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The Witness
A short 2 page comic. A Sad Eddie Story.
Eddie is chosen by Waylon. A marriage. important guest. But, that’s not what Eddie was hoping for..
(Patience, I’m still working on my Outlast comic “Eddie’s Personalities”! ;) No problem! :D)
Design by Lisa invented by @sarcaphenia ! Thank you ! ;*
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Brook got a new 18+ magazine from somewhere and is going to share his find with Sanji-san.
Sanji in the first second of reading:
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Капитан Залупа с корабля сбежал.
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I am a sucker for Love Potions ♥️ Can we get headcanons about MK, Monkey King, Maquace and Red Son being affected by some of it?
Qí Xiǎotiān/MK:
Tumblr media
- MK is uncharacteristically quiet at first, which freaks everyone out. This is because he's just staring at you in total shock, not understanding why he didn't notice just how BEAUTIFUL you've always been.
- When you ask him if he's okay, he just casually screams, "(Y/N), I LOVE YOU!" and you're simply too stunned to speak. He gets shy and flustered that he just yelled that but gives you a dorky smile and fidgets with his hands saying: "U-Um, I mean...I love you, (Y/n)!"
- MK under the love potions influence is incredibly more clumsier with you but also insists on being by your side everywhere you go.
- Pigsy is very annoyed because MK has an even harder time doing deliveries because he sees you and is drawn to you like how a moth is drawn to a flame.
- More touchy with you but nothing bad, usually just hugs that last longer than usual. He does have a habit of not shutting up about you that everyone is starting to hate. Like even when he's fighting he'll be talking about how great you are and literally his villains are all: "cool but did I ask-"
- When this love potion wears off, he's gonna need to scream in a pillow before he apologizes to you but even then though he's no longer under the love potions influence, he still feels that pounding in his heart.
Sun Wukong/Monkey King:
Tumblr media
- Okay but as you grab his shoulders and ask if he's okay, he just stares at you in shock for a little bit before smirking and being all: "Hey~" and you just raise your eyebrow immediately.
- A teasing flirt, not that he wasn't already, but now it's just a bit more worse. Definetly the kind of guy whose all, "Ah, it looks like you've fallen for me." after he trips you with his tail.
- Absolutely loves having your attention on him and doesn't like it being taken, like if he's talking to you and someone tries to interject, he kinda glares and pouts but then when you turn back to him, he brightens up considerably.
- Basically attached to your hip the entire day and has a tendency to show off his awesome power to you and being all, "HEY, (Y/N)! CHECK THIS OUT!" or "Y/N, OVER HERE!"
- Very much would call you "Peaches" or "Sweet Peach" during this time and will bring you back jewelry or items from the celestial relam for you. Don't try to reject them, he won't let you, but you SHOULD wear them if you want to see a happy Sun Wukong.
- When it wears off, he's confused but he tries to brush it off and apologize for being weird but also, this does make things...complicated for him now. Because he already had feelings for you before the love potion, so how is he gonna confess to you now?
Liu Er Mihou/ Macaque:
Tumblr media
- Okay but he gets a bit more clingy and possessive over you. It isn't noticeable at first but it will be when you notice he's basically your shadow and kinda follows you around. Tries to deny it and teases you by saying stuff like; "Aw, how sweet, you're imagining me." but both of you know damn well that you aren't.
- He's pretty similar like Wukong but just a bit more forward and direct. And by direct I mean, he lays his head on your lap the moment you sit down. Pulling you into cuddles with him and just giggling at how you squirm before sighing in defeat and getting comfy in his arms.
- More touchy with you as well but things like running his fingers through your hair, comparing your hand size with his own and playing with your fingers, and other things like that. Like he's trying to memorize every single detail about you.
- Okay but I love for big shadow Macaque being soft with Macaque's s/o so if you're not his ally and work with MK and Wukong, he gets jealous seeing you with them and his shadow monster thing just harshly smacks them away but picks you up gently and even gently brushes back your hair.
- Terrifying but kinda endearing as it hands you to Macaque, who is currently telling Wukong to stay away from you because you belong to him.
- Kinda avoids you after the potion wears off, he's afraid that he weirded you out but when you tell him you understand it was just because of the potion, he feels a little better. But also a bit dissapointed because some of his affections were genuine.
Red Son:
Tumblr media
- Okay so I've mentioned how he's kind of a tsundere when it comes to things? That's not the case for him underneath the influence of a love potion at ALL.
- Immediately asks you to marry him, honestly. You try to deny but he's very insistent and praising you and telling you how he can't imagine anyone more worthy than you to join the Demon Bull King Family.
- However he gets all sweet and doting on you, honestly. Like you tell him to calm down and he's all: "Ah! I'm sorry, I hope I didn't frighten you, beloved!" and likes to buy you the most expensive gifts ever.
- Is currently planning your wedding until you agree to marry him, can't be too prepared. He already has the floral arrangements picked out and his mom and dad feel really bad for you but they won't help you-
- When the love potion does wear off, he's flustered and goes back to his tsundere self and tries to deny everything that he did but he blushes intensely when he's around you and if you catch him staring, he gets offended like you were the one who was looking.
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Intro to Japanese - Hiragana
Japanese has three scripts: hiragana, katakana and kanji. Hiragana is the first script you’ll learn. Hiragana is derived from man'yōgana - phonetic Chinese characters that were used to write the Japanese language. The educated (predominantly male) elite in Japan wrote using “regular” script, while women wrote cursive script, which was somewhat simplified. This cursive script was the precursor to hiragana. Therefore, hiragana was widely used by women before men.
Hiragana was typically used for informal writing, whereas the other two systems (katakana and kanji) were used for official documents. Nowadays, you’ll see a mixture of hiragana, katakana and kanji in most situations. Typically, hiragana is used for native Japanese words. You’ll also see it in the form of furigana (kana used to show how a kanji is pronounced).
Hiragana is almost always pronounced phonetically. The only real exceptions are when は (ha), へ (he) and を (wo) are used as particles (they are then pronounced wa, e and o respectively).
How to learn hiragana
It can seem a little intimidating learning a new script, but it’s not as challenging as it might seem at first. I used the apps Lingodeer and Drops to help me practise writing hiragana. Trying to learn them all at once can be overwhelming, so it can be helpful to learn them in blocks of five (or three). You can also look up the individual kana on Wikipedia to see the stroke order.
There are some hiragana that look very similar to each other. But remember: you learned to differentiate between b/d and m/n/u/w/v and l/t/i, so you can learn to differentiate between き/さ/ち and ね/れ/わ and ぬ/め. I found it helpful to drill those kana side-by-side so that I could see the differences.
Remember: it might take you a few days or weeks or even months of practice before you can comfortably recognise and write hiragana. That’s totally normal and okay! Consistency is key. Just 5-10 minutes practice every day will really help you learn.
It’s also a good idea to try to use romaji as little as possible. Your eyes will naturally go to what’s familiar to you rather than forcing you to read kana, and you’ll miss out on important practice.
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IM CRAVING FLUUUUUFF 😭❤💘💘💘Wanna request Doffy dealing with a male s/o that has a problem with sleepin🙏💘 Thanks in advance❤
Tumblr media
Thanks for the request! I’m always glad to fulfill your wish ^^
/// Night Time. Doflamingo helps his Male S/O fall asleep ///
word count: 614
no warnings, it’s fluff!!!
highlight: dawn was slowly rising in the east.
Tumblr media
You were sitting in your bedroom, looking up at the night sky, which looked like dark velvet embroidered with constellations. Your eyes were red and watery from lack of sleep. The air was dry and heated, and it seemed that a bonfire had been built right under your bed. The pillow was already hot on both sides.
"No, I can't handle it anymore," you thought and slid off the soft and high bed and resolutely made your way to the next bedroom.
Doflamingo always slept in proud solitude, apart from you. That offended you a little. Although, you understood that it was pretty difficult for him not to crush you in your sleep with his giant and heavy muscular body. Maybe it was his way of taking care of you. Besides, you've often thought that there must be another, more logical reason for this.
You went into his bedroom quietly, on tiptoe, without knocking. Doflamingo was awake. He was sitting on the marble windowsill, an opened book laid in his hands. It rustled its pages in the wind: the window was open, and a warm breeze was blowing in. He turned to you, unmistakably aware of your arrival, and smiled.
"Have you missed me yet, little boy?" he asked playfully. However, he looked tired. Perhaps the last transaction was energy-intensive.
"I start to miss you as soon as you disappear from my sight," you walked over to him. Doflamingo lifted you to himself, gently but firmly grabbing you around the waist. The book was put aside. You clung to him and pressed your ear to his broad and hot chest. Deep down, behind the massive arches of his ribs, his huge heart was beating. The sound was soothing.
"That's very nice to hear," Doflamingo whispered, nuzzling his sharp nose into your fluffy hair. "However, you are worried about something. I see it in your eyes."
"I just can't sleep," you said softly, pressing your lips to the line between his bulging pectoral muscles. It smelled faintly of musk and something floral. "I'm so tired, Doffy."
"So we have the same problem tonight, my boy," the blonde man said, running his large, warm palm down your back, pulling you closer to him. You sighed softly at his touch. It echoed somewhere in the depths of your soul with the sound of a harp.
"Help me, please," you asked him.
"I can read you something from this book," Doflamingo said, gently kissing you in the forehead. "And you will gradually fall asleep listening to my voice."
"Oh, you're my savior, Doffy," and you made yourself comfortable in his tender but firm embrace. Then you closed your eyes and prepared to listen.
His voice poured like golden sugary honey in your ears, deep and musical, a slightly hoarse from the wine and cigarettes. He told you something about plentiful distant lands. The birds were dancing there nearby a mirror-clear spring, opening their beautiful bright wings and gracefully arching their long necks. He told you that no one hunts those adorable creatures, and they fly freely in the middle of the trees, which grow lush southern flowers. Gradually, you fell asleep. You had a glittering dream that you were a small bird that burrowed into the soft feathers of a large one that carefully guarded your sleep.
You were sleeping in his arms now. Looking at you, Doflamingo thought that from now on, you will sleep in the same bedroom with him. Your presence calmed the man down, and he decided that your soft, sweet sniffling would disperse all the monsters that swarmed in his head at night, keeping him awake.
Dawn was slowly rising in the east.
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One piece dating headcannons
Monster trio + Smoker and Crocodile
cw: mentions of murder, mentions of blood (all metaphoric), PDA, jealousy gn!reader, SFW
Sanji Vinsmoke:
At first he’s really incredulous, still shocked his feelings are mutual. So instead of his usual over the top antics, you get a smitten clumsy boyfriend who stumbles upon everything he does and says. 
“Bonjour appétit", “In this dress you look like a swamp, eh-... A SWAN! I MEANT A SWAN!!” - yeah, he’s a mess at first
In fact, he’s so anxious and nervous that the Strawhats suspect someone might have kidnapped him and they are sharing the deck with an imposter, because for a few weeks he undercooks, oversalts and burns every meal. You decide to step up and put an end to that chaos, sitting him down for a long reassuring talk. 
When he gets used to his new status as a taken man, it’s like watching a flower bloom: he’s confident, attentive, his strength grown tenfold. 
Expect a lot of touching. Kisses, hugs, cuddles: his head on your knees when you chat with Nami on the deck, his fingers interlaced with yours as you indulge in reading, his legs intertwined with yours as you both doze off at night. This boy has been touch starved for years and you’re the one to make up for all that hunger with. 
You’ll definitely be waking up to fresh flowers every morning, even in case the ship has been cruising for days without a speck of land in sight. Don’t ask him how he does that. There are secrets only to be shared between a gentleman and his fridge. 
He’ll be super inquisitive about EVERY detail of your daily routine. This precious baby needs to know everything, from the ways you do your hair to your toothpaste preferences and favorite islands in all the seas.
If you have dietary restrictions for whatever reason, throw those at him without hesitation. It’s no disadvantage, but a challenge to him. Lactose intolerance? Hell yeah, prepare your nipples, oats and almonds. Vegetarian? Eat up your steaming veggie stew. No garlic and onions? Fuck those, vampires are hot! 
Never misses a single important date or event. I personally hc him as someone who has a tiny notebook in his pocket at all times, so everything that matters is written down, ingrained in both his brain and paper. 
Zoro is grateful for your existence since now his quarrels with the cook die down way faster and cost him way less bruises and nerves than before. And he gets to nap longer. 
Which leads to an unexpected outcome: on yours and Sanji’s dates and outings you never get interrupted because the mosshead is secretly guarding your calamity from afar, keeping all possible troubles at bay. 
On a sadder note: I believe Sanji is a rather self-conscious guy around those he loves and values the most. So it’s hard for him to stand his ground and state his boundaries, since he’s scared of being “too much trouble for you” or “scaring you away”. You gotta be patient and weave the truth out of him. It does get better the longer you are together, but at first you should be on guard for the little tell-tales of his discomfort. 
His jealousy is not obvious, but it is there. It stems from the same fear of losing you, so you gotta be the one to initiate the talk in this regard too. Since his adoration and love are pure, and his respect to you is immense, it doesn’t take much explanation convincing that when you’re making Zoro laugh or talking to some other man you still love him and him only. 
His flirtiness towards other people dies down a lot when you start dating. He doesn’t turn into a stone-cold robot, of course, still treating women gallantly, but his heart eyes are for you only now. 
Most thoughtful gifts ever. He has a special compartment in his brain dedicated to information about you, and his imagination never runs empty on how to make you smile and kiss him in excitement. 
Overall score: absolute husband material. Even though he does have flaws, he’s open to growth and listens carefully when you express your discontent with something. 
Please treat this baby with patience and care, and don’t abuse his love. He deserves the world. 
Roronoa Zoro: 
It might seem like Mr Bushido doesn’t undergo any behavioral changes when you two start dating. It might seem so. He does though. 
He’s now more careful with his words, which only you, Nami and Usopp pick up on at first. He’s well aware he can be brash and rough around the edges, so even though he’s simply trying his best to be better for you, he perceives being more attentive to other people’s feelings as a way to train this new trait. Wrong route - correct destination. Whatever works, works. 
Since you prefer to take your naps on the actual bed and not just shove your body in the corner on the deck, he now does the same thing. Zoro is happy since he gets to sleep with you. You’re happy since he’s treating his body with more care. Chopper is happy since Zoro doesn’t get colds and sore back anymore. Win-win-win situation. 
Trains even more. He views himself as your main protector, and although he knows you can stand your ground just fine, he would never forgive himself if something happened to you. 
Might forget important dates and details, but does make up for that. It’s not for the lack of attention, but more so of his usual unawareness of temporal and geographical context.  
Absolute shit at giving gifts though. He’s not very materialistic, opting for asceticism in his belongings, and he subconsciously transfers the same thought process onto other people. If you need something, it’s better for you to get the thing yourself. If it’s not a necessity, why even buy it? 
Eventually (with Nami’s help, Sanji’s patience ran thin here) gets the concept of cute little nothings like flowers, candy and trinkets, but still opts for things of use. Lost a hairband - he’ll buy you the prettiest one. Need a clothing article - let’s go shopping. Your weapon broke down? He’s already at the blacksmith’s with the remains. 
He’s not a very touchy person, and absolutely not into PDA. All the signs of affection are happening in private, please and thank you. 
Being a pirate with a huge bounty over his head, he’s careful not to show his infatuation with you, since he doesn’t want his enemies to use you as a way to get to him. 
But being a loner, he surprises you with propositions to do things together all the time. Training, eating, hunting, picking up food and utilities for the trip - you name it. You’re doing it together. 
Even the crew doesn’t know you’re dating for the first couple of months. Luffy was just looking for Zoro once and barged in on two of you making out, quick to announce his discovery in his booming voice. Saving Luffy’s ass from drowning became Usopp’s responsibility for the next few weeks, your boyfriend just watching the captain sink with bloody revenge in his eyes. 
His jealousy is more of a “protect the territory” type. He sees outsiders as danger, and is quick to assume the worst intentions. Deep-rooted issue which he dutifully works on with your help. 
He spent most of his life alone, relying on no one and needing no one. Joining a crew was a huge step for him, and opening the deepest bottoms of his heart and soul to you is even bigger. He’ll be cautious, awkward at times, rough around the edges, but if he ever hurts you he’ll make it his life mission to make up for that and to never repeat the same mistake again. 
In the world where he’s not bound to any land, floating in chase of his dream around, you’re his little anchor that reminds him how precious here and now can be. 
Captain Smoker:
Absolutely horrified at the thought of doing something wrong and letting you get too close at first. 
Does eventually find great comfort in you, making it his priority to be as open about his feelings and hesitations as possible. 
Not very much into PDA, he has a reputation to uphold and begs you to understand that the “White chase Smoker” should stay a bloodhound with a foaming mouth to every single pirate out there. Bloodhounds don’t hold hands with beautiful angels like you. Please. PLEASE. 
Allows the crew to see how he kisses you hello and goodbye. Those fuckers should treat you like royalty and serve you tea the second you’re around. If anyone dares to look at you the wrong way, he’ll growl and bark till they piss their pants. 
Luffy knows about you. 
When in private, melts under your touch and looks at you with bloodpuppy eyes. He worships the ground you walk on, kisses your hands when you’re in his lap, nuzzles his face into your neck. The setting of his job is rough and brutal, cold and has no space for intimacy and love. Smoker gets every ounce of those he can from you. 
Let him vent to you about the higher-ups. There might be a lot of swearing, but after he’s done for the day, he’ll hug you tight and mumble sweet nothings into your chest. 
Might easily miss the important dates due to his line of work. Buys you a small snailphone and calls you the second he’s free to talk if he’s away on the job. If someone dares to disturb the call, they risk getting murdered, dried into thin paper and used as a filler for his cigars. 
The one to call you his husband or his wife the week after you start dating. 
Tashigi is now getting her degree as a marriage counselor by the way. Make sure to remind him to cut her a little slack from time to time, the poor girl was not expecting this when submitting her job application. 
He struggles with loving words or elaborate gifts and surprises, but when those happen, they stun you for life. 
To your surprise, not a jealous type. He’s confident in his partner and knows that you both value trust and loyalty in a relationship. Even if someone advances you romantically, Smoker won’t interfere, just watching from afar amused as you kindly reject. 
Sir Crocodile:
Big thick daddy 3000 gives no shit about someone finding out he has a significant other. He’s a fucking warlord, wealthy and powerful man, and it’s his whole damn right to parade you and show you off to everyone around. You’re his prized possession, his love, his one and only. 
In fact, he shows you off so openly many people find it straight up obscene and indecent. He has you on his lap in all his meetings, his huge hand resting on your hip or even on your ass. When he wants to highlight how little he thinks of his collocutors, he’ll purposefully feed you berries and fruit from his hand, not even looking at the person speaking, but listening intently. He does it so openly that it’s them who get flustered and embarrassed. 
Huge sugar daddy energy. He earned his wealth, he can allow himself to splurge on whatever it is you want. Clothes? He’ll have a separate warehouse built for your wardrobe. Jewelry? Baroque works get overtime to find the rarest pieces. You want to visit some new restaurant? It’s closed for other customers for the whole evening. And don’t even think of getting out of bed with him if you want to eat something, just snap your fingers and everything will be brought to you on a silver platter. 
If he misses an important date, no he doesn’t. He’ll only care about remembering your birthday though, other things like anniversaries and whatnot being moved around to fit his schedule. Sorry not sorry. 
Takes you with him on every trip. His big ass ship is a fortress, and is fit to accommodate any of your needs and desires. 
Does like venting into your neck about his day, please listen to him mumble and whine, it’s a rare sight. 
Is very rare to get vulnerable with you, but when he does you know it’s his earnest feelings and emotions being shown to you. Make sure to cup his face and look him in the eyes when he’s in that state, and he’ll go above and beyond to never lose you. 
The realization that he loves you dawns on him when he takes off his hook before joining you in bed. He never cared for such consideration before, but with you he just does it on autopilot. He then later extends the “no weapon” rule to any situations where he’s in your presence. 
It’s hard to make him jealous though. Like really really hard. What did you think, he’s a mature weathered man with a bottomless bank account, confident in himself and in your infatuation with him. So no, whatever advances someone might try on you won’t ever make his heart sting. 
Overall, being in a relationship with Sir Crocodile gives you a very clear sense of stability and security. He’s a lifetime partner. You two are mates for life. 
Monkey D. Luffy: 
He hasn’t changed a bit since you started dating. Well, of course some habits come and go, some new rules and skills are learnt, but overall Luffy stays the same old Luffy. 
He just announced it to the Strawhats one morning, casually chewing on Sanji’s artwork. “We’re together now. We love each other. Is Zoro still asleep?”. And that was it. You do in fact feel like you’ve always dated, because it feels only natural to have him wrapped around you at night, to have him holding your hand, to have him kissing you in the night. 
Spends a little more time with you, but since he always liked your company, it doesn’t feel like a change. Although again, if he’s off to do something stupid, he forgets about everyone, including you. That is something to work on, and he’s trying. 
Absolutely no jealousy. Like none, what’s that? When you’re chatting away with someone and Nami asks if he’s jealous, Luffy’s like “Huh? Why? We’re together, remember? ”. 
Doesn’t understand what PDA is because if he feels like kissing you, he’ll do that right away. What do you mean there are people around? They probably kiss too from time to time. 
Might easily say something stupid and hurt you. Needs a lot of explanation on why that was hurtful, but even if he fails to get it, he knows that “if it hurts it’s no go”. So just tell him it was not a nice thing to say and he won’t do that again. Baby’s clueless to social subtones. 
Also might easily forget the important date. Again, he’s really not aware of his surroundings, and that includes date, time, location. The guy fell asleep when chasing Crocodile and has thrown Zoro off the ship accidentally more times than anyone can count. He just is not aware. So in this regard, please tell him right in the morning that it’s actually your birthday or anniversary, and he’ll bring you the most unexpected and heartfelt present ever. 
Have beef jerky on you at all times and you’ll be best at finding him when he’s lost. 
Relationship with Luffy is a journey, an adventure, You’re in for a good time and you live today. Tomorrows mostly don’t exist. Carpe diem. 
He loves you with all his heart and soul. If something happens to you, the world is over. Everyone’s fucked. Villain Luffy arc ensues. 
MDNI, wish everyone finds their love
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
you know doflamingo is pissed about the cross guild
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Tumblr media
@thesinisterseventh I saw this on Facebook and thought of your earlobe man. Ur welcome
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The Puppet Master
Tumblr media
Finally, I was able to finish the request from my amazingly talented friend @callmedrafter! However, I've a bit changed the circumstances described in your request. Hugs, kisses and affectionate nicknames, as you requested, are present! But the result was a rather sad fic. I hope you still like it, my cutie <3
Tumblr media
Yandere!Donquixote Doflamingo x Male Reader
warnings: certain toxic man, kidnapping, sudden angst
word count: 3355
highlight: "After all, you were just a little porcelain doll in his eyes. Which, as he said, he might have accidentally broken."
Tumblr media
the puppet master
Today was an important day. It was your first time as a Marine guard at the Seven Warlords meeting. This was the most significant assignment you were given since you have not yet received an officer's rank and were a common soldier. Your mother would be proud. You were often ill as a child, and the neighborhood kids never played with a "weakling" like you. They called you the doll boy; you were almost always wrapped in your mother's down shawl. Thus she guarded you against catching the flu or cold. It looked like she was carrying a tiny porcelain doll with peachy-pink cheeks and huge glowing eyes with long thick eyelashes.
But now, you were wearing the Marine uniform and benefiting the people with your hard work. Your existence finally mattered, and you were rightfully proud of yourself because of overcoming the illness and becoming healthy enough to qualify as a recruit. Sometimes you thought about what those neighborhood kids would say. They were adults now. Probably, they would be surprised. But what difference did it make? The main thing is that you liked your new status. The only drawback to your current life was that your coworkers called you a little fellow.
You closed your eyes, trying to forget everything else.
You held your gun and stood at attention with other Marines along the stone bridge leading to the headquarters. Gekko Moriah, the Shadow Master, walked past, his heavy body swaying like raw dough. His incredibly pale, even a little bluish skin only added to this resemblance. It seemed to you that a cupcake in a checkered mold passed by, which will soon be sent to the oven.
Kuma, the Movement Master, followed Moriah onto the bridge, with an old, scuffed Bible resting in his huge bear paws, his stern face completely expressionless. You intently noted all these details, remaining outwardly emotionless.
Suddenly, Kuma turned his gaze on you; you couldn't tell for sure that he was looking at you because of his glasses with tinted lenses, but you could feel that with your skin. The giant man smiled slightly but approvingly. You thought sad that it was because of your short height, even among ordinary people. At the same time, you were pleased: Kuma didn't seem as cruel to you as the other Warlords. He went to the headquarter with no words said.
After a while, you saw Dracule Mihawk; he passed you all in a flash, his dark coat fluttering behind him like the wings of the hawk that he was. Golden eyes with large black pupils looked down on everyone as if their owner was floating in heaven, spreading his fast, graceful wings. You thought with deep respect that he really was the Sword Master.
Each of the Seven Warlords had their specific titles. Someone came up with the idea those pirates were supposed to be like the Knights of the Round Table or wise advisers of the royal person. How ironic. Actually, they were the purebred fighting dogs on a leash, deadly devils in the duty of justice. In your heart, you were curious to watch them because it was fascinating and even dark-mystical, somehow esoterical. However, here came fewer than seven of them now. Crocodile, the Sand Master, and Jinbei, the Sea Knight, were imprisoned in Impel Down. The Snake Lady still hadn't appeared. Besides, not all of them arrived at the call of the Fleet Admiral usually. For that reason, the presence of three Warlords was already extraordinary.
You heard how feet touchd the ground lightly, not far away, as if their owner weighed nothing and was as light as an air feather. You glanced sideways at the man. Judging by the sound, he seemed to be walking as if he was dancing. It wasn't allowed for guardians to turn heads, but you did it. And then you saw the last of the Warlords who arrived today.
Donquixote Doflamingo, the Puppet Master, was the most terrifying of all the others. He could make a death unbearably painful with just a slight movement of his long graceful fingers as if he was an amazingly talented but bored artist. If he was in a good mood, he would grant his opponents a light, inconspicuous death. People just might not have noticed how they died. Their heads would have fallen off like dry leaves in autumn, that's all. Doflamingo called it sacred punishment and mercy of the deity. Definitely, his ego was higher than all the other egos in the world combined. This man was actually a horror in the flesh, even if he dressed chaotically and looked frivolous.
Doflamingo had such a strange gait that you couldn't help but stare at him a little longer than you should. It seemed to you that he walks like tropicbirds on their thin, long legs. There was nothing funny about it: that pink feathered absurd could bite through your neck in one moment and drink your cerebrospinal fluid as if it was the nectar of the gods.
Unfortunately, Doflamingo noticed that you were looking at him. He turned to you fastly, and the strange thing was that he did it with incredible grace for the man who had such a huge and heavy body. As if he outlined a delicate dance pirouette on the floor, gentle as the scuff of a pigeon's tender pinky-grey wing on the slope of a red-tiled roof. Nevertheless, if he was famous as an excellent assassin, then he must move lightly and quickly. His exaggerated grace of movement was in keeping with his status as the king of Dressrosa and his very pretentious demeanor.
And Doflamingo must have been perfectly aware of being watched without any Observation Haki. He was deliberately making people around look at him, getting specific pleasure from that. The man was swimming in intensive attention and craving or frightened stares as if they were warm, sunlit through, and aquamarine seawater.
Only for a second, you imagined him naked, lying relaxed on his back in the calm, gentle waves. They were attentively caressing his healthily attractive body, but that was enough to embarrass you and make your soft round cheeks peachy-flushed. Perhaps Donquixote read your thoughts in your confused face and came up to you with a completely different, flirty, and easy gait, slightly swaying his muscular thighs. Similarly, large carnivores glide towards their prey in one easy, cohesive movement. The lenses of his glasses glittered like two plates of ice sprinkled with blood. You're all shrunken up, and it's like you're even smaller than you were. He shamelessly looked you up and down, then squatted down to be at eye level and smiled from ear to ear. His golden earrings glistened in the sun, but the glowing of his white teeth was brighter.
"What's a little, cute boy like you doing here?" Doflamingo asked playfully, almost purring. "Shouldn't such a fragile porcelain doll, wrapped in delicate silk and soft velvet, be in a little lacquer box decorated with fine lace and lush ribbons? Isn't it hurt to hold this heavy rifle, which is scratching the sensitive skin of your tiny hands?"
He touched the muzzle with the tip of his index finger as if it were something disgusting. Apparently, this weapon was too rough for him, who liked something lighter and more elegant. The sweet breath of death drifted from his thin lips, which looked as if they were nicely carved by nature from carmine marble.
His words about the fragile porcelain doll in the lacquer box made you remember pale faceless children in miniature coffins. You often had seen them in your worst nightmares, so you were frightened. Your cheeks blushed even more, but you couldn't say anything to him because your voice was stuck in your chest, where it became too hot and tight.
"Huh? Are you offended, baby boy?" the man asked affectionately and a little surprised. He was still towering over you, like a thousand-year-old tree, powerful but still graceful, with noisy glossy foliage. The foliage was rich pink as if the tree grew on another planet far away from here.
You wanted to say something just as hurtful to him, and then whatever happens. But all of a sudden, you were both distracted.
"Mr. Puppet Master, the meeting is about to begin." Apparently, The Fleet Admiral Sengoku was in a hurry and sent one of the secretaries to call Doflamingo. A man dressed in a shabby tweed suit, with bald patches on his top, sweated nervously. He was clearly well-informed about the reputation of the famous Heavenly Demon.
Donquixote twisted his face, perfectly beautiful, like an elegant theatrical mask made by a sculptor and, therefore, scary like hell. You've heard somewhere that the ancients believed that the perfect beauty of the gods can terrify mortals to death. The Celestial Dragons you saw before were ugly, but Doflamingo, the flesh of their flesh, was entirely different. Perhaps, for this, he was cast down from heaven as the arrogant favorite of God.
The man didn't even look at the secretary, as if he didn't exist at all. Doflamingo took the request to hurry as if it was whistled by a light sea breeze.
"I'll see you again, doll boy," Doflamingo purred to you and rose to his full height. He did it so that his fly was directly in front of your face. You recoiled. Doflamingo graced you with a contented smile, then just as beautifully as ever turned around and walked with the same pretentious gait to the headquarters. The secretary hurried after him, bounced funnily, trying to catch up with Doflamingo, which was moving pretty fast on his endless legs. But the bald one still kept a safe distance from Donquixote.
You let out a sigh of relief and tried to calm yourself down, even though your breath was still coming in short gasps. An hour later, your shift was relieved by other Marines, so you didn't see Doflamingo when he went back to his ship to arrive at the Marineford war.
You hoped very much to forget about that incident. But even more, you hoped that a busy man like the King of Dressrosa and the Warlord would forget about the little soldier he once met at one of the Fleet bases.
As it turned out, in vain.
You were enjoying your short vacation when it happened. Spring was in full bloom, and lilac branches were knocking at your window. Opening it, you let in a fresh breeze that blew the white curtains up like sails. You breathed in sweet and spicy odors emanating from the waking earth and smiled happily. Your mother was sitting on an old wood bench by a flowering tree, her thick long hair with silver streaks blowing in the tender wind. Even just looking at her was a joy.
You wanted to invite her to dinner and opened your mouth, but a large hand clamped it shut, and another one pressed on your neck fastly, firmly, and accurately. You immediately lost consciousness.
You woke up in a completely unfamiliar place. Dark silk sheets caressed your relaxed body, clad in something soft and light. Your head was a little dizzy. Swaying, tender, pink curtains of the bed canopy seemed to you like the wings of four exotic birds that were carefully studying you with aquamarine eyes, bending over. You blinked, trying to break the delusion. The birds flew away in all directions, leaving you all alone. You started to think.
So. Someone's huge strong hands. Luxury silk sheets, tender dawn-tinted curtains. Aquamarine-encrusted carved bedposts. Sweet and at the same time spicy aroma, for some unknown reason very familiar, spreading around. You wore pajamas made of some insanely expensive fabric.
And the conversation with the Puppet Master month ago.
You tried to jump to your feet, but your body was weak and unruly, causing you to fall back on your back. Poison? Were you poisoned? What else could a man like Donquixote Doflamingo think of? Some kind of tranquilizer? Did he do something to you while you were sleeping? You crawled across the huge bed, then fell off it and hurried on all fours as fast as you could to the door. Your limbs were shaking and sliding on the parquet floor, so smooth that you could see your face in the reflection.
Oh, God.
A figure clad in a black silk robe appeared in the periphery of your vision. Doflamingo picked you up like a stupid fluffy kitten that went where it shouldn't have. Ironically, when his hand touched your stomach, you made an indistinct meowing sound out of fright and heard his chuckle. You hung helplessly in his arms as he carried you back to the bed. Then you were laid down carefully, like a tiny doll. Long, thin fingers stroked your thigh and gently gripped it. You stared at the man with your eyes wide with fear. He bent down and kissed you on the forehead. His lips smelled like some delicious cocktail. You tried to pull away from him, but you haven't succeeded. Your hands pressed against the bulging muscles of his chest and pushed, but he didn't move a millimeter.
"What did you do to me?" you asked weakly.
"I didn't do anything wrong with you, except kidnap you a little, put you to sleep, and change your clothes," he chuckled, looking down at you. The hem of his robe opened wide, and his thighs were exposed to you in all their glory. You turned your head away so you wouldn't look at them. They were sun-kissed, long, and muscular. Your cheeks flushed with confusion. After all, he was as beautiful as scary. The Celestial Dragon with coral scales descended from the heavens to feed on fresh, bleeding meat. His dish today was you.
Doflamingo put his hand on your cheekbone and turned you to face him. You squeezed your eyes shut. He touched your eyelids with his fingertips, gently, as if you would disappear if he treated you harshly. You sighed, and you thought it sounded like you were tired.
"Go to sleep if you want," he said softly, laying down beside you. "And I'll help you sleep."
"What do you mean?" you said with difficulty. The unknown substance that flowed through your veins made you weak and sleepy again. The fear slowly receded.
"It's for your own safety, my little boy," he said. "You must get used to me before I allow you to move freely around the palace. I don't want you to hurt your smooth skin and those beautiful peach-colored cheeks, elbows, and knees by resisting me. I might accidentally break you, like that porcelain statuette of my mother's... many years ago."
He kissed you on the lips, continuing to stroke your body with his giant warm palms. You moaned softly and squirmed, trying to free yourself, and he ignored it, continuing to cover your face and neck with soft kisses. You pushed as hard as you could, but his tender but insistent touches made you melt.
"N-no..." you said, staying to resist. "Let me go, please..."
"Sweet little doll," he whispered softly in your ear, snuggling up to you. "I won't let you go, no matter how much you ask."
You exhaled and started to think again. "Think, Y/N. Your life depends on whether you can find a way out of this situation. Think. You're in the Dressrosa Kingdom now. At least something is clear now."
You were the best in theoretical knowledge on the preparatory courses. Your results were impressive, and you were offered a desk job in the Fleet. But you turned it down, thinking you had to do regular military service first to overcome your complexes. And now your opponent was the Puppet Master, not the kids who bullied you, not heavy scientific folios, not your arrogant coworkers. The one who is much scarier than all of them.
Your mother was waiting for you.
Your life was waiting for you, too.
And that's why you needed to reflect on who he wanted you to be. You had to become as soft as wax in his hands, let him mold what he desired, but you had to remain yourself, in your essence, to be able to escape. The realization was as calm as an iceberg in a winter sea. You have reached icy transparency in your thoughts.
But your iceberg was slowly melting in the hands of the giant man who was clinging to you.
You moaned softly again, yielding to his caresses. Doflamingo stroked your chest, waist, and thighs. He put a hickey seal on your neck as if sending a message to your heart and closed his imaginary envelope with this spicy kiss. You pressed closer to him, feeling his skin grow hotter: his blood sped up in his veins. Perhaps he would have done more to you than that, but you gradually fell asleep, weakened by the warmth of his body.
"You will be the top of my collection, my precious little doll," you heard before falling into the soft blackness.
In the night, you woke up still feeling weak all over. Doflamingo was sleeping next to you, his broad chest heaving with rapid breathing. He frowned, and his eyelids quivered. It seemed he was asleep and saw something unpleasant in his dream. His thin lips curled as if in disgust and fear at the same time. This time Doflamingo wasn't wearing glasses, and it made him look even more attractive than before. You thought it was too much for you.
"Mom... Where are you?" suddenly, Doflamingo said softly. His expression was quite childish, innocent, his missing eyebrows were raised, and for some reason, all of this looked very sad. The clouds outside the window parted, and the moonlight caught the silver drops of tears that trembled on his long, pale lashes. You didn't think Donquixote would have forgiven you for seeing this.
You flinched. Even Doflamingo, the angel-faced monster, had a mother. She probably died a long time ago. Wow... a loving son. He must have been wrapped in a warm blanket when he caught a cold, too. Someone gave birth to him, brought him into the world, nursed him when he was a helpless infant, raised him on silks, helped him take his first steps... So that he could kill people later. And yet, he was loved. He missed her.
Those neighborhood kids, your coworkers who bullied you, now lost their meaning and became faded, like old photos. Even if one of the most powerful men of this world loved his mothers and missed her, you could be a weak mama's son, and there was nothing to be ashamed of.
For a moment, you wanted to stay close to him. You almost needed to learn the details of the story about the broken figurine of his mother's. You wanted to hear about what that mysterious woman was like. Why is he so obsessed with the porcelain dolls? What is the connection between those two points? You were curious to know more about his "collection."
But you needed to come back and live freely and calmly. So you put aside all doubts and made a final decision. It was tinged with regret. "No, you shouldn't stay with Doflamingo, Y/N. The Puppet Master can sooner or later be disappointed in a new toy." After all, you were just a little porcelain doll in his eyes. Which, as he said, he might have accidentally broken.
Years later, sitting on an old wood bench by your mother's grave under a flowering tree, you remembered Doflamingo's mystery that you didn't solve. And the truth was that you were both loving sons of your mothers, even though he was the embodiment of the night horrors, and you were an ordinary person. And you could have given Doflamingo your love but decided to escape from him. Unfortunately or fortunately, you will never know if you made the right choice then.
But you still saw in your dreams the Heavenly Demon who cried about his childhood.
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keyly · 22 days ago
/// The Summer God ///
Tumblr media
And here I’m again with my new short work Doflamingo x Male S/O. It’s really sad that there are so few works with male readers & Doffy, so I decided to do my part to correct this omission. I dedicate this to @callmedrafter
Hope you’ll enjoy it!
Tumblr media
word count: 688
no warnings, it’s fluff!!! (I know it would be weird of Doflamingo, but why not?)
highlight: “summer was in full swing”
Tumblr media
Читать дальше
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keyly · 22 days ago
/// The Little Monster ///
Tumblr media
I remind you that in this picture he's only 17 years old, lol.
Tumblr media
Hey, lovely @callmedrafter! I hope I'm not too late! Anyway, I'm sorry for the long wait. I'm really glad to present you this small work, and also I wish you the best of luck! 💕💕💕
UPD: I think it turned out a bit different 👉🏻👈🏻
Tumblr media
word count: 1115
no warnings, it's fluff, although there is one (1) pink yandere teen boy
highlight: "The whole world will come to an end when he grows up."
Tumblr media
"You don't give me a choice!" you yelled, taking a step back. The large building of the garbage processing plant, where the Donquixote family was living, responded with a piercing, metallic howl. The scream froze under the high arches and then came complete silence. You clenched your fists, preparing to fight back.
Doflamingo, who was sitting calmly in the high armchair, rose to his feet. The pink feathers of his maroon coat rustled, and it sounded threatening. Even though he was two years younger than you, he was much taller, more physically fit, and more powerful.
You cringed inwardly. A handsome young man who was always cheerful, laughed openly and loudly, joked a lot with you, suddenly began to look really terrifying. You knew about his "work" before, but now you finally realized that this ever-smiling guy was a pirate.
When you've first met Doflamingo, he has seemed rather windy, even messing. He could make funny faces and dance while waiting for something impatiently. Jokes fell from his thin, burgundy lips like pearls from a broken necklace, loud and fast. He understood how to perfectly improvise because he had a razor-sharp mind. Also, Doffy looked absolutely amazing. His sturdy body retained its adolescent flexibility. His skin, smooth and sun-kissed, hair the color of golden aspen, fluttering in the breeze, and the style in everything he said and did, were fascinating.
You've fallen in love with the kind of perfection he was.
Doflamingo was perfect at the moment, too. The silver ocean leviathan, rising from the dark bottom, looked at you. For a second, you imagined the fluorescent water cloud bathed his blonde head in a faint glow. It seemed to you like the beautiful seashell with crown-shaped growths in the inky waves. Usually, Doffy had a weird gait like an exotic bird, and it seemed kind of cute to you. But now, he was walking straight and smoothly as if through the water.
The biblical beast leaned over you, staring at you with darkened eyes. Ten stiff gold locks stuck up like ten horns. The maroon coat with the pink feather fringe flowed from his shoulders in imperial purple. You took one more step back. Doflamingo looked at you silently and searchingly, deep in the eyes. Then, as if deciding something for himself, he got up, turned around, and left.
You were alone in an empty hall.
It all began when he started deciding everything instead of you. Where you should go, who you should talk to, and who you should stop communicating with, Doflamingo was choosing all of this. The young man explained his behavior by saying that he cared for you in this way. But you took it as a stranglehold around your fragile neck. You knew he really cared about you, and he saved you a couple of times. However, it was still too much, too loud, too intense.
Sometimes, Doflamingo would use his devil fruit to create a string garrote for strangling his foes. In his historic homeland, the island of Dressrosa, the garrote was a preferred instrument for execution and covert murder. Doflamingo was the flesh, blood, and bone of his hot-tempered, torrid nation. His passion always was stifling. His embrace was firm, like a matador's grip, when he waves a heavy pink cloak to provoke angry bulls. His kisses were as sharp as estoques, used by bullfighters. The curved tip of such a sword was called "Death." There hid sweet death in curves of Doflamingo's lips.
It's been a few hours since he went with no words said, and you thought sad this was the end of your romantic relationship. All this time, you've been here alone, reflecting. For some reason, there was no one from his pirate family. "Well, maybe it's for the best," you decided and moved to the exit of the waste recycling plant. And you didn't know what you were talking about, his crew or your breakup.
It was hot midday in usually cold Spider Miles.
In the evening you went to your home and fell on the bed. A light breeze blew in from the open window, smelling of algae and sea salt, and cooled your warm skin. You stared at the ceiling without a single thought in your head. This day passed in an unusual soundlessness and dullness. Without Doflamingo, there was no eternal carnival, which he carried inside.
Feathers rustled gently outside the window, and Doflamingo deftly climbed in and jumped on your bed. You were surprised because it should have broken under his considerable weight, but he did it so lightly that it held. Doffy put his arms around your waist, hugging you tightly, and pressed his forehead against your chest.
"I don't care if we have a fight or not. You have to be there for me," Donquixote muttered. You suddenly realized that he was mumbling the same way that tired, sleepy kids do. The teen — he really was just the teen — lifted his face and looked at you with huge eyes. They gleamed like two sapphires in the moonlight. There was an innocent adolescent charm in his appearance now. Leviathan from the depths of the sea turned into its cub, powerful but too young. This ability to metamorphose has always amazed you.
"Well, how can I resist it?" you asked the space of your room, not him, with grumbling. "It's impossible."
"I'm not letting you go anywhere," Doflamingo said capriciously. He frowned on his pale, almost invisible eyebrows. You sighed softly.
"Doffy, I'm not your toy. You can't decide which corner I'm in and in what position. You can't take me out of the box and put me back when you get bored. I'm a living person. Let me decide what I do myself."
"You're my boyfriend," declared Doflamingo stubbornly, emphasizing the word "my." Then he stuck his sharp beak-like nose in your soft neck and kissed its thin skin tenderly. "So may I let you do what you want, but only next to me?"
"Well, we'll see how it goes then," you said quietly and yawned. The warmth of Doffy's body soothed and lulled. You felt too good to argue with him. The garrote hug now looked more like a heavy and downy blanket. He fell asleep himself suddenly, still holding you tight.
You stroked Doflamingo's golden aspen hair for a while, thinking in the night silence about how you've managed to get in touch with this little monster. He was just getting ready to become an adult.
"The whole world will come to an end when he grows up," for some reason, you thought cheerfully, embracing your teenage leviathan, and fell asleep too.
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💘 One Piece men and how they would realize they have a big fat crush on you (PART 2)
(part 1)
Tumblr media
ok so big news, this man is a simp and gets heart eyes instantly
but love, oh true love! there's calmness in it.
being the hyper lady lover 3000 that he is, he would be washed away by a wave of peace whenever he is around you
no sweaty hands, no nosebleed, no heart attack. just the lingering feeling of something that is bigger than life
he'd bring you breakfast in bed and would just know that he wants do to this for the rest of his life
your sleepy voice, the cup of tea he prepared for you just as you like it in your tender hands, allowing him to see you this vulnerable...
cupid definitely shot an arrow straight through his heart, another one to be sure and a third one to seal the deal
the following days he'd be busy figuring out your ring size (because why wait when he just knows that you are the one?)
Sabo and you would write letters back and forth whenever one of you was on a mission (which was quite often), telling each other about your daily life and feelings
better believe that this man would have risen to become a famous poet if the revolutionary army hadn't needed him first
he would always get really excited to hear back from you, seeing your handwritting, the letter you folded so carefully, and just the tiny bit of your perfume as he opened it when he was alone
lately he would catch himself struggling with how to end the letter. xoxo? (hugs and kisses, huh.) best? (too formal!) your friend? (just a friend...) with love? (LOVE?)
he would ruffle his golden hair in the shimmering candle light, followed by a quiet "oh"
he's still a feral child at heart, so you better be prepared to receive that "will you be my girlfriend? [ ] yes [ ] yes in cursive" letter very soon
another feral child in a grown man's body
it sure does take some time to win his heart over, but the second he lets you in, be sure that there is no way out
Kid would probably mistake being in love with being hungry first, also a stomach bug maybe
counseling with Killer in an emergency meeting what this strange tingling feeling was whenever you entered the room (Killer would probably be like "bro")
would possibly stomp out of the room with a red head when you ask him about his day and if you should let him run a bath as he seems a bit exhausted
also would come back, yell a soft "yes please" in your direction and stomp off again
imagine him blurting out a confession while you're carefully washing his massive back
which would result in a wrestling battle between you two to stop him from drowing himself immediately because of embarrassment
oh Rayleigh. at his age, this man has loved and he has lost.
but that feeling in his stomach, when you're around him? could it be? he hasn't felt like this in ages.
at first he would try to brush it off. wasn't he too old to feel like a teenager all over again?
yet there would be no denying that his heart would jump the second he sees you walking towards him, waving and smiling
when you leap yourself into his arms he has to fight the sudden urge to kiss you so bad (and this man is no shy kisser, be assured)
Rayleigh would carefully test out the waters how you felt about the age difference between you two (hasn't he seen the "I <3 DILFS" sticker on your notebook) and if your feelings were mutual or just student-mentor-like
the dark king would be quick to make you his queen, he waited so long for you to step into his life
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Tumblr media
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keyly · 26 days ago
sharing this really good deleted scene
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I think the cutest part of Wall-E is when Wall-E waves at the secretary robot, who of course only has appendages meant for typing, and the secretary bot kinda looks at him like “what?” and then mimics his wave, then kinda looks like “wait I can move like that?”
And then when Wall-E goes by later the secretary bot waves enthusiastically at him as he goes by, like “look! I can do what you did! Hello!!!” It’s so precious.
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keyly · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Comment if I've missed any, I KNOW I missed some
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