laceyoftums · 17 days ago
Leaving the blog.
Last post on this blog. I want to say sorry to anyone I hurt. It was not my intention at all. All I knew is growing up liking tum stuff even before the internet, especially on cartoons, stories, and stuff like that. It was normal to me yet I was shy because it was an odd thing to like. To be honest, I never was purely sexually attracted nor anything bad like that. It's just a comfort and having fun with it... something cute and all that. I now fully understand what kink is. I learned recently that it does indeed count as grooming when it's exposed to younger audiences. Now that I do know, I'm gonna be better now that I know better. I'm deleting everything but this post and if I do want to start over with a new tum blog later on, I'll be sure it'll be strictly minor-free. The last things I ever want to do be a groomer and hurt any of my friends' feelings and trust, yet... I did both. Thanks to all for the love and support over the years and sorry it had to end this like this.
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