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Intensity - Sanji x Reader
Hello everyone! It’s so good to be posting again, i’ve missed you all! I hope you all enjoy this, I had so much fun writing this. I want to take a different approach with writing the characters, and I hope you enjoy this! I love you all and I miss you! Enjoy!
Synopsis: Sanji was perplexed, their voice was driving them insane, just hearing them was enough to drive him to a brink he didn’t know existed, and they didn’t have to touch him to do that. They know that and like that. So what happens when a prince’s lust drives him to beg for help? 
Warnings: N$FW
Tumblr media
His eyes were bleary with need as he jerked himself off even faster, his face was flushed with sweat as he tried to get himself closer as fast as he could. He didn’t have as much time as he would have liked, he felt his heart skip a beat when he rubbed his thumb against the underside of his stiff problem. His free hand held him up against the wall as he stroked himself slower but harder. Dinner had to be served soon, but how could he focus on that when they walked into his kitchen minutes ago looking as attractive as they did? Sanji let out a sharp breath as he squeezed himself and let out a pathetic moan as he stopped his hand and began to pant to ignore his discomfort. He didn’t allow himself to finish, he let the burning, uncomfortable feeling which came when he edged himself happen again. As he let go of himself, he felt his dick twitch and watched as it slowly started to go soft. He laughed and felt even more pathetic with his predicament, he couldn’t finish, he didn’t think he ever could again, he knew it would never feel right. He knew he would never stop feeling guilty. Every time he got close, he saw their face, and could almost feel their body under him and it made him feel sick with need. What type of gentleman was he if he got off to thinking about others without their knowledge? His hands became shaky as he reached for a cigarette and lit it before he pulled his dress pants up and made himself look presentable again. He washed his hands and splashed icy water on his flushed face to help with his burning cheeks. When he licked his chapped lips and watched himself in the mirror, he could imagine them doing the same as they went down on him to suck him off. His mind wandered as he pictured them on their knees, but then he strayed again. Even more attractive than that, he could picture them ordering him around as he tried to get himself off, he could see their coy little smile, their smirk, he could almost hear them laughing, mocking him as he got close just from hearing them taunt him. He jolted when he felt a tightness in his pants and frowned when he saw the root of his problem. He felt gross again, what type of man was he if he wanted to submit to them? Have them boss him around while he gets himself off in a way that pleases them?
“Not now,” he gritted out through the smoke which filled the bathroom. He tried to quell his thoughts by taking a few more drags before leaving the bathroom. He did his best to tune out the sounds of the crew as he languidly walked to the kitchen and locked himself in his smoke filled haze of a kitchen so he could check on the stew which he was cooking. He let himself zone out and allowed himself to feel pitiful once again. He had intense wants and needs, but knew none of them would be sated since they didn’t even know about his little issue. All the fantasies he concocted for himself came from innocent encounters with his crewmate, nothing sensual, nothing Sanji should want to crave, but he found himself needing even more. As he finally served dinner and sat at his spot on the table, he stayed reserved and distanced as his thoughts once again wandered free again. He didn’t scold Luffy for being loud and making a mess, he didn’t chide Zoro for drinking alcohol this early in the night and he definitely didn’t watch the way the cremate of his desire closed their mouth around the spoon they were using to eat the stew he had made. His face was hot as he finished his food, when some of his crewmates became concerned about his flushed appearance, he was quick to blame the heat of the kitchen. While he hoped that answer would be enough for now, it seemed that no one was buying it, well the competent members at least, but they all left Sanji to his own devices, everyone but them. While everyone filed out of the dining area to continue with their nights, they didn’t. Sanji did his best to assume that they just wanted to grab something else from the dining room so he didn’t question them, instead he went about cleaning the table and counter while their eyes stared at him. 
They weren’t dumb, they saw the way his body tensed when he had to reach over them to clean the table and how his breathing became more ragged when he would pull away, as if he had to exert himself more than he wouldve liked to clean. They watched as he shakily took a drag from his cigarette as he leaned against the counter and tried to gather himself. They took advantage of him being off guard and stepped closer to him before they looked up at him curiously. 
“Are you alright?” They asked as they carefully pried the cigarette out from between his teeth and inspected the abused tip before they took a drag. 
It was sinful, everything about what they just did made Sanji want to choke on the smoke that was stuck in his throat. He stared at them and watched as they blew the smoke out of their lips and coughed when he inhaled the smoke secondhand. He saw how amused they were with what they did and he almost felt angry with how they seemed to be enjoying how tortured Sanji seemed to be. 
“You know I’m not,” Sanji spat out, he didn’t mean to sound cruel, but having them so close to him had him paranoid, he wanted them to back away from him, he wanted them to go away so he could go back into the bathroom and jerk himself off to an uneventful end where he wouldn’t even allow himself to finish. They didn’t seem annoyed by his tone, instead they seemed to be more amused, they could see how wired up the poor chef was, how stressed he seemed to be from whatever they were doing to him. 
“Maybe I can help you if you tell me what’s wrong?” They suggested, they grinned deviously when they saw how he gasped and seemed to grab onto the counter some more, almost as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Sanji was usually more cool headed than this, or at least he liked to think that he was. While he was a flirt, his narcissism made him believe that he was classier than this, classier than whatever the hell was happening right now between them. “Use your words,” They then ordered, and that had Sanji spiraling. The words he fantasized about them saying for the longest time were finally said and he felt his legs almost give out. He wanted to laugh at himself and how pathetic he was, his legs were the strongest part of himself, and here he was nearly swooning over their perverted words. But they weren’t perverted, it was Sanji who was craving something they wouldn’t give him, projecting his taboo fantasies onto someone who didn’t need to deal with them. As his mind tried to wrap around their words, they took a step back and took another drag of the cigarette before blowing it out to the side. Sanji was almost choking with need by this point, as he leaned back against the counter, his breathing became more ragged and his pants became tight just from watching them smoke from his cigarette. They weren’t even touching him but he already felt like he was going to burst. 
“Go, please,” Sanji pathetically pleaded as he closed his eyes and they stepped even closer to him and cupped his cheeks with their warm hands. Sanji allowed a small whimper to bubble out of his throat as they began to drag their hands down his neck and to his chest and middle. He wanted to climb onto the counter and get them away from him but he couldn’t, their touch felt too good, and he felt so wound up that he didn’t resist what they were doing. They reached his pants and squeezed him through the thin material and watched as Sanji nearly collapsed on the ground. “Fuck,” he hissed as he bucked his hand into their hand, well he thought it was their hand. When he looked down at his pants, he realized that he was cupping himself, that they were still standing where they previously were and were watching Sanji with curious eyes. “I’m sorry,” Sanji quickly said as he backed up to hide behind the counter that he was previously leaning against. He was scared, not of them but of himself. He managed to fantasize to the point that he imagined their hands on him which troubled him, he felt sick with how far gone he was going. They stepped forward and leaned against the counter as they tried to get him to stop trying to run away from them. 
“What? Why?” They frowned as Sanji stopped trying to back away and finally looked at them. 
“You know why,” Sanji frowned as he watched them go over the counter to confront him. They watched as his hands pressed back against the wall and how defensive he became in a matter of seconds. 
“Does that happen a lot?” They asked as Sanji slowly started to relax and looked at them. 
“Sometimes, yeah,” Sanji found himself admitting as they leaned on the back of the counter. 
“Why?” They found themselves asking as Sanji looked down at the predicament in his pants and tried to hide it by adjusting his legs in a certain way, but all it did was make it more obvious. 
“I just hear your voice and it’s enough for me,” Sanji confessed, he flinched after he said it in case he was slapped or yelled at for his perverted thoughts, but nothing like that happened, instead when he opened his eyes again, they looked at him in a mix of pity and interest. 
“Just my voice is enough for you to get off?” They asked to which Sanji nodded. He looked at their lips and watched them sigh as they relaxed against the counter some more before speaking again. “We can work with that.”
“Excuse me?” Sanji sputtered out as his pants became even more tight. He never imagined that someone would want to help him out like this, let alone them. 
“Listen to me, I can help you out, let me help you out, you’re stressed and this has obviously been bothering you,” they said as they sat on the counter and crossed their legs. “Undo your pants, I can handle it,” They assured him, but their tone was anything but assuring. They were demanding Sanji to take it off and he liked it, he really wanted this. Sanji shakily reached his hands down to undo his zipper before he pulled them down to his thighs before he waited to be told what to do next. He couldn’t believe this was happening, his eyes felt unfocused again and he almost felt guilty about doing this and wanting this. 
“I feel like a pervert,” Sanji admitted as he started to slowly stroke himself as they watched and were almost unfazed by what he was doing.
“You are,” they smirked as they continued to watch him. Sanji shivered at what they said and sped up his hand before they lifted up their hand and he stopped. Sanji squirmed and was clearly uncomfortable by having to stop, but they didn’t seem to care, in fact, seeing him this disheveled, this lustful had them feeling prideful. They were able to make him like this, it made them feel powerful. “Obedient too, I like that,” they simply said as they put their hand down and watched as Sanji resumed moving his hand at a slower pace. 
“Thank you,” Sanji grunted out, he was already feeling close and he just got started, they chuckled at how frazzled he seemed to be before stopping him again. 
“Spread your legs some more, I wanna see you, show me how much you like this, how much you want this,” They demanded. Sanji didn’t feel gross, if anything he felt empowered when he spread his legs brazenly and slowed down his hand movements to give them more of a show. This was better than anything he could have imagined, the way their eyes stared into his own made him feel dizzy, he started to pant and nearly bent over himself from the sheer pleasure he was bringing to himself with their help. 
“You needy little thing, is that good my prince?” they teased. “Speed up, look at me,” they then demanded. Sanji obeyed what he was told and stared into their eyes as he wantonly moaned and sped his hand up to jerk his aching dick even faster. 
“Good, so good,” Sanji moaned as he started to buck his hips up to meet with his hand. The way he fucked his hand made it obvious to them that he had done this before to himself, they could even see him get closer. But as he did, they frowned when he started to slow down again. 
“I didn’t tell you to slow down,” they gently pointed out. 
“I know,” Sanji gritted out, “I can’t finish, I’m not supposed to, this is wrong,” he reminded them as he struggled to hold himself back. 
“Maybe,” They hummed, “But I don’t think it’s wrong, you want this, don’t you? Then it’s not wrong. You can finish, prince,” they smirked. 
“What?” Sanji asked in surprise, he looked at them and felt his hand begin to speed up without him even realizing it. Their approval seemed to be all he needed. When he got close, he felt himself relax in a way he didn’t think was possible, all the responsibility, all the stress that came with finishing was all gone, they took it all away from him by their command. “I can’t, I’m gonna – “ Sanji grunted and felt his hips stutter as he finished all over his hand in an embarrassing show of vulnerability. “Fuck!” He cursed as he watched them taking him in, drinking him with their eyes as he started to slowly come down from his little high. Sanji watched as they came off of the counter and went to help him get his pants up again before they looked up at him and felt his cheek with their hands. 
“Are you ok?” They softly asked. 
“I’m fine, just a little dazed,” Sanji admitted as he pulled a cigarette from his pants pocket and lit it before he took another drag as he fixed the belt for his pants and looked at them curiously. He was expecting them to just leave, but they didn’t, they just watched him some more and he felt his heart speed up to an uncomfortable pace as they continued to stand in his smoken haze. “Is there anything I can do for you?” Sanji asked as he looked them over and tried to calm his heartbeat down again. 
“I want to do this again,” they said as they pulled their hands away from his face to drink him in again. “I will be doing this again, but for now, get some rest,” they said as they left the kitchen to leave Sanji stewing in whatever was beginning to form between the two of them. He felt flustered and confused as they left, but soon that wave of satisfaction and fulfillment rushed into him as he slumped against the wall and onto the floor. As he took another drag of his burning cigarette, he found himself laughing as he relieved the past couple of minutes of his debauchery, he couldn’t wait to do this again.
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Take a Risk - Zoro x Reader
Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while, thank you for being patient with me. I haven’t been feeling well but I was in the mood to write so I wrote! I wanted to surprise you all with something I’ve been working on and I hope you all enjoy it! I had so much fun writing it. I hope you’re all doing good and that you’re all well, I love you all so much!
Synopsis: Pent up and stressed, they wonder if they can find some relief on board. But their mind makes things difficult with their constant daydreaming and fantasizing of a certain swordsman on board. They worry he may not want to do anything with them, but what if all they need to do is take a risk?
Warnings: N$FW
Tumblr media
“I’m just not like that I guess,” They pouted as they fidgeted with their hands while talking to Nami. Nami finished with her manicure and showed her friend, smiling when she saw the approval on their face. She could tell they were about to change the subject, so she interrupted them instead. 
“You could be if you tried, I mean hooking up isn’t for everyone but it’s nice. Get’s all the stress out,” She shared as she relaxed back in her lawn chair. They sat up at that, frowning as they thought about the logistics of it all. 
“But we’re in the middle of the ocean, I can’t just -- “
“You could,” Nami interrupted as she sipped her drink, a devious look on her face. “I mean it would be risky, but it’s still possible,” she shrugged, smiling as her friend became more flustered. They looked around the ship, if they were to possibly hook up with someone, who would that even be? They couldn’t even believe they were contemplating this and that they were being drawn towards it. After all the fights and lack of rest from their battles and adventures, they felt pent up. They wanted a moment where they could let go, let out some steam so they could finally think again. Their desire for doing something with someone had gotten so out of hand that they started to daydream a lot, their mind felt loose and drifting constantly, they couldn’t focus at dinner, they would always be staring at the people on board, just wanting some relief. Well, relief with a certain someone that is. They glanced to the side and heard the sound of weights clinking together, but soon Nami was snapping out of their nice little daydream.
“Hello? You’re doing the thing again,” Nami pouted. She was now in their face, snapping her fingers to get them back to reality. It worked, they blinked their eyes a few times and sighed, taking a sharp breath as they looked up at the woman. 
“I don’t know who I could even do it with, and besides isn’t that weird? I mean, wouldn’t this make things weird?” they frowned while Nami smirked. 
“I don’t think so, look around, everyone here would be glad to lend a helping hand, or something else,” Nami teased while they gasped and smacked at her arm. 
“You’re foul.” “You love me, but I also know you love Zoro’s workout arms more, look at him now,” she said as she scooted into the lawn chair with them and pointed at Zoro not that subtly. They groaned in embarrassment and hesitantly looked over at Zoro, that was all it took to get their mouth watering. He was softly grunting as he lifted his comically large weights. His face was shining with sweat, the veins on his arms were bulging and there wasn’t a single part of him that didn’t look delectable to them. They began to daydream again, they imagined Zoro pinning them to the wall, kissing at their neck and grinding against them slowly, teasing them as their legs spread apart, welcoming him -- 
“Hey! This is getting annoying, snap out of it,” Nami frowned as she smacked her friend back as payback for earlier. They gasped, their face red as they forced themselves to not think about Zoro’s delicious abs, but they were obviously failing, since when could someone’s body even be delicious? They felt foul now. 
“Is it hot outside?” They blurted out as they fanned their face and occasionally stole a glance at Zoro. He seemed too distracted by his weights to even notice their plight, but Nami did. 
“No, it’s just you acting like you’re in heat at the sight of him. I think you should just ask him,” Nami stated as she used her own hands to fan her friend, she didn’t like how clammy they were beginning to feel. 
“What makes you think he’ll say yes?” They asked, they began to think about what would happen if he did say yes and it made them more flushed. What if he was the type of guy to assert his dominance, pin them to the floor and go at them for hours mercilessly, not allowing them to finish until he felt like they were allowed to on his command. What if he used his big hands and covered their mouth, squeezing at their jaw to keep their screams quiet. Would he be able to make them scream -- 
“Hey!” Nami snapped. “That’s it, if you don’t ask him, I’ll ask him for you,” Nami stated as she stood up and dragged her friend with her. They gasped again, they felt breathless, like a fish out of water or some blushing kid around their crush, not some adult who could take charge of their own sexuality. They got a single glance at Zoro during dinner, or when they were on the deck and their mind went to mush, all they could think about were the millions, yes millions, of ways they would let Zoro use them, or how they would use Zoro. Before they discovered new reasons to lust after Zoro, they found themselves being stopped right in front of the man and being watched by him with his singular hawk-like eye. He didn’t stop pumping his weights, but his eye was telling a different story. While Nami stopped and stretched, huffing about having to drag them to Zoro, they were distracted by how that eye was enough to make them fall apart for him. How when he glanced away for a second and licked his lips with his tongue, huffing as he caught his breath from a hard set, they almost moaned. 
“I’m going now, talk to him,” Nami said loudly enough to not give them any room to back out of this, and she was honest with her word. Within seconds she seemingly disappeared and they were left feeling dizzy and heated under Zoro’s eye. 
“Do you need something?” Zoro grunted as he bent down and added more plates onto his weights so he could begin a different set. His voice, it was thick and rich, he didn’t sound exhausted but he did sound worn out from all his training and his own fights. Their mind was swimming with desire, they were so far gone in their own mind that they didn’t even register what they said out loud for a moment, that was until Zoro stared at them in shock. “What did you say?” he asked.
“You,” They found themselves repeating as they began to process things again. “I mean, shit, I’m sorry.” they said as they watched Zoro put down his weights and pant as he caught his breath. That surprised them, usually nothing distracted Zoro from his weights, they took a small step back and nervously laughed as Zoro’s eye curiously scanned their body over, like a predator on prey, they felt like a damn animal right now, it shocked them how looking at Zoro was enough to drive them down to their primal instincts. 
“You’re doing the thing again,” Zoro grumbled as he crossed his arms around his large chest, god they couldn’t stop staring. “Are you thinking too hard again?” He asked. 
“I don’t know, I think I am,” They admitted as they watched Zoro sigh and shake his head. 
“What do you even want? Like help with weights or something?” Zoro asked, it was obvious that he was trying to avoid talking about what they really wanted and it made them nervous. What if he didn’t even want to try with them? They felt like they were beginning to get cold feet, so they looked at Zoro again and felt a little more confidence in themselves, they could do it. 
“I know this is a big risk and is kinda stupid but I need your help in umm, stress relief stuff,” They tried to explain. 
“Stress relief?” Zoro simply asked, a small smirk coming on his lips. They stared at his lips and felt themselves go breathless all over again, they had seen him smirk before at jokes and even in fighting, but this felt different, this smirk was for them. 
“Doing it. Sex. I wanna do that with you,” They blurted out, this was not how they would imagine it going. They always pictured it being a slow, sensual seduction, not them straight up asking Zoro to bang them. 
“Sure,” Zoro shrugged, “I can do that,” He said as he wiped his face with his towel. They felt their jaw go slack at that, was that seriously that easy to ask for? 
“Wait, really?” They asked as they started to follow him while he cleaned his stuff up. Zoro just laughed and shrugged again, him and those damned shrugs, his damn shoulders. 
“Yeah, why not? It’ll be fun for the both of us,” he casually said while they were stuck thinking about that. They were surprised he said yes, they couldn’t believe that this was happening. They wondered how it would feel, how he would pull them upstairs to his room, or even better, his training room and pin them to the wall, slowly pulling his pants down while they whimpered and whined and -- 
“Wanna go to my training room or something? There’s a lock on the door,” Zoro said as he pointed to the stairs. He was casual about all of this while they were nervous and excited, they were finally getting what they had been fantasizing about and they couldn’t wait. 
“Yes, anywhere,” They said as they followed Zoro up the stairs. 
“Geez,” Zoro teased, “You ok?” he asked as they reached his training room and closed the door, locking it behind him. They looked around the training room and saw how large it was, how there were so many opportunities to do so many different things here with him. 
“I’m fine, yeah,” They responded after a minute before they looked back at Zoro again, he was still shirtless and he was walking towards them. They walked back against the wall and shivered when Zoro was right in front of them, staring down at them with that same smirk from before. 
“Are you sure?” Zoro pressed, he reached his hand forward and gently rubbed their leg, drawing soothing circles on their thighs as he stepped even closer to them. They let out a small breath and nodded. They weren’t expecting Zoro to be this tender, but they liked it, they liked how attentive he was being. 
“Yes,” They breathed out, their legs spread for Zoro while they pulled him in closer to them. This time Zoro was surprised, his breath hitched in his throat and he swallowed, his adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and they bit their lip at the sight, They were pressing right up against each other but neither one of them were doing anything, just staring at each other as the room got warmer until it was almost unbearable. Zoro was the first one to snap, he leaned in and kissed them roughly, his hands grabbing at their face to keep them steady as he heatedly began to make out with them. They moaned in the kiss, the heat from it was almost too much. His lips were soft and warm and salty from his sweat, he was incredible at kissing and knew exactly where to move his tongue and how to move it to make them open their mouth for him. He wasn’t gentle either, he bit at their lip with his canines and smirked when they whined for him to stop teasing them. 
“We just got started,” Zoro reminded them as he tugged at their bottoms and tossed them to the side. He wasn’t wasting any time, this wasn’t lovemaking, this was something rough for stress relief and they both knew that. While they stepped out of their bottoms, they watched how he removed his own and how his muscles exaggerated all of his movements. They groaned at the sight and didn’t even get to see all of him before he was kissing at them again. His lips were kissing their jaw, their neck and all the way down to their chest before he pulled up and made them wrap their legs around his waist. That was when they could feel him, he was pretty sizable and they throbbed when they imagined how incredible it would be to have him inside of them. Zoro didn’t miss that, he smirked more and they smiled, their face flushed and wanting for him. They were ready for him to just thrust in and go at them, but he didn’t do that, Zoro decided he wanted to have a little more fun with this. He kept them pinned against the wall as he slowly ground against them, their kiss muffled all the loud sounds they were making, they couldn’t help themselves, their fantasy was coming true and it was even better than what they could imagine. They spread their legs out even more for him and whimpered as he prodded and poked against them but didn’t do anything just yet, he just kissed at them and teased them. They felt like they were falling apart. His hands were rough on their rear, kneading it and keeping them close while his breath came out hot and heavy as they kissed behind their ear and they kissed at his neck. This teasing went on for a while until they couldn’t take it, they grabbed onto his shoulders and looked at him with pleading eyes. 
“Please,” was all they had to say before Zoro thrust into them. He pushed as far in as he could before he waited for them to adjust, they looked starstruck, they were shaking in his arms and he couldn’t help but be proud of himself. He barely did anything and he was able to make them almost fall apart like this because of him. They loudly cursed and looked down at themselves when Zoro started to move. He wasn’t gentle with this either, he snapped his hips against theirs, roughly going at them as they moaned and begged Zoro for more. 
“Needy,” Zoro teased as he pushed them further up the wall and added more speed behind his thrusts. Their eyes rolled back and they clawed at his arms, they felt blissed out, their thoughts were right here on this moment and how Zoro was making them feel. Their body felt like it was on fire, and Zoro looked like he was feeling the same. He was panting and disheveled from fucking them. His hips rolled against theirs and they let out a sharp cry, whimpering as they got closer. They didn’t even need to touch themselves, Zoro was so close to them that they could feel him everywhere outside of them and inside too. He was brushing against all the right spots, filling them up perfectly with his length and girth. 
“I-I’m gonna,” They warned, their voice was choked and higher pitched when they came and tightened around Zoro. The throbbing heat was too much for Zoro, he grunted right after they finished and surprised himself when he finished right after them, spilling himself into them with a satisfied groan. They stayed connected for a minute longer, just trying to catch their breaths while they both came down from this high. Zoro slowly pulled out of them and watched as the mess started to leak down their legs, he grinned and slowly helped them get to be standing up again on their own before he stepped back. Their legs were shaking, their face was hot and their mouth was open in shock from what they just did, they couldn’t believe that they did this, they couldn’t stop smiling and Zoro was the same way. 
“Good stuff you got there,” Zoro praised as he grabbed his pants and went about putting them on again. They nodded in disbelief and got their own clothes on again, this was better than anything they were expecting, they still didn’t know if they would be able to speak after this. “Dinner is ready,” Zoro mumbled as he poked his head out of the door and then looked back at them, he was still shirtless and he looked even better to them now, their scratch marks left an angry red trail on Zoro’s back and arms but they were proud of themselves for that. They could still feel how warm he was when they were right up on each other. They knew that this was supposed to be a one time thing, but they couldn’t help themselves in wanting it to be more than that. They felt this realization hit them hard but they just quietly nodded at what Zoro said about dinner and smiled instead. They were able to hold back on this for long enough, maybe they could hold back on this too? Besides, it would be too risky to tell him that they were starting to like him. 
“Let’s get dinner,” They smiled as they headed down with Zoro.
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Hi sweetie 😳 I was wondering if you write for Katakuri 👉👈 if yes can I ask D, J, K and O for the nsfw alphabet ? (( I also don't know how many letters you are accepting at a time, so feel free to remove some letter)) and take my luv ❤❤❤
Katakuri x Reader - N$FW Alphabet
Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well! I saw this request and I couldn't resist it! I did a little twist on what people typically expect to see out of Katakuri because this is what I personally see him doing in all of these little scenarios! I hope you all enjoy this and that you're doing well! I'm sorry about how long this took, my classes started up so i've been a little busy. I love you all so much and I hope once again that you enjoy this!
Warnings: N$FW, Kinks
Tumblr media
D: Dirty Secret
Because of his ability to look a few seconds into the future, he is usually able to see when he is about to finish and how finishing would feel. When he gets close, he makes himself stop to edge himself and add a bit of pain and anticipation into a typically pleasurable experience. He doesn’t do this just once or twice, he has made it a habit to do it quite a few times until he is throbbing, red and panting. Because of how much control he typically has in his daily life, he wants to feel what it would be like if he personally denied himself some of that control. So when he finally gives in and releases, it feels even better than he could’ve imagined. He’s always embarrassed about how much he enjoys inflicting that pain onto himself and how submissive he can be, so he prefers to keep that a secret.
J: Jerk Off
His ability with his Mochi-Mochi fruit makes things more interesting. Sometimes he doesn’t realize when he’s jerking off that his hands turn into mochi. Unlike his large, calloused hands, this moldable mochi fits him perfectly and feels incredibly warm. When he takes the time to pleasure himself, he takes his sweet time with it, and by the time he’s finished he doesn’t know what’s mochi and what’s his mess.
K: Kinks
While he is a large guy, many of his previous partners would have assumed that he would be more dominant in bed and completely ravish his lover. But because of his high position in his mother’s crew, sometimes having a break and relinquishing some control is fun for him. He honestly prefers a partner who has a sharp tongue and who would be able to put Katakuri in his place for a little bit. He enjoys being degraded and dominated, his absolute favorite thing is to have no control and being completely at the mercy of whoever is with him, and typically that person is smaller than him. That makes things more arousing for him, he likes the size difference and even strength difference. He likes how even though he is large and typically in charge, he gives up all control for someone who is shorter than him because being in charge constantly is exhausting. He becomes completely submissive and usually bottoms when asked, he likes being seen for more than just his power sometimes.
O: Oral
Because of his secret, submissive nature, he tends to be the one receiving oral, but it’s always awkward for him. Because of his girth and length that come from how large he is as a person, he finds that most people can’t fit much of him inside of their mouths which is alright for him. But when he wants to give oral, he usually comes across a problem because of his teeth. He tries to go down on whoever he’s with but is too scared to be down there for more than a few seconds, so he typically avoids oral as much as possible. Sometimes, with the right partner, they could encourage him into relaxing and just having fun with the process and fully enjoying himself.
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lawslessons · a year ago
I Don't Gamble (Kid x Reader)
Hello everyone! I'm sorry for being absent for so long again. I'm currently in the process of writing and editing quite a few one shots that I'll begin to post more often. For now, I hope you all enjoy this. I actually wrote this after I went to a casino for the first time and got inspired by something I saw there. I love you all and I hope you're all doing well.
Synopsis: A chance encounter, Kid decides to recruit an upcoming gambling prodigy and use their abilities to earn him more money and win him a rare, invaluable devil fruit. But in the process, does he gain something more valuable?
Warnings: Gambling, Foul Language
Tumblr media
“Did you hear about the poker game that’s going on over there? Apparently the person who is sitting there has never lost a game,” A passerby whispered to their friend as they looked over at the person who was playing the game. Their face was partially obscured by a gloved hand. Their eyes stared down at the board in front of them and they had a small, innocent smile on their face as they pushed in a couple of chips onto the betting table. No one seemed to understand how they were winning, and once again, they won the game without much trouble and moved about collecting their winnings with a small laugh.
“Thank you! Thank you,” They said as they shoveled the winnings into a large sack with a more arrogant smile on their face. “I’ll see you again soon,” They said before they went to push past the crowd so they could make a quick, and rather grand escape from the casino with their winnings. As they were running out, they didn’t seem to notice someone rather large in front of them. “Oh, sorry,” They quickly said as they ran into a rather muscular back. The person turned back to them and glared down at them.
“What did you say, pipsqueak?” The red haired man growled. They looked at the man in surprise and frowned.
“Wow, I never met a dog that was this big,” They spat out, but maybe they should’ve held their tongue. Without any hesitation, the large man grabbed them by their neck and lifted them up so they could be more at eye level.
“I could crush your neck right here and now, you know that?” He said as he gave a threatening squeeze. They winced and tried to kick their legs to get him to let go of them. They didn’t doubt that he could accidentally - or purposely - kill them.
“Let me — “
“Captain.” A sharp and smooth voice quickly said as he stepped up to where the red haired man was. Captain? Oh no, were they all pirates? “You promised not to cause any trouble, put them down,” The masked man said, they could feel the frown on his face. Luckily his words worked, and within seconds they were put down on the ground. They gasped for air and glared up at the man.
“Who the hell are you?” They asked bitterly, they grabbed their sack of winnings and held it close, he didn’t like how many people were looking at them, they just wanted a peaceful getaway with their goods. The sack didn’t pass by the eye of the captain.
“Doesn’t matter, is that sack filled with money or something?” He asked as he grabbed the sack from their hands and went about opening it up with his one human hand.
“Hey! Give it back — “ They quickly yelled as they lunged forward to grab it back from him. But he effortlessly moved to the side and looked at what was inside with wide eyes. It wasn’t just cash in there, there was also a devil fruit, one that could be sold for quite a lot of money.
“How the hell did you get this?” He frowned.
“I won it, now give it back!” They snapped as they tried to reach for it again. The captain grabbed their hand and smirked.
“Well, now it’s mine.” He stated as roughly dropped their hand and held the sack close to his chest. They felt their heart drop into their stomach when he said that, without realizing it they started to shake in anger. They looked at him in disbelief and felt the world slow down to the point where all they heard was his arrogant laugh. They didn’t know what happened next, all they knew was that their fist hit something warm and hard. When they came to, they saw the captain glaring down at them while holding his jaw in his hand. The crew around him gasped and looked at them in equal shock.
“Your punch is shit,” the captain stated as he moved his jaw around and got it back Into place. “But you’re gonna have to pay for that, bitch,” He roughly grabbed their arm and looked at the masked man. “Killer, take them to the ship, this too,” He said as he tossed the bag to Killer and the person who was in his arms.
“No! Let go of me!” They pleaded as they tried to get out of Killer’s arms. They could feel the male’s sympathetic gaze through the mask.
“I tried to help you, you should’ve taken it,” Killer said as he went to escort them to the rather large, intimidating ship. They were petrified, why on earth were they being taken to a ship? When they were tossed on board, they winced when their face met the cold, wet wood.
“Drag them to my office,” the captain smirked as he went to slowly walk there. And of course, the crew took his command’s literally. Someone grabbed them by their hair and started to drag them across the deck and up the stairs to the captain’s office. Tears swelled up in their eyes, but they didn’t give him the satisfaction of hearing them cry out. When they were in the office, they scrambled to their feet and glared at the arrogant man in front of them. He didn’t seem to have a care in the world, he sat down in his large chair and threw his feet up onto his desk and smirked at them. He pulled the devil fruit out of his bag and inspected it curiously.
“How the hell did someone like you win something like this?” He asked. They glared at him and rolled their eyes.
“I won it through gambling, I don’t lose,” They stated.
“You don’t?” He asked with a small smirk. “Well you may have some use for me other than being King Fish bait,” He said as he put the fruit somewhere safe for later. They growled at him and tried to lunge for them, but when the captain raised his hand, they were instantly subdued out of fear.
“I’m Kid. You mess with me and I won’t hesitate to kill you,” He stated as he lowered his hand and moved to stand up from his chair. “Now, let’s talk business. If you win more of these fruits for me, I’ll protect you, that good deal?” Kid asked with a small yawn. They couldn’t believe this man, his arrogance, he was the worst type of man out there.
“Eat shit.”
Kid laughed and darkly smiled at the person in front of him, he didn’t like their attitude, the arrogant expression on their face frustrated him and their lips looked so perfectly punchable.
“I will pin you against the wall and slowly drive nails into your body until you’re begging me for forgiveness,” Kid growled, and to his surprise, the person in front of him didn’t look too opposed to that.
“Doesn’t sound that bad,” They purred, that caught the usually in control captain by surprise, he looked at them in surprise and quickly moved to be scowling again, he didn’t like how they were trying to get control over the situation now.
“Shut the hell up, you work for me now, you have no choice now,” Kid stated as he snapped his finger and watched as the door to his office opened. “I tried to be nice but I guess you don’t like nice men, do you?” Kid smirked. They flushed at what Kid was implying and scoffed.
“I hope you poke your eye out when you do your makeup in the morning,” They huffed as they left the office and went to be escorted to their new room. Instead of being with the rest of the crew, they were surprised to be in an empty room, one of the executive rooms. What was he trying to plot? They looked around the room in some hesitation before they finally sat down on the rather comfortable bed. This was nicer than what they were used to, maybe this wouldn’t be that bad of a job? They hoped it would be over soon and that they wouldn’t have to suffer with working under Kid for long.
The next morning when the work began, they started off by having to go into the town again and try to gamble some more to earn more devil fruits or valuable prizes for Kid. But there was a small plus, they didn’t have to use their own money so they were able to freely bet more than they ever had before.
“Here’s the stuff from today,” They said as they tossed another devil fruit at Kid and a large sack of gold and precious materials. Kid’s eyes widened as he caught the devil fruit and the other prizes.
“Why’re you now being compliant?” Kid frowned.
“That’s because you’re giving me a place to sleep,” They simply stated as they walked back to their room. Kid paused and took in what they said, out of all things, why that? Why was that the most impactful thing to them, he didn’t understand nor did he want to. He just scoffed and went to put the prizes away. This process continued for weeks, every day they seemed to bring back more and more, and daily they and Kid became more notorious in the town for their little money making alliance.
“I think we need to leave this town, captain. The people here are getting restless with what you two are doing,” Killer said as he watched his captain and his new alliance partner both sitting in a pile of gold and inspecting it.
“Yeah, yeah, sure. I just need one more night for something,” Kid mumbled. Killer sighed and shook his head. He could clearly see that his captain was catching feelings for the blunt, hard headed person right next to him. But no one on the crew seemed that surprised, he seemed to show them favor from the start. First he didn’t try to actually kill them, and then he gave them their own room, that was enough for the whole crew to know that Kid had caught feelings for them and was showing his affection in his own little, strange way.
“One more night? What for?” Killer asked.
“We have a plan,” They interrupted with a large smile on their face. “There’s someone auctioning a rather expensive devil fruit in down tonight at this executive ball, so I’m going to break in and win it without having to spend a single coin,” They confidently stated. Killer looked over at his captain and saw how he was looking at them, god he was hopeless.
“Actually, we’re using my ticket to get in, and then you can steal it,” Kid corrected as he spun a coin on his mechanical finger.
“One more night, that’s all we can afford before we risk having the military coming after us and accusing us of some money laundering scheme,” Killer stated before he left the room. When he closed the door, he heard laughter from the both of them and he hoped for his captain’s sake that things would work out between the two of them.
“Now to get dressed up, right?” They asked as they stood up from the large pile of gold, they snagged a couple of small pieces and smiled to themselves. “I’m gonna buy something to wear, I’ll be back soon,” they said before they walked out. Kid mindlessly waved them off before he had to get ready too. After all, he was the one with the executive ticket. He got dressed in a nice, slick black suit with a red tie on the front. While it was a little uncomfortable, he was reassured by his crew mates that he looked fantastic. But when they weren’t looking, he unbuttoned the first few buttons of the dress shirt underneath, he couldn’t help himself, the fabric was too constrictive. When he finished, he heard a small cough and turned around.
“How do you like it?” They asked as they stood there in an elegant, red ensemble. Kid thought he liked how red looked on himself, but on them? He was captivated. His jaw went slack and he was pretty sure that his heart was going to burst out of his ribs. The way they stood there with their hands on their hips made Kid want to pounce on them, but he kept calm and nodded his head.
“Not as shitty as I was expecting you to dress,” Kid snickered as he went to lead the way off of the ship so they could go on their heist. They playfully rolled their eyes and placed a hand on his mechanical arm and walked with him to the large ballroom. Kid noticed what they were doing and smirked, he did his best not to focus on that and instead stayed focused on their task at hand. When they reached the ball room, Kid felt out of place. He was used to grease, oil and the smell of burning metal, this was too fancy for him, but for his guest it seemed rather nice. He silently let them lead the way inside and begin their quiet search. They were similar to him in so many ways but opposite in so many others, they were calculating, careful not to get caught while Kid was loud and loved the attention from getting seen doing bad acts.
“I found it,” they quickly said as they tightened their grip on his mechanical arm and looked out at the small glass case that was there.
“Are you gonna steal it?” Kid asked.
“Steal? No, I’m gonna win it,” they smirked. Kid felt his chest tighten when he saw how confident they were in their own abilities, it was attractive. He stared at their hips as they walked off and went to mingle with some people to find out more about the bidding going on that night. How were they expecting to win the fruit? Kid was confused, but when he saw how they were batting their lashes and giggling he knew. Oh. That's how. He didn’t like that. Kid frowned and tightened his hold on his cup, it was too small for his hands and he felt stupid being somewhere as nice as this. The more he watched them flirt and giggle to get their way to the fruit, the angrier he became. When he saw them place their hand on the arm of an older man, Kid snapped. He broke the glass in his hand and scowled. He pushed his way through the refined crowd and grabbed them by the shoulders.
“We’re leaving,” he growled, and without any warning, he picked them up and tossed them over his shoulder like a sack of money.
“Hey! Kid, what are you doing? I’m so close!” They protested as they slapped his back with their smaller hands. Kid’s mind read what they said in a much more dirty way, and thinking like that made the poor man's cheeks redden.
“Shut up, we’re leaving, I don’t need that damn fruit anyways,” He spat out as he went to carry them through the town. They were embarrassed, their face was red and they weren’t even able to say anything while being carried like that. Kid was quiet as he left the party and didn’t even care about the stares he received as he carried them out of the party with a sour look on his face.
“Why don’t you want the fruit?” They asked once they were finally outside and away from everyone else.
“It’s not that I don’t want it, I don’t like how you’re trying to get it,” Kid scowled. They thought about his words for a moment before a shocked expression came across their face.
“You’re jealous.”
“Shut the hell up, no I’m not!” Kid snapped. They’re frown quickly turned into a smirk as they hopped out of Kid’s arms so they could stand him up.
“You’re jealous because you like me, Kid,” they teased as they stepped closer. Kid scowled and tried to step away from them, their words were right, he liked them and it was pretty obvious. “Luckily for you, I find you tolerable enough to continue this little charade in a more intimate way,” they purred. Kid’s blood ran cold, he tried to look cool and maintain his composure but they were so close to them.
“You’re lucky I stole that fruit or else tonight could be ending very differently,” Kid growled as he picked them up again. They laughed and playfully smacked his shoulder.
“I knew you looked lumpier than normal,” they laughed. Kid scowled and smacked their rear.
“Shut up!”
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lawslessons · a year ago
Tumblr media
Thank you!
Tumblr media
Y’all, this is incredible! I started this blog in January as a form of escapism from my life and my medical issues and it’s just blown up. I’m not good at prizes or “thank you’s” so I don’t know what to say except I’m amazed and feel so honored and loved by this community and all of the support you’ve given me.
What would you all wanna see? A series of “Dirty Secret’s” with all of your favorite characters? More writing/alphabet challenges? It’s all up to you! I’m just stunned and so, so happy. I love you all so much!
Tumblr media
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Dirty Secret 2 - Luffy x Reader
Ah! So many of you requested a part two and here I am to deliver! I hope you enjoy this little treat from me to you! I am trying to be more active but because of my sickness and my lack of motivation from it, it’s a little hard. I hope you all can forgive me and be patient with me. I love you all so, so much and I hope you all enjoy this!
Warnings: NSFW
Synopsis: Luffy lost his mind yet again, his desires and wants have become a more prominent issue in his life and he feels as if there is no way out for him. It feels like everyone knows about his issue, everyone but them, and that is enough to drive the poor captain mad. 
Tumblr media
Luffy was delirious at this point. Weeks had gone by and his hand felt stiff and sore from the abuse he had given it with his personal activities. Punching walls, running, staying distracted, he did anything to avoid looking at them for too long. All of his efforts were in vain, one look from them, a smile, a laugh was enough to lead him down a spiral. He never believed that his attraction was normal, nothing sexual about them really turned him on. He tried to focus on their chest, their hips, but their laugh always snapped him out of whatever he did. He was a hopeless case at this point. His conversations with Sanji hadn’t helped him much either. Sanji had suggested to him numerous times to look at them and focus on the sensual, sexual aspects of them and see if that would help. 
It didn’t. He was always attracted to the parts of them that were cute, pretty, he didn’t like sexualizing them that much, but at the same time he felt incredibly possessive about having them close. He had another one of his moments, a simple conversation on the deck leading him to laying down on their lap while they discussed the health of Nami’s orange trees. Why her trees? Why did he even care? Perhaps it was because they had their finger’s absently running through his hair as they talked about them. 
“Captain, you know that the smell of the oranges can sometimes be enough to show the health of them?” They asked, and he didn’t know that, but he didn’t care since he would eat about anything. It was such a mundane topic but with them saying it, it sounded like the most incredible thing he had ever heard of. His mind began to spiral again and soon he couldn’t take it. The conversation soon ended when Luffy stood up suddenly. The warmth of their thighs was too much, in the breeze it was so comforting that it made his own cheeks hot and flustered. He stumbled back a few steps, stammering and tugging at his shirt to hide the growing tent in his shorts. 
“Bathroom,” He gasped out before he was sprinting to hide away in there for a while. His slippers slapped against the grass as he ran, and when he reached, he fumbled with the door and haphazardly locked it behind him. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and frowned. His face was pink and red, blotchy spots covered his cheeks and made him look feverish. He was panting even though he hardly exerted himself, his eyes were lidded and his pupils were bloated and dilated to the point he could hardly see the browns of his eyes. Everything around him felt hazy, he gripped his way around the bathroom until he was at the wall and leaned against it with all of his weight. He struggled with undoing the buttons of his shorts, he was confused and frustrated with himself. He didn’t even waste time with pulling his shorts all the way down, he grabbed at himself and softly hissed as he began to move his hand. He looked down and saw how swollen his tip was, how pre-cum was already leaking from it and lubing up his movements. His eyes shut, he began to think about them again, and without realizing it, he began to move his hips into his hand, he tightened his grip and let out a small, breathy sound of pleasure. His hand sped up, his hips jerked faster and he was so, so close -- 
“Captain?” A soft voice called out from behind the door. “Are you alright?” Luffy wished he had been able to stop, but hearing their voice tipped him over the edge. With a surprised gasp, his hips sputtered to a stop when he finished and spilled onto his hand and the bathroom floor. He was still twitching, his legs were shaking from the intensity and the amount that had come out of him. He couldn’t even respond, he slumped back against the wall and nearly fell down, this reaction made him even more confused. “I’m coming inside, I’m worried about you,” they said before they began to fiddle with the door. Luffy had seconds before he was apprehended, but he was so tired that he didn’t feel like he could do much. He barely cleaned his mess and stuffed himself into his shorts when the door slammed open. Luffy tensed and stepped back when they barged in, it smelled like sex and sweat, and that was when they began to put things together. The flustered look on the captain’s face, the slick sheen of sweat on his body, things made sense now. Instead of looking apprehensive, they looked a little sympathetic, almost pitying the captain, which Luffy disliked. 
“Luffy,” They lightly chided, another step forward from them led to Luffy stepping back like a frightened animal. As this game of walking forward continued, Luffy was soon backed against a wall metaphorically and physically. He had nowhere to run now, and he couldn’t hide what he was doing anymore. “I know what you’ve been doing, captain,” They said as they cast Luffy a short look, their eyes analyzing him from his messy sandals all the way to his unruly hair. “It must be stressful being the captain of this ship and having to carry all the burden yourself, it’s not fair,” They sympathized. They were being so kind, so understanding, and Luffy felt disgusting for having the audacity for getting hard again. He wasn’t even comprehending their words, the way they talked, shook their head and adjusted their weight on their hips made Luffy breathless. His eyes weren’t focused on their face, at that moment he was trying to look anywhere else. 
“Luffy?” They questioned, that tone was enough for him to look at them with his heated, flustered expression. “Luffy…” They breathed out, their expression slowly began to mimic his and they bit their lip, looking away momentarily. “I know what you’ve been doing,” They repeated, Luffy was expecting to be scolded but he was surprised at the shaky sigh he heard from them instead. “And I want to help you with it if you’ll let me,” They quickly said, Luffy’s eyes widened and he felt himself pressing up against the seam of his shorts. That brought him back, he softly hissed and looked down at his situation and felt even more embarrassed, but they didn’t seem to mind. 
“I -- “ he sputtered out, and they chuckled at how adorable he looked when he was flustered. They got on their knees and looked up at the captain as they pulled his shorts down and looked at him in his full glory. He wasn’t small and wasn’t too big either, he was the perfect size for what they had planned. They licked their lips and looked up at the breathless captain.  
“Relax, captain,” They said before they took Luffy’s tip in their mouth and began to suck on him. Luffy gasped, his hands grabbed at the wall and he began to dig into it and claw it with his nails. It was so simple, but Luffy was so deprived that this was exactly what he craved. The view was incredible too, the way they bobbed their head and hummed around him shot electricity down his back and made his hips twitch forward. They didn’t seem opposed to him moving his hips, by the look they were giving him, it was like they were encouraging it. Breathless, he decided to test it out. He moved his hips slowly and watched as they hollowed out their cheeks and felt them relax their throat. They winked, moving forward and swallowing Luffy whole and making the captain shudder in pleasure. He didn't hold back now, he moved his hips, gasping and grinning as he finally got one of his deepest desires fulfilled. They were drooling at this point, their eyes were lidded and Luffy finally noticed how they had a hand in their own bottoms to relieve themselves. Before Luffy could offer to help, he yelped when a familiar tightening feeling formed in his middle. 
“I’m going to,” he breathed out, but they didn’t move away. That startled him, he tried to pull back but they used their free hand to pin him at the wall so he couldn’t move. The force of their actions and their determined look did it for him, he finished hard and gasped in shock. His vision felt like it was being filled with light and his legs suddenly felt shaky. They pulled away from Luffy and audibly swallowed, he saw how the thick stream of his mess went down their throat and it made his face feel even more heated. When they stood up, he was so captivated by them and how they adjusted their own clothes and even his. 
“Don’t worry captain, this can be our little secret,” They teased before leaving the bathroom. Luffy watched in wonder and gaped like a breathless fish. He really was losing his mind.
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lawslessons · a year ago
Hi! Dis I, Bas from some-piece but from main :3 I was really intrigued with the way you write the alphabets so, may I suggest a little scenario based on K (or B, if K is taken... or a mix of it :3) from NSFW list for Law and touch sensitive (ticklish etc.) fem s/o? I hope I didn't repeat something. Have a nice day and thank you! :)
Law x  Female Reader - Tease Me
Hello, dears! First off, I want to thank you Bas for the request, I had so much fun writing it and it really helped me get back into writing again. Secondly, I would like to apologize to everyone for how inactive I have been. My health has taken a turn and honestly I am struggling a bit. I am hoping to be more active soon but for the sake of my health I cannot make any promises. I know this isn’t my best work but I am a little rusty because of my hiatus, I hope I can bring you better work soon! I love you all so, so much!
“You make one sound, and I mean any sound at all, and I stop, got it?”
Warnings: NSFW
Synopsis: An affectionate Law comes with its perks and challenges. She finds it especially challenging considering how ticklish she is and how Law loves to tease her for it. A few touches are all it takes for her to laugh, and fall apart, and Law loves it quite a bit.  
Tumblr media
Law absentmindedly wrapped his hand around her waist, a wolfish grin popped up as he attempted to relax with her on his cabin bed. When she mentioned that she wanted to spend some time with Law relaxing, this was the first thought that came into his mind. She nervously smiled, the moment his hand rested on her middle, her body tensed and she had to bite back a laugh. 
“And what do you think you’re doing?” She teased, she attempted to sound confident and in charge, but in reality she was nervous and somewhat unsure about the contant. “You know that this is not what I meant when I said we should relax, right?” she laughed as she tried to swat his hand away from going further up her body. 
“Our ideas of relaxation are different, besides, you’re warm,” Law grumbled, he hid his face against her neck and wrapped his arms around her. A tiny gasp escaped her lips, and her body tensed even more under his warm hands. 
“You think I’m the one that’s warm?” she asked in disbelief, his grip tightened and her breathing came out a bit shallow. Law saw the signs and couldn’t help but smile, he mistook them for her being interested in him, not being flustered and ticklish. 
“Hmm… I’m pretty sure you’re the one that’s getting warmer,” Law smirked as he let one his hands drift farther south, soon hovering over her sensitive area. Her tension increased, soon her body was shaking and her face began to burn at the contact with the captain. Just as Law was about to make another smart remark, her restraint ran out and she began to laugh. Law was stunned, he pulled his hands away and watched as she doubled over on the bed, tears in her eyes as she laughed and hugged herself. 
“Don’t - Don’t tease me like that!” she laughed, she attempted to wipe some of the tears from her eyes but it was a futile effort. Law sat back, his jaw slack as he watched her laugh and hug herself even tighter. Soon he overcame his surprise and began to frown. 
“What do you mean?” Law asked, his instant reaction was to be concerned, besides, he had never seen her react in this way towards him. To be fair, this was one of the first times that he allowed himself to be affectionate, and she was wearing less than she normally did, quite a bit of skin was exposed to him. 
“It’s just - I mean,” her smile faltered and that only caused Law to be even more confused. He had to think, he sat back down on the bed and stared at the sheets. It was her turn to be concerned now, when Law allowed himself to think for a long period of time, nothing good ever came from it. “Law?” she softly called out, she moved close to him before she reached one of her hands out to cup his cheek. But as she did, a quicker hand moved to grasp her wrist and pin it above her head. 
“Are you ticklish?” Law asked, and almost within an instant, shock and fear flooded into her eyes, and Law knew he found his answer. Instead of letting her go like he initially intended, he grew more fascinated, he wanted to test his theory out. “Oh, so you are,” His smirk was not innocent, nothing sweet was hidden behind his canines as he quickly grabbed her other arm and pinned it up with one hand. 
“What are you -- “ 
“Quiet,” Law ordered, and almost instantly she silenced herself up, her lip quivered in anticipation. Law’s eyes glanced down to her lips but didn’t pay them much mind, he was focused on something else. He loved putting her in positions like this, honestly he preferred being a more selfless lover, watching her fall apart under him and begging for more, it brought out a deep, carnal desire inside of him. “You make one sound, and I mean any sound at all, and I stop, got it?” He asked. Though he was being dominant, the last thing he wanted to do was be forceful. He softened his eyes and sighed, “And if you actually want me to stop, you know our system, i’ll listen to you,” he said before he was back in character. He didn’t wait for her to respond, he trusted that if she wanted him to stop, she would speak up. And she had equal trust in him, she knew that if she was ever uncomfortable, he would stop as well. Her mind didn’t dwell on the mechanics of consent for much longer, she was snapped out of her thoughts by a vicious bite to her neck. Her mouth opened in shock, but no sound came out, she forcefully constricted her throat and let out a slow breath to calm herself as Law kissed the ugly bruise that was placed near her collarbone. 
“This one will be difficult to hide,” Law smirked, it was big enough to poke out of any shirt she wore, it was just how he liked it. His attention drifted downwards and his kissing moved past her collarbone and her breasts to be at her middle. He watched as she shuddered and shivered when his hands glided along her sides, he knew it was taking a lot out of her to stay quiet and not laugh, after all, the middle was known to be one of the more ticklish spots on a person, and Law fully intended on making his use out of it. He used his nails to gently scratch at her sides and he smirked as he watched her squirm and breathe harder at the contact. 
“I think you’re enjoying this,” His voice came out in a husky huff. Now knowing about how sensitive she was, he had to admit that this was his favorite spot on her body. “But I think I know something you’ll enjoy even more,” he was beginning to become bored of his teasing and wanted to get onto something that would make her squirm from more than being ticklish. He slowly inched his hand down her middle and to her underwear, his eyes bored into hers and he focused on the way her eyes would flutter shut or squint when he got close to what she wanted touched. She was distracted, she looked into his storm colored eyes and focused on how cold and powerful they were, she almost didn’t notice him yanking her underwear off and tossing them aside. She gasped, and that was when she knew she made her fatal mistake. 
“Did you just make a sound?” Law asked, he lazily tossed the underwear to the side and parted her legs, exposing her to him in all of her glory. “What to do now…” he hummed, his hand reached to slowly trace her slit with his fingers, his fingertips pressed against her clit and made her gasp again. “Oh? Didn’t I say you needed to be quiet?” Law teased, but he didn’t stop, his fingers focused on massaging her sensitive nub while she fell apart underneath him. 
“I can’t,” she breathed out, being quiet was nearly impossible with the rush her body was feeling. 
“Well, I can’t have that,” Law said as he pulled his fingers away from her. Once again, her body tensed and a throbbing feeling was left behind, a pathetic whine escaped her lips as her back arched. His finger’s weren’t much, but with all of his teasing, she was desperate for more. “You’re sensitive in more places than I thought,” Law remarked as he let his finger’s glide up her body again. Instead of her laughing, she moaned, her body was warm and desperate, needy for Law. 
“Please don’t tease me,” She breathed out, she sounded ruined and broken and Law loved how he was able to bring her to that brink in a matter of minutes. He was so impressed with her change in attitude that he decided to indulge her by returning his fingers to her clit and rubbing again. Faster, harder, all until he found a rhythm she seemed to like. “Don’t stop!” She gasped, and Law didn’t, he hovered over her and kept the pace consistent until she was close. Law could feel it, she started to grind against his large fingers and she became slick and wet for him. She cursed, finishing hard under Law’s fingers before she finally felt spent. Law helped her ride it out with his hand before he pulled away and watched how she caught her breath. 
“I suppose I like it better when you’re loud,” Law said as he tossed her underwear at her face and smirked when it hit her smack on the nose. She scowled and scrambled to slip her underwear back on before she playfully smacked Law’s arm. 
“And I suppose I don’t mind all you’re teasing.”
“Oh really?”
“Don’t let it get to your head!”
“I won’t, I won’t,” Law smirked. “Now I think we can try out your idea of relaxation,” he said before he laid down and hugged her close.
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lawslessons · a year ago
A Healing Touch (Law x Reader)
“It just takes one touch, and then you’ll know in an instant that they’re the one for you. They’ll be the one that heals you...”
Hello, dears! I hope you all enjoy this! This is the letter N from the soulmate list, nursing! The premise is that a touch from your soulmate is enough to heal any ailment, any illness forever. Because of my school work load and some health issues, I may be publishing less just to take care of myself. Thank you for understanding. Love you all!
Modern! Au
Warnings: Terminal/Chronic illness, medical devices, mentions of death
Synopsis: It had been years since they had first found out they were sick. Another broken down van and another hospital trip for them to hear news they already knew before: Their illness was chronic and slowly becoming worse as time went on. But one faithful encounter with a certain doctor may be enough to change their path for the better. 
Tumblr media
“How many years has it been since we found out you had this? Seven? Eight?” Nami asked with a small sigh as she sat with her friend on the small chair that was by the hospital bed. Her friend smiled and shook their head.
“Ten,” Ten softly said as they looked up at the ceiling as the IV in their skin slowly inserted the fluids into their system. Their eyes were somewhat dull and the bags had become more prominent from the lack of sleep these past couple of days and the serious lack of nutrition.
“The feeding tube doesn’t look comfortable,” Nami winced as she looked at the tube inside of her friend’s nose. They laughed and smiled at Nami with an affectionate smile on their face.
“You’re right, it isn’t. But I need this, I haven’t been able to keep food down in days,” they pointed out as they looked at the monitors that were next to them and saw all the vitals they were presenting. “I’m sick of being in these damn hospitals all the time though,” They said as they rubbed their face in some frustration. “I want to be able to go back and explore and have fun with you and the gang again. This is just ridiculous at this point, I’m holding you guys back,” They frowned. Nami frowned with them and moved to hold onto their hand and squeeze it.
“No, no you’re not. You can’t control your illness, no one blames you for that. Besides, maybe we can finally find a doctor here that can actually give more answers inside of just giving you fluids,” Nami sighed, the woman read the look on her friend’s face and saw that they weren’t as confident as she was in having answers so soon for this illness.
“Maybe, I’m not sure,” they sighed. “It’s getting harder each time I’m stuck here,” they said as they looked at their wrist with the numerous hospital bands on it. Nami watched the light beginning to fade from her friend’s eyes and it broke her heart just a little more.
“We can look for another — “ Nami was quickly cut off by a knock on the door and someone opening the door.
“Is this (Y/N)?” A gruff and tired voice asked as he started to look through his tablet. Part of his face was obscured by his blue mask, but they were able to see some tattoos on his hands as he typed some vital work on his tablet. “I’m the immunology specialist here, I’m here on a special consult for your case,” He said as he checked the fluids being given to them and typed some more.
“What’s your name?” Nami asked.
“Doctor Law,” The man said as he stepped back from the vital machines and looked over at Nami and her friend for a brief second. “Alright, I’m starting you on a new course of antibiotics and we’re going to take some blood samples to get some tests run,” he said as he looked up from his tablet. “Any questions?” It didn’t look like he wanted to ask that, it seemed as if he was forced to ask that out of obligation for his job. They knew that, so they knew better than to ask, but Nami didn’t seem to know that.
“How do you know that you need to start them on something new? You didn’t even do an exam,” she pointed out.
“I don’t need to,” The doctor shrugged, and they sighed at that.
“Nami, it’s alright. It’s not like he’s going to find anything new about my condition anyways,” they sighed. But the moment the words left their lips, they regretted it. Law visibly scowled and he looked away from the two who were in the room with him.
“Excuse me. I need to check on some other patients now,” he said before he went to leave the room a bit rigidly. They both watched as Law left the room and winced when the door was closed a bit roughly behind him. Silence ensued for a moment before Nami began to snicker and laugh.
“Why did you say that? I don’t think it’s a good idea to make your doctor mad,” Nami teased. They rolled their eyes and smiled at their friend.
“It’s whatever, he know’s I’m right. No doctor has been able to figure this out, what makes him think he’s so special?” They asked. Nami had to admit that what they were saying was true, she had even seen this play out in other cities and other hospitals throughout the country. They continued to talk for a few more hours before a nurse came in to inform Nami that it was time for her to leave.
“I’ll see you in the morning, alright?” Nami assured her friend as the nurses changed her friend’s medication and wrote some notes down for the doctor who as working on her friend’s case.
“Yeah, I’ll see you then,” they smiled before they started to drift off to sleep from the heavy doses of the new medication they were now on. They slept for a while until they heard something fall down in their room. They stirred in their sleep and tiredly rubbed their eyes to look up at who was in their room. Their eyes met gray ones and for a moment, the world was still between them.
“Sorry, I dropped my pen,” Law softly said as he picked up his tablet’s pen and pocketed it and looked down at the person who was staring at him. “I’m sorry that I woke you up,” he said as he awkwardly took a step back.
“Why are you here?” They asked.
“I’m checking your levels. You had low sugar and your pulse was low too,” Law explained as he looked at the monitor again. “Your levels are leveling out now, but I’m going to need you to stay here for a few more days for observation. I looked through your medical history and it would put me at ease if you stayed here,” Law said as he looked down at them again. They smirked and shook their head.
“Put you at ease?” They teased. Law scoffed and looked away.
“You know what I mean. I’m waiting on some of your tests results to come back, you know by now how slow the labs can be,” Law casually said as he looked at his tablet again. They were surprised, was he really trying to make conversation with them?
“I do know, I’ve been in and out of hospitals for ten years,” They shared. Law looked over at them and seemed to be giving them more of his attention so they could elaborate. “I was pretty young, like fourteen? Fifteen? I can’t remember, the years are blending together at this point. Anyways, I was just at school and suddenly I wasn’t. Suddenly I couldn’t stomach milk, gluten, anything. And then I felt like I was constantly on fire, I found out I was having an allergic reaction to the air freshener in my house. And when we went to the hospital, we found out that my organs were starting to shut down from how intense the reaction was. More than me being scared, my friends were terrified. My best friend Nami cried so much, we missed prom together with our other friends because of this,” They shared. And before they even knew it, Law pulled up a chair next to them and they spent the rest of the night talking, they honestly would’ve talked longer if it wasn’t for Law’s pager going off.
“I need to take this, I’ll see you later then,” He said before he had to stand up and leave. For the time they were talking to one another, they didn’t feel sick. But the second he was out of the room, their stomach started to turn and churn rather uncomfortably inside of them. They tried to get as much rest as they could before Nami and the rest of the crew came in with masks on.
“Hello! Did you sleep well?” Nami asked as she sat down next to her friend.
“Well — “ “Oi, there was someone weird standing by the door,” Luffy said as he stuffed his hands into his pockets and Zoro pointed at the door.
“Was he tall? Dark hair and with tattoos?” They asked, this emphasis on details didn’t seem to slip by Nami or Robin for that matter.
“Yeah, he was,” Usopp said while they felt their face grow a little more flushed.
“Why don’t you guys go see what’s in the cafeteria while me and Robin talk to them?” Nami suggested. And before anyone could protest, Luffy began to laugh and grab his friend’s by their hands and drag them out of the room to check out the hospital food. “Ok, so what happened after I left? I missed a lot,” Nami pouted while Robin chuckled next to her.
“I didn’t sleep that much last night,” they began before explaining with an embarrassed smile what they and Law had talked about in the night. By the end, Nami had a big smile plastered across her face.
“You like your doctor, don’t you?” Nami teased.
“Hush! No I don’t. I haven’t even known him that long,” they defended.
“I don’t believe that is a good criteria to measure it by,” Robin said with a small smile. Nami nodded in agreement before she pointed an accusatory finger at her friend.
“You’re avoiding the truth because you’re scared! You like him, and that’s ok to admit,” Nami tried to assure them. They looked a little hesitant, they brought their legs up to their chest and sighed.
“I am scared, I will admit that. I’m scared because I haven’t liked someone since I’ve gotten sick and I’m worried about what may happen if I were to one day… you know…” The trio went silent at that and all of their minds began to spin.
“Maybe that won’t happen,” Robin hopefully said, being hopeful like this wasn’t like her, so Nami knew that her friend had more to explain. “There’s this phenomenon where soulmates are able to cure each other of their ailments when they’re finally together,” she explained. Their jaw dropped and they quickly looked away.
“First you say I like him and now you’re saying soulmates? Isn’t that a bit much?” They softly asked. “I mean, I don’t think that’s possible, things like that happen in fairytales to royals, and I am not a royal. I am a regular person who is sick and dying,” a wave of sadness dropped over all of them at their words.
“Dying…?” Nami found herself asking her dear friend. They looked up at the ceiling and sighed softly.
“I’m tired of fighting,” They admitted. They heard the gasp of shock from Nami and could feel the frown from Robin, but that didn’t deter them. “There’s no point if there isn’t a cure. Every time I’m forced to be in a hospital, I get better for a few weeks and then I’m back and I’m worse than before,” their hands grabbed at the blankets as tears began to well into their eye’s. “I’m so tired of all this pain, it never ends…”
A few hours later, Nami and the rest of the group left when a nurse scolded them all for being too loud. When their friends were gone, they found themselves stuck in their own thought again. With their knees at their chest, a flood of negative emotions dropped over them and threatened to drown them before a voice seemed to pull them out of the water.
“I got your lab tests back,” He said as he closed the door behind himself and moved to be standing at the edge of his bed. “As you probably expect, the results aren’t good,” They scoffed at that and turned away from him. Why did he have to be so blunt? Couldn’t he read the situation. “But, I can do something about then,” Law shared as he tried to get them to look at him. He sighed and moved back to be a safe distance away before he pulled his mask down. When they saw his full face, their face went a soft shade of pink. Of course he had to be even more attractive, how was this even possible? “Are you listening to me?“ Law scowled, they quickly snapped out of their little day dream and nodded their head.
“Anyways,” he sighed in some annoyance. “I need you to trust me,” He then said.
“Why? I don’t even know you that well,” They pointed out. Even though they talked all night, that wasn’t near enough time to get to know who he really was.
“You don’t know me? So what? I need you to trust in my medical skills,” Law sounded a little disappointed but they didn’t seem to care as much. After their talk with Robin and Nami earlier, their mind had been in one spot the entire night.
“And what if I refuse to go through with your treatment?” They asked.
“Your prognosis isn’t good,” Law looked dumbfound that they were even considering refusing his treatment, his advice. “I can only promise you weeks. Maybe a month.” They went quiet at that. The sobering thought of dying from their illness hit them. They didn’t even realize that it had gotten this bad until now.
“A month is all I need,” They finally said as they looked up at Law with a serious and content expression on their face.
“What?” Law asked in a small whisper. Were they being serious? A month? Was that all they really wanted?
“What is living if I’m stuck living in a hospital for another ten years? I would rather live one more month on the road with my friends. Our van is almost fixed, soon we can hit the road again. When it’s done, I want to leave here and live out the rest of my life,” They stated. Law looked absolutely appalled by what they were saying, while he never got involved with patient matters, he couldn’t help but feel drawn to them.
“No.” Law stated. His hands balled into fists and he glared down at the person in front of him. “You didn’t even listen to what I had to say, do you want to die that badly? Why?” Law asked. They didn’t seem to deny that, they knew that they were rejected Law’s suggestion without even listening to him.
“Do you think this is living? Laying down in a hospital bed? Not being able to eat? Crying constantly because of the pain? This isn’t living, this is hell. I’m in hell, Law,” They bluntly stated. “I just want to see heaven even if it’s only for a month, I’d give anything for that,” They admitted with tears freely flowing from their cheeks at this point. That caught Law off guard, he wasn’t expecting there to be tears. He never knew how to handle people who were crying.
“You’re right, that isn’t living,” Law agreed, “But I said I could help you, I just need you to trust me,” Law said as he put his mask on again and moved closer to them. “Do you think you can grow to trust me?” Law asked as he looked down at the patient in their bed. They looked up at Law and felt more tears burst out of them, they were overwhelmed with all the information they were given in one night.
“I’ll try,” They mumbled through their tears. Law sighed in relief and moved to stand back by the door again. If anything, they were only going through this just for Law and to appease him.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Law said before he left.
The next day, the rigid treatment began. It involved Law personally giving injections to them along with fluids and more medications. He spent most of his time in their room over the next few days, and he even had to admit that he had grown attached to them the more time he spent around them. This was bad, wasn’t it? Even the nurses were talking about it.
“Doctor Law is going in there again.”
“I heard he was only here for a consult, but now he’s staying! Why is that?”
“Do you think he likes them?”
Law did his best to ignore all the words from his coworkers, but the more they spoke, the more Law reflected on his actions and the more he realized he was falling for them. Shit.
Days turned into weeks and soon they were two weeks into the process and they seemed to be doing much better than they previously were doing. And Law was too. In the nights, he would grab himself a coffee and go off to the room where they always were in and talked to them about his day at work and would hear about the shenanigans that were happening with their friends. He learned about their whole crew, Luffy was the head of their adventure and then there was Zoro, Sanji and so many others that sounded interesting. They even had a medical student traveling with them named Chopper, it sounded so fascinating to him.
“So, what’s the prognosis now? Think I’ll be better soon?” They asked Law with a hopeful look on their face. Law felt his chest tighten as they began to smile at the poor doctor.
“You should be better soon, you’re doing really good with your blood work and soon we’ll be able to give you real food,” Law explained. “What would you want to eat first?” Law found himself asking before a long conversation began between the two of them. His heart felt so, so warm, he could feel it beating even behind his eyes when he looked at them.
“Law?” They asked, “Is something wrong?” God, stop looking at me like that, Law pleaded in his head with no avail.
“No, no, you’re all good,” he assured them.
While they were at first making some progress health wise, the results that came in today were worrying Law.
“How are they that low? Why is their body rejecting the medicine now?” Law asked himself as he looked over the scans. This continued on for another three days. More tests, more worrying results and more worrying signs from them. Slurred speech, low energy, it was getting harder for them to breathe too and it was terrifying Law. Their friends were even more worried.
“Tra-guy, what’s happening?” Luffy asked with a small frown, he looked ta his friend through the window that was there and then at the taller doctor.
“I…I don’t know,” Law finally admitted. “I don’t know.” He felt like a massive failure, after all he made a promise to them to make them better. “You guys should go home now, it’s getting late. I’ll call you if I have any updates,” Law said as he looked into the window and sighed. He knew it was a mistake to get this attached to them. He knew it was farther than just being attached, he had fallen for them. Hard. It was late in the night when alarms started to blare near his area.
“Code Blue!” A nurse shouted as she stared to run with a crash cart to an all too familiar room. Law felt his heart drop while he was running, he slowed down and stopped in front of the room.
“Doctor Law! We need your help!” Another nurse shouted as she grabbed his hand and dragged the stunned doctor into the room. Law felt like he was having an out of body experience none of this felt real to him.
“Give me the paddles, now!” Law shouted as he was handed the paddles and quickly got them activated. He placed them on their chest and took in a deep breath, “Clear!” Their chest rose with the shock but their heart was still stagnant. “Charge to one-fifty!” He ordered as he looked at their tired face, God he couldn’t lose them. He couldn’t. “Clear!” Another shock, and then another and another. Soon he had to be pulled back by the nurses to stop with the paddles. “No, no no!” Law shouted as he looked down at them, the person he fell for. The nurses started to clear the room and soon Law was left alone with them.
“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry,” Law whispered out as he looked them over, tears rolling down his cheeks. “I love you…” He finally said through his tears. His hand went to their cold cheek and he gently caressed the smooth skin. The second his skin touched theirs for the first time, sparks shot through him. Under his fingers, their skin began to warm up and soon their heart began to beat once again. Law pulled back in shock as they seemingly come back to life.
“Y-you’re alive?” Law said in disbelief as he watched them gasp for air and cough.
“What happened...?” They asked, Law laughed and quickly moved to hug them close to his chest on the bed as tears continued to stream down his cheeks like a pitiful river.
“I thought I lost you,” Law said as he finally pulled back and gained his composure back. “You can’t get rid of me that easily,” they tiredly teased.
“I don’t want to,” Law said after a minute, they both looked into each other’s eyes and felt the sparks once again.
“I don’t want to either,” They admitted as they leaned in and rested their forehead against Law’s. Law softly smiled and gently ran his fingers through their hair. Law looked into their eyes and slowly leaned in to kiss them. Their lips connecting together felt so natural and raw and law began to feel his heart speed up even after he had broken their kiss.
“I need to run some tests now,” Law said as he gently cupped their cheek in his hand and smiled. “I’ll be back soon, I need to tell the nurses,” He said as he pressed a small kiss on their temple and moved to get some more of the tests run.
“What do you mean they’re cured?” Nami asked in disbelief as she looked at their friend who was standing, walking and acting carefree.
“We don’t know how it happened, but they’re all better now,” One of the doctors said in some disbelief.
“All thanks to Law,” They chuckled as they moved to stand by Nami and smiled.
“Oh! Speaking of him, aren’t you going to grab him so he can come with us?” Nami asked while Luffy nodded his head.
“Yeah! I want Tra-guy to come with us,” Luffy pouted. They laughed at that and smiled, for the first time in weeks, months, they were feeling better. And this was a different kind of better, a cured sort of better. They went over to one of the nurses and smiled at them.
“Is Doctor Law here?” They asked, the nurse looked at them with a bit of an uneasy expression on their face.
“Him? Oh, he left early this morning, I think he has to return back to his other hospital,” the nurse explained. They stood there with a shocked and hurt look on their face. He left? Why did he leave? Why would he want to leave? They silently nodded their head and moved to go back to their friends, but they did their best to smile. Did Law lie to them? Was he just messing with them this entire time?
“He left, but it’s ok. I think it’s time for us to leave too,” They said as they started to lead the way out of the hospital. The group of friends all looked at one another with an unsure look on their face, but they knew better than to question them about it. When they went outside, Franky stood by their nice van with a big smile on his face.
“All ready to hit the road again?” Franky asked, the group all did their best to smile with him. The group of friends looked at their now healed friend and watched as they did their best to smile/
“Yes, I think — “ They were cut off when a tan, warm hand was placed on their shoulder.
“You going to leave without me?” Law whispered to them. They quickly turned over their shoulder and looked at him in shock.
“Law! You’re here! I thought you left,” They said as he pulled Law into a heartfelt hug. Law awkwardly smiled and rubbed their back before he pulled away and gently ruffled their hair.
“I did leave, I left the hospital, I’m taking a small break for now, I need to make sure that you’re doing alright and that nothing will happen to you,” Law explained as a small blush appeared on his cheeks. He moved to used his fuzzy hat to try and hide it, but they stopped him by placing a hand on his cheek. They smiled and gently moved to press a small kiss on his cheek that left the man breathless.
“Come with us, Law,” They said before they looked back at the rest of the group, everyone behind them smiled and seemed to be on board with this idea. Law looked at them all and watched as they all came forward and tried to bring him in closer.
“Yes! A new friend!” Luffy cheered.
“Welcome to our team, Tra-guy,” Sanji smiled as he stubbed out his cigarette on the concrete. They held onto both of Law’s hands and squeezed them with this new found confidence and strength. It was all thanks to Law, they both looked into each other’s eyes and smiled at one another and knew this was the beginning of something special, a new life together. Not only that, but their crew as well, them being so accepting and warm to him made his heart clench in an amazing way, he couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe he could be this happy.
“Thanks,” Law smiled as he squeezed their hand, he could get used to these guys. Anything for them.
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lawslessons · a year ago
Tea Time - Crocodile x f!Reader
Hello my dears! I am coming here with a special request from a dear friend of mine, @simpymcgee​ and while this was originally written for her character, with her permission I modified it for you all to enjoy! 
Warnings: NSFW, Rough play, smoking 
Synopsis: His hand tensed as he blanky stared forward at the woman in front of him. She was alluring, beautiful and so, so innocent. His mind could only think of one thing as he forced himself to drink the tea she had brought him; corrupt her. And oh, corrupt her he did. 
Tumblr media
His breath hitched in his throat, his blank, unstaring eyes looked forward at the woman in front of him with a primal sense of interest. Her curvy figure and the warm, delicious smile on her lips was slowly drawing him in. His mind was hazy, a thick fog clouded his mind like the cigar smoke in his lungs. The murky background of the water for his banana gators proved to be an elegant backdrop for the woman. The deep blues and grays of the water brought out the colors in her hair and the warmth of her skin. He wondered how it would feel under his hands, the warm flesh under his calloused fingertips. Would she enjoy it? Would she laugh like she did with the gators? Or would her sounds be more intimate, more alluring, more sensual, more -- 
Crocodile let out a sharp inhale of his smoke, the smoke was dark gray and looked angry, his lungs were as agitated as his mood as he watched the woman carelessly play with her hair and laugh at the gators jumping on one another and yipping at each other. His eyes weren’t innocent, they glanced down at her soft hands petting the rough scales of the gators, clearly she wasn’t opposed to alligator skin, maybe she wouldn’t oppose him too? His attention shifted back over to his cigar and he did his best to focus on the item in front of him. It was packed into a small package, it was thick and warm… his mind began to wander again and it irritated him, he crushed the cigar in his hands and watched with no satisfaction as the ashes fell to the ground and pitifully shriveled up. Pathetic, why was he getting so worked up for nothing? This was nothing, wasn’t it? He wasn’t so sure anymore. He glanced over at the woman and noticed how she started to walk over to him, his breath hitched in his throat once again and he watched as she leaned against his desk, her hands pressing her forward as she smiled up at him with her expressive smile. Her skin looked so supple, so close, Crocodile would give his other hand to be able to reach forward and caress it just once, just to drown in her deep eyes, kiss those lips of hers. He bit the inside of his cheek when she giggled and looked up at him with those inquisitive eyes of her. Her hair was shiny, almost fiery in its glimmer, it was exactly like her, it suited her well. He was stalling, he was trying not to focus on the way her breasts were pressed forward against the desk and how she had to stand on her toes to be at his eye level even when he was sitting down at his desk. 
“May I help you?” His deep, dry voice asked the woman in front of him. He was the definition of his devil fruit, dry and slow, methodical and raspy. His voice held no amusement but she could tell that he enjoyed talking to her, his eyes gave it away, they always seemed to do so. 
“You forgot that it’s tea time,” She reminded him, the warm smile she had was enough to sweeten his tea, it was like honey and sugar and everything sweet he craved. He watched as she sat down on the edge of his desk, her legs crossed over each other as she held the small teapot in her hand. Where did she get that? His mind was dazed at the sight in front of him that he didn’t even focus on the logistics of what was happening. Her deft hands poured two cups of tea into the china cups that Crocodile had purchased during one of his more recent missions that required his attention. 
“Tea time, right,” he grumbled as he held the cup close to himself and slowly sipped the hot beverage. Normally people would frown upon having warm drinks in the desert, but she seemed to be the exception to that ideology. She was fire and he was the desert, they were both made to enjoy the heat, so the hot tea didn’t seem to perturb either of them in the slightest way. Crocodile watched her legs, the way they swug lazily off his desk as she sipped her own tea. Her mind seemed to be occupied, it always was, Crocodile wondered what the woman in front of him was thinking about, worrying about. He would do anything to make it where she didn’t have to worry anymore. He didn’t drink much of his tea, he barely sipped it and before he knew it, the beverage was cold and undrinkable, unpalatable. His mouth tasted sour from the aftertaste of the tea, he chased away the taste by lighting up a cigar and placing it between his lips, he took a drag and watched as the woman began to put the tea stuff away and clean up after herself. 
“You,” His voice drew out, he was commanding even in his laziest moments. She snapped to attention and quickly turned to look at him, her eyes were wide in curiosity and her hair playfully bounced over her shoulders as she looked at the much taller man. 
“Yes?” She asked, that simple word was enough to make Crocodile melt, his mind blanked on what he was going to ask her, a smoke filled sigh escaped his lips and his eyes stared at the woman in front of him with tremendous interest. 
“Nevermind.” This cycle repeated itself for days, weeks, months. Crocodile would stare, his breath would hitch, his palms would become sweaty and soon he wouldn’t be able to contain himself and he would have to excuse himself to have a moment alone to gather his thoughts or to smoke more than he should. While the routine was agonizing to Crocodile, he slowly became accustomed to the monotonous lapse of time and even relished in his hunger for the woman. He was like one of his banana gators, always starving, never sated, his appetite could only be fed with her. 
That was when that day happened, the day that changed his life. The routine was normal, no straying, nothing out of the ordinary, but that was when it happened. When he reached the room with the gators, he noticed how she wasn’t playing with them like she usually was. Worried for her safety, he quickly glanced around the room and stopped when his eyes caught sight of her cuddling one of the gators close to her chest. It was one of the gators that had recently been born, it relaxed against her chest while she slept on the cool tile. His world seemed to stop, the room went out of focus and all he was able to concentrate on was her, her and her peaceful expression, that delicate and innocent expression. How he wanted to destroy it. He wanted to wreck her, he wanted to see that innocent expression break and crack until he peeled her apart to the most lecherous parts of herself. He forced himself not to think any further, he really was a devil to think of such things when it involved an angel like her. Annoyed at the lack of attention he was receiving and exhausted at his intrusive thoughts, Crocodile went back to his office to just waste away the rest of his day. 
His rough hand was filled with papers, his head was throbbing in a headache, he never knew that he became so reliant on having tea everyday, or maybe it was something more. Maybe he was becoming more reliant on her? He tiredly put his papers down and rubbed his temples with his hand and stared out at his wall. He was bleary and unfocused, his attention was shifted towards the girl who was sleeping with the gators in the other room. He wouldn’t allow himself to think about it anymore, for that was when his door was forced open. He barely had time to register who came in when two hands found themselves pressed up on his desk.
“I’m sorry!” She gasped out, her tired eyes looked forward and stared into Crocodile’s exhausted orbs. Her lips were parted as she tried to catch her breath, her cheeks were flushed with the warmth of the sun and she had a small sheen of sweat over her brow and neck that looked sinful to him. His mind became even more clouded, darker than it ever had become when he felt the way she was seducing him without her even knowing. His frustration had peaked, his want and desire shoved away any sense of reason he may have had in that moment but he didn’t care: he had one desire, and it was her. 
“I need you,” his low voice growled out, the older man’s dark eyes became possessive and wide, the woman seemed to be confused as he got out of his chair and moved to walk over to her. 
“Need me? Need me to what? Make your tea?” She asked as he stood over her. He was a looming shadow in the midst of the sunshine, it irked him. “I can make it if you want, it’s really no --” 
“No.” Crocodile snapped, his jaw was tense, he was practicing self restraint as he stared down at the girl in front of him. “I need you for myself, I need to feel you with my hand and to have you need me back. I want you,” Crocodile smoothly said as he leaned forward and trapped her against the table with his hips pinning her in place. 
“Oh,” She breathed out, and that was all it took. In moments, Crocodile’s mouth collided with hers and deeply began to savor her lips in a kiss. She gasped, her smaller hands dragged up his elegant coat and up to his shoulders before they found themselves lost in his deep locks of hair. Crocodile shrugged off his coat and let it fall on the ground before his hand reached behind her and grabbed her rear. To hide her noises, he deepened their kiss and lifted her up so she would be sitting on the desk. He stood between her legs, his hand dragged up her  thighs and stopped at the waistband of her pants. He relaxed in the kiss, it became slower, more methodical but not loving - teasing. He smirked when she whined, he was punishing her for all the times she had teased him and left him wanting more, this seemed like just revenge to him. He wasn’t even close to being done with his revenge too. He broke the kiss and felt a shiver go down the lower part of his spine when she pouted at him. Her lips were glistening with his and her spit, they were red and slightly bruised from his previous ferocity and he loved it. 
“You’re in trouble,” he said as his hooked hand went to tug at her skimpy bra, it barely hid anything, that was one of the reasons he required her to wear it when she was working, that and the heat. With a simple flick of his wrist, his hook managed to rip the material and he had it tossed to the side in seconds. Before she could protest, he pressed two of his fingers against her lips and darkly grinned at her. “Suck,” he ordered, and oh, she did. She eagerly took his fingers into her mouth and licked the appendages before she began to suck. She got them nice and coated, she bobbed her head lazily and gently grazed her teeth on the underside of his fingers. If she was this amazing with his fingers, he couldn’t imagine how her mouth would feel around his prick. But that was for another time. 
“For someone who hates to be ordered around, you seem to like this,” Crocodile teased as he pulled his fingers out of her mouth and moved to use his wet fingers to trace her nipples. Her voice shook, her breath came out shuddering and hot as he continued to tease her. 
“S-Shut up,” she whined in protest, that left Crocodile breathless and laughing. He pinched one of her nipples between his fingers and tsked at her. 
“I don’t think you want that,” he bluntly said as he dragged his hand down her middle and to the button of her pants. “You want me to tease you, make you beg me for my cock, am I wrong, princess?” he asked as he expertly undid the button on her pants. Now it was her turn to feel a little possessive, she didn’t like whoever taught him that trick, but at the same time she wanted to thank whoever that was because god, that was attractive. She shivered in delight and that caught the eye of Crocodile, oh he knew he was doing good and he was just getting started. Her pants were off, and her underwear? That wasn’t even in the picture at this point. Wet and almost soaked through, Crocodile made quick work to toss that to the side and to spread her legs open so he could easily see his prize. Just the sight of her panting and flushed in front of him made his cock throb in his pants, his eyes were lidded and overcome with lust as he slowly undid his dress pants and slid them down a bit. He stopped when she leaned forward and shyly began to unbutton his dress shirt, her eagerness was endearing and he thought it was absolutely adorable. She got the buttons undone and used her hands to push the shirt off of him and down to the ground. Crocodile wasted no time after that, he didn’t even wait for her to lay down on his large desk. He pushed the papers out of the way with his hook and used his free hand to grab onto her neck before he pushed her down on the desk, pinning her there. 
“I need you,” she gasped out, his hand tightened around her neck and he grinned. His tip poked at her entrance and he slowly teased her by circling his hips. 
“I know,” was all he said before he pushed in without a sound. She gasped, her back arched off of the desk and her hands grabbed onto the wood of the desk as he began to pound into her. Something clicked inside of him, seeing her so helpless and beautiful on his desk caused something primal to click inside of him. He wanted to fill her up, to wreck her and make it where she wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. His hand gripped her throat even tighter, her face started to turn even more red as he rammed his hips into her, her sounds became more strangled and breathy before he removed his hand from her throat and began to focus more on the force he was putting behind his trusts. Her eyes rolled to the back of her heads as he went harder, faster. Her insides were tensing and her hips jutted out as she focused on getting to her release. 
“I’m close,” she groaned, she clenched her eyes shut and her back arched off the desk again, it didn’t go down as she spread her legs even more. She was surprised with herself and how easily she was becoming undone, she felt herself tense and moan, she was closer now. She was the picture of perfection, Crocodile’s hand fit perfectly in the crevice of her back and his fingers dug into her supple skin as he thrusted harder, sweat gleamed on his toned and scarred chest from his exertion and his breath hitched when she screamed out his name. She bit her lip lewdly and tried to squeeze her thighs together as she came and naturally tightened around him. He thought she was tight before, but the way she convulsed around him drew him in closer, a low groan escaped his lips as he found himself becoming lost in her. She chased down her orgasm with a small moan, he looked down at her and saw how absolutely ruined she was. The look in her eyes could only be described as pleasured and satisfied, a low purr escaped her lips as he continued to fuck her to her second orgasm in a matter of minutes. His stamina was impressive, even as she squeezed him closer, he managed to not hold back on his speed. 
“Needy girl…” Crocodile grunted out, he needed to fill her up, he needed to see her stuffed to the brim with his cum, to see how ruined he could make her. That mental image plus the tight feeling of her around his cock was enough to make him cum hard. He stopped when he finished, he was balls deep inside of her and was staring down at her pleasured face as he filled her up to the point where she was leaking his mess. He didn’t pull out, his breath was heavy and hot, the office felt smaller, warmer and almost steamy as they both came down from their highs. He didn’t regret a single thing, he didn’t care that he just came in her, possibly ruined her. The control was alluring. He stayed stagnant for a minute, but as the room started to cool down again, he pulled out of her and stared her down. 
“Will we be able to do that again?” She asked breathlessly. Crocodile knew he just ruined her, he just corrupted his little angel and there was no going back, he didn’t want to go back if it promised more intimate moments with her. 
“We’re just getting started,” he casually said as he went to pull his pants up and get his coat on, he didn’t bother with his shirt for now, it was too much of a chore at this moment. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Crocodile grumbled, a look of fondness crossed his eyes as he looked her in her eyes and at her beautiful body. “It’s tea time.”
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lawslessons · a year ago
Hi, I just recently found your blog and I love it. I was wondering if you could write head cannons for Luffy comforting a reader that deals with depression/mental illness. I understand if you aren't comfortable with the prompt, but Luffy is a big comfort character to me so I wanted to request. Thank you so much.
Hello my dear! Thank you for your request! I would like to apologize for how long it took me to post this, I have been swamped with school work and also my health situation isn’t looking too good at the moment. I promise I’ll try to be more active and post more! I love you so much, dear!
Luffy x Reader - Depression/Mental Illness Head Cannons
Warnings: Mentions of Depression and Anxiety 
Tumblr media
- Luffy isn’t the best when it comes to people’s emotions, he is rather dense and sometimes it is hard for him to read the room. But that doesn't mean he doesn’t try, he tries really hard to help those around him when he sees them in distress. While he knows how to help others when they’re physically suffering, mental stuff is rather new for him. In fact, Luffy wouldn’t fully understand the full extent of it until he lost his brother and experienced just how severe and painful mental illness could be. 
- When he sees them in distress, Luffy stops what he is doing in fear that he is doing something to upset them. He can tell that something is wrong, but he doesn’t know exactly what that is. He would go over to them and look them over a few times with a cute tilt of his head as he tries his best to assess the situation.
- “Are you ok?” He would ask, and when he doesn’t get a response, he would know it was something bad. Depending on the day, Luffy either puts his hands on their shoulders or hugs them, he does it depending on how much touch they are alright with. Today was a hugging day, so Luffy wordlessly would hug onto them and try to use his physical presence to help comfort them. 
- If that wasn’t enough, he would do his best to listen to them and try to understand why they were upset. Luffy can be really confrontational, so if it involves another person, it takes everything inside of him not to confront them or hurt them. But he knows that they wouldn’t like that, so out of respect for them, he wouldn’t do anything. He knows that sometimes people just want people to listen to their troubles, he knew he was like that after his own brother passed away. 
- He would spend as much time as he had to with them to ensure that they were alright, and even if they said they were alright, he still wouldn’t leave them. He wanted to keep them safe, he would do all he could to make sure that they felt safe in their situation. “You wanna talk some more? Hug? Oh! Do you maybe wanna eat?” he would ask. 
- They would smile and say yes to the eating and also just to spend time with Luffy, sometimes the distraction was more enough for them to not have to think too hard about their situation. Just seeing others happy was enough for them to feel better too, also the fact that Luffy and the crew would always try so hard to bring their mood up meant a lot to them. 
- “We all love you! Don’t forget that!” Luffy would make sure he said as they spent time together, it was the truth, no matter what happened he wanted them to know that no matter how times got and how difficult their situation became, he would always be there to support them. 
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lawslessons · a year ago
Daylight Dreaming (Zoro x Luffy)
“He’s all I can ever think about, it’s always been him, hasn’t it?”
Letter Z from the Soulmate AU list. I wanted to explore the possibility of Luffy not reciprocating any feelings or any possible attraction to our swordsman based off of a theory I heard about Luffy being aromantic/asexual. And at the same time, I wanted to see if I could intermingle platonic and romantic soulmates at the same time! I hope you enjoy!
Warnings: Suggested ace/aro Luffy, One sided love, angst
Synopsis: The light burned his dreams, but then that light became a person, and then a feeling, and then his everything. Zoro was confused about why Luffy was suddenly showing up in his dreams, and then one day he wasn’t. Was he doing something wrong?
Tumblr media
Zoro lethargically looked up at the burning sun in front of him. He flexed his hands into a fist and looked over at both of his hands in his crucifixion pose. He was almost free, he had been there for so long, he felt the world around him beginning to spin. The sun beat down on him and left him feeling drained and empty, it was beginning to hurt, his stomach was empty and his throat was dry, but he was not about to quit. Not now, not when he was so close…
That thought lingered in the swordsman’s mind as he drifted off to sleep again. His dreams have been rather odd his whole life. He had adventure dreams where he was the protagonist of his own story. And with him, he had a companion made out of light that seemed to follow him everywhere. He always enjoyed hearing what the light being had to say, but when he woke up, he could never seem to recall what was said to him. This process went on for ten years, and like today, it was no different. He went on his adventure with his light friend before he woke up and faced the burning reality in front of him. A bead of sweat dropped down his face and onto the sandy ground helplessly. It was almost time, he knew he could wait longer he had to. He had to finish this and go back to his goal of becoming the worlds greatest swordsman for him and his friend. For her.
Zoro sighed and closed his eyes, things felt easier when he was asleep and he could hear his voice again. That soft laugh, it brought a smile to his face. But wait. He wasn’t asleep. His eyes shot open when he saw a shorter male with black hair and a straw hat smiling up at him.
“Join my crew!” And with that, Zoro’s life had changed. When he slept next, he was on the ship with his captain, Luffy. This time, he didn’t see his light friend, instead he saw his captain smiling at him and going with him on the adventures just like the light being did. Zoro didn’t understand what that meant, but he also didn’t think that much into it. These dreams went on for weeks, and then it was months and before he knew it, he was on the Thousand Sunny exercising with Robin in the room and talking to her about his dreams.
“Have you ever had the dreams with a person of light in it?” Robin asked as she flipped a page in her book. Zoro grunted and thrusted his arms down with the absurdly large weight on it.
“The light dreams? I did for a long time, but that light person isn’t there anymore,” Zoro explained as he continued with his set. When he noticed how silent Robin was, he paused his exercise and looked over at her curiously. “Why?”
“Has that light been replaced by someone else?” She asked as she looked at the swordsman with a soft but excited smile on her face.
“I think? I’m not sure. I don’t remember when the light started to go away,” Zoro admitted as he went back to his set, he still didn’t understand why Robin was asking him all these questions. “What about you? Do you have a light person in your dreams too?” Zoro asked her. Robin smiled and shook her head.
“Not anymore, mine went away rather recently,” Robin shared as she glanced back at her book. That was where their conversation ended but this was when Zoro began to think about some things. He didn’t understand why Robin asked him that, was this normal? That was when he decided he needed answers. When he was about to ask the woman about this, Robin stood up and softly smiled at Zoro. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” She said as she walked away. What did that even mean? Zoro put down his weight and frowned, he didn’t understand what she was going on about anymore. Zoro decided it would be easier to just ignore it and go about his workout.
When he went to bed that night, he couldn’t seem to fall asleep in the boys cabin. He laid awake, staring up at the ceiling before he glanced over at his captain who was curled into his blanket and softly snoring. Zoro looked at him for a small moment before he took in his features. His black hair falling over his face, the small scar on his cheek and the way Luffy’s lips were parted as he breathed in the cool night air. Zoro rubbed his face after a second and went back to staring at the ceiling, that would be easier to explain than staring at his captain. He didn’t dream that night, or the night after that, or the one after that. In fact, this continued for weeks and confused him even more. During this time, Zoro found himself having more restless nights where he would watch over Luffy or go walking around the ship to make sure everyone else was safe.
During the day, he would work out and fall asleep in the crow’s nest, but no dreams would come. Just the fact that he wasn’t having dreams wasn’t the only thing bothering him. The other thing that frustrated him was how soft he was becoming towards his captain, one of his closest friends. Were his eyelashes always that long? Was his skin always that smooth? Zoro felt his mind beginning to swim the more he thought about it. And the more he stared at his captain, the less innocent his thoughts became. When Sanji passed by him with a tray of drinks, Zoro grabbed one off the tray and poured the sticky drink over his face to snap himself out of it.
“OI! Asshole! That was for Nami and Robin!” Sanji began to scold, but his words fell on deaf ears. No matter what Zoro tried, his mind couldn’t get off his captain. When he trained, the music in his ears was Luffy’s laugh. During dinner, he didn’t feel like he could drink alcohol since he was drinking in Luffy’s smile. God, when did he become like this? Was he always like this? The swordsman looked frustrated with himself the longer this went on.
He needed help.
There was only one person he knew he could ask about this.
“Robin, please. What does the light in my dreams mean? And why am I not getting dreams anymore?” Zoro asked with his tail between his legs. His pride faltered, his emotions were beginning to get the better of him and he needed the help of Robin before he lost his mind. Robin looked over at him and chuckled. She knew he needed help, but she didn’t expect him to stake her out in the ship’s library for it.
“You’re not getting dreams anymore?” Robin asked as she put her book down and rested her hand on the bookcase. She brushed her long black hair away from her tanned skin and sighed. “That happens, don’t worry. You’re close to realizing it, there’s one more step until you can see your dream person again,” Robin explained, and to her surprise, Zoro was listening to her with intent. He pursed his lips together and nodded, he needed to know what to do to get his mind back to normal again. He wanted things to go back to the way they were, but he supposed it was maybe too late by this point. “You need to kiss the person who used to show up in your dreams,” Robin grinned. Zoro’s face bloomed red at that and he took a couple of steps back in shock.
“Kiss? I have to kiss Luffy?” Zoro blurted out before he covered his mouth with his hand and stared down at his feet. Robin’s laughter filled the room and it made the swordsman that much more embarrassed.
“So that’s why you’ve been staring at him, I knew it, I was just teasing about kissing him, don’t worry,” Robin smiled, Zoro looked over at the woman and rose a brow, silently asking her to elaborate what she meant. “The only way you can get him back in your dreams is if you’re honest with yourself and him,” she said, “Remember how I said if I told you back then that you wouldn’t believe me? Well, I feel like now you may believe me. Maybe,” she said as she picked up her book again and began to leave the library with Zoro trailing after her. “He’s your soulmate,” she casually said before leaving the room. Zoro was left standing in the room, stunned and confused. It felt as if he was hit by a cannon ball. Not only was Luffy potentially his soulmate, he had to kiss him. Maybe. Right? Just thinking about doing that to his captain felt wrong to him, after all, how on earth could someone like Luffy reciprocate the feelings that Zoro was experiencing?
But before he could even think about kissing his captain again, Sabody happened. Then instead of it being days, it was weeks. And months. And then years. Zoro believed that time would fix his affliction, it would make him not be so distracted over his captain but he was proven wrong. The longer he was away from his captain, the more intense his feelings became. He distracted himself with his training, and before he knew it, two years passed and he was physically a lot stronger and mentally too in all things except one. Him. Zoro was ten days early to their meeting spot. Every day was filled with dread, anxiousness and excitement as he waited for his friends and captain. When the day finally came that he saw Luffy again, he didn’t even have time to take him in because of the fight that occurred on the island. But when they were all on the ship again, Zoro watched as everyone had a proper reunion. He said his greetings to his friends, but ge actively avoided Luffy until he was forced to confront him in the night.
“Oi, Zoro,” Luffy said up to the swordsman. Luffy had his arm’s crossed over his chest and stared up at Zoro and looked him over. Zoro had a scar over his eye and seemed to be sporting some new clothes. Nice. “I missed you,” Luffy said before he hugged onto the swordsman and laughed. Zoro gasped and felt his entire face turn red when he felt his captain’s cheek against his rapidly beating heart.
“I missed you too,” Zoro managed to say before he cautiously hugged Luffy back. And when his hands met the small of his captain’s back, his entire body flooded with warmth and his pulse steadied until it felt like his and Luffy’s hearts were in sync. “So much…” Zoro said as he tightened the hug. He felt like they were the only people in the world. He didn’t mind having to wait longer for Luffy if he had to, he would wait his whole life for him.
That night when Zoro slept, he found himself looking into a colorful ocean, and being on a bright ship. On the bow of the ship sat his captain with hands stretching out towards the swordsman. Zoro took his hands and moved to be sitting next to him as the dream Luffy babbled about nothing and everything. Even if Luffy didn’t feel the same about him now, or ever, Zoro was alright with that. At least he would always have his dreams.
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lawslessons · a year ago
For the fanfiction writer asks: 12 and 28. I just started writing so I'd love any advice you have!
Hello my dear! I hope this helps!
12: Luffy! My first actual fan fiction involved him back when I was in middle school, so personally he holds a big piece of my heart. I love his childlike innocence and I think that in fan fiction, you don’t really get to see that side of him. People (me in middle school...) tend to write him as being more macho or more romantic than he really is. I think he is charming to wrote because of how unique he is in being innocent and cute. No typical pinning against the wall sort of stuff (don’t get my wrong, I love that) with him it’s just different. Most people I see being written for are strong men with big muscles, I just like how Luffy is so not all of that, and that makes him a challenge and a joy to write for. 
28: Don’t let your mom follow your account! I had to block her once I started to get really experimental with my writing when I was twelve. Also just be confident in yourself and don’t let others try to bring you down. Have a plan for what you want to write, whether it’s a long story or a one shot, make sure you don’t go in fully blind. It’s ok to make mistakes. My Luffy fan fiction from when I was twelve was garbage, by Voltron Shiro x Reader from when I was fifteen was just as bad. Even if I don’t like what I made, I make sure I never delete it because it serves as a reminder to myself about how I have grown as an author and I’m so proud of myself for that. 
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lawslessons · a year ago
hey! i really enjoyed what you wrote for the soulmate alphabets so [insert All Might smile] i am here!! could i request D [soulmate] for Zoro? thanks in advance! ☺️💓
Hello my dear! I am so sorry for how long this took, I haven’t been feeling well but today I had energy to write so I decided to take advantage of that! I took some creative liberty with the whole Marine aspect and I hope you enjoy it!
Zoro x Reader - No Promises 
D - “damage done to a person also translates into their soulmate’s body”
Warnings: mentions of bodily harm
Synopsis: A vicious pursuit, Zoro manages to get lost and stumble across someone powerful. Their aura is daunting and their ability with a sword is even more frightening, but being efficient with a sword is not their only similarity. Zoro soon finds out that their connection runs deeper, much deeper, not just skin deep in the pursuit.
Tumblr media
“We almost caught up with him, Vice Admiral!” A shaky man yelled to his head officer with his hand against his forehead in pure respect. The person they were addressing didn’t look too pleased by what their subordinate said. 
“Almost? Almost? Why didn’t you catch up to him?” They scowled as they slammed their fist down against the table and watched as it began to shake under the sheer force of their fist. 
“He’s fast, we had no way -- “
“Bullshit,” They scoffed as they adjusted their white cape with a sour expression on their face. The subordinate squeaked and quickly scrambled to grab his papers before he ran out of the office with a small scream. They sighed in annoyance as they watched him run away, they leaned against their desk with a small frown. “Guess I need to go out there,” They said as they grabbed their sword and left their office. If something needed to be done, do it yourself or something like that, they thought. Like usual, the Strawhat crew was making a mess of a town they were in, and being the Vice Admiral in charge of the island and the islands surrounding it, they took it as their personal responsibility to make sure that this disturbance was accounted for. While most of the crew had escaped, there was a person that wasn’t accounted for yet: Roronoa Zoro, one of the world’s strongest swordsmen. They felt their hand tense at the thought of being able to finally fight him, to finally see if his strength was anything remarkable. 
“Vice Admiral! We caught sight of him near the pier, it seems that he’s lost?” Another subordinate said in some confusion. They couldn’t help but sigh at that, they had heard about how directionally challenged the swordsman was, but they never expected it to be this bad, after all the island was only so big. With a small breath, they got into a running stance before they were practically flying through the air to the pier to catch up with the swordsman. They came to a skidding halt when they heard the sound of swords clashing. 
He was here. 
When they looked over their shoulder and saw the swordsman heavily breathing as he put his swords away, they couldn’t help but smirk. 
“Are you already tired?” They teased as they slowly approached the rabid Zoro. Zoro frowned and went to pull his sword out, but their quick reflexes quickly stopped the swordsman in his tracks. “Did you seriously think that would work?” They frowned as they pulled their sword away. Their eyes scanned over the swordsman's body and noticed something interesting. Scars ran across his chest and his arms, all deep and jagged and painful, and most importantly exactly like theirs. They frowned at that realization and took a step back from him. Now it was Zoro’s turn to smirk, he took their look as them checking him out, who would blame them? He was built, strong, he was almost godly in his stature. 
“If you just wanted me you could’ve asked, I've never done a vice admiral before,” Zoro teased. 
“Shut it,” They snapped in disgust, they moved to take their coat off and unbuttoned the top of their shirt to show the same, long scar that Zoro had. “I was looking at your scar, where the hell did you get it?” They asked as they pointed to the swordsman in curiosity. Zoro frowned when he saw the scar that was the same as his own, but before either of them could say anymore, the marine reinforcements were beginning to arrive and come in full force. 
“Run!” They quickly said as they grabbed the swordsman’s hand and went to run to a safe place for the two of them. They ran fast, Zoro even had to admit that he was surprised by their deftness and speed. As they reached an isolated, quiet part of the town, they started to slow down and looked over at the swordsman. 
“Where -- “
“An abandoned part of the town, it was run down by pirates and the people here had to evacuate,” They shared as they adjusted the coat over their shoulders again. Zoro watched as their face became sullen and how they grew quiet as they looked around the town they were in. Even more than that, Zoro was surprised at how quickly they were opening up to him, why was that?
“Abandoned?” Zoro decided to ask. He almost regretted asking when he saw how their face darkened. 
“All you pirates think you’re so righteous, you fight marines, other pirates but do you ever think about the citizens who have to live in your mess?” They asked him. Zoro stayed silent and watched as they glared at him. Zoro could feel the power emanating off of them, they were someone he knew he shouldn’t mess with so easily. A Vice Admiral, but why were they so different? Did they have the same moral compass as a normal Marine, yes, but something about the way they held themselves, the way the coat slid off of their shoulders caught his eye. 
“What if I said the same about you, huh? You marines only cause damage where you go. You say you represent justice, but what is that justice? Where is it?” Zoro decided to press with a sour frown on his face. 
“Don’t even compare me to -- “
“So you think you’re above the law? You think you can destroy towns that were run by pirates? What about the innocent people there depending on their protection? You guys do the same thing the lowly pirates do. I’m not saying pirates are better, I’m not. I’m saying to look at yourself before you spout bullshit like that, at least pirates have the guts to acknowledge when they destroy something, you all just run away,” Zoro ranted as he slowly stepped towards them. When he noticed how they were trying to look away from him, he used his hand to grab at their chin and force them to maintain the sharp, almost painful eye contact with him. Both of them had hate in their eyes, the tension between them was thick, but thick with what exactly? Neither of them could place their finger on what exactly it was. But soon, Zoro noticed how their eyes began to soften, their lips tightened and it looked as if they were thinking. 
“There really are bad people on both sides,” They frowned as they tried to step away from the swordsman, but Zoro wouldn’t let them go that easily. 
“Why do you have those scars?” Zoro asked instead. The position they were in looked compromising. The Vice Admiral’s back was against a wall now, the swordsman was looking straight down at their chest with curious eyes. Realizing the strange position they were both in, the Vice Admiral had the grace to blush and cast their eyes away from the swordsman as he seemingly undressed them with one of his eyes. 
“They showed up one day. I was a captain on a ship and one day when I was patrolling, a sharp pain. I passed out, when I woke up I saw the deep scar across my chest which confused me, I wasn’t even attacked, and then even more scars started to appear. And two years ago the worst pain in my life happened. A deep pain, it was a personal scar I could tell, it was like fire,” They tried to explain, they did their best to try to explain something that seemingly didn’t make any sense. Zoro was stunned to silence, he stared at the scar some more and looked at the smooth edges of the scar, the stitching, everything. He knew the work of that sword, he was the one who was on the other end of the sword. 
“It was my fault,” Zoro breathed out apologetically, but now it was their turn to be confused. 
“What -- “ Before they were allowed to finish, Zoro stepped back and pointed to the deep scar on his own chest with a frown on his face.
“I got hurt then, that must've done something to you, but I don’t know why,” Zoro frowned. When they both looked at each other again, they began to realize that their connection may have run deeper than he realized. Neither of them were able to say anything about it though, how could they? One was a Vice Admiral and the other a pirate, a powerful pirate from a notorious group. 
“I won’t forget you, Zoro,” They said as the sound of footsteps were heard in the distance: the rest of the reinforcements were coming. Their connection was deep, their lives were intertwined and they didn’t know it yet. “I will capture you one day, and then we can talk,” They said, their sense of justice and their loyalty to their job was still on the forefront of their mind, they couldn’t let Zoro know the power he had over them. Zoro felt the same way, he did his best to look annoyed, but it was difficult, he was intrigued by them. 
“And I will do my best to kick your ass,” Zoro smirked. 
“Romantic,” They teased. 
“I can be if you give me a shot,” Zoro flirted as he started to follow the Vice Admiral out of the abandoned part of the town. They rolled their eyes and looked back over at him. 
“You wish, now get out of here, and don’t get lost!” They yelled as they saw Zoro already running, was it even in the right direction?
“No promises,” Zoro smirked as he started to run past the marines that were there. They all looked confused, how did their Vice Admiral not catch up to him yet? 
“Get him!” A marine yelled as the pursuit began. Zoro wasn’t worried about the people chasing him, instead his mind lingered on the Vice Admiral. The way the coat dropped off of their shoulders, their frown, so romantic. Zoro laughed and sped up, this was going to be an interesting pursuit for sure.
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lawslessons · a year ago
for the asks game, 17, 21 & 38? :3
17) They couldn’t believe this man, his arrogance, he was the worst type of man out there. “Eat shit.” Kid laughed and darkly smiled at the person in front of him, he didn’t like their attitude, the arrogant expression on their face frustrated him and their lips looked so perfectly punchable. 
21) Oh my gosh I have so many here on this platform. 
@quartermera - Absolute angel, I love them to bits!!
@some-piece - absolute sweetheart, made me feel so welcomed when I first reached out to them.
 @damioka - art is incredible! the story writing is so cute too!! 
@feriowind - feral Luffy has my heart!!!
 among many others!! 
38) Goodness! I haven’t done any collaborations here yet, I mainly just write things from art that inspire me from here. (like @xruffyx’s work, it’s incredible!) but I don’t know who I would collaborate with honestly since I don’t really know how collaborations work. But if anyone ever wants to collaborate, please don’t hesitate in reaching out!
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While I’m working on asks, please ask me some questions! This looks so fun!!
Fanfiction Writer Asks
Most of the writer ask posts I come across are only like ten or so questions long so I thought I’d try to make a longer one because we like talking about our writing! Feel free to reblog!
1) How old were you when you first starting writing fanfiction?
2) What fandoms do you write for and do you have a particular favourite if you write for more than one?
3) Do you prefer writing OC’s or reader inserts? Explain your answer.
4) What is your favourite genre to write for?
5) If you had to choose a favourite out of all of your multi chaptered stories, which would it be and why?
6) If you had to delete one of your stories and never speak of it again, which would it be and why?
7) When is your preferred time to write?
8) Where do you take your inspiration from?
9) In your xxx fic, what’s your favourite scene that you wrote?
10) In your xxx fic, why did you decide to end it like that? Did you have an alternative ending in mind?
11) Have you ever amended a story due to criticisms you’ve received after posting it?
12) Who is your favourite character to write for? Why?
13) Who is your least favourite character to write for? Why?
14) How did you come up with the title for the xxx? - You can ask about multiple stories.
15) If you write OC’s, how do you decide on their names?
16) How did you come up with the idea for xxx?
17) Post a line from a WIP that you’re working on.
18) Do you have any abandoned WIP’s? What made you abandon them?
19) Are there any stories that you’ve written that you’d really love to do a sequel to?
20) Are there any stories that you wished you’d ended differently?
21) Tell me about another writer(s) who you admire? What is it about them that you admire?
22) Do you have a story that you look back on and cringe when you reread it?
23) Do you prefer listening to music when you’re writing or do you need silence?
24) How do you feel about writing smutty scenes?
25) Have you ever cried whilst writing a story?
26) Which part of your xxx fic was the hardest to write?
27) Do you make a general outline for your stories or do you just go with the flow?
28) What is something you wished you’d known before you started posting fanfiction?
29) Do you have a story that you feel doesn’t get as much love as you’d like?
30) In contrast to 29 is there a story which gets lots of love which you kinda eye roll at?
31) Send me a fic recommendation and I’ll post it for my followers to see! (The asker is to send the rec not the answerer)
32) Are any of your characters based on real people?
33) What’s the biggest compliment you’ve gotten?
34) What’s the harshest criticism you’ve gotten?
35) Do you share your story ideas with anyone else or do you keep them close to your chest?
36) Can you give us a spoiler for one of your WIP’s?
37) What’s the funniest story you’ve written?
38) If you could collab with any other writer on here, who would it be? (Perhaps this question will inspire some collabs!) If you’re shy, don’t tag the blog, just name it.
39) Do you prefer first, second or third person?
40) Do people know you write fanfiction?
41) What’s you favourite minor character you’ve written?
42) Song fic - What made you decide to use the song xxx for xxx.
43) Has anyone ever guessed the plot twist of one of your fics before you posted it?
44) What is the last line you wrote?
45) What spurs you on during the writing process?
46) I really loved your xxx fic. If you were ever to do a sequel, what do you think might happen in it?
47) Here’s a fic title - insert a made up title. What would this story be about?
48) What’s your favourite trope to write?
49) Can you remember the first fic you read? What was it about?
50) If you could write only angst, fluff or smut for the rest of your writing life, which would it be and why?
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soulmate alphabet W for Eneru/Enel? I'm sorry if this is a hard one to write if you choose to write it, but there's almost no headcanons for trash god complex man, people forget he exists- (thanks in advance if you choose to write it)
Hello dear! I am so sorry for how long this took me to write, I hope you enjoy it! For Enel, I really thought that the juxtaposition soulmate theme would be interesting to explore and I hope you like it!
Warnings: None
Enel x Reader - Juxtaposition
Tumblr media
-A narcissist with a serious god complex, Enel would be surprised when the Straw Hat crew came up to his corner of the world and wanted to fight him. Another surprise would be a special person who came with the crew as well. A shy, self deprecating person with a fear of lightning. Enel first noticed them when he struck down on the ocean and when he sensed them tense and then heard them screaming in horror of his power. While he was used to people being scared of his power, this was something new, different and he wasn’t sure if he liked it. 
-When he first met them, he felt sparks course through him that were completely different from his electricity powers. While he stood tall and mighty, they slightly cowered away from him. “Are you scared of my power?” Enel teased, but he was surprised to hear how easily they answered yes. Honest, that was the only word that Enel was able to connect them with. That wasn’t all that drew him towards them. Their humor, their wit and their use of haki without them even realizing what they were doing. 
-The longer the strawhats lingered on the island, the more Enel found himself growing more attached towards them. He first connected that feeling with lust, after all, he believed he was too good for something like love. Or maybe it was something else, maybe he just wasn’t deserving of that privilege. But after the fight with Luffy, Enel became surprised when he felt a soft, warm hand resting on his arm and checking him over curiously. 
-“Are you alright?” He heard the concerned voice ask, and when he managed to finally open his eyes he was surprised to see them squatting in front of him and inspecting his injuries. He was even more surprised to feel the compassion coursing through them and the rest of their crew. Not only did their captain not want him dead, but in fact it was on his orders that they were here to try and help rehabilitate him while everyone else was celebrating. 
-He would be unaware about the concept of soulmates, he would be even more confused about why he was so attracted to someone who was completely different from him. Nice, compassionate, shy, someone who was completely not like himself. Also strong, very, very strong. When he noticed with his observation haki how they were about to fall over a rock, he would quickly catch onto them and help them up. Clumsy too, the opposite of his grace.
-On their last night in Skypia, Enel would call them over to him while everyone was sleeping and just take in their beauty. Those past few days, weeks with them felt like nothing he had ever experienced with anyone else before. Enel would kiss them, and he would feel proud of himself too. Seeing how flustered they became under his glance, his kiss, would make him proud about how much control he had over him. But little did he know that they had the same power over him. 
-When they finally left Skypia, Enel never forgot them. His mind would always be on them and he would always wonder what happened to them. And as their adventures continued with the Strawhats, he would always get newspapers and read about the latest news on his former lover just to see how they were doing while he himself was on the run. 
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lawslessons · a year ago
Dirty Secret - Luffy x Reader
Decided to post something from my drafts for now while I recover, I’ll be posting requests soon!
D - Dirty Secret 
Synopsis: He had never fully understood why he was attracted to... that, that THING. It shocked him, confused him and made his stomach twist in such a strange way. 
Warnings: NSFW
Tumblr media
Why was he like this? Luffy began to pace around the ship before he finally settled on the top of the Sunny’s head to think some things through. All he was able to think about was them, and them only. It had confused the strange captain and had made it where he didn’t think he could do anything else. While he still had a monstrous appetite he had felt a difference in himself. While he had these strange feelings, there seemed to be only one thing that seemed to press those feelings down for a while, and that was his little secret. Something he didn’t want to let out. The usually goofy, open captain stayed reserved on one matter when it concerned himself. He knew that some of his crew mates were slowly growing more concerned for their captain as the days progressed. And as more time passed, the more Luffy was doing it. 
He remembered the last time he had done this, it had only been a few hours ago. Sanji had talked to him at one point about how intimacy works and how people work when they’re together. In fact, he wasn’t as oblivious as his crew would assume. While he was still confused over his feelings, he was still aware that they were there and what they stood for. But naive? He wasn’t fully that after all of his late night conversations with Sanji and even Franky at times too. 
What exactly was he doing? Well, he hated to admit it since it seemed a bit dubious, lecherous and made his heart feel strange for weird reasons, but this was all he could think about doing. 
“Oi! Captain, are you alright?” Luffy heard them ask him, and when he turned around to see them, his heart started to flutter in his chest and he smiled. 
“Yeah! Can we play a game?” Luffy asked his crew mate. He was answered with a smile and that was where it all began again. His guilty pleasure. He would play with them, Usopp and Chopper before he fell against the ground of the Sunny with a large grin plastered on his face. 
It was time for that. Well, part of it at least.
“Captain, do you want to lay your head on my lap? The ground isn’t that comfortable,” They said in worry, and the captain seemed to perk up at that. They were the one offering, so it was alright, right? Luffy didn’t seem to be too sure, but he moved to rest his head on their lap and look up at them with his large grin still on his face. “That better?” They chuckled as they gently brushed some of Luffy’s hair away from his face. 
Luffy smiled and relaxed in his favorite spot in the whole world. This was his dirty secret. While it wasn’t as evil as some would think, he loved this spot, the spot on their lap where he could feel any stress melt away. 
“Captain, you seem to be happy now,” they chuckled which brought an even bigger smile to Luffy’s lips as he covered his face with his hat. 
“Yeah! Thank you!” Luffy smiled. Luffy didn’t want to admit that he treasured moments like this and remembered them very clearly. After their game was over, he slipped away from the group and went into the bathroom. He locked himself in before he quickly pulled his shorts down and leaned back against the door. His breath was heavy and his eyes felt weighted and tired. He closed his eyes and indulged in his little secret again. 
His hand slowly moved as he thought about them. Not just the way how smooth their legs felt, and how warm they were to him. But their strength also drew him in. Their muscles, their smile, they were driving the poor captain crazy. His breath hitched when he felt himself getting closer, his thoughts started to wander and soon he was picturing something else.  
He imagined softly pinning them to the ground, seeing their face contorted with pleasure because of him and what he was doing to them. Their shallow breath, their arched back and them softly asking Luffy to give them more. That drove them over the edge. With a small shout, Luffy finished all over his hand and felt himself slowly fall back against the ground as he caught his breath. He looked at the mess in his hands and slowly felt himself get more grossed out. He really needed to talk to them soon, ask them why this was happening to him, he was loosing his mind. 
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