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Omg I forgot this account existed
Uhh...Hi? <3
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everything will be alright .
ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡
( 20.2.22 , 6.47 )
Tumblr media
━━˶꒱ pairing :: camilo x filipina!reader
━━༉‧₊˚✧ summary :: during a party , camilo sees y/n sneak off somewhere and decides to follow her .
━━彡☆ a/n :: this fic may be out of context since it was originally made for my original encanto character ( which i may or may not be talking about in the future hehe ). her mother is physically and emotionally abusive and her father got shot in front of her whilst fleeing from the philippines. reader is filipino. he / him pronouns for camilo and she / her pronouns for reader <33
━━*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ genre and warning(s) :: hurt and comfort , intrusive/harmful thoughts , mentions of death , angst , emotionally abusive mother >:(
[ adults and people 18+ do not interact ]
The Filipino girl lifted her head from her knees to look up at the doorway and the figure in front of it, eyes squinting at the light since it had gotten used to the dark. Tears dripped down to her fluffy [insert colour]-coloured skirt, a small darker spot forming on it. She felt sore, heavy, and completely numb. Something warm rolled down her soft cheeks and once again, she found herself crying.
“I‘m sorry, mahal [love].” She managed to choke out. Camilo slowly sat down right next to the girl, gently guiding her head and placing it on his chest. He had a bewildered look on his face. What could’ve happened to his sol to make her this upset? She was fine earlier, he made sure of it.
Once the crying died down, Camilo softly whispered,
”Do you want to talk about it? I thought tonight was going great… what happened?” Quiet, muffled sounds of what appeared to be music and sniffles filled the stagnant room, and it was as if time froze. Small particles of dust slowly danced around his room, illuminated by the full moon outside his window.
“I‘m so s-sorry for ru-ining tonight, Camilo. It’s just... It’s just that— I don’t know. I keep mess-ing up, nakakainis na [it’s frustrating already]. And I’m always trying- I’m always trying to do things better and I’m sorry that it didn’t work this time— I-I‘m sorry.”
There was another wave of salty tears released and the slightly shorter girl raised her hands and brought it to her face, unsuccessfully wiping the tears away. She apologised profusely as her sobs got louder.
”And what if mama was right? What if everyone would be happier if I didn’t exist? What if I got shot instead of papa and I d-died? Would that make her happy? I just want her to be h-happy… I just want to be loved by her as she loved me before. I want to be… I want to be h-held by her and feel her warmth, just like the good old days. I don’t understand Cami, what did I do wrong? I continue giving so much, and it’s never returned and I’m l-left, like this. Years of me giving pieces of myself to her until… until there’s nothing left, and I’m alone.”
What are you talking about?
You didn’t do anything wrong.
Camilo felt his heart shatter into a million pieces. The young Madrigal just sat there, eyebrows knit together and green eyes wide. He couldn’t just sit here and do nothing while she was suffering so much.
And then he realised.
Her troubles were far much greater than anything else he had faced before, and for once, he didn't know how to make her smile.
He threaded his fingers throughout her [hair type], [hair colour] hair, kissing the top of her head tenderly.
“You aren’t alone, Y/N. You have me, and Mirabel, and Dolores, and Antonio, and the entire familia. I don’t know what you’re going through, but I love you. I love you so much I don’t even think you know. I had no idea how bad it was, I’m sorry I let you go through all of this by yourself.”
Until there’s nothing left.
That’s what caused such panic in his eyes, what had caused his already broken heart to sink to the bottom of his stomach. There was something about the way she said it that terrified him, it raised forbidden thoughts that were sealed to the back of his brain. What if she was suffering more than he thought, and that he wasn’t there when she needed him? What if someday, she’ll leave him and it’ll hurt so much, so much more than anything else would?
Y/N stayed quiet the entire time, and it worried Camilo that she took it the wrong way. Unknowingly, tears sprinted and collected in this lower lash line and he tried his hardest not to let them out.
“Mi amor, por favor, please listen to me, okay?“ Camilo's voice was desperate, a complete 180 from his usual tone. His hands haven’t stopped raking their way through her soft hair and he kisses her wet cheeks. “You aren’t alone, you never were. Who needs a mother like that, who would tell her only child that she would be better off dead? You have a better family here, people who know and cherish your worth and who will give as much as you do to them. And most importantly, you have me. I love you with everything I have. You can take everything from me, and I would give it to you willingly. You are not obligated to stay with your mother if it’s only hurting you. I know it’s hard mi vida, I know.”
He pauses as her tears start afresh, and pulls her closer than he did before, letting her rest her head on his chest. Later, Y/N would tease him and ask how the Great Camilo Madrigal had gotten so wise. For now, though, she’d let his words sink in as he murmurs soft praises and words of love and comfort, letting her cry into his arms once more.
Once the music desiccated and the atmosphere in Casita had stilled, Camilo helped the shorter girl up, legs shaky from disuse. Y/N apologised softly and he brushed it off with a bright smile and says that her punishment is one kiss, due and payable immediately. Instead, she littered small pecks on his cheeks, nose, and forehead, soft hands caressing his sun-kissed face. Y/N planted a soft kiss on his lips which left butterflies in the taller boy’s stomach.
“Thank you so much, Camilo.”
~ ˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊
Cautiously, they both got out of the shapeshifter’s room.
Loud, heavy footsteps that banged against the wooden floor came closer towards the two. Mirabel suddenly stopped in front of the pair, placing her hands on her knees as she panted heavily, chest rising and falling. Dolores quietly trailed behind her prima, a small smile plastered on her face.
“Y/N, there you are! There are some leftover arepas in the kitchen, I thought you would want some, so I placed it aside!“
Y/N's head spun with excitement as she heard that sentence. Maybe Camilo was right. She was so busy smiling that she hasn’t noticed Camilo running down the stairs into the kitchen full speed. Mirabel‘s shouts bounced off the walls of Casita as a chase for the leftover arepas started and Dolores covered her ears, silent chuckles leaving her plump lips.
Maybe everything will be alright after all.
━━彡☆ a/n :: my first camilo fanfic so i'm sorry if there are any mistakes </3
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Tumblr media
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I just got an ao3! :D I'll probably post some writings on there and clean up some of my fics
Would anyone be interested?
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wait I came from a notif that said you had an angst idea you wanted to write :((
I was about to scream YESSSS
( btw ily <3 )
Ily too ^^! Yep I deleted that post since I wanted to post a small snippet of the story with it 👀
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"your voice is so far."
fanfic idea: Reader is dating Camilo and she has a gift. It's the ability to mimic voices! However, one day she has a breakdown and forgets her own voice
TW: self-inflicted injuries, identity crisis
LIGHT rain drizzled the skies, soft winds blowing across the city. It was a calming scene. It certainly didn't fit the events that unfolded earlier.
HER mother hushed sweet nothings to her as she curled in on herself, knees pressing against the cold concrete floor of her room. The maiden took in a sharp breath, nails frantically scratching against her neck. Why couldn't she remember her voice?
Gasping, she opened her mouth to try and talk but all that came out was a strangled sob. Why couldn't she speak? A strained scream ripped out of her lungs, frustrated tears dribbling down her flushed cheeks.
Camilo stood by the doorway of her room, shaking. For once, he was at a loss on what to do. This had never happened before; he was so confused.
"Camilo." Her mother's voice spoke up and he flinched, suddenly tense. "S-Si?"
"She just needs a bit of alone time right now. You should head home, Pepa will be worried." Maria turned to him, a sympathetic smile on her face.
He opened his mouth to object but a hand was placed on his shoulder. He turned to see Joaquin staring at him, a firm look in his eyes.
Still, Camilo hesitated and glanced at her. She was still hunched over, quiet sobs racking her body.
"She needs to rest. I'll come get you once she's...better." Joaquin muttered. Camilo sighed and gave in, begrudgingly following her brother out of the house.
CAMILO took in a deep breath, hands still shaking. He watched as Joaquin handed him an umbrella, wishing his friend a safe walk home. Camilo thanked him in response.
"You may not understand now." Joaquin spoke up, his dark eyes flickering to Camilo's hazel ones. "But you will soon."
Might make this a whole fic 👀 but I'm posting it on AO3 intead of here probs 🛌✋
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Imagine being in a secret relationship with Camilo but suddenly he's pulled into an arranged marriage by abuela
He's mad at first and is extremely against it but then his suitor is introduced to him and it turns out to be you
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“The day hell freezes over.” PT.3
warnings: blood, fighting
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
"I intend to marry you, Y/N." Santiago pulled her away from the dance floor, ignoring her appalled expression. He attempted to drag her out of the house, but Y/N stopped him, digging her heels into the ground. Confused, he turned to her. She looked distraught, hair disheveled as she furiously ran her nimble fingers through her locks. "W-What do you mean by marriage? And-You talked to my father about this?" Y/N pulled her arm away from his grip and turned to him for an answer. He made no response, and she began to walk away. Suddenly alarmed, he was quick to grab her by the waist and forcefully pull her back. "I have. Aren't you happy? You're a woman of marrying age and you love me." Santiago grumbled, a displeased look on his face. Y/N scoffed, placing her hand against his shoulder and shoving him away. "You arrogant bastard! I dare say you're only interested in me for my looks. Do you really expect me to just drop everything and marry you?" She returned, sneering. Santiago stared at her, face blank, before a small grin spread across his lips. Her eye twitched in annoyance when he started snickering. Y/N sighed and raised a hand up to massage her temple, her teeth grit in irritation. "Don't laugh." "You think...I'm shallow, don't you?" He spoke, clearly offended. "Yes! You're a flirt--a womanizer. I feel as if you are the last man in the world whom I could ever be married to." She blurted out, not a hint of hesitation in her voice. Santiago's face immediately turned sour, and his grip on her wrist tightened. She grimaced when a burning sensation formed on her skin. Y/N's free hand clamped around his, her nails scratching against knuckles to pry his hand off of her. "Santiago, please! You're hurting me!" She cried, panicking when she saw a slight flicker of fire around his palm, the burn on her skin becoming unbearable.
Startled, he immediately let go and Y/N cradled her scarred wrist, scrambling away from him. While backing away, she unexpectedly slipped on her skirt and fell to the ground; landing on her back, elbows harshly clashing against the tiled floors. "Paumanhin- I mean-Lo siento." Santiago stuttered. He had his hands up as he carefully approached her. It was a silent consolation that he would not hurt her (again). "I assure you Y/N. I am an honest man." "Liar." At that moment, Camilo appeared. He stood at the doorway of the kitchen, hands in his pockets,a scowl on his face. A scoff escaped Santiago's lips, and he turned to the shapeshifter. "Don't you know it's rude to eavesdrop on conversations?" Camilo made no response and pushed himself off the door frame. He shoved past Santiago as he made his way to Y/N, quickly taking her hand in his. "You got burned." Camilo whispered, carefully cradling her hand. The girl averted her eyes, staring down at the floor. "Jus' a scratch." She replied, cracking a small smile. "This is not a scratch. Look what he's done to your skin." Camilo firmly stated, placing the tips of his fingers underneath her chin. He tilted her head to meet his gaze, concern swimming around in his eyes.
Santiago watched as a rosy blush spread across her cheeks. His dislike towards Camilo had always originated in jealousy and it was ever so evident now. "Why do you sound like a worried husband?" Santiago sneered, laughing as he ran a hand through his dark locks. Camilo ran his tongue over his teeth, eyes flickering to the mestizo. He stood up, dusting his pants as he stomped towards Santiago's form. "Haven't you talked enough?" "Oh, I don't know, have I?! Aren't you always the one who's always blabbering like an ignorant idiot!?" Santiago yelled. Y/N took a sharp intake of air when Camilo swung his arm back, his fist striking Santiago's mouth.
The mestizo stumbled back, gripping his jaw in pain. He cringed when a trickle of blood ran down his chin, one of his teeth suddenly loose.
A surge of panic suddenly spiked within her when Santiago turned to glare at Camilo, practcally seething with anger at this point. He told her to back away and she did as she was told, growing increasingly worried after she saw him square up. Camilo rolled his sleeves up, loosening his tie.
"Bring it on."
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“I hate obvious symbolism” bro shut up sun and moon couples are a pillar of our society
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Tumblr media
the day hell freezes over pt.2 sneakpeek somethin
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your tumblr icon is now your best friend. what's the first thing you take them to do?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
them as kids
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Y/n: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips.What should I do? Dolores: Punch him in the stomach, then when he doubles over in pain, kiss him. Luisa: Tackle him. Isabela: Dump him. Mirabel: Kick him in the shin. Camilo: NO, NONE OF THOSE. JUST ASK ME TO LEAN OVER.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
cw: camilo. f!reader. fluff and angst. my not-so-good tagalog. reblogs are appreciated.
sum: "bakit sisimulan pa ang isang bagay na madali din namang tapusin?"
a/n: sorry kung may wrong grammar WHAHAH happy almost 200 followers to me din < 3 credits sa art po
Tumblr media
✧ 9 . 00 . . .
binibini, alam mo ba kung pano nahulog sayo? naramdaman lang bigla ng puso,
“y/n! mag-usap muna tayo!” desperadong sigaw ni camilo habang tumulo ang mga luha sa kanyang pisngi.
tila nakikiramay rin ang langit sa kanyang mga iyak at nagsimulang umulan, mga matatamis na alaala ninyong dalawa’y bumabalot sa iyong utak.
hindi naman talaga patas ang mundo — at alam mo yun. ang sayo lang naman ay sana hindi nalang kayo pinagtagpo kung ito man din ang magiging wakas; na kusang mapipilitan kayong ipaghiwalay sa isa’t isa sa oras na alam mo na siya lang ang iyong mamahalin.
hinawakan niya ang iyong kanang kamay nang malapit na siya sayo, ang sakit na kanyang nararamdaman ay mas bumibigat bawat segundong lumilipas.
“camilo alam mo naman hindi tayo para sa isa’t isa diba? kaya pabayaan mo na lang ang tadhana. masasaktan lang tayo.” sinabi mo na hindi tumitingin sa kanya, alam na alam na hindi mo kayang makitang malungkot ang lalaking pinakamahal mo.
“...susuko kana satin, mahal?”
Tumblr media
✧ 7 . 00 . . .
aking sinta ikaw lang nagparamdam nito, kaya sabihin mo sakin ang tumatakbo sa isip mo — kung mahal mo na rin ba ako
nakita mo si camilo na masayang naglalakad papunta sa iyo, kanyang dalawang braso'y nakatago sa kanyang likod. ngumiti siya na abot tainga bago inabot sayo ang isang magandang bulaklak.
“para sayo, diwata.”
natawa ka na lang sa iyong kasintahan, ang tibok ng puso mo’y bumibilis habang kinuha mo ang bulaklak sa kanya. tumingin ka sa kanyang mga mata na tila’y kumikinang na parang isang bituin at nagpasalamat.
“salamat, mahal.” nahihiyang sabi mo.
maya-maya lang ay sumilay ang pilyong ngiti sa mukha niya habang papalapit siya sa'yo.
“wala bang kiss diyan— aray!”
hinimas-himas mo ang balikat ni camilo bago iniharap mo siya sa iyo at kasabay ng isang malalim na paghinga, dahan dahan mong isinara ang distansya sa inyong dalawa.
nababaliw na ata ang isip mo pero sa gitna ng kaguluhan sa iyong paligid, napaisip mo na sana laging di mawala si camilo sa iyong paningin, na sana’y tunog ng iyong puso parin ang kanyang aawitin.
Tumblr media
✧ 3 . 00 . . .
isayaw mo ako, sa gitna ng ulan mahal ko.. kapalit man nito'y buhay ko, gagawin ang lahat para sayo
tumitig ka sa mga ulap na nasa langit na tila'y naghahabulan, iniisip kung ano ang pwedeng gawin ngayon bago marinig ang pamilyar na boses ng isang tao.
“ehem soo... okay na ba tayo?” muli ay hindi mo pinapansin ang kanyang mga pagmamakaawa at patuloy mo lang tinitingnan ang ulap. subalit, hindi rin nagpapatalo si camilo at hindi tumigil sa paghingi ng tawad sa iyo.
“uyy y/n galit ka pa ba sakin?”
“tas what if i do?” sumagot ka na nakataas ang iyong kilay.
“edi i do rin. so kiss ko na ba kita or wait tayo kay father??”
pabiro mong sinuntok ang braso ng iyong kaibigan na sana’y hindi niya mapansin ang mukha mong namumula. “bahala ka jan camilo! sayaw mo nalang ako sa ulan.”
hindi nagtagal ay umulan din ang mga ulap, bawat patak nito ay naging isang piyesa ng himig para kay camilo. lumapit siya sayo at hinila ang magkabila mong kamay at ipinatong iyon sa balikat niya. isang sandali ay nasa baywang mo na ang kanyang mga kamay at ikay sinayaw niya sa ligaya ng tubig.
“yiee kinikilig siya oh” asar niya sa iyo.
“kilig mo mukha mo!” mabilis mong sinabi.
hindi nakinig ang lalaki sayo at inikot ka nalang, sabay ng paghalik sa iyong noo. "binibini, kay ningning ng iyong ngiti, hindi ko kayang mawalay ka saking tabi. sabi mo noon sa akin ayaw mo pa, pero ang yakap natin ngayo'y kakaiba. aking sinta, wag mo nang labanan ang puso dahil mahal din naman kita, noon, ngayon, at bukas pa.”
hindi ka gumalaw sa iyong kinatatayuan, puso’y hindi maiwasang umasa sa kanyang mga binibigkas ngunit mayroon paring paghihinala sa likod ng iyong isip.
“uy.. wag kang magbiro ng ganyan..”
“hm? sabi ko ba biro yun?”
huminto ang oras, isip mo’y pilit na hindi paniwalaan ang katotohanan ngunit nakita mo ang kanyang mga mata na punong puno ng pagmamahal at unti-unting binura nito ang iyong mga pagdududa.
ika’y umiyak sa puno ng saya at tuwa habang lumalangoy sa baha ng kanyang nakakalunod na pag-ibig. at gayundin siya sa iyo.
Tumblr media
✧ 831 . 00 . . . error
alam kong mahal mo na rin ako
“patawad binibini,”
sa isang huling sulyap sa iyong lumalakad na anyo, sa wakas ay unti-unting binitawan ka na niya. ngunit hanggang kailanman ay hindi parin matatahimik ang kanyang pusong mabigat lalo na't ika'y nawala na sa kanyang piling.
"patawad y/n sa pagbitaw ng iyong kamay... at sa pangakong tayo’y maging habambuhay”
Tumblr media
gumising ka sa harap ng katotohanan na walang magandang idinulot kundi ang pagpaalala sayo na ika’y nag-iisa sa malupit na mundong ito.
pumikit ang iyong mga mata at nakita mo ang kanyang mukha na hindi mawaglit sa iyong kaisipan. sa tuwing nasisilayan mo ang kanyang larawan ay di mo maiwasang masaktan ang iyong damdamin ngunit kahit ganun pa man ay ito pa rin ay nababalot ng walang katapusang pagmamahal mo sa kanya.
kasabay ng pagpatak ng luha sa iyong mga pisngi ay ang pagsikat ng liwanag ng buwan sa iyong anyo, tumingin ka sa langit habang naghihiling, na sana’y dumating ang araw na may magmamahal sa iyong nababagabag na sarili.
na sana’y siya pa rin ito.
Tumblr media
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😌👐 it shall be done
Ya'll wanna see Camilo beat up Santiago?
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Ya'll wanna see Camilo beat up Santiago?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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