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Prompt No. 23
Civilian loudly groaned as they plopped onto the couch, hugging their cat closely to their chest while their hand held their phone. They did one last scroll before angrily throwing it above their head and onto the pillow of the couch.
"AUGH! All my friends and their partners! Date this, date that! Whatever!"
Civilian always believed in soulmates, being a huge romantic themself. But sadly none of their past relationships ever lasted long enough. They angrily kicked their feet, all they ever wanted is to have someone to cuddle with, to eat with, to build a pillow fort with, to watch movies with late at night, why was it so hard to find someone?!
"If anyone is listening out there! I'm free??? Please just send me someone!"
Little does Civilian know that someone was indeed listening to them every single time they dramatically complain.
Their cat, who was secretly Villain freeloading as a pet out of laziness.
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Dragons, with jobs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Artist credit to Flamecraft!
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I can't believe my boy finally got the screentime he deserved, I literally cried watching his episode;;;
Tumblr media
I needed to redraw some screencaps!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”
— John Steinbeck
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Felinette Week 2022
Here it is! I wanted to try doing a short comic based on all of the prompts this year. Some of the prompt usage may seem abstract, but I tried 😅 This is Office AU canon adjacent, meaning it’s based off of my AU but isn’t necessarily something that happens. It was just a thought I had to make them trapped in a closet with heightened tension~~~
Thank you to the wonderful people over at @felinettenovember for putting this event together! 💖
Prompt List:
Day 1 - Spice
Day 2 - Failure
Day 3 - Lightning
Day 4 - Blush
Day 5 - Imposition
Day 6 - Trespass
Day 7 - Dusk 
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Tumblr media
Dawn and Dusk
PV Felinette
(Ao3 / Wattpad)
[day 1] [day 2] [day 3] [day 4] [day 5] [part 6] [part 7]
Felinette November Prompt Week, Day 7, Sun. (Nov 27): Dawn & Dusk
Hey guys! The last story for @felinettenovember week!
She wakes up, sits up in bed and looks into the darkness of the night room.
In the gap between the curtains, she sees the sky, – still dark, but no longer as dark as midnight, because dawn is about to come and the horizon will begin to brighten, chasing the darkness of the night, – along with all its fears and anxieties, – away.
Her thoughts go back to that night, many years ago, when she was still afraid of the darkness that filled the space between dusk and dawn...
This school evening didn’t portend any changes in her life. Just another event where she would fantasize about being invited to dance by one particular person, and will be approached by anyone but him.
But as soon as the sunset burned out, dance music began to play in the large school hall and Marinette took her usual waiting spot near the exit – simply because from here she had a good view of most of the hall and she could pine after the boy she liked while watching him from a distance, – the light turned off.
Not only did the lights go out, but apparently the power went out because the music stopped and all she could see was darkness, and all she could hear was the noise of worried students.
Overcoming her long-standing fear of the dark, Marinette swallowed, clenched her teeth, and holding on to the wall headed for the exit, – if there was an Akuma responsible for this somewhere, which wouldn’t be surprising since Hawk Moth liked to attack her school during public events, – she needed to transform and find them...
Walking down a dark corridor away from the bulk of the people and reaching the nearest class, Marinette called to the room, checking to see if anyone was there, but no one answered her. She went in and closed the door behind her before calling for Tikki.
“Do you think it’s an Akuma?” The girl asked, going to the window, where was the brightest spot in the room, but the light was still extremely dim, because it came only from the moon – all city buildings and street lamps within her visibility were also shrouded in darkness. “It will be difficult for me to jump around the rooftops in such darkness without night vision, but I’ll probably have to do it anyway…”
“I’m not sure, Marinette.” The kwami replied with hesitation. “Perhaps it’s…” Tikki trailed off and slid back into her chosen’s purse as the door opened and someone entered the class.”
“Is there someone here?” A familiar male voice asked, and after hearing it, Marinette immediately became calmer in this darkness, from which unpleasant goosebumps were running down her back.
“Felix!” She breathed out in relief, – although she was looking for solitude herself, it was only when Marinette was alone in the dark that she realized how unprepared she was for this.
“Miss Dupain-Cheng…” He responded courteously, if a little irritably, as if he wasn’t happy to find her here. “I didn’t mean to disturb you, excuse me.” He said hastily and the door opened again, which only meant that he was about to leave.
The prospect of being alone with the darkness that frightened her, – which didn’t seem anything special in the light of street lamps and windows, but which aroused some primitive horror in her now, when there were no usual sources of light around, – terrified her even more than the fear of looking ridiculous, and with a loud cry of “No!” Marinette rushed to the door to stop him from leaving.
Almost blind in the darkness, she stumbled on the flat floor and collapsed into his arms, thankfully ready for her clumsiness. “I… am sorry, F-felix…” Marinette muttered as the boy helped her straighten up. “I didn’t mean to… I… Of course you can go… I just… I…”
At the thought that he would leave and she would be left alone, Marinette felt her breath become difficult, and the gray shadows around her began to merge into a blur of gloom, and her shoulders shook with uncontrollable trembling.
“...cheng… Marinette… Marinette!” Reached her blurred consciousness and the girl tried to focus her eyes on his face, which was barely visible in the darkness of the classroom – away from the window. “Can you hear my voice, Marinette? Breathe with me, do you hear? Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…”
“I… you… go… dark… dark…” Marinette muttered as she struggled to understand what was happening and continued to choke on the air. Now there were no specific frightening thoughts in her head, but just a diffuse anxiety that didn’t allow her to calm down.
She felt the ring of his arms tighten around her, and the warmth of his closeness eased her anxiety slightly, though Marinette was still unable to regain her breath. “I’m here…” His low voice whispered, as softly as she’d ever heard Felix speak, as if penetrating her mind and displacing her anxiety. “I’m here, with you, Marinette…”
Her body began to relax and go limp against his chest, then she felt the hot stream of his breath right on her face as Felix leaned down to her. As if it was the most correct, the most natural action in the world, his lips found hers, and a completely different shiver went down Marinette’s back, – warm and enveloping, calming and exciting, but with a completely different emotion.
His kiss was very slow, and as tender as she would never have expected it to be from a man as cold on the outside as Felix seemed to be. His hands slightly loosened their grip on her, as if letting her take that part of the control over her body that she already could, overcoming her anxiety.
When his lips completely stopped, not moving away from hers however, but continuing to slowly breathe into them, and sending more and more waves of warmth and relaxation down her back, – Marinette pulled away from his face a little, as if to look into his eyes – if only it were possible in such darkness.
“Felix…” She whispered under her breath, peering into the outlines of his face and not being able to see them clearly.
Was this his way of stopping her anxiety attack? If so, it definitely worked, but her poor heart wasn’t sure it was ready to pay for it with its subsequent disappointment...
“Perhaps confessing my feelings to you is just as good now as it is any other time…” He spoke softly, and loosened his grip on her even more. “Forgive me… I shouldn’t have… I just…”
Felix let go of her completely, and Marinette instantly felt how cold it seemed without his embrace, and her next words seemed as natural in this darkness as the touch of his lips a little earlier. “I love you, Felix…” She whispered, and before he had a chance to escape, she pulled him by the neck towards her.
Felix sucked in a sharp breath, – as if her words burned his chest from the inside with the same heat as his words burned hers, – and his next kiss was already more insistent and desperate, as if he was afraid that she would escape and leave him alone, and not vice versa…
“Do you think it’s an Akuma?” Marinette asked in a low voice some time later, when she was recovering from the several passionate kisses they shared in the darkness and that made her breathless.
“The Akuma alarm system is self-powered, so regardless of access to city electricity, we would have heard the alarm.” Felix answered authoritatively. “Probably there was some kind of breakdown in the city power plant.”
“You… will you stay with me until the breakdown is fixed?” She asked carefully, afraid to frighten off what was happening between them.
Felix hugged her tighter in his arms and kissed her hair. “Until then, and then until you let me.” He answered.
Marinette relaxed and closed her eyes, where a warm darkness met her.
But it seemed that she would no longer be afraid of this gap between dusk and dawn. There was a lot of happiness hiding in it, after all...
[End of flashback]
She sees the dawn begin to creep up, slowly but surely, penetrating the sky and unavoidably resurrecting light.
She turns away from the window and watches her husband sleep, his chest rising and falling calmly, the light strands of hair tangled on his forehead.
Her attention is drawn by quick light steps in the hallway and the door opens. “Mommy, can I stay with you and daddy?” Little blonde girl asks from the threshold.
“Of course, honey.” She says, and when little feet run up to the bed and slide under the covers between her and her husband, burrowing deeper, she adds. “You can always come to me, my girl, daddy and I are always with you.”
“I love you, mommy…” Her daughter mutters back, – her eyes already closed as she falls asleep almost instantly.
She looks around the slowly brightening room once more and lies down too, burrowing under the covers together with her family.
While the dawn is coming, she still has time to get more sleep and enjoy the rest of the fading darkness.
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New goddess idea: She’s an earth goddess of the new age who’s domain is spinning and weaving, but specifically spinning and weaving gigantic structural steel cables for construction and other industrial purposes. Her skin is steel grey and hard to the touch and her hair is like long dredlocks of woven steel. She laughs at shitty architecture deigns that will fall apart if actually built and protects well-made bridges and buildings she likes. She might warn you of unforseen danger if you always wear your proper PPE.
Okay now what do I name her
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Thinking abt immortality and how meticulously you’d have to keep track of all of your shit so some nosy historian didnt spot your old journal or coat or copy of a book and call an infuriating time-based finders keepers
“It’s two hundred years old” they say. “It’s essentially public property” they say. It’s a letter you sent to your friend and it’s in a museum now and you’re screaming
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a collection of motivational insights regarding content creation and creative hobbies
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and of course the classic
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Roomies | 7 - Dawn and Dusk
Read on AO3
Felix found her on a roof of their apartment, sitting on the ledge as she watched the first rays of light kiss the bluish sky. Ladybug looked so small with her knees curled up to her chest and her arms embracing them. When he looked more closely, he noticed her sketchpad propped up on her legs.
"Can't sleep?" Shadow asked.
She stuck her tongue out playfully. "I actually slept early. You saw me last night."
"Why turn into an early bird?"
Ladybug showed her rough sketch: a floor-length dress flaring out at the bottom. Labels of colors dotted around the perimeter of the piece. Shadow sat down next to her to get a better look. "I'm going for a sunrise-inspired look," she explained. "And I wanted to see the real thing for it."
"It looks nice," he mumbled, resting his head on top of her shoulder. She stiffened for a millisecond at the sudden contact, but relaxed into him.
"You seem tired."
"Believe it or not, I actually stayed up tonight."
She gasped dramatically. "You? Stayed up? I think the apartment is too small for two insomniacs now."
"It was just tonight. I was restless." He moved his head, completely burying his face on the crook of her neck. She smells good. Why does she always smell good? Her hand immediately darted up to stroke him behind his cat ears and through his hair.
"You okay?" Ladybug asked quietly.
"It's . . ." He paused. "It's nothing."
"I can order something so you don't have to cook," she offered. "So you can rest."
"No, it's better that I keep myself awake. My sleeping schedule will be ruined."
"Your sleeping schedule was ruined when you stayed up."
He managed a little grunt, snuggling closer to her. She was warm. So warm. Her touch seemed to calm his biting nerves as her soft voice prompted his heartbeat to race yet again.
Ladybug stopped stroking. "You sure you don't want to talk about it?"
"Would you want to talk about it?"
"What?" she blinked.
"What do you mean by that?'"
Shadow bit his tongue. He'd said too much. "No. Nevermind. I'll talk about it some other time."
She hummed. "Okay."
He was about to pull away when she shifted her legs and moved both of them down from the ledge. Ladybug put her sketchpad and pencil to the side and tugged him down so that they were both lying down on the rooftop, with his arm secure around her waist and his face on her hair. They became an audience to the dissipating dark, the slow takeover of the bright morning.
Shadow yawned. A purr might have escaped when she started to caress his hair again.
"Good?" she asked.
"Yes. Good." He breathed out, slowly succumbing to his heavy eyelids. Comfy. Home. Her.
A long day of school, chores and akumas drained the both of them. By the time the sky had changed its shades, they were ready to collapse back on the rooftop of their apartment building. And that's exactly what they did; Ladybug fell over her partner as they both mumbled their detransformation words together.
"This day sucked," she groaned.
"We should get a big dinner," said Felix.
"Can we stay here for a bit?"
"Of course."
Marinette squeezed herself deeper into his embrace. Their legs were loosely twined, their arms touching. She didn't mind the hard cement below her or perhaps she was too tired to care.
She peeked at her roommate, who wore a faraway look in his eyes. She didn't want to assume that she knew exactly what was bothering him but if it was anything similar to her current dilemma . . .
"About this morning," Felix began.
"Yeah?" Did he want to talk about it?
"I . . ." His hold on her tightened.
"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."
"But I want to. I need to." She noted the weakness, the urgency in his tone.
Felix breathed deeply. She seldom saw him on edge like this, a bundle of stress and uneasiness. But she rubbed the top of his chest where his heart was as a way of telling him that everything was okay.
"Marinette, I---"
"I love you."
He froze.
"That was what you wanted to say, right?" She said shakily. "I---I feel the same way, Fe. I know it's scary to say it and risk what we have but I really, really, really wanted to let you know already."
When she looked up at him, he was staring at her with wide eyes, irises showing a mix of emotions. He slowly moved them both into a sitting position with his arm still around her. Marinette grew afraid that he meant to tell her something else or that she confessed at the worst possible time.
Then he started to lean forward.
Felix stopped a few centimeters away, not from his hesitance but to give her a choice. She was the one to close the gap, bringing her lips to his and kissing him slowly. His hands wove into her hair as she brought hers to his cheek. He was gentle. Caring. She felt the same calmness she always found with Felix.
They parted for a moment before she chased another soft kiss. He reciprocated with a kiss on her forehead.
"So . . ." His eyes now brimmed with unbridled fondness as a smile graced his lips. "Dinner?" 
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secret identity comics!!
comics about secret identities
Tumblr media
(ive forgotten the context for what secret identities alya knows, lets not worry about it)
Tumblr media
I imagine halloween would be a trying time for the entire cast of ML.
I fell off the comic dailies train but I want to get back on there. Here's a couple from last month!
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Tumblr media
@felinettenovember Day 6 “Travel”
Hey guess who got sick
I got stuck on this one but then I realised- Travel andJourney are synonymous so Journey AU it is
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Day 5: Imposition
    “I do hope I’m not imposing.” Felix stood, halfway through the trapdoor’s frame, watching Marinette holding a pair of craft scissors to the neck of… another Felix.
    Without missing a beat, Marinette grabbed a hot glue gun from her desk, and aimed it at the Felix in the trapdoor.
    “Hey, let’s all just chill out so I can give a really good explanation for this, okay?” The Felix with scissors to his throat held up his hands in a placating manner.
    “Yes, I am rather intrigued to find out how you talk your way out of this, Adrien.” The Felix in the trapdoor smirked at the other Felix, Adrien. “How is it that you came to be wearing my clothes, in my girlfriend’s room, with my girlfriend threatening your life with a pair of scissors?” 
    The real Felix made eye contact with Marinette, and after a blink and a nod, she put down the glue gun and moved the scissors to give Adrien more breathing room. 
    Adrien scratched the back of his neck, preparing his excuse.
    “So, see, I had to go out and run an, um, errand? But I didn’t have any clean clothes. So I borrowed yours cuz you were still asleep, right? So I ran my errand, but I was hungry, so I came here to get some breakfast, but then Marinette saw me, and thought that I… was, um… you…” He trailed off, looking like he believed his answer about as much as Marinette or Felix did, which was to say, not at all.
    “Alright, and how about the real answer, hm?” Felix said. Marinette stifled a giggle and put down the scissors. 
    “I~ mighthavegottencuriousaboutyourgirlfriendandimpresonatedyoutofindoutmoreabouther. Okay?”
    Marinette burst out into a fit of laughter, walking over to stand near Felix.
    “So you must be- Felix’s little brother that- I’ve heard so much about,” she said between giggles. Adrien's face turned red.
    “You- you talk about me!?” Felix smirked, but gave no answer. Regaining her composure, Marinette spoke again.
    “Okay, but like, why impersonate Felix to find out about me? There are so many more efficient, not to mention less risky ways to get information.”
    “And you are certainly the one to talk about the most efficient ways to do things, Nettie.” Now it was Marinette’s turn to blush.
    “Well, if that’s how it’s going to be, Fé, then I’ll just go back to my date with Adrien.” She began to walk away from him, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her into a kiss.
    “Ewwww, are you really gonna do that now? With me right here?” Adrien stuck out his tongue, and Marinette and Felix both shushed him before kissing once again.
    “I’m going back downstairs. Your parents are nice to me, and not gross like you guys.” Adrien hurried down the stairs, presumably to gorge himself on croissants.
    Marinette and Felix finally broke off the kiss, staring into each other’s eyes.
    “Siblings, right?” 
    “I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had one.”
    Felix chuckled. “You can have mine for a while. I’ve had enough of him.”
    Marinette looked down the stairs and said, “I don’t think I have a choice, I bet my parents have already adopted him.”
    There was a short pause in conversation in which Felix put his chin on top of Marinette’s head. He asked, “Should I be concerned that you didn’t realize that wasn't me until after brunch?”
    “Says the man who slept in on our one year anniversary.”
    “Touché, Nettie. Touché.”
quite possibly my favorite fic i wrote this week, simply because of the beginning.
Part 1 | Part 2 (here)
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Roomies | 6 - Travel
Read on AO3
[prev | next]
Before she could stop herself, she was jumping right into his arms, meeting his parted lips and raised eyebrows. She looked up at him. "You didn't tell me you were visiting family in London."
"You didn't tell me where you were going either." He squeezed her tightly before letting go.
"I visited my aunt." Marinette shrugged. "Just picking up food and a few gifts to take back to Paris. Oh! Were you headed somewhere?"
Felix looked towards his side, where the crowd had thickened. "Just out with my mother---"
"Then, don't let me keep you---"
"Wait." He held her arm before she could move away. "You can join us for lunch if you'd like."
"I---I wouldn't want to impose . . ."
"Please." Felix sighed. "My mother will never let me hear the end of it if I didn't invite you for a meal. She'd want to meet you anyway."
Marinette swallowed. She'd been introduced to Amelie Graham de Vanily and vice versa one night when she and Felix were calling but she'd never spoken with the woman directly. And this was Amelie, a woman with a refined grace that she couldn't imagine to carry herself. If Felix got his intimidating aura from someone it was her.
"Don't worry. She won't ask too many questions." Felix grimaced. "I hope."
"There's no getting out of this, is there?" She linked her arm with his, steering them past strangers into a more breathable area. "Where are we eating?"
That was how Marinette ended up sitting across one of the biggest names in fashion in a booth of a fancy outdoor restaurant. Amelie was more stunning in person, with her sharp nose and heart-shaped face. Meanwhile, Marinette herself only had a hastily-thrown cardigan on top of an old tank top and a midi skirt.
"How are you dear?" Amelie asked.
"And the apartment?" There was a small gleam in her eyes, as if she was amused by Marinette's squirming. "I trust that Felix is doing his own share of chores?"
Felix sipped on his bubbling water (Bubbling water! Rich people! ). "Mother, I already told you that I am."
"He's actually doing a lot more than I am, especially when I'm busy," Marinette answered sheepishly. "He cooks all of our meals and schedules cleaning days. We even have this board on the fridge to mark down our chores."
Amelie laughed. "That's adorable."
Marinette reddened.
"And I trust that he's taking care of you as well, yes?"
"Mo---mother!" Felix sputtered.
Marinette tilted her head, eyes widening. What was Amelie implying? "We . . . Well, yes, as my friend, Felix and I look out for each other. But we don't have---erm---that kind of relationship."
"You don't?" Mock surprise laced Amelie's tone. "Hmm, but Felix talks about you a lot."
Marinette expected Felix to stand up and leave or maybe a strong denial. When her eyes moved over to him, her gaze was unreturned and his ears were tinted pink.
"That's---that's flattering to hear?" she stammered. "I mean, Felix and I are really close so . . ."
"I see." Amelie leaned back a little as their food arrived on the table. "Regardless, I'm happy you have each other. As mutual support."
Marinette sneaked a glance at Felix again. He was impossibly red while he pushed her plate towards her and poured her a refill of her drink. 
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Day 5: Imposter
    How Felix could stand to wear such stuffy, weird… business-like clothes every day was completely beyond Adrien. And a tie?! 
    I guess he really does take after father in some ways, Adrien thought, adjusting the tie and sending his most Felix-like glare at Nathalie, which was Felix’s regular way of telling her he was leaving the mansion. His heart ached at the unkind expression he was making, but if he did anything out of the ordinary, someone would notice and the ruse would be up.
    Adrien had spent the last two weeks committing his brother's schedule and mannerisms to memory. He had taken every precaution, like turning off Felix’s alarm so that he wouldn’t wake up, and there wouldn’t be two Felixes walking around Paris. He even went so far as to call in a favor with Nathalie to give Felix a late night photoshoot so that he would be extra tired in the morning.
    Adrien pulled out a slip of paper that he had copied from Felix’s planner, which held a very important address: Tom and Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.
    The reason for Adrien’s expedition was really quite simple. Felix had a girlfriend, and Adrien knew nothing about her. For all he knew, she could be a complete gold-digger taking advantage of his poor, sweet brother (Felix was neither poor nor sweet, but that was beside the point). So, Adrien made it his responsibility to learn about the girl himself.
    It was only a short walk from the mansion before Adrien stood in front of the most uncertain part of his excursion: unfamiliar territory. He had no idea how Felix behaved in front of the family, so he would have to do a bit of improv.
    Time to use those acting lessons you gave me when I was little, Maman, he thought before opening the door.
    “Marinette, Felix is here!” Adrien heard a woman shout from behind the counter. She turned to Adrien.
    “Don’t worry dear, she’ll be down in a minute. Why don’t you take a croissant, just in case you get hungry on your date?” Adrien accepted the pastry with a tiny smile, a perfect replica of one of Felix’s. The woman, who Adrien assumed was Marinette’s mother, seemed satisfied, and went back to the counter.
    Adrien nibbled the corner of the pastry, then found he couldn’t stop. It was heavenly. Felix could marry the girl if it meant that Adrien could have these incredibly things at family gatherings-
    The girl! Remembering the reason for his mission, Adrien quickly got back into character, looking impassively at the stairs. With the creak of a door, someone began to descend the staircase.
    In terms of looks, Felix had found himself a keeper. The girl had dark hair tied back in cute pigtails, with freckles around her button nose. Her clothing looked well-made and tasteful. 
    She immediately spotted him, and ran up to him right away. Adrien was shocked as she wrapped her arms around his middle. Felix always hated touch, but somehow, Marinette Dupain-Cheng must have melted his brother’s icy heart.
    Adrien stiffly and awkwardly hugged her back, saying, “Hello, Marinette, it’s great to see you.”
    The girl released her grip and looked up at him, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
    “What, no ‘Nettie’ for me today, Fé?”
    Shoot, he had completely overlooked pet names! They played a crucial role in the ways couples treated each other, and that was a puzzle piece that Adrien was sorely lacking.
    “Sorry, Nettie.” It felt so wrong to use such a term of endearment with his brother's girlfriend. “I… had a late shoot last night, so I didn’t get much sleep.” His arm instinctively began to move to his neck, but he pushed it back down before Marinette could notice.
    She still looked slightly apprehensive, but she seemed to let it go. 
    “Well, we should probably get going, if we want to be back in time for brunch.”
    They were back in familiar territory. Adrien knew the date plan by heart. Since Felix had a lesson in the afternoon, it was a morning date, culminating in a Saturday brunch with Marinette’s parents. First though, they were going for a walk through the park near the bakery.
    It was a beautiful fall day, warm enough for light jackets, with a light breeze blowing colorful leaves. They walked hand-in-hand, but Marinette never talked. She just serenely walked next to him, eyes closed in contentment. By the time she leaned her head on his shoulder, Adrien had gotten somewhat frustrated. If she didn’t talk at all, how could he learn more about her personality?
    Pulling away, he said, “It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?” Marinette seemed startled, like she hadn’t been expecting him to talk. Maybe she and Felix often went on silent dates to the park. Weird.
    “Uhhh, yeah, it's really pretty. It kinda reminds of… you know…” Marinette blushed slightly, with a little grin forming on her face. Adrien had no idea what she was talking about.
    Marinette looked at him expectantly, but when his silence continued, her expression shifted to concern.
    “Are you feeling okay?” she asked, standing on her tiptoes to feel his forehead. Adrien flinched away. “You seem a little out of it, Fé.”
    “I’m fine, just… late shoot, you know?” They awkwardly stared at each other until Marinette nervously giggled and suggested, “Well, we should probably head back now, right? Don’t want to keep Maman and Papa waiting.” Adrien nodded in agreement, and they started walking back.
    Adrien thoroughly enjoyed the brunch. Not only was the food phenomenal, but Marinette’s parents were delightful, especially Mr. Dupain and his puns. Adrien would have joined in if he wasn’t pretending to be his brother. Even more than that, though, Marinette’s parents were a great source of information about Marinette’s character. Though they might be considered biased by most counts, their testimony combined with the concern that she had shown for him (when she thought that he was Felix) convinced Adrien that she was a perfect partner for his beloved brother. Now he just had to make it to the end of brunch and he would be home free.
    “Well, thanks for having me, but I should really be going. Goodbye… Nettie.”
    Marinette shot up. “Wait! I mean, you haven’t been feeling well, so going home is probably smart, but… could I show you my latest project first? I’ve wanted to show you all week…” Adrien glanced at the door, weighing the choice in his mind. It would be easier for him to just bolt for the door, but his brother loved Marinette. The most in-character thing for him to do would be to follow her. 
    She grabbed his hand and led him up a ladder and threw open a trapdoor. 
    “So, you’ll immediately see all the progress I've made since you last saw it-” she began, but Adrien interrupted.
    “W-wait, this is your room… I…” His face flushed dark red. Marinette narrowed her eyes at him. Her voice was low and threatening, barely above a growl.
    “You’re not Felix.”
woah, my first established relationship fic... and felix isn't even in it. oops
Part 1 (Here) | Part 2 (soon)
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ggomomomo · 6 days
writer’s block (dry) = no desire to write, no ability to write (bearable)
writer’s block (wet) = HUGE desire to write, no ability to write (very evil)
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