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Tips For Soothing an Unsettled Little
Little ones are sensitive. It's a tendency that applies to the vast majority of littles regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and kinks. A highly emotionally vulnerable position, mixed with feelings of worry, dependence, and submission tends to leave most lil ones OCCASIONALLY unsettled and upset.
This means it's fairly common for a little one to become emotionally overwhelmed. And in those moments, they might need help. Here are a few tips ive found useful in soothing my own little switchy-princess, and that have helped me right back.
1. Never underestimate distractions!
There's nothing wrong with a temporary solution, and distraction can often be valuable in helping soothe a little. Focus on things that are lower emotional impact. Music is great if it's fun or well loved, but if it's leaving them emotional, even in a mostly positive way, be aware you might be just feeding the proverbial beast, here. A distraction, like a cuddle, favorite stuffie, favorite 'little' movie or show, can do wonders. And if it isn't working, there's always:
2. Swaddle Their Cutiebutts
Seriously: roll them up in a blanket, or tuck them extremely securely into bed for a nap, or wrap them in a blanket and snuggle them on the couch, or even just tie them up only to pull them into your lap, bound and dependent, for some snuggles, cuddles, kisses, and affection. The trick is keeping your little one feeling wrapped up, secure, and under your control. They can't be in trouble, or worrying, if you've got them in your lap cuddled close, right? Even if they still are unsettled, you can still try:
Works for sexual or non sexual littles. Seriously, try it. Massage and physical intimacy isn't necessarily sexual but it'll help you feel close and they can get that little surge of happy chemicals in the brain to change their headspace. If they ARE sexual with you, that's perfect! Or even if so, still go the massage, comfort, and pleasure route tti start. They'll love it. And it will probably help them feel a bit more loved and comfy. Though if this still isn't working...
Naps are basically magic. Really: they help you relax, recharge, and feel 100000% better. They're not a fix all, perfect panacea that'll fix every single issue, but youd be shocked how often even a fifteen minute snooze can almost restart the brain, like turning a computer off and on again. And if your little won't go to nap on their own... we'll a caregiver shouldn't hesitate to PUT them to sleep, and MAKE them nap. For their own good.
5. Guided Meditation (STORYTIME)
Guided meditation is complex and involved in a lot of things like mindset coaching, hypnosis, psychiatric treatment, etc. Im not asking you to do that. But i'm asking you to use a nice narration to talk to your little while they sit still and try to relax. Take them on a mental walk through the forest, watch a guided meditation video together on youtube, use the Headspace app, whatever works for you. It's powerful, and when a little feels mentally trapped and focused too much on the bad, this can be huge.
Sometimes the only way out is through... which is to say sometimes you can't avoid a bit of a tantrum. Sometimes, you need to let them cry and be pouty and upset and just let that feeling out. It'll have a huge impact, i promise! Not all tears are bad, nor are strong negative emotions something you have to never let happen. They can be cathartic, important, and giving your little a safe place to FEEL those things is huge. Sometimes that's all it takes to mentally reset.
7. Catch it Early
Seriously the best advice is to just catch the unsettled feelings coming sooner. Sometimes that won't help. Sometimes it's a chemical in the littles brain throwing them for a loop. Sometimes it's hormonal. Sometimes it's just tiredness, sadness, a grand existential depression, etc. That's ok. One of the best ways to keep that from building is to call it what it is when it starts and deal with it BEFORE it grows any bigger. After all... they say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of the cure, right?
Remember, these tips aren't going to fix every problem, or every relationship. Rough days happen, and when you're both United against that, you are far stronger than just struggling alone.
And little ones... the same EXACT advice can be flipped for your caregivers, you know... remember they care for you, so that means YOU'RE supposed to give them some care back, little-style!
Be good, friends. Love your partner on the best days, the worst days, and every one in between. If they're the right partner, that should be enough! Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay kinky!
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Tumblr media
There comes a time in our lives where the simple things that we do or try to do to unwind simply are not helpful and do not work. One may like to go fishing to relax, one may like to go for a nice run or even a bike ride… But there are some things that are needed within our minds that sometimes we do not even realize.
On the other hand, we can have quite an acute awareness of what’s going on and what is needed but not be able to actually get that thing… In the case for submissive‘s and Littles, it may seem counterproductive or even strange… But a good therapy spanking every once in a while can do the job to bring them realigned and centered with them selves.
When we think about spanking we often look too deeply at it as being simply a punishment or something negative that has to be done for correction. Therapy spanking though goes very deep on a visceral level to connect with the inner being of a submissive or little, and give them that emotional, mental, and psychological readjustment that they need but yet do not know how to find via typical methods.
A good therapy spanking can do a lot to relieve stress, anxiety, and other emotions and feelings that cause frustration and problems in their lives.
So how does one go about the action of doing it properly without making it into a punishment or a negative action?
Step one; understand what it is and isn’t . Punishment and therapy spankings are two completely different things.
Punishment is a sad but necessary thing in the lives of a lot of couples within our lifestyle, and it has its own set of benefits. But punishing properly is often overlooked in favor of just doing the action itself.
When ever you go to punish your submissive or little, a certain set of actions must be put into place to make it proper without doing any damage beyond the physical.
1.) explain the offense that was committed and why it was a mistake.
I choose the word mistake because that’s what it is… It may not necessarily be wrong, and it’s definitely not a failure… It’s a mistake. Mistakes are the way that we learn, mistakes are expected, mistakes are what make us better and stronger because we can move forward from them.
Yet mistakes need correction… And that correction should always fit the mistake itself. If you do find yourself to the point where a spanking as a punishment is needed, then you should thoroughly lay out the reasons why before hand and explain why the mistake is detrimental to either your submissive/little or the relationship… The future… And so on.
Simply telling her that you’re going to punish her and then going through with the act is borderline abuse and doesn’t do anything but make her fear you in a negative way and see you as a person who has no control or discipline over their own self
2.) deliver the punishment
And as I said before, the punishment should be appropriate and in line with the mistake. Don’t go overboard and don’t lose control of yourself in favor of “making her better”. Because there comes a point when all you’re doing is abusing her for your own pleasure rather than making her a better person.
3.) after care
Always always always perform aftercare and make sure that it’s much more than what the punishment was. Skipping aftercare or slighting her on it is only going to do more damage in the long run.
Love on her and explain to her why you had to spank her and how it also hurts you. Show her that it was necessary and tell her and explain how it’s going to help her grow and be a better person and improve her and your relationship. Give her justification for your actions instead of simply just doing them like some amateur moron who watched Fifty Shades of Grey and thinks that’s the standard.
So to recap… Punishment goes along with correction. Punishment goes along with mistakes. Punishment goes along with rule breaking and other similar actions.
The therapy spanking though, is purely for their benefit and purely for pleasure.
How to conduct the therapy spanking.
Step one; preparation
In my opinion they therapy spanking is something that should be asked for. And not really administered on the terms of the daddy or Dom. It should be something that is seen as a need and then discussed before hand, if not requested by the submissive or little.
Therapy spanking sessions should always be prefaced with discussion and a lot of planning. She will tell you that she needs it and then you need to spend some time caring for her and doing pre-session after care… Which may sound a little strange, but she will need to be put into a certain headspace to differentiate what’s happening between therapy and punishment.
Talk to your submissive or little about what’s been going on lately, what’s been causing all of the stress and anxiety… Tell them that you recognize their needs and why you recognize them because every little and submissive though they may enjoy the same thing have different needs for that same thing. Explain to her with great detail about how much you love her and want her to feel good and feel right and properly set up with the scene for the actions that are about to take place.
Therapy spanking is for her. Solely for her. It’s not about you or what you want or your pleasure at all… It is for your submissive alone and for her therapeutic purposes.
Step two; the action itself and how to go about it
When you conduct a spanking for punishment your submissive will often be very anxious or even scared of what’s about to happen. In the occurrence of the therapy spanking she should be well relaxed and ready to receive it after your proper preparation. Allow her to get into a comfortable position with out your physical assistance. Begin by rubbing their back and bottom and legs, saying sweet words, how much you love them, and so on… Because a therapy spanking can be a rather intimate action and SHOULD be an intimate action. It’s going to release a lot of endorphins, emotions… And more in such a way that will give you or submissive or little relief.
When you feel that they are properly relaxed and ready you can begin your spanking. With a therapy spanking I recommend using only your hand, the reason being that after you give a good swat, you can then follow it up with rubs and grabs and affection. The use of a paddle or belt will only inhibit the speed with which you are able to do this and will take the intimacy away. Because there is nothing like skin on skin contact to make closeness come together.
For added effect you can also light candles and dim the lights and put on relaxing music. Allow her to cuddle her stuffy or pillow or whatever will make her more comfortable in the process.
Spank slow… One strike at a time with lots of rubbing and ongoing after care in between, gradually picking up the pace in such a way where you are monitoring and paying attention to her actions. Listen to her body and go accordingly with it until you are up to a point where you can be freely spanking her.
Pay attention to her body and how it’s reacting, especially her bottom. Find your line between what’s needed and what’s too much and stick to it without compromising because it’s not about you. It’s not for you. And you are simply the instrument which is delivering the therapy that they need.
Step three; after care
It goes without saying and I really should not have to reiterate but after care is definitely needed and will only improve both you, your relationship, and the intimacy that exists between you. Have your aftercare kit standing by with a blanket, her stuffy, and other items that will make her feel safe and secure. Love on her and kiss her and tell her sweet things. Tell her what a great job she did and how much you enjoyed making her feel better. Give her the treats and sweets that she wants… And overall just use it as a time to cuddle and lavish her with love.
Above all else be slow and patient with everything… it’s going to make the difference between cuddling the rest of the night and listening to her cry her eyes out on the bathroom floor with the door locked until she passes out.
Thank you for reading and learning. Be sure to reblog for others to do the same.
- Mister
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🍼 Age Regression Milk Recipes 🍼
☁️ Angel's Milk ☁️
- 1½ cups of milk
- 1 tbsp of sugar
- splash of vanilla
mix in sugar and vinilla into milk. warm up to desired temperature.
💞 Bedtime Kiss 💞
- 1½ cup of milk
- 1-2 tbsp of honey
- a shake of nutmeg
- a shake of cinnamon
heat milk until it starts to foam, around 2-3 minutes. mix in honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon. let cool.
❄️ Gingerbread House ❄️
- maple syrup
- a shake of cinnamon
- a shake of nutmeg
- a shake of ground ginger
- a splash of vanilla
- 1½ cups of milk
heat up milk, then add cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and vanilla. stir in syrup and serve warm!
🦄 Alicorn Magic 🦄
- ½ cup of milk
- ⅛ cup of vanilla Greek yogurt
- 1 to 5 large strawberries
- ½ cup of frozen blueberries
blend altogether until liquidy! usually isn't thin enough to drink from a bottle, so drink with a sippy cup or add milk/cream until desired consistency.
☄️ Galaxy Milk ☄️
- 2 cups milk
- 1 cup ice cubes
- 1 tbsp blue fruit punch powder
- ½ tsp vanilla extract
- blue food coloring
add milk, ice, fruit punch powder, and vanilla extract to a blender. add drops of food coloring and mix until desired color. sere cold!
🍓 Strawberry Milk 🍓
- 1 cup of chopped strawberries
- ½ cup of sugar
- 1 cup of water
- 1½ cups of milk
- 3 tbsp of strawberry syrup (optional)
in a small pot, heat sugar, water, and strawberries until boiling. boil for around 10 minutes. using a fine strainer, pour mixture into a small bowl. chill 2 small glasses of strawberry liquid in refrigerator for about 10 minutes. add ¾ cup of milk to each glass, stir, and add strawberry syrup if desired.
🥛 Mango Milk 🥛
- ¼-⅓ cup chopped mango
- 1 cup milk
- 1 tbsp sugar
- 1 pinch of saffron
combine all ingredients in blender and serve cold.
🍌 Banana Milk 🍌
- 1 ripe banana
- 1 cup of milk
- 1 tsp of vanilla extract
cut banana into slices and add all ingredients into a blender. blend for a minute, or until desired consistency, and serve cold.
🌙 Lavender Moon Milk 🌙
- ½ cup of milk
- ½ cup of boiling water
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 tsp edible lavender buds
- 2 tsp honey
- 1 decaf earl grey tea bag
mix honey and vanilla in boiling water, then add tea bag and let it steep. heat milk and lavender buds in saucepan until desired flavor and temperature. pour milk through a fine strainer to catch the lavender buds. finally, mix milk with tea and enjoy!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Ok so lot's of people like the idea of humiliation and punishment in abdl play... And not lying, kinda like it to, but let's talk about :
Positive Regression
Your little one need to learn to be little so let's go on the great adventure of unpotty training, rewarding them when they prove they can be little enough to not need the potty
If you little is horny let them play with themselves freely, little don't have shame so that's normal they just give in to their natural pulsions.
If your little eat with their finger give them a gold star, if they talk without big words give them a lollipop 🍭 !
Positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to be way more efficient and let's be honest that in this case it's also hot as hell ^^.
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Well of course. I know you are going to be really brave for all of the doctors and nurses.
Tumblr media
That feeling you get when you see that door open and your name is called.
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Hey! Can I ask you about what field of the healthcare are you working? Your posts are great☀️
Home Healthcare
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I don't know which of you needs to hear this, but it is your God-given right to not be on social media.
Those of you on tiktok and twitter seem constantly angry and depressed about it. "It is terrible and causes me pain!" you say. Then delete your account! Simply do not have a Tiktok or Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook! It is your right and privilege to say "No, you are not allowed to make me feel like shit!" and delete, remove, and deactivate that motherfucker straight to hell!
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cnc + ageplay = <33
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Hey how was your weekend? Are you excited for spring?
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Remember, if someone messages you out of the blue with the word 'Mommy' or something similar in their name, they're almost always a scammer trying to take advantage of you. Their end goal is your wallet.
A lot of these accounts are bots, too. A program will just send a simple message like 'Hi' or 'Hello' to hundreds or thousands of accounts just to see who will respond. I get so many people sending me those simple greetings that I don't respond to those anymore.
I know how much we all want to find that special someone to fill that empty void in our lives, but never, under any circumstances, let your guard down or get desperate. You'll find someone nice eventually! 😀
Stay safe out there!
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Tumblr media
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Would you ever ‘scare’ a little into behaving and cooperating?
Hi, Thank you for the really good question.
I would never ever "SCARE" any patient for any reason. The last thing I ever want to do to any patient is make the whole scene/visit traumatizing in absolutely any way.
If they were struggling to behave/cooperate, I would talk to them. Explain why and what is happening. I would bring in others to help the patient understand.
If they were unable to comprehend what I was explaining then I would just carry on with the procedure. Then they would have lots of aftercare to help them calm down as they would be pretty upset.
Thank you again for the awesome question. Please keep them coming. I will try to reply as quickly as possible.
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How do you tell a patient that something is going to be painful or that they are going to be held down?
So this can vary. If it is something that might be really uncomfortable or potentially even painful then to keep from sending them into a panic I might use a few of my nurses to put them into a bear hug or put their weight into them while the patient is on the exam table. To help hold them still. This gets rid of the chance of them having a meltdown before anything happened. I also try to keep sharp objects out of sight for them to make a calm environment. Which I have found over the years makes for a much more productive visit/stay.
Of course I am a firm believer in aftercare after any procedure. So especially when they might be upset from what was just done they are given lots of cuddles and what ever they need to help calm them and reassure it was to only help them. Never done as a punishment or to be mean. If I can possibly avoid doing something painful if not really needed they I can of course. Also at the same time some people just need that little tiny release. Make them feel alive and bring them back into the moment. So depending on the patient and the scene I might have to do something uncomfortable.
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Hydration Enema
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Send me a "if I met you"
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Tumblr media
Don’t worry. It’s not as scary as it seems. I promise I won’t hurt you at all. Can you lay on your tummy please?? #abdlcommunity #ageplay #abdl #medfet #DoctorTeddy https://www.instagram.com/p/CYLBcFrjJ_ODlvQVLgsJcQlA8jF0-JV6xIGd5E0/?utm_medium=tumblr
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