hiika-chu · 2 months ago
From the first day I saw you,
Until the very last day, 
I liked you.
I thought of you.
I hoped to see you. 
I liked you. 
You are fun to be with, 
cracking merticulous jokes,
which never failed to make me laugh. 
Or anyone for that matter. 
Everytime, I hoped to see you.
I wanted to talk,
To laugh, to play, to joke. 
To do everything. 
People say you were raised right. 
I believe that, 
You say you hurt others,
I doubt that. 
Seeing from a distance, 
I can only ask how? 
How does one ... ? 
How can one ... ? 
How ... ? 
Questions don’t need to be answered. 
Just mere thoughts. 
However, I hope. 
I hope you stay the same. 
They say change is for the best.
 But not always. 
So promise me, 
Promise to never change. 
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hiika-chu · a year ago
Walking in the park,
Cool breeze brushing past.
Interlocking hands,
You mutter,
“You're my first boyfriend.”
Smiling, you turn to him.
“And you're my first kiss.”
You look at him confused
“Huh.” is all you say,
Before he plants his lips on yours
Soft as butter, sweet like honey.
You separate.
“Happy 1 year,”
He says.
Grinning, you wrap your arms around him
“Best way to end the day.”
Continuing your walk,
You converse simple anecdotes.
Shivering as winds pick speed,
He stops walking,
And hands you his zip up.
Stopping, you take the jumper.
He takes off his hoodie,
Handing it to you.
“It's warmer and you like hoodies.”
He knows you too well.
You give him a peck,
Throwing the hoodie on.
He laughs before picking pace.
“Let's get coffee”
Interlocking hands again,
You head to the nearest café.
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