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types of girls as planets
jupiter: denim overalls, untied shoelaces, and the scent of freshly mowed grass on a sunday afternoon. her voice is sweet and tangy like lemonade and she’ll kiss you on the forehead in both greeting and goodbye. fall in love with jupiter, and your hand will never go unheld again.
neptune: delicate golden jewelry, blueberry jam, and the first drop of rain before a storm. she will draw you in with the promise of answers to her enigma but will continue to keep you on your toes until your feet cramp. fall in love with neptune, and you will question your existence with the most delicious kind of doubt.
mars: electric guitars, california poppies, and a theater thick with silence, waiting for the show to begin. she can love with both the fury of a forest fire or the reassurance of a hearth, but you won’t know which until you wake up beside her. fall in love with mars, and you will know neither peace nor boredom until the day she leaves you without once looking back.
venus: cherubs, lotus blossoms, and coffee with too much cream. with a gaze softer than a mother’s, she’ll seek out your imperfections and perfect them with one word— “mine.” fall in love with venus, and you will fall in love with the world.
saturn: champagne, a crumpled playbill, and the first three hours of new year’s day, when the air still reeks of possibility. she will take you to a michelin bistro just to order spaghetti marinara and blow spitballs into the waiter’s hair. fall in love with saturn, and you will begin to laugh as easy as you breathe.
uranus: stained glass, wild irises, and a cold gust of air sweeping down from the peaks of a mountain range. each of her kisses taste like spearmint and steel, and it’s inexplicably addictive. fall in love with uranus, and silence will no longer be lonely.
mercury: fresh linen sheets, potted succulents, and pancake batter just poured on the griddle. when you cry, she will wipe your tears with the sleeve of her sweater and quietly hum a song you don’t know while you choke down your sobs. fall in love with mercury, and you will sleep soundly.
pluto: amethyst geodes, copper keys, and the hushed laughter of lovers in a library. her eyes will find yours across a crowded room and sing melodies only your soul can hear. fall in love with pluto, and you will finally have a secret worth keeping.
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tag yourself - types of heroes
warrior: would rather die than cry in front of a crowd, always bracing themself for the next hit, taking one deep breath before going crazy on the battlefield, learning by being thrown around a lot
magical: easily mistaken for the bad guy, wanting everyone to dream about them, not ready to run athletically but will run from their feelings forever, quite willing to sacrifice anything to win
royal: still waiting for their new shiny toy, wearing glitter and jewel studded clothing unapologetically, waiting for the inevitable comeback of their evil uncle, the type to sell what others are buying
chosen: knowing nothing about anything is their default mode, tired of hearing all the love calls and hero worship they seem to be getting, keep them waiting at no cost, making their loved ones run from them
hybrid: conflicting personal interests, only needing a touch to understand other’s emotions, wearing a devil’s horns and an angel’s wings with grace, quite the dancer in the dark, their sanity’s driving in circles
involuntary: drawn to the river and forest, would rather blend into the background if they could, liking to be independent and to belong somewhere, getting back up no matter how many times they fall
fool: their kind unassuming soul constantly being played with, having a quick fight or flight response, not yet feeling the vertigo, meeting up with their friends to drink and play card games
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Types of People: Flowers
Daisy- can’t sit still, doodles on sneakers, freckles, colorful earrings, daydreaming
Rose- graceful movements, gold jewelry, eloquent words, long coats, museum days, red wine
Tulip- bubbly laughter, playing with puppies, birds chirping, citrus candles, yellow overalls
Peony- white blouses, fairy lights, pink glassware, baking cookies, love notes
Iris- calm in crisis, late night drives, comfortable silences, thick blankets, knowing looks
Lily- rainy days, reading the classics, window seats, linen pants, essential oils
Sunflower- beach days, whooping with joy, blasting music with the windows down, dancing in the street, curly hair
Pansy- studying in coffee shops, long walks in the park, midday naps, oversized button downs
Poppy- sneaky looks, loud voices, jumping on the bed, french fries and milkshakes, tousled hair
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Listen and silent are spelled with the same letters. Think about that.
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If you don't like where you are, move. You are not a tree.
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