Random questions about fantasy witches.
if i sold my first born child to a witch, and never opted to have actual kids myself,  then adopted a child, from like a fairytale orphanage,  would the witch be able to take the adopted child or have no legal standing and the child still be mine since it would technically be my first child that was born? Do the witch contracts ever say the child has to come from your ‘parts’ or can the child from another womans ‘parts’ to then have you claim that the child is yours? Would a serogate mother then be a wiser option to have a child if the child is yours but you didn’t birth it?
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Knitted plushies I made out of boredom. Manaphy and Pyukumuku. Both are hand made and knitted
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Please follow them, and I'm doing the thing too so if you'd like to follow me on Twitter my thing is @Pokemon071996 with my name being Kiko713
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The Official “Log Off” Protest F.A.Q! 
The “Log Off” protest is in response to the recent NSFW ban announced by Tumblr. The ban flags all content the filtering system detects as NSFW, reducing visibility to the community. The system has proven time and time again that is inefficient, oftentimes flagging SFW material as NSFW. 
This SFW material includes art, memes and so on. This ban directly hurts the community and will not solve the actual problems at hand due to the poor flagging system. Because of this, the entire community will suffer.  
So to respond, I propose that every user on Tumblr logs off of Tumblr for 24 hours on December 17th at 12 am EST. 
Times are listed above depending on timezone! 
This post responds to some very common questions about the protest. So make sure to read it over! 
How to Export Your Blog: 
Alternative Sites: 
There is also an official Tumblr blog (ironic, huh?) and Twitter for the protest! It’s at: 
Twitter - https://twitter.com/logoffprotest
Tumblr - https://logoffprotest.tumblr.com/
There will be official updates on each account. Make sure to tag us in any posts, or use the hashtag #logoff2018 ! 
Thanks for your support guys. Let’s fight to make Tumblr better. Actually better. 
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No we are not
Today we are all cowboys 
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Apparently I'll be going as Sexy Is it okay to watch Sophia the First as an adult with no kids.
How does one do that XD loljk
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Ask me anything. I want to answer questions and figured this would be a good way to interact with everyone.
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Crappy Poetry by me
So before i post this i wanted to first say i’ve been uber depressed lately and i figured i’d write out my feelings with poetry since it helps at times. this is the result of my depression. I call it Empty Promises. am i needed am i wanted am i worth anything why do others say they care when all they do is run from me. people laugh people cry but here i am hiding from everyone no one comes no one talks no one looks my way unless i talk even then no one hears no one glances my way they only say empty promises. Empty Promises of hope and dreams of laughter and joy Empty Promises of i'll be here for you Empty Promises of i'll never make you cry Empty Promises of I'll never stop loving you Empty Promises of I'll be there for ever You lie and lie and it hurts each time you smile and laugh but never see me cry you seem happier with out me happier not needing me.
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I can only hope
Reblog this and money will be entering your life this week
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voltron family as roommates
most mornings they watch the news together still in their pjs and messy bedheads, groggily staring at the TV, eating bowls of cereal on the couch
except for Shiro who is a morning bird and exercises at like 4 AM on a daily basis
because he’s always the first to wake he will also sometimes cook breakfast for everybody if hunk doesn’t
they’ve even got aprons to go together with one saying “watch me whip” and the other: “watch me nae nae” 
When they go grocery shopping, they usually all go together 
[Keith inserts almond milk into cart]
[Lance] ha you love nut milk
[Keith removes almond milk out of cart]
and when they bring back the bags to the apartment, they gather everything
[Allura] THIS. IS. A. ONE. WAY. TRIP. LETS HUSTLE !1!!!1!!1!!
[meanwhile everyone is groaning and struggling to carry all these bags up 3 flights of stairs to get to their apartment]
and ofc the garrison trio + Matt geek out a lot
they’ve all got a thing for star wars. Allura will walk in them having a SW marathon, not understanding their obsession
*chewbaca says something* 
[Hunk] that line. That line. Right there. you never forget that line. That was the best written line. Never forget.
they love all video games, but the one thing they don’t understand are dating sims so they buy one to make fun of it
they end up becoming too emotionally invested and root for the underdog of the love triangle rather than their character
[Lance] you know what you may have stabbed my back in the beginning but if thats what it takes to get the happy ending you deserve i will gladly hand you the knife and face my back towards you again
Keith’s usually entering the apartment at the weirdest times
one time he hesitated to bc inside he heard yelling and screaming and picked up words like: “finish what you started” “Don’t do this please I’ll do anything” “I love you but this is too much” “put it down don’t do this for the love of super saiyan goku don’t do this-” “this is what’s best for all of us somebody has to do it” “I’m on my knees I’m begging-”
and when he hears them start shouting, he bursts into the room to see it’s just Pidge finishing a huge chocolate cake with half of them cheering her on and the rest pleading her to stop
another time he found everybody sitting outside the door, having a deep conversation with the pizza delivery guy because they all forgot their keys and were locked out, casually eating pizza as they waited for keith to return and let them in
[pizza guy] “…so yeah i guess the moral of the story is that life is too short to be straight kiddos”
[lance] oh speaking of gay experiences keith’s back
their shoe rack’s also a mess so whenever they go out to take out the trash or get the mail they wear random shoes that seldom ever match
he catches pidge wearing his and hunk’s boots
[pidge] oh hey keith
[matt walks by with the mail in his hands and allura’s heels on his feet] oh welcome back keith
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Garden Fairy Kankri by dotdot1996 featuring mens skinny fit dress pants
ASOS mens skinny fit dress pants, $18 / Louis Leeman mens tassel shoes, $1,120 / AMI mens cotton shirt
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well homestuck did predict clowns gain office and fuck up america more so i’m not that surprised.
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Just a few doodles i did..
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Kankri Vantas as a Laughsassin. Its inspired by an rp i did on Msparp.
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Just some doodles i did the past few days. Danny Phantom and Karkat Vantas.
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Karkat with a sucker. :33
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In honor of 413 and Homestucks end here are a few of my cosplays. The makara’s are amazing and i think i’ll miss the captors and makara’s the most.
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Cronus X sollux nothing smutty human stuck and really good sollux. don’t really have a name for it but its still cute. also shout out to this sollux fucking like him i’d gladly rp with him again if i find him.
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