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IM REALLY SORRY GUYS, uhm, yeah so, im not into stranger things at all rn anymore
it is actively boring to me, I'm genuinely sorry guys. im probably not gonna be into it again for awhile.
uhh good news for people who are ALSO into creepypasta and scp...
cause im into that again
ill still write in the same ways, esp when it comes to reqests, i still only do x MALE readerone shots (/two if it was really good), and headcannons
im sorry tho... i tried. this is why i rarely used to post the fanfiction i would make. cause i do this shit. but yeah, ill be posting for creepypasta/marble hornets/scp. yeah i will take requests... i dont think many of you are into that tho so... and i dont think many people in general are into it... creepypasta is kinda a dying fandom so...
red for scp characters, blue for Creepypasta yellow for marble hornets
the characters i take requests for:
eyeless jack
DR. Bright
DR. Clef
DR. kondraki
most of the scp doctors
SCP 076
SCP 035
kinda any scp if the request is good enough
slender man
BEN drowned ? maybe idk about him
so yeah, sorry for all the people who really liked my stranger things content. yeah.
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Tumblr media
me when i.. uh i... i make the funny
mike wheeler x male reader
angsty shit
my usual, sorry for any typos or ooc behavior
Warnings: it’s a bit heated at the beginning (mike and us are yk, having  a lil (not lil) smooch), mentions of homophobia, and uh basically the fear of getting hatecrimed because of said homophobia
(this is after season 4 btw)
mike leans in for a kiss. Its rigid. He's clearly never kissed a guy before. Not that I have. But at least im not as awkward as he is. I kiss back. It lasts a few seconds. We part, still very close, our foreheads to each other. He opens his eyes, looking at mine. Its exhilarating. “that felt good.” He says. “yeah…” I respond. Mike looks away for a second, before looking right back. “wanna do it again?”
“yeah” is all I have to say. All I can say. My heart is beating out of my chest. My hands are nearly shaking. When mike had invited me to his room I didn’t expect this. We kiss again. This time more heated. His hand finds its way to my waist, being lightly placed above my hip. I take us further, grabbing onto his waist back. More forcefully then he did to mine, and with both hands. He responds by sliding his hand under my shirt, and placing his free hand on my neck.
I was invited to the wheeler house along with Lucas, will, dustin, and eleven. all of them had already left. It was just me and him now. Kissing. Touching. God it felt great. I push him down onto the bed. He takes my shirt. Its tossed to the floor. I start to unbutton his. The door opens.
The door opens. I whip myself around to see who caught us. If its his mom or dad, were fucking screwed. Mike jumps up and off the bed, doing his best to rebutton his shirt. “el, I swear, it isn’t what it looks like.” Mike already starts regurgitating excuses. Fuck fuck fuck. She tells anyone about this and were just as fucking screwed. “what were you two doing?” El asks. She sounds fucking hurt. I feel bad. her and mike broke it off. But she still sounds torn.
It was pretty messy from what I hear. “nothing, we were just… just… we were just talking, right y/n?.” I give mike a weird look. He could have at least tried. “no you weren't.” she agrees with me. She looks at me, I see the tears in her eyes “what were you doing with him?” fuck. Now she sounds less hurt, and more angry. “it-it-it didn’t mean anything, we were just messing around.” Mike looks towards me, with an upset expression. Its Bullshit. But its bullshit that might keep her from getting angrier. I start to stand up. I get ripped back down against my will.
“el, what the hell, did you use your powers on him?” mike faces el again. El doesn’t say anything. “EL, did you HEAR me?” “mike shut up, your making it worse.” That came out mean. I get mean when im stressed. “don’t talk to him like that.” El interjects. Staring me down. “im on your side el, I get that your mad, I was simply telling mike that what he was doing wasn’t helpful.” I try to stand up again. I grab my shirt from off the ground , “el, just..” I look around.
I don’t fucking know what to do. I don’t know how to make sure el doesn’t tell anyone and get our asses beat. And I don’t know how to make el less hurt. “sit down on the bed, we can talk this out.” I start to walk towards her, im thrown across the room. I hit my head on the wall. I hear mike scream my name, and then yell at el. I slide down the wall. My head hurts like hell. Scratch that, my whole body hurts like hell. I don’t want to move. Not yet. I hear someone running away. Probably el.
“shit, y/n, are you ok?” mike runs over to me. He cups my cheek in his hand. “yeah, yeah im ok.” I open my eyes. He's sitting down next to me. “are you hurt?" stupid question. “yeah, of course im fucking hurt, I was flung across a room.” Mike doesn’t even laugh. He helps me sit up straight. “what of she tells someone?” I ask. “I don’t know.” “shes gonna tell someone, mike.” “ill make sure she doesn’t.” “the only thing ‘she doesn’t’ is understand whats gonna happen to us if she tells the wrong person.” “ill talk to her about it tomorrow” “tomorrow doesn’t cut it.” “its gonna have to. Your bleeding” mike takes his hand from my face, showing me my own blood.
He leaves for a moment to go get bandages, and some towels. When he comes back, he wraps the bandages around my head. Im not sure how helpful it actually is, but I let him do it anyway. he helps me to his bed. He locks his door, and lays down next to me. “im sorry about her.” He breaks the silence. “its ok. Its not your fault. Plus, shes allowed to be upset. You two only broke up… what… a month ago?” “she got you hurt.” “I was being stupid.” “no you fucking weren't.” He turns over to me.
His hand laid neatly next to his face. “you didn’t mean what you said earlier, did you?” he asks. It takes me a moment to remember. “no. I was talking out of my ass.” I turn to my side too. I get a hum in response. He falls asleep after a while. I sneak out of his room. And down into the living room to leave. I see something on the dinner table that catches my eye though. I pick it up. Its one els bracelets. That’s probably why she came back. I put it in my pocket. Ill leave it on her doorstep on my way home.
oh boy, it looks like its just you and me down here, it would be an absolute shame if i took your entire family and hid them in my basement
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oh boy, its the thing
will x male reader pt 2
a warning for internalized homophobia, cause it was the 80's
and my usual, im sorry for any spalling mistakes, and also if lucas or will are ooc, im trying my best
The sun feels warm. Its peeking through the blinds over my window. Its nice. I know ill have to get up soon. It’s a school day. Only Tuesday. I wish it wasn’t. do i? that Will kid is pretty cool. And I have to work on that project with Lucas. I open my eyes. Theres a certain ‘still’ that hangs over the morning like a fog. Im almost sure if I moved more then an inch that all that quiet, warm, ‘still’ would go fleeting away. Much like a bird flying away at the nearest sight of danger.
It takes me a moment to fully let the ‘still’ leave, opening way for another busy day. I sit up. I get ready, making myself a quick breakfast, and putting clothes on. I rush down stairs and to the bus just before it starts to leave. The bus ride is loud. But its to be expected. Eventually we stop at the school. 
Will is taking things out of his locker when I reach mine. A few books, some paper, a pencil, a binder, one of those spiral note books all schools make you get. I look up to wills eyes. I catch him staring at me. “so… uh.. what did you.. make for breakfast… today?” I fail to make conversation to fill the once not, but now awkward silence. Will shows a smile, “my mom made pancakes” he sheepishly leans his shoulder on his now closed locker. His books held tightly in his arms. 
“shiiittt, that sounds good” I close my locker, leaning on it too. Im face to face with him. Only a foot away. He looks down “yeah it was” he looks up again, and as if remembering he should add on more he asks me what I ate for breakfast. “made cereal.” He tells me that my cereal also sounds good. We walk to class, talking, I learn that he likes drawing. I also like drawing. So that occupies most of our conversation on the way there. We arrive just on time. His classroom is right next to mine, so one only branch off at the end.
The entire class I tune out the teacher. I mostly spend time thinking about what me and Lucas are going to do for that Robert frost poem project. I spend a little bit of the time doodling though. Eventually the background noise stops, and we go to our next class. The class I share with will. Me and will walk to class together again. He talks about some test he has. Apparently its pretty big. He's smart though, so I don’t worry much. 
The teacher reviews yesterdays homework, going over how one of the kids got a question wrong more then once. After homework though I stop listening. Im looking at will. Why am I looking at will? Why do I want to look at will? Maybe I think he’s pretty. He is kind of pretty.  i shouldn't be thinking that shit. I look down at my book. I should be paying attention to the teacher. I should be doing school. Not doodling in my book. Not…… staring at other people. That’s why im here. To learn.
The rest of class I pay attention. Well. As well as I can. Math has always been really hard though. Tap… tap tap tap tap… FUCK. Why? Why does this kid hate me? Why did he have to choose sitting next to ME? God. I hate him, and his stupid pencil. Now I really cant focus. Tap tap taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap tap tap. I scoot out my chair. Leaning back, balancing on the two back legs of the chair. “is something wrong y/n?” the teacher takes note. “no mr. white, I was just stretching.” I say, clearly annoyed. “is that attitude, young man?” “no, im just tired.” I cant help myself. “your should get more sleep then.”
That’s an astute observation. I would have never gotten there myself. I roll my eyes, and let out a heavy breath. “and sit in your chair properly, or you’ll fall.” Ive never fallen before. I put my feet on down to the floor, so all the chairs legs are on the ground. “is everything ok?” will whispers over to me once the teacher resumes the lesson. “yeah, yeah, I just cant stand the guy next to me.” Will looks over, and past me. Looking at the kid to my left. He looks back to me “the pencil tapping is pretty annoying, isnt it.” He says. “yeah. It is” we both chuckle.
Eventually the class is over. Me and will get to the cafeteria, and receive our food. I think its supposed to be pizza. It looks like pizza. It does not smell like pizza though. We spend the whole lunch break making jokes back and forth. I think he finds me funny. That would be nice. I like seeing him laugh. The way his brows furrow. The way….
Soon enough the bell rings, beckoning me to my next class. Me and will walk together, but it’s a bit more quiet this time. A comfortable, but unwanted silence. During english me and Lucas exchange a few words. He tells me that he can ride both of us to my house on his bike, instead of taking the bus. We agree that it’s the most efficient way. Me and will talk a bit after school, while were both putting books away. Not as much as I would like though. 
 “soooo, this is my bike.” Lucas walks with his bike next to him. “where am I gonna fit?” it definitely doesn’t have two seats. “I thought you would sit here with me” Lucas slaps the seat of the bike. “theres only one.” I point out. “yeah.” He looks down at it “I forgot about that.” He slaps the seat a few more times while looking back up. “we would have been better off taking the bus-” I walk over to the bike hes hopped on. “shut up” ‘we’ peddle off.
We make it to my house. And I let him in. “wow this is.” He looks around, almost spinning in circles. “not what I expected.” He could have phrased that better. He finishes his look around, landing on me. “yeah, I know, its pretty bare.” There is a couch. And a tv. And some dishes in the cabinet. The amount of which I can count on one hand. Me and my dad didn’t need much. And we moved a lot. So it just isn't practical to keep a bunch of furniture, I explain. “but this is… no furniture, y/n…” “someones getting more confident.” He backs off.
We go to my room and study. He's good at this. He says he's better at math, but, he's really good at this. We settle for making a poem about the seasons. Or well. Emotions. But veiled as seasons. You know, poem shit. Eventually neither of our brains our working anymore though. At least for the rest of the day. Were laying on the floor, staring up at the blank white ceiling when he asks me if I read comics. I turn over to him “of course I do.” “hoolllyyy shit, you do???” he seems just as excited as I do.
I show him my collection, and a few of my drawings. “brrooo that’s so sick” he responds to one of my drawings. I was scared at first. But that all leaves. I show him more art. He likes it. He seems so excited about it to. I don’t think anyone has ever been this excited about my art. It feels good. He asks if he can commission something. Im quick to say yes. We spend the next hour drawing what he wants. He tells me, and sometimes draws out what he wants. It’s his own character. One that’s supposed to be with the other (more official) characters. I draw my own character next to his. He loves the drawing. God it feels good.
The sun starts to set. He needs to get home. He takes the drawing with him. And im left alone. 
I like Lucas.
I think Lucas likes me.
I like will.
I like will a little to much.
oh teehee you made it to the end again, thats so kinda and nice of you :flushed: its so me when
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Can you do some wholesome Max x male reader headcanons? I love your writing!
i literally cant sleep, so you getting it tonight. and yes
((also also im bouta post the funny, big boy, the will fanfic so, keep your eyes peeled for that, if youre a will fan... and also a lucas fan, but thats more platonic.))
max x male reader
my wholesome headcannons
max would vandalize shit with you
like graffiti on old buildings
i think thats wholesome
if you two went to a fair, she would either make you win a prize for her, or she would win a prize and give it to you
on that thought, if you dont like rollercoasters shed make you go on all of them with her (she def loves rollercoasters) and if you DO like rollercoasters???? you two are going on EVRY rollercoaster that ever enters in hawkins
she knows how to sew, so if you get a hole in your favorite shirt or something shell just fix it.
like, your favorite pair pants gets torn. then it goes missing for a week. then max suddenly pulls it out, and throws it at you, and its all fixed.
shes pretty good at it too
if YOU have long hair, shes braiding that shit
she steals your shirts 100%
like if you lend her a shirt, or a jacket, its gone. its hers now. you will never get it back
if you have cats? she loves them more then you, actually scratch that, if you a pets in general, she loves them more then she loves you.
she doesn't love the fur though.
unless your pet doesnt have fur, then no downsides
she loves showing off her skateboarding skills
and if your into art, if you drew like, the non grippy side, the underside with the art, if your drew something for her to put there? by the gods shed do it so fucking fast
shed show it off too
and if you like music?
you two are sharing music
both of your tastes would get broadened
speaking of taste-
if your sick, she IS making you soup, and your are NOT leaving bed untill your all better
if SHES sick shes gonna make you make her soup
and also make you make sure she doesn't leave her bed
she loves watching movies from like the 50's and 60's so if you do to?
your gonna have multiple movie nights.
popcorn, candy, all of it.
if you two end up sleeping in the same bed, she would curl up next to you, and rest her head on your shoulder.
if you also like arcade games, she will go against you, just to prove that shed win.
and when she wins, she rubs it in your face
like i said, im adding to the will fic, so that should be posted soon, i already have it all written down so, i literally just need to post it.
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Can you do some Max Mayfield x Male reader kissing headcanons? There’s not enough Max x Male Reader stuff on this app I swear
yes. i can very much do so.
sorry for any typos
max x male reader
kissing headcannons + a few just general ones cause it felt to short
sorry if these kinda suck btw i dont really kiss people so.
max 100% initiates it.
she def either runs her fingers through your hair, or holds your waist closer to hers
she makes fun of the way you kiss at first
like, mid kiss shed pull back and ask you if youve ever REALLY kissed a girl before (not in a mean way, shed never wanna actually hurt your feelings)
i feel like shed wanna know you pretty well before ever like, doing shit like that
but when it finally happens shes pretty good at it
she wouldnt be to big on pda
maybe shed kiss you/let you kiss her every once in a while, if the occasion were to call for it
like if you and her went to prom together, she'd definitely give you a little smooch while you two danced
but other then that not really
when shes around The Group(tm) ((dustin, will, mike)) shed be a lot more willing on it tho
mostly just cause she more comfortable around them and stuff
a little bonus round, of just random headcannons with her cause the one above is a bit short:
shed wanna paint your nails at least once
maybe even do a little makeup if you let her
if you know how to braid hair and shit, she loves when you do it
she wont even make snarky comments
shell just sit there, either watching tv, or reading
if you draw, shed hang your drawings up on her walls, like with fuxking ductape, shed love that shit
ESP if you drew her
if you asked, she would teach you to ride the skate board
OR if you already know how too (first of all im jealous) shed wanna ride around with you
would 100% wanna show off her skills at the arcade games, and would drag you along with her one day just to show you how good she is
she wouldnt say thats what shes doing tho, she would just tell you to come with her
after long enough in hawkins shed find wicked ass abandoned places to chill at
wooowww you uh your here, nice to see you teehee
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ihavenevermadeapipebomb · 2 months ago
Can you do Max and a male reader? Doesn't matter what, you can do whatever you feel like
omg yes this literally has me covering my face, and kicking my little feet into the air like 10 yr old girl fangirling over one direction in to early 2000's
im sorry, im really tired
but, yea i can
max x male reader
there's a wee little, a silly little, funky little smooch at the end so.
a little back story: this takes place during the time skip... cause shes not really... there yk.. she kinda, so yeah, this is probably like a month or two before season 4. and she has less of an emo ark, cause i just wanna have a cute little romance with her where we paint each-others nails.
btw, sorry for any typos and shit, its 2 am for me so thats, really quirky, and also i hope you like it, teehe
Red hair. Watching it glisten in the setting sun. almost magical at this point. The way she moves, lifting her skateboard up into the air with just her feet. We had been out for hours at this point. Her trying to do a kick flip, and me… well. If im honest, just watching her. I had a pencil and paper in my lap (Both of which I had discarded to instead watch max). I was SUPPOSED to be doing art studies, drawing the trees around, the buildings. But watching max try again and again at something she loved was simply to captivating.
“y/n.” max breaks the silence that had comfortably settled between us. “yeah?” I pick up my pencil, hoping maybe she wouldn’t have noticed me staring. “wanna go to my house before it gets dark?” she picks up her skateboard, with her hands this time. “go to your house?” I’ve never been to her house before. “yeah, I can get you something to eat… and if you wanna you can.. stay”
“the night?” I stand up and walk over to her. “yeah, I mean, my moms gonna be gone all night anyways, shes got work.” She responds as we start walking down the street. We had settled on hanging out at some abandoned roads. Roads that clearly went somewhere at one point, but said destination was now gone.  Due to the roads not getting much traffic, they weren't all that broken. Just a little over grown. A little cracked in places. It was pretty.
The two of us make our way to max’s house. We get to the edge of the trailer park. Max had mentioned that they moved but I didn’t think it was here. “so this is where you moved to…” I absentmindedly mention. “yeah…” I look over to see that shes fixated on the ground. “shit- I didn’t mean it like that man- Im sorry… really…” I feel like shit. “man?” she looks back up at me, and chuckles, moving ahead of me, looking back towards me. “wha- I- fuck you.” I flip her off, and she simply laughs more.
She drops her skateboard to the ground and hops on it. “ill race you there.” Shes turns around, still cruising forward on her skateboard. “loser has to make dinner~” she says in a sing-songy voice. “that would not fair in ANY capacity of the word-“ she turns around and begins to skate off “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHICH TRAILER IS YOURS!!!!” I start to run after her. “not my problem” she speeds up. Leaving me in her dust. “great.” I grumble.
She inevitably makes it there before I do, and shes waiting out side the door when I finally catch up. “took you long enough” she says in her snarky tone. “you had a fucking skateboard, don’t act like it was fair.” she laughs as she starts to unlock the door. We make our way in. its small. But small isn't bad. “over here” she leads me to her bedroom. She sits down on her bed, letting out a deep breath. “now you gotta go make food for me” she says as she turns to face me, a grin settled on her face. “yeah” I say defeatedly.
I make something small. And easy. I spend a good five minutes trying to find the right utensils, and when I finally do, I realize I cant find the plates. Eventually, with enough perseverance, i finish.  “MAAXXXXX I MADE OUR FOOD” I yell at the top of my lungs, “Jesus fucking christ y/n” she leaves her room. Shes changed clothes. Leaving her regular day outfit for one more suited for sleep. Nothing to fancy, just some shorts and a white teeshirt. Her hair in a messy bun, done up with a  light blue scrunchie. It matches her eyes.
We sit down at the small table in the kitchen/living-room. We eat our food. She makes a few snarky comments, but ultimately really likes it. “what all did you finish today?” she brings up, after we finish the previous conversation. “eh?” “well, I mean, your were supposed to be drawing right?” I finish my bite before replying with a quiet yes. “you did draw right?” “i…” I look at my food trying to find an excuse “I didn’t draw…” I look up at max, who has a smile on her face “I was to preoccupied with looking at…” my mind pulls up blanks. “the plants, there were some really, just honestly breath taking plants.” “mmhm the plants.. thats what distracted you for t h r e e hours?" she doesn’t fucking buy it. “yes” I commit. 
“okay…” she looks down at her empty plate, I can still see her amusement. She puts her plate in the sink, and then asks for mine. I give it to her, and she stars to clean them. she tells me I can lay In her room while she does so. I decide she wont mind if I sit on her bed. She has posters. Mostly ones about skating, but a few band posters. Her room is a bit messy. But mines worse so I cant complain much. Im left in her room alone no more then three minutes before shes finished with the dishes. “thank you for doing the dishes.” I tease when she comes back in. 
“fuck off” she rolls her eyes, laying down on the side of the bed next to me. I lay down too, laying face to face with her. A sweep of deep reddish-orange hair falls over her face. We sit for a moment. Just the two of us. In the silence. She leans in a bit closer. I let her. She put her right hand to my chin, and pulls me in. we kiss. My first kiss. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. It goes on for a few seconds before she pulls away. “for the dinner.” She looks away, towards her sheets. “y-yeah.. uh for the… for the dinner.” I repeat.
hi. you uh made it to the end. there is no more, sorry if you wanted that, im dying of stage 20 cancer
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ihavenevermadeapipebomb · 2 months ago
i can yes infact will is be taking request
for future reference, i will take requests, specifically x malereader head cannon, and one shot requests.
now im not saying ill do it, but send me requests, and ill think about doing it, maybe actually do it, and just m a y b e post it. if the stars are aligned the right way.
but yeah, if i see a request i like, i will try my very best to get to it. dont hold your breath tho.
ill only be writting for stranger things rn, cause thats what im hyperfocusing on currently, but in the future i might write for shit like arcane, or scp.
characters im best at, and have the most fun writing , in no particular order:
billy (mostly just angst)
mike (also mostly just angst, i wanna have a screaming match with this man. i want to make him cry.)
joyce (i am a milf enjoyer.)
im willing to write for other characters (except robin cause im an x male writer) i just cant promise itll be that good.
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ihavenevermadeapipebomb · 2 months ago
oh boy, my first post and its cringy fanfiction i wrote at 3 am
its will byers x male reader
((Will and/or Lucas might be ooc, so im sorry if thats the case))
this is kinda set up to have more chapters, and i kinda wanna make more chapters. but i know myself, and that i have four fanfics i have never finished, and dont plan on finishing, so no promises. but i had fun doing this chapter, and worse comes to worse, if this gets received well enough ill be peer pressured into writing more.
also, sorry if it kinda sucks, like i said, wrote it at 3 am, and also, im just not very good at writing.
OOH shit also st season 4 spoilers, and like, this is set after season 4
Tapping. That’s all I can fucking hear. The kid sitting next to me has been tapping his pencil to the table since we started class. Its become deafening at this point. Tap…… tap tap tap… tap… tap… five more minutes of testing my endurance until its lunch break. I decide to tap back. Bouncing my leg up and down. Maybe hell hear MY tapping and realize how annoying HIS is. I look down at the book the teacher had us open. I know none of this shit. The last school I was at was about two lessons behind. Worse, its math, you blink once during a lesson and you have to relearn the entire book to understand anything. Tap tap tap tap tap tap. God this fucking kid. If the class doesn’t end soon im gonna end up with attempted assault charges. 
“hey.” the guy to my other side whispers to me. “your new right?” he asks. I look over. he's looking back at me. He has hazel eyes. And light brown hair. His hair was clearly cut by his mom. A bowl cut. Uneven in places. “im technically new too.” An almost goofy smile shows on his face. “technically???” I retort. “well I mean- I was raised here and stuff, but then I moved away…. and then I moved back-“ he starts to ramble, waving around his hands and darting his eyes to emphasize his words. He stops, as if becoming conscious of his jumble of words. He looks back to me. 
“wanna sit with me… though… during… lunch..  just cause I know you probably don’t know anyone here- you can totally say no though its not really that big of a-“ “sure” he’s right. I don't know anyone here. And he seems pretty well off- RIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG. The bell. 
I get up and make my way down the halls. I enter the lunch room. Its big. Not the biggest i've seen though. Makes sense for a small town. I receive my food. It doesn’t look all to bad, I've definitely eaten worse. I look around the room. The guy from earlier is sitting alone. He seems kind of bothered by it. Hes clearly staring at someone. Probably just some girl. But the way he stares doesn’t quite match that of a loving look. It also looks like anger. I begin to look over to the girl Hes looking at when someone bumps into me. “shit sorry-“ my words spill out “watch it” they walk past. (this is going to be the stereotypical 80’s high-school, and no one can stop me) 
I look back to the boy, hes also looking at me. I don’t know when he shifted his focus. Not that I care… much. It would be embarrassing if he saw that. I take a seat next to him. Not to close. A good 10 inches away. “so-“ I take a bite of the food “you said you grew up here-“ I finish chewing, and swallow. “if you grew up here, then where are your friends?” it came out a bit more direct then I wanted it to. I hope he doesn’t take it the wrong way, but it was an earnest question. He chuckles a bit. Maybe it wasn’t to direct. “that was very direct.” Nope. I was wrong. But at least he found it funny “wh- I didn’t mean it like that.. I just meant that, you know, don’t you have a group you wanna go back to?” he looks down at his food, poking it with one of those shitty plastic sporks.  
He sighs. “normally I do.. but were kind of… in a disagreement right now.” He looks back to me “its boring though, you don’t wanna hear about it” he laughs it off. “that sucks man, im sorry.” I try my best at comforting, but seeing as I just met this person I don’t think it meant much. I mean I don’t even know this guys name. oh shit, I don’t know this guys name. “whats your name by the way?” I ask. “Will.” He answers. “and yours?” “y/n” (💀💀💀) 
We talk for a bit. He talks about how he moved to california, and about his adopted sister. He mentions his brother a few times. Johnathan seems cool. Id do weed with him. He asks why I moved here. Especially with all the roomers about the town. And especially especially because im from the big city. I explain to him that my dad had to move here cause of his job. And that his job was directly correlated to the massive earthquake that happened. 
RRRIIINNNNNGGGGGG. The bell. We head to our next classes. Mine is English and his is science. we don’t share any other classes for the rest of the school day. I open the door to my class room. Shit. I'm late. “The bell rang ten minutes ago mister…” the teacher checks through her student roster “mister (l/n)”  
“Yeah, I uh- it took me longer to get here then I thought it would.” I make up some bullshit excuse. I was just walking slow cause I was talking with Will. “Well.” The teacher peers at me from over the rim of her glasses. “I expect you to be on time tomorrow, or I'm not letting you into the classroom, understood?” What a shitty punishment. But I don’t protest out loud. I simply walk over to an empty desk and get out my books. 
This class is a lot more quiet then the last. Im certain if I heard that kid tap his pencil one more time I would have imploded. I look down at the books. Ive already done this poem. I hate changing schools. They all teach at different paces. Its hell. 
“so, class. This weeks big assignment will be a group project. You and your assigned partners will be writing your very own, Robert Frost inspired poem.” Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. “I will read out whom I've decided to pair with whom.” Im gonna end up with someone I hate. This is gonna suck ass. The teacher lists off names. Some girl named Courtney is stuck with some guy named troy. She seems very sad about it. Eventually I heard my own name. 
“y/n, aaannd…” she looks down at a paper on her desk, “Lucas.” (Oh boy, it’s the. It’s the person. The funny one. The uh. The man. Boy. Its him.) the boy who I assume to be Lucas looks back and over to me. He doesn’t seem so bad. I mean kind of jock-y but that’s something I can deal with. 
 The class shortly ends, and Lucas walks over to me. He looks like he’s about to say something. He holds out his hand. I assume for me to shake? “hi” he says shortly. “hey” I take his hand and shake it. Lucas is an awkward dude. “we should take about what were gonna do for the project, and where well meet to work on it after school.” He moves his hand to his side rigidly. “yeah, that'll work, we should- uh- meet in the front of the school?” that sounded more like a question then I wanted it to. “alright” Lucas walks away. Before I know it, the day ends. 
I learn that wills locker is right next to mine, and we have a pleasant chat about it. I meet Lucas at the front and we decide that well go to my house tomorrow to work on the project. My dads gonna be working all night anyways so it isn’t like I would have had much to do. 
The walk home is quiet. Hawkins is weird. I don’t like it very much, but will doesn’t seem so bad, and Lucas is nice. Awkward, but nice. I enter my house. Its empty. I knew that though. My Dads at work. It's not anything I'm not used to. 
I do homework. Eat. And then close my eyes to sleep. Hawkins is really weird. I just cant figure out why. 
brrooooo thanks for making it to the end, thats pretty #sex(tm) of you :flushed:
edit: part two is up now so
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