahookedheroespureheart​ @rmoonstoner​ @fizzymilkduds​ @healing-sunshines-world​ @naniclouded​ @vixorell​ @alivemoonknight​ @aduckinpain​ @peach-betrayal​ @toracainz​ @xcraftystormx​ @avatarofseshat​ (Let me know if you want to be added to/removed from the taglist)
A/N: I don’t have DID, I only know someone close to me who does, which means any descriptions regarding it lean onto the show itself or that person’s experiences (which they are completely comfortable with). Let me know if there are any harmful/incorrect stereotypes that haven’t been part of the characters in the show.  
Requested by @renee834729​
Tumblr media
Marc wakes up abruptly, eyes widened in shock. He reaches to the side, fumbling over the empty mattress next to him. He doesn’t stop until his hand meets your back and exhales softly. His eyes fall shut and only now he realizes the hammering sound in his ears is his own heart thumping in his chest. He starts taking controlled breaths through his mouth, his hands curling into fists as he forces himself to calm down. Marc wipes his face that’s covered in sweat due to the intensity of his vivid nightmare. He reaches out for you again and his breathing calms once his skin connects with yours. Now he knows you’re okay, you’re right there next to him and nothing happened. 
He wants to be close to you but something stops him. Marc remembers the fight you two had gotten into that night. You went to bed earlier than him, clearly upset and pissed off. It hasn’t been anything new though. 
Marc came home covered in blood after a mission and you freaked out seeing his bruised cheek and the cut on his lip. Once again you two went back and forth about him being tied to Khonshu and the whole Moon Knight business. You wanted him to stop and he told you once again he couldn’t. 
He huffs softly and rubs his face before getting up and wandering into the living room. Marc falls onto the sofa heavily and leans against a pillow tiredly, staring out of the window. The full moon outside is a bright reminder of his work and his trouble with you. He groans softly and grabs Steven’s Rubik’s cube, slowly messing up the perfectly finished pattern. Then he stares up at the ceiling and his hands start moving, turning and changing the pattern around blindly. 
Suddenly your face appears above his and you stare down at him with a raised eyebrow. “Can’t sleep?" 
"Nope.” he shrugs and continues the movement. 
You glance at the cube and frown softly. “You’re done already." 
"I know,” he says before groaning softly and sitting up properly. “You’re upside down, that’s weird,” he comments and puts the cube aside again. 
You stare at him for a moment before turning away from him and leaving him in the living room. 
Marc frowns softly and contorts his face. Wow, you must be mad tonight. He slumps back into the sofa and starts fiddling with his hands, trying to push away the images of you covered in blood instead of him. You are getting hurt instead of him. That’s all his nightmares are about nowadays. He closes his eyes in defeat and only looks up surprised when your hand gently brushes back his curls. 
“Come and join me on the balcony?” you ask and he nods willingly. Outside you sit down on the small sofa and make some space for him next to you. He covers you both with the blankets you’ve brought and leans back staring out into the night. 
You watch him for a moment and once more you’re blown away by how gorgeous he is. Your eyes wander from his full lips up the curve of his nose and take in his ridiculously long lashes before resting on his soft dark hair, framing his face in curls. The moon is reflecting in his eyes and the way its light illuminates him as he’s staring right back at it makes your heart flutter. No wonder he wouldn’t get rid of this, he looked like he was born for it. 
“You’re staring,” he mumbles suddenly and usually you would have blushed heavily and denied it. 
But not today. “I’ve got quite a stunning view,” you tell him and see a hint of a smile dancing around his lips, threatening to pull up their corners. His eyes soften as he turns to meet yours and the love in them would knock you off your feet if you weren’t already seated. 
He leans in just a little bit before hesitating and chewing on his lower lip as he searches your eyes. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I hope you know that if I could stop I’d do it." 
"I know.” you nod gently. “That doesn’t mean I like seeing you come home hurt,” you add and he nods understandingly. “You had a nightmare." 
Marc hums agreeing and gently rubs his face. "You know the plot; hasn’t changed." 
"I’m okay, I got you after all,” you assure him and gently take his hand. He nods and carefully traces the back of your hand with his thumb. “You know you could’ve made sure I’m there." 
"I did,” he speaks quietly. 
“No, you didn’t.” you chuckle and lift his chin lovingly. “Brushing your hand over my back is not how you check what’s real and what isn’t." 
He huffs softly and blinks at you. "You were fucking pissed at me when you went to bed. I didn’t really think hugging you was what you’d want." 
"I told you before, I’m here when you need me. No matter what.” you remind him and sigh softly. “I was scared, Marc." 
He closes the distance and pulls you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around you. "I’m sorry, baby." 
You hug back tightly and kiss his cheek. "It’s alright…you’re gonna be okay?” you ask, referring to his nightmare. 
“I will be in a bit.” he nods and squeezes you softly, leaning his head against yours. 
You gently rub his chest and listen to his heart beating against your ear. “You want some warm milk with honey?” you ask softly and hear him chuckle. 
“I’ve got everything I need right here,” he assures you but can’t hide a warm smile at your offer. He kisses your head and buries his face in your hair afterward. “I love you so much, baby." 
"I love you too, my dear,” you say softly and cuddle into him. “To the moon and back, you know.” you tease and make him laugh out loud. You smile softly at the sound; pulling a genuine smile or laugh from Marc’s lip still remained special and treasured to you even after all this time. 
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its just me and my 74 unfinished WIPs against the fucking world
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It’s October! You know what that means... 🎃 (via kxvo)
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everything is fine but why am I about to cry?? This was so soft and adorable help 😭💕
Tumblr media
Body and soul
Steven Grant x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Fluff and more fluff
Summary: After a long day you get home to watch your favorite movie with your favorite soft boy
Words: 800, working on making them longer
Notes: There's some rain, some Pride and Prejudice, some kisses and some fluffy Steven <3
Tumblr media
It’s raining on your way back home. The city lights reflect a dazzling echo on the wet pavement, raindrops looking like sparkles on the ground. It’s magical. But you feel too exhausted to appreciate it.
You had too much work to get done today, having barely a few minutes to have a snack every now and then and now you are starving. Your head is pounding at your temples. Your hands are numb and your feet are creeping cold despite the warm socks you’re wearing under your shoes. Even your ears hurt from the chilling air.
All you can think is to put yourself under a stream of hot water and lay on the sofa wearing the comfiest sweatsuit you own with a big cup of hot tea. You don’t even feel like cooking, you’ll order some dinner while you wait for Steven to get home.
That’s what you are thinking when you open your flat’s door and the smell of your favorite soup feels so good that almost makes you cry. As soon as he sees you Steven rushes to kiss you, taking care of your umbrella and coat while he tells you they closed the museum early for lack of visitors.
But instead of answering you only react by holding him as close as you can. His embrace instantly makes you feel better.
You’d think your cold nose against his neck would make him flinch but he only hugs you tighter. Like he knew the warmth of his body has the power to soothe any pain.
“It’s freezing cold, isn’t love?” he asks, smoothing your hair and brushing his fingers in your neck, realizing the tension effortlessly. “I wanted to surprise you by picking you up at work but then I thought that waiting for you with some warm food was better”.
At your lack of words, he backs up a little to look at your face. And he doesn’t even need to ask, he already knows. That’s how much in sync he is with you. You could bet even your heartbeats pound in perfect harmonization.
“What if you change into some comfortable clothes and we have dinner watching whatever you feel like watching? Hmm? What'd you think, love?”
Yet, it still astonishes you how he always knows exactly what to say and what to do to make you feel better. You think he doesn’t even notice it because that’s who he is. Being this kind, considerate, and thoughtful is a second nature to him. It’s as natural to him as breathing.
So later, even when Pride and Prejudice it’s one of your favorite movies, you spent half of the time watching him instead. You’re hypnotized by his genuine reactions, despite the fact he must have watched the movie as many times as you have. You’re absorbed by how he’s not scared of showing his emotions. Completely caught up by the strength behind his open vulnerability.
You melt when he says he gets Darcy’s hand flex because that’s how he feels every time he touches you, when he shakes his head in disapproval at the appearance of Mr. Wickham, when he softly hums the melody of the dancing scene into your neck, when he laughs at the one flower Collin uses to propose, when he holds you closer at Darcy’s confession, when he caresses your hands holding them to his chest at the dawn scene, when he gets teary watching the emotion on Mr. Bennet's face at the end of the movie, and when he helps you get up from the couch, saying he can’t offer you half of Pemberley but all of his heart.
But then he makes you weak on the knees by repeating Darcy’s words in between kisses while leading your way to the bed: “You have bewitched me,” the gentle caresses of his palms on your cheeks, the breathlessness of his low voice sending goosebumps all over your skin, “body and soul”.
You turn around and push him into the mattress. Climbing onto him and easing with your lips that point where his brows meet sometimes, pronouncing the words as a veneration: “And I love,” a fluttering kiss on his eyelids that steal him a soft sight. “I love,” gentle kisses on his flushed cheekbones. Then you back up a little to look him in the eyes, your heart hammering in your chest and all the discomforts of the day long-forgotten as you whisper “I love you”.
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I need him in my life. This is so soft, reading it made me feel hugged 🥺
to take care of you
jake lockley x reader
wrote this after an anxiety attack so this is very self indulgent. like. this is purely written for myself first and I gotta admit this was therapeutic
summary: jake takes care of you after an anxiety attack.
warnings: anxiety attack and everything it implies, not being able to take a shower, non sexual nudity, one really small past allusion to sex (blink and you'll miss it fr)
tags: gn!reader, hurt/comfort, fluff
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
You don’t even dare to look at yourself in the mirror.
You can feel a deep sickness lodged into your belly and you just know that looking at your miserable reflection won’t be of any help, on the contrary.
The funniest thing is probably the fact that you don’t even know why you feel that way. You feel nauseous, drained, heavy, a massive migraine is weighing on your skull, and you have no idea why it is happening. 
You take deep breaths as you can feel your respiration thicken, and you can swear that you felt your vision blur for a second before Jake knocked on the door.
“Honey are you in there ?” Jake asks harshly, but with a bit of worry filling his voice. He immediately opens the unlocked door, directly glancing at you facing the sink. He frowns slightly when he meets your gaze. “What are you doing ? Didn’t you hear me calling you ?” he asks, hand still firmly holding the door handle.
“No, sorry” you affirm, weakly smiling at him to hide your discomfort. 
A gap forms at his mouth and he lets go of the door to walk to you.
“Are you okay cariño ?” he asks, your attempt at burying your trouble miserably failing. There’s no use trying to hide it from him. Not when he knew you so well.
“I- uh, I was about to take a shower” you declare rubbing a hand over your face. “I can’t do it, Jake.” you say as your voice cracks, looking back at him with tears inevitably forming in your eyes.
He says nothing as he pulls you closer to wrap his arms around you, and he softly caresses your hair when you bury your face in his neck, damping the area with your tears.
“Shh that’s okay” he whispers as he hears you whimper against him, tracing soothing patterns onto your back. 
He meets Steven’s concerned gaze in the mirror who’s pleading with him to let him take care of you. Jake looks away from his alter, determined to take care of you on his own for once. 
“I’ll help you get cleaned up, is that okay ?” he asks softly, and you nod as you slowly pull away from him.
You’re facing each other again, and he weakly smiles at you when he brings a hand to your cheek to wipe your tears away with his thumb. He cups your face with his warm, welcoming hands and brings his lips to your forehead to leave a gentle kiss here.
Your body feels heavy, and you’re glad Jake is here to help you get undressed as you can’t even process what’s happening considering you can’t stop silently crying. He gently lifts your shirt above your head, carefully unbuttons your jeans and for once so innocently takes your underwear off to put it to the side before telling you to hold onto his forearm to get in the bath he had started running before undressing you.
You sit down in the bathtub and shiver as the cold water meets your skin.
Jake drags a stool from next to the sink to next to the bathtub and runs a hand through your hair when you wrap your arms around your knees and yourself.
“More warm water ?” he asks as he sees you gritting your teeth when a chill runs down your spine.
You nod slowly and he bends to turn the faucet to the hot side before grabbing a washcloth.
He puts it under the faucet and gently brings it over your shoulders, letting the water warm you up.
“So, what’s wrong baby” he asks softly, not wanting to startle you. You look up at him and can feel tears welling your eyes again. “If you don’t want to tell me that’s okay.” he nods, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. “But I need to know which cabrón I have to beat up”
You chuckle a little before gulping and looking away from him, your gaze meeting the tiled wall in front of you.
“No it���s just that– I don’t really know why I feel that way” you mutter under your breath, nails digging into the sides of your thighs. “I feel sick and anxious and I don’t even know why it’s happening” you declare looking up at him, your voice quavering.
Jake draws his lower lip under his teeth and runs the cloth over along your arm.
“It’s okay not to feel okay” he affirms shrugging with a pout. “Even if you don’t know why you feel that way” he nods. “But it’s my job to make you feel better so I’m going to take care of you” he affirms as he grabs the bottle of shower gel and squeezes it into his hand.
“You don’t have to do that” you affirm weakly before resting your forehead against your knees.
“Actually yes I do” he declares kind of harshly. “Because I love you” he says spreading the soap over your body. “And I care about you” he continues, smiling at you. “And you’ve taken care of us so many times it’s only right for us to take care of you in return.” he affirms with a small smile when he sees you looking back at him.
You want to cry, but you’re not sure about the reason anymore – you now think it is because of how gentle, caring and considerate Jake is.
After a quick shampoo and some help getting you in your pajamas, Jake led you to your bedroom and made you sit on the edge of your bed. 
You sniffle because of the runny nose your crying session gave you, and Jake sits behind you, your hairbrush in hand. He runs it along your wet hair, gently tugging when there are knots, careful not to hurt you. 
You turn to him once he’s done brushing your hair, and he gently holds your face in his rough, calloused hands. You close your eyes as he leans in to kiss your nose up to your forehead. A small smile forms on your lips, and Jake smiles back at you when he observes he made you smile. He caresses your cheek, staring deeply into your teary, bloodshot eyes.
“You need to rest now cariño” he affirms sternly, tilting his head forward as his hands leave your face.
You nod and move to get under the sheets but feel your heart race as you see him getting up from the bed and heading towards the door.
“You’re leaving ? Can you please stay with me ?” you ask him with a weak voice, bringing the sheets up to your chin.
Jake pinches his lips in reflexion and quickly walks back around the bed, sliding into the sheets next to you. He snuggles up against you and wraps his arm around you as you bury your face in the crook of his neck, grounding yourself with his familiar soothing scent.
He closes his eyes and sighs softly as he rests his head over yours.
“We love you so much, all of us” he whispers against your hair as he runs a hand along your back, glad he could take care of you.
moon knight taglist: @apollo-enthusiast @scarabgrant @lockleysgrl @my-secret-shame-but-fanfiction @missmarmaladeth @alexxavicry
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Holy mother of Christ I AM A CHANGED WOMAN!! That was beautiful. It was steamy. There was tension. It made me yearn. This fic is a fuLL COURSE MEAL!!! Thank you for writing this.
Also is it just me or did it get hot in here?? 🥵
hate to love you
ˣ pairing: poe dameron x f!reader
ˣ summary: being stranded on a planet? not a problem, at least rescue’s coming. the real issue is that it means for twelve hours, you’re stuck with poe dameron.
ˣ warnings: 7.7k wc. explicit smut (oral/vaginal) and language. enemies-ish to lovers & forced proximity trope. mentions of blood & injuries. kinda soft!
ˣ a/n: “it’s been 84 years…” seriously tho i apologize for the big delay in posting ;_; but yay here’s my first official poe fic! i didn’t intend for this to be quite long, still i hope you enjoy 🤍
Tumblr media
You’re seething with anger.
A red, hot, and blinding rage.
One more word out of your Commander, and you swear you’d make him regret having survived that crash landing.
You couldn’t care any less for his half-assed excuses. The weak explanations and baseless assumptions that only boil your blood. Even the sound of his mere voice has you so irritated that you wish the explosion had blown out your ear drums.
If only he had listened to you, then the two of you wouldn’t be in this mess— you wouldn’t be stranded on some unknown, barren planet deep in the outer rim.
Quick to point a finger, this was entirely Poe Dameron’s doing.
This was all his fucking fault.
Keep reading
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I love using my phone in public surely I will not scroll past some strange image
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Tumblr media
omg did anyone else spot Lizzy in the new ghost files episode??? 😱
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it's only fair because you have to deal with my meltdowns and all that brain rot caused by Oscar Isaac
Tumblr media
@loki-hargreeves truly deserves an award for putting up with the depraved shit I send her, the following is a representation of the past few days
Tumblr media
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Good luck to you guys who are writing today!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I refreshed the page and saw this and I was so quick to drop everything just to read this. It was so so so good I want to scream for real. The thought of "taming" him just makes me yearn 🥺
The Lion (and the Lamb)
Tumblr media
gif credits @designforliving
summary: he’ll do right by you, on his own terms, no matter what.
pairing: fem!reader x santi ‘pope’ garcia
contents: illusions to sex but no smut, alcohol mention, kissing, sickness & flu symptoms, medication & food mention, some tears, nonsexual nudity, all in all tooth-rotting fluff, santi being a major simp
AN: just something sweet until my series for him is done!
word count: 1.6k
misc. masterlist | requests are closed until nov. 1st
Santi never allowed himself to love as openly and deeply before he met you.
He claims it’s because it wasn’t supposed to happen until you, that no one he’s ever met is like you. Before this, he never felt safe enough, loved enough, or strong enough to be so unapologetic about his feelings. No matter how many missions went successfully, how many takedowns or hit targets, nothing’s made him feel as secure as the love for him that glitters in your eyes. You render all of his training useless— the sight of you makes his knees go weak and his heart flutter like a lovesick teenager.
You turn Santi to mush from the moment he sees you. All that logic goes out the window when Will and Benny introduce you to him. He’s used to thinking with his dick and his brain respectively, never his heart. When he meets a woman he turns the charm up to the nth degree, flashes that perfect smile of his while he trails his eyes over every curve of her body.
But when your hand slips into his, soft and warm, your smile brighter than the sun, he can hardly think. You murmur your name to him gently, and give his hand a firm shake. Will and Benny introduce him as Pope, along with another friend named Frankie.
His heart beats fast in his chest, his mouth cottony as he forms his reply, “Santiago. Or Santi.”
“Pleasure to meet you, Santiago,” Your mouth caresses his name in a way that makes his hands tremble, and do you notice. You make a note to yourself to always call him that.
That night you make him dance. Not his usual completely uninvested sidestep, the known ritual before he takes a woman home to the real show. He’s wrapped around your finger, literally and figuratively, his body tight and hot against yours on the crowded dance floor. You’ve got your hands fisted in his greying curls, his hips follow yours, mirroring your every move. When you look up at him his eyes are glazed over, completely absorbed in you. He would lay the world at your feet right now, and plans on doing so for as long as you’ll let him.
The moment you lean in and kiss him he’s woefully unprepared, frozen into place as you patiently coax his mouth open. He feels like a fucking idiot— you’re kissing him and he’s just standing here, his eyes wide like a deer in headlights as you open him up. Then you slip your tongue into his mouth and switch flips in his brain. He’s kissing you back, messy and wet, his hands finding your hip and the nape of your neck to pull you closer.
Benny, Will, and Frankie stand on the sidelines, all too entertained with the sight of Pope like this to look for dance partners of their own. Nursing beers and talking crap, taking in every detail so they know every little way to give Santi shit at a later date. And while they all know they’ll joke around, there’s an unspoken feeling that spreads around the table— it’s good to see him like this. Carefree, relaxed, not haunted by all the shit they’ve seen and done. Momentarily free of the guilt and grief. But they focus on the lighter things, a crowded bar isn’t the place to begin unpacking their baggage.
Frankie leans in closer to Benny and Will, shouting over the bass music that thrums through the foundation of the bar, “Where the hell did you meet her?”
“Family friend!” Will calls back, though his eyes don’t leave the two of you on the dance floor.
“She’s got him in a puddle,” Frankie nudges Benny with his shoulder, grinning when he sees that the man is pouting. “And neither of you tried?”
“I did,” Benny replies begrudgingly, “but apparently I’m not enough to handle.”
Frankie and Will try to hold in their laughs, the first man masking his with a cough. Benny throws him a glare, pushing him on the chest.
“You’re plenty to handle in your own way, Benny,” Will assured him.
“She tamed the lion,” Frankie’s in awe of you, his eyes drifting back to where you and Santi are glued together.
You lean to get close enough to whisper in his ear, “Do you…wanna come back to my place?”
A chill runs through him at the unspoken promise your question holds. He shifts, and gets his lips close enough to whisper back not wanting to burst your bubble, “Is that what you want?”
“Whatever you want is what I want,” He murmurs softly, a hint of wonder in his voice.
That’s how the beginning of your relationship unfolds— how Santi ends up being needed in a way he’s never been before. And even though he has no experience in being the perfect partner, in being a partner at all, he’s nothing if not competent, striving to be everything you could need and more. Disappointing you isn’t an option. Being the second best at loving you isn’t an option. He’ll do right by you, on his own terms, at any cost. Even his love for you has a code of ethics he’s created.
It’s that principle that lands you in his lap months later when you’re stuck in bed with the flu.
“You’re going to get sick, Santiago,” You try to lean away when he dips his head for a kiss, but he gets his hand around the base of your throat, and holds you firm while he licks into your mouth. If you weren’t sick this would be ending a hell of a lot differently.
He pulls away, giving you his usual smirk, “I have the immune system of a thousand men. I’m only worried about you.”
“I’m already sick, there’s nothing you can do.”
He looks a little offended by your words, and while you know he hates being told he can’t do things you didn’t know it would apply to this, “There’s plenty I can do, starting with warming you up, you’re fucking freezing cariño.” His arms tighten around you, pulling you flush to his chest.
It’s days of that, bundling up together because your skin is cold as ice, just to wake up hours later hot as a furnace. Santi doesn’t complain once, just unwraps the both of you, and puts an ice pack on your forehead to cool you down. He creates a regime for you, and no matter how tired you are or how much you want to sleep he makes you stick to it. He’s gone over the labels on all the medication, knows which ones you can mix and which ones you have to take in the morning or at night. He plies you with various types of tea, some for congestion, some for aches and pains, others just because he’ll know you’ll like the taste and you need to stay hydrated. His fingers burn as he grips the bowl he feeds you soup from.
While he’s optimistic, your symptoms start to weigh on your mental state, and when he comes back with your tea and soup one afternoon he finds you curled up in bed, a crying heap. He sets the tray he’s carrying down on your dresser before crossing the room and getting in bed with you. He gets his hands on either side of your head and starts kissing away the tears that are streaming down your face. It's unbearable, seeing you like this.
“Hush, baby, it's okay. You’re okay. Hey, you’re my strong girl right?”
You sniffle, wiping your nose haphazardly with a nod, “Yes, but I’m tired, Santiago.”
He rests his forehead against yours, “I know, baby, but you should take a turn for the better in a few days. I called the doctor and she said you're almost there.”
“I want to be there now,” You almost whine, and he nods against you, gives you another encouraging kiss.
“Soon, cariño, I promise. Are you hungry?” You shake your head. He tries again, “Thirsty?”
Another negative.
“How about a bath, does that sound nice?”
“That sounds amazing,” You flash him a smile he hasn’t seen in days.
He pulls away and looks into your eyes, gauging if it’s alright to leave you alone. And though your face is tear stained, your eyes look lighter and softer than they did when he’d returned to you. You bump your nose against his, murmuring that you’re fine and it’s okay. It takes him no time to get the bath full of piping hot water, just how the two of you prefer. The water’s soaping and fragrant, the perfect mix of lavender and vanilla.
When he comes back to get you, he’s just in his boxers. You try to protest when he goes to scoop you up, knowing that this isn’t good for his knees or his back, but he shushes you, and carries you to the bath with what seems like little effort. Clothing is on the floor in just seconds, and you aren’t sure how, but he lowers you both into the bath no problem, not even a splash or wave in the water.
The warmth of the water soothes your sore muscles immediately, and you even get hints of the aromatic oil through your congested sinuses. A relieved sign stirs in your chest, you feel the best you have in days, though the sickness is still definitely with you.
“Comfortable?” He asks softly, his hands kneading the flesh of your neck.
“Yeah, nice and warm,” You hum in response, sinking further into the water as your eyes flutter shut.
“I love you baby, get some rest.”
“I love you, Santiago,” You murmur sleepily, leaning your head back against his chest.
There’s nothing like the sound of his name in your mouth, it’s a comfort he’ll always covet. As he holds you close he sinks into the unfamiliar feeling of being home, one he only gets with you.
if you’d like to be on my santi taglist let me know!
santi taglist: @hotchaways, @honeybrowne, @jitterbugs927, @theconsultingdoctor10, @awesomemikaus, @tanzthompson, @siezethenights, @clairevoyanceee, @moonmalice, @tiffanypooh, @dearvirtualdiary, @marc-spectorr, @xbellaxcarolinax, @toracainz, @roseqzpd, @rosecentaur1916, @mccn-bcys, @hotchs-bitch
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
oh dear oh dear... I am experiencing something. This was incredible 🥵🥵🥵
Hands on Experience
Pairing: Loki x fem!reader
Warnings: smut (18+ only please!!), oral sex (f receiving), hand kink, choking, inappropriate use of pottery, doggy style, mentions of anxiety,
Summary: Reader has another sleepless night and uses pottery as a coping mechanism. Loki finds her and things get a little handsy.
Notes: This smut was inspired by the infamous pottery scene from the movie Ghost. If you have not watched the movie, I highly recommend it because it is such a lovely movie. Plus, the scene is pretty spicy lol. Thank you to @divine-mistake for beta reading! I appreciate you sm :’)
Tumblr media
You couldn’t sleep. This was the third night in a row where you lied restlessly in bed. Loki peacefully slept next to you lying on his chest. Your fingers brushed his long waves out of his face tucking it behind his ear. You shook your head envious that your godly lover had no trouble falling asleep. You craned your neck to the side of your bed. The digital clock on your nightstand read 3:00 am. Sighing helplessly, you quietly shimmied out of bed careful not to wake Loki.
You tiptoed to the art room on the farthest side of the house you shared with Loki. You grabbed your phone to turn on your oldies playlist. As a familiar tune echoed the soundproof room, you began creating a new pottery piece. Your hands naturally formed the clay into a large vase and you smoothed over the exterior. While humming along to the next song on your playlist, you continued to fine-tune the details of your vase. You were so focused on your art that you didn’t notice Loki step into the room.
“Ahh, I knew I would find you here,” Loki yawned behind you. You whipped your head around to find Loki standing in the doorway wearing only a pair of navy blue joggers. They sat low on his hips offering you a generous view of his happy trail. The sight of him made you grin and you resumed to the pottery in front of you. Loki’s footsteps trailed closer behind you and he plopped onto the stool next to you.
“Sorry, babe, I couldn’t sleep,” you replied watching your hands glide along the vase. Loki kissed the top of your forehead helping you relax. He knew that you had trouble sleeping at night due to your anxiety and that art was one of your coping mechanisms.
“Darling, you don’t ever have to apologize for something that you can’t always control,” Loki reassured you while stroking your back. The feel of his hand on your back sent a shiver down your spine. Your body began to heat up at the sudden touch.
“Nights like these happen and will happen in the future. But I will always be there with you to get you through those rough nights,” Loki continued. You tilted your head towards him and saw his blue eyes twinkle, realizing that he meant it from the bottom of his heart. His gaze was so captivating that you forgot that you were still holding that clay in your hands. The vase turned into a pile of mush under your hands causing you and Loki to giggle.
“Oh dear, I hope that wasn’t meant to be a masterpiece,” Loki joked, nodding towards the fallen creation. You laughed again and shook your head at him.
“Well, with the God of Mischief by my side, I don’t think it stood a chance,” you poked back. Loki dramatically gasped with his eyes widened.
“My, my, you little minx,” Loki retorted. “I may be the God of Mischief but I most certainly can create something as beautiful as you.” You playfully rolled your eyes but your cheeks blushed a bright pink.
“Alrighty, be my guest,” you challenged, motioning him to move closer to you. “You better not cheat and use magic!” Loki shifted the stool behind you and naturally spread his legs out to your sides. He wet his hands and began sculpting the clay into the vase you attempted to make earlier. You watched his hands move along the clay and pictured how his hands would be on your naked body. You reached around his arms to place your hands on top of his.
“You gotta move your hands like this,” you cupped your hands against his, and Loki’s hands molded against yours. You hummed in approval as the clay began to take shape. Both of your hands moved in synchronization as the clay rotated beneath your grasp. Your body pressed closer into Loki’s to assist him in his art piece. You instantly relaxed against him unintentionally arching your back against his bare skin.
“Darling, I didn’t realize that me doing pottery excites you,” Loki teased.
“Less talking, more sculpting, silver tongue,” you muttered with a hint of humiliation.
“Ahh, so it appears it does excite you. Do you like the way my hands wrap around the clay like this? I bet you are thinking about what else my talented hands can do,” Loki purred tangling his fingers with yours. You hummed at the sensuality of your hands touching against the cold clay. Loki smirked smugly and slipped his hands away from under yours. He placed his hands on top of yours, his fingertips brushing along your hands.
“That feels good, huh?” Loki husked, his touch crawling up your arms. Goosebumps formed on your skin as his clay-covered hands trailed up to your tank top. Loki kissed the side of your neck making you moan out loud. You lifted your hands off the clay and turned your head to face him. You looked up at him with hooded eyes and he peered down at you smugly. Loki leaned down to kiss you passionately while your hands hung to the side to not get clay on him.
Without breaking the kiss, Loki stood up to carry you around him. You naturally wrapped your arms and legs around him while his hands grabbed your ass. You could feel his growing length under you causing your core to get wet. He walked you to the couch and gently laid you down on the couch.
Loki crawled on top of you and smashed his lips back onto yours. He tugged at your tank top and you raised your arms above your head. The tank top was pulled off your body exposing your perky breasts. Loki gripped onto both breasts and kissed down your neck. You moaned as his warm lips traveled from your neck down to your nipples. He sucked one into his mouth while simultaneously flicking the other with his middle finger.
“Yes, Loki, ohh, fuck!” you whimpered feeling his tongue glide along your hard nipple. His blue eyes peered up at you in a way that made your pussy flutter. You swore you could watch him in this position until the sun came up. You didn’t notice him pull his pants down to pleasure himself while he licked and sucked you.
Loki eagerly kissed down your stomach until he reached the hem of your shorts. You groaned at how close yet so far his mouth was to where you wanted it most. The corner of his lips curved upward as if reading the thoughts in your head. Loki bit down on your shorts and pulled them down slowly with his teeth. The pair of shorts fell to the floor as Loki spit them out of his mouth. You subconsciously spread your legs open to expose your dripping pussy to the god above you. Loki’s fingers traveled down to your wetness but you abruptly grabbed his wrist before it could go down further.
“Loki, your hands still have clay on them,” you chuckled causing his grin to grow more wicked.
“No matter. Guess I will have to use my tongue then,” Loki lustfully growled. Before you could process his words, Loki’s tongue lapped along your wet pussy. Your moans filled the silence of the art room as your lover ate you out. Your messy hands linked with Loki’s and you both locked eyes with one another.
“Fuck, Loki, that feels so good! You make me feel so good!” you whimpered rocking your hips against his mouth. Loki growled against you, the vibrations making your pussy pulse faster. He continued to trace his tongue around your wetness driving you closer to your orgasm.
“Loki make me cum, please baby,” you whined squeezing his hands that rested by your hips. His lips puckered around your swollen bud and he vigorously sucked at your clit. Right as you were about to orgasm, Loki removed his mouth from your core. You sighed in frustration but that was short-lived as he flipped you over so you were face down on the couch. He arched your back so your ass was up in the air and he slid his pants down. His cock sprang out, slapping against your thigh, and you moaned as his tip smeared precum on the back of your thigh. Grabbing his cock with his right hand and your ass with his left, he swiped his length along your folds.
“Ready to take my cock, darling?” Loki rumbled. “I know you’ve been wanting it since I walked into the room. Tell me and I’ll give it to you!”
“Please, Loki, I want you inside me now, please!” you whined with your face against the cushion of the couch. Loki smirked, calling you a good girl, and fully thrust into you. You screamed in pleasure when he bottomed out inside you. His strong hands clutched onto your delicate hips, allowing him to piston into you at an inhuman speed. You bit the leather couch holding back a yell as Loki pounded you into the furniture. Loki grunted profanities into your ear as his palms dug deep into your soft skin. He lapped the outer part of your ear with the tip of his tongue resulting in you pushing back into his thrusts. His hands found their way up to your body and wrapped around your neck. They mimicked the way he formed the clay with you on your neck and your breath became jagged as he choked you.
“Is this what you were thinking of darling? Were you thinking of how I use my hands to bring out your raw desires? I love how fucking dirty you are for me, all mine,” Loki moaned while manhandling you. He repetitively hit your sweet spot with his tip and you felt that familiar sensation in the pit of your stomach.
“Lokiii, I’m gonna-” you began breathlessly submitting to Loki’s full control over you.
“I know, baby, I’m right there, too. On the count of three okay?” Loki panted, fucking into you harder indicating he’s about to come. You nodded frantically relishing the way his cock filled your insides.
“One. So good baby, fuck!”
“Two, I love you darling, shit!” Your eyebrows furrowed as you tipped towards the edge.
“Three!” Loki yelled and you both came undone together. He shot his load inside of you while you creamed around him. The smell of sex filled the air as you and Loki halted to catch your breaths. He pulled out of you and kissed your lower back. You could feel the mixture of cum drip from your used pussy. It was the hottest sensation you had ever felt.
Loki wrapped your small body into his embrace and left butterfly kisses on your forehead. Your eyes began to droop, a feeling of relief that you were finally ready to sleep.
“Looks I fucked you to sleep, huh love?” Loki taunted with a chuckle. “C’mon let’s get you to bed.” He started to pick you up but you protested.
“Wait, can we stay here?” you requested, and without hesitation, Loki nodded. You drifted further towards your slumber as Loki plopped back down on the couch with you. The last thing you remembered hearing was Loki whispering “I love you” and your playlist ending on its final song.
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