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fellas is it gay to sneak your longtime dwarf companion into elf heaven with you so you never have to be apart??? asking for a friend. 
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Elrond: are any of you actually straight?
Boromir: *raises hand slowly*
Aragorn: *grabs Boromir's hand, interlocks their fingers and brings it back down*
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She's a 10 but she's constantly daydreaming about a fictional man railing her.
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jealous | eddie munson
pairing: eddie munson x (f)harrington!reader
imagine: you’ve been a loyal member to the hellfire club for the past 3 years, as well as being eddie’s best friend. you are also extremely outgoing and charismatic, and carry the favor of every member in the club. although he knows you’re nothing but friendly, eddie can’t help but feel jealous at just how friendly you are with everyone else. he hasn’t admitted his feelings to you yet, but he wants you to be friendly with just him. maybe even a little more than friendly… ;)
warning: fluff, jealous eddie, suggestive thoughts, swearing.
word count: 3.0k
Tumblr media
You plopped down in your designated spot next to Eddie at the lunch table, the bag you brought containing your lunch smacked down in front of you. You shoot each of the boys one of your breathtaking smiles with a ‘hello,’ and of course they all can’t help but smile back. Most of them would rather die than admit it, but all of the boys held some sort of candle of a crush for you. But could anyone blame them? You were a gorgeous girl that hung out with them everyday and played a game, (quite well) that they were all obsessed with. You were technically the girl of their dreams.
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basically you and Joseph are good friends since being cast together on s4. he comes over to your sleeping place one day, and asks you on advice on telling a girl he's known for a while that he likes her. little does oblivious reader know that the girl is us👹. basically you give him advice (choice), and he thanks you and walks out. in legit a minute he walks back into your house and does the thing you advised him to do.
I apologize for the crappy writing, I thought this scenario up at 3 am
Tumblr media
when he asked if he could come over and "hang out," you don't expect him to be standing like a lost, nervous child in front of you, with his hands on his sides and head ducked low, eyes on his gently tapping feet.
"what's up?" you say, cautiously, like one wrong word and he'd snap into something preternatural.
joseph's head lifts, wide and glossed with nervousness. he offers you what is a forced smile, laughing dryly before he sits on the couch beside you, patting his sweaty palms onto the denim of his jeans. so wet that they'd grown darker than their usual color.
"so, um, i need...advice," he begins, scratching the hair behind his ear. "it's um- relationship. related."
your heart drops to your feet, shattering on the carpeted floor because it didn't need the porcelain tiles to break it's structure. like a film reel does imaginations of joseph with someone else flip like a lugubrious flashback, but you manage to put a feigned surprised smile on your face.
"oh!" you raise your eyebrows. "tell me."
"i want to, um, ask this girl out," he laughs nervously, almost too forced like he's reliving a faux pas inside his head. "she's um, i think you know her."
"well, i hope i do," you match his de rigueur smile, top teeth poking out between your two pink lips to at least show him how genuinely happy you are. and you really are. really, really fucking happy. "because then it'll be easier to know if they'll treat my friend right."
friend friend friend
fucking friend.
"hah. well, um, she's really close with us," joseph's looking at your lap, hand stops scratching the spot behind his ear to gesticulate into the air. "she's, er, really nice. very kind. humor is out of this world. i really think she's the only person who can make me laugh hard other than my dad and, well, jamie."
you bite the scream that tries to escape, maybe you're even trying not to strangle him at the mention of some different girl making him laugh harder than you do. "what else?"
"she makes these, like, pastas that taste horrible but somehow i still love it because, well, she made it," he smiles, shoulder's relaxing into a slump. "we like to— she indulges in all my food tomfoolery. she listens like, like i'm the most important person in the world and...she's the only person who can truly understand me."
you wonder what his words could break if your heart's already broken down his feet. maybe its your lungs, the way the pain tightens the passage and hinders air coming through. or your stomach and the incessant pit that's forming down there. maybe your fingers as you clench them tightly to stop yourself from harming anything.
because after all this time, you thought you'd been that person he's talking about. turns out you were just delusional — your naive self grasping onto the hope that he might have felt the same, when in reality that hope's linked to a chain that leads into a void; where you wish you could fall into than fall for him endlessly despite the pain.
"that's, that's great, jo," you swallow the thorns around your throat, clearing it off. "w-what's the advice again?"
"i wanna ask her out."
"great!" you scratch your eye, joseph watching right on the corner of your vision. "um, well, obviously you have to buy her flowers. or something that she likes, like chocolate? maybe, if she wants that. then knock on her door and ask her out because asking someone over text is just really lazy."
joseph nods, taking a huge puff of breath, the slapping of his hands on his knees snapping you out of your miserable daze. "smart. great thinking. you're really smart, love."
before you say anything, he's pressing a quick, burning kiss on your temple, the aftermath of his fire still sizzling on your skin. he stands up as well, crossing over the carpeted floor in quick strides that by the time you had registered what he's done, he's already putting his coat on.
"wait, where are you going?"
"i'm gonna ask her out."
"today?" he nods. "i thought we were gonna hang out?"
"i'm sorry but i just, really need to do this," he gives you a sad smile. you stand up from the couch, joseph spraying alcohol on his hands before he twists the doorknob. "i'll see you tomorrow, though!"
the word stutters in your mouth, useless when he disappears behind your door. the loud slam is what opens the faucet, unknown to you that there's tears already dripping down your cheeks.
you drown in the sink of self-pity, bottom lip wobbling and sniffling the snot that drips down your nose as you sob, heart broken by someone who wasn't even your boyfriend.
feet dragging across the floor, they lead you to the kitchen where you take out a pint of ice cream — pistachio, the only one you have, which is very ironic. your hands reach for the wooden handle of the kitchen drawer, taking out a spoon for you to take the sorbet into the silver cutlery and eat the dejected ice cream.
but then the door knocks, and you accidentally choke on a sob as you take your ice cream with you, mind believing that it's impossible that it's him because his urgency to leave was quite obvious he was never coming back until tomorrow.
you twist the doorknob, opening it to see him with a box of chocolates tucked between his elbow, a smile so bright like he'd just won the grandest prize of them all.
"hi, will you— are you crying?" his smile falls, lips turned into an upside down crescent of worry, hands gently placing the box on the table to place them on your shoulders. "what's wrong? is that pistachio?"
you don't answer him, feeling the heavy rock around your throat come back and push your tears through again. you let yourself cry in front of him, pint tucked to your chest that the ice melts onto your shirt along with the tears that race down to your neck.
joseph comes in, closing the door behind him as he hugs you like he doesn't expect you to cry, pushing your head to his chest and it's like he wants you to hear his steady heartbeat, each thump a soft whisper asking you to calm down. he's gently shushing, hands running through your hair like he'd always do when you're sad, or when you're asleep in his arms (as a friend.)
"it's — is it because of the date?" joseph murmurs, pushing your arms away so he'd take a better look at you. he tilts his head down to see you better, eyelashes fluttering at his rapid blinks. he's unconvinced when you shake your head. "oh love—"
"did you leave anything behind?" you place the ice cream on the side, leaving the spoon stuck in the thick dessert. tugging on your cheeks to wipe your tears away, he takes your wrists to stop you, holding it down to the space between.
"is it about the date?"
his repetition makes you finally nod your head.
"aw. babe, i— i was going to ask you out."
you blink the tears away from your lashes. "what?"
"i was going to do what you said," he takes the box into his hands. "i was going to come here, with something that you liked and ask you out. it's — it's the only way that i could think of that sounded cute."
the film reel rewinds the way your heart that's left on the carpet has risen to mend itself. but instead of jumping into his arms with dire contact, you punch his shoulder, mad at him for an irrational reason of him giving you a temporary, fake heartbreak.
"you're such a jackass. a dickhead!" he laughs, in pain, rubbing the spot on his shoulder. "you made me cry and thought it was the end of the world."
"i'm sorry," his thumbs wipe the tear stains off your cheeks. "i'm sorry, darling. never again."
joseph pulls you into his chest, head deep into his tactile touch, smiling when he kisses the top of your head. "god. i was about to strangle you when you said someone else made you laugh harder than i do."
"‘m sorry," he chuckles. "now, will you eat these chocolates and go out with me?"
Tumblr media
reblogs and feedback are appreciated <3
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Hey! Can you do one of Joe where he and the reader are shooting a movie together and they have to shoot a sex scene and they both end up horny? thankss
Pairing: Joseph Quinn x fem!reader
summary: Today's the day you have to shoot the infamous sex scene with your least favorite co-star, Joseph Quinn. And, even if you certainly didn't expect it, you find yourself confusingly turned on by it.
warnings: SMUT: unprotected sex
a/n: Sooo... I tried something here and it's probably not what you had in mind when you requested this, but I was tired of making the reader a simp, so.. here we are. I hope you'll still like it 
Tumblr media
You were so bored you thought you were gonna die. Today was the day. The set was closed. The unnecessary staff was sent home and you were in your trailer, wearing a rope with just underwear underneath, waiting for someone to call you and tell you it was time. You had to film the sex scene today. The director had been talking about it for weeks and so had your co-starts. You hated all the fuss around it. It was just pretend-sex, most of the time it was even fun. That was, of course, when the other actor wasn't a total creep, like the time you worked with James Franco and he kept touching you even when the cameras weren't rolling, or, when you didn't despise your colleague, just like this time, unfortunately for you. It's not that you hated Joseph Quinn entirely, it was just that he was so.... much. Like, he always had something to say or do and he was constantly joking or fidgeting and just being so annoyingly exuberant that you sometimes dreamed about taking his head in your hands and screaming at him to calm the fuck down. Ok, maybe you did hate him, but you sure as hell had your reasons, and it's not as if he liked you lots either. It was a miracle you two still hadn't torn the skin off of each other. from the moment you met at the table read, it was clear you couldn't stand each other, so you started avoiding him, as he did the same. You thought of yourself as a professional, and being one, you always treated him with respect when you shot together, smiling politely and pretending to not wanna roll your eyes at everything he said. A dream colleague, as to say. him, on the other hand, obviously wasn't a professional as much as you, since he definitely didn't hold back on eye rolls or snarky comments. but it was fine, you could look past that, you were an actor after all, and acting like you didn't want to punch him was a fairly easy job. The problem now was that today, you had to do a lot more than say a few lines to each other, Oh no. you had to pretend to have passionate and loving sex with him. Wich was a tiny bit diffrent. You had no idea how you were gonna do it. Being a good actress was something, but this... you needed to be Maryl Streep kinda good to do this. But there was nothing to do. you had tried talking to the director, telling him that perhaps the scene wasn't necessary, or that maybe it could have been done in a different way, without you in it, for example, but it hadn't worked, and so now, there you were. "Y/N, it's time" your assistant stated, as she opened your trailer's door. You took a deep breath "let's do this".
"there she is" Joseph said as you stepped on set "late as always" he whispered to you as you got next to him. You exhaled through your nose, already annoyed "Hi to you too" you said, giving him the fakest of smiles. You looked around. It was a nice set, It was supposed to be His character's (Adrian) bedroom. It looked like the inside of one of those little houses you find in villages in the mountains. The walls and roof were all wood, or at least, made to look like it. In the middle of the room was a huge bed with two wooden bedside tables on each side and there were about 10 candles lit all over the place, giving it a really romantic atmosphere "Ok guys, you know how this works" The director, Mark, said, stepping closer to the two of you. "There isn't a script for this scene because I want it to be as raw and real as possible. the only thing you have to remember is that you both love each other immensely" he explained enthusiastically. "Adrian just saved your life Maya!" he exclaimed, using your character's name. "And now, finally, you get to be with the man you love, and you, Adrian" he turned to Joseph " finally get to be with the woman you have longed and fought for so long" he said, obviously very into the narrative. "So I wanna see the passion, ok guys?" Mark asked. You and joseph turned to each other and raised your eyebrows "Of course" you answered in sync.
You took off your robe and placed it on your chair while also taking off your slippers. You took a deep breath and turned around, starting to walk towards the bed, but just as you did, you heard a stroked sound coming from your left. You frowned and turned around, just in time to catch Joseph's eyes scanning your whole body while his mouth opened slightly as he swallowed thickly, clearly hypnotized by your figure. You smiled to yourself, proud of the reaction you had caused, and pretended not to have noticed him, continuing to the bed. You got underneath the covers and set up against the headboard, waiting for him. He was talking to someone, probably his assistant and as she walked away he took off his robe and placed it on his chair, just like you had. You held your breath and bit your lower lip as your eyes took him in. How had you never noticed how fit he is? His arms were strong and his chest was big and muscular. He looked...hot. Wow, you would have never imagined finding someone you hated so much that attractive. But there you were, in complete awe of him. Your eyes traveled up his body once again, this time finding his. Oh no, you thought as you felt your cheeks redden. He smirked smugly and raised an eyebrow, walking towards you. "See something you like?" "Oh please, you wish" you lied, as he got in the bed. You were side by side, looking at each other, trying to get in character when Mark yelled action. You didn't have time to even process that before Joseph crashed his lips with yours in a passionate and rough kiss. It took you a second, but you started to reciprocate, granting his tongue access to your mouth, and pulling him closer by the back of his head. You moaned softly into his mouth and he put his hand behind your back and let it roam free. You whimpered at his touch, and as much as you would have liked to pretend you were reacting in character, that was all you. His hand traveled up to the back of your head and he took a fist of your hair, pushing your face against his. God, who knew he had it in him? Without warning and without breaking the kiss he got on top of you. "You're so beautiful" he murmured against your lips. You felt butterflies in your stomach and you swallowed thickly. God, get it together Y/N! You smiled at the compliment and intertwined your arms behind his neck, pulling him in for another kiss. He broke the kiss, his breathing ragged, and pretended to position himself at your entrance. He moved some hair away from your face with a gentle caress and smiled genuinely. "I love you" he whispered. You looked up at him with heart eyes(You deserved an oscar after this) and whispered "God, I love you too Adrian", right before he pretended to push into you delicately. You moaned and started to move with him, simulating the act, making your tits bounce with each movement. You opened your eyes to look at him and saw how, just for a moment he broke the character, remaining amazed by the beautiful sound you'd just made. You internally grinned proudly, as you produced another moan, this time louder. "Oh, Adrian" you cried out, throwing your head back against the pillow and digging your nails into his back. You could see in his eyes how hard he was trying to concentrate, and you couldn't be happier about how hard you were making it for him. His eyes kept shifting from your breasts to your filthy mouth and he felt like if it weren't for the cameras pointed at him, he would have cummed there and then, and he hated himself for it. What was he, 13? But you were just too hot, there, moaning underneath him, biting your lip in ecstasy and shutting your eyes close from the pleasure. If this is what you looked like when you pretended to have sex, he couldn't imagine what you were like when you did it for real. You moaned again, this time even louder and he snapped out of his thoughts. Right, there was a scene to shoot. "God,Maya" he growled, sending a shiver down your spine. He sounded so sexy. he took your hands in his, pushing them against the mattress, and you couldn't help but wish for a moment that this was really happening, and that you weren't just shooting a corny sex scene. "cut!" Joseph didn't move. He looked at you and bit his lip, he opened his mouth to say something but closed it immediately again. You could see confusion across his eyes. You looked at him with the same stupor and swallowed nervously. "he said cut" "oh yeah, sorry" he said, clearing his trough and getting off of you. What just happened?
"hi" joseph said as he entered your trailer. Oh no, not again. You had just finished shooting the scene and it had been confusingly both the worst and the best thing ever. You needed to get away from him to get a clear head. I mean, it was impossible that you actually fancied him, right? you hated him. You hated him, you really did, but that, unfortunately, didn't exclude the fact that you still wanted to fuck him. Oh god, this was terrible. "Joe, listen I need to go home, so whether this is, can it wait till tomorrow morning?" you asked, getting up from your chair and taking your bag to show him you were being serious. " I just wanted to talk" "about what?" you asked annoyed "about before" You swallowed thickly "there's nothing to talk about" you stated, feigning confidence. "Oh, come on, don't pull that bullshit with me Y/N, I know you felt it too" he said, irritated. "What are you talking about Quinn?" you lied "Listen," he said, coming to stand in front of you" I'm not here to declare my love or any of that bullshit, all right?" You rolled your eyes, there was no point in faking naivete, he obviously had figured you out. "I have a proposal" he bit down a smirk. God, he was so hot and so punchable at the same time. "You let me fuck you this one time, so we can get it out of our systems, and then we can forget about it and go back to hating each other" You chuckled "You're kidding right?" "C'mon, I know you want it Y/N, don't play dumb now" he said irritated, as he brought his right hand up behind your neck. "just once" he placed his other hand on your waist " and then we'll pretend it never happened" he whispered against your neck. His hot breath sent tingles all over your body. You never had much willpower anyway. "Whatever Quinn" you mumbled as you let your bag fall to the ground and grabbed his face, kissing him roughly, your hands grabbing his hair and without doubt messing them up as he gripped your neck and forced his tongue into your mouth, all while stumbling towards the make-up table. You stopped once the back of your legs hit it and without breaking the kiss he leaned down and pushed everything that was on it onto the ground. You gasped, most of that stuff was really expensive. "get on there" he growled, and you did as told. He smirked and opened his mouth but you cut him off before he could say something stupid "Don't even start, I'm just horny" you breathed out."He laughed softly "Well, then that makes two of us sweetheart" he whispered before going back to kissing you. He was in between your legs and you could already feel his erection through trough his pants, so you started grinding against it, desperate for any kind of friction. The bastard grinned at your impatience and abruptly pushed your dress up, starting to caress and squeeze your ass, making you whimper into his mouth. You desperately started to tug at his belt, trying to get it off him. "I knew I was right" he smirked proudly and you rolled your eyes, taking the opportunity to catch your breath. "Shut up and fuck me" you exhaled as you put your hand behind his neck and pulled him down for a desperate kiss. "gladly" he purred as he undid his belt swiftly and pulled down his boxers and pants. He kissed you again, briefly before he moved your panties to the side and pushed into you completely, earning a clamorous moan from you. He smirked and, without even giving you the time to adjust started pounding into you aggressively, making the whole table shake. Everything he hadn't thrown off of it before was now falling on the ground, and probably you would have hated yourself for it tomorrow, but that was a future you problem, present you, was getting fucked out of her mind and had other things to think about. "Lemme see your tits" he said as he grabbed the top of your dress and pushed it downwards, revealing your breasts. He groaned "Fuck yeah", as he continued thrusting into you. "Oh my fucking god Joe!" you shouted as he leaned down to take your right tit into his mouth, and started sucking on it. He took your nipple into his mouth and softly bit it, as his left hand made its way to your clit and started massaging it. You were moaning so loud you were certain people outside could hear, but who cared. "Oh god, please Joe" you cried out as he kept sucking, thrusting, and massaging. This man obviously knew what he was doing. "I-I-I'm gonna cum" you moaned as he let your breast go from his mouth, spread your legs more, and pounded into you even harder, smugly looking straight at you, making your eyes roll in the back of your head. "That's right, cum on my cock Y/N, make me feel how good you can squeeze me" he groaned. "Oh fu-fuck" you stuttered as he sped up his hand's movements. You felt a familiar pressure form your lower belly. He groaned at the feeling "Oh fuck you feel so f-ucking good" he hissed, clearly close too. You were getting closer and closer. "Cum for me baby" he grunted. and you did, a wave of pleasure overwhelmed you as you threw your head back and your eyes fluttered shut while you shouted his name. Joseph groaned loudly at the feeling of your walls tightening around him. "Shit Y/N" he whispered, as he continued pushing into you, making you ride out your high. Just as you came down from it his thrust became sloppy, he was about to come. "O-Oh,f-fuck" he groaned as he pulled out of you at the last second and his cum shot onto your belly and dress. That was gonna be hard to clean. He exhaled deeply and put his head on your shoulder. You stayed there for a few moments. Just silently catching your breath and taking in all that had just happened. He chuckled "that was fun" "it was" you agreed He pushed himself off of you and pulled his pants and boxers up. "I still don't like you" you reminded him. "Oh, don't worry. The feeling's mutual" he grinned.
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little bean / eddie munson (you're the reason pt. 3)
you're the reason mini series (part three)
part one , part two
cw: female reader, fluff, some angst, lots of cursing, pregnancy, mentions but not descriptions of birth, supportive best friends, so much cuteness, probably one of my fav things i've ever written, also over 10k words, not the last part
you and eddie handle your pregnancy
notes: this takes place in an alternate universe where the upside down doesn't exist, the byers never moved, el doesn't have powers, etc. i did a little research on how pregnancy/doctors appointments went in the 80s because it's much different than today but i also know some things are going to be wrong. but i do know for certain ultrasounds weren't a thing yet, and if they were it was extremely rare. i'm also fairly certain i messed up the timeline somewhere but it confused me too much to figure it out so...
12 weeks
eddie ran his hand through his hair as he left his fourth therapy appointment. it’d been a month since you had your talk, and as he said he would, the next day he scheduled appointments to see a therapist once a week. he actually felt as though they were benefitting and he was proud to tell you that. he’d also gotten a factory job to start making money for the baby. it wasn’t hard work, he had good hours, and it paid well. he felt like things were really going to work out.
you had just hit your twelve week mark and were starting to really feel some pregnancy symptoms. regardless, you picked up a part time job at the local pharmacy and did some knitting in your free time to sell. the only people who knew so far were the two of you, your employer, your grandma, and wayne. that was partially because you were scared of how your friends would react. you also had your first appointment today. you were more than ecstatic to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. you and eddie hadn’t been together too much, only meeting up to talk about updates and otherwise talking on the phone. 
but, you wouldn’t have him miss this appointment for the world. he was the father, and you loved him. you already knew based on his success so far that you would take him back, you just wanted to be extra sure. he was on his way to pick you up right now and you were struggling to find clothes to wear. everything wasn’t fitting anymore and you couldn’t rationalize spending money on maternity clothes until absolutely nothing fit. you huffed in annoyance and finally decided on a long black skirt that just managed to hide your bump. you paired it with a pink blouse and slipped on some flats. you looked less like yourself, but you didn’t want the doctor to think you were some dumb teenager who had no idea what she was doing (even though you were…).
you heard your grandma open the door and eddie greet her. after convincing your grandma he was genuine about changing, she welcomed him back into the family with open arms. eddie knocked on your open door, smiling as he watched you brush on some make up. “hey, mama,” he snickered, crossing his arms. 
you rolled your eyes but smiled at him. “i am not calling you daddy,” you mumble, applying mascara to your lashes. 
“oh, you wound me,” he playfully scoffs, pushing off the door and walking to you. “turn around, lemme see my little bean,” he says, making grabby hands. you chuckle, putting down the tube of mascara and turning. you smooth your skirt down to showcase your bump causing eddie to gasp and his smile to widen. “baby’s getting so big,” he coos, sinking to his knees and putting his hands on your stomach. 
your lip quivers as you watch eddie place a kiss to your stomach. “hi, little one,” he says, caressing your stomach as he talks to the baby. “i hope you’re being good for mommy and stop making her all sick,” he murmurs, talking as if you’re not even there. “mommy and daddy are going to listen to your little heartbeat for the first time today, gonna get to hear how strong you are,” he continues, littering kisses over your stomach. you sniffle causing eddie to look up at you as you wipe away some tears. he stands up immediately and grabs ahold of your waist with one hand and your cheek with the other. “what? what’s wrong?” he asks, eyes searching yours frantically. 
you let out a small laugh and wave him off before taking a deep breath and wrapping your arms around him. “that was just so cute,” you mumble, holding him tightly.
eddie relaxes at your words and a soft smile covers his face. he wraps his arms around you, holding you gently and placing his lips to the top of your head. “hormones really getting to ya, huh?” he asks, stroking your back. you nod, enjoying the feeling of being in his arms. “well, i got a couple parenting and pregnancy books from the thrift store and they say that talking to your baby before they’re born can help strengthen your bond with them. and i don’t know… i’m kind of scared that i won’t be a good dad so i figured i’d get a head start,” eddie admits and you let out another cry, causing him to pull you away from his chest and look at you in mild alarm. 
“you bought pregnancy books?” you ask, your heart swelling. he wipes your tears off your cheeks to try and avoid ruining your makeup and nods. you pout. “that’s adorable,” you mumble, wanting to cry more. god damn you hormones. after another moment your eyebrows furrow. “wait, eddie, you’re gonna be a great dad. you’re already proving that,” you say, sniffling as your tears finally stop. 
eddie shrugs and looks away from you. “just don’t wanna turn out like-”
“you’re not your father, don’t even go there,” you reassure softly, kissing his cheek. eddie closes his eyes as he tries to let it soak in. “come on, let’s go listen to our baby’s heart beat,” you say and eddie nods. you take his hand and squeeze it before leading him out of your room. 
your appointment went well, and let’s just say the both of you had multiple tears when you heard the heartbeat for the first time. you also found out your due date was february 10th, and having that day made it seem so much more real. 
15 weeks
it was currently 9:03pm and you were suffering. your stomach was killing you due to your muscles stretching to make room for the baby and you were having a killer headache. you grumbled, grabbing the phone off your wall and dialing eddie’s phone number. it rang five times before he picked up. “hello?” he spoke. you could hear some type of movie blaring in the background. 
“hey, it’s me,” you breathe, squeezing your eyes shut. a particularly painful stab shots through your muscles that sends tears to your eyes. 
you hear the tv turn down in the background. “what’s up? something wrong?” he asks, hiding his worry as to not cause you to further panic if you were having a problem. 
a few tears fall from your eyes as you rub the side of your stomach. “are you busy?” you ask, swallowing down the lump that was forming in your throat. 
“no, why?” eddie answers, knowing you weren’t calling just to talk. 
you let out a small whimper that has eddie’s heart rate picking up. “i’m sorry to even bother you, but do you think you could bring me some tylenol? i-i ran out yesterday and i’m in so much pain,” you ask, pushing on your stomach to get some type of relief. 
eddie frowns as he can hear the pain in your voice. “yeah, no problem, babe. i’ll go pick some up, lay down okay? i’ll be fast,” he answers, leaning over to grab his wallet from the counter. 
you nod, biting your lip as a piercing pain goes through your temple. “you don’t need to rush, thank you so much,” you say, not wanting to inconvenience him too much. 
“oh hush, i’ll be there in a few. bye babe,” he says. you whisper a goodbye back and then he hangs up. you don’t comment on the fact he called you babe, to be honest you had missed it. you huff, walking back over to your bed and laying on your back. tears fall from your eyes as you close them and hold the sides of your stomach to try and relieve some pain. 
it takes eddie approximately eleven minutes to run to the gas station and get to your house. he slips inside with the key you had given him, not wanting to make you get out of bed since your grandma was already in her room watching some crime show. he makes his way down the hall and to your room. he knocks before pushing it open slowly, peaking in to make sure you were okay with him coming in. the sight in front of him makes his heart hurt. “oh, y/n,” he mumbles, closing your door behind him and speed walking over to you. you give him a small smile and push yourself into a sitting position. 
“thank you, eddie,” you murmur, hand resting on your growing stomach. 
eddie sits next to you on the bed and begins grabbing things from the bag. “here’s your tylenol,” he starts, handing you the box. “then i got you some strawberry milk since you like it so much, oh and some chocolate and a bag of chips,” he said, laying it all out between you. 
you smile and lean over to give him a hug. “thanks,” you say quietly, resting your head on his shoulder. 
he wraps one arm around you, rubbing your upper arm and placing a kiss to your temple. “no problem,” he whispers back, looking down at you with eyes full of love. 
you pull away so you can take some tylenol and eddie watches. you look at the chocolate bars and chips he had brought you as you tried to decide. finally, you chose on the hershey bar. “my wallet is on my vanity, take however much this was,” you say, pointing to your vanity haphazardly. 
eddie shakes his head, pursing his lips. “nah, i got it, don’t worry,” he says, rubbing his thighs with his palms. you frown but he just gives you a warning look. “do you wanna lay back down or what? what’s gonna help you feel the best?” he asks, turning to face you more. 
you take another bite of chocolate as you think. “can i ask something that might cross a line?” you ask shyly. eddie furrows his brows but nods anyway. “can we cuddle?” you whisper, avoiding eye contact.
eddie chuckles and starts to kick his shoes off. “yeah, y/n, we can cuddle,” he laughs at you, pulling his leather jacket off as well before crawling up towards your headboard. “how do you want me?” he asks, looking back at you.
“can i lay between your legs?” you mumble, cheeks hot. eddie laughs at you lightly and sits against the headboard. 
he moves his legs apart and pats his chest. “come here,” he says with a smile. you comply, slowly making your way up to him. you groan in pain as you twist yourself to sit down. you lean your back against eddie’s chest, head resting just below his shoulder. your knees are propped up as eddie wraps his arms around to rest on your stomach. you break off a piece of chocolate and hold it behind you, looking up to watch him eye it. “you’re sure?” he asks with a smirk. you roll your eyes fondly before nodding and he eats it from your fingers. 
“she’s killing me already,” you sigh, eating another piece of chocolate.
eddie raises his brows and looks down at you. “she? you think we’re having a girl?” he asks, lightly rubbing his hands over your stomach. 
you shrug, realizing you hadn’t yet told him this theory. “i don’t know. i’ll be happy with either of course, but something is just telling me it’s a little girl,” you say, rubbing your stomach lovingly. “you think it’s gonna be a boy?” you ask, leaning your head back to look at him. 
“uh, i don’t know. i think i want a girl though,” he says, looking into your eyes. 
you smile, that was sweet. “why? if you don’t mind me asking,” you shrug once more. you throw the empty chocolate bar wrapper into the trash can next to your bed. 
eddie, sighs as he thinks. “just want a little girl to spoil, i guess. a little princess,” he speaks dreamily. “of course i’d love a boy too,” he adds, looking back to you. “what do you want?” he asks.
you hum, looking down at your bump. “i don’t even care, just want them to be healthy,” you respond. eddie nods and gives you a smile. 
“yeah, especially that,” he agrees.
the two of you sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes until you decide to just ask him. “eddie?” you question. he hums in response, telling you to continue. “do you think… we could get back together now?” you hesitate. eddie freezes for a moment in shock.
you feel him tense, and frown. maybe you should’ve waited a bit more. “well, i guess that’s really up to you. i’m gonna love you no matter how soon or how long you wait to take me back,” eddie finally answers and you feel your heart swell. 
“i’ve really been thinking about it for the past week. i knew i wanted to wait until i felt like you’d gotten a good grasp of things and i didn’t know if it was just my hormones making me want to do it now or if it’s truly what i wanted. i’ve realized that it isn’t just my hormones, and if you can tell me you think you’ve gotten a handle on your anger and what not then yeah, i wanna be back together with you,” you explain, playing with his fingers. 
eddie smiles, feeling his heart warm with joy. “i’m not gonna lie, sometimes i do get really mad still. my therapist says i always will. but i haven’t blown up on anyone and i feel like i do honestly know how to control it now or handle it in a healthy way,” eddie responds and you smile. 
you look back to meet his eyes and twist slightly. “then i’m glad to have you back,” you say and waste no time pressing your lips against his. 
16-19 weeks (spreading the news)
over the next couple weeks, you and eddie had decided to finally start telling others about your pregnancy. you’d been keeping to yourself mostly so it wasn’t hard to hide but they definitely knew something was up. they knew about your fight and that you were taking a break, but had no clue about the pregnancy. 
right now, you were on your way to eddie’s practice with his band to tell them. he figured they should be one of the firsts, because him being a dad was going to affect them too. “you nervous?” eddie asked, pulling into gareth’s driveway. you nod, looking into the garage at the three guys setting up their instruments. eddie grabs your hand, bringing your knuckles to his lips and pressing a kiss to them. “it’ll be fine, i’m sure they’ll be excited,” he comforts, trying to will away the nerves in your eyes. 
you take a deep breath nodding and giving him a tight lipped smile before getting out. eddie decided to let you do this however you wanted to. and he would admit, your idea was pretty cute. you stretched your back as eddie grabbed his guitar from the back, waving to the guys as he came up to you. “showtime,” eddie muttered, kissing your head before grabbing your hand and leading you towards the guys. 
“y/n, what’s up? long time no see,” gareth smiled, walking over and pulling you into a half hug. 
you smile, hugging him back with one arm as jeff approaches you. “life’s been a little crazy lately. luckily, i think me and eddie got things under control,” you joke, giving eddie a genuine smile as jeff pulls you into his side as well. ricky waved from afar, never being the type for physical contact.  
“mm, we can only hope,” eddie mumbles, squeezing your hand before walking over to set up his guitar. 
gareth goes to get you a chair from the top of his garage as jeff walks with you towards ricky. “here to listen to us practice?” ricky asks, tuning his guitar as he gave you a small smile, his yellow teeth a bit too on display. 
you looked to eddie for reassurance and he nodded, biting his lip to hide his excited smile. “yeah, eddie and i thought it would be best to get the little one started early,” you explain, stepping back and turning to the side. you smooth down your shirt, which was really one of eddie's (even though it was way too big to fit him normally), to reveal your bump. 
there’s a loud noise as gareth drops the chair he was getting for you, it messily clattering to the ground. “woah, you’re pregnant?” jeff asks, stepping to the side to further inspect your bump. you laugh, pulling up eddie’s shirt to rest on top of your bump so they could get a better look. 
“holy fuck. shit, wow, oh my god, munson you’re gonna be a dad?” gareth mumbles, rushing over and squatting down to look at your swollen stomach. he throws confused glances towards eddie who was chuckling while also looking at your bump in fascination. 
eddie walks over, placing a hand on your back and smiling proudly. “yep, best daddy out there,” he said slyly, nodding at the guys. 
ricky’s face scrunches up in disgust, “never call yourself daddy again.” all of you laugh as gareth asks if he can touch your stomach.
you let him of course and watching his face is like watching a small child on christmas. “there’s a little baby on the other side of my hands right now, woah,” he says with a smile. jeff shoves him out of the way to get his turn. you watch the guys fondly talk about the baby, agreeing that he or she would automatically be the biggest fan of their band and talking about everything they’d do together. 
the next people you wanted to tell were steve and robin. you had made the guys promise not to tell anyone else about the pregnancy since you guys wanted to do it all yourselves. after leaving his rehearsal that day, you gushed to eddie about how excited you were to tell everyone else. so, you went right home and called robin and steve to set up a hang out the next day. 
eddie and you were sitting in a booth at the diner, waiting for robin and steve to arrive and get lunch. eddie was nervously tapping his rings against the table while you scanned the menu, trying to decide which of the delicious foods you were going to actually get. “hun, why are you so nervous?” you ask, glancing up from the menu.
he bites his lip, looking over to you. he shrugs, running a hand through his already disheveled hair. “i just feel like your friends don’t like me that much, i’m just scared of what they’ll think,” he explains, moving his hand down to rest on your thigh.
you shake your head and place a kiss to his cheek. “i promise you that you’re worrying too much. robin and steve do like you, steve’s just weird,” you say and pat his cheek, causing him to laugh. the bell rings, signaling someone had entered the diner and you both look up to see exactly who you were waiting for. you smiled as robin’s eyes met yours and you began to wave her over. she dragged steve along, them sliding into the booth across from you. 
despite eddie’s worries, the four of you fell into easy conversation until it was time for you to order. steve ordered a double cheese burger, robin ordered chicken tenders (because of course she would), and eddie had gotten a bacon cheeseburger. normally, you were the type to get a salad or chicken tenders because you didn’t have the biggest appetite. so you could expect steve and robin’s reaction when you started listing off your order. “can i get a double cheeseburger with bacon, oh, can i do that? awesome. um and then can i actually get cheese fries instead of normal fries. and uh, eds do you think onion rings would be okay? yeah, i’ll take those too. oh! and can i please get a strawberry milkshake, thank you so much,” you rattle off, smiling as you hand the waitress your menu. she smiles, giving you a knowing look and walks away. 
steve and robin eye you, robin being a lot more subtle as eddie tries to hold back his laugh. steve’s jaw is literally dropped as you sip on your sprite. “y/n, are you sure you can eat that much food? like… not trying to be mean but you never eat like that,” steve wonders. he groans in pain when robin slaps him upside the head and gives him a warning look. 
eddie smiles, wrapping his arm around you as you two make eye contact. you nod, giving him the go ahead. “hey, she’s eating for two, cut her some slack,” he jokes with raised brows, watching robin and steve’s eyes widen. 
they look at each other before their eyes flip between the both of you. “two?” robin stutters, looking at you in disbelief. 
you let out a giggle and lean into eddie’s side. “wait, wait, wait, wait… you’re eating for… no…” steve gasps, his eyes falling to your hand as you place it on your stomach that he could now see was prominent. 
robin squeals, throwing her hands up and then flinging them across the table to grab yours. “oh my gosh, you’re pregnant?” she gasps, tears filling her eyes. you pout, tears filling your own as you see her reaction. 
steve smiles at you, his own eyes watering, before giving eddie a look. eddie purses his lips until steve holds out his hand, gesturing for eddie to shake it. he smiles, doing just that before looking back to you and robin. “we’re gonna have a baby in february,” you confirm, tears falling from your eyes as you look at eddie lovingly. 
“steve, we need to start picking up more shifts so we can buy stuff,” robin says pointedly and steve rolls his eyes. 
he looks at you with a smile on his face, one of the most genuine ones you’d ever seen him carry. “you guys ready for this? if you need any help we gotcha. i know i say i hate babysitting, but i will be all over this kid,” he laughs and you wipe tears from your eyes at his words.
“this kid is gonna have the best uncle robin and aunt steve,” eddie coos jokingly, causing steve’s eyebrows to furrow. 
“i think you got that mix-”
“ah! i said what i said, harrington,” eddie says, pointing a finger at him. the three of you laugh as steve rolls his eyes, not finding it in him to actually be annoyed. 
robin and steve had promised not to tell anyone until you gave them the go ahead. so, a week later eddie was trying to come up with what he thought would be the hardest one. dustin. 
“i don’t see why you can’t just tell him straight out,” you say, huffing as you try to clasp your bra behind your back. eddie shakes his head, coming up behind you and taking the band from your hands. 
you let your hands fall to your sides as you look in the mirror. you had a shift today at the pharmacy that you were getting ready for while eddie was entering the panic stage. you were standing in just your underwear and your bra, watching eddie’s concentrated face over your shoulder as he hooked the bra together. he wrapped his arms around you when he finally got it, resting his head on your shoulder while running his hands over your belly. “it’s dustin, it’s harder than that,” he hums, the feeling of you against him calming him down. 
you sigh, resting your hands on top of eddie’s. “what about mike, lucas, and will? you’re not so nervous about telling them,” you wonder, looking into his eyes through the mirror. 
eddie closes his eyes and then buries his face into the crook of your neck. “dustin is more… attached to me i guess, i don’t know,” he murmurs into your neck. 
“yeah, well he’s also attached to steve, i think it’s his lack of father figur-” you start.
“he definitely likes me more than steve,” he interrupts and you roll your eyes. 
you reach your hand back and place it on the back of his head, massaging his scalp. “you said you were going to go look at a couple different stores around for crib prices and other stuff. why don’t you take him with you? then you won’t have to think of a way to bring up the topic, he’ll ask,” you suggest. eddie lifts his head and looks at you in slight amazement. 
he turns you around, grabbing your face and pressing your lips to his. “you’re brilliant,” he mutters, causing you to giggle. 
you kiss him back before pushing him away. “go call him while i finish getting ready,” you say, eddie nodding.
and that’s how eddie found himself walking into kohls with dustin talking his ear off about his little girlfriend. dustin followed him blindly as eddie tried to navigate his way to the baby section. “found it,” eddie said with a smile as an assortment of cribs, highchairs, and changing tables came into view.
dustin stopped, looking after eddie with confusion covering his face as eddie began walking through the isle of cribs. he was scanning them with such consideration that had dustin feeling like he was in a different dimension. “eddie?” dustin questioned, jogging slightly to catch up with him. eddie raised his eyebrows in response, trying to hide his nerves. “why are you looking at baby stuff?” he asked, looking at the brown and white cribs that were set up next to them. 
eddie sends dustin a small smile before picking up a price tag on one of the simpler cribs. his eyes widen slightly at the price and immediately drops it. absolutely not. “because henderson, i’m having a kid,” he says nonchalantly as if he didn’t just drop a total bombshell
dustin looks at him in shock, a nervous chuckle leaving his lips. “you’re kidding, right?” he asks, eyebrows furrowed. 
“nope, y/n’s due in february. so i kind of need to get a move on with looking for stuff,” eddie shrugs, moving over to the clothes section instead. 
dustin is quiet, taking a few minutes to process. “you’re serious?” he asks, still unbelieving. 
a scoff leaves eddie’s lips as he picks up a small onesie, a pout forming on his lips at how cute the little thing is. “dead serious, when y/n gets off you can see for yourself,” eddie informs him, nervously glancing while trying to gauge his reaction. 
he’s silent for a few more minutes until he gasps. “oh my god, gross,” he gags, turning away from eddie. 
eddie looks at him in confusion and picks up a small baby blanket. “what?” he asks, rubbing his thumb over the soft fabric. 
“she’s pregnant! that means you had to, ugk, you had to have, oh god,” dustin holds his hand up to his mouth as he gags.
eddie bursts out laughing as he realizes what dustin was trying to say. “what? did you not think i had sex with my girlfriend?” he laughs, watching dustin squeeze his eyes shut. 
“stop! literally stop it’s like seeing your parents- oh i’m gonna throw up,” dustin goes on, covering his face with his hands.
eddie chuckles and slings his arm over dustin. “it’s life, kid. now, do you think this blanket or this blanket is cuter?” he asks, holding one up before pointing to the other one. 
dustin gathers himself before opening his eyes and looking between the two. “uh, this one,” dustin says, pointing to the one in his hand. 
a smile covers eddie’s face as he nods. “yeah, i think so too. c’mon, i wanna get it,” he says and pats dustin on the back. 
after dustin freaking out for a while, you and eddie decided to just tell the others all at once. will was definitely the most excited, max being a close second. 
week 20
eddie was sat at your dining room, sipping a beer and going over a campaign he was trying to set up. he wanted to get in one last longer one before the baby came and he wanted it to be perfect. it was currently the first week of october and most of hellfire was spending their time in school, but they simply couldn’t go on without eddie as their leader. you were cooking some pasta because you’d been thinking about it for the past few days along with some greens your doctor told you you should be eating. 
a random radio station was playing as your grandma walked out of the kitchen and back to her place in the living room. you hummed along, enjoying the peaceful evening when you felt a small nudge against the inside of your stomach. 
you gasped, hand flying to your stomach as you waited to see if it would happen again. your doctor had also told you that you should feel kicking within the next couple weeks and you wanted to make sure you weren’t imagining it. but then, right where your hand was placed, another slightly stronger nudge caused your tummy to poke out a bit. “eddie,” you gasped, tears filling your eyes as you cradled your bump. 
eddie’s eyes darted up to you as he put down his beer and scrambled out of his seat. “what? are you okay?” he asked as he quickly walked to you. you turned around, a tear falling down your cheek as eddie grabbed your face, his own full of fear. 
you pouted before laughing through your tears and giving him a smile. “little bean is kicking,” you say quietly and eddie’s eyes widen in excitement. 
“actually?” he asks as a smile covers his features. he drops down to the ground and places his hands on your stomach. you nod, grabbing his wrist to place it where you had felt the last kick. you waited in silence for a moment, eddie biting his lip. “hey, little bean, it’s daddy. can you kick for me please? just like you did for mommy?” he coos, stroking your stomach lovingly as he waits. 
then, another kick, and eddie has tears falling. he kisses your stomach over and over again, murmuring to the baby as you stroke his hair. “i need to go show grandma,” you say and wipe your eyes. eddie smiles, wiping his own eyes as he stands and places a kiss to your head.
he stirs the pasta for you as he hears you and your grandma talk excitedly about it and thinks. you had reached the halfway point, and there was so much more you needed to figure out. the only things you had gotten for the baby were a couple blankets, a few onesies, and some toys they wouldn’t even need yet. eddie didn’t want to tell you it was stressing him out, but you didn’t even have a living situation figured out. 
when you came back into the kitchen you noticed eddie’s expression. he was in deep thought over something, and it was definitely bothering him. you grabbed his bicep gently, leaning your head on his shoulder. “what’s up, love?” you ask quietly. eddie shakes his head, snapping out of it and giving you a fake smile. 
“nothing, babe,” he mumbles, continuing to stir the pot.
you roll your eyes at him. “don’t lie, i know somethings up,” you say causing him to sigh. of course you would see through him. 
he leans his head against yours as he tries to gather his thoughts together. “i think i’m just stressed out,” he admits and you nod. 
“i know, love. i am too, but we’ll be fine. i know it,” you reassure him and he closes his eyes. 
he lets out a breath before deciding to tell you what he was most worried about. “babe, i just wanna know what we’re gonna do for a living situation. we have less than five months and just, if we want to find a house to rent we’re gonna need to start now,” he says, the stress evident in his voice. 
you pull away from him to have him turn and face you. “i was actually gonna ask you to move in, just didn’t know the right moment,” you say, holding his hand and swinging it. 
his eyes narrow in confusion. “move in here? we wanna live here?” he asks, attempting to clarify. 
you shrug, chewing the inside of your cheek as you look down shyly. “i dunno, i thought it would be easier. we wouldn’t have to buy new furniture, the office can be turned into a nursery, and lord knows my room needs updated so we could make it our room… but if you don’t want to-” you ramble and eddie cuts you off by placing his lips to yours.
“nah, i think that’s perfect,” he assures you when you pull away. you smile and lean into his chest. things were starting to fall into place. 
week 24
“i look ridiculous,” you whine, stomping your foot like a kid. eddie walks over from where he was buttoning his shirt and looks you over. he smirks instead at your outfit, reaching out to flick one of your udders.
yes. udders.
you let eddie pick your guy’s halloween costume this year and instead of picking a vampire and a mummy (because come on, that would’ve been perfect), he dressed you as a cow and he a farmer. shocking, i know. “i think you look adorable,” he said, reaching up and adjusting the cow ear headband you were wearing.
  you scanned yourself, harshly picking at everything you hated about yourself in this and your eyes began to water. “i look fat!” you exclaim, eddie looking back down to tuck his shirt into his blue jeans.
  he snorts and tears fall from your eyes. he thought you were fat. “well, baby, cows aren’t exactly skinny so you just fit the costume extra well,” he tries to tease, not thinking about how it could come off.
  you burst into tears and let out a sob. “i look like a cow,” you cry, pulling at the extra fat on your thighs.
  eddie’s face drops at your cries. he twists your body to face him and pulls your arms from your thighs. “baby, baby no. hey, it’s okay. you’re beautiful, hunny,” he says, wiping tears from your cheeks and pulling you into his chest.
  “you just said i look fat,” you cry into his chest and eddie frowns, replaying his words. 
  “oh, god, baby. i didn’t mean it like that i swear that. you’re not fat you just got a pregnancy belly. you’re making a baby and you’re healthy for it, you’re exactly where you should be. you’re not fat, shh,” he coos, holding your head.
  you fist his flannel shirt, crying harder. “i’m gross,” you sob, and eddie feels panicked. he didn’t know what to do. he knew this was just your hormones making you overly emotional but he still felt like shit for making you feel this way.
  he kisses your head and holds you tighter. “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to make you feel bad. you’re not gross, baby. i promise you look beautiful. please don’t cry,” he begs. why the hell did he chose this for your costume? he was never taking ideas from a magazine again.
  “i don’t wanna go to the party. they’ll all think im fat,” you say into his chest, sniffling.
  he frowns harder, knowing you were super excited for this. “hunny, no they won’t. come on you’ve been talking about this party all week,” he says, pulling you away from his chest to look at your eyes.
  you shake your head no, wiping away your tears and makeup. “m’too ugly,” you cry and eddie’s heart fills with pain.
  he gives you a stern look and grabs your face with one hand to get your attention. “you are not ugly. don’t you ever say that again. you’re beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, and everything else. never say you’re ugly, i never want to hear that come out of your mouth again,” he says, trying to reassure you.
  but his words were very harsh and scolding which caused you to whine and cry harder. you clamped your eyes shut and sobbed as eddie’s stomach dropped. “i'm sorry, eddie,” you cry, feeling like you’d disappointed him.
  “fucking shit,” he groans to himself, getting pissed off at himself for not thinking before talking. “no, baby, no. don’t be sorry. i'm not mad at you, i swear it. i just want you to know you’re stunning,” he tries, pushing some of your hair back. “baby, please calm down,” he whispered, biting on his lip.
  you fell back into his chest and he stroked your hair until you finally stopped crying. “im sorry,” you muttered, throat sore.
  eddie shook his head, pressing his lips to the crown of your head. “stop, you don’t need to be,” he whispers, holding you tight. god damn you hated pregnancy hormones.
week 27
  eddie bit his lip as he nervously tapped his fingers against the counter, waiting for a worker to show up. the store wasn’t even that big, where the hell could they be? just then he saw joyce byers coming up from the back. “oh no, how long have you been waiting?” she asks, feeling bad for taking yet another smoke break.
  “not long, um, i called about the pregnancy pillow?” he said quietly, looking down at the counter.
  joyce beamed, grabbing the box behind the counter. “oh it’s for y/n? how is she?” joyce asked excitedly, punching the price into the till.
  eddie smiles, relaxing a bit. “pretty good, the pains are really starting to hit her though,” he explains, motioning towards the pillow. 
  “i hope they ease up, when i was pregnant with will it was like i was almost always in pain,” she says thoughtfully.
  eddie nods, handing her the money for the pillow. “i hope so too,” he says.
  joyce behind counting his change before speaking back up. “do you guys have anything for the baby yet? i’ve still got some stuff from when jonathan and will were babies if you wanna come look through it?” she offered, handing his change back.
  “that’d be awesome, actually. i’ll have y/n call you,” he says, grabbing the box. he brings it home, walking straight to your now shared bedroom. you’d taken out your old floral pink wallpaper and opted for a darker grey instead. most of the other stuff was the same except for new sheets and another dresser. it’s not like you could focus your money on redoing your room at the moment.
  you were sat reading a pregnancy book while eating chips on your bed when you felt eddie drop something heavy by your feet. “what’s that?” you ask, lowering your book.
  eddie smiles and leans down to give you a kiss before pulling out his pocket knife. “it’s one of those pregnancy pillows, supposed to make things more comfortable so you can sleep,” he explains, cutting open the box.
  you sit up, watching him pull the very squished large pillow from the box and set it on the floor so it could expand. “you didn’t need to do that,” you pout, pushing yourself to stand.
  eddie shrugs and wraps his arms around you. “want you to be comfy,” he says, resting his head against yours.
  you feel the tears well up in your eyes again, and it makes you roll your eyes. “thank you, babe. i love it,” you say and kiss his lips.
  “oh! and joyce told me we can go through some of her old baby stuff and have whatever,” he adds once you pull away. you smile again, loving how excited he was over things.
week 28
  “okay but what are you naming the baby?” steve asks, sitting on your couch with his feet propped up. robin points at you with raised eyebrows, also wanting to know. 
  you place your hands on your stomach and look down. “we haven't really talked about it,” you shrugged as eddie walked into the room. he handed you your juice and you thanked him quietly.
  he sits in the chair across from you and throws his feet on the coffee table as well. “what haven’t we talked about?” he asks, popping the cap off his beer. 
  max jumps in the conversation from the floor. “we wanna know what you’re naming your baby, but y/n said you haven’t talked about it,” she says, looking at him expectantly.
  eddie looks around at everyone’s eyes on him before looking to you. “we haven’t, i mean i assumed it was something we’d think about once they were born,” he says cautiously, hoping not to upset you.
  “they’re just kidding, obviously they’re naming the kid after me,” dustin says, holding his hands up.
  you look at him in disbelief along with the rest. “dustin, i love you like family, but i am not calling my child dusty. i am not doing to my baby what claudia did to you,” you say seriously, causing everyone to crack up.
  “well do you guys have any ideas?” mike asks, finally showing interest in your pregnancy. you look to eddie, also wanting to know if he’d been thinking about it.
  eddie snorts, taking another drink of his beer. “obviously, but they’re staying private. you guys can find out when she’s born,” eddie says, enjoying making everyone mad.
  “she? how do you know?” will asks, seemingly the only one who picked up on it.
  everyone gasps, falling into excited little side comments. eddie rolls his eyes at their antics. “we don’t know, y/n just has a strong feeling it’s a girl,” he explains.
  everyone lets out ‘ohs’ of realization. “wait, y/n, do you have name ideas?” lucas asks, realizing you hadn’t answered.
  “of course i do, but like eddie i’m not spilling,” you tease causing everyone to groan in annoyance.
  “we are talking about them once everyone leaves, right?” eddie asks, pointing to you.
  you laugh slightly at him and nod. “yes, you don’t count dingus,” you reply, causing him to playfully flip you off with a smile.
week 31
you huffed, frustrated tears falling from your eyes as you fell back against the wall. you were trying to put together the changing table you and eddie found at a thrift store and now that you wanted to get up you couldn’t. you looked around at the practically empty nursery and it made you cry harder. you felt like a failure and you hated it. 
you sat, crying continuously on the floor for thirty minutes until eddie got home from work. he heard your cries, sending him into a panic as he rushed from the kitchen towards your cries. “babe?” he called frantically, bursting in the doorway. “are you hurt? what’s wrong?” he asked, crouching in front of you and pulling your hands from your face.
“not hurt,” you cry, wiping your tears and shaking your head. “i can’t get up, i’m too big and i can’t get my fat ass off the floor. please help me,” you cry, holding your hands out to him.
eddie frowns, grabbing ahold of your forearms. “oh, sweetheart,” he says softly, shuffling back to help you stand. you finally get up with his help and a huff. “what were you doing on the floor?” eddie asks, holding each side of your face.
you gesture to the mostly built changing table (which was quite well done to be honest) and sigh. “i just wanted to get this changing table made,” you mumble. 
“babe, you know you’re not supposed to be doing stuff like that. you’re not supposed to put yourself in strenuous or stressful situations, that’s what i’m for,” he says, serious but adding a joke. 
your lip quivers as you feel anger and sadness flood your body. “i’m not stupid, i’m not gonna kill our baby,” you say flatly, grasping your bump. 
eddie lets go of your face to instead grab your arms. “hey, i never said that. i don’t think that,” he reassures you, trying to get your attention. “but really, y/n, you gotta let me do this type of stuff,” he pleads.
“but you were at work,” you mutter.
eddie nods, scanning your face as his brows furrow. “yeah, i gotta be at work, baby. i could’ve done it when i got home,” he tries explaining. 
you shake him off, crossing your arms. “you’re always working,” you grumble, referencing the multitude of doubles, over time, and long hours he’d been picking up. 
eddie glares softly at you. “yeah, i’m trying to make money for us, so our baby can have nice things,” he states, the slightest bit of venom entering his tone. 
“but you’re never home, and-and it’s hard-” you start and eddie scoffs. 
he crosses his own arms, looking at you in slight disbelief. “what? you want me to drop hours so i can lay around with you and wait on you constantly? you wanna be poor and not be able to afford our baby?” he asks with raised brows. 
your hormones make you angry faster and his words punched a whole lot deeper. “i just want you around more, is that a damn crime?” you sneer.
“when i’m around all you do is complain and make me do shit. i’m tired too, you know,” he spits.
“you’re not pregnant! i am, which is your fault by the way!” you say, poking him in the chest. 
he glares at your finger, his jaw clenching. “it takes two,” he says in a deadly low voice.
your eyes flash with the tiniest bit of fear but eddie catches it. he was losing his cool. “i wish it didn’t,” you say with venom. eddie’s eyes show a flash of hurt and then rage. 
“you’re really gonna say that shit just because i work too much? that’s low as fuck y/n. like shit, what the hell is wrong with you? why are you being such a cunt? damn, is the baby even mine-” he starts, his voice raising with his words. 
your face drops at his words. no way he was bringing up the idea of you cheating, again. eddie notices your change in expression and his therapist’s words start flooding his mind. he closes his eyes as yours spill more tears and he takes a deep breath. “i didn’t mean that,” he whispers. you shove him with a sob, causing him to stumble and his eyes to fly open. he wants to yell at you, his fists are shaking, but he makes himself realize it’s you. it’s you and you’re scared. “y/n, i’m going to leave. i need to go cool down,” he says as calmly as he can. 
a sob leaves your lips. “you’re leaving?” you ask in fear, afraid your stupid hormones drove him away. 
eddie pushes past you in order to get out of the house. “just-just for a bit, i’ll be back when i’m calm,” he says, ignoring eye contact and leaving quickly. 
the whole hour he’s gone you spend worrying. you called every member of hellfire, sputtering about him leaving angry but none of them knew where he was. dustin offered to go out looking for him, but the idea of dustin riding around in the dark by himself made you cry harder so you didn’t let him. you had hyperventilated at one point, and now you were just sitting on your shared bed, hugging his pillow as you cried. 
your door creaked open slowly and your head shot up. “eddie,” you cried, pushing yourself up quickly and launching at him. he took in your state and felt his stomach drop. you collapsed into him and held him tighter than you ever have. “i’m sorry, eddie. i love you, i-i know you work so much for us and i appreciate it. i di-didn’t mean what i said, i wouldn’t want anyone else to be this baby’s dad. please, forgive me,” you sob into his chest. 
eddie grasps you tightly, burying his face in your hair. “no, don’t apologize baby, please,” he began. “i know your hormones make everything out of whack and i should’ve thought about that. i know you want me around more and i’m sorry that i’m not. you’re not a cunt, there’s nothing wrong with you, and i know damn well this baby is mine. i was just mad and saying things i don’t mean. i love you so so so much, baby. i’m sorry,” he says, gripping a fist full of your hair as he prayed you wouldn’t hold this against him. the two of you stood in each others arm for a while, trying to get ahold of your emotions
you pull away, shaking your head once you calmed down. “we both said things we don’t mean, but it’s okay. i think… i think you handled it,” you say, trying to show you recognized his efforts. he gave you a heartbroken smile with tears in his eyes. “but,” you say and his face falls again. “for the love of god, next time, tell me where you’re going,” you say, letting out a breath.
“sorry, i will,” eddie says, pulling you back to him. 
you laugh, snuggling into his chest. “had me calling everybody trying to find you,” you sigh into his chest. 
eddie frowns, kissing your head. “i’m sorry,” he whispers and you just shake your head, enjoying his hug. 
week 34
“merry christmas, sweetie,” you heard eddie say before a kiss was placed to your stomach. you smiled, opening your eyes to see eddie talking to your tummy. he looks up to you, smiling and climbing up to hover over you. “and merry christmas to you too,” he smiles cheesily, placing a kiss to your lips. 
“merry christmas, handsome,” you say as he pulls back.
he chuckles and sits next to you. “you know, you can’t try flattering me on christmas morning for better gifts. they’re already bought,” he jokes and you roll your eyes. 
you huff, snuggling back into your pregnancy pillow. “my goal with the flattery is actually to get you to help grandma start cooking so i can shower first,” you say pointedly and eddie groans. 
“fine,” he says dramatically before getting up to put on a shirt. you guys had a lot of preparing to do before the whole crew showed up for christmas around six o’clock tonight. by the crew, you meant eddie’s bandmates, robin, nancy, jonathan, steve, and the kids. was your house big enough for that? definitely not. but you were very persistent on hosting. 
you were hunched over the counter, adding the final touches to your casserole when a sharp pain shot through your back. “oh, shit, ow,” you curse, putting you hands on your lower back and pushing. 
eddie comes over to you and rests his hand on your shoulder. “what is it?” he asks, mildly concerned. 
you pout, looking at him before rubbing one hand over your now huge stomach. “your kid is trying to snap my back with how heavy they are,” you say and eddie frowns. 
“let me help then,” he says, turning you back to your casserole.
you furrow your brows and look back at him. “what are you-” you start, but eddie’s hands grab the bottom of your stomach and lift it upwards, holding the weight for you. “ohhh, my god,” you moan, head falling on his shoulder. eddie snorts at your reaction and kisses your cheek. 
“keep making your damn casserole,” he jokes, and you stick your tongue out at him before doing just that. 
that night was one of the happiest you’ve ever had. everyone was sat around, eating tons of food and sweets and swapping gifts and you couldn’t help but start crying. “you alright?” gareth asks, sipping some hot chocolate next to you.
you wipe your tears and nod, looking at lucas and will fighting over who got the better comics. “i’m just so happy that this baby will have such a big, loving family. like, i know you’re all not blood but… family isn’t just blood,” you say, watching eddie mess up dustin’s hair. 
“that is the cheesiest shit i have ever heard,” gareth laughs but wraps his arm around your shoulder anyway. “but yeah, this kid has an army,” he observes and you feel your heart soar.
week 36
you sat in the rocking chair in the middle of the community room at the library surrounded by tons of gifts. “guys, this is all too much,” you say, pressing your hands to your cheeks as jonathan takes pictures for you.
eddie shrugs from behind you, placing his hands on your shoulders. “i think it’s pretty cool,” he comments, making some of the guests laugh. 
“okay, okay shut up. y/n open my present first!” dustin calls over everyone. you roll your eyes fondly but agree. he claps and runs up, grabbing a big bag and bringing it up to you. “you’re gonna love it,” he says with a big smile. 
eddie flicks his hat causing him to glare. “let her open it, henderson,” he laughs about his eagerness. you pulled the tissue paper out and grabbed the first box out, gasping at the picture. 
“a sling!” you cooed, showing it off. 
“the fuck is that for?” eddie asked, leaning down to look closer at it. 
you swat him and put the box on the floor next to you. “you can strap the baby to your chest so you don’t have to hold them as you walk or do the dishes or something,” you explain, reaching back in the bag. next you pulled out a box of little essentials such as tweezers, a baby thermometer and so on, dustin explaining his mom picked that out. the last thing you pulled out was a very shit-ily, homemade book of coupons for babysitting. “awe, dustin,” you coo, tears coming to your eyes. 
you hold out your arms and dustin gives you a hug, smiling and feeling proud of himself. “yeah, i’m not letting dustin watch the baby,” eddie comments, flipping through the coupons of dustin’s bad handwriting. 
“oh yes we will, once the baby’s a bit older though,” you say, giving dustin a reassuring smile. 
el walks up to the two of you next, shyly picking out her gift. as usual, she was quiet, and she was the one out of them all that you were the least close to. her gift consisted of a few packs of bibs, some binkies, and burping cloths. “thank you, sweetie,” you said, putting them back in the bag and giving her a hug. 
gareth, jeff, and ricky put their money together to buy a really nice baby bouncer and a couple outfits. mike and nancy got you a play mat and some more clothes, and karen bought lots of diapers and that made you cry. lucas got a nightlight, some baby books, and a winnie the pooh onesie.
“alright, unwrap mine,” steve says, shoving the box towards you. you laugh at him and begin tearing off the paper and feel tears leak from your eyes immediately. 
eddie helps your tear the rest of the wrapping paper off and places his hand on your thigh. “steve,” you say with a pout, crying at how sweet it was. 
steve chuckles and pulls you into a hug. “please, why do you think i was pressuring you into waiting until after the birth to buy the stroller? i picked the best one, duh,” he says and you sniffle. 
eddie stands up, pulling him into a bro hug and holding it for a bit longer than normal. “thanks, man,” he says, giving him a genuine smile. robin practically throws steve out of the way and places a bag in your lap.
you laugh at her eagerness but start opening the gift anyway. she had gotten the two of you some toys to connect to the stroller, along with a couple knitted hats and booties and a pack of bottles. “these are the cutest, robin, thank you so much,” you say, admiring the bottles with little elephants on them. 
max stands, bringing her gift to you. you smiled at the cute bath set she had gotten and eddie gives her a big hug, rubbing his knuckles into the top of her head until she starts cussing him. 
wayne wasn't able to make it sadly, but he had already gotten you guys a lot. most importantly he paid for the crib and got you the rocking chair you were currently sitting on.
you didn’t even know where to start with the byers. joyce specifically gave you a nice diaper bag, new crib sheets, and diapers. from will and jonathan, you got a multitude of outfits, some toys, and a some swaddles. your heart was full of love once again because of this group, and you couldn’t wait for them to meet your little one. 
week 37
you pulled the frozen pizza from the oven and sighed, ready to eat your lunch and take a nap. you’d just finished your last day of work and your feet hurt. you put the oven mit down and grabbed the pizza cutter from your drawer and began cutting the pizza. 
all of a sudden, a gush of liquid seeps out of you. you gasp, looking down to see the clear puddle on the ground. at first you thought you just peed yourself, but this was not pee. “grandma!” you yelled, shaking as you look at the puddle. your grandma walks in, seeing it and gasping. 
“your baby’s coming,” she says happily, coming over and taking the pizza cutter from you. “go put on some clean clothes, i’ll call eddie at work, okay?” your grandma says, rubbing your arms.
tears fill your eyes as you shake your head no. “it’s too early, i still have three weeks!” you panic and your grandma shushes you. 
“hey, hey, don’t panic okay? it’s not too early your baby will be just fine, you know you were three weeks early too right? so was your momma,” she comforts you and you try taking deep breaths. “go change, make sure your bag is ready,” she says and you nod, turning and waddling away as she goes to call eddie’s work. 
eddie is flying in the house fifteen minutes later, eyes blown wide in panic. “the baby’s coming?” he asks, stumbling into your shared room. 
“my water broke,” you confirm, sniffling since you were still panicking. 
eddie looks at you for another moment before walking over to see what you were shoving in your bag. “but its-”
“three weeks too early, i know,” you say, wiping your eyes. 
eddie runs his hands down his face. “fuck, okay, woah, shit, this is happening. okay, you got everything, what do i need to do?” eddie rambles. he feels like he’s shaking with nerves and he can tell by your body language that you’re freaking out on the inside. 
“um, i think we can go, i haven’t had a contraction yet so we don’t need to speed. please. don't speed,” you say, grabbing your bag. 
eddie gulps, grabbing the bag from you and kissing your forehead. “let’s go have a baby,” he tries to smile at you and you nod, giving him a shaky smile and grabbing his hand. 
after being in labor for twenty-five hours you were finally able to push. you hated that eddie couldn’t be there with you while you brought your baby into the world, but that was just how it worked in the 80s. thanking every god in the sky, your baby cried immediately. “it’s a girl, momma,” the doctor said with a smile, causing you to cry tears of joy instead of pain. “get her cleaned up and bring daddy in,” the doctor says to her team around her and they nod. 
eddie rushes in the room and to your side, gripping your hand tightly. “you did it, holy fuck, baby, you did it,” he says, tears leaking from his eyes as he presses his forehead to yours. you were laying back flat, still in pain but you didn’t care. you heard the sounds of your baby crying getting louder and eddie’s eyes snapped up as a nurse leaned down to place the little bundle in your arms.
“here’s your daughter,” the nurse says sweetly, and eddie gasps. 
you sob, holding the tiny pink swaddle in your arm. “hi, baby,” you coo, bringing your finger up to stroke her tiny nose as her cries immediately begin to cease while in your hold.
“we have a baby girl,” eddie croaks, sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, hunching over to place his hand on the swaddle. 
the doctor stops at the foot of your hospital bed to catch your attention. “she’s a little on the smaller side, but nothing that worries me. we’re gonna take her in a couple minutes for testing, just to be sure,” she smiles at you and the two of you nod. 
you sniffle, watching her little mouth open in a small yawn. “oh my god, you’re so tiny,” you cry and eddie covers his mouth with his hand. 
eddie reaches down, touching her soft cheek with the pad of his pointer finger. “so sweet,” he mutters, immediately in love with the small baby. 
“here, babe, you hold her,” you choke out with a smile, raising your arms. 
eddie bites his lip, terrified to hold her but reaches down anyways. you carefully transfer the baby to his arms and eddie lets out a sob at how light she is. it was all so real now. “oh my ozzy,” he mumbles, tucking your baby into the crook over his elbow. 
they take your daughter for some testing a few moments later, leaving just you and eddie in the room. “so, do we know her name?” eddie asks after he stops crying. he’s holding your hand, stroking your knuckles as he laid next to you. 
you smile up at him and nod. “i think we do,” you say and push yourself up to kiss him. 
melody belle munson
born: january 18th, 1987
weight: 6lbs 10oz
height: 18.9 inches
okay, yep. i'm in love. as you may have noticed, this is no longer a multi-part one shot. it's now a mini series :) i'll start the next part soon and it'll be everyone meeting melody, if you have any ideas for that (or any interactions between any of them and the baby) please let me know.
oh, and just because they're all happy and sweet now... doesn't mean they always will be...
those who wanted tagged/requested this part:
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letmereadfanfictionsinpeace · 4 months ago
i need a part two of the “you’re the reason / eddie munson” fic, it was so good.
all for us / eddie munson (you’re the reason pt. 2)
part one > part three
cw: fem!reader, angst, tears
is an apology enough to save a relationship?
eddie cut the engine of his van and put both hands on the wheel. he takes a deep breath before looking up at your house. only one light was on, the one in your living room, and he could see that the tv was on from the road. your bedroom light was off meaning one of two things. either you were gone, or you were watching tv with your grandma in the living room. it was only eight o'clock so there’s no way you’d be asleep.
you hadn’t talked since the night you fought. not since the night he lost his temper and chucked a bottle towards your head. he didn’t know if you’d forgive him, but he had to try. “all you gotta do is talk to her,” eddie mutters to himself before reaching over and grabbing the bouquet of daisies he’d spent the last of that weeks money on.
he opens his door and hops out, moving the bouquet from hand to hand as he wipes his sweaty palms on his jeans. the door to his van slams and he begins walking towards the house. he sees the curtain move in the living room and feels nerves further invade his gut. when he takes the two steps up your porch he feels like he could vomit. he takes a couple deep breaths before allowing himself to knock.
it was silent for a minute, and eddie almost thought about turning around and leaving. but then the door opened slightly. his eyes searched the crack in the door since the chain was still on it and he made eye contact with you. “y/n…” he breathed out, feeling his heart ache at the sight of you. really he could only see half of your body.
“what are you doing here?” you ask quietly, looking back towards the living room.
eddie bites the inside of his lip. “i’m here to apologize. can we talk, please?” he asks shakily.
you purse your lips, still slightly scared of him. “i don’t know if that’s a good idea right now,” you say, keeping your eyes down. eddie felt his heart break.
“y/n, please,” he begs quietly. his fist clutching the flowers in his hand. the slight movement causing your eyes to flicker to them.
part of your heart melts at the gesture. he’d never gotten you flowers before, and you’d only told him you liked daisies once. “you got me flowers?” you question with a broken voice.
eddie nods. “i know they don’t make up for what i did, i just wanted you to have them,” he says, raising them towards you. “please let me come in, just for a bit so we can talk,” he begs.
you sigh, hating that you always gave into those eyes. but you were going to have to at some point. you close the door, unhooking the chain and then opening it again. “y/n, who’s that?” your grandma calls from the living room.
you curse under your breath. “just eddie, gram. we’re gonna talk for a little bit in my room,” you explain as eddie steps inside, taking his shoes off as he always did. he gives your grandma a small wave and smile, but she knows what he did.
“thank you,” he mutters to you and you nod, walking towards your room. you were wearing a pair of looney tunes fuzzy pants and a blue tank top and eddie thought you looked adorable.
when you made it to your room you closed the door behind you both. “talk,” you mutter, going to sit on your bed.
eddie feels like the anxiety is strangling him, but he doesn’t have the right to feel like that. he closes his eyes to take a deep breath before starting. “i know saying i’m sorry means nothing. but, i am beyond sorry for how i acted. i was being unreasonable and a complete dickhead just because i was insecure. i shouldn’t have projected that on to you. i know you didn’t do anything wrong, you’re not the reason we fight, i took it way too far. i should’ve just asked you and then believed you. you’ve never given me a reason not to believe you and you’re the perfect girlfriend. the fact i started that stupid fight is ridiculous and you didn’t deserve that in the slightest,” he says, trying to gauge your reaction.
his eyes searched your face as you folded your arms and chewed on your cheek. “you’re not done, are you?” you ask, urging him to address his violence.
eddie shakes his head no. “i have anger issues,” he started and you snorted humorlessly. he felt his heart drop a bit, but he did and he knew you knew that. “i genuinely can’t think of any words that will make up for throwing that- that damn bottle. the second i let go of it, i regretted it. seeing you terrified of… of me? that killed me. i know i have no place being the one hurt here. i hate myself for what i did to you. i love you more than life, y/n. i know i don’t show that and i know we fight a lot but it’s true. i love you so much. i don’t want anyone else and i know i need to stop believing all this fucked up shit going on in my head. i can’t ask you to forgive me, i just want to ask if there’s still a chance for us…” eddie continues, tears leaking from his eyes as he has a vice grip on the bouquet.
tears fall from your eyes from seeing the man you love so broken. you wanted nothing more than to get up and hug him, kiss him, and promise you guys would be okay. but you couldn’t. because a part of you was scared that next time he would lose his temper and it would happen again. “i-i don’t know,” you whimper, wiping your eyes.
eddie walked slowly up to you before falling to his knees. he placed the bouquet next to you before grabbing your arms and gently pulling them apart so he could hold your hands. you let out a sob as he looked up at you, tears dripping from his chin and hands firmly holding yours. “y/n, you are the most amazing person in the world. i will do anything for you, for us. give me demands and i’ll do them, anything you want, baby, i swear. im willing to change- no that’s not the right words… i want to change for you. i want you to be happy, and if possible, if you’ll let me, i want you to be happy with me,” he continues hoarsely, holding back a sob.
you let out a pained cry and pull your hands from his, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him into you. he grasps the back of your shirt desperately and buries his face into your breasts as your head falls against his and you hold him as closely as possible by the shoulders. you both cry as you try to make the decision. was is it too soon to forgive him? or would earlier be better? “eddie,” you whimper, pulling away slightly. he pulls away just enough to look up, still holding tightly onto you. he was terrified this would be the last time he could have you in his arms.
you move your hands down to cup his face. “i love you, too. but i’m still terrified of you and what you could possibly do,” you start and eddie finally lets a sob leave his lips. he nods though, understanding. “i don’t want this to be the end, though. i’m scared, and i think we need a bit of a break. i-i want you to go to therapy for your anger issues,” you say again.
“a shrink?” eddie questions, scared. he never wanted to give into the fact that he may be losing it.
you nod, wiping his eyes. “i hear they can really help. if you can go and find out how to control your outbursts then we don’t have to be over. but until you have a grip on this… i don’t know how close we can be,” you explain.
eddie nods. “i’ll find one tomorrow, i-i promise babe,” he agrees.
you purse your lips and nod. “i also… i want you to calm down on the drinking. i'm not trying to control you but, it also gets worse when you’re tipsy,” you say. eddie nods eagerly.
“anything else, baby? i promise i’m gonna do it all, all for you,” he promises. your eyes water more as you look down and nod. “all for us,” he confirms.
your lip quivers as you nod and you stroke his hair. “for the three of us,” you confirm. he nods before his eyes glimmer with confusion. who the fuck was the third?
“three?” he asks, pulling back. you give him a sad smile and place your hand on your stomach. he continues to furrow his eyebrows, looking between your face and your hand. his mouth falls ajar when he realizes it and more tears fill his eyes.
“i hope that doesn’t change your mind,” you whisper. part of you was scared he wouldn’t want to be a part of your baby’s life. and the other part is the reason you so badly wanted you two to work this out.
eddie shakes his head no and gives you a small smile. he moves one of his hands to place it over yours. “how are we gonna…” he trails.
you shake your head and stroke his cheek. “not important right now. i want you to focus on getting better, and think of this baby as motivation, okay?” you say.
“i will,” eddie confirms.
you bite your lip before continuing. “but i do think we need a break, not long, just so you can get a grip on things,” you say and eddie nods in agreement. he wasn’t happy about the break, but he was beyond grateful that you were giving him a chance to be with you and the baby. woah. the baby.
literally didn’t think about the pregnancy until i got to that point in their talk and i can’t let it go. the intrusive thought took over. would you guys want a part three about the pregnancy??
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letmereadfanfictionsinpeace · 4 months ago
dude i need more angsty fights with eddie ps ur writing is very swaggy
thank you love, i hope this meets your needs lol
you’re the reason / eddie munson
part two , part three
cw: cursing, fighting, name calling, violence, blood, no happy ending
you never wanted the night to end like this, but sometimes his insecurities ruin everything.
the car ride home from the bar was torturously quiet. eddie had been silent since they finished their set and you couldn’t figure out why. you thought maybe he was just stressed or had messed up his throat when singing again, but when he slammed the van door and didn’t talk to you as he stormed inside you knew he was pissed. you rolled your eyes and braced yourself before following him in. as expected, he was popping open a beer bottle and shoving it to his lips as you opened the door.
“eddie,” you said calmly, trying to get his attention. he ignored you and walked over to the couch to sit down. “eddie, what is up with you?” you ask, sighing slightly. you make your way to the living room slowly, watching eddie eye you then look away.
“do you even care? or are you just looking for another excuse to fight with me?” he asks bluntly, taking another swig.
you look at him in slight shock. what the hell? “what do you mean?” you ask, crossing your arms in a defensive manner. you hadn’t done anything.
eddie grunts, still refusing to look at you. “we fight constantly. it’s like one wrong breath around you and you’re at my throat again,” he sneers.
you’re taken aback by his attitude. he was right, you guys did fight a lot yeah, but it wasn’t all on you. “i don’t think you’re being fair, eddie. you start shit too, just how you are right now,” you say causing him to roll his eyes.
“this is your fault,” he says, his knuckles turning white around the beer bottle.
you scoff, walking to instead stand in front of him. “is it? please enlighten me on how i’ve pissed you off this time,” you say.
eddie bites the inside of his cheek, nostrils flaring. “are you just gonna act like you weren’t flirting with the bartender? right in front of me? while i played your song?” he asks, cocking his head to the side.
your jaw drops. “are you fucking kidding me, eddie? i was not flirting with the ugly ass bartender!” you defend yourself, hands flying.
“then what were you talking to him about? he seemed pretty fucking insterested!” he boomed, rising to his feet to tower over you.
you let out a little scream of frustration behind gritted teeth. “we were talking about you, asshole! you and the band!” you say, rage beginning to bubble over.
“bullshit,” he drags.
“why don’t you believe me?” you ask seriously.
eddie rolls his eyes. “i don’t know, maybe because everyone in this damn town knows you’re a whore?” he questions rhetorically.
you gasp, shoving him but he doesn’t move. “that’s not true anymore, ever since we started talking it’s only been you!” you yell, jabbing a finger into his chest. “how could you even think i’d cheat on you?” you ask angrily.
“so what? im just supposed to ignore the way you and harrington act around each other? aren’t you the one who told me you’d fuck him?” eddie keeps going, his voice raising.
you feel tears building behind your eyes, you always cried when you were angry. “that’s not what i said and you know it!” you yell.
“right, right, and those fuck me eyes you give him? nothing right?” he laughs humorlessly.
your lip quivers in rage as the first tears start to fall. “i don’t want steve, eddie. i only want you! i tell you i love you everyday and i do everything i can to be a good girlfriend. what did i do to make you think i’d do anything like that to you?” you ask, your vision becoming blurry.
“stop fucking crying, you know i hate when you cry it’s so annoying,” he huffs, looking away from you.
you feel your heart crack at his words. “you- you did this!” you yell in his face, your fists now shaking with rage.
“oh, so now you wanna play the victim? great,” eddie taunts.
you turn around, screaming in annoyance as you take a few steps to put distance between you two. “i didn’t do anything!” you cry out, hands covering your face.
“yes, you did! you’re the reason we’re having this damn fight, you’re always the fucking reason!” eddie screams, his breathing becoming uneven. you cry, still not knowing what you did.
you shake your head, knowing you don’t deserve this. “you’re fucking psychotic, eddie! you’re delusional!” you scream at him in a heartbroken voice, your voice cracking.
eddie’s eyes turn into a sharp glare. “what did you just say?” he asks, his voice deadly low.
“you’re a fucking psycho!” you scream at him, choking on your words. your eyes widen as his arm raises, and you barely duck in time as the beer bottle goes whizzing past about a foot to the side of where your head was. it shatters on the wall behind you as you fall to your knees with your hands covering your head, screaming in fear. you stay low to the ground, sobbing as the beer drips down the wall behind you.
eddie freezes up, taking in the sight of you cowering on the ground as sobs leave your body. he glances at the wall behind you, seeing the marks of beer dripping and the broken glass on the ground. he didn’t aim for you, but he also wasn’t thinking. that bottle could’ve hit you. he takes a step closer to you as guilt flood through his body.
you see his boots come into view and you fall onto your butt, scrambling back a bit. you were scared of him. “no,” you cry, shaking your head at him.
“y/n…” he says broken heartedly. he saw it on your face, you were terrified. he tried taking another step towards you slowly, but you backed up more.
your hands landed in the glass of the broken bottle, causing you to cry out as it pierced the soft skin of your hands. you held them out in front of you, watching the small drops of blood start to form scattered across your palms. “y/n!” eddie said with a gasp, falling to his knees in front of you and reaching out for you.
“don’t touch me!” you screamed in his face, twisting your body away from him. eddie face dropped as you did so, feeling his heart fall into his stomach.
he searched your face for the anger, but all that was left was fear. “baby, just let me help you get the glass out,” he begged, reaching for you again.
“no!” you screamed, throwing yourself to the side. “don’t fucking touch me,” you cried, scrambling up on to your feet. eddie was quick to follow you, tears gathering in his eyes as he took note of the blood on your legs as well.
“y/n, baby, please calm down. i won’t hurt you, baby, i love you,” he begs, trying to carefully approach you.
you shake your head sobbing. “get away from me,” you say, backing your way towards the door. he gulped, his heart breaking in two as he saw you were heading for the door.
he shook his head, wanting so badly to take back his actions. he should’ve never let his insecurities take over him, but they always did. “y/n, please don’t leave,” he whispers. but you just shake your head at him, and then turn away and bolt for the door. “y/n, please! i'm sorry,” he calls, running after you. you run down the steps quickly, and over towards max’s trailer.
eddie stops in his doorway, watching you run from him. “damnit,” he cusses, kicking the door frame. he watches max let you in, her glaring his way before slamming the door shut. eddie closes his door before sliding down it, tangling his fingers in his hair and pulling as he sobs over losing you.
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letmereadfanfictionsinpeace · 4 months ago
boyish | e.m.
eddie munson x gn!reader
summary: based on boyish by japanese breakfast. you want eddie but he wants something more beautiful, chrissy cunningham
warnings: angstttt, tiniest hint of fluff, eddie’s still lovely + chrissy is not the villain
a/n: this was requested by @l8r-sk8rz , not sure if this is exactly what you wanted angst-wise but hopefully it’ll do the job! thankyou so much for requesting!
Tumblr media
being in love with eddie munson was as easy as breathing. the boy was simply magnetic. everything about him, each extravagant characteristic and unique mannerism, drew you to him with unexplainable strength. the second you met him you were pulled into his orbit, forced to circuit this human phenomenon like the somber moon to his thriving, effervescent earth.
you still remember the first time you saw him smile, it’s burned into your memory perfectly, having refused to forget a single detail. it wasn’t even directed at you, yet it took your breath away. the joyous glimmer in his eye, the smile lines carved deep into his cheeks and the rapturous curve in his pink lips. it felt like something inhumane just due to the way it had your heart racing. how could someone you didn’t even know raise such a visceral reaction from you with a simple smile? it was transcendent.
when he first approached you after one of his gigs, you didn’t expect the night to end with you pushed up against the door of a bathroom cubicle, your hands in his hair and his tongue in your mouth. of course, you’d come onto him pretty strongly after he’d sauntered over to ask how you liked the show. he’d finished his set with a two minute guitar solo that had clouded your inhibitions just enough to transform your fear of getting too close to him into an intense need for his company. 
he drove you to school the next morning, you sat with him at lunch, he kissed you at your locker and guided you to his van at the end of the day with a hand on the small of your back. you watched a film at his place, you slept in his bed, he drove you to school the next morning, walked you to class, kissed you at the door. he pushed your hair behind your ear, he painted your nails, he kissed your neck, he listened to you talk. he was soft and gentle and kind. and you were his. for months, you were his.
being in love with eddie was as easy as breathing, however, watching eddie be in love with someone else made each breath excruciating.
eddie munson is one of the kindest people you’ve ever met. though his appearance may contradict it, it is simply in his nature to comfort and care for those close to him. you spent months by his side as he loved someone else and he still doted on you like you were his reason for being. he held you like he meant it and wholeheartedly supported all you endeavours. he showered you in compliments and soft caresses. but, if you were the besotted moon orbiting his earth, then chrissy cunningham was his sun.
she was the one that drew him in. she was bright and warm and promised fulfilment. her life appeared clean cut; she was a cheerleader, she was popular and she still had a heart. each time you saw her she radiated sweetness. you marvelled at how, surrounded by the bloodsucking pressure of popularity, she still managed to maintain her humanity. even you saw the appeal. she was a beacon of light and hope in a situation in which eddie had always seen darkness and cruelty.
you spent so long watching him watch her. his dark eyes following her movements across the cafeteria as his thumb stroked the back of your hand. he was right next to you, so close you could feel his body heat, count the rings on his fingers, but he was no longer physically there. you dared to imagine what his was thinking of, just to worsen the pain you’d grown so accustomed to. would he kiss her like he kissed you? or would it be more desperate? more passionate? would he speak to her like he spoke to you? or would it be more lyrical? more tender? 
it was shameful, how many weeks you spent holding his hand as he fawned over her. drinking up all the care and attention he gave you, selfishly and hungrily to prepare for the day he finally let you go. you knew his heart was her’s, yet you clung to him and feigned ignorance, praying he would keep hold of yours just a little bit longer. it was desperate and greedy but, for a long time, it was better than being without him. he was still close, he still touched you softly and spoke delicate words, something you indulged in undeservingly.
tonight, he came home with her. you tried to be comforted by the fact it was simply a drug deal, transactional and impersonal but, as their laughter echoed down the small hallway, you knew you had exhausted your right to his attention.
“i like her.” you say, watching him stand in the door way and dramatically salute to chrissy as way of goodbye. you don’t see her smile but you know from the colour in his cheeks that she did. the sound of her car driving away and eddie’s trailer door closing, punctuates the end of your statement.
he grins softly. “yeah.”
you take a moment to appreciate his appearance. allow yourself once last chance to indulge in the fantasy that the adoration in his gaze and tender tilt of his smile is directed at you. for one last moment, he is your boyfriend that loves you unconditionally, that needs you like you need him and that will kiss you goodnight tonight.
a spark of resentment rises within you. how easy it would be, to take the aching pain this causes and set it alight with anger. to make it bitter and spiteful and throw insult after insult. to scream at him instead of wanting to sob. maybe he’d scream back and maybe that would make it easier to leave him. easier to go home to your empty bed, to start cycling to school again and eating lunch on your own. easier to walk yourself to class, to watch a movie alone, to paint your own nails.
“i didn’t realise how easy it would be for me hate you for this.” you laugh without humour, as that familiar ache burns down your throat that signals you’re already holding back tears.
eddie’s brows furrow deeply, stepping away from the door and turning his attention to you.
“for what?” he says it slowly as though unsure he even wants to ask, dragging out the vowels.
your expression is something between a sad smile and a grimace, voice cracking halfway through your sentence. “for loving her.”
you only breathe it out. like saying the words to solidly would hurt you more or shatter the delicate state of tension the room is enveloped in. it’s the calm before the storm and one wrong word could send you both spiralling. eddie blanches.
“i don’t love her.” he doesn’t say it with much conviction and he moves his arms to cross over his chest, each hand gripping a bicep. he’s on the defence.
at the lie, you feel that ghost of anger surge within you. “oh, spare me.” you speak through a tight jaw, fighting to contain the annoyance. “i’ve had to watch you love her for months, the least you could do is show me the decency of telling the truth.”
his shoulders drop and he lets out a quiet sigh. your heart shatters. though you have always been painfully aware of his feelings for her, there was still a tiny, naive part of you that hoped you were wrong. that imagined scenarios where you confronted him and he immediately discredited you, ranting and raving about how you were his one and only and how he would never leave you.
instead, you’re faced with the sight of him sinking down onto the couch with his head in his hands. “months?” he whispers out quietly. “you’ve known for months?”
your eyes begin to sting with withheld tears. all you do is nod, then, realising he can’t see you, you breath out a shaky. “yes.”
“how?” is his instantaneous response, head slowly raising to meet yours as he gazes at you with confusion. “how did you know?”
the answer is so glaringly simple to you that it’s the first thing you say confidently. it makes him wince, like he’s starting to hate himself for what he’s done to you. “i love you.”
you maintain eye contact as you say it, hoping to display your sincerity. even if he can’t return the feeling he still deserves to know. “i’ve spent so long hopelessly in love with you that i know pining when i see it.”
he grimaced deeply and you see the glisten of tears in his own eyes. “i’m sorry.” eddie chokes out and you feel the anger nip at you again.
you chose to stay with him, knowing he loved someone else, but he didn’t know you knew. he still climbed into bed with you most nights and didn’t feel guilty enough to tell you your feelings were unrequited, that he longed for a relationship with someone else. your stomach turns and a few stray tears begin to fall.
“it’s not your fault you don’t love me back, i just wish there was a way to stop it hurting so much.” your voice is watery but it’s lost it’s tender volume it had before, there are some things you need to set straight. “i can’t get you off my mind! i’ve spent every moment you’ve been my boyfriend grateful for the fact that you are my boyfriend and i spent all the moments before that dreaming about it. then i’m forced to sit by and watch as your mind is occupied by her?”
your chest rises and falls deeply as the stream of tears grow stronger. there’s a physical pain in your chest that feels all too like your heart crumbling behind your ribs.
“what makes it worse is i can’t even blame you!” you yell as eddie continues to stew in his pained silence. “she’s pretty and kind and a fucking cheerleader for christ’s sake! it’s every teenage boys fantasy!”
a scoff falls from your lips, humor behind it and slight embarrassment flashes over eddie’s features. it feels so ironically stereotypical for him to fall for her of all people, like the set up to a cheesy romcom, something so unlike eddie.
“look at us,” you laugh through the onslaught of tears, “we’re just…. just two losers! i want you and you want something more beautiful.”
in an instant eddie is opening his mouth to correct you, reaching our gentle hands to grasp your shoulders. “y/n-”
but your quick to move away, his soft touch too persuasive. if you let him hold you, it would be impossible to leave. it would take one touch to decide that selfishly indulging in his comfort is far easier than having to mourn the ghost of his touch as long as you may. a sob leaves you at his hurt expression.
“everything in me wants to stand here and beg for you to love me, beg and beg,” you have to look away as tears gather his eyes and your voice cracks. “i have to go.”
his frown only deepens and a few tears drop from his lashline. “don’t.” he breathes out and you’re ridiculously close to caving, to falling into his arms and pretending just a little bit longer.
“do you love her?” is your response.
and he grimaces, retreating back to his place on the couch. it’s the perfect answer to his plea, his silence is answer enough but as eddie slowly nods his head ‘yes,’ you both know it’s too late. he doesn’t love you and you can’t watch him love her any longer.
“i have to go.”
as the door closes behind you, deafening in the silence of the trailer park, the loss of him hits you harsher than the cold night air. he was the best thing to ever happen to you, beautifully kind and painfully compassionate, but what hurts more is to realise that you will always be his whilst he was never actually yours.
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Hard to Love
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Seeing Eddie with the beautifully perfect Chrissy was weighing on your insecure heart. Eddie notices and calls you over.
GENRE: angst, fluff (good ending)
WARNINGS: insecure fem!reader
You watched intently from across the hall as Eddie closely listened to whatever Chrissy was saying. He had his arm leaned up against the locker next to hers, the look in his eye was very telling.
Chrissy looked perfect as always. She never seemed to have a bad hair day, or bad clothes day or bad.. face day. She looked too good in that little cheer outfit and you were sure Eddie thought the same.
They were such a cliche.
God, why couldn't you be like her? Be so dainty and cute like she was. You'd only ever be 'one of the guys' to Eddie, you were sure of it. There was honestly no point in pining after him anymore, he obviously had his eye on someone else this entire time. Someone much, much prettier than you ever could be.
You arrived at his door cold and shivering, hair damp and clothes soaked.
You arrived at his door cold and shivering, hair damp and clothes soaked.
You arrived at his door cold and shivering, hair damp and clothes soaked.
"What the- did you bike here?" He looks confused as he ushers your inside, taking your coat off for you.
"My mom has my car and you said it was an emergency." He stares at you with guilt and worry in his eyes, feeling terrible for making you bike in the rain.
"You need to take a hot shower or you'll catch a cold- if you haven't already."
"What's the emergency? Doesn't seem very pressing." You ask on the way to his bathroom.
"It's not urgent. Just- take a shower, love." He said before speeding to his room to grab you a shirt and some pants to change into.
It felt weird, getting undressed in Eddie's bathroom, smelling his shampoo and staring into the same wall he did when he was- that's not important. You sighed and ran a hand through your hair, feeling fed up with the feelings that bubble up every time you are around him.
You entered the room, Eddie's eyes widening at the bareness of your legs. You felt a little embarrassed and set his pajama pants atop his dresser.
Your fingers played with the hem of your shirt as you stared into the tv displaying some gameshow on a low volume.
"The pants didn't fit." You say out of the blue.
"What?" He asks, eyes not leaving the tv.
"Your pajama pants didn't fit, and then my bra was all wet so I couldn't wear that either. I wasn't trying to be a slut-" You start to ramble.
"What? I never thought you were, what is this about? Is that why you've been so distant? Did someone say somethin' to you?" Eddie shifts up, sitting straighter while his eyes bore into yours. He was going to kill whoever called you a slut.
"No! No. I don't know why I said that."
"It's not like you would ever see me in that way anyway." You say under your breath with a dry chuckle. You didn't expect him to hear it or care even if he had because it was true. He would only see Chrissy that way, obviously. It was selfish of you to think about him the way you did when he was so clearly hers. He shifts his body to fully face you this time.
You don't say anything, because if you did, you were sure the lump in your throat would let loose and all of your pent up tears would spring loose. He studied your face closely. It wasn't often- especially now- that he got to look at you so close. The plumpness of your cheeks and the curve of your cheek bones, the shape of your nose and the little space where your brow bone met the bridge. He was looking so closely, that he quickly noticed the quivering of your bottom lip.
You just couldn't stop thinking about how much he probably likes her. And how much you would give for him to feel that way about you.
"Y/n." His tone was so low and hushed, and him saying your name alone was enough for the first droplet to push through the threshold. Your facial expression didn't change, just stayed the same as the first few hot tears rolled down, leaving a wet surface behind them for the cold air to cling to.
His warm hand pulled your face toward him.
"What is it, sweetheart?" You squeezed your eyes shut at your pet name causing more tears to fall.
"Why do you have to do that?" You whisper.
"Do what, baby?" You shake your head.
"Make it so hard to love you." You open your eyes to see the most sympathetic yet confused face you'd ever seen.
"You really don't know?" You almost laugh, it was kind of funny how oblivious he was to how much you loved him. He wanted to speak, to say anything but his throat closed up on him.
"I see the way you are with Chrissy. You don't have to say anything." You look back at the tv in hopes of letting this whole thing go.
"Chrissy?" He was still turned toward you and his eyes were studying your expression.
"I know you like her." His eyebrows furrow. Sure, she was pretty, but so were you. How could he pick Chrissy over his girl?
"But- Chrissy's not even..." He starts, thinking about all the things he loved about you, having a hard time choosing just one to say.
"Right. I should've guessed. Not even she is good enough for you, you'd like someone like the chicks on all these posters you have." You were salty now, just honestly pissed off that you weren't enough.
"What the hell are you talking about? I don't want Chrissy or the girls on my stupid posters." You stay silent, eyes looking through the tv at this point.
"I want you."
You finally turn to face him and make a genuine frown.
"You don't have to lie." Your voice breaks and the tears start up again.
He sits up.
"But I'm not! Why do you think I even hang out with you so much?"
"Because I'm just like one of the guys."
"Do you see me one on one with Gareth calling him my baby girl?" You sigh and wipe away your tears. The look of your puppy dog eyes was breaking Eddie's heart.
"I'm in love with you Y/n. How many more ways do you want me to say it?"
"But Chrissy, she's so pretty." You say slowly in such a heart wrenching tone.
"Who cares? You're prettier, always have been." He nudged your chin up to look at him.
"D'you really mean it?" Your face was still frowning and your eyes were glistening.
"Of course I mean it. You're the prettiest girl in the whole world. I can't believe you don't know that." His words were such a reassuring relief to you that you couldn't help your hands flinging around his neck as you bury your face in his chest. You sob into it, finally able to release all your insecurity. He wraps his arms around you and hugs you as tight as he can. His heart is breaking at the sound of your cries and the dampness of his shirt. He pets your hair as you start to calm down.
When you look up, the two of you are so close you can feel his breath on your lips. God, they looked to plump and soft. As if he was reading your mind, he closed the space between you and pressed his lips against yours. They were as soft as they looked. The kiss was short, seeing as he was testing the waters. But once he pulled away you chased his lips and pulled him in for another one causing him to lightly laugh at your eagerness.
"For the record, I do see you that way. You're driving me crazy wearing my shirt with no pants." He murmurs on your lips, making you giggle and tackle him.
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˗ˏˋ 𝐄𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐌𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐬 <𝟑
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Promise to make me look like a rockstar? - @mushroom-writes
opposites attract - @spiderl0rd
eddie munson giving you his ring - @f4irydaydreams
Eddie Munson Sleep Headcanons - @peterparkersnose
Blurb <3 - @mad-elia
Cool as hell - @mad-elia
jealousy is a good look on you - @sapphicwren
The Metal Head and the Material Girl - @loveronlineee
Made for loving you - @metroiras
Blurb <3 - @marvelsswansong
my pretty little secret. - @eddiemunsonsbaby
Who the hell - @k4g3hika
Don't tell Steve - @chaoticvigilantes
something sweeter - @luveline
Eddie letting u colour his tattoos - @luveline
Goo-Goo Eyes - @milkxcheese
Confession - @honeymunson
My Hero - @mayfieldsqueen
Prized Possession - @kaylawritesfics
Quite The Gentleman - @steviebears
My Badass Girlfriend - @luna-writes-stuff
You and Eddie are like parents to Dustin - @unlikelyempathpruneauthor
morning newspapers & fresh coffee - @marvelsswansong
prom queen - @masterofmunson
Hard to Love - @steviebears
gossiping boyfriend - @p3terparker
I've got my eye on you - @fraeira
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of first, second, third, fourth meetings, e.m. x reader
Tumblr media
pairing: eddie munson x fem! reader
summary: The first time we met we hated each other. You didn’t hate me, I hated you. And the second time we met, you didn’t remember me. I did too, I remembered you. The third time we met, we became friends. We were friends for a long time. And then we weren’t. And then we fell in love. – When Harry Met Sally.
warnings: cursing (like a lot), holding not-so lifelong grudges, mention of stage fright, head-cannoning that eddie was kinda a jerk before he was given a proper thump in the head, so divergent from the actual events of season 4 it’s scary, celebration of Christmas (exchanging of gifts).
word count: 5.1k (HUH???)
author’s note: AKA Eddie Munson + RomCom tropes = Perfection. Eddie deserves to be happy. Season 4? Never heard of her. (no fix it fics in this house, we actively pretend it didnt happen)
[ read on ao3 | masterlist | inbox ]
first meeting.
Looking back, it’s so silly to remember the things that seemed so important to the freshman version of yourself. One week, it was some science project that escaped your mind the second it was turned it. The next, it would be the new shoes your mom bought you – off brand and noticeably so. The other girls had real Converse, why did you have to settle for the Payless knockoffs? One particular week, it was talent show try outs.
You had been rehearsing your song day and night, much to your mom’s chagrin. Her overnight shifts only afforded a preciously small window for sleep, something you tried your very best to not disturb (you still did). You had even laid out your best outfit – a hand me down blouse and tweed skirt that you had tailored to fit a little shorter than your mom approved of.
The line of acts auditioning was slowly dwindling, leaving you and a gaggle of boys that looked like they had walked straight off of a Metallica poster to exist solely as every parent’s worst nightmare. They were each absentmindedly fiddling with their instruments, fine tuning and flipping drumsticks as they awaited their turn, contrasting heavily with your noticeably panicked state.
Keep reading
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Ten Things I Like About You (one-shot)
Synopsis: There is one rule for Y/N to accept Jason Carver’s advances: if he wants to go out with her, the jock has to name ten things he likes about the resident ‘Freak'Eddie Munson. Can he do it?
Pairing: Eddie Munson x fem!Reader
Warnings: swearing, Jason being a dick as usual, nothing else I can think of (minimally edited)
Genre: fluff mainly
Word count: 3085
Tumblr media
Y/N Y/L/N was an enigma at Hawkins High. Not unpopular by any means, but didn’t run directly in with the ‘it’ crowd either. She was friends or at least friendly with most of the cliques, but even with the ones she didn’t interact with, she didn’t bully or look down on them, simply coexisted without any problems. Eddie thought it was probably why he’d started to crush on the girl.
Typically, she’d be sitting by the cheerleader table, her and the Queen of Hawkins High Chrissy Cunningham being as thick as thieves unless Nancy Wheeler had taken some time off from their newspaper to come and eat a bit, but starting from a couple of months ago, from time to time, he’d find the girl by his Hellfire Club table. She wouldn’t bother them, wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t even look at them, simply sat down and started to push around the sludge-like mashed potatoes or scrutinize the way-too-orange looking mac‘n’cheese on her plate.
At first, Eddie wanted to snark at her, wanted to tell her to get lost, but the day Y/N had first taken a seat at the far end of their table, he’d noticed how she’d closed her eyes for a moment, took in a deep breath and exhaled. And then, when she did open her eyes – it was like a giant boulder had come off her shoulders. And he understood it. Maybe not exactly what or why she felt that way, but he did, and Eddie’d be damned if it didn’t make his heart skip a beat at the thought, she felt safe around him and his bunch, safe enough to let down her guard like that.
Keep reading
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letmereadfanfictionsinpeace · 4 months ago
Hey, big fan of your writing her… I was wondering if you could write a fic with Sub!Eddie x fem!Reader were they’ve been dating for a while but haven’t done it yet. The reader gets insecure and thinks Eddie doesn’t actually like her all that much, but it turns out that Eddie is a virgin and just really embarrassed. But the reader reassured him and takes care of him and all the while Eddie is a soft, begging, moaning mess.
first time | e.m
Tumblr media
warnings: smut (16+), slight dom/sub dynamics, sub!eddie, angst if you squint, afab reader
note: never written smut before so this may be crap lmao!! thank you for the request xx
you fixed your skirt in the floor length mirror of your bedroom before heading over to eddie’s. usually you’d change out of your cheerleader uniform after school, but today was different. you knew that every guy at school couldn’t stop looking at you when you wore such a tiny skirt. but eddie didn’t. you loved him, but you hadn’t done more than make out in your three months of dating. the thing was, you knew he loved you. he made that very obvious. but was he not sexually attracted to you? did you not turn him on?
you got to his trailer and knocked on the door. eddie soon let you in, smiling.
“i thought you usually changed after practice.” eddie said, looking you up and down.
“i decided not to today.” you shrugged in an attempt to be nonchalant. “what movie have you picked out for us today?”
it was a tradition the two of you had begun. every friday night you’d watch a movie at his place, each of you taking turns to pick. when he first suggested it, you’d expected it to lead to sex, especially since he told you his uncle wasn’t going to be there. it was so cliché - why wouldn’t it? but you and eddie sat through the whole movie.
“a nightmare on elm street.” eddie smiled.
“god, you know i hate scary movies!” you rolled your eyes playfully as you both made your way to the sofa.
“but i love them.” he teased. “and it’s not that scary.”
“fine.” you huffed, trying not to laugh. he poked you in the side, meaning you just had to shove him in retaliation. eddie was always one for a play fight, so this quickly escalated into him tickling you and you begging him to stop. after trying (and failing) to get him off of you, you managed to push him hard enough so that he fell onto the sofa. you jumped on top of him, tickling him back. before you realised it, you were sat on his waist, the two of you both out of breath, and laughing to yourselves.
if you didn’t know better, you’d think he’d run a hand up your thigh, or tug on your shirt. but this was eddie, and he didn’t do that. as your laughter died down, you let out a small sigh to yourself.
“what’s wrong?” eddie immediately noticed the change in your manner.
“eddie…” you looked away, toying with the rings on his fingers. “do you think i’m pretty?”
“what?” he sat up so that he was leaning on his elbows. “of course i do. you’re beautiful, y/n.”
you sighed again, not knowing what to say.
“do you not think you’re beautiful?” concern was written all over his face.
“it’s not that, it’s just…” you really didn’t want to have to say this. “you never try anything. do you not want to have sex with me? do i not turn you on, or something?”
eddie’s eyes softened.
“oh, love. i do.” you shifted your eyes towards him. “really, i do.”
“you do?” you asked quietly, not quite believing him.
“i just…i don’t-i haven’t had sex before.” he admitted, looking away from you. his cheeks reddened, and your heart did flips at the sight of him becoming bashful.
“you’re a virgin?”
“yeah. and i guess…i don’t know. i’m scared i won’t be good or i’ll do it wrong and make a fool of myself. i don’t want you to laugh at me.” it was his turn to play with your hands now.
“oh, eddie. i would never laugh at you. why didn’t you say so before?”
“it’s embarrassing.”
“no it’s not.” you kissed him, before moving down to his jaw. as you moved down his neck, you heard him whimper, and instantly felt wetness pool in between your thighs.
“why don’t i just make you feel good?” you whispered. “can i take this off?”
you tugged at his ‘hellfire club’ shirt, and he nodded. with his help, you pulled it off of him, and began kissing his chest, your hands running down the sides of his torso. you felt him grow hard beneath you.
“you like how that feels, don’t you?” you asked, kissing your way down to his jeans.
“yes.” he breathed, eyes closed. his cheeks flushed, making you smirk to yourself, as you undid his belt. you pulled your jeans down to his ankles, and then took your shirt off, along with your bra, discarding them both on the floor. eddie looked at you, and you heard his breath hitched in his throat. you took one of his ring clad hands and placed it on your breast. your nipples were hard by now.
“eddie, can i take your pants off?” you couldn’t even finish your sentence before he interrupted you with his consent.
“awe, you’re needy, aren’t you?“ you cooed. “cant even wait for me to finish speaking.”
you rubbed his cock through the thin cloth of his pants before taking them off. his dick sprang up to his stomach, already leaking precum for you. you climbed off of him and lied down in between his legs. gently, you kissed the tip of his dick as one hand moved to the base and the other rested atop his thigh.
“please.” he mewled, thrusting his hips up.
“sh, don’t worry.” you said. “i’m going to take care of you. want to make you feel so good.”
your mouth wrapped around the tip and you bobbed your head up and down, in sync with your hand. your eyes lifted in an attempt to make eye contact with him, but his head was thrown back, eyes squeezed shut, letting soft, quiet moans escape. after a few moments you stopped, causing eddie to look up at you in confusion.
“hey it’s okay, baby. i’m not stopping.” you said softly, and pulled your panties to the side. you positioned yourself so that you could just slide down onto him, letting yourself sit for a few moments before moving up and down. he began moaning your name, clutching at anything he could - your breasts, your skirt, his own hair. soon, you sped up, getting lost in the sweet sound of his breathy moans. before long, his moans grew louder and you felt him twitching inside of you.
“go on, love. cum for me.” you said, knowing you were close. as soon as you said those three words, he did, unraveling inside of you as you threw your head back in orgasm. breathless, you climbed off of him and kissed his forehead. he was motionless - trying to catch his breath.
“you did so good for me, baby.”
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letmereadfanfictionsinpeace · 4 months ago
Someone said Eddie using vibrator on you BUT I am requesting YOU using a vibrator on him...in public :) like the vibrator panties with the remotes? Mmmmmm that >:)))
a vibrating cock ring around him as he tries to focus on his d&d campaign.
dungeon master gives eddie plenty of perks. especially the perk to hide behind his binders and dim lights of the room while he tries to relax into the vibrating toy around his cock.
you love looking at him as he sits right next to you. his hands on either side of the table, clenching his fists so tightly his rings start to make impressions on his skin. his innocent eyes turning to peer at you from the side as his bangs cover his neediness.
you just smile at him, your hand condescendingly propping up your cheek as your elbow firmly sits on the table. you wink, “hi, baby,” you whisper to him.
he looks down at himself, his legs starts to shake as he feels himself coming at the feeling of stimulation.
his grip on his fist tightens even more. he lets out a nervous whimper, his head tilting back, eyes closed as he can feel his release through his jeans.
“shit,” he quietly stammers, groaning at the wetness in his underwear.
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letmereadfanfictionsinpeace · 4 months ago
First Time For Everything
Summary: You start to become worried when your long time boyfriend, Eddie, still hasn't had sex with you. So you decide to confront him about it.
Pairing: Eddie Munson x fem!reader
Warnings: sub!virgin!Eddie, dom!experienced!reader, smut
Word Count: 2.3k
A/N: This was requested but I accidently lost the request because I'm a dumbass. Anyways, I kinda hate this but I've been busy lately so this is the best I can do.
Tumblr media
You had been dating Eddie Munson for almost six months now. And it was perfect. He was perfect. When you first met after being placed beside each other in your math class in senior year you had no idea how much he would mean to you.
Friday nights were your favourite. You’d go over to his trailer after Hellfire Club while his uncle was at the bar. It was the only time you two got to be truly alone; so obviously it was filled with making out and fooling around, and occasionally getting high. However, despite your long-lasting relationship, there was one thought that always lingered in your mind. You two had never had sex. If you were being honest with yourself, it kind of bothered you. Not because you only wanted him for sex- you weren’t an asshole- but because you thought this far into the relationship surely you should’ve at least talked about it. And so, you decided, this was the night you would ask Eddie if he wanted to have sex.
You’d been making out on his grubby bed for a while, Ozzy Osborne blasting in the background. Just the usual kissing; his hands on your hips, yours in his hair. You were on top of him and you could feel him starting to get hard. A part of you became scared. How do you just ask someone if they want to have sex? You’d never done it before; usually the guy asked you. But it was clear Eddie wasn’t planning on making the first move. So, you decided to take matters into your own hands. You rubbed your thigh against the bulge in his jeans, hopefully hinting to him that this is what you wanted. But no such luck. All Eddie did was release a quiet moan and continue kissing you. Apparently, you were going to have to be more outright than that. The next time you came up for a breath you whispered.
‘Eddie, do you wanna…’ you trailed off hoping he’d understand. He didn’t. His shining eyes stared back at you and he tilted his head in confusion.
‘Do I wanna...?’ he prompted you.
‘God you’re slow sometimes.’ You took a deep breath before blurting, ‘Do you wanna have sex with me.’
Immediately you felt his body tense beneath you. His eyes widened and panic struck his face.
‘I, uh,’ he stuttered. You could sense his discomfort and so you rolled off of him and sat on the edge of the bed. Eddie got up, leaning his back against the head board. ‘I’m sorry, I…’ His eyes shifted from you to his lap, to the window. You grabbed his hand.
‘No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,’ you reassured him.
And for the next few minutes you just sat there, leaning your head on his shoulder, comforting him. But all the while a question drifted in your mind.
‘Eddie?’ you finally spoke. He looked down at you.
‘Listen, I know this is stupid, and I know you don’t need a reason but, um, why?’ you mumbled.
‘Why, what?’
‘Why don’t you want to have sex with me?’ When he didn’t answer within a few seconds you started to ramble.
‘It’s just that, we’ve been dating for so long; nearly six months now. And obviously I know sex isn’t everything, but you’d think after a while we would’ve at least talked about it. Eddie, we never talk about it. And… and it just makes me feel like shit sometimes. It makes me think you’re not attracted to me and I-’
‘Hold on,’ Eddie finally interrupted your ramblings. ‘You think I’m not attracted to you?’
‘Well, sometimes it feels that way. What else am I supposed to think when my boyfriend, who I’ve been dating for half a year, doesn’t want to have sex with me.’ You hadn’t realised during your rambling that you’d started pacing across his tiny bedroom.
‘Oh, come on. That’s bullshit and you know it. Don’t I tell you how beautiful you are all the time?’ Now he too was on his feet and the next thing you knew you were having a full-blown argument.
‘God, I know I sound like such an asshole right now,’ you said exasperated. ‘And I’m not trying to pressure you Eddie, I would never do that. I’m sorry for bringing it up. I just,’ You slumped down on the edge of his bed again and fiddled with his duvet. ‘It just worries me. I feel like I’m not good enough for you.’
‘How can you even say that? I love you, every single bit of you.’ Eddie sat beside you and put his hand on your thigh. ‘Look, it’s not you, it’s me.’
‘Oh shit, you’re breaking up with me,’ you mumbled.
‘No, damnit that’s not how that was supposed to come out.’ Eddie fumbled with his words a bit before turning to face you.
‘Okay, you’re not the reason I don’t want to have sex. I am.’
You looked at him, raising a brow.
‘I don’t follow.’
He sighed. ‘This is so embarrassing.’ His leg was bouncing anxiously against yours. You began to grow concerned.
‘You okay?’ you asked, grabbing his hand once more.
‘Okay, I’m just gonna say it,’ he cupped both his hands around yours. ‘I want to have sex with you. Holy shit, I really do. You’re beautiful and you’re smart and I love you. Why wouldn’t I want you?’ You blushed at his words.
‘It’s just, I don’t know how.’
‘What do you mean you don’t know how?’ you asked, truly at a loss as to what he was trying to say.
He chuckled. ‘And you said I’m the slow one. I mean I don’t know how because I’ve never done it before.’
Eddie lifted a hand from yours and used it to cover his face with his hair as you thought about what he said. And then it hit you. Why he was embarrassed. Why he said it wasn’t because he didn’t love you. Why he said he didn’t know how.
‘Holy shit, you’re a virgin?’
‘Well done, Einstein,’ Eddie remarked. ‘Yes, I’m a virgin. Although I prefer the term sexually pure,’ he joked.
You were shocked. Eddie Munson, a virgin? Given his reputation you were sure there had been plenty people he’d been ‘sexually impure’ with.
‘Oh my god, Eddie, I had no idea. Why didn’t you just tell me?’ you questioned.
‘Because it’s humiliating,’ he moaned.
‘Hey, no it’s not. Who cares anyway? It’s not the big deal everyone makes it out to be,’ you comforted him.
He fell silent for a moment, staring down at his stained duvet. Eventually his leg began to stop shaking. Then, after a minute of quiet he looked up at you. That familiar smirk that you loved on his face.
‘You know how I was saying I didn’t know how?’ he asked. You nodded in response. ‘Well, maybe you could teach me.’ His smirk only grew wider.
You wanted nothing more than that. But now you were scared you had pressured him.
‘Are you sure?’ you asked. ‘I don’t want you to think I’m pressuring you.’
‘I said I didn’t know how to have sex, I never said I didn’t want to.’
He looked at you with pleading eyes. You surveyed him for a moment, making sure he looked positive this was what he wanted.
‘Okay, I’ll teach you,’ you said, pushing him down onto the bed.
‘Alright, since this is your first time I guess I should instruct you,’ you said, slowly crawling on top of him. ‘Why don’t we start by getting this off.’ You pointed at his worn Hellfire Club shirt and he pulled it off as instructed. You followed suit by taking your shirt off too.
‘Good boy,’ you told him.
Then, you gradually started to grind on him, feeling him start to get hard again. You stared down at him, his toned face already in awe of you. You leaned down and he pushed himself up slightly, as though he couldn’t wait for your lips to meet his. Within seconds your mouths were meshed together as you continued to move your body against his.
After a few minutes you could tell he was starting to get impatient so you reluctantly pulled away from him and whispered in his ear. ‘You ready?’
He nodded back at you, gazing deeply into your eyes.
You both fumbled with your pants and soon you were both entirely naked. Eddie took in your stunning figure as you towered over him, his mouth practically agape. You’d seen each other naked before, just not right before what you were going to do now.
You were about to begin when you had a realisation that sent a bolt of panic through your body.
‘Shit,’ you exclaimed. ‘What about a condom?’ Eddie sprung up instantly.
‘Oh, I have some.’ He reached over to the drawer beside his bed and pulled one out. You looked at him in bewilderment.
‘The virgin has condoms?’ you asked sarcastically.
‘You know I’m prepared for anything babe,’ he joked, although you noted the nervous laugh that escaped his lips.
You helped him put the condom on, constantly glancing up at him to check if he was okay.
When you were both finally fully prepared you needed assurance one more time that he was comfortable.
‘Are you sure this is what you want?’ you questioned, a note of concern in your voice.
‘Fuck, yes,’ Eddie practically whined. You realised now that he was almost writhing beneath you. This was confirmation enough that he was certain.
You carefully lowered yourself onto his dick. A quiet moan escaped your lips as you took him all in. You leaned on his shoulders to steady yourself, keeping a close watch on him.
‘Am I doing good?’ he asked, his breathing ragged.
‘Yes,’ you replied, stroking his hair. ‘That’s good. Good boy.’
You lightly tugged on his matted hair, causing him to whimper a little louder than you expected. You stopped your movements to check on him.
‘Why’d you stop?’ His eyes met yours with a pleading gaze.
‘I thought I hurt you,’ you worried, leaning down to kiss his forehead.
‘You could never hurt me,’ he replied. ‘But even if you did, I wouldn’t mind.’ Eddie smirked.
You leaned down to kiss his neck, grabbing his hands and holding them above his head. Even after you let go of them, he kept them there. It seemed he knew exactly what you wanted.
Straightening yourself up again you grabbed onto his shoulders to steady yourself. Your nails dug into his skin as pleasure tore through you, meriting another whine from Eddie.
You maintained a steady rhythm, moving back and forth, each thrust bringing you both closer to your climax. Despite Eddie saying he had no idea what he as doing he seemed to be doing everything exactly as you wanted him too. He just lay there as you fucked him senseless, so overcome by you on top of him.
‘Is that good?’ he asked repeatedly, when he could manage to get the words out.
‘Uh huh. You’re doing so good for me, Eds. You feel so good in me,’ you replied.
‘Is there anything else I can do?’ He looked up at you, his eyes glistening, his hair plastered across the pillow, his hands pinned above his head. His voice was hoarse and raspy from the moaning and his submissive tone made your legs tremble.
You looked at his hands, so obediently placed above his head. You didn’t even have to tell him to keep them there. In your opinion, that earned a reward.
‘I want you to touch me.’
‘Where?’ he asked innocently.
‘Everywhere,’ you whispered. ‘You deserve it for being such a good boy for me.’
His hands cautiously moved from the pillow to your body, scanning down your torso, up to your chest and finally resting on your thighs. He stroked your inner thigh almost paralysing you with pleasure. His gentle touch sent a shiver rushing through your whole body that caused your thrusting become sloppy. You sped up your pace. Eddie’s reaction to this change only made you more desperate for him. He let out shameless moans, screaming your name, his chest rising and falling at increasing speed.
‘Shit, I’m gonna cum,’ his words were slurred, as though he were drunk on the high.
‘That’s okay, baby,’ you panted in reply. ‘I’ll do it with you.’
His head pressed deep into his pillow and his eyes clamped shut.
‘Hey, look at me,’ you ordered, placing your hand on his cheek. ‘You don’t want to miss the look on my face when you make me cum for the first time, do you?’
He shook his head. ‘No, ma’am.’
His tear-filled eyes opened and he stared up at you, taking in every inch of your body.
You both knew you had reached your climax as your moans harmonised perfectly with each other. You grabbed his hair again, making his moans turn to desperate cries. Eddie was a mess beneath you. Every limb was shaking, his eyes were glazed over and he seemed as though he could barely speak.
You were both silent for a moment as you caught your breath and came down from your high. Then you carefully got off of him and he reached down to pull the condom off, throwing it on his already filthy floor.
You laid down beside his trembling figure and pulled the sheet over the both of you. You cuddled close to him, running your thumb up and down his cheek.
‘Was that okay?’ he mumbled in a voice you could barely hear.
‘That was more than okay, Munson. You’re a natural,’ you chuckled. Eddie turned his head to meet your eyes.
‘Wanna do it again?’
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