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Tumblr media
This is the reason Nina became a villain
“Matthias Helvar is the male gaze, Wylan Van Eck is the female gaze , therefore he is superior”_ Jesper Fahey’s last tweet before the war
“Matthias & Nina are a “straight” ship for gay people, Jesper & the other guy are a gay ship for straight people #suckitjesper” Nina’s completely unrelated response
“Inej Ghafa was written by a woman, Nina Zenik was written by a man” The tweet that caused Kaz Brekker to flee the country for two months
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oh my god.
someone tell me why i never knew that leoni was the girl jesper's mother saved.
aditi hilli gave her life for leoni, and here she is in fjerda saving other grisha.
i hope jesper gets to meet her one day and meet the girl his mother died for, and i hope he understands why his mother did what she did.
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Very random observation
But i think Colm was probably the only person to compliment Wylan��s kindness out loud
Now, this is not to say the crows doesn't appreciate that or that they don't compliment Wylan. Is that the times Inej,Nina and Jesper think on Wylan as a kind person, it´s always on inside monologues and when any of them (plus Matthias and Kaz) compliment him out loud is about him being smart.
I think it could be important to point out that Wylan does love having his mind being appreciated. Is just that to have it, he has to adapt, learn about things he is not exactly pasionate about like chemistry or participating in illegal activities he doesn't completely agree.
I don't know if i am making my point clear , but things like him being nice is something he can do without effort, also something his father never considered a valid virtue and that are irrelevant in the barrel life.
So Colm just telling Wylan "thats why he likes you" after he reasures him not only means Colm apreciates that side of him, but he learns that Jesper does it too.
I just think is nice that Wylan is aware that he is appreciated for more than one thing.
If i am wrong, please remind me of something i may have missed
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So, the show handled Nina and Kaz terribly in diferent ways , but both were a complete waste
Inej and Jesper were on the "more of less" scale , some things were great, some things are rage inducing
Therefore, If Matthias was fine, by symetry it means that Wylan has to be portrayed fine too, right ...RIGHT?
Of course there is the option to fix Nina, Inej and Jesper (for Kaz is too late) but that would be asking Netflix to make an effort
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terfs: trans women don't have periods and can't have children! they are not women!
trans man: I've transitioned so now I don't have periods and can't have children
terfs: NO!!! SHUT UP!!! YOU'RE A WOMAN!!!!
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Exorcist: I'm here to get rid of the demon you called me about
Kaz: I didn't call an exorcist?
Demon, crawling out from under the bed: I did, get me the fuck out of here
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Tumblr media
If you saw the show, Marie is Alina’s friend who got killed for using her face (in the book it’s diferent: she is only friendly out of convenience, would never work with Genya because she looks down at her and it’s implied to slut shame her and dies on the second book , which would be season 2, and is killed by the darkling instead of the conductor , who doesn’t exists in the books)
Sergei doesn’t exist on the show but he is Marie’s boyfriend on the books
Leigh has this thing of pairing people with similar struggles
Inej-Kaz: PTSD that caused them issues with touching other people
Nina-Matthias: Being raised in a militarized emviroment
Jesper-Wylan: Learning disabilities combined with daddy issues
Zoya-Nikolai: Being too pretty (and there is the hidden vulnerability too but whatever)
Alina-Mal: Self steem and belonging issues
Marie-Sergei: the struggle of being the worst characters on the grishaverse and having the fandom deny it just because they are both death
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How are their still “nice guys” out their did yall not watch megamind growing up
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Nina: i am sorry, but you are too sick to be Santa Claus
Matthias : but i promised i would be there for the children
Nina: Kaz and i will cover for you
Matthias: KAZ?! You can't let Kaz be Santa! he and children sound like a terrible mix
Nina: No , i will be Santa, Kaz is too skinny for the role. So instead of a sexy elf, like i was going to be, he will be there as my regular-average elf
Matthias: Alrgiht, but don't let him near the children
Nina: Promise
Kaz: i can't believe you conviced me to do this
Nina: Relax, no one would reconigze you with that hat covering your haircut
Kid on Nina´s lap: You are not Santa
Nina: of course i am, young man
Kid: Santa can't be a woman
Nina: If god can be a woman, why can't santa be one too?
Kid: God is not a woman, my father told me
Nina: Well, the pain in my ass is not supposed to be human , yet here you are
Kid: My mommy says your cleavage is innapropiate
Nina: your mommy is just jealous i can flaunt my gifts while hers are so saggy she could clean the floor with them
Nina: so, what are you going to ask me for christmas?
Kid: i want the candy you are eating
Nina: sure, have one
Kid: i want the whole jar
Nina: Can't do that, those are mine. But i can give you one for you at christmas
Kid: i want them NOW!
Nina: I can't give you that, i payed for them
Kaz covering his elf ears : ghezen Nina, just give the jar to that brat before i stuck a sock on his mouth
Nina: no! he has to learn manners. He didn't even say please
Kid: "please" is for servants-
Nina: whoa, are you a piece of-
Kid: If you don't give them to me, i will cry and say you hit me
Nina lifting her fist: Well, you will cry anyway!
Kaz dressed up as santa: you give them a strong hug, then say "i am sorry, i thought you were my daddy" and ran away, they will think you were embarrased and will give you time until they realize their wallet is gone
Girl taking notes: Interesting, so this is how you get the money for the presents. By the way, why is the elf lady possing like a model in outside instead of here with you?
Kaz: She didn't want to waste her costume even after security dragged her out for raising her hand to a child and calling him a c-u-n-
Kaz: By the way, i will give you a present , but is up to you how are you going to use it. You can drink this red smoothie, or you can run and "accidentally" spilling it over that rich brat with a white coat over there. So, what are you-
Girl running towards the kid: BURY THE RICH! BURY THE RICH!
Kaz: aww, they learn so fast
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Tumblr media
Inej 💕🤭
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Wylan : "sniffing and wheeping"
Jesper hugging his back: whats wrong? who did this to you? i´ll shot them
Wylan: "snifs" allergies
Jesper: Get it, so i will shoot your dad for giving you those genetics
Matthias: "wheeps"
Nina jumping over him: who did this to you?
Matthias: Nina, i am clearly shopping onions
Nina pushes the onions away with her foot
Matthias: dammit. Nina! i need it for dinner!
Nina: they are dead now
Matthias: i know you hate my onion cake, but this is not the wa-
Nina putting a finger over his lips: shh...they can't hurt you anymore
Inej drying a single tear from her cheek
Kaz lifting her head softly with his cane: who did this to you?
Inej: your lazy arse "points at a pile of Kaz´s stinky dirty laundry"
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lilisouless · 2 days
Nina: oh my god. those waffles were so good, I feel like I just cheated on you
Matthias: yep, I heard the moaning
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Thinking about how when Wylan first told Kaz he couldn’t read that he was “red-faced, almost unable to speak the words of his supposed affliction” (as described by Kaz) but in Crooked Kingdom, even though he was visible frightened to say it, he was able to tell Genya because he was hoping to inspire Jesper. Even though Jesper wasn’t able to admit anything in that moment, it was such a massive step forward for Wylan’s self acceptance - and the Crows did that for him. They so beautifully represent the way friendship and acceptance can help people to gradually overcome the worst things that have happened to them; because they love him and never judge him, he is able to come to the understanding that most people in the world will not treat him the way his father did. When he first tells her that he cannot read, Genya’s response is simply “That’s because no-one took the time to teach you”. I firmly believe that the Wylan from the final chapters of Six of Crows would have let her believe that, but the Wylan in Crooked Kingdom calmly explained that “lot’s of people tried to teach me, it’s just something I’m not able to do”. Jesper (and the others) had this effect in him, so he is doing everything in his power to try and replicate that for him and I think that’s beautiful.
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Six of Crows is a very serious duology. It’s the story of a group of traumatized, disadvantaged teens committing crimes and beating a system designed to be against them, while learning to trust and overcome their pasts and make a better future. There’s also an italicized Oh scene.
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-Yo despues de andar buscando fancast de the lunar chronicles y tres de cuatro opciones para el principe Kai era el mismo actor (el quinto era obvio, un caucasico)
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Given that no one disliked Inej for trowing a knife to the dar/ling i have faith that it wont' happen...but i also hope the second season won't have people hating Tamar and Tolya because they explicitely don't like him, they are grishaverse characters no one hates and it should still be like that.
Of course, if they get hate for any other reason (which i doubt because why woul anyone do it?) i will still trow hands.
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David Kostyk is literally just me. Evidence:
“…pale, reed-thin, and in dire need of a haircut.” Shadow and Bone, page 127
“…bony shoulders and messy brown hair…” S&B, page 128
“…fingers stained with ink.”, “He looked up, blinking owlishly. He was so pale I could see the blue tracery of veins through his skin…” Siege and Storm, page 276
“As usual, he was a mess- hair going in every direction, sleeves stained with ink.” Ruin and Rising, page 23
And in terms of the non-physical:
“David looked up, blinked, gave a curt nod, and bent back to his work.” S&B, page 128 (no cause this is literally how I react when someone interrupts me while I’m working-)
“He began to fidget with the items on his worktable, moving them around and arranging them in careful lines…” S&S, page 276-277
Alina: “And if you get it wrong?”
David: “Either nothing will happen, or whoever’s operating it will be blown to bits.”
A: “Sounds promising.”
D: “I thought so too.” (It is noted that he said this “without a hint of humour”) S&S, page 277
“He looked up, startled, as if he’d completely forgotten I was there.” S&S, page 277
“Finally, he held out his ink-stained hands and said, almost pleadingly. “I make things. I don’t destroy them.”” S&S, page 280
“David hunched over his papers. “I don’t believe in luck.”” S&S, page 281
“”You can have it soon, or you can have it right,” he grumbled.” S&S, page 332
“”If it works, it will be plenty dramatic. And I suppose that if it doesn’t work, it will be even more dramatic, what with the blast.” “David, I think you just made a joke.” He frowned, utterly perplexed. “Did I?”” S&S, page 345 (mood honestly)
“The closest I’d ever come to seeing David lose his temper had been the first time he’s laid eyes on these little domed niches, some of them caved in, all of them lined with ancient books and manuscripts, their pages black with rot, their spines bloated with moisture…”You can’t… you can’t have kept Morozova’s journals in here,” he’d practically shrieked. “It’s a bog.” R&R, page 24
“David frowned. “I don’t guess.”” R&R, page 58
“David and Genya kept falling behind, but he seemed to be the one responsible for the lag. Finally, Tolya hefted the huge pack from David’s narrow shoulders. He groaned. “What do you have in this thing?” “Three pairs of socks, one pair of trousers, and extra shirt. One canteen. A tin cup and plate. A cylindrical slide rule, a chrondometer, a jar of spruce sap, my collection of anticorrosives-” “You were only supposed to pack what you need.” David gave an emphatic nod. “Exactly.” R&R, page 82 (I have had this conversation with so many people so many times. Chronic overpacking for the win)
“”David is oblivious. He’s been babbling about mineral compounds for the last hour.”” R&R, page 87
“David raised his hand. “I’ve been better.”” R&R, page 95
Tolya: “If this thing is keeping time right, we’re well past sunset.”
David: “You have to wind it every day.”
T: “I know that.”
D: “Well, did you?”
T: “Yes.”
D: “Then it’s keeping time right.” R&R, page 97 (this is immediately followed by the sentence “I wondered if I should remind David that Tolya’s fist was roughly the size of his head.”)
“”I know metal.” “What does that have to do with anything?” Genya cried. David furrowed his brow. “I…I don’t understand half of what goes on around me. I don’t get jokes or sunsets or poetry, but I know metal.” His fingers flexed unconsciously as if he were physically grasping for words. “Beauty was your armour. Fragile stuff, all show. But what’s inside you? That’s steel. It’s brave and unbreakable. And it doesn’t need fixing.”” R&R, page 161
“David was murmuring to Genya about the properties of vegetable alkaloids and beryllium dust. I wasn’t sure how wise it was for them to be colluding over poisons, but I supposed this was their version of a romantic moment.” R&R, page 162 (we stan showing love by discussing your interests with your partner! Even if (especially if) those interests are Poisons)
“”David, have I ever told you you’re a genius?” “Yes.” “I’m telling you again.”” R&R, page 256(Talking about why a mentor met with him once and then never again) “”I know why,” said Genya. I waited, wondering if she really did. “Animal magnetism,” she continued. “One more minute in that hut with you, and she would have torn off all your clothes.” David considered this. “That seems improbable.” Impossible,” Mal and I said at the same time. “Well, not impossible,” David said, looking vaguely insulted.” R&R, page 268-269
“”You know David is hopeless…” R&R, page 273“
“”David is kind of a mess.”” R&R, page 273
“”Is this entirely safe?” I asked him. “Nothing is entirely safe.” “How reassuring.” He smiled. “I’m glad.”” R&R, page 351
“David didn’t look up from his worktable when he said, “Are we going to jail?”” R&R, page 407
““Nothing. You’re going to have to go to more meetings.” “I hate meetings,” he grumbled.” R&R, page 408
Also, he has a very beautiful, powerful, and badass wife, which, and I don’t mean to brag, I think I have on all fronts except being married.
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