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I have a feeling that in the future I'll be kinda Bokuto😁🙌
kotaro "i graduated college so there's nothing i can't do" bokuto
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Wow. To be honest, I was struck by the speed with which you wrote this story😱 When I saw the notification, I couldn't put it off until later, and immediately started reading😅
It was a big surprise that Kuroo is not in his school years, but this is even a plus. Our boy Tetsu deserves great, sincere and true love at any age❤
Written in a very beautiful, and, most importantly, understandable language, thank you very much for this🥺
The whole time I was reading, the smile never left my face. And that means a lot to me, and says you're an amazing writer🤜🤛
Would love to see more of your work, which I look forward to! Thank you for your efforts, dear ^-^
this one's a part of the prompt challenge
( a/n : i accidentally deleted the request like the pea brain i am so I'm tagging you instead @ellbett <3 let me know if you liked it!)
content : fluff, too much fluff with a very happy ending warning : not proofread, swear words.
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro is an unquestionably busy man. He loves his job, he swears he does, and he knows it comes with a price. The price being that Kuroo has probably never had an actual relationship with anyone. But he doesn't seem to mind this. He's happy the way things are. He wakes up, goes to do what he does, occasionally meets up with his best friends, sometimes goes out with his colleagues, comes back to his house, sleeps.
It's not like he's opposed to a relationship. Even he sometimes feels the need to have someone he could come home to. But he let's the thought slide and doesn't let it get to him.
However currently at hand, Kuroo has the toughest challenge he's ever faced.
"Tetsuro, you have to be here on Sunday, I'm not taking a 'no' for an answer, Infact its not a request. Don't disappoint me."
It's not the dinner he's scared of. It's what will come along with it.
Kuroo's mother is stubborn, and all she wants is her twenty seven year old son to settle down with someone and start a family, which is something he doesn't want right now. So he says the worst possible excuse he could think of, "Mom I can't, I know the girl is amazing and comes from a really good family but I already have a girlfriend"
"Oh", he let's out a silent sigh of relief when he feels assured that he won't be bothered anymore but he suddenly chokes over his own spit when she continues, "then why don't you bring her with you? I want to meet her as well."
And this is how Kuroo currently finds himself on the way to your cabin.
"Y/n, meet me in my office when you're done with your work"
Your usually cheerful boss is currently scowling and you can't help but think of a hundred reason for its cause.
"Maybe it's because of something I did?", is the worst possible thing you could think of as you finish up your work and knock on the door of his office.
Kuroo looks up from what he was doing and asks you to shut the door behind you and sit on the couch in the side of his office. You sit and patiently wait for him to say something but are a bit surprised when he gets up from his place and sits on couch beside you, with some space in between on order to not invade your personal space.
He looks at you and opens his mouth to say something but then decides not to and turns the other way.
"Sir, is something wrong?", you ask as you lift your hand to place on his in reassurance.
Upon the contact he looks at you and says, "Y/n, I want you to be my girlfriend."
"When was the last time I went for my complete body check-up? An year ago? Maybe I need to go again and get my ears checked this time", is what's going on in your mind when you say, "Sorry, what?"
"Be my girlfriend, y/n", you are about to scream, run around his office and pinch yourself in disbelief because yes you will, who would say no to him? especially when you have a crush on him since day one, when he continues, "just for a day. I-It's because of..." and he explains the whole thing when you exhale the breath you were holding for long.
"Why me?", is all you can ask the man looking at you expectantly.
"Well, I don't do favorites but you're definitely my favorite subordinate," he laughs "also because y/n, you're reliable and I know you'd help me out, won't you?"
"I will, Sir"
His face lights up and he adds with a playful wink, "Darling, I believe it's Tetsuro to you now".
Tumblr media
Sunday for you is a day you usually spend doing absolutely nothing but today you find yourself in front of your closet deciding on what to wear. "Wear anything that makes you feel comfortable, you look good in anything anyway", is what Kuroo said when you asked and you couldn't help but smile at his words.
"It's not something that'll happen again", is what you think and decide to put in your best in the way you look. Upon receiving a text from Kuroo, you look at yourself one last time, fixing imaginary creases from your dress and make you way down to his car.
You see him standing in front of the door, waiting for you while texting on his phone. On hearing the sound of your steps he looks up and his eyes go wide for a second and he coughs and gains his composure. "It's just for a day Tetsuro",he mentally scolds himself but he couldn't help and say, "You look beautiful, Y/n".
The compliment makes you blush but gives you some much needed confidence as you say, "Thank you, Tetsuro" which makes Kuroo feel like he's on fire.
The car ride to his mother's place was peaceful, with both of you chatting casually over the soft music from the radio.
You both tried to converse like people in a relationship would do and it was going pretty smoothly, and you were thrilled to get to know about kuroo, a side that no one in the workplace knows about.
Upon reaching his mother's place, you got out of the car and as both of you started walking to the door he called out, "Y/n, wait!" you were about to turn to him when he held your hand in his and brought your connected hands to your eye level, "this would makes us look more couple-y, wouldn't it?", he says and you laugh, silently thanking the setting sun which hides your growing blush.
Meeting his mother went better than you thought. Kuroo didn't let you go out of his sight with occasionally setting his hand around your waist which never failed to catch you off guard. He did most of the talking, telling his mother stories about how you met and all the trivial stuff and overall your acts were convincing. Convincing enough that's Kuroo was assured that his mother would not be bothering him for a while anymore.
His plan was to go back to his normal life, and in a few months, tell his mother about your "break up".
"So darling, what do you like about him anyway?", his mother asked you playfully. Kuroo thought that this is where things would probably go wrong because 'y/n is just my subordinate, what would she be possibly liking about her boss?' is what he thought.
"Tetsu is an amazing person," he is thankful for sitting on the other side of the table because of you were beside him, you'd be able to hear just how fast his heart started to beat at the nickname that rolled from your tongue, "he no doubt has the looks that would make anyone fall in love with him but his actions and thoughts are what makes him different from others. He has the smile that can make you feel better and you always feel comfortable and safe around him. I love him for being so passionate and hardworking towards his work. I just love him for being himself at all times "
Tumblr media
Sitting in the car on the way back to your house, you can't help but feel sad. Sad that probably the best day you've had in a while is finally coming to an end.
The ride back home starts pretty well, with both of you in comfortable silence before you felt like something needs to be said.
"I hope everything went according to what you had planned and that we were able to convince your mother, sir"
Everything went flawlessly, or that's what you thought. But for Kuroo, it's nothing like what he had in mind. He did not want things to end up this way. With him developing a big fat crush on you like a stupid teenaged boy. "Dude, all she did was do her job to sound convincing enough" is what he's been telling himself.
"No y/n, it did not go according to the plan"
His words hit you like a truck and you start freaking out internally. He stops the car at the side of the road, "Also, what happened to 'Tetsu'?" he says staring at the road in front of him.
"O-oh shit, I'm so sorry about that, I didn't know you would not like that. That was way out of li—"
"Y/n, I'm the problem here because I liked hearing you say that", he breathes out, cutting you. "I know it was an act but, fuck, what you said, it made me feel things I haven't felt before. And I know that I'm the one being out of line but I—
I'm sorry if I'm making you feel uncomfortable, please pretend I never said that. I don't want things to get awkward between us. "
He waits for you to say something or get mad at him but you're just staring at your clutched hands in your lap. Exhaling heavily, he proceeds to turn on the car but you finally speak up.
"It was true. Everything thing I said. It came from my heart. Each and every word. Loved you since the day I saw Kuroo"
You still had your eyes cast down and you now had a few stray tears falling when you felt a hand thread through the hair at the back of your head. Kuroo's hand made you face him and he said, "You are the prettiest woman I've laid my eyes on, and I'm so fucking stupid for not realising that before". He brought his other hand to your face and cupped your face, wiping the tears away.
You both were awfully close to each other. So close that you could feel his breath on your face.
"Kiss me, Kuroo", you whispered. And he gladly obliged. It was short and quick, almost like a peck. You were confused but before you could think it through he said against your lips, "Call me what you called me earlier".
"No, before that."
"After that"
"Oh, that."
He pecked the corner of your mouth as you blushed, "Yes. Say that and I'll give you all the kisses you want"
"That's my girl"
And he kissed you.
He kissed you so good that you almost forgot to breathe. He made you feel light headed with thousands of butterflies storming your stomach. You thought its only you, being to reactive to him but then he removed one of his hands from your cheek and grabbed the back of your hand and placed it on his chest, above his heart — his heart which was beating wildly.
"You feel that? Feel what your doing to me, kitten?", and you couldn't help but pull him in for another kiss which rendered both of you breathless.
"How would you feel about me asking you out on a real date?", he asked staring in your eyes.
"I would love that"
He starts the car again and takes his free hand and holds your hand in his, kissing the back of it and said, "I wish that next time we won't be pretending"
Kuroo Tetsuro is an unquestionably busy man who loves his job. But now he thinks he finally found the one whom he can love the most.
Tumblr media
(a/n : i wanted to challenge myself with this prompt challenge by doing something I rarely do, which is writing fics this long, but it'd be really amazing if you see this and you show it some love. it'd really motivate me to continue making these, thank you <3 also let me know how it was)
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PAIRING: Thomas Shelby x female!reader
AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote this for @sophieshelby 1k followers celebration with 8. “You like the pain. You like it because you believe you deserve it” promt. Congratulations! Oh, and this is my first attempt at writing something, so... be careful.
WARNINGS: English is my second language; my bad writing.
Tumblr media
"Are you... are you an angel?”
Thomas was lying on the ground in a lane after he ran into a rival gang. Believing that they beat him enough that he couldn't take care of himself, and deciding that no one would find him in this deserted area, nor at such a late hour, they left, dooming him to a slow death. But now, just a few moments later, he felt someone's presence. He could have sworn he didn't hear the approaching footsteps, and yet someone was already looming over him. His eyes are drenched with his own blood, and he can’t even move a finger. Thomas tenses, because he could neither see the approacher nor defend himself from them. The silence is interrupted by a quiet rustling and he suddenly feels a soft cloth gently dabbing at his eyes, wiping away the blood, giving him the opportunity to see a blurry female silhouette.
"What if I am?"
You whisper softly, crouching next to him. He often gets into similar situations.
One day, as a child, falling into the canal, he somehow found himself on the shore, safe and sound. That was the day you met him. Then Aunt Polly said that a guardian angel was looking after him and that it was the one who saved him. Tommy believed it for a long time. He boasted to his brothers that the angel itself was protecting him. And, although over time, faith in God didn't strengthen in little Shelby, he didn't stop believing in this even now. After all, he often "comes out of the water dry."
"Then am I dead?"
He asks hoarsely, and you only shudder. The last word he uttered cuts without a knife.
"What are you talking about, silly, I won't let that happen."
You answer with bitterness in your voice, but with much more warmth, running your fingers through his hair.
"But you need to stop looking for a meeting with me."
You notice coldly, running your fingers along his forehead, cheekbones, and stopping on his lips. His lips were broken, however, like himself. You would like to heal his soul, but such a miracle is beyond your power. Not after everything he's been through.
"Do I know you?"
He asks quietly, and you pull your fingers away from his lips. You remember every day you spent with him. The way he learned to ride a horse with his father (he didn't immediately manage to get along with them and his falls were far from easy, but his perseverance can only be envied); the way he helped his mother with cooking ("children shouldn't play with knives", and yet Tommy learned to handle them pretty well); the way he lay in bed with a severe flu (but he is a strong boy, he endured everything); the way he defended his younger sister from impudent boys who offended her (attacking a little girl with the whole "gang" is not very nice); the way he took the first bullet for his brother. Also you remember the war. Those long four years, where every minute of his life was hanging by a thread and the lives of other soldiers were being cut off one by one. And you went through all this with him, and also through much more.
You don't answer. With a smooth movement, you put your hand on his chest. Take some of his pain upon yourself, not let him die — that's your aim. But his pain is too much. Pinching, pulling, aching, cutting, sharp. There’s so much pain in him.
"You like the pain."
You claim. He raising his eyebrows. This is complete nonsense. How can someone, and especially him, a man who tries to solve everything with his sharp mind, and not with his fists, like something like that?
"You like it because you believe you deserve it."
He was about to object, but suddenly he realizes that he will only lie not just to you, but also to himself. He accumulates pain inside himself, like he used to save coins in a piggy bank when he was a kid.
“But you are not. No one deserves to feel the pain you carry inside you, Thomas. You need to try to let it go."
With one hand you take his palm in yours and squeeze it lightly, and with the other you wrap your palm around his cheek, gently stroking it with your thumb. Your touch is cold, but he clings to them, like a drowning man, seeing a life ring. But what is it..? His eyes fill with tears. Does she knows how he feels? Knows what lies behind his impenetrable mask?
Looking at the root of problem you feel that, as in childhood, in the case of a piggy bank and small savings, he wasn't ready to part with his pain. Not yet.
"Take your time, my dearest. Until then, I will protect you as I always have."
She was his guardian angel. And he was Thomas Shelby. The man who was loved by Death itself.
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Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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Ahhh... I knew it would be wonderful, 'cause any story you write is like that, but I didn't know it would be so enjoyable to read.
Every phrase, every interaction between Tommy and Y/N... and this flashback🥺
❤ You are truly Queen Lily ❤
(And you have no idea how happy I was when I saw that you decided to write my request. Thank you so So much!)
“Carrot Cake” – Tommy Shelby x Reader
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Tommy’s not quite sure about the nature of his relationship – are they still best friends or are they already a couple? He realizes the truth when his girlfriend bakes him a cake exactly like his mother used to do.
[ REQUEST ] by @ellbett​
AUTHOR’S NOTE: I named Tommy’s mum Adeline and decided that (in my head) Ada’s named after her, because that’s how her friends used to call her. I also genuinely believe Tommy’s got a sweet tooth + I love carrot cake myself and I have lots of memories of baking it with my mum when I was a kid 🍰
WARNING: English is my second language.
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I wasn't tagged, but here I am👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr Prom 2021
Tumblr media
in honour of today’s Tumblr Prom 2021, here’s my picrew outfit <33
@verose-queen-of-hell​ @thetoddanderson​ @coffeelovinggayidiot​ @erniediangelo​ @user-with-a-name​ @omglord1​ @limp-wrist​ @do-gay-dont-be-crime​ @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom​ @bisexual-apocalypse​ @rosadiaz-givesme-bipanic​ @petrichornmoreee​ @whythefuckdoiexist​ @palindrome-k​ @13-taylor-swift​
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Oh yeah, I definitely like it! It's so amazing and beautiful! Thank you very much, dear❤
Hi honey, if you don't mind I would like to request ship moodboard with any of these fandoms: BBC Merlin | The Mandalorian | Peaky Blinders | Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist | 9-1-1
So... I'm a girl, my height is 5'2 ", I have red hair and gray-blue eyes.
At first glance, I'm pretty quiet, indifferent and rude. It is difficult to establish contact with me, but when I start communicating with you and trust you, I'll support and comfort you at any time of the day.
I don't know how to joke, my whole speech is saturated with sarcasm. I also love hugs, although I don't admit it. Oh, and I'm not at all afraid of death.
I love cold, rainy weather, tea, chocolate, horses, stars.
I listen to rock and metal, I'm interested in weapons, I love reading books and watching TV shows, I also embroider. I study languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Persian.
My favorite colors is dark green & dark blue.
It makes absolutely no difference to me if you ship me with a girl or a guy, I'm just really interested in knowing my true pair.
I'm sorry I wrote so much... and thank you, darling❤
I’m gonna do Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist because I love that show and I really wanna do a ship for it. Hope you like it!
I ship you with Zoey Clarke!
Zoey’s powers help her see people and connect with them, so she’d have no problem seeing through your indifference and supposed rudeness. It would take a while, but she would get you to open up to her and give you all the support and comfort you need.
Loves to stay in with you and just relax with some food and a good movie or your favorite tv show.
You definitely help her broaden her music knowledge, which she appreciates. And she asks you to teach her a new language.
Tumblr media
Want a ship moodboard?
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Every. Fanfic. You. Have. With. Eric. I'm completely and irrevocably in love with your works❤❤❤
Tumblr media
Guys. This is an insane milestone. It’s so hard to believe that as of right now, more than 20 000 people are reading my work. I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams that this would happen when I posted my first Imagine back in 2016. And yet here we are now! Fangirling and thirsting together, I couldn’t be happier about how this blog took off.
Writing is my biggest passion—you guys know that. I cannot possibly put into words how much your support means to me. I’ve also promised some sort of special for this huge milestone. So here we are.
20k Followers Special
I decided to do something different—so I am going to “give away” a custom story. Like a request… but more. What does that mean? The Reader will have whatever name, appearance, gender and sexuality and backstory you like and I will write whatever prompt you have always wanted to read—only for you, personalised, regardless of my regular request rules*. The story will be uploaded on my blog but the winner will also receive the story as a PDF file.
Keep reading for details! ♥
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I wasn't tagged, but I just couldn't pass by😱 I would like to be a warrior so here is:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
real me vs fantasy me // I had way too much fun doing this so just tagging some of y’all & anybody else that sees this!💖 @michaego @seawhisperer @myolniir @eznova @pascalz @mostly-megan @max--phillips
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GOD! I had no idea how cool it can be in your performance😱 When I saw that you wrote this... I almost started jumping for joy😅 This is amazing. You are amazing ❤_❤ Thank you so much!
Rare Moment Together
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x male!reader
Requested by: @ellbett ‘Tommy Shelby × male!reader, where Y/N wakes up in the middle of the night alone in bed, realizing that Tommy has sat up late in his office again.Therefore, he follows him, grabs him in his arms and says that he doesn't want to spend one of the few nights together without him[...]’
Warnings: implied smut, smoking, swearing, undertones of period typical homophobia
gif creds to the owner
Tumblr media
Eyes fluttering open, you slowly woke, running a hand over your face. You were laying in the middle of the bed, naked, covered up to your chest with the blanket, body beginning to ache from your earlier romp with your lover. But the rest of the bed was cold, and the indent on the mattress was gone, telling you Tommy hadn’t just gone to the toilet in the night.
You sighed, slipping pyjama bottoms on and checking the clock. 2am. You wandered down the halls, thankful that Tommy had dismissed his maids of a weekend so that he could enjoy your company. You weren’t very happy, however, that he wasn’t currently enjoying the time you so rarely got to spend together.
There he was, scribbling over some paperwork, shirtless in his office, the low light casting shadows across his high cheekbones. Smiling gently, you leaned against the doorframe, folding your arms and just watching for a moment as Tommy puffed on his cigarette, mumbling sums to himself.
“Thomas,” you murmured eventually, causing him to look up. “Come back to bed,” Tommy dithered, putting out his cigarette, sitting back in his chair as if ready to argue with you, but you cut him off. “Come back to bed. Ignore the work, for once, please,” you sighed. “I’ve missed you,”
Rolling his eyes, Tommy stood up, filing away his paperwork. “Come on then,” he said lowly, voice a little gravelly. “I forget how affectionate you are in the middle of the night,”
You grinned, leading him back upstairs and back to bed, happily sliding under the covers after removing your bottoms. Tommy did the same, laying next to you. “Turn around,” you mumbled, pushing him slightly to lay on his side, slotting your body perfectly behind his. You wrapped an arm around his waist, nestling your head into the back of his neck.
“You’re like a fucking teddy bear,” tommy mumbled, and you could hear the rare smile in his voice.
“Shut up and let me love you, Thomas Shelby,” you replied, kissing the back of his neck gently, slipping your hand into his.
Tommy smiled softly, squeezing your hand gently. “Gladly,”
Tags: @lotsoffandomrecs @rai-strangebr @peakyswritings @zodiyack @haphazardhufflepuff @raccoon-is-my-spirit-animal @rabeccablake @eleven-times-lively @simonsbluee @wonderwoman292 @lilymurphy03 @peakyxtommy @rogertaylorismycar @meaganjm @shadesofbarryallen @beth-winchester21 @inglourious-imagines @bonniesgoldengirl @little-bit-of-randomness @liliputbahn @ccosmic-illusion
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